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                             -= The Mark of Kri =-
                               FAQ / Walkthrough
                                  Version 1.1

                    -= A Snickers and Roots Production =-

                 Text file last updated On 10-17-2002 (02:30 pm)

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Title            : THE MARK OF KRI - FAQ / Walkthrough

Created By       : bremen

Copyright	 : Do I really have to say this?  [Make your own!]

 Table of Contents
I.    Introduction
II.   How To Use This Guide
III.  Game Information & Story
IV.   Controls
V.    Characters
VI.   Items
VII.  Weapons
VIII. Walkthrough
	A. Level 1: Ruins of Tiru
	B. Level 2: Tapuroku
	C. Level 3: Heiadoko 
	D. Level 4: Vaitaku
	E. Level 5: Meifiti
	F. Level 6: Rahtutusai
IX.  Cheats & Extras
X.   Glitches
XI.  Thanks
XII. Contact


I. Introduction
This FAQ was written by bremen to help all of you who may need it or for those
of you who are just curious about the game.  I was surprised to see that there
weren't any walkthrough FAQs for this game so I decided to create one.  First
off I guess it's because people may think the game is too short to need an
FAQ.  But I can tell you that if done wrong this game can be quite
challenging.  Also, I thought this game was fantastic.  An engaging and
ground-breaking battle system that was well thought out.  Unfortunately it
could have been used a little better.  Enough ranting and on with the FAQ!

II. How To Use This Guide
Use the find feature to page through to specific sections of the FAQ.
Basically, the FAQ is divided into 12 sections.  Section VIII. is the main
part of the FAQ and probably the most useful.  Everything else is just extra.

III. Game Information & Story
Title:		   The Mark of Kri
Publisher:	   Sony Computer Entertainment America
Genre/Category:	   Action, Adventure
System:		   PlayStation 2
Number of Players: 1
Release Date:	   07/02
Play Time:	   7 - 10 Hours
Replay:		   2 hours - Infinite (depending on your definition of fun)

	Long ago a destructive spell of darkness was created and before
it could be used was conveniently broken into 6 pieces or marks and scattered
throughout the realm.  Time passed and those who had kept the spells in safety
for so long, forgot about their use and purpose.  After a millennia the spells
were rediscovered...(uh oh...)

IV. Controls
The game has a pretty extensive help system with good combat tutorials.  
Lopping off the head of a practice dummy never gets old.  Nevertheless, here
is a basic list of the controls.

D-Pad	     = Move Rau - the only thing worth noting is that pressing
	       the opposite direction Rau is facing will not make him walk
	       backwards but will in fact make him pause for a moment
	       (annoyingly) and turn around.

Left Analog  = Move Rau - the only thing worth noting is that pressing
	       the opposite direction Rau is facing will not make him walk
	       backwards but will in fact make him pause for a moment
	       (annoyingly) and turn around.

Right Analog = Target enemies (A laser-like thing shoots out and
	       when it touches an enemy it marks them for attack.
               The first enemy it touches gets an X over his head, 
	       the second gets a Square, and the third gets a
	       O, so Rau can attack up to 3 people at a time
	       with his sword.)

L1	     = Centers camera behind Rau and allows free-looking.  Also
	       used for aiming while Rau has the box equipped.

L2	     = Sends Rau's spirit guide (Kuzo - a magic bird) out to
	       the specified perch were Rau can then see through it's
	       eyes as a sort of scout to see what lies ahead.  It can
	       also cause a distraction to divert guards attentions or
	       even trigger unreachable switches, etc...)

R1	     = When unarmed, Rau can grab an enemies weapon and kill
	       him with it.

R2	     = Pull up weapons menu and switch / unequip weapons

R3	     = De-select all targets

X	     = Attack enemy marked with X - Also used in combos

Square	     = Attack enemy marked with Square - Also used in

Triangle     = Toggle between Rau's eyes and Kuzo's

O	     = Attack enemy marked with O - Also used in combos

Combo Moves  = When you have less than 3 enemies marked (i.e. 1 or 2)
	       you can use the free attack buttons to perform
	       different combo moves

	       RAU'USU		= X, X, X, X

	       FUA TOKO RUTU	= X, O, O, O
			  	  X, Square, Square, Square

	       FUA TOKO FAAHU	= X, O, O, X
			  	  X, Square, Square, X

    	       FUA USU RUTU	= X, O, Square, Square
			  	  X, Square, O, O

	       FUA USU FAAHU	= X, O, Square, X
			  	  X, Square, O, X

V. Characters
Rau 	 - Rau is the main character and the person you will be controlling
	   throughout the game.  He has been trained by Baumusu in the ways
	   of the Rakus, or protectors of the six symbols of the Mark of Kri.

