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Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Anthony Vexer
Version 0.5

Version 0.1-Just started the FAQ, because I just got the game.  Didn't really add 
Just began the FAQ/Walkthrough.  

Version 0.2-Started the Walkthrough, and updated the Table of Contents.  

Version 0.3-Added everything up to the level three duengon in the walkthrough.

Version 0.35-I just found out where to get the two other animals, Moosh, and 
I added a part of the FAQ where you can get these animals, and how to get their 
I found Moosh, is the hardest to get to, and Ricky is the easiest to get.

Version 0.4-Updated the walkthrough to version 0.4.  I added everything up to the 
duengon so far.  It's comming a long pretty good.

Version 0.45-Finished the section about the animals, totaly!  Now, I am off to 
fifth duengon.

Version 0.5-Started the Item sectin, which is not nearly done, and the Seed 
section, which
is almost done(I think).  I am thinking of adding more sections, after this 
guides first 
release.  Added some stuff to the level four duengeon walkthrough.  Almost done.

Version 0.6-Finished duengeon four walkthrough.  I am going to submit this to 
now, but I AM NOT FINISHED YET!  Repeat I'm not fully done with this guide.  So 
calm and I will update this whenever I can.

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1.Table Of Contents

1.Table Of Contents


Oravle of Seasons, is the first Zelda game for Game Boy I have ever played.  And 
playing it I wanted to play Zelda DX, and the earlier Zelda games too.  And 
since, the
game can get very confusing, this is my Walkthrough and FAQ for it.  Enjoy.


You begin in a festavle with a bunch of people, including Din, who raised you, 
after she
found you in the forest.  Dance with Din and talk to the others.  Soon a wind 
will come
by taking all the people in the festavle away.  Now you have to rescue Din from 

Go south until you see grass, and a dirt path with people using flowers to get 
over a
wall(like in Majora's Mask).  When you see that head west, and follow that down 
to the
seashore.  When on the seashore, go into the cave with the shells on the sides. 

Inside the cave, push switches, and blocks to open doors.  At the end of the 
cave, you 
will be granted a chest, with the Wooden Sword in it.  After that leave, and head 
to the guy who used the flower to jump over the wall.  Then go south until you 
see a 
fairy fountian.  If you need healing, get it from the fountian, then go east, and 
towards the Maku Tree.

You will come to a gate, power up your sword and break through the gate, go north 
once you see the Maku Tree, pop it's bubble and it will talk to you.  After the 
conversation, the Maku Tree will give you the Gnarled Key, so you can enter the 

Go north, back up to where oyu began the game.  Since you have the sword now, you 
cut through the grass.  From the stump Din was dancing on go west, and cut 
through the 
grass.  Go over the bridge.  Now is a good time to save.  You can save by 
pressing Start
then Select twice.  After that use the Gnarled Key on the tree.  Then Gnarled Root

Go north, into the second room.  Push the block on the top right, and go into the 
on the right.  Kill all the things in here, and a chest, with a key will appear.  
the key, and go back into the room you were just in.  Use the key, on the door to 
left.  Kill all the monsters in this room, and the door will open and a treasure 
contaning the map opens.  Take the map and go through the door on the north.  Go 
the mine cart and take it to the next room.  Kill all the enemies in this room 
and go
through the door on the left and solve the block puzzle to get Gasha Seeds.  Then 
back to the mine cart.  Once at the mine cart, go north, up the stairs just above 
it let you off.  Then push the switch and go back into the mine cart.

The mine cart will take you farther east this time you take it(since you switched 
tracks by pushing the switch).  After it lets you off, go back one screen, and 
get the
Bombs out of the treasure chest.  Then go back to where the mine cart left you 
off, and 
push the blocks to get into the area to your right.  The next small key is here.  
go up the stairs.  Look for a part of the wall tht looks like: /\/\, and place a 
near it.  The bomb will break through the wall.  Go through the passage, you've 
opened.  In here hid in the little holes in the blocks, as the sliding things go 
After your completly finished, use the key to go through the door.  Once you kill 
the enemies in here, you make a warp back to the entrance.  Save now.  Then go 
the door to the west.  Once inside push the block farthest left upward, and go 
down the
stairs.  Go down the ladder, and up the other ladder, and get the Ember Seeds.  
Now go
into the room, you were just in, and use the warp back to the entrance.

