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Rayman 2 Revolution PS2 FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
By Brian McLean - [email protected]
Last Edited: November 26, 2001

Table of Contents

1. Revision History
2. Introductory Info
3. Game Walkthrough
  3.1 Tutorial Area
  3.2 Minisaurus Land
  3.3 The Fairy Glade
  3.4 The Bayou
  3.5 The Lost Island (The Sanctuary of Water and Ice)
  3.6 The Menhir Hills
  3.7 The Marshes of Awakening
  3.8 The Cave of Bad Dreams
  3.9 The Menhir Hills, revisited
  3.10 The Canopy
  3.11 Whale Bay
  3.12 The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
  3.13 Rainbow Creek
  3.14 The Precipice
  3.15 The Pirate Mines
  3.16 The Echoing Caves
  3.17 The Factory
  3.18 Beneath the Lava Sanctuary
  3.19 The Lava Sanctuary
  3.20 Tomb of the Ancients
  3.21 The Iron Mountains
  3.22 The Prison Ship
  3.23 The Fight with Razorbeard
4. Mini-game descriptions
  4.1 Roller Coaster Challenge
  4.2 Jump Challenge
  4.3 Waterski Challenge
  4.4 Racing Challenge 1
  4.5 Grab Challenge
  4.6 Racing Challenge 2
  4.7 Trampoline Challenge
  4.8 Ray-type Challenge
5. Secrets
  5.1 Glob Disk
  5.2 Missile Dogfight
  5.3 Baby Soccer
  5.4 The Bonus Game
6. Cheats
7. Contributor Info
8. Copyright

1. Revision History

1.1 - Added the Bonus Game under Secrets. Oops! Also added the cheat codes.
Added subsection numbers to make the FAQ more searchable.

1.0 - Preliminary FAQ written and released.

2. Introductory Info

Rayman's world has been invaded by robo-pirates, and they've smashed the core
of the world! It's been broken into 1,000 pieces called lums and they're
making everybody their slaves. Even Rayman himself is captured, leaving his
friends: Ly the fairy and Globox the, er, thing to cook up a plan to get him
out and work towards ending the scourge of these slaving pirates.

I'll assume you know the basic moves already. Even if you don't, they're
explained in-game and would be a waste of space to put here. Do, however,
learn to use the L2 strafing technique effectively. It's important to be able
to stick on a target and move around to dodge their shots.

A few minor points of interest before we delve into the game itself. If you
get stuck and don't know what you're supposed to be doing next hit the select
button. Sometimes the explanation offered by that is stated more clearly than
what characters in the game will tell you.

Don't forget about the Magic Well. There are three of them in the game,
always near a Stone Circle. You can buy upgrades for yourself and eventually
secret games as well. I prefer to take the order of: Run with Load, Rate of
Fire, Rebound 1, Accumulation 1, Rebound 2, Accumulation 2.

The manual has one or two minor mistakes that you should be aware of. It
talks of Super Yellow Lums worth 5 regular yellow lums. These don't exist in
this version of the game; all 1,000 lums are individual pieces to pick up.
Also, blue lums (for breath in the water) don't exist either. There are
bubbles released from the ground underwater which is the most common, and in
the sequence with Carmen the whale she'll give you air bubbles to use. But
never will you encounter lums used for that purpose.

This guide is NOT going to contain the location of all 1,000 yellow lums in
the game, and for good reason: Near the end of the game you're given a radar
that will tell you where they all are! I will note the ones that are not out
in the open or are difficult to get to but work under the assumption that
you're capable of getting the very obvious lums. Should you wind up missing
any anyway, let me know and I'll try to help you find it (and include it in
the guide if it's out of the way enough).

You won't be able to get every lum on your first trip through each stage.
Sometimes you need a special power that you won't get until later. In those
cases I will note them and at the very end of the level you'll see a section
labeled 'UNFINISHED BUSINESS.' This describes how to get those straggling
items after you have the necessary powers.

3. Game Walkthrough

You start out on the pirates' prison ship at half health. Globox is thrown in
with you and after a brief conversation he hands over a present from Ly, the
fairy: A silver lum! This strengthens Rayman's fist and he's now able to
punch through the grate leading out of his cell. When you exit the cell
you'll find yourself in a slippery chute with a path or red lums stretching
along it. Steer yourself into the lums to gain some health and once you reach
the end, Globox will join you rather forcefully and you'll both fall back to
the ground.

3.1: Tutorial Area

Lums: 5
Cages: 1

Not too much to see here, but your first cage and five yellow lums will be
found here. Simply run to the left of the start and find the cavern that the
water is rushing into. Jump and punch the cage twice and you'll free the
familiar spirit inside. The wooden grate will open up and you can proceed.

In the next small area you simply jump from side to side over the water,
gaining ground and picking up three lums along the way. You're taught a few
basic moves as well, but before you enter the next cavern don't forget the
fourth lum behind the waterfall at the end.

Rayman will run into some baby Globoxes who will ask where their father is.
They were separated when Rayman fell, but he promises to find him. Rayman
inquires about Ly and finds out that the pirates have taken her too. Head
into the next area and you'll find the last lum hanging directly in your path
up to the end. Simply stand between the two walls in front of you and hit X
to jump then X again to brace yourself against the walls. Repeat this until
you're up at the top. Another cage holds several Teensies. A brief
conversation reveals that Globox was captured again (didn't take long, did
it?) but you'll get another silver lum that will enable you to shoot energy
blasts from your fists. With that, you're sent into the meat of the game.

3.2: Minisaurus Land

Lums: 30
Cages: 0

A brief lesson in swimming and a target dummy await you at the beginning of
this area. Use L2 and the analog to circle-strafe around the dummy, hitting
its  shoulder target eight times. Once you do this, the gate will open and
let you into the rest of the area. Cross the stone bridge, but if you head
left just before you take the path into the forest you'll find a pair of
lums. Jump into the water and follow it to the end to find an underwater
passage that leads to a secluded area with three more. If you follow the
water in the other direction to its source, you'll find another underground
pool with two more lums.

Once you enter the forest a little ways, there's a quick cutscene with
pirates surrounding Rayman and Clark coming to his rescue. Once control is
returned to you, follow the signs and path to the Stone Circle. This is a
central point in the game where you can enter levels and warp to other main
areas without having to run all the way there on foot. Quite handy, though
you have to visit each place at least once first. They repeat that Globox and
Ly are in trouble and tell you to go to the Fairy Glade. Simply head back out
the way you came and you'll find a path near the tutorial area that leads
right to your first real level.

3.3: The Fairy Glade

Lums: 80
Cages: 10

If you head straight from where you start, you'll find some lums and a large
mushroom. Before you jump on it, turn to the right and head over to the water
near the corner where there's an underground passage. The first cage and
several lums are here for the taking. Backtrack and jump on the mushroom,
which will propel you upward to hang from some vines. Move along this area.
At the end you'll find a pond with very large lily pads covering it and a
sign that reads 'Swimming not advised.' True to itself, you'll take damage
and be placed back at the beginning of the pond if you jump in the water. As
a rule of thumb, any water that can't be seen through easily is not safe to
jump in.

Hop across the pads and avoid the piranhas that jump across. When you reach
solid ground again, look around and you'll see a cage farther off in the
distance. Shoot it and jump from platform to platform, eventually coming to
another rock tunnel with a sleeping pirate guard in it. He wakes up if you
get near and begins firing. Just use L2 to keep from turning away from him
and shoot him twice to get rid of him. Past that you'll wind up on top of the
vines you were swinging across with a big switch in a wall facing you. Shoot
the switch, which opens a nearby door flanked by baby Globoxes. Before you
run in there, follow the path you're on to its end to find the third cage.

Following the path, you'll run into a green lum. These are important because
you'll return to the spot that you picked one up whenever you die. The path
opens up again into another bridge with an oil facility of some sort. Another
sleeping guard is placed on the bridge and easily dispatched. You'll notice a
purple ring hanging in the air with yellow lums surrounding it. You can't get
there yet, but keep it in mind. Also, there are red and yellow lums beneath
the bridge itself over the water. If you're feeling suicidal, it's possible
to grab the yellow lum just by jumping over the water and using your
helicopter spin to get beneath the bridge before you fall in. The safer way
is to climb most of the way up the oil facility and jump off onto a floating
ball to the right of where you entered this area. It will slowly float
beneath the bridge, allowing you to collect all the lums safely.

Climb up to the top of the facility again and you'll enter a new section. (I
denote sections by anything that requires a loading screen, which occurs
fairly often in this game. As you'll find out, it works to your advantage!)
You'll be at the base of a tree with vines covering it; dispatch the nearby
guard and climb the vines, then ride a little waterslide out into the next
big open area. You'll immediately see a glowing plant-like thing and a cage
calling for help. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do anything about
either of these until much later in the game. Use the vines along the wall to
your right to make your way across the water, avoiding more piranhas. The
path beyond that quickly leads you into the next section.

You'll see part of a ship stuck in the mountain with another pirate guarding
the area. You can't hit this one and he hurls explosives at you! If you look
to the left, you'll see that you can helicopter over to a blocked-off area
with a cage and some lums. This section is also something you can't do quite
yet, so focus on the task at hand. There's a wooden area in the ground with a
big X on it. Simply stand there and wait for him to throw, then get out of
the way. The explosives will blow up that section and give you passage to an
underground area.

Jump across the stuff floating in the water, using your shadow to help
determine whether you're over solid ground or not. You'll come to a place
with webbing on the walls; like the vines, you can climb on this as well.
Some explosive barrels are being dropped from the ceiling as you climb back
up, so always keep an eye above you and be prepared to dodge left or right
quickly, especially near the top.

Take a left as you get to the top and you'll find a switch that will
deactivate the lasers blocking your path forward. After you pass through, a
quick cutscene shows another set of lasers and a switch on a floor above it,
presumably linked together. Head left for now and go up the stairs presented
to you, taking out a few guards along the way. You'll be presented with a
small room that has kegs of explosives available. By standing still near one,
you'll pick it up. For the moment, walk out and backtrack to the previous
room where you'll find a door with another X on it. Lob the keg towards it
with the square button (the autoaim is fairly generous with kegs) and you'll
blow open a secret area with a few lums and your fourth cage.

Pick up another keg and throw it at the X on the pipe in that room, lowering
some grating that can be climbed. This will take you to a pit with a laser
beam roving across the bottom and a closed door on the other side. The switch
to it should be directly beneath your feet on one wall of the pit. Jump off
and helicopter down, shooting at the switch on your way. You'll have to
bounce on the trampoline-like netting a few times at the bottom to get enough
height to pass through the now open door, so be careful not to land on the

There's another green guard to dispatch who is hiding a few lums behind him,
and as you head downwards again you'll see a purple guard near the switch you
need to hit. This guy fires larger shots than the green ones and takes six
hits with the shots you start out with! Strafe and shoot and eventually he'll
go down, as he's not any brighter than the others are. Hit the switch, run
through the newly deactivated lasers below you, and it's on to the next

A trio of roving laser beams greets you, but they're fairly easily avoided.
Head straight forward, jump over the first one, and run until you reach the
last one and jump over that as well. Head down the stairs and you'll finally
find the prison area where Ly is being held! Search all of the open doors for
more lums and note the fifth cage that is simply sitting on the ground here.

There's a big pipe heading directly from Ly's prison into the wall next to an
open door on the bottom floor. You're told to find the machine and destroy
it, so off you go! By following the hall you quickly find another keg
dispenser and a large room with green slime on the floor and a large machine
at the end. There are three spots on this machine that need to be hit with
kegs and they're all plainly marked with an X. The difficulty is that there's
a bit of a walk from the keg to the machine and after you hit the first X,
enemies will start to come after you from inside the machine. On subsequent
runs you'll have to throw the keg upward with X, shoot the approaching enemy,
and then simply stand still to catch the keg again. You may well have to do
this twice on a single run before you reach your target, so be careful with
that load! Before you actually destroy the machine, take a look around. In
the back left corner of the room you'll find your sixth cage, and freeing it
now will save you running back there.

