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Toy Commander
Version 2.0
E-Mail: [email protected]

1. Introduction
2. Update History
3. Controls
4. Game Modes
5. Walkthrough
   a) Kitchen/Dining Room
   b) Children's Bedroom
   c) Hallway and Mezzanine
   d) Parent's Bedroom
   e) Garage and Tool Room
6. Codes
7. Reviews
8. Frequently Asked Questions
9. Credits
10. Legal Information

1. Introduction
Welcome to my Toy Commander FAQ/Walkthrough.  This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough 
that I have made for a non sports game.  I hope you enjoy it because it took a 
long time to make.  I hope that everyone purchases Toy Commander because in my 
opinion it is one of the best games ever made.  Here in this FAQ/Walkthrough I 
will list the best way to beat each level.  If you are having trouble with any 
level then you came to the right place.  I have beaten the game and I know and 
have listed the best way to win any level in the game.  This includes the hard 
and easy bosses.  I hope you enjoy this FAQ/Walkthrough and please come back 
because I will be updating this a lot.

2. Update History
November 12, 1999 - I have decided just to take a day and finish two mores rooms 
in Walkthrough section of this FAQ/Walkthrough.  I completed the game yesterday 
so now I probably won't be playing Toy Commander as much.  I will still finish 
the walkthrough section of the last 3 rooms.  Most people aren't passed the 
Garage and Tool Room so they FAQ/Walkthrough is very helpful.  Make sure you 
check for more updates.

November 10, 1999 - I have added the Hallway and Mezzanine.  I have school off 
tomorrow and friday so I will add at least another room in the house each day.  
I still have not beaten the game yet, I am in the Attic but I will beat the game 
probably tomorrow or friday.  So the full walkthroughs on every mission in the 
game should be completed by Sunday.  Hope you like what I have added so far.  
Hallway and Mezzanine is not that easy to beat.  

November 9, 1999 - Welcome to Version 1.0 of my Toy Commander FAQ/Walkthrough.  
I hope you enjoy this FAQ/Walkthrough because it took a long time to make.  
Please check back daily because I will be adding the rest of the sections of the 
houses when I have time.

3. Controls
The controls for this game can not be more straight forward.  After the first 
level, you will have the controller memorized and it will be so easy to fly, 
drive, or do anything else.

Initial Game Controls
A................................Machine Gun
B................................Special Weapon
Y................................Switch Special Weapon
X................................Switch Vehicle
D-Pad............................Change Views
L Trigger........................Brake
R Trigger........................Accelerate

4. Game Modes
There are two modes of play for Toy Commander.

One Player Mode - Complete over 50 missions to beat the game.  Not as easy as it 

Multiplayer Mode - Two to four players can participate in it.  Have a battle 
with some friends.

5. Walkthrough
Here I have listed every mission to beat.  Also, I have listed how to beat each 
boss.  I have beaten the game so if you use this Walkthrough you will beat the 

Kitchen/Dining Room
The Kitchen/Dining Room is the easiest room in the house.  If you are having 
trouble with the missions in this room then you will have a lot more trouble 
later on.

The easiest mission.  The runway is located on the main table.  The sugar cubes 
are on the main table also and the coffee pot is next to the sugar cubes.  The 
car is located on the far table.  When you get the car go over by the cat.  You 
should see a ramp.  Go up the ramp and then turn right.  You should see another 
ramp.  Go up the ramp slowly and then you will take a sharp right and fall onto 
the counter.  Go around the whole counter and then behind the toaster is the 
candy bar.  Touch it and you win the mission.

Boiling Rage
Another very easy mission.  Take the plane and land it on the platform that the 
eggs are on.  Your view should change and just push them into the boiling pot.  
See those knobs on the counter?  Press them and the pot should begin to boil.  
Wait a while and the mission will be completed.

Rings of Fire
This is very easy.  The only thing is you can't come in last place.  All you do 
is follow the green rings and go through them.  Not hard at all.  If you can't 
locate the green rings just follow the cars.  This is the easiest racing mission 
in the game.

Deep Sea Trap
You have to use your radar in this mission.  There are 6 submarines.  The 
submarines are trying to blow up the ship.  All you do is blow up the first four 
submarines (most of them are in the dining room) using the missles.  Then fly 
over by the fireplace and you should see two boats docked there.  Just blow them 
up with missles and the mission should be completed.

