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 S E N T I N E L   W O R L D S   1 :   F U T U R E   M A G I C


     A game by Electronic Arts. Game designer: Karl Buiter.
                     © 1988. Karl Buiter

            FAQ/Walkthrough + Game manual Version 1.0
      written by Mario “macCro” Zamic on September 21th, 2001
           © Mario Zamic 2001, 2002. All rights reserved.
               Contact me: [email protected]



Chapter 1       Credits
Chapter 2       The original game manual (Included because
                this game is abandonware and could be
Chapter 3       Sentinel Worlds Paragraphs
Chapter 4       Walkthrough



I would like to thank GameFAQs for posting my other walkthroughs
and for doing it so fast. In this document I’ve used some
materials generously typed by GTR> and Wanker – big thanks.
I would also like to thank Al Giovetti for writing FAQs long
long time ago… Thanks to Marino and Alen for sharing this
wonderful game with me.



U S E R S    M A N U A L

Another in the continuing series of fastdocs by GTR>


Mission Dossier

I. Excerpt from report by Patrick Blane, Federation Undersec-
retary for Caldorrian Affairs, 2/3/2994:



To Her Excellency the Ambassador to Caldorre,

I am delighted to report a successful conclusion to our
negotiation with shipping magnate William Grager. He agrees to
provide transportation for shipments of food from Caldorre and
Norjaenn to our new outposts in the Rouyn and Mistassini
systems. In return, the Federation provides protection for the
shipments and the compensation package that you and I
He's a shrewd old horsetrader,but I played him like a violin. 
I think this will mean promotions for us both. Keep the
champagne cold until I get there.

II. Weak and fragmentary message received at Federation 
Comm Center on Caldorre, 5/23/2995.


[end of transmission]

III. Transcript of the appearance of Caldorre System Repre-
sentative Elizabeth Nguyen before the Federation Subcommittee
on the Transport Raids, 10/23/2995:

"Gentle sentients,
"Since the first Raider attack earlier this year, Grager
Transport has lost seventeen ships. The Federation has lost
gigacredits' worth of badly-needed supplies for the new
settlements. And eighteen men and women of my system have lost
their lives.

"According to William Grager, the attacks are swift and
brutal. The raiders appear out of hyperspace, rake the ships
with some sort of energy weapon, and disappear before they can
be identified. They make no attempt to contact the ships, or
to capture them, or to salvage their remains. The destruction
of this vital shipping route seems to be their only intention.

"The Federation must rethink its strategy. The current
defensive posture, although well-intentioned, has been
ineffective. The Dreadnought-class escort ships that you have
supplied are too slow and heavy to respond to these lightning
fast attacks. Only a more maneuverable ship, such as the
Interceptor-class vessels, might stand a chance against the

"On behalf of the Caldorre system, I demand that you find out
who these Raiders are. It is an atrocious affront to justice
when terrorism is permitted to rage unchecked in civilized

"Gentle sentients, no matter what you do, I beg you, do it
quickly. We can spare no more lives to these monsters."

IV. Address by Cynthia Rodrigues, Federation Mission Coor-
dinator on Casparis, to the crews of eight Federation
Interceptor-class vessels, 1/27/2996:

"Let me begin by congratulating each of you on your talents
and dedication.
You have been chosen from amoung thousands of volunteers, and
have passed--some would say, 'survived'--a grueling training
program that has tested and honed skills vital to the success
of the mission.

"Most importantly, you have encountered the four other people
whose skills and temperaments were found by our tests to be
the most compatible with yours. You came here as strangers to
each other, but the training you have undergone together has
forged you into partners and friends. Your lives will depend
on your ability to rely on each other.

"Let me review some of the details of your mission. A
hyperspace barge will transport you and your ships from the
Federation Central Base to the Caldorre system. This trip will
take six months, during which your crew will be placed in cold
sleep in order to conserve supplies. When the barge reaches
the Caldorre system, you will be awakened, and your ship cast
off to begin its mission.

"From that point on, the course you take will be up to you.
You may decide to remain in space to protect the transport
ships. In this way, you can challenge the raiders in battle,
and, if you are victorious, even board their ships--although I
must remind you that no one has ever returned from such an
attempt. With these tactics you can learn about the raiders
first hand--and still collect the bounties we offer for each
raider ship that you destroy and each transport that you lead
to safety.

"Or you may choose to go planetside to collect intelligence on
the raiders. You'll find information on the streets and in
parks, in restaurants and bars--wherever people gather. Along
the way, you may find the clues that will let you put together
the pieces to this deadly puzzle.

"Don't forget that, to some extent, you must learn to fend for
yourselves on this mission. While we have armed and supplied
you, your party will have to earn money so that you can buy
additional training, equipment, and weapons. While this
requirement is in part a consequence of recent budget cuts, it
has the benefit of forcing you to immerse yourselves more
fully in the local culture, which cannot help but to add to
your store of information.

"In closing, let me send with you the best hopes of your
teachers who remain behind.  May you have good hunting and a
successful return!"

Commander's Reference Manual

Section 1. Assembling the Crew

Prior to departure for the Caldorre System, you will use the
StarCrew Development System to review your five-person crew
for the mission. This sophisticated cybernetic personnel
tracking system enables you to examine each crew member's
characteristics and skills. If you wish, you can enlist new
personnel for any or all of the crew positions at this point.
Finally, you will christen your Federation Interceptor-class
spacecraft, and embark on your mission.

1.1 Crew Duties

The five current members of your party are displayed by the
StarCrew Development System in the following order: Pilot,
Navigator, Communications, Engineer and Medic.

The shipboard duties of each crew member are explained below:

Pilot: Handles the ship's guns during space combat.
Navigator: Guides the ship through real space or hyperspace.
Interprets long-range scanner input. Executes boarding and
orbiting procedures.
Communications Officer: Establishes contact with targeted
ships and programs the ship's computers.
Engineer: Repairs any damage the ship takes in combat.
Medic: Heals injuries suffered by all crew members, except
when performing as the team leader.

1.2 Assigning a New Crew Member

You can look at the dossier of any current crew member by
entering the number next to that person's name.

If you choose to erase that record and enlist another person
instead, select option #3 from the crew member's profile and
the StarCrew Development System displays the photographs of
all personnel who are currently available to join the mission.
Press the number that corresponds with the face of the person
you wish to add to the crew.

1.3 Reading a Crew Member's Profile

The crew profiles reflect the most up-to-the-minute
information about each crew member's equipment, experience,
skills rating, and physical condition. Profiles are
dynamically updated by information from telemetric sensors,
which is interpreted and quantified by the StarCrew personnel
analysis programs.

If you are looking at the profile of a crew member that you
have just added to the crew, start by entering that person's
name at the top of the screen. Here is a guide to reading the
rest of the information on the screen:

Class: The new crew member's function in the crew. A new crew
member automatically takes the class of the old one.

Level: Levels are ranked as follows:

Rank                            Experience Points Required
Combat Cadet                           Initial Rank
Senior Cadet                           25
Command Cadet                          100
Ensign                                 225
Combat Ensign                          400
Senior Ensign                          625
Command Ensign                         900
Lieutenant                             1225
Combat Lieutenant                      1600
First Lieutenant                       2025
Senior Leiutenant                      2500
Command Leiutenant                     3025
Lt. Commander                          3600
Commander                              4225
Combat Commander                       4900
Senior Commander                       5625
Captain                                6400
Combat Captain                         7225
Senior Captain                         8100
Command Captain                        9025

Crew members attain higher ranks during the course of their
duty. The higher their rank, the more effective they are at
doing their job. For example, a Communications Officer with
more experience will be more successful at re-programming the
ship's computers.

A higher experience level also increases the crew member's
Maximum Trauma Rating, which is measured in "hit points". In
addition, for each two additional experience levels attained,
there is a 5% increase in effectiveness with any type of

Experience above class level: This is the number of experience
points the crew member has above his or her rated level. This
amount is reduced to zero when he or she has enough points to
advance to the next highest level.

Current Armor: At the beginning of the mission, each crew
member has his or her uniform as armor. The screen displays
the armor's degree of protection against the four classes of
weapons: the higher the number, the greater the armor's
effectiveness against that class of weapon.

Current Weapon: This is the weapon with which this person is
currently equipped. Members start out with only their hands as
weapons. Preparatory to orbiting or boarding, they can get
weapons from the ship's armory. You must then equip crew
members with weapons using the Crew Command System. See
Section 3.

Health Status: The number in paranthesis is this person's
Maximum Trauma Rating. It is initially calculated as the
person's strength plus their stamina, and then is increased as
higher experience levels are attained (See Stamina). The
first number is the current number of hit points.

Party's Current Cash: The party begins with 200 CR. They can
use their cash to buy equipment and supplies, and to acquire
increased training for party members
The party can increase its cash by the following means:

-Federation bounties for destroying raiders' vessels
-Enabling transport ships to safely reach their system
-Delivery of scientific cargoes
-Mining minerals on the planets surface
-Selling items encountered during the party's travels

These aspects of the adventure are explained in greater detail
in section 2.

1.3.1 Assigning Characteristics

When recuiting a new member, you specify the characteristics
you wish the crew member to have by assigning between 10 and
20 points for each characteristic from a total "well" of 70
points.  The characteristics are as follows:

Note: If you make a mistake, you can use the backspace or the
"up arrow" key to backup and change the assigned points.

Strength: Effectiveness in battle. High strength means that
more damage is done when the person uses a contact or edged
weapon. Also added to stamina to determine initial Maximum
Trauma Rating.

Stamina: How long the person can last in battle. The higher a
person's stamina, the more their Maximum Trauma Rating is
increased as they attain higher ranks.

Dexterity: The rate at which the person can attack using any
weapon. It also determines the speed with which the medic can
heal injuries.

Comprehend: Ability to learn new skills. The higher a person's
comprehension, the more new skills they acquire as they are

Charisma: Ability to communicate with and influence others.
Confers greater effectiveness in encounters with other

You should specify characteristics for a new member that are
relevant to the role he or she will play in the party:
the communicator's profile should reflect high comprehension
and charisma, while crew members who are expected to fight
should have high strength and dexterity, etc.

Should you wish to improve your crew's characteristics, you
can visit the Caldorre Towers, where you can take advantage of
training facilities - for a price. For example, using the
aerobics gym increases stamina; a trip to the plastic surgeon
increases charisma, etc.

1.3.2 Assigning Skill Points

Federation training provides each crew member with one skill
point in contact weapons and one in edged weapons (out of a
maximum in all skill categories of seven). During the
recruitment of a new member, you can assign one additional
skill point in any of the following areas:

Contact: Effectiveness with blunt or clubbing weapons.	
Edged: Proficiency with cutting or slashing weapons.
Projectile: Effectiveness with projectile weapons.
Blasters: Proficiency with the blaster class of weapons.

(Each point a person has in one of the above skills is
reflected in a 5% increase in their combat effectiveness
rating with that class of weapon. See Appendix 1 for more
information about weapons.)

Tactics: Skill in using any weapon. Every 2 points allocated
to this skill results in a 5% increase in the combat
effectiveness with any weapon.
Recon: Ability to discern objects and locations using the
long-range scanner in the Ground Command Helmet.
Gunnery: Ability to aim the ship's lasers effectively. This
skill is useful only to the team pilot.	
ATV Repair: Ability to make repairs on the ATV (All-Terrain
Mining: Expertise in locating valuable mineral deposits on a
planet's surface.
Athletic: Overall physical and mental potential. At the start
of the mission, each characteristic can only be increased 3
points above its original level by means of training. This
"ceiling" is increased by one for each point gained in
athletic skill.
Observation: Ability to notice useful details about
encountered beings.
Bribery: Effectiveness in using the party's cash to influence
encountered characters to do what you want them to do.	