Once the machine is destroyed, there's a cutscene where you talk to Ly. She
explains the legend of Polokus and the four masks associated with him. Before
she's done, she infuses Rayman with a bit more power and explains that he can
now use the purple lums, the first of which you saw earlier in this level.
Climb back to the top of the room and shoot at the purple lum to start
swinging from it. If you thought you were Tarzan by hanging from vines
before, this should have you beating your chest in no time. You'll have to
climb up between two pipes like you did in the tutorial, then it's off to the
final section!

This section has you using your helicopter move down a long pipe with oil and
fire abounding. Grab the lums as you wander down and stop on each pipe that
crosses the area. The one nearest the bottom has the seventh cage. Head
through the tunnel at the bottom into another vertical area, but this time
you're going up. Use your helicopter move in the air currents to blow you
upward, picking up the yellow lums in each of them. If you need to, stop the
helicopter for a split second to drop and grab a lum at the bottom of the
current before you let it carry you upward again. At the end of this little
section you'll see a pair of purple lums heading off towards a structure in a
wall. Head over there first and collect the lum, then free the Teensie from
his cage. He'll show you the exit to the level. Before you leave, however,
turn back the way you came and follow the purple lums over to the air
current. You'll see a third purple lum this time and you can use it to get to
a hole in the wall. You'll find four lums and cage #8 here. Find the level's
exit and you're done for now. The Teensies tell you that the first mask is
hidden at The Lost Island but that Bzzit, the person who can take you there,
has been captured and is in the Bayou.

What's that, you say? You didn't find everything? That's true, you won't get
everything on your first run. After you've gotten the rain dance move from
Globox you can return and grab the rest, which is detailed in the following

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Head over to the plant you were unable to do anything
about the first time. Use the rain dance to make it grow and give you
platforms to stand on. You'll head through the previously inaccessible pirate
ship and across a long, circular path with several obstacles along the way.
If you've gotten this far, you shouldn't have much trouble handling it
yourself. At the end of it you'll run into a bomb-throwing pirate and a
fairly small platform to work from. In fact, you can't hit him at all and
need to make him throw a bomb onto an X, making your platform even smaller.
It opens up the path back into the ship, however, and you can slip down into
it and finally free the ninth cage. After all that is done, you end up not
more than a few feet from where you started this whole mess!

In the section where you first had to have a pirate throw a bomb onto the
ground for you, if you head off to the left you'll found a lone mushroom and
a wall made of white stones piled together. Do a rain dance on the mushroom
and it will sprout several siblings, then tell you to eat it. Go ahead and
eat it, and you'll grow much smaller! You can jump up the ascending mushrooms
and squeeze through a hole in the wall. Take out the pair of pirates and walk
along the wooden bridge to find another mushroom that wants to be eaten. Take
it and grow back to normal size. Two lums and the tenth cage are your reward
for visiting this area, which hopefully finishes it off for you.

3.4: The Bayou

Lums: 50
Cages: 6

Head back into Minisaurus Land and follow the paths and signs over to the
Bayou section. You'll know you're on the right path if you see the
minisauruses themselves walking around. There's a purple lum hanging in the
air over water that will kill you, and basically the only way to make the
jump is the leap forward and hit it with a shot before you plunge into the
water. Just have faith and swing to the nearest platform to your starting
point on the left. This path will take you to the bayou itself. A cutscene
will show Razorbeard eating a lum and lowering the total to 999.

Once you start the stage, jump on the floating ball and ride it over to the
next platform. The first cage is in your immediate vicinity in plain view on
the branch. Shoot it and move on. Take the next floating ball to a ladder and
climb it to the next area. There's a switch in view off to the right, shoot
that before you go leaping off into the void. It will lower a bridge that
completes a 'C' shape over the water. Jump onto this bridge but move quickly
as it is unstable and will break and dump you into the killing water after a
few moments. The ladder at the end will take you directly to the second cage.
Destroy it and a purple lum comes out. Dispatch the guard that's right there
and walk over to where the purple lum flew. Swing across it onto another
floating ball, shooting any enemies that fly towards you. Once you reach the
edge of the water, you'll need to jump forward again or you'll be killed when
the ball sinks.

As you land on the next branch, you'll see the third cage hanging from the
bottom of it. You should be able to shoot it if you stand close enough to the
edge thanks to the way it curves. Follow the line of yellow lums down to the
next bridge and platform, but before you move on there's a sneaky yellow lum
hidden below the edge of that platform. If you get close enough you'll see
its wings. Drop down carefully so that you grab the ledge on your way down
and you should get it. Climb back up and continue on.

Use the nearby purple lum to swing around and get a few more yellow lums as
well as cage #4 across the water. Head back onto the path and follow it until
it leads into the next cavern, but before you move inside turn around and hit
the fifth cage hanging at the very end of the bridge section. This isn't
anything like the last level, all these cages are begging to be hit!

The next section finds you locating Bzzit right off the bat. He warns Rayman
that the pirates are coming, and right on cue they drop in. The two green
pirates are easily dispatched, the two purple ones will require two hits
each, and then one drops in that throws more explosives. He'll require six
hits to take care of. Once they're all gone Bzzit is freed and he instructs
you to meet him at the pier in the Minisaurus Plain and he'll take you to the
Lost Island. Fair enough, now you just need to get out of here. Follow the
path around, dodging the barrels that drop at first. When you jump onto the
next section of bridge, the barrels will be rolling towards you instead. If
you hop on top of one, you bounce higher than you would for a normal jump.
You'll need this extra altitude to get one of the yellow lums!

You'll come to a section with water and more barrels running down inclines
into the water. Jump across them carefully and grab another yellow lum
hanging high above the middle section by hopping on a barrel there. This
brings you to a wide-open space with a metal bridge that only goes halfway
across! Move to grab the yellow lum on the left and you'll spot a switch
embedded in the wall to your right. Hit that and a purple lum flies out to
let you get across. Take note of the plant with the translucent clouds
hanging around it before you cross, it's something you'll need to come back

Once you cross, there's an invincible enemy who will run around and try to
hit you. Just avoid him as best as you can and run into the next area. You'll
see a pipe on the left wall with a button on it, several swinging blades, and
a doorway at the end of the hall with lasers along it. Hit the button to
deactivate the lasers temporarily, then run down the hall and through the
door before time runs out. It's not as tricky as it sounds, and if you mess
up you can always just try again.

You're now in a hallway where barrels are constantly rolling in the direction
you need to go. Just slip behind one and run along with it, veering to the
left when the passage allows it. At the edge of ground you'll see the barrels
dropping off onto a ledge below, and if you look to the right you'll see a
yellow lum hanging in the air at the end of a tree branch as well as your
final cage hanging a bit farther away. Grab both and head over to the pipe
structure, using the trampoline-like areas to grab all the lums and free the
Teensie in his cage. He'll let you out of the level.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Head out to the metal bridge that only extends halfway
across the chasm and find the plant that needed attention you couldn't give
to it before. Now you can do the rain dance on it and jump on the leaves that
sprout to get up to the ledge high up. Climb up the vines and start on a
slippery slope, sliding your way down to the bottom and collecting a total of
five lums for this area before it deposits you right at the ending area.

3.5: The Lost Island (The Sanctuary of Water and Ice)

Lums: 50
Cages: 2

Back out at the Stone Circle, you may want to drop down and visit the Magic
Well if you'd like to buy a powerup at this point. I like to get Run With
Load early as it makes parts with carrying objects go faster. Rebound is also
nice to have, especially when paired with Rate of Fire. Unfortunately, you
probably won't have enough lums to combine those two for a few stages yet.
When you're done, run over to the pier on Minisaurus Plain like you were
instructed and Bzzit will be waiting to take you over in his boat.

When you arrive, the first cage is disturbingly easy. It's simply hanging in
plain view next to you, so open it. You'll be ambushed by a group of three
pirates when you step onto the beach. Hang back and pick them off carefully.
When you reach the top ledge there's another pirate waiting with a
flamethrower. Use your strafing to pop in, hit him, and pop back out again.
There's a purple pirate behind him that's so eager to hit you that he'll be
pegging the flamethrower pirate in the back as well! Either way, soon he'll
be destroyed. From this top ledge you can jump back towards the trees to pick
up two more lums in midair, then move on to the next area.

Dive into the water in the cavern and head down to find more lums and the
second cage at the end of the tunnel. There are plenty of air bubbles to keep
you from drowning along the way. Follow the rope ladder after you're done
with that bit of sidetracking and you'll find yourself outside again. There's
a slightly tricky yellow lum right in front of you that is best collected by
jumping onto the railing and then out towards it. With the helicopter move
you can make it onto the ground below and to the left before you fall in the
water. There's a room with a cannon pointed at the door, and if you've bought
any of the accumulation powerups you'll be able to light the fuse and blow it
open for more lums. Otherwise, just leave it until you have the power.

There's a large set of double doors guarded by several pirates, two purples
and a bomb thrower. Take them all out, and then continue up a set of stairs
to the right to find a keg dispenser. Blow open either of the doors with an X
on them and you'll find a passage to magic spheres, one gold and one silver.
These spheres are picked up like kegs and must be thrown onto the base of the
same color near the big double doors. Blow open the other door, grab the
other sphere and place it where it belongs, and finally the temple doors will
open. Grab all the lums that are simply hanging around and continue on to the
slide section!

The slide itself is fairly easy to complete. Keep in mind that Rayman will
automatically jump all the gaps so don't try to do it yourself! It may take
you several tries down the slope to pick up all the lums (there's one near
the very end that does require you to jump on your own). Once you reach the
end you'll find the guardian. As soon as he is introduced it shows a
stalactite hanging above his head and purple lums that lead right to it.
You'll need to swing from lum to lum and hit the stalactite. The only thing
that makes this difficult is the fact that he'll be throwing ice attacks at
you now and then. If he dazes you with one and you start to fall, quickly
throw a shot behind you and you may catch the previous lum you were on,
saving you from starting the string over again.

Once he's gone, swing back over and head through the waterfall. You'll pick
up a few red lums and reach the first mask. Congratulations! Polokus will
come to you in a dream sequence and tell you that you need to find the other
three. Upon your return to the Stone Circle, the Teensies will tell you to
head out to the East Plain to find Clark, who can help you open a door that
the pirates created to stop you. The entrance to the East Plain is a bit
deeper within the forest; the signs will lead you there readily.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: You have to have your shots charged up to a certain
point (so that a normal shot is red) to light the cannon before the temple
doors. It'll blow away the door and let you collect the four lums behind it.

3.6 The Menhir Hills

Lums: 50
Cages: 8

Once you're in the East Plain, you'll meet up with Clark right away. He leads
you up a path and then shows you how HE opens doors! Definitely not a guy to
have on the opposing team. He runs over to the Menhir Hills, so follow him
into the next stage.

This one opens up with Murfy flying down to tell you about the walking shell
guarding the area. He explains that you can tame it by tiring it out. Instead
of doing that right away, however, head over to the lone stone pillar and
look behind it. There should be two yellow lums nearby and a switch that
opens a wooden grate in the ground. Grab the first cage and five lums down
there, then run around until you tire the shell out (it'll stop in its
tracks). Hop on and ride it across the thorns! Veer to the right of the
stairs and jump off the shell before you hit the wall. It'll run into the
door with the X on it and open that up, exposing the second cage to you. Grab
that and run in the building.