Blow the Bridge Down
This is a fun mission.  Use the plane and fly to the other room.  Use a couple 
of missles to blow up the gate.  Land the plane on the kitchen counter and 
switch to the truck.  The truck can not shoot though.  Take the truck up the 
ramps by the fire place.  Go through the gate you blew up and take a left.  
There you should see a bomb.  Pick the bomb up and take it to the long wooden 
bridge you had to cross.  Drop the bomb and it should blow up.

Air Raid 
This mission is also very easy.  Go to the other room and blow up the enemies 
hangar.  It is under the desk.  Hurry back to your base and there should be 
planes shooting at it.  Use the missles you have and shoot down the planes.  
There aren't a lot of planes so it isn't that hard.

Beat 4 of the bosses best times to play Cyclone.  If you win you are allies with 
him.  Take the long ramp up and you should see Cyclone shooting at you.  You 
have tons of missles so just start firing them at him.  Make sure to be turning 
in circles so he doesn't shoot you.  Try shooting off his guns first.  This boss 
is not hard to beat.  

Children's Bedroom
The Children's Bedroom is also an easy room to beat.  There are harder levels 
though on this then in the kitchen.

Hunt and Seek
This mission is hard for me to help you with.  Just search for the big red men 
and creatures and blow them up with your machine gun or with your missles.  The 
radar really helps you out.  Some are higher than others so be on the look out.  
Make sure you don't shoot any of the blue people or all the red people will come 
back.  An easy mission that takes a while to beat.

Grand Prix
This is much harder than the flying one in the kitchen.  Just follow the green 
rings or the cars.  It's not that hard but make sure you don't come in last 
place.  Also, make sure you don't break a lot.

This mission took me a long time to beat.  Luckily, I have typed it out for you 
so you can just follow my very good instructions.  Drive around the houses and 
you should see one of your army men.  Pick him up and bring him back to the 
base.  Drive on the freeway type of thing until you see a big blue hill type of 
thing.  Get off the road and make your way down the hill thing.  You should see 
a ramp.  Get on the ramp and then jump and you should be next to a platform that 
rises.  Get on the platform and take a left when you get off of it.  Now go up 
the ramp with a picture of Sonic on it.  After that go straight and take the 
boost.  Turn around and go to the left of the jump.  You should see one of your 
men back there.  Now go up the ramp and you should see a big wooden platform.  
You have to go slow and take a left so you are on it.  It is very long and 
straight.  Pick up the army men that is on it and keep on going.  When you get 
to the wall make a right and there should be another army men.  Pick him up.  
You should have picked up a total of four army men by now.  Turn around and go 
straight until you see a weird type of ramp thing.  Take that and it should 
bring you down.  Turn around and you should see another man.  That's five.  Turn 
back around and go straight until you see a ramp.  Go up the ramp slowly and you 
should see the six man.  Then just return them to where you started.  Pretty 
hard huh?

Bombs Away
Hurry up and take a left when you start.  Pick up the 5 water balloons by the 
sink.  Find the three fire crackers (they are really easy to find) and drop a 
water balloon on each of them.  They should stop burning and then the mission 
will be completed.  A very easy mission.

Chuck Anok
Take the car and just keep on shooting missiles at the big monster.  If you run 
out of missles look for some around buildings.  There are a lot of missles you 
can find.  Just keep on shooting at him and you will win.  One of the easiest 
missions in the game.

Sad Princess Clara 
Stock up on all the missles you can find.  Then get far away from the tanks and 
start firing at them.  If you run out of missles go up to the tanks and shoot 
your machine gun at them.  This is also a very easy mission.

Roly Poly
Beat 4 of the bosses best times to play Roly Poly.  If you win you are allies 
with him.  This is the easiest boss.  Just take the missles that are given to 
you and fly right up to him.  Shoot at the big rings first and then shoot at his 
head.  I can beat this boss in less that 20 seconds.

Hallway and Mezzanine
The Hallway and Mezzanine is a bit hard.  Some of the levels are extremely hard 
if you aren't using a guide or walkthrough.  Luckily, you are so you should have 
no trouble beating them.