As the crew members gain promotions, they will also gain skill
points, which you can assign as you like, using the Crew
Command System. (See Section 3.)
The rate at which they gain additional skills is determined by
their comprehension level.

Section 2. The Federation Spacecraft Command

When the hyperspace barge arrives in the Caldorre system, you
will be revived by the automatic systems on board. After a
brief orientation from the barge captain, your ship's systems
will come up to normal, and you will be cast off from the

Although you have received the standard hypno-holographic
training in the operation of the Interceptor-class ships, it
is advisable that you thoroughly review this section of the
manual so that you will be familiar with the operation of your

|                                    |                    |
|                                    |        Long        |
|       Short Range Display          |        Range       |
|                                    |        Display     |
|                                    |                    |
|                                    |                    |
|                                    |                    |
|       Ship Status Display          |        Scanner     |
|                                    |        Radar       |
|                                    |                    |

Figure 2. Interceptor class view screen

This state-of-the-art multichannel sensor display is your
interface with your ship, your crew, and the area of space in
which you find yourselves. Its screen is divided into
quadrants, explained below:

Short-Range Display: On this display, your ship is color coded
green. Your fellow Interceptors are purple; convoy ships are
yellow; merchant ships are blue; and Raider ships are red. At
the lower left corner of this display are your ship's current
coordinates and rate of speed. Other status messages also
appear in this part of the display. These are explained in
later sections. (In CGA mode all Federation Interceptors are
turquoise, convoy and merchant ships are white, and Raider
vessels are red.)

Long-Range Display: Ships in the surrounding region of space
are displayed using the same color coding as above. Press L to
cycle through the five levels of magnification. Level 1 is the
most powerful. Your ship is always located in the exact center
of this display as in the SR display.

Scanner Display: When a target has been selected, this portion
of the display show information about the targeted ship. (See
section 2.4 for more about targeting.)

Ship Status Display: This stylized diagram shows the condition
of all ship systems as a percentage of total. These readouts
are as follows:

-Upper left: Description of ship's weapons and engines
-Middle left: Conditions of the ship's computer, the
 effectiveness level of each program, and the current system
 targeted by your lasers
-Lower left: Remaining fuel and condition of the ship's hull
-Lower right: condition of the lasers, engine, and shield

2.2 Command Modes

The different command modes are shown on the indicators in the
center right of the screen. They are as follows:

2.2.1 Talk (TLK)

When you have targeted another ship, pressing T directs your
communications officer to open hailing frewquencies.
The communications system on the Interceptor-class ships uses
a modified version of the Intelligent Text Communications
system (ITC), which transmits encoded short-burst messages in
place of digitized speech. Thus, when you encounter another
ship that wishes to respond to your communication, you are
presented with a menu of topics. For each topic, you select
from a library of phrases.

2.2.2 Programming the Ship's Computers (PRG)

Your Interceptor class vessel is equipped with the MAI-7000
cybernetic ship control system. It supports four principal

Move: Controls the speed and direction of the ship. The better
the Move program is, the more closely you can shadow a
targeted ship--see Section 2.4.3.
Target: Aims the lasers at the selected target.
Evade: Adjusts the ship's trajectory to avoid enemy fire.
Laser: Fires lasers at selected portions of the enemy crafts.

The effectiveness of these programs is rated on a scale of one
to eight.

When you press P to enter this mode, you can order your
communications officer to rewrite ("hack") one of these
programs to fit the circumstances. The more experience this
officer has, the more success he or she will have. If the
officer is very inexperienced, an attempt to hack a program
can actually decrease its efficiency.

Note: If you decide not to "hack" one of the programs, you may
escape from this by pressing the "X" key (see reference card
for more information on keyboard commands).

You can also choose to implement one of the four sub-modules
of the Laser program, which enable you to direct the lasers at
the targeted ship's hull, engine, computer, or lasers. For
example, you might target the raider's hull to destroy the
ship, or its laser to keep it from doing any more damage, or
its engines so that you can immobilize and board it.

2.2.3 Federation Communiques (FED)

Pressing F displays the Federation Communications channel.
This channel shows the location and status of transport
convoys, alerting you to convoys that are in danger. It also
continuously displays messages from the Federation that may
be of use to you, as well as a map of the entire system.

2.2.4 Bridge (BRG)

Depending where you are in space, pressing B to enter this
mode accomplishes one of three things:

-If you are in open space, it directs the navigator to prepare
to enter hyperspace. (See Section 2.3.2.)
-If you are within docking range of a planet's spaceport, it
enables you to use spaceport facilities and orbit the planet.
(See Section 2.5)
-If you are in close proximity to an enemy ship with disabled
engines, it effects boarding procedures. Before you board,
you'll have a chance to visit your ship's armory to provide
your crew with weapons. Remember you must target a ship before
you can board it (See Section 2.4.1)

2.3 Navigation

2.2.1 Sub-Light Speed

Navigation in regular space is controlled by an array of four
keys. The "left" and "right" arrow keys turn the ship
correspondingly; the "up" arrow fires the thrusters to
increase the speed one level; and the "down" arrow fires the
retros, which reduce the speed one level. The maximum possible
speed is level 10; however, this is diminished if your engines
have been damaged.

2.3.2 Hyperspace

Hyperspace is used for interplanetary and cross-system travel.
You specify the destination by aligning a set of crosshairs on
a system map. Once hyperspace travel is completed, you may
have to fine tune your position at sub-light speeds.

For a combat cadet-level navigator, one hyperspace jump
consumes 500 fuel units. As the navigator gains higher rank,
hyperspace travel becomes more fuel-efficient.

2.4 Weaponry and Battle Procedures

2.4.1 Targeting

Press the space bar to target ship's sensors on any ship that
is visible in the short-range display. Press the space bar
repeatedly to cycle through the visible ships.

When a ship is targeted, its picture and status appears in
place of the scanner display in the lower right part of the
main display. Targeting is a necessary perequisite for the
following activities:

-Using the Talk mode
-Boarding an enemy ship
-Shadowing another ship

2.4.2 Laser Control

Initiating inter-ship laser combat with a specified enemy ship
is a two-step process: First you target the enemy ship by
pressing the space bar, then you arm the ship's lasers by
pressing Enter. At this point, the ship's programming takes
over. Firing is automatic until you "de-target" the enemy,
destroy it, or move out of range - or until your own lasers
are disabled.
Even if no ship is targeted, your ship's computers will fire
automatically on enemy ships as they come within range if your
lasers are activated.

2.4.3 Shadowing

When you press S to shadow a targeted ship, your ship's
autopilot takes over and attempts to match the course of the
targeted ship turn for turn. The higher the level of the
"Move" computer program, the better you will be at matching
the other ship's moves.

2.4.4 Damage to Ship Systems

Damage to ship systems has the following effects:

Engine: The ship's top speed is reduced from 10 to a number
corresponding to the remaining percentage of engine function.
For example, if your engine condition is 42%, your maximum
speed is 4.
Lasers: Speed of laser recharging and firing is decreased in
proportion to the damage suffered by the lasers.
Computers: Since the computers ultimately affect all ship
functions, many systems are affected by damage to the
computers. When there is computer damage, the ship moves more
slowly, it is slower to switch targets, you will get hit more
often by enemy fire, and less damage is done by your lasers.
Hull: When hull condition reaches 0%, your ship undergoes
explosive decompression. This has a permanently negative
impact on the viability of the entire crew.

If your fuel is depleted to zero, or if your engines are less
than 10%, you can press H to call a tug that will bring you to
Caldorre for refueling and repair.
If the team has sufficient funds, they will be charged
2000 CR. Otherwise, the Federation Mission Command considers
that such action can only be the consequence of serious crew
incompetence and disciplinary action will be taken.

2.5 Spaceport Contact Procedures

There are a number of useful facilities to be found at the
spaceports of Caldorre and Norjaenn. Before landing on either
of these planets, you may wish to avial yourself of them.
(Since Ceyjavik is a research facility, it has no
spaceport facilities.)

2.5.1 Leave this Spaceport

2.5.2 Visit your Ship's Armory

The ship's armory contains a standard complement of weapons,
armor and other valuable objects. It can also be used to store
item that you acquire during the mission but do not wish to
carry around with you. At the beginnin of the mission the
armory contains the following items:

3 flight jackets
1 dagger
1 power fist
1 cyro cutlass
1 auto pistol
2 auto pistol cartridges
1 arisian lens
1 holophone

Once you have chosen a weapon from the armory and given it to
a crew member, you must use the Crew Command System to equip
that member with it before it can be used in battle.  See
Section 3.

2.5.3 Orbit the Planet

Initiates the landing process. By the use of the crosshairs,
you select the location on the planet that you wish to visit
and hit the "Enter" key to accept your choice of landing sites
(or by using the # 1, 2, or 3 if you wish to visit
one of the 3 Caldorre towers). If landing on other than a
Caldorre tower, the crew will utilize the ATV to travel

2.5.4 Visit Recruitment Center

In the unfortunate event that one of your crew should be lost
in combat, you must visit the Recruitment Center on Caldorre
as soon as possible. Until you replace the lost crew member,
your ship's functions will be impaired as follows:

Pilot: Ship cannont engage in space combat.
Navigator: Ship cannot travel in hyperspace. Long-range
scanner only operates at level 5. Federation Communication
Channel system map is rendered inoperative

Communications Officer: You cannot recieve Federation
messages, hack ship's computer programs, or communicate with
targeted ships.
Engineer: Damage to ship cannot be repaired until you return
to drydock.
Medic: Wounded crew members cannot be healed.

Because replacement members have not undergone the special
mission training program, they have characteristic ratings of
14 for all categories: strength, stamina, etc. Also, they
cannot function as expedition leaders when the crew is on

There must always be at least one of the original crew members
in the mission. If the original five crew members are all
lost, whether in a single tragedy or one at a time, the
mission is at an end.

2.5.5 Visit Science Foundation

Your party can obtain funds by accomplishing Science
Foundation research missions. When you land at the specified
location and place the equipment, the Foundation will credit
your party's account with 700 CR.

2.5.6 Visit Space Miner's Guild

Another way to obtain small amounts of money for your mission
is to use the All Terrain Vehicle to mine valuable ores on the
planets' surface. These minerals are typically found in the
mountainous regions of the planets of this system.

The Miner's Guild is currently interested in these three
-Kokodite: Crumbly yellow ore. Used in ceramic components of
spaceship booster engines.
-Cryolote: Iridescent black crystals. When refined, forms the
power source for most energy weapons.
-Elionium: Radioactive greenish dust. Acts as a catalyst in
tissue-cloning procedures.

When you have picked up a quantity of ore, visit the Space
Miner's Guild to drop it off and be reimbursed.

2.5.7 Enter Fuel Depot

Refueling is available at the rate of 20 CR per 100 fuel units
on Caldorre, and 30 CR per 100 units on Norjaenn.

2.5.8 Enter Dry Dock (Only at Caldorre)

When your ship has been damaged in battle, and you can't wait
for your ship's engineer to effect repairs, visit the dry
dock. Federation trained technicians can repair your ship at
the following rates:

System         Price         Improvement
======         =====         ===========
Shields        5 CR          5 %
Hull           7 CR          5 %
Engine         15 CR         5 %
Computer       20 CR         5 %
Lasers         10 CR         5 %

Section 3. Crew Command Center

You can press C to access the StarCrew Command Center from
shipboard, ATV, or when exploring on foot. Use this system to
inspect crew profiles, trade weapons and items, equip weapons,
and set the crew order. Each of these functions is explained

3.1 Return to Active Duty

3.2 Looking at Crew Profiles

Choose this option when you wish to see a crew member's rank,
experience, characteristics, and skills. You should select
this option when crew members receive promotions in order to
allocate the new skill(s) they've acquired.