There's a group of pirates immediately inside. Stick to the right wall and
take them out. The best way is to fire a shot at each one of them in turn,
then start again. They're invincible during the animation after they've been
shot, so you might as well spread it around as quickly as possible. There's a
passageway to the left and ahead of you. Take the left one first but be
mindful of a purple pirate waiting to ambush you. Take the third cage, but
for now you have no way to get past the red lasers. Head back and take the
other passage, dropping you into the next section.

As you start it, it's another area much like the beginning of the stage.
There's a bouncy mushroom on the ground that you can use to propel you up to
another mushroom in the tree next to it. Use that one to reach a purple lum,
then swing over to the building atop the start point and grab your fourth
cage. Tire the shell out again and start your second ride, which is
considerably longer than the first. The yellow lums will show you the best
path to avoid the walls and spiky tentacles that come out, so pay attention
to them. About 1/3 of the way through there's a bridge to cross. It's
entirely possible to veer to the left and get on an alternate bridge but
you'll only get some red lums for your trouble and there are yellows that you
have to get on the main path.

At the end of your run you'll jump off of the shell again to let it crash
into another door with an X. There's an open corridor at the side of the
building and a keg dispenser, but it's yet another thing you'll have to come
back to. Run up the stairs and over to the big door with the pirate logo. The
switch right next to it will open it up and lead you down to Clark. As
expected, he's ripped into all the pirates in the area but something's making
him ill. He asks Rayman to help him get a Life Potion, and with that you're
brought back to the Stone Circle, but this time at the Globox House. You can
use a warp there to get back to the Circle at the Minisaurus Plain. From
there, it's a hop, skip, and a jump to the entrance to the Marsh, which is
right next to where you found the bayou.

3.7 The Marshes of Awakening

Lums: 50
Cages: 4

Once you enter this swampy area, you'll find the first five lums quite
readily on lily pads and the netting to your right. The first cage doesn't
count towards your cage total but holds Sssssam, the serpent who's going to
help you through this area. How? By waterskiing along it, of course!

There's precious little to say about this stage. Nothing is kept hidden from
you and all four cages are in the first half of the course. The only
difficult parts is getting some of the lums off of the jumps, particularly
the two hanging above a large mound just past the second big monster that
pops up in the second half. Veer hard right and hold L2 to accelerate and
you've got a chance of collecting them. Be sure to accelerate again as you
reach the piranhas for a cool little jump through that area. Sssssam gives a
tearful goodbye once you reach the other side. Don't go in the cavern just
yet, but instead follow the path to some yellow lums on a lily pad and just
beyond. If you follow the path farther still, there's a hidden cache with a
few more lums that you'll need. Now you can go back and break open the final
cage with the Teensie inside. Don't follow him but instead take the other
path in the road and you'll find the entrance to the Cave of Bad Dreams.

3.8 The Cave of Bad Dreams

Lums: 0
Cages: 0

That's right, nothing at all to collect here. You'll run down and find a
purple river with platforms on either side and purple lums to help you get
around. There are bones on the wall to climb, and after a while you'll look
out and see a large column that has bones on all sides of it. Jump out
towards that column and helicopter to it, then climb up to the top. Quickly
jump off again towards the next one, because it'll start to sink! There are
three in a row to contend with, then it's back onto firm ground.

Drop down onto the platform far below you. There's a golden base for a magic
sphere and several enemies about that are basically heads with long arms
coming out of them. Destroy them all and you'll get the sphere to go on the
base. Put the two together and the platform lifts up, revealing a hole in the
ground to take you to the next area. This time it's two bases for magic
spheres! Head up and to the left of the door and we'll tackle that one first.

You'll be at one end of a large purple pond. Jump onto both skulls floating
in the water. The second one will lift you up to a position to jump onto a
rotating platform. Jump from there to the stationary ledge when you swing
around, then onto the next rotating platform. Finally you'll make it to the
ledge with the silver sphere. Grab that, then - yes, you have to haul it back
the way you came! Throw it onto each platform and jump after it when it lands
safely. If it lands in the water, no worries, it'll appear again at the spot
that you last threw it. It may take you a little time, but there's no limit
here. The 'head start' that you're given by the master of the cave lasts
until the very end, however long it may take you to get there.

Once you finally haul that sphere back, take the right fork in the road this
time and go after the gold one. A purple lum leads you to a skull on a long
bony arm. Jump on it when it's near and it'll give you a ride to another
platform. You'll have another purple lum and a skull after another jump, then
a few shadowy enemies to destroy. Yet another skull will bring you up to
where the gold sphere itself resides. This time you get a break, instead of
backtracking you just toss it over to the next platform, then again to the
ledge where you first started the room. Much easier than the first one. Once
both spheres are in place the door opens and you get a few red lums. You can
break the crystal in the room with a shot, exposing a hole and leading you to
the next section.

The master of the cave finally comes after you at this point and it's a race
down yet another slippery slope for survival! There are going to be more
crystals in the way, so shoot as many that are near you as possible. I prefer
to stick to the right way, as that seems to have fewer obstacles than
anywhere else does. As before, don't do any of the jumping yourself! Rayman
will automatically take all the jumps unless he's going too slow and in this
case you're going to get chomped and have to start again if you're not moving
fast enough anyway.

Once you clear that little section, you drop into an actual battle with him.
He'll spit a few fireballs at you and then shoot skulls your way. You'll want
to shoot those skulls to stop them, then jump on them. You should be able to
shoot three of them in a row and jump across to where he is. When you do,
he'll move away and start the process again. You'll have to do the same thing
over and over, using his skulls to cross to the next platform and chasing him
through his own domain. After you've chased him three times, the next will be
using purple lums to get closer to him while he's shooting fireballs at you.
Then it's back to more platforms and skulls to get closer to him, ending in
an extra-long jump that requires 5-7 skulls to get across. Once you do this,
he's finally beaten and offers you his treasure. You can choose to take it or
not. If you take it, you're treated to an amusing (and slightly chilling)
cutscene, then asked to choose again. Of course, you'll eventually have to
turn the treasure down to progress. You'll get the elixir of life from the
guardian after being told you made the right choice. Off you go to save

3.9 The Menhir Hills, revisited

Now's a good time to grab any lums or cages you might have missed the first
time. It's a simple milk run through the level again until you run into
Clark. When you find him and give him the elixir, he'll be a new man!
Personally, if I were Rayman I'd be a little frightened of that guy with the
look he was getting in his eyes and all. But at any rate, he busted through
the next door with the greatest of ease, so follow him! After you make a
quick left and grab the three yellow lums in a small secluded area easily
missed, of course.

Go past Clark (for such an energetic guy, he didn't go very far!) and into a
room with a shut door. Hop on the crate and use the purple lums above you to
swing up to a ledge with a more convenient opening for you. Go a little
higher first, though, and find another ledge with a single yellow lum and
your fifth cage. Drop into the next room and hit the switch so Clark can get
through. He'll quite happily charge through the next door for you.

You'll fall into the third and final section with a walking shell to ride.
Jump onto the stump right next to you and you can ride a purple lum over to
cage #6. Then run over to where the shells are coming from and climb up the
vines in that alcove to find more lums and cage #7. This ride involves some
falling rocks. Just stick to the left side through the middle section to grab
the lums and use the square button for acceleration so the last rock doesn't
fall over and block the path before you can get there. The rest of it should
be relatively safe for you. A cutscene shows you riding that missile into the
end of the stage, and that's that!

Back in the Stone Circle, you'll learn that Globox has been captured. Of
course, you really learned this some time ago but, er, you've been busy.
Right? Right. Follow the path to the Menhir Hills (if the sign confuses you
and you wind up at a spot blocked by rubble, you're on the right track; just
turn around and follow that path until you get to the missile), grab the
walking shell, and ride it back to blow apart that loose rock. Follow it into
the next stage.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Head into the first building as per usual and revisit
the red lasers that you couldn't get past before. Go to the machine in the
room (not the lasers themselves! The cloud icon can be a bit hard to see
here) and do the rain dance, destroying the lasers. You'll get four lums for
your troubles.

At the end of the second missile run, instead of going up the stairs and into
the building, look for a door leading into the side of the structure. Light
the torch inside and take a keg in there, using it to fly across the big pit.
You'll find two more lums and can throw a keg up into the air to catch cage

3.10 The Canopy

Lums: 50
Cages: 3

As soon as you take a few steps into here a spider will assault you. You can
stay and fight or run out onto the webbing and follow it around on the walls.
As long as you stay moving, the spider won't hit you. There are a lot of
yellow lums to grab around here and a cage hanging directly beneath the
platform you need to get to at the top. Grab everything and snag a second
cage as soon as you exit that room, which should bring you up to 22 lums and
2/3 cages right off the bat. Not bad!

Jump across the chasm and helicopter to the other side, grabbing onto the
webbing. The spider will follow you! He might not make the jump but I've seen
him scuttle right along one of the side walls only a moment after, keeping
good pace. Jump down the hole in front of you and get into the next section
before he catches up.

Once you drop down, head to the left and dispatch the single guard at the end
of the path. There's a sign proclaiming why Globox is being held prisoner.
Look across the chasm and shoot the switch there, freeing your friend. Head
back, then take the other path. Globox will take care of the lasers for you
via his rain dance. Drop down into the next area and guide him to the glowing
plant to have him do his rain dance again, giving you a floating flower to
ride on. Take it across, then hit the X on the dead tree to knock it over and
give Globox a way to walk across. Guide him a bit farther to a wall of flame,
which he will also take care of. There's a single pirate to take out, but
Globox shows that he's rather afraid of them. In a cutscene, Rayman tries to
comfort him and winds up getting another silver lum instead. Your fists are
stronger now!

Globox follows you into the next area (still a cutscene) and you collect a
yellow lum without lifting a finger. But a pirate warship approaches and the
chicken Globox runs away again, leaving you to fight it yourself with your
newfound powers. This is actually a fairly easy fight unless you're extremely
low on health. As the ship passes it will drop off pirates, and every time
its rear is exposed to you, you can get a shot in against it. Just defeat the
pirates as they come, they all only take one shot now and you'll get a red
lum for every successful hit on the ship.

Once it's defeated, run back and grab Globox again. He'll take care of the
next set of lasers. A few more pirates confront you and again he chickens out
and has to be grabbed after they're all defeated. Notice how the flamethrower
pirate only requires two hits to be killed now! Once you're through that, a
pair of doors with a red searchlight will present itself to you. Hop on the
nearby crates and use the purple lum high in the air to grab cage #3 and then
to swing over above the doors and grab five extra lums. If you didn't miss
any, for once you should have completely cleaned out a level without extra
powers! Lead Globox to the plant and have him use the rain dance to make it
grow. Just walk into it to use it as a disguise to open the doors. Once
inside, free the Teensie and you're done! Go back to the Stone Circle to
learn that Carmen the whale has been captured and, of course, you're the one
to free her. Off to Whale Bay with you!

3.11 Whale Bay

Lums: 50
Cages: 3

Head towards the Globox house and talk to the baby Globox next to the
elevator. He'll ask to go to the cave, so pick him up and walk around the
elevator until you find the spot that will cause you both to get on
automatically. (You can't jump!) Take him down to the Whale Bay entrance and
try to sneak by the guards so you can put him in the hole in the wall to the
right. If you don't manage it, just kill the guards and do it as loudly as
you like. Either way, he'll open the door for you and you can now pass

Once inside, hop over to the aquarium-like tank on the right side and dive
in. There's a yellow lum along the way and a switch at the very end that
you'll need to hit. In addition, a fairly tough and very large barrel-like
enemy is avoided for the moment. Just dash through the door and make your way
around the next set of platforms and nettings. The very last netting is one
you'll need to walk across, but first hang beneath it and swing across to
pick up yellow lums and a set of super fists. You get three in each set and
as long as you have even one, your shots will do tremendous damage. Every
time you take a hit, however, you lose one.

