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Full FAQ/Walkthrough
                                               Last Updated: 24/06/01
                                                         Version: 4.0
                                                      Janus Operative
                                               [email protected]
                                                        AIM: Janus182

                            Q Division

                           1. Introduction
The World Is Not Enough or TWINE for short is the sequel to 
Goldeneye. It isn't developed by Rare but it borrows a lot of ideas 
from Goldeneye and is very similar. The plot is as confusing as 
previous Bond movies so you may have to read the following paragraph 
slowly to understand it. Even if you saw the movie don’t think that 
you can whiz through the game. There may have been things that you 
missed and I doubt that you asked them to replay bits of it. Anyway, 
on with the plot.

An MI-6 agent has been murdered and a classified report from the 
Russian Atomic Energy Department taken from his body. Sir Robert 
King, accidentally purchased this stolen document believing it to 
contain information about terrorists who attacked his oil pipeline in 
Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, a Swiss banker named Lachaise, a middle man in 
this affair, has offered to return Sir Robert's money. You must go to 
him discover who killed the agent and collect the money.

This guide will provide you with tactics and techniques for using 
weapons and killing effectively, there are many more features but I'm 
to lazy to list them here :). It also features a walkthrough to 
guide you through the single player mode. 

24/06/01: This update includes some visual changes to the guide.            
          Nothing that special. Hopefully the guide will have a full 
          circle and more people will be attracted to it – 
          eliminating BLegacy's email situation! I've decided to 
          abolish the final version thing and leave it at version 4.0 
          because I always seem to have to update my guides for some 
          reason or another.

29/04/01: Couple of minor additions here and there. Nothing major. I 
          could keep going on like this, updating now and again with 
          a few tricks, but I'll refrain and make this the final 
          update. Unless Eurocom release secret codes that is...

09/03/01: Added a few minor things today. I managed to overlook a 
          grapple point in the Fallen Angel level so that has been 
          added (thanks to Andy D.L). I also added some other stuff 
          to the FAQ section and one glitch to the cheats section.

27/03/01: Version 1.0. Everything is complete. The FAQ section is 
          here and so is the Meltdown walkthrough. I have also added 
          three new cheats to the guide (no push button codes 

04/03/01: The second version on my TWINE guide. It’s still not 100% 
          complete but all of the walkthroughs apart from Meltdown 
          are included. The next update will include a walkthrough
          for Meltdown and a FAQ section.

04/03/01: The first version of my TWINE guide. The only absent 
          feature is the FAQ section. It will follow shortly. The 
          walkthrough is also currently incomplete and this is more 
          of a beta version.

                             2. Controls
The Basic moves are listed below. They are for the default 
configuration because that is the configuration I play on. The 
controls for the other configurations should be similar though. If I 
get bombarded with requests to list the other configurations I will 
do that. But Laziness always seems to get the better of me when I try 
to write 5 different control setups.

   Movement ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Control Stick
   Crouch -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Bottom C Button
   Jump ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Up C Button
   Strafe -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Left/Right C Button
   Look Up/Down ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ D-Pad Up/Down
   Use Weapon/Item ~-~-~-~-~-~- Z Button
   Action/Reload -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ B Button
   Select Weapons -~-~-~-~-~-~- A Button

There are also some more difficult controls that are activated by a 
combination of button presses. I have listed them below. Again, they 
are different for the various configurations but I highly recommend 
you play with the default setup.

   Aim ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- R Button + Control Stick
   Zoom In/Out -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Up/Down C Button
   Select Gadgets -~-~-~-~-~-~- Hold A Button + Press B Button
   Switch Weapon Modes -~-~-~-~ Hold B Button + Press Z Button
   Select Previous Weapon -~-~- Hold A Button + Press Z Button
   Switch Visions ~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Hold B Button + Press A Button

To Switch Visions you must have the appropriate gadgets, either Night 
Vision Glasses or x-ray Glasses.

                             3. Tactics
Hmmmm... Perhaps I should rethink the name of this section. It is 
more to do with tips to help you play than detailed strategic 
positioning, which always comes to my mind when I think of the word 

The enemy AI in The World Is Not Enough Is Fairly stupid so there are 
quite a few ways to kill the enemies. I have listed and described 
some of the most efficient ways of killing below.

   The most efficient way of killing enemies in all first person 
   shooter games has got to be the headshot. One quick shot to the 
   head is enough to kill any of the enemies in TWINE. Unfortunately 
   when you activate the red aimer it usually aims at the enemies  
   stomach automatically. So you can get up close to an enemy and 
   pull the trigger or activate the red aimer, push up and hope that  
   at least one of your bullets gets the enemy in the head.

   An alternative way to get a headshot is to wound an enemy first.   
   If you shoot an enemy in the stomach or leg they will pause while 
   they recover from the wound. You should have enough time to get a 
   good headshot in before they recover.

   In TWINE you can use explosions to kill groups of enemies. It is a 
   great way to deal with large groups and it saves you having to 
   waste ammo. If you see an enemy or a group of enemies standing 
   near an explosive object aim for the object and stand back.

   Sneak Up
   If you sneak up on an enemy he will throw hands up and surrender. 
   Just shoot him in the head. Don't leave him because although he 
   has dropped his gun once you turn your back on him he will re-arm 
   himself with a weapon.

   Set A Trap
   If you fire some shots you will lure guards away from their spots. 
   All you need to do is wait around a corner or hide behind a box 
   and once they run into your sight kill them. This method of luring  
   guards away from their spots will help you to avoid any ambushes 
   that the guards might spring on you.

Strafing is a very important tactic in first person shooters. There 
are three main types of strafing and they all vary in difficulty. I 
have listed and described the various strafing methods in order of 
difficulty, from easiest to hardest.

   To strafe simply press the left or right C buttons. You will side 
   step to the left or to the right depending on which button you   
   press. This helps to you to avoid enemy gunfire and can be used to 
   move away from an enemy without getting shot. Just use the C 
   buttons to execute a zig-zag movement. You will avoid shots and 
   you will move a little bit faster than usual.

   Circle Stafing
   To circle strafe press the left or right C button and then push 
   the control stick in the opposite direction. For example if you 
   press the right C button you will push the control stick to the 
   left. If you do this correctly you will move around in a circle 
   and will be able to avoid enemy gunfire but at the same time you  
   can shoot the enemy you are circling.

   Semi Circle Strafing
   To use this method of strafing you need to perform the circle 
   strafe but only complete a half turn of the circle. When you get 
   half way circle strafe in the other direction and repeat this  
   method to corner enemies or confuse enemies who are expecting you 
   to strafe around in a full circle.

   If you still don't fully understand the technique of semi circle 
   strafing read this more detailed method. Press the left C button 
   and push the control stick to the right. Once you go half way 
   round in a circle quickly press the right C button and push the 
   control stick to the left. You can repeat this method as many   
   times as you want but remember to change the direction you strafe 
   and change the direction that you push the control stick otherwise  
   you won't change direction.

                            4. Characters
I have listed all the main characters here in order of appearance. 
The people you meet in cut scenes don’t count. Because you don’t 
actually meet them... Well you do but you don’t if you see my point. 
James Bond is not listed because it would be a miracle if you managed 
to meet yourself.

Surveillance.....M’s appearance in this game presents several 
                 problems for you. She first appears in her office in 
                 King’s Ransom, she instructs you to go and find Sir 
                 Robert King. However she also gets captured and 
                 after you activate the lockdown you have to go and 
                 rescue her. She also appears later on in the game 
                 and once again you have to save her. This time you 
                 have to free her from the cell she is locked in.

Name.............Miss. MoneyPenny
Surveillance.....MonnyPenny appears in the office next to M in King’s 
                 Ransom. She provides you with a pen grenade that can  
                 be used in a variety of ways. A more detailed 
                 explanation of the pen grenade can be found in the Q  
                 Division section. This paragraph is meant to be 
                 about MoneyPenny after all.

Surveillance.....Robinson is the MI-6 chief of staff. That doesn’t 
                 actually mean anything to me and I always think of 
                 him as more of a deputy M. He is located in the 
                 security office in King’s Ransom and tells you about 
                 how to activate the lockdown.

Name.............Sir Robert King
Surveillance.....You will find a dying Sir Robert King in the vaults 
                 of the King’s Ransom level. The money he was 
                 collecting was setup to explode when the lapel pin 
                 was triggered. Or something like that. I really 
                 should pay more attention to the movies I pay to 
                 see. He needs urgent medical attention if you play 
                 on secret or 00 agent difficulty.

Name.............Dr. Warmflash
Surveillance.....The humorously named Doctor has to be escorted into 
                 the vault. She provides the urgent medical treatment 
                 for Sir Robert King and the other injured people in 
                 King’s Ransom.

Name.............Cigar Girl
Surveillance.....You don’t actually meet this female assassin until 
                 Underground Uprising but seeing as how the vast 
                 majority of the first four levels revolves around 
                 her I thought I would slot her in here. You spend 
                 third and fourth levels pursuing her and she runs 
                 very fast although eventually she just kills 
                 herself. I don’t really see the point in it but it 
                 is confusing.

Surveillance.....Hopefully you won’t run into Gabor. If you do it 
                 means gameover. He is located in the Night Watch 
                 level. However it would be impossible to pin him 
                 down to an exact location in the game because he 
                 patrols everywhere. You should use your X-ray 
                 glasses to work out where he is. You also encounter 
                 him and hopefully kill him, in the Fallen Angel 

Surveillance.....Davidov is the traitor. I think. Whatever his role 
                 in the story may be. You have to kill him. You also 
                 have to bug his phone and photograph the documents 
                 that prove he is a traitor. 

