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                            FAQ/Walkthrough v0.60

                           Based on the PC Version
                   (but should work with the PS2 version!)

                         by Francesco "Warzone" Poli

                           [email protected]

I.    Version history
II.      Legal stuff
II-A.     Short version
II-B.     Long version
III.     Mandatory ranting
III-A.    Technically speaking...
IV.     Your squad
IV-A.    Carter
IV-B.    Minoko
IV-C.    Andre'
IV-D.    Amber
V.      Weapons and tools
V-A.     Weapons for Carter, Minoko and Andre'
V-A-1.    Pulse Gun
V-A-2.    Disk Thrower
V-A-3.    Temporal Distorcer
V-A-4.    Absorber
V-A-5.    Ion Pipe Bombs
V-B.     Weapons for Amber
V-B-1.    Amber's Pulse Gun
V-A-2.    Ion Pipe Bombs
V-A-3.    Amber's Missile Launcher
V-C.     Other tools
V-C-1.    Rover
V-C-2.    Flying Camera
V-C-3.    Autoturret
V-C-4.    Omnitool
VI.     Hints and tips
VII.    Walkthrough
VII-00.  Demo
VII-01.  Century Plaza
VII-02.  Real Meat Factory
VII-03.  Construction Site
VII-04.  Shopping Mall - Home of the Free Spirits
VII-05.  Death Head HQ - The Saint Lucy Building
VII-06.  The Hospital
VII-07.  The SkyTrain
VII-08.  The Zoo
VII-09.  Ground Level - Home of the Scavengers
VII-10.  Underground
VII-11.  The Eden Bunker
VIII.   Frequently Asked Questions
VIII-A   Game help
VIII-B   Bugs
VIII-C   General
IX.     In conclusion...

I. Version history

v0.60 11/09/2001  Walkthrough up to level 6, The Hospital.
                  A couple more FAQs.
                  Some tweaks here and there, mostly the index.
                  Put roman numerals beside the actual chapters. I just forgot.
v0.50 11/08/2001  Walkthrough up to level 5, Death Head HQ.
                  A few more FAQs.
                  Slightly revised the legal section.
                  A few tweaks here and there, nothing major.
v0.40 11/07/2001  First release. Walkthrough up to level 4, The Mall.

II. Legal stuff

II-A. Short version

1) Do anything but read and print it for private, personal use, and you'll pay.
2) Don't ask Core or Eidos about this thing.

II-B. Long version

Readers are authorized to:
1) Read this FAQ;
2) Download this FAQ on their PC;
3) Print the FAQ, in whole or in part, for personal use ONLY.

Readers are EXPLICITELY PROHIBITED from doing anything with this FAQ except
what listed above.

In particular, it is prohibited to:
a) sell this FAQ;
b) translate then sell and/or otherwise distribute this FAQ;
c) modify this FAQ in any form, then publish it;
d) remove this legal notice from this FAQ;
e) remove and/or replace credits to the author from this FAQ;
f) post this FAQ on any site without permission;
g) take "inspiration" to write another FAQ or strategy guide(s).

Due to what is said in point f, webmasters are prohibited from posting this
walkthrough without authorization. Please contact the author first at
[email protected]

However, these networks and sites are explicitely prohibited from posting this

- GameSpy Industries, and in particular CheatingPlanet (www.cheatingplanet.com)

The above list may change without notice, and is to be presumed incomplete at all

Due to what is said in point g, the following groups are explicitely prohibited
from using even the smallest amount of this work in any form, including but not
limited to research:

- IGN (www.ign.com)
- Ziff-Davis Communications, in particular GameSpot (www.gamespot.com)
- Xenia Edizioni, in particular The Games Machine (www.tgmonline.it)

The above list may change without notice, and is to be presumed incomplete at all

Finally, the author of this FAQ is in NO WAY associated with Core Design, Eidos,
or anyone else. This FAQ is fully unauthorized. Asking anyone but the author of
this FAQ about it would be pretty dumb.

III. Mandatory ranting

Added v0.40:
I wasn't really sure I should be doing a FAQ on Project Eden, since the game
is somewhat short and easy. I guess anyone can easily beat this thing in
under 20 hours. Still, since no other FAQ was available when I started writing,
I said: what the hell, it's practice.

Added v0.50:
Did you notice this is my first FAQ ever? Anyway, this thing is getting quickly
so big it's amazing. I know I need to be detailed, and I still don't know if
I'm clear enough, but still, the walkthrough for each level is very long. It's
between 8000 and 20000 characters per level! I think the final version will be
around 250Kb. Hope no one is annoyed by this...

Added v0.60:
In case you didn't think so, then know that making FAQs is underrated. You
really have to try it at least once to understand the amount of work that goes
behind one. Even if it's based on as simple a game as Project Eden. All in all,
I'm still happy I did.

III-A. Technically speaking...

PC version comes in one CD, around 525Mb full, Package is a DVD jewel case,
with a mostly useless manual.

Full Installation takes around 500Mb. Saved games are less than 15Kb. Strangely
enough, running the game from the CD autoplay still accesses CD too often for
my liking. Running the game from the start menu shortcut makes things much
faster. Dunno if it's a bug of the Italian version only or of it appears in
all versions. It isn't fixed in v1.01, either.

My version is Italian, and can only be played in that language. However, in the
files there's text for all languages; I've modified the registry to play in
English, although there are no voices - not even the Italian ones. I believe
it's the same for all languages.

Controls are through keyboard and mouse. Setting them to standard FPS layout
works perfectly.

IV. Your squad

You are in control of the Urban Protection Agency (UPA) Squad Four, which is
made up of four elements.

IV-A. Carter

He's the leader of the squad. He's nothing particular, and in fact I hardly used
him at all.

In combat he's average, but seems a little bit tougher than Minoko and Andre'.
Just a very wee little bit.

Skill: can unlock certain UPA locked doors. Look for blue hand scanners near
UPA doors - if the button is green, then anyone on the team can open it. As
you might have guessed from above, those scanners are pretty much rare.

IV-B. Minoko

She's much more useful than Carter, and in fact, she'll become a very important
character in the game - and not just due to her skill...

In combat she's average. Despite her slight frame, she seems just as tough as
Andre' and Carter.

Skill: can access computers. Look for blue hand scanners away from UPA doors.
Note that redded out computer functions are normally unaccessible, and need to
be hacked.

IV-C. Andre'

He's the engineer, and can fix things. Seems to like poking fun at Minoko, but
does that only very rarely.

In combat he's just average. Nothing at all to say.

Skill: can repair broken machinery. Look for sparks coming from cables,
computers, switches, the like.

IV-D. Amber

She's big, mean, tough and by no means dumb or slow. The best character to
send scouting ahead.

In combat, she's the best. She's tough, has powerful missiles right from the
start, and runs just as fast as anyone. She also seems to hold more energy than
the others, although not much more. However, she can only use her pulse gun,
missiles, and pipe bombs. She cannot use any other weaponry.

Skill: Amber can walk unharmed through environmental hazards: electricified
floors, flames, hot steam, the likes. Being a little tougher, she seems to
handle most falls better than the others.

V. Weapons and Tools

As said above, Amber cannot use most of the weapons that the rest of the team
can. Also, with the exception of the pulse gun, only one character at a time
can use a given weapon.

V-A. Weapons for Carter, Minoko and Andre'

V-A-1. Pulse gun
This is your default weapon, and a staple in your defense. It uses little
power, but enemies are equally not very impressed by it.

Normal fire mode: this fires a continuous blue stream, which is very weak
and eats little ammo.
Useful on: almost everything, if you've got the patience and/or distance.

Alternate fire mode: this fires a ball of energy, which does light area
damage. Note that you need to hold down the fire button for a second or two for
the ball to be fully charged.
Useful on: the mini spiders, but only if fully charged. It's too slow for
anything else.

V-A-2. Disk Thrower
This baby is very powerful, but also eats lots of ammo and is slow. To fire,
hold the fire button to get a laser sight, then release to actually fire the
disc. The laser sight turns green if it's on an enemy. Note that the disc takes
time to reach its target, and it's a bit slower than Amber's missiles.

Normal fire mode: fires a disk that explodes on impact.
Useful on: tough monsters, at a good distance.

Alternate fire mode: fires a disk that explodes on impact with a target, or
bounces across walls. The laser sight will show the disk's trajectory.
Useful on: nothing, but that's me. See if you can get to someone or something
through it, but otherwise, don't bother.

V-A-3. Time Distorcer
This slows time immensely for anything that is succesfully hit by it. Does no
damage whatsoever, but eats quite a bit of ammo.

Normal fire mode: fires a streak that slows down anything that hits. The more
the target is hit, the more is slowed down, until the maximum (about one third
of normal speed). If the streak is stopped, target quickly but gradually returns
to normal speed after a short time.
Useful on: not much, really, but I guess combined with the rest of your team
firing in unison it can be useful. Hitting the invulnerable cannons with it
makes them too slow to catch on you, which can be useful.

Alternate fire mode: fires a ball that lands on the ground, creating a decently
sized field. Anything caught in the field is slowed down, like in the normal
fire mode. However, it uses large quantities of ammo.
Useful on: well, I've used it only on the final boss, but I guess large groups
of enemies can be done away with much faster by using it.

V-A-4. Absorber
This can absorb the enemies' health and turns it into energy for your weapons.
Very useful, since once you get it, you'll never run out of ammo again.

Normal fire mode: absorbs enemy health. It's not very powerful, so even weak
enemies require long times to be converted into energy. However, if your weapon
energy is maxed out, and you keep absorbing energy, you'll eventually start to
create batteries. You'll see an onscreen message whenever you've created one.
Note that the beam is useless against non-living target, such as walls,
windows, etc.
Useful on: nothing in itself, but as soon as you get it, use it as much as you
can. If you go up to the maximum of 99 batteries quickly, you can afford right
away to be a lot more trigger happy.

Alternate fire mode: this fires a beam that eats up lots of ammo, but does
decent damage.
Useful on: anything at a decent distance, although the pulse gun is
generally much more energy efficient. You can, of course, get the enemy to half
health or less with this, then absorb the remaining half, effectively spending
little if any ammo.

V-A-5. Pipe bombs
These eat decent amounts of energy, but deal quite a bit of damage. You get
them early on, so they're gonna be your most powerful weapon for a while.

Normal fire mode: bombs explode on contact, making quite a mess. They can be
fired in fairly quick succession, although they're not very accurate.
Useful on: tightly packed groups of monsters, or powerful ones at medium
range. However, once you get the disk thrower, you'll find them mostly

Alternate fire mode: bombs explode in proximity of monsters, making again quite
a mess.
Useful on: well, if you see a bunch of enemies that are in a location not
directly accessible to you (quite a distance down, beyond a small window), it's
a bit useful, otherwise forget about them.

V-B. Amber's weapons

These weapons are only accessible by Amber, with the exception of the ion pipe

V-B-1. Amber's pulse gun

This is the same as the normal pulse gun, except it fires a double blue stream,
which uses twice the ammo and does twice the damage. Very handy.

V-B-2. Pipe bombs

These are the normal pipe bombs, except Amber has little use for them.

V-B-3. Missile launcher

Amber starts with this powerful weapon, which is fast and uses reasonable
amounts of energy.

Normal fire mode: fires missiles in quick succession. Missiles do decent splash
damage, but for best results you have to score direct hits.
Useful on: anything, but particularly so on slow, tough enemies.

Alternate fire mode: missiles track the nearest target, or, you can lock onto a
specific enemy. Just hold the fire button on the enemy, and you'll hear "Target
Locked". Then, with the cursor still on the enemy, release to fire the missile.
Note that you don't start with homing missiles, you get them later on.
Useful on: not much, actually. Normal homing missiles aren't very accurate, and
locking on enemies is a hassle.

V-C. Other tools

V-C-1. Rover

The rover is a mini tank that can go into small passages, operate some buttons,
and easily take on enemies not larger than rats. Anyone can use the rover, as
long as there's enough space in front of them to generate it.

When you're done, press the right mouse button to access the menu, and choose
revert. If you need that character for some reason, and don't want to reset
the rover's position, choose 'leave device' instead. To return to the rover,
open the menu and select the option, it's on the top left, near Carter's icon.

Creating the rover takes weapon energy, but you get it all back as long as the
rover is undamaged. Otherwise, you'll get less and less energy the more its
damaged, until you get no energy back at all if it's destroyed.

Two other things to note: first, the cannon has a very short range, and you
can't fire if your cursor is on an object out of range; second, the rover
cannot go up even the shortest height, so be careful where you pilot it,
as you might have to revert and start from the top.

