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___________                     ___ ___                __   /\       
\__    ___/___   ____ ___ __   /   |   \_____ __  _  _|  | _)/ ______
  |    | /  _ \ /    \   |  | /    ~    \__  \\ \/ \/ /  |/ / /  ___/
  |    |(   )   |  \___  | \         // __ \\     /|    
                    \/\/             \/      \/            \/     \/ 
                     \______   \_______  ____   
                      |     ___/\_  __ \/  _ \  
                      |    |     |  | \(   ) 
                      |____|     |__|   \____/       ::::::::
  ___________            __                         :+:    :+:
 /   _____/  | _______ _/  |_  ___________                +:+
 \_____  \|  |/ /\__  \\   __\/ __ \_  __ \             +#+ 
 /        \    __|             #+#
        \/     \/     \/          \/                ##########


08/04/01                                                  Format: GBC
Version: Final                                     Developer: Natsume
Janus Operative                                 Publisher: Activision
[email protected]                          Genre: Extreme Sports

Introduction --- The legend returns

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is the update to one of the best console 
skateboard games of all time. That game was of course Tony Hawk's Pro 
Skater. Although the best skateboard game of all time is a funny 
title seeing as how I always looked at Skate or Die as the best 
skateboard game (before THPS came along, that is).

Sadly the GBC version of the original wasn't very good but this game 
makes up for the original version  and is the best skateboard game on 
the Game Boy Colour so far. The idea is simple, skate around various 
courses and try to rack up points and complete objectives.

This FAQ provides tips, tricks guides for the individual characters 
and a comprehensive :) walkthrough for the career mode.


08/04/01: Legal Disclaimer, Look at it and pay attention to it. I 
          changed a few things BUT I do know the meaning of final and 
          this will be the final version. The last one would have 
          been but certain things mean I need to update it. 

09/03/01: I have included some new passwords. I have added the letter
          walkthrough for School. This is the last version of the 
          guide. I also reformatted it for your reading pleasure!

19/02/01: CheatCC.com is now allowed to use the FAQ. I have also 
          included a few new passwords

15/02/01: THPS online is now allowed to use the FAQ. Added the 
          letter walkthrough for Venice Beach

13/02/01: Added the letter locations for the school. Tidied the look
          of the FAQ. Is it easier to read?

04/02/02: First version of FAQ

      1: Basics
      2: Characters

      3: Free Skate
            -Street Courses
            -Vertical Courses

      4: Career Mode
            -Board Shop
            -Level Walkthroughs

      5: Extras
            -Photo Album

   1: Basics

This section is about controls, tricks and scoring. It isn't actually 
very "basic" and some of it is quite hard. But these are the basics 
and once you master them everything else (combo, specials) will fall 
neatly into place.


     Control pad          Use to move around

     A Button             Press once to jump (ollie).
                          Press again while in the air 
                          for a 180 turn.
                          Use with the control pad for
                          jump tricks.

     B Button             The Brake button.
                          Use with the control pad for


To pull off a grind press any of the following button combinations 
before you land on a rail or any other grindable surface.

     5-0 Grind -~-~-~-~-~ Land on any grindable surface
     Crooked grind -~-~-~ Left, B button
     Board slide -~-~-~-~ Right, B button
     Tail slide -~-~-~-~- Left, right, B button
     Nose slide -~-~-~-~- Right, left, B button

Each player also has a special grind
     Special Grind -~-~-~ Down, right, B button

When you are in the air press the following buttons to pull off jump 
tricks. Make sure you have got enough air to pull the trick off 

     Judo -~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Up, A button
     Airwalk ~-~-~-~-~-~- Down, A button
     Method -~-~-~-~-~-~- Left, A button
     Melon -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Right, A button
     Crossbone ~-~-~-~-~- Down, right, A button
     Heelflip VL ~-~-~-~- Down, left, A button

As well as having a special grind each player also has two special 
jump tricks.
     Special trick 1 -~-~ Up, right, down, A button
     Special trick 2 ~-~- Down, right, up, A button

The half pipe and quarter pipes that can be found on any vert course 
let you perform lip tricks on the edge. You can also do all the other 

     Handplant ~-~-~-~-~- Up at lip of halfpipe
     Axle stall -~-~-~-~- Down at lip of halfpipe

Pulling off the tricks is great but you'll need to pull off some big 
combos if you want to get points. Read page 9 and 10 in the manual 
for a detailed explanation of the scoring system. Read on for my 
simplified version. 

