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By: DerHitzkopf718 (Ian Riner)
Very Special Thanks to: NiKnightZero
E-mail: [email protected] (I enjoy feedback so please e-mail me 
with questions or comments!!)

1. List of Weapons
2. Power-ups
3. Cast of Enemies
4. Walkthrough
5. Extras
6. Copyright Terms

***1. List Of Weapons***
1. Light Saber- The basic weapon. Very effective, you will use
        this weapon for the better part of the game. You can use
        it to either "sword fight" with, or ricochet lasers back 
        to enemies.
2. Electrobinoculars- These are manualy zooming binos that
        really wont see much use until the Naboo and Tuscan levels.
3. Sniper Rifle- Very useful when trying to take out mounted guns,
        and when trying to snipe other snipers.
4. Trade Federation Cannon- A mounted maschine-gun like weapon. Found
        in the Naboo levels and very effective against all enemies.
5. Ion Grenades- Scramble driods and Armor. Extremely useful against 
        Destroyers and Assassins, don't bother using them against
        standard driods.
6. Fire Grenades- Found in the Tusken levels. Will set your enemies
        on fire, but are scarce in the game.
7. Concussion Grenades- Will damage all enemies within the blast
        radius. Moderately abundant and destructive.


***2. Power-ups***

1. Health- Restores a moderate ammount of health to Obi-Wan.
2. Full Health- Fully restores health.
3. Unlimited force- Gives Obi-Wan unlimited force for a brief period
        of time.
4. Invulnerability- Makes Obi-Wan invulnerable for a short while.
5. Exploration Bonus- Collect all of these in a level to earn
        either the medal or the bonus.

***3. Cast of Enemies***

1. Black Heth- Alien muscle who are fairly weak and rarely wield
        blasters. Only dangerous when in mobs. 
2. Jin'ha Soldiers- Soldiers that have anti-jedi armor and weapons.
        Thier blasters can be ricocheted back to them, this is a
        preferable tactic. The melee warriors can withstand multiple 
        blows from the Lightsaber.
3. Droids-A. Standard Droids- Attack in mobs and will retreat when
                singled out. The Red Officer Droids take two blaster
                shots. Always go after the driods who make a run for
                the alarms first to avoid having to fight Officer
                Driods in the near Future. These driods also come 
                in Sniper, Grenadier, Flamethrower, and Suicide 
                Bomber varieties!
          B. Destroyers- Slow moving droids who use self-generate 
                shields. Use the Ion Grenades to scramble thier
                shields and immobilize them.
          C. Baron Droids- Beefed up driods that shoot explosive
                rounds. Get up close and personal with these droids
                because they wont fire when you are too close.
          D. Assassin Droids- Use your force push to knock them down,
                and then slash them with the Lightsaber. *Don't get 
                mobbed by these droids unless you like tenderized Obi!*
4. Tusken Smugglers- Similar in difficulty to Jin'Ha, but similar 
        in weaponry to The Black Heth. Varieties include: Grenadiers, 
        Melee Warriors, and Fire Warriors.

***4. Walkthrough***

Chapter 1: Coruscant and the Black Heth:

*Mission 1- The Shadows of Coruscant* 
- Chase the Thug and fight your way to the end of the street. Cross
the bridge and travel to the far side of the room. Around the next 
corner is some health. Save the lady who is being chased, and she 
will leave you health around the building to the left. Explore this 
large room until you have defeated most of the thugs. Behind various 
buildings you will find health. Use the Unlimited Force powerups, 
which are scattered about the level, to eliminate the enemies in 
this room. Follow the ramps until you find a ramp with yellow 
arrows leading to a third level. Atop the rail car is the first boss...
*Boss #1: Black Heth Officer:*
*- He is fairly easy. Use the force attacks to eliminate him. 
Around 10 should do the trick. When the other Black Heth Thugs come 
to distract you, Force throw the flaming trash can to set his Minions 
on fire. Keep taking swings at the Officer and he should eventually 
- Use the force throw to clear the railway of the destruction. Two
or three throws should do the trick. The Elcor Transport should depart. 
Now on to the next mission!