3.3 Trading Weapons and Items

Weapons, Armor, and items carried in backpacks can be
redistributed amoung crew members by means of this option. If
a crew member is killed, use this option to give their
possessions to their crewmates. Remember a crew member can
only carry one type of Armor at a time though.

3.4 Equipping Weapons

Although a crew member may be carrying a weapon, it can't be
used in combat until you equip the person with it. Choose this
option as soon as you obtain a new weapon so that crew members
will be ready for battle at any time.

3.5 Setting the Crew Order (Only available from GCH)

This option determines the order in which crew members advance
when on an enemy ship or indoors. The first crew member speaks
to the characters the party encounters - so if you were trying
to get information, you might want that person to be someone
with high charisma and comprehension.  If you were expecting
trouble, you would probably want a strong fighter to take the

		Section 4. The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

The All-Terrain Vehicle is a self-contained vehicle whose
extremely rugged armor and versatile sensor systems make it
suitable for exploring the possibly hostile surface of an
alien planet.

|                                     |                   |
|                                     |                   |
|               Top View              |     Navigation    |
|           Monitor Display           |       Display     |
|                                     |                   |
|                                     |                   |
|                  |                  |                   |
|                  |                  |                   |
|    Viewscreen    |     Message      |    ATV Status     |
|      Display     |     Display      |      Display      |
|                  |                  |                   |
|                  |                  |                   |

                Figure 4. ATV Display Screen

Top View Monitor Display: This area of the screen gives you a
top-view display of the ATV's immediate surroundings. Friendly
animals are indicated by a blue dot, hostile ones by red.
Mineral deposits appear as a light-blue dot. (In CGA all
animals are red dots and minerals are white.)

Navigation Grid Display: This is a stylized display of the
surroundings along with a readout of your current coordinates.

ATV Status Display: This display shows the remaining fuel.
When an encounter is selected, it shows a picture of the
encountered creature and a catalog of its natural weapons.

Message Display: A text summary of the current sensor readings
appears here. When the sensors indicate that there is an
action to be taken, such as mining a mineral deposit or
healing an injured animal, a menu appears here from which you
can select this action.

Viewscreen Display: This portion of the screen displays a
representative view of the current surroundings.

4.2 Navigation

To navigate the ATV, you use the same quadrant of keys that
you use to steer your spaceship.

Although the ATV is well-armored, it is subject to mechanical
breakdown, especially when driven for long periods over rugged
ground. The length of time repairs will take depends on the
composite ATV repair skill level of the entire crew.

To enter a structure, maneuver the ATV around until it is
facing the structure.
If the structure can be entered, the message display will give
you the opportunity to do so.

When your party is exploring on foot, as when you enter a
structure from the ATV, board another ship, or enter a
spaceport, you will use the Ground Combat Helmet (GCH),
explained in the next section.

		Section 5. The Ground Combat Helmet (GCH)

The GCH provides a multi-channel interface with your party's
defense, attack, and information capabilites. It is custom
designed for the individual wearer and is programmed with your
crewmate's names and Federation characteristic profiles. This
information automatically adjusts itself as your party becomes
more experienced.

                 (Figure missing)

		Figure 5. Helmet Display Screen

Point-of-view Display: This portion of the display shows the
area immediately in front of you (as group leader) as a matrix
of two-dimensional planes. The display is reoriented as the
party moves through its surroundings.

Around the periphery of the display is the following
information: your name; which level of the structure you are
currently exploring and your directional facing; your current
maximum trauma rating; and your currently equipped weapon, its
status, and its damage potential.

Top View Radar Display: Superimposed on this display is
a top-view diagram ofthe GCH's automatic sonar pulse readings,
which also reorients itself as your party moves.
The team leader appears in green. Crew members are shown in
yellow, with their order in the party denoted by the number of
dark pixels on each blip. Friendly beings appear as blue
blips, and hostile ones appear in red.
(In CGA the team leader is turquoise, crew members are white,
all others are red.)

Indoor Long-Range Display: By pressing L, you can use the GCH
radar system to scan a 20 move square map section. This
readout is displayed in place of the viewscreen and message

As the members of your team improve their recon skills, you
will be able to discern other items on this display, as

Recon Skill                Locations Displayed

2                          Weapons shop
4                          General stores
6                          Training facilities
8                          Ship's docked location
10                         Access points to new map locations
12                         Elevators between levels
14                         Armories
16+                        Chests and footlockers

Communications Channel Display: The left portion of this lower
right display window shows a text listing of the available
communications channels. Crew members appear on this listing
in their crew order. This display also shows a picture of the
currently targeted being, and that being's complement of

Message Display: A text summary of the current surroundings
appears here. When one of your part makes a voice-channel
comment, it is also displayed here.
When there is action that can be taken, such as an area in
this structure that you can choose to enter, a menu in this
portion of the display gives you the opportunity to do so.

Viewscreen Display: A composite picture of the current
surroundings appears in the lower-left portion of the display.

5.2. Command Options

5.2.1 Battle Status

Press B to see your combat statistics. The readout shows the
crew order and each member's hit points and experience over
grade level.

5.2.2 Crew Command

Press C to inspect crew profiles, trade weapons and items,
equip weapons, and set the crew order. The Crew Command System
is explained in section 3.

5.3 Intelligent Text Communication System

The GCH uses a version of the same Intelligent Communication
System found in the Interceptor-class starships. When you
initiate communications with a member of your crew or an
encountered being, you are presented with a menu of relevant
phrases. You select from these phrases in response to the
other party's replies.

The ITC is context-sensitive in its display of phrases. You
may find that there is more information to be obtained on a
particular subject after a period of time has passed.

5.3.1 Crew Member Channels

When you select one of your crewmates' communications
channels, that person's picture appears on the screen (see
your Reference Card for more information on selecting crew
member channels). If you select your team leader's channel you
will be able to use any abilities that they might possess. By
selecting your Medic's channel you will be provided with a
menu that gives you the option of selecting the order in which
you wish to heal your crew.

5.3.2 Encounter Channel

You can only communicate with encountered beings whom the
sensors deem to be friendly. Remember that Federation
regulation 334-MV1 paragraph Q specifies stiff penalties for
attacking any person so designated.

5.4 Battle Procedures

The GCH interface enables you to target a hostile being and to
use your currently equipped weapon to combat it. Use the space
bar to target a hostile being. You cannot target a being that
is not in your line of sight.

Press "Enter" for the team leader to fire on a hostile being.
Your other team members handle their own firing.

Weapon range for each class of weapon is as follows: Contact
and edged weapons have a range of two squares on the short
range display; projectile weapons and blasters have a range of
four squares.

                        (Figure missing)
                  Figure 6. Caldorre Planet map

		Section 6. Survey Results on Caldorre System

The following Information is excerpted from the Official
Report of the Federation Survey Party of 2990.

6.1 Caldorre

6.1.1 History of the Caldorre System

When the first Federation exploration teams entered the
Caldorre system in 2709, they found to their surprise that its
most Earthlike planet (for which the system was named) was
already inhabited by a highly advanced and technologically
literate culture. In fact, the Caldorrians detected and hailed
the Federation ship before it even knew there was life on the

The Federation explorers found the Caldorrains eager for
contact with space-farers. Communication proved easy, since
the Caldorrians spoke a much corrupted descendant of an
obsolete language called Anglish -- a precursor of modern
Commonspeak. From this, and from the fact that this region of
space was known as a destination for early deep space
travellers, it was theorized that Caldorre was originally
settled by a lost Earthish colony ship hundreds of years

In 2720, Caldorre and Norjaenn became fully-represented
members of the Federation of Planets. Relations between the
heartworlds of the Caldorre system have generally been
friendly. The Caldorrians value the influx of culture, trade,
and industry brought by the Federation, while the Federation
finds Caldorre a useful stopping point for outbound
expeditions, as well as a valuable trade and population center
in its own right. In addition, the system offers food and
mineral resources that are vital to continued Federation
expansion in this area of space.

6.1.2. Geography and Lifeforms

Caldorre's major landform is a single huge continent that
girdles the planet's equator. Except for the polar regions,
the climate is generally humid and temperate.  The planet is
widely and luxuraintly forested, possessing many of the
characteristics of an Earthish rain forest. Known animal life
includes cave bears, gorillas, and dust snakes, all of which
have been know to be hostile to human beings.

6.1.3 Politics and Culture

Small communities of tribal humans are found at various
locations on the planet. It is a point of contention among
Federation scientists as to whether these are descendants of
the same colony ship that established the Tower culture, or
whether they are the evidence of a separate human landing on
Caldorre. The attitude of the tribal dwellers toward the Tower
inhabitants can generally be described as benignly oblivious.

The only other human life on Caldorre is centered in the three
huge Towers which rise several kilometers above the surface of
the planet. The top of each Tower is a docking port, through
which atmospheric crafts enter the Tower.
Below that are hundreds of levels which house all aspects of
human industry, commerce, and recreation. The lower level fall
into several different basic types:

-Bar and Club levels house establishments that cater to
visitors' needs for recreation and conversation.
-Store levels provide weapons and other supplies for visitors.
-Apartment and Office levels comprise living and working
quarters for Tower inhabitants. The facilities of interest to
travellers on these levels include the aerobics studios,
plastic surgeon, weight gym, library, and tennis/racquet

The citizens of Caldorre never leave the Tower where they
live, and only know of the rest of their world's surface by
means of geoeducational holograms.
Their sole industry is providing services for space

Caldorre boasts the most complete Federation-run spaceport in
the region, with facilities capable of repairing and
resupplying any class of spacefaring vessel.

                (Figure missing)
		Figure 7. Norjaenn Planet Map

6.2 Norjaenn

6.2.1 Geography and Lifeforms

When the original Federation exploration party surveyed
Norjaenn in 2709, they theorized that its soil must be
extremely fertile because of the mineral rich god that shrouds
the planet for a portion of the year. With the help of
Federation development contracts, the planet's extremely rich
grain and livestock industries now make it the breadbasket of
the entire region.

Landforms include one large continent and numerous islands,
the largest of which is located to the northwest. The land is
mostly meadowland and rolling hills, with a ring of steep,
thickly wooded mountains located on the main continent.  There
are two seasons on Norjaenn: "misting," when fine rains sweep
the farming areas of the planet for several months at a time,
and "graintime," when the weather is predominatly clear and

Aside from the cattle, which are a hardy variant of the
Talmanian "Tusker" breed, large lifeforms are rarely found
outside of the mountainous areas. They include cave bears and
grey bats, both of which can be dangerous to travellers.

6.2.2 Politics and Culture

The political forces on Norjaenn are perennially embroiled in
land-use squabbles of Byzantine complexity. The two main
groups, the Ranchers and the Farmers, have a long standing
political rivalry. Each group is made up of approximately ten
feudal clans, each of which has its own alliances and

Currently, the two groups are abiding a treaty which
apportions the usable land. Representatives of each family
meet together once a year under a pledge of sanctuary to
decide planetary affairs. No one knows how long this uneasy
peace will last. Observers fear that war could break out again
at any provocation.

Human life on Norjaenn is mostly found in scattered farming
communities. The center of trade and culture is the two town
Tolte. The planet has a Level 2 spaceport, with full supply
capability, but no repair facilities.

                      (Figure missing)
			Figure 8. Ceyjavik Planet Map

6.3 Ceyjavik

Ceyjavik, the most remote planet in the Caldorre system, has a
wild and inhospitable climate that makes it ill-suited to
human colonization. However, the fragile system of animal life
that manages to survive such conditions is of interest to
science, and so the Federation has established a biological
research laboratory on Ceyjavik.

6.3.1 Geography and Lifeforms

Ceyjavik's surface is mostly ocean, with two polar continents
that are home to numerous live volcanoes. These volcanoes
continually spew molten debris, which congeals in the frigid
sea to form the scattered bergs of buoyant lava that are the
other major landforms on the planet. The volcanoes also spew
vast quantities of a bluish gaseous sulfur compound which is
harmelss when it reaches the surface, but is toxic when
concentrated in the volcanic caves.

