R-Type Delta

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v0.1ß 992807 
v0.2ß 992907 - Wrote half of the contacts *phew*.
v0.3  993107 - added ascii head.
             - fixed up general faults.
             - added cheat section *yuck*.

Writen by Stifu (stifu@sade.com) (http://surf.to/stifu)

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---[General Info]---

 - R-TYPE delta
    - Shoot em up
    - Playstation only 

 - Released - November '98 US
            - 14th May '99 EU

 - Released in areas - Japan
                     - Europa
                     - Australia 
                     - North America

---[ Game ]---

Check the manual or look around in the options
for controller setup and stuff im not going
in to deep on that.

Buttons - 
        Circle/R2 - Rapid fire, hold this one
                    and the probe weapon will
                    fire constantly.
        Square    - Single fire, hold this one
                    to charge up.
        X         - releases probe
        Triangle  - Fire delta weapon (what else)

        L1/l2     - Changes the speed of the ship
                    (4 levels are available)
the first upgrade is the same no matter what
color you take. the probe comes flying in from
the middle left, and for every new upgrade your 
probe raises one level to a maximum of lv3. The 
probe changes form, for every new level it grows
bigger. The little meter in the bottom left corner
(either procentage or graphical) indicates how 
charged your delta weapon is, the meter charges 
when the probe is in contact with something hostile
(but not when the probe shooting at something).

Note! - I will not cover anything about the missiles
        because i havn't found any use for them yet
        just use them for shooting or something.

---[ Ships ]---

R9aII [ delta ]
The classic R9 is the all round ship from
the previous games in a new version, 
it has a slow but powerful charge attack, 
probe can shoot when free.

Charge - Plasma

probe - [ standard ] 
probe Weapons - 

        Blue    lv2 - bouncing blue laser (bounces in 
                      all directions, even backwards).
                lv3 - bigger, bluer and more powerful.

        Red     lv2 - laser shots in blue and red
                lv3 - Sinus formed wave in blue and red.

        Yellow  lv2 - 45° fire, crawls along walls, very
                lv3 - N/A

Delta weapon: Electric chock 


RX [ albatross ]
The RX is the most silly looking ship in
the game, with its pink hood, but it has
the coolest weapons. Moving back or forward
will open or close the probs tentacles 
(lv2-3only). The probe shoots from the end
of the tentacles so when the tentacles are
closed together the ray is more concentrated
and when they are apart the shoot covers
a much bigger area. The probe is homing
and shooting when free so the delta weapon
is charged slowly with this ship.

Charge - Lightning

Probe - [tentacles when attached, homing when
        free, shoots double shots on lv2
        and tripple on lv3]

Probe Weapons - 

        Blue    lv2 - Two thin lasers can home in
                      on strong enemies.
                lv3 - Bigger version of lv2.

        Red	lv2 - A ray of purple laser. 
                lv3 - Open, a big ray of laser about 1/4
                      of the screen, (very cool). Closed,
                      a concentrated laser.
        Yellow	lv2 - Two yellow tentacle arms
                lv3 - Same as lv2

Delta weapon: Time disruptor


R13 [ cerberus ]
This is the coolest looking ship in the game
and my personal favorite, the probe is very
useful, you can shoot it at strong enemies 
and it will stick to them until they either 
die or get out of sight (very useful on bosses)
and because of that your delta weapon charges
pretty fast. Holding the circle button will reel
out the energy string. The lightning charge is
great too. It's strong, fast and can home.

Charge - Lightning

Probe - [Claw when attached, Claw with energy
 	line attached to the ship when free.
        can not shoot when free but the energy
	string can take out enemies and protect 
	you from some kinds of enemy fire]

Probe Weapons -
        Blue	lv2 - Shoots thin blue laser ahead
                      can home and dive 45°.
                lv3 - bigger then lv2.

        Red	lv2 - Red laser.
                lv3 - thick red laser, leaves a destructive
                      trail when you move up and down.

        Yellow  lv2 - thin yellow beam, moves from down
                      to up in a circular motion
                lv3 - same as lv2 but leaves a trail.

Delta weapon - Chock wave

---[ Strategy ]---

Contact 1 - [the city]

  General - If you ever want to finish the game
            you should be able to finish this level
            with your eyes blinded, just shoot ahead.

        MiniBoss 1 - [mecha man]
                     [ Gains ] 
                     This creep is easier then chewing
                     water. Send your probe in him and
                     go as low you can (you can't die by
                     ground impact) 

        MiniBoss 2 - [big flashy ship]
                     With the R13 just put your probe
                     in the back and fly to the upper
                     right and send the probe into him,
                     press and hold the square button and
                     move to the left side while dodging
                     his shots when you get in line with
                     him facing right just release the 
                     square button and see him fly away.
                     With any other ship he is a bit tuffer
                     but still no sweat... right?

        MiniBoss 3 - [worm driller]
                     [ Contright ] 
                     The purple thing in its middle is
                     the week spot, you don't have to kill
                     it to proceed. With the R9 pick up
                     the yellow weapon and chill until he 
                     starts to circle around you, then 
                     hold the circle button and the yellow
                     fire will circle within him and destroy
                     him. With the R13 try to shoot your
                     claw into the purple area and it will
                     stick there until he leaves the screen,

       Boss        - [ship with big afterburners]
                     [ Moritz-G ]
                     Stand clear of his oversized afterburner
                     and you should be ok. release your
                     probe into him and fire off a delta
                     and he should be history.