V-C-2. Flying camera

The camera can fly and activate a few switches, as well, but it is unarmed.
Again, anyone can use the camera, as long as there's enough space in front of
them to generate it. Unlike the rover, the flying camera continually uses
energy to float, which means that when its energy is exhausted, it falls to the
ground and is automatically reverted.
As you can see, you'll easily lose most of the weapon energy you have invested
on it, and although it doesn't take lots of that, be careful.

V-C-3. Auto turret

You can deploy it wherever you want, and it fires a rather powerful energy
beam. Unfortunately, enemies seem to make it a priority target, and being very
weak, it'll rarely last long. I've tried it once or twice, and never used it

V-C-4. Omnitool

This is the tool that Andre' uses to fix machinery. You can't select it in the
inventory; Andre' takes it out automatically when needed, and puts it away when
you (or his AI) change weapon.

VI. Hints and tips

- Try to conserve up ammo in the beginning. Don't fire missiles and pipebombs
recklessly, and save before launching the flying camera.

- Once you get the absorber gun, use it on everyone until you get to 99 cells.
Then you'll have more than enough ammo to finish the game.

- The flying camera cannot fly lower than a certain altitude.

- The rover cannot fire at targets too far away.

- Press F3 to go into first person view. It might take a while to get used to,
but afterwards, it'll be very useful. It's also greatly realistic - I hope more
games will use something like this.

- Rushing through heavy steam, high-pressure fire and electricity WILL NOT
WORK. Use Amber.

- However, you can walk through certain fires and gasses without too much

- Some doors can be opened by walking up and activating them.

- Some doors can be opened by just walking up to them.

- Look for electricity stealing bugs. Eliminate them on sight, otherwise some
buttons will not work.

- Save often. You can't really die, but it's annoying to repeat certain
passages after you get killed.

- A few tips on hacking. Do the faster moving circles first, then, when the
slower ones are near the goal, do those. If you keep failing, more and more
circles tend to be slow the next time you repeat. But it's not always good,
since you're on a time limit. Remember that hacking attempts consume weapon

- A few tips on repairing. It's actually very easy - until you get down to 1
unit of damage. Keep practicing when the object is more damaged. Try to stop
the cursor as early as you can. It's also a bit easier when the blue section
is nearer the left side of the bar, since the cursor has less momentum near
there. Remember that each time you 'launch' the cursor you consume weapon

- Inventory is not shared. If someone picks up an object, then that same
person must use it when needed.

- Here's a keyboard layout you can use:
W = Forwards
S = Backwards
A = Strafe left
D = Strafe right
Q = Flashlight on/off
TAB = Change fire mode
F6 = Quick save
F9 = Quick load
Mouse = move cursor, turn character
Left mouse button = shoot, talk, interact
Right mouse button = menu

VII. Walkthrough

VII-00. Demo

This section of the walkthrough refers to the PC downloadable demo. I'm not
sure if there is a PS2 demo, and if there is, I don't know if it's the same.
The demo level is the toughest puzzle on level one, which is actually a very
simple one overall.

When you're in control, send Minoko down the slope to access the computer.
There are two switches you can activate: the first is unusable, and we'll take
care of it soon; the second needs to be hacked and controls the rotation of a
chamber nearby. Hack switch 2 and leave her there. Don't activate it; just
switch to Amber.

With Amber, play with the crane control just nearby. Whoops! Well, now you have
to be quick and make it on the swinging pipe. With no jump button it might be
tricky, but it's far from difficult. You'll be able to swing near a closed door,
on the pipe. Shoot the red locks to open the door. You can switch to someone
else and pick them from afar, or shoot them before you start swinging the pipe.

Still, once you're inside, switch to Minoko. You should be able to see Amber in
the room. Activate the device, and the room will turn and flood with hot gas.
That's why you need Amber. Now there are two tunnels: one leads to the broken
door you saw earlier on the cameras, but Andre' cannot get here to fix it yet.

The second leads to the source of the steam. Go up it, then turn right and go
down the short slope. You'll find a switch. Now, this switch theoretically
requires two people to be used correctly: one holds down the switch, the other
goes through. You'll have to make do alone, but it isn't at all hard.

Hold down the switch until the door moves no further, then quickly release it
and go through. Inside, turn around; there are two doors. The left one you just
came through, the right one is your target. There's another switch here, so
again hold it down until the doors go no further, then dash through the right

Go up the short slope and you'll find the gas valve - whew! Now you have to go
back into the rotable chamber. It's a bit trickier, since one door is a bit
farther from one switch, but still more than possible. You can still throw
yourself into the abyss if you're really unable to, but you'll have to get
Amber back in then, since she's still needed.

Anyway, switch to Minoko and rotate the chamber again. Now have Andre' go in
there, and have Minoko rotate the room one final time. With Andre', fix the
broken panel near the door, then, with Minoko, open it; it's switch #1 on
the computer's main screen if you forgot.

Enter with Andre', and jump down the hole in the pipe to the stairway. Press
the button, and the crane will come down. Climb onto the pipe, press the
middle button to raise the crane, then hold the left lever. Your goal, of
course, is to get the pipe in position so that Amber can walk through it to the
other side. Once it's done, jump back down on the stairs, go down to the
ground, and open the only door. To the left there's a chasm with no bridge;
ignore it for now.

Go right. Kill all the Death Heads (that's their name if you were wondering),
and keep going. There's only one way. At the end, climb the stairs and
activate the hand scanner panel near the door. Have Minoko and Carter
follow you to the chasm you saw earlier.

Now let's get back to Amber. Go through the door and the pipe, then jump
down. You're on the other side of the chasm, but before you can do anything,
a door blows and a couple Death Heads come out. Kill them. Then, just to the
right of the chasm, there's a switch: flip it to extend the bridge. Have the
whole squad cross it, then enter the door.

One last Death Head member will ambush you; kill him, and get the entire
squad into the elevator. Demo complete!

VII-01. Century Plaza

Compared to the other levels, this is little more than a tutorial. Still, make
sure you get into the right mind set as fast as possible.

After the intro, you'll be in control of Carter. Gather your squad, and go
ahead towards the entrance... BOOM! Somehow, I expected that. The surviving
scientist has nothing to say, so at the collapsed bridge, turn left. Look up,
wave goodbye to the sky, because you won't be seeing it for a loooong time...

Enter the door (just get close to it), turn left, and head to the far wall. To
the right of the window there's a switch; press it, and when the elevator
comes, get everyone in. Press the button inside, and begin your descent.

Once down, there are three directions you can go. To the left, and through a
couple of corridors, but the door is locked. We'll come back later. You can go
straight right from the elevator, but all you'll find are a door, locked from
the other side, and an unextended bridge over a veeery high pit. Go the only
remaining way, slightly left but straight from the elevator.

At the end there's a door, but there's no way to open it right now. Make sure
everyone gets close to the regenerator (to select it), then go up the slope.
You'll see someone (he's the security guard you're looking for) slip into a
door, then vanish into another door inside. There's no way to open the outer
door from here: what now?

Here's the first puzzle of the game. Just to your left is a small structure
covered by several glass windows. Shoot the windows and look through. The
amount of steam is a hint to send in Amber, so take control of her and
carefully make your descent. Go through the steam, and when you're at the end
of the corridor, look to the right for a valve.

Activating the valve turns off the steam, but you could leave it on for all you
care. There's no need to send anyone else through here. Turn away from the
valve and go into the door (you have to get close and use the handle). Follow
the corridor and the stairs, opening the other door.

Uh-oh, those red blips did look menacing... time for the first fight. The Death
Heads are wimps compared to what you'll face later, and are no match for
Amber's Double Pulse Gun. The section they broke out of has nothing of
interest, so turn around and climb the stairs.

At the end of the catwalk you'll find some dogs. They'll attack you, so kill'em
all - you might want to use missiles, just for the heck of overkill, but try
not to run out of ammo just yet. If you enter the only doorway up here,
you'll eventually get on the other side of the door you saw before. The guard
will come out, but only Carter can talk to him.

So, open the door at the very end, and rejoin your team. Have Carter talk to
the guard; make sure you don't move at all while talking, or you'll have to
restart the conversation. When it's done, follow the guard. He'll go to the
gate near the regenerator, the one we couldn't open earlier. Recharge anyone to
full health and ammo, then enter the gate.

The short flight of stairs leads nowhere right now, so enter the doorway. You
can talk to a few people here, but no one has anything interesting to say. To
the right of the entrance there's a door you can open by activating the hand
scanner nearby; but don't go through here yet. Go towards the left side of the
room, where there's another closed door.

The door button is broken, so have Andre' fix it. Unfortunately, it won't be
enough. So send Carter through that door we saw moments ago, the one to the
right of the entrance, and go up all the stairs. There's a lock that only
Carter can open here. Open the UPA elevator, and grab the rover.

Go back to the rest of the team, then have anyone generate the rover. Drive
the little tank under the broken door, and use the computer board to climb on
the table to the left. Pick up the battery, then look straight left; there's a
broken circuit board that you can shoot. Do it, and the door opens.

Right click and revert the rover - you don't need to be close to anyone to do
this. Send Minoko in, and connect to the terminal. Check the mail icon, and
play the movie: interesting. You can also check through the cameras, but you
won't see much. When you're done, hack into the switch icon (no time limit, so
take it easy), and open the door.

This door is just to your right when you leave this small building. You don't
need to take your squad there and down the stairs, Carter will be enough.
Follow the right wall of this room, and turning left you'll find an open box
near a battery cell. Facing this box, turn around: on your left, there's a
large box. Go forwards a bit, onto the wood section, then turn around. There's
a crack in that same box that your rover can fit into. Grab the battery, then
revert and continue.

Turning away from the crack, go towards the opposite wall and turn right.
Follow the wall into the small passage, until you get into the bathroom.
Inside the last stall is one of the guys you saw in the video: shoot the lock
and talk to him. You'll get a magnetic keycard. Ring any bell?

Go back out in the box room and up the stairs. Get your team, then go back
towards the elevator. You'll pass the regenerator, so make sure everyone is
topped up in both health and weapon energy. Take the passage that is now to the
right of the elevator, and insert the card in. Remember that the inventory is
not shared.

Go up the stairs at the end, and you'll face your first action puzzle: the
conveyor belt. It's actually easy, so don't worry. Open the door by flipping
the switch, then, one character at a time, have them run up the conveyor belt,
and towards the door on the left side. The first character needs to open the
door by shooting the lock.

In case you're wondering, you can just have Minoko do this. Just send everyone
else back in the regen station tunnel, through the then-impassable gate, and up
the stairs. The door is closed but we'll open it soon. Also, you can send
Carter near the drawn bridge and locked door to the right of the elevator,
since we won't be needing him soon.

Once Minoko and anyone else you want are through, push the red button and open
the door. Go up the slope to the regeneration station. This is also where the
demo begins, in case you're wondering. From here, send Minoko down the slope to
access the computer.

There are three switches you can activate: the first is unusable, and we'll
take care of it soon; the third opens a door leading up to that set of stairs
we saw soon before entering the kitchen area; the second one needs to be hacked
and controls the rotation of a chamber nearby. Open the door with switch 3,
letting the rest of the squad in if that was your choice, then hack into switch
2 and leave her there. Don't activate it; just switch to Amber.

With Amber, play with the crane control just nearby. Whoops! Well, now you have
to be quick and make it on the swinging pipe. With no jump button it might be
tricky, but it's far from difficult. You'll be able to swing near a closed door,
on the pipe. Shoot the red locks to open the door. You can switch to someone
else  and pick them from afar, or shoot them before you start swinging the pipe.

Still, once you're inside, switch to Minoko. You should be able to see Amber in
the room. Activate the device, and the room will turn and flood with hot gas.
That's why you need Amber. Now there are two tunnels: one leads to the broken
door you saw earlier on the cameras, but Andre' cannot get here to fix it yet.

The second leads to the source of the steam. Go up it, then turn right and go
down the short slope. You'll find a switch. Now, this switch theoretically
requires two people to be used correctly: one holds down the switch, the
other goes through. You'll have to make do alone, but it isn't at all hard.

Hold down the switch until the door moves no further, then quickly release
it and go through. Inside, turn around; there are two doors. The left one
you just came through, the right one is your target. There's another switch
here, so again hold it down until the doors go no further, then dash
through the right door.

Go up the short slope and you'll find the gas valve - whew! Now you have to go
back into the rotable chamber. It's a bit trickier, since one door is a bit
farther from one switch, but still more than possible. You can still throw
yourself into the abyss if you're really unable to, but you'll have to get
Amber back in then, since she's still needed.

Anyway, switch to Minoko and rotate the chamber again. Now have Andre' go in
there, and have Minoko rotate the room one final time. With Andre', fix the
broken panel near the door, then, with Minoko, open it; it's switch #1 on the
computer's main screen if you forgot.