This is probably the hardest level in the Hallway and Mezzanine (next to the 
boss).  First go straight until you get to a split in the road.  You should see 
green sneakers to the right.  Take a left and look back.  You should see an 
opening.  Go in there and there should be one of those switches.  Shoot at it or 
run into it.  When you break it then you should see a gate open up.  Now go back 
to the split in the road and take a right this time.  Go through a passage way 
and you should see a black weight on a chain.   Go under it and take the ramp.  
You should be on a glass table.  Take the second ramp, watch out there are three 
barrels, and you should now be on a red couce.  You should go on the next ramp 
then.  Then go off the next ramp and you should be on another table.  Take 
another ramp and you should be in this area with flowers.  Go up the small ramp 
so you are on the board.  There should be another glass button thing.  Hit it 
and another gate should open up.  Now go straight off and go forward.  Follow 
the wall until you get to a huge opening.  Ther you should see a gate open.  Go 
through the gate and take a right.  You should see three of those things on 
chains dropping down.  Don't go through them but turn 90 degrees right.  You 
shoiuld see a ramp.  Take the ramp and go straight until you hit the third glass 
button.  You should see another gate open.  Now go back to the three things on 
the chains dropping down.  Go past them.  You should take a ramp up.  Now go to 
the big ramp but make sure you don't get hit by any mines.  Go up the ramp and 
the mission should be completed when you drop off the ramp.  What a great but 
hard mission.

Agent Green
A very easy mission that takes a while to beat.  Go pass the shoes so you are by 
two mice.  Kill the mice so there are no remains of them.  Now go up the ramp.  
Go up two other ramps.  Now you dshould be by some gas.  Get it and go on the 
platform thing.  Take the small ramp and get on the platform that moves up.  Now 
run into the can and knock it on the floor.  Roll it to the stinky shoes and 
shoot your machine gun at it a couple of times.  Then you should be done.

Aces High
This is probably the easiest mission in the Hallway and Mezzanine.  Just go slow 
and follow what the planes do.  You should beat it on your third turn at the 
latest.  There are no hard parts except when the planes go up and down.

Emergency 9-1-1
This mission is very fun.  Probably the best idea for a mission in the Hallway 
and Mezzanine.  Take the car down the stairs.  Once you are down look at the 
wall next to the stairs.  You should see a spider and a spider web.  Kill the 
spider.  Now go under the strais and you should see another spider web and a 
gate.  Blow up the spider web.  Now go into the room with the shower in it and 
one of the walls there should be a glass button.  Hit it and then the gate 
should go up.  Now go back to the gate and it should be open.  Blow up the tank 
and the people.  Then blow up the jail.  There should be a fireman there.  Now 
switch to the helicopter and pick him up.  Go into the bathroom where the toilet 
is.  Behind the toilet is a castle.  Dodge the guns and pick up the fireman.  
Now bring the guys upstairs and drop them on the H sign.  Now you should see the 
plane and the fire truck take off.  Take the helicopter to the shower room and 
hit the blue knob on the sink.  This should turn on the cold water.  The water 
bomber should be coming.  When it picks up the water follow it to the fire.  The 
mission should be completed then.

Birds of a Feather
This mission is very stupid and very easy.  Shoot down all of the enemies.  
Locate where the enemies are by using your radar.  Then shoot the front of the 
bird cage.  The birds should fly for a long time.  When they are done your 
mission should be completed.

Take the tank to the flowers.  You need to go up a ramp.  You should see a huge 
spider.  Kill the spider.  Now you should see your helicopter in the spider web.  
Shoot at the spider web and push your helicopter.  (The helicopter is a big 
ball) off the table onto the floor.  Here you should see a little ramp.  Push it 
on it and you should see the ball burn up.  Now take the helicopter and fly it 
into the toilet.  Follow the path and you should see the mother bug.  Kill the 
mother bug.  Now kill all the bugs you see.  Use your radar.  Make sure you kill 
the bugs that are on the second floor.

This guy is one of the hardest bosses.  Take as many missles as you can find and 
keep on shooting them at him.  Make sure he doesn't hit you.  Look for as many 
missles are you can.  Remember that missles keep on coming back.  Don't get mad 
if you can't beat the boss on your first couple of tries.  It took me close to a 
hour to beat him.  I was so happy when I defeated him.

Parent's Bedroom
There's really only one hard level in the Parent's Bedroom and that is 12 
Mercenaries.  Everything else including the leader is pretty easy to beat.

Race To Win
This is another racing mission.  Not hard at all.  Just make sure you go through 
all of the green rings.  On the first lap, go slow because some of the green 
rings are hard to get to.  This race is pretty easy though, and you should beat 
it on your first couple of tries.  Make sure you don't go in last place though.

