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This Document is Copyrighted 2000-2001 by Croco. Any reproduction of this 
document in part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden 
(excluding private use).

This FAQ is complete guide to everything you need to know about the NES classic 
revived on Game Boy Color, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe! Included is:
  *A guide to all the levels, including secret 1-UP locations.
  *How to find everything in the challenge mode, from red coins to 
   Yoshi eggs to ways to boost your scores.
  *Tips on how to beat Boo and get to race the legendary Black Boo.
  *How and where to find the pictures in the Album.
  *Guides to the enemies, items, and special features.
  *My personal high scores (as well as the high scores of others) so 
   that you can try to match or beat them.

Contact Me: [email protected] (see Part 4 for details)

This is the Final Version of the Croco FAQ of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Created 

Final Version- Created 4/3/01
OK, OK, I realize that this is the third time I've updated after the "Final" 
Version, but what would you rather have, more and better info or a final Final 
Version? That's what I thought. Anyway, I recently obtained all Black Boos on 
the You Vs. Boo mode (yay me!) as well as filled up the meter in the Challenge 
Mode, and I thought my old strategies were outdated, so I'm updating with better 
ones. Also, I've finally gotten information on how to erase your game. Enjoy, 
this will almost definitely be the last update. Ciao!

Version 1.6- Created 9/5/00
This really isn't an update to my FAQ. I've just changed my new name and added a 
few things here and there, most notably a few new Frequently Asked Questions. 
This time it's goodbye for real. See ya!

Version 1.5- Created 8/1/00
Finally, I've gotten around to completing another update just in time for the 
beginning of August. This is the last of the bunch, as I've covered all the 
levels in every one of the guides. Thanks for reading my guide, and so long!

Version 1.4- Created 6/20/00
Whoa, I keep pumping out these updates! Version 1.4 is out a mere two days after 
1.3, and like always there's a new world added to each of the guides. That means 
that the Original 1985 Guide has been completed! Woohoo!

Version 1.3- Created 6/18/00
It's been a little over a month, but I've finally gotten another update for this 
FAQ. Enjoy the update, which, as usual, adds an extra level onto each of the 

Version 1.2- Created 5/17/00
Once again, I've added another world onto each of the guides (except, of course, 
for the You Vs. Boo Guide, because I finished that already). I also have 
descriptions on how to get all the awards in the album, too. Finally, the 
Reader's Scores have begun to trickle in, but by no means are all the levels 
filled with scores. Send yours in!

Version 1.1- Created 5/3/00
First update. If you want to know my plan for updating, I do one world for each 
section for every update. If I get particular requests, than I may do more for a 
certain section. There haven't been any requests, so I'm doing the standard "one 
world for each guide" update mentioned above. 

Version 1.0- Created 4/14/2000
Ah, excellent. My brand new FAQ (my first ever for a Game Boy Color game!) is 
here with quite a few sections. You can find complete versions of Part 1, Part 
2, Part 4, and some of Part 3. It's still being completed, though. This Game Boy 
Color masterpiece has many interesting levels, challenges, and secrets, all 
which are unleashed in detail throughout this FAQ. 


UPDATE NOTICE: This final update includes updated You Vs. Boo strategies, info 
on how to erase your saved information (see FAQs section), ways to get better 
scores and 127 1-UPs (via the Koopa Shell trick), corrections to many of the 
grammatical and spelling mistakes, and a little more stuff here and there. Read 



I. Part 1- Introduction
   A. Introduction
   B. Author's Comments
   C. Story
II. Part 2- Guides and Lists
   A. Controls
   B. Characters
   C. Enemies
   D. Items
   E. Special Places/Things
   F. Attacks/Moves
   G. Ways to Get Points
   H. Vital Changes from the Classic NES Mario Bros.
III. Part 3- Guide to the Game (Walkthroughs)
   A. Guide to Original 1985 Game
   B. Guide to the Challenge Mode
   C. Guide to You Vs. Boo
   D. Guide to the Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros. for Super Players)
   E. Guide to the Album
   F. Guide to the Toy Box
IV. Part 4- Additional Help
   A. Tips
   B. FAQs
   C. Contact Info/Credits/Special Thanks
   D. Closing Statement

Where Should You Go?
Part 1- This section allows you to get to know my view on the game and why I 
wrote this FAQ. The story to the game is also included in this section. You can 
skip it if you want.
Part 2- This has good information on the aspects of the game, such as enemies 
and items. If you're an experienced player, you may skip this section, but there 
still is good info for everyone, like how many points beating a certain baddie 
will get you or some helpful moves.
Part 3- This is the real meat of the FAQ, and where you can find info on the 
game, with guides to the levels, secret stuff, and more.
Part 4- If you've checked all over and can't find what you need, someone may 
have the same problem or one of the tips may help you out. If they don't you can 
always contact me, and info on how to do so is found here. Also, credits and 
thanks are given out to those who helped me.

Note- Throughout this FAQ the main character will be referred to as Mario, but 
the same things will all work with Luigi, too, since the characters are the 

                 _____                            _____
 ------------------|    /PART 1: INTRODUCTION\      |-------------------
                 __|__                            __|__


     - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRODUCTION - - - - - - - - - - - - 

     Mario, the chubby little plumber created by the video game genius Shigeru 
Miyamoto, first stepped onto the scene in the game titled Donkey Kong. This 
arcade smash led Mario to become more popular, although he left his nemesis 
Donkey Kong behind (until Rare came and led him to stardom). Mario went on to 
star in another arcade hit, titled Mario Bros. This introduced his brother Luigi 
to the hoards of players. When Nintendo decided to bring out it's first home 
gaming system, they needed a great game to go with it. So they turned to Shigeru 
Miyamoto. Miyamoto needed a great character for his game. What better character 
than the already famous Mario? Mario's first real adventure, Super Mario Bros., 
was one of the most innovative games of the time. If you think about it, how did 
Miyamoto and his team come up with this stuff? A plumber going to save the 
Princess of a mushroom land from a giant dragon/turtle? Pipes that transport you 
to areas of bricks and coins? A turtle who flies in a cloud and throws spiky 
eggs at you? It's crazy, but the kind of great game everyone needed. Although 
it's been 15 years since Mario's 1985 classic, Mario's game is still magic. 
Nintendo has updated the game for Game Boy Color, with a bunch of extra new 
features and modes. Super Mario Bros. was a great game, and now, it's no longer 
a thing of the past. It IS a great game.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - AUTHOR'S COMMENTS - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Back around when I was about five years old, my brothers and I played Super 
Mario Bros. for the NES a lot. We weren't all that good (especially me. But hey, 
I was 5), but we did play it over and over again. After we got a Super Nintendo, 
we didn't look back and played Super Mario World all the time.
    Mario All-Stars, a classic game full of classics, let me play the original 
Super Mario Bros. with enhanced graphics and sound. However, I never really got 
into it with Mario 2 and 3 available too.
    Recently, I got Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. I wasn't sure how great it was 
going to be, but when I played it, I realized how fun the old game was. Even 
more, I found out that this game had a bunch of extra features that would 
require mastering the game to complete. Even with my experience of nearly 
getting everything in the game, it never struck me to write an FAQ for it. Then, 
by simply going through Level 1-2, I realized that I could write a good FAQ. 
Hidden coin blocks, hidden 1-UPs, and secrets were all routine to me from my 
days of playing while young. I gave no thought to breaking two blocks to find a 
ten-coin block most people would never see. I realized that this was a great 
game and I was pretty good at it. So there was only one logical thing to do. 
Here's my thanks to the wonder and joy Super Mario Bros. brought to me back in 
the 80s.

       - - - - - - - - - - - - THE STORY - - - - - - - - - - - -  

     How could anyone not know this story? About half of the games ever created 
use a plot similar to this one. Here's the official story, taken from the 
instruction manual:

Once upon a time, the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom was invaded by the Koopa, a 
tribe of turtles famous for their dark magic. These terrible terrapins 
transformed the peace-loving Mushroom People into stones, bricks, and 
ironically, mushrooms then set their own evil king on the throne. In the wake of 
the ghastly coup d'‚tat, the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin and 
despair. It is said that only the daughter of the Mushroom King, Princess 
Toadstool, can break the evil spell and return the inhabitants of the Mushroom 
Kingdom to their normal selves. But the King of the Koopas, knowing of this 
prophecy, kidnapped the lovely Princess and hid her away in one of his castles. 
Word of the terrible plight of the Mushroom People quickly spread throughout the 
land, eventually reaching the ears of a humble plumber. The simple, yet valiant 
Mario vowed to rescue the Princess from King Koopa's tyrannous reign. But can 
Mario really overcome the many obstacles facing him and become a true hero?

Sounds nice and peachy, right? Well if you think about it, it's really just the 
story of a plumber rescuing the princess of Mushroom Land from the giant Dragon 
Turtle and his army of walking mushrooms, flying turtles, and squids. Nothing 
out of the ordinary, right?

                  _____                            _____
  ------------------|   /PART 2: GUIDES AND LISTS\   |------------------
                  __|__                            __|__

          - - - - - - - - - - - CONTROLS - - - - - - - - - - -

  The controls are fairly simple, seeing as the Game Boy only has two buttons. 
However, you must learn how to use these to your advantage. Many of these 
actions are used in other games, as Mario is the basis for many games. Players 
of video games will be familiar with the controls even if they have never played 
Mario before.

Control Pad: Up:    Look upwards -or- Enter a Pipe above  
             Down:  Duck -or- Enter a Pipe below -or- Look downwards
             Left:  Move Left (hold down to walk faster)
             Right: Move Right (hold down to faster)
A Button: Jump (hold to jump higher) -or- Swim upward while in water
B Button: Run (hold down to run faster) -or- shoot a fireball (while 
          Fiery Mario)
Select Button: Move camera forward
Start Button:  Pause Game (accessing the Pause Menu) -or- Unpause Game


         - - - - - - - - - - - CHARACTERS - - - - - - - - - - -

  The characters of Mario are unforgettable and anyone who has never heard of 
them has probably been living underground for the last 20 years. In case you 
need to get to know them better, take a look at this handy Character list. 

MARIO: The character you will normally play as. He's a chubby, somewhat 
       small plumber from Brooklyn. His jumping skills are known all 
       over, and he likes to wear red.

LUIGI: Mario's younger brother, who the 2nd player will play as. He is 
       taller and slimmer than Mario, and likes to wear Green.

PRINCESS TOADSTOOL: Commonly known these days as Peach, she was 
       kidnapped by Bowser to prevent peace from reigning. Mario will
       need to rescue her if he wants to save the Mushroom Kingdom. 

BOWSER, KING OF THE KOOPAS: Bowser, or King Koopa, is the evil sorcerer
       that is holding Princess Toadstool prisoner in one of his many 
       castles. He will try to stop Mario from saving the Princess, and 
       is very tough. Approach him with extreme caution.

MUSHROOM RETAINERS: These guys, who all look like the famous Toad, have 
       been captured by Bowser also. Mario must save them too.

MUSHROOM KING: He is never mentioned in any of the games, and no one 
       knows what he looks like. He appeared in the Mario comic series, 
       but never in any game. Perhaps he died during the hostile Koopa 


            - - - - - - - - - - ENEMIES - - - - - - - - - -

  Bowser knows that he himself cannot stop Mario, so he sends hundreds of troops 
in hopes of preventing Mario from saving the Mushroom Retainers and the 
Princess. There are quite a few different enemies serving their King...
*The Difficulty category is rated on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest and 1 
being the easiest.

GOOMBA: Difficulty- 1        Appearance- Common        Points- 100
   Goombas are evil mushrooms who, like most enemies, will charge at Mario in 
hopes of defeating him. They aren't very strong, and one stomp on the head will 
destroy them. They often travel in groups.

KOOPA TROOPA (GREEN): Difficulty- 2    Appearance- Common    Points- 100  
   Koopa Troopa are the troops of Bower's army. Their shells provide them 
protection, and nothing short of a fireball will destroy them. However, if you 
stomp them, they will retreat into there shells and stay there for a while. 
While in their shells, Mario can kick them and send their shells flying to 
defeat other baddies. However, the shell can rebound of an object and defeat 
Mario himself, so be on your toes! They give you 100 points for one stomp, but 
if you kick them, you'll get another 100 points (200 if you don't touch the 
ground). Like Goombas, they are common and often travel in groups.

KOOPA TROOPA (RED): Difficulty- 2     Appearance- Uncommon    Points- 100
   Like their green cousins, these turtles help make up a large number of 
Bowser's army. However, these Koopa Troopas are assigned a specific are they 
must patrol. These usually are some sort of platform, and when they reach the 
edge, will turn around instead of falling off (like the Green Koopa Troopas and 
Goombas will). Besides their patrolling assignment, they are the same as Green 
Koopa Troopas. 

KOOPA PARATROOPA (GREEN): Difficulty- 3   Appearance- Common   Points- 400
   These are Green Koopa Troopas that have been outfitted with wings. These do 
not enable them to fly, but they can jump quite high with them. These jumping 
turtles are much more dangerous than their walking counterparts. Their tricky 
jumps will hurt Mario more easily, and they also are tougher. One stomp will 
make them lose their wings, becoming normal Green Koopa Troopas. However, Mario 
can also get more points for them, especially if he doesn't touch the ground in 
between stomps.
   Sometimes these turtles may be found flying (not bouncing, flying) 
horizontally, in a set path (which means they will turn around once they reach 
the end of their patrol are). 

KOOPA PARATROOPA (RED): Difficulty- 3    Appearance- Rare    Points- 400
   These guys do not follow the crazy bouncing of most of their Green friends, 
but instead fly vertically, the same way as the calmer Green Koopa Paratroopas 
fly horizontally. They will usually fly over a pit, so if you plan to stomp 
them, keep in mind that you will lose your momentum after the stomp. In most 
cases, it's best to avoid them and simply leap over their heads.

PIRANHA PLANTS: Difficulty- 3     Appearance- Common     Points- 200
   Piranha Plants are nasty little plants that live in pipes. They pop up 
quickly and any contact with them will hurt Mario. They can only be defeated by 
a fireball. They will only appear for a second before going back down, and will 
stay inside if Mario is standing next to or on the pipe. 

BLOOBER: Difficulty- 7       Appearance- Rare      Points- 200
   These squid-like creatures live beneath the waves and will attack intruders 
of their ocean environment. They swim in a crazy pattern, and after every few 
strokes, must rest for a second. Try to avoid getting anywhere near them. Their 
strange movements are somewhat unpredictable, and they are known to change 
course in an instant. Fireballs will take them out easily and from a safe 

CHEEP-CHEEP (GREEN): Difficulty- 2   Appearance- Uncommon    Points- 200
   Cheep-Cheep are another species of water creatures, but move in a straight 
horizontal path instead of the crazy movements of the Bloober. The green type is 
very slow and easy to avoid. Just be careful when dropping or rising large 
distances, as they may surprise you. They travel in schools, so beware of large 
groups. While they can't be defeated by a stomp, fireballs will destroy them.

CHEEP-CHEEP (RED): Difficulty- 4     Appearance- Rare     Points- 200
   The Red Cheep-Cheep are very similar to the Green Cheep-Cheep, but they have 
improved their swimming skills and are incredibly fast. They will charge Mario 
like any Cheep-Cheep, but will do so with great speed. They are usually found 
mixed in with other Green Cheep-Cheep.
   Red Cheep-Cheep will also sometimes sprout wings and take it to the air. With 
wings, they can jump great heights, and will usually terrorize Mario while he 
crosses bridges.

HAMMER BROTHERS: Difficulty- 7    Appearance- Rare    Points- 1,000 each
   The Hammer Brothers are generally found in an are with three levels of 
blocks: the ground, a first row of blocks, and a second row of blocks. They will 
jump between these blocks frequently (sometimes even skipping one in between!) 
and all the while will be tossing deadly hammers at Mario. Defeat them by 
stomping on their heads (not recommended, because they will be throwing hammers 
above their head) or by smashing the block they are standing on. However, they 
are not always on a higher row of blocks. In this case, they will jump at 
certain intervals. This is Mario's chance to run under them. While they normally 
appear in pairs (hence the name "brothers"), they are sometimes found alone.

LAKITU: Difficulty- 8        Appearance- Rare       Points- 200
   This magical turtle rides on a cloud and assaults Mario by dropping Spiny 
Eggs. He stays at the top of the screen, and Mario must climb up a high 
structure to reach him. He will follow Mario systematically dropping his deadly 
cargo. These eggs are razor sharp and will power-down Mario if he touches them. 

SPINY:  Difficulty- 6        Appearance- Rare       Points- 200
   Spiny hatch from Spiny Eggs, which will break open the second the come in 
contact with the ground. They will run around like Green Koopa Troopa, but they 
have large spikes on their backs. These prevent Mario from stomping them. Avoid 
them, unless you have fireballs.

BUZZY BEETLE: Difficulty- 5    Appearance- Rare     Points- 100
   Buzzy Beetles, Bowser's special Dark Troops, are very similar to Green Koopa 
Troopa. They will charge Mario and their shell can be kicked and used to destroy 
other enemies. However, they have tougher, fireproof shells which make fireballs 
worthless against them. They are only found in the later levels near Bowser's 

BULLET BILL: Difficulty- 5     Appearance- Uncommon     Points- 200
   Bullet Bill cannons are strewn throughout the later levels, and frequently 
shoot out the quick bullet bill. Although Mario is much faster than a speeding 
bullet (Bill), these guys will shoot themselves and will follow a great 
distance. The cannons are often put in places where Mario is cramped and 
avoiding them is difficult. Stomping them will knock them out of the air.

FIRE CHAIN: Difficulty- 6     Appearance- Common     Points- N/A
   Fire Chains are found in many of Bowser's castles, and swing around in a 
rather quick manner. Stay out of their range and leap over them. Sometimes they 
will increase their length drastically by connecting two together. Nothing can 
destroy them.

PODOBOO: Difficulty- 6     Appearance- Common     Points- N/A
   Another fire-based enemy found in many of Bowser's castles, these balls of 
fire will leap from the lava high into the air, then will fall back down. When 
they will jump is a mystery. Jump over them when they are in their descent. 
Stomps will power-down Mario while fireballs have no affect against them (well 
duh, they're made of fire).

These characters are only found in the Lost Levels game, and are more difficult 
to defeat than the normal characters.

PIRANHA PLANT (RED): Difficulty- 5    Appearance- Uncommon   Points- 200
   The red variation of the pipe-inhabiting death plants are more courageous. 
Even when Mario is standing right next to the pipe, they will still pop up. They 
are also quicker (quite fast for a plant) than the Green Piranha Plants. Not a 
huge difference. Nonetheless, they can still be tricky and you should time your 
jumps. An easy way to overcome this problem is to simply stand on the pipe. They 
will not come up if you're directly above them.

SWIMMING KOOPA TROOPAS: Difficulty- 4    Appearance- Rare   Points- 100+
   These Koopa Troopa have been fortunate enough to learn swimming skills. 
However, they must not use them very well as they act the same way underwater as 
they would above water. The only difference is that you must swim around them 
and you cannot stomp them. They come in all the colors and variations 

FLYING BLOOBER: Difficulty- 6      Appearance- Very Rare     Points- 200
   Like the Swimming Koopa Troopa, this is another enemy out of its native 
environment. These very rare creatures will fly the same way they swim, but can 
now be taken out by a well-placed stomp.

RUNNING HAMMER BROTHERS: Difficulty- 10  Appearance- Rare  Points- 1,000
   The most difficult characters in the game, these Hammer Brothers will charge 
Mario while throwing hammers. This doesn't give Mario much time to think or many 
chances to run underneath them when they jump. Worst of all, they will turn 
around and chase Mario once he has passed them. Fireballs are very helpful in 
getting by these guys.


        - - - - - - - - - - - - ITEMS - - - - - - - - - - - -

     Half of the Mario game deals with special items that enhance Mario's 
abilities. He can collect things such as a Fire Flower to shoot Fireballs, Stars 
to become invincible, or coins for extra lives.  

SUPER MUSHROOM: Effect- Transforms Regular Mario into Super Mario
   While regular Mario, all Power-Up Blocks (blocks that contain a Power-Up) 
will be filled with Super Mushrooms. Super Mushrooms increase Mario's size 
drastically and also allow him to take one hit. There are advantages and 
disadvantages to this. As Super Mario, you can smash brick blocks to smithereens 
and reach higher blocks. You will return to regular Mario if you take a hit 
instead of dying, too. The main problem is that Super Mario is too big to fit in 
many small crevices that regular Mario can get into. Collecting a Super Mushroom 
will add 1,000 points to the score.

FIRE FLOWER: Effect- Transforms Super Mario into Fiery Mario  
   While Super Mario, all Power-Up Blocks will be filled with Fire Flowers. Fire 
Flowers do not increase Mario's size any more, they give Mario the ability to 
shoot fireballs. Fireballs are great long range attacks that will kill most 
enemies, even some that can't be stomped upon. This is no doubt a very valuable 
Power. Unlike in other Mario games, this does not grant Mario an extra hit. He 
will change back to Regular Mario if hit. Collecting a Fire Flower will add 
1,000 points to the score. 
   If Mario touches a Fire Flower while regular Mario (example: he hits the 
Power-Up block while Super Mario then takes a hit before getting the Fire 
Flower), he will not get the Fire Flower's power, but will instead just be 
turned into Super Mario.