Eventually you'll come to yet another pirate-ship-as-part-of-the-landscape
deal, which leads me to wonder whether these guys built up a huge army and
were so strapped for cash that they had to wreck ships into mountains to make
fortresses out of. At any rate, take out the guards in the area and climb up
into the right side of the ship (from where you entered the area). Jump over
to the ledge that's all by its lonesome, then turn around and fire on the
switch that you can now see on the side of the main ship. This will
deactivate the lasers on the far wall, so meander on over through that
entrance. The lasers will pop up again as soon as you pass through, so be
sure you're ready.

A long corridor with barrels rolling down it greets you, and you should deal
with it as in the bayou, just with more frequent hops. Don't forget the
yellow lum that will require a bounce off the top of a barrel. Once through
there you'll be in a watery section with an island off in the distance.
Actually, the water's shallow so you can just jump right down into it and
walk across. A single guard sleeps on the island and needs to be dealt with
appropriately. To your right is a small corridor in the rock with a keg
dispenser. Grab one and run it across the island to the door with the X,
blowing it open to reveal the first cage. This cage has a purple lum, which
you can now use to proceed to the upper level of the same building.

You'll cross into the next section where Murfy explains that Carmen's trapped
here and they want to use her blubber as ship oil. Pretty nasty fate. Dive
underwater and have a look around, there are yellow lums to be had in the
oysters and one near where Carmen herself is kept. On the other side of her
prison is an underwater cavern that leads right into another miniature pirate
ship. There are two ways to go here, you can walk down the ramp or you can
use the lowest path that winds up overlooking the same destination room. If
you go the latter route you'll see four yellow lums high up in there. You
won't be able to come back and get these until very late in the game.
Instead, head into that room and up the small set of stairs to the area
directly overlooking Carmen. Find the switch on the far wall that will
deactivate the lasers and free her.

The curious triangular thing on the wall in the previous room now shows
itself to be a portal for walking shells to come in and harass you. Tire one
out, then ride it back up the ramp to the room you entered the ship in. The
catch is that you're going to be jumping that entire gap. Yes indeed, all of
it. No, you can't jump, that will dismount you. So how, you ask? The only way
I've done it is just to accelerate from the moment the shell started running.
As soon as flames stop spewing from it, accelerate again. You should get
three or four bursts in before the big jump and that may just be enough to
make it. If not, just try again. This one will definitely take several tries
to get it right, so just be patient. Your reward for getting the shell across
and blowing up the far door with it is the second cage and some red lums.

Once you're ready to go, jump back in the water and follow Carmen. She'll
lead you around, letting out air bubbles so you can partially regain your
oxygen meter on a regular basis. Once you get to the next section with her,
she'll complain that the piranhas are stealing the air bubbles. Sure enough,
they'll take them away from you if they get the chance although the effect is
fairly comical when they have to deal with all that air. Follow her to the
sunken ship, where she'll simply start to do circles around the place. To the
left of the sunken ship there's a passage at the ocean floor that will lead
you to a small area with a few extra lums. Grab all the air you need and head
through the ship itself, ending up above the surface a few seconds later.

Climb up the mast of the ship and use the purple lum up there to swing into
the crow's nest. The third cage awaits you there. Still running around the
top timbers of the boat, jump over to a stream headed downhill and slide down
it to collect more yellow lums and take you over to a sandy area. A hole in
the side of the rock can be accessed by cargo net and contains the Teensie
you'll need to free to get out of here.

Once you're back in the Stone Circle, the Teensies say something about
needing Globox and Carmen to get into the sanctuary. Go talk to Globox and
he'll say you should go investigate a cave the Teensies found. He'll follow
you to the elevator, then over to the entrance to the Sanctuary of Stone and
Fire whereupon he'll give you entrance. Steel yourself for hidden lum mayhem!

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Head back into the ship where you freed Carmen the
whale. Remember the four lums that you couldn't get in the room with the
walking shells? Jump over to the little pit of lava and ride it up to that
ledge, adding four lums to your total. Simple but necessary.

3.12 The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

Lums: 80
Cages: 8

It's long. It's unpleasant. It's confusing. It must be the second sanctuary!
You start in front of a yawning chasm. Just leap right down and helicopter to
the rock leg atop the lava. Have a look at the amusing sign if you care to,
then march forward. On the next ledge you'll have to take out three bomb-
throwing pirates. They bounce around a bit before actually attacking, giving
you an excellent opportunity to get through unscathed. You'll jump up using a
trampoline netting, below which you can see a cage. We'll come back to that

There's a walkway circling a cylindrical structure, at the end of it there's
an X immediately to your left. Hit it with one of your shots and a purple lum
will fly out and let you cross to the other side of the lava. Once you cross,
if you turn around you'll see another X in the same general area. Shoot that
and another purple lum flies out. This one, if you backtrack, will allow you
to get up to a set of super fists.

Heading forward again, jump over the small gap in the lava to find a new set
of three pirates that need their clocks cleaned. Destroy them and continue
forward into the next cavern. I know you see lums, but it's not going to be
worth your while to go after them until later in the game. In all the
secluded areas you've seen so far, there is lava too hot for a plum to
traverse and you need to be able to float over it, which Ly will give you
near the end. For now, keep going forward and eventually you'll run into a
bouncing plum. Murfy will come down and explain that you can ride this plum.
Shoot in the opposite direction of the way you want to go. You can pick it up
and throw it, and you can ride it to traverse both water and lava! Quite the
versatile fruit, yes?

Hop on the fruit and ride it along the lava (though you could use the webbing
above you at this point if you wanted to) and hop off at the next platform.
Jump up to the webbing and use it to cross, stopping to fire at any of the
shadowy enemies that head your way. You can grab another plum and continue to
ride around, but that will only take you back to the entrance. Instead, jump
up to the webbing and swing across it to find a tunnel to the next area. It's
yet another lava river with two ways to go. The end of the level is
downstream, but grab your plum and ride it up towards the top of the hill.
You'll grab some yellow lums and find an entrance to an underground section.
If you're just looking to finish the level, read ahead a few paragraphs -
this is a major sidetrack!

The first room you come to is no big deal. Some platforms to cross and two
holes in the right wall that spew fire directly in front of them. Wait for
them to turn off for a few seconds, then head forward again. As you stand in
front of the first passageway you can jump and hit the first cage on the
raised platform to your right. Shoot the thin rock wall ahead of you to make
it break apart, then continue on.

The next area has you dropped stalactites from the ceiling to let you cross.
Just shoot them once and they'll fall in and make a small platform for you.
They'll drop into the lava after a while, so be ready to jump on as soon as
you drop it! The second one has another flamethrowing hole trained directly
on it, so time your shot and jump appropriately. While you're waiting for the
right moment, you might want to turn slightly left and nab that second cage
pleading for help. Once you cross, you'll find large stone columns, each with
an X on them. Shoot them and use the resulting bridges to cross. Carefully
helicopter down the slanted area to the next platform over all that lava.

The next flamethrowing hole never quits, so just jump over it and drop the
next stalactite. Jump from there to a platform floating in the lava, which
will start to move. A few bats will harass you but are easily taken out. At
the end of the ride you'll find a blast of flame arcing towards you! Jump
forward and onto the next column, but those flames will come after you every
few seconds so you'll have to keep moving. Turn around on the platform before
the one that exits this room and nab the third cage hanging near the corner,
then keep moving before you get hit again! You'll run through a small passage
and wind up a little higher in the same room, where you can use a purple lum
to swing across and find the exit into the next area.

Drop down onto a ledge next to where lava flows freely from a pipe, following
it to another drop onto a floating platform. This ride's slightly trickier as
there are two flamethrowers in your way. You can use the stalactites to hop
around them or you can simply jump over them when the right time approaches
(when the flames are licking at the front of your ride). I think the latter
way is simpler.

You'll enter a room with three doors to bust through. Monty Hall had a hand
in this place! Take the middle door for some red lums, super fists, and cage
#4. Take the right door for even more red lums. Now you're ready to take the
left door, where a large spider awaits. With super fists, he should be gone
in two shots. Follow his path down to a walking shell that happens to be
sleeping at the moment. This is it, the final obstacle before you're clear of
this big wild goose chase! This time, jumping while on the shell will cause
the shell to jump with you, which is very important, as there are several
jumps to make.

Just follow the path around for a while and you'll run into the first set of
jumps. Just fall off of the first one, jumping it may actually plow you into
the ground headfirst which is, of course, lethal when riding an armed
missile! Jump the second, then ride the loop all the way around for some red
lums. You'll come to another pair of jumps across a broken bridge, and for
the second one you'll want to accelerate before you jump, it's a long one.
You'll make a left turn, and then there's a small bridge you'll have to turn
right to get on. Cross it and stay close to the right wall. It looks like
there's no path, but if you stay to the right you'll actually run across the
raised lava and onto the rest of the path. Follow it around for one more
acceleration and jump to get to the door, which the shell cheerfully blows up
for you. You made it!

What a pain, huh? You end up right next to the entrance to this whole mess.
Drop down and shoot a plum off of the lone tree, then ride it back down the
river. You'll find a pirate on an overlooking walkway guarding the area. Jump
off of your plum and get yourself up onto the platform just before him. Take
him out and look to the right, where you'll see a small tunnel leading
through the rock. You'll pop out a little farther along the course on the
same walkway the pirate was on. Follow it all the way back to where he was
and collect cage #5. You'll be able to run back and simply jump to the next
section without having to use another plum.

As you enter the next room you'll face a curious fight against one of the
bouncing heads from the Cave of Bad Dreams. He won't come out and face you,
instead circling around plum trees as you try to get to him. Instead you'll
want to run away a bit and face away from him. Eventually he'll start
approaching you, whereupon you can quickly turn and take your shot at him.
Five shots should take care of him unless you kept the super fists from the
previous section. He'll give you a plum, which you can use to help you get
that little bit of extra height to jump onto the tunnel at the end of this
area and move on.

An area with actual trees and foliage and the like greet you. Finally, some
green in all this red! It doesn't last long, however, as at the end of it the
floor drops out from beneath you and dumps you at the top of another lava
river with a plum. This one's downhill and fairly steep, so just steer
yourself into the yellow lums as you're bouncing down it. Be mindful of the
brighter patches of lava. Your plum can't take the higher heat of it and will
leave you stranded with no choice but to die! After the next checkpoint
you'll have to negotiate a spiral shape with spiky tentacles busting out of
the walls. You can always avoid them by just sticking to one side or the
other. Change sides as appropriate for what lies ahead.

You'll drop into the next section, which is still more lava river. Steer
around the bright patches of lava again, but as you make the right bend in
the path you can see a hole in the right wall if you make a U-turn after
passing a patch of lava. Negotiate your way into it and follow the yellow
lums to the end. Jump up onto the trampoline webbing and make your way up
until you can cling to webs on the walls. More climbing (though you may want
to take a dive halfway through the climbing to pick up a set of three yellow
lums) and finally you'll make it to a hole in the rock with the sixth cage.
From this ledge you'll be able to helicopter down to the end of the lava

You'll now be in a large, black room with triangular platforms leading
downward. There's a gold magic sphere on the first one, and as you can
imagine you'll need to take that with you. Throw it down from platform to
platform. Take your time, but if you mess up and leave the sphere behind
there's a purple lum that will take you back to the top of the room near the
exit. Once you get down successfully with the sphere, you'll find a stretch
of lava between yourself and the next room. Throw the sphere up with X and
shoot the plum at the other end so it'll bounce back to you. Catch the sphere
again and wait for it to come to a stop at your edge. Walk onto it, throw the
sphere up again and shoot once towards where you came to get across before
you catch it again. Throw the sphere off into the next hallway once you get
close enough, then dismount and continue.