The planet is subject to intense and long-lasting seasonal
storm systems. Winds can reach 200 to 300 kph during a severe
storm, and a meter of snow frequently falls in the course of a
standard day.  This heavy precipitation coats the floating
bergs with a thick layer of frozen snow, so that they appear
as icebergs by the time they reach equatorial latitudes.

The following life forms are found on Ceyjavik:

-Ice Tiger: Large, white and roughly tigerlike. It lives in
the coves of the larger and more stationary bergs and eats sea
creatures which it captures by swimming. The ice tigers are
normally amiable.
-Bush Rat: This small rodent protects itself by remaining
still, whereupon its thick scrubby coat causes it to resemble
a small shrub.
-Seals: These are peaceful, intelligent creatures that live
primarily in the water and occasionally on the beaches.
Early accounts also contain unsubstantiated reports of such
creatures as blue fliers, red lizards, and lava snakes.

6.3.2 Politics and Culture

The only inhabitants of Ceyjavik are the 50 or so scientists
who staff the BORKIN Laboratory (Biological and Research
Kinetics). The station consists of a base camp with a landing
pad for orbital vehicles, and two outpost labs that are carved
into stationary bergs. These outposts consist of a cat
observation facility, and a sea life/aquarium area. They are
linked by an underwater tunnel.

Ceyjavik has no facilities for supplying or repairing space
vessels. Federation ships are advised to bring their own
supplies when visiting Ceyjavik.

Appendix 1: Weapons

This section describes weapons commonly used in the Caldorre
system. The going price and damage range are listed for each
weapon. Purchase or sale of weapons marked with an asterisk is
not allowed under Federation Regulation M-435-B3N,
subparagraph L.

Contact Weapons (Range: 2 moves):

Weapon              Damage Range            Price
-------------       ------------            -----
Hands                  1 – 4                  ---
Power Fist             2 – 10                  40
Sonic Mace             3 – 12                  90
Gyro Pike              4 – 16                 160
*Neuron Flail         10 – 30                 ---

Edged Weapons (Range: 2 moves):

Weapon              Damage Range            Price
-------------       ------------            -----
Dagger                 2 – 6                   20
Cryo Cutlass           4 – 8                   50
Power Axe              3 – 12                 120
Energy Blade           5 – 20                 200
*Edged Spinner        14 – 28                 ---

Projectile Weapons (Range: 4 moves):

Weapon              Damage Range            Price
-------------       ------------            -----
Auto Pistol            2 – 8                  100
Shotgun                3 – 12                 300
*HyperUzi              6 – 24                 ---
*AK 4700               7 – 28                 ---
*Gauss Rifle           8 – 32                 ---
*Thermocaster         10 – 40                 ---

Blasters (Range: 4 moves):

Weapon              Damage Range            Price
-------------       ------------            -----
Hand Laser             6 – 30                 900
*LR Laser              8 – 40                 ---
*Plasma Gun           10 – 50                 ---
*Neutron Gun          20 – 60                 ---


Item                Rounds                  Price
-------------       ------                  -----
Auto Pistol           50                       40
Shotgun Pak           35                       60
Uzi Magazine          35                      100
AK Magazine           30                      110
Gauss Magazine        25                      210
Thermal Pak           20                      370
Crysprism             25                      900


Item                                   Price
-------------                          -----
Uniform                                  ---
Flight Jacket                            100
Steel Mesh                               190
Flak Jacket                              550
Kevlar Suit                              870
Laser Reflect                            950
Combat Armor                            3500

Future Magic Art Notes:

   One afternoon, while I was busily "pixelating" on my
computer, Karl Buiter poked his head into my cube. On his face
was a big smile and in his hand was a thick stack of papers;
his script for Sentinel Worlds. We sat and discussed it a
while and I came away with the notion that this would be a
rather nice, short, and relatively undemanding art project
involving 30 to 40 pictures, some map graphics, and a few
spaceships. I told him I really hadn't done too many portraits
of people but he assured me that there would only be a few
major characters.  Well, a year and a half later, I've done
over 150 pictures, 3 entire world environments, and a ton of
portraits. So much for initial notions.

   Reading Karl's script was a lot like reading a thorough
movie scripts or short novel. Each character was unique,
well-developed, and colorful. I felt that the hardest job was
to come up with faces and places that would portray the depth
of his vision. Following that was the fact that each picture,
person, and landscape had to fit in an 80 by 80 area with 16
EGA colors of IBM/Tandy's choice. We talked at length about
who should look like what, who needed a bigger nose, and if a
towel was really necessary. It felt like I was a casting
director for a Hollywood movie.  Before long, Karl had my
preliminary art up and running, and we were on our way.

   Three things stood out in rendering any of the pictures of
SW1: FutureMagic.
One, they had to be unique and distinctive. For the player,
the picture of Alex Kann would BE Alex Kann and I didn't want
there to be any mistaking him for someone else. Number two was
dramatic situations. The pictures don't always appear and when
they do it's usually at a key scene. I'd have to take
advantage of that because I couldn't rely on panning scenes or
establishing shots. Third but foremost was quality. Karl is a
quality game designer and programmer, hence nothing short of
the best possible execution would do.

   We've tried hard to accomplish these goals and make
Sentinel Worlds I:FutureMagic a magically enjoyable
experience. We hope you'll find yourself agreeing that we did.

                                Graphic Artist: Michael Kosaka

Notes by the sound designer ...

   When Karl asked me to handle the sounds for FutureMagic, 2
problems immediately surfaced. First, the program was to run
primarily on the PC single speaker system, the most limiting
of all the available home entertainment computers.  Second,
Karl wanted top-notch rock/pop music, citing examples of
Michaal Jackson, Robert Palmer. It seems to me that if I were
capable of cranking out that kind of music, I would be making
albums and not videogame soundtracks; so, leaving the second
problem to puzzle over for later, I concentrated on the first.

   I set about creating a music driver that would simulate
many instruments at once, particulary drum sounds (which was
important to Karl, a drummer himself).
Though only one "instrument" plays at any given time, they are
swapped around so fast that it gives the impression that more
than one voice is playing.
Voices can be created with varying rates and depth of tremolo,
in order to simulate guitar/synthesizer sounds; and other
effects intended to portray snare, bass, and tom-tom drums.

   As far as the sound effects themselves went, well that was
much simpler; it's pretty easy to come up with sounds of
weapons that haven't been built yet; but, I think that a gyro
pike really will sound something like that.

   Once the driver was "perfected", the task of composing
music finally arrived. Not only was I to come up with Top 40
tunes (except for the "old west" piece), the band I hired had
to fit into the one and a half inch pc speaker and the members
had to take turns 240 times a second being heard!
I experimented with drum riffs inspired by examples provided
by Karl and built songs up from there. And, I also used this
project as a chance to create original music of the type I
wanted to do myself anyway -- but please don't tell Karl.

                                Sound Designer: Dave Warhol

Designed and programmed by: Karl Buiter
Computer Graphics: Michael Kosaka
Sound and Music: Dave Warhol
Producer: Dave Albert
Assitant Producers: James Bailey, Michael Meischied,
Chris Wilson



NOTE: You may be misled if you start reading these paragraphs! Karl Buiter
deliberately added many false paragraphs to prevent this to be a story-
spoiler. (macCro)

   Don't start reading these paragraphs. It'll ruin the game. You
gotta have this to solve the game, which is why I typed it up rather
than the Docs, (it's also shorter).     

1. "Of course I know who's behind the raids, " Brennan says, "I've
known all along. Every single one of those raiders is the lowest of
the low, the kind of vile slime that hates puppies an hunts space
bunnies. You know the kind don't you? Here let me clue you in: The
raiders are the kind of folks who read paragraphs they shouldn't be
  "Now tell me, why do I always have to do the Federations dirty work?
I'm gonna get me a job where I don't have to tell folks not to do what
they ain't supposed to do..." 

2. The rancher stares at you and your crew long and hard before
answering. "Ranchers and Farmers been fightin' for the last ten years.
There's a piece of land we both have a hankerin' for, cause it's
loaded full of Kransite. Folks in the Rouyn system will pay you enough
for a lousy handful of the stuff to let you retire. Federation don't
know about Kransite and won't recognize either sides claim to the
land. You can see for yourself. It's right here on your chart, at
Norajaenn 1235, 1108." 

3. "I suspect you're right in that assumption. Even my ship with the
latest in fuel-efficient engines, cannot travel beyond two or three
systems from here without refueling. From what I can tell of the
raider craft, their technology is not particularly sophisticated, not
even as advanced as your primitive interceptors." 

4. "The beasts eat our children," the Warhakan leader explains. "Our
weapons are useless against their scales. You must help us. They have
slain all who venture near them. We believe there to be only a dozen
or so, but we are powerless against their ravages. The Federation
promised to help us in times of need...go to Caldorre 1012, 622 and
slay them if you would honor your word!" 

5. "We dig because a great evil persuades us to dig. The evil stands
above us like the shadow of the moon. The people dig, but our hearts
do not dig. We dig with our teeth clenched, but I say to you: One day
the teeth shall bite." 

6. "If you want to know about the raiders, I'll let you in on a little
secret," says Grager in a low voice. "Most of them do themselves in
before you can get one word out of them. But I managed to get a hold
of one that had a mind of his own: In a few words, this one was
scared. I don't resort to torture, I assure you, but a little
persuasion with these types isn't out of line." Grager flashes you a
grin, takes a long sip of his cocktail, then continues. "This guy told
me that they're equipping their ships with a modified weapons system
that has twice the firepower of a Federation starship. That's all I
could get out of him. He wouldn't tell me where his base was or whose
boots he licked. I showed my appreciation by letting him ride with us:
we strapped him to the prow of the ship." 

7. "Let's see now...Sentinels, eh? They're supposed to be a bunch of
old men in blue robes somewhere on Norajaenn. My grandpa said he saw
them once, when he was on a hunting trip. Tried to talk to them, but
they just and didn't make a sound. Gramps was a pretty good tracker,
but all he found was a few bushes stripped clean of fruit. Not a trace
of the old guys. He also claimed that he saw some funny lights in the
hills that night, and on a couple of other nights too." 

8. "Forget about the Sentinels, young man. Looky here, I usually don't
go in for Fed types but my daughter, she's just crazy about 'em. I
reckon it's the uniforms or somethin'. Anyway, you just relax. Ma will
cook us up some nice vittles and we'll sit down and have a nice meal,
and then maybe we'll let you two young'uns alone for a spell. 

9. "Before I tell you where to find the Sentinels you must find a way
to resolve the differences between the Ranchers and the Farmers. Their
dispute is tearing our town apart. I stand to lose my livelihood if
they keep at each other the way they have been. A lot of folks are in
the same boat. An outsider might make them listen to reason, but no
one from Tolte can make them sit down together. You stop them from
trying to kill each other and I'll help you out." 

10. The rancher scratches his chin and gives you a long hard look.
"Well I reckon we been fightin' ever since I was a boy...Norajaenn was
settled nigh unto a hundred years ago, and the two sides been fightin'
at least a third of that time. When the almighty Federation, in it'
infinite wisdom, decided that this was the place to be, it decided it
was the place for both farmers and ranchers. So they plopped us down
in the same spot, maybe twenty families of each persuasion, and waited
to see who survived. Sort of an evolution thing, I reckon. only
problem was both sides survived and now they're fightin' over the same
piece of land. Farmers can just up and plant their crops wherever they
please, whereas we ranchers have to stake out a piece of grazing land
well-suited to our critters. Farmers won't move and we can't move, so
I reckon we'll just have to fight it out until they either move or we
move em." 