The easiest way to get a big score is with combos, in fact it's 
the only way. jump - grind - jump - grind combos on a rail are the 
most effective ways to get a high score. You can use the rails to 
your advantage if you use the jump - grind method. For example on 
skate street 

                                               **  /
                                              **  //
                                             **  //
        ------+                             **  //
              |     ********************** ** //
When you are at the top of the slope wait and fall back down the rail 
and carry on jump and grinding along the flat rail to increase your 

Another good way of racking up the points is to perform tricks 
on the halfpipe. Wait until you are going as high as you can and then 
perform the tricks. Combos as usual are the way to get a high score. 
Only perform tricks when you have enough air don't try and fit the 
odd trick in when your near the ground because it will not work.

   2: Characters

The following section will provide information on the special tricks 
of each character and their statistics for their ollie, speed, etc. 
That information does come from the instruction manual but - and its 
a big but :) - The opinion is the thing you should be looking at.

Tony Hawk
Grind:   Overturn grind
Jump 1:  Sack Tap
Jump 2:  540 McTwist

Ollie   *****
Speed   *****
Accel   *
Control **

Tony Hawk is a good choice for beginners, his ollie is high and so is 
his speed. His control isn't great but the high ollies you can 
perform with him will let you do your trick before falling. The only 
major fault with him is his acceleration, which is poor. You will not 
be able to start as fast as you want to when you fall off.

Verdict: Good character to start with. 

Bob Burnquist
Grind:   One Footed Crooked Grind
Jump 1:  Backflip
Jump 2:  540 McTwist

Ollie   ****
Speed   ****
Accel   **
Control ***

Bob is like Tony Hawk but his stats are a little more even. If you 
can jump and get a fast speed well then he is a good choice. His 
acceleration isn't great but if you are used to using Tony Hawk you 
will feel right at home controlling Bob Burnquist.

Verdict: Great all rounder

Steve Caballero
Grind:   Hang Ten
Jump 1:  360 Flip to Melon
Jump 2:  Triple kickflip

Ollie   ***
Speed   ****
Accel   ***
Control ***

The main thing that is great about this guy is his control. If his 
ollie was higher he would be great but it isn't so he isn't great. 
His acceleration will let him start fast after falling and his speed 
will make him move fast but the jump at the end of it wouldn't be 

Verdict: Good control but there are better characters to choose from.

Kareem Campbell
Grind:   Nose grind to noseblunt to pivot
Jump 1:  Ghetto Bird
Jump 2:  Front flip

Ollie   **
Speed   **
Accel   *****
Control ****

Kareem Campbell's biggest advantage is his control but without a high 
ollie it goes to waste. His acceleration is great and will help you 
to get a quick start after you fall off. You will not be able to keep 
up that speed though because his speed is rubbish.

Verdict: I would never choose this guy. He is the complete opposite 
to a guy like Tony Hawk.

Rune Glifberg
Grind:   One footed bluntside
Jump 1:  360 christ air
Jump 2:  One footed tail grab

Ollie   *****
Speed   *****
Accel   **
Control *

Rune is basically the same as Tony Hawk. If you like Tony Hawk but 
are looking for a slightly higher acceleration and know you can 
control the board well pick this guy. 

Verdict: Tony Hawk with a higher accel and a lower control.