*Mission 2- Saber Arena: Training Droid*
- The easiest Saber Arena Battle. Just charge the driod and Force 
Attack him several times, try not to get backed into a corner and you 
should be fine. If this is your first time beating this mission, you 
will unlock a new character in Jedi Battle Mode, Depa Billaba. You 
will also unlock a bonus mission where you fight Depa Billaba in the 
Saber Arena. Jump on the upper ring of the arena to find extra health 
and an Exploration Marker.

*Mission 3- Bonus Saber Arena: Depa Billaba* 

*Mission 4- The Informant*
- Run forward and jump down. Turn 180 degrees and kill the C3PO droid
before it raises the alarm. Then destroy the alarm. There is an 
Unlimited Force Powerup on top of an orange box near the alarm. 
Clear the floor of enemies and jump down to the next floor. 
Clear this floor of thugs. Find the elevator with three large pipes 
on it. Hit the switch and let the pipes move out of the way. Quickly 
jump down into the squared-hole. Directly to the left, there will be 
another alarm, destroy it and the C3PO droid. After eliminating the 
thugs, find another stack of pipes. Push the elevator button and jump
down. Take out the thugs and find the ramp going down. Take out the 
alarm to the right and eliminate the enemies. Go to the far side of
the room and find the elevator doors. Ride the elevator down. Behind 
the crates to the left is a Full Health Powerup. Take out the thugs 
and move to the next elevator which is again on the far side of the 
room. Take it down and eliminate the thugs to your right. Follow 
the path and watch out for thug Grenadiers. Keep following the path 
to yet another elevator. After it loads, take out the thugs and move 
along the path. In the room with the yellow window, there is another 
elevator door. But this one is missing a car. Jump down the shaft and 
jump again towards the door. You will find a crawlspace with a Full 
Health and some windows to look down upon your enemies with. Jump down 
the rectangular hole in the corner. Eliminate the many thugs and you
will meet up with the informant. The level ends with a cutscene...

*Mission 5- Secret of the Black Heth*
- This is a reletively short level, but be ready for intense combat. 
Run down the ramp and destroy the enemies that get off the ships.
Many can withstand multiple lightsaber hits, so make sure that they're
dead. After the bridges become functional, you will encounter multiple
enemies that have armor and weapons that can withstand lightsaber 
attacks, the Jin'Ha, so be prepared to use the Force Attacks, which do 
more damage than regular swings. After killing the blaster-armed 
Jin'Ha, more enemies will come down the ramps, defeat these and move up 
the left-hand ramp. There you will find Health, Force, and Exploration 
Powerups. Beside the crates at the bottom of this ramp, you will find
the other Exploration Powerup. Now move up the right-hand ramp and 
fight the boss...
*Boss #2: Jin'Ha Captain*
*- Another farly easy boss. This boss will not leave the ramp, so run 
up and attack him, then fall back. Keep Force Attacking him and he 
should stagger, hit him while he's off guard. Keep repeating this until 
he has been defeated.*
- Now on to Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Into the Den of the Jin'Ha:

*Mission 6: Saber Arena: Saesee Tiin* 
- After defeating him you will get Saesee Tiin, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Adi 
Gallia in Jedi Battle Mode. You will also unlock two bonus missions,
7 & 8...

*Mission 7: Saber Arena: Ki-Adi-Mundi*

*Mission 8: Saber Arena: Adi Gallia* 

*Mission 9: In the Jin'Ha Swamp*
- For the whole of this level, you will follow Qui-Gon Jinn, he will 
always lead you in the right direction and cannot die. Follow the Jedi 
Master an give him support, which mostly consists of taking out snipers
and foes with blasters while he handles the grunts. Continue following 
him and take out any foes who get in the way. Continue until you see a
large hill, jump up on it and take out the snipers and grunts who are 
up top. Wait for Qui-Gon Jinn to get up the hill, and continue following
him. Use the abundant rocks against the grunts. After the loading screen, 
continue following Qui-Gon-Jiin and taking out foes until you come up 
to another hill with snipers on it. Take out the snipers and help
Qui-Gon Jinn with the grunts on top. Keep your eyes open for an 
Invulnerability Powerup. Jump down to the water when you find the 
crashed ship.

