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         /  _____    \
        /  /     /   /        A FAQ/Walkthrough Created By: Croco  
       /  /     /   /                        __
      /  /_____/   /                        /  /                  __
     /        ___ /    ________  _______   /  /       _______  __/  /_
    /    __   \       /  __   / /  ____/  /  / __    / ____  //_    __/
   /    /  \   \     /  / /  / /  /      /  /_/  /  / /___/ /   /  /
  /    /    |   \   /  / /  / /  /      /     __/  /  _____/   /  /
 /    /     |   |  /  /_/  / /  /____  /  /\  \   /  /____    /  /
/____/      |___| /_______/ /_______/ /__/  \__\ /_______/   /__/   
             -  -ROBOT- -      - -ON- -       - -WHEELS- -              

This Document is Copyrighted 2000 by Croco. Any reproduction of this document in 
part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden (excluding 
private use).

This FAQ Includes: *Walkthrough Explaining the Locations of the Tickets
                   *Guide to the Machine Parts 
                   *Tough to Get Tinker Tokens
                   *Vehicle Guide
                   *Lots more! Read on!

Contact Me: [email protected] (see later for details)

This is the Final Version of the Croco FAQ/Walkthrough of Rocket: Robot On 
Wheels, Created 9/5/2000.

Final Version- Created 9/5/00
Yes, I know I said "no more updates" two updates ago. But alas, this isn't 
really an update. I'm just changing my name (like it?) and making this known as 
the "Final" version. That's all. Cheerio (for real this time).

Version 1.5- Created 6/26/00
Well, I wasn't going to update, but someone recently pointed out to me that I 
was missing Ticket J in Food Fright! I couldn't let my guide go incomplete, so 
I'm putting it in. Also, I've got the first Frequently Asked Question and some 
other stuff I did a really long time ago that I probably forgot. This is 
probably the last update. Cheerio!

Version 1.4- Created 4/18/00
It looks like the FAQ is complete. I've got the final Level in here, Jojo's 
World, with all the help you need to get by all of the difficult parts. Even 
greater, I've got a few Gameshark codes! How very nice! Do I expect to update 
this FAQ again? Yes, if I have a reason to. If I get some more questions, some 
more Gameshark Codes, or requests for Maps, I'll be sure to put them in. 

Version 1.3- Created 4/15/00
Well, I haven't got the last level in here yet (Jojo's World), but I do have a 
very nice surprise. I've got some lovely codes (not Gameshark) that can be 
entered into the game to alter things. They're pretty cool, and you should 
definitely try them out. Go to Section 4, Part 1 to see them. Enjoy!

Version 1.2- Created 4/8/00
Only a week since the last update, and now Food Fright is entered into the 
levels featured here. There also are a bunch of new Enemies, Special Things, and 
Vehicles, so have fun with this nice update. Only one more level to go!

Version 1.1- Created 4/1/00
Just in time for April we have another update, which adds the level Pyramid 
Scheme onto the list. Tickets, Machine Parts, Vehicles, and secrets of this 
level are all revealed. This is no April Fool! 

Version 1.0- Created 2/21/2000
Here we are, the first part of the Rocket FAQ made by me, Croco64. Parts 1, 2, 
and 4 all finished (but will be added upon later), and these levels in Part 3 
have also been completed: Whoopie World, Clowny Island, Paint Misbehavin', Mine 
Blowing, and Arabian Flights. Fill up on the goodness and get ready for more 


UPDATE NOTICE: Here we are! Jojo's World help is here! Finally, after all this 
time, I've got the complete guide. Every Level, every Ticket, everything in the 
game is recorded here. I've even got a few new gameshark codes, too (thanks to 
DragonHunter7911)! But that doesn't mean I have to stop there, though. I can 
still add Frequently Asked Questions, more Gameshark Codes, and Maps. So don't 
worry, there may be a version 1.5 after all.   


I. Part 1- Introduction to Rocket
   A. Introduction
   B. Author's Comments
   C. Story
II. Part 2- Rocket Guides
   A. Meet the Characters 
   B. Collectibles
   C. Basic Moves
   D. Advanced Moves
   E. Vehicle Guide
   F. Enemy Guide
   G. Special Places/Things
III. Part 3- Walkthrough
   A. Overworld: Whoopie World
   B. Level 1: Clowny Island
   C. Level 2: Paint Misbehavin'
   D. Level 3: Mine Blowing
   E. Level 4: Arabian Flights
   F. Level 5: Pyramid Scheme 
   G. Level 6: Food Fright    
   H. Level 7: Jojo's World
IV. Part 4- Additional Help
   A. Cheats
   B. Gameshark Codes
   C. Tips
   D. FAQs
   E. Contact Info/Credits/Special Thanks
   F. Closing Statement

Where Should You Go?
Part 1- Generally just an Introduction and not much information that will help 
you beat Rocket or collect items. Look here for fun, not for info.
Part 2- This describes the basics, but also has some guides to other things such 
as vehicles, enemies, and characters.
Part 3- Here's where the real meat is. Want to find tickets, hard-to-get tokens, 
booster packs, or machine parts? This is where it's at.
Part 4- If you've looked in the other sections and haven't found anything, this 
is where some additional tips are located. If they don't help you, feel free to 
send in an e-mail, but first check this part for details on how to do so.
Recommendation: If you're confused about a ticket, try reading about a ticket 
before it. It may help you to find that ticket and some of the directions apply 
to both.

| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|||///////////////////////////////// |
|- - - - - - - - - - - PART 1: Introduction To Rocket - - - - - - - - -| 
| ////////////////////////////////|||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |

       - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRODUCTION - - - - - - - - - - - - 

     Whether it's because of the realistic physics engine or the outstanding 
gameplay, Rocket is a hit. Rocket looks simple and common enough: platformer, ok 
graphics, and a sort of cute character. It's strange how much Rocket seems to 
have in common with other platformers, yet, somehow, it's so unique, so 
different. And although the highly-acclaimed physics engine is great, it's not 
just that- it's also a great platformer. There's lots of tough puzzles, 
vehicles, and fun that you never thought would be in a platformer; building a 
Roller Coaster? Flying around on a magic carpet? Painting walls and sheep with 
some contraption called the "Hoversplat"? Rocket is very innovative, and even 
may outshine the big DK himself in some platforming areas. Rocket isn't 
necessarily about beating the game... it's about having fun. Never before have I 
seen myself return to a previous level to do something besides collect all of 
the stuff there. In Rocket, I went back for FUN. Isn't that what a game should 
be like?

     - - - - - - - - - - - - AUTHOR'S COMMENTS - - - - - - - - - - - -

  A while ago, I decided to make a Rocket FAQ, because it was in high demand. 
Someone quickly took that position of having the first FAQ, and the demand died 
down. So, I stopped working on my FAQ. A couple weeks ago I came back to my 
half-finished FAQ. I decided "what's wrong with two?" and pushed aside some of 
the work I was doing on my Harvest Moon FAQ to work on this one once more. And 
now, here it is. And now here it is, all complete. I'm so proud of myself.
  Well, I've found all the tickets now. Every last one is in this guide to help 
you out. Yup. All 84 of 'em (84? What a strange number...). I'm actually quite 
pleased that I've found them all, and thanks for waiting so patiently while I 
got them. This is it, the complete Rocket FAQ. 

         - - - - - - - - - - - - THE STORY - - - - - - - - - - - -  

  Rocket's story is the basic "save the theme park from crazed raccoon who stole 
the walrus mascot" plot. Gee, couldn't they at least try to come up with 
something new? In detail...
  It was the night before the grand opening of the wondrous new amusement park 
titled "Whoopie World". Dr. Gavin, the park's creator, stashed away all of the 
parks tickets and tokens in his orbiting command center. Going to the big party 
before the opening, he left his new creation, Rocket (a robot on wheels), to 
make sure everything would be just peachy and that the mascot Whoopie (with his 
sidekick Jojo) was well fed and happy. As the Dr. was leaving, however, Rocket 
discovered Jojo was tired of being the sidekick and instead wanted to create a 
park where HE was the head mascot. To do this, he stopped Whoopie World from 
opening; doing this by stealing all of the tickets and tokens needed to operate 
it. Rocket was too late to warn Dr. Gavin about the raccoon's mad scheme, as he 
had just left for the party. Jojo quickly escaped from the cage and knocked out 
Rocket. As Rocket came to, he caught a glimpse of Jojo hauling Whoopie off, with 
all of the tickets and tokens. Now Rocket's mission is to find all of the 
tickets and tokens that are needed for the park, save Whoopie, and stop Jojo!


| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|||///////////////////////////////// |
| - - - - - - - - - - - - PART 2: Rocket Guides - - - - - - - - - - - -| 
| ////////////////////////////////|||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |

   - - - - - - - - - - - - MEET THE CHARACTERS - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Here are the characters presented in Rocket that are good toward the 
understanding of this game. These are just the big ones, so I'm not going to 
include the corn car or the chicken from chick-tack-toe. So, without further 

Rocket: This little robot is the guy you control. He gets around on his single 
wheel, and is the guardian of the tickets and tokens. He didn't do a very good 
job, so now he has to collect all of them that Jojo has spread throughout the 

Whoopie: Whoopie the walrus is the mascot of Whoopie World and was kidnapped by 
Jojo. He's lazy and not too bright, so he won't do much to help you.

Jojo: The evil raccoon was tired of being the 2nd guy, so decided to ruin the 
park and instead introduce his own "Jojo's Werld". To make the park a success, 
Rocket must stop him from his mad ideas.

Tinker: Tinker is the repair robot who, with enough tokens, will fix Rocket up 
with some new moves. He's really busy trying to get the park back up into 
operation, so he can't help Rocket with everything.

Dr. Gavin: The genius who invented Rocket and Tinker. He also created the great 
theme park Whoopie World.


         - - - - - - - - - - - COLLECTIBLES - - - - - - - - - - -

Like in every platform game, there's many different items to collect in Rocket. 
These are what you need to obtain certain goals and ultimately stop Jojo.

Tickets are the main thing to collect in the game, and are the reward for every 
difficult task. You need these to activate Ticket Switches, which require you to 
have a certain amount of Tickets. These in turn will open up new levels to 

Tinker Tokens: 
Tinker Tokens are the Rocket equivalent of Mario Coins or Banjo Notes, but they 
have a different use. With enough Tinker Tokens, Tinker will be able to program 
new moves into your system, and with enough tokens you can drive around in cool 
vehicles. Finally, if you collect all of the tokens in a level you'll be 
rewarded with a ticket. There are three colors of tokens:
     Silver: The standard token. Not hard to find and are worth a 
             single token.
     Gold: These nifty little tokens give you five tokens, but are 
             harder to come across than their silver counterparts.
     Purple: The violet token will snag you ten Tinker Tokens, but
             these are very rare.

Machine Parts: 
Machine Parts are strewn about each level. If all of these parts are put 
together and put in the proper place, the machine will start and some event will 
occur. You'll also get a ticket for activating the machine.

Booster Packs: 
You start the game with a measly three energy icons. If you want to be able to 
withstand more hits, you'll have to hunt down booster packs. Booster Packs will 
add on another icon to your health. Also, when you collect one, your health will 
be totally refilled.


        - - - - - - - - - - - - BASIC MOVES - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rocket's basic moves are known right from the start of the game.

Jump:              Use it by- Pressing A 
Rocket's most simplistic move. Simply press A, and he leaps into the air. 
Probably the most used move.

Tractor Beam:      Use it by- Pressing B
This is a unique little feature that compensates for Rocket's lack of arms. He 
can grab onto things such as poles and enemies, but this doesn't have a very 
long range. Press B again to throw certain items. 

First Person View: Use it by- Pressing Top C
It's not really a move, but to get a better look at things (particularly things 
above or below you) press top C. This will change the view from third person to 
first person (first robot to be correct).

Move Camera:       Use it by- Pressing Left or Right C
Another camera changing thing that really isn't a move, press either left or 
right C to move the camera in its respective direction.

Camera Distance:   Use it by- Pressing Bottom C
The final Camera modifier will move the camera either farther from you or closer 
to you, depending on how many times you press it.

Drop/Exit:         Use it by- Pressing R
If you've grabbed something and would like to set it down gently, press R. You 
can also evacuate a vehicle (and if you're in the middle of a ring challenge, 
stop) by pressing this.


       - - - - - - - - - - - - ADVANCED MOVES - - - - - - - - - - 

These Advanced moves are programmed into you by Tinker later in the game once 
you've collected many Tinker Tokens. (TT= Tinker Tokens)

Slam:         Token Requirement- 80 TT
This is pretty much the only way to defeat enemies. After you've caught them in 
your tractor beam, jump into the air, then press Z to smash 'em into the ground. 
Not a normal hero's attack to defeat enemies, huh? This can also be used to 
destroy objects, and may reveal some health.

Double Jump:  Token Requirement- 250 TT
Rocket gets his boosters working after he gives Tinker the required amount of 
tokens. After you jump once, press A again to get a little boost and some extra 
distance to your jump. Unfortunately, it doesn't function underwater.

Freeze Ray:   Token Requirement- 450 TT
The freeze ray is another uncommon weapon that Rocket has in his arsenal. By 
holding down Z and pressing A, rocket will shoot a cold beam of ice. This can 
freeze some enemies, but is more useful as a stepping stone maker. By standing 
right above water and using this, rocket will create a block of ice that'll help 
him across the water. However, this ice will melt quickly, so o Rocket will need 
to make them continuously in order to make it to the other side. 

Grapple:      Token Requirement- 650 TT
The grapple will add extra distance to the length of your tractor beam, but 
you'll have to stand still to use it. Hold Z and press B to activate it, then 
press B again to fire it. Grapple Pads will indicate areas that you should use 
this, but always keep your eyes open.

Triple Jump:  Token Requirement- N/A
Rocket doesn't really learn this move; instead, an enemy helps him to achieve 
it. In a couple of levels (particularly Mine Blowing) little fungi known as 
Mischievous Mushrooms will grab onto Rocket's wheel. Rocket will need to jump 
three times to escape its grasp. Desperately trying to get away, his third jump 
will send him soaring high into the air. With this jump, Rocket can reach new 
areas and locales.