11. "To find the Light, it is necessary that you unlock the Gates Of
Truth. The gates are hidden to those in whom the Light is but a dull
glow, but to those in whom the Light shines forth, the Gates stand
forth with an unparalleled luminosity. There the Masters wait in

12. The Warhakan stares resolutely. "They are sometimes accompanied by
others, not like themselves. They offer to trade with us but we
refuse. With such as they, we will have nothing to do." 

13. "Look," he says, "there probably isn't anything in that hunk of
spacejunk. I bet you could sift throughout until your fingers bled,
your knees buckled, and all the chrome flaked off your new digital
watch and you still wouldn't come up with one stinking clue. But by
all means, go ahead, I won't stand in your way." 

14. "Yes," she says in a trembling voice, "there is a door to the
tower that's unguarded. It's a loading port of some sort. I can't tell
you where it is, but there is someone who knows and who'd be willing
to tell you. His..." With a gasp she clutches her throat. You stare in
horror as the blood streams from her eyes. She staggers for a moment,
giving you enough time to step out of the way of her falling corpse. 

15. "Kedro? Only a year ago he was one of us. But something came over
him, sudden-like. Some folks thought it was some space-virus or
something, but I never bought that. If you ask me, he just became..."
he pauses, tapping his forehead, "well, a little touched." 

16. The old man winks at you and nods his head sagely. "Verily, the
world is an oyster, thou shalt not want." 

17. "Well, I won't do it for charity but I'm willing to make a deal,"
he says, taking another slug of Red Reactor. "You get me a Federation
contract-and make it binding-and I'll get em for you, guaranteed. You
come here with a signed piece of paper and we'll talk." 

18. "If the Federation muscles in and you're not 100% on their side,
you don't get no favors. No, I'm not satisfied with the way I've been
treated. It's just not fair competition, you know? An advantage is an
advantage, I don't care how you look at it. An honest trader like me
doesn't stand a chance." 

19. "Quit readin the damn paragraphs when you're not supposed to." 

20. "Our paths will cross again someday. It is our destiny. When it
does, I hope to be ready for him. For now, he fears me greatly
although with his knowledge of the dark arts his evil master has
taught him he could surely kill me. Yet he fears me. He tried to get
me to go with him, to talk to this 'Master' of his, but I didn't. He
said I had the Light or some such mumbo jumbo, but I told him I wasn't
interested in hearing about it. All I know is that someday he's going
to have to face up to the mischief he's created or face up to me, his

21. "I did see somethin' strange once. They moved at an incredible
speed. The cattle were scared, and me and my boys had to do everything
we could to keep em from bolting. Weird, let me tell you. You could
kinda see through em, see, only they were a kinda sickly green color.
That was back when my wife was still livin, an' when we came home, she
said we looked like we'd seen a ghost or somethin. All in all I guess
we were purty scared, yup. That was the only time though. 
  "Oh yeah, the next 21 is 45..."  

22. Delik lowers his blaster then returns it to it's holster. "Well,
you don't seem like the dishonest type, but I don't like someone who
goes back on their word and I don't like gettin' snaked. A deal's a
deal. I expect the next time we meet you'll have the credits. I don't
think I need to threaten a Fed." Motioning to his hired help, he turns
and mounts the stairs. 

23. You enter the access code and wait with a little impatience as the
computer translates. With a quick flicker a holographic representation
of the tower appears before you. A flashing arrow points to a portal
on the south side. Words appear below the image: "2210A2: Security
Clearance 'Lanka'." 

24. "Yes sir, he handed me the Caldorre candy bar and said 'Read the
ingredients carefully.' So I opened the thing up and lo and behold
theres these numbers scrawled on the inside: 1792,955. I looked up and
he was gone, you know, vanished. 

25. "Follow me into darkness and know that power is truth! I shall
give you the knowledge by which you shall bring the world to it's
knees and recognize your personal divinity! I hold the reins of the
world out to you. Do not turn them down. Do not choose destruction
when I offer you full life! Do not choose weakness over your right to
rule! Do not die for others when immortality lies within your grasp!" 

26. "I'm pretty sure he's in these caves," Kann explains. " We were on
a three-day drive a week ago, camped out at night when he disappeared.
Two of my men saw the kidnappers carry him off, and swear that the
bunch that got him were Farmers. Recognized em by the they ran. Next
morning we checked out the tracks, what was left of them, and sure
enough the prints weren't from any boots a rancher would wear. I heard
a bunch of Farmers, even old Grayper himself, were heading for Striker
Rift, so I put two and two together and figured that's where they were
hiding my boy." 

27.  "If you ask me there's something really fishy going on in that
Rift. It seems like Farmers sure are heading there a lot these days,
even when there's nothing of value there anymore. Several of us have
seen em sneaking out there at night. Oh, there's something else weird
about all this: we've been picking up strange transmissions on our
radios. Stuff I can't understand. I sure don't like hearin' what I
can't understand." 

28.  "Well, I don't know if they actively help the raiders, but maybe
indirectly. You know for a little information on the placement of
military escorts-you know like your ship-these merchants get safe
passage. It's hard to believe we have such treacherous colonists in
our midsts, but they really exist. If there were some way we could
catch the whole lot of em, we might just bag a few more raiders every

29.  "The raiders you seek are in an underground colony on the ice
planet. Malcolm brought them here from earth and breeds them for his
army. There's a secret chamber within the towers from which you can
transport you and your crew into the ice domain. There you will
encounter Malcolm and his minions. Beware the counter-winding
staircase! I can tell you no more." 

30. "They live in the lost hills. I ran across them when I was a
youngster. I was hiking in along a ledge and lost my footing. When I
woke up, I was lying down in a dark cave, with a bunch of old men in
blue robes standing around and muttering in some foreign language. My
leg hurt something awful, and my head didn't feel much better. One of
the guys, his name was Kedro, made me lie down and started chanting
over me. Before I knew it my leg stopped hurting, and my head stopped
trying to explode. 
  "I've been back twice, but each time Kedro stopped me and told me to
go home. He said something about the light being bright in me, but
that he could not teach me. Hell I never asked him to. But that was
all he would ever say. So I stopped going back there." 

31. "Why, he is one in whom the light shines with a fierce dark
intensity that I have never before seen. He is called Malcolm Trandle
and he was once a Sentinel. Surely you must not judge the Sentinels
harshly by comparing them to Malcolm, for he left their ways for the
ways of evil. The Sentinels are the keepers of the light. They find
those in whom the Light shines brightly and they nurture it. Why, they
found me many, many aeons ago, on a far distant world where all have
my appearance, but where I was the only one in whom the light shone
brightly. There was another in whom it shine darkly and he they
  "In Malcolm Trandle the light once shone brightly. Once it shone
with a radiance that would illuminate a galaxy. But when the Sentinels
took up residence on a planet called Earth by its people. Malcolm
began to change. A darkness crept into him and he began to treat the
poor primitives who lived on that world as cattle and playthings.
Before any of the other Sentinels knew what had transpired, Malcolm
had gathered a small army of these pitiful savages and decided that he
should be the ruler of the Sentinels. He stole me from the dwelling of
Kedro, and he stole the book of spells as well. You see, although the
light shines brightly in me, I wield it but slightly. Those around me,
however, can wield it far beyond their normal capacity. Malcolm feared
Kedro as long as Kedro had me with him. And Malcolm feared the book
even more. Ahh, how he feared the book! So he stole us and brought us
to this light forsaken corner of the cosmos. 
  "The delicious irony of it all my friend, is that Malcolm stole me
in order to increase his power, but it could never happen. He took
possession of the planet called caldorre because he sensed a power
here beyond understanding. The three towers that stand on that planet
have stood since time immemorial. The builders of those towers powered
them with a generator of dark light. What Malcolm did not understand
was that as I amplify Light so I destroy Dark Light. The dark Light
is, how do you say it? Allergic to me. So Malcolm had to hide me away,
far away where no pursuit might find me. And here I have lain for
three thousand years and more." 

32. "These beasts may be found toward the setting sun. Let me show you
on this drawing where they reside..." A comparison between the crude
Warhakan map and Federation charts shows the approximate location of
the invasion to be at Caldorre 640,736.  

33. "The Book is a Book of Spells. It is an artifact of light that
Malcolm Trandle stole when he stole our friend the Key of Thor. When
we came to retrieve both Malcolm used a great dark light to rob us of
our youth and minds. He could not extinguish our minds completely but
our youth is lost forever. The light is bright in you. Perhaps we can
teach you what you need to know in order to defeat Malcolm, but we
cannot do so without the book. There are some basic abilities we still
remember and which we will impart to you now. By talking(!) from your
heart to yourself or to others you can focus the light to heal injury
to yourself. You can sense the presence of other users of light, or
those in whom the light shines either brightly, or with the dark
pallor of evil. You may probe the minds of others, to know that which
they most wish to conceal. 
  "In order to teach you more we must have the book of spells. Malcolm
has hidden the book in a special location on the planet Earth. You may
reach this location only through a transporter in one of his towers.
You must go and retrieve the book." 

34. "We dig to protect ourselves from the evil that surrounds us. We
suffer only betrayal at the hands of the Warhaka. Once we are secure
again in our Mother Soil, we shall strike forth with the fury of the
storm. The evil shall not escape us, and none shall stand in our way." 

35. "Malcolm resides in his battle station. You are now ready to
confront him. While his knowledge is great and his power greater, he
too has lost his youth. Your vigor should enable you to face him in a
duel, much like the one you fought with his puppet Shadar. But this
time the stakes will be life or death. You must seek him out with your
abilities and then confront him. If you succeed in destroying him his
world will crumble. Remember that the battle station and the
population of the towers are but creations of his evil power. They
will vanish with his demise, and you will be destroyed in the ensuing
chaos if you remain in his lair. Go now." 

36. "The raiders you seek are the descendants of the earth people
Malcolm brought with him to these worlds. You must capture one of
these and bring him before the Gates of truth. There you will probe
his mind to find the entrance to Malcolms domain. Enter his domain,
find the Book by using the ability to seek out users of the light,
then bring the book back at once. Do not try to confront the betrayer
now, for his power is too great. Go now." 

37. "How are the raids ruining me?" Grager gives you a quizzical
glance, then stares at his well trimmed fingernails. "The Caldorre
system is my system. I own all trade rights to the system. The
Federation has granted me the right to collect a tariff on all
commercial shipping to and from the Caldorre system. In return all
commerce is directed towards furthering the Federation's expansion
into the Rouyn, Malartic, and Noranda systems. While such an
arrangement is not without precedent, it is highly unusual and greatly
coveted by all in my profession. I suspect some of my rivals would
like to see me fail in this endeavor. 
  "I do not intend to fail. As we speak, my crew is installing better
laser turrets on your Interceptor and my programmers are upgrading
your software. It's the least I can do."  

38.  Kann stares at you with a steadiness even you find disquieting.
"They probably removed him from the face of the planet. We were on a
three day drive a week ago when he disappeared. Two of my men saw the
kidnappers and swear that they were Farmers. I heard a bunch of
Farmers, even old Grayper himself were heading for Striker Rift. It's
common knowledge that the Farmers have a secret starbase tucked away
in Shadow Rift. Where he is now I don't know, but there'll be hell to

39. "They woke us up one night shrieking and howling. I never saw such
a scene in all my life. My Pa grabbed the weapon he kept by hid bed
and ran out into the darkness. I saw the bright flashes of his shots,
but the green things ignored him. To this day I still don't know what
they came for. They didn't touch a thing at the shop. I was frozen, I
was so scared. What scares me to this day is the eerie way my brother
stood by the window, as calm as can be. His hand was outstretched as
if he was making contact in some weird way. The expression on his
face...I suppose that was the beginning of it all." 

40. The globe rises slowly, pulsating with a raw energy that
completely illuminates your surroundings. "I am the Key of Thor.
Tremble before me vermin! I shall use you and your pitiful mechanical
conveyances to fulfill my destiny. We shall go to Norajaenn 1875,1060
where the Sentinels, reside and crush them. Let us go!" 