Enter with Andre', and jump down the hole in the pipe to the stairway. Press
the button, and the crane will come down. Climb onto the pipe, press the
middle button to raise the crane, then hold the left lever. Your goal, of
course, is to get the pipe in position so that Amber can walk through it to the
other side. Once it's done, jump back down on the stairs, go down to the
ground, and open the only door. You can say hi to Carter if you left him there.

Back to Amber. Go through the door and the pipe, then jump down. You're on the
other side of the chasm, so extend the bridge. Have the whole squad cross it,
then unlock the door with Carter. This is where the demo ends. Uh-oh, more
Death Heads! Kill the guy, then walk through the door, and kill the other guy
on the right. We'll explore that section later.

Go left, and you'll be in the location of the movie you saw earlier. Near the
body of the Death Head there's a piece of meat. Pick it up and go all the way
back to the UPA service elevator (it's where you got the rover from, near the

Once that is done, return to the squad, and proceed opposite of where you found
the sample. There might be a couple more Death Heads to kill. At the end of the
corridor, unlock the door on the right with Carter. Get everyone inside the
elevator to end this level.

VII-02. Real Meat Factory

This level is also quite short and easy. In case you're wondering, no, you
can't turn off the alarm right now. Live with it.

One at a time, climb the vending machine that Amber threw down in the movie. If
you climb up it and go down the other side, you'll get no damage from the
fires. When everyone is on the other side, you can stay as a team, or, easier,
send Minoko ahead.

Wow. More than a few broken computers this looks like a war zone. Well, go up
the stairs, turn around, and go through the right path to the other side of
the room. The left path will collapse, and powerful electrical charges will
kill you quickly if you go through there.

On the other side, you'll see a fish tank. A big hole will have all the
water drain, and the fish die. Oh, well, just blow the glass away and go
through. Dash up the two down going escalators, then up another set of
escalators to the mess hall (hah, so appropriate!).

Here there are two things of note: one is a very powerful fire jet that will
kill you instantly if you get close, which is covering the way forwards. The
other is a piece of ceiling forming a convenient ramp, falling over a table.

Go up that ramp until your way is blocked - but your friendly rover can go
ahead! Make way through the rafters to the red handle just above the fire jet,
and activate it. Revert the rover, and go down the now safe pipe.

Talk to the scientist here. He has nothing much, though. Connect to the
computer in this room, and hack into the only red switch here. This will not
only unlock the door you saw, but also the ones just to your right. Have the
rest of the squad go through those doors if you left them behind.

Opposite of the terminal, take that corridor, making sure to recharge at the
regen station. Leave someone there if you want to make it quicker (but not
Minoko). At the end, turn left and shoot the glass. Kill all the escaped
creatures and talk to the scientist there. On one side of the room, there's gas
tanks; shoot them to open a way out.

In this corridor, there's a lot of dogs. Kill them all. At the end of the
corridor, turn left and enter the cages room. Flip the switch near the desk at
the end of the room. This will release a lot of dogs, but also open the gate to
your right,allowing you to proceed.

After having killed anything that can be killed, send Minoko near the now
accessible door. Hack into the terminal and open it, then proceed all the way to
the end. You're near the bridge, but it's broken. What now? Time for a new

Go back to the regen station (or switch to the character you left behind if you
did), and grab the flying camera. Return to the bridge, and have anyone generate
it. Float to the other side of the broken bridge, and activate the switch there.

Follow the scientists to another regen station and a room full of more
scientists. There's a broken button that Andre' can fix and then press. Through
the door you can get outside to an UPA ship. The scientists are safe, but the
factory still isn't.

Near the door you've just out out from there's another one. It's full of gas,
and the switches don't work well. Have someone hold the button to keep the door
open, then get Amber in. There's not much you can do, but there's another door
inside. Hold down the button to keep it open.

You're left with two characters doing nothing. Dash them through both doors to
a regen station and safety. Now, this is a bit tricky so follow me closely.

Have Amber let go of the button. Go back near the outside door; there's a
button to hold that will keep it open, and it's on the inside of the room. Hold
it down. Now, select one of the two characters that are already to safety.
There's a button inside there, as well, that will hold open the inner door.

Now you should have both doors open, even if the character still outside leaves
the button. Dash in to safety, then have Amber join the squad inside.

Go further down the corridor. Hmmm, what a mess. But before we tackle that,
there's a grate ajar, just on the floor. Send the rover through there. There's
only one path you can take, and it's behind one of the pipes. Go on and...
hot flame. Let's leave the rover there by right clicking and choosing the other

Amber can go easily through all the fire, so do just that. Enter the room, go
right into the flame, then keep to the left. You'll find a grating floor, and if
you look hard, the rover is just down there! Move the valve to shut off the
flame (it has a red light above it).

Go back to the rover (right click to the menu, then look on the upper left
side). Keep going forwards until you find a moving, well, thing (can't think of
a better term), blocked by an awfully large screw. Shoot the screw, and the
thing will move. Go under it, being careful not to get crushed (don't worry,
it's easy).

There's another of those things, pass it, and you'll soon find a control box.
Blast it and the door above will open. Revert the rover. It's time to get the
rest of the squad through this room. Easier done than said!

As soon as you enter, immediately turn right and climb over the pipe. Go
forwards, drop off it, then circle behind the round boilers. Keep going forwards
until you find a white pipe you can climb on. Drop off it, and you're at the
door. Do this for all three characters - the AI can handle it if you just tell
them to follow you.

Inside the door, hack into the computer with Minoko. Open the main computer
doors, and have Andre' fix it. Soon everything will be back under control (check
the previous room!), and the door to your right will open.

There are two elevators here, both broken beyond repair. Enter the right door,
and look left under the other elevator. There's a beam precariously holding it
up. Shoot it, and then climb down over it. Shoot the lock on the emergency
hatch, and go down it. In this short corridor, you can preview another semi-
action puzzle, and unlock another door with Carter. Inside there's a regen
station, so top everyone up.

After grabbing all the cells, have Minoko hack into the terminal. Open the door
and kill anything that moves. Send Andre' through, under the conveyor, and turn
left. The amount of sparks just beg for your omni tool, so fix the thing. You
can send Andre' back to the room.

Get Amber and Carter back to where Andre' just was, and up the stairs. Amber
goes first. Push the button there, and wait; a giant and horrible looking hunk
of meat will drop down. Climb and ride on it. It's a bit hard to see, but just
above the first giant saw, there's a low beam that will knock you down to your
death if you don't crouch.

Once beyond the three blades (they can't hurt you from up here, but they can
push you down at times), you can drop down and walk the rest of the way. Go down
the conveyor and turn around. To your right, on the wall, there's a valve. Turn
it to switch off the jets.

Now Carter can repeat the procedure: push button to get hunk of meat, ride on
it, crouch over first blade, jump down after the three blades. This time, after
turning around, go left; there's a locked door only Carter can open. Beyond is
the rest of your team, so have them join you.

In this room there's only another exit, so go there. Talk to the scientist:
looks like we'll have to somehow cause an emergency. Hmmm. Send Minoko down the
slope, and hack into the computer. Well, that wasn't very expected. Go back up;
it's time to formulat another plan.

Open the red door into the freezer. Not much to see for a full sized human, but
a rover... Send it left through the small opening, all the way until, on the
side of a ventilation shaft, you'll see a button to press. This will eventually
open the grate of the same shaft, but it's a dead end for a land vehicle. Time
for the flying cam to strut its stuff.

Send it up the shaft, and make it quick since the path is quite long. Send it
all the way until you find an opening: yay, it's the same room we tried to get
into earlier! Go near the water sprinkler, and you'll see a deviator switch.
Throw it, then you can revert.

Now the fires are out and the door to the main generator is open. There's no
need to send everyone there, though; Amber is enough. Ignore the elevator and go
right, climbing over and jumping off all the condenser until you reach the

Go to the central structure, and climb the stairs. You'll have to cross the
structure once to find more stairs. Once at the top, find the button; it's over
one of the white plaques, in the central pylon. Say hello to the electricity
bugs! Kill them (one full power shot with the pulse gun's alt-fire should be
enough), but that's not enough. Go back down, and check the central pylon:
there's more.

Once you've dealt with those as well, everything will go back to normal. Go back
down, and return to the elevator you ignored earlier (it didn't work if you
tried). Call it down and go back up. There's one last puzzle to take care of.

Have Andre' come to the corridor you're in. There's broken switch here, near the
door that someone is still holding open. Fix it, and press it; now the door
stays open. Gather your team and proceed to the door at the end of this

You should know where you are: near the escalators, beyond the broken fish tank.
Head back down the large stairs and into the UPA elevator.

VII-03. Construction Site

As soon as the level start, the squad will be divided in two groups. Andre' is
with Carter, and Amber is with Minoko. They won't meet until the very end of the
level, if you're wondering.

Carter and Andre' are stuck, so let's concentrate on Minoko and Amber. Send both
away from the bridge; just inside, to your left is a regen station, and to your
right is a glass door. Enter by getting close to it. There are two stairs: one
goes down and one goes up. Take the down going stair set.

There you'll find a glass door with a button. Press it, kill the Death Head
inside, and have Minoko hack in the terminal downstairs. The only fuction
available will open the door near Carter and Andre'. This will also release
three Death Heads, so switch over to Carter or Andre' and take them out.

Go inside and follow the stairs. You'll come to a corridor with an open space to
your left, and a locked door down some stairs in front of you. The open space
has a cage controlling the hook and steel beam nearby. Just to the left of the
cage is a short passage that allows someone to eventually climb on the beam.

But before, look on the opposite side of the chasm. In the two lower windows
there are two Death Heads that might bother you if you don't kill them before.
It's a bit tricky, since they keep moving, but the biggest problem is the bad
guy with pipe bombs. You can't see him, as he's directly above you, but if you
stay back near the wall you won't have problems.

Now send Andre' over the beam. The guy with pipe bombs never caught on me, but
if he does, turn towards the cage and look up. You now have to use Carter to
send him to the upper left opening - it's above the lower three openings.
Controls are as follows, from left to right:

Move beam left
Move beam right
Move beam up
Move beam down
Move beam near you
Move beam away from you

Once Andre' is near the opening, get in it and walk around the hole (don't fall
in!). You'll find a broken control panel; fix it and a door will open.

Right now we're stuck with these two. If you look towards the side Carter is, on
the very upper left, you'll see steam coming out. That's where the card we need
is, but of course, we can't get there yet. Back to Amber and Minoko.

There's a door to the left of the computer, but it's a dead end. Go back up the
stairs, and keep climbing to the top floor. You'll find an elevator. A couple of
Death Heads will come out, then the elevator will go back down. Two more Death
Heads will arrive when it comes back up.

You have two choices. Get Minoko into the right elevator shaft, wait until the
left elevator is close, jump on it and ride it down. Or you might just have
Minoko take the left elevator. Either way, you need to get down at the first
opening you see. The bottom floor's doors don't open.

In this room there's a terminal, and Minoko can activate the transportation
cart. You're done here, so catch th elevator (one way or another) and go back
up. Take Amber with you, if she's there, and go back to where you started - down
the stairs and out of the door.

Top up everyone at the regen station, then go near the end of the bridge. You'll
see twin cables just below it; that's where the minerals cart will pass. Wait
for it (might take a while), and when it's near, jump down on it with both
characters. When the ride is over you'll be automatically thrown down, so just

When you're in the next section, there is a total of three Death Heads to kill,
so take them all out. If you go back the way the cart took you, near the chasm,
you'll find a switch on the right. This opens a door to the last computer you
activated, effectively allowing you to go back. But we don't need to.

The door to the right of the cart's corridor is open - it's the door Andre'
fixed. Get Amber in there, and turn the wheel. This only apparently does
nothing. But let's continue with Amber and Minoko for now. Just in front of the
lowered area where the cart dropped you there's two switches. Press the one with
the arrow down, and the platform will start moving. Quickly jump down it.

Follow the only passage with both characters. You don't need to kill the birds,
but it's good aiming practice and they're very weak. Go down into the only door.
You'll find a regen, a few cells, and a computer, which sadly has nothing
useful. The door here is locked, so you're stuck right now. Back to Andre' and

You can now reach the opening I pointed you at earlier. There's no more steam
there. It can be a little trick to get there, since you don't really see where
it is with Carter, and there's might still be that bad guy with pipe bombs up

With Andre' on the beam, hold the rightmost button until it will go no further.
Then hold the second button until it will go no further. Now, hold the third
button for a second, then, while still holding it, switch to Andre'. This will
allow you to keep an eye on that pipe bomb-toting bad guy. If you catch him by
surprise he'll change weapon to a much less powerful machine gun.