       - - - - - - - - - - - - VEHICLE GUIDE - - - - - - - - - - - - 

One of the coolest aspects of Rocket is that there are so many cool vehicles to 
ride around in. Who could resist flying through the air on the Shag Flyer or 
around the dunes of Clowny Island in the Dune Dog?
(Ratings are on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the low and 10 being the high)

Dune Dog: Level- Clowny Island            Token Requirement- 50 TT
          Speed- 8       Handling- 5      Special- Small Hop 
          A- Brake       B- Accelerate    Z- Hop        R- Exit
The Dune Dog is the first vehicle you'll find. It's not very special, just a 
standard race car. It lays on the beaches of Clowny Island underneath the Roller 
Coaster, hidden behind some large dunes. You can race the corn car with this 
speedy hot dog and can also drive through the rings. It's good at going off the 
dunes for spectacular jumps. But watch out, because this car flips over rather 

Galaxy 2000 Car: Level- Clowny Island
          Speed- N/A     Handling- N/A     Special- Goes on Galaxy 2000
This isn't in actuality a controllable vehicle. Rather, it rides on the roller 
coaster tracks you design. Because you can't control it, I can't really rank it 
in speed and handling. It magically appears after you've placed all of the 
screws into there place.
Hoversplat: Level- Paint Misbehavin'       Token Requirement- 125 TT
          Speed- 4       Handling- 8      Special- Paint Gun
          A/B- Switch Paint Color         Z- Fire Paint  
The Hoversplat is probably the most crazy (and maybe most fun) vehicle in the 
game. It hovers gently above the ground, and other than providing transportation 
for Rocket, can also paint a beautiful landscape... of purple hills, orange 
sheep, and green walruses. You can paint nearly anything you see, and sometimes 
this is the key to solving puzzles.

Finbot:    Level- Paint Misbehavin'       Token Requirement- 175 TT
           Speed- 3       Handling- 1      Special- None
           A- Swim        Tap A- Speed Burst      CS Back- Jump
The Finbot the only underwater vehicle in the game, and will help you navigate 
the aqueduct of Paint Misbehavin'. The bad news: Finbot has many problems. 
Turning takes about 15 seconds (no joke) and it doesn't go a whole lot faster 
than Rocket running. The good news: you'll have to use it to jump up to some 
high rings and to go in the aqueduct. Or maybe that's bad news...

Beamlift:  Level- Mine Blowing          
           Speed- 1      Handling- 3      Special- Giant Tractor Beam
           A- Hop        B- Lift Item     Z + Control Stick: Turn Beam
The Beamlift is quite a unique contraption. Like Rocket, it is outfitted with a 
tractor beam. The difference is these dual beams can lift very heavy objects. 
While it isn't used for much (and moves very poorly), it can be helpful if you 
want to reach high places.

Shag Flyer: Level- Arabian Flights
           Speed- 10     Handling- 6       Special- It Can Fly
           A- Accelerate   Z- Brake        B + Control Stick: Back Up
The Shag Flyer, in my opinion, is the most fun vehicle in the game. There's 
nothing like cruising around the skies of Arabian Flights with this baby. You 
can just go around for hours... but enough of that. It's quite fast, probably 
the fastest vehicle in the game. It's absolutely necessary if you want to get 
anywhere in Arabian Flights, but it's not hard to find at all.

Glider Bike: Level- Pyramid Scheme
           Speed- 7      Handling- 6        Special- Can Glide
           A- Accelerate   B- Brake         Z- Move Wings In/Out (Glide)
The Glider Bike is a very cool but hard to control vehicle. It's speed and 
handling are somewhat similar to the Dune Dog, but it has an awesome feature: it 
can glide through the air. Press Z and the wings will come out, and with enough 
speed it will start to fly. To keep the bike in the air, try dipping down 
quickly then going back up. Otherwise you will slowly fall to the ground.

Spider Rider: Level- Food Fright 
           Speed- 7      Handling- 3         Special- Can drive in Swamp
           A- Accelerate   B- Brake         Z- Brake
The Spider Rider isn't very special. Sure, it's the only vehicle that can easily 
drive on water (even murky, swampy water!), but it's poor handling and no 
special abilities make it not the top choice. However, it's speed is decent and 
it's easy to find.

        - - - - - - - - - - - - ENEMY GUIDE - - - - - - - - - - - -

The enemies in Rocket aren't very threatening, but sometimes you might get 
stomped or zapped by one. Here's the lowdown on all of the baddies in the game.

SECURITY ROBOTS: Damage- 1        Energy- 1        Difficulty (1-10)- 4
                 Attack- Electric Shock            Appearance: Common
Security robots appear in much of the game and it would be safe to say they are 
the most abundant creature in Whoopie World. Designed to keep the park safe, 
these robots went haywire after Jojo's takeover. Now they will attack anyone in 
the area. The shoot beam of electricity, but it takes them a second to recharge. 
That's your cue to slam them. However, be careful not to get shocked; they can 
shock you even when you have them in your tractor beam!

CLOWNS: Damage- None         Energy- N/A           Difficulty- 5
        Attack- Beam Grab               Appearance: Common
Clowns will appear in nearly all of the levels; and will have the appropriate 
clothing to go with the area's theme. Instead of attacking you, clowns tend to 
do something else: try to be as annoying as possible. They roll along on balls 
and try to prevent you from passing. If this weren't enough, they are also 
equipped with tractor beams. If you're carrying an item, you can bet that 
they'll try to steal it. However, clowns will do no damage to you, but cannot be 
killed themselves.

GOPHER: Damage- None          Energy- N/A          Difficulty- 4
        Attack- Beam Throw              Appearance: Uncommon
Gophers inhabit some of the grassy areas of Rocket's destinations. By burrowing 
on the ground, they try to get Rocket away without violence. Instead, they are 
fitted with tractor beams and try to get Rocket in their grasp, afterwards 
throwing him far away.

ROBOT SHARKS: Damage- 1      Energy- N/A           Difficulty- 3
              Attack- Electric Bite    Appearance: Rare
The Robot Sharks, whose only home is Clowny Island's dinosaur, will try to make 
a missed step regrettable. If you fall in their water, quickly go over to the 
left and try to get out. Fortunately, these sharks are quite slow and there's a 
good chance you'll make it out of the water without losing any health.

STINGER BUG:  Damage- 1      Energy- 1             Difficulty- 4
              Attack- Sting            Appearance: Common
Though a little bit more agile, these bugs are very similar to the 
security robots. The same advice and warnings go for them as well.

PIRANHA BOT:  Damage- 1      Energy- None          Difficulty- 3
              Attack- Self-Destruct    Appearance: Rare
These fish swim in the cool waters of Paint Misbehavin'. I f you intrude into 
their territory, they'll sacrifice themselves for the security of the river. 
When you start to see them flash, get away before they explode.

MISCHIEVOUS MUSHROOMS: Damage- None     Energy- N/A   Difficulty- 2
              Attack- Charge & Grab    Appearance: Uncommon
Mischievous Mushroom are annoying little Fungi that are both good and bad. The 
good part is that you'll get a super boost added to your jump if you jump while 
they've caught you. The bad part is that they'll stop at nothing to get you in 
this grip. And you don't move very good while you're in it. They are harmless, 
though, so no damage will be done (unless you happen to be holding a bomb at the 

BOMB CANNON:  Damage- 1      Energy- N/A             Difficulty- 5
              Attack- Bomb Shot        Appearance: Common
We all know how annoying it is to get blown up with a bomb. But what if these 
bombs were being shot at you from a cannon? The bomb cannon does just this, and 
is a used as a way to get bombs for more advanced players. Catch the bomb it 
shoots and it's yours! Miss and you'll be losing some energy.

ELECTRIC ZAPPERS: Damage- 1     Energy- N/A           Difficulty- 1    
              Attack- Electric Shock    Appearance: Uncommon
These guys appear in strange places (where you may be vulnerable) and try to 
shock you. It's a good thing their reaction time is very slow, and as long as 
you don't dawdle, you'll make it by them before they get a chance to hurt you.  

ADVANCED SECURITY ROBOTS: Damage- 2    Energy- 1       Difficulty- 9
              Attack: Electric Shock     Appearance: Uncommon
These more advanced versions of the security robots are first found in Arabian 
Flights. Causing two icons of damage, these guys are a menace, and it doesn't 
help that they're very quick. To make things even worse, after you slam them, 
they become two small security bots! Each of the smaller ones only does one icon 
of damage. Try to catch these guys off guard. They all will give you one energy 

SUPER STINGER BUGS: Damage- 2    Energy- 1             Difficulty- 7
              Attack: Sting              Appearence: Uncommon
These insects are very much similar to Advanced Security Robots, but are found 
out in nature. They cause two icons of damage and give you 1 energy refiller in 
return, but fortunately do not break up into two smaller parts. They are very 
quick, even more than the Advanced Security Robots. Avoid them if you can, but 
if they attack, dodge and use your tractor beam to slam them into the earth. 

SUPER SECURITY ROBOTS: Damage- 2    Energy- 2          Difficulty- 7
              Attack: Double Shockers     Appearence: Uncommon 
These are very similar to the Super Stinger Bugs, but they're a little slower 
(but will notice you more easily). Despite these minute differences, the only 
real difference is that these guys will give you two life icons when you defeat 
them. Unlike the Advanced Security Robots, they do not split into two smaller 
robots. They'll deal out two icons of damage with their double shockers.

MARSHMALLOWS: Damage- None     Energy- N/A              Difficulty- 2
              Attack- Charge & Grab    Appearance: Rare
Marshmallows are the Food Fright equivalent of Mischievous Mushrooms. They will 
act in the same way, and will also provide triple jumps. They're only found in 
the Peppermint area, thankfully.

EYES:         Damage- 1        Energy- N/A              Difficulty- 6
              Attack- Shock             Appearence: Rare
Eyes live in swamps (in Food Fright), but only a certain kind found inside of 
the giant Monster's belly will shock you. They can't attack you from afar, but 
any contact with them will jolt Rocket.

EYE CANNONS:  Damage- 1        Energy- N/A              Difficulty- 8
              Attack- Eye Bombs         Appearence: Rare
Eye Cannons disguise themselves as normal eyes. However, they will open up and 
start firing eye bombs at you! In the Spider Rider, you'll be very vulnerable to 
this fire.

PAINT CANNONS: Damage- None    Energy- N/A               Difficulty- 5
               Attack- Paint Shot        Appearence: Rare
Paint Cannons are one of Jojo's creations designed to mess up the colors that 
you're wearing. It shoots out random colors at you. Fortunately, if you move 
quickly, you can avoid their shots easily.


  - - - - - - - - - - - - SPECIAL PLACES/THINGS - - - - - - - - - - - -

Throughout Rocket you'll find many interesting things that'll aid you in 
completing your quest. Be sure to take notice of these, as they're big helps!

Recharge Station: Use- Fills Your Energy to the Max.
  These large contraptions are found only in the overworld, Whoopie 
  World. If you jump into their center, all of your energy will be 
  refilled. Stop by if you're traveling between worlds.

Tinker's Image:   Use- Gives You Hints/Clues
  When you see a holographic image of Tinker's face coming from the 
  ground, get next to it and press B. Tinker will give you some advice,
  or maybe a hint on how to get an item in the area. These are mostly 
  found in the earlier levels, where Tinker will teach you the basics.

Handles:          Use- Hang/Swing
  Handles are found all over the park, but are often disguised as part 
  of the environment. By using your tractor beam, you'll grab onto them.
  Most of the time you'll use them to swing over a pit or to another 
  handle, but other times you'll just ride them (when they're connected 
  to gears). 

Teleportation Pads: Use- Transport to Levels
  These pads are the gateways between Whoopie World and each of the 
  individual levels. Step on one to enter. You usually have to activate
  a Ticket Switch for these to become accessible. 

Grappling Pads:   Use- Grapple
  While you can grapple anywhere, these pads indicate areas where you'll
  need to grapple to get somewhere. If you see one of these, search 
  around for a handle to grapple to.

Summoning Pads:   Use- Summon Vehicle
  Wherever you need to use a vehicle, there is usually one of these 
  nearby. It will warp the vehicle it pictures to you from wherever it 
  may be. However, for these to work, you must have found the vehicle
  first. It won't transport it if it doesn't know where it is.

Bombs:            Use- Explosion
  Bombs are a very plentiful item, and first appear in Mine Blowing. 
  Bombs are mostly used to destroy walls, but there are also special
  bomb targets that require bombs to activate.

Bomb Switches:    Use- Various Activations
  As said earlier, bombs can be used to activate these switches.
  They're usually moving, making it more difficult to make the bomb
  explode on them.
Energy Atom:      Use- Refills 1 Energy Icon 
  These are found by destroying items or enemies that can be lifted with 
  your tractor beam. These will refill one of the icons on your power 
  meter, which will allow you to take another hit.

Spider Handles:   Use- Transport Up/Down
  Some Spider Handles are just normal handles found in mid-air. Other, 
  more special Spider Handles travel up and down after short periods of
  time. You can ride them to reach higher areas.

Spinning Handles: Use- Transport Long Distances
  These special handles will spin around the central axis, giving you
  momentum to leap farther. They sometimes go upwards to let you climb 
  to high places.


| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|||///////////////////////////////// |
| - - - - - - - - - - - - PART 3: Walkthrough - - - - - - - - - - - - -| 
| ////////////////////////////////|||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |

Ahhh, finally. This is what you've been waiting for, right? Guide to the 
Tickets? Locations of commonly missed Tinker Tokens? Machine Parts? Vehicles? 
That's a lot of stuff, right? Here it is, the goodness of Rocket.

- - - - - - - - - - - - OVERWORLD: WHOOPIE WORLD - - - - - - - - - - - - 

When you first start the game, you'll be in Whoopie World. Whoopie World is the 
central area that connects to all of the levels. To access the levels, you'll 
need a certain amount of tickets. Not much of it can be accessed from the start, 
but you can enter the main entrance and go down the hall, to find tinker and a 
giant clown head. Here's the main areas that you'll find inside Whoopie World:

Starting Chamber: Where you first begin, with the giant Whoopie head. 
Entrance Chamber: Where the entrance to Clowny Island is.
Main Chamber: The large chamber with levels 2-4 in it. Includes the clouds, too.
Dome Room: Upstairs is the final room where the most difficult levels are.