You'll find the base for this sphere to the left of where you enter this
final room. Putting it where it belongs will rotate a disc on the other side
of the room. Jump over and climb up the steep stairs, then follow the new
passage out of here. A very short lava river section leads you to some simple
jumps, then a long slippery slope. Ride it down and chase a purple lum all
the way to the end! The path ends and you'll need to grab the purple lum
midair to swing to a short slope that ends the area. You'll arrive in the
final room again, this time on top of some blocks. Jump over to the left and
grab the silver sphere from its high platform, then throw it over and place
it on its sphere. The second guardian, Umber, will then move out into the
open. Use the purple lum on the ground floor to get back up to the top level
and jump onto his head. He'll take you for a ride through the lava, but be
sure to jump off just before he gets to the end or he'll put you right into
it! Run up the stairs and rejoice, you're finally done with this level.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Follow this level to the first plum, then head backwards
with it and make a stop at the first building to your right. Jump up and into
the cavern, then you'll find yourself with a long jump and hot lava to cross.
Helicopter over it (you'll float now because it's so hot) and shoot the plum
down from the tree. Grab it and throw it onto the head of the invincible
pirate, then jump up to grab cage #7. Easy enough.

Now go back out of this area, grab another plum, and ride past the first area
you stopped at. Go all the way back to the beginning of the level where
you'll find another cavern to enter. Jump over the hot lava and shoot down a
plum from the ledge you now stand on. If you look to the left you'll see a
pole sticking out of one of the columns. Toss the plum towards that and it
should stick there. Hurry over and get beneath it to catch it when it falls
again, then toss it over to the next pole. Get beneath it once more, then
throw it straight up beneath the next tunnel entrance and use it to jump up
there. You'll get a goodly number of lums and cage #8.

3.13 Rainbow Creek

Lums: 30
Cages: 0

A cutscene shows Polokus urging Rayman on to find the rest of the masks. When
he gets back, the Teensies say that Clark is waiting by the Skull Cave and
will be able to help. Well, actually, he's over at the beach near the
entrance to Whale Bay. Anyway, take the elevator down and go meet up with
him. He tells you that he'll open up the way to the next mask but to be wary
for a pirate attack. He smashes through the wall in true Clark fashion and
tears pirates up all along the way. After he passes through, however, the
pirates spot you alone and launch an assault!

They stream out of the door and form a 4x4 pattern as they advance. They
never go farther if there are already 16 of them out there, but you can bet
that there are plenty of reinforcements behind that initial wave. The first
groups are quite easy to dispatch, but towards the end you'll have a large
group of bomb-throwing pirates. At the very end is another group like that,
but they have a fast rate of fire for regular energy blasts if they're on the
front line. Basically the only way to safely handle it is to fire at them
while you're running from one side to the other, then jump over the shots and
the incoming bomb as you switch directions. Then repeat. Sooner or later
they'll all be gone, though it's tricky if you haven't upgraded your life bar
or gotten any powerups yet.

After you pass through into the Rainbow Creek itself, head across the wooden
bridge immediately in front of you to the third Stone Circle. The Teensie
there will tell you to go to the Factory after you destroy both generators
that protect it. He points you to the Hot Air Balloon as your first target,
so off you go! Head back the way you came, making a turn to the right to go
to the Hot Air Balloon. You'll be attacked by some pirates along the way, so
you'll need to take them out. When you do, make sure you grab the single
yellow lum that's hanging just off the edge of the cliff to your left.

3.14 The Precipice

Lums: 70
Cages: 6

This first section is a good one. You'll constantly be running and gunning
across bridges that are constantly falling or being destroyed beneath you.
Definitely not much time to stop! The first cage is at the edge of your
starting platform, so just bust it open. Easy as pie.

There's not much to say about this first section because it's so linear. The
lums are almost all right in your way or gotten with a simple jump, except
for one that is gotten by grabbing onto a purple lum just off the path.
You'll see that one right away. Remember that speed is more important than
anything here. Don't stop and fight the pirates if they're not directly in
your way. You just don't have time! After a while you'll have boxes shot onto
the path near you. These will contain walking shells, so be ready for a quick
jump if necessary. Before you reach the two hanging nets side-by-side, you
should have found the second cage just hanging in the air on your path. Don't
forget the two lums that are on top of the second net there. Just past that
point is the third cage, the doorway out, and the switch to open it all in
the same spot. You know what to do.

The first part of the second section is precisely the same as the first. More
running and jumping from the airship that's only too happy to shoot all that
it can at you. The lums are straightforward again, so follow it to the end of
the path. You'll eventually find yourself at the top of a very large and deep
cavern with a line of yellow lums hanging in midair. Chopper through them and
shoot any of the enemies that come up to bother you while you're flying down.
As you near the end of the flight, they'll be coming up almost directly
beneath you and they become very difficult to avoid. It may be beneficial to
just let one or two hit you and be ready to hit X again to restart your
chopper move so that you're not greatly disturbed from your flight path.

When you land the running and gunning starts anew! You have to wend your way
to the end of a long bridge, then finally you run through an empty tunnel to
an area with wider ground! There's another ship-in-a-wall ahead but as soon
as you drop down you'll have a pirate ambush to deal with. Stay back and
shoot at the rocket launcher guys because you'll have other explosives being
shot and lobbed in from several directions as it is. Once you pick them off,
make your way to the door. Go a little past it first and pick up a trio of
lums just atop the entrance before you actually enter the ship.

When you drop in, there's a door with an X behind you and a keg dispenser in
front of you. Put the two together and get the fourth cage. Now face where
you were again and you'll find another use for those kegs. Grab one and bring
it to the torch in the room and you'll set it on fire, rocketing you through
the air! There's a line of yellow lums to follow, but make a stop at the big
tower to your left with all the lums on it and spend some time working your
way around it to pick them all up. Don't forget to use the trampoline pirate
flag to get up to the very top level. Grab another keg and light it, then
finish following the line up to an alcove on an upper level. Drop from the
keg (hit X) and turn around to find a switch on the wall opposite you.
Hitting that opens the door below you. If you should miss the switch or just
don't get up to that ledge, there's another keg dispenser and torch right at
the door itself to get you up there. Lure the pirate guard out and chase him
until he steps off the ledge and dumps himself into the water before you
attempt this.

As you start the next section, you'll see the fifth cage immediately above
you. Just grab a keg and lob it straight up into it. Use the next keg to
navigate another simple course, flying straight even when given the chance to
veer off. Jump off the keg before you run into the pirates ahead, taking them
out. If you look to the left as you enter the room the pirates are in, you'll
see a yellow lum on a trampoline. Jump to the trampoline, bounce up and hang
from the netting, where you should see and collect the sixth cage. With that
taken care of, head back out of that room and follow the wooden bridge to its
end. You'll see a portcullis of sorts and a button to the right of it. Shoot
that button, then run through the next room, collect the keg and light it to
fly through the portcullis before it closes again. You'll fly through another
short course and find yourself headed towards a cargo net on a cliff at the
end. Let go of the keg at the last second and grab the net, working your way
over to one last keg used to fly a short distance across the water.

Head into the top door and you're walk through, finding yourself at the first
generator room. You can only shoot at it through the lasers, and as you do
it'll summon pirates to attack you. These only take one hit to destroy but
will distract you from the generator itself for a moment. After taking a few
dozen hits it'll be destroyed, freeing the Teensie and letting you end the

3.15 The Pirate Mines

Lums: 15
Cages: 1

The Teensies at the Stone Circle tell you that the baby Globoxes have been
captured and taken to the Pirate Mines. Head across the wooden bridge and
take a left to go down towards the Mines. When you enter you'll see some lums
lying around, be sure to pick those up. There's a purple lum up to the left,
however, that is your ticket forward. Jump up and shoot towards it; it may
take you a few tries, but you'll latch on and get up to the rooftop of the
building. This stage's only cage is just ahead and below you, and a few more
careful hops should net you all of the stage's lums before you even exit the
room. Make your way to the next area and find Uglette crying about her baby
Globoxes. Rayman spies an unoccupied ship and hops into it to go rescue

This is actually easier than it sounds at first. You have to hit four mine
locations and you'll run into the first one, the south mine, before you
really even get started. By sticking to the right wall, you'll get to all
four mines and back to Uglette with no backtracking at all. Just use the
ship's cannon to blow away any obstructions in the path that are firing at
you. The pipes and such will simply have to be avoided. When you return with
everybody, one of the baby Globoxes gives you a rain mask. Now Rayman can do
the rain dance himself! Free the Teensie and exit the level.

3.16 The Echoing Caves

Lums: 70
Cages: 8

Now that you can do the rain dance, you can follow the path down to the
Echoing Caves. There's a set of lasers blocking the entrance but the rain
dance will take care of that! Follow the path in and find yourself on a
bridge heading towards a curious tower.

As you start to ascend the tower, cannon shots will be fired at you. Worse,
the water is engulfing the whole tower! Keep moving up quickly or you'll be
drowned. The path is very linear, though at one point the floor will fall out
from under you. Keep going in the same direction, that's the correct path.
Halfway up, don't miss the first cage that's pretty much in your way. When
you reach a pair of pirates that try to stop you, the water won't rise any
more. Climb the cargo net up what is not clearly the mast of yet another
ship, hitting a switch and picking up the second cage along the way. This
switch swings a bridge into place and gives you access out of the area.

You'll wind up outside in a rainstorm with a cutscene of a pirate walking
into a door. This door is your target, but to open it you have to hit four
switches in a - yes, another pirate ship! Walk around the corner to the
entrance and climb up the latter to the left after you enter. You'll follow a
walkway around and into a room with a fireplace. Head down the exit of this
room and through a hallway to find a square, multi-floored area. Take out the
pirate on the top floor and walk around the edge of the area to find your
third cage. Work your way down the to the bottom, taking pirates out along
the way. The bottom floor holds the fourth cage on a bookshelf. Head through
the obvious door and you'll hit one of the four switches you need before an
elevator gives you a ride up.

You'll now find yourself high above the ground with floating platforms to
make your way across. Jump to the left first to grab a green lum, then make
your way to the other side towards the building. Take out the lone rocket
launching pirate, then head past where he was to hit the second switch.
You'll end up back at the door you're trying to open. This time, head into
the pirate ship and turn to the right, heading up a set of stairs. A single
pirate guards the next switch, so dispatch him and hit it. Just one more to
go! Another hall takes you to a room with lots of kegs and two flamethrower
pirates guarding a hole in the ground. Take them out and jump down into a
cavern with a grassy bottom. You're right next to a small pool of water, so
jump in there and dive down to find a passageway. Follow it to its end for
your fifth cage, a few yellow lums, and the fourth switch!

You'll be ambushed upon your return from the last switch but the pirates are
weak, so destroy them and shoot down the plum from the nearby tree. Take hold
of it and run it up the nearby stairs, then throw it on the invincible pirate
at the end of the hall. It'll stick onto his head, rendering him useless!
Even better, his head can now be used as a platform to get up to the cargo
net above him. If you follow the nets up, you'll come out into another pirate
ambush on a rock ledge. Take them out and you're practically on top of the
door you opened with all these switches. Don't forget the yellow lums hiding
around the rocks in that area before you jump down into the next section.

As you descend further into the ship, you'll confront one of the enemies you
were able to avoid at Whale Bay, a very large barrel with an opening to look
through. This thing shoots electricity from its top and will hurt you if
you're in its line of sight so simply take several shots at it and slip out
of its sight so that it wastes its attack. Repeat until it dies, whereupon
you'll get three red lums. Run down the hall to find another corridor with
barrels rolling down it. Go all the way to the end to pick up some lums, then
head to the side corridor and climb up the cargo net into the next hallway.
This will lead you into a room with a bunch of large crates stacked about.
Another barrel enemy is lurking about, so take him out first. Cage #6 is
right there as well and you'll probably open it by accident while fighting.