*Mission 10: The Mines of Obredaan*
- Begin by defeating the guards of the mine entrance, and then get the 
health behind the crates located to the right of the entrance. Enter 
the mines and jump onto the slanted side-wall to the right. Jump all 
the way to the rafters and kill the two enemies located there. Go back 
down the way you came, and move to the far side of the room. After 
clearing this room, move into the doors to your right and travel 
through the hall way until you reach a square elevator room. Kill the 
enemies here, and find the square hole that has a crate only a few 
meters from the edge. The wrong hole will be a dead drop from the lip. 
Use the look key to determine the correct hole (white button). From 
there Force jump to another ledge you can see when facing the center of
the room. From there jump down to the next platform. From that 
platform, jump onto the rafter that can be seen by looking down from 
the side furthest from the previous platform. Careful... jumping onto 
the rafter on the same side of the previous platform will strand you 
high enough that the fall will hurt you significantly. You will know 
you are on the correct rafter if you see an Exploration Power-up in the
corner. Jump down to the next platform and from there jump onto the 
skinney ledge above the door. Jump down onto the crates, and then to 
the ground. If you fell and are hurt, there is a Full Health behing the
crates at the bottom. Go into the open door nearest the red crates and
follow the hallway. In the second corner is a Full Health and an 
Exploration Power-up. Now go into either of the doors you have yet to 
go either into or out of and go down the ramp at the end. In this next 
room, try to Force Push the enemies into the liquid surrounding the 
island. Once you clear the island room, there are Health and Force 
Power-ups behind the propane tank looking object. Go accross the briges
until you reach the other side. There is a Full Health and Exploration
Power-up behind the other propane tank. Exit this room make your way 
down the ramps. This next room is fairly difficult so you would find 
the Invulnerability in the left corner very useful. Clear the enemies
in this room, and get the Full Health inbetween the crates if you need
it. Deactivate the force fields, and defeat the enemies behind them. 
Watch the cutscene and now try to escape!

*Mission 11: Escape!*
- The main objective is to escape as if it was not clear enough. After
one of the Jin'Ha traps you with the force field, go back and around 
to the left side of thewall. Jump on the crates and get over the wall.
Go back through the doors you came from in the previous mission. 
There will be a lot more enemies than before so be careful. There is a
Full Health behind the last crate in the first hallway. Go up the 
ramps and find your way into the island room. Turn on the fans by 
activating the switch about three fourths the way to the other side of
the path. There are more items behind the propane tanks. Jump into the 
draft created by the fans and get to the other side of the room. Exit 
this room and go up the ramps. Find your way to the elevator room. Use 
one of the working elevators by pressing on its green switch. Take the 
elevator up and be ready for a big melee fight. Go through the working 
doors and go up into the first room of the previous mission. Clear the 
grunts and make your way to the doors to the right of the exit doors 
(the exit doors are blocked by a force field). Turn off the force 
field at the top of the stairs, and then go through the exit doors. 
Meet up with the other Jedi, and finish off the last of the Jin'Ha...

Chapter 3: The Trade Federation:

*Mission 12: Saber Arena: Plo Koon*
- Complete this and unlock Eeth Koth's Bonus Stage. Also unlock 
Plo Koon and Eeth Koth in Jedi Battle mode.

*Mission 13: Saber Arena: Eeth Koth*

*Mission 14: Betrayal* 
- You are aboard a Trade Federation ship and are attacked by Driods.
Exit the room and eliminate the Driods waiting outside the door. Move 
into the door immediately in front of you, and follow the direction the
driod attacks are coming from. Follow your master for the rest of the 
level. Driods are easier than all of the other enemies so far, but keep
in mind that they attack in much greater numbers than other enemies, so
be watchful for straglers around corners and stray driods caught-up in
"tough spots". After you find your crashed ship, follow Qui-Gon back 
to the conference room. Protect him from the Driods until he gets the 
door open. Follow Qui-Gon until you get ionto the control room. Then 
you must use the Lightsaber to destroy the control panels on the upper
level. There is a Full Health and Force Power-up on the lower level 
in the corners of toward the center of the room. Leave the room, but 
once you enter the first hall way, watch your back for Driods that come
from the doors behind you. Follow Qui-Gon back to the hangar and follow
him to the other side. Take out the Four-legged Droids near the other
door, then make your way to the loading point. Follow your master past 
the Droid factory, until you reach a point where you are trapped on 
four sides by force fields. From there, you will get ambushed at the 
intersection. Jump up about midway from the center of the room, and 
the door to your right to reveal a secret vent escape. Venture through
the ventillation system until you find the upward air draft. Jump into
the fanned air, and ride up to the next level. Continue through the 
vents. Find the second air draft and ride it to the next level. Find 
the room that is the exit of the vent system, and enter into the next
room and follow Qui-Gon into a hall way. Once yoou find the locked 
door, protect him from the Droid attackers until he has finished. Be
sure to watch for Suicide Droids, and either Force Throw them into
Droids, or throw your Lightsaber at them to avoid being blown-up. You
then encounter a couple Destroyers and the level ends.