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Starting Chamber       Requires: Nothing        Difficulty: 1
This one is too easy to get. It's just basically introducing you to the idea of 
collecting tickets. You can't miss it, just grab it before you enter the 
Entrance Chamber at the beginning of the game.

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: Nothing        Difficulty: 1
This one's a little hard to find, but getting it is simple. As the clue 
suggests, get to the bottom part of the Main Chamber. Beneath the giant Whoopie 
and Jojo statues is a circle that you can go in. There's a gold token here, but 
more importantly, a ticket. At the very back, you'll notice an oddly colored 
tile. Hit it with your tractor beam and it'll lift up, revealing a ticket.

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 2
After entering the Main Chamber, you'll need to head behind the giant Jojo 
statue and climb the stairs in his back. Jump up to his hat, then use your 
tractor beam to grab onto his nose. You'll swing into his open mouth. Inside, 
there's a challenging puzzle, with five pillars. To reach the Ticket (and all of 
the tinker tokens), start by activating the blue pillar that is to the right of 
the yellow pillar (right if you're facing the back of the room). Then go in a 
clockwise direction (away from the yellow pillar) and hit all of the switches. 
The last pillar should be the yellow one. After that, just climb up and the 
ticket's yours! 

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 2
Head towards the entrance to Paint Misbehavin', but don't go in. Instead, head 
around to the back and change your view. Drop down, but quickly use your tractor 
beam to grab a handle. Use this to swing into a tiny space holding the fourth 
Ticket of  Whoopie World.

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: 15 Tickets       Difficulty: 3
When you activate the 15 Ticket Switch, the wall on the side of the mine will 
swing open, revealing the entrance to the next level. However, the part that 
swung open can be used as a staircase to reach the hole in the top of the hill. 
Jump inside. Once inside, you'll notice some catwalks with Tinker Tokens. Be 
sure to collect the 17 TT's, but don't dawdle. Each section of the walk will 
fall in a short time, so scamper across as quickly as you can. On the other side 
awaits Ticket E. 

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: 25 Tickets       Difficulty: 2
Tinker's Freeze Ray should come in handy when you want to hit the 25 Ticket 
switch. Jump up Jojo's back after you've hit it and then into Whoopie's mouth. 
The air stream will lift you up to the large cloud above the Main Chamber. Up 
here you'll find two small clouds next to the large one. One of them will lower 
you down beneath the large cloud, where you can swing around on handles. 
Underneath the last handle is the Ticket, cleverly hidden in a cloud.

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: 25 Tickets        Difficulty: 3
The other small cloud will take you over to a medium-sized cloud. Jump on it to 
teleport to the Screw Arena. You have a short amount of time to throw the screws 
from the platform over to the screw places. Throw one screw in each, but it 
doesn't matter which screw goes in which place. If you happen to have extra 
time, pick up the tokens in the center.

Found: Dome Room              Requires: Grapple           Difficulty: 2
This cleverly hidden ticket shows that not everything is as it seems. Inside the 
Dome Room, Grapple up to the entrance to Food Fright. Instead of entering the 
tunnel, turn left and jump across the platforms to the other side of the room. A 
cleverly hidden tunnel is actually there. Go into it, but when you see three 
tokens, stop. To the left there really is no wall. Pass through it and you'll 
soon come to Ticket H. If you've already gotten the tokens, just search along 
the left side of the tunnel until you find it.

Found: Dome Room              Requires: Grapple           Difficulty: 4
Go back into the checkered tunnel opposite of the entrance to Food Fright and 
continue down it all the way. Drop down and you'll enter a passage. The first 
part has hot boulders spinning in a rotating pipe. Avoid the boulders and go 
onto the next part. There is another rotating pipe, but there's also platforms. 
Wait until the platforms are right-side-up, then leap across. The final 
challenge requires is in yet another rotating pipe. Avoid the high walls and 
jump the low ones until you reach the other side. There you'll find the next 

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: Double Jump      Difficulty: 3
Remember when you opened the gate to the Main Chamber? Well, just to the right 
is a platform. Jump out to it, and you'll spot some handles. Use the Double Jump 
to get across them and to Ticket J.

Found: Main Chamber           Requires: Everything        Difficulty: 10
Defeat Jojo in Jojo's World to collect this Ticket (read the section "Jojo's 
World" for details on how to beat it).

There's a few cleverly hidden Tinker Tokens in this place, and finding them all 
will gain you a ticket. 
*There's a gold token behind the Mine Blowing Stage.
*Many tokens can be found at the bottom of the main chamber.
*A purple token rests on the cloud that transports you to the Screw Arena.
*The passage at the end of the checkered tunnel has many tokens. The purple one 
in the second pipe is hard to get, but you can always sacrifice some life to get 

-Level Entrance Guide-

ENTRANCE TO CLOWNY ISLAND:          Requires: Nothing
The clown head adorning the entrance chamber actually is the door to Clowny 
Island. Talk to Tinker over by the door, and he'll gladly open it up for you. 
The giant clown's mouth will swing open, revealing the teleportation pad. 

ENTRANCE TO PAINT MISBEHAVIN':      Requires: Slam Ability
This roman level of colors can be found very easily after you unlock the door 
the main chamber. Just follow the path until you get to the small arena and tree 
area. The teleportation pad is easily in view.

ENTRANCE TO MINE BLOWING:           Requires: Double Jump
This entrance is located on the right side of the main chamber. You'll need 
fifteen tickets to enter this world. Hit the 15 Ticket switch and watch the side 
of the mine flip open. Climb up to it and enter via the teleportation pad.

ENTRANCE TO ARABIAN FLIGHTS:        Requires: Freeze Ray
Freeze the water on the left end of the Main Chamber to reach the 25 Ticket 
Switch. Tripping this switch will open the Whoopie Statue's mouth and hat. Go in 
the mouth and the wind (wherever it comes from) will lift you up to the clouds. 
Circling around the main cloud is a carpet with the teleportation pad.

ENTRANCE TO PYRAMID SCHEME:         Requires: Grapple
This teleportation pad is easily found in a passage in the Dome Room. But first, 
you'll have to get to the Dome Room. Simply activate the 40 Ticket Switch in the 
back of the Main Chamber by using your Grapple technique. As strange 
transportation contraption will appear near the Whoopie statue. Take this to a 
Chamber above known as the Dome Room. Take a right a follow the grassy passage 
to this new level.

ENTRANCE TO FOOD FRIGHT:            Requires: Grapple
Inside the Dome Room is another level, but the entrance is well hidden. The 
small checkered hill does actually have a reason for being there. Jump on top of 
it and get out you Grapple. Search the ceiling for a handle. Once you find one, 
Grapple to it and swing across to the tunnel. Inside is the teleportation pad.

ENTRANCE TO JOJO'S WORLD:           Requires: Nothing
The entrance to Jojo's idea of a great theme park is opposite the passage you 
went into to find Pyramid Scheme. All you need to do is to bring along 65 
Tickets to be able to activate the switch. Once activated, the switch will make 
the teleportation pad appear. 

-Ticket Switch Guide-

 1 TICKET SWITCH:     Found- Starting Chamber      Requires- Nothing

15 TICKET SWITCH:     Found- Main Chamber          Requires- Double Jump

25 TICKET SWITCH:     Found- Main Chamber          Requires- Freeze Ray

40 TICKET SWITCH:     Found- Main Chamber          Requires- Grapple

65 TICKET SWITCH:     Found- Dome Room             Requires- Nothing

-Other Items-

BOOSTER PACK #1:  Found- Main Chamber
In the back of the small pool with the 25 Ticket Switch is the Booster Pack. Use 
your freeze ray to create a path to it.
BOOSTER PACK #2:  Found- Main Chamber
Using the Grapple, grab onto the handle near the 40 Ticket Switch. Don't drop 
down, but swing from side to side. Double Jump up to the top and get the Booster 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 1: CLOWNY ISLAND - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Vehicle: Dune Dog, Galaxy 2000 Car         Difficulty (1-10): 1
Enemies: Security Robot, Clowny Clowns, Gopher
Main Attraction: Galaxy 2000          Secondary Attraction: Midway
Areas: The Beach, Bee Ware, Galaxy 2000 area, Bee Ware Entrance Area, 
Garden/Dinosaur Area, The Midway, Midway Entrance Area

Clowny Island is the typical carnival-style amusement park. With a towering 
roller coaster that you design, a long, sandy beach, and a midway full of games, 
clowny island is a nice, calm area that's good for an introduction into the 
game. The two main location are the beach, which is found beneath the platform. 
The platform is where the attractions are.

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Garden Area     Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 1
In the Garden Area above the Roller Coaster but below the Midway (across from 
the Dinosaur), the first ticket will be found. To get to it from the start pad, 
go up the ramp, past the clowns up the second ramp (towards the dinosaur), then 
take a left into the grass. Watch out for the Gopher, because he'll throw you 
far away if you get near him. Go through the Garden to get to the enormous 
flowers. It's just a matter of jumping up them to get the ticket.

Found: The Beach       Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 1
Ticket B can be found underneath the platforms on the beach. To find it, either 
jump down from the Midway (don't worry, unlike other platformers, long falls 
will not hurt you in this game) or follow the coastline. Either way, look for a 
lamp and Tinker's image. Use the lamps as hooks for your tractor beam, and swing 
across the boxes until you reach the last one with the ticket.

Found: The Midway      Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 1
The Midway is not hard to find, it's at the very top of the park. Inside you'll 
find a few mini-games. 

Chick-Tac-Toe: It's just Tic-Tac-Toe, with a chicken. Just place your shot right 
and it shouldn't be too hard. You may also want to throw some eggs at your fowl 

Alley Cats: In Alley Cats take your time. Make sure that your shot is lined up 
good, because you're not timed. It's the easiest mini-game in here.

Feed the Presidents: A few classic presidents will spout quotes when you throw 
apples into their mouths. If you need to rushmore, then make sure your aim is 
flat inside the presidents mouth (on the bottom/parallel to the ground) to get 
the apples in on time.     

Found: The Beach        Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 1
Memorize the location of the closed BeeWare on the platform, and go down beneath 
it on the beach. If you forget where it is, look for the pillars and a small 
hive with a bee (it's near the ramp connecting the beach and platforms). The 
largest pillar (near the bee) will have a door in the back. Go in to get into 
the secret entrance of BeeWare. The place is filled with tricky platform things 
such as winding paths and spinning flowers. A few pesky bees try to block your 
path. Also, look for some gold tokens on the logs. At the end is Ticket D, your 
prize for surviving the bees. 

Found: Galaxy 2000 Area     Requires: Dune Dog      Difficulty: 1
Don't even try to race the Corn Car, who is waiting near the Galaxy 2000, only 
on your wheel. Instead, take the Dune Dog, found beneath the Roller Coaster area 
on the Beach, and drive it up the ramps to the Midway Area. Then take it on the 
walkway down to the Roller Coaster area where the Corn Car waits. Challenge it 
to a race, then go to the starting line. Follow the dotted line around the beach 
and up the ramps and the walkway. It's just a matter of following the line and 
staying ahead. Some advice: don't hold down the accelerator the entire time. Tap 
it when taking turns and be careful, especially on the walkway above the park. 
Even if you go slowly, you'll easily beat the slow Corn Car.

Found: The Beach          Requires: Dune Dog        Difficulty: 3
Your next challenge with the Dune Dog will take you back down to the beach. Look 
underneath the ramp leading up to the park, and you'll notice some red and green 
rings. If you don't remember the little blinking lights on the corners of 
streets, then green is good and red is bad. So only go through green rings. The 
red ones tell you which ring is next. Unlike the race, you can't take your sweet 
time while doing this, so go faster. It may take a few times, but if you're 
somewhat coordinated you'll make it through all the rings and grab the sixth 
ticket of Clowny Island. If you mess up, press A to jump out of the car and 
restart. This is probably the hardest Ticket to get at Clowny Island.

Found: Galaxy 2000 Area   Requires: 4 Screws        Difficulty: 1 
The main attraction of Clowny Island is the Galaxy 2000, the huge roller coaster 
that... is no longer in operation. It appears to need a designer and test-rider. 
You can take that job, but four screws are needed for the control console to 
work properly. These screws are hidden across the park.

1. Behind the Enormous Flowers
2. Near the Corn Car
3. Held in the Clown's Tractor Beam
4. Down at the Beach (It may jump into the water, so be sure to check there too 
if you can't find it)

The screws may drill themselves into the ground when you come near, and the only 
way to get them to come out is to go away. Be quick about getting them. After 
you find these screws, take them up to the little area with four holes besides 
the Galaxy 2000 sign. Throw the screws in this area, and they'll bounce into 
position. Once all four screws are returned home, the control panel will fall 
into place and you'll be able to design your own roller coaster.

Found: Galaxy 2000 Area     Requires: Galaxy 2000 Car     Difficulty: 2
If you didn't know that you can cross the tracks, chance are you'll be screaming 
and swearing at the game. After you ride the Galaxy 2000 Roller Coaster, some 
numbered targets will appear. It's actually not very difficult, you just have to 
be sure to cross the tracks by making one part low and the other high. To get 
it, stay up high to get the 1, then turn around (while you're low) to get the 
two, continue to be low while heading towards the three, go up to get the three, 
turn around and cross back over near where the two is to get the four, then just 
finish it off (be sure to be low at the very end). Go for a ride, and if you 
need to adjust it.

Found: Garden/Dinosaur Area     Requires: Machine Parts     Difficulty: 1
After collecting all of the machine parts (look at the machine parts guide to 
find out where they are), head to the tree by the out-of-order dinosaur. If you 
place your machine parts in the mechanical tree, it'll get the dino to work 
again. Ticket I will appear beneath it.

Found: Garden/Dinosaur Area     Requires: Machine Parts     Difficulty: 2
After you collected Ticket I, you probably noticed the little opening appearing 
when the dinosaur lifted his foot up. Go in it. You'll be inside the body of the 
dinosaur, and you'll have to climb to the top to claim the next ticket. To get 
up the first part, grab the block in the center of the room with your tractor 
beam. Haul it over to the area you wish to ascend and throw it. It'll make a 
nice step to help you up. The rest of the climb is basically tricky jumps and 
grabbing onto things with your tractor beam. At the end, time your jump so you 
can clear the two electrically charged rolling pillars. After you get past them, 
go up onto the Carnosaur's head where the ticket waits.