Before you exit this room, search it for lums. To the right of the entrance
you'll find a keg dispenser. Grab a keg and head towards the opposite corner
of the room where you'll find a semi-hidden hallway. Ride the platform across
the slime and use the keg on the door at the end. The seventh cage is
immediately to your right as you enter the next room, hanging from the
ceiling. The platform you used to cross the slime will turn over when you try
to get on it from this side, so jump up and use the webbing on the ceiling to
get back the way you came.

Following the path after that room will lead you up some stairs to another
barrel enemy patrolling a hallway. If you picked up the super fists in that
hidden area mentioned previously, this guy shouldn't pose a threat. Take a
left and head into another room with crates. Instead of following the red
carpet, stick to the right wall and follow that path to pick up the eighth
cage. Search the room for lums. For some reason you're unable to grab onto
the box on the leftmost side of the room, so you'll have to go over to the
main group of boxes, climb up to the top, and make a tricky jump from there
to the top of the box in question. It's tricky because the ceiling is low and
you need to start the helicopter move as high as possible. Practice makes

When you're done looking around, head back into the hallway and down the
other path. You'll run into the second generator room, which is defeated just
the same way as the first. If you have any super fists left, that'll make the
job even quicker for you. Free the Teensie being held prisoner and follow him
all the way back along the red carpet and he'll let you exit the level.

3.17 The Factory

To nobody's surprise, you're now told by the Teensies to head over to the
Factory since you've opened it up. This isn't really another area; it counts
as part of Rainbow Creek for accounting purposes. Head back down to the cave
where the Echoing Caves were and visit Ly to play any new minigames you've
unlocked. This is a good time to get your life bar as high as possible since
things will get trickier beyond this point. Once you enter the factory
itself, head straight for the closed doors of the factory. They'll open if
you bump against them, albeit slowly. Straight across the hall you enter is
another room with the cage for this area as well as some lums. When you leave
it, you'll be ambushed by about five pirates from the left end of the hall
(as you're coming out). There isn't much room to maneuver so you may well
just have to take a hit. They all drop red lums so it's no big deal.

Follow the signs to the lava sanctuary, taking care of another two guards at
the end of the next hall. These only take one hit to destroy but have a fast
rate of fire, so use some cover at the far end of the hall unless you're
going to Rambo it. Take the elevator down to find one of your friends stuck
in a cage above you. He explains that there are four switches around the room
to hit to activate a gun at the far wall. You can then jump up to the command
center, take control of the gun, and fire it. Aim the weapon at that cage and
hit square to fire it, freeing her. She starts to talk about a weapon they
were going to test on her but before she finishes an enemy rises up in the
center of the room - the Boss Biditank!

Now you'll have to hit all four switches again while this thing is firing at
you, requiring frequent jumps to get over its impressive line of fire. Once
you do that, the pilot of the tank leaps out, leaving it defenseless! (Maybe
he's scared of the gun?) Run over to the command center and aim the gun at
the dome atop the tank. You'll see the crosshairs change when you're on the
right spot. Fire at it, then repeat the process two more times. It'll make
your job easier if you visit the switches in a clockwise fashion as the boss
fires a counterclockwise arc of shots, giving you less to jump over as you're
running around.

Once you've hit the tank three times, it is destroyed. A ladder to the next
area opens up after the pilot (now more clearly seen as Razorbeard's lackey)
swears revenge. Head into the cavern and follow the signs to get beneath the
Lava Sanctuary.

3.18 Beneath the Lava Sanctuary

Lums: 50
Cages: 6

You start out on an innocent enough bridge over some stagnant water. Follow
it to a large square platform where you'll be ambushed by several pirates
dropping in. No sweat, just take them out. You'd think they could send better
pirates against you by this point. Make the jump over to the floating ball on
the other side and ride it across the water. Enemies will try to dislodge you
while you're floating, so be ready to attack as you move.

You'll end up on an ascending wooden bridge with barrels rolling down it. I'm
sure you know the drill by now. Follow the path to the top and grab the
purple lum hanging in the air to cross over to a hole in the opposite wall.
Jump down to some tree roots barely sticking out above the water and make
your way across, shooting any piranhas that get in your way.

You'll come to a long suspension bridge that's broken in the middle. Drop
down to it and turn around, grabbing the first cage. A purple lum waits
inside to help you get across. You'll enter a room that looks like it belongs
in a temple with prisms all about. Do the rain dance on the center one, then
shoot each prism (go in the order that the light hits them) to open the door.
Boss Chenille will pop out; two bosses in ten minutes or so! Basically, every
time you hit the boss one of its segments will pop off. Every time you hit
one of the boss segments it breaks up into four of the normal black shadow
enemies. A bit like Asteroids, really. Try to avoid popping off too many boss
segments at once, you can wind up with a truly formidable group of enemies
following you around the room! Just keep circling around the room and firing
when you get a chance, picking it off piece by piece. Eventually the boss
will go down and open the door again for you.

Follow the hallway that presents itself deeper into the building, finding
your second cage hanging immediately in front of you open entering the next
room. The path is very linear. The color scheme gets a bit more like
Christmas past this point, a lot of greens and reds and lava everywhere. Jump
around the edge of the next room, noting that those carvings in the walls can
be climbed just like the vines and bones in stages prior to this one. Use it
to get across, then run through a short tunnel with spiky tentacles looking
to get you. Shooting them once will make them retract for a bit, so use that
to clear the way for a jump across the lava to the next hall. Before you go
any farther, however, turn around after landing the jump. If you edge up
against the right wall you can see the third cage hanging from the ceiling
off to the right. Jump up and shoot to collect it.

At the end of the path you'll find a strange purple platform that will take
you back the way you came after you jump on it. It lowers you into the gaping
hole in the floor of the first room of this section, leading you through a
very spiky section safely. Be sure to shoot the wall blocking your path,
though. It will take you to the first flamethrowing hole in the wall in the
next area before it catches fire. That's your cue to jump off! The flames
don't hurt you, but the platform will burn up and be destroyed, so hop over
to the next one. Ride it to the next flamethrower, then jump to the next one
again. Shoot the spiky tentacles as they pop out to make a grab for you, then
suddenly the platform disappears! Helicopter down into the hole and continue
on your way.

The next room requires you to cross the lava on platforms that will fall over
after a second or two. Move quickly across them, but if you can spare a few
shots the fourth cage is hanging in plain view near the end of the sequence.
Jump over the flamethrower to the next platform, then over to a ledge with
more spiky tentacles. When you reach the edge, turn left and you'll see a
gold triangle in the wall. This is a button, so shoot it and a platform will
temporarily come out to help you get across. Make your way into the next area

The next room is fairly dangerous. You'll see a spinning platform attached to
the ceiling. On one side, a waterfall of lava crashes into it. On the other,
a flamethrower never lets up its heat on the column. A single platform spins
a little higher up on the column at a different rate of speed as the one
below it. On first playing the game I spent much time trying to jump onto the
top rotating platform. It is possible, but not advised in any way! There's a
much easier way. Run along the lower circular platform until the top one
crosses the lava waterfall, blocking the flow of it for a precious second or
two. Run through to the other side and jump to cling to the wall on the other
side. Climb up, then jump down onto the top rotating platform and from there
onto the floor leading out of the area. If you're willing to sacrifice a
little energy, drop down from where you are and find two yellow lums hanging
around near the lava. Then jump towards the beginning of the stage again and
shoot to open the fifth cage. You'll fall into the lava at this point. When
you restart, use the purple lum that flew out to reach a higher ledge with
even more lums. Then complete the room again. Ordinarily you should've waited
to be able to fly to safely grab the stuff, but if you're anything like me
one less trip through a stage to collect more stuff is a good thing.

You'll walk through another hall, this one with a hole in the wall that
continually produces black shadow enemies. Squeeze by them and find a lava
pit with a platform moving up and down along it. You'll have to jump on that
platform, ride it down to hit the switch below the door you want, then ride
it back up and get through the door before it closes again. You'll also have
to deal with any shadow enemies that tailed you to this point.

When you get through the door, you can drop off the left ledge for two yellow
lums. Grab the wall next to them, then jump to the single platform. You can
take a shot at the sixth cage and jump back onto the wall before the platform
falls away, completing that aspect of this stage. Follow the path to a
curious obstacle: A wall full of spiked tentacles that moves forward and back
along the path that you need to navigate. Just wait until it retracts and run
through, getting on your way again. There's a pair of those walls past that
point which requires a bit more precise timing to get by, then a switch in a
far wall before the final spiky wall. Hit it to get a temporary platform to
come out since the ones you're on will fall, then wait for your moment to get
across. One short hall leads to the final room. Don't forget to grab the lum
behind each column before you bust out the Teensie and exit the level.

3.19 The Lava Sanctuary

Lums: 50
Cages: 4

After the Teensie opens the door to the Lava Sanctuary for you, hop in and
get ready for the game's most brutal stage. It's not especially long and you
get to fly, but that's little consolation with what you'll have to deal with!
The room you start in has lava all along the floor and a hole with spiky
tentacles up top. He looks trapped, but Ly shows up and gives him the ability
to fly with his helicopter. Just hold X down after you use the helicopter
move and Rayman will gain altitude. Use L2 to strafe while flying. You can
decide for yourself whether it's easier to strafe or just steer while flying.
Before you hop up to that hole in the ceiling, carefully fly beneath the
ledge you're currently on. There are two lums to grab and a wall to smash
through. Behind that are more lums and your first cage.

As you fly through the spiky tunnel, the tentacles don't retract this time.
Just grit your teeth and navigate it. You'll reach a long room with a fan on
one end and some flames and lums on the other. Jump up and fly again, letting
the wind from the fan carry you over to the other side. Once through the wall
at the other end, the real fun begins! You can't stop flying so keep going as
best as you can. Stick to the right on the next wall you break through to
have a better chance of avoiding the spikes. Take care of the shadow enemies
while you're flying through the next area, then you get a breather and a red
lum. When you're ready, take off again. Watch the pattern of the spinning
flamethrowers. You should be able to cross on the right side without incident
though you'll want to fly a bit high when the second flamethrower spins
around from behind again.

The next flying area is a bit of a cakewalk until the door itself. It's a bit
narrower, so stay in the very center and squeeze through the spikes. The next
room is very brightly lit with hot lava everywhere. It's easy enough to
navigate, but this door seems even harder than the last one. Stick just to
the right of center, as there's a spike on the right side that will catch you
if you're not careful. In the final room of this section, be on the lookout
for the second cage hanging below the bridge next to the exit door. Fly down
and grab him. Don't pass up the five yellow lums that are directly above the
exit hole, either. Fly up to get them.

There's one final flying area, the toughest of all. A fan behind you pushes
you forward through a lava river first. Head to the center, then right, left,
and right again to navigate the falling lava and pick up the yellow lum in
the process (if you already have the lum, going left instead of the first
right is much easier as you'll see). Once you get through that you'll have
spikes everywhere. It's a pain just to fly through this area and having to
collect all the lums is even worse. Be on the lookout for a platform to your
left. Land on that and head inside for a group of yellow lums and cages #3
and #4, just waiting for you. Beyond that point is just a bit more flying,
then the door leading to the guardian battle.

Rayman will get the smackdown from Foutch and land on the ground far below,
unable to fly anymore. The fight begins with you running around a ring of
platforms and jumping away from Foutch's fire attacks. You'll have to hit him
with stalactites as he passes beneath them, something of a tricky
proposition. Jump past the trampoline webbing, then jump, turn and shoot at
the stalactite as he gets close to it. After he takes a hit he starts
throwing columns of fire as well as the floor-clearing rows. Personally, I
think the columns are easier to dodge. After taking two hits, he fires much
faster. The third hit takes him out. Use the purple lum he releases to get up
onto the bridge the stalactites were on, then drop down into the center and
grab the third mask!