STAR: Effect- Makes Mario Invincible                    Points- 1,000
   Stars are rare items, and bounce around quickly when released. These valuable 
items give Mario temporary invincibility. When Mario touches an enemy, it will 
destroy them instantly. If he touches an enemy that can't be destroyed (i.e.- 
Fire Chain, Podoboo), he will not get hurt. This effect will last for a short 
while. When the music returns back to normal, that is a sign that your power 
will run out soon.

COINS: Effect- Collect 100 for an Extra Life             Points- 200
   Coins are very common and are strewn throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. 
Collecting 100 of these will get you an extra life. They will also get you 200 
points each.

1-UP MUSHROOM: Effect- Gives Mario an Extra Life
   A 1-UP mushroom has the same effect as collecting 100 coins, but you get the 
extra life the second you collect the mushroom. They aren't easy to come across 
and are usually well hidden (most often in hidden blocks). They are worth 0 
points in the normal game (hey, an extra life is reward enough) but will snag 
you a nice 2,000 points in the Challenge mode.

There is a new item presented in the Lost Levels. However, unlike the other 
items, it hurts Mario instead of helping him.

POISON MUSHROOM: Effect- Powers-Down Mario
   These Mushrooms are easily distinguishable from the good mushrooms by the 
purple shell. They will move in the same fashion as the other mushrooms, but 
coming in contact with this will Power-Down Mario (changing Super/Fiery Mario to 
Regular Mario and will kill Regular Mario). Be sure to avoid these after you see 
them! Using the item bump trick is helpful.

These items are found only in the Challenge mode.

RED COIN: Effect- Collect 5 in a Level to Get Red Coin Badge   Pts.- 200 
   Red Coins, usually hidden in ? Blocks, are not found in either the Original 
1985 game or the Lost Levels. They are only in the Challenge mode. Collecting 
all five of these in one level will get you the Red Coin Badge. Each of these is 
worth 200 points, the same as any other coin.

YOSHI EGG: Effect- Collect to Get Yoshi Egg Badge          Points- 2,000
   The Yoshi Egg is another item only found in the Challenge mode. They are 
always found in hidden (invisible) blocks and are usually quite difficult to 
find on your own. Collecting one will get you the Yoshi Egg badge for that 
level. These are worth an excellent 2,000 points, so don't miss them if you're 
trying to get the Score Badge.


 - - - - - - - - - - - - SPECIAL PLACES/THINGS - - - - - - - - - - - -  

     During Mario's quest, he will meet up with many strange objects. He can 
often use them to his advantage to help him reach Bowser's Castle.

BRICK BLOCK: Use- Can be Broken
   The brick block is the most common block you will find throughout your 
journey. It can be broken, which will destroy the block and defeat any enemy 
standing on it. On some occasions, these blocks will hold special items, such as 
Power-Ups, coins, or stars.

? BLOCK: Use- Holds an Item
   ? Blocks will always hold an item. It may be a Power-Up or a Star, but will 
most likely hold a coin. They will destroy any enemy standing on it, but the 
block will not be destroyed itself.

TEN COIN BLOCK: Use- Holds Multiple Coins
   Although known as a ten coin block, these blocks can hold more or less 
depending on how quickly you hit them. They are most often disguised as brick 
blocks. When you hit them once, the coin sequence will begin. Hit the block 
rapidly to get as many coins out as you can. You can get a minimum of two coins 
and a maximum of sixteen.

PIPES: Use- Transport to Bonus Area
   Pipes are very common and are found in many places throughout the Mushroom 
Kingdom. Most pipes you cannot go down, but some will warp you to a bonus area 
filled with coins.

FLAGPOLE: Use- Gives Mario Extra Points
   It's not possible to clear the flagpole (although I have done it several 
times as Luigi in the Lost Levels of Mario All-Stars), but touching it as high 
as you can will give you extra points. By pulling down the evil flag, you will 
clear the level and advance to the next.

PLATFORMS: Use- Can transport Mario Over Pits
   Platforms appear in many worlds, and Mario can jump on them. They are usually 
found above pits to help Mario get across. One variation moves left/right or 
up/down, and Mario can ride them as long as he pleases. Another type will begin 
to sink with Mario's weight and will eventually fall into the pit. 

WEIGHT PLATFORMS: Use- Allows Mario to Get Over Pits
   Weight Platforms are two normal platforms connected by a chain. When one 
platform sinks, the other rises. These, like some of the other platforms, are 
sensitive to weight and will sink if Mario jumps on them. They will sink more 
slowly than the other platforms, though. If the platform reaches the end of its 
chain, it will fall. Doing this is dangerous in some cases, but will get Mario 
1,000 points.

SPRING BOARD: Use- Increases Mario's Jump Height
   This board will shoot Mario into the air and will allow him to cross gaps and 
reach high areas. First, Mario must jump on it. When the board goes down, wait, 
then when it comes up, press A. Mario will gain more power this way. Getting a 
running start will increase Mario's distance he gets from the jump. 

BULLET BILL CANNONS: Use- Shoot Bullet Bill
   These Cannons will shoot Bullet Bill out of them at any random time. Like 
Piranha Plants, no Bullet Bill will be fired if Mario is next to or on the 
cannon. These cannons are dangerous to hang around, but can be used as stepping 
stones to reach higher areas. 

AXE: Use- Causes Bridge to Fall
   At every Bowser, there are two ways for Mario to defeat him. One is by using 
Fireballs (this is better, as Mario can shoot from a safe distance and will get 
points, not to mention a picture for his photo album). The other is by chopping 
off the supports of the bridge. By grabbing the axe, Mario will cut the supports 
and the bridge will collapse, with Bowser plummeting into the lava. 


GREEN SPRING BOARD: Use- Increases Mario's Jump Height Greatly
   This is one of the coolest items in the game. Jumping on one and pressing A 
will rocket Mario high into the clouds. It'll be a long time before he comes 
back down, so you can float very far before he lands. Don't be caught of guard 
when he drops, though.


FACE BLOCKS: Use- Switches Red/White Blocks
   By hitting this block, the white blocks in the area will change. When the 
Face Block is white and smiling, the white blocks will be formed, usually 
helpful to you. When the Face Block is red, the white blocks will be replaced by 
red outlines that can't be stepped on. There are also red blocks that will 
disappear while the white block is activated. Usually having a white face is 
helpful, as it clears annoying red blocks out of the way and creates helpful 
paths from white blocks. In the You Vs. Boo races, Boo will switch these blocks 
after a given amount of time. He can go through blocks, so they don't affect 

3-2-1 BLOCKS: Use- Switches Red/White Blocks
   These are just the same as Face Blocks, but will automatically switch after 3 
seconds. You can still switch it yourself, which will restart the timer again, 

SPIKED BALLS: Use- Power-Down Mario
   These balls are not very helpful, and will Power-Down Mario if he comes in 
contact with them. In some levels, these replace the outlined blocks. 

   These floors will cause Mario to bounce up and down. A skilled player will be 
able to go over them quicker than if they were on foot, but in many cases they 
will slow you down (as Mario jumps high into the air).


     - - - - - - - - - - - - ATTACKS/MOVES - - - - - - - - - - - -

     Mario will need to master several skills if he wishes to reach Bowser. Some 
of these moves are helpful, but not necessary. 

JUMP: Mario's basic move. He uses this to clear objects, such as pipes, 
     pits, and blocks. Used in conjunction with other moves, it can 
     help destroy enemies.

FIREBALLS: Fireballs are very handy in any situation. These will bounce
     along the ground, killing most any enemy standing there. Even 
     better, these can be used from a safe distance, so Mario can stay 
     away from danger. These orbs of flame will still work even when 

RUN: Mario can run, which will get him through levels more quickly. 
     When he's running, be on the lookout for nearby enemies. They may 
     catch you off guard.

STOMP: This is Mario's basic move for defeating enemies. Most enemies 
     can be defeated (or stunned) by a stomp on the head. 

ITEM BUMP: If an item, like any mushroom, is above Mario, he can use a 
     block to change its direction of movement. If Mario hits the block 
     the mushroom/other item is moving on, then the movement of the 
     block will knock the mushroom backwards. This is especially helpful 
     in avoiding Poison mushrooms.

SLIDE: Regular Mario will have no need for this move, as he can simply
     run underneath low blocks. Super or Fiery Mario, however, may be 
     too big to fit into some openings. By getting a running start then
     ducking, he can slide underneath some objects. In long passages, 
     when he loses momentum, he can stand up and will be forced outward 
     (hopefully to the other side!)

CROUCHED JUMP: This move has no real purpose (in fact, it's harder to 
     control Mario in the air), but is kind of funny. Hold down on the 
     control pad and press the jump button. Mario will leap up, but he 
     will still be in his crouched position.  

ALTER DIRECTION: While in the air, Mario can change his direction. Just
    press the direction that you would like to go in, and he'll move 
    backward that way. However, if you have a lot of momentum going the 
    other way (if you took a running jump), it will be hard to change 


   - - - - - - - - - - - - WAYS TO GET POINTS - - - - - - - - - - - -

     In the original Super Mario Bros., getting points was fun but had little 
point (no pun intended). In this game, there are top scores for the Original 
1985 mode and Score Medals for the Challenge Mode. You will need to master 
getting points in order to succeed.

TIMER: The timer is a huge source of points. The more quickly you beat 
     a level, the more points you'll get. These large amount of points 
     should be an incentive to finish the level as quickly as possible.
     You'll gain less points if you don't stop to collect items and kill 
     enemies, but don't go for things that are too far out of your way.  
     Although the timer will get you no points at the end of Castles in 
     the Original 1985 mode (take your time in these levels!), it will
     count towards your score in the challenge mode.

DEFEATING ENEMIES: Enemies are a large source of points. Enemies will 
     give you from 100-1,000 points, but you can pull off chains to get
     more. For instance, jumping on three Goombas without touching the 
     ground will get you a total of 700 points, as compared to 300 
     points if you touch the ground in between killing them. Destroying
     enemies with the same Koopa shell will also accumulate many points,
     so kick them whenever you can. When they rebound of an object, you
     can stomp them and kick them off in the other direction to gain 
     more points. Also, if you hit two enemies at the same time you'll 
     get double the points. If there are two Goombas strutting down the 
     path, and you stomp them at the same time, you'll get 400 points 
     compared to 200.

COLLECTING COINS: Coins will net you 200 points each. Try finding bonus 
     stages for large caches of this treasure, but some of these bonus 
     areas will skip large portions of the level and are best avoided.

GETTING ITEMS: Items will generally give you a large amount of points.   
     Stars, Mushrooms and Flowers will all get you 1,000 points.

SMASH BLOCKS: Only brick blocks will get you points. They only give you 
     a measly 50 points, though, and the time wasted destroying them is 
     not worth it. Only smash these if you are running by and there is 
     nothing else to do.

FLAGPOLE: The flagpole can add 100-5,000 points to your score. A running 
     start will benefit greatly to your jump height, and there is always 
     a structure around to help you do so. There are no flagpoles at the 
     end of Castles.

FIREWORKS: Fireworks are little bonuses at the end of the level if you
     complete it with special numbers at the end of your timer. Each 
     firework is worth 500 points, and you'll get 1, 3, and 6 fireworks 
     for getting their respective numbers on the timer when you touch 
     the flagpole. It's easily worth wasting a few seconds to get 
     fireworks, but be sure to time you jumps carefully, or you may miss 
     the desired number. In Castles, you will not get fireworks (in both 
     the Original 1985 and Challenge modes).

RIDING PLATFORMS: If you ride a weight platform until it drops, you will 
     get 1,000 points for your daring feat.

COLLECT CLOUD COINS: In the cloud bonus stages, not only will you get 
     200 points for each coin, but you will get an extra 10,000 points 
     if you collect every coin! It's easily to collect the last three 
     coins while Super or Fiery Mario.



     Although Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is supposed to be a direct port of the 
Classic NES Super Mario Bros., there are some differences present in the game. 
These are VITAL changes, so things like "the colors are brighter" won't make the 

The most obvious change is that the screen is smaller on the GBC. Nintendo 
didn't want to shrink Mario in pixel size, so they just made the screen scroll 
up and down, left and right. This means that you won't be able to see some of 
the things above or below you, which may end up killing you (is there a Cheep-
Cheep below you? A Bullet Bill above?). It was definitely better when you could 
see the entire screen at once on the NES, but hey, this is Game Boy Color and 
the screen is smaller. 

Amount of Influence: Large (Negative)

In the Classic NES version of Super Mario Bros., once something was behind you, 
it was gone. You couldn't backtrack to get things. In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, 
you can go backwards to get items that you may have missed. You can't run all 
the way back to the beginning of the level, but you can go backwards a decent 

Amount of Influence: Medium (Positive) 

The Minus World was an interesting secret (or glitch) of the Classic NES Super 
Mario Bros., but it seems that it's been taken out of this version. I've tried 
to get to it, but with no success. It may be that I'm missing, but I doubt if 
you can. If you're interested in the Minus World, you can get it only in Super 
Mario Bros. for the NES (no Super Mario All Stars). Here's how to get it if you 
really want to know:

Go to the end of Level 1-2, and stand on the pipe leading above ground. Smash 
the blocks two and three spaces away from the pipe. Jump as if you were going 
backwards, but change direction so that the back of Mario's head hits the bottom 
of the block next to the pipe. If you do it right, Mario will be pulled through 
the wall. Quickly enter the pipe that normally leads to World 4 and you'll go to 
the Minus World (Level -1). 

Amount of Influence: Small (Negative)

In the Japanese version of the Lost Levels, the backgrounds looked much 
different than those of the Original SMB, in particular more odd (purple bushes 
and such). In SMB DX, the backgrounds have been altered to resemble those of the 
Original SMB. This loses some of the flavor of the levels and their uniqueness. 
However, it's just the background, so it won't make any difference to gameplay, 
only graphics.
Amount of Influence: Medium (Negative)


                 _____                            _____
 ------------------|  /PART 3: GUIDE TO THE GAME\   |-------------------
                 __|__                            __|__

   OK, now the basics have been dealt with. Now it's time for the real meat, 
the... TA DAH!!! Guides!!!. Info on all of the aspects of the game to the 
tiniest detail are found in here. If you've got a problem, look in here.


 - - - - - - - - - - - GUIDE TO ORIGINAL 1985 GAME - - - - - - - - - - - 

   The Classic NES Super Mario Bros. in all of its glory on your Game Boy 
Color... this is that game that changed video games forever. A game this great 
is bound to have a few difficulties packed in. There are also a few secrets you 
may have missed. Itching to find out? Take a look at the guide to the classic 
Original 1985 mode. 
   In this guide, it is assumed that in many cases you can get through parts of 
the level easily. This guide will mainly focus on secrets and finding bonus 
areas. However, there is some help for the more difficult spots.

                      - - - - - WORLD 1 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 1         Exits to: Level 1-2
Bonus Area: The third pipe you come across will lead you to the bonus level. It 
includes a fair amount of coins, but you will probably get more if you continue 
through the level above ground. The exit will warp you the 2nd to last pipe 
close to the end of the level.

Hidden 1-UP: There's a hidden 1-UP after the third pipe (the one that leads to 
the bonus stage). On the very left side of the green hill, jump to hit the 
block. If you're careful, you can get this and warp through the bonus area.

Ten-Coin Block: On the other side of the second pit (about halfway through the 
level), where you see two Goombas charging on the ground, the single brick block 
holds multiple coins.

Starman: You'll find a star inside the second brick block of the two separated 
blocks (after the ten coin block). Use this to dash through the enemies.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underground        Difficulty: 1   
         Exits to: Level 1-3, 2-1, 3-1, or 4-1   

Ten Coin Block: In the middle of the pillars you'll see a brick block with a 
Goomba patrolling in a narrow space. Stomp the Goomba and collect the handy 
coins found in this block.

Get the Coins: The strange brick formation may present a problem for getting the 
coins on top. Simply break the three blocks the farthest to the left to be able 
to jump up and collect the coins.

Starman: A handy Star appears in the top block on the right side of this strange 
block formation. Break the blocks beneath it as if you were on the other side, 
and claim the invincibility.

Power-Up: If you're Regular Mario, you can't get this. Super Mario can get a 
nice Fire Flower, though. In the little backwards "J" of blocks where the 
Goombas attack, break as many blocks as you can on the left side and hit the top 
block (containing a Fire Flower) on the right side. Use the middle section as a 
step to get it.

Ten-Coin Clock: In the large rectangular block formation right after the Power-
Up, the second block from the bottom on the right holds ten coins.

1-UP Mushroom: After getting the ten coins, jump across the pit on top of the 
blocks. While standing on the last block (on the right side), jump and hit the 
block above you. A 1-UP will appear. Break the block to the right of the 1-UP 
for it to fall down to you.

Bonus Area: The first pipe you encounter in the level transports you to a bonus 
stage filled with lots of coins. Don't forget that you can find a ten coin block 
right before you leave. Stand next to the pipe (don't exit!) and hit the block 
above. It holds multiple coins.

Power Up: In the middle of the large pit (with platforms on either side of it), 
the last brick block on the right holds a Power Up.

Shortcut: You can run through this level quickly by running above everything. 
Get up there by breaking one of the blocks on the top and jumping up. Good 
places to do this are above the second ten-coin block and where you find the 1-

Warp Zone: Instead of taking the pipe to the flagpole, you can warp ahead 
several levels. Ride the last set of platforms up to the top so you can run 
above the ceiling. Run over the pipe and to the Warp Zone. There you get the 
choice of warping to levels 2-1, 3-1, or 4-1.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops        Difficulty: 2        Exits to: Level 1-4 

Goomba Drop: In several places in this level Goomba drop from the Treetops 
above. If you're quick, you can make it up the tree and stomp the Goombas so you 
don't have to waste precious time waiting for them to drop down. If you're 
trying to conserve lives, it's safest to stay where you are and let them fall. 

Tricky Jumps: This level doesn't really have many secrets, it's really just all 
tricky jumps. If you can master them, then you can finish the level.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle        Difficulty: 2        Exits to: Level 2-1

Low Ceiling: If you jump on top of the ? block to collect the first Power-Up, 
don't try clearing the lava pit ahead of you. If you look up, you'll notice that 
the ceiling is only a couple feet away from your head, and you should go down to 
the floor again to try to jump over it.

Fire Chains: In the tunnels, you'll have to wait for the fire chains to get out 
of your way or you'll be fried. After the tunnel is over, the first chain 
shouldn't be a problem. The second set of chains you'll have to jump through 
when they're both pointed at the ground/ceiling. 

Hidden Coins: There's a wide open area near the end of the level. There are five 
hidden coins here, so if you're only a few away from a 1-UP, here's your chance. 
Three line the bottom, so jump until you find them. Above and between them are 
two more blocks.

Bowser: Bowser looks ferocious, but with the proper timing, you can get by him. 
If you have fireballs, use them right away to take Bowser out. If you don't, 
it's easiest to wait for him to jump and run under him. If you're confident 
he'll being staying on the ground, use the platform above him to get to the axe. 
If you dawdle too long, he'll shoot flames at you.

                      - - - - - WORLD 2 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 2         Exits to: Level 2-2

Hidden Power-Up: The game is already starting to hide the important items away 
from ? blocks. In the grouping of three brick blocks you see at the very start, 
the first one holds a Power-Up.

Hidden 1-UP: Most would steer clear of the two Koopa Troopa in the pit and walk 
right over them on the blocks above. Little do they know that there's a 1-UP 
right under their feet. If you go into the pit, in the center there's a hidden 
coin block. Use this as a step to hit the far left brick block above, which 
holds a 1-UP mushroom.

Starman: A star is hidden in the brick block before the large pipe (after the 
two rows of ? blocks). Use the normal brick block to get closer to it.  

Cloud Bonus Stage: The cloud bonus stage is full of coins and will skip many 
difficult parts of the level. In the middle of the brick block/coin formation 
where the three goombas walk by, one of the center brick blocks has a vine 
inside. Hit it to make it grow into the clouds. Up there, jump onto the cloud 
platform for a ride across a coin-filled sky world.

Power-Up: Where there are three pipes with four brick blocks above, the brick 
block on the far left holds a Power-Up. Stand on the central pipe to smash it 

Ten-Coin Block: Right after you fall down from the clouds, the block you see 
will hold ten coins. If you didn't take the cloud bonus way, it's easily 
distinguishable by being the only block in sight. watch out for the Koopa 
Paratroopa that attacks you while getting your coins. Perhaps you should take it 
out beforehand.