Found: Midway Entrance Area     Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 1
On the right side of the midway are some handles you can grab on to. But they 
seem to be just out of reach. Us the nearby block as a stepping stone and you'll 
be able to reach them. Swing up to the roof of the midway and head to the end to 
find Ticket K.

While I can't possibly tell you the location to every token, here are some of 
the most commonly missed ones:
*16 Tokens rest on the Dino's back. After getting Ticket J, slide down and grab 
*The trash cans throughout the park can be slammed open to reveal tinker tokens. 
Most of these are silver, but a gold one waits in the trash can by the Galaxy 
*11 Tokens Rest in circles on the beach. 
*Inside the dinosaur, near the end (and the rolling pillars), you'll see a 
handle off to the right. Grab onto it and swing up to find a gold token.
*On the Midway roof, there's two gold tinker tokens hidden behind the sign.
*On the Galaxy 2000, there's a purple tinker token high in the air near the 
upper left corner and two gold ones near the end of the ride.
*The logs in Bee Ware have gold tinker tokens above them. Tilt them upwards to 
reach the tokens.

-Machine Part Guide-

PART 1:     Found- Garden Area
The top piece of the machine can be found near the enormous flowers. Its near 
the wall of the Midway area, and shouldn't be too hard to spot.

PART 2:     Found- Beach
When you enter Clowny Island from Whoopie World, take a right and continue down 
the beach. There's a Machine part above the sand, but you'll have to get a 
running start and jump off the dune to grab it.

PART 3:     Found- Beach
Near where you find the Dune Dog, they'll be a summoning pad. Right next to it 
is the third part. It's hidden behind a large sand dune.

PART 4:     Found- Midway Entrance Area
On the left side of the Midway is the fourth part.

PART 5:     Found- Beach
If you go underneath the ramp (where the rings you pass through on the Dune Dog 
are) you'll find this part.

PART 6:     Found- Galaxy 2000 Area
Inside the actual area where you build, the sixth part is found behind the ramp 
that leads you to the Galaxy 2000 Car.

PART 7:     Found- Bee Ware
The seventh and final part can be found in the second room of Bee Ware. Jump 
from the higher section of the walkway to the lower, or you may fall into the 

-Other Items-

Found: Beach Area             Token Requirement: 50 TT  
Speed- 8       Handling- 5      Special- Small Hop (Z)     

Found: Galaxy 2000 Area     Speed- N/A     Handling- N/A

BOOSTER PACK:     Found- Beach Area
The Booster Pack for Clowny Island isn't difficult to find if you fall in the 
water while trying to collect Ticket B. It's underneath the dock on the beach 
near Ticket B. Simply dive into the surf and go under the platform, and the 
booster pack will be waiting.


  - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 2: PAINT MISBEHAVIN' - - - - - - - - - -  

Vehicle: Hoversplat, Finbot                 Difficulty (1-10): 3
Enemies: Stinger Bug, Piranha Bot, Roman Clowns, Gopher
Main Attraction: Aqueduct            Secondary Attraction: Palace
Areas: Entrance Area, Paint Pools, Palace Area, Cave, Cave Entrance, Pillar 
Area, River Area, Quarry, Machine Area, Aqueduct

Paint Misbehavin', a Roman-styled world, is full of colorful fun. Much of it is 
(or can be) filled with color, and even Rocket himself can take a dip and paint 
himself. Paint Misbehavin's large water system is particularly well designed, as 
the aqueduct connects the park. This flows into the beautiful river that runs 
through the forest, filled with sheep and... more sheep. A deep, dark cave sits 
in the back with a giant statue of Whoopie in appropriate Roman garb. While it 
is possible to get through this level without the aid of the double jump, it 
helps a lot to have Rocket equipped with this move.

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Paint Pools      Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 2
The first Ticket will require you to take a left from the entrance area. You'll 
arrive at a Whoopie statue, but what's this? It's MOVING? In fact, it's been 
working on its discuss throw (he's gotta be involved with something that doesn't 
require legs), and if you grab onto his ball, he'll throw you across the pool 
and into the Paint Pool Area. You can also make it across using the Double Jump. 
Once you arrive, a poor0sighted guard won't let you into the outpost, and hints 
that only imperial guards can be let in. The paint pools nearby should do the 
trick. Copy his clothes by using the skills you learned in kindergarten; mixing 
colors. Here's the order you should go in: Put your entire body into Blue and 
Yellow, then wash off your bottom half at the clear pool (by standing on the 
ledge). Then get that lower half into the red and yellow pools. Approach the 
guard and he'll give you access to Ticket A.

Found: Palace Area       Requires: Hoversplat      Difficulty: 1
Continue on the path and you'll come to a wide open courtyard filled with trees, 
statues, and shallow pools. You'll need the Hoversplat to get this Ticket, so if 
you haven't gotten it, return to the Entrance area. Use your tractor beam on the 
sheep and throw them against the vines near the Hoversplat. The wool will stick, 
and you can climb to the new vehicle. Take it back to the courtyard and use its 
paint gun (easier if you press top C) to color each of the statues. Just use 
logic: the heart's red, the carrot's orange, the tree's green, and the banana's 
yellow. The ticket will appear. After collecting it, a large palace will rise 
from the ground. 

Funny Event- Before collecting Ticket B, try this out. After painting the 
statues and making the ticket appear, leave the Hoversplat in the courtyard. 
Collect the ticket, and the vehicle will rise with the palace, and may even fall 
off the roof.

Found: Cave               Requires: Hoversplat     Difficulty: 2
Inside the caves, you'll notice that the orbs circling above make an electric 
bond when they line up with the same color. Is there a way to get them all to go 
off at once? Certainly, but you'll need the Hoversplat to do it. If you were 
letting the orbs rotate, color them in this order: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and 
Purple. This will set them all off at once, and Ticket C will appear underneath 
the Whoopie statue.

Found: Palace Area        Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 2
It's strange that this one isn't after Ticket B, seeing as you'd most likely 
climb it right after it appeared. Oh well. Enter the palace, then use your 
tractor beam to grab onto the handles in the back. The gears will rotate, taking 
you up to the first level. From there, jump onto the top of the Whoopie statue's 
toga. Follow it around and climb the stairs. Jump off the arm and wait for the 
torch to come around. Get on that and climb to the head. From there, grab a hold 
of the swinging lights. Swing over to the exit. You'll emerge on the roof, and 
use the knotted rope to get to the ticket.

Found: Entrance Area      Requires: Slam            Difficulty: 1
The large gate in the entrance area has some half-completed medallions on it. To 
open it up, you'll have to find the other halves. Here's their locations:

Red: Slam the Pillar in the Entrance Area
Green: Slam the Pillar near the Red Paint Pool
Orange: Slam the Larger Pillar in the Cave Entrance Area

Bring each of the medallions back to the door and it will open up. Not only will 
you get Ticket E, but you'll now be able to access the River Area.

Found: River Area         Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 1
Ticket F is guarded by an electric fence, and the only way you'll be able to get 
it is to shut it off. Go down near the dock where the Finbot is, and you'll see 
a stump. Jump on top of, then use your tractor beam to grab onto the tomato-like 
buds of the tree. Swing across, then grab onto the handle on the side of the 
structure holding Ticket F. Swing to the top and hit the switch to lower the 
fence. It's much easier to do this with the double jump.

Found: River Area         Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 2
Another one of those annoying electric fences guards Ticket G underwater in the 
river. If you look up at the dock, you'll see a switch with a sheep on it. Only 
one logical thing to do... grab a sheep and take it underwater. When you let go 
of it (use R), it'll float up and trip the switch, lowering the fence. Take your 
time to position yourself before letting go. What do you do with the sheep 
afterward? Leave it there; it has waterproof wool.

Found: Machine Area       Requires: Machine Parts     Difficulty: 1
Place the machine parts in the spot beneath the water pump and the area will 
fill with water. Take the Finbot over to the beginning of the aqueduct course 
and collect this Ticket.

Found: Machine Area       Requires: Finbot            Difficulty: 3
Next to the machine sits a green and red ring, indicating the beginning of a 
ring challenge. Take the Finbot though he rings, and remember to hold back on 
the control stick to jump out of the water. If you miss more than one ring, you 
won't be able to make it. 

Found: Aqueduct           Requires: Finbot            Difficulty: 3
The aqueduct was previously guarded by an electric fence, but now that the water 
has been refilled, it's been deactivated. Why not see where it leads to? Take 
the Finbot with you, or you won't be able to complete the course. The first 
section is filled with whirlpools. While you're in the Finbot, you can go over 
the sides, but be sue to avoid going directly over the whirlpools. If you do, 
you'll be transported to the river area. A handy whirlpool there will lead you 
back to the entrance of the aqueduct. If you make it by the raging waters, swim 
over the fountain, which will lift you up. Hold back on he control stick and 
swim. You'll slide down a slope, to another fountain. Continue this until you 
reach the large chamber. On the left wall is a switch with a picture of a 
Dolphin. Logically ram the switch with the Finbot, and a pillar will allow you 
access to the red switch. Hit it, and another rising pillar will appear on the 
right side of the room. Climb it and continue along the course until you reach a 
handle moving up and down. If you don't have the double jump, grab on to it and 
take it up to the blue switch. Then the rest of the path will start moving, 
allowing you to reach the yellow switch. If you do have the double jump, you can 
hit the yellow switch first, bypassing the moving platforms. After you've hit 
all the switches, ride the Finbot up the fountains and into the next room. Hit 
the Finbot switch to be taken down a quick-moving stream. Sit back and enjoy the 
ride. You'll appear in the Palace area, where the large Dolphin statues are. On 
the other side of the high pool is Ticket J.

Found: Machine Area       Requires: Finbot             Difficulty: 1
This is very simple. Simply ride the Finbot and jump off onto the machine 
platform. Behind the machine is Ticket K.

There are many odd locations for tinker tokens in this level.
*Outside of the cave, stack up two pillars to reach the purple token on the 
ledge. It's easier to use the R button to drop the pillars rather than tossing 
them and praying they land right.
*The smaller pillars outside the cave each hold a gold token
*In the cave, there's two silver tokens hidden behind stalagmites. 
*Behind the rotating Whoopie statue in the palace is a gold token, but it's 
rotating along with the statue. 
*After grabbing on to the gears in the Palace, you'll see a purple token, but it 
seems out of reach. Either climb on the top of the gears, or double jump when 
the handle is at its maximum height.
*Once you reach the top, don't go outside. Stay near the wall and follow the 
narrow path to find a gold token on each side.
*In the aqueduct, there are many tokens, but there is a purple one after the 
first slide you go down with (after the whirlpools). Turn around and claim it.

-Machine Part Guide-

PART 1:     Found- Paint Pools
To the right of the discuss-throwing Whoopie statue is the first machine part. 
It's hidden in the corner, so its easy to overlook.

PART 2:     Found- Palace Area
Behind the palace beneath the dolphin statues is a large, shallow pool. On the 
very right side is the second component of the machine.

PART 3:     Found- Cave
Near the stalagmites on the left side of the cave is the third part to the 

PART 4:     Found- Cave Entrance
Near the ledge with the purple token is the fourth part, hidden away behind a 
large, unmovable pillar.

PART 5:     Found- River Area
The left end of the river is where this part can be found, but what's this? It's 
above water? Because Rocket isn't a great swimmer, take the Finbot to get it. 
You can also jump from the ledge on the left bank.

PART 6:     Found- Quarry
The little rocky area known as the quarry is the home of this part. It's at the 
very bottom in a little alcove, guarded by a Stinger bug.

PART 7:     Found- Machine Area
Right in front of the machine is the final part. Either bring the Finbot over or 
use the Double Jump.

-Other Items-

Found: Entrance Area            Token Requirement: 225 TT  
Speed- 4       Handling- 8      Special- Paint Gun (Z)

Found: River Area             
Speed- 3       Handling- 1      Special- Jump (Hold Back on Control S.)   

BOOSTER PACK:      Found- Palace Area
You can find this behind the palace courtyard in the pools (beneath the giant 
dolphin statues). Go all the way to the left side and jump to claim 


  - - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 3: MINE BLOWING - - - - - - - - - - -

Vehicle: Beamlift                       Difficulty (1-10): 4
Enemies: Security Robot, Mischievous Mushroom, Miner Clowns, Bomb Cannon, 
Electric Zappers
Main Attraction: Mine Ride            Secondary Attraction: Giant Machine
Areas: Waterfall Pit, Underground River, Beamlift Room, Machine Area, 
Underground Tunnel, Underground Room, Gem Tunnel, Mine Ride Area, Whoopie Tunnel

Deep in the underground caves of Mine Blowing are many strange secrets, just 
waiting to be discovered. There's bombs, lava, and even a wild mine ride. 
Speaking of bombs, you'll have to master using them if you want to complete the 
level. You'll need bombs to destroy many walls that block your path. Sometimes 
you won't find a bomb around. Then precious gems of the same color will have to 
do. If you survive, you'll come out with more tickets and tokens.

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Undrgrd. River     Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 2
You'll quickly realize what a pain Mischievous Mushrooms are... and also how 
helpful they can be. After bombing your way out of the starting control center, 
fall down the large pit in the center. Go behind the waterfall and you'll appear 
in the underground river. In there, you'll spot a Mischievous Mushroom on the 
shore and many strange rock formations. Use the triple jump to get up all the 
platforms. Each one will have a Mischievous Mushroom on it. Use them to get to 
the last platform, with Ticket A on it.

Found: Beamlift Room      Requires: Beamlift         Difficulty: 2
This is the only ticket that you directly use the Beamlift to acquire, and it 
also gives the physics engine room to shine. To get the ticket that's hidden 
inside the gilded cage, you'll need to get to the ticket. But how? First you'll 
need the Beamlift. Just use one of the small blocks as a step to get onto the 
larger blocks. After acquiring the Beamlift, move the blocks out of the way, 
then use the beam to pick up the cage. Move the cage so it goes over one of the 
large blocks. It won't get over it, but instead will get stuck. Release the cage 
by pressing R, and it'll tumble to the ground, but the open side facing upwards. 
Exit the Beamlift and claim your reward.