Once at then entrance again, go up into the next room, and push the block to open 
doors.  After that, go into the room on the left, and kill all the enemies to 
open the
door.  Then go to the left, and you should see a door with two chest next to it.  
Ember Seeds in them, so they both light, up and go through the door.  Kill all 
monsters in this room, and a treasure chest will appear.  Open it, and you will 
the boss key.  

Now, go back to the entrace.  Go north, and push the block.  Go through the door 
on the
right.  Kill all the monsters in this room.  Save, then light up the two chest 
next to
the door on the north.  Go through it.  

This is a very hard room to get past, because of the hands that pop up, and try 
to grab
you.  If they grab you, you are sent back to the entrance.  Enter the room and go 
and get the ring from inside the box, then go back out.  Go north, and then east 
avoiding the hands.  Then use the Boss Key on the door at the end.


To beat this thing, attack it's horn, as many times as you can as soon as he 
Then attack his horn twice, the run away, so you don't get hit with the fireballs 
spits out.  Do this about fifteen or so times, and he's dead.

Once you defeat the Unicorn Dragon, get your heart and go into the room to the 
right, and 
get the Essence.

After that, your next destanation is Snake's Remains, but you have some stuff to 
before you can get their.

Go back to the Maku Tree area, and just south are some bushes that you can burn 
your Ember Seeds.  After you burn through them, go east into the next area, Woods 
Winter.  Head north and you will see Rosa, who is heading to a lava land called 
Follow her to a warp, portal that leads you to Subrosia, but don't let her see 

In Subrosia, head south, and downstairs.  In here, you can earn a Boomerang, 
which you 
need to get into the Temple of Seasons.  So dance with them, which is 
surprisingly fun, and
if you go about six sets of dances without messing up, they will give you a 
If you want you can keep trying to earn better prizes, but I stoped after I won 
it a 
second time.

Once you have the Boomberang, go east, and then when you see a large path, go 
Follow the path up to the Temple of Season.  When inside the Temple of Seasons, 
the Boomerang to hit the crystal ball, the opens a path across the lava.  Go 
across the
bridge, and follow up until you come to the end.  Get the Rod of Seasons, then 
Next, go to the Tower of Winter, which is located southeast of the Temple of 

Once inside, follow the path, until it comes to an end.  Then your Rod of Seasons 
be sented with a "Wintry chill."  After that head back through the warp to the 
of Winter.

When you return to the Woods of Winter, their will be a guy sleeping on a stump.  
he sees you he'll jump off and start talking to you about the Rod of Seasons and 
After that, stand on the stump, and use the Rod of Seasons.  The season will be 
to winter. Cool.  Now you can get across the lake.  After you cross the lake.  Go 
north, whail the seasons change, until you come to a locked house, and a stump.  
Use the 
Rod of Seasons on the stump, and the season will be winter.

Then go up the ladder, and then off of it onto the snow, to the right.  Fall down 
chimney, and the girl will give you a shovel.  Shovel her path and then you can 
be on
your way.  Go south, until you come as far as you can go.  Change the season to 
on the next stump then go left, and up.

When you come to your first space to the rigt, go through it.  Get the seeds from 
tree, and continue north.  Once, as far as you can go, head east, and cut the 
and enter the duengon.

Now your in the Level 2 Duengon, Snake's Remains.  This duengon is a little 
harder than
the first one, so you have to be quick and strong.

From the entrance, go east, and get the rupies from the chest, then go north.  
Kill all
the snakes in here, and you will get a treasure chest with a key inside.  Take 
the key
and go back to the entrance.  Put Ember Seeds in the boxes, to open the door.  Go 
the opening to the east, and push the block that is out of line, into line.  A 
containing the compas will appear.  Go back into the room you were just in, and 
go into
the passage on the north.  Place a bomb exactly where the arrow of blocks is 
pointing to
and go through the passage you just made.  Get all the ruppies in here, then 
Use a small key to get into the northern door.  Push the two things into the 
hole, then
go intot he next room.  In here kill all the monster, then you can get the Power 
from the chest.  Go through the other passage in this room, and push the block(i 
which one, it was so long ago), to open the door.

This room can be very dangerous.  First, thing to remember is to avoid the red 
yellow moving blocks.  Get the key, from the treasure chest, then go south, and 
the Power Braclet, to push the big blue things.  Stock up on bombs, then go down 
stairs.  Cut the grass, to be able to get into the bomb room.  In here you have 
to blow
up the broken blocks but you have to be very quick, because the chest disappears 
a short while.  So to make it faster, have bombs ready, and throw them, so they 
when their near the wall.  If you do that this room, should be a piece of cake.  
is a key in the treasure chest.  Once you have they key, backtrack to the room, 
the yellow and red sliding spikes, were.  Once back their use a bomb to blow up 
broken blocks, to get into the next part of the room.  Now, go down the stairs 
will lead you to a tunnel.