Contact 2 - [Water Base]

  General - This stage is partly taking place under water,
            when you dive the music changes into a more 
            mellow tune, very nice. This stage has only one
            real hard passage; near the end. You will have to
            pass by a very narrow passage under water while 
            dodging about a hundred monsters. the key is to
            use your probe as much as possible so you can
            unleash a delta when its getting too crowded.
            put your probe in the front for the first passage
            then go up and zap some bees and get the blue 
            upgrade, then wait until the screen has scrolled
            all most all the way to the right and you are 
            feeling quite corned and you will see that the
            monsters will stop to appear underneath.

       Boss - [Big ship guy and his friend big larva guy]
              These guys really love each other and big ship
              guy likes to take larva guy up and hug him,
              when they do that the chance are that you could
              get squished if you are on the wrong side of
              the screen, so be careful which side you are on,
              and always place the probe facing the boss.
              There are four power up robots right before the 
              boss, take the yellow upgrade last with all 
              ships. With the R13, shoot the probe under the
              arm when big ship guy stretches down to grab 
              his friend. This way the probe will get stuck
              between them both and cause much damage, do
              this a few times and at least big ship guy will
              die. They both get real cranky if the other 
              die, so watch out.

Contact 2 - [snowy landscape]
  General - throughout this stage you will be either in
            front of, under or over a big mecha. He is
            a big guy and plays the part of both the boss,
            the mini boss and the general enemy, so watch out.
            don't get scared of his huge aperance, try to
            take out his primary offense as soon as possible.

        Part 1 - [the chase]
                 The mecha will shoot straight out with some
                 sort of cluster bomb, not really hard to
                 avoid but it gets difficult when you have
                 to both fight enemies and dodge big fire
                 clusters. You will get a red upgrade in 
                 the beginning of the stage, wait until he
                 shoots his big blue ray. When he retracts
                 his ray canon and switches back to the cluster
                 shooter, you can sneak up and fire your
                 probe into his cannon (works best with the
                 R13) this way your delta will load up and 
                 soon enough you will be quit the pestering
                 cluster cannon. 

        Part 2 - [underneath]
                 after a while the mecha will fill up more
                 and more of the screen, and after he steps
                 over a few red blocks on the ground its time
                 to fly in under him. When you see three gray
                 robots appearing on the right hand side you
                 know its time. Place yourself on the ground
                 close to the red block on the ground and put
                 your speed to 4. When the mecha takes a big
                 step over the red block simply fly in under
                 him. this is the hardest part of the stage.
                 make sure your probe is in the front when
                 you fly in under him. try to evade the three
                 green guys who comes in from the back they
                 will be crushed by his feet anyways and if
                 they aren't they will be easy to kill after a
                 short while. So there is no need in letting
                 your probe go for their sake. Right above you
                 an afterburner should be located, that is your
                 primary focus of attention for the moment.
                 release everything you have on it and put your
                 speed down to 3. if you don't manage to destroy
                 the afterburner it will start to fire at you
                 and thus you must hide. The only place you can
                 hide in is located right under the afterburner
                 and it is as small as the ship so be very 
                 careful. A thing will come out from the left
                 with two red beams under it, don't worry these
                 are only sensors, if you come in contact with
                 them it will stop and shoot some blue plasma
                 its not very difficult to avoid. after a while
                 the back foot will become visible and you will
                 have to sneak out under it, it might seem
                 impossible, and I sure didn't make it the 5 first
                 times, but it can be done, just work out a good

        Part 3 - [back and up]
                 There will constantly drop red bolt like things
                 from above which the mecha itself shoots off. 
                 the little orb placed above you is ideal for an
                 umbrella and can be found just when you reach the
                 top of the mecha. 

       PreBoss - [wall of many guns]
                 With the R13 shoot your probe into the
                 guns and avoid the spining blue things
                 with your flashes and extend as much wire
                 as you can because it blocks the blue spinning
                 shots. with the RX try to keep the red upgrade
                 till this point because it covers a huge area.
                 the probe can not block the fire clusters!
          Boss - [heart of mecha]
                 The main strategy with this boss is fairly
                 simple, just look for the first red beams 
                 they display how he will shoot, stand clear
                 of them and you should be out of harms way
                 when he fires, use speed 3 or even 2.
                 fire the probe into him and load up your delta. 
                 When the first part is dead a big purple area
                 will open up beneath you and the same red
                 beam will scan about. This time it shoots a
                 shot that covers 1/3 of the screen, its a 
                 menace if you have the R9 because you will
                 have to load up your charge to full all the
                 time to be able to do any damage at all.
                 but with the RX and the R13 is no sweat just
                 stay out of harms way and never stop to fire.

---[ cheats / Tips ]---
- After three hours of playing you will have 
  nine credits instead of the usual five.

- Press left, right, up, down, right, left, up, down
  and either square, circle, X or triangle
       - Circle   - yellow upgrade
       - Square   - red upgrade
       - X        - Blue upgrade
       - triangle - 100% delta

Till next time - 
For future updates i have planed the following things:
        - Cheats
        - Contact 4 - 7 strategy
        - Details on the last ship
        - The notes and Wallpaper descriptions
        - Minor corrections
        - More specific individual ship strategies

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