Found: Gem Tunnel         Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 3
The Gem Tunnel is easily accessible from the Beamlift Room. Just go up a few 
steps garnered with Tinker Tokens and you'll go to this colorful tunnel. When 
you enter, use the nearby bomb to activate the bomb switch, forming a bridge. Go 
across and swing on the lanterns. You'll come to a room with a yellow gem on the 
wall and another on the floor. Tinker explains that connecting two of the same 
colored gems together will create and explosion. It basically has the same 
outcome of throwing a bomb. Blast the wall and continue to the next room. Inside 
they'll be a bomb, a Miner Clown, a passage leading to the gem destination, and 
a green gem. Here's a map of the area:
                  |     | | |Ticket|  |
                  |     | |__Blue Gem_|
                  |     |____Red Gem__|
                  |     |__Green Gem__|     FIGURE 1: GEM TUNNEL
                  |                   |     []= Lantern
                  |___________________|      }= Bomb Wall
                          |         |       MC= Miner Clown
                          |   []    |       ()= Purple Tinker Token
                          |         |
                          |   []    |
          ______   |                     |   _______
         |      |__|    Green Gem        |__|       |
         | Blue()  {                     }    Red   |
         |  Gem  __{         MC    Bomb  }__  Gem   |
         |______|  |                     |  |_______|
                         |Yellow Gem|

To get the Ticket, you'll have to throw the gems of the same color at each 
other. First get the Green Gem, and throw it across the pit. Swing across, pick 
it up, then detonate it with the other stone. The first layer will fall apart to 
reveal the Red layer. Go back and bomb the right wall to get the red gem. Watch 
out for the clown, because if he steals the bomb from you it'll explode! Repeat 
the process for the red and blue gems, and the ticket will be yours.

Found: Beamlift Room      Requires: Beamlift         Difficulty: 2
After collecting the previous Ticket, you'll appear back in the Beamlift Room. 
You'll need the Beamlift to make stairs up to a wall that can be bombed open. 
Take a big and medium block over to the area underneath this (it's near the 
entrance to the room). Exiting the Beamlift should give you enough height to get 
onto the medium block, but you'll need to instead get a small block and bring it 
over. Don't place it right next to the medium block, but a little farther away. 
Go get a bomb and climb up the blocks. When you're on the top of the large or 
medium blocks throw it to destroy the wall. Jump into the ruins to collect the 

Found: Whoopie Tunnel     Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 3
You'll have to do a lot of work with bombs to get this one, and that means you 
run the risk of an explosion many times. You should be in the Beamlift Room, and 
go over to the far end. You may see a passageway above, but no way to reach it. 
The stalagmites must first be removed. Use bombs to destroy their upper halves. 
Jump up them and go down the passage, above the jumping lava, and you'll 
emerge... high above the waterfall pit! Jump across the moving platforms to the 
center, then turn left towards the Mining Whoopie statue. Swing across the 
lanterns to get into the Whoopie tunnel. Inside this tunnel are many dangerous 
bomb cannons. But these cannons can also be quite helpful. Gab the bombs they 
fire at you with your tractor beam and use the to clear away the rock walls. 
There are two different routes, and you have to take both of them in order to 
get all the Machine Parts and Tinker Tokens. Both paths will lead to a room with 
a soft floor. This should indicate that you'll need to bomb it. Go back and 
steal another bomb from the cannons, and use it to break open the ground. Inside 
you'll not only find the Ticket, but also a switch that moves a platform from 
the top, middle, bottom, and underground parts of the Waterfall Pit.

Found: Mine Ride Area      Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 4
In the upper part of the Waterfall pit you may have noticed a sign with a  mine 
cart on it. Take the elevator up to the top (or go back there from the Whoopie 
Tunnel) and enter that place. You'll soon see a track with mine carts frequently 
rolling by. Jump into one, sit back, and enjoy the ride... for now. After 
passing by the waterfall, get ready to jump out. When you go by another room 
with more mine carts, leap out (press R) onto the ledge. Jump from there to the 
platform, where you can board another mine cart. Don't get to comfortable, 
because the mine cart will throw you out when it tips over (the yellow sign will 
indicate this). The only place to go is up an incredibly steep slope  and to a 
platform where the mine carts are not tipped over. After getting there, ride 
until you pass another room with MORE mine carts. Jump into here and board the 
next set of mine carts. These ones will throw you out into the pit, but before 
they do jump and grab onto one of the lanterns. Swing across, and fall into the 
mine cart. Ride it until you get to another area, then jump off. In there you'll 
see a strange goo coming from the wall and a Miner Clown. Whenever you pull the 
goo, a door will open, revealing the Ticket! But, the door is too far away and 
the goo won't stretch that far. The clown, for once, can help. Because they love 
to steal stuff, let it steal the goo when you have it outstretched. Now you can 
go grab Ticket F.

Found: Underground Tunnel     Requires: Nothing      Difficulty: 2
You've been to the top, middle, and bottom parts of the Waterfall Pit... so why 
not go to the underground part? Ride the elevator down to the last stop, then 
hop off and go through the door (after collecting the many goodies in this 
room). Continue down the tunnel until you come to a large room with boulders 
falling down. Leap across the pit and grab a bomb. At the top of the slope is a 
wall you can use it on. Avoid the Zappers on the side of the tunnel but stay 
away from the center where the boulders drop. When you blast away the wall, 
it'll crumble into a bunch of boulders. They won't hurt you, so there's no need 
to worry. If you go by them you'll see another wall. Repeat the bombing process 
until you've cleared all the rock out of the way. At the end in the Ticket 
you've been looking for.

Found: Machine Are         Requires: Machine Parts    Difficulty: 1
Take the Machine Parts you've collected and go to the Beamlift Room. A large 
bombable wall if found near the Beamlift. Take a bomb and blast it open, then 
enter it to find where you can put the components of the machine. It'll start up 
and you'll get a Ticket.

Found: Machine Area         Requires: Machine Parts   Difficulty: 2
After the machine starts up, why not do like the chicken and get to the other 
side? Jump up onto the gears and grab onto the handles. These handles will swing 
around. Jump down and grab onto another handle, then swing across the handles 
over the pit (whew! There sure are a lot of handles). After completing your 
handle journey, you'll see a spinning platform- with another handle! Grab onto 
it and let go when the platform is underneath your wheel. Be patient and wait 
for every section to be facing up before you cross. The next area will have 
swinging handles, which shouldn't prove to be too difficult. The next part will 
have giant metal things shooting up into the air. After one has just shot up, 
jump on it and wait for the next one. Jump across and you'll eventually come to 
a speedy moving platform that'll take you to the Ticket.

Found: Beamlift Room         Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 2
High up on the left wall is a place with topsy-turvy platforms leading Ticket J. 
If you just got Ticket I, you'll appear already up there and will simply have to 
go up the platforms and get the Ticket. If you haven't just gotten Ticket I, Get 
in the Beamlift and take a block over to the right corner. Place it down and get 
on the block. A lamp moving up and down will appear. Ride it up to the platforms 
and the Ticket.

Found: Underground Room      Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 3
How true... I can think of many instances in daily life when I need a bomb. But 
in Rocket, you'll need a bomb where there are no bombs. You may have noticed the 
bombable wall in the Underground Room. What should you do? Get a bomb, of 
course. First clear out the Waterfall Pit of Security Robots, then go to the 
Beamlift Room and grab a bomb. Take it back to the Waterfall Pit and ride the 
elevator down to the Underground Room. Use the bomb on the wall and voila! 
Ticket K is yours.

If you look a little bit, it shouldn't be too much trouble to find these tokens.
*Use the triple jump on the sides of the waterfall pit to find two gold tokens.
*In the Beamlift Room, there are some soft spots in the wall that can be 
identified by their different colors. Throw a bomb at them to clear away the 
rock guarding three gold Tinker Tokens.
*In the Gem Tunnel, after hitting the bomb switch, you'll go through a doorway. 
Turn around once you go through it to find a gold token.
*In the large cave at the end of the Gem tunnel, go into the room to the left 
(blue) that you bombed. Turn around and above the entrance is a purple token. 
*The third room of the Mine Cart ride has lanterns that you need to swing 
across. Between the last two is a gold token. Use your Double Jump to grab it.
*In the Underground Room, a purple token sits out of reach above a rock. To 
snatch it, jump from the elevator as it's going up.

-Machine Part Guide-

PART 1:     Found- Waterfall Pit
At the very bottom of the waterfall is the first machine part. Fall down the pit 
to get it.

PART 2:     Found- Beamlift Room
The second machine part is found in the Beamlift room to the right of the 
Beamlift (if you're facing it and the wall). The part of the wall that can be 
bombed (because of its different color) holds the machine part inside.

PART 3:     Found- Whoopie Tunnel
In the tunnel behind the giant Mining Whoopie are two machine parts. The third 
part is on the left path in the second room.

PART 4:     Found- Whoopie Tunnel
This part is on the right path of the Whoopie tunnel in the second room. Use the 
bombs from the bomb cannons to clear out the rock.

PART 5:     Found- Gem Tunnel
This one's very hard to miss if you travel down the gem tunnel. While swinging 
on the lanterns, you'll collect this part.

PART 6:     Found- Underground Room
In the underground room you can take the elevator to (from the Waterfall Pit), 
this item can be found. Just search around the walls and you'll find this behind 
a rock.

PART 7:     Found- Underground River
In the Underground River swarming with Mischievous Mushroom is the last part 
you'll need. Find it near the end of the river.

-Other Items-

Found: Beamlift Room             
Speed- 1       Handling- 3      Special- Giant Tractor Beams 

BOOSTER PACK:      Found- Underground Room
In the room below the Waterfall Pit you can find this addition to you health 
meter. It's right next to the pipe near the door.


  - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 4: ARABIAN FLIGHTS - - - - - - - - - - 

Vehicle: Shag Flyer                     Difficulty (1-10): 5
Enemies: Advanced Security Robot, Carpet Clowns
Main Attraction: Central Tower
Secondary Attraction: Tower of 1,000 Secrets
Areas: Red Section, Blue Section, Purple Section, Green Section, Central Tower
The ultra-unique Arabian Flights is filled with many marvelous wonders and 
sights. It's nice to get out of the confined mines and into the open skies. The 
Shag Flyer plays a key role in getting around this level, and without it, well, 
you're not going to be getting that far. This may be one of the most fun levels 
because of the freedom you have while riding among the buildings in the Shag 
Flyer. Enjoy the Arabic style way up in the sky.

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Red Section        Requires: Shag Flyer       Difficulty: 2
After entering this level and hopping in the Shag Flyer, head to the Red portion 
of town and look for little platforms suspended in the air. Go to the tower at 
the beginning and get out of the SF. Hopping across these stepping stones may 
seem easy, but a few seconds after you touch them they fall. Even worse, you 
must touch all of them. Here's the directions which you should go in: Up, Up, 
Left, Left, Up, Right, Down/Right, Down/Right, Right, Up, Left, Up/Left, Up. 
Jumping all of the platforms will make the glass guarding Ticket A slide down, 
and it's only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Found: Green Section       Requires: Shag Flyer      Difficulty: 3
Hop on the Summoning Pad for the SF, then take off to the Green Section. You'll 
see a funny shaped building high in the air with a propeller on top. Go inside 
this strange building and hit the switch. You'll see another building of the 
same type start its propeller. Pay attention to the color of the building, and 
head to that section. Here's the colors in order: Green, Blue (Go Forward and a 
little left), Purple (Go Forward and a little left again), Red (Turn to the 
right). If you get thee quickly you'll have extra time to activate the summoning 
pad and collect the tokens. After hitting the final switch, the protective 
barrier surrounding the giant cobra in the Red section will disappear, allowing 
you to get the second ticket.

Found: Green Section        Requires: Shag Flyer      Difficulty: 3
Head back to the Green Section for this Ticket. Stay low until you get to a 
Space Needle-like tower with bomb switches on its side. Get off the carpet and 
jump on the rotating platform. You'll be moving around the tower, and you have 
to hit the bomb switches to go up farther. Time it so you throw the bomb before 
the switch comes. If you take too long, you'll go back down a notch, But if you 
hit the switch, you'll go up. When you reach the top, the needle part will open 
up, revealing a switch that makes Ticket C materialize.

Found: Purple Section       Requires: Freeze Ray      Difficulty: 4
High above the city sits this rather large dome. Jump onto the roof and take the 
elevator down. Avoid the Carpet Clown and throw the bomb the blast the wall. 
Inside are swinging pendulums with bomb switches on them. To cross the pit 
you'll have to connect bombs with them while they're moving. Be sure to throw 
before the crosshairs are over the switch. After hitting the first switch, 
Double Jump with a bomb to the next platform, and hit the other switch. Wait for 
the pendulum to move before you jump across. In the next room, you'll need to 
make icebergs to get across the pool. On the other side, Slam open the chest for 
the key to the door. Put it in the keyhole. The next area has electric fences 
above a pool you need to cross. The current drifts you to the other side, but 
it's quicker (and necessary) to make new icebergs as quickly as possible. Here's 
a map of the room:
      |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_ ^                   |    FIGURE 2: TOWER OF 
      |                 ___|                   |    1,000 SECRETS 
      |                | ______________________|    ELECTRIC POOL
      |                |_()_                   |
      |____________________ |                  |   _____= Low Fence
      |                  - -                   |   _|_|_= High Fence
      |                 | _|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|      ()= Purple Tinker 
      |                 |                      |          Token
      |________________START___________________|   - -> = Path

After getting by that, a new Ice-making challenge awaits. A large whirlpool in 
the center of a pool sucks everything into it. To avoid it, go along the outside 
of the pool where the whirlpool can't reach you. Then jump onto the spiral ramp 
and go up to finally get the Ticket! The exit is over on the side. Use the 
platforms to get to it.

Found: Blue Section        Requires: Shag Flyer      Difficultly: 3
The tower high in the blue section is filled with magnetic wall. Enter the tower 
covered with blocks and go to the left. Hit the switch, then use the block to 
climb the wall (once you activate the magnet switch, the blocks will stick to 
the wall). The switch up there will open up the next gate. Use the block again 
to ascend the wall. Hit the switch, the activate the third and final magnet. 
Throw one block 2/3 of the way up, on 1/3, and leave one on the ground. Climb up 
and the Tickets yours! Don't forget to collect the 12 tokens to the sides of you 
after you get this.