Power-Up: After the ten-coin block, you'll notice another solitary block. Don't 
break it, because this one is used as a stepping stone to reach the far left 
block in the formation above. It holds a handy Power-Up. It's much easier to hit 
this block with Regular Mario, but it's possible with Super or Fiery Mario, too.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underwater    Difficulty: 4        Exits to: Level 2-3

Let Bloobers Pass: The Bloobers will come in their crazy motion toward you, so 
if you let them pass above you, they'll go bye and won't cause you any trouble! 
Do be careful about them coming back your way though, as they aren't gone for 

Suction Pits: The pits underwater aren't just any normal pit; these ones will 
suck you in! Be careful when collecting the coins and remember that you'll drop 
faster when situated above them.

Watch Out Below!: When dropping a long distance (i.e.- when you're getting the 
coins in the suction pit shaped like this: [_]), you won't always be able to see 
what's below you. There could be a deadly Cheep-Cheep swimming by and you'd 
never know! If you've got the time, rest on the blocks above and look down into 
the pit. This may save your life (or at least Mario's)!

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Bridge      Difficulty: 3         Exits to: Level 2-4

Look Up: The Cheep-Cheep that leap into the air often will catch you by 
surprise, falling from above and landing right on your head. This can be quite 
frustrating, but an easy way to get by this is to keep the view looking up. 
You'll have to press Up after every jump of yours, but being able to see where 
the Cheep-Cheep are coming will help you out a lot.

Keep Running: You can beat this level very quickly if you keep running. You must 
be on the lookout for pits, and you can't stop at all or you'll risk getting hit 
by a Cheep-Cheep. Dashing through the entire level, while not the best strategy, 
is an easier way to complete the level.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 3         Exits to: Level 3-1

No Ceiling: In the first castle, if you jumped up off the Power-Up block you 
would hit your head on the ceiling and bounce down into the lava. Fortunately, 
in this level there is no ceiling, so shave a few seconds off you time by 
jumping directly off the Power-Up block over the pit.

Take the Bottom Route: When the path diverges, you can either take the upper or 
lower routes. If you want less difficulty, take the bottom passage. Taking this 
way, you'll only have to worry about Fire Chains above, while if you take the 
upper route, you'll have twice as many to worry about (ones will be above and 
below you).

Elevators: The elevators aren't too tricky if you time your jumps right. Watch 
out for Bowser's flame breath, and don't jump if it'll risk hitting it.

Slide For the Coin: The coin underneath the block can be easily collected if 
you're Regular Mario, but a Super or Fiery Mario will have to slide underneath 
it to get the gold.

                      - - - - - WORLD 3 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 4         Exits to: Level 3-2

Watch Out for Koopa Paratroopa!: Two Koopa Paratroopa will charge you at the 
start of the level, and if you want to play it safe, jump on top of the ? Blocks 
to avoid them. 

Bonus Area: The second pipe in the level let's you warp down underground to an 
interesting bonus stage. In this stage, Break as many blocks as you can on the 
far left. Jump up, then jump up the stairs and hit the block to reveal a Power-
Up. Run along the top to collect coins, then do the same for the other side.

Hidden 1-UP: After warping out of the bonus stage, you'll notice a bridge. Right 
after the cloud on the right is a hidden 1-UP. Take out the Goombas before you 
get it.

Starman: Immediately after the bridge you'll see a row of blocks high in the 
air. Use the blocks you're standing on as elevation to hit the far left block, 
which will reveal a star.

Hammer Bros.: The Hammer Brothers are a big pain. Try to stay away from them 
until they are both either on the second or third levels. Then run underneath 
them and smash the blocks. Wait for the one on top to jump down to the middle 
level, then smash it. If they manage to get down to your level, stay under the 
arc of the hammers, and you may need to duck sometimes if you're Super Mario. 
The absolute easiest way to dispatch these Hammer Bros. is to use the previously 
mentioned star to take them out quickly and without any hassle.

Cloud Bonus Area: After the Hammer Bros. double rows of blocks, you'll notice 
two more higher in the air. Jump over them (using the spring or a running jump 
on the upper level) and land near the stairs. Take out the Goombas, then stand 
on the first step. Run as much as you can then leap to the space in between the 
two rows. The farthest right block conceals a vine, which will take you up to 
coin heaven, which is strangely filled with coins. At the end, run across the 
clouds (you won't fall through the holes), but keep the cloud platform in sight 
for the end.

Ten-Coin Block: After dropping down from the cloud bonus stage, the second block 
of the row of brick blocks holds many coins for your pounding pleasure.

1-Up Trick: Thanks to various contributors for this one. On the final set of 
stairs before the flagpole, two Koopa Troopas will come marching down. Defeat 
the first one (let it hit you if you're Super Mario, you want to be small for 
this), and stomp the second one when it's on the edge of one of the steps. As 
Regular Mario, walk right underneath the shell, then jump straight up. If done 
correctly, Mario will catch the shell when it rebounds off the steps, and you'll 
gain up to 127 1-Ups.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land        Difficulty: 3         Exits to: Level 3-3

Koopa Shell 1-Up: The Koopa Troopa you run into at the very beginning of the 
level is more than an enemy. If you use his shell correctly, you can get a 1-UP 
out of it! If you kick the shell and follow it (don't let it go too far out of 
the screen!), it will destroy all the enemies ahead of you, accumulating points 
until you get enough in  a row for a 1-UP! It's easiest to follow it if you land 
on the ground before kicking the shell.

*Note*- If you want to get a very high total score for the Records list, simply 
get hit by the rebounded shell from the Koopa Shell 1-Up trick above. You'll get 
all the points from the defeated enemies, and you won't lose a life because you 
got the 1-Up!

Ten-Coin Block: The Ten-Coin block is in a small space diligently guarded by a 
Green Koopa Troopa. If you stomp it, you'll run a large risk of hitting the 
shell accidentally and have it bounce around the tight area. If you have 
Fireballs, you can easily take it out. If you don't, the star in the block above 
can give you invincibility to take it out, leaving the ten-coin block easy to 

Another Koopa Shell 1-UP: There's another chance to get a 1-UP from kicking a 
Koopa shell, but you'll have to be quick to get it. Let your starman run out 
before you jump over the pit with the column of blocks on the central island. 
Once you get on the island, you'll see a Green Koopa Troopa running towards the 
pit! Stop it from committing suicide and instead kick its shell to get another 
1-UP. Be sure to follow it closely.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetop     Difficulty: 4         Exits to: Level 3-4

Coins Below: Below the first platforms are coins. Don't pass them if you're only 
a few coins away from an extra life.

Weight Platform: At the end of the level, Ride the left side of the weight 
platform so the right side goes up. Then you can use it to reach a higher part 
of the flagpole.

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 4          Exits to: Level 4-1

Fire Chains: The first Fire Chains you encounter will swing around top first, so 
it's safest to wait until they pass (unless you need to get some major timer 
points- then run like crazy!).

Fire Chains, Part 2: The next grouping of Fire Chain you'll into are situated 
with one on the ceiling and one on the ground. To avoid the ceiling ones, wait 
for the ground chains to pass, then jump ON the Fire Chain block. Make small 
jumps to get over them without burning your head on the Fire Chains above.

Beware of Podoboo: At the end of the level, the mischievous fireballs named 
Podoboo jump out of every pit. Don't let them catch you off guard. Just when you 
think it's safe to jump, one will come jumping out. Be on the lookout for 
Bowser's flame breath, too.

                      - - - - - WORLD 4 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 5         Exits to: Level 4-2

Lakitu's Barrage: Lakitu will follow you throughout the whole level (with the 
exception of the very beginning and very end). He attacks by throwing spiky 
Spiny eggs, which will hatch into Spiny when they touch the ground. If you get 
enough elevation, you can take out Lakitu and prevent his attacks for a short 

Dashing Is Key: There's not many items to collect in this level, so some good 
advice is to run right through it. Stop to get some coins if you'd like, but 
always be on your toes to avoid Spiny. 

Power-Up: In the structure of brick/? blocks above the small pit, the right ? 
Block in the left section holds a handy Power-Up. Only risk jumping over the 
low-clearance pit if you're Regular Mario!

Ten-Coin Block: At the very end of the level, you'll notice that between the 
stairs and the flagpole is a block. Inside is ten-coins. Thanks to the handy 
backwards scrolling, you can jump back up onto the top of the stairs and still 
reach the top of the flagpole easily.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underground          Difficulty: 6          
         Exits to: Levels 4-3, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, or 8-1

Precision Jumps: At the beginning of the level, you must cross the pit, and 
there are only some very small islands that you can land on. Get a running 
start, then quickly leap across. Don't stop on any of the islands, or you'll 
either fall into the pit (from your momentum) or fall into the pit with a small 
jump (from not having enough momentum after you stopped).

Power-Up: You don't have to go through the small passage to get this, but where 
the small passage leads is where a Power-Up is. Check inside the rightmost brick 

Ten-Coin Block: Five blocks away from the opening of the passage is where a ten-
coin block is nestled between many other brick blocks. Break the block 
underneath it to get to it.

Warp Zone: After the pit with the platforms going up, there's a vine leading to 
an extra-special warp zone. Immediately after crossing the pit, jump in the 
indicated locations below to reveal some hidden coin blocks:

              [V][B][B]         ~Figure 1: Warp Zone 4-2~
                                   [V]= Vine Block         
              XX                   [B]= Brick Block
           {C}  {C}                {C}= Hidden Coin Block
                  {C}     ____     XX= Hidden Coin Block (don't hit!!!)
                          |  |  
  PIT     ________________|__|__
         |                PIPE

Use the hidden coin blocks to get the Vine out of its hiding place. Once you 
climb it, you'll emerge in a mushroomtop world with coins and no pits, and when 
you get to the end, you'll have the choice of warping to Level 6-1, 7-1, or 8-1. 

Ten-Coin Block: Right after the pipe in Figure 1 (above), there's a Koopa Troopa 
patrolling an area. To the right are some blocks. Hmm... something must be 
there, right? You bet. Inside the block adjacent to the big pipe are multiple 
coins. Dispatch the Koopa first (Fireballs will work nicely).

Starman: On the opposite side of the big pipe previously mentioned is a Buzzy 
Beetle and two more brick blocks. Inside the right one (the one not adjacent to 
the pipe) is a star. Keep in mind, the next space in between pipes that has a 
Buzzy Beetle patrolling does have a suspicious-looking brick block above it, but 
there's nothing inside of it.

1-Up Trick: Thanks to various contributors for this one. Be sure to be Regular 
Mario when you get here. In the middle of the level, there's a small set of 
stairs with a Buzzy Beetle walking down. Quickly stomp the Buzzy Beetle when 
it's on the edge of one of the steps. As Regular Mario, walk right underneath 
the shell, then jump straight up. If done correctly, Mario will catch the shell 
when it rebounds off the steps, and you'll gain up to 127 1-Ups.

Power-Up: In between the two platform pits are two rows of blocks. The middle 
brick block in the upper row has a Power-Up concealed inside it.

Final Leap: At the end of the level, don't try jumping the pit from the top of 
the big pipe while Super or Fiery Mario. Regular Mario can make it just fine, 
but his larger counterparts will fall into the pit below. Instead, drop down to 
the little ledge on the right side of the pipe. From there you can safely jump 
up to the exit pipe. 

Warp Zone: Two warp zones in one level? Why not! Like in Level 1-2, you can ride 
the platforms to the top of the level and run past the exit pipe. Over there 
you'll find a warp pipe (only one) that will lead you to Level 5-1. 

                             *     *     * 

LEVEL 3- Type: Mushroomtops    Difficulty: 5      Exits to: Level 4-4

Wait for the Koopas: The second mushroomtop will be deadly if you jump on it 
immediately. Two Red Koopa Troopa are patrolling there, so it's better to let 
them turn around before attacking. You can make it up before they get to you if 
you're fast, but it's difficult. The next mushroom can be reached if you get a 
running start and jump from the upper mushroom to the upper mushroom son the 
other side, but if you want to jump from the lower mushroom to the lower 
mushroom, be careful. Go to the edge and wait for the Red Koopa Troopa to turn 
around. Then you can safely make your jump. If you jump immediately, you will 
almost certainly lose a life (or get Power-Downed).

Platform Perils: At the end of the level, wait for the platform to reach its 
highest point before jumping to the flagpole. Not hard to understand or to do.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 4         Exits to: Level 5-1

Through the Maze: Bowser's Castle this time is set up with less enemies and more 
illusions. Only certain paths will lead you to Bowser. There are also no power-
Ups in this level, so come prepared beforehand. To get by the maze, take the 
upper passage, then after crossing the lava pit, climb up to the upper passage, 
then drop down into the lowest passage. This should take you to the evil King. 

Bowser's Guards: Bowser's bridge is guarded very well this time. Not only will 
Bowser jump and spit flames, but an annoying Podoboo and Fire Chain will try to 
take you out. Running past them all is the best way to get to the axe. Be 
careful if you're shooting Fireballs.

                      - - - - - WORLD 5 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 4         Exits to: Level 5-2

Starman: The first and only set of three brick blocks you come across holds a 
handy invincibility0inducing star inside.

Hidden 1-UP: When you pass the first Bullet Bill cannon and come to the 2 brick 
blocks, drop down beneath them. The space in between the normal blocks and the 
brick blocks holds a hidden block with a 1-Up inside.

Bonus Area: Use the top of the second Bullet Bill cannon as a step to reach the 
pipe growing out of the blocks. Strange... where could it possibly go if it's 
not connected to the ground? Oh well... it's a magic warp pipe, so it can do 
what ever it wants. It'll transport you to an interesting bonus stage. Don't 
worry about passing a lot of the level, because you'll appear right next to the 
warp pipe when you come back up.

Ten-Coin Block: In the bonus area, the single block next to the pipe holds 
multiple coins.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land        Difficulty: 6         Exits to: Level 5-3

Power-Up: When you bounce over the pit on the spring, you'll come across two 
rows of blocks. On the top row on the very right is a Power-Up. 

Bonus Area: This warp zone will take you not to a bonus stage, but to an 
underwater world. While you can skip a good amount of the level doing this, it 
is difficult to pass with platforms trying to push you into pits and Bloobers 
swimming around. There are 20 coins down here however.

Cloud Bonus Area: After the pipe to the bonus area and immediately after the row 
of ? Blocks, you'll notice three brick blocks high above you with two coins on 
them. Under them is a hidden coin block, and in the block without a coin above 
it is a Vine. This will take you to the Cloud Bonus Stage.

Starman: Once you defeat the Hammer Bros., jump up to the top row and hit the 
block on the far right. Inside is a star.

Power-Up & Ten Coins: After the Hammer Bros., you'll see two block very low to 
the ground. If you're Regular Mario, you can fit underneath them. The left block 
holds many coins while the right has a Power-Up. Get the left one first or you 
won't be able to fit back under after you get the Power-Up.

Power-Up: In the solitary block near the pipe lies another Power-Up

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops    Difficulty: 5         Exits to: Level 5-4

Bullet Bill Barrage: Bullet Bill will come flying at you from the front. The 
will attack through most of the level, but you will never reach any cannons. Are 
these Bullet Bill in their natural habitats? Who knows, but they will attack you 
at the level you are on. Avoid them by going to a different height after you 
hear the "boom" noise.

Power-Up: Similar to Level 1-3, the ? Block after the first platform has a 
Power-Up inside.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 5         Exits to: Level 6-1

Long Fire Chain: Beware of the double Fire chain that rests on the second 
platform above the lava pit. It has the reach to hit those on the first 
platform, so wait for it to pass before jumping.

Power-Up: If you want to get the Power-Up above the long Fire Chain, move 
quickly and jump onto the second platform as soon as possible. Smash the block 
then jump on it to grab its contents (a Power-Up) quickly. Jump as fast as you 
can to the other side of the lava pit.

Top Path: The top route is much safer this time around. There are no fire chains 
up on the top, so you'll only need to worry about the ones beneath your feet.

Go Below: With the long row of brick blocks above the bridge, it's easier and 
safer to run beneath Bowser rather than jumping over him.

                      - - - - - WORLD 6 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 7         Exits to: Level 6-2

Lakitu Madness: Lakitu will pester you throughout the entire level, but you 
shouldn't have to worry about him too much. There are several high places that 
you can get to and stomp Lakitu off his cloud.

Power-Up: In the first pair of brick blocks you come upon, smash the right one 
to find a Power-Up.

Ten-Coin Block: In the three brick blocks following the two mentioned above, the 
last one has many coins inside. 

Hidden 1-Up: After the broken staircase (the one with the hole and has brick 
blocks behind it), fall down to the ground underneath the brick blocks. Stand 
adjacent to the stairs and jump to reveal a Hidden 1-Up mushroom.

Ten-Coin Block: Behind the staircase found after the second Power-Up, jump down 
on top of the third row of brick blocks. If you're regular Mario, go into the 
tiny space and jump to get ten+ coins. However, watch out for the Spinys that 
Lakitu will drop.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land (Pipe)   Difficulty: 7       Exits to: Level 6-3

Ten-Coin Block: In between the first set of pipes, jump around in the center to 
find a hidden coin block. Use this as a step to hit the center brick block 
above, which holds multiple coins.

Bonus Area: The first pipe in the entire level leads to a warp zone. The block 
adjacent to the pipe is a ten-coin block. After getting the coins, use it to 
jump up onto the ceiling, then drop into the nest of coins.

Power-Up: In the next set of brick blocks you find, hit the right one to find a 

Underwater Bonus Area: Warp down the pipe after the previously mentioned Power-
Up to arrive in an underwater bonus stage. Here, there are platforms that will 
try to push you into the murky depths and Bloober that will try to hurt you. 
Avoid them at all costs, and remember that your life is always more important 
than a few coins. You will emerge near the first pit.

Cloud Bonus Area: Continue on past the underwater bonus area and underneath the 
second long row of brick blocks up in the air. Fall in between the pipes that 
rest beneath it, stand next to the left one, and jump. A hidden coin block will 
appear. Use it to jump up and hit the last block in the row, which conceals a 
vine. Jump up to it and it'll transport you to the cloud bonus stage.

Starman: Above the second pit, in the first set of blocks (the higher ones) 
rests a Star. Smash open the second one to find it.

Bonus Area: There is yet another warp zone in this level. The pipe concisely 
sits between the two mini-staircases. When you warp into it, you'll need to 
slide under the blocks if you're anything larger than Regular Mario. Only a 
Regular Mario can get the Power-Up located in the brick block that's barely 
above the pipe. 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops    Difficulty: 6         Exits to: Level 6-4

Red Spring Jumps: You'll need to time your Red Spring Jumps so you can land on 
the platforms when they go closest to you. Later in the level, beware of the 
Bullet Bills, as they may be out of your view when you jump.

Power-Up: Immediately after you hit the first ? Block (containing a Power-Up), 
jump quickly up on top of it so you don't miss it when the platform moves away.

Weight Lifting: On all the weight platforms in the level, get a running jump to 
get to the first side, then lift the other side up to get enough height for your 
next jump.

Bullet Bill Attack: About halfway through this level, Bullet Bills will begin to 
shoot themselves from offscreen. Avoid them, and be sure to look in the 
direction you'll be jumping to make sure there isn't a Bullet Bill there. If you 
can't see, just be sure not to jump after you hear the "Boom".

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 6         Exits to: Level 7-1

Hidden Coin Blocks: After the long chambers filled with Fire Chains, you'll be 
in a wide open area. Six hidden coins rest here, three on the bottom and three 
on the top. Use your jumping and finding skills to get them all while avoiding 
Bowser's flame breath.

Hammer Bowser: This time around, the Hammer Bros. have taught Bowser how to 
throw Hammers. In addition to his other deadly attacks, he'll also be throwing 
hammers the whole time. When he jumps, he conveniently stops throwing the 
hammers, which is the moment you should dash under him.

                      - - - - - WORLD 7 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 8         Exits to: Level 7-2

Bullet Bill Mayhem: This level is covered with Bullet Bill cannons, so always be 
on guard for the "boom" noise they make when they come out. Also remember that 
Bullet Bill are very persistent and may travel long distances to catch up to 

Power-Up: Above the second cannon are three brick blocks. Break the first one to 
unveil a Power-Up.

Ten-Coin Block: When you reach the cannon that's above the ground and has brick 
blocks to either side, jump to the ground and hit the one directly to the right 
of the cannon. This is a ten-coin block, but getting all the coins will be very 
hard (with the many Bullet Bill cannons around you).

Hidden 1-Up: After the first pair of Hammer Bros., jump onto the following pipe. 
Stand on the left side and jump to reveal a hidden block containing a 1-Up 

Bonus Area: After the first Hammer Bros. (and under the hidden 1-Up), there's a 
warp pipe that leads to a bonus stage filled with coins.

Power-Up: When you come to the Red Spring, watch out for Bullet Bills. When the 
coast is clear, bounce up. You should hit a sole brick block above. Inside is a 
Power-Up. If it's a mushroom, grab it quick before it falls into the hole below.