*Mission 15: Stowaway*
- You start out on a bridge over the communication room. Jump down and 
destroy the Droids and the computer interfaces. To do this, activate
two orange lined swiches towards the front of the room. Two objects
should come out of the floor. Destroy these and exit the room. Go into
the left-hand door, and go into what looks like a generator room. Jump
down into the crevase in the middle of the room, and a door should open
in fron of you. Kill the Droids and move into the door. You shoud then 
enter an Armor bay. Grab the Invulnerability Power-up to the right of
the door on the opposite side of the room, and kill the Droids and 
tanks. Go through the big door the tanks are facing, and continue on.
In the next room, there are a lot of Officer Droids right in front of
the door. Throw the Blue Pillars and it should start a chain explosion
that should kill most of them. Kill the tanks and move on through the 
door on the left side of the room. Now you will enter the engine room. 
Deactivate the engines by pressing the swiches in the center control
bubble half way accross the brige. Move on into the next control room.
Move accross the room and into the next door. Kill the Droids to the 
right and left of the door and move through the hallways. You should
a drop room. Use the control panel to the right to open the floor. Wait
until the Droids are to the right and left of the hole and use the 
buttons to the right and left of the control panel. This should push
Droids off and into the hole. Move on into the door to your right.
Go down the elevator, and into the Armor Bay. Watch for the Suicide 
Droids and go up the ramp.
*Boss#3- Droid Assassin*
*- This is a Droid who can withstand multiple Lightsaber attacks. Throw
the objects in the corners at him. Ust the Force Block (back on the 
right thumbstick) when he attacks to stagger him, then use the Force
Attacks with your Lightsaber. Don't get backed into a corner, his
attacks are fairly powerful and can eat away at your health fast. Use 
the Super Force Attack as a first attack, though he will try to dodge
it, a successful Super Force Attack will kill him. Defeat him and on to
the next mission...*

*Mission 16: City Under Siege*
- Your main objective is to find the Throne Room, hopefully with the
Queen in it. Go up the stairs and go foreward toward the archways in
front of you. Kill the Officer Droid. Face the stairs and hang a left.
Kill the small platoon at the end of the walkway, and turn around and
head back toward the stairs. Go past the stairs and go into the
furthest left-hand corner. You should see a bit of land over the small
wall. Jump onto it and get the Sniper Rifle. Jump to the other bit of
land slightly to your left and kill the droids and save the human. You
can talk with the human if you want, but he just askes if your lost
and tells you how great of a warrior you are. Go up the stairs and
cross the bridge. Take out the alarm and mve to take cover in the 
hallway ahead of you. You should be getting snipered at. Equip the 
Sniper Rifle and aim at the bridge, you should see the head of a Droid
Sniper. Take him out and move along the path. You should see a human
prisoner and some Droids. Take out the alarm on the left wall, and move
foreward. Go up the stairs to your left and continue through the doors.
Go up the stairs to your right and kill the Droids. Move onto the 
circular balcony and get the two Sniper Rifles. Go back toward the door
and get the other Sniper Rifle at the end of the path. Go back to the 
top of the stairs and go into the hall way leading to the left. Rescue
the prisoner and talk to him. He should lead you to the cirlce balcony
and point to the origional stairs. Use the Electrobinoculars to see the
prisoners and jump into the water. Save the prisoners and jump up onto
the wall by the locked door. On top should be Health and an Exploration
Power-up. Go back to where the balcony is and go into the door up the 
stairs by the large statue (behind the balcony) and it should load.
Talk to the lady and then go right. Help the Rebel Fighters and make 
your way to the prisoner. He points you toward more Droids. Jump down 
to the level just below you and kill the Droids. There is an Assassin
near the part by where you must jump up to the level above you. There
are Droids and an Assassin on the upper level. Take out the Mounted Gun
and jump up onto the grassy level to the right of the Gun. Kill the 
Sniper in the bushes, and continue jumping on the available bits of
land. Jump down to the balcony with the Sniper on it and move into the 
door. Move up the stairs until you find the switch that turns off the
waterfall. Press the switch and make your way down to the level with
the last Assassin you've killed. There should now be a way to access 
the palace...