Once inside the tunnel beware of the bats, but when you come to a huge block that 
ready to pound on you, go close to the edge, but don't fall off it!  Wait until 
block comes down, then walk on top of it and use it as a bridge to get the next 
One out of two obsticles done.  Next you will come to four smaller blocks, ready 
smash you.  Well, this is easy, just run under them all.  They won't catch you.  
this path to the ladder that leads back up to the duengon.

When you get back in the dunegon, save your game.  Then psuh the blue things to 
through.  Get the ruppies from the chest, and continue on the path.  Once you 
a big blue thing, notice the cracks on the floor.  If you stay on them for too 
they will cave in.  So, be fast, when walking over them.  Continue on the path, 
you come to a door.  Use the Small Key to open it.  Save before you go in it.

Once inside a face on the floor will appear.  Place bombs in between it's eyes, 
to harm
it.  It should take four or five hits to finally kill him.  After you've defeated 
face, a warp portal, to the entrance of the duengon, will form.  Now save.  Go 
and use a key on the block, with the key hole.  Then go foward two screens.  You 
notice a treasure chest.  Go down one screen.  Here's where you have to be 
Use the moving blocks, to get to the next platform.  Once on the other landing, 
go up
the ladder, and open the treasure chest.  You will then get the Boss Key.  Then 
out to the left.  Go to the room, that you were in right after you left the face 
Go to where the three vases are.  Pick them up, and place a bomb, where the wall 
like this: /\/\.  Then go through it.  

This is another challange.  You have to pick up bombs, and throw them at the 
in between the blocks.  Once you've got rid of all four of them, the door will 
Now, what you have to do is, go on to that thing, and go south.  Go to the other 
Save.  Use the Boss Key on the door to the right.


This is the same as the boss from Legend of Zelda: Oacrina of Time.  When King 
is about to spit fire at you, throw a bomb into it's mouth.  That will knock it 
Once, it is knocked out.  Use the Power Braclet, to pick it up and throw it on 
spikes.  After about five times, Kind Dodongo willbe destroyed.  Get your heart 
Then go through the door and get the Essence.  First you have to get Ricky's 
Gloves from
Bliano and bring them to Ricky.  He'll take you to Spool Swamp(unless he gives 
you his
flute).  Otherwise here's how to get the animals:

Okay, now you have to choose your fate.  Ricky, Dimitri, or Mossh.  Here's what 
you have
to do to get them.  You can choose only one of them.

Ricky: To get Ricky, go back to where you bagan the game, and go north.  Use the 
	 Braclet, to get into the northern area.  Then go west, and over a 
bridge.  Just
	 after, you get over the bridge, go up, in between the two sets of tress, 
	 talk to the kangaroo.  He says he needs his gloves.  So go east, as much 
as you 
	 can go, until you see a house, with two gloves on top of it.  Go inside 
	 challange Bliano, to a boxing match.  Beat him, and you win the gloves.  
	 the gloves back to Ricky, and you can travel in his pouch.  Ricky, has 
	 gloves, which can send out a Thunder Punch which clears the way, and can 
also take 
	 out grass, and enemies.

Dimitri: Dimitri, is easy to get, but takes a long time to get him.  Go to 
Subrosia and
	   play the dancing game and win seven times, and you will get the 
Strange Flute.
	   Then drain the Floodgates(first paragraph, after animals), and jump 
into the
	   water near a sleeping man.  Go southwest, until you can't go anymore, 
then right
	   a couple of screens, and you will see Great Moblin's beating up 
Dimitri.  Talk
	   to the one in the middle and he will offer to sell you Dimitri for a 
total of
	   80 Ruppies.  Dimitri, is a dodongo and you ride on his back.  He 
doesn't have a
	   weapon, but he can swim, through water, other that Ricky, can't swim 

Moosh: Moosh's flute is easy to get, but it is prety hard to find Moosh.  You 
have to look
       for Moosh, on the very northeast tip of the world map.  To get his flute 
you must
	 buy it.  You can ride on Moosh's back, as he flys over things.  Very 
useful, yet
	 hardest animal to find.  Sorry, I don't know too much about him.  