Found: Central Tower       Requires: Shag Flyer       Difficulty: 5
This is the most difficult ring challenge yet, and you'll only have a minute and 
fourteen seconds to complete it. Go as low as you can and head in the direction 
of the Central Tower. Underneath the huge building three rings can easily be 
spotted. Start going through them. Remember, you always go left, never right, so 
head in that direction if you don't know where the next ring is. Even with 
skill, you probably will only finish with a few seconds left. The Ticket will 
appear right in front of you when you pass through the final ring.

Found: Central Tower       Requires: Shag Flyer        Difficulty: 5
This Ticket can be quite annoying to get. The giant bird that flies around the 
central tower holds this ticket tightly in its talons. You'll have to be quick 
if you want to snag it. No matter how much you chase it, you'll never catch up 
enough to get it. You have to cut the bird off it you want it. Anticipate where 
the ticket will be when the bird passes, and go towards it. Don't stay behind 
the bird, but instead charge its side. It may take a while, but you'll 
eventually get the ticket.

Found: Central Tower       Requires: Machine Parts      Difficulty: 1
Your next destination will be the lower part of the central tower. A part of it 
will stick out, allowing you a place to stand when you fix the machine. Doing 
this will cause the giant energy orbs on the central tower to rise. Why? There 
seems to be some air coming from inside. Better take a look...

Found: Central Tower       Requires: Shag Flyer         Difficulty: 6
Take the SF up to the top of the Central Tower. The giant yellow orb has been 
lifted, and a small opening has been made. Its too small for a human, but easily 
accessible by a Robot on wheels! Drop inside, and you'll be inside the Fan room. 
Jump into the center and you'll be blown out (if this happens, steer away from 
the yellow orb to avoid getting shocked). A few platforms are on the side, but 
the handles you need to get to the ticket are to far below them. What to do? 
Lower the platforms. Follow the green arrows down the shafts to hit the 
switches. Go back up using the fan on the side. Here's the directions you need 
to drop to get them:
Red Switch:    Left, Left, Left, Left
Yellow Switch: Right, Right, Left, Right
Blue Switch:   Left, Right, Left, Right
This will lower the platforms so you can reach the handles. Swing across, slide 
down the ramps, and continue until you reach an area with fans on the walls. 
Wait for the fans to stop blowing, then cross (they stop when they turn tan). 
The first set of fans is easy to get across, but the second proves to be more 
difficult. Here's a diagram of where to go:
          ___  ___
         | 4 || 3 |      FIGURE 3: CENTRAL TOWER FANS
       __|___||___|_         1-6: Order to go in
      | 1 || 2 || 6 |        
Wait for the fans to stop before you make your move. After you make it through, 
the Ticket will be yours!

Found: Central Tower       Requires: Shag Flyer         Difficulty: 3
This ticket will be a breeze to get (pun intended) after getting the last one. 
The orbs floating in the air do serve a purpose. Pass underneath them and you'll 
hear a beat on a woodblock. Sometimes you'll hear two beats, or three, or four. 
Go under the orbs in this order to make the ticket appear near the yellow orb on 
the top: Red, Purple, Blue, Green. This will make the one beat go first, the two 
beat go second, and so on. Fly to the top to claim your prize. 

Found: Blue Section        Requires: Shag Flyer         Difficulty: 1
Other than actually finding this well-hidden ticket, you shouldn't have much 
trouble getting it. Go to the lower part of the Blue section and look around for 
the area with the summoning pad that you go to when you fall. Better yet, if you 
have life to spare, fall off in the blue section to be taken there! Get on the 
Shag Flyer and circle around the building. In the back is Ticket K, nestled 
closely to the tower.

Arabian Flights is such a large area that it's not uncommon to miss Tinker 
*The Central Tower has a ring of silver Tokens halfway up.
*Many of the buildings throughout the level have a ring of six Tinker tokens on 
them. I think there's about four of them.
*A purple token can be found above one of the houses (the smaller, white 
buildings) in the Red Section near the giant snake.
*Another Purple Token is found above another house, but this one is in the 
Purple Section near the teleportation pad.

-Machine Part Guide-

PART 1:     Found- Purple Section
This one is either incredibly easy or incredibly hard to find. It's very easy to 
miss and spend a lot of time searching for it... when it's just under your nose. 
This Machine Part is right behind the teleportation pad when you come in. What 
rotten tricks those guys at Sucker Punch play...

PART 2:     Found- Red Section
In the lower part of the Red Section there's a strangely shaped building with a 
little alcove in it. Inside is the second machine part. 

PART 3:     Found- Green Section
On the platform where you board the ride to hit the bomb switches is the third 
part of the machine.

PART 4:     Found- Red Section
The building before the stepping stones is where this little part is found. Go 
to the top of it and you can't miss it.

PART 5:     Found- Blue Section
Take the Shag Flyer behind the building with the magnets and you'll see this 
part. Add it to your collection.

PART 6:     Found- Purple Section
This is inside the Tower of 1,000 Secrets. Take the elevator from the roof and 
it's right there.

PART 7:     Found- Red Section
This part is found on top of one of the common buildings that usually have a 
ring of silver tokens on their roofs. The one in the red section near the 
beginning of the stepping stones has a machine part, however.

-Other Items-

Found: Purple Section             
Speed- 10       Handling- 6      Special- It Can Fly

BOOSTER PACK:      Found- Central Tower
Once you activate the Machine, you can get this booster pack. It's underneath 
the Red orb.


 - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 5: PYRAMID SCHEME - - - - - - - - - - 

Vehicle: Glider Bike                     Difficulty (1-10): 7
Enemies: Super Stinger Bug, Bomb Cannon
Main Attraction: Pyramid
Secondary Attraction: Lava Field
Areas: Central Pyramid, Screw Island, River Area, Time Area, Pillar Area, Sky 
Area, Giant Lava Field Area (Some with Jungle (J) and Lava (L) variations)

Pyramid Scheme, although one level, is nearly two levels and one! Sucker punch 
decided to include both a Jungle and Lava level in one. You'll start off in the 
lush rainforests, with a gigantic pyramid (which resembles a Mayan or Incan 
pyramid rather than Egyptian) before you. As you explore, you'll find some 
tunnels, clearings and rivers in this Jungle world. Throughout the level you'll 
also see strange sun/moon pads. These don't just change the level from day to 
night. They also change it from Jungle to Lava. the Jungle variation is rather 
forgiving with water beneath you if you drop. In the Lava variation, falling 
will lead you into Lava. Fortunately, you can cross the lava with the cool new 
vehicle called the Glider Bike which coincidentally glides through the night 

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Central Pyramid (J)  Requires: Grapple         Difficulty: 5
The first ticket is at the very top of the Central Pyramid. You'll have to climb 
up there using your tractor beam and grapples, and the best place (and only 
place) to get up there is from the front, conveniently near where you start. Go 
up the stairs, then look for the grappling pad. Stand on it and grapple to the 
handle above you. swing across on the handles, then swing back and forth until 
you get enough momentum to clear the wall and land on the platform. Get a 
running start and jump over the next wall, and extend your tractor beam quickly 
to grab onto the handle. swing up to the top where a large pool blocks your way 
to the ticket. No problem, just use your ice beam to create a few mini-icebergs 
and cross the water. The ticket is now yours.

Found: Central Pyramid (J)  Requires: Grapple         Difficulty: 6
This puzzling game may take you a while to beat, but the ticket prize is well 
worth the effort. Get down from the top of the pyramid and go around the right 
side (from the viewpoint of coming into the level). Avoid the Super Stinger Bugs 
and jump onto the strange orange platforms (don't touch the sides! They're 
teeming with electricity!). They'll shoot you upwards, and you can eventually 
jump over the wall into the back part of the pyramid. There's a pool with a 
wall... but no ordinary wall. This wall is filled with nine square tiles, all 
with the evil Jojo on them. Their opposite sides, however, have the warm, loving 
face of Whoopie on them. Since Whoopie is better, turn them all over by shooting 
them with your grapple move. You first need some height, and by jumping on the 
small platform you will make it rise out of the pool. It would be hard for me to 
tell you how to get all Whoopie's, but I will give you some advice: Have 
patience, and go for the corners. The corners will only flip two tiles, and it 
will be easier to hit them (but you will have to hit other tiles too in order to 
win). After a long time of grappling, the tiles will be flipped to Whoopie and 
ticket B will emerge from the ground.     

Found: Screw Island/River Area (J)   Requires: Nothing   Difficulty: 5
Those annoying little screws return once again to provide a challenge. There 
home is on top of a tall island in the middle of the River. To get them there, 
you must throw them up and hope they bounce into there place. To do this, you 
must of course first find them. Here's there locations:     

1st Screw- You can find this guy in the first screw tunnel, or the one next to 
the orange platforms that shoot you up over the wall (on the bank with the 
Whoopie heads).
2nd Screw- You can find this one underwater near the screw island. Throw it up 
onto the higher ledge underwater before you throw it onto the island.
3rd Screw- This one can be found near the Whoopie head statues. If you can't 
find it, it may have bounced into the water.
4th Screw- To get the fourth and final screw, jump onto the platforms behind and 
above the screw island. It's hiding behind the tall grass.

Each screw will raise the screw temple a little higher, and when all the screws 
are in place they'll trigger the ticket to appear. Climb up the temple and claim 

Found: Central Pyramid (J)  Requires: Machine Parts   Difficulty: 7
After going through the grueling task of collecting all of the machine parts 
(see the Machine Parts section to find out how to get 'em), take them to the 
front of the Central Pyramid (near the level entrance) and go inside. Put them 
in the machine and it will activate the first day/night pad. Why don't you test 
it out?   

Found: Central Pyramid (L)  Requires: Grapple          Difficulty: 5
Go up the stairs and outside and you'll immediately notice something is wrong. 
The lush jungle area is now full over steaming lava and the once-grand pyramid 
is now in ruin. This is an entirely different place now, so see what happened at 
the top of the pyramid. Turn around and jump up the pyramid. This is easier said 
than done, because each of these jumps will require long running starts. After 
you get to the top, jump across the lava pit (remember it used to be a nice 
crystal clear pool? sigh....) and fall into the opening at the top of the 
pyramid. When you fall down, you'll land on a platform. Go to the very edge and 
get into the Grapple mode. Although the handle on the other side of the room 
doesn't display a green symbol (which shows that you can grapple to it), you can 
still make it to there. When you do, you'll soon realize the handle you grappled 
to was actually a switch. A switch that raises the lava in the room. Spare no 
time in getting across the handles and platforms (the platforms will collapse 
anyway) unless you need to get one of the Tinker Tokens along the way. When you 
reach the opening in the wall, don't worry about the lava pouring in. you're 
safe. This is where ticket E is. Since you have no choice, continue down and 
you'll find the handy Glider Bike waiting for a test drive. 

Found: Time Area          Requires: Grapple            Difficulty: 4
The Time Area is located near the giant head of Jojo. While in the jungle area 
there is a large timepiece that rotates, in the Lava world it is immobile and 
only the pointer remains. Jump across it and go into the day/night pad. You'll 
appear inside an electric cage in the Jungle variation. Wait until the pointer 
is pointing at you, then return to the lava world. Run across the pointer and 
you'll make it to Ticket F!

Found: Giant Lava Field    Requires: Glider Bike        Difficulty: 5
The Giant Lava Field rests where the lush river valley once stood. Use your new 
Glider Bike to fly across the lava and land on the platform. Go through the door 
and you'll enter a room with lava and rotating rocks. Jump on one of these 
rocks, but you'll soon have to switch back and forth between two rocks when one 
goes under a waterfall of lava. When you get the chance, jump up onto the 
platform and get the Ticket. However, don't walk across the platform that 
appears after you collect the ticket. Jump back on the rocks and collect the 
gold token.

Found: Pillar Area         Requires: Freeze Ray          Difficulty: 7
Getting to the Pillar Area in the Lava world is simple. All you have to do is go 
to the right side of the Pyramid (near the giant Whoopie head) and enter the 
nearby door. Getting to it in the Jungle world is much more difficult (and 
actually, not at all necessary). I'll tell you how to get there anyway. Go to 
the right side of the pyramid, and jump up the shooting platforms (like you did 
to get Ticket B). However, continue up and over the giant Whoopie head (don't 
touch it!) and grab onto the handle. Drop down, and enter the Whoopie head (once 
again, don't touch it!). The bridge connecting to the tunnel will collapse. 
Luckily, the posts on it make excellent handles for climbing up. Go upwards to 
reach the Pillar Area. You must, however, get to this place from the Lava world. 
When you get there in the ruined land, the pillars will have changed into 
shooting platforms. Ascend them. Jump across the platforms in the lava then 
transport back to the Jungle World. Cross the water (go over to the handle) with 
your freeze ray. Here you should grapple up to some wooden pillars. In the back 
is a day/night pad. When you transport, jump up the pillars (you can skip the 
lowest one and jump immediately to the second one). When you get to the top, 
jump across the lava river and transport to the jungle world. Here, go to the 
very top and make the long leap (don't miss the purple token!!!) across. Warp 
back to the Lava World and claim your token (whew! finally!).

Found: Central Pyramid    Requires: Nothing              Difficulty: 5
The rock in the giant Jojo head is getting to be annoying. Wonder what's inside 
of it? Time to find out. In the Time Area (conveniently located near the giant 
Jojo head), you may have noticed a bomb cannon. Steal one of it's bombs and take 
it back outside. Simply throw it at the rock in Jojo's mouth and it'll clear the 
way. Inside, you'll find the answer to the card flipping puzzle in the Jungle 
world: Tinker, Jojo, Whoopie, Tinker. Use the day/night pad outside to transport 
back to the Jungle world, and set the giant card tiles up in that order. The 
Jojo head will open up and reveal Ticket I.

Found: All over Lava      Requires: Glider Bike           Difficulty: 9
The hardest Ticket to get in this level requires you to take the Glider Bike for 
a spin around the Lava world. A nice little ride, but you must pass through 
every green ring to obtain the ticket. The starting Ring is near the giant Jojo 
head. When you start, you'll have a mere 54 seconds to complete the course. 
Always keep an eye out for the next ring, and master using the Glide feature of 
the Glider Bike (it's helpful sometimes even when you don't have to use it). If 
you're really fast and really skilled, you'll pull off getting the ticket.