1-Up Trick: Thanks to various contributors for this one. On the final set of 
stairs before the flagpole, two Buzzy Beetles will come marching down. Defeat 
the first one (let it hit you if you're Super Mario, you want to be small for 
this), and stomp the second one when it's on the edge of one of the steps. As 
Regular Mario, walk right underneath the shell, then jump straight up. If done 
correctly, Mario will catch the shell when it rebounds off the steps, and you'll 
gain up to 127 1-Ups.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underwater    Difficulty: 7       Exits to: Level 7-3

Seen This Before?: This level is designed the exact same way as the first 
underwater level, Level 2-2. However, there are more evil Cheep-Cheeps flooding 
the area, so you should still be careful while in familiar territory.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Bridge        Difficulty: 6       Exits to: Level 7-4

Flying Cheep-Cheeps: Like Level 2-3, you should always keep your view pointed 
upward to watch out for any dropping Cheep-Cheeps. Any dangerous ones coming 
from below will appear too quickly no matter where your view is.

Power-Up: The level's one and only ? Block contains a handy Power-Up.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle        Difficulty: 7       Exits to: Level 8-1

Falling Platforms: The platforms at the beginning drop quickly, and if you were 
too hasty and didn't watch out for the podoboo, you may plunge into the lava. If 
you want to extend the amount of time they stay in the air, jump repeatedly.

Path Through the Maze: After the falling platforms, stay on the bottom (go under 
the stairs). When you come to the two rows of blocks, jump up into the middle 
passage. When you come to the end of these rows, jump up to the top. Now it's 
time for the second part. Jump down to the raised piece of ground, then jump 
back up to the top (over the fire chain). When you get to the end, fall to the 
bottom. Go under the first row of blocks, then jump through the first opening to 
the middle row. When that row ends, jump through the next opening to the top. 
Stay on top for the rest of the level. 

Bowser: This Bowser throws a nasty bunch of hammers at you, so watch out. Run 
under the falling hammers, then wait for him to jump before you race to the axe. 
Fireballs would work nicely as well.

                      - - - - - WORLD 8 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 9         Exits to: Level 8-2

Time: This level's timer is set at a mere 300 seconds, and the level itself is 
quite long. That means you'll be running short on time when you near the end. 
Don't worry about time too much, but don't waste time.

Buzzy Beetle: The Buzzy Beetle at the levels beginning looks like it'll be the 
start of a shell-kicking 1-Up chain, but a nearby pipe will cut it short. Don't 
be caught off guard by the rebound.

Hidden 1-Up: Nestled between the second and third pipes you come across is a 1-
Up. Stand about two squares to the left of the third pipe and jump to find it.

Bonus Area: The fifth pipe you see comes warps you to a bonus area. This is your 
standard two-level bonus area, with the ten-coin block next to the pipe.

Ten-Coin Block: In the contained area with the Green Koopa Paratroopa, jump 
around the middle to find a hidden coin block. Stand on it and hit the block 
above, which is a ten-coin block.

Starman: Look for the star inside the long row of brick blocks. It's in the 
third one from the left. 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land        Difficulty: 10        Exits to: Level 8-3

Stairway: The stairway at the start of the level is a real problem. There's two 
Green Koopa Paratroopas jumping down it and a Lakitu throwing Spiny eggs. Stomp 
the first Paratroopa and simply avoid the next one. Also, watch out for the 
Spiny eggs. Timing is everything. The top of the stairway is an excellent place 
to take out Lakitu.

1-Up: Use the Red Spring to hit the block directly above it. Inside is a 1-Up. 
Unfortunately, you can't collect it until it goes all the way to the end of the 
long row of brick blocks. Follow it from below.

Power-Up: After you retrieve the 1-Up, you'll come across a pair of brick blocks 
between the second and third Bullet Bill cannons. The right block holds a Power-

Ten-Coin Block: Although it's practically suicide, you can attempt to get the 
many coins inside this block in the right brick block next to the suspended 
Bullet Bill cannon.

Bonus Area: Warp down the third pipe to get to this bonus area. You've probably 
seen this setup before, but in case you haven't the block next to the pipe is 
filled with coins.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Land        Difficulty: 8         Exits to: Level 8-4

Hammer Bros.: Wait the Hammer Bros. out by standing on the pipes before them 
until they are in the desired location. Patience...

Power-Up: After you beat the first set of Hammer Bros., jump onto the bottom row 
of blocks. Hidden in the second block from the left on the top row is a Power-

Power-Up: After the second set of Hammer Bros. are gone, break the third block 
from the right in the top row to get another Power-Up.

More Hammer Bros.: The Hammer Bros. on the ground are much more dangerous than 
those on the rows of blocks. If you're Fiery Mario, you have it easy. If you 
aren't, waiting for them to jump and staying under the hammers' arc will be 

Ten-Coin Block: This block is almost hidden in the back wall. There's only a 
little white line that'll distinguish it from the wall. When you see it, hit the 
near-invisible block to get multiple coins.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 10        Exits to: The Princess

Through the Maze: Take this path through the maze. Enter the third pipe, then 
proceed until you see a pipe in the air. There's a hidden coin block two squares 
away from it. Use it to reach the pipe, then warp in it. In this room, enter the 
pipe after the lava pit. Swim through this area (stay on the ground at all 
times!), then when you reappear, continue to the end. 

Flying Cheep-Cheeps: The flying Cheep-Cheeps in this level aren't very numerous, 
so you shouldn't worry too much about them.

Hammer Bros.: A Hammer Brother is the final guard to Bowser. Stay under the arc 
of his hammers, then when he jumps, run and jump over the lava pit (but watch 
out for the Podoboo!)

Fiery Mario: If you're Fiery Mario when you enter the castle, the level will be 
a lot easier.

Bowser: This Bowser isn't much harder than others with hammers. Just wait for 
him to jump.


  - - - - - - - - - - GUIDE TO THE CHALLENGE MODE - - - - - - - - - -

   The Challenge mode is the best part of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. In each of 
the Original game's levels, you must complete difficult tasks to be awarded with 
medals. Me? I have every medal in every level. It's quite a feat and will take 
some time to accomplish. It will also take some help. Look here to find tips for 
finding red coins, boosting your score, and locations of the elusive Yoshi Eggs. 
   If I talk about an item you can't find, look in the Guide to the Original 
1985 Game earlier in this section for details.
   Just for fun, I've included my top scores for each of the levels. Some are 
good, some are OK. See if you can beat them, and tell me your score if you have! 
A * before a Reader's Top Score indicates that it's higher than my own.

                       - - - - - WORLD 1 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal: 
The Red Coins in this level are fairly simple to find and collect. If there's 
one you're missing, their locations are:
1- It's on top of the first block formation, right next to the Power-Up 
   block. This one shouldn't be hard to miss.
2- The ten-coin block after the large pit must be hit quickly, releasing all the 
coins, in order for the Red Coin inside to appear.
3- The formation of four blocks (with the Power-Up at the top) holds the third 
Red Coin in the last of the lower blocks. 
4- Immediately after collecting the third Red Coin, you'll notice a single block 
in the air. Use it as a step to jump on the blocks high above in the air, where 
the fourth Red Coin lies.
5- The last red coin is near the end in the ? Block (where the two goombas 
   are). It's after the pit.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 32000       Croco64's Score- 45850 
                       Reader's Score- 44700 (Coffee)     
There are several ways to boost your score in each level. In each level you must 
run through as quickly as possible to get a good score on the timer. This means 
you must know where everything is that you need to get. You should look at the 
"Ways to Get Points" (Part 2 Section G) to learn the basics in boosting your 
score. In this level, don't miss the hidden 1-UP for an extra 2,000 points. You 
can get the star, but first kick the Koopa Troopa. Its sailing shell will knock 
out the Goombas to get a lot of points. A good way to get the points from the 
star and the enemies is to stop the Koopa Troopa, hit the Star block, and kick 
the shell only moments before the start touches you. Follow the shell, and don't 
jump when it rebounds... let it hit you for extra points. Skip the bonus stage, 
the extra coins and Time points aren't worth the many things missed if you take 
the warp.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg for this level is inside an invisible block, like in every other 
level. This block is located underneath the steps after where the star is found. 
There are two pairs of steps in this level; one is a "practice" jump, the other 
goes over a pit. Fall down in between the "practice" steps and find the Yoshi 
Egg on the left side (of course, jump to find it).
                                ~LEVEL 2~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins in this level are fairly simple to find as well, but if you don't 
know your way around you might miss some.
1- The ? Blocks at the very beginning of the level have Power-Ups, Coins, and 
the one on the very right holds a Red Coin.
2- The strange, snake-like formation of blocks where you first meet up with 
Koopa Troopas is where you'll find the second coin. Break all the blocks on the 
far left side to climb up to it.
3- The third coin is hidden atop the rectangular block that the Goombas drop 
from. Destroy the blocks to the left of it as if you were getting the Power-Up, 
and they'll make great steps that allow you to jump up on top of it. 
4- Inside the bonus area, hit the ten-coin block (it's right next to the pipe) 
quickly and accurately to make this coin appear.
5- When you come across platforms that go down, look up. You'll see the last Red 
Coin above you. It's too high up to jump, but if you can get on a platform 
before it goes down too far you can grab the coin.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 38000      Croco64's Score- 43600
                       Reader's Score- *43650 (Phil)
You'll need to collect a whole lot of points if you want to get a good score in 
this level. Whenever you see enemies grouped together, remember that you will 
get more points for not touching the ground or by stomping them both at the same 
time. The ten-coin blocks in between the pillars and inside the rectangular 
block formation will both give you a lot of extra points. The 1-UP above the 
larger rectangular block is a must. Don't forget to take the trip to the bonus 
stage, because of the coins and ten coin block (you can get some extra points if 
you jump and break the blocks as you collect the coins). You'll be Fiery Mario 
through a lot of this level, but don't be tempted to use fireballs, as you can 
get more points if you stomp strategically. Destroy the Piranha Plants when they 
come up. If you go to the warp area, you'll find that it's replaced with a 
treasure trove of goodies. However, the time you take to gather these up isn't 
worth it in the long run. Skip the warp area and go straight up the first pipe 
(AFTER getting the Yoshi Egg there).

Yoshi Egg: 
As I mentioned in the High Score Medal, the Yoshi Egg is at the very end of the 
level. In fact, it's right above the warp pipe that leads you back above ground! 
Act as if you were going to smash the brick block adjacent to the pipe and 
you'll hit the Hidden block with the Yoshi Egg.

                               ~LEVEL 3~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins here aren't very difficult to find for those who look.
1- The first tree also has another tree growing on it. Jump on that, dispatch 
the Koopa Troopa, and collect the Red coin that it's guarding.
2- The platform that takes you between the first Power-Up and the treetop coins 
will also take you to the second Red Coin if you ride it to the very bottom.
3- The two platforms near the middle of the level have a Red Coin dangling 
between them. Grab it as you make your leap across.
4- You'll see a Red Koopa Paratroopa flying up and down close to the end of the 
level. Underneath it is a tiny tree with another Red Coin.
5- The Structure that let's you jump to the flagpole has the final Red Coin 
right before it. Drop off the platform to get it before completing the level.

High Score Medal:       Target Score- 24000      Croco64's Score- 29600
                        Reader's Score- 25600 (Coffee)
You'll need to have very good speed to get through this level with a good score. 
Don't ever wait for the Goombas/Koopa Troopas to drop or reach the end of the 
upper platform they're on. With speed and precision, you can make it up to their 
level and defeat them quickly. Kick all the shells, and stomp the Red Koopa 
Paratroopas. At the first Power-Up, get the mushroom as the platform goes down, 
and as it goes up, jump on it to take a ride up to the coins. Run through the 
entire level, even at the platforms. At the end, a score-boosting Koopa Troopa 
awaits those who slow down a bit. 

Yoshi Egg: After the two platforms that take you across a large pit, you'll 
either jump on or entirely clear the closest tree to them. In you stand on it, 
jump around to find a hidden Yoshi Egg. 
                               ~LEVEL 4~

Red Coin Medal:
These Red Coins are all in plain sight, so there shouldn't be any trouble 
missing them. Getting them, however, is another story.
1- Above the first (and only) Power-Up is the first (and not only) Red Coin.
2- the second fire chain in the tunnel has the second Red Coin right behind it. 
Simply wait for the Fire Chain to pass and grab it.
3- As you come out of the tunnel into the more open area, you'll spot the next 
Red Coin behind the first Fire Chain. Like the previous Red Coin, Wait for the 
Fire Chain to pass, then you can get it without getting scorched.
4- Between the two swinging Fire Chains you'll notice the fourth Red Coin. You 
can get if you simply jump by the chains as you normally would. It is a little 
higher, but you can always land on the Fire Chain block before it comes back 
5- The last Red Coin of the first world is right above Bowser. It's easiest to 
collect this with a running jump, but you can also reach it by jumping off the 
nearby platform.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 13000      Croco64's Score- 16250
                       Reader's Score- 15050 (Coffee)
Getting the High Score in Bowser Castles usually relies on speed and finding 
what little secrets there are. Red Coins are easy to get on your way and will 
boost your score by a healthy 1,000 points if you collect them all. Be sure not 
to miss the five hidden coins near the end. If you're quick, and get all the 
items, you may get enough points to qualify.

Yoshi Egg: 
You know the hidden coin blocks near the end of the level? Well, the upper right 
one holds a Yoshi Egg instead of a coin in the Challenge mode! Easy to find, and 
a nice 2,000 points, too! 

                       - - - - - WORLD 2 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins are beginning to get more elusive. It can only get worse from now 
1- The double row of ? Blocks at the beginning is where this Red Coin can be 
found. Jump above the second row to find it, where it is normally out of view.
2- Look underneath the vine to find it. It's inside the right ? Block of the 
left grouping.
3- Don't take the vine to the cloud bonus stage if you want this coin. A little 
while after the vine, it's easily visible on the narrow ledge after a large 
4- The ten-coin block where you end up after the cloud bonus stage holds ten 
coins and a Red Coin for rapid smashers.
5- The spring at the end of the level can be used to jump to the ledge where you 
can reach the flag, but you can also jump left and get the red coin. There's 
also a hidden coin block above the brick blocks that will get you to it.
High Score Medal:      Target Score- 40000      Croco64's Score- 53150
                       Reader's Score- *60800 (Phil)
Don't miss the big 1-UP bonus at the beginning of the level. The frequent power-
Ups and Stars will also add to your point totals. Definitely take the vine to 
cloud bonus area if you want to get this medal. Not only are there plenty of 
coins worth 200 points apiece, but if you get all the coins, a nice 10,000 
points will be added to your score!!! Take the hidden coin up to reach the exit 
rather than the spring, and kick any Koopa Troopa's shell you see. This includes 
Koopa Paratroopas.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is well hidden in this level. After the first big pit in the 
level, you'll see two tall things (I don't know what else to call them!) in the 
background. Above each of these are hidden coin blocks. Use these to hit the 
right brick block above, which reveals the Yoshi Egg.

                                ~LEVEL 2~

Red Coin Medal:
Because this is a water level, it's quite easy to miss a Red Coin because it's 
out of your view. Be on the lookout for these coins:
1- It's right behind you at the start. Just stay afloat for a second and you'll 
see it. 
2- When you see the second Bloober, you should also see the second Red Coin. 
It's hidden behind a piece of coral above the ground.
3- After the second pit, you might spy this guy behind some coral at the top of 
the screen.                                            
4- At the bottom of the enclosed pit (the one that's surrounded by blocks in all 
places but the opening at the top) you'll find this red treasure.
5- The final piece is in the final part of the level. It's on the top row of 
blocks next to the pipe.  

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 25000      Croco64's Score- 29500
                       Reader's Score- 26600 (Coffee)
Because there ar no Power-Ups in the level, you'll have to forfeit many points 
you could've gotten by defeated Bloobers and Cheep-Cheep with Fireballs. Because 
of this, collect every coin you see and try to go as fast as you can. Inside 
every pit are some coins, so take a little risk and go for them. If you're fast, 
you can get them all without stopping and going back. Fireworks would also help 
to boost your score. Try not to be to cautious about Cheep-Cheep and Bloober 
getting in the way, or you'll spend a lot of time worrying.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
A little more than halfway through the level you'll notice a second large pit, 
the kind that is longer than any of the other pits. Above this, you'll see some 
blocks forming somewhat of an "L" shape. At the very end of the blocks is the 
Hidden Yoshi Egg block. 

                                ~LEVEL 3~ 

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins in this level attempt to blend in with the other coins. They don't 
do a very good job of it, and you should be able to tell them apart quite 
1- The second bridge you run across will have four coins above it. The upper 
right one is Red.
2- After the Power-Up, this coin is waiting for those who can take a small leap 
down to the treetop below.
3- The second bridge after the treetop has the third Red Coin on the very left 
4- The three small platforms close to the end of the level have another Red Coin 
above them.
5- Don't be so eager and jump to the flagpole from the stairway. Drop down, and 
in the area between the two is the fifth Red Coin.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 23000      Croco64's Score- 28200
                       Reader's Score- 26600 (Coffee)
The Cheep-Cheep of this level pose a constant threat, but they can also boost 
your score. If one jumps at your feet, you'll destroy it and get a handy 200 
points for it. However, hitting a Cheep-Cheep is mainly luck. Try to get enough 
speed so that you can get all the coins without having to stop. Finally, skip 
the last Red Coin, or you'll forfeit the 5,000 flag points.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is hidden conveniently on the level's biggest landmark, the 
treetop. The hidden block is situated right above the cloud that touches the 

                                ~LEVEL 4~

Red Coin Medal:
These coins are found in hard to reach places, and will require running starts 
to get most of the time.
1- After you pass the Power-Up, this coin will easily be visible high up on the 
right wall. Get a running start and jump as high as you can.
2- After you take the lower passage, the you'll see the second Red Coin on the 
very end of the upper passage. Just jump up there when the Fire Chain moves to 
grab it.
3- In the elevator area, you might catch a glimpse of the third Red Coin on the 
right wall. Wait for the Fire Chain to move, then drop down from the elevator 
(which you should ride up a ways) to get it. If the Fire chain will be in your 
way for a while, you can always jump up above the ceiling and wait as long a you 
4- This one's above a lava pit after the coin area. A running jump should give 
you plenty of height to reach it.
5- On Bowser's bridge, this final Red Coin is situated after the very last Brick 
Block. Grab it while you jump over Bowser.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 14000      Croco64's Score- 16450
                       Reader's Score- 14650 (Coffee)
Like the other Bowser castles, this will require speed and good jumping. In the 
place where the path splits, take the lower path (like usual) and you can run 
right through without getting burned (you may have to slow down a tad if you're 
Super Mario). The hidden coins are a must, and they lead to the Yoshi Egg, too. 
Hit a couple Brick blocks while crossing Bowser's bridge to add a few points to 
your score.

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
This Egg is located above the coin area (the place with six coins). See the 
block that looks like a smashed ? Block? This is your step to hit some hidden 
coin blocks. If you jump straight up, there'll be a hidden coin block. Above 
that block is another hidden block, but this one has the Yoshi Egg inside.

                       - - - - - WORLD 3 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal: 
The Red coins for the most part are hidden inside of blocks in this level.
1- When you come to the three brick blocks at the start, bash the center one to 
reveal a sparkling Red Coin.
2- In the warp zone, remember where the Flower is? (see the Original 1985 Guide 
for details) Well, in the exact same location on the other side is the second 
Red Coin. Use the same strategy to get it.
3- When you reach the Hammer Bros. The first ? Block holds a Red Coin.
4- The block formation of four ? blocks surrounded by brick blocks is the 
location of the fourth coin. It's in the upper left ? block.
5- This coin is hidden behind the tall, skinny wall near the ending stairs.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 45000      Croco64's Score- 51450
                       Reader's Score- *94600 (Jim)
The cloud bonus stage and the Koopa shell trick will be your main sources of 
points in this level. Be sure to collect every coin to get the extra 10,000 
points. It's much, much easier to do this while Super Mario, and luckily there's 
a Power-Up right before it. Take the warp zone for the coins and Power-Up, 
because you won't miss much on the surface. In the warp zone, don't go out of 
your way to break blocks, but the more you break the better. Do not miss the 1-
Up on the bridge or the ten-coins near the end. On the final set of stairs 
before the flagpole, two Koopa Troopas will come marching down. Defeat the first 
one (let it hit you if you're Super Mario, you want to be small for this), and 
stomp the second one when it's on the edge of one of the steps. As Regular 
Mario, walk right underneath the shell, then jump straight up. If done 
correctly, Mario will catch the shell when it rebounds off the steps, and you'll 
accumulate quite a few points. 

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is hidden in a brick block (amazing!) directly under the vine. To 
get it, stand half on the ledge and half over the pit, then jump up to hit the 
block. Then jump from the last step of the stairs to get it. From there you can 
hit the vine block, too! How convenient!