41. With a wicked smile Riker presses the green button on the console
of his raider craft. You hear the sound of metal grating against metal
in the distance, and a muffled scream..."She's all yours boys," he
says with an evil grin, "be sure to take along a spoon." 

42. The Gates of Truth stand open before you. Three old men dressed in
scarlet robes sit just beyond the threshold. As you cross over, one of
the old men smiles at you. That's when you notice his mouth is filled
with several rows of sharp, pointed teeth...  

43. Ruawl accepts the proffered bribe and grins. "Sentinels? Yeah I
know of them. You Feds don't want to mess with those guys. They look
at you sideways and your brain explodes. I saw them stop a cave bear
once, just by sneezing. Whatever you do shoot first when you see one.
If you can kill one or two, maybe the rest will cooperate. If not you
guys are history. 
  "They can be found at Caldorre 3015,827. The key thing is to
remember that the next 43 is 75..." 

44. "Malcolm came to this system in order to increase his powers and
extend his reach. For millennia he has plotted and raised his
warriors. He needs more time to prepare. When your people began to
settle this system he perceived them as a threat, fearing he might be
discovered. He populated the towers with illusions and service
machines hoping that it would become a waystation for travelers. But
when your people decided to settle on Norajaenn it was too much for
him to tolerate. He now sends out his raiders in the hopes of driving
away those who would dwell here leaving him free to pursue his evil
ends. That would spell disaster for all sentient beings." 

45. Face to face with Lochinvar Avrensis, you begin to wonder if you
were wise in seeking him out. He is a huge man, without an ounce of
fat on his body. His three bodyguards carry Neuron Flails, and look as
though they eat Federation Marines for breakfast. "So you boy are
trying to stop the raids eh?" Avrensis says. "Why? What gives you the
right to interfere in a private quarrel? This ones between me and that
wimp Grager. We haven't attacked the Federation, just his ships. Bet
you don't know how he got the trade rights to begin with, do you? Well
it ain't because he's a public servant... 
  "Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna let you boys walk outa here
in one piece, this time. But if you cross me again, your mamas are
gonna be grieving for years. Now you tell the Federation to keep it's
nose out of this one. If they keep interfering me and my Keeshan
allies are gonna escalate this little fracas into a full scale
galactic war. Now scram!" 

46. "There's only one way to get to our home base and it takes a hell
of a pilot to pull it off. You've got to start off the top of one of
Caldorre tower #2 and hyperspace through the Gates of Truth. I can't
tell you the exact coordinates for the Gates, they have been
programmed into my ships computer in a language I don't understand.
But I think a good hacker could get the info. I can tell you the
security code for that section of prog..." Suddenly the raider gasps
and blood streams from his eyes and nose. With a gurgling sound he
crumples to the floor at your feet,dead. 

47. "Why do I hate Ranchers?" The farmer spits on the ground. "Those
scum killed two of my boys in front of my eyes. All my boy did was
complain about one of their steers tramplin' his cat...The Ranchers
think they own the whole planet. They'll see. Pretty soon we'll take
care of em all." As the old man turns to go a crumpled piece of paper
falls from his pocket. 
  When he leaves you pick it up. It says:"Meet at the base at Shadow
Rift a 0900. Ships are all fueled. This time we take them out." It's
signed "Riker". 

48. The apparent leader of the beasts stares at you, and motions for
the others to leave. "Welcome pale ones. We are the Koshol and we have
returned to claim the land from which we were driven by the Warhaka.
For three generations we have waited. Now we are striking back. They
are treacherous but we are strong. They must die. It is right that
they should die. You need not die, go and do not meddle in our

49. "The beasts were just there one morning," the slender Warhakan
explains, "we did not see them come or by what means they arrived. Now
we are being invaded by these fearsome creatures. We have seen them
uproot trees with little effort. None dare approach them for fear of
the possible consequences. 
  "When your people first came to this world you said you would help
settle any disputes. We ask for your aid in helping us stop this
  "One final word of caution: Remember, the next 49 is 53..." 

50. "My name is Sheelana," the girl says. "Pa told em it was okay to
talk with you. He says a Fed is a good catch, but I don't want to
catch anyone. I just want to be with Joshua Kann. Pa won't stand for
it cause he's a Rancher. But I don't see what difference it makes.
They're not doin the raiding. It's the Sentinels. You can find their
base at Norajaenn 979,522. Remember the next 50 is 42." 

51. The screen of the computer flickers brightly and then goes blank.
After a couple of seconds it comes to life again, filled with the
image of an alien species you have never seen before. Below the image
of the green skinned creature is the following text: 
  "The keeshan race hails from an unknown part of the galaxy. They are
extremely warlike and possess starship technology far beyond that of
the Federation. Emissaries to the Keeshan have returned with their
personalities erased. Each has repeated the same message:'Cease your
expansion or face extermination'. 
  "What little information we have on the Keeshan is because of
recording equipment on the emissary ship of the first unfortunate
ambassador. The other seven emissaries have returned in drone ships of
unknown technology. 
  "Unable to access additional data without security clearance.

52. "We dig for evil. We must find the evil. We must destroy the evil.
Three killing seasons before I have vision. It come to me in sleep.
Night star glow with evil. Vision show me evil to lead me to destroy
evil. I leave my father. I leave my people. Few come with me on
journey to evil. We hide in silver boat that sails to star. Vision
guide me to boat. Boat sail to evil. We find evil here. Evil is down
below the earth. Here." 

53. "Striker Rift is one of the canyons that some thought was loaded
with Kokodite. Lemme see now, that wall chart should show it...Yeah,
right here. Norajaenn 1169,677. That's where Grayper and his boys were

54.  Just as you turn to walk away from the mysterious craft,a
whooshing noise catches your attention. A small hole appears in the
side of the craft, widening into a portal through which a good sized
human could walk. A metallic voice says "ENTER!". 
     The inside of the vessel is unlike anything that you have seen.
Bank upon bank of flashing lights greet your eyes in every direction.
Sitting in the middle of the craft is a green creature you recognize
as Keeshan. Its features are so alien that you cannot guess its
disposition towards you and your crew. 
     "Greetings, marines," it says in the same flat metallic voice.
"The time has come for contact. It seems Avrensis has told us a
distortion of the fabric in order to have us pursue his goals. He will
be treated accordingly for his deceit. It does not pay to deceive the
Keessha. Our mindcouncil wishes to hear of the Federation, for
ignorance is not the basis for decisions. You will bring your leaders
to Ceyjavik 1002, 767 immediately. We shall await you there." 
     The Keeshan extends a arm-like appendage towards one of the
flashing panels, and suddenly you and your crew are outside the alien
ship, which shimmers and vanishes. 

55.  As soon as you finish typing "Clytemnestra" into the raider
computer, the raider begins laughing. "FOOLS," he says. "Now we're
going just where you wanted to go. Home. When my Master sees I've
brought him a handful of Feds, he'll be delighted. I'll bet I get
promoted for this one. In case you guys are having any thoughts about
fighting your way through, you ought to know that there are 10,000
combat veterans waiting for you where we're going. So settle back and
enjoy the trip, Dolts!" 
     Within a few seconds the small raider vessel begins to tremble
and shake. Suddenly you are slammed into the walls as the craft
accelerates at an unbelievable rate. "Don't worry, you'll wake up
soon", the raider says as you slip into unconsciousness. 

56.  The Book of Spells rises to hover near your eyes. "I hold the
knowledge of how to defeat your enemies. But the Sentinels hold the
power to teach you the knowledge contained within me. We must find
them, for time grows short as the evil one's power grows. 
     "When we reach them you will gain the ability to confuse your
foes, to sense any being's presence, to make your enemies become your
allies and the ability to nullify your enemies strengths. But we must
reach them first." 
     With that the book moves into your backpack, which feels no

57. The bloodstained journal is written in a neat, cramped hand: 

    "The Ice Tigers have begun acting strangely ever since we saw the
comet. First they wouldn't eat, then they began eating everything in
sight. Normally herbivores, they began devouring Bush Rats and the
seal-like creatures that play on the bergs. 

    "It's been a week since the comet has passed and ALL the fauna are
exhibiting signs a odd behavior. Just yesterday Nelson Karamatu, the
chief botanist, noticed that the kelp beds are growing very quickly,
becoming so dense that the creatures that normally swim through them
get stuck and die in them instead. 

    "I think that Nelson is losing his mind. Today he told me that the
kelp is eating the creatures that get stuck. I am going to recommend
that he and Virginia take an extended leave when we get back to the

    "Last night we lost Slade and Johnson. They went of to explore one
of the side tunnels here and never came back. Slade was the minisub
pilot. We may be stuck here until a rescue team can come to our aid.
Luckily, Nelson knows how to work the comm gear. 

    "Nelson is dead! He was mauled by an Ice Tiger this morning. We
tried to save him, but it was no use. Everything is going wrong. We've
lost four of our original crew of nine. Everything down here has
turned hostile. I hope we can make it back to the minisub." 

  There are no more entries in the journal. 

58. The star pilots eyes dart about the confined spacecraft. "Raiders?
I don't know anything about them. I just fly cargo to Malar..." When
he sees the log book in your hands he seems to collapse. "Oh what's
the use? Yeah, I know about the raids. In fact, I fly on some of them,
when my turn comes up. Do you  have any idea what it's like to work
for Grager? He takes 60% off the top. He does it to every freighter in
the system. When Avrensis offered us a chance to get back at him and
break his monopoly a few of us jocks decided 'why not'? We only shoot
down the ships piloted by his Sarankhan slaves. We won't hit a ship
with a human pilot. In fact on the last three raids we've..." A look
of horror crosses the young man's face. He claws at his nose and eyes,
making a strangled gurgling sound. As blood pours from his eyes, he
drops to his knees, then falls flat on the floor, dead. 

59. Stepping out of your ATV into the alien landscape, you and your
crew are greeted by the sight of seven tall, green opaque creatures
with six limbs. Each of the four upper appendages hold Thermal Casters
pointed at you! "Greetings marines," the tallest one says. "Welcome to
Keesha, and your doom..." 

60. The bartender accepts your generous tip and says, "Yep, I see some
strange types pass through here. Why last week I saw that young Kann
cub and a pretty young Farmer girl here, all dressed up to look like
Caldorreans. Didn't fool me of course. The girl seemed real intent on
getting Josh to look at a little brown book she had. I didn't see what
it was, but I heard her say something about 'taking it to the
Masters'. She also dropped a napkin with some writing on it. All it
says is 'the next 34 is 69.'" 

61. The Key of Thor rises quickly to hover in the air before your
eyes. "I will ride in your backpack. We must find the Sentinels.
Before Malcolm hid me here, Kedro and the band of Sentinels from that
planet earth came to rescue me. Malcolm dealt them a blow that left
them helpless, their minds confused forever. I can restore the
knowledge, but I must see them to do so. Help me find them so we can
put an end to the Dark Light of Malcolm! 
  "The Sentinels have the power to wield the light just as you do. On
Earth, the name the people gave to it was 'magic'. Have you heard of
it? You have it in you, but you clearly do not have the knowledge to
wield it. Kedro does. The Sentinels do. The light can let you mend
people, it can let you change their nature, it can let you confuse
them or strip them of their knowledge. It is the only way Malcolm can
be defeated." 
  The key vanishes into your backpack, but strangely, it feels no

62. "The beasts may be found towards the setting sun, beyond the sky
pillars of emptiness where your vessels dock. Here let me show you..." 
  A comparison of the crude Warhakan map shows the approximate
location of the invasion to be at Caldorre 1012,622. 

63. "Those ships been comin' and goin' for the last three months. I
seen at least thirty of em take off yesterday. They don't fly like any
ship I've ever seen. Just sorta raise up off the ground a bit, shimmer
for a second, then jes vanish. They don't take up a lot of room
neither. You can see for yourself-Norajaenn 1363,932. Be careful
though. The pilots carry mean looking hardware..." 