Kill him, then look on one table. There's a card there. Pick it up, then have
Carter get Andre' all the way down (you'll have to move the beam back to its
starting position). Or you can just throw him down in the abyss and wait. Either
way, the card opens the locked door to the right of the control cage, down a

There's only one way to go after this door, so have both characters activate the
regen a bit further, then keep going. To your left you'll see where Amber and
Minoko are, by the way. Keep going and you'll reach a door. Get in and kill
anything that moves.

To the left there's just a broken door, so ignore it. Go right. At the end,
before turning left, there's a door. You can go in and kill a few bad guys, but
that's it. So turn left from that door, activate the regen station, and grab the
ion pipe bombs from the mini elevator.

You can mess with fans here, but it's useless at the moment. Send the character
with most weapon energy up the stairs to the right of the controls. Keep going,
circling around the large fans, and ignoring the electricity bugs for the
moment. Go carefully down the pipes, and you'll be in the room behind the locked
door you saw earlier. Kill everyone - there's quite a few of them - and activate
the only switch in this room. Exit via the door, which remains locked from the

Now go back to the fan controls, and brace for one of the few tricky puzzles in
the game. Change to Amber, and with her, quickly climb on one of the giant
rotating blades. Now switch to Andre', and have him hold the leftmost switch.
This will stop the topmost fan, and allow Amber to jump down on the next one.

You could, of course, have Carter hold down the second switch to make it a
breeze, but I found it even trickier to line up the fans. Instead, have Amber
anticipate the jump by quite a bit. A few tries and you should have the pattern
locked down - just quicksave until you get it right. But remember: if you use
Carter instead of Andre' to hold down the button, every time you save you'll
have to hold down the button again.

Repeat the operation for all fans except the lowest one. Amber can just walk out
to the opening when it passes by. Then (groan) repeat the procedure with Minoko.
You need both characters down there, so don't complain. By the way: you can make
both characters go at once, but if you save, make sure you do when characters
are on a stopped fan. Otherwise it's very likely the fan will just not spawn
under their feet!

Once both are in the opening, kill the rats if you want. Go down until you find
a grate you can shoot. Go through and activate the regen station. Now take Amber
outside of this room; there's many Death Heads, and it's better that she tackles
this. Killing anyone you see, go left. You'll eventually find a computer and an
energy terminal. Recharge, then go into the map room.

Three-four Death Heads will come down the elevator, so blow them to hell with
your missiles. Recharge, then keep going through this chart room, killing anyone
you might meet. Eventually, you'll find yourself in an electrified room. Don't
try jumping down! Send the Flying Cam behind the shelf to switch off power, as
Minoko will have to come through here later.

Sending the rover up the tilted beam near a shelf will just break that beam -
actually, anyone going up there will.

Keep going, there's only one way to go. When you reach the room with a hole in
the floor and a beam going down, go back. All the way to where Minoko should be,
near the regen station. Go beyond that room, but not through it; there's a
mirror near where you need to go. Down the stairs, you'll find a locked door -
and of course, you can't just shoot the lock (why is beyond me!).

Leave Amber there, and go back to Minoko. With her, activate the computer
terminal you saw earlier, the one near the energy station. You'll be able to
unlock a door near Carter and Andre'. Switch to either.

Go out through that door, it's near the regen. Look to your right: there's what
seems to be a large ball stopped by some beams. Shoot the beams, and the ball
will knock down a wall. You need to go that way, but the ball has the annoying
habit of knocking you down. Save through it, then try it only when the ball is
behind you when looking at the broken wall.

You'll have to get both through, and I know it can be annoying, but come on,
it's one of the tougher puzzles in the game... figure the rest! Once both are
through, send one upstairs. What the hell? Shoot the ex-dog, then keep going. To
the right there's a key box. Try to grab the key, and it'll fall down into a
crack (duh). Go back near the stairs.

There's a hole in the ground where you can send the rover. Do so, killing rats
if you want, and at the end grab the key. Revert, and go back to where the key
box was. Enter the door near it, and you'll see a laundry chute on the left.
Open it, then toss the key in. Amber can now grab it, but we have a few things
to do before we go back to them.

Making sure you're Andre', go over the beam near the laundry chute, and cross
the room. Shoot the glass and go carefully out on the ledge. Follow this ledge
left, and when it turns right, you can shoot the large beam. Climb on it (do it
from the side, not from the edge), and enter the window it broke. Circle left
and go down the stairs.

You'll see some, well, thing (you'll find out what it is exactly a bit later),
and a mechanical arm. Kill the bug on it, but ignore the other bugs nearby. Fix
the arm's core (bad joke for Total Annihilation aficionados), then press the
button. The thing to your left will be activated.

We're done here, so go back up the stairs, through the beam (go to the side,
although you can just jump down and/or suicide if you fancy going through the
ball again), and through the glass. One last thing. Go all the way to the
stairs, near where you sent down the rover to grab the key, and go down to the
bottom floor.

Down the corridor, enter the door on the right (the left door has no floor yet).
Go to the end, and near an unbreakable door, you'll see a tall cable with lots
of bugs on it. Ignore them if you want, but look for a dead one on the floor.
Grab it, and... yes, go back through the ball to the mini elevator, and put it

Then make sure both characters are on the top floor of this building, possibly
in the dead-end room with the fireplace. Come on, it was the last time you'll
see the ball!

Time to return to Amber and Minoko. With Amber, grab the key; it should be just
near you if you followed me down the stairs (near the mirror). Have both females
go into the room, open the door by activating the hand scanner, and enter. Make
sure no one stands outside near the door!

You'll see a control panel in this small room. Press the down arrow - understand
now why I said no one should be standing near the door? Alright, now activate
the computer. Ah-ha! The thing you repaired a short while ago with Andre' was a
beam platform. You pilot it like a rover, but its beam is very powerful.

With this baby, you're invulnerable and you can cut down the heavy doors that no
other weapon affected. Make sure you're close to them when you start firing. If
the bar above the door doesn't go down, let go of the fire button, move a bit,
and try again.

Take down the only steel door in this room, then cross the street and take down
the other door to the left. You'll be near the power cable where you picked up
the dead electricity bug. Keep going forwards and enter the corridor. Cross it
to the room that had no floor. Now that you've lowered the platform, you can go
onto it.

Switch to Carter and Andre'. They should be on the lowered platform, but if they
aren't, go to the bottom floor of the building and into the room that had no
floor. Cross it with either character, and be very careful: you're going to be
targeted by a powerful and invulnerable laser cannon! Shoot the Death Heads on
the bridge from afar, if you want, but make sure you activate the switch near
the glass barrier.

Stick near the barrier and watch what happens. When you're satisfied, dash back
near the beam platform. Now switch to Amber and have her push the up arrow
button on the control panel. Switch back to Minoko and take down the steel door
here. This will open the way forwards, but you've still got things to do with
this baby.

Keep going, and take down the left door in the corridor. The door in front of
you leads nowhere. Take out the door you see inside that room and enter it -
there's nothing in the rest of the corridor. You'll be near a regen station.
Keep going, and take out the last door.

Here you'll be targeted by a powerful laser cannon. You're invulnerable, but you
can't hit the thing either. No matter; just target the ammunition behind it, and
you'll blow up the whole floor, destroying the cannon in the process. A couple
Death Heads might have been harassing you, so kill them. One hit is enough.

Once that is done, park the beam platform out of the way, and leave it there.
With Minoko and Amber, go up the beam that lowered when you first pressed the
down arrow button. You'll be in the ex-electrified room (if you remember to
switch off the power by sending the flying cam behind the shelves).

Go right, into the room with a hole in the ground, and go down that beam. Wait
there, near the 'bulk units' door.

Time to go back to Andre' and Carter. Go through the broken doors to the regen
station, and top both up. Then leave through the door where you left the beam
platform. Go down to the lowered area via a beam. Damn, the bridge is drawn and
you can't go through! Note that there might be a Death Head on the other side,
and characters left to their own might waste lots of ammo trying to hit him.
Park them in a place with no line of sight to the bridge, e.g., near the wall to
the left side.

Let's go back to Amber and Minoko. You can now leave through the door. Climb up
into the section to your left, all the way up. There's a small ledge; walk to
the end if you want, but all you'll find is a closed door. Send the rover below
those (you can send it all the way from the beginning of the ledge), and climb
up towards the second opening.

Now you need to climb up on the beam. It's the hardest, most frustrating rover
task in the whole game. Get a good distance, then try to go up as straight and
quickly as you can. When you manage it, and it'll take less than forever if you
were wondering, blow the glass and press the button. Revert the rover.

The button has stopped the conveyor. Go up it and to where the rover just was.
Keep going ahead, killing all Death Heads, and through the door. Follow the
corridors as it turns left, and enter the side room with a regen station. Access
the computer with Minoko and extend the drawbridge.

Back to Carter and Andre'. Go through the now open passage, killing the Death
Head if he's there, and cross the bridge. You'll be on the other side of the
room Amber and Minoko are, and a few puzzles to the end of the level. Look on
the left side of the platform, from the entrance. There's a broken console,
which Andre' can repair. Press the button near the arrow pointing right, but
don't do anything else.

With Amber, keep going through the main corridor. You'll see the magnet to your
right, but keep going through the steam into a small metal cage. Make sure
you're well inside it. Switch to Andre', press the blinking magnet button (to
the right of the button you just pressed), and you'll see Amber come to this
side. Be careful: once the magnet and the cage have stopped, if you press the
magnet button again, a bug will instantly kill Amber!

So have her drop down the cage and come up to where the rest of the team is.
You'll have to take out a Death Head who's lurking near a room with a broken
elevator. There's a steam-covered panel that only Amber can activate. This opens
a gate near where Minoko is. With her, turn back and go the way you came in. To
your left, opposite a locked door, you'll find the open gate. Shoot the panel
and pick up the keycard behind it, it's near the other door to this place.

You can put it in the door here, but it would be pointless (you can retrieve it
if you do, though). Put it in the locked door opposite of where you entered this
small room, and start running! Crushers will kill you if you don't move it.

Get to the opposite end of this room fast, then press the button. Crouch to
enter the door as quickly as possible. If you're somewhat quick, this puzzle
represents no problem at all. Repeat these steps (run to door, press button,
crouch to enter it faster) until you're on the other side. At last, the team is
back together!

With Minoko, climb the first set of stairs, then go right into a niche with a
locked door. Access the panel there to open the door. In this room there's only
the UPA elevator. Get everyone inside.

VII-04. Shopping Mall - Home of the Free Spirits

This level gets tough on fights. Watch your ammo.

Go just around the corner and blast the three wood planks blocking the door.
Kill the Death Head that attempts to ambush you. There's a locked door here,
with an electricity bug. Kill it, but the hand scanner still isn't accessible.
It's a mission for the rover.

Go up on the right table and generate a rover. Drive it out of the window and
onto the ledge. You'll find another window, closed by a grate; it takes a bit,
but you can blast the grate. Go inside; you can only follow the corridor right.

Blast the other electricity bug, and flip the switch near here. Revert the
rover; the door can now be opened. Send just one character up there - Amber is
best. Go up all the stairs, and you'll find yourself in a short corridor with a
wooden plank over a box. Walk on the plank out of the window, but turn around
right away: a Death Head has just opened a door and is in the room!

When you're done with him, go back out the plank. Look left: you'll see a
scaffolding. Shoot the engine of the scaffolding, high above it, and without
brakes, the platform will fall down. You can also hit a Death Head or two down
on the street from here. Descend the stairs and rejoin your team.

Climb out of the window and down to the scaffolding. Once your team is down
here, try to walk over the beam connecting the two segments of the streets...
didn't you expect that? Well, shoot as many Death Heads as you can, then pick

Go to the opposite end from the now impassable chasm between the two road
segments, and keep to the left (it's opposite the scaffolding if you're
wondering). You'll see a small ledge you can go down to, then, further down, is
an orange scaffolding. Jump down to it, and your weight will break a plank. Jump
down to the lower level, as well.

You can push a wooden plank here, which will allow you to go down a slightly
treacherous path and up some stairs. Keep going until you find another plank
suspended over a chasm. The plank will give way, but not break - the bigger
problem is the Death Head who was behind the door beside you. And that door just

Deal with him, then climb the short distance at the end of the now tilted plank,
and kill another Death Head. Follow the only path, and eventually you'll be near
the road, where the rest of your team is. Keep going: you'll find a piece of
rock you need to climb. As soon as you do, the pillar beside falls down, and the
rest of the team can come back up.

Just before the last pillar, a short jump down, is a small slope. Go down it and
onto the second section of the road. Choose just one character, one with the
most weapon energy, and send him/her to the blocked end of the road. There's a
plank keeping up a slab; shoot it, and behind the slab, lo and behold, a rover-
sized hole!

Generate a rover and go all the way through the tunnel (ignore the very dark
area, it's a dead end). You'll find a grate that you can blast. Inside the next
room, there's only one thing to do: shoot the lock at the bottom of the blue
double doors. Revert the rover afterwards.