Eric Kosten
Grind:   Fandangle
Jump 1:  Pizza Guy
Jump 2:  360 Madonna

Ollie   ****
Speed   ****
Accel   ***
Control **

What can I say about this guy? The stats speak for them selves. He is 
a great all rounder and has the points in the important places (Ollie 
and Speed) without losing too much on accel and control. He is good 
for those of you that can time your tricks right and want a high 
speed and acceleration.

Verdict: Another great all rounder.

Bucky Lasek
Grind:   BS Noseblunt
Jump 1:  One footed indy
Jump 2:  FS 540 Bucky Style

Ollie   ****
Speed   *****
Accel   ***
Control *

Bucky Lasek is a good choice if you want speed and a good 
acceleration without losing too much on the ollie. You need to have 
good control over the board though. He is a good choice for people 
who know how to get a good jump but want an extra bit of speed.

Verdict: If you want a character with a fast speed and acceleration 
combined with a good jump then pick this guy.

Rodney Mullen
Grind:   Dark Lipside
Jump 1:  Nollie Underflip
Jump 2:  Cerio

Ollie   *****
Speed   *
Accel   *****
Control **

His jump is great. That is the obvious thing to notice when you 
select Rodney Mullen, but if you look past that stat you will see 
that the accel stats would be better as the speed stats. I would much 
rather have a 5 star speed than a 5 star accel. For that reason and 
that reason only I wouldn't pick this guy.

Verdict: Great ollie but no speed

Chad Muska
Grind:   Hurricane grind
Jump 1:  Big Spin
Jump 2:  Sal Flap

Ollie   **
Speed   **
Accel   ****
Control *****

Chad is great if you are just after control but other than that he is 
rubbish. His accel is high and will give you a burst of speed until 
his slow speed stat kicks in and you are left going really slow. His 
ollie is not terrible put it is quite poor.

Verdict: Remember Dion Blaster in 1080? Well Chad is very similar to 

Andrew Reynolds
Grind:   Kickflip to Noseblunt
Jump 1:  Triple Kickflip
Jump 2:  Sex Change

Ollie   *
Speed   ***
Accel   ****
Control *****

Picking this guy would be a big mistake. They have tried to hide the 
fact that his jump sucks by piling the points on to other stats, but 
you really can't look past that terrible jump.

Verdict: Don't pick this guy.

Geoff Rowley
Grind:   Dark Side
Jump 1:  Sex Change
Jump 2:  Casper Flip

Ollie   *
Speed   ***
Accel   *****
Control ****

Picking this guy would be a big mistake too. They have tried to hide 
the fact that his jump sucks by piling the points on to other stats, 
but you really can't look past that terrible jump. He is virtually 
the same as Andrew Reynolds.  

Verdict: Don't look past that ollie score.

Elissa Steamer
Grind:   Primo Grind
Jump 1:  Hospital flip
Jump 2:  Backflip

Ollie   ***
Speed   **
Accel   ****
Control ****

If you want an all rounder that has a particularly good control and a 
fairly good ollie then pick Elissa. Perfect for harder courses that 
require a great deal of control as well as a high points score.
Verdict: Great combination of ollie and control.

Jamie Thomas
Grind:   Benihana Nose Grind
Jump 1:  Hospital Flip
Jump 2:  Backflip

Ollie   **
Speed   ***
Accel   ***
Control *****

Pick Elissa steamer instead. It's as simple as that. His control is 
great but his ollie is a little to low for my liking. The speed and 
acceleration are fine though, if he could have an ollie score of 4 
and a control score of 3 he would be great.

Verdict: Good speed, great control but poor ollie.

   3:Free Skate

Free Skate is the option on the main menu. It allows you to skate 
without a time limit, hence the name. The purpose of this section is 
to clarify the two types of course that this game throws at you.

Street Courses
Street courses let you go anywhere. You can grind down the stair 
rail, jump onto a building or obstacle, anything really. The courses 
are very different to the vertical courses. The most obvious 
difference is that you can skate up or down but getting a high score 
is more difficult because you have more chance of falling flat on 
your face.