64. "Bring me the Book of Spells and I'll make you wealthy beyond your
wildest dreams," Malcolm says. "You  will find it in the Sentinels'
caves. Just beyond their dwelling. But be careful. The Sentinels are
more powerful than they let on. Be sure never to look at them
directly. Instead try to look at their reflections in a shiny surface.
Bring me the Book and the raids will stop." 

65. The dials on the time machine flutter while the whole room is
filled with a throbbing, pulsating sound. The screen holds an image of
an ancient city and tall buildings. It is a depressing vision of metal
and cement, with narrow streets covered with antique wheeled vehicles.
Crowds of people stand about. There are many strange names on the
windows of the old buildings. One in particular catches your
eye-Library of the Congress. 
  A button larger than all the others, seems to beckon. It is marked
'Begin Sequence'. When you press it, the number 50 appears, flashes
for a moment, and is replaced by the words: "the next is____." 

66. "Concentrate all of the light towards your enemy," the old man
says. "Visualize his face then the space behind his eyes. When his
visage is covered by the image of the Light, say his name three times
and squeeze the stone as hard as you can. Your enemy will die." 

67. As soon as you step through the Gates you feel a tremendous sense
of tranquility. A gentle humming sound seems to fill your mind and all
your aches and pains subside. In the distance you see a group of young
women in flowing robes approaching. One of them is holding a sign. It
reads:"The next 22 is 6." 

68. Read 33 

69. "You fools!" Malcolm screams, "can't you see what you've done?
You've freed the most horrible power the cosmos has ever seen. The
Sentinels have been held in check by the Gates of Truth since before
your race clawed it's way out of the primal ooze. Your ancestors
called them "daemons" and feared them above all else. And rightly so
for they delight in slaughter and mayhem! 
  "There is but one hope now. Use the Key of Thor, for it has the
power to bind them. That's how we managed to lock them into the
stronghold of Truth. Unveil the Key in their presence and then take
them across the Gates. Once there you will be able to walk back across
the threshold  while they must remain. Go now and undo the damage you
have wrought!" 

70. Grayper shrugs his shoulders and puts his glass on the counter. "I
just don't know marine," he says wearily, "i just don't know. Once it
all seemed so simple but now nothing makes sense to me anymore. When
Kann was my enemy, I felt fulfilled, as if I had a purpose in life. No
you tell me he's never been my foe. Instead you tell me to beware of
Avrensis, the same Lochinvar who is godfather to my eldest daughter
and who has supported the Farmer cause for two generations. I don't
know who to believe...Go seek him out and ask him your questions
yourselves. You will find his stronghold at Caldorre 3015,827." 

71. Upon seeing the tip you left the waitress grins and says, "Not
many marines have that kind of money. You should come here more
often." She glances around and then whispers in your ear, "The
password is EOS." She smiles and quickly scurries off to wait on a
group of star pilots who appear to be well in their cups. 

72. "She's a beauty, ain't she?" The old farmer says with a gleam in
her eye. " I built her myself from a drawing in a history book. Called
em Panzers. That cannon'll blow a hole the size of a spaceship in just
about anything. Hasn't got much fuel, but enough to get to Striker
Rift. Go ahead and take her. Guess you got more need for her than me.
And boys...good luck!" 

73. "The raiders you seek are the descendants of the Earth people
Malcolm brought with him to these worlds. Capture one and use the
ability we have taught you to probe his mind for the entrance to
Malcolms domain. Once in his domain, find the book by using the
ability to seek out users of the light. Then bring the Book back to
us. Do not try to confront the Betrayer now, for his power is too
great. Go." 

74. Next to the hideously mutilated body you find a single word
written in blood:"Sentinel". 

75. As you step outside the door, your senses are assaulted by two
overpowering stimuli: noise and odor. The roar of primitive combustion
based vehicles is deafening, and the smell of the city makes you
nauseous. Turning back to look at the time machine, you see to your
dismay that it is slowly fading away. It appears you'll have to find
another way to return! 

76. Upon seeing the tip you left the waitress sneers and says, "Thanks
big spender. I hope you choke on the ice cubes." 

77. "Cave bears lost their appeal for me many years ago," Alex says.
"Now I hunt far more dangerous prey. My quarry walks on two legs and
kills people just by glancing at them. Soon you will track them as
well, for mankind must eventually face the threat of the Keeshan." He
turns away, and walks back to his ship. 

78. "Well I see you've discovered our little secret," Kann says
glancing quickly at Grayper. "I suppose there's no point in pretending
any more. The quarrel between the Ranchers and the Farmers is just a
matter of convenience for both of us. As long as both groups covet the
same land, They won't try to expand to other regions of Norajaenn.
This planet is rich Kansite. To humans it's little more than an exotic
table salt. To the Keeshan, however, it's a narcotic of sublime
proportions. They will gladly trade all of their wealth just for a
handful of the substance. Grayper and I have been working a sizeable
deposit for years now. It can be found about 12 sectors to the
northwest of Tolte. The Federation should thank us for our efforts.
The Keeshan are a warlike species, but as long as they're supplied
with Kansite, they lose interest in conquest." 

79. The interior of the raider vessel is unlike any you have ever
seen. The bridge consists of a single couch shaped for an inhuman
form. There are miles of cables and wires coming out of the couch, all
leading into a box about the size of a small footlocker. Lying in the
middle of the couch, seemingly unconscious, is the strangest being you
have ever laid eyes on. It's body is absolutely transparent, while
it's internal organs are a deep shade of purple. The raider gestures
towards the form and says "Meet my co-pilot. It's a Verashhki, from
the ringlet nebula. It navigates better than any shipboard computer
I've ever seen, and has the ability to blink the ship in and out of
normal space. We can come and go as we please, because we're always
here, just not in the same dimension as you Feds. Grager found out
about them while doing some trading in that system. He brought back a
few and has  been having us fly raids so he can up the price of the
stuff he exports to Rouyn. I don't mind doin it. It pays more than a
cargo run. Besides," He says with a laugh, "it's a hell of a lot safer
than flying a cargoliner these days." 

80. As you begin to slip into unconsciousness, the last thing you
remember in Kedro, teeth gleaming, motioning to the others and saying
"Come children. It's been so long since we've had a good meal..." 

81. The blue light of the terminal casts a dim glow in the darkened
chamber. "Accessing" appears in the center of the screen. After what
seems like an eternity, but is really a few seconds, the screen clears
and the following message appears:"Security Violation. Access denied.
Erasing Data Banks." The captured raider breaks out into maniacal
laughter then chokes it back as a look of horror crosses his features.
"But Master," he babbles, "I did as you told me. They have destroyed
the records. All is..." he clutches at his face and then screams a
short terrifying scream before dropping to the floor, dead. 

82. "The Warhaka lie," the reptilian Koshol Leader hisses. "We have
lived here many, many generations. The pale ones arrive two
generations ago and seek to destroy the People by hunting and smashing
our eggs. Koshol no leave land of hatching. Warhaka must die. If
Warhaka leave, Koshol pursue. Egg-smasher always return. Warhaka
flying machine no save egg-smasher. We go to flying machine home and
then smash them. Machine home not far. Follow setting sun four day

83. "You have destroyed the Master," the Key exclaims. "Why you must
be the new Sentinels! At last! Your coming has been foretold, you
know. That's wonderful. I never much cared for the old Sentinels. They
had nasty habits, what with those hideous teeth and their thirst for
warm blood... They could be quite revolting at times you know. This
could be the beginning of a new age! Let's go back to Earth. We can
take over the Federation. I know how to get there from the gates of
truth. The Gates let one travel anywhere if you know their secret. All
you really need to know is that the next 83 is 12." 

84. The Caldorrean looks about nervously, and then motions you to a
table in a dimly lit corner. "It just won't do to be seen with
Federation marines," he says quietly. "If my co-workers saw me I'd be
cited for off-world contact and I might lose my job. However, I've
lost two friends in these raids and I'd like to see them end. The
raiders are warping in from the Rouyn system. Their ships are of
Malartic construction, and use a special hyperdrive engine that saves
fuel. You should go see Flock at the charging station of the drydock
area for more information. He has spent time in Rouyn and has seen
what the Malartic craft can do firsthand. Tell him 'Kronos' sent

85. "There is no Malcolm you fool!" Kedro says impatiently. "He's just
a bogey we made up to placate the Keeshan until the time was right to
conquer their planet. Those creatures believe in magic and sorcery, so
we created a magician to keep them from investigating the Caldorre
system too closely. It worked pretty well till you marines came along
and botched it up. "Kedro reaches over to the glowing terminal on his
right and punches in a code. "Now we have to launch an all-out attack
on their planet and wipe out half their population. It's a shame, for
they made wonderful servants. 
  "There, it's done. Within hours there won't be much left of the
Keeshan Homeworld. Now we must attend to you my meddling marine
friends." Kedro beckons to other blue-robed Sentinels,, who wheel over
a large tubular apparatus. Kedro fiddles with the device for a moment,
then points it at you. "Goodbye," he whispers. With a loud pop, the
device bathes you in an eerie, red light. Fade to Black. 

86. The scene that greets you as you enter the cavern is not for the
weak of heart. The Ranchers have lined the cavern walls with grisly
trophies of their war with the farmers. Two of your crew fall ill at
the sight of the heads on the wall. Now you understand the reports of
missing children. 
  On the table in the center of the room is a Federation chart of
Ceyjavik. Just to the north of the bio-research village is a small dot
labelled HQ. Below it, written in a neat, cramped hand, are the
words:"the next 86 is 19." 

87. "Dear fellow, we are all creatures of the Light, every blessed one
of u!. Everything that lives is of the Light. In some it shines with
an intensity that matches the stars, while in others it is but a
feeble glow. It shines brightly in you dear fellow, and with a
radiance that warms my very core.  
  "How can one in whom the Light shines so brightly not know of the
Light? You mystify me, you do! Can it be that your kind has forgotten?
Ah well, that will be for others to explain, for I am not a teacher, I
am not the pedagogue." 

88. The dying raider looks at you and whispers, "Find Malcolm. He
dwells beyond the Gates of Truth. Tell him the Sentinels have
returned. He'll know what to do." 




4.1. ME AND THE SENTINEL WORLDS (by Mario “macCro” Zamic)

Back in 1989. I was 15 years old and I had Commodore 64 as my home
computer. One day a friend of mine came to me with a game he just have
purchased – Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic, a Commodore 64 version. I was
a fan of role-playing games even back then (continued much later with
numerous PlayStation and PC RPGs), and my favorite ones were The Secret of
the Silver Blades and Bard’s Tale – even though I never managed to finish
either of them.

Then came Sentinel Worlds – in my oppinion the best role playing game for
Commodore 64 ever made. Me and my friend spent numerous nights playing this
dazzling game. It is so addictive once you get inside the story and you
just can’t stop. We made many maps and filled many papers with game data
(too bad I lost everything so I had to do it all again this year – never
mind, I liked it). Sentinel Worlds is exactly the same on PC as it is on
C64 so I felt like I’m using my old computer. It’s the first game I have
downloaded when I bought my PC and is definitely one of my all time
favorite RPGs, like FF8, Suikoden 1&2, Legend of Legaia, Xenogears or Wild
Arms 2. I think the main reason is the story by Karl Buiter which is really
great, and in times it feels like a novel or a movie scenario. Maybe only
few people will come looking for this FAQ, but nevertheless, I felt that I
should write it.


Adjust game speed according to your computer’s performance. Get a pen and a
paper – you may need to draw some maps here. Read the game manual
carefully. Do not read the paragraphs before the game.