3.20 Tomb of the Ancients

Lums: 50
Cages: 5

The Teensies tell you that Clark has been captured and is being held in Skull
Cave. Run over there now that you can fly (it's in the caves beneath the
Globox house) and fly over the lava. Fly into the left eye of the big skull
first, however, and find a goodly sized cache of yellow lums before you

Once inside the main area, you'll run down a spiral staircase. When you reach
the bottom, turn left to find the first cage. Jump over into that room, get
the cage, then hit the switch to open the door across the water. As soon as
you walk through, a spider will assault you. Take him out with some circle
strafing, and then move on up the hill. There's a big ring with a deep pit
inside. Grab all the yellow lums and jump in the pit. There's another spider
down there but you'll want to ignore it; if you kill it another will pop out
to replace it. Hit the switch in the coffin and use the webbing to climb back
up to the ring again, jumping across the water and into the next area.

Take an immediate left and run across the bridge. Shoot out the pirate and
shoot the bony hand once to make it retract temporarily, then jump onto the
skeleton floating in the water. You should be able to reach the webbing from
here. Stick to the left wall as you climb since a spider will come and try to
nab you. If he hits you, use your helicopter to lose as little altitude as
possible before you get back on the webbing. Head to the upper right to hit
the second switch, then return the way you came.

Go into the other corridor before the webbing, shooting any bony hands that
try to grab you. The switch is at the end of the area on the back of one of
the columns. A pirate will try to attack you, but you don't have to stick
around and take him on. Now that all three switches have been hit, return to
the main hall and climb up the webbing. You'll be able to cross the large
pool of green stuff with all the platforms now, so get to the other side and
climb the webbing. There are two ways to go here. You can jump into the
coffin straight ahead or you can jump off the platform again and head left
into a secret area. You can clear this stage out the first time through by
taking this secret area, so jump off to the left and carefully helicopter
that way until you see an alternate path around the wall.

After you jump into the secret area, you'll find yourself heading down a
staircase with red lums. At the bottom you'll face a large skull on the far
wall. In its eye sockets rocket launching pirates will appear. Take the two
of them out and a platform floats up in the green sludge. Jump to it, then
take two more out to make another platform appear. Jump to it, destroy a
third pair, then cross safely to the other side of the pond. Use the
trampoline webbing to jump through the eye socket to the left and into the
next section, which is where you would've ended up had you simply jumped in
the coffin to start with (but you would've missed a few lums).

When you reach the bottom, run over to the left area of the platform you're
on and face the opposite wall. You'll see some gears, which you should shoot
repeatedly to raise the gate blocking you. Once it's temporarily out of your
way, jump onto the floating ball and ride it down, taking out the bats that
harass you from behind. You'll have to make a jump onto another ball that
carries you to firmer ground. A rocket launching pirate awaits you here, so
you may want to use a charge shot to get a free powerful hit on him as you're
riding closer. Once he's gone, head into the next hallway. Hit the button
next to the archway to deactivate the lasers, then run through. Another stone
staircase takes you down to the next river. You have to jump over a laser
beam between two platforms, so wait until just before it gets to its lowest
point to make the jump. Don't wait long, however; the platform will sink and
dump you into the water!

Jump onto a floating ball from there and take an uneventful ride to some
webbing. Climb across it and land on a platform with a keg dispenser and an
unlit torch. You can now light torches, so fire once at it to set it aflame.
Grab a keg and fly across, landing on the wooden bridge on the other side. If
you turn around you can see the second cage on the back side of the main
column in the room. Destroy the pirates that come out, then open up the cage
to free a purple lum. Use it to swing back to the previous bridge, then grab
another keg and this time use it to fly to a small hole in the wall above the
opposite bridge. Drop down and fly over to a high platform with yellow lums.
There should be some webbing to grab onto to get a set of red lums if you're
low on energy by this point. Grab a keg from another dispenser and use the
nearby torch to fly to the end of this area.

When you reach the end, grab all the lums and carefully make your way to the
left end of the planks. You can just hit the third cage hanging below the
bridge itself from here. There's a gap in the planks you can use to drop onto
a floating ball. If you're quick enough, you can also hit the cage from here
instead. It'll carry you down the river to some webbing to hang from. Take
out the undead as you're wandering across, then drop onto another ball that
takes you into the next open area. As you go by the first underpass, look to
the right for a purple lum. Use it to swing onto the webbing on the wall and
climb up to get to the wooden platform. Use a purple lum to swing to the
other side, grabbing the yellow lums there and the fourth cage. Use the rest
of the purple lums to carry you to end of the river. You'll climb up some
webbing and probably run into a spider at the very top. I'm not sure if
there's anything you can really do about this other than waste time trying to
snipe it, so just run by and take a little bit of damage, it's not a big
deal. Run over to some gears that are keeping a grate shut. Shoot them a few
times, then drop down.

If you backtrack just a bit after you drop, you'll find that you didn't
travel very far at all from where you first rode the flying keg into the pipe
in the wall. A lot of extra work just for some lums and cages, eh? Find the
next floating ball and ride down the river again. A second ball joins you and
as you approach the next area, a pirate up on a bridge will lob bombs your
way. You can jump between the balls to attempt to avoid them, but I find it
easier and safer to simply jump on one ball, helicoptering as necessary to
stay off the ball while the bomb explodes. Your mileage may vary.

The balls will stop eventually and let you climb up into a pirate ship
environment. Take out the lone rocket launching guard and grab a keg. Run up
the stairs with it and blow open the door to your right, revealing the fifth
cage. From there, jump to the purple lum high up and swing over to the cargo
net. You may find it easier to jump onto the railing of the upper level
before attempting the jump. You'll vault the top of the ledge and drop into
the final section.

As you land, simply head forward and open the door with the adjacent switch.
You'll walk into an open area and find Clark, who is very happy to see
Rayman! At least, until Razorbeard's lackey takes control of him courtesy of
some experimenting done on the poor guy. You'll have to break the control on
Clark, which is clearly marked by a control box on his back. As the battle
starts you'll see three switches on the far side of the room. Hit them all,
and if all three are on at once (they're timed), a laser will appear near
you. Clark will trip if he runs into this laser, but be sure you're out of
his way when he's falling! When he's down, hit the box on his back. Repeat
until the box is destroyed and Clark is himself again. He instructs Rayman to
go into the next room where the pirates keep their inventions. Rayman walks
in and opens a chest to find a Lums Radar! Finally you can find all the lums
you may have been missing simply by letting it point to where they may be. In
addition, a secret lum will come out of the chest and be added to you, making
the full total 1,000 lums again. Excellent! Stand on Clark's back out in the
main room and free the Teensie, then get out of here.

3.21 The Iron Mountains

Lums: 50
Cages: 3

The Teensies back at the Stone Circle tell you that Clark knows where the
last mask is. Indeed, he simply runs through yet another 'door' and opens the
path right up for you! Head on over and let's get started.

You start out on a wooden bridge in front of a main building. There are
yellow lums hanging around in the air but you'll have to use the nearby
purple lums (start with the one immediately to your right as you begin the
level) to grab them all. Take out a lone pirate at the end of the bridge and
move on. After a quick trip through a pipe you'll wind up in a large circular
room with a rotating platform in the middle. There's a laser constantly on
over the platform itself, so after you swing onto it you'll have to jump
every now and then. There are two switches along the outer walls you need to
hit, and once they've been tagged the electrical field covering the hole in
the middle will disappear. You'll drop down another pipe into a large grassy
area. Follow the path you're given, picking up a set of super fists along the
way. You'll end up in a still larger cavern.

Head to the left after dispatching the lone pirate, picking up red and yellow
lums in the corners of the area. Then climb up the largest stack of boxes all
the way to the top and jump over to the ledge on the building next to you.
Turn around and shoot the first cage, then proceed to the next area. A short
tunnel and a cargo net bring you to a raging river! Float carefully from rock
to rock, shooting beneath the platform the pirate stands on to get your
second cage. At the bottom is another hot air balloon waiting to take you

When you land on ground again, you'll find yourself near a pretty large
building and next to four equally superlative rocks. Even better, there's
some kind of giant mechanical bird running around and making the rocks shake
and bounce. If you look closely enough when they jump (or just use your
radar) you'll see that there is a lum beneath each rock. Don't worry about it
now, you can't get them just yet. Instead, head forward onto the box and wait
for it to fly up due to the shaking ground. Jump up and head into the
building itself.

As you walk in, pirates will start attacking. Dispose of them, though dodging
is difficult on these narrower walkways. The third cage will be directly in
your path as you walk up to the top. Head over to the box at the end and jump
on it. The bird's motions will make the box jump even in here, giving you
access to the next area. You'll ride down a slope and suddenly find yourself
on a walking shell! If you're looking to get all the lums, you'll have to
head to the left at the junctures rather than letting the shell run around
the course on its own. They're placed all along the wooden beams of the
structure and on the roof as well.

However, your task is simpler if you just want to get through. Let the shell
run until you find yourself upright and on solid ground. There should be
arrows telling you to turn around, so make a U-turn and head to the right of
the beam you rode down on. Follow the path all the way around the big
depression in that floor, then find the ramp that leads down to it at the end
of the big U shape. You have to run over both switches to open the door to
let you continue. Ride outside to the area you started at, but now the big
bird's after you! You don't have much hope of outrunning the thing, so if
it's catching up do some quick turning and use your maneuverability to get a
lead. If you're still going for lums, lead it through those four big rocks
and it'll knock them away like they were nothing. To the left of those rocks
you'll find the exit to the area. Accelerate across the jump and go to meet
the guardian!

Grolem 13 will knock you right off of your platform. Rayman will fly through
this fight. He'll throw ice at you and bring lightning clouds in to fire
bolts straight down. Your job will be to hit the clouds that approach towards
you, sending them back over him. Once enough of them accumulate (about 10),
they'll hit him with a lightning bold and do 1/3 damage to his life bar.
After one hit he'll also throw black storm clouds towards you. These can't be
reflected and will do damage. After two hits to him he'll throw in ice
attacks that are much harder to dodge and superman charges as well. The third
hit puts him down, giving you the final mask!

A cutscene shows Polokus telling Rayman that he's going to take care of all
the pirates on the ground, but that Rayman needs to take care of the prison
ship itself. You're sent back to the Stone Circle and a shining door hanging
in midair will lead you to your final stage.

3.22 The Prison Ship

Lums: 90
Cages: 1

As soon as you start this level, you're on a slope and sliding downwards. No
break for you! This first area is straightforward, just a long stretch with
some jumps over small lava rivers and a bunch of lums to collect. There are
21, then you get to save. If you miss any, don't be afraid to jump off the
edge and restart the section you're in. The next section has you hitting
switches as you slide around. There are no jumps for you to make, luckily,
but once you get inside the building at the end you should keep firing to hit
switches as you go. There's one to get inside, one to lower a ramp before the
U-turn, then another just afterwards (this one is off to the left and
possibly the hardest to hit/see). You'll finally drop down after all that and
be on solid ground, having collected around 60 lums already if you nabbed
them all!

You'll drop into a computer room of sorts with an exit right in front of you.
Head out into an extremely large room with lava all along the bottom. Walk
along the grating immediately outside the door and head down the ladders to
get to the bottom. There are two guards to destroy, and once you get them
you'll be able to hit a switch at the far end of the platform. This in turn
activates a field for walking shells to come out of. After you climb back up
the first ladder, jump off to the left to pick up some red lums and the
stage's only cage. Head all the way up and you'll find the shell sleeping at
a convenient point next to the first room's exit. Before you grab it, there's
a single yellow lum that's just above a spinning wheel of spikes that you'll
want to grab. The easiest way is just to hang from the grating right next to
it and drop if necessary. You'll take some damage, but you'll have the lum

This shell is a flying shell, actually, and you're going to have to cross the
lava on it! That part of it is no sweat. Just fly over to the door at the far
end of the corridor. You'll have to hit the switch immediately before it, so
the easiest way may be to carefully glance against the ground once or twice
to keep low to it as you fly across the walkway. If you want the pick up the
rest of the lums, it'll take some extra time flying around and using your
radar to figure out where they are. None of them are really hiding, but if
you have trouble finding one they're often around pipes, near the lava, or in
some place that involves some risk in getting it.