                                ~LEVEL 2~

Red Coin Medal:
Those elusive red coins... look to the sky to find most of them.
1- After you kick the first Koopa shell and go for the 1-UP, this handy Red Coin 
marks the exact point at which you should jump (if you kept up with the shell). 
It's on the ground and in easy view.
2- Shortly after collecting the first coin, you'll come to the Power-Up block. 
Jump right from the top of it to get this coin.
3- Because of this coin you shouldn't go for points at the same time you 
collecting the coins. In the second pit is a small island and wall. On the right 
is the Red Coin. However, unless you're super quick, the Koopa Troopa on the 
other side will jump into the hole before you get over there if you go for this 
4- You need to know where the Yoshi Egg is to get this one. Find the leftmost 
hidden coin block, then use it to jump over to this Red Coin that seems 
impossible to get.
5- Use the only pipe in the level as a runway for the long jump you'll have to 
take to reach this coin on the right.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 85000      Croco64's Score- 109400
                       Reader's Score- *112800 (Jim)
You'll need to get an incredibly high score to get this medal, and the only way 
to do it is to accumulate points by kicking Koopa shells. Every time you see a 
Koopa that can be kicked, kick it. At the start, kick it. After the Power-Up, 
kick the shell to get rid of the Goombas. To get the ten-coins, grab the star, 
then jump down into the tight area and defeat the Koopa Troopa. Don't continue 
until the star wears off. Then kick the Koopa Paratroopa's shell over. Then 
quickly jump over the pit and get the next Koopa's shell (guess what? Kick it!). 
Forget about the Yoshi Egg and hidden coins, but try to get some of the hidden 
coins while running by. 

Yoshi Egg Medal:      
After the second pit, or right to the right of where you see the fourth Red 
Coin, is where the Yoshi Egg is. Jump around to find three hidden coin blocks. 
Above them are two more. Above those is another hidden block, this one having 
the Yoshi Egg inside.

                                ~LEVEL 3~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins in this level are mostly in low parts of the level, so try to stay 
as low as you can to find them.
1- Beneath the first platform on a small tree, this is where the Red Coin be 
(like my poetry?).
2- When you come to the three small trees with one coin above each, drop down 
below to find a Red Koopa Troopa and a Red Coin.
3- On the first weight platform, stand on the right side and let it fall. Jump 
back up to the treetop after getting the coin.
4- After the Red Koopa Paratroopa, jump down to the tree below to find the 
fourth Red Coin.
5- This is on the right side of the last weight platform (the one right before 
the flagpole).

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 23000      Croco64's Score- 27700
                       Reader's Score- 23850 (Coffee)
This level only has a few items to collect, so make use of special situations. 
Ride the first weight platform to let it drop, so you can collect the 1,000 
point bonus. Don't do this with the second one, because you need it to reach the 
top of the flagpole. At the beginning, instead of getting the Power-Up first, go 
below while you're small and defeat the Koopa Troopa there. Then go back up. 
This will save you some time. Hurry through the level quickly.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
Where is the Yoshi Egg? Above the clouds. On the platform where the two Red 
Koopa Troopa are, look for the cloud at ground level. Jump up standing on the 
left side of it to find a hidden coin block. Standing on it, jump right above 
the other side of the cloud to find the Yoshi Egg.

                                ~LEVEL 4~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red coins are all visible in this level, but getting them is difficult and 
will require some high jumping.
1- In the lava pit area, jump above the second fire chain and gab the first 
2- stand on top of the three ? blocks. Jump up and to the right, and you'll just 
barely reach the second Red Coin that's high above the ground.
3- Standing on the platform that the first Fire chain is on, jump to the right.
4- This one is easy to find, and to get it, jump at the last possible second, 
and you'll barely graze it. It may take some practice.
5- Use a running jump to get this coin on the left side of the rectangular brick 
formation on Bowser's bridge.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 13000      Croco64's Score- 16400
                       Reader's Score- 14350 (Coffee)
Take advantage of the three coins after the third set of Fire Chains. Make sure 
you get them on your first pass. Don't miss a single Red Coin, because they add 
a good amount to your score.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
Look in the open space between the second and third sets of Fire Chains. Jump 
around until you find a hidden coin block. Another block is to its right, and 
another two blocks from its right. The last one has the Yoshi Egg inside. Use 
the two hidden coin blocks as stepping stairs to reach the Egg. 

                       - - - - - WORLD 4 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal: 
Most of the Red Coins are found inside ? Blocks in this level, so you don't have 
to worry about searching a lot, as long as you hit every ? block you see.
1- Find this above the first Power-Up (or the higher of the first two ? blocks).
2- When you run by the four blocks, stop and get the Red Coin in the upper left 
3- This one's right after the first pipe you come to. In the row of four coins, 
the last one is a Red Coin.
4- This is in the giant mess of blocks. It's inside the farthest left of the ? 
Blocks on the bottom right side.
5- At the very end, after the staircase, drop down to the area between it and 
the flagpole. Hit the ten-coin block there enough times to get the fifth Red 
Coin to come out.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 32000      Croco64's Score- 33750
                       Reader's Score- *36000 (Phil)
Getting a good score in this level consists of stomping Lakitu several times and 
getting Fireballs. There are a few locations to destroy Lakitu and get a cool 
1000 points, such as the two ? blocks at the beginning, the four ? blocks in the 
middle, and the block mountain (with ? and brick blocks) near the end. Once you 
reach the mountain, you'll also get Spiny-destroying Fireballs, so it may be 
advantageous to let Lakitu live for a while. Just run fast, kill Lakitu, and 
become Fiery Mario to get a good score.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is found at the very end of the level. Close to the final 
staircase, you'll notice a single bush on the ground and a single cloud in the 
sky. Stand in the center of the bush and jump. A hidden coin block will appear. 
Jump again to get the Yoshi Egg near the cloud.

                                ~LEVEL 2~
Red Coins Medal: 
Contrary to Level 4-1, most of these Red Coins are not found in blocks. 
1- When crossing the dangerous pit, you can't miss getting this one stranded on 
the tiny island in the center.
2- Between the third and fourth pipes, a single brick block lies. In the normal 
game, this holds nothing, but a Red Coin awaits for those who can avoid the 
Buzzy Beetle in the Challenge Mode.
3- When you get to the area of brick blocks in the middle of the two platform 
pits, hit the brick block underneath the Power-Up (2nd to the left) to get the 
third Red Coin.
4- After you encounter the Buzzy Beetle falling down the stairs, jump on the 
lowering platforms while they're high, then hop over to the brick block wall on 
the right to find the next Red Coin.
5- If you're observant, you'll see this coin behind the large pipe at the very 
end of the level.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 33000      Croco64's Score- 38850
                       Reader's Score- *80850 (Coffee) 
Getting the high score will require you to get all of the hidden items found in 
the Original 1985 Guide, or at least using the Buzzy Beetle shell trick. Be sure 
not to take the vine route (if you do for some reason, the second chamber has a 
1-Up in it), but do get the hidden coins under it. Fireballs will help your 
score and your time (which will also help your score) by dispatching Piranha 
Plants quickly. Don't forget the warp zone inside the first pipe. It'll give you 
a lot of points, although you will miss a power-up. Finally, about halfway 
through the level, you'll come to a small set of stairs with a Buzzy Beetle 
coming down. You'll want to be Regular Mario for this. Quickly stomp the Buzzy 
Beetle when it's on the edge of one of the steps. As Regular Mario, walk right 
underneath the shell, then jump straight up. If done correctly, Mario will catch 
the shell when it rebounds off the steps, and you'll accumulate quite a few 

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
On the opposite side of the large pipe where you find the final Red Coin, you'll 
find another treasure, but this one is the highly prized Yoshi Egg. However, it 
is diligently guarded by a Buzzy Beetle. So, be careful while getting it. You 
may want to stomp the Buzzy Beetle (be sure not to kick it) when it's on the 
other side near the stairs. Stand next to the pipe and jump to find the Yoshi 

                                ~LEVEL 3~
Red Coins Medal: 
These Red Coins are craftily hidden just out of sight, usually beneath 
1- Standing on the first mushroom, wait for the Red Koopa Troopas to pass, then 
run as fats as you can, and jump so you hit your head on the mushroom and the 
Red Coin. If you waited, you'll reach the next mushroom safely.
2- This one is visible under the first weight platform. However, this will 
create a sticky situation. The other platform will rise and prevent all high 
jumps, so wait until the moving platform is at its low point before you jump.
3- Ride the next platforms to the bottom, and the low mushroomtop there will be 
the home to the next Red Coin.
4- On the last (or the fourth) of the weight platforms, stand on the right side 
and let it drop, and you'll find the fourth Red Coin.
5- On the last mushroom, stop and turn around. Run and leap off the back, and 
you'll soar in the air through the last Red Coin.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 24000      Croco64's Score- 29650
                       Reader's Score- 26750 (Coffee)
There aren't many things in this level that will give you points, so you'll have 
to take full advantage of the 1000 points you get from letting the weight 
platforms drop. However, don't do this all the time or you'll end up stranded. 
Also remember, the more times you hit an enemy without touching the ground (like 
on Koopa Troopas, maybe?), the more points you'll get.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
On the second to last mushroom, or the mushroom that the fifth Red Coin is 
above, you'll spot a cloud that is partly behind the mushroom. stand in the 
middle of this and leap up to unveil the Yoshi Egg's hidden block.

                                ~LEVEL 4~
Red Coins Medal: 
You won't get through the entire level on one path while finding the Red Coins, 
so you'll spend a bit of time finding them in this level.
1- Jump to the upper passage when the paths branch, and in between one of the 
air spaces is the first Red Coin. Drop through to get it.
2- Once you get by the first puzzle of the castle, the next Red Coin can be 
found dangling above the lava. Stay on the very bottom and run, then jump at the 
last second to collect the coin and make it to the other side.
3- In the second half of the castle, stay on the very top. When you see the Red 
Coin in the middle passage, drop down and get it.
4- When you finally make it through the second puzzle, stop when the wall at the 
end appears to block all the passages above you. Right next to the lowest block 
in the wall is a hidden coin block. Jump on it and you'll be able to reach the 
Red Coin up above.
5- This one's on Bowser's bridge. Be careful while getting it, because a Podoboo 
jumps up at that exact spot.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 17000      Croco64's Score- 19900
                       Reader's Score- 18400 (Coffee)
Although Red Coins are one of the few items in the castles to collect, in this 
level you should opt to skip them. The time it takes to go out of your way to 
get them makes them not worth the effort. There are no hidden coins or Power-
Ups, so your entire score will consist of your time, Red Coin, and Yoshi Egg 

Yoshi Egg Medal:
After you cross the lava pit while getting Red Coin #2, or if you just jump over 
it, look at the block that isn't surrounded by any other blocks. Right to its 
left is the hidden Yoshi Egg.

                       - - - - - WORLD 5 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal: 
The Red Coins in this level are all either floating in the air or are inside 
ten-coin blocks.
1- When you arrive at the first pipe, stay on the ground and wait for the 
Piranha Plant to go down. Run, jump on the pipe, and do another running jump 
into the air above the second pipe. The Red Coin is above and you'll collect it 
with this much speed.
2- When you arrive at the first set of three brick blocks, go to the last one 
and hit the Ten-Coin block there repeatedly to get the Red Coin inside.
3- This one waits after the first Bullet Bill cannon. Stand on the right side of 
the cannon, get a running start, then jump at the last second the slide up along 
the wall and collect the Red Coin.
4- Use the second Bullet Bill cannon as a step to reach the pipe that's elevated 
above the ground. High in the air above the pipe is the fourth Red Coin.
5- Warp in the pipe below the 4th Red Coin. The block adjacent to the exit pipe 
is a ten-coin block. Hit it fast enough to reveal the last Red Coin. 
High Score Medal:      Target Score- 80000      Croco64's Score- 88100
                       Reader's Score- *110000 (Phil)
Achieving the Target Score in this level consists of you being able to kick 
every Green Koopa Troopa you see to set off a chain reaction for points. 
Whenever there's a flat stretch with a bunch of enemies, it means you should 
kick the shell. There are also plenty of ten-coin blocks, and a 1-Up. If you 
want to get the starman, you may want to let it wear off (or you'll lose the 
kicking-shell points). A good place to do this is near the Bullet Bill cannon, 
where you can kill Bullet Bills when they come out to make up for some of the 
lost time.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is at the very end of the level. The stairs at the end have a big 
chunk taken out of the middle. Fall down here. Along the very bottom of the left 
side of the right piece of stairs is the location of the hidden block containing 
the precious egg.

                                ~LEVEL 2~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins aren't incredibly hard to find in this level, but the can be 
overlooked easily.
1- When you come to the double rows of bricks near the beginning (strange, 
there's no Hammer Bros.... oh well), fall down to the bottom. The last brick on 
the bottom row holds a Red Coin.
2- Warp into the bonus area in the first pipe, and swim past the falling and 
rising platforms. After them is a Red Coin between two pieces of coral. It's 
hard to get with Bloobers on your tail, so trick them into going in the opposite 
direction before securing it.
3- After the Hammer Bros. and Buzzy Beetles, go under the two very low blocks 
(if you're Super Mario, get hit by one of the Buzzy Beetles). Squeeze under the 
first block and smash it until the Red Coin comes out.
4- After the pit following the 3rd Red Coin, fall down to the ground. There are 
a few hidden coin blocks under the row of brick blocks above. The center brick 
block is a ten-coin block, but more importantly holds a red coin.
5- Use the Power-Up block to jump onto the brick blocks above the last pipe. 
Above the brick blocks is an out-of-view Red Coin.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 36000        Croco64's Score- 44800
                       Reader's Score- 36400 (Coffee)
Stomping Bullet Bills and Hammer Bros. will help your score out a lot, but the 
biggest thing is the cloud bonus area. Plenty of coins and 10,000 points if you 
collect them all! The 3 Power-Ups will also increase your score. Do not go to 
the underwater bonus area! Not only are there less things to collect in a short 
time, you'll also pass the valuable cloud bonus stage.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
If you make it by the first annoying Hammer Brother, jump down onto the back 
part of the stairs. Above the last column of blocks is a hidden block. Guess 
what's inside? Maybe a Yoshi Egg?

                                ~LEVEL 3~

Red Coin Medal:
The Red Coins are rather easy to find in this level. However, I'll still make 
this section in case you need help (and to be thorough).
1- The third tree (the low one) has a nice Red Coin resting on top of it.
2- This one's above the second platform. Wait until it moves all the way left 
before getting it.
3- Easy to find, this one's above the third platform.
4- After the previous two Red Coins, jump to the tree with the Red Koopa Troopa. 
In the air to the left is the levels hardest to find Red Coin.
5- Right after the fourth coin, look for this one underneath the Red Koopa 

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 23000        Croco64's Score- 23150
                       Reader's Score- *26250 (Phil)
The Bullet Bills can help bring up your score in this level. Stomp any that you 
can. Other than that, you'll rely on coins and Red Koopas. What can I say? It's 
another barren tree level.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
Like level 5-1, this egg is at the very end. Run up the stairs, but don't jump 
to the flag. Instead, drop down to the area between the flag and the stairs. 
Next to the stairs is a hidden block with the Yoshi Egg inside.

                                ~LEVEL 4~

Red Coin Medal:
Unlike most Bowser levels, one of the Red Coins is inside a block!
1- After you collect the Power-Up, you'll see the first of the Red Coins to your 
right. Get a running start on the blocks below, and jump at the last possible 
2- Take the top passage, and in the middle, you'll find a Red Coin.
3- In the area with the elevator platforms, the third Red Coin can be found near 
the bottom of the first platforms' line.
4- This coin is hidden with the five others above and below the suspended fire 
5- The last Red Coin is hidden in one of the bricks above Bowser's bridge. 
Precisely, it's the third one from the right. Use the platform to jump up to it.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 13000        Croco64's Score- 16350
                       Reader's Score- 14400 (Coffee)
This Castle level, like the rest, has few items to collect. Red Coins and the 
few Power-Ups/normal coins there are will make up your score, while the bulk 
remains in time. Skip the last Red Coin, as it takes to long to get.

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
This one is to the left of the fourth Red Coin, or the suspended fire chain 
surrounded by coins. Stand near the left wall in this low area, then jump to 
find the Yoshi Egg's hidden block.

                       - - - - - WORLD 6 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal: 
The Red Coins in this level are in a wide variety of locations, but shouldn't be 
hard to find if you look well.
1- This first Red Coin is easily visible inside the stairs with the chunk taken 
out of them.
2- On the other side of those stairs, drop to the ground and hit the rightmost 
of the bottom three brick blocks to reveal a ten-coin block. Hit it ten times to 
get a Red Coin.
3- After the levels first and only pipe, look for a green hill. Right above the 
summit is a hidden coin block. Another hidden coin block is above that one. 
Above both is a Re Coin. This is also a good place to take out Lakitu.
4- Another easily visible coin, located next to the row of brick blocks after 
the two ? Blocks.
5- After the fourth coin, proceed and climb the next set of stairs. In the 
second row of brick blocks, the right one holds a ten-coin block (and a Red 
Coin). If you're Super or Fiery Mario, slide underneath it and start crouch-

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 32000        Croco64's Score- 35550     
                       Reader's Score- 32450 (Coffee)
Knocking out Lakitu will get you 1,000 points each time you do it, so try it 
whenever you're in a high position. Don't wait for him to come, though, or 
you'll be wasting time. The numerous ten-coin blocks will contribute to your 
score as well, along with the hidden 1-Up. If you manage to get a Fire Flowers, 
leave Lakitu alive for a while so you can blast the Spiny he throws. 

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
This is one of my favorite Yoshi Eggs. At the very beginning of the level, 
you'll have to ascend the castle. Stand next to the right side and jump to find 
a hidden coin block. Jump again where the top of the first level and the wall of 
the second meet to find another. Finally, the hidden block containing the Yoshi 
Egg rests between the top of the second level and the wall of the third. If you 
fall, climb back up to get to the egg.

                                ~LEVEL 2~
Red Coins Medal: 
There's a lot of hidden and hard to get Red Coins in this level.
1- This is in the bonus area down the first pipe. It's hidden with the other 
coins at the top.
2- When you see the two medium-long rows of brick blocks between before the 
vine, look up between the m to find a Red Coin. A hidden coin block above the 
left side of the pipe will help you get up there.
3- This one is right above the pipe that leads from the Underwater bonus area, 
or after the suspended pipe with brick blocks on either side. It's in the single 
block above.
4- After the star (and before the mini-stairs), you'll see three brick blocks 
near the ground. The middle one contains the fourth Red Coin.
5- In the last bonus area, hit the block that's barely above the exit pipe to 
find the last Red Coin. It's best if you're Regular Mario to do this. 

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 30000        Croco64's Score- 33750      
                       Reader's Score- *77700 (Coffee)
The best way to get points in this level would be killing the Piranha Plants, 
but since you can't get a Fire Flower, you'll have to rely on the Starman and 
other methods. Skip the Underwater Bonus Area, but visit all other (especially 
the Cloud Bonus Area). 

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
The Vine is in the last block of the right row of brick blocks, and the Yoshi 
Egg is in the last block of the left row of brick blocks, or to the right of the 
second Red Coin. Use the hidden coin block to get up to it.

                                ~LEVEL 3~
Red Coins Medal: 
No coins are in blocks in this level, and most are near the bottom of the 
1- This one is under the second platform, or to the right of the first Red 
Spring. It's on the low treetop.
2- This is at the bottom of the fifth platform's route. Wait for it to go all 
the way down t get it.
3- This one is in the tall tree after the second weight platform.
4- Another one on a low tree after a Red Spring... jump down from the platform 
5- This is under the last tree. While easy to find, it's hard to get. Change 
direction in the air after you get it to jump back onto the ground.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 21000        Croco64's Score- 25750
                       Reader's Score- 23350 (Coffee)
Coins will make up your score in this level. Don't pass coins up, but don't 
waste time getting them. Also, remember to let the weight platforms drop to get 
an extra 1,000 points.

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
After the third and last weight platform, drop down to the lowest tree. On the 
very left end, jump up to find the hidden Yoshi Egg. 

                                ~LEVEL 4~
Red Coins Medal: 
The Red Coins shouldn't be too hard to get in this level once you know what to 
1- This is to the right of the Power-Up. Jump at the last second to get it.
2- After the small passage with Fire chains, look above the exit to see the 
second Red Coin. A running jump while hugging the wall will help you get it.
3- This one is to the left of the third fire chain after the passage ends. Stand 
on the second Fire Chain's block to reach it.
4- This is to the left of the ceiling leading to Bowser's bridge. 
5- The final Red Coin is above Bowser. Jump on the platform to get it.  

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 12000        Croco64's Score- 15700
                       Reader's Score- 12150 (Coffee)
To get the High Score, move quickly. Don't forget the Hidden coin blocks near 
the end, and always collect the Red Coins and the Yoshi Egg. Finally, don't 
forget the Power-Up. 