Name.............Christmas Jones
Surveillance.....The lovely Miss. Jones appears in nearly every level 
                 from Masquerade onwards. She is equally adept in the 
                 brains department as she is in the looks department. 
                 Her name is nothing more than a setup for joke that 
                 James Bond mutters in the movie. Something about 
                 Christmas coming early.

Surveillance.....Renard is the usual superhuman freak that is after 
                 world domination. However his type of character 
                 (mutated freak) is usually the stupid henchman. A 
                 prime example of this would be Jaws. You don’t 
                 actually fight Renard in TWINE. It would be an 
                 impossible battle seeing as how he has a bullet 
                 lodged in his head which prevents him taking damage 
                 although the bullet will eventually kill him. I 
                 would love to know what the film producers were 
                 smoking when they came up with Renard.

Name.............Valentin Zukovsky
Surveillance.....Zukovsky returns for a final time in TWINE (his 
                 previous role was in Goldeneye). His involvement in 
                 the plot provides the game with two of its best 
                 levels, City Of Walkways. They may be virtually the 
                 same but they are challenging and exciting. Zukovsky 
                 eventually dies but not before managing to free Bond 
                 from this chair thingy (“thingy” being the most 
                 descrpitive word my tired brain can think of).

Surveillance.....Bullion is Zukovsky's driver, and is in kahoots with 
                 Elektra and Renard. He is sent to kill Bond and 
                 Christmas in the opening cutscene of Turncoat. You 
                 need to chase him all the way to the end of Turncoat 
                 and then kill him in Fallen Angel. Once you kill him 
                 you need to take his fingerprint to unlock the door 
                 in the level. 

Surveillance.....Elektra is in cahoots with Renard. She only really 
                 appears in one level though. Which I thought was 
                 rather strange seeing as how most of the film 
                 revolved around her and her oil pipeline. Her first 
                 and last appearance is in Fallen Angel where she 
                 meets her death thanks to you.

                             5. Walkthrough
This walkthrough is for the 00-Agent difficulty setting. You can 
still use it for the lower difficulty settings but some of the 
objectives I have listed can be ignored. 


Objectives: A - Collect equipment from safety deposit box
            B - Avoid civilian casualties
            C - Collect money from vault
            D - Crack safe and obtain swipe card
            E - Destroy video tape backup
            F - Escape bank with money

Your first objective is to get the equipment from the safety deposit 
box. The safety deposit box is located in the room to the right of 
the main area. So walk through the arched doorway to your right and 
follow the doors until you reach the room with the boxes. The bank 
guard will inform you that the safety deposit box you want is in one 
of the cubicles. The cubicle is the one on the right and once you 
have obtained the equipment head back to the main area of the bank.
Now go to the guard by the metal gate. He will tell you that you need 
an appointment to see Mr. Lachaise. Show him your appointment card 
and he will let you walk through the gate. This will trigger a cut 
scene that shows a guard asking you to remove your firearm. Then you 
will see another cut scene that shows you talking to Lachaise when 
all hell breaks lose. The story becomes hard to keep track of but 
from what I understood, the Cigar Girl shoots Lachaise to get Sir 
Robert's money and then Bond activates the flash bang gun.

When this cut scene ends you are left in the office with one of 
Lachaise's bodyguards. The bodyguard is knocked out by the blast 
though. So aim your gun at his head and the minute he starts to move 
kill him. Leave through the white door and walk into the room with 
the bank secretary in. Go through this room and kill the enemy in the 
corridor. Shoot the guy at the end of this corridor and then kill the 
guy that comes rushing out of the room on the right of this corridor. 
If the guy doesn't come rushing out it is best to go and find him, 
otherwise he will ambush you when you are going back through this 

Walk to the end of this first corridor and then turn the corner, 
CAREFULLY. If you rush out and get your head blown off by the 
assorted guards and bodyguards do not hold me responsible. First 
equip your watch dart and eliminate any bank guards that might happen 
be here (the bank guards are wearing green shirts). Then "blast the 
crap" (I get a kick out of that phrase) out of every guard in the 
corridor. The chance of your gunfire attracting the attention of 
other guards is very high. But that is good. If you clear the 
corridor of every guard you won't get ambushed later in the level. Go 
through the first (and only) right door in this corridor and collect 
the weapons from the glass cases.

Then return to the second corridor. For easy reference the corridors 
are being labelled by their numbers, corridor one is the first 
corridor and so on. Once you are the second corridor edge slowly 
around into the third and final corridor. Equip your watch dart and 
stun any pesky bank guards and then shoot every other moving thing in 
this corridor. Then go through the first door on the right and crack 
the safe on the table. With your safe cracker NOT your fist or any 
other part of Bond's anatomy, I don't want emails telling me that you 
managed to crack the safe with Bond's head.

Once you have the swipe card go back into the third corridor and use 
the swipe card to gain access to the room at the end. The room is 
easy to find because it has a silver door. Once you are inside the 
room kill the bodyguard that should be opposite you. Then equip your 
watch dart and stun the bank guard to your right. Now equip the data 
scrambler and scramble the VCR on the table in the corner.

I now present you with the simple task of returning to the first 
corridor. Remember to stun any bank guards that you encounter with 
your darts. Once you are back in the first corridor you should see a 
silver door right in the far left corner of the corridor. Use the 
swipe card to get into the room and then use your dart to stun the 
guard in this room. You should see the money on the table but you 
still have to use the keypad decoder to gain access to the vault. 
Once you are in grab the money and switch to unarmed. Now simply 
leave the bank via the stairs or the elevator it's your choice. One 
more thing though, DON'T arm yourself with a weapon while you leave 
the bank otherwise you will fail the mission.

King’s Ransom

Objectives: A – Protect primary MI-6 personnel
            B – Avoid civilian and guard casualties
            C – Find Sir Robert King
            D – Activate top floor lockdown
            E – Rescue M from Terrorists
            F – Escort M to security centre
            G – Activate sprinkler system
            H – Activate ground floor lockdown
            I – Escort Dr. Warmflash

You start the level in M’s office. You need to leave this room 
through the door (obviously!). The second room you come to contains a 
MI-6 guard who tells you to activate the lockdown. These guards are 
placed throughout the level and you must not kill them. It doesn’t 
matter if the enemies kill them but you must not touch them. Miss. 
MoneyPenny is also located in this room, she will give you a pen. But 
it’s no ordinary pen, it’s a pen grenade. Q’s been at it again!!

When you leave this office turn left and dispose of the terrorist 
that drops in through the window. You are now faced with a choice. Do 
you throw the pen grenade through the window and face less 
terrorists in the level or do you save it for later. Personally I 
would save it for later but using it now won’t change the way you 
follow my walkthrough.

After you have made your choice turn around and head towards the 
group of guards. A gang of enemy terrorist should come rushing around 
the corner firing at you. They are easy to kill especially seeing as 
how the security guards will help you. You now need to get to the 
security centre. It should be easy to find because of the directions 
on the wall. You will probably run into several terrorists on route 
there. Just arm yourself with your favourite weapon and blast away. 
But watch out for any enemies that drop in through the window. Give 
them room to land and then fire away.

When you get inside the security room – you need to activate the hand 
scanner beside the door to open it – speak to Robinson and he will 
tell you about the lockdown system. Then use the red, unactivated 
panel to activate the lockdown. Then leave the security room. However 
you won’t get far before MoneyPenny contacts you and tells you to 
rescue M because she has been captured by the terrorists.

You need to make your way back to the office you started in and save 
M. You will encounter some terrorists on the way so be ready to mow 
down any oncoming enemies. Once you get back into M’s office you will 
notice that the hostage situation is easy to end. Just kill the 
terrorist standing behind M. However now you need to escort the head 
of MI-6 to the security room. This is easier said than done. You need 
to keep close to M because she moves quite slow but at the same time 
you need to kill the terrorists that you will encounter.

Once you have escorted M into the security room she will tell you to 
go and find Sir Robert. The fact that you would be doing that anyway 
if she wasn’t such a liability doesn’t seem to bother her much. 
Anyway, now you need to get downstairs so head back towards the 
office with MoneyPenny in but turn left when you get to the corridor 
with her office in. Carry on along this corridor to the end then turn 
right and walk towards the room at the end of the corridor.

If you still have the pen grenade I advise you to use that on the 
guards that are hanging down from the ceiling in the room with the 
staircase. If you don’t have it you will have to resort to using a 
gun, which is slower but unquestionably more fun :) Make your way 
down the stairs killing the enemies as you go until you reach the 
bottom. At the bottom wait for the enemies that are coming through 
the roof to get near the bottom, then kill them. Now you can exit the 
staircase room.

When you exit the room you will have to follow a corridor around 
until you get to the main area. You will have to speak to two guards 
who will both tell you your objectives. One of them tells you to 
activate the ground floor lockdown while the other one tells you to 
activate the sprinkler system to put out the fire in the lobby. Carry 
along the corridor that you start in (the one to the right of the 
main area) and when you get near the end some terrorists will run out 
into the corridor. You must kill them but be careful not to kill the 
scientist that runs out.

Carry on until you get to the end of this corridor and look left. If 
you can see any terrorists kill ‘em. If not head right and go around 
the corner. Kill the terrorist that is lurking around this corner and 
then activate the sprinkler control on the wall, so it says ON not 
OFF. There may be a terrorist that appears now so kill him then head 
back around the corner.