There's one more section and it's all flying. The trouble is that it's very
DIFFICULT flying compared to that last room. Just fly overhead through the
first room and look for a large opening on the left side as you near the end
of the corridor. Yellow lums will point out the correct path through this
tight area (fairly close to the right wall) and you should fly through a few
more obstacles and beneath a wall without incident if you stay there. As soon
as you fly under the wall, however, you have to pull up hard to avoid the
wall immediately in front of you. Follow the pipes up the center and the
passage will start to curve back downward after a bit. Follow it and
immediately pull up into the next hole that presents itself a second or two
later. Enter the Star Wars section of this game; there are pipes everywhere!
If you have time, turn sideways before you head through. That seems to make
navigating this part easier. Also, staying near the center is important
because it's easy to miss the hole in the wall at the very end.

If you flew through that last area upright, be ready for a quick curve to the
left after you fly into the hole. You have another pipe section to deal with
here - again, it's helpful to turn sideways if you can. Another hole and turn
let you to a long hallway with few obstacles, but now lasers are being shot
at you! They won't blow up your shell (that I've seen) but they will stop it
from flying for a precious second or two. If you want a hidden stash of lums
and a sweet but difficult area to fly through, follow the red lums off to the
left (yes, you can actually fly out of the area a little bit!) and into a
hole in the side of the building. To finish the stage, just plow forward.
Another hole and one more turn puts you in the final stretch where the pipes
are just placed willy-nilly, not parallel to each other at all. My flying
pattern always goes from lower right to upper left; it seems to work fairly
well. After you pass into the tunnel at the end, the stage is over. You've
freed the slaves!

3.23 The Fight with Razorbeard

Lums: 0
Cages: 0

Your friends are all hanging out at the end of the bridge after you get back
to the Stone Circle. They tell you that you still need to beat Razorbeard.
There's a missile waiting right there to fly you up to him. This is the last
possible save point. Once you beat him, the end cinema and a reset is forced
so you'll have to restore to this point. If you're ready, climb on the
missile and meet up with him.

Razorbeard still has Globox, but Rayman jumps in at the nick of time to try
to save him. The pirate leader shoots them both, nearly finishing them off.
But Globox hangs on and tells Rayman to go after Razorbeard and his robot,
the Grolgoth. So the battle begins.

The Grolgoth starts by firing three floating cannonballs your way. You can
send them back by shooting them, but your aim has to be precise to hit him.
After you hit, he'll fire lasers from his feet. Jump and stay low alternately
to avoid the series of four shots. He may also try to jump onto you after a
hit, so just keep running after the shots to ensure that you're not
flattened. After three hits, Razorbeard tries to squash Rayman but ends up
destroying the arena instead, sending both plummeting to the lava below.

Ly saves Rayman from a fire bath and he is brought to a flying shell. The
Grolgoth is hanging between two columns. There are two tunnels you can fly
into and one of them will have a glowing object you can grab. This object
gives you the ability to fire six shots. Your object now is to hit both of
Grolgoth's hands to make him fall in the lava. One shot apiece will do, but
you have to do it nine times! Each time you run out of shots, another small
field of energy will appear in one of the two tunnels. The best strategy is
just to carefully fly through one tunnel and back out, hitting both of
Grolgoth's hands on your run. Duck into the other tunnel and fly all the way
through it and around to give Razorbeard time to get his robot back out of
the lava, then hit him again. If you're accurate with your shots, you'll only
need to refill your energy twice and you'll do that automatically by flying
through the tunnels so much. The only actual attack you have to worry about
from Razorbeard, for the most part, is more lasers shot from his feet. After
he gets back up from the lava, just don't be directly in front of him and you
should be fine. Dunk him in nine times and take a rest, you've won the game!
Enjoy the ending and musical jam accompanying the credits.

4. Mini-game Descriptions

As you collect the cages around the various areas in Rayman's world, Ly will
be able to open new challenges for you. If you're able to complete them,
you'll get an increase to your maximum life bar. These increases are quite
significant, making your final bar several times longer than when you started
if you get them all! Every 10 spirits you free, come back and see Ly at any
of her locations and she'll let you play a new game. The order and
descriptions follow.

4.1 Roller Coaster Challenge

This one is actually one of the most difficult, or at least it was for me.
You jump in a roller coaster and ride it along a track, picking up red lums
and avoiding obstacles in your way. The difficulty is that you need to pick
up ALL the red lums or it doesn't count! This holds true for all the other
games as well. This one is honestly just a matter of memorizing the track. If
you're having trouble with the shots being fired at you about 20 seconds into
it, remember that you can turn any way at all on the track, including
dangling upside down while you cruise along. Your finishing time doesn't
matter except for your own records; you only need to make it to the end in
one piece with all the lums.

4.2 Jump Challenge

This one is a breeze compared to the roller coaster. You have about 23
seconds to collect 20 lums in a course that requires a lot of jumping to
navigate. All you have to do is head up one side, then back down the other
and you should finish in plenty of time after a practice run or two.

4.3 Waterski Challenge

Another course-based challenge, you need to ride through the waterski course
while grabbing every lum. The only real item of concern I know of is that for
the second lum you need to be veering hard right to grab it or you'll be
pulled away before you get there. Time doesn't matter except for your
records. Just pick up all 25 lums and get the extension to your life bar.

4.4 Racing Challenge 1

You'll race Ly to the finish of a course in the forest here. Of course, that
alone wouldn't be enough, so you've got 25 lums to pick up as well. Each
checkpoint you hit will extend your time and dying gives you the time spent
back, though you lose a few seconds reforming anyway. You get 30 seconds to
start. Beating Ly isn't the important thing here. Win or lose against her,
you have to pick up the 25 lums and cross the finish line before time runs
out to get the life bar extension.

4.5 Grab Challenge

This challenge is another simple one: Grab 20 lums before time runs out.
You'll have to be proficient in using purple lums because it's all one big
column of lums! If you fall, you probably won't make it in the time limit.
Keep in mind that the shots to the purple lums are only left and right,
they're not trying to trick you in any fashion with fancy shots. Grab them
all and get more life.

4.6 Racing Challenge 2

It's another race with Ly! This time the course is more complicated but the
idea is the same. Make it to the end with all the lums before time runs out
and you'll get another life bar extension. I felt that this one is
considerably stricter on time, so it may take you several tries to get a feel
for the course's layout.

4.7 Trampoline Challenge

Another easy one. You simply have to bounce from trampoline to trampoline,
grabbing everything. No real strategies are necessary, just work your way
across methodically and you should have no trouble at all with this one. Stop
an errant jump if necessary by going into your helicopter spin.

4.8 Ray-type Challenge

Your reward for getting all 80 cages is this curious mini-game. Of all
things, it's a shooting game! Waves of enemies come out and attack you while
you ride a flying shell in a side-scrolling arena. You get bonus points for
destroying entire formations and a goodly number of points for destroying the
boss-like character, a copy of Foutch (the guardian at the Sanctuary of Lava).
If you beat the high score of 50,000 points before your three lives are spent,
you'll get another life bar extension.

5. Secrets

Once you buy all the regular powerups for Rayman, the Teensies will let you
buy bonus games to play outside of the regular game. When you load your game,
you'll now have an extra menu to choose whether you want the main game or the
bonus games. These are sold in order and use up all the remaining lums in the
game; i.e. the Globox soccer game will bring the total of spent lums up to

5.1 Glob Disk - 200 lums

This is, in my opinion, the best of the three bonus games. That's great
because it's also the first one you get! The premise is fairly simple: You
need to run through a small circular maze to the center to grab lums to stuff
in your sack. You then carry them back out and deposit them in the base that
is lit for you out of four bases. There is a plethora of powerups and
powerdowns, all of which are explained in-game. If you're playing single
player, the speed powerup is your top priority. Grab that and then look for
any rucksack increases you can find. Ghost is also an incredible thing to
have if you have speed, giving you two or three free runs at the lums. Just
be careful not to run into the lone enemy wandering the maze. He'll eat any
powerups he finds and will kill you too, given have a chance! You only have
three lives to start with, so be careful with them.

This game is a riot in multiplayer. Barrels exploding in enemy bases, walls
that shift and screw folks over, and general confusion and mayhem reign. It's
addicting and simple.

5.2 Missile Dogfight - 150 lums

This game is for 2 players only! That in itself is a bit of a letdown, but
you'll find it's not so bad if you get a friend to play it with you.
Basically Rayman and Ly square off with flying shells and have a dogfight in
a 2D world. Unlike the crazy feats the shells could pull off in the real
game, here you'll stall out if you try to climb too high too fast. While you
can bring it back by pointing downward again, the time to do so is such that
most of the stalls you have will result in death. There's really not much
more to the game, just fly around and attempt to shoot each other for a
while. Interesting and kind of amusing, but Glob Disk was so much better if
two players are going to be a requirement.

5.3 Baby Soccer - 50 lums

During the main game, you may or may not have seen the baby Globoxes playing
soccer at their house. If you actually stopped and watched them, it wasn't
just a silly mockup but a real game being played! When you unlock this,
you'll be able to take control of a baby Globox team and try to defeat the
other in a fairly traditional, if simplified, game of soccer. This is another
one of those games that I found very interesting for about five minutes but
the computer AI isn't enough to make it very interesting. In fact, the way
it's designed lends itself to only a few strategies so human players would
soon be bored with each other. Instead of looking to this game, consider the
fact that you collected all the lums at all to be your own badge of honor.

5.4 The Bonus Game

Not really a secret, but if you collect all the lums and cages in a stage
you'll be given access to a 'bonus game.' You have a baby Globox who is trying
to get to the witch at the end of the path ahead of a robo-pirate. You have to
hit X and O alternately to speed the baby up, whose velocity is indicated by a
bar at the bottom of the screen. If you finish ahead of the pirate, the reward
is to have your life bar refilled and super fists given to you. Yes, that's
right. A little extra life and super fists! Don't you feel ripped off for going
to all that trouble? Truly, for the most part the 1,000 lums in this game has
to be its own reward if you go after it.

6. Cheats

There are three cheats in this game that I know of and I'll list them here. Use
them at your own risk; it's not as satisfying to take the easy way out!

Free powerups: During your game, pause it and go to the Sound menu. Highlight
'Mute' and hold down L1 and R1. While those are depressed, enter L2, R2, L2,
R2, L2, R2. You'll get a menu that offers all the powerups you can buy in the
game as well as super fists (called Megashoot in the menu). Red means you have
it, blue means you don't.

Access all bonus levels: From the main menu before you load your game, go to
the Options menu. Go to the Language menu from there, then the Voices menu.
Highlight 'Raymanian' and hold down L1 and R1. With those down input L2, R2,
L2, R2, L2, R2. You'll be taken to the bonus games menu with all three

Names in Baby Soccer: During the Baby Soccer bonus game, hold down L1 and R1
and input L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2 and names will appear above all of the
players. While it serves no gameplay purpose that I can tell, I find it highly
amusing that the programmers put it in.

7. Contributor Info

Have you got something I didn't list? This guide is complete as far as cages
go and any lums that I felt were trouble have been accounted for. But if you
have better strategies for anything, send them in! If I test it out and think
yours is better or at least as good, I'll put it in and give you the credit.
E-mail me with your stuff at [email protected]

8. Copyright

This work is copyright 2001 by Brian McLean. A single copy for personal use
may be printed. Permission is granted for electronic redistribution through
gamefaqs.com. All other redistribution, for profit or not, is prohibited.

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