Kuzo	 - Kuzo is Rau's faithful spirit guide and narrator of the game's
	   story.  Rau can see through Kuzo's eyes and can use Kuzo to scout
	   the hostile terrain ahead of him.  Kuzo can also be used to
	   trigger otherwise unreachable ladders or switches.

Baumusu	 - The last of the Rakus, Baumusu has raised Rau and his sister,
	   Tati since they were separated from their parents long ago.  He
	   has trained Rau in the ways of the Rakus and will further train
	   Rau throughout the game.

Mauruku  - A portly old man in the inn known as a cleric.  He asks you to rid
	   his land of bandits in exchange for his powerful bow.

Rongo	 - The barkeep at the inn.  He gives Rau his first mission, to clear
	   the surrounding forest of the bandits that occupy it.

Tati	 - Rau's sister.  She bears the 6th symbol of the Mark of Kri and
	   Baumusu is her protector.

Simka	 - An old fortune-teller who gives Rau his 4th mission.

Oracle	 - An ancient magical tree in the 4th mission.  Rau must eat of it's
	   fruit to learn his fate.  It gives Rau his 5th mission.

Sage	 - An old man in the inn who gives Rau access to all the levels,
	   arenas, cheats, rewards, etc...

Dark One - An ancient Kasai seeking to obtain the six symbols of the Mark of
	   Kri and bridge the gap between the worlds of light and darkness.

VI. Items
Health	      - Restores Rau's health by 25%, 50%, or 100% depending one the
		item. They look like a red disc surrounded by a red flame.

Rune of Power - Increases Rau's health capacity and are vital to Rau's
		survival.  I would suggest collecting all of these.  You can
		collect up to four per level.  Unfortunately, they do not
		carry over to other levels. (Lame...)  They look like a small
		shield surrounded by a white flame.

Save Scroll   - You can use these to save your game.  You can carry up to
		four at a time. So you should save if you run across a 5th
		save scroll and you have plenty of health. Unfortunately,
		they also do not carry over to other levels. (Not quite as
		lame...)  They look like a rolled up piece of parchment
		surrounded by a yellow flame.

Arrows	      - Rau starts with 20 arrows regardless of how many you pick up
		in the training area. (So don't bother...) These come in
		bundles of 15 arrows and Rau can hold a maximum of 99.  They
		look like an arrow surrounded by a green flame.

Yep, that's it...

VII. Weapons
1. Hands  - though not technically a weapon, you can use your hands when you
	    are unarmed to grab an enemies weapon and kill them with it, or
	    to perform a variety of stealth attacks (break neck, etc...)

2. Sword  - Rau's main weapon at the start of the game.  You will use
	    this to slice many enemies up into bite size pieces.  Oh, and
            let's not forget the classic head-lopping off maneuver worthy of
	    Sleepy Hollow.

3. Bow    - You attain this weapon upon completion of the second level.  This
	    weapon is very useful in sniping enemies from a distance.  Once 
	    the archers get armor later on in the game, it loses its
	    effectiveness drastically.  Ah well...

4. Taiaha - A spear-like weapon with good range. Allows Rau to attack up to 2
	    enemies per attack button. (so up to 6...)

5. Axe    - Ahhh...this weapon sweeps several enemies aside in one fail
	    swoop.  You'll need this in the last level. Allows Rau to attack
            up to 3 enemies per attack button. (so up to 9...)  Slow but good
            range and awesome power.

VIII. Walkthrough

  A. Level 1: Ruins of Tiru
When the game begins Rau will be in a bar/inn/whatever... Talk to the man
standing in front of the bar.  He is Baumusu and is important to your survival
in the game as he will help to train you.  It is not necessary to talk with
him before every level, but I highly recommend it as the little help blurbs
that pop up every once in a while during your missions are not nearly as 

Now once you have performed all the training he has to offer for now, go into
the house (bar) entrance.  You will be standing once again at the entrance to
the bar.  Now speak with Rongo (the barkeep) and he will give you your first
mission.  Now walk back to the entrance/exit of the bar and you will see there
is now a Triangle symbol on the door allowing you to leave.  Leave...

You will now start your first mission.  This mission is pretty straight
forward, you are basically supposed to clear the forest of bandits to make it
a safe place once again. Mostly all you need to do is walk straight through
it and dispatch any enemies you come across.  Use Kuzo at every available
place you can to see if any enemies are ahead.  Don't worry so much about the
horn blowers in this level as you can't do much about them at this point.
Just resign yourself to the fact that they will blow it and the enemies are
going to come running.  You should get plenty of save scrolls and health in
this level so you don't really need to be sparing.  Just be careful that if
you are extremely low on health you might not want to save it because you
might not have enough health to get past the next section.  My suggestion
is you should NEVER save unless you are at or near full health.