Carry on until the end of this corridor and turn left when you get to 
the security room. However before you enter the security room you may 
hear some gun shots. If this happens carry on past the security room 
and go back into the main area (with the map of the level). Kill the 
terrorists then make your way back to the security room. Activate the 
lockdown and kill any terrorists that may appear.

Now if you’re quick enough you may be able to run through the closing
door that you went through earlier (to kill the terrorists). But if 
it is closed you will have to go around the long way. Once you get 
back into the main area head along the only route that you haven’t 
been along yet. It should be the corridor opposite the door that is 
now closed. Carry on following this corridor around, killing any 
enemies that you encounter. Use the hand scanner to gain access to 
the vault and then carry on through the vault until you reach Sir 

He will give you the pin which was the detonator. Why you would want 
a pin is beyond me but once you have it you need to get urgent 
medical attention for the injured people. This urgent medical 
attention comes courtesy of Dr. Warmflash however you have to escort 
her to the vault. She is located in the room with a black door (near 
the start of this corridor. You will need to kill any enemies that 
you encounter while escorting Dr. Warmflash to the vault otherwise 
she will be killed and she’s too pretty to die.

Once you’ve escorted Dr. Warmflash inside the vault all that’s left 
to do is get to the Q Division. This section of the building is 
located near the staircase room that you used to get to the ground 
floor. You will run into some enemies on the way though, so watch 
your back. Once you get near the start of the ground floor section 
you will see the open door to the Q Division. Walk through it to 
complete the level.

Thames Chase

Objectives: A – Pursue but do not eliminate the female assassin
            B – Rescue the hostages

You start in an alcove along the banks of the river Thames. There’s 
no time to admire the view of the river (like I did on my first go) 
though and you should see the Cigar Girl sprinting off past you. 
Despite what you may think it is not urgent to chase her quickly at 
the moment. It is advisable to keep up a good speed though and 
progress through the level efficiently. So stay where you are at the 
start of the level and wait for the speedboat to go past you.

Once it has gone past move out of the alcove and head towards the 
steps. You will have to kill an enemy on the way there. Once you get 
to the top you should see a blue van and some enemies. Well actually 
you WILL see them. Kill all of the terrorists then turn the corner. 
Once you have turned the corner shoot all the enemies and kill the 
guy with a sniper rifle inside the building. You can also use the 
explosive barrel to kill the enemies.

Now go to the end of this area and go down the steps on the left at 
the very end of this area. Go around the corner and shoot the guard 
that is by the hostages. You can also shoot the guard on the pier but 
that isn’t vital. Now carry on round and go through the tunnel. Kill 
the divers that you run into and then run like mad for the entrance 
to the warehouse type building.

Once you get inside the warehouse kill the guard with his back to you 
and then carefully kill the guards that rush in and gather around the 
side. Once you have done this just use the boxes to jump on the ledge 
and follow the path around until you come to the second warehouse 
type building. You will encounter some enemies on your way but all 
that is required is senseless blasting, you don’t need to think much 
to get past them.

Once you reach the second warehouse shoot the guard on the higher 
ledge then move around the boxes on your left. You should see another 
hostage situation. Just kill the guard and then they will be 
released. Now look for the black and yellow striped grapple point in 
the roof. Use it to get onto the ledge that the guard was on. Now 
turn round. Can you see a piece of body armour on top of one of the 
boxes? You need to get that armour. Just jump onto the boxes.

Leave this warehouse through the door (there I go stating the obvious  
again). Now arm yourself with your best gun. A high powered machine 
gun would be a good choice. Then run as fast as you can while firing 
as fast as you can around the wooden walkways. Eventually you will 
come to a dead end. But before you reach the dead end turn right and 
head up the steps you should see.

Now all that remains to do is sprint straight for the underground 
entrance while trying to avoid the enemy fire. Now if you’re a steady 
gamer who likes to take his time and explore every part of the level 
you will now be facing a screen saying mission failed to objective A. 
Am I right? You see the key to this level is to move fast after you 
leave the second warehouse. Getting caught in heavy gunfights will 
delay you and delays are bad.

Underground Uprising

Objectives: A – Rescue the hostages
            B – Defuse terrorist bomb
            C – Pursue but do not eliminate the female assassin
            D – Avoid civilian casualties

This level is a race against the clock. You have 5 minutes and 30 
seconds to save the hostages and defuse a bomb. This is a slight 
adaptation from the movie but any level in London underground is fine 
by me. In reality you don’t actually need all the time to complete 
the level. So while it is a good idea to keep up a good pace, you 
don’t need to rush through the level like a headless chicken.

Follow the corridor round from the start and when you come into the 
opening dispose of the terrorists. There should be three of them. Two 
behind the window of the room in front of you and another who rushes 
in from the left side. The one who rushes in from the left should be 
your first priority, then blast the two behind the window. Collect 
the ammo and follow the left hand corridor.

You should come to an escalator. Head down it and kill the 
terrorists. The hostages should run off somewhere. Now you need to 
head back to the main entrance area but before you leave pick up the 
body armour that is lying around.

It should be pretty obvious that I am now going to ask you to take 
the path to the right of the room. When you turn the corner watch out 
for the guard that is waiting there. Kill him and make your way down 
the left side off the escalator. As you get close to the bottom two 
terrorists will run into your path. Shoot the one heading straight 
for you and then kill the one that goes for the right side of the 

When you get to the bottom of the escalator turn right and release 
any aggression you might have on the terrorists that will be standing 
there. Then carry on around the corridors of the tube station 
shooting any terrorists you encounter. If you do decide to use the 
stun grenades make sure you kill the enemies with a gun as well 
because if you only stun them they will eventually get up and 
recapture the hostages.

Eventually you should make it onto a platform. Kill all the enemies 
along this platform and release any hostages. Now go to the left 
corner and wait for the train to zoom past. Once it goes past you 
jump onto the track and head for the door near the left edge of the 
track. Try not to get hit by the passing train. A high speed train 
hitting you is not very pleasant.

Anyway, carry on through the storage room and out onto another track. 
You don’t have to worry about speeding trains in this tunnel though. 
Just jump up onto the train to your right and kill the guard that is
waiting on board. Then go to the end of the train and leave through 
the door.

You will come out onto another platform. Kill the guards along this 
platform to release the poor hostages and then make your way around 
the corridors. You will come to an area with a set of toilets. Kill 
the terrorist in this area and the one in the area beyond it (through 
the broken door). Then head into the gents toilets and make your way 
to the end cubicle. Be sure to kill any enemies you find in the 
cubicles and check past the end toilet. Then defuse the bomb with the 

Now go back into the area outside the toilet and make your way 
through the broken door towards the padlocked door. Shoot the padlock 
off and go into the staircase room. Now go up the stairs and kill the 
enemy opposite you. However before you can progress a cut scene will 
show the stairs blowing up. But you can jump the gap and carry on up 
the stairs. Kill any other enemies you come across and head onto the 
roof by shooting the padlock on the roof door.

Once you get onto the roof head towards the hot air balloon in the 
corner. Once you walk into it you will see a cut scene that ends the 
level. When you get on the roof head straight towards the balloon. 
Don’t admire the view of the dome because the balloon will escape and 
you will fail the mission.

Cold Reception

Objectives: A – Draw terrorists away from Elektra
            B – Destroy fuel dump at tower one
            C – Destroy fuel dump at tower two
            D – Get to the bottom of the peak

Since this level is spent skiing down a mountain side there is a 
limit to the amount of help I can give you. So instead of providing a 
walkthrough I will give you some tips.

The enemies you encounter are easily split into two groups. Moving 
enemies and still enemies. Still enemies are positioned throughout 
the level with guns, ready to shoot you. While moving enemies ski in 
front of you on skis or ski buggies. My favourite way of killing them 
is by blowing them away with a high powered gun but to kill the 
enemies on ski buggies shoot the buggy and the whole lot will blow 

The most important thing to do is to get both pieces of body armour. 
One is located to the left of the fork in the mountain and the other 
is located further down the mountain by a wooden hut. To get both 
pieces lean to the left by pressing C left.

To destroy the fuel dumps slow right down when you come to a tower 
and shoot the barrels. You also need to shoot the barrels at the end 
of the level before you reach them. Otherwise you will get caught in 
the explosion when they automatically blow up.

Night Watch

Objectives: A – Avoid alerting Gabor
            B – Avoid alerting Davidov
            C – Avoid any casualties
            D – Find telephones and plant wiretaps
            E – Photograph documents proving Davidov is a traitor

You start in your room inside Elektra’s villa. There isn’t much in 
the room but there is a phone on the table that you must tap. So use 
the phone tap gadget that you have. There are two more telephones 
that you need to tap but they are further on in the level.

Now make your way out of your room onto the balcony. Then jump over 
the left rail onto the grass bank. Now move slowly round the edge of 
this area making sure no guard spots you. You can ignore the metal 
gate to the left because it only leads to a security room and that 
is not crucial right now. Carry on until you reach the arch way and 
wait for the camera to look the other way before you walk through.

You should see a swimming pool through the archway and a guard 
waiting by the side of the pool. Carefully sprint right around the 
outside of this area and you will avoid the guards. Now go through 
the other arch on the opposite side of the area and wait for the 
guards to turn their back. Now sprint towards the door in the top 
right corner but be very careful not to run into any guards 
especially Gabor. Who usually patrols this area.