*Mission 17: Within the Palace*
- Right off the bat, save the girl you find from the Driods. You need 
her to open the doors for you. Listen to her talk, and the Force Throw
the cooking pot that is over the fire to the right of the room you 
started from. Then jump up onto the platform above the fire pit. Keep
jumping up untill you reach the second level. Kill the Droids and press
the botton to the right of the door  way you came from to raise the 
table with the girl on it. Follow her to the door and kill the Droids 
behind it before they kill the girl. If the girl dies, your mission 
ends. After killing the Droids and Destroyer, jump onto the pot-holders
above and to the side of one of the second level doors. Up there should
be a Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Health, and an Exploration Power-Up. Jump
down, and continue through the door the girl opens for you. You should
then be trapped by Force Fields. Go into the water in front of you, and
jump onto the wall to the right. Kill the Droids, and take care of the
Assassin. After the room has been cleared, go up to the highest level, 
to the left of the water. Jump onto the balcony you see, and there 
should be a Sniper, a Full Health, and an Exploration Power-Up. Meet-up
with girl, and continue on to the locked door. Protect her from the 
Droids while she handles the door, just like how you did with Qui-Gon 
on the Trade Federation ship... only the girl can die so you really do
have to protect her. After she unlocks the door, go through to the
loading point. Move on and into another Force Field trap. Kill the 
Droids and Derstoyer. The friendlies will take down one of the Fields
and help you. Unlock the Field separating the girl in the hall to the
left. Kill the last of the Droids, and go into the room the girl 
unlocks for you. Battle your way to the top level, and clear the Droids
there. The girl should then come, and unlock the last door for you.
There you must fight an Assassin. He goes for the girl so you must kill
him immediately. Inside is another Assassin, and then the last door. 
Inside is the throne room, and three Assassins. Kill them and on to the
next mission...

*Mission 18: A Queen in Peril*
- Immediately go down the stairs and to the left. From there, swim your
way to the island with the pillars on it. Take out the Mounted Gun, 
and the other Droid. Now search for the Sniper Rifle behind one of the
pillars and swim to the next circular platform with the statue on it. 
Get here by moving away from the origional stairs. Move up the stairs 
sniper the Grenadier who is attacking the prisoner from the balcony. He
will then point out to you an Armor piece, and give you Grenades as
long as you ask for them. Sniper the Mounted Gun to the left of the 
bridge, and the Gun above you, and just around the left corner. Move
accross the brige, and vere right and up the stairs. We will take care 
of the Armor from a better position later. *SAVE THE GRENADES!* Fight
your way up the stairs until you see some water to your right. From the
left wall by the water, and from the platform you are on now, jump to 
the bit of land also touching the left wall, but further into the 
water. Search around in the bushes until you find the Sniper Rifle.
Continue up the stairs. When you see the circular door, save the human
and go left. Fight foreward until you arrive at the tunnel of stairs 
going down. Then turn around and head back toward the circle door. Just
when the blue force field is in sight, vere right, and look down the
side of the wall. You shoud see the Armor we were told about earlier.
Drop the Grenades very lightly onto the tank until it explodes. Now go
back toward the tunnel with stairs and go through the doors just to the
right of them. Kill the Officer Droids and continue a bit further for 
some health. Now go down the tunnel stairs to find a Gun nest and an
Exploration Power-Up. Now go through the circular doorway, and vere 
left. Disable the Field generator on the wall to the left of the Field.
Once it is disabled, the level should load. Move up the stairs, and 
immediately take-out the alarm on the right side wall. Kill the Droids
and move on. Around the first left corner should be another alarm. Kill
the alarm and the droids. After turning left, at the bottom of the
stairs should be a prisoner and an Assassin. Once all are dead, get the
Sniper Rifle from the opposite side of the statue (walk on the small 
lip to get around). Sniper the two snipers (one is on a slightly lower
level and to the right, the other is above you and to the left if you
are looking out from the statue). Go down the stairs to the left of 
the statue and disable the alarm and Droids. Get back up the stairs
and go right. There should be an Assassin and some Droids. Kill them 
all and go right to the bridge. Sniper the Gun to the left, and return
to the fork where you just made the right, and go right again. You 
should meet up with Qui-Gon, and you battle two Assassins. Follow him
up the stairs, and the game loads. Prepare for the ambush, and follow 
his instructions. Jump off the bridge when he says, and kill all of 
the Droids before they kill the Queen. If you are successful, the
mission should end...