Get your team together and proceed to the other fork of the road. Kill anyone
you meet, and activate the regen station. Open the door (you just unlocked them
with the rover), and make sure everyone (Amber especially) has their weapons
fully charged.

Finally, let Minoko at the computer terminal in this same room (it's above the
grate you busted with the rover). There you can hack into a switch, and activate
the parking ticket distributor. Go outside, and pick up a ticket, but now listen
to me: pick Amber, select the missiles, and be very careful.

Stick like glue to the left door until you can just see a semi-invulnerable
laser cannon. You have to hit it from behind - of course, forget about direct
hits; you'll have to make do with splash damage. The trick is to hit some place
near but behind the cannon. It's actually easier if you let the cannon spot you,
so that it turns your way.

Anyway, when the cannon is destroyed, gather the team and explore the room.
You'll see a couple of locked doors in a corner; we'll be back later. There's
another pair of doors closing what looks like a room in the middle of here;
again, we'll be back later. There's a slope, but we'll go up it in a moment.

There's a broken elevator shaft: kill everyone inside. You can also go inside,
climb on the beam, and take out some more Death Heads, but this makes things a
tad trickier just moments on. Let's tackle the slope with Amber.
Watch out for that car! Kill the two Death Heads just up the slope for their

Look into the room, but don't enter yet. You can see that there's a barricade to
your left, then some doors, and you might see a barricade to your right. Dash to
the doors. Make it quick, because two invulnerable cannons will be activate
within moments! If you went in the elevator shaft, then it's most probable that
the cannons are already tracking and hitting you.

However, as soon as you near the door, a LOT of Death Heads (and a dog) will
come out at you. Some have dangerous pipe bombs. Take out your missiles and blow
them all up - then finish 'em with your pulse gun. Once everyone is dead, open
the door and enter. Charge your weapons, then enter the other room and kill the
other two Death Heads.

Unfortunately, the terminal requires Minoko, so try to return Amber to the rest
of the team. Failing that, just walk in front of either cannon. Now, since the
cannons are already activated, Minoko has a tougher time getting to the doors.
But since Amber has already cleared out everyone, it's far from impossible.

Inside, you'll find that the panel doesn't work. The amount of sparks under the
table should give you an idea: send the rover down there. There's a switch just
waiting to be activated! Once that's done, access the panel and hack into the
switch (read the mail if you want to). This will open the doors to the room-
within-room just downstairs. Return Minoko down (again, you can just stand in
front of the cannons).

Making sure everyone is well charged, and get both Andre' and Minoko inside the
newly opened room. There's a broken computer panel - you know the drill, fix
with Andre', access with Minoko. You'll be able to open the door in the corner
of the room outside. Return to the squad, then get Minoko and Amber inside the
newly opened doors.

Send Amber up the stairs: there's a couple Death Heads, a dog, but most
importantly another laser cannon. Kill everyone you can before you finish
climbing the stairs, as the cannon is just up the next flight. Again, shoot a
missile to the right of the cannon, so that the splash damage destroys it from

The rest of the stairs are blocked, so go a bit down the stairs, continuing to
face the top of the flight. Send Minoko in the room up this set of stairs, but
know that as you do, the other closed door will open. There's a LOT of Death
Heads in there, plus the cannons have a clear shot at you. But not for long...

Access the computer, and hack into either cannon. Kill any Death Head you spot
using it, but remember - as soon as they're hit they'll head for Minoko, not the
cannon! Note that taking control of the cannon automatically stops it from
targeting your squad, so hack into both cannons and they'll be innocuous from
that moment on.

Send Minoko back down the stairs to the rest of the team, and gather everyone
near the broken elevator door. Go back to recharge Amber if you need to, then
lead her up the stairs you left her, and into the large room where the cannons
are. You can't access this side from the first slope you went up from.

As soon as you enter the room, turn right. The slope there is blocked, but you
can easily climb the beams... only don't go down! There's three Death Heads to
dispatch, and another cannon blocking your way. Still standing on the beam, inch
until you can barely see it, and blow it with a missile near the behind.

Continue into the now clear room. The only interesting place is a semi-destroyed
ventilation shaft, which serves as crude slope to reach the larger ventilation
shaft. It's full of steam, so only Amber can go there. Reach the end, and you'll
be on top of an elevator. If you press the button on the engine, the elevator
will start.

Look up and find the exit: the elevator is going fast towards the ceiling, and
you'll be killed if you don't get off as soon as you can! Exit the elevator and
turn right. You'll activate a regen station. Go right again, and you'll find
some sort of hut around the other side of the elevator. Go inside this small hut
and press the button to open the elevator doors.

This part is tedious, but there's no other way. One at a time, have one
character go inside the broken elevator shaft, then climb the beam to the end.
The elevator is broken in that part, and you can climb inside. Be quick, as the
elevator is rather fast. At the top, get off, and you'll be near Amber.

Repeat the procedure for the remaining two characters. I reccomend doing this
one at a time, since AI is too slow to both climb inside and get off the
elevator in time.

Once everyone is up there, go towards the large passage, activating the regen
station in the while. You'll probably hear some snapping noises, and/or see a
dog turn into a monster. Kill it, then go forwards. You'll end at a gate, with
several Death Heads behind it.

Uh-oh, looks like these creatures don't like the Death Heads, either. Kill
everyone. Unfortunately, the gate just ahead is still locked; approach the
double doors on the side. One Death Head will break part of the glass and enter,
while another Death Head will open the doors. Kill both, then enter the short
corridor that was just open. There's a weapon charger in there.

Now, leave the squad inside that corridor, and use Amber. Enter the broken part
of the glass, and you'll be on a ledge. Go left, towards the two walkways, and
you'll find a slope. Kill the Death Head over the catwalk, and all the birds if
you like, and then go on that same catwalk. Walk over it to the end, and climb
up the ledge at the end. Follow the ledge to the right, and you'll find some
makeshift steps.

Climb up, but be careful: there are two cannons up there, and one has a clear
shot from the moment you finish climbing these steps. Be quick with your missile
launcher. The other cannon can't shoot you, so it's easy to dispatch. Go down
the walkway that this last cannon was guarding, the rightmost one. Just to the
right of the gate is a switch. Open it, and the entire squad can walk inside.

However, another couple Death Heads will break in from the door opposite the one
you left the rest of the squad into. Kill everyone. This is a good time to
recharge everyone - go back to the regen as well.

Now that the entire squad is in the larger room, pick someone thin. I chose
Minoko. On the left side of this room (from the entrance walkways) is a broken
piece of glass. This leads to a very thin metal path, which is way too thin for
Amber. Get in, and walk carefully to the hole in the wall - it's to your right.
Be careful - just as you reach it, the light bulb above will fall down, and if
it hits your character, it's instant death.

Go into the hole and walk down the only path. A couple of rats might startle
you, so kill them if you like. Pick up the battery nearby, then look through the
barred opening. You'll see a revolving glass door, with a few boxes blocking it.
Shoot them, and the door will break open.

Return back through the hole and onto the metal path (or suicide if that's your
inclination - life is so passe'). Join the squad, and have everyone walk through
the broken part of the revolving door. Go through to the end of the corridor,
where an almost invisible white button controls the gate.

Welcome to the Mall! This place can be confusing, so follow me closely. First of
all: don't bother speaking to anyone I don't tell you to, they won't have
anything to say.

Go either left or right when you first enter the mall, don't go downstairs yet.
You'll soon be in a central section in the upper floor; if look right (if you
went left, or left if you went right), you'll see a lift. It's broken, but
there's a yellow hand scanner besides it. By using it, you'll charge it, and the
elevator will come up and open. There's quite a few batteries inside.

If you look away from the elevator, on the left side, you'll see two large
boxes, fires, and a person standing there. He's the son of the elder, but
he's an attitude problem. Ignore him, and go forwards, following the left wall.

You'll find a corridor, which ends in a staircase. Go down it. Carter can talk
to a woman down there, she'll tell you to find a boy. The gate here is locked
and will remain that way for a while, so go opposite of it (don't return up the

If you keep following the left wall (loosely is enough) you'll find the boy:
he's near a fire. Have Carter talk to him, then follow him. He'll lead you to
the elder (he's near a locked door, just below one staircaise). Talk to the
elder, too, and he'll open the door.

Get the whole team inside, and go to the passage to the left - there's nothing
in the rest of the room. Kill the Death Head, then proceed in what looks like a
bathroom. Send the whole squad up the makeshift slope and into the ventilation
shaft. Follow this shaft to the end, then blow the grate. Drop down, killing
anyone you see.

Again there's only one way forwards, and it goes towards a regen station.
Activate it, heal as needed, then head for the door behind the counter. Open it
(you have to activate it when you're close and go inside. Inside there's three
doors: one to the left, one to the right, and one right and ahead, the only one

Make sure the rest of the squad is near the left wall, away from the left door,
and send Andre' through the open door. A dog will come out of a container, try
to kill it before it changes into yet another monster. Failing that, just kill
the thing. If you turn around, you'll see a computer panel. Before you send
Minoko, kill the two electricity bugs over it and fix the button to the panel's

Access the panel with Minoko and try to activate the crane. Whoops! Notice that
a part of the container is broken. Send someone inside the container, climb the
boxes, then eventually climb on the roof. Looking up, try to get in a favourable
position to get on the metal bar up there.

Then, with Minoko, activate the crane. Quickly, with the character on the
container, get on the bar as soon as you can - the container will bounce back
down. Go down the bar, crouch into the hole, and follow this corridor to the

Drop down, making sure to drop on the red beam first, and on the crate second.
You're behind the right door from the room before, if you're wondering. There's
a forklift here: press the right button to raise the forks and open the door.

Press the left button as well, but don't stay on the forklift - it will explode.
When it does, the opposite door will open. The two Death Heads are no real
trouble, but the character in the ex-forklift room will be in sight of a ceiling
cannon. Be careful.

After everyone else is dead, switch to Minoko. She has to run past the cannon -
but it's easy. Start from the left of the door. You might want to run in circles
to get her to dash. Enter the door, and immediately hang a left: you'll be
behind a box and safe.

Next, dash for the open door, and take cover behind the left of the two doors.
There's a couple of death heads near some sort of cart just down the corridor.
Take them out, then quickly go where they came from. There's a large niche in
the corridor, where it's safe, and you can access a computer.

Access the cannon, then leave it - there's nothing to shoot, but accessing it
will stop it from shooting you. You can also open a grate in the room nearby,
and open an exit. This last exit goes to the mall, but first, we need to send
Amber on a special mission.

Go back to the broken forklift: the forks (actually some sort of platform) are
still working, so lower them. Have Amber climb up, then with another character
(or still Amber if you're quick), activate the forks again. Lead Amber through
the long, dark tunnel, killing anything that moves.

When you reach a fork, well, take it; both paths lead to the same place after a
very short wall. Keep going forwards, then down the hole. If you go ahead,
towards the larger room, you'll find several enemies - including one weird
mutation with a surprisingly effective gun.

Kill everyone inside here, then go back away from this room. There's a gate
here, leading back into the mall; flip the switch to open it. Now, I think the
official way forwards is to switch back to someone in the rest of the team, and
go back into the mall using the emergency exit you opened with Minoko. The gate
is near where you met the healer woman.

However, you can just pack everyone on the forklift's platform, press the switch
with someone, then rapidly climb on. Whichever your way, get everyone near Amber
for one seriously tough section. Go down the slope and open the door on the
left; activate the regenerator and heal everyone as needed.

Have Minoko access the computer and open the gate just outside.  Get the team
inside that room, but be careful: a couple of Death Heads will burst in. Kill
everyone. Now, leave the team here; there's a cannon in the next room. Have
Amber get in the passage that the Death Heads broke out of, and look straight
ahead. It's in the shadows, so hard to see, but it's there. Blow it up.

Gather the rest of the team and go forwards. Keep going, ignoring the Death
Heads behind the barriers to your left. You'll soon meet another three Death
Heads, near a passage to the right. Kill everyone, then enter the passage.
There's an energy recharger, which is very useful since you most probably had to
use a few batteries already. Charge everyone as needed.

Exit the energy room with the entire team (ignore the stairs, they lead nowhere)
and head right. There's a barrel you can blow up, but it does nothing worthy of
note. Keep going. There's another barrel, this time near a barrier. Blow it up
to open a way through. Kill everyone, but try not to enter the room.

Amber must go solo again. Inside the room, turn right and you'll see the way
forwards. Unfortunately, just behind the corner, is another cannon. This time
you're at a disadvantage, since you approach it from the right. But it's still
way more than doable. When it's gone, kill anyone else you see, and go through
the passage behind the cannon.

A warning before you proceed: enemies keep respawning in the room you just left.
Try to go through there just this once, OK?