You will now be in another part of the villa. There is a phone to 
tap in this area so look around for it. It is usually in the first 
area or in the middle part of this section of the villa. However 
there is a guard patrolling, but he is easy to avoid. Once you have 
found and tapped the phone head out through the door and head towards 
the security room opposite you.

Use your stunner to punch and kill the guard in this room. Then 
scramble the box on the left of the control panel to disable the 
cameras. Use the data scrambler gadget to do this. Now head for the 
arch on the opposite side of this courtyard. Use the stunner to kill 
the enemy you come across and then break the lock on the metal gate 
to your right.

Walk up to the security room and stun or drug (with your dart) any 
guards you come across. Use the data scrambler on the box and the 
cameras in the stable will be disabled. You now need to get back to 
the area near the metal gate and then shoot the padlock off the 
wooden door to gain access to the stable.

Walk through this stable and head for the little room in the right 
corner. Drug the guards in this room and use your safe cracker to 
crack the safe. Once the safe opens photograph the documents inside 
with... Well what do you usually use to take photos?

Before the guards recover leave this room and head out of the door 
that is opposite the one you came in through. You will now be in a 
forest type area. Make your way around the outside of the trees to 
avoid alarming the guards and then go inside Davidov’s office.

When you get inside a cut scene will show him on his way back to the 
office (how’s that for timing?). Tap the phone on his desk and 
photograph the two documents in the room. One is on his desk, the 
other on the table opposite the door. Escape is now the priority so 
head outside and press B by the car to get into the back of it before 
Davidov notices you.

Midnight Departure

Objectives: A – Eliminate Davidov
            B – Pick up Davidov’s phone
            C – Get controller to land plane
            D – Find Dr. Arkov’s ID badge
            E – Find an item to bribe the pilot
            F – Board the plane
            G – Avoid civilian casualties

You start this level by Davidov’s car. Your first objective is to 
kill the traitor. So make your way through the forest until you come 
to a right turn. Should you encounter any enemies on the path or at 
any other point in the level be sure to kill them quickly. Otherwise 
they will raise the alarm. You can also use your night vision goggles 
to spot enemies from a distance.

Now follow this turn until you come to a guard post area. Davidov 
should come walking past. Shoot him and kill any other enemies that 
you will have alarmed. Now is also a good time to put that radio 
thingy on the bench out of action. Now walk over to Davidov’s dead 
body and pick up his phone. Go to the gadget screen and select the 
phone. It will display the text message.

Carry on down the track and turn left when you come to a lamp. You 
will now be in a dark forest area. Follow this around and go right. 
There should be a hut around here. Go into the hut and collect the ID 
card then carry on down the main track through the level. There will 
be a lot of enemies along this track so be sure to watch your back 
and eliminate every one before they raise the alarm.

Eventually you will come to an airfield. Look for an enclosed area 
with a few military trucks in. There are also some enemies in this 
area. Kill them and look for the shoes in the truck. These shoes are 
used later to bribe the pilot. I would have preferred money myself 
but I am sure the shoes are very expensive.

Now go into the control tower and make your way to the top floor. 
There will be some enemies that need to be killed but make sure you 
don’t shoot any innocent civilians by mistake. Talk to the man at the 
top of the tower. He will tell the plane to land on the airfield for 
you. Now go outside and talk to the pilot that is inside the open 
door of the plane to complete the level.


Objectives: A – Infiltrate facility, do not arouse suspicion
            B – Christmas must survive
            C – Avoid innocent casualties
            D – Pick up locator card
            E – Escape from blast pit

The beginning part of this level is more of a cinema scene than a 
level. All you have to do is walk around showing various people your 
transport documents. The first person that needs to see these 
documents is the officer that is standing beside the truck in front 
of you. He will direct you towards Dr. Jones who is standing by the 
tents on the other side of this area. After you show the documents to 
her wait in the lift at the entrance to the building.

Eventually she will also join you (she runs a bit slow). Then you 
will use the lift to go to the lower floor of the facility. When it 
stops you need to go straight up the centre of the corridor and press 
the button to the left of the big door. Go through the door and go 
right. Go round this corner and activate the button that opens the 
big door.

This will trigger a cut scene that shows you confronting Renard in 
the blast pit area. When the cut scene ends you will be stuck in the 
blast pit and you need to escape. Equip your P2K and shoot any 
enemies that might be firing at you. The enemies are the ones in blue 
the soldiers in green uniforms are on your side and must not be 
harmed. Once you have killed the enemies equip your watch grapple and 
aim it at the black and yellow striped pad in the ceiling.

Once you get out of the blast pit walk around the side and collect 
any ammo that may have been dropped by the enemies or the soldiers. 
Now equip a machine gun. One with a large clip is best but as long as 
it is capable of rapid fire it doesn’t matter too much. Now head out 
of the door that should now be open. There will be a train cart in 
this corridor that needs to be pushed along to the middle part of it.

If you use the cart for cover you can push it while shooting any 
enemies in front of you. However be careful because at one point in 
the corridor there will be an opening in the side of the wall. You 
need to go into this small opening, kill the enemy and pick up the 
locator card. 

Then go back out into the corridor and keep pushing the cart until it 
stops between an open door. Jump on the box to the side of the cart 
and then jump into the cart to get past it. Then run towards the 
elevator at the end of the corridor killing the remaining enemies as 
you go. Once you reach the end Renard will start talking to you. That 
is when you turn around and run towards the black and yellow striped 
bar in the roof. You won’t get very far before a cut scene of the 
bomb kicks in but once it ends you need to run and jump into the 
hanging bar.

You will now see a rather good cut scene of you speeding away from 
the incoming explosion via the hanging bar. However it is possible to 
die during this cut scene and the explosion will catch up with you if 
you took too long to grab the hanging bar. When the cut scene does 
end you will be back in the blast pit area and the door that you used 
to access the area will be open again.

You need to go through this door killing enemies as you go. Then jump 
up the side of the wall and then over the fire to avoid getting 
burnt. Now kill all the enemies in this room and carry on towards the 
corridor that you came in through. 

The corridor contains enemy soldiers and ally soldiers so run past 
the green soldiers before you begin blasting. Once the area is clear 
get inside the elevator and wait there with Christmas Jones while the 
explosion gets closer. Once it gets near you a cut scene will trigger 
and the level will be completed.

City of Walkways I

Objectives: A – Locate Zukovsky
            B – Keep Christmas Jones alive
            C – Do not eliminate your allies
            D – Keep Zukovsky alive
            E – Retrieve computer files

The first thing you need to do in this level is to find Valentin 
Zukovsky. This objective is very easy. All you need to do is walk 
inside the main building then shoot the lock off the door to his 
office. Once you walk inside the office you will trigger a cut scene.

Now you need to get the computer file from the fishery further out 
from the shore. So head out of the door that is opposite to the one 
you came in through. Go down the ramp and kill any enemies there. Be 
careful though you must not kill any of Zukovsky’s bodyguards. Then 
go round the corner and past the yellow truck out onto the wooden 
walkway outside.

Run towards the corner of the walkway and hide behind the boxes. When 
the enemies get close enough stand up and kill them as accurately as 
possible. It is very important to conserve your ammo on this level. 
Now move round the corner and go up the ramp. Kill the enemies here 
and enter the warehouse via the large metal door. You have to 
activate the switch to the right of the door for it to open.

Then go inside the warehouse and walk round the corner. Kill the 
enemies here and use the boxes for cover if you need to. Now activate 
the switch on the right wall and wait for the elevator to come down. 
Kill the enemies inside and then use the elevator to go to the next 

Once you get to the next floor follow the corridor around and kill 
the enemies. Then go through the door to the office on the right. 
Kill the enemies in here and collect their ammo. Then leave via the 
door opposite to the one you came in through. Now you need to go over 
to the rail and look down. Kill all the enemies you can see and then 
jump over the side. Activate the switch on the wall and move around 
the boxes whilst killing any enemies that might be there. Watch out 
for the enemy with the grenade launcher, grenades are deadly in these 
confined spaces and cause instant death.

Once you get to the exit of the warehouse leave and head right down 
the slope. Watch out for flying rockets and then kill any enemies 
around this area. Then go into the pier/house thingy and activate the 
switch on the wall. If you can snipe any enemies from this window it 
will make things a lot easier later on.

The bridge will now be lowered so make your way along the wooden 
walkway and past the large metal door that you came through. Now 
follow the paths around killing enemies as you go. Use whatever you 
can for cover and watch out for flying rockets. You need to use 
strafing tactics to avoid shots and rockets.

Eventually you will come to another warehouse. Follow the ramps on 
each level and kill the enemies as you go. As before use whatever you 
can for cover and when you reach the top floor use the door to enter 
the room with the computer in. Equip your covert modem and use it on 
the computer. Then drop down the ladder and follow the path round to 
complete the mission.

City of Walkways II

Objectives: A – Return to Zukovsky
            B – Collect Equipment from Zukovsky’s car
            C – Do not eliminate your allies
            D – Destroy the attack helicopter

This level is one of the best in TWINE. It is also one of the 
hardest. You start in a building. I presume it’s the building that 
you saw at the end of the last level but I can’t be sure. However you 
need to get the equipment behind you. Once you have the ammo and 
weaponry head out of this building and lower the bridge by activating 
the switch on the left.

Once the bridge is down stand to the left of the bridge and wait for 
the helicopter to fly straight up the middle. Shoot the enemies at 
the end of the bridge and then enter the warehouse. But watch out for 
the helicopter and be aware of its position when you are on the 
bridge because it does go up AND down the bridge.