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
The Yoshi Egg is near the beginning of the level. The hidden block is right to 
the right of the first Fire Chain. Wait for it to move out of the way, then 

                       - - - - - WORLD 7 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal:
There really isn't much consistency in where these Red Coins are... they're 
1- In the first (and only) row of ? Blocks, hit the third one from the left to 
uncover the first Red Coin.
2- When you come across the first pair of Hammer Bros., take care of them, then 
hit the ten-coin block in the bottom row (it's in the center) ten times to 
uncover a Red Coin. 
3- This one's inside the Bonus Area, to the right of the ceiling of brick 
blocks. There's a hidden coin block one block away from the exit pipe that 
you'll need to hit to get up there.
4- This Red Coin, like the one before, is in a ten-coin block in the center of 
the Hammer Bros. rows. The only difference is that this one is on the top row, 
and with the second pair of Hammer Bros.
5- This one is in the left brick block of the pair above the first set of stairs 
near the end.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 32000        Croco64's Score- 38750
                       Reader's Score- 35250 (Coffee)
There are a ton of Bullet Bill cannons throughout this level, and each Bullet 
Bill you stomp will gain you 200 points. While you won't get a high score if you 
just sit around and wait for them, stomping them as they go by will boost your 
score. Also, remember to kick the Paratroopa shells without touching the ground 
after you hit the Koopa for a first time to get maximum points. Take the warp 
pipe to the Bonus Area. Don't miss the 1-Up above the pipe after the first 
Hammer Bros. The biggest stash of points is at the end of the level. On the 
final set of stairs before the flagpole, two Buzzy Beetles will come marching 
down. Defeat the first one (let it hit you if you're Super Mario, you want to be 
small for this), and stomp the second one when it's on the edge of one of the 
steps. As Regular Mario, walk right underneath the shell, then jump straight up. 
If done correctly, Mario will catch the shell when it rebounds off the steps, 
and you'll accumulate quite a few points. 

Yoshi Egg Medal:
This one's at the very end of the level, in between the two sets of stairs. The 
hidden block containing the Yoshi Egg is one square away from the back side of 
the first set of stairs. 

                                ~LEVEL 2~
Red Coins Medal:
Because this is an underwater level, you'll spend a lot of time swimming around 
and looking for these cunningly-located Red Coins, which are usually just out of 
1- This Red Coin is floating above the first three-block platform over the ocean 
2- You'll have to fight the current and go to the bottom left of the first pit 
to retrieve this Red Coin.
3- The third Red Coin is above the long piece of coral on the second two-block 
platform, the one above the three coins.
4- This one is nestled between two pieces of coral on the ground, before the 
enclosed pit.
5- The last Red Coin can be found above the exit pipe.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 24000        Croco64's Score- 24150
                       Reader's Score- *24300 (Coffee)
Getting all the coins and red coins is crucial in this level, as there are no 
Power-Ups and you can't defeat any of the baddies. Swimming fast is good, too. 
Try not to wait around for a Cheep-Cheep or Bloober to pass.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
In the enclosed pit (the one with walls and a partial ceiling) near the end, go 
down inside, and swim up the left wall. You'll eventually bonk your head on a 
hidden block containing the Yoshi Egg.

                                ~LEVEL 3~
Red Coins Medal:
The Red Coins are mostly located in out-of-sight areas high above, so look to 
the sky to find them.
1- This is above the first set of stairs leading up to the bridges. Get a 
running start from the bridge and jump to reach it.
2- This is above the third bridge (the one before the Power-Up). There's a 
hidden coin block directly underneath the coin.
3- This is between the first and second sections of the small sections of bridge 
near the end. Get a running start to reach it.
4- This one is right after the third Red Coin, between the second and third 
sections of bridge. Jump down and grab the edge of it while you land on the edge 
of the last section.
5- This is above the treetop before the stairs at the end. You can reach the Red 
Coin high in the air from a hidden coin block to the left of the cloud. 

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 28000        Croco64's Score- 33000
                       Reader's Score- 28100 (Coffee)
Hitting the jumping Cheep-Cheep is all luck, but when you do, you'll get 200 
points, which is helpful to reaching the target score. Also get all the coins 
and Power-Ups, and speed through the level quickly.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is located above the second column of support blocks on the first 
bridge. Just jump upward while standing on it, and you'll find it easily.

                                ~LEVEL 4~
Red Coins Medal:
Bowser has hid these coins quite well... actually, someone at Nintendo hid them, 
but it is Bowser's castle, so he should get a little credit.
1- Stay on the second falling platform a little longer to find this Red Coin 
located below it. 
2- On the split of the passage after the lava pit, go to the stairs on the upper 
one, stand on the first step, and jump over to the left to reach the Red Coin 
3- After you complete the first section, go to the bottom, run underneath the 
fire chain, and if you have enough momentum you'll reach the Red Coin up above 
behind the fire chain.
4- The fourth Red Coin is in the lower path at the end of the second section. 
It's easily visible, but you might not notice it until it's too late.
5- The final Red Coin is above the jumping Podoboo on Bowser's bridge.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 16000        Croco64's Score- 19000
                       Reader's Score- 16300 (Coffee)
Like all the other Bowser levels, time is crucial. Since this is a maze level, 
know the way beforehand. Collect the Red Coins, but skip the ones that make you 
go down the wrong path (like number 4).

Yoshi Egg Medal:
This is found right after the first splitting of paths (where you must go 
below). At the end of this formation, jump along the right side to uncover the 
hidden Yoshi Egg block. 

                       - - - - - WORLD 8 - - - - - 

                                ~LEVEL 1~
Red Coins Medal:
The Red Coins are spread out in many places in this vast level.
1- This one is easy to find, as it is simply above one of the small holes near 
the beginning. Just dash over all of the holes and you won't fall in.
2- Enter the Bonus Area in the levels fifth pipe, and bash the ten-coin block 
ten times to get this Red Coin. However, I'm not talking about the ten-coin 
block near the exit pipe, but the one on the far left of the bottom row.
3- In the walled off area with the Koopa Paratroopa, hit the hidden coin block 
below the center block in the brick block row above, then hit the center brick 
block ten time to reveal the Red Coin.
4- In the second row of brick blocks (the one with the starman), hit the last 
one to uncover the fourth Red Coin. A running jump will get you up there.
5- This is another easy to find Red Coin. It's in the small walled off area with 
the Koopa Troopa. Jump in and jump out quickly. 

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 40000        Croco64's Score- 41500
                       Reader's Score- *46750 (Coffee)
Kick the shells of the Koopas and Buzzy Beetles to rack up points, and be sure 
to kill the lines of marching Goombas without touching the ground. The Starman 
will give you a nice 1000 points, and will also give you the power to take out 
Piranha Plants. Go to the Bonus Area, as you won't miss much of the level at all 
and there are a bunch of coins in there. Finally, don't miss the hidden 1-Up 
between the second and third pipes.

Yoshi Egg Medal:
Near the end of the level, you'll have to jump across two pits, and the only 
thing separating them is a tiny one-block long island, with two sets of coins on 
either side. Stop on this small island, and jump straight up to hit the hidden 
Yoshi Egg block.

                                ~LEVEL 2~
Red Coins Medal:
The Red Coins are well hidden in this level, so don't be surprised if you can't 
find them.
1- After the Lakitu area, you'll notice a long row of brick blocks high above 
the ground. A hidden coin block to the left of the row will allow you access to 
the top. About halfway down the row is a Red Coin.
2- When the long row of brick blocks ends, you'll see two brick blocks below it. 
The right one contains the second Red Coin.
3- This is above and to the right of the second pipe. Stand on the pipe and do a 
running jump to reach it, but be careful not to fall into the pit below.
4- In the Bonus Area, there's hidden coin block one square away from the exit 
pipe. Hit it, and use it to reach the ten-coin block above it. If you hit it ten 
times, a Red Coin will appear.
5- The final Red Coin is near the end, and in plain sight. It's on the ground 
between the small set of stairs and a Bullet Bill cannon. A Buzzy Beetle is 
patrolling around it, so wait for it to move before you grab it.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 28000        Croco64's Score- 32500
                       Reader's Score- *34400 (Coffee)
The Lakitu at the beginning will give you 1000 points if you stomp it, and the 
many Bullet Bills will give you 200 points. Also, don't miss the 1-Up above the 
Spring, and be sure to visit the Bonus Area. 

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is found after the pit below the third Red Coin, between the third 
and fourth pipes in the level. On the ground between them, you'll see a strange 
object in the background. Directly above it is the Yoshi Egg.

                                ~LEVEL 3~
Red Coins Medal:
As you near Bowser's Castle, the Red Coins become harder to locate. Well, maybe 
not, but I couldn't think of anything else to say.
1- Instead of heading right at the start of the level, head left. On the left 
side of the castle is a hidden coin block that you can use to reach the Red Coin 
2- This is on the top row (to the left) of the first Hammer Bros. double brick 
block rows.  
3- This is right after the second Red Coin, on the last step of the stairs in 
between the pits.
4- This one is inside a ten-coin block in the center of the bottom row of the 
second Hammer Bros.
5- Above the small blocks in the air leading to the flag is where you'll find 
the fifth Red Coin.

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 28000        Croco64's Score- 29400
                       Reader's Score- 28000 (Coffee)
The Bullet Bill cannons don't seem to be as trigger-happy in this level, so you 
won't have as many Bills to stomp. However, the large amount of Hammer Bros. 
will give you a bunch of points. Be sure to get both Power-Ups so you can 
quickly fry the Hammer Bros. near the end.

Yoshi Egg Medal: 
After the second Hammer Bros., and after the second pipe, jump alongside the 
castle wall to reveal a hidden coin block. To the right and just a little above 
this block is the Yoshi Egg.

                                ~LEVEL 4~
Red Coins Medal:
You'll have to explore the depths of Bowser's Castle if you ant to find all of 
the Red Coins.
1- This one's right at the start of the level. Look up to fins this Red Coin 
above the stairs.
2- This is above the second lava pit (the one with the platform). A running jump 
will give you enough height to grab it.
3- In the third area that you warp to, skip the exit pipe and continue around 
the loop. Right after the exit pipe is the Red Coin.
4- The fourth Red Coin is in the underwater area, above and behind the third 
fire chain.
5- The final Red Coin is above the axe on Bowser's Bridge. 

High Score Medal:      Target Score- 18000        Croco64's Score- 21700
                       Reader's Score- *41800 (Coffee)
Unlike most castle levels, there are a bunch of enemies here. Killing them will 
get you a lot of points. The Cheep-Cheep in the third area are few and hard to 
hit, but it's beneficial if you manage to kill a couple. Speed is also key, like 

Yoshi Egg Medal:
The Yoshi Egg is found in the underwater portion of the level. When you enter, 
swim upward from the left side of the entrance pipe. High above is a hidden 
block containing the Yoshi Egg.


 - - - - - - - - - - GUIDE TO THE YOU VS. BOO MODE - - - - - - - - - -

   After Beating the third highest score in the top scores menu, you'll access 
the hidden race mode known as "You Vs. Boo". For those of you that can't find a 
friend around to play the Vs. mode with, Boo will become your competitor and 
race you through several levels. Boo seems to have some special abilities. First 
of all, he can pass through any object (well, he is a ghost). Secondly, he can 
change the face switches whenever he wishes to do so. He always lets out a 
cackle shortly before he does, which is a good reason to keep the sound on while 
you play. Finally, when you think you're going to beat Boo, he sometimes gets a 
huge burst of speed at the very end of the race. Boo come in many colors, as 
shown below:
     White: Easy
     Green: Medium
     Pink:  Hard
     Black: Very Hard

   Whenever you beat Boo, he will mimic you and go as fast as you did on your 
best run. This adds great challenge to the game as you can always try to beat 
   I feel strange saying this, but its often better if you avoid Power-Ups and 
coins. They will most waste your time as you and Boo will never tie (he can't 
die, and even if you did tie, it wouldn't get you anywhere) and Power-Ups just 
make you bigger and won't let you in small passages.
   One of the best ways to help you win is to adjust your Mario type by pressing 
the select button on the level select screen. Regular Mario is usually the way 
to go, but other times you'll need a Super Mario (like level 2-1).

                     - - - - - WORLD 1 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1-1: Type - Land                       Blocks - Face        
           Default Mario Type - Regular      Difficulty - 4 
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular

Just because it's the first level doesn't mean it's going to be easy. When the 
race starts, don't hit any of the face blocks. Just after the first face block, 
get ready to jump over a pipe. Soon afterward you'll see the firs "?" Block. 
Jump up right after it onto the line of blocks after it, then from here jump to 
the top of the large red maze of block. Dash across the top of the red blocks, 
then when you reach the end, jump over the tall wall. You should land on a red 
block below. Now make your way through the field of red blocks (hit the face 
blocks when you can to get them out of the way). At the end of this field is a 
separation of the paths. If the wall is only outlines, go through it, but if 
it's filled with red blocks take the lower route. Run by the next part, and when 
you come to the stairs, leap to the top of the first set then over the second. 
After these stairs, hit the first face block you see. This will make the wall 
ahead disappear, but many times it will quickly come back (in this case, you'll 
have to hit the face block in front of it). You're now nearing the end. Jump 
over the pipe, then onto the face block. From the height of the face block you 
can clear the wall that rests on the stairs, then jump to the flagpole. Jump on 
the flag to declare victory.

LEVEL 1-2: Type - Underground                 Blocks - Face        
           Default Mario Type - Regular       Difficulty - 3
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular

Start the race by jumping up to the upper path. Boo will quickly change the face 
blocks around, so be ready to hit the second face block when he does. This will 
slow you down a bit. Gain some speed, but before you get to the end of the block 
row, slow down just a tad. Perform a small jump to the lowest level of the next 
block formation (the higher path), and continue jumping up to above the ceiling. 
By slowing down, you will maintain a constant speed and will not run into any 
walls. After a bit of running, a large gap will appear. Jump over it. Soon after 
the end of the ceiling will come. Leap over the wall of blocks and onto one of 
the pipes (be sure not to jump too far, or you'll fall down in between). Slow 
down a bit so you can jump from on pipetop to another easily. From the tallest 
pipe, jump to the top of the curving line of blocks and then jump off of the 
formation. Quickly and carefully go across the field of small pillars, and hit 
the face block before the wall to make is disappear. Run under the next block 
formation, and jump from the ground to the small tunnel in between the next 
block formations. When you come out, jump in between the final block patches and 
hit the face block to form a stairway upward. Now your jumps will have to be 
incredibly precise or you may fail. Jump on the red blocks while running fast 
and you'll have enough momentum to make it to the end.

LEVEL 1-3: Type - Mushroomtop                  Blocks - 3-2-1 Blocks     
           Default Mario Type - Regular        Difficulty - 7
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular

When the race begins, run across the first hole (you don't need to jump) and 
leap up to the top of the stairs. Drop down beneath when the 1-2-3 blocks change 
color, then just when the number changes to 1, jump back up above. Run across 
the first mushroom and jump off the end to the top of the next staircase. You'll 
need to be blazingly fast at this spot. Drop down below to the clouds when the 
1-2-3 blocks change color, jump over the pipe, then immediately jump to the top 
of the blocks. If you're fast enough, you'll make it up just as the blocks are 
changing. Jump over the final pipe and head to the tricky part of the level. In 
this area, you'll need to climb up then climb back down. It's easiest to climb 
up without any white blocks, but easiest to go down without any red. Hitting the 
switches will take more time than waiting, so you're forced to waste some time 
in this part. Wait for the blocks to change color, the ascend to the top of the 
first area. In the second part, you'll have to wait for the blocks to change 
again before dropping down. Continue, jumping swiftly along the tops of the 
pipes. In this next part you'll need white blocks to make your ascent up the 
tall pipes, so make sure to hit one of the switches if they aren't already 
white. From here, leap to the finish line. In this level, there are some Piranha 
Plants about, but a good jump should make them little trouble at all. This is a 
more difficult level, but with practice, you'll know how to get by it. 

LEVEL 1-4: Type - Castle                 Blocks - Face         
           Default Mario Type - Fiery    Difficulty - 5
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular

You can make it past the second bridge of white blocks before Boo will switch 
them at the start of the race. Keep running and jump over the spiked blocks, but 
use an extra big jump to get over the last one. Small jumps will fare better for 
the other ones (it'll take less time). Try to stay as high up as you can while 
in the maze, but don't go out of your way to do so. Having the white blocks to 
cross the passages will be helpful, so try to get them there. Use the face block 
or the white block to get over the pipe. Once over the pipe, you'll have it easy 
if there's outlines. If there's red blocks, don't run over the small hole. After 
making it by here, run over the bridge, past Bowser, and grab the axe to 
complete the level.

                     - - - - - WORLD 2 - - - - - 

LEVEL 2-1: Type - Land                        Blocks - Face        
           Default Mario Type - Regular       Difficulty - 9
           Recommended Mario Type - Super

Boo has set up a difficult beginning that will set you behind from the start. 
You'll have to go through a complicated procedure to get by, and all the while 
you'll be bouncing on springs. Quickly jump over the pipe and hit the ? block to 
grab to mushroom go over to the right and break two of the brick blocks so you 
can get by (or you can start the level out as Super Mario, which will allow you 
to forego obtaining the mushroom). Then go back and hit the face block, and race 
out of the spring place. There, the hard part's done. Now you need to catch up 
to Boo (or maybe not if you were fast). Jump up the pipes, then hit the red 
block over the smaller pipe. Hit the next red block so you can fall though he 
next section more easily. In the next part, break a hole in the ceiling and jump 
through. Down stay on the ground while running over the following pipes or 
you'll fall in between. If you want to get across the springs quickly, run onto 
them and hold the B button to bounce ahead faster than normal. Once you reach 
the end, hit one of the face blocks and quickly ascend the stairs before Boo can 
switch the blocks again.  

LEVEL 2-2: Type - Water                      Blocks - Spiked         
           Default Mario Type - Super        Difficulty - 10
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular

This level is much different from the rest because of the fact that you are 
swimming. To fit into small openings, it's better if you're small, so hit a 
spiked block sometime near the beginning (or start out as Regular Mario). The 
pits near the beginning will help speed you up at first, but then will balance 
it out by slowing you down. Fit between the coral that comes next, then follow 
the coins between the blocks for the quickest route. Drop down below when you 
see the next piece of coral. Swim up and down in the next part to avoid the 
mines. For the most part, follow the coins (throughout the whole level). After 
the long, curving row of coins, go straight and if you're small, fit through the 
tight space in the coral. Swim up high, then drop down into the box-like 
structure. Now swim as fast as you can to the end, preferably taking the lower 

LEVEL 2-3: Type - Treetop                    Blocks - 3-2-1        
           Default Mario Type - Fiery        Difficulty - 8 
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular

This level is very tricky and you'll have to time everything just right if you 
want to get to a Block Boo. Start out the level by doing three quick jumps over 
the walls then over the stairs. Clear the two spiked block formations, then run 
across the treetops until you reach more blocks. These blocks will quickly turn 
into spiked blocks, but if you are an accurate jumper, you can jump onto the 
blocks before then change then to the 3-2-1 block and avoid touching the rest of 
the spikes. Be sure to land on the left side of the block so you have enough 
room to jump again. Run across the following treetops, going under the blocks 
that you come across. After running under a second small block formation, get 
ready to hit the upcoming switch so you can quickly ascend the wall ahead. The 
next part of the level consists of many blocks, both those that change and those 
that don't. Quickly navigate your way through them (it isn't as complicated as 
it looks) to the end of the level.

LEVEL 2-4: Type - Castle                      Blocks - 3-2-1        
           Default Mario Type - Fiery         Difficulty - 7 
           Recommended Mario Type - Regular
Another Castle level, and this one's much harder. It's composed mainly of tricky 
paths that aren't as hard to find the right way as they are to avoid things that 
will slow you down. Jump over the first pit, and when you reach the second 3-2-1 
block, hit it so the spiked blocks turn back to normal blocks. When you reach 
the wall, quickly jump up it. There's no way around it, and it will waste a lot 
of time. It's advantageous to stay on top in the following block-filled field. 
The next part looks more dangerous than it really is. Jump from platform to 
platform and don't worry about the spiked blocks looming nearby. Jump on the ? 
block to go by quickly, then race over Bowser's bridge. Bowser annoying gets in 
the way, which means you'll have to wait for him to jump. When he does, sprint 
to the axe to finish the level.


   - - - - - - - - - - GUIDE TO THE LOST LEVELS - - - - - - - - - -

   Those who have played Super Mario All-Stars are the only ones familiar with 
the Lost Levels, called "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" in this game. 
These levels make up the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2, but are 
notably more difficult than the Original 1985 game. These levels are very hard 
and only the best players will be able to get through them all.
   Unfortunately, there are no Worlds 9, A, B, C, or D like there were in Super 
Mario All-Stars. Oh well. Eight worlds is good enough, I guess.
   The difficulty rating for the Lost Levels are that compared to other Lost 
Levels, not to the Original 1985 mode. Let me assure you that they're much more 
difficult than the one's from the Original mode.

                       - - - - - WORLD 1 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land        Difficulty: 1        Exits to: Level 1-2

Power-Up: The first formation of brick blocks you run into has a power up. The 
second block from the left holds the Mushroom you want. To get it to you, bounce 
it over the opening with a punch from underneath.

Poison Mushroom: In the row of ? Blocks, a nasty Poisonous Mushroom is in the 
middle block. Avoid it all together.

Starman: When you come upon to two long rows of brick blocks, keep in mind that 
the first one on the bottom row holds a handy star.

Coins Above: Above the second row, usually out of view, are some nice coins. 
Don't miss 'em.

Ten-Coin Block: After the stairs following the two rows of brick blocks is a 
Ten-Coin block. Don't worry about wasting your star power. It's actually better 
to let it run out.

