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                                T H E   L E G E N D   O F
             ############## ######## #####    ######   ######
            ##        ####   ##   ##  ##       ##  ##   #####
                     ####    ## #  #  ##       ##   ##  ## ###
                   ####      ####     ##       ##   ##  ######
                  ####       ## #  #  ##    #  ##   ## ###  ###
                ####         ##   ##  ##   ##  ##  ##  ###  ###
               ####      ## ######## ######## ######  ####  ####
            ##############     O R A C L E   O F   A G E S


             The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GameBoy Color)
         FAQ/Walkthrough - version 0.01 - Last Revised on May 15, 2001
     Written by Dallas Scott ([email protected]) - for revisions, check:

            http://www.dallastm.cjb.net  -  http://www.gamefaqs.com

      This document is Copyright 2001 Dallas Scott.  All Rights Reserved.


Legal Disclaimer

  This document is Copyright 2001 Dallas Scott ([email protected]) and may
  not be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from
  the author.  It may not be sold, edited, altered, given as an incentive to
  buy, published, etc. without advance permission from the author.  If you
  want to post this FAQ on your web site, please see the last section of this
  guide.  Zelda: Oracle of Ages is Copyright 2001 Nintendo.  ASCII logo was
  created by RLee and is a registered trademark of Nintendo.  If the above
  terms are violated, legal action will be taken.

Note to Readers

  Before you read this guide, I want to state a few things.  First off, I would
  like to ask that nobody e-mail me with questions about parts of the game
  that I have not yet covered in this guide.  If it isn't here, I haven't
  played it yet, therefore I won't be able to help.  Any such e-mails will be
  promptly deleted.  If you are interested in posting this guide on your site,
  see the last section for distribution information.  If I find that you've
  posted it without permission, I'll contact your host.  Finally: I do not
  need any help in finishing this guide.  If you really want to help, make
  your own guide.  Thank you.


Table of Contents

   i.  Introduction and Revision History
   I.  Story
  II.  Characters
 III.  Game Overview
  IV.  Walkthrough
   V.  Side Quests
  VI.  Item Listing
 VII.  Ring Listing
VIII.  Heart Piece Locations
  IX.  Gasha Seed Listing
   X.  Frequently Asked Questions
  XI.  Secrets/Codes
 XII.  Information

WARNING:  Spoilers begin in section IV.

                     i.  Introduction and Revision History

As you can see, this guide is severely incomplete for the time being, as I
don't want to take the chance of not getting my FAQ posted for the game due
to oversaturation in the near future.  This guide will remain incomplete until
I get my guide for Oracle of Seasons done.  Once that's done, I'll start
working on this one again (but I'll most likely update this one in between 
updates to my OoS guide, it depends.)  In the meantime, check out AstroBlue / 
Shdwrlm3's guide for the game, as it contains everything you need to know.  As 
for the game...

The next game in the Zelda series is actually a two part game; you have the
Oracle of Ages and the Oracle of Seasons.  Both games are different unlike the
Pokemon games, so buy them both if you haven't done so already.  Since I'm only
one person and I'm currently involved with three other guides at the moment, 
updates will be very sporadic, so bear with me!

Revision History
v0.01 - May 15, 2001 - Initial release.  First part of the walkthrough is 
complete, but much more will come in future revisions.

                              III.  Game Overview

A Button:  Use item assigned to button A
B Button:  Use item assigned to button B
Start:     Pause the game; bring up menu
D-Pad:     Use to navigate Link around
Select:    Bring up on-screen map

A + B + Start + Select:  Restart game.

Gasha Seeds
You can find a total of 16 Gasha Seeds throughout the game (see Gasha Seed
Listing section) and they can be planted inside soft dirt patches outside
where they will then grow into trees, thus producing nuts with cool items
inside.  Check the Gasha Seed Listing section for all current Gasha Seed
Locations that I've found.

A change from old Zelda games, this one contains Rings.  Rings give Link
magical powers (depending on which one he wears) and can be found all over the
game (see Ring Listing section.)  Before given access to using rings, you'll
first need a Ring Box to carry them in.  For ring descriptions and locations,
see the Ring Listing section.