This is the way I created my crew members. You don’t have to follow my
example and feel free to experiment, but I think the following advices will
come in handy. First, character’s comprehend. It is the most important
because with comprehend 20 you can assign 4 pts to your skills once you
reach new level. Secondly, give 20 to medic’s dexterity – this is highly
reccomended and I mean it. When you put your medic with DEX 20 at #3 in
your party he Zoom-heals in battle. So, do it. Consider high charisma
rating for your communications officer – it helps you get more replies from
the beings you encounter and talk to. I suggest that you leave Strength and
Stamina 10 for the moment and increase them gradually in the towers of


As in other fighting-based role playing games, you need good weapons and
armor. If you have assigned 20 to character’s dexterity at the characters’
creation, you will be able to enter Sky Elk Club on Level 793 of Caldorre’s
3rd tower and get two Energy Blades there (EDGED weapon, great at the start
of the game). The way to enter the bar is to put member with dexterity 20
as a squad leader (position #1). Afterwards, I suggest you to visit Western
Town on Norjaenn (x1728 y992). There are shotguns and armor in the
ranchers’ bar in the northeastern part of town, another shotgun is in the
southwestern office in the office building. You can find a chest with
weapons in the farmers’ bar in the southeastern room and another one is in
the ofworlders’ bar (Mark’s Cantina) in the northeastern room. There is
also armor and weapons in your ship’s armory (accessed before you board a
ship). Get everything and arm yourself the best you can. Armor is equipped
automatically, while you have to equip weapons yourself. You are now
prepared to face the challenges of the SENTINEL WORLDS.


I suggest you two ways to earn money: you get 700 credits for delivery of
science equipment and it’s the easiest way, even though a bit boring, or
you can board raider ships and get Tesselators, which can be sold for 600
credits each. Later in the game when you get to …………. money won’t be a


Ahhh, the fighting. The essence of every role-playing game. It’s a good
idea to stick with space ship-to-ship combat at first, till you go up a
couple of ranks. Be sure to increase important character stats when you go
up a level. Focus on the weapons, tactics and reconnaisance at first, then
build other statistics. Don’t forget to “build” your characters at Caldorre
towers. You have the details in the game manual above.


* Yeah, put your medic as a member #3 in your crew so (s)he can heal all
  the party members in battle.
* Use game solution only when you’re stuck. The best experience is when you
  play on your own.
* The Ultimate Weapon Shop is on Ceyavik, at X2112 Y480.
* By killing blue dots (animals) on planet surface you lower your energy
  level (needed later in game), and you raise it by healing injured
* You exit all the menus by pressing “X”.
* Talk to party members using the function keys and “T”.
* Check your map regularly when you’re exploring on foot.
* Once in …………. , visit armories, get out and enter again – all armory
  contents will be renewed. Great for equipping all crew members and
  getting valuable items.


Three enormously tall buildings on Caldorre created by game’s No.1 villain
Malcolm Trandle. I listed all the facilities in the towers below:

Level  801 Tower’s spacecraft bay
       800 Barracuda Bar (character Ruawl is inside)
       799 Tennis club (increases your DEXTERITY)
       798 Aerobics (increases your STAMINA)
       797 Thompson Inn, Weight gym (increases your STRENGTH), Wallace Bar
       796 General store, weapon shop
       795 Library (increases your COMPREHEND)
       794 Plastic surgeon (increases your MICHAEL JACKS… CHARISMA)
       793 Vainamoin Club (crew leader must have 20 CHARISMA pts)
Levels below are restricted to public.

Level  801 Tower’s spacecraft bay
       800 General store, weapon shop
       799 Plastic surgeon
       798 Aerobics
       797 Tennis club
       796 Barracuda Bar
       795 Thompson Inn, Weight gym, Wallace Bar
       794 Library
       793 Vylkka Club (crew leader must have 20 STRENGTH pts)
Levels below are restricted to public.

Level  801 Tower’s spacecraft bay
       800 General store, weapon shop
       799 Thompson Inn (character Alex Kann is inside), Weight gym,
           Wallace Bar
       798 Aerobics
       797 Library
       796 Barracuda Bar
       795 Plastic surgeon
       794 Tennis club
       793 Sky Elk Club (crew leader must have 20 DEXTERITY pts)
Levels below are restricted to public.


Look for the turquise ship which will hail you aboard once you target it
and press “T” button (talk). This is a space yacht of a Caldorre system’s
top tycoon – William Grager. Find him on the second level of the ship and
talk to him, he will tell you about the cargo ships being raided in
Caldorre system. Go back to your ship which has been upgraded by Grager’s
crew – you can fight Raiders now. After you destroy a couple of raiders,
there will be a message on the Fed channel requesting Federation help on

Orbit Caldorre and visit location x1151 y769. Enter a hut inside the
village. Talk to Warhaka leader and he will tell you the location of the
“beasts” (x1012:6 y622:9). Go back to space with “O” button and orbit the
planet again, then enter the cave (however, be sure your ammo supply is
full). You are going to encounter some cave bears, but they shouldn’t be
much of threat. Koshols (“beasts”) reside in the northern part of the cave;
there are some items to pick up in their rooms and a chest at x1013:7
y621:12 (opposite of Koshol temple). Enter temple and talk to Koshol
leader. He tells you all about why they dig on Warhakan land. Go back to
Warhakan village and end the dispute by talking to Warhaka leader.

Back in space, board raider ships and make raiders surrender in battle in
order to interrogate them (NOTE: this could be the most frustrating task –
either they won’t surrender or your crew kills them too fast, so it’s a
good idea to un-arm your weapons except for the crew leader; also note that
once you enter the enemy ship, the self destruct mechanism activates and
you have only 1000 federation seconds (about 2 minutes) to get the hell out
of there before it blows). Once they surrender, talk to them (“T”). You
have to interrogate many raiders in order to complete this federation
mission (NOTE: “many” could mean 20 or 25, I can’t be sure – be patient,
it’s the only way!).

Your next mission is to investigate a distress call from a ship orbiting
ice planet Ceyavik (Safari Ship). Since there’s obviously no one aboard,
orbit the planet and land to x729 y426. Follow the ice canyon and target
the blue dot – you will see a dead Eckirrt Kann, hunter and brother of
Norjaenn’s rancher leader Robert Kann, and also the owner of the Safari
Ship. You can gather experience fighting some nasty ice tigers in the
nearby buildings. In the first north building there are some items and a
chest at x730:11 y426:6. Another chest is in the command center at x730:5
y426:5. Continue along the canyon behind the buildings till you reach the
hatch that leads to the underground lab.

There’s an armory at x732:17 y422:16 (you should see it on your map (“L”)
if you have raised your characters’ RECON) with hyperuzi and a couple of
AK-4700 (best weapon to the point), and maybe it’s a good idea to go and
buy some ammo for them. Get EA passcard at x732:7 y422:2 (may be used a
bit later). Proceed south and check the light blue dot – it’s a scientist
Virginia Karamatu. Talk to her and she will tell you about the submarine
(it’s all written in the game manual though). Enter the area below at
x732:10 y422:18. Follow the undersea tube untill you reach the exit
(if you continue down the hall you can enter a special, not-story-related
level which can be accessed if you got EA passcard). Enter a submarine at
the level below at x731:16 y417:10. Go north in the undersea bay. There’s
a chest with ammo at x701:18 y379:12. Exit is at x701:16 y378:9.

Go south to another exit and south again. Cross the bridge and move south
to exit at x701:17 y379:16. From there go north and cross another bridge
continue north to another map and go to higher area exit at x701:15
y378:13. Follow the cave and go down again. Go down once more at x701:15
y378:3. Look at the map – you should be at the level with labirynth.

Proceed with caution – there are many dangerous green dragons in the area!
Cross another bridge and head north. There’s a chest (with AK-4700 and a
Gauss Rifle) on the bridge. Stick to the left (west) side of the map and
enter a big room at x701:9 y375:14. Talk to Key of Thor untill he joins
you. Teleport back to the labs and go outside and back to space (with “O”).

Fly to Caldorre and visit Barracuda Bar at Tower 1 (level 800). Talk to
Ruawl and offer him the bribe twice. He will tell you to find Jason Depard
in Western Town (Toltte) on Norjaenn. Go there and talk to him (he is in
the Mark’s Cantina). Depard will help you only if you resolve a dispute
between the Ranchers and the Farmers. Go to Farmers’ bar and talk to a
farmer (usually the first dark blue dot when you enter) and he will tell
you where to find Grayper (the Farmers’ leader). Go to Ranchers’ bar and
talk to a nearby rancher. Go outside, press “O”, orbit the planet and go to
x1169 y677. Enter a canyon and follow it. At the end of the canyon is an entrance 
to a cave.

Once in a cave, save your game and go south. You’ll meet Robert Kann (the
Ranchers’ leader) – talk to him. Proceed to chest at x1168:3 y682:5 and
further south to Grayper. Talk to him. Go south and enter new area.

There’s an armory at x1168:9 y682:9. Save game and go forward. Talk to
Shadar the cruel. He starts an energy battle. After a few minutes, Jason
Depard will chase Shadar off. Talk to Jason. He tells you that Shadar is
his brother and the location of the Sentinels.

Leave the cave and visit location x992:6 y1121:13. Go through the maze and
follow the second path from the right side. The entrance to Sentinel temple
is at x992:5 y1120:7. Talk to Kedro, Sentinel leader.

Back to space, board the raider ship, target a raider, press “T” and select
“Probe mind” to find out the location of Raiders’ Battlestation. Go to
location x2220 y1321 and warp to x3884 y3305. You’re inside the
Battlestation – save your game right now. The enemy is very powerful here
and you should have contact or edged weapons equipped – there are so many
raiders here and if you use guns or lasers, your ammo will run out fast
(at least till you find armories here).

The way to get to Book of spells is x1792 y956, x1793 y956, x1793 y957,
x1792 y957, x1792 y958, x1791 y958, x1790 y958, x1790 y959, x1789 y959,
x1788 y959, x1787 y959, x1787 y958, x1786 y958. Arm yourself with
thermocasters and combat armor in armories along the way. You have reached
x1786 y958; now take the elevator and SAVE.

Move north. There’s a guardian with a thermocaster that is very difficult
to beat (Taylor, seen earlier in the game on Norjaenn). Here’s how you’ll
do it: equip all members with long range guns – for example, thermocasters.
Approach Taylor one dot below visibility, then press up and quickly press
SPACE to target Taylor. Turn around 180 degrees and press UP arrow. When
you have successfully targeted Taylor, repeat the procedure untill you can
go through. This may be the most difficult moment of the game, so patience,
patience please, and reboot your game if a crew member dies.

Go to book now and talk to it. Go back to level up and enter new area on
the same screen. It will take you back to ship bay. Exit the Battlestation, orbit 
Norjaenn and visit Sentinels (remember, at x992:6, y1121:13). Find
your way to Kedro and talk to him again. You are ready to face Malcolm
Trandle now. Warp back to Battlestation.

To find Malcolm go through x1792 y956, x1791 y956, x1790 y956, x1789 y956,
x1789 y955 (visit an armory), x1788 y955, x1788 y954, take elevator to
level 3, go to x1787 y954, x1787 y953, x1786 y953, x1785 y953, x1785 y952.
There’s an armory in which items can be renewed each time you enter it.

Final battle: when you are ready, go to level up to face Malcolm. Now SAVE
your game and fight him. It’s “the mind-probing battle”. It may seem pretty
unclear how should you fight, but it’s actually quite simple: hold right
arrow untill ATT appears on the screen borders, then hit left arrow.
It could last a while, but eventually you’ll win. Return to your ship
to complete the game. You are a true hero!

                              T H E   E N D

NOTE: Sentinel Worlds 2 was never published, but Karl Buiter made another
great space RPG – Hard Nova. It’s also an abandonware and can be found on

© Mario “macCro”  Zamic 2001, 2002. All rights reserved. [email protected]

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