Chapter 4: Tatooine:

*Mission 19: Rescue on Tatooine*
- Begin by running down to the fire just ahead of you, and taking out 
the Raiders near the camp. Jump up the platfors with the skulls right
behind the fire. Go toward the downed Ti-fighter looking thing, and 
kill the Raiders. Move accross the broge and keep moving foreward and
killing the Raiders. Follow the fire staffs. Soon you will see a small 
crevase off to the left. Follow it to find a Full Health. Continue on 
until you find some platforms you must jump on to. Jump up to the top
until you have reached a small half-cave in the side of the mountain. 
Walk along this path until you have found a bridge. On the other side
is a Full Health behind the object under the tent to the left. Now go 
right and up the stairs to find the entrance to the tomb. The game 
should load. Go accross the hallway, and once in the next room go left.
Go down the stairs and back outside. Take out the Snipers on the ledges
behind you, and cross the bridge. Take out the Snipers on the ledges on
the other side. There is an Invulnerability in the firepit, get that if
you want and go into the door. After traveling to the circular room,
go to the other side of the room and behind one of the land pillars is
a Full Health. Drop into the center of the room and kill the Raiders.
Get out of the tomb, and once your outside again, jump onto the upper
level behind you. Take out the Grenaders and Snipers, and get the items
in the doorways. Go into the doorway furthest left and get the Full 
Health and Exploration Power-Up if you want, then keep moving down the
bridge toward the Tusken Chief. Once you reach the end, you have 
reached the queen...

*Mission 20: The Tusken Chief*  
*Boss #4 Tusken Chief-
-Kill the three thugs that are in front of you, then wait for the chief 
to come. Try to throw the fire chandelier that is in the middle, and 
the small torch-lamps at him to light him on fire. If he hits you, then
you will catch on fire, if this happens, run in the water on the south
side of the arena. Once you catch him on fire keep Force-Attacking him 
and then blocking his attacks. He shall eventually be defeated and you 
shall save the Queen.* 

Chapter 5: Theed:

*Mission 21: Saber Arena: Mace Windu*

*Mission 22: Captives of the Federation*
- Run up the stairs and jump down upon the Driods below you. First take
out the alarm, and then go after the Droids. Move up tyhe stairs to the
left. Move accross the bridge and throw your Lightsaber to take out the
alarm. Then go up the stairs at the end of the right side of the bridge
Jump onto the land bit to the left and then jump accrss the waterfall.
Once on the other side, jump up and on to the wall. Immediately kill
the alarm infront of you, then go after the Droid patrols. Then go to
the right, and on the left side of the wall should be another alarm to
deactivate. Now go after the Sniper atop the platform with the pillars
(one of which is holding an Exploration Power-Up), and there should be 
a Sniper Rifle, and Health. Now move up the stairs to your left, and 
the game will load. Move foreward and sniper the Gun just above and to
your left. Then throw you Lightsaber to kill the alarm, and then sniper
the other Gun more to the left and kill the patrol of Droids. Move up
the stairs and sniper the Sniper and three Grenadiers in front of you.
Now assult this courtyard, and watch out for the Baron Droids. Get to 
the large doors up one more level, and go in. Kill the Officer Droids,
go through the next door. Kill the Droid partols and sniper the other
Sniper in the tower infront of you and in the cirlcular window. Move
accross the bridge and an Assassin and Droid patrol will emerge. 
Eliminate these Droids, and walk to the furthest right corner of the
bridge. Jump onto the protruding ledge and scoot right until you reach 
the window sill. Jump down into the tower, and make your way to the 
top. Free the prisoners, and escort them down the stairs. Go through 
the big doors, and fight your way back to the tower accross the bridge.
Move through here and make your way back to the start point. There are 
tons of Droids now, so be careful. Find your way back to the courtyard
with the Exploration Power-Up on the pillar, and make your way down 
the stairs to the left. Take out the Droids and meet up with the
Resistance fighters...