You'll be in some sort of mess hall. Kill the Death Head here, then head for the
door behind the counter. Another room, another Death Head, another door: you
know the drill, kill the baddie and open the door forwards. This short corridor
leads to the last room. Kill the last Death Head, and enter the UPA elevator.

VII-05. Death Head HQ - The Saint Lucy Building

This is where enemies get more interesting - and more resistant. Watch your

With your entire team, go forwads into the elevator and press the button. BOOM!
Better luck next time. Get again your entire team to drop down to ground from
the now-busted elevator, and turn to face it. To the left there's another, much
smaller elevator. Get the team inside and press the button.

This elevator will actually take you where you need to go. Follow the corridor
around, killing rats if you like, until you meet another regen. Just in front of
you is the St. Lucy Building (although that sounds a weirdly PC term for

Anyway, drop the team at the regen and go with anyone towards the large space.
There's a large crane to your right, with an opening in the middle. There's a
computer panel in there, but you need a battery before it will be accessible.
Continue towards the large double orange doors. Locked, as expected.

Never mind, turn right from the doors, and go towards the chasm. There's a
platform down there; jump to it. To open the way forwards, shoot the small metal
square near the bottom of the blocked wall (it has four dot-like screws). Get

Ignore the tunnel on the left, it's the exit and we've got stuff to do before.
Go forwards until you find a grate. Ah-ha! That red thing looks like a battery.
If you look around the grate, you'll see a rover sized slope. Get your minitank
down there and keep hanging a left.

Unfortunately, the battery is far too up. But not all is lost: check out that
explosive barrel. Shoot it until it blows! Now you can grab the battery. Revert
the rover and go back the way you came.

The exit tunnel is now on your right, so take it. Climb the boxes and press
the button to open the doors. Now that you have the batter, go back into the
crane and put it in. Have Minoko access the computer, and hack into the only

The crane will turn, allowing the team to cross it and go to the other side of
the chasm. Now you have to climb all the way up, and it might be a little
tricky, especially for the AI.

On the other side of the crane, climb up the broken slab, and go right. There's
a short raised platform with red barrels. Climb the red barrels, then climb to
the ledge up there, and finally on the metal grating.

Circle around the yellow boxes, then you can climb up them. Climb on the ledge,
and go right. There's a yellow box you can climb, which helps you to the final
metal grate floor. Up there, break the window and drop into the terrace just

Hang a left and drop down the stairs below. You're finally on the ground, in a
room with a large, barred door. Andre' can fix the panel to the right of the
door, and it will open. Get everyone inside.

Activate the regen on the left side of this new room, fill everyone's energy up,
and have Carter unlock the UPA door at the end. Well, that isn't very useful,
but things are going to change.

There's a tunnel leading out of this room. Send Carter through it. At the end of
the short path is a fork; the right door is blocked, but you can blast the locks
on the left door. They're on both sides of the white bar that runs through the

Once in the room beyond, you'll see a large wooden pole lying on what look like
conveyor belts. The metal box besides that is a control panel; you can press the
green button (it's small, look for it with the first person view mode), but the
pole won't go much far. Press the red button (it's under the green button) to
stop the conveyors.

There's also a grate in this room, but it's also locked. The only way out is the
passage blocked by wooden planks. Blast the planks, and follow the path all the
way to the end. There you can climb some steps, up into a grating.

You're in a ventilation shaft. Follow it to what looks like a dead end: the
grate will break, and you can jump down to another room. If you look around,
you'll see two groups of barrels. One is too near you to blow up; the other is
further away and near the door.

Blow the second group of barrel first, and the door will open. It's the door
opposite the one you shot the locks from. You can now get easily to a safe
distance to blow the other barrels. Go where they were; there's two levers.

Pull both; one will open a dead end grate near you, the other will apparently do
nothing. If you return to the big wood pillar room, you'll notice that the grate
is now open. Go to the other room.

Inside here are two yellow extendible pillars, with a button on them. Press the
button on both pillars, and they will de-extend. This will break part of a beam
sustaining the roof, and free the path for the other wooden pillar you saw

Return to the other room - use the barrel to climb back, it's a bit hard to see
but it's there. Press the green button on the control box, and the plank will
move all the way. Return to the room beyond the grate.

Drop to the floor and extend the nearest yellow pillar (it's the one over which
the plank went). Now climb back towards the grate, but instead of going through
it, follow the short path right and climb on the beam. You'll have to climb into
the square hole and climb it near the impassable grate.

Now follow the beam until you can drop down on the other, broken, one. Don't
bother going right (upwards); there's nothing there. Instead go left, and you
can drop onto the raised area of the room. There's another control box here, but
it has no buttons. Grab the battery and drop down.

There's another exit from this room: a doorway locked by green bars. Unlock it
(you're using Carter, like I told you to, aren't you?) and go on. There's not
much ahead, but the two elevator shafts look interesting. Enter the left one.

There's a box where you can put the battery. Unfortunately, the call button
still doesn't work. We'll have to find another way. Turn back, and find the
large stained window on the right (it's in a large niche). Blow it away. Ah, the

Anyway, send the flying cam inside, and go up the set of stairs you see straight
ahead. There's a grate at the top, and to its left, the opening button. Press
it: the rest of the team is just beyond it.

Revert the camera and make way to where you left the team. Recharge everyone if
needed and head through the now open gate. Go down the stairs, and at the end,
you'll meet a Death Head. Except this one doesn't attack, so talk to him...

Ouch! Maybe it was better he attacked. Anyway, kill the spider thing and enter
the doorway.

Down the slope, there's an UPA laser protected door that anyone can open. Get
in, recharge anyone who needs to, and grab the homing missiles from the
elevator. You don't need to be Amber to do that. Anyway, go back out and go
left; you'll find two elevators.

Enter the only open one with the entire team. Fix the broken panel with Andre',
then get Amber face-first into the dark wall. You'll understand why in a moment.
As soon as you press the elevator switch, return to Amber and keep trying to
walk through the wall.

The reason you're doing this is that the elevator does not stop at the floor you
need to get out of - and guess what, it doesn't actually stop anywhere else. So,
if you keep trying to walk through the wall, when the opening comes up, Amber
will automatically walk through it.

Before you get the rest of the team on this level, there's a couple Death Heads
to take care of. Two more Death Heads soon come from the right door. Make
sure you take a few steps from the elevator, so others can come in easily.

Now repeat the procedure with someone else. Slam them into the wall away from
the elevator switch, and get someone to press it. Keep walking through the wall
until you get to where you need to, then take a few steps away.

Repeat this another time, then you're left with only one character in the
elevator. Press the button and quickly try to slam into the wall. It should be
very easy to do this whole procedure, anyway.

When everyone is down on this floor, get the team into the right door, but don't
go much in. Switch to Amber, and peek right from the leftmost pillar. Uh-oh, a
cannon! If you stand back enough, you can see the right side of the cannon, but
the pillar protects you.

Unfortunately, before you can blow the cannon, two more Death Heads come in and
need to be killed. When they're out, take out the cannon and proceed.

There's three-four Death Heads here, but before you tackle them, enter the small
enclosed room to the right and activate the regen. Then kill everyone,
eventually smashing the glass. Watch your ammo, though.

When no one is going to bother you for the moment, check the enclosed room where
you found the last regen. Minoko can access a computer. Look through the camera,
if you want, but make sure to hack into the switch. Open the door, then leave
the computer.

Now get someone with a lot of weapon energy, and get out of this small
enclosement. Go to the large section of the room, the one where most enemies
where. You'll find a now open door on the left side, just beyond a desk. Get in,
and kill the Death Head.

Ignore the boxes, and go through the next tunnel. The next two Death Heads will
turn into monsters! The second, especially, turns into a dangerous Jumping
Spider. If you run very low on ammo, let yourself be killed and send someone
else to finish the job.

Once everyone is dead, enter this new room. There's not much, but you can blast
the windows. Just blast either side glass on the rightmost window, you don't
need to blast the center glass or smash all the windows.

Go out through this broken side glass and onto a ledge. Just to your right is a
rover-sized hole. Send the rover through it, and drive through. When you see a
tunnel on the right, take it; ahead would be just an impassable chasm. Keep
going, and blast the grate.

You'll end up in the crates room you passed before. Keep going and blast the
other grate. Just before you get to the next grate, stop. Your instinct might be
to blast the grate and charge forwards, but just after the grate, the path turns
abruptly left. You'll fall down if you charge forwards!

Keep going until you get into another outside area. This is a bit tricky: you
need to drop off to the right of the hole, not ahead. And, if you're too fast,
you'll land all the way on the ground, most probably breaking the rover. Be

Keep following the path until you come out of a breach in a metal wall. Turn
around: there's a couple of gas tanks here. Blast the valve. Unfortunately, the
poor rover can't survive the blast, but it doesn't need to.

Return through the boxes room to the larger room. Just opposite, a makeshift
metal wall now has a hole through it. Get Andre' and Minoko here, but leave
Minoko just outside the hole.

Get inside with Andre', and be careful - there's a cannon here. Hide behind the
left stack in the corridor, then make a break for the middle, larger barrier
inside the larger room. At least one Death Head is here, so take him out fast,
as it might turn into a monster.

There are three makeshift barrier in this room: one is where you are, and
another two allow access to doors. Go to the left door first. Press the purple
switch and get in. Not much to see here; grab the battery at the end and leave.

Carefully cross the room, and you'll be at the other door. You need to repair
the door button to enter, however. Be careful about the position you get
yourself in!

When the button is repaired, open the door and get in. Go quickly to the left
side of the room, protected from the cannon, and you'll see a computer panel.
Inster the battery in the slot below it, and stand aside. It's time for Minoko
to really rock the Death Heads.

Get Minoko inside the right door, and access the computer. There are two cannons
to hack into; hack the right one first, as it's the one in the room nearby.
Leave it, and hack into the left cannon.

Kill everyone you can. The door is locked, so they can't get to you. You can
also leave her there, switch to Andre', and watch the fire show near through the
glass door. Get the rest of the team near this door, but leave Minoko at the

Now, the door here is locked from the inside. But if you look up and to the
right, you'll see a hole. Send the flying cam through there, then have it press
the button on the side of the door.

Get Amber inside. Minoko is surely trying to blast the other cannon into metal,
but with little succes. Amber's missiles can do the trick, but remember, the
cannon will still track you - even while it's being attacked by Minoko.

Once the cannon is dealth with, your best bet is to lure the enemies in range of
Minoko's death weapon. This will probably get you near dead and/or killed more
than once. But you'll save a LOT of ammo this way.

Keep going forwards, there's no room fo error, and lure enemies towards the
cannon. However, note that in the blue corridor enemies will slowly respawn. So
you can already gather the team and move forwards.

Towards the end of this blue corridor there's a bunch of barrels, but blowing
them up does nothing. Enter the right corridor instead. Here three Death Heads
will try to ambush you, but two will turn into monsters. Kill everyone, and go

The unlockable door to your right leads back to where we first got into this
floor, so you can ignore it. Keep going forwards. Go up the stairs on the right,
and follow them to the catwalk. Again, only one way to go, so go through and
take out the three Death Heads.

Activate the regen, and get ready for the final slew of puzzles. Before touching
the switch, get everyone except Amber across the water poodle, near the door.
Make sure they're standing on solid ground! As soon as Amber activates the
switch, the pool becomes electrified and very dangerous.

Ignoring the other door, get inside. Get characters in one at a time, as the AI
is too dumb. Then, unlock the door with Carter. Inside this room is a weapons
energy panel (chances are you really need it!) and a terminal Minoko can access.

Hack into the cannon. Most Death Heads here are hidden, but you can nevertheless
kill a handful. Leave her there, if you're no sure of your aim, and switch to

As you might have noticed, there's another cannon here itching for a good
missile near the backside, and Minoko might be pointing to it with powerful
laser blasts. Destroy the cannon and keep going. To the left is a large side
niche, but neither door opens, so leave them there. Go forwards.

Here's one the biggest cooperative puzzle you've met so far. Get the whole squad
here, then follow me closely. Remember: the goal is to get Carter all the way
through, so make sure you never leave him to press a button!

Have anyone except Carter hold down the purple button. While holding it down,
switch to someone else. Get the rest of the team inside the room. Have one
character hold down the button, and kill the jumping spider in the next room.

There's two doors here, but only one switch. Of course, as soon as you open the
doors, the two enemies you hear will try to jump you. Kill them, then enter the
set of doors opposite of the enemies' (that one is a dead end).

To your right is a locked door, we'll come back in a moment. Open the door on
the left. Inside, on the right, there's a yellow hand scanner. Use it to reload
the battery and turn on the light in the room. Turn around, and on the opposite
side of the room, is a hand scanenr only Carter can unlock.