I won't bother going into such detail as go around this corner, take a right,
dispatch this enemy, hang a left and dispatch the two enemies...because if I
did this FAQ would never end!  You'll see what I mean in the later levels...
they become quite large.  Instead I will focus more on key events or places
where you are most likely to get stuck or killed.

As the first level is quite simple and basically if you can't get past it you
might want to return the game, I don't really have a lot to say about it other
than walk a few steps, look around, send out Kuzo, try and take on 1 enemy at
a time when possible, don't skip any areas, fully explore.  The enemies do not
regenerate so it's safe to backtrack without having to fight additional
enemies.  NEVER pass up a "Increases your Health Capacity Icon" as these are
the best items in the game.  Not only do they give you back 100% Health, they
also increase your health capacity for that level.  Unfortunately they do not
carry over to other levels.  Lame...

The end of this level entails a fight with a small group of enemies.  You will
get full health and a save scroll right before it and you can see the enemies
ahead of you so I would save.  Enter the battle and dispatch the enemies and
a orangish colored ring will appear on the ground.  Step inside of it to end
the level.

Hidden Tuku:
Each level contains a Tuku that is kind of a secret or "not so hidden" item
you are supposed to try and find to receive Baumusu's "Greatest Reward".  You
will receive the "Greatest Reward" after finding the Tuku on every level.  It
allows you to use every weapon on every level.  It's not very difficult to
find the first Tuku since you pretty much run over it on your way through
the level.  It's at the top of a staircase about halfway through the level.
You'd have to be blind to miss it.

Baumusu's Challenge:
Every level has a Baumusu's Challenge associated with it.  If you are unsure 
as to what it is for that level, just hit the "Start" button and select, 
yep, you guessed it, "Baumusu's Challenge"...It lists all the tasks you must
perform on that level in order to complete the challenge.  As you complete 
each piece of the challenge, a yellow message will appear on screen like
"[Checkmark] Challenge 1" basically saying you completed the first item on the
list for that level and if you go back and look at the list you will see a 
green checkmark next to that item on the list.  If an item is incomplete you
will see a dash (-) next to it.  When all the items have been completed a 
message in yellow will appear on the screen saying "Challenges Complete".
The challenges themselves are pretty much self-explanatory as to what you need
to do.  Now, onto the first Baumusu's Challenge.

 - Rau'Usu combo with sword
 - Defend 6 attacks from 6 different enemies
 - Use Kuzo to collect save scroll
 - Fua Toko Faahu with sword
 - Kill 9 focused enemies

  B. Level 2: Tapuroku
Upon completion of level 1 you will be promptly dumped back in the

Talk to Baumusu and do the training.  You will need it.  This time you will
learn about stealth killing (quite a cool addition to the game, if not 
slightly over used...)  Once you have all the moves down go back inside the

At this point you can talk to the sage if you wish, he is up the
stairs and to the right in the bar.  Check him out though he's not really
useful at the moment.  Unless you want to replay level 1...any takers...
hmm...? I thought not.

Talk to the portly old man wandering around the bar and you will find out
he's a cleric and he has your next mission. He says he will reward you with
a bow if you rid his land of the bandits living there.  Then go back to the 
bar entrance and leave...again.

This mission is slightly more difficult than the first, though it's still
pretty linear.  If you fail to stealth kill a horn blower, he will alert
several others who will come pouring out of a conveniently placed door akin
to a "Gauntlet" Enemy Spawner.  Thankfully these only contain a couple of
enemies though.  I screwed up at least twice on this level but managed to
stay alive so if it happens to you, don't just give up, cut them down.  I've
heard others say they died instantly, but it never happened to me.  My
suggestion is if you hear a horn blow, run back for a little bit, arm
yourself and creep forward trying to take them out 1 at a time.  Hey, it
sounds lame but it worked for me, ok?

Now, keep plodding along silently dispatching enemies here and there, use
Kuzo to knock a ladder down if you need it, and make sure you keep an eye
out for those stupid birds that are strategically placed to foul you up.  If
you scare them the guards will immediately look in that direction, and if
you happen to be standing there, get ready for the horn...it will happen...

There are 2 parts to this level, 1 during the day, and another at night.
I only saved twice on this level and that was only because I had 4 save
scrolls both times and I couldn't pick up a 5th so I would use 1 to make
room for the next one.  You shouldn't have any problems on this level until
you get to the night time area near the end.  Just make sure you grab the
Tuku (read Tuku section for help) and then climb the ladder near the Tuku
and dispatch the guard standing with his back to you.  If you look down from
there on the other side of the gate you will see a campfire with several
enemies.  Grab the health and save scroll and save your game.