Railroad Rabble
This is a very easy mission to beat.  All you have to do is follow the arrows 
and shoot the little track switches that are right next to them.  But first you 
should fly the path the train will take when you switch the switches.  If you 
see any men shoot them.  Just make sure the train has a safe path.  Now go back 
to the first switch, and shoot it.  Follow the path until you get to the next 
switch and shoot that.  Make sure you go faster than the train.  A very easy 
mission if you kill the people before you switch the switches.

Putting out Fires
Can this mission be any easier.  You are the water bomber to start out with.  
Just fly to the water and pick up water.  Then fly over the flames and drop the 
water on it.  Keep on doing it.  You should see the flames begin to die out 
after doing it a couple of times.  A very easy and fast mission to beat.

12 Mercenaries
This mission took me a long time to figure out how to beat.  Luckily, you can 
just read what I write to beat the mission. First pick up 5 guys.  It doesn't 
matter what ones.  Drive them to the chair and when you pass the chair you 
should see a the green sneaker.  Drive pass it as fast as possible and we you 
see a red army guy drop your 5 guys.  Remember you don't have to be stopped.  
Now watch out.  There is a tank up on the higher level.  Leave your men there 
and theyu should shoot at the tank when it passes.  When the tank blows up, take 
your men up the ramp.  When you go up the ramp take a left.  You should pass 
under something.  The road will curve right so take the right.  Now you should 
see a long wooden ramp with two bad guys on it.  Drop your men off and they 
should shoot at a gun that you can't see.  When they stop shooting take them 
back to the first ramp.  Now take a left.  You should be a slanted peice of 
wood.  Keep on driving and when guys start shooting at you release your men.  
Remember that you don't need to be stopped to drop your men off.  When the 
shooting stops pick up your men.  If you don't have 5 guys left I suggest you go 
pick some more up.  Where you dropped off your men there should be a ramp to the 
right that brings you up on the slanted peice of wood.  Take that ramp up and 
grab the gas thing.  Now keep on going up on the platform that you landded on.  
You should see a book or magazine or whatever it is hanging off the peice of 
wood.  Drop your men on the thing.  They should shoot at the three men.  Now 
pick them up and bring them to where you just shot the three guys.  Go pass the 
later opening and go in that thing.  It's kind of like a circle but with a 
opening.   The view should change.  Drop your men off and they should shoot at 
something.  When they are done shooting go over by what they were shooting.  You 
should see that big wooden ramp with two guys on it.  Go up the ramp and drop 
your guys off by the two guys.  They should kill them.  Now go up and go behind 
the house.  Hurry up because you are getting shot out.  The men should fire at 
the machine guns.  When they stop it should say mission completed.  If not, go 
in front of the house and kill the army men or whatever that shoots out you.  
Confusing but easy.

Sink and Destroy
This mission is also very easy.  All you do is take your plane and destroy all 
the things that are firing at you first.  It should take three planes to do 
that.  When you destroy everything then you should see the boats in the bathtub.  
Just shoot missles as them and they should blow up.  You have four planes to use 
so don't be scared if 3 of them get blown up.

A Friend in Need...
This mission takes a while but it's actually pretty easy.  First change to the 
plane.  Fly out of the room and on the wall next to the opening that you just 
flown through should be one of those glass button things.  Don't hit it yet.  
First, kill all the men and the guns.  When everything is destroyed hit the 
first glass button.  Then move to the far wall and there should be a glass 
button on the wall.  It's a lot lower than the other button.  The things should 
be moving by now through the gate.  If there are no more enemies then it should 
pass through both gates and the mission should be completed.  A very easy 

This boss is very easy.  All you have to do is shoot at it as much as you can.  
One of the easiest bosses you can ever play.  I beat this boss on my first time.  
This guy ranks up with ROLY POLY.

Garage and Tool Room
Up and Down
This is probably the easiest racing level you will play.  The path is really 
short and it's really easy to win.  You should beat the bosses record your first 
time playing it.  Damn, this level is easy.

The Evil Extraterrestrials
This is another very easy mission that I beat in 35 seconds.  All you do is 
shoot the ufos as fast as you can.  Make sure you don't take a lot of time or 
the people they are beaming up will die.  All of the ufos are easy to find.  
This mission shouldn't take long to beat.