Follow the warehouse corridors around, killing the enemies as you go 
then make your way up the ramp in the corner. Kill the enemies in 
this room and collect the ammo in the corners. The enemy with a 
grenade launcher should be eliminated first unless you want to find 
out how powerful it is. 

Now go down the other ramp and make your way out of the warehouse. 
Run straight for the wooden platform over the caviar vats and walk 
across it. It does move so wait for the sections to match up before 
you progress. If you fall off make your way through the caviar vats 
to get onto the wooden walkway at the end. Then walk through the 
doors into the next warehouse.

Now go on a mad rampage and kill all the enemies in this warehouse, 
except your allies. Then search the warehouse for equipment. No leave 
this warehouse and follow the paths around until you come to another 
set of caviar vats. Head across the wooden platform on the right end 
and wait until the helicopter saws the platform. Then carry on along 
it and kill the enemy also on the platform. 

Now make your way into the next warehouse and once again clear the 
building. Then collect any ammo that has been dropped. Exit this 
warehouse and run like crazy around the walkways. Keep on running 
like a headless chicken until you reach the ramp in the centre of the 
pier. Go down it and collect the various weapon and ammo supplies. 

Now for the hard part. You have to destroy the attack helicopter so 
equip your Sentinal gun and switch it to unguided sight. Wait until 
the attack helicopter stops in the middle of the wooden walkway and 
run out. Look up and aim at the helicopter then fire all the missiles 
you can at the helicopter before it moves. Repeat this process until 
you destroy it. You can get more ammo from Zukovsky’s car if you run 

The bridge will now be lowered so walk along it and kill the enemies 
at the end of it. Your health will probably be low by now and you 
don’t really have a gun with a brilliant range apart from the 
Sentinal gun. So equip that and start firing shots straight in front 
of you. Once you get to the end of the walkway there will not be much 
left to trouble you. Just walk into the warehouse to finish the 


Objectives: A – Pursue Bullion, but don’t let him get away
            B – Rescue hostages
            C – Christmas must survive
            D – Avoid innocent casualties

There is no time limit to this level but you must complete it quickly 
otherwise Bullion will escape. So as with the Thames Chase you need 
to move at a good pace. You start in an alleyway and in front of you, 
you should see Bullion race past. Run after him and around the 
corner. But go up the ladder to the left and follow it around to 
pickup a P2K.

Now make your way off the walkway and towards the blue van in front 
of you. There are a lot of terrorists in this first section and most 
of them are armed with magnums or other high powered weapons. So use 
whatever you can as a shield except cars. If you hide behind a car 
and the car gets hit it will blow up killing you in the process.

Follow this path until you come to a door. Go through the door and up 
the stairs. Now you will be in an inside area. Kill the enemies that 
are by the hostages then make your way upstairs. Go right around the 
side and shoot any enemies you come across. Then walk through the 
doorway on the other side and go up the stairs onto the roof.

Turn right and walk around the building then run and jump of the roof 
onto the other building. Make sure you do it by the gap in the 
railing and get a good run up so you don’t fall and die. Once you are 
on the other building walk around the corner and then down the ramp. 
At the bottom of this ramp kill the enemy and then shoot the enemies 
in the window opposite you. Then jump the gap and go into the 
building that contained the enemies.

Then go through the door and down the corridor. Open the door on the 
right and kill all the enemies in this room. Then go out onto the 
balcony and turn left. Walk around the corner and climb the ladder 
onto the roof. Then fall through the window in the far right corner. 
You will land inside another building.

Then go through the archway and turn right killing the enemies as you 
go. Now take the door on the left and go down the stairs. Kill any 
enemies and go through the door at the end of the corridor. Now shoot 
any enemies in the next room and go through a set of double doors. 
Kill the enemies in this next room and go through another set of 
double doors. Now go through the door in the far left corner of this 
last room to complete the mission.

Fallen Angel

Objectives: A – Open security door with scanned fingerprint from 
            B – Rescue M at all costs
            C – Stop Elektra from warning Renard
            D – Do not eliminate your allies

Grab the gun on the floor near Zukovsky and head up the stairs 
towards the door. But wait on the stairs and fire a couple of shots. 
Kill the guards that run out of the room ahead of you and then turn 
left into the corridor and kill any guards there. Now make your way 
into the room and pick up the hand scanner on the table.

Now go back to the room with the dead Zukovsky in and go out of the 
double doors that are in this room. Turn right and go out through the 
door onto the balcony. Look right and kill the guard on the balcony. 
Then jump across to the other balcony on your left and kill the 
Guards there.

Now use a gun with a sniper vision to kill Bullion and any other 
guards on the docks. Then make your way inside the building you are 
standing on via the trap door in the balcony. Kill the enemies inside 
this building and walk down the ramp in the corner. Kill the enemies 
in this room and walk behind the ramp and out through the door.

You will now be in a dock area that is in my opinion one of the best 
parts of the level and it’s a shame you can’t access more of it. But 
anyway, walk over to Bullion’s body and aim the fingerprint scanner 
at this finger. Once you have the finger print back track all the way 
to the room that you started in. But be careful because there will be 
some new enemies in some locations.

Once you are in the starting room go back up the stairs and find the 
electronically locked door. Use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the 
door and then walk through into the next room. However before you go 
near the vents on the wall shoot the cameras in the corners of the 
room. If you don’t do this you will be killed by the gas that fills 
the room.

Carry on through this room and up the spiral staircase. Once you 
reach the top look for the cell with M in. Once you reach it and open 
the door a cut scene will be triggered. After the cut scene ends you 
are left to fight Gabor. Just equip your stunner and use it to kill 
him. Then pick up his weapon.

Go up the staircase via the unlocked door and kill the enemies at the 
top then carry on until you come to the area with M and Elektra in. 
Once the cut scene has finished kill Elektra to complete the level.

A Sinking Feeling

Objectives: A – Board submarine
            B – Locate and rescue Christmas unharmed
            C – Gain access to control room
            D – Avoid submarine crew casualties
            E – Destroy steering controls
            F – Escort Christmas to mine room

Boarding the submarine is relatively easy. From the start run 
straight off the side and into the water. Then head for the tail of 
the submarine that should be to your left. Climb aboard the sub and 
crouch down. Now run along the left side of the sub keeping out of 
the sight of the enemies on the land. When you get to the tower climb 
the ladder and drop into the submarine. Then jump onto the ladder and 
slowly climb down it. The view should also shift to look downwards 
and you can kill the enemy with a headshot.

Now all you need to do is clear the submarine of all the enemies. 
However make sure they don’t activate any of the alarms on the walls. 
If you want to you can disable the alarms by using the laser on them. 
Once you are confident that you have killed most of the enemies go 
and find Christmas Jones if you haven’t already found her. However if 
you have already found her you should leave her in her room until 
every enemy has been eliminated.

Make sure you escort Christmas to the Mine room before you shoot any 
machinery. You should only destroy the steering controls once you 
have escorted Christmas Jones to the Mine room. This walkthrough is a 
little sparse but killing every one of the soldiers in the sub is the 
best way and escorting Miss. Jones through an empty sub is easier 
than navigating the corridors whilst avoiding enemies. If you do know 
of a better strategy please tell me.


Objectives: A – Enter the reactor chamber
            B – Eliminate Renard
            C – Protect Christmas
            D – Stop the meltdown

This is the hardest level in the game. Most of it is spent swimming 
through the submarine that you disabled in the previous mission, A 
Sinking Feeling. However the submarine has been turned on its side 
and you must swim through it from the control room to the reactor 

The first thing you must do is to turn the wheel below you. So drop 
down into the water through the hatch and press the B button by the 
wheel. Once it has been turned swim to the end of this room and drop 
through the open door hatch. Refill the oxygen bar by surfacing to 
the surface of the water and then dive down and go through the hatch 
at the bottom of this corridor.

Then look up and go through the other door hatch ahead of you. Now 
swim down again after you enter the new corridor. Go through the 
hatch in what seems to be the floor and swim down this corridor. You 
will see a door hatch to your right, swim through it and catch your 
breath at the surface.

Then swim back into the corridor you came from and go through the 
hatch at the end of the corridor. Follow the corridors round and once 
you reach a door with a green light above it go through it. The door 
is located in the middle of a corridor.

Go through it and swim into the end room. Now look for a rectangular 
opening in this room and go through it. Go through the middle hatch 
in this next corridor and swim through the room with pipes in. When 
you get to the surface be ready to kill the guards that are waiting 
at the end of the room.

Now equip your grapple watch and look for an open hatch in the 
ceiling. Fire the watch and climb the rope to the next corridor. You 
need to repeat this process several times killing enemies as you go. 
Eventually you will come to the reactor chamber. Head to the right of 
the room and go up the slope. Activate the switch on the wall and 
watch the cut scene.

Now all you need to do is go to the left of the room and use the 
grapple watch on the points in the ceiling to escape. You will have 
to use several grapple points though and watch out for any enemies 
you may encounter. When you climb the final grapple point another cut 
scene will trigger and the game will be complete, well done!

                            6. Q Division
TWINE relies heavily on the use of gadgetry and weaponry. All of it 
is provided but the Q division of MI-6. Q in particular has been a 
major part of the Bond series for a long time now. Sadly his death 
has left a Q shaped hole in the Bond movies. However all is not lost 
and the new assistant, agent R – played by John Cleese of Fawlty 
Towers and Monty Python fame - looks capable of filling the hole left 
by Q. This section will provide tips and strategies for using the 

The following section is about the weapons in TWINE. There are quite 
a few to get used to so I have put an opinion about each weapon at 
the end of each description. It should help you work out which weapon 
is best for each situation.