This is kind of a boss fight.  Jump down to the left side (facing the
campfire) as far as you can, back yourself into a corner and let the fun
begin.  Hopefully a few enemies will get hung up on the log between you and
the campfire giving you a better chance.  Take out the easy enemies first
then focus on the main guy.  He has a reddish outfit on with black bands
running along him.  He's very agile and he blocks a lot.  Grab the health
periodically if you need it and he should eventually fall.  After you kill
everyone the familiar orange ring will appear.  Step inside of it to end
the level.

Hidden Tuku:
Right before the end of the level (night time) when you get to a sort of
stone compound with a gate you can't get through.  Before you reach the gate
there will be a turn off to your right and a ladder that will take you up
above the gate.  Instead of moving towards the gate or ladder, hug the right
wall and stealth kill the horn blower around the corner.  After killing him
enter the small square shaped area and grab the Tuku.

Baumusu's Challenge:
 - Stealth kill 9 individual enemies
 - Stealth Kill two groups of two enemies
 - Wall stealth 1 enemy
 - Use Kuzo to discover and read an ancient writing
 - While unarmed, time your defense against a strike to disarm the enemy

  C. Level 3: Heiadoko 
So, you're back in the old cantina eh? Yes...I know...this pattern will begin
to where thin...

You will now have a new weapon in your arsenal, the bow.  Do the training for
the bow but don't bother running around to collect the arrows because you will
still start the next level with exactly 20.  The main thing to take away from
the training is L1 to aim, move until X becomes solid (not flashing) and fire
for 1-hit kills.

Now talk to the dark man with the hat on sitting in a booth on the left side
of the bar.  He will give you your next mission to retrieve a scroll for him
from a tomb and he will reward you with riches.  And since I'm such a sucker
for cold hard cash I'll go ahead and do it as he evilly cackles behind me...
Leave the bar and you are off on the next mission.  Pull up a chair, dim the
lights, grab some popcorn and settle in, your in for a long haul...

The length of this level is absurd.  It seems to never end.  It can basically
be broken into 3 parts.  Easy - Hard - Easy in that order.  There isn't
really anything new here except for sniping some enemies with your bow.  Take
additional care when scouting in this level as some enemies now have "Armor"
making them impervious to attack by arrows.  So don't bother trying to kill
them with your bow...you can't do it...ok?  Breeze through the first section
of the level sniping and stealth killing.

In the second section of the level you will come to a fork in the road.  Not
literally but basically...You will see a large log with a ladder leading up
to the top of it with an archer standing watch on your left.  To the right
of the log will be a little path almost hidden guarded by 2 enemies.  Snipe
and kill them and make sure you take the path to the right first! because
there is a point farther down the log where you can't come back.  To the
right you will have to climb a few ledges and then a ladder.  Stealth kill
the enemy at the top and stop.  A large open plain will be before you with a
log in the distance with 4 armored archers atop it.  You can't kill them so
don't try. There is also a boar roaming around.  Snipe it with an arrow and
hide.  It will run under the log and distract the archers.  Run through the
open field and stop under the log with the archers on top of it.  Snipe the
boar again and it will run back to the other side of the log distracting the
archers again.  Then run over to the health capacity increase items waiting
for you.  You will definitely need them!  Run back under the log and back
through the open field where you will be fired upon by the archers.  When
I tried to snipe the boar a 3rd time it died so I couldn't use it to
distract the archers again.  So just run unless you have better luck.  Go
down the ladder / ledges until you reach the fork in the road again.  Use
Kuzo to drop the ladder and climb up the log.  This would be a good time
to save.

Here is where I got my 5th item on this level's Baumusu's Challenge.  As
you move along the log you will come across another campfire with 3 enemies
and an archer above near the ledge with the health where you just came from.
You could have taken out the archer then as well, or you could take him out
now.  I chose now.  Now put away your weapon and alert the 3 enemies.  When
they come at you press R1 to disarm them and kill them with their own weapon.
You could do this to 3 separate enemies at 3 separate locations, but I like
to get things done and I had plenty of health, so...I took all 3 at once.
This will give you you're 5th item on the Baumusu's Challenge completed.
You will also get a little warning blurb about the more you use the disarm
kill the harder it gets.  So why they force you to do it, we may never know.

Move ahead a little, climb the ladder and stealth kill the archer ahead.  You
will then be exactly where the hidden Tuku for this level begins.  Please read
that section now.

