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                               Super Mario 64 DS
                         Version .1 (Created 11/22/04)
                             (C)2004 By Brad Parker
                            [email protected]

*Table of Contents*

1. History
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Characters
5. Walkthrough
   -Bob-omb Battlefield
   -Whomp's Fortress
   -Jolly Roger Bay
   -Cool, Cool Mountain
6. Mini-Games
7. Multiplayer
8. Ending Note

*1. History*
-Version .2 (11/25/04): I have made a huge update today! I would like to thank
everyone for all the emails I have received! I have added a few more level 
walkthroughs, mini-games, and begun some multiplayer breakdowns.  
-Version .11 (11/23/04): I have added a few more star walkthroughs, added a few 
new minigames.  Fixed a few spelling and grammar errors (If you find any, 
please email me!)
-Version .1 (11/22/04): Created this FAQ.  Have the introduction, controls, 
character diagnostics for Yoshi and Mario, Walkthrough for first few levels, 
walkthrough for a few mini-games. Nothing in Multiplayer yet, and started the 
end note.

*2. Introduction*
Welcome! Thank you for reading this FAQ! It is my first FAQ, so if you have any 
advice for me improving it, I would be very grateful for the criticism. Please 
send e-mail to [email protected]! Anyway, Super Mario 64 DS is 29.99, and 
was released on 11/21/04.  It is basically a remake of Super Mario 64, but you 
can now play as Wario, Luigi, and Yoshi.  There are also 150 stars (30 more 
than in Super Mario 64). This Guide will now be posted on the following 


The controls for Super Mario 64 DS are complicated to begin with, but become 
very comfortable with time.   

*Standard Mode:*

D-Pad: Walk
D-Pad+Y: Dash
X: Zoom Camera
A: Talk to Characters
   Read Signs
   Pick up and throw objects
B: Jump
L: Center Camera
R: Pound the ground when in mid-jump
Start: Pause
Select: Controller Modes

This is the mode I use the most, I feel it is the most comfortable, but of 
course you may feel differently!

*Touch Mode:* 
D-Pad: Not Used
X: Rotate Camera Right
Y: Rotate Camera left
A: Talk to Characters
   Read Signs
   Pick up and throw objects
B: Jump
L: Center Camera
R: Pound the ground when in mid-jump
Start: Pause
Select: Controller Modes

Using the wrist strap and touch screen enables you to walk and dash. Sliding it 
in one direction a little bit makes you walk, moving it a greater distance 
enables you to dash (Note: You have to use your left hand for this mode).

*Dual Hand Mode:*
D-Pad= A,B,X,Y
A: Talk to Characters
   Read Signs
   Pick up and throw objects
B: Pound the groudn when in mid-jump
X: Jump
Y: Center Camera
Start: Pause
Select: Controller Modes

With this mode you can use the touch screen with either hand.

*4. Characters*

When the game starts, you control Yoshi.  His special moves include:
Swallowing: A
Flutter Kick: Pressing and holding B
Fire Power: Get fire flower then press A
Eggs: When something is in your mouth press R to lay and egg.  Throw the egg 
with A.
Three Star Rating:
Speed: **
Jump:  *** 


Mario: You get Mario when you unlock him during the game.  His special moves 
Wall Kick: Jump towards wall, as you hit it press jump again.
Floating Power: Get a Power Flower, and press B repeatedly to rise, control 
movement with d-pad or touch screen.
Wings: When you get wings you press up on the d-pad to descend and down to 
Three Star Rating:
Power: **
Speed: **
Jump:  **


Luigi: You unlock Luigi much like you unlock Mario. His special moves are thus:
Invisibility Power: When Luigi gets a power flower he becomes invisible for a 
short amount of time. You can run through objects and enemies.
Scuttle: Hold B
Backward Somersault: Press R then B
Water Run: Luigi can run along the water when you run towards the water and 
Three Star Rating:
Power: *
Speed: **
Jump:  ***


Wario: Just like Mario and Luigi, you must unlock Wario. His special moves are 
as follows:
Wario Wack: A (He can break some objects other characters cannot)
Metal Power: When Wario gets a power flower he turns into metal for a short 
amount of time.  He is basically invincible to enemy attacks.
Swing and Fling: Grab enemy with A then rotate with D-Pad (Or touch screen) and 
press A again to release.
Three Star Rating:
Power: ***
Speed: *
Jump:  *

*5. Walkthrough*
You start a new file and watch as Mario, Luigi, and Wario all go running and 
playing into the castle.  Yoshi, however, is on top of the castle sleeping.  
The three become trapped, and you must find the key to gain entrance into the 
castle.  Go to the door to activate the location of the bunny. He is in the 
garden to the right of the castle (Use the map).  Go suck him up in your mouth 
to get the key.  Save now.  Go back to the castle door and unlock it. Move to 
the left to find a door with a star on it (no number). Open it. Jump into the 

*Unlocking Mario*
After you have 8 stars you can get Mario.  Go to the room up the stairs and to
right in the first room of the castle.  You should see a bunch of locked doors
with M, L, and W on them.  These are where you unlock each character.  Go into
the middle room to find the Rec Room.  There should be a door to the right with
an 8 on it.  Go in.  Jump into the painting to save Mario.