                             Wolfram P2K
The P2K is your standard issue firearm. It is lightweight, efficient, 
and sometimes comes equipped with a silencer. 

   Capacity: 16 Rounds 
   Damage:   Low 
   Range:    Low 
   Ammo:     9mm 

Opinion: The P2K is a very useful weapon and you will probably use it 
the most. It may have a pretty bad damage and range rating but it is 
a good weapon for starting a level with until you can find a better 

                            Deutshche M45
An updated version of the Deutsche M9. This heavy-calibre sub-machine 
gun doesn't deliver the best rate of fire but it does possess more 
stopping power.

   Capacity: 25 Rounds
   Damage:   Medium
   Range:    Medium
   Ammo:     45 ACP

Opinion: This is a useful machine gun. However it is rather average 
so you would be better off using a more powerful gun to kill enemies.

                            Deutsche SA90
Automatic sniper rifle with powerful sights. Capable of semi-
automatic fire, this is designed for military use.

   Capacity: 20 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    Very High
   Ammo:     7.62 MM

Opinion: This is a brilliant sniper rifle. It has a great zoom and is 
capable of semi-automatic fire. This is probably the best weapon for 
sniping enemies with but it will attract the attention of any nearby 

                            Deutsche M95
Silenced submachine gun with a telescopic sight. Designed for covert 
missions. Alternate fire is laser targeted, but single shot only.

   Capacity: 30 Rounds
   Damage:   Low
   Range:    Medium
   Ammo:     9 MM

Opinion: This is silenced and that is the main thing it has going for 
it. Great for covert missions or times when you want to stay quiet 
but need a reliable and quick way of killing enemies.

                          Frinesi Special 12
A shotgun with automatic-fire capabilities. The Frinesi is powerful 
but lacks accuracy from long range.

   Capacity: 8 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    Low
   Ammo:     12 Gauge

Opinion: The Frinesi is most useful in levels with walls like King's 
Ransom. It is a powerful shotgun that is very powerful at close 
range. You have to time your reloads well though. You don't want to 
get caught reloading in the middle of a fight.

The Frinesi is also the most satisfying weapon in the game, in my 
opinion. It is great for blasting the crap out of people. 

                                GL 40
The GL 40 is a single shot grenade launcher. The grenades will 
explode after a five second delay.

   Capacity: 1 Round
   Damage:   Very High
   Range:    High
   Ammo:     40 MM

Opinion: I switch the GL 40 to its secondary function. Having the 
grenades explode on impact is a lot easier than mastering the bounce 
and accuracy of the grenades when you have a five second delay.

                             Mustang MAR4
Fast firing assault rifle carbine manufactured by Mustang industries 
for the US Military. Alternate fire is 3 round burst.

   Capacity: 30 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    High
   Ammo:     5.56 MM

Opinion: This is a pretty good rifle. If you don't have a soviet 
handy then you should use this weapon as a good alternative.

                           Mustang MAR4 GL
A Mustang MAR-4 fitted with a grenade launcher.

   Capacity: 30 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    High
   Ammo:     5.56 MM

Opinion: This is the same as the Mustang MAR4 but it comes with a 
rocket launcher attached to the bottom.

                           Ingalls Type 20
The Ingalls Type 20 is a heavy machine pistol with a high rate of 
fire, complete with a silencer. It is a favourite amongst terrorists 
and urban criminals. 

   Capacity: 30 Rounds
   Damage:   Medium
   Range:    Medium
   Ammo:     45 ACP

Opinion: In my opinion the Ingalls Type 20 is the TWINE equivalent of 
the Klobb gun in Goldeneye. The Ingalls has no real problems and is a 
pretty average weapon. However average weapons will always be looked 
upon as second best to good weapons (and rightly so). The Ingalls is 
a gun you will use when you have no other options.

                          Seamaster Speargun
Double-barrelled speargun suitable for underwater use. Barrels can be 
fired singly or both together. 

   Capacity: 2 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    Low
   Ammo:     Spears

Opinion: This gun is effective at eliminating enemies individually.  
But don't try to defeat a group of enemies with this gun. There 
aren't enough rounds to defeat groups of enemies.

                           AT 420 Sentinal
Multi tube missile launcher designed for use against armoured 
vehicles or helicopters. Once fired, missile is guided by user by 
pointing laser sight out at desired target. Alternate fire is 
unguided fully automatic.

   Capacity: 4 Rounds
   Damage:   Very High
   Range:    Very High
   Ammo:     Misiles

Opinion: The deadliest weapon in the game. Unfortunately you only get 
to use it on the City of Walkways II. It is hard to use though and I 
recommend using it without the guided sight thing on. I find it 
easier to use as a normal rocket launcher.

If you insist on using it with the guided sight read this 
explanation. Once you fire the missile use the R button (the aimer) 
and the control stick to guide the missile. Don't push the control 
stick too far to the right or left otherwise the missile will hit 
you. However start to guide the missile from the minute it leaves the 
barrel, just be gentle and careful.

                            Meyer Bullpup
The Meyer Bullpup is a compact and highly accurate rifle. Its 
telescopic sight makes it a great weapon to use from a distance. 

   Capacity: 30 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    High 
   Ammo:     5.6 mm 

Opinion: The Meyer Bullpup is best used as a sniper rifle. It has a 
great range and a high damage rating so one quick shot to the head is 
all that is needed to kill people.

                              Meyer TMP
The Meyer TMP is a small machine pistol with a high rate of fire. 
Though its damage is low, it is very reliable from a distance. 

   Capacity: 25 Rounds 
   Damage:   Low 
   Range:    Medium 
   Ammo:     9mm 

Opinion: I like the Meyer TMP, the soviet KA-57 is more useful for 
groups of enemies. But the Meyer TMP is good for eliminating a small 
group of enemies. It is like an Uzi or a ZMG (for you goldeneye fans)

                            Raptor Magnum
The Magnum is a large, powerful, semi-automatic pistol. Because of 
the heavy-caliber rounds, the Magnum holds less rounds than a 
standard firearm such as the P2K. 

   Capacity: 8 Rounds 
   Damage:   High 
   Range:    Low 
   Ammo:     44 Mag 

Opinion: Although the reload time is slow the Raptor Magnum has 
incredible stopping power. It is best at close range and is useful in 
the building levels like Courier.

                              Mustang .44
.44 Magnum revolver from Mustang industries, popular with big game 
hunters. Slow to fire and reload but this pistol has impressive range 
and stopping power.

   Capacity: 6 Rounds
   Damage:   High
   Range:    Medium
   Ammo:     .44 Mag

Opinion: This is similar to the Raptor Magnum. However I prefer the 
Raptor Magnum. The Mustang .44 takes longer to reload and there is 
more of a delay between shots than there is with the Raptor Magnum

                             Soviet KA-57
This heavy assault rifle is the standard issue weapon for the Russian 
military. It has excellent stopping power, but limited accuracy. 

   Capacity: 30 Rounds 
   Damage:   High 
   Range:    High 
   Ammo:     7.62 mm 

Opinion: The Soviet is the second most powerful machine gun in the 
game. It has great stopping power and the 30 rounds in the clip will 
not run out as quickly as some other guns. My only complaint is that 
you don't get to use this great gun very much in the game.

                           Suisse SSR 4000
SUISSE SSR 4000 Designed for covert missions, this is a superbly 
accurate sniper rifle with silencer and telescopic sight. However, 
the bolt action makes it slow to fire and reload. 

   Capacity: 5 Rounds 
   Damage:   High 
   Range:    Very High 
   Ammo:     7.62mm 

Opinion: The Suisse is brilliant for sniping people because of the 
incredible zoom. Find a safe spot in a level and wait there picking 
of guards that walk past you. Don't get caught in big fights with 
this gun it is only useful for sniping.

                                RL 22
Disposable Rocket Launcher. Very powerful but after using it once you 
must discard it.

   Capacity: 4 Rounds
   Damage:   Very High
   Range:    Very High
   Ammo:     Rockets

Opinion: This is a good rocket launcher. If you want to kill a group 
of enemies with no fuss use this weapon. Don't stand to close to the 
enemy you are aiming at for obvious reasons.

                              MB Pow 90
High power, high capacity personal defence weapon from Munitions 
Belguiqe. Reloading however is rather slow.

   Capacity: 50 Rounds
   Damage:   Medium
   Range:    High
   Ammo:     5.7 MM

Opinion: This weapon is a very powerful gun. Reloading is slow but 
the 50 round clip ensures that you don't get caught reloading in the 
middle of the battle. However try to use the ammo carefully, the gun 
has a high rate of fire and before you know it that 50 round clip 
will be reduced to 0.

There are lot of gadgets and items in TWINE and the following section 
describes those items and explains where they are found. I have also 
put how to use the item if it is appropriate.

                           Appointment Card
This is a card confirming an appointment with Mr. Lachaise of Banque 
Suisse de L'Industrie

Opinion: This is used in the Courier level to get through the metal 
gate. Just show it to the guard standing in front of the gate.

                             Body Armour
An anti-fragmentation vest composed of 10-layer Kevlar weave, with 
ceramic inserts. Body Armour protects against any small-arms rounds 
or blunt trauma. After acquiring Body Armour, a blue Armour Meter 
appears under the Health Meter. Each time you sustain injury, the 
Armour Meter depletes instead of the Health Meter. Once the Armour 
Meter is depleted, any further injury is applied to your Health Meter 

Opinion: Body Armour is found in nearly every level. It is usually 
hidden in the most hard to find places but once you find it, it is 
worth the hassle. Don't get complacent though, the body armour 
protects you. It does not make you invulnerable.