Poison Mushroom: 3rd from left

1-UP: After the two rows of brick blocks, you'll notice a Red Koopa Troopa. Kick 
its shell forward and follow it. When it goes down, scroll the view down. When 
it appears on screen again, skip all the ? Blocks and follow it. If you do, 
it'll eventually get you a nice 1-UP.

Bonus Area: Close to the end of the level you'll see a pipe underneath a row of 
brick blocks. This pipe will lead you to a rather unimaginative bonus stage 
filled with coins.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underground    Difficulty: 2       Exits to: Level 1-3

Cross the Water: At the beginning of the level, you'll need to cross the water. 
If you stand on the block and jump, you won't make it across. Instead, get a 
running jump and leap before you get to the block. 

Warp Zone: There's a handy Warp Zone in the first half of the level that will 
take you to World 3-1. Use the map to look at the location and how to find the 
warp zone.

                             [B][B]       ~Figure 2: Warp Zone 1-2~
                       [B][B]                [V]= Vine Block
              [V][B][B]                      [B]= Brick Block
                                             [ ]= Normal Block
            {C}              [ ][ ]          {C}= Hidden Coin Block
                          [ ][ ][ ]           BB= Buzzy Beetle
        ____           [ ][ ][ ][ ]
        |  |        [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    ____|__|_BB__[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Stand on the pipe to hit the vine block, and stand below, where the Buzzy Beetle 
is, to get the Hidden Coin block. Be very careful with the Buzzy. Beetle though, 
because one touch of the shell could mean doom.

Jump Again: You'll come to another area later in the level with a pit and a 
block, well, blocking the way. This time, however, you can simply stand on the 
block and jump from there.

Warp Zone: There's also another Warp Zone in this level. It's in the traditional 
spot, behind the exit pipe. Ride the platforms at the end up to the ceiling 
level. From there, jump and run to the pipe. This one will warp you right to 
Level 2-1.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops    Difficulty: 2        Exits to: Level 1-4

Beware of Bloober: Beware of the flying Bloober in this level. While they can be 
easily be defeated with a stomp, it's hard to hit them with their shifting 
movements. It's best just to pass them.

Let Bloober Pass: The second Bloober you run into might haunt you if you run by 
it. If you do so, it may attack you while you jump, which will cause you to fall 
into the pit. It's much better to let it go by you, then jump across the pit 
before it goes back.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle      Difficulty: 2        Exits to: Level 2-1

Power-Up: The power-Up is in plain sight, but it will difficult to get. If it's 
a Mushroom, you'll have to jump out over the lava and grab it and then change 
directions and go back in (you can skip doing this by hitting the right edge of 
the ? Block). If it's a Flower, it'll be hard to get, seeing as the block is so 
high up.

More Head Room: When the direction splits, taking the top passage is most 
advisable. There's no ceiling there, so you won't have to worry about a 
condensed space.

                       - - - - - WORLD 2 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land/Bridge      Difficulty: 2        Exits to: Level 2-2

Power-Up: There's a Power-Up in the 2nd ? Block on the bridge. Watch out for the 
Koopa Paratroopas nearby.

Warning!: This water, while looking like water, is not safe. Mario cannot swim 
in this, and he'll fall through as if it were lava.

Starman: After collecting the Power-Up and jumping across the first gap of 
water, hit the center brick block above the stairs to reveal a handy star.

Bonus Area: Underneath the block cliff you'll see a pipe. To get to it, drop 
from above then move backwards while in the air. If you time it right, you can 
jump to it from the next pipe, but it's much easier to fall down. Inside the  
warp zone, bash the second block if you're big. If you're small you can run 
underneath (slide if you're big) the low brick blocks and get the coins. If 
you're big, break the two lower blocks on the right to get to the third block, 
which is a Ten-Coin block.

Hidden Power-Up: On the next treetop you come to, jump up and try to find the 
hidden coin block near the center. Up and to the right of it is a hidden Power-
Up block.

Green Springs: The Green Springs, which are very different from Red Springs, 
will launch you very high into the atmosphere, and you won't come down for a 
while. Move yourself in the air so that you'll be over the row of brick blocks. 
It may take a couple tries to get used to the Green Springs, but you'll 
eventually get them down.

Cloud Bonus Stage: When you land from the big spring bounce, go to the very 
bottom and jump at the area between the brick blocks and the pipe. Two hidden 
coin blocks will appear. Why? Jump up on top of the first row and hit the fifth 
block on the right. Inside is a vine leading up to a different and difficult 
Cloud Bonus Stage! In this one, you can move through the brick block barriers by 
facing the other way. Jump down beneath the clouds to get some more coins.

Hidden 1-UP: Near the end of this stage, jump up to the three-block platform 
after crossing the pit of water. Above the last block is a hidden 1-UP block.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land           Difficulty: 2        Exits to: Level 2-3

Stair Jump: To get to the other side of the pit (and make it over the stairs), 
you may think that you'd have to get a running start to clear the pit. However, 
you'll make it just fine if you merely jump from on top of the block with a 1-
block running start.

Starman: The first brick block you encounter will be all alone, which is usually 
a good sign that something's inside. And there is, a handy starman for running 
past the next line of enemies with ease.

Power-Up: The next set of brick blocks you come up to have two different things 
that are helpful. The top has a Power-Up.

Ten-Coin Block: The lower block of the two has ten-coins. Either get rid of the 
Koopa Troopa with Fireballs or smash it from the edge of the wall (if you're 
Regular Mario).

Bonus Area: The pipe two brick blocks mentioned above will take you to a warp 
zone. It may seem that there are only a bunch of coins, but there's more than 
you think.

Power-Up: In the warp zone, stand three blocks away from the left wall and jump. 
A hidden coin block will emerge. Jump from the top of it to find another. From 
there you can reach the far left brick block, which holds a Power-Up.

Poison Mushroom: On the very left wall in the warp zone is a hidden block 
holding a poison mushroom. Don't miss the hidden coin block and accidentally hit 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Bridge/Treetops   Difficulty: 4    Exits to: Level 2-4

Cheep-Cheep: Beware of the flying Cheep-Cheep that will launch from the water 
far below and up into the sky.

Power-Up: In the grouping of ? Blocks, the top left one holds a handy Power-Up. 
Use it to satisfy your Power-Upping needs.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle         Difficulty: 3        Exits to: Level 3-1

Koopa Troopa 1-UP: It's safest to let the Koopa Troopas drop down at the 
beginning of the level. However, if you want to risk it, jump up and kick the 
first one's shell. It will bounce down the tight drop, and bounce down the 
passage, eventually getting enough points for a handy 1-UP.

Hidden Power-Up: After you leap over the fire chain and the lava pit, climb the 
stairs, but stop on the last step. Right next to the lowest part of the wall is 
a hidden block with a Power-Up inside.

Fire Chain Passage: When you come to the two paths, the bottom one looks more 
dangerous (it goes over lava). You can, though, run over these without falling 
in if you go quickly. The bottom route is ideal for your safety.

Ten-Coin Block: Getting all the coins in this block is sheer insanity. If you 
think you can do it, hit the block on the right of the first grouping of blocks 
(on Bowser's bridge). You'll have to avoid fireballs and such, so it's wiser to 
just leave the coins be.

                       - - - - - WORLD 3 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land     Difficulty: 4    Exits to: Level 3-2, Level 1-1

Starman: After you defeat the Hammer Bros. at the very start, hit the fifth 
block from the right side (on the lower row) to find a star.

Poison Mushroom: Watch out! In the first row of ? blocks, don't hit the last 
one, as it contains a Poisonous Mushroom. If you're invincible from the star, 
however, you can even collect the mushroom and not be harmed.

Warp Zone: The Lost Levels are more difficult, and by warping into the first 
pipe you see, you'll realize it clearly. After going through a unique Bonus Area 
(there's a Ten-Coin block at the end, in the center brick block at the top row 
of the formation), you'll come out in a special area. Here, there's a warp zone! 
But wait... there's a 1 above the pipe... yup, that's right, this warp zone will 
actually warp you back to the very first level. There is a pit on the left side, 
convenient for dying rather than start all over. but then again, you'll finally 
be able to break those brick blocks at the beginning of Level 1-1.

Pipe Jump: When you come to the tall pipe after the Red Koopa Troopa, you'll 
realize that a normal jump won't make it over the pipe. Instead, you'll need a 
running start. Stand next to the Bullet Bill cannon (so no Bullet Bill come 
out), and wait for the Red Koopa Troopa to begin its ascent and for the Piranha 
Plant to go down. Then, run and make it up to the pipe.

Hidden 1-Up: I strongly do not recommend getting this, but its always good to 
know its here. Right above the top of the Red Koopa Troopa's flight (mentioned 
above) is the location of the Hidden 1-Up. You'll need to bounce off its head 
when its high up in the air. Not only is this difficult to do, but regardless of 
whether or not you get it, you'll have a Koopa Troopa patrolling the runway you 
need to get over the pipe. 

Bonus Area: The pipe after the Red Koopa Troopa on its own little island leads 
to a bonus area. Inside, there's coins and a ten-coin block in the top brick 
block at the very end. 

Cloud Bonus Area: After going through the bonus area mentioned above, you'll 
emerge earlier in the level, inside the unaccessible, brick block covered area. 
Right above the pipe is a block containing the vine to the Cloud Bonus Area. To 
get up there, however, you'll need a step. On the very right next to the normal 
blocks, jump to reveal a hidden Power-Up block. Use it to Power-Up and to make 
it to the vine. The Cloud Bonus Stage is like the other ones you've encountered 
in the Lost Levels. 

                             *     *     * 

LEVEL 2- Type: Underwater     Difficulty: 5        Exits to: Level 3-3

Land Attack Underwater?: There's an assortment of Land enemies such as Koopa 
Troopas swimming with the normal sea enemies. You can't stomp them, so continue 
swimming to the end.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops       Difficulty: 4        Exits to: Level 3-4

Koopa Shell 1-Up: When you see the massive number of turtles at the beginning, 
jump to the top and stomp the Green Koopa Paratroopa. A quick kick backwards 
will send the shell flying, knocking down the rest of the Koopa Troopas, and at 
the end the lovely 1-Up tone will sound.

Hidden Power-Up: Use the second weight platform to get to the tall treetop 
above. Stand on the second square from the left and jump to hit an invisible 
Power-Up block.

Hidden Coin Blocks: On the treetop with four coins (before the normal blocks in 
the air), jump in the center to find two hidden coin blocks. These can help you 
get over to the normal blocks. 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle         Difficulty: 4        Exits to: Level 4-1

Path to Take: To get through the level, stay as low as you can until you reach 
the second pipe. Then, jump up to the top and stay on top until the end of the 
level. Not to complicated, huh? Yes and no. Look below to find out how to solve 
some of your troubles.

Lava Run: The tiny lava pit in the first half can be easily run over without 
falling in. Just watch out for the Podoboo.

Hidden Power-Up: At the end of the three rows (after the small lava pit), jump 
up into the open space separating the blocks. Above the second row is a hidden 

Hidden Coin Blocks: After the three pipes, its seemingly impossible to get back 
up to the top. However, jump around in the open space you're in to find four 
hidden coin blocks, which will make a good platform to get back up.

                       - - - - - WORLD 4 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land          Difficulty: 6        Exits to: Level 4-2

Lakitu: Lakitu will bug you for only a small part the first portion of the 
level, but will soon come back to annoy you more.

Ten-Coin Block: Near the beginning, there's a column of brick blocks with a 
small opening. If you're Regular Mario, jump inside and reap the benefits of the 
multiple coins in the block above. You're pretty safe from any Spiny attacks 
while in there as well.

Power-Up: The last of the long row of ? Blocks contains a Power-Up.

Red Spring Lake Jump: OK, you're supposed to jump over that huge lake on a Red 
Spring? It's really hard and will require some practice, but this is how it's 
done: Get a running start from the top of the ? Blocks. Jump onto the Spring, 
then Press A while at the bottom. If you ran fast enough and pressed A at the 
right time, you'll make it. If not, you'll lose a life.

Hidden 1-Up: Wondering why the stairs are there? Why, to conceal the placement 
of a 1-Up block! The hidden block is adjacent to the back of the stairs.

Poison Mushroom: Beware of the Poisonous Mushroom hiding in the last of the next 
three ? Blocks.

Power-Up: In the next set of two ? Blocks, the right one has a Power-Up.

Underwater Bonus Stage: The first of the three pipes resting on ? Blocks  leads 
to a difficult Underwater Bonus Stage (then again, are there any that aren't 
difficult?). There are quite a few coins in here, but also many Bloobers and 
creatures crawling on the ocean floor.

Cloud Bonus Stage: There's a single brick block floating in the air. Hmm... 
that's strange. Maybe it leads to a secret bonus stage.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land          Difficulty: 5        Exits to: Level 4-3

Power-Up: The dangerously-placed first ? Block has a Power-Up inside. Be extra 
careful while getting it.

Starman: The single brick block next to two ? Blocks has a star inside. 

Shell Chain: Use the Spring to bounce above to the top row of brick blocks. Kick 
the shell you can get there and follow it to get a handy 1-Up. 

Power-Up: There's a long chain of ? Blocks, and the first holds a Power-Up.

Poison Mushroom: On the other side of the ? Blocks, there's a Poisonous 

Hammer Bros.: If you're quick, you can jump over the Hammer Brother before he 
can realize it. Otherwise, wait for him to jump before continuing on.

Bonus Stage: Stay beneath the long line of blocks and keep running to the pipes. 
The first will warp you to a Bonus Stage filled with coins... and a Power-Up in 
the top left brick block. Use hidden coins to get to it, but watch out for the 
Poison Mushroom to the left!

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops      Difficulty: 5        Exits to: Level 4-4

Keep Moving!: Throughout most of this level, retaining your speed will be 
helpful. Hold down that B button!

Red Koopa Paratroopa Jump: Bounce off the Red Koopa Paratroopas back after the 
jump between the first two treetops.

Power-Up: That low ? Block contains a Power-Up. Ride the platform below to get 
to it.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Treetops      Difficulty: 5        Exits to: Level 4-4

Power-Up: Look for a Power-Up in the third ? Block, but get back out before the 
super-long fire chain gets back!

Fire Chain Block: The suspended Fire Chain block presents two challenges. First, 
three Koopas will drop. Second, it requires you to run to reach its high height. 
Don't stay on it for long.

Power-Up: There's a second Power-Up in this level. What a treat! Jump from the 
first pipe to the middle path, then run to the end. If you jump and slide up the 
wall at the end, you'll hit a hidden block containing a Power-Up. If it's a 
mushroom, follow it from below.

Bowser: This Bowser looks (and is) difficult, but use the same strategy you 
always have: run under him when he jumps.

                       - - - - - WORLD 5 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land          Difficulty: 6        Exits to: Level 5-2

Timing: Wait for the Red Piranha Plants to go down (or should I say up) before 
you Jump. Remember as well, they won't come up if you stand underneath them.

Bonus Area: Warp down the first right-side-up pipe to go to a Bonus Area. 
Inside, only Super or Fiery Marios can get the coins. Break the blocks on the 
right side while standing on the pipe to get up. There's a Power-Up in the block 
furthest left as well.

High Jumps: Making the jump after the stairs is possible, but some extra running 
space would be helpful. Drop down to the small area behind the stairs. Adjacent 
to the stairs are two hidden blocks: One containing a coin and the other a 1-Up! 
Even better, the top one will give you more room to run, increasing your 
distance. While jumping to the next few blocks, don't stop to rest. Keep running 
and jumping, and use the full length of the platform to jump.

1-Up: After the two Red Piranha plants in opposite pipes, kick the shell and 
follow it, even over the other pipes with Red Piranha Plants. If you follow it 
all the way, you'll get a 1-Up.

Jump To The Stairs: Get a running start before the stairs, then hop on the 
single block, then quickly jump again to the stairs.

Cloud Bonus Stage: Drop down from the stairs and run to the area with two rows 
of brick blocks. The rightmost one contains a vine. It leads to a Cloud Bonus 

Warp Zone: when you drop down from the Cloud Bonus stage mentioned above, you'll 
soon come to a Warp Zone leading to World 6.

Over the Wall: If you didn't go to the Cloud Bonus stage, then look for the two 
hidden coin blocks to get over the monstrous wall at the end of the level.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underground    Difficulty: 4       Exits to: Level 5-3

Power-Up: Right at the start of the level, stand next to the left wall and jump 
to reveal a hidden Power-Up.

Poison Mushroom: In the line of ? Blocks, skip the second to last one, because 
inside is a deadly Poisonous Mushroom.

Power-Up: If you wait until the brick blocks thin into a single line, hit the 
leftmost of the single-line blocks to reveal a Power-Up.

Ten-Coin Block: The rightmost of the brick blocks mentioned in the previous 
Power-Up is a ten-coin block.

Starman: The last block on the left near the fourth pipe holds a star. Collect 
it to blaze through the enemies ahead, including those pesky Red Piranha Plants.

Ten-Coin Block: After the seventh pipe (the one hanging upside-down), look for 
the single brick block in front of the large formation of brick blocks.

Warp Zone: The level's first Warp Zone leads to World 8. On the opposite end of 
the ten-coin block's brick formation is another single block, separated and high 
up. Use the elevator nearby to get enough height to hit it, then climb up the 
vine that's inside. It'll take you up to a treetop world that leads to World 8.

Warp Zone: Like all underground levels, there's another Warp Zone beyond the 
final pipe. Jump across the elevators when they're at their highest to get on 
top of the ceiling, then run and jump to the Warp Pipe leading to World 7. 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops      Difficulty: 5        Exits to: Level 5-4

Bonus Area: It's actually mandatory that you take the pipe to this bonus area, 
as you come out at the other part of this level. If not, you'll keep repeating 
it. To get to the pipe overhead and to the right of the Red Koopa Paratroopa, 
simply stand on the first treetop, wait for the Paratroopa to get out of the 
way, run, and jump up to it. Inside, there's a long line of coins.

Power-Up: You can get infinite Power-Ups if you skip the bonus area. On the 
higher part of the second tree, two squares away from the right end is a hidden 
block containing a Power-Up.

Koopa Bounce Jump: The jump from the first platform in the levels second half to 
the third treetop is too far, and you'll have to strategically bounce off the 
Red Koopa Paratroopa's head to make it.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle        Difficulty: 6        Exits to: Level 6-1

Power-Up: The brick block positioned snugly between the three Fire Chains will 
take precise timing to get, but is well worth it.

Top Passage: When you get the decision to drop below or stay above, stay in the 
upper passage for the easiest time.

Long Fire Chain: The long Fire Chain after the high blocks won't stop it's fast 
movement, so don't stand around on the platform for long.

                       - - - - - WORLD 6 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land          Difficulty: 7        Exits to: Level 6-2

Power-Up: The first brick block in the level contains a Power-Up. Bump another 
block to get it out, or smash one (if you're Super Mario).

Starman: In the second set of brick blocks, smash the last block to get a star. 
Go in from above to get it, or smash another one of the blocks and wait for it 
to drop.

Hidden Coin Block: There's a hidden coin adjacent to the first pipe that'll help 
you get over it.

Power-Up: In the long row of ? Blocks, the fourth contains a Power-Up. You can 
only get this if you're Regular Mario, as only a mushroom will drop over the 

Poison Mushroom: Don't hit the second ? Block from the pipe in the long row, or 
you'll get a Poisonous Mushroom to come out.

Underwater Bonus Area: The pipe to the right of the stairs can be reached if you 
let the platform near it drop low enough for you to jump on it. This bonus area 
is an underwater haven filled with coins.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Underwater    Difficulty: 7       Exits to: Level 6-3

Swim Fast: Quick and precise swimming will help you a lot in this level, as many 
long pieces of coral and blocks will make your trip more difficult. Try to stay 
as close to the bottom as possible, because Bloobers can't swim too deep.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Bridge        Difficulty: 6        Exits to: Level 6-4

Cheep-Cheep: There are a ton of Cheep-Cheep in this level, and they always seem 
to come from nowhere. Be careful, because they can kill you if they hit you or 
stop your momentum if you hit them.

Power-Up: If you bounce off the Red Koopa Paratroopa's back to reach the ? 
Block, you'll get a Power-Up. Wait for it to be quite high before you jump.

Power-Up: The single brick block above the treetop holds another Power-Up.

Treetop Tango: To get to the high treetops at the end of the level, you'll need 
to bounce off the Red Koopa Paratroopas back. Wait for it to get high in its 
flight, then run and bounce off its back to make it up.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle        Difficulty: 7        Exits to: Level 7-1

Hammer Brother: The sole Hammer Bro after the second pipe is quite a nuisance. 
Get under the arc of the hammers, then proceed when he jumps. Watch out for 
hammers as you climb to the upper path.

Right Route: When the path breaks into three, jump up to the top and follow it 
down the entire way to continue. In the next place with three paths, take the 
bottom route.

                       - - - - - WORLD 7 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land          Difficulty: 7        Exits to: Level 7-1

Power-Up: In the brick block above the level's fifth pipe is a handy Power-Up.

Starman: The brick block to the right of the seventh pipe holds star.