Once you have your animal go to the Floodgate Keeper's House located northwest of 
Swamp. The Floodgate Guy lost the key.  So hit the switch on the right and drain 
the wateer.
Magic, the key.  Now drain the Floodgates through the underground passage.  Go 
through the
passage and exit.  In here find the Deku Scrub that will sell you a shield for 50 
But most importantly open the floodgates.

As soon as you enter Subrosia, head south to the beach.  On the very southeast 
tip of 
the beach, you will find Rosa, the thing you followed here.  She has lost her 
bow.  So
dig everywhere until you find a Start Shaped Ore.  Take it to the Market and use 
it to
buy a bow.  Give the bow to Rosia.  Then she decides to go out with you.  

When on the date with her, use her to get into the Tower of Summer.  Then get 
your Rod
of Seasons, to be scented with Summer.  After that go back to Spool Swamp.  Now 
you can make summer, head to the stump near Poison Moth's Lair and use the Rod of
Seasons, to make it summer.  Then enter Posion Moth's Lair. 

When inside Posion Moth's Lair run into the things with your shield, to knock 
them over
the hit them with you sword.  When all three are dead, the door leading to the 
next room 
will open.  In the next room go east until you come to a room with more hands.  
four hands, and then push the left block pn the bottom on to the switch, to open 
the door.

Go up stairs, then push out the top block.  Kill the monsters and get the bombs 
from the 
chest.  Then look no the upperleft side of the room.  You should see a design on 
floor that looks like this:

[ ] B [ ]	[ ] Spaces
[ ][ ][ ]    B  Place bomb here.

Place a boomb on the B, to get into the room with the chest containing the 
duengon map. 
Go back to the stairs, and push out the third block on the left side, then push 
second block down so you can get out.  Go left, solve the puzzle and go left 
until you can't 
go anymore.  Then go north and through the door.

In here, don't move from your starting point, wait for the little pink things to 
then hit them with your sword.  Once all of them are dead, get the Roc's Fether.  
Roc's Fether outside and use it to jump on the moving green platform.  Once on 
their jump
down the gap on the otherside.  Go down the stairs.  

Here is a little ticky.  Jump on the little blocks until you come to the second 
block.  Jump on it, and take it to the next ladder.  Go up, the ladder, jump on 
third moving block, then, take it to the set of smaller ladders.  Jump on the 
first one
to the left, and then climb across the rest, until you reach the big ladder 
leading up
to the duengon's basement, again.  In the northwest corner of this room, their is 
something you can bounce up, on to the next level.  Take it to level one, and get 
Compas from the chest.  The go all the way back to the entrance.  Head tawards 
fifth screen after the entrance, and use Roc's Fether to jump onto the moving 
Once on the other landing, go down the stairs.

In here use the big stompers, to get to the otherside, and after the stompers, 
just jump
on to the next moving platform.  At the end go up the ladder.  In here, push the 
you can jump on, to the orange tile, in front of the stairs.  Jump on it, and 
take it
to the area where their is a treasure chest.  In here get the key, and go back 
Then go to the area, just above, where you got the first key, in this duengon.

Their is a switch in this area, but, if you touch it, the floor collapses.  So 
what you
have to do is, use Roc's Fether, to jump over it, and open the door on the 

In here you have to fight three ocropusses that spit fire at you.  Pick, them up 
they spit fire at you.  Then throw them and slash them with your sword.  After 
defeat them, you get a fairy, and warp back to the entrance.  Take the stairs you 
in the octupuss room, and then follow that path all the way until their is a 
pit.  Fall
down the pit, and push in a block so, their is only a gap.  Jump over the gap, 
and get
the Boss Key from the treasure chest.  

To get to the boss room, take the stairs in the octopuss room, and transfer to 
the other 
side on the first oprotunity you get.  Then go right and you should see it in a 
matter of


To be perferctly honest with you, this is the easiest boss, you've faced so far.  
All you 
have to do, is hit it with your sword.  When he circles around the boss arena, 
jump away 
from the fire he spits at you, and you can also attack him when he circles the 
It takes you about ten or so hits to finally finish him off.