Activate it, and a panel opens with a card. It's the one you need to open
the door you saw before, but we need to let the rest of the team in first. Go
near the regen station, activating it if you haven't already, and put the card
in the slot near the door.

Now get your team near this door. Start with the one farther from the beginning
of the series of switch, otherwise you'll lock someone inside. When everyone is
gathered at the beginning, go back and look in the large niche, before you meet
the broken cannon. The door at the end of this large niche is now open, and
Carter waits.

Get everyone inside, activating the regen station, then have Carter (or anyone)
pick up the card from the slot. Just use it again. With the whole team, go back
to the locked door you found before (it's straight ahead).

Unlock it, then I reccomend you send Amber inside. There's at least one Death
Head patrolling this upper walkway, so kill him. Look below; in the middle of
the room is a cannon, but down there it's almost innocuous. Blow it up.

You can try to kill the remaining Death Heads from up here, but you might have
more luck going down. To do this, hang a left on the walkway, and enter the
first door. Go down the stairs, and kill anything that moves.

When this is done, gather your team, and switch to Andre'. On this lower level
there's a broken door. Fix the switch, and it will open. Beyond is the UPA
elevator. Get everyone inside. Well, it wasn't all that hard, was it?

VII-06. The Hospital

Quite a bit of toing and froing in this level, and plot also begins to thicken.
Fights don't let down, so always keep your ammo in check.

After the long and interesting cutscene, you'll be in a room with a regen. Get
the team through the only exit, and as soon as you're outside, you'll meet your
first mutated bird. Kill it, then look around. As usual, between you and the
hospital is a chasm.

Ah, well, let's see if there's something else we can do. Looking away from the
hospital, you'll see another small opening right from the one you got out from.
Enter climbing up the short flight of stairs, but ignore the other staircase, as
it leads nowhere.

Instead, climb on the crates left from the entrance. Up there, you'll find a
scaffolding; get your entire team in there. Ignore the control panel with the L1
and L2 buttons and a lever, you won't need it unless you do something wrong

Once the team is on the first scaffolding, hold down the left lever on the
scaffolding's control panel. On the way up, you'll see another scaffolding on
the right. Let go of the lever when you're close enough to get in there. Once
the entire team is on the second scaffolding, hold down the left lever on the
control panel to get across the chasm.

If you do something wrong, and the entire team isn't on the other side, here's
what you got to do. Return to where the first scaffolding was, and check out the
control panel on your left. Press the L1 button and hold down the lever: the
first scaffolding comes down. Then press the L2 button and hold down the lever:
you can't see it from down here, but the second scaffolding will come near. Then
you can repeat the procedure.

Once everyone is on the other side, jump down the shortest side of the
scaffolding, near the wall. There's a ledge down there. Jump down from this
ledge, then down again, then down to a longer ledge above the hospital entrance.
Kill all the birds you see, as they'll soon turn into dangerous mutations! Go
down this ledge until you find an opening: jump down it, and you'll finally be
on the other side of the chasm.

Now, the goal is to get to the regen station inside. There's a LOT of enemies
down here, and dying means repeating the scaffoldings procedure. Amber should
still be unscathed, so send her in to clear the way. Before you do, turn on your
flashlight: it's dark inside there.

Dash inside the hospital doors, ignoring anyone, and head right. There's two
large doors roughly ahead, head inside. Whatever you do, make sure you activate
the regen station! Now fill up with ammo from the panel if you need to, then
kill any enemy you can see inside here and just outside.

Two notes: first, do not approach the humans around the large room yet - they'll
into monsters! Second, the yellow arrow will eventually point to a pay phone.
It's just a coincidence, so ignore it. That goal is one floor above you.

Let's get the rest of the squad in and safe. Once everyone has activated the
regen and reloaded as necessary, let's continue. There are two exits from this
room: the one you've got in from, and another, smaller, on the opposite side.

Send Carter through there. There's only one path to follow, so kill anyone you
meet and you'll reach a locked door. Have Carter unlock it, then get inside and
have her grab the battery.

Return to the regen, reload as necessary, and have Amber and Carter go forwards.
Amber is not really needed, but it'll make things a tad faster - and the fights
MUCH easier.

Note that enemies keep respawning around this area, so while exploring on your
own, you might see Andre' and Minoko getting hurt and/or killed. Switch over and
help them if you do, but make sure Carter and Amber are safe first.

Exit the large doors and go right. There's several humans there, and all will
soon turn into monsters. Kill everyone. This fight might be tough, so you might
want to return to the regen station and fill up. Once everyone is dead, continue

There's another large passage to the left here. Inside, you'll find a little
girl, Lucy. Remember her... then kill her, since she turns into another monster.
Go ahead into the only other exit.

In this large room there's a greenhouse directly ahead. Killing anyone who gets
in your way, get inside. There's a hole on the ground, forwards and right of the
entrance. Drop down to the orange beam, then down again on the other beam.
Follow this beam down and go into the other room.

More monsters, so kill them - check out the guy with the saw! On the left side
of the room is a battery charger. Put the battery in and charge it by using the
yellow panel. When it's done, take the battery back.

Now, on the opposite side of the room is a computer panel, but there's nothing
interesting in it (only cameras to watch through). Right of this panel is a fuse
box, currently locked. If you have Amber with you, leave her there, it'll be
faster. Now exit the room via the passage right of this fuse box.

Go down the corridor and press the button to call the elevator. Get in and press
the button to go up. Follow this other corridor and press the button at the end:
you'll be back in front of the entrance to the greenhouse.

From here go right, following the wall. You'll pass in a tight passage between a
wall and the greenhouse, then come out to what look like large solar panels.
We'll come to those in a minute. Now turn right, and kill the enemy that will
mutate from a man coming out of the broken doors.

Get inside, press the button, get into the elevator, and press the button to go
up. Follow the corridor, and kill anyone you meet. In this room there's a
control panel: insert the battery, and the lights will turn on.

Now we have to move the solar panels so they catch light. There's three sets of
two arrows, one per panel, and a light above each set controls. Start with any
of the three panels, but use the left arrow first. If you look down out of the
window, you'll see that a certain angle a very visible beam will hit the panel.
The light for that panel will also turn green.

Repeat the procedure for all three panels (the angle is roughly the same), and
the whole greenhouse area will light up.

Unfortunately, we don't need power there, so switch to Amber. If you don't have
Amber down there, go back down to the ground and enter the elevator (or the hole
in the greenhouse). Either way, once you're at the fuse box, grab the fuse from
the leftmost compartment.

Put in the third compartment, the one labelled G3. If you switch to Minoko or
Andre', you'll see that the area they're in now has light. Return all characters
to the regen to recharge and reload. Now head outside, and go straight ahead
towards the doors with the green light.

Those doors are in fact a lift. Kill anyone who mutates and/or approaches
(you're near an enemy spawner, so be careful), and press the button on the right
of the doors. Keep pushing any enemy back until you can get on the elevator.
Once the whole team is inside, press the button.

Just outside this new corridor is another regen. Activate it, then go ahead
through the door. There's some tough fights here, and enemies will slowly keep
entering from a hole in the ceiling no matter what. However, you're also near
your first goal for the level, the medical scanner.

Enter the door on the right, being warned that enemies will follow you, and grab
the data card. It fits nicely in the slot just beside the door, so put it in and
enter. The humans here will of course mutate, so kill them as soon as you can.

The door inside is locked, but you can shoot either glass on the side and enter
through there. Check out the wall to the right of the scanning machine. What a
mess! You need at least three objects to even begin fixing this. Have Andre'
repair the hand scanner near the door, so that you can open it, then get out.

Before you leave, make sure you grab the data card back!

Now, from the exit of the scanner's corridor, head right. Killing anyone and
anything you see, keep going until you find another regen station. This one also
has a weapons energy terminal, so fill everyone up as needed.

Next, Amber's on a long recon mission. Leaving everyone else near the regen, go
down the side corridor, more or less opposite the regen. Keep going through the
room, killing anyone you see, and keep going forwards. You'll be in a corridor
that bends to the right, and one door can be opened.

Unfortunately, as soon as you activate the panel, debris falls inside the room
and sets off a fire. This not only makes the room accessible only to Amber, but
also shuts down the door on the opposite end. We'll take care of this later.

For now, cross the room and kill the saw-toting bad guy, then check the left
wall. There's an open grate near a bed, send the rover inside. There are three
electricity bugs you can see, two near and one further away. Kill all three,
then take the only passage on the right side (it's the only one that leads

Kill the remaining two bugs, then keep going. You'll find a fork; either path is
fine, but the left one might be a little easier. As soon as you get to the end
of the path, you'll see a grate that you can blast. Outside, look left: there's
a locking mechanism near the ground on a metal door. Activate the red thing in
the middle, and it will open.

Unfortunately, you'll soon be attacked by two full-sized monsters. If you take
cover inside the hole, you can take them out, or you can kill them later.
Either way, return to Amber and exit this room. As you go down the corridor,
you'll notice a new opening roughly in front of you. If you haven't, kill both
monsters and go inside.

Left is a dead end, so head straight and slightly right to the door with the
green access panel. Kill everyone, then activate the door. It's malfunctioning,
so it will keep opening and closing. Getting caught between the closing doors
means instant death, so watch out.

Inside, two more monsters will break in. Kill them, then head to the right of
the room. To the right of the three computer panels is a switch; flip it to turn
on the light.

Now go to where the two monsters broke in: it's the access to another room, and
on the other side... wait, didn't I kill you before? Well, shoot her as soon as
she transforms, then continue.

On the wall opposite the malfunctioning door there's a roughly L-shaped block of
computers. Kill the electricity bugs feeding on it. To the left of the computers
is what looks like an armoire with three holes. Two of them have an object
inside - it's red, can't miss it. Pick both up.

Now let's return to the computer panels. There are three of them, and all have
slots just above them. You have two of the plugs that go inside the slots, so
insert them. You might have to move around a bit to get the targeting brackets.
Also try first person view, it's a bit more accurate.

Once that's done, go outside. Don't call Minoko, we're going to use a shortcut.
Outside of the door, go right (either up the slope or up the stairs). Going
forwards, a hole will be blown on the left wall. If you followed my
instructions, you'll hear your team fighting. That's right, they're just beyond
the hole.

Join the fray, then top everyone up, and leave Amber there. With Minoko, go back
into the hole and right to the malfunctioning door. You can access the left two
panels, so do it. In each panel there's one switch to hack and a single
corresponding function to activate.

Once both tasks are complete, return to the regenerator. The next puzzle
requires Andre', Minoko, and whoever has the data card. If you don't have it,
return to the medical scanner and grab it from the slot near the front door (or
from the ground if you left it there).

With these characters, enter the door roughly opposite the regen, and keep
going. You surely remember the room with the fire alert, and you surely realized
we put out the fire.

So head there and cross it to the newly opened door. Go down the corridor as
it turns, and ignore the side corridor you'll see on the left. Keep going and,
before you reach the end of the corridor, you'll see several boards closing an
entrance to the left. Shoot them, kill the monsters that appear, and go inside.

Andre' can fix the door panel on the left wall, then we can go inside. There's
three things of note: a computer panel, the component jutting out of the
computer on the left of the panel, the card slot on the right of the panel.

Grab the component, then insert the data card in the card slot. Again, if you
don't have it, return to the broken medical scanner - it's most probably in the
slot near the door.

Minoko can now access the panel and hack into the switch for a door. We'll get
there in a while. Grab the data card back and exit both rooms. Go right to
eventually return to the regen station. It's roughly always straight ahead.

Recharge everyone who needs to, then switch to Minoko and go through the hole
near the regen. The door in front of you and slightly to the left is now open.
Get inside. On what looks like a large ventilation core, in the middle of the
room, is a briefcase-like component. Grab it.

Turning to the right wall of the room (from the entrance), you'll see another
plug; it's green colored. Grab it and exit. Outside, turn left; you're heading
back into the malfunctioning door room. Insert the final plug into the slot
(again, you might have to move around and/or switch to first person view).

Access the panel, and hack into the switch: you've cleared another room from
purple gas. Rejoin your team, fill up as needed, and have everyone tag along.
You actually don't need Minoko, so you might leave her there, but the extra
firepower is always welcome.

You now have to return to section of corridors beyond the room that had the
fire, the section where you just sent Andre' and Minoko on a mission. When
you're there, take the first corridor you see (or go to the end and take that
corridor, it's the same).

You'll end up near a locked door that Carter can open. Beyond is the ex-purple
gas room, but be careful, as the door is also malfunctioning. Get inside one
at a time, then pass the room and go to the only other exit, on the left. Keep
going in this new corridor, but turn left and go up the stairs. To the end of
the corridor is the UPA elevator, and we aren't done yet.