[Read Hidden Tuku Section]

After getting the hidden Tuku, continue ahead and fall down onto the Ewok
catwalk near the campfire that had the 6 enemies around it.  Walk around it
to the side with the ladder.  Look at the big tree on the other side of the 
campfire and find the bird icon in a cut out window on the left side of the
raised drawbridge.  Send Kuzo out and look for the next bird icon.  Send
Kuzo to it and then look for the next one.  It will be a switch.  Have Kuzo
trigger it and the drawbridge will lower.  Send Kuzo back into the window and
keep an eye on the guard inside.  When the guard is at the left window where
Kuzo came in at, put your weapon AWAY and get ready to make your move.
As soon as the guard leaves the window, make a brake for the door at the
end of the drawbridge.  Quickly open the door and stealth kill the guard who
will be squatting and facing away from the doorway.  Now would be a good time
to save.

Through the next door is the third section of this level which is extremely
long and fairly boring.  The kicker in this is it's a complete waste of time.
By the time I got here I already had the Tuku and had already completed the
Baumusu's Challenge!  There's nothing left to do except end the level.
In my opinion the level should have ended with section 2 but oh well.

Unlike the first two levels this level has the orange ring at the end whether
you kill the enemies around it or not.  I did a little test to see if this
would work and to my surprise it did!  At the end of the second section I
saved the game and already had the Tuku/Challenges complete.  So I decided
to try and just make a run for it.  I ran through the entire 3rd section
climbing ladders and picking up health directly in my path.  I killed 1
horn blower at a particularly empty part of the section and then started
running again!  I basically looked for the direction that seemed the most
obvious and went that way all the way.  I eventually made it to the end and
ran into the orange ring with about ten enemies surrounding me unable to touch
me and the level ended.  So if I could do that, you shouldn't have any
problem finishing this level.  If all else fails you could try my method of
madness.  Who knows, it might work for you too!

Hidden Tuku:
In the second area of the level you will come to a ledge.  Below you will be
several birds you will need to scare off as part of the level.  Ahead you will
see a large tree bridge spanning the gap ahead and above.  Look for the bird
icon and send Kuzo ahead.  Look through Kuzo's eyes and you will see the Tuku
along with 2 archers.  You can take these guys out now or later, it's up to
you.  I chose now.  Shoot an arrow at the birds and hide.  Look through Kuzo's
eyes and wait until the archers are looking at the birds.  Then switch back to 
Rau and jump down (can't get back up) and run a little towards the bridge and
take the 2 archers out quickly with your bow.  After you take them out just
jump down and walk under the bridge and around the bend to your right.  Snipe
the archer way ahead on the Ewok like tree bridge.  Then notice the wooden
gate to your left.  You can't get through it yet so don't bother.  Instead,
creep ahead and send Kuzo ahead so you can keep an eye on the 2 enemies and
the boar walking around near them.  Snipe the boar once with an arrow and 
switch to Kuzo to make sure they turn around.  Then put your box away and
stealth kill them both.  Continue forward and you will find a campfire with 6
enemies.  I would suggest climbing the Ewok thing and sniping the 3 without
armor.  The other 3 won't move.  Then climb back down and walk around to your
right, grab the health if you need it, enter the campground and dispatch the
3 remaining enemies.  Go through the door and snipe / dispatch any enemies
inside and climb the scaffolding straight ahead of the entryway and hit the
switch.  You will see that it opens that wooden gate you couldn't get through
before.  Backtrack to the wooden gate and enter.  Keep going until you reach
the Tuku.

Baumusu's Challenge:
 - Kill 9 enemies with your bow
 - Distract an enemy with a boar, then stealth kill
 - Stealth kill 3 individual enemies
 - Find the Tuku
 - While unarmed, time your defense against a strike to disarm 3 enemies

  D. Level 4: Vaitaku
After completing level 3, yep, you guessed it...back at the cantina...

This time you will need to talk to the old fortune teller woman in the right
corner near the entrance to the inn.  She will tell you that the gold coins
you were given for completing the previous mission are hexed and marked with
the sign of the Kasai.  She also tells you that you are special and have a
fate handed down by the gods.  To discover your fate she tells you to go into
the mountains to a stronghold called Vaitaku wherein lies an ancient tree of
magic, the Oracle.  Rau is to eat the fruit of the tree to discover his fate.

Talk to Baumusu and perform the training again.  This time you will learn how
to perform a stealth attack I like to call death from above or roof stealth.
You will also learn how to attack enemies to your sides or behind you will
facing your front enemy (which you pretty much already know how to do).

When you start the level you will be on a snowy mountain.  Head up the ladder
and to the left to grab a health increase.  Be sure to use the gongs to your
advantage.  Then head back around to the right, snipe a few enemies and
stealth kill a few others and keep moving.