Once you defeat him go up the stairs you just created and get the essence.  After 
get your ainmal and take it to the very northeast tip, of the world map.  But, 
me, your gonna have a hell of a hard time getting their.  Before you get to the 
City, you need the flippers.  To get the flippers, go far far east, all the way 
by the
Great Moblins Castle, and go right, into the next screen.  In here(if you didn't 
Dimitri, yet), go south, and you will see people trying to hurt Dimitri.  Talk to 
and when they ask you "Do you have bommb?" respond "Yes."  Then they will all 
leave, and
you will be able to ride on Dimitri's back.  You can swim if you have Dimitri, so 
north, until you reach two waterfalls, and three sharks.  Go up the waterfall to 
right and talk to the master.  After that leave, and go up the left waterfall.

In the left water fall push all the eyes into a formation like this:

    []*{}  [] Movable blocks
    [] []  {} The unmovable block.
	     *  Where you sytand when you power up your sword

Once you do that, hold you sword button down, and release the energy out.  If 
your sword
hits all four blocks, a bridge will appear to the east.  Use Roc's Fether to get 
on the
bridge, then get the Master's Plate, out of the chest.  Bring it back to the 
in the right waterfall, and he will give you flippers.  Now, you can easily, get 
to the
other landing, to get to Moosh and the Sunken City.

Go northeast, until you see a big blue bear(if you haven't goten him yet), who is 
about something, where the season must be spring.  So, that's your clue to find 
the next 
Subrosia warp, which isn't far away.  Head north, and then jump down the cliffs, 
and into
the warp.

Now that your in Subrosia for the third time, you must unlock the Tower of 
Spring.  Jump
to the otherside of the lava, and a red and blue Subrosian's will come and steal 
fether.  Go into the house to the southwest, and you will see them, running with 
Follow them, but don't let them see you, until they burry it.  Then go to the 
place where
they burried it(which isn't hard to find, considering it is on a diffrent color 
soil), and 
dig up the fether with your shovel.  Then go back to the entrance of Subrosia
(where you
entered this time), and just east is a staircase leading down.  Go down, and go 
Go up the first ladder going up, then enter the Tower of Spring.

Get the Rod of Seasons blessed with a spring dew, then go back to the Sunken 
City.  Use 
the Rod of Seasons on the stump, just below the third Subrosian warrp.  Make it 
and go to the Flying Cucco, and pick it up with the power braclet, and fly to the
second landing.  Go into the tunnel and go up the stairs to the northwest of the 
Get the Spring Bannanas from the tree, then go down and give them to Moosh.  Then 
give you a ride anywhere.

Ride west two screens then north one screen.  In here, you must fly over the gaps 
to the 
next landing.  At the end, get the Dragon Key, and then make the season spring.  
Use the 
Flower to shoot up, then go to the stump, and make it winter.  Go into the cave, 
the snow to get to the entrance.  Then go up two levels and out on to the cliff.  
Use the
Flying Cucco to get to the next landing, and use the Dragon Key of the T 
Keyhole.  Next,
go back down to the stump, and make the season summer then enter the duengon.

Once inside Dancing Dragon Duengeon go north and into the first room.  Get the 
bombs from
the chest then, ride in the mine cart, and hit the switch as you ride by.  In the 
where the mine cart stops, place a bomb by the wall that looks like /\/\.  Go 
into the
next room.  Break two of the nine bottles, leaving you with seven bottles.  Place 
bottle on a switch, and put yourself on the left over switch, and you will be 
able to
get the Small Key.  Then leave and go back in the mine cart.  Again, hot the 
switch as
you ride by.

In here push the stone on the switch to open the door.  Go to the next room.  In 
northwest corner of this room, push in the end block, then push away the middle 
and go down the stairs.  In here, go to into the next room.  Go east into the 
next room
and get the map.  Then leave and go down the stairs.  

Okay.  This tunnel is easy, until you get to the changing blocks.  Once you get 
up to 
them, study the patterns they change in.  Then jump on them, to get to the 
Then go up the ladder.  Put an Ember Seed in the box, then push the block north, 
go around
and get the Small Key from the chest.  Then backtrack to the entrance.  Once back 
use a small key on the door to the east.  In here avoid the flashing skelitons, 
and use
Roc's Fether to jump over the spikes, then place a bomb by the wall that looks 
like /\/\.
Go through the passage you've just opened.