Mario's Level:

*Bob-omb Battlefield*
Level 1: Big Bob-omb On The Summit:
You are dropped smack dab into the middle of a battle! Talk to the RED Bob-omb 
and hear what he has to say. Now cross the bridge and defeat the goombas. Take 
a left towards the chained dog thing.  Keep close to the fence and it can't 
hurt you.  Go across the next bridge quickly because it tips.  Go through the 
gate where the arrow points and move quickly up the really steep hill.  This is 
a shortcut to the summit.  Here you should see big cannon balls rolling down 
the mountain. Hug the walls or jump over them to avoid being hit.  Continue up 
the mountain until you reach the summit.  Once at the  summit go talk to the 
huge Bob-omb.  To defeat him grab the small bob-ombs he releases and spit them 
at him. He will bounce up and down a few times if you hit him. Do this three 
times to win.  Don't get too close or he will grab you and throw you.  Grab the 
star to end the level. Save now if you like.

Level 2: Footrace with Koopa the Quick:
Here you are again in the same place, but this time there is no Big Bob-omb.  
Before you can race Koopa you have to find a Goomba with Mario's hat on.  You 
will see a hat on the lower screen.  Just run towards it until you see the 
Goomba. Suck the hat into your mouth to become Mario.  Now talk to the Koopa to 
begin a race. If you follow the same route as mentioned above to the summit you 
should win no problem. Remember to dash at all times, and if you can jump to a 
higher ledge do so.  Also don't get hit by anyting otherwise you will lose your 
cap.  If you lose your cap there is one towards the top of the summit. Don't be 
at the top without looking like Mario!  If you defeat him you will get your 
second star. (My time is 0' 56" 32)

Level 3: Five Silver Stars!:
This level is very easy.  Check your map out at the beginning to see all the 
stars.  Notice that some of them are moving.  Those ones are carried by a 
goomba or another creature.  (Don't get hurt or you will lose one star) Start 
collecting all of them to get your star!  The first one is located above a tree 
by the first bridge. Climb the tree and jump straight up to get it.  The next 
one is at the end of the leash on the now loose dog thing. Run behind it and 
grab it. The third star is across the tilting bridge to the left. A goomba has 
it. Stomp on him to retrieve it.  The fourth is behind a small hill of rock in 
a flower bed.  Finally the fifth is partway up the summit held by another 
goomba. Go up the shortcut hill and you will come out real close to it.  The 
star will now appear in the crystal ball at the beginning. Back track to get 
it. Remember not to get hit or you will lose a star and the yellow star will 
fade away.

Level 4: Big Bob-omb's Revenge: This level is basically like the first, but 
you have to become Mario before facing Big Bob-omb.  Follow my previous route 
up the hill and round the mountain until you find a goomba with Mario's red 
hat on.  Using Yoshi's tongue grab the hat and become Mario. Continue up to 
see Big Bob-omb (Remember to not get hit otherwise you will lose your hat!).  
To defeat Big Bob-omb, get behind him and grab him and throw him. Do this 
three times to defeat him.  You now have your fourth Star!

*Whomp's Fortress*
Level 1: Chip of Whomp's Block:
When you start this level you get a brief tutorial on how to sneak up on 
enemies.  You might decide to do this with the sleeping piranha plants.  
So now on with the walkthrough!  Run up the pathway towards the stones 
sliding in and out of the mountain. Jump over these to the platforms sliding
 in and out. Jump or run across these quickly.  Now that you have avoided 
falling to your death, run under the stone crusher thing.  Go up the stairs 
and avoid another crusher. You have now come to a fork in the road.  Take 
The left route and RUN across the blocks (They will start falling).  Get the
Mario cap and become Mario.  Next walk carefully across the bridge. The next
"bridge" swings in a circle, so get to the middle quickly.  If you want an 
extra life left the bridge swing you around so that you get the coins.  If
you get four an extra life will pop out of nowhere.  You will have to
drop down to get it though.  If you are not getting the extra life continue
across the bridge and hang a right.  Run past the two mini whomp's and get 
on the elevator :).  To defeat Whomp run in front of him so he tries to crush
you (Don't let him :)).  Then while he is down do a Ground Pound on his back.
Do this three times to get your star.