Just up the stairs, beyond some baddies, is a door with a broken access panel.
Andre' can repair it, but be careful, as enemies will keep spawning just to your
right. Get everyone inside when you've killed as many as you can.

Inside, lying on what looks like a fallen locker, is the final piece of the
medical scanner. You can already return to fix it, but we might as well solve
another puzzle.

Making sure no one can bother you in this room, flip the switch that's just to
the side of the entrance door. This opens several doors. Inside these doors are
what look like refrigeration units, and your goal is to extend them so they work
as steps.

The buttons are the white things on the side of each refrigerators. There's one
set per column of unit, and not all units are present. Skip the first four
columns and sets of switches from the left. On the fifth set of switches, press
the lowest one. On the sixth row, press the upper and middle one.

Now you have created a stairset, but it leads nowhere... apparently. Look up;
there's several destroyable tiles on the ceiling. Blow them all up. There's
another few up from what looks like a platform. Careful, as a couple of
enemies will come down from these broken tiles.

Once that's done, send Amber up the makeshift steps and into the counterceiling.
There's lots of gas here. Follow the only corridor and you'll see a grate - but
before it, a valve. Hold it down, then change character.

In this room is what looks like a platform; there's several shootable ceiling
tiles over it. Get a character up it, then, with another character, hold down
the button. It's on the side that allows you to see the entrance (or, opposite
of the opposite wall from the entrance... or on the left side looking towards
the refrigeration units).

Once the platform can rise no more, and before it bounces back down, let go of
the switch. Get the character up there and go down the now clear corridor.
You'll find what looks like a fork, but to the left is only a short dead end.
Keep going, and in a side corridor, you'll find a hole. Drop down.

Quickly, turn right and head to the regen: the area is full of monsters. Kill
them all, with the regen activated there's no real challenge. Once everybody is
dead, unlock the door with the green hand scanner and get out. Ignore the
elevator at the other end of the corridor, we'll get there later.

Grab the rest of the team and return to the second-to-last regen you saw, back
all the way through the malfunctioning door, into the room that was on fire, and
ahead. Once you're there, recharge as necessary, then head back to the medical
scanner station.

Before you do, doublecheck that you have the data card.

Kill all the mutations that have spawned, although I've never seen more than two
at a time. Go back through the scanner corridor, put in the card, and get in.
Now return to the right wall in the scanner room, and put in all the pieces.
Before it will work, though, there's two things Andre' must fix.

First, fix the equipment on the table that's just to the right of this wall.
Then, turn around and go to the opposite wall (left from the entrance). Repair
the monitor on the lower right of the set. The repair zone is to the left of the

Now return back on the other wall, and look behind one the dividers near the
scanner. There's a console with a green button. Press it. Note that it says
'objective canceled', while it is, in fact, 'objective complete'. Wonder if
that's a bug or something.

Anyway, hide all the characters except one (it doesn't matter who) near this
console. If you don't, the AI will shoot the creature, and maybe kill it before
you can attract it on the scanner. Yup, they're that dumb.

Now go outside, in the room where monsters keep spawning. Just piss off one
(don't shoot it!) and lure it into the room. They'll happily follow you, so be
careful. Once inside the room, just walk onto the scanner and into the beam.
It's harmless to you.

BOOM! Whoops, maybe something didn't go right. No matter, just get down from the
scanner and assemble your team. Now you'll have realized why I said that this
level had lots of toing and froing. You have to go back all the way to the
elevator you ignored before.

Remember the path? Through the corridor, right when exiting the scanner
corridor. Right again into the corridor opposite the regen (don't bother filling
everyone up, there's a regen right where you're going). Always forwards to the
ex-fire room, through it, and to the first left in this new corridor. Through
the malfunctioning door and the ex-purple gas room. Up the stairs, on the left,
and second door on the left.

Whew, made it. Activate the regen and fill everyone up. Thankfully, you don't
need everyone to go up the elevator, and in fact, you're much better off sending
just one character.

After the long ride is finished, follow the corridor to the helipad. Looking up,
you'll see the hover vehicle making final maneuvres. Wait for it to float right
above the helipad, then turn right from the entrance and jump down the slightly
lower floor. At least two enemies will catch onto you; keep your weapons down,
and lure them on the helipad.

You need to keep one of them as near the central 'H' as possible until they can
grab it in. A beam will show up when they're locked on the monster, and it will
vanish if you keep it ther for three-four seconds. Now you're done; however, I
suggest getting killed by the remaining monster. It's faster than the elevator

Either way, rejoin your team and exit this corridor. Go right, back down the
stairs, and head left. The UPA elevator is open. Get everyone inside.

VII-07. The SkyTran

This feels almost a filler, but it's also got some very nice puzzles. By the
way, is it SkyTran or SkyTrain? In-game messages seem confused, although I do
tend to say SkyTran.

Check back tomorrow for walkthrough...

VII-08. The Zoo

Again, the team is divided, and again, they won't meet until the very end.

Walkthrough might be coming tomorrow, as well...

VII-09. Ground Level - Home of the Scavengers

Almost a wild goose chase, but then again, you're near the end.

Walkthrough might be out around Sunday...

VII-10. Underground

This level is large and potentially confusing. It's very fun to ride the train,

If everything's OK, walkthrough will be out around Sunday as well...

VII-11. The Eden Bunker

The last level. It's not particularly hard or long, however. In fact, like the
rest of the game, you might find it a breeze.

Walkthrough coming, Monday it might be here, or it might be next week...


VIII-A. Game help

Q: How do I destroy cannons?
A: There are two types of cannons: laser cannons fixed on the ground, and laser
   cannons fixed on the ceiling. For those on the ground, you need to hit
   them from the behind. It's much easierto get Amber's missiles, and try to hit
   just to the side and behind the cannon. Careful, it's a bit hard to
   distinguish an armed cannon from a destroyed cannon! For those on the
   ceiling, that's no cigar. You can't destroy them. However, every single
   cannon I've seen can be hacked into by Minoko, and once you take control of a
   cannon for even the shortest time, it won't attack you again. If you can't
   find the computer panel, and really must pass near those, try the temporal
   distorcer. Or quick legs.

Q: I try to use a weapon, but I get the 'not available' message. I'm sure I
   picked it up! What's going on?
A: Only one character at a time can use a certain weapon, with the exception of
   the pulse gun. Check the squad menu to see who has the weapon you need,
   switch over, and change to another weapon. Now anyone can use the weapon

Q: I fired a missile/pipe bomb/disk/energy ball from pulse gun, but it vanished
   in a puff of electricity! What's going on? A: You fired too close to
   yourself, another member of the team, or another friendly target. If the
   splash damage from firing would hurt anyone it's not supposed to, then the
   ordnance you fired is automatically reverted. However, it doesn't seem you
   get your energy back.

Q: I have to open a door, but no switch is nearby - what do I do?
A: Some doors can be opened by just getting close to them and activating.
   Check for targeting boxes. Some doors open by getting close and activating
   the handle. Again check for a targeting box. Other doors open just by getting
   close. If nothing of the above works, it might be a red herring or you might
   need to do something else before. Check the walkthrough.

Q: I tried to press a button, but a message appeared saying nothing happened.
   What gives?
A: You need to do something before. Check around if there's any object needing
   to be fixed, some object needing another object, electricity bugs, the
   works. By the way: don't bother trying with other characters. Unless you're
   explicitely told you need a specific person, you won't have any luck.

Q: I know it's a button/hand scanner/etc., but no targeting brackets appear. Why
   can't I press it?
A: This is most likely the work of Electricity Bugs, like the ones you first saw
   at the end of level 2. Listen for crackling electricity noises. Look for
   sparks. Eventually, send the rover around inside holes. When you've gotten
   rid of all bugs, the buttons/hand scanners/etc. should start working again.
   If this is not the case, look for a yellow hand scanner, and use it to
   transfer power from your weapons. If this still doesn't work... check the
   walkthrough! But it might be a red herring.

Q: What's the meaning of the color coding on the hand scanners?
A: Here it is:
   - Dark Blue
     Locked door/compartment/whatnot. Only Carter can unlock it.
   - Light blue
     Computer panel. Only Minoko can access it.
   - Green
     Locked door/compartment/whatnot. Anyone can unlock it.
   - Yellow
     Battery. Hold it to transfer weapon energy to activate eqipment.
   - Orange
     Weapon energy charger. Hold it down to charge your weapon energy bar.

Q: How do I pause the game?
A: You don't, as far as I know. Your best bet would be to get into a safe place
   and stay there. You could save then quit, or alt-tab. Unfortunately, it takes
   quite a while to alt-tab back in, and it can lead to problems. Read the next

VIII-B. Bugs

Q: I've alt-tabbed away from the game, then alt-tabbed back in. Now the game is
   screwed up! Characters walk diagonally, I can't look up/down, etc. What do I
A: Whatever you do, save first. Then you can either quit to the main menu, then
   reload the last save, or load a saved game from another level, then reload
   that last save.

Q: Why does the 'select level' function only show the starting level,
   even after I've finished the game?
A: I don't know. That's what happens to me. Well, I kept save games at the start
   of each level, just in case.

Q: I've read all emails/objectives. Why won't the flashing 'i' icon go away?
A: This is a bug, as far as I know. It happens if you quicksave with the
   flashing 'i' icon on screen, then quickload. It's there even in version 1.01.
   I've found only two solutions: read all your objectives before you quicksave,
   or live with it. I had to do that in at least two levels in my first run.

Q: What's up with the weird inventory description of the data card on level 6?
A: I have absolutely no idea. If you didn't notice, some times it just says
   its normal name, but sometimes it's different. I think it's related with
   inserting it in the slot in another part of the level, but I'm not sure.
   The other description has the names of main characters followed by a
   number. I don't know what it means, and if it appears in language versions
   other than Italian.

VIII-C. General

Q: Why do you refer to Amber as a "she"? Wasn't that a robot?
A: Read the manual. Amber was a 19 years girl who had a bad accident, and chose
   to become a cyborg instead of undergoing restructive surgery. What sort of
   person would shed all humanity when given the option, anyway? Maybe we'll
   find out in a sequel.

Q: Are there any secret levels?
A: I've browsed through the files on the PC version, and I'd say no.

Q: Will the v1.01 patch work with my Italian/French/Spanish/German/whatnot
A: Yes. Although there's so few changes you don't really need to download it.

Q: What are the differences between the PC version and the PS2 version?
A: Beats me. I don't have the PS2 version. An educate guess would be that there
   are no differences between the two version besides the control system and a
   few details. Maybe you can play it in several languages, since it might be on
   DVD. Also, I'm not sure if PS2 users can save anywhere. Of course, with save
   files less than 15Kb...

Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: I hope so. No information available, but I guess we won't be hearing much
   until after Tomb Raider: Next Generation is out. This game has enormous
   potential for improvement.

Q: Why can't I jump?
A: Because you don't need to. If you see some sections that you could, in
   theory, jump to, then that's bad level design. Anyway, didn't just about
   anyone complain about jumping puzzles in Tomb Raider? I know I'm tired of
   checking every damn tile on the whole level to see to which I can jump to
   without dying.

Q: You wrote several things twice or more in this file. Why?
A: Some aren't as attentive as you are.

Q: How did you physically do this FAQ anyway?
A: I went through the game once, without any sort of external help, for my own
   enjoyment. Then, when I decided to do the walkthrough, I opened a text file
   in the wonderful UltraEdit text editor (check out www.ultraedit.com), and
   then launched the game. I played for a while, then alt-tabbed and wrote in
   the things I just did. I then doublechecked that things couldn't be made
   simpler (less toing/froing, less character juggling, etc.), and modified
   what I wrote accordingly. Simple, but it still took an average of two hours
   per level, plus the FAQ structure and the like. Ironic that it took about as
   long to write the FAQ as to finish the game!

A: Get a life.

Q: Dear sir, I'd like to tell you that you are not a very bright individual, and
other high-end-looking insults. A: Get a life, too.

IX. In conclusion...

Added v0.40:
Did you notice that characters' eyes follow the cursor? Check this out in first
person view while very near a mirror (Level 8's Hall of Mirrors is perfect).

Added v0.50:
One level at a time, and this thing will be over within a week or so. Unless
something really, really, REALLY bad happens, not even Duke Forever getting
released tomorrow can stop me now. Oh, and keep an eye out for a Project Eden
review, coming soon on GameFAQs.

Added V0.60:
Wow, I missed a lot of stuff on previous versions. Part of the index was wrong
and I completely forgot about numbering actual sections. Beginner's errors I


This FAQ is protected and copyrighted. Check Legal Stuff near the beginning of
this FAQ. Violators will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The author of this FAQ is in NO WAY associated with Core Design, Eidos, or
anyone else. This FAQ is fully unauthorized. Asking anyone but the author of
this FAQ about it would be pretty dumb.

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