To save your game, press start anytime during the game and then press select
twice to move over to the save screen.  Select the "save" option and you'll
be able to save/continue or save/quit.  When you save, you can later access
your game by selecting your name from the save slot menu and you'll leave off
where you last saved.

More to come...

                                IV.  Walkthrough

Items: Wooden Sword

Select a save slot, enter your name and choose a message speed to begin the
game.  When you're left to play, go north a screen to hear somebody cry out
for help.  It's Impa - she's being attacked by enemies.  As Link comes in, the
enemies flee and Impa will follow you wherever you go for fear of being
attacked again.  Go north a screen then west a screen to find a rock with the
Hyrulian symbol painted on it.  Impa asks you to move it, so do just that --
go north two screens to find Nayru singing.  Talk to one of the animals twice
for it to move, then list to Nayru's singing.  You'll then be introduced to
Nayru and her friend, Ralph.

After they tell you what's going down, the evil Veran will appear and steal
Nayru's body then warp back in time.  Ralph will run off to save her, and Link
will go and talk to Impa, who explains what you must do and gives you the
Wooden Sword.  She then tells you to go see the Maku Tree in Lynna Village, so
that shall be your next destination.  Go south into Lynna City then go north
(stop at the jewelry shop if you want to get a ring/box) and through the cave
into Maku Road.

                                   Lynna City

Items: Shovel, Heart Piece

Now in Maku Road, go north three screens and down the stairs to find the Maku 
Tree.  The Maku  Tree will disappear due to something Veran has done in the
past, so go right a screen and use the time portal.  You've gone back in time!
Head south in Lynna Village again and head: left a screen, south a screen,
left a screen, north a screen, left 2 screens (stop in the building here for
a Gasha Seed), south 4 screens, right 1 screen and talk to the miner to view
a custcene about the tower.

Go north into the Black Tower and head right a sceen, north a screen and left
a screen to find a miner reading something near four black holes in the ground.
Talk to him and he'll give you a shovel which you can use to shovel dirt.
Backtrack out of the Black Tower and use your shovel on the dirt to the right
to get your first heart piece.  Exit this excavation area and go back to where
the Maku gate is (near the entrance of Lynna Village.)  Use your shovel to
remove the dirt in front of the cave, then go in to enter Maku Path.

                                   Maku Path

Items: Small Key, Heart Piece

      Legend:               |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|
      ------------          |-|-|H| |K|-|-|-|
      K - Small Key         |-|-| | | |-|-|-|
      H - Heart Piece       |-|-|-| |-|-|-|-|   - Area of map not accessible.
      S - Start             |-|-|-|S|-|-|-|-|

Go north a screen and push the block up to open the door -- go through it.
Push the block to the left/right to clear a path, then go right one screen.
Kill all the enemies in this room to open the doors, then go through the north
door and push the block into the gap in the floor.  Go right, move the two
blocks out of your way and step on the switch to make a treasure chest appear.
Go back around to the other side of the room and open the chest to get a small
key.  Exit back into the central room and use your small key on the door to the

Push the blocks on the left out of the way then step on the switch to open the
doors -- go north.  Kill the two stalfos then push the blocks to get a heart
piece.  Push the lone block to open the doors; go right.  Go up the flight
of stairs and you'll find the Maku Tree (when she was just a little child)
being tormented by two enemies.  Kill them both and the Maku Tree will remove
the gate for you.  Go south and through the time portal to return to present

More to come...

                               VI.  Item Listing

As with every Zelda game, you'll have bombs.  Bombs can be used to blow up
cracked walls, damage enemies, etc.  You can either buy them in shops or find
them in chests/grass/shrubs.  Most of the time, bombs are necessary to have
in order to get past a dungeon, so make sure you keep a good stock.

Use these to replenish lost health.  Each heart replenishes one empty heart on
your meter.  You can find hearts after killing enemies, chopping shrubs/grass, 
and pretty much everywhere else.  These hearts are different from heart pieces 
and heart containers, as they don't increase your meter, just the supply on
your meter.

Heart Container
Four heart pieces will result in this.  Every heart container you collect will
give you one extra heart on your life meter.  You'll automatically receive a
heart container after defeating each dungeon boss, otherwise the only other way
to get them is by collecting heart pieces.