[Read Hidden Tuku Section]

After grabbing the Tuku you will be on a ledge with a bunch of enemies below
you.  Take out the horn blowers first, then kill the others.  Now if you go
up the staircase and through the door and down the ladder, it will take you
back to the room with the gong where you roof stealthed the two guys.  I
suggest skipping that garbage and taking the doorway to the right after going
up the stairs.  That will lead you to a square room with two archers and an
axe guy.  Snipe or stealth kill the two archers and drop down to take out the
guy with the axe.  The door will open up and it's on to the next section.

You will now begin a pattern.  Walk to the ledge, roof stealth kill the 2
guys, then kill the 3rd coming at you with your weapon of choice.  Repeat 
this pattern several times until you see a monkey.  Use it to cause a
distraction and repeat pattern.  Then you will see a gong, repeat the pattern
and move on.  You will then enter a type of coliseum with many archers and
2 axe guys at the very bottom.  You must kill the two axe guys so whatever
method is best for you, use it.  My suggestion is to stealth all the archers
before heading for the bottom level.  If even one of them sees you all the
others near you will begin pelting you with arrows.  So save often and don't
mess up.  After taking the archers, kill the two axe guys and enter the
orange ring to complete the level, eat the fruit, and learn of your destiny.

Hidden Tuku:
Then after an extremely long hike up a staircase, you will come to a larger
more open room with an enemy hugging the wall ahead of you.  Stealth kill him
and creep to the edge of the upper level you are on and look down.  You will
see a gong and a bird icon that if you send Kuzo to it you will be able to see
that there are 2 enemies below you.  Hit the gong with an arrow to lure them
out.  Then roof stealth the 2 enemies and instead of continuing forward to the
opening to your right, turn around and go under the upper level you were just
on and near the staircase there is an opening that will lead you into a
corridor with an enemy with his back to you.  Stealth kill him and peek down
the corridor and you will see a bunch of enemies.  You can try and snipe a 
few before they get to you but it's basically going to be a tough battle.
Wipe them out and climb the ladder where you will then need to wall stealth
about five or six times.  Kill the 2 archers, wall stealth, then you will be
at the Tuku with 2 enemies guarding it but with their backs to you.  Stealth
them both and grab the Tuku.

Baumusu's Challenge:
 - Roof stealth 6 enemies
 - Wall stealth 1 enemy
 - Hit a close enemy behind Rau but continue to face the enemy in front using
   the sword
 - Hit a close enemy behind Rau, combo to continue fighting that enemy using
   the sword
 - Hit a close enemy to the left of Rau but continue to face the enemy in
   front using the sword
 - Hit a close enemy to the right, combo to continue fighting that enemy
   using the sword

  E. Level 5: Meifiti
The "Tree" from the previous level will give you your next mission; to save
the boy with the 5th symbol of the Mark of Kri from the clutches of the dark
one who gave you the hexed gold.

Oh, what a suprise! Back to the inn...

Now get training from Baumusu on how to use the Taiaha.  You will also be
treated to a cut scene on the reason Baumusu has been training you.  Then
leave the inn.

This level is enormous and is divided into four section.  The first section
starts you off nearly in the thick of it.  Several enemies are within range
for you to see.  Take them out quickly and dont forget to grab the items to
the left of the first room.  Move on taking out the next archer and stealth
killing the next few enemies.  Stealth killing on this level will be less
often than in previous levels, but far more important to pull off correctly.
If you fail to stealth kill a horn blower, say goodbye! (most likely)...
Though equipped with the Taiaha, you will still have trouble.  Keep going and
you will come to a boat.  Don't go across it until you get the hidden Tuku.

[Read Hidden Tuku Section]

Go across using the boat and snipe the two archers on your way across and
it's on to section 2 of the level.  Section 2 is a big open area (eventually)
made up of ruins and bridges.  Eventually you will come to a crossroads with 
a blocked gate, four unlit torches, and a boat beyond the gate.  In order to 
get the gate to open you must light the four torches.  To light the four
torches you wil have to hit four switches.  The basic layout of this section
is an X with the center of the X being where the gate/boat is.  Grab the save
scroll to the right of the gate and save the game.  Now go down the four
paths, (one of which starts where the save scroll is) and hit the switches.
Beware of the bottom right corner of the X.  There are three archers with
armor atop a building and a horn blower below.  They will anger you to no
end by the end of this section, I guarantee...  Stealth kill as much as
possible and snipe the rest before breaking out the Taiaha.  When you're 
done, get on the boat and again snipe the two archers on your way across.