The street courses in this game are:

  NY City
  Venice Beach

Vert Courses
Vert courses are slightly easier than the street courses. There are 
plenty of places to pull off tricks and lots of rails or other 
obstacles to grind on. You cannot skate up and down but that makes it 
easier because there is less chance of falling off.

The vert courses in this game are:

  Skate Street
  Skate Heaven

This is the location of the cash in every level. I have put a * by 
every level that lists collecting all cash as an objective in the 
career mode. 

Skate Street
On third step at start of level:     $10

On large rail after small quarter pipe:     $10

Bottom of slope after the last cash location:     $10

NY City
On a rail by a tree in the bottom left corner:     $10

Near gaps and jumps at bottom of the course:     $10

On a ramp near the location of the letter A:     £10

At a zebra crossing in the road, near the park:     $10

On zebra crossing across the road that runs along the top of the 
Course:     $10

On the middle planter in the park:     $10

In the bottom right corner of the park:     $10

The Hanger
At the top of the halfpipe in the far left of the course:     $10

Top of the airplane with broken wings:     $10

At the top of the quarter pipe in the far right of the course:     

School *
On a rail near the steps in the bottom left corner of the course:     

Jump off the building that separates the two sections of planters:     

At the bottom of the course near the part that separates the 
concrete and the grass:     $10

On the wall in the grass area:     $10

On a rail at the start of the level:     $10

In the middle of the grass area:     $10

In the air to the left of the green building:     $20

The Bullring
On a quarter pipe in the far left of the course:     $20

The left side of the first halfpipe:     $10

On the steps in the far right of the course:     $20

Venice Beach
In the secret area there is a load of $20 notes:     $120

Above the tree in the bottom left corner of the course:     $20

By a bench inside the area with a multicoloured wall:     $10

In the corner of one of the basketball courts:     $10

On the top of the building by the car park:     $10

In the corner of one of the basketball courts (again!):     $10

On the car park wall:     $10

Skate Heaven *
Far left hand corner of the course:     $20

Take the higher rail at the start of the level:     $20

In the middle of the mini halfpipe along the top of the level:     

Take the bottom rail at the start of the level and keep going along 
the rail:     $20

At the top of the larger halfpipe near the far right of the course:     

In the half pipe that you can see the moon from along the top of the
Course:     $20

   4: Career Mode

The career mode is all about getting money to buy new tricks and 
courses. The following walkthrough was done with me playing as Tony 

Board Shop
The new boards that you can choose are both good and will help you go 
a lot faster and higher but I usually use the standard board for 
tricks and grind and the best board for speed and getting S-K-A-T-E. 
The 3000 board is a good board but with the 4000 board only being 
1000 more I would wait until you have enough cash to get the best 

Level Walkthroughs
The following section has every single letter walkthrough for every 
level in the game. It lists when and where to use certain boards, 
whether it be the best or the worst board and it also lists the 
details of any and every other objective in the game. I made that 
sound good didn't I!!!

- Skate Street -

One 5-move combo        $ 300
5000 Points             $ 500
S-K-A-T-E               $ 500
10000 Points            $1000

The first and easiest course in the game. 3 of the objectives can be 
completed in your first go. Those three are 5000, 10000 points and 
the 5-move combo. When you start the level head straight for the 
first rail you come to. Jump and grind on it and use the grind - jump 
method that I mentioned earlier. When you reach the top of the rail 
on the slope stop and fall back down it and carry along the rail that 
you started on. If you don't understand what I mean, look at the 
scoring section in this FAQ. You can get about 4000 points at the 
same time using this technique. 

S: The first letter is located near the start so go to the top of the 
first slope and jump down it. Now you have to fit in another jump 
before you get too far up the quarter pipe. With a bit of luck and 
practice you will get the S at the top of the quarter pipe.

K: The K is located in the middle of the first half pipe you come to 
so grind up the rail and keep going right until the edge of the half 
pipe. Jump just before you fall of the edge and you should be able to 
get the K. If you can't you are probably not going close enough to 
the edge, just remember that you can probably go further than you 
think you can.