                          Bomb Disposal Kit
Consisting or wire-cutters, probes, and other tools, this handy kit 
allows you to defuse explosive devices.

Aim the kit at the explosive device, the repeatedly press or hold the 
Z Button until the bomb is defused. You can measure your progress on 
the blue gauge. Watch out for the red gauge, which is the anti-
tampering device. If this reaches 100% then the bomb will go off. 

Opinion: The bomb disposal kit is used on Underground Uprising. It is 
easy to use once you get the hang of it. You should keep the red bar 
low and wait for it to drop if it goes more than half way up the 

                          Briefcase of Money
A briefcase containing Sir Robert King's money that he paid for the 
stolen report.

Opinion: Grab this briefcase from the vault of the bank. You get it 
in the Courier level.

A miniature digital camera with conventional and low-light operation 
capability. Use the Camera to copy secret documents, take 
surveillance shots, or gather incriminating evidence. You're only as 
good as your information. 

Opinion: The camera is used in Night Watch to photograph the 
documents that prove Davidov is a traitor. It is efficient and easy 
to use.

                             Covert Modem
A small computer device that can be attached to a target computer and 
used to relay data back to MI-6 Headquarters.

Opinion: The covert modem is used on the City Of Walkways I to 
collect information from Zurkovsky's computers. This gadget is like 
the camera. It is doesn't really need much explaining.

                            Data Scrambler
A miniature electronic 'bomb' that when placed on a computer or 
electronic storage device irreparably scrambles any data within. 

Opinion: This is used in Night Watch to deactivate the security 
cameras. It must be placed on the box that is usually to the left of 
the computer console. It is also used in Courier to scramble the VCR.

                         Davidov's Cellphone
Mobile phone with one message stored in its memory.

Opinion: You must receive this message when you kill Davidov in 
Midnight Departure. Just press start to read the message.

                         Finger Print Scanner
A handy device used to copy an individual's fingerprints in order to 
open high-security locks. 

Opinion: This is used to open a locked door in the Fallen Angel 
mission. You must find Bullion and take his fingerprint. You need to 
aim the red aimer at Bullion's fingerprint.

                            Flash Bang Gun
A stun grenade disguised as a semi-automatic pistol, with the 
detonator hidden in a pair of glasses. These are used to disorient 
and subdue targets rather than do permanent damage. 

Opinion: This is obtained from the safety deposit box in the Courier 
level. You use it during a cut-scene but it also subdues a guard in 
Lachaise's office. Make sure you kill this guard when he starts to 

                           Hidden Detonator
The trigger for your flash bang gun is concealed in this pair of 

Opinion: To detonate the flash bang gun you need to use these 
glasses. You don't have to worry about this gadget much if you are 
completing the levels the right way.

                               ID Card
A pass identifying the bearer as Dr. Mikhail Arkov of the Russian 
Atomic Energy Department. 

Opinion: This is used on the Midnight Departure level to fool the 
pilot of the plane. It is used like all the other cards in the game.

                           Keypad Decryptor
A computerised algorithm generator, which is capable of decoding any 
encoded keypad, lock system within seconds. 

Opinion: The keypad decryptor is used in Courier to gain access to 
the vault. Just aim at the keypad and wait for the door open.

                            Locator Card
Global Positioning System locator card from a Soviet warhead.

Opinion: You must get this card in the Masquerade level.

                         Night Vision Glasses
These glasses allow the wearer to see clearly in the darkest 
environments. They have a limited power supply, which automatically 
recharges when not in use. 

Opinion: The Night Vision Glasses are very useful in Midnight 
Departure. You can use them to snipe guards that you wouldn't b able 
to see normally. Just make sure you know when the glasses are running 
low on energy

                             Pen Grenade
A conventional frag grenade hidden in an unconventional housing.

Opinion: MoneyPenny gives this grenade to you on the second level. It 
is activated like a normal grenade and is useful for taking out the 
group of enemies in the elevator shaft when you have to go to the 
lower floor in King's Ransom.

There is another use for the pen grenade. If you throw it through the 
first window you come to in King's Ransom; the one on the left 
immediately after you leave the room with MonneyPenny in, there will 
be less terrorists in the level. However this is uncertain and seems 
to work but I find the grenade to be far more use in the elevator 
shaft (especially on 00- Agent).

                              Phone Tap
A tiny transceiver device used for bugging telephones. Will broadcast 
any received conversations. 

Opinion: The Phone Tap is used on Night Watch to tap the phones 
(strangely enough) There isn't really any thing complicated about 
this gadget just aim at the phone and tap away.

                             Safe Cracker
An electronic gadget that automatically ascertains the combination of 
any safe and unlocks it. 

Opinion: The Safe Cracker is used in Courier and Night Watch. It is 
quite easy to us but there is a slight delay between activating the 
gadget and the safe opening.

                         Security Swipe Card
Electronic key card for the banks private vault and video 
surveillance centre.

Opinion: It gets you into the security areas in Courier. It is easy 
to use, just activate it while aiming at the swipe machine to the 
side of the grey doors.

                              Sports Bag
A bag full of expensive athletic shoes. 

Opinion: You use this in Midnight Departure to bribe the pilot of the 

                         Transport Documents
Russian Atomic Energy Department documents confirming a warhead 
shipment to the nuclear facility at Penza Nineteen.

Opinion: You need to show these documents to Dr. Christmas Jones and 
the officer at the beginning of the Masquerade levels.

                            X-ray Glasses
These glasses allow the wearer to see through walls or doors, at 
close range.

Opinion: The X-ray glasses are best used for looking through objects. 
Don't rely on them in wide open spaces because the range of vision is 
quite poor. The X-ray glasses are used in Night Watch and A Sinking 

There are three types of Grenades in The World Is Not Enough. I have 
explained a bit about each one of them and I have provided you with 
strategies for using them.

                            Stun Grenade
These are used to disorientate and subdue targets rather than do 
permanent damage, generating 1,000,000 candela of light and 175 
decibels of noise. This will cause 5-15 seconds of disorientation to 
anyone within 30 feet.

   Damage: Stun

Opinion: These are handy for stunning enemies that are holding 
civilians hostage. To use them effectively you must pull the pin out 
slightly before you reach the enemies you are aiming at. If you do 
this you won't have to wait while Bond pulls the pin out therefor you 
won't be exposed to enemy fire.

                           Sticky Grenade
A very damaging, highly explosive grenade that will stick onto any 
surface. Once the pin is pulled, you have exactly 5 seconds to get 
away from the grenade.

   Damage: Very High

Opinion: This is a useful weapon for eliminating groups of enemies 
that block your path. Just run up and attach it to a box near the 
enemies and run away from the grenade. When I say run I mean RUN, you 
have 5 seconds to get away from the blast area. Don't try to stick 
the grenade to the enemies head. It is a pointless thing to do unless 
you are messing around in a level.

                            Frag Grenade
A hand grenade that contains tiny explosive pieces, once exploded 
pieces shatter through the room or field at a 15 meter radius.

   Damage: Very High

Opinion: This is a normal grenade. Which means you have to deal with 
the bounce of the grenade. It has a four second fuse so throw it from 
a distance and hopefully if it is aimed accurately it will land on 
the floor near the target. Don't use at close range because it is 
hard to tell were it will go.

The watch is probably the most useful gadget you get in this game. It 
has four uses and as usual I will list and describe the feature and 
give my opinion on it.

Fires an ultraviolet laser beam down which an electrical current is 
passed. Target is immobilised but suffers no lasting damage. Power 
cell recharges automatically. 

   Capacity: 100
   Damage:   Stun
   Range:    Low
   Ammo:     Recharges

Opinion: The stunner is a very useful feature. It enables you to kill 
people without alarming any other guards. It is particularly useful 
on levels that require you to avoid casualties. Just go up close to 
an enemy and activate the stunner. Keep on stunning the enemy and 
eventually you will start punching them as well.

Designed to look like a normal wristwatch, this is actually a 
concealed dart gun activated by nerve muscles. It is intended for 
covert infiltration missions, and fires small tranquilliser darts 
capable of dropping a fully grown man on the spot.

   Capacity: Unknown
   Damage:   Tranquilliser
   Range:    Low
   Ammo:     Darts

Opinion: The darts are useful for temporarily knocking out people. 
Just don't forget that the people you have knocked out will revive 
after a while. You only get to use them on some levels and those 
levels are usually the ones that require them the most.

A short-range cutting laser is built into the watch. The beam will 
cut through most materials but rapidly depletes the watch's power 

   Capacity: 100
   Damage:   Low
   Range:    Low
   Ammo:     Recharges

Opinion: The laser is useful for breaking alarms. Just fire it at the 
electric device and it will spark letting you know that the alarm is 
broken. It can also be used to break locks and kill people. It isn't 
the best way to kill people but if you are short on ammo you may have 
no choice.

The watch contains a miniature grappling hook with 50' high-tensile 
micro-filament able to support 800lbs. 

Opinion: The grapple is a useful way to get around. However it uses 
are restricted to the areas that the developers want you to climb. In 
other words you can only attach the grapple to the black and yellow 
striped points. The grapple does feature a 4x zoom to search out 
those points and to climb the wire all you have to do is walk into 

The location of all the known grapple points in the game are listed

Thames Chase: A black and yellow striped bar in the second 
              warehouse you come to. It is used for accessing a 
              ledge. The ledge also happens to have an enemy on it.