Now, onto section 3.  In this section, stealth kill and snipe...or die.
There aren't any other options, really.  Fight through until you reach an
open area where about a dozen enemies await you.  Go in Taiaha a blazin'.
My suggestion is to try and take them on one at a time and use a combo like
Fua Usu Faahu to impale them as much as possible.  Once they are all dead...
Move along and use Kuzo to bring the next boat to you while you are being
pelted by the four armored archers above you.  You will then enter a
rectangular arena with tons of health...you'll need it.  I'd suggest saving
at this point.  Go over to the gate and send Kuzo across the water to
trigger the switch to bring the next boat to you.  When Kuzo hits the switch
Dozens of enemies will begin pouring out of the doors around you.  Try and
take them on one at a time, pick them off with arrows, disarm yourself and
use the disarmed attack, anything you can to try and stay alive.  The gate
will finally open.  Try and find an opening to slip away and BAIL OUT!
You could try and kill them all, but why?  Jump on the boat and it's on to
the final section.

You will start section 4 in front of a pyramid.  Dispatch the ground level
enemies and the four archers at the four corners on top of the stone statues.
Then make your way up and stealth everyone.  When you reach the top level
you will get a cut scene about who has the 6th Mark of Kri.  You will then
fight four zombies and then three more with armor.  Tank them and step into
the orange ring to end the level.

Hidden Tuku:
Backtrack one room (basically walk back through the entryway) and
immediately to your left will be a slightly smaller entryway that you
probably saw on your way to the boat.  If you look out you will see a bird
icon straight ahead and an archer (if you haven't already killed her) to the
left standing on a column out in the water.  Take her out (if needed), then
send Kuzo out the the perch.  Then look for a switch with Kuzo and hit it.
Now, backtrack a little bit, back across the bridge, up the ledge and again, 
immediately to your left will be an entryway that is now opened (once blocked
by a metal gate).  Stealth kill the first guy and take out the others.  You
can use a pelican that sits near the Tuku across the bridge as a distraction.
The Tuku is ahead behind the stone column near where the pelican was sitting.

Baumusu's Challenge:
 - Stealth kill two groups of two enemies
 - Strike two enemies at the same time using a single taiaha back attack
 - Strike two enemies at the same time using a single taiaha left attack
 - Fua Usu Faahu combo with taiaha

  F. Level 6: Rahtutusai
Back to the inn, right?  Nope...they decided to switch it up a little...oohh..

Instead of going back inside the inn you will be treated to a cutscene with
Baumusu.  He bravely tried to fight off the dark one and his forces but
eventually succumbed.  They took Rau's sister who is the bearer of the 6th
Mark and destroyed the inn.  Baumusu gives Rau his mighty axe and tells him he
must save his sister.  Baumusu dies and Rau is extremely angry as he takes off
for Rahtutusai seeking to save his sister and more importantly, vengence.

Since the inn has been destroyed you will not have access to further training
or the sage for rewards, secrets, etc...  However, after you complete the game
it will automatically save and you can then start from the beginning with 
everything you ended the last game with as well as access to all the levels
through the sage, the ability to exit a level and go back to the inn at
anytime, and best of all if you got all the Tuku's on your previous game you
will be able to use any weapon on every level.  So you can use the axe on the
first level if you want.  This make the game quite easy and gives it a little
replay value.

The last level is quite long and has more enemies than any other board.
Stealth goes completely out the window on this level.  It has been replaced
with carnage and mayhem.  Baumusu's Challenge on this level seems overwhelming
at first glance but I assure you it is about impossible to not complete it.
The only one that took some time for me was the Remove 40 heads.  But I still
had that completed about halfway through the level.  Now...how Baumusu has a
challenge on that level since he's dead...I have no idea...

Now, when you begin the level you will be outside the dark one's fortress.  
Enter and ignore the three zombies atop the structure in the first room.  They
do nothing and they're not worth wasting arrows on.  This level is pretty
straight forward and completely linear so you shouldn't have any trouble
except staying alive with fifteen enemies surrounding you.  Make sure you use
the axe and axe combos or you will not survive this level.  The first few rooms
are a breeze as all the zombies have no armor.  Further in most of them will 
have armor and combos will be essential to your survival.  Here are a few of my
suggestions on which combos are the best to use:

FUA USU RUTU - this combo spins Rau around in a circle with his axe extended,
               hacking at anything near you.

FUA TOKO FAAHU - this combo also does a circle with the axe (not as long), but
		 with a cool axe toss/swing/jump at the end.

FUA USU FAAHU - this combo is great if you need to cut a path through a horde
		of enemies.  Rua will swing his axe around and then cut a path
		spinning his axe forward and stepping several times.