Kill all the enemies is this room, and push the switch, one square west, and the 
chest will appear.  Inside, is the Compas.  Then go back into the room you were 
in.  Go
through the passage to the north.  In here jump into the water and press B when 
the spikes
are about to get you.  Once your past both spike-rollers go through the passage 
to the
north.  In here jump on the spaces on the gap, to get to the next passage.  Use 
the mine 
cart switch to get to the western door.  In here kill all the enemies, and watch 
where the 
key falls.  Dive into the water, to where the key fell and get the key out of the 
Take the mine cart back to the eastern room.  Use a Small Key on the key hole 
block and
kill all the enemies here.  Use Pegasus Seeds and Roc's Fether to jump over the 
big gaps.
Take the mine cart two screens west, then get out.  Get the key from the chest in 
room then go south one room.

Looks hard?  Don't sweat it.  Jump from floor to floor, avoiding getting hit by 
the raising 
spikes.  Then go through the south passage.  In here you will find three 
sorcerers, all 
shooting fireballs at you, all the sam looking.  The only way to tell the 
between the two clones and the real sorcerer, is the one with the shadow under 
it.  First
put Ember Seeds in the boxes, then see which sorcerer has a shadow under it.  
one has a shadow under it, hit it with your sword, then light the boxes again.  
Do this
process five or six times, and the sorcerer will be finished off for good.  Go 
the southern passage, in this room.  Get in the mine cart.  When it leaves you 
off go
through the southern passage, and use the key on the western door.  Kill the 
bats, then
use Pegasus Seeds, and push the block on to the switch, then run tawards the 
chest and get the Slingshot.  Then jump off the ledge and go back to the minecart.

Use your Slingshot to hit the distant switches.  Hit the lower switch, the upper 
switch, go
back in the cart, then the lower switch, so you go through the door of the far 
right.  Go 
to the second room, and use the Pegasus Seeds and Roc's Fether to get over the 
big gaps.
Use a Small Key on the keyhole block, and go into the northern room.  Kill all 
enemies in this room, and dive into the small water pool, on the right, and get 
the Boss
Key.  Now, go back to the room, where you defeated the sorcerer, and go north one 
and into the mine cart.

In here launch Ember Seeds from the Slingshot into the boxes.  Once all are lit, 
go back 
into the room with the rising spikes and go to the eastern corner of that room.  
Go up 
and then right, and get the Small Key out of the chest.  Then go south two 
rooms.  Kill
all the enemies, and push the switch that blocks the sliding enemies, to attack 
you, down
so the sliding enemies can't attack you.  Then use the boomerang to hit the 
switch left,
and take the minecart to the next room.  Kill all the ghost in this room, then go 
the next room.  Use the Small Key on the keyhole block and go down the stairs.

In here use the Slingshot with Ember Seeds to light the boxes that form a bridge 
to the 
otherside.  Go over it and go into the next room.  Get the fairy in here, then go 
the northern room.  Get on the platform, and go on the landing to the north, and 
the boss room.


Remember Gohma from Oacrina of Time.  Well, shes back and is alot harder now.  
First of
all attack her claw, then jump out of the way.  When her claw breaks off, wait 
until she
opens her eye, then either slash it or hit it with your slingshot.  Do this about 
times and get your heart piece then the essence, in the next room.


Wooden Sword-Hero's Cave
Power Braclet-Snake's Remain's
Rod of Seasons-Subrosia Temple of Seasons
Shovel-Woods Of Winter
Shield-Deku Scrub, Horon Shop
Roc's Fether-Posion Moth's Lair
Zora's Flippers-Sunken City
Slingshot-Dancing Dragon Duengeon


Ember Seeds
These seeds are very popular.  You can hold a maximum of twenty of them.  They 
set fire
to things so you can get throuh stuff, and open doors.

Mystery Seeds
I have tried them, and I have no clue what the do.

Pegasus Seeds
These seeds make you be faster, so you can be faster when you need to push a 
switch, and
cross something faster.  

Scent Seeds
Put out a scent enemies don't like.  I use these for the Slingshot, alot.

Gale Seeds
These seeds let out a tornado and clers a path of enemies, so you cann get past 


Q: Are you actually going to finish this guide?

A: Yes.  I just think, their may be a delay, so other than keep you not playing 
the game
   you can play it, just that after where I left off, you will have to do some 
work on
   your own, until I update the FAQ.

Q: Are you going to add more sections to this FAQ?

A: Yes.  After I finish the Walkthrough and the other sections, I will add more 

Send me your questions.  [email protected]


I would like to thank:

GameFAQs for publishing this guide,
GameSages for having a great code site,
CJayC for running a great site,
You for reading and not copying this,
and Nintendo for making this game.


(c) Copyrite Anthony Vexer 2001
(c) Copyrite Anthony Vexer 2001

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