*Mission 23: Grounded!*
- Goto your right and in the door way should be some Grenades. Get them
and go up the stairs now infront of you. Go through the door, and after
talking to the Rebel, jump down. Be sure to take out the alarm just to
your right, and then free the prisoner. Use to box to the left to jump
on to the overpass. Kill the Sniper and get the Sniper Rifle and other
items. go back down on the side with the prisoners and kill the Field
generator. Fight your way to the dead end, and be sure to kill the
Droids. Now make your way back, and go through the open door to the
left and at the bottom of a landing. Now immediately go down the stairs
to the right, and kill the Droids holding the prisoner. You will also 
have to sniper the Sniper looking through the windown to the rear and 
left from the point where the prisoner was being held. Now continue up
the stairs and into the next room. Kill all of the Droids and go up the
stairs to the right. After killing the Officer Droids, go back down, 
and go through the door the Baron Droids comes out of. Run to the end
of the hallway and the game should load. Sniper the two guns pinning
down the Rebels, and then move up the stairs. From this point, you can
explore the level on either side of the bridges, but from now on I will
tell you only the way to the Cannon pinning down the planes. Go up the
stairs to the right. On the landing go through the door right in front
on you. Go accross the bridge and go up the stairs to the left. Once at
the top, go accross the bridge again, and go up the stairs. From there,
move accross the bridge quickly to out-run the Gun, and get up the 
stairs to the upper level. Make a left and kill the Gunner at the dead
end. Now go back to the top of the stairs and to your left is a door. 
Once through to the other side, use the Ion Grenade to take out the 
Destroyer's shield and kill him. Sniper the Guns and Droids before
moving into the area. Explore the area with out going up the stairs. Go
up the stairs to the left of the island when you've killed the Droids
and explored the courtyard. Use the Grenades and kill the four
Destroyers. Get to the top of the stairs and find the Armor piect that
is shooting. Slash the blue beams on either side of it to end the 

*Mission 24: Valuable Assistance*
- This level is very short, but again and like the Jin'Ha mission, the
fighjting will be very intense. The door controls will be unlocked one
by one, and you will be notified every time another is exposed. You 
should be able to find the controls with no problen since the mission
takes place in only one room. The only thing I can tell you is to watch
your health, and treat the four-legged Droids like the Baron Droids:
Get clost to them because thier only weapon is an explosive, and they 
wont risk hurting themselves be shooting when you are too close. There 
are two Full Healths in the level. One is by the control panel, and the
other is atop the crate in the center of the room, but exersize good 
timing skills when using them.

*Mission 25: Darth Maul*
*Boss #5- Darth Maul-
- The best advice I can give for fighting Darth Maul is to stay away
from him. Don't let him begin hitting you because his weapon can hack
away your life in a few seconds if you let it. You will have to beat
him twice (once with the double-edged Lightsaber, and once with a
single after you cut it in half), so be sure to locate the Health (On 
the upper level of the room). Beat this mission to unlock the Battle
Royale Mission.*

*Bonus Mission: Battle Royale*

I hope this walkthrough was helpful with your enjoyment of this game. 
Don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions or comments. I don't know
the locations of all of the Exploration Markers, but when I do, I will
update the version of the walkthrough.

***5. Extras***

1. List of unlocked Characters in Jedi Battle Mode- 
          A. Depa Billaba
          B. Saesee Tiin
          C. Ki-Adi-Mundi
          D. Adi Gallia
          E. Plo Koon
          F. Eeth Koth
          G. Mace Windu 

2. Battle Royale Mode-
          Fight against Eight other Jedi Masters in the Saber Arena. 
          Unlock this mode by finishing the game.   

***6. Copyright Terms***

1. Material from this page can be reproduced only with my written
          permission. My e-mail address is [email protected]
2. My name must be included in the information copied. And this
          information cannot be used to generate profit.

***********************Copyright 2002 Ian Riner************************

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