Now, there is one enemy on this level that is an absolute pain in the neck.
It's a little impish creature that makes sounds similar to a monkey.  It will
steal a random weapon from Rau if it touches you.  They are easy to kill if you
can catch them but this proves difficult when there are three of them in the
room and they steal your axe, sword, and taiaha, leaving you to fight off ten
enemies with nothing but your bow.  It will happen... My suggestion is ignore
them if they steal anything other than your axe, then after all the threatening
enemies have been cleared out, retake your weapons.  If they take your axe,
pull out your sword (it seems better at taking out the zombies) and try and get
your axe back quickly.  If I had my Taiaha I would just use it and perform a
FUA USU FAAHU over and over again impaling the enemies until I got it back.
If you aren't any good at pulling it off however, you might want to use my
sword advice.

Lay waste to the hoards of enemies and you will eventually make it to section
two of this level.  Section two has a pattern...Enter room, door locks you in,
fight hoards and ocassionally hit switches to open next room, repeat pattern.
Eventually you will come to a room with a chasm that you cannot cross.  Send
Kuzo across to hit the switch and it will extend a bridge enabling you to reach
the other side where an archer that has been pelting you can be dispatched.
The very next room is empty so take some time for a break here and save if you

[Read Hidden Tuku Section]

Then after a few more rooms you will be at the final room and the final
showdown with the dark one...and his goons of course...  You will get a
cutscene and a massive battle will ensue.  The dark one will be up on a ledge
protected by three red armored zombies.  Don't bother trying to climb the ledge
becuase you can't.  All you will get is a pike to the head.  Focus on the
enemies surrounding you and eventually it will cut to the dark one summoning
more zombies.  After three of these cutscenes the dark one will be spent and
the three red armored zombies will jump down from the ledge and attack you.
Kill all the enemies and climb the ledge for the final cutscene and ending 
of the Mark of Kri.  Sit back and relax...you've earned it!

After the credits you will see..."Look for further adventures of Rau"
So hopefully there will be a sequel to this great game!

Hidden Tuku:
In the next room will be a horde of enemies and to the right of the exit of
that room, just around a corner, will be a switch.  Hit it and it will open a 
door just around the corner to the left of the exit.  Go through that smaller
door and you will find the Tuku along with some health and a save scroll.
When you get the Tuku you should see a yellow message appear saying "All
Weapons for All Levels Available".  I can't remember exactly...

Baumusu's Challenge:
 - Fua Toko Rutu combo with axe
 - Fua Toko Faahu combo with axe
 - Fua Usu Rutu combo with axe
 - Fua Usu Faahu combo with axe
 - Ground Impale 10 enemies with axe
 - Remove 20 legs
 - Remove 40 heads
 - Split 60 torsos

IX. Cheats & Extras

Enter these codes at the "Press Start Button" screen.  Then the appropriate
code will be available in the "Cheats" section when talking to the Sage.

Invincible Rau:
Press Square, O, X, Square, O, Square, X, O, X, Square, O, X

Full Health Power:
Press X, X, X, X, Square, Square, Square, Square, O, O, O, O
All health power-ups (like the 25% ones) will be 100% instead.

Stronger Enemies:
Press X, O, Square, Square, X, Square, O, O, X, O, O, X
For all you die hards out there...

Weaker Enemies:
Press X, O, O, Square, X, Square, Square, O

Unlimited Arrows:
Press X, O, Square, Square, X, Square, O, O, X, Square, Square, X

Arena AI Off:
Press X, O, O, O, X, Square, Square, Square, X, O, Square, X

Weapon Select:
Find the Tuku on every level to unlock this option.  Allows you to use all
the weapons on every level.

Complete Baumusu's Challenge on a level and you will unlock the arena for
that level.

Art and Alternate Costumes:
Complete the time and body count challenges in various arenas to unlock
art and alternate costumes for Rau. (Yay!...)

Hidden Flip Book:
Flip through the instruction manual from back to front and look in the bottom
right-hand corner to see Rau performing a stealth kill.

X. Glitches
Just random glitches really.  If you look closely you will see Kuzo fly
through trees, walls, columns etc...depending on where you stand before
sending it to a perch.

Also, Don't count on walls as being a safe place to hide when being pelted
by a barrage of arrows.  Most times the just pass right through.

Needless to say the collision detection is not quite up to par in this game.

XI. Thanks
CJayC - for creating and maintaining GameFaqs.com, and keeping it free...
Sony  - for creating the PS2 and The Mark of Kri
Me    - for playing the game and creating this walkthrough (pats self on back)

XII. Contact
GameFaqs ID:  bremen
Email:        [email protected]                  [co-founder]
Website:      http://www.3ddelta.com


           Copyright 2002 3D Delta Developers. All rights reserved.

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