A: When you get out of the halfpipe pick up some speed by jumping 
along the rail. Now when you get to the small quarter pipe don't 
press anything and just hope that you have enough speed to pick up 
the A. 

T: The T is the easiest letter to get. After the small quarter pipe 
there will be another rail that goes along the ground and up the 
slope. Carry on up the slope and along the top of it and jump before 
you go down the rail that goes back down the other side of the slope.

E: Carry on going along at the same speed after you get the T and 
jump when you are about to fall into the last halfpipe, you should 
get the E that is in the middle of the halfpipe. As I said earlier in 
the FAQ you can probably go further along the top edge of the 
halfpipe than you think you can.

- NY City -

Grind all taxis         $ 400
5000 points             $ 500
10000 points            $1000
S-K-A-T-E               $1500

Grinding all the taxis is simple just don't forgot the one that is in 
the far left corner.

Getting 1000 points is a little harder on this level.
Head down the screen from where you start and you should come across 
a series of gaps and ramps that you can grind across. Getting 5000 
points is easy but getting 10000 is harder. Use the grind - jump 
method to get the points. 

S: The S is in the far left-hand corner. From the start go up on to 
the pavement at the top of the course and go along it until you come 
to the S then just jump to get it.
K: You will now be at the top of the screen/course so travel down to 
the gaps and ramps that you used to get the points. Go along past 
them and you will come to a slope travel up it and then come back 
down and jump for the K.
A: You should now be on a road, instead of going down the slope 
opposite you go along the rail on the edge of the wall. Keep going 
until you come to a gap. You need to time the next bit just right, so 
move in a diagonal direction when you are about 3/4 of the way along 
the gap. If you use the tree as a half way mark it is easy.

T: The T is along the bottom of the screen so carry on going after 
you get the A and you will come to a slope with the T just above the 
rail. Grind up the rail but stop and fall back down it and on the way 
down jump to get the T.

E: the E is in the top right hand corner of the park area. All you 
need to get it is a little speed and a jump. It is the easiest letter 
to get.

- The Hanger -

5 grinds on a helicopter    $ 300
One 1500 point combo        $ 300
S-K-A-T-E                   $ 500
1000 points                 $1000

5 grinds on a helicopter is simple just do 5 grinds along any 
grindable helicopter.

The 1500 point combo and 1000 points are also easy just jump and 
grind along the section with the helicopter and the airplane with 
broken wings. 

S: Remember what you did to get the S on skate street. Well use the 
same method here but push left when you get to the top of the quarter 

K: Getting the K requires more patience. If you get it first time you 
are lucky but it is more than likely that you will need a few tries 
to get it. It is on the bluish rail above the long halfpipe. You need 
to time your jump to perfection. It helps to being going quite fast, 
when you get to the edge of the half pipe jump and then jump again 
when you are on the blue rail. Hopefully you will get it.

A: You probably know where the A is because it is where you got 10000 
points (if you followed my tips) It is above the first helicopter 
that you come to. Just grind along the top of it then jump to get the 

T: the T is on easy to get. It is the other side of the quarter pipe 
so after you get the A jump over the quarter pipe get it on the way 
down. If you don't get it the first time use the yellow grindable 
rail that is near the letter.

E: The E is at the end of the course so jump on to the last 
helicopter and grind along it wait until you are at the end of it and 
jump for the letter. You can probably go further along the rail than 
you think you can so if you can't get the letter you need to go 

- School -

Grind all planters     $ 500
1000 points            $1000
Get All Cash           $1200
S-K-A-T-E              $1500

Grinding all the planters is easy. Just jump over the rail at the 
start at you should be near the first one then just grind on them 
all. Don't forget the ones that are the other side of the building.

I don't think there is an easy way to get 10000 points in this 
course. My only advice is to find a place where you can put together 
a good grind - jump combo. 