Heart Pieces
Every four heart pieces make one heart container.  Heart pieces are scattered
all throughout the game and are always placed in hard-to-reach areas.  When
you collect four, your life meter will increase by one.  For all heart piece
locations, please refer to the "Heart Piece Locations" section.

These seeds serve as fire -- you can light unlit torches with them, but you
must first receive the Satchel to carry them in.  The Satchel can be found in
the first level (Gnarled Root Dungeon, see walkthrough for more details on
how to get the Satchel.)  If you run out, you can find more seeds by chopping
up shrubs and grass.

Small Key
You'll find small keys in all caves/dungeons.  Sometimes they're in chests,
sometimes they're not.  All dungeons have locked doors that require the use of
small keys.  You can carry more than one small key at a time, but once you
use it on a door, you cannot use it again.  Most small keys can be found by
performing certain tasks such as moving blocks, killing enemies or stepping
on switches.

Wooden Sword
This is the first sword you'll get in the game.  You can find it inside the
Hero's Cave (which is located on the beach in Horon Village) and equip it to
one of your action buttons (A or B.)  This sword will kill basic enemies as
well as chop away shrubs, grass or any other small items.  See the walkthrough
on how to get this sword.

                              VII.  Ring Listing

No. 1 - Friendship Ring
 Location:    Lynna City (Vasu Jewelry)
 Description: Symbol of a meeting

                         VIII.  Heart Piece Locations

#1:  After getting the shovel from the miner in the Black Tower, exit the tower
     an look to your right.  You'll see two dirt piles with the heart piece
     behind them.  Use your shovel to remove the dirt piles and collect heart
     piece number one.

#2:  When you enter Maku Path (past), you'll find a room with this heart piece
     behind some blocks.  Maneuver the blocks so there's an open path then go
     inside to get the heart piece.

More to come...

                            IX.  Gasha Seed Listing

Gasha Seed #1
After entering Lynna Village for the first time (in the past) you'll find an
isolated house with some dirt piles just outside.  The owner of this house
hates Gasha Seeds, so if you talk to him, you'll get your first Gasha Seed
that can be planted in the soft dirt patch just south one screen.

More to come...

                        X.  Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why do you have things listed in the Table of Contents that aren't even
    in the guide yet?

A.  Consider them to be "previews" of what will be added to this guide in the
    near future.  I haven't added them yet because I haven't had time or I've
    been working on other sections of the guide.  Just be patient and they'll
    all be done soon enough.

Q.  I'm stuck and your walkthrough doesn't cover the area I'm stuck in.  What
    should I do?

A.  Wait.  Don't e-mail me asking about areas I haven't entered yet, as I will
    not have an answer for you.  I update the walkthrough as I play through the
    game, so you'll just have to be patient and wait for me to finish.  If you
    don't like it, start your own guide.

                              XII.  Information

Credits and Sources
Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - http://www.gamefaqs.com
  Hosted this FAQ on his wunnerful website known as GameFAQs.

AstroBlue - http://members.aol.com/astroboyblue/resources.html
  For telling me about the game before I played so I could add some sections
  to the ToC.

  RLee for his nice Zelda ASCII which I also used in my Zelda: Majora's Mask 
  guide.  marshmallow's OoT FAQ is where I found it.

Contact Information
Have any comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, contributions, praise,
constructive criticism, or anything else about this FAQ (or any of my others?)
Please contact me via one of the following, and I'll get back to you as soon
as I can.  All questions asked that have already been answered in the guide
will be ignored:

E-mail Address:  [email protected]
ICQ Number:      100893080

Want to host this FAQ on your website?  Please contact me via one of the above
methods and send me the URL of your site, and I'll give you the terms I have
for webmasters hosting my guides.  If you post this (or any of my other FAQs)
guide on your site without asking first, your host and/or ISP will be contacted
and notified of your illegal actions.


          The latest version of this document can always be found at:

                      GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
                      DS-99 - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net

          For tons of information on this game plus maps, check out:
   http://geocities.com/templeof4seasons/ -  http://templeof4seasons.cjb.net


Copyright 2001 Dallas Scott.  All Rights Reserved.


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