Underground:  A black and yellow striped pad in the last room. It is 
Uprising      used for gaining access to the stair rail that takes 
              you to the roof 

Masquerade:   A black and yellow striped pad in the Blast pit. It is 
              used to get out of the blast pit.

Fallen Angel: In the chamber that fills with gas. The only way to get 
              out of the room once it is sealed is via a trap door in 
              the roof.

Meltdown:     A succession of black and yellow pads in the last 
              section of the level. The last part of the Meltdown  
              level is spent climbing up the dry parts of the level.

                             7. Questions
This section answers all the questions you might have about the game. 
If you have any questions about the game contact me on AIM: 
 or email me at  try to explain the 
question as best as you can so I can give you a detailed answer.

The three way match
Q: Which game is better? Perfect Dark, Goldeneye or The World Is Not 

A: Well I will always choose Goldeneye as the best game of the three. 
   However TWINE is very, very similar to Goldeneye and in my opinion 
   comes a very close second. Perfect Dark is great but it isn’t 
   quite as fun as jumping off a dam or skiing down a hill as James 

Push button codes?
Q: Are there any push button codes in TWINE? Or can you get any other 
   cheats by completing stupid tasks.

A: NO. There are no known push button codes in TWINE. There are no 
   cheats other than the multiplayer ones and completing the game 50 
   times on 00-Agent setting with nothing but you watch stunner will 
   not do a thing...

Useless wheel 
Q: You don't have to turn the wheel in the Meltdown level do you? Or 
   does it do something that I am unaware of?

A: You don't HAVE to. But I would advise upon doing it because it 
   stops the rather deadly steam leak at the end of the room. It's 
   easier to turn a wheel than risk health.

Q: I need Gadget War but I can't quite manage it. Do you have any   

A: No. That applies for all the time cheats. I could open a section 
   on walkthroughs for the levels. But it would just be a case of me 
   saying run through the level as fast as you can.

This door is locked
Q: Why are there so many locked doors in TWINE and what's with 
   that locked grate in Fallen Angel? You know the one near Zukovsky.

A: Well there are a lot of locked doors because there are a lot of 
   closed off areas. Okay that's probably not the answer you wanted 
   but it's the best I can come up with. And the locked grate in 
   Fallen Angel probably had a more significant purpose in the 
   earlier stages of the game's development.

Walking through walls
Q: Can any other multiplayer characters walk through walls other than 
   the policeman? (see the next section for more info on the 
   policeman glitch).

A: No, I'm pretty sure that the policeman is the only character that 
   can walk through walls.

                             7. Cheats
If you know of any secrets or tips please let me know. I will write 
them here with full credit to the original founder of the 
code/secret. At the moment I have found four cheats but I know there 
are more, any glitches that are funny are welcome too. 

Time Cheats
The Time Cheats in the game unlock skins, maps and gameplay modes for 
the multiplayer. The following table lists the level, difficulty and 
time limit for each cheat. I have also included the name of the cheat 
so you know which one is which.

  | Cheat                 | Level           | Difficulty   | Time |
  | Suit Skins            | Courier         | Secret Agent | 2:00 |    
  | Team King of the Hill | King’s Ransom   | Agent        | 2:20 |
  | Security Skins        | King’s Ransom   | Secret Agent | 3:45 |
  | Exotic Weapons        | Thames Chase    | 00-Agent     | 3:05 |
  | Castle Map            | Underground     | Agent        | 2:15 |
  |                       | Uprising        |              |      |
  | Sky Rail Map          | Cold Reception  | Secret Agent | 3:15 |
  | Exotic Skins          | Cold Reception  | 00-Agent     | 3:05 |
  | Forest Map            | Night Watch     | 00-Agent     | 2:20 |
  | Soldier Skins         | Midnight        | Agent        | 3:05 |
  |                       | Departure       |              |      |
  | Air Raid Map          | Masquerade      | Agent        | 3:15 |
  | Scientist Skins       | Masquerade      | 00-Agent     | 4:20 |
  | Civilian Skins        | City of         | Agent        | 3:35 |
  |                       | Walkways I      |              |      |
  | Covert Skins          | City of         | Secret Agent | 3:45 |
  |                       | Walkways I      |              |      |
  | Wildfire Weapons      | City of         | Agent        | 3:40 |
  |                       | Walkways II     |              |      |
  | Capture the Briefcase | Turncoat        | Secret Agent | 3:20 |
  | Gadget War Mode       | Fallen Angel    | Secret Agent | 2:45 |
  | Navy Skins            | A Sinking       | 00-Agent     | 2:55 | 
  |                       | Feeling         |              |      |
  | Contemporary Skins    | Complete Game   | Agent        | N/A  |
  | Classic Skins         | Complete Game   | Secret Agent | N/A  |
  | Golden Gun Mode       | Complete Game   | 00-Agent     | N/A  |

Courier Cheat
There is an easy way to complete the Courier mission. It is also a 
simple way to get the time cheat for this level. Just fire a dart at 
the guard in the safety deposit room. Then get the equipment from the 
box as usual. Finally return to the main area of the bank and leave 
through the revolving doors. You will have completed all of the 
objectives on the screen.

Truck Ride
In Midnight Departure there is a truck that appears about half way 
through the level along the main track. It is usually used to escort 
Davidov to the control tower, thus explaining how he gets there so 
fast even though he only walks. However if you manage to kill Davidov 
before he gets to this truck you can use it too. Just jump in the 
back and it will start moving.

If you manage to defuse the bomb in Underground Uprising exactly on 
0:07 you will recover all your health and get a free bar of body 
armour. Although this is fairly useless because the end of the level 
isn’t far from the bomb.

Walk Through Walls
The Policeman skin that you can win for the multiplayer mode has the 
uncanny ability to walk through solid walls. It comes in very handy 
when fighting friends who don't know this glitch! It makes me 
remember an old X-Files episode I saw...

Cool Glitch
This is a cool glitch. In the 2nd City of Walkways level, enter the 
1st warehouse, after lowering the bridge. Kill the Grenade Sniper, 
and the two guards attacking Zukovsky's bodyguards. Then turn left 
(while facing the window). You should see some crates arranged in a 
"U" fashion, with the left end slightly lower. It is a stack of boxes 
that are collumned 2/1/3 boxes. Anyway, jump onto the lowest crate 
(middle), and jump up to the left stack of crates. Then jump onto the 
3rd stack of crates (the highest one, it has 3 crates). From there 
jump onto the large light brown crate. Then jump onto the purple 
crates near the exit door. Drop down in front of the exit door, and 
leave. There should be no helicopters or guards until you enter the 
2nd warehouse. 

Die... Damnit
This one isn't really a trick but I'll tell you about it anyway. In 
the Fallen Angel level Zukovsky doesn't die until you talk to him. So 
you can pick up I gun and wonder around the level whilst he's just 
lying there. I knew this already, but William Nam emailed it to me. 
So he deserves credit.

X-Ray Vision
In the Night Watch level equip your X-ray glasses at the start of the 
level, in the small room. Now look to the wall that you don't leave 
out of, the one by the phone and the table. You should see the 
Davidov's office, the one at the end of the level. Strange, but 

                            8. Conclusion
I hope you enjoyed my guide to The World Is Not Enough. This is my 
third FAQ, you can check out my others on my contributor page at 
GameFAQs. If you want to contact me for any reason. Email me at 
 put TWINE FAQ or something similar as 
the subject. You could also contact me via AIM. My name is Janus182.

               *******       ********   **************
             *****  ****    ***** ****  **************
            *****   ****   ****    **** ***     ******
           *****    ****  *****    ****        ******
           ****     **** *****    *****       ******
          *****    ***** ****     ****      ******
          ****     ****  ****    *****     ******
          ****    ****   ****    ****    ******
           ***   *****   ****   ****    *******
           **********     *********     ******
            *******        *******     ******

I am sure I am not the first person to figure out the pen grenade 
trick. Therefor I cannot credit myself for it. However seeing as I 
don’t know who found it out I don’t know who to credit. I guess I’ll 
just have to credit it as unknown.

Most of the descriptions – for weapons, gadgets, grenades and the 
watch – came from the instruction manual and the pause menu. The 
opinion is the most important thing though and that is 100% mine.

Thanks to Andy D.L for pointing out my errors. He told me about the 
grapple point I missed and because of him I explained that you don't 
have to turn the wheel in Meltdown.

Thanks to Emperor Lotar for some updated character info and for 
pointing out some stuff that I had missed. He also sent me the "cool 
gltich" that I put in the guide. It's virtually unaltered though, so 
you'd be best to email him ([email protected]) if you need help 
with it.

                          Legal Information
This document and everything in it is copyright 2001 Janus Operative. 
It can be printed out and used for personal uses but it may not be 
used for financial gain, this includes publishing it in a magazine, 
on a website, etc. without prior consent from me. If you do take the 
guide without my permission you will be open to legal action. 
Likewise, if you take any information from my guide - e.g. take 
chunks of the walkthrough and copy it into your guide - you will be 
open to legal action. The only sites permitted to host this FAQ or 
store it electronically in any form are:
 o  GameFAQs           (www.gamefaqs.com)
 o  FBGames            (www.fbgames.com)
 o  Neoseeker          (www.neoseeker.com)
 o  Gamester Online    (www.gamesteronline.com)
 o  A2Z Weblinks       (www.a2zweblinks.com)

---------( This Document is Copyright 2001 Janus Operative )---------

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