Getting the letters on this course is difficult. You may want to come 
back later and do it with the best board.
S: S is located in the bottom left corner on top of the lockers. Just 
fall of the edge on to the lockers. 

K: Go back up the slope near the lockers and go right along the 
ledge. Now position the board so you are going near the bottom of the 
ledge and jump of to get the K. You should land near the planters.

A: Go to the part where you can get onto the school roof (the section 
that separates the two groups of planters) and go to the top of the 
roof section but stay near the edge of the roof. Then jump off to get 
the A.

T: Go to the two green roofed buildings in the middle of the course. 
Jump on the wall in front of the building and as soon as you jump on, 
jump off and hold up on the D-Pad. You should land on the roof. Keep 
trying if you don't get it first time. This is a very difficult thing 
and must done with accuracy so don't come running to me because you 
tried it once and fell off. This is supposed to be the final version 
so I hope everyone can use this method to get the letter.
   Thanks to [email protected] for pointing this out.

E: Go to the top right corner of the course and you will come to a 
ramp that takes you onto a building. The E is in the middle of the 
two buildings. Now head jump in a diagonal direction to get off the 
buildings and hopefully grab the E. Your timing needs to be perfect 
so practice a couple of times to get it right.

You should have around $8000 now so it is time to spend some of the 
cash. Buy your characters best board because you will need it from 
now on. You also need to buy the next course, which is the Bullring.

- The Bullring ($3000) -

One 3000 point combo     $ 500
Shoot the loop 5 times   $ 500
S-K-A-T-E                $ 500
15000 points             $1500

Switch to your best board and go and shoot the loop. That is the 
first thing you should do because it is the easiest thing to do. Make 
sure you have enough speed when you go into the loop otherwise you 
will fall off. 

Change to the standard board to get the combo and 15000 points. Go to 
the rails by the loop and use the jump - grind method to get the 
points. You should also fall back down the slope to get a high score. 
You just need to do what you did on Skate Street really.

Switch to the best board for the letters.
S: Skate to the top of the slope then turn around and jump on the 
rail. When you get to the edge, just before you slide down the slope 
jump and you should get the S. 

K: The K is in the first half pipe just wait until you are going high 
enough and you should get it. The K is up the right side of the 

A: The A is easy to get. It is by the loop, just jump onto the rail 
and jump again quickly to get the letter.

T: The T is on the second halfpipe you come to so just use the same 
technique that you used before.

E: The E is at the top of the quarter pipe at the very end of the 
level. Your fast board should give you enough speed to get it without 
having to jump to increase your speed.

You might be able to buy the next course now but if you can't go back 
to The Bullring and get some cash. Look at the cash location section 
earlier in this FAQ (in the free skate section).

- Venice Beach ($4000) -

Find secret Area        $ 500
100 tricks              $1500
15000 points            $1500
S-K-A-T-E               $2000

Use the best board to find the secret area. Go left from the start 
and you should notice a ramp at the top of this course. Go up the 
ramp and jump along the buildings until you get to the end. Wait 
until you are at the edge and then jump off the building. The secret 
area is filled with $20 notes.

On to the tricks and the points. Switch to the standard board for 
this one. Go left from the start and you should notice a bench that 
is perfect for grinding on. There are also other grindable objects 
past the bench so if you carry on going you can put together a big 
jump - grind combo.
Use the best board.
S: The S is located in the secret area. It is hidden in the bottom 
left hand corner. 

K: The K is just above the entrance to the secret area jump. You 
should be able to get it if you jump high enough.
A: Go to the area with a multicoloured wall around it. The A is in 
the top right corner of this area. Grind the bench to the left of the 
letter and when you get near the end of the bench jump off and press 
down twice quickly. You should get the A.
   Thanks to Edge037 for pointing this out.
T: Once you get out of the secret area you need to carry on along the 
top of the screen by the buildings. Eventually you will see the T but 
it is to high to get. So jump onto the blue roofed building and go 
along the top edge and you should be able to get a high enough jump.