Found: Sky Area           Requires: Glider Bike           Difficulty: 7
After getting all the tickets, return to the right side of the level (near the 
giant Whoopie head) and drive the Glider Bike as high as you can on the 
surrounding walkways. You'll notice some large platforms high in the air. Use 
the bike to glide to them. At the very top, there's a long pole with handles on 
it. ride the Glider Bike over to them then jump off. Try to grab onto the 
highest handle you can, but don't get greedy, or you'll plummet into the Giant 
Lava Field below. Whatever you do, don't look down. Climb up the handles, and be 
very, VERY careful about it. When you reach the platform, you'll get Ticket K. 
The little globe in the doorway will take you back down to the ground.

As each new level appears, it keeps getting harder and harder to find every 
single Tinker Token. Pyramid Scheme is no exception to this progression.
*There's a gold token in the pool where you shoot your grappling beam to hit the 
tiles (Ticket B).
*In the tunnel where you find the first screw (see Ticket C), continue on down 
and appear above some trees with silver tokens on top of their branches.
*In the tunnel where you find the fourth screw (see Ticket C), continue down, go 
outside, and you'll eventually run into a purple token.
*Behind the level entrance, there's a tunnel. Go through it to find a gold 
*There's a gold token in the time area near where the pointer originally is. 
Jump off it to grab it.
*There are gold tokens above each of the volcanoes (that shoot rocks into the 
air). You'll need the Glider Bike to get these. Time it right to avoid the rocks 
and grab the token.
*In the area with the rotating rocks, a gold token awaits for those who take the 
entire trip around the platform.
*After getting Ticket H (in the lava world), go down by the sides. Each side has 
tokens. Climb back up to get the other side.

-Machine Part Guide-

PART 1:     Found- River Area 
The small pyramid (more of an incline) near the River and Screw Island is where 
the first Machine Part is found. It's above the first switch you must activate 
to continue on to the rest of the Machine Parts.

PART 2:     Found- River Area
Hit the switch on the small pyramid (see Machine Part 1) and traverse across the 
flipping platforms. On the other side is the second Machine Part. If you fall at 
any time during this or any other switch sequence, you must start over from the 

PART 3:     Found- River Area
After traveling across the flipping platforms and getting Machine Part 2, you'll 
see the third part next to the switch. Collect it and trip the switch to 
continue on.

PART 4:     Found- River Area
After jumping on the second switch, the Whoopie head statues will rise from the 
ground to make platforms suitable to jump across the large Whoopie head statue. 
This statue has both the fourth Machine part and the third switch on it.

PART 5:     Found- River Area
The third switch will make handles rise up into the air. Cross them. You'll have 
to go very quickly, but be sure to grab the tokens along the way. After you 
reach the other side, jump on the platform and it will shoot you up, where the 
fifth Machine part is.

PART 6:     Found- River Area
When you reach the platform above the first platform that rockets you into the 
air, you'll spy another platform. You'll collect the sixth component during your 

PART 7:     Found- River Area
Once again, jump on the next shooting platform the get the final piece of the 

-Other Items-

Found: Central Pyramid (Lava Variation)             
Speed- 7        Handling- 6      Special- Can Glide 

BOOSTER PACK:      Found- Above the River Area
After you get the last machine part, go through the tunnel that you see. Swing 
across the handles on the other end and you'll make it to the Booster Pack. 
Don't be careless, however, because the space between the handles is farther 
than you might think (and if you fall, you'll have to start all over again... 
that means from the first switch!).

    - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 6: FOOD FRIGHT - - - - - - - - - - 

Vehicle: Spider Rider                   Difficulty (1-10): 8
Enemies: Super Security Robot, Marshmallows, Skeleton Clown, Zappers, Eyes, Eye 
Main Attraction: Monster Swamp
Secondary Attraction: Chocolate Rivers
Areas: Entrance Area, Chocolate River Area, Shake River Area, Side Paths,  Back 
Area, Factory Area, Monster Swamp Area

This level combines two similar concepts: Food and Horror. This world is filled 
with yummy goodies and monsters. You'll have to feed monsters, swim in chocolate 
rivers, and take the new Vehicle called the Spider Rider through the goopy 
swamp. It's a load of fun, and a very interesting place to say the least.

-Ticket Guide-

Found: Chocolate River Area   Requires: Grapple       Difficulty: 3
When you first enter the level, take a left to the Chocolate River. On the other 
side of the river is a Spider Handle (the special type of handles found in this 
level). Grapple to it from the grapple pad, then follow the path down to the 
Peppermint clearing. The Marshmallows living here will act the same way as the 
Mischevous Mushrooms did. That means you'll get triple jumps out of them. Allow 
on of them to catch you. Jump on the first Peppermint step with your first jump, 
the second one with your second jump, and on your third jump, fly into the cage 
and grab the ticket.

Found: Shake River Area       Requires: Grapple        Difficulty: 5
The scale area is in the same place on the opposite side of the level. Cross the 
shake river and grapple into it. Once there, you'll spot a Monstrous scale (no, 
really, it's actually a monster) that would like you to fill it's mouth to 
fulfill his sweet tooth. Get the scale to the gold tooth by placing in the right 
amount of candy. Unfortunately, there's a mean Skeleton Clown patrolling the 
area, ready to steal the candy. Move swiftly by him, and drop (dropping is 
better than throwing) 3 red candies, 2 gold candies, and 1 peppermint candy into 
his mouth. This will activate the scale, and Ticket B will soon appear.

Found: Entrance Area           Requires: Machine Parts  Difficulty: 3
Man, the name of these ticket hints are getting worse and worse. Getting this 
ticket, however, is simply a matter of finding all of the machine parts, most of 
which are above the level on the side paths. Take the parts to the giant mouth 
you saw when you entered the level. it will open up, and you can then place the 
machine parts inside. The ticket will then appear!

Found: Factory Area            Requires: Grapple         Difficulty: 5 
This ticket is found in the Factory Area, a place located inside of the large, 
striped hat on top of the center monster's head. After you get the machine 
working, straws will come down near the Chocolate and Shake Rivers. If you stand 
on the tongues there, the straws will eventually come to you. The straws will 
take you around to the Back Area, where you can jump off. Go to the back where a 
Grapple Pad is, and grapple onto a Spider handle. Jump up to the web, and ride 
one of the other spider handles up to the top web. Run across this and circle 
around the hat. On the opposite side is the door leading into the factory area. 
Once inside, jump up to the ledge behind you and take a right. You'll notice 
some spinning rings of handles. Jump and grab onto them. While spinning (it goes 
very fast), jump to the next set when you're the closest to it. Continue doing 
this until you reach the other side. That's where Ticket D is. Don't just jump 
down, though. Above each set of spinning handles are gold and purple tokens. 
Jump on top of them and get them all.

Found: Factory Area            Requires: Double Jump     Difficulty: 8
This is a rather difficult ticket to get in the factory area. To the left of the 
entrance, you'll notice some rings. There is no vehicle around, though, so this 
time you must do the Ring Challenge on foot. It's a good idea to get the tokens 
throughout the course before you do the challenge so they don't distract you. 
You have a severe time limit to get through all this (35 seconds), so you'll 
need  strategy. Try to stay above the ground whenever possible. Get good running 
starts to avoid falling. If you make it through in time, the ticket will be 

Found: Factory Area            Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 3
The troll lives in a large pipe behind the central structure in the Factory 
Area. Jump down the hole and you'll arrive in it's lair. As you approach the 
troll, it will ask for some candy. You also may spot some severed hands on the 
back wall. Good thing you don't have any hands and can throw the candy into the 
troll's mouth via a tractor beam. It's quite simple to feed it. It will tell you 
what it wants: Purple Surprise, Black Licorice, Orange Sourball, or a Yellow 
Gumdrop. Take the piece of candy that corresponds to the color and toss it into 
the troll's mouth. After several snacks, it will become so large that it will 
explode, leaving behind Ticket F. Now you know why your parents never wanted you 
to have so much candy... don't video games teach you a lot?

Found: Factory Area            Requires: Grapple          Difficulty: 5   
OK, "Get to the bottom of things" made sense, but "Get to the top of things"? Oh 
well. To get this nice ticket, you'll have to climb the central structure and 
make it to the top. Go to the central ledge, and take a left. You'll soon see a 
Grapple Pad. Use this to get up to so platforms. Jump up, then quickly run 
across the spinning platforms. After this, quickly swing across the handles, and 
don't slow down, or the Zappers will get you. Jump across some shaky platforms 
(don't dawdle; get off them quickly!), then you'll be faced with more spinning 
platforms. After making it by them, Ticket G will be right there. The pipe at 
the end will use super suction power to take you up to the Monster Swamp.

Found: Monster Swamp           Requires: Spider Rider     Difficulty: 7
For this ticket, you'll need the Spider Rider, which is located underneath the 
main platform. You can drive it to the back where the big bugs are, but you 
can't get up there. Go back and leap out of the Spider Rider. go tot he left and 
pick up a bomb, then walk out on the straw and bomb the bomb switch. This will 
make a tongue ramp appear, which you can ride up to reach the big bugs. When you 
touch a bug, it flips over. To get the ticket you'll need to flip ALL of them 
over at the same time. This isn't easy, as the bugs will flip back up after a 
short period of time. Hit all the bugs as fast as you can. Hit the ones near you 
before going on. If you finish and some flip over, go and flip them back. It may 
take some time, but you can flip them all over and get this ticket. Just be sure 
to never get out of the Spider Rider, or it'll mean certain death.

Found: Monster Swamp           Requires: Spider Rider     Difficulty: 8
The switch on the left made a little ramp appear. What does the bomb switch on 
the right do? Ride down the snake with a bomb and hit it to find out. A huge 
Monster will rise from out of the lake, and any contact with it will give Rocket 
quite a shock. Use it's tongue as a ramp and jump into its mouth with the Spider 
Rider. Inside, ride through the tunnels, which are densely packed with shocking 
eyeballs, tentacles, and more. You'll first encounter tentacles swinging up and 
down. Blast by them when they're down. The next set of tentacles will sway from 
left to right. Get by them whenever you can. Some spinning snakes will spin in 
and out of the walls in the next area. Stay in the exact center to avoid them. 
In the next area, use the ramps to jump over the eyes. Before the last jump 
(with the gold token above it), take a left and you'll see a tunnel. Try to 
avoid the eyes, but it may be impossible to in some cases. If you have health, 
just race down it as fast as you can. The ticket is at the end of the tunnel.

Found: Monster Swamp           Requires: Nothing         Difficulty: 7
This Ticket is located in the monster swamp. The bomb switch on the left will 
raise up a gigantic monster in the center of the swamp. Go back to the entrance 
to the swamp and climb up the toungues on the left side. Up on top is a bomb. 
Grab it and run to the end of the long platform. Use it to bomb one of the 
moster's eyes. Repeat with the other eye. After both eyes are bombed, it'll duck 
down into the swamp. Jump onto it's back. When it goes up again, you'll be able 
to reach Ticket J.

Found: Entrance Area           Requires: Nothing          Difficulty: 2
This ticket, like the Ticket K's in the other levels, is a oddly located Ticket 
hiding out in a part of the level. This ticket is hidden above the eyes in the 
entrance area. To get it, grab onto the straw near the Chocolate River (the one 
that circles you around the level), and ride it so you're above the Entrance 
Area. Behind the monster's eyes is the ticket.

Refreshingly, the Tokens are easier to find in Food Fright than in Pyramid 
scheme. Not much easier, though, so you'll still need to be on the lookout for a 
few of them:
*A gold token is up on the mound of chocolate in the Peppermint area. Ride up 
the hill to get it.
*Above the monster scale you'll find some windows (climb the hill to get to 
them). Inside them are gold and purple tokens.
* If you take the side path all the way over to the scale area, jump down onto 
the path below (but above the scale area). This path has a shimmering gold token 
for you.
* On either side of the monster's striped hat are gold tokens. Don't forget to 
get both of them.
*After getting Ticket D, jump onto the top of the spinning platforms. There are 
2 gold and a purple token waiting up there.
*Right after getting Ticket G, a Gold token will easily be in view dangling over 
the edge. To get it and avoid falling all the way down, jump off the side, 
collect it, and use your boosters to double jump back.
*There are a slew of tokens in the Monster Swamp. To your left, jump off the 
shooting block and swing up the spider handles to get a gold token. On the 
right, climb up the chocolate bars for another gold token. In the middle of the 
swamp on the left, and purple token awaits for those who can climb up to it. 
*After you raise the monster out of the swamp, you can find a silver token under 
each of its hands and another near its tail, Be very careful while getting 

-Machine Part Guide-

PART 1:     Found- Side Path
This is found directly above the teleportation pad in the entrance area. Take 
the side paths (climbing up the hills in any corner of the level are the easiest 
ways to get up) until you arrive at it.

PART 2:     Found- Side Path
This part is very near the first part. It's over more towards the chocolate 

PART 3:     Found- Side Path
This part is close to the second part. It's even closer to the chocolate river, 

PART 4:     Found- Chocolate River Area
Near the Marshmallows in the Peppermint area, the fourth machine part is only a 
triple jump away from you getting it. It's on the back wall atop the large piece 
of Peppermint.

PART 5:     Found- Side Paths
This piece of the machine is high above the shake river. Grab on to the spider 
handle near the river and let it take you up there, where you'll easily spot the 
next part.

PART 6:     Found- Shake River Area
This one is in the scale area. Climb up the hill in the corner, then jump onto 
the window sills. You may have to find some handles, but you'll eventually come 
to this part. 

PART 7:     Found- Shake River Area
This final piece is hovering over the quickly-running shake river.  

-Other Items-

Found: Monster Swamp      
Speed- 7        Handling- 3      Special- Can Drive in Swampy Waters  

BOOSTER PACK:      Found- Chocolate River Area
This part is above the cage that Ticket A is in. To get up high enough to leap 
on top of it, take the side paths (climbing up one of the hills in the corner is 
the easiest way) to the end and it's only a double jump away. 

STRAWS:  Found- Chocolate/Shake River Areas, Factory Area, Monster Swamp
The Straws in this level will quickly transport you to different areas of the 
level. When you first enter the Factory Area, it may be a good idea to go 
straight ahead and jump down the straw, which will activate the straw transport 
between the Chocolate River and Factory Area. A straw at the top in Monster 
Swamp will take you down to the factory area as well, allowing you transport 
between all levels. If you enter the Monster Swamp and go right, you'll find 
another straw that transports you all the way down to the Shake River. Use these 
connections to quickly get places.

   - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 7: JOJO'S WORLD - - - - - - - - - - 

Vehicle: None                           Difficulty (1-10): 10
Enemies: Paint Cannons
Main Attraction: Lava Lake
Secondary Attraction: Paint Land      
Areas: Stage 1 (Carnival), Stage 2 (Paint), Stage 3 (Bombs), Stage 4 (Grapple), 
Stage 5 (Lava), Stage 6 (Spider), Stage 7 (Jojo)  

Rocket has finally collected enough tickets to allow him access to Jojo's own 
creation, Jojo's World. This dangerous world has bits of every level included, 
only this time it's much more difficult. There are no tickets in this Level. 
Your goal is not-so-simply to get from the beginning to end. 

When you first enter, let Jojo taunt you; he'll be defeated soon enough. Grab 
onto the lamps hanging from the wooden lampposts, but don't take your time. 
They'll fall down into the pit if you hang around to long. Once on the other 
side, climb up the flowers and from there jump onto the logs. As you go up them, 
the incline will start to get steeper, so hurry up them. After the logs, you'll 
come to a spiraling platform. Jump on it and make it turn so that you can reach 
the other side. On the other side, grab onto the spinning handles and jump 

The farther you go in Jojo's World the more difficult the stages will get. In 
the Paint world, you'll run into the same guard you found in Paint Misbehavin'. 
To get by him, you'll need the same outfit of a green head and orange body. 
Unfortunately, there aren't any pools around. Instead, there are jets of each 
color shooting up out of the ground. First of all, paint your entire body Yellow 
(it's easiest to stand where the paint will land to get this done). Jump upward 
to the Blue jet, and get your head painted. You can do this by taking a small 
hop and hitting your head on the paint stream when it's at its highest point. 
Next you'll need to get your body painted orange with the red paint. Find out 
where the paint comes out. When you see where it comes out, stand on it so that 
it will only hit your body. If you mess up at any time, go to the top and get 
yourself into the water stream. When you get painted the correct colors, go to 
the top and into the main area. After you start jumping up the pillars you'll 
notice the Paint Cannons fire big shots of paint at you, hoping to mess up your 
colors so you can't get by the guard. Jump up the pillars as fast as you can. 
The second you touch the ground, jump again. If you move up to the top quickly, 
you'll get by the paint cannons with the right colors. Here the guard will admit 
you into stage three.

After getting by the guard, jump through the waterfall drain and swing past the 
lamps. You'll have to go through another spiraling platform to make it over to 
the elevator. The elevator will take you down to a place above the pit. Be 
careful while jumping across the elevator platforms. When you reach the big 
platforms, grab a bomb and go to the second/third to last platform. Bomb the 
wall. When you do this, a giant, rotating fan will be activated. You need to get 
by it, but there's no way to with all those fan blades. Take another bomb and 
toss it a blade, which will crumble it into nothingness. You can do this to as 
many blades as you have time for (the fan will eventually destroy the platforms 
you're standing on), but all you need to do is destroy one. After you do, jump 
on the axle of the fan, which will be spinning. Run to the end, and jump 
accordingly so you don't slide off as it turns. At the end, fall down the hole 
to go to the Grapple area.

The grapple area requires good grapple skills, not to mention excellent ice beam 
and throwing control. First, use your ice beam to create some icebergs out in 
the water. Go out until you're close enough to the handle, and grapple up to it 
(do it quick or the iceberg will melt underneath your feet). Once up, get by the 
central ice area by making icebergs. Avoid the central whirlpool by staying near 
the edge, and jump over the hot beam onto an iceberg you created beforehand. On 
the other side, jump on the magnet platform and stand on one of the sides. 
That'll make it turn towards the other magnet platform. When you're the closest 
to it you can get, jump over to it. Continue until you get to the first magnet 
area. Here, take the metal block you find on the ground and hit the switch. The 
magnet up above you will start to glow. This indicates that it is magnetized and 
the metal box will stick to it. Throw the box on it, then grapple up. Jump over 
to the left on the Arabian Flights-like windowtop. Jump over to the other side 
from here. You have a short time to do this, so don't waste a second of time. 
Onto magnet area two, which is much more difficult. Pick up one of the metal 
boxes you see and throw it up onto the platform above. It's easiest to do this 
on the first step near the switch. Take the other box and hit the switch. Throw 
it on the magnet, then grapple up. Once on the upper platform, use the box 
you've thrown up there to get onto the other magnet. If you do this without 
messing up, you should have plenty of spare time.

After making it past the frustrating grapple section, you'll realize frustration 
might be a little better than difficulty, especially if you fail at the 
difficulty (the lava section) you'll have to go through the frustration again 
(the grapple section). After swinging across the lanterns, carefully (yet 
quickly) make your way across the unstable platforms. Now you'll be in the giant 
lava pool. You'll notice a few platforms spiralling into the center. When one 
begins to come near you, leap as far as you can and hope you make it to it. From 
there jump to the center island. Use the handles on the sides to climb up it. On 
top, you'll not some shooters that will Rocket you up to the next platform. For 
the first few you can simply jump on them and make it to the next one, but for 
the late ones, you'll need to apply some extra distance. To do this, run across 
the shooting blocks as if you were, well, running across them. They'll shoot you 
up in the air, but you'll also get extra distance. However, you could run right 
off the edge before you get launched and you'll most certainly fall into the 
lava below. If you make it to the last one, grab onto the handle above the 
Whoopie head. Go in and to the next part, where a strange contraption must be 
worked. Stand inside the little circle (where the handle from the center goes) 
and start running into one of the sides. This will make the entire platform 
move. Spin it around slowly (not to fast) until you get it to the other side. 
Then jump out and dash over there before it sways back down tot he bottom again.

The next stage of this level is actually much easier than the Lava. There's a 
giant spider in the center of a pit, and you'll have to climb up its back to 
reach the next stage. How? Notice the webs on the side? why not follow them? The 
only problem is that there's a bunch of legs that the spider has that block the 
way. For this stage you'll have to be a little mean to the cute little Spider. 
In fact, you'll have to immobilize it for the rest of its life by blasting off 
its legs. The explosive? Why, the handy bombs of course! Stay far back and throw 
them at the place where the leg and body connect. When the legs fall off, get 
ready for the web to be pulled down and twisted. Standing still is probably 
best. After getting to the back, jump across the webs to the other side (with 
another bomb holder). Once you get past the other sides legs, hop up the web 
platforms and onto the spider's face. From there, climb across its back and onto 
the final part of the level (with Jojo himself!)

This final area is where you'll finally be able to stop Jojo. You won't have a 
huge boss battle, but it's difficult all the same. Start by running over to the 
spinning handles. Grab onto them and wait for them to go all the way up. Then 
jump to the next one. Continue going up until you reach a platform. Follow the 
platform around the large, glowing ball. Disobey Jojo's orders and climb on top 
of it. It will start spinning, and all you eventually have to do is ride it. 
Stay in the non-glowing parts to be safe. The farther you go, the faster the 
sphere will go, so you'll need quicker reflexes. When you make it to the end, 
you'll beat Jojo. Good work!


That concludes this Walkthrough. Have a nice day!

| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|||///////////////////////////////// |
| - - - - - - - - - - - PART 4: Additional Help - - - - - - - - - - - -| 
| ////////////////////////////////|||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |

Need more help? If you can't find something in the walkthrough, this may be the 
place to go. Codes, Additional Tips, Frequently Asked Questions, and Info on how 
to contact me is what you'll find here.


        - - - - - - - - - - - - CHEATS - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cheats... what's a game without 'em? A perfectly fine game if it's good, but you 
must admit it's always fun to go around in an altered world with super powers. 
That's what these nifty little codes will get you. Have fun!

Input the Directions on the Control Pad. 

All Vehicles: Pause the game and press Up, Down, Z, R, Up, Left, Down, 
              Left, Down, and Down. A sound will confirm the correct 
              code entry. 

Low Friction: Pause the game and press Up, R, R, Left, Z, Z, Down, Left, 
              Up, and Right. A sound will confirm the correct code 

Low Gravity: Pause the game and press Z, R, Z, R, Down, R, R, Right, 
             Right, and R. A sound will confirm the correct code entry.

Heavy Rocket: Pause the game and press Up, Right, Right, R, Right, R, Z,
              R, R, Up. A sound will confirm the correct code entry.

Super Speed: Pause the game and press Z, Right, Down, Up, Down, R, Up, 
             Down, Left, and Up. A sound will confirm the correct code 

Super Jump: Pause the game and press Down, Up, Down, Z, Up, Up, Up, R, 
            Up, and Z. A sound will confirm the correct code entry. 
            Combine this with the "Low Gravity" cheat for even higher 

Super Grab: Pause the game and press Down, Left, Right, Z, Down, Right,
            Down, Down, Down, and Left. A sound will confirm the correct
            code entry. Large objects, such as the Clowns, may now be 
            picked up with your tractor beam. 

Super Grapple: Pause the game and press R, R, Right, Up, Z, Left, R, Z,
            Left, and Up. A sound will confirm the correct code entry. 
            The range of the Grapple move will now be increased.

Clear All Cheats: Pause the game and press Up, Z, Right, Up, Down, R, 
                  Up, Down, Down, and Up. A sound will confirm the 
                  correct code entry.

TRICK: If you want to jump outside of Whoopie World, here's an interesting trick 
(thanks to Dan Mauseth). All you have to do is enter the Low Gravity and Super 
Jump codes and stand outside in the entrance to Whoopie World. Then you jump 
onto the fin of one of the machines on either side of the Whoopie head. When you 
do this, quickly jump onto the rim of Whoopie's hat. Jump onto the top of the 
hat, then walk straight off the back. Now you can look up and watch Whoopie 
World and the stars above it fade away.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - GAMESHARK CODES - - - - - - - - - - - -

Right after receiving some cheats, I've just gotten some Gameshark codes in, 
too! Enjoy these codes for stretching the rules a little... OK, maybe a lot, but 
it's still worth it!

Infinite Health:                         8109f702000c

Maximum Health:                          8109f706000c
Maximum Tinker Tokens:                   8101599e0064

All Ticket Switches Activated:           810a59a200c8

Have Machine Parts:                      810a5960ffff


         - - - - - - - - - - - - TIPS - - - - - - - - - - - -

Stuck? Chances are these tips won't help you. But they do give you good advice 
that is sometimes helpful to know. Read on and discover.

1. Tickets and Tokens are connected. Usually, if you're trying to get all the 
tickets, it's not hard to get all the tokens. Most of the tokens aren't far off 
the path you need to take to get the tickets, so while you get the tickets you 
might also get all the tokens, too.

2. Look around. Sometimes handles may be right above your heads, tokens right 
behind you, and machine parts under you nose. Look around for these things. 
You'll be surprised what careful observation may lead to.

3. Take your time. Except in some cases where you're timed or are under enemy 
fire, taking your time will lead to success. If you rush, you may end up having 
to start all over again. 

4. An easier way to get up to the other side of a lake or river (when you 
normally have to run across using the icebergs of the freeze ray) is to run over 
to the end, then at full speed, activate the freeze ray and jump. You should 
jump on top of the iceberg before it floats up (thanks to Rory for telling me 
about this).

Got tips? If you have a tip you'd like to send me, well, send it in!


 - - - - - - - - - - Frequently Asked Questions  - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally! I've got enough questions for some to be counted as "Frequently 
Asked"!. Great job, ask some more!

Q: In Pyramid Scheme, I can't find the Glider Bike. Where is it?
A: If you follow the path for finding Ticket E, you'll get the bike immediately 
after you find the ticker.


        - - - - - - - - CLOSING/THANKS/CREDITS - - - - - - - -

Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Something I left out? 
Info that I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say about my 
FAQ, be sure to: 

E-mail me Questions or Comments- [email protected]

Before you send me stuff, however, make sure you read this first:
1. I'm currently remembering where the tickets for the rest of the levels are. I 
might remember where a ticket is, but I can't guarantee that I can tell you 
where a ticket is that you can't find in the Walkthrough.
2. Please look at the walkthrough before you send me questions! I made the 
walkthrough for a reason. It was so you could look at it, not so you could find 
my e-mail address and ask me what you want to know before you glance at it. Be 
sure to check the walkthrough to see if it can answer your question(s) before 
asking me.
3. In the title of your message, be sure to include at least "Rocket" in there 
somewhere. This would help me out a lot.
4. I actually enjoy getting mail. If you have a stupid question, comments, or 
anything at all (except mail that says "send this to 50 other people or else"), 
I'd like to get it. 

Stuff to Send Me: Got any Gameshark Codes? Send 'em to me! You'll get your name 
posted in the credits section... and... uh... that's it, but think of the glory!  

Question to Ponder: Would you like to see maps of the levels? I've made a few 
for some tickets, but I'm thinking about making big ones for the worlds. What's 
your opinion? Would it work or would you rather I work on more important things?

Poll: What's your favorite vehicle? It can be for any reason, or for no reason 
at all. Send in your opinion with your questions or comments.

                               *   *   *

                              - CREDITS -

Some very nice people have contributed things to this FAQ. See who they are 

Al Amaloo: Contributed the excellent codes you see here. 
DragonHunter7911: Gave me some nice Gameshark Codes I've been wanting
                  for a long, long time.

                               *   *   *

Special Thanks to:
*Nintendo Power- I got lots of info from the review in the November issue of 
their excellent magazine! 
*Sucker Punch- For so boldly making a high-quality game that is an excellent 
platformer. And all this on their first try, too!
*Ubi Soft- For picking up this game to publish. 
*The Instruction Booklet- A handy little book that refreshed me on the aspects 
of Rocket.

                                 *   *   *

             *Frequently Asked Questions
             *Gameshark Codes

                                 *   *   *

                            -CLOSING STATEMENT-
It looks like I've finally finished this FAQ. I've given you the location of 
every Ticket, helped you find where some of the Tinker Tokens are, and gave you 
some cool Codes. I think my work here is done. So long everyone, and keep 
playing Rocket, it's a great platformer that everyone should experience.

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