Power-Up: The row of brick blocks above the row of ? Blocks has contains a 
Power-Up in the third block from the right end.

Hidden 1-Up: When the brick block row ends, jump to the right of it to uncover a 
hidden 1-Up block.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land/Sky      Difficulty: 7       Exits to: Level 7-2

Power-Up: The one-and-only ? Block in this level contains a Power-Up.

Pipe Panic: The pipe above the second treetop leads to the rest of the level. 
Bounce off the three Koopa Paratroopas when they're at the appropriate height to 
make it up there.

Power-Up: Smash the brick block on the far left of the ceiling in the Bonus Area 
to find a Power-Up.

Lakitu: Lakitu will annoy you in this next area. It'll help a lot if you kill 
him first. 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Treetops      Difficulty: 8        Exits to: Level 7-4

Green Springs: The Green Springs will give you a super-long jump, but be sure to 
stop moving when you see a treetop.

Power-Up: The ? Block under the row of blocks can be reached if you let the 
platform to the left drop low enough so you can jump up and grab the Power-Up 

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type: Castle        Difficulty: 7        Exits to: Level 8-1

Fire Chain: The fire chain at the beginning of the level can reach farther than 
you might think... stay away. You can avoid most of the other Fire Chains in 
this level by ducking in the corner.

Power-Up: There's a hidden Power-Up to the left of the elevators. It's alongside 
the wall.

Koopa Shell: The third Red Koopa, when kicked to the right, will fall down a 
gap, and if you follow closely behind it, it'll get you a 1-Up.

                       - - - - - WORLD 8 - - - - - 

LEVEL 1- Type: Land          Difficulty: 8        Exits to: Level 8-2

Power-Up: The seventh block in the ? Block row contains a Power-Up. 

Poison Mushroom: The third from last ? Block in the long ? Block row holds a 
deadly Poisonous Mushroom.

Power-Up: The brick block above and to the left of the fifth pipe contains a 
Power-Up. Run and jump to reach the block.

Underwater Bonus Area: The seventh pipe in the level leads to a hidden bonus 
area underwater, filled with many coins. 

Ten-Coin Block: The single brick block near the end of the level contains many 
coins for you to grab.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 2- Type: Land          Difficulty: 9       Exits to: Level 8-3

Power-Up: The brick block above the platform can be reached only if you don't 
let the platform fall.

Poison Mushroom: The last block in the row of brick blocks contains a Poisonous 

Starman: In the set of three brick blocks, the left one contains a star. Don't 
get this if you want to finish the level quickly.

Level Exit: The exit is hidden and isn't at the very end of the level. In fact, 
it's up in the sky. And the only way to get up to the sky is by climbing a vine. 
The vine itself is hidden inside the brick block above the Red Koopa Paratroopa 
(after the water). Wait until the Koopa Paratroopa is near the block, the jump 
on it and use the mild boost it gives you to hit the block. Jump back to land 
and ascend the blocks to get to the vine.


                             *     *     *

LEVEL 3- Type: Sky           Difficulty: 9       Exits to: Level 8-4

Lakitu: Lakitu is easy to take out at the beginning of the level, as he's flying 
lower than usual.

Hidden Blocks: There are a bunch of hidden blocks throughout the vast open areas 
of this level, so jump around to find a bunch of great items... and some not-so-
great ones. Some will even help you get to the end, like two hidden blocks 
before the platforms at the end.

                             *     *     *

LEVEL 4- Type:               Difficulty: 10       Exits to: The Princess

Jump Below: Jump up and curve to the left to reach the running area you need to 
leap over the lava pit at the start of the level.

Koopa Bounce: Wait for the Red Koopa Paratroopa to go down and up before using 
it to reach the pipe when it begins to go down again. If you wait, you won't run 
into the nasty Piranha Plant. The pipe you land on should also be the one you 
warp into.

Underwater Area: This black area doesn't look like it's filled with water, but 
it is. Move quickly to get past the fire chains, or just be patient and wait.

Curve Jump: When you exit the underwater area, use the same curving move to get 
into the next pipe. Move as far over on the ledge as possible before jumping 
(you'll know you're far enough when the Piranha Plant below come back up).

Poison Mushroom: not only is there a Poisonous Mushroom on the third ? Block, 
but there's also one hidden near the third pipe in this area.

Big Fire Chain: When you come to the big fire chain, stay on the ground or 
you'll be forced to repeat this area over. Run across the small lava patch and 
over the chain.

Green Koopa Bounce: Use the Green Koopa Paratroopa as your target to bounce off 
of to make it to the pipe at the end of the area. 

Bowser: This Bowser is very tough, as he throws hammers, spits fire, and has a 
fire chain above. Use the same technique as always... wait for him to jump, then 
dash underneath.


       - - - - - - - - - - GUIDE TO THE ALBUM - - - - - - - - - -

   The Photo Album is a little extra added to Super Mario Bros. Deluxe as an 
incentive to do all of the things in the game. After performing a certain feat, 
the game will reward you with a New Photo, marked NEW in your album. You can 
look at them and even read a brief description of them. They're just for fun, 
but then again, fun is fun. You can also print out each picture on the Game Boy 

                           - - - PAGE 1 - - -

MARIO AWARD: Hooray! You cleared World 8-4!
The Mario award is the first of the awards you'll receive (most likely). If you 
beat World 8-4, then you'll receive this for completing the Original 1985 Mode.

BOWSER AWARD: You finished the Star Course!
The Bowser Award is for those who can topple the more difficult version of Super 
Mario Bros., the Star Courses. It's a little more difficult, but if you can get 
the Mario Award, you should be able to get this one, too.

PEACH AWARD: You received all the Challenge Medals!
For the expert players who has received ALL of the medals of the Challenge mode 
(that means all three in every level! That's a lot!). This is quite a feat, and 
you may want to print of this medal to show your friends.

If you've managed to clear World 8-4 in the very-difficult Lost Levels, give 
yourself a hand. What do you get? A nice Yoshi Award, of course! 

If you are a Challenge expert and fill the entire meter on the bottom of the 
Challenge level select screen, you'll get this great award that only the best 
players posses.

                           - - - PAGE 2 - - - 

FIREWORKS PICTURE: A Fireworks Show just for you!
This will appear in the album if you get fireworks for completing a stage. You 
can do this by completing any level (except for Castles) with a 1, 3, or 6 on 
the timer. This is one of the best looking pictures.

1-UP PICTURE: All right! You got a 1-up Mushroom!
If you collect a 1-UP Mushroom anywhere in the game, you'll receive this picture 
as verification.

VINE PICTURE: You found the Bonus Stage!
Climb a vine up to a bonus stage and this picture will emerge in the photo 

VS. PICTURE: You played your first Vs. game!
Play the Vs. Mode with another SMB DX owner to get this picture. 

PEACH PICTURE: You're a hero! You rescued Peach!
Not only do you get the Mario Award for completing the game, but you get this 
picture for rescuing Peach! Good work!

TRADING PICTURE: You traded some High Score!
Trade the Records with another SMB DX owner to unlock this picture.

RED COIN PICTURE: Good job! You got all the Red Coins!
If you collect all 32 Red Coin medals, you'll get this picture. It takes a lot 
of work!

HIGH SCORE PICTURE: You got all the High Score Medals!
Like the Red Coin Picture, get every High Score Medal in the Challenge mode to 
get this photo.

YOSHI PICTURE: Wow! You found all the Yoshi Eggs!
Do I really have to say it again? Find all of the Yoshi Eggs in the Challenge 
mode and this is yours.

                           - - - PAGE 3 - - -

For all of these pictures, all you have to do is defeat the featured enemy. Some 
can be stomped on, but you'll need Fireballs for the Spiny Picture.

GOOMBA PICTURE: You stomped a Goomba!

BLOOBER PICTURE: Way to go! You beat a Bloober!

LAKITU PICTURE: You knocked Lakitu off his cloud!

CHEEP-CHEEP PICTURE: You beat a Cheep-cheep! Nice work!

HAMMER BROS. PICTURE: You defeated the Hammer Bros.!

BULLET BILL PICTURE: You stomped Bullet Bill! All right!

KOOPA TROOPA PICTURE: Great! You toppled a Koopa Troopa!

SPINY PICTURE: You defeated a Spiny! Yippee!

BUZZY BEETLE PICTURE: Good job! You beat a Buzzy Beetle! 

                           - - - PAGE 4 - - -

BOWSER PICTURE: You blazed the first 4 Bowsers!

This picture will display a mean looking Bowser, but you'll only get 1/4 of it 
for each of the below objectives you complete. You'll need to make it to Bowser 
with Fireballs and destroy him this way.

Part 1: Destroy Bowser in Castle 1-4 with Fireballs.
Part 2: Destroy Bowser in Castle 2-4 with Fireballs.
Part 3: Destroy Bowser in Castle 3-4 with Fireballs.
Part 4: Destroy Bowser in Castle 4-4 with Fireballs.

                           - - - PAGE 5 - - -

MARIO BROS. PICTURE: You blazed the last 4 Bowsers!

The first four Bowsers weren't too tough to get to with Fireballs, but getting 
Fiery Mario to the end in the last four worlds will be a large feat, especially 
in the sparsely Power-Up populated World 7. If you do manage to do it, you'll 
get a nice picture of the Mario Brothers shaking hands.

Part 1: Destroy Bowser in Castle 5-4 with Fireballs.
Part 2: Destroy Bowser in Castle 6-4 with Fireballs.
Part 3: Destroy Bowser in Castle 7-4 with Fireballs.
Part 4: Destroy Bowser in Castle 8-4 with Fireballs.


     - - - - - - - - - - GUIDE TO THE TOY BOX - - - - - - - - - -

   The Toy Box is another extra exclusive to Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, but this 
is purely for enjoyment and usually has nothing to do with the game (with the 
exception of the Yoshi Egg Finder). There are a few options in here that you'll 
find fun for a while.

The calendar is a nifty little feature that allows you to keep track of 
important dates and look to see what future/past months look like. Wonder what 
day of the week someone was born on? Need to remember a special occasion? This 
calendar goes back a long time and goes into the future a long time (I got bored 
trying to see how far it goes and eventually gave up!). You can mark special 
dates with a variety of symbols and messages. 

Coolness Rating: 5

The fortune teller is more of a useless feature... is gives fortunes out like a 
fortune cookie would, but these are less like fortunes. It's fun to experiment a 
few times, but I doubt anyone would seriously think about the advice that this 
gives. The only good feature is that if you get the Extremely Lucky fortune, not 
only will you be treated to a cool music display, but in all your games you'll 
get five extra lives! 

Coolness Rating: 3

There actually is a reason to rescue all of those pesky Toads. After you rescue 
your first toad (or Princess Toadstool), this room will appear underneath the 
Calendar option. Inside, you can print out a bunch of neat stickers if you have 
the Game Boy Printer. If not, there's other things to do, too. Here's what 
saving the specific toad mentioned will get you:

Toad In Castle 1: This Toad, when selected, will show you some cool banners 
(they actually look more like borders). There are five of these to choose from, 
including a vine border, a mushroom kingdom border, and a circular border (like 
the Nintendo logo)

Toad In Castle 2: Saving this guy will get you some interesting animations. 
These are of Mario and enemies. They are taken directly from the game, but are 
blown up larger for printing. There are a total of 13 pictures.

Toad In Castle 3: Like the first Toad, this one will reward you with more 
banners. These banners aren't borders but are more logos, such as the Nintendo 
logo, the Game Boy logo, and the Nintendo Entertainment System logo. There are 5 
logos in all. 

Toad In Castle 4: This little Toad is like the second Toad, giving you 
animations straight from the game. These are of items and things, however. There 
are 15 different graphics here.

Toad In Castle 5: The Toad that you rescued from Level 5-4 will bring a feature 
that shows graphics that are fun to print. These include the 3-D "N" logo, the 
"Only For" logo, and pictures of Mario, Luigi, and other notable characters. You 
can look at and print eight pictures.

Toad In Castle 6: This Toad will reveal a feature which you can write in. There 
are several characters or things that can say whatever you type. You can even 
create a little mini-story. There's 10 frames of dialogue to write in. 

Toad In Castle 7: The last Toad you can rescue, like many others, presents 
banners to you. These 4 images are rather strange, featuring a picture of a cell 
phone, a name card, and a picture that let's you make your own die (you know, 
the things you roll in board games).

Princess Toadstool: If you defeat the real Bowser in the Castle of World 8, the 
princess will join her mushroom friends here. She provides perhaps the most 
interesting feature. This allows you to compose music. You can use quarter, 
eighth, and sixteenth notes as well as sharps to spice up your music. This song 
you make will appear before the title screen whenever you turn the game on, 
along with a picture of your selection (there's four to choose from).

Coolness Rating: 8 (9 if you have a Game Boy Printer)

If you find one Yoshi Egg in the challenge mode, this option will appear beneath 
the Fortune Telling. When you go in, it will randomly select a level and show 
you the location of the Yoshi Egg in it. This is incredibly helpful for finding 
Yoshi Eggs (it is cheating, however), but you still have to find where the 
picture is in the level. Also, the picture does not show where the Yoshi Egg is 
itself, just the screen which it is in. The real problem is the randomness of 
the Finder. It may take you hours to get the level you want (though it probably 

Coolness Rating: 5 (8 if you don't mind cheating)


                 _____                            _____
 ------------------|  / PART 4: ADDITIONAL HELP \   |-------------------
                 __|__                            __|__

      The final section of this FAQ is here to give you extra tips and help on 
the game. The first part gives you some general tips that will help you out in 
the game (it's a good idea to look here if you're having significant trouble on 
a level or if you're new at Super Mario Bros.). The second section has 
Frequently Asked Questions that readers of this FAQ send in frequently. If you 
have a question or problem that I haven't solved in this FAQ, it's OK to e-mail 
me and you'll almost definitely get a response. The final parts include my e-
mail address and guidelines for e-mailing me, special thanks, credits to people 
who helped me out in the making of this FAQ, and a closing statement.


         - - - - - - - - - - - - TIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - 

   Got a problem with the gameplay and not a specific area in the game? This 
section is just what you're looking for, and it could improve your game, too! 

1. If you need to make it over a pipe but a Piranha plant is in the way, there's 
a way to get over and not have to wait for the pesky plant to go back down. You 
can stand on the very edge of the pipe even when the Piranha plant is up, which 
will allow you enough height to leap over it. This is a very useful thing to 
know and will help you in many occasions. In fact, I always do this every time I 
see a Piranha Plant.

2. Fire Chains don't always reach as far as you think. If you duck as Super 
Mario, the Fire Chain might go as far as one fireball into you and have no 
effect! You can use this to your advantage... 

3. Unlike other enemies, Spiny will not be defeated if you hit them from below. 
Instead, they will bounce up in the air and most likely change their direction, 
much like a Power-Up Mushroom would.

4. Lakitu are quite dangerous and running into one will hurt you, but the 
friendly cloud it has taken over won't The cloud Lakitu ride sin is perfectly 
safe to touch.

5. Beware of the shell rebound. When you kick a shell into the wall, you'll get 
hurt if it comes back and hits you. However, if you're within one square of the 
wall (which is one block length), then you won't be affected at all by the 

6. Many times, secrets in the challenge mode are marked by a single bush or 
cloud on the ground. When you see one, try jumping above it and you may find a 
secret block.

7. Speed is key in many levels. Holding down the B button will sometimes make 
things easier, but you must be extra careful not to mindlessly run into enemies.

8. While swimming underwater, pressing down will make you fall faster. This is 
especially helpful when avoided Bloobers and Cheep-Cheep.

9. While running, you can clear small holes (those that are one block wide) 
without falling through. This is helpful for maintaining speed.

10. The longer you press the jump button, the higher your jump. Quickly tap it 
for a small hop, but hold it down for a large leap.


  - - - - - - - - - - - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - - - - - - - - - - -

   How nice, there's some questions here now. It may surprise you, but many 
other people sometimes share similar problems. Take a look!                 
Q: How Do I Erase the Saved Information?                                   A: 
After getting several false ways to delete your saved information, I've finally 
gotten what I think is the correct way. Follow the coming directions if you want 
to clear everything in the game, from challenge score, to records, to photos, 
and everything else. When you select the Original 1985 mode, there is a file 
select screen with three files. If you press the Start button while on the file 
select screen, you can copy or clear one of the files. If you hold down Select 
while selecting "Clear" (press A to activate), ALL saved game information will 
be deleted.

Q: How do I complete Level 8-2 in the Lost Levels?
A: The exit is hidden and isn't at the very end of the level. In fact, it's up 
in the sky. And the only way to get up to the sky is by climbing a vine. The 
vine itself is hidden inside the brick block above the Red Koopa Paratroopa 
(after the water). Wait until the Koopa Paratroopa is near the block, the jump 
on it and use the mild boost it gives you to hit the block. Jump back to land 
and ascend the blocks to get to the vine. Now it's only a few jumps until you 
get to the exit. 

Q: How do I access the Lost Levels/Super Mario Bros. for Super Players?
A: Beat the Top Score on the records list, which is held by Luigi. To get the 
score onto the list, simply play the Original 1985 mode. The score you have when 
you die/complete the game, if it qualifies, will be put on the list.

Q: How do I get across the big pit in the Original 1985 Mode's Level 8-2?
A: First, make sure that any incoming Bullet Bills have passed, then jump down 
to the small island on the left. Stand as far to the left as you can, hold down 
B, and begin to run. You'll run right over the hole separating the islands. When 
you reach the right edge of the second island, jump. If you have enough speed, 
you'll make it across the pit.


        - - - - - - - - CLOSING/THANKS/CREDITS - - - - - - - -

Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Something I left out? 
Info that I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say about my 
FAQ, be sure to: 

E-mail me Questions or Comments- [email protected]

Before you send me stuff, however, make sure you read this first:
1. Please look at the walkthrough before you send me questions! I made the 
walkthrough for a reason. It was so you could look at it, not so you could find 
my e-mail address and ask me what you want to know before you glance at it. Be 
sure to check the walkthrough to see if it can answer your question(s) before 
asking me.
2. When e-mailing me, put the words "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" or similar 
phrasing into the title. That would help me a lot.
3. I actually enjoy getting mail. If you have a stupid question, comments, or 
anything at all (except mail that says "send this to 50 other people or else"), 
I'd like to get it. 

Stuff to Send Me: Information on how to delete all saved information.

Question to Ponder: What would you like to see updated the most? Secrets in the 
Original 1985 mode? Tips for the Challenge mode? Strategies for the You Vs. Boo 
mode? Lost Levels help? Whichever section people want updated the most I'll work 
on the most!

Poll: Which Yoshi Egg gave you the hardest time finding? Even if you used the 
Yoshi Egg finder, which one still had you searching to find the spot?

READER'S CHALLENGE: OK, I'm giving the readers of this FAQ a challenge. I'm 
asking everyone out there to try and get the best scores for a SMB Deluxe level 
in the Challenge mode. Under the Target and Croco scores, I'll put the Reader's 
Score. Whether or not its better than mine doesn't matter. See if you can get 
the best score on a level. I've decided to eliminate the limit number and allow 
you to submit as many as you want. However, do not submit one that is lower than 
the current reader score for that level. Also, only submit those scores for 
levels I have covered so far in the Challenge mode.   Those who manage to get 
the best scores (only those that are better than mine AND the other readers, 
though) will get a special treat. What is it? Win to find out!

*Note- The FAQ is complete. New scores will likely not be posted, and if they 
are, it'll be a long wait.

                               *   *   *

                              - CREDITS -

A special thanks goes out to this kind people for contributing to help make my 
FAQ better and more fun and informative to read:

Ryan: For information on how to clear data.
Jim: For informing me about two more of the medals. 
Coffee: For this cool point trick (See Level 3-2 in the Original 1985 Guide)
Phil: For helping me with a couple pictures I missed.
More People Than I Can List Here: For the Koopa Shell Trick. You guys know who 
you are! Thanks!
                               *   *   *

Special Thanks to:
*Nintendo- For this great game, not only Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, but the 
Classic NES game represented in this game. Who knows where the video game world 
would have gone without this ground-breaking game?
*Nintendo Power- This magazine was helpful to look over and get a little info 
*The Instruction Booklet- A very well constructed manual that gave me some 
helpful information.

                               *   *   *

These Sites have been given permission to use my FAQ:

   *GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
   *Cheat Code Central 

If you see this FAQ at any other site, please notify me. Thank you.

Check www.gamefaqs.com for the most recent version of this FAQ. 

                               *   *   *

                          -CLOSING STATEMENT-
   Mario was created by technical limitations. Overalls to separate the hands 
from the body. A hat so Miyamoto wouldn't have to animate the difficult hair. A 
moustache so there wouldn't be a mouth. Mario was created by all of this, yet he 
evolved over time. Now he is one of, if not THE biggest name in video games. His 
adventures are loved by all and probably always will be. Although this surely 
wasn't the game that created Mario, this is the game that showed players what 
Mario could do. Let's all have fun playing it.

                      This FAQ Has Been                      _______
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   /   /     /__/     \_____//______/\_____/      /      /           _/
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