E: To get the E you need to go up the ramp that takes you to the 
secret are but this time go right along the buildings. Jump off at 
the end of the buildings and you should be able to get the E.

- Skate Heaven ($5000) -

Get All Cash       $ 500 
One 12 move combo  $1000
S-K-A-T-E          $2000
20000 points       $2000

See the cash locations section earlier in the FAQ. Use your best 
board to get the cash in this level because you need its speed and 

Switch back to your standard board for the point scoring objectives. 
There is no definite way to get the points but the best method that 
works for me is to grind - jump along the bottom rail and the sloping 
rail. By the bottom rail I mean take the bottom rail at the sort of 
fork in the road at the beginning. With a bit of practice you will 
soon have 20000 points. The 12-move combo sounds stupid but it is 
quite easy. Just do enough jumps and grinds along the rail and the 
number below where your move is shown on the in game screen should 
read? * 12. But will be replaced with any other number. When you jump 
from the platform to the rail go right to the edge otherwise you will 

Switch back to your best board to get the letters on this course.
S: Go left at the start and when you jump the small gap you come to 
you will see the S. go to the top of the slope and go forward until 
you fall on to the rail. When you fall onto the rail press jump 
quickly and you should get the letter.
K: Take the bottom rail when you come to the forks and carry on until 
you are going up the slope on the other side of the ungrindable 
platform. Go to the top of the rail and start coming back down it 
then just before you come down it jump and get the K.
A: To get A you need to go to the place where you get T. So take a 
quick look below. Right now fall down the gap in the platforms where 
the rail goes over it. You should fall onto a rail and then go left 
along the rail. The A is along the rail.
T: Take the top rail at the start of the course and keep on going 
along the top and eventually you will come to a quarter pipe with the 
T at the top of it. You should have enough speed to nip up and grab 

E: Make your way back up to the quarter pipe where you got the letter 
T or if you are already there don't do a thing. Now go down the gap 
again but this time go right along the rail. Keep going until you 
come to a quarter pipe at the very far right of the course. The E is 
located here.

   5: Extras
There are a variety of extras in this game. Well two actually. Those 
being passwords and the photo album. I could tell you how to get each 
individual picture but that would be far to tedious and all you need 
to do is complete the whole career and you will have them all (it is 
easier than it sounds).

Photo Album
You will get the following pictures depending on how far you progress 
in the career mode.

     1: Frontside air

     2: Airwalk
     3: BS Method

     4: Indy del mar

     5: FS method

     6: Varial

     7: Crossbone

     8: Nose Grab

These are just some of the possible password combinations for the 
game. There are thousands of other different ones but these ones 
should get you started or finished (depending on the password you 

VT0VX?TTTFJ!: I found this code on the message board it was posted 
              by the reaper. It has all the courses opened and Tony  
              Hawk is the character.
V!T!MBBBBBVV: $50000 with Tony Hawk, no objectives complete.

B58LPTGBBBBV: All boards and levels open. A few objectives complete 
              with Tony Hawk.

VTPMPSBBBBVV: Glitched money, all parks and the falcon board.

CZWWVWFMKCVB: Football and Shadow boards unlocked with Bob Burnquist,  
              $2750 and a few objectives complete.

Conclusion --- The guts

I hope this guide helped you out with the game. I noticed that it was 
high on the request list so I am sure a lot of people will have read 
it. I could list the FAQs I have done here but I am not one to 
include shameless self promotion in my guides. If you really must see 
my other guides go to GameFAQs and check out my contributor page.

Tony Hawk's 2 is a great game and I hope that it will be on Game Boy 
Advance. The possibilities for THPSA (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Advance) 
are endless and no that isn't the official name of the game. I just 
like the sound of it.

              *       _____  ___  ____   __  __   *
              * ++++ |  ___||_ _||  _ \ |  \/  |  *
              * ++++ | |_    | | | |_) || |\/| |  *
              *      |  _|   | | |  _ 

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