Level 2: To the Top of the Fortress:
This level is very easy.  Follow the same route mentioned above to get to the
top of the level.  If you haven't noticed already there is a tower on top. 
Climp this tower while watching out for the moving platforms.  Retrieve the


*Jolly Roger Bay*
Level 1: Plunder In The Sunken Ship:
Swim out to sea towards the star on the map.  When you come close start 
diving down.  There is a Mario cap down under if you wish to become him.  If 
you are running out of air remember you can get coins to give you more air.  
Swim above the ship to see a giant eel or sea monster.  Swim towards it to 
make it leave its hide out, then swim in the opening.  Hit the chest at the 
bottom of the ship to lower the water.  Now jump up the platforms and hit the
yellow box to retrieve your star! 

*Cool, Cool Mountain*
Level 1: Slip Slidin' Away:
This level can be a bit of a challenge owing the difficulty of the controls 
of the DS.  However practice makes perfect!  All you have to do is climb up 
on the cottage and jump down the chimney, then start down the track.  If you 
press back on the D-Pad (or the touch pad) you will slow down, and if you press 
up you will speed up.  When you complete it you will be in another cottage.  
Exit the building to obtain your star!

*6. Mini-Games*
The mini-games are quite fun in Super Mario 64 DS. At the title screen go to 
REC room to play (You can also play within the adventure, but you have to 
unlock the room first).  All of the games require the stylus to play.  The 
games are divided up under each character.

In Wanted you see the picture of one of the characters, then must find the 
character on the bottom screen and tap him before the time runs out!  This game 
becomes very challenging after a couple levels!  Play through to try and get 
the best score (Mine is 12) (Best Score: 200 By Patrick)

Love me...?
This game really has no point, but is fun non-the-less.  Pull the flower petals 
off the flower and see if your love truly loves you or not! The graphics on the 
top of the screen are quite amazing if you ask my honest opinion.

Hide and Boo Seek
Alright, this game is pretty weird.  The screen goes black and you have to trace
around it with the stylus to uncover the boos that are moving around.  I find 
this game very difficult, especially when there are many boos to find.

Puzzel Panel
Try to match the top screens picture with the bottom screen.  You click the 
tiles to flip them.  This game becomes very difficult in later levels.

In Slides, Mario's head will work its way down the pipes.  It is your job to 
guide him on the touch screen to the star.  Draw lines from pipe to pipe until 
you guide him to the star.  After each level Mario will get faster and more 
pipes will appear.  (My score is 6)

Bounce and Pounce
This game is really amazing. I love it very much.  Three Mario's and three Shy 
Guy's are on the screen. Mario will fall to the lower screen and you must tap 
him to get him to go back up.  Guide the Marios so that they hit the shy guys.  
You can only let three Marios fall.  (My score is a dismal 4)

Memory Match
Pretty self explanatory. You play memory with Luigi.  Each game you bet 3 
coins, and if you win without making one wrong move you get 12 coins, make one 
mistake you get 6 back, and make 2 mistakes you get 3 back.  If you make three 
mistakes you lose your coins. (My score is 21)

Luigi deals you cards onto the lower screen.  You match two alike side-by-side, 
top and bottom, or diagonally. You have to go through 16 cards, then clear the 
board (if you can ;)).  If you can't you get penalized per card.  (My score is 
10 here)

Bob-omb Squad
Parachuting bob-ombs are attacking your flowers. Use the sling shot to knock 
them out of the air.  You use the touch screen to draw back the sling-shot and 
fire the cannon balls.  (My best score here is 17200)

Snowball Slalom
You are building a snowman's head.  Your job is to get it down the track in as 
little time as possible.  Watch out for rocks and the edge of the track because 
it will slow you down greatly.  You rub the touch screen from bottom to top to 
gather speed then move from side to side to avoid rocks.  I have yet to beat 
the first level!

*7. Multiplayer*
From the multiple e-mails I have received I have gathered this information. 
There are four levels of multiplayer. 
Castle Grounds
Sunshine Isles
Princess's Secret Slide
Battle Fort

The object of the game is to gather as many stars as possible in a set 
amount of time.  You can also hit the other players and they will loose one
star per hit landed.  

Special thanks to:

*8. Ending Note*
The DS is a very awesome system in my humble opinion. I really hope you enjoy 
it as much as I.  Please remember that Nintendo and Mario are both copyrighted 
trademarks of Nintendo of America.  Also note that this FAQ/Walkthrough is 
copyrighted by me Brad Parker, and cannot be reproduced in any way.  If you 
would like to post it on a website please drop me a line! Thank you very much, 
and again I hope you have enjoyed this!


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