The Pirates Booty
This mission is actually a little hard.  First take the plane and destroy all 
the things that are shooting at you in the castle.   Now take the car by the 
castle and drop down.  You should drop in a red thing with the four jewerly 
peices in it.  If not, you should at least see it or drive by it when you are in 
the water.  It's kind of hard to explain where it is.  Anyways, when you go in 
the thing pick up the jewerly peices and hit the blue beam.  This should 
teleport you with a boost.  Boost off the shelf you are on and try to land in 
the castle or  in the big read thing.  Get into the castle and take the queen.  
Now go to your base.  The base is very close to where you start the mission.  
Drop the queen and the jewerly off and the mission should be complete.

First take the plane and destroy all the enemies.  Then fly to the the big blue 
drill (its's next to a shelf) and shoot at the handle.  It should spin.  Now 
take the bus type of thing and get it on the lift type of thing.  Take the take 
and drive up to the left from the side and hit the button.  The lift should 
start going up.  When you get off the lift with the bus take a right.  Take all 
the ramps up until you hit the castle.  Pick up the three guys and bring them 
back to the hangar.  What an easy mission to beat.

Louis the Lemur
Pick up the five guys and start driving around.  You should see one of those 
drone type of guns shooting at you from a high table.  Go under the table and 
drop a guy off.  Then go into the open by the gate and drop off the other guys.  
They should shoot the gate and then the drone gun and the person.  Now go up the 
ramp.  You should see a tank on the higher level.  Take the long blue ramp up 
and drop off your guys on it.  They should shoot the tank.  If all goes well you 
should have at least 3 guys left.  Go up the green ramp now.  Go around the blue 
wall thing and there should be a guy.  Drop of your guys and they should kill 
him.  Go up that big black ramp now.  Now you should be on a shelf.  Follow the 
shelf until you get to the big drone gun.  Drive right pass it as fast as 
possible.  Go up the big blue ramp then.  Don't drop off your guys to try to 
shoot the drone down.  Now drop off the shelf you are now on.  You should see a 
fan.  Drive pass it and you should see a man and a ramp.  Drop your guys off to 
kill the man.  Now go up the ramp.  Go up the small green ramp and you should 
get blown up in the sky by the fan.  Land by the computer.  Now here's a hard 
part.  Theres a tank on the table.  Push the tank off the table by taking the 
picture and pushing it to where the tank is.  Press the picture off the table 
with the tank behind the picture.  Now go down the ramp.  The ramp is between 
the two big red flags.  Now kill the guy by dropping your men off.  Now let your 
guys shoot at the hangar stuff.  Once they blow all that up you have the 
helicopter.  Now just go shoot at the lemur and it show blow up.

Extraterrestials gone bad
Take the car and blow up all the drone guns and people.  Now you should see ufos 
flying all around.  Blow them up all.  Now go in the castle and you should see a 
pathway.  There should be like a little card blocking it.  Shoot it and you 
should see the Mother Ship.  Blow the Mother Ship up by using missles.  After 
that is done, change to the helicopter.  In that big wooden area, there should 
be an opening.  Fly down and there should be another opening.  Go in there and 
you should see the people getting electricuted and stuff like that.  Pick them 
up and bring them to the H sign by the corner of the wall.  Pretty easy mission.

This guy is kind of hard but kind of easy.  All I can really say is use a lot of 
missles and look for missles to blow this guy up.  He's much easier than VROOM-
VROOM so if you didn't have a problem with him, you shouldn't have a problem 
with BUGGY-WUG.  Still he was a challenge for me. 

6. Codes
Thanks to Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com) I have posted some codes 
for the game you can use.  Hope you enjoy them.

All maps 
Pause the game, then hold L and press A, Y, X, B, Y, X. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear music.

Heavy weapon 
Pause the game, then hold L and press X, A, Y, B, A, X. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear music.

Switch machine gun 
Pause the game, then hold L and press B, A, Y, X, A, B. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear music.

99 heavy ammunition 
Pause the game, then hold L and press A, B, X, Y, B, A. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear music.

Fix toy 
Pause the game, then hold L and press A, X, B, Y, A, Y. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear music.

7. Reviews
Personal Review:

When I first heard about Toy Commander the idea blew me away. Blowing up 
bridges, having these really hard missions, and stuff like that sounded really 
cool. I have a subscription to Dreamcast Magazine and when I got the Toy 
Commander demo I couldn't believe it. The first level was awesome. I was always 
checking websites to see when it came out. I bought it the second day it came 
out and have been playing in a lot. I took a break for playing it to make this 
review on it. 
Gameplay: 10/10 - The first couple of missions may be a little easy but when you 
get farther this game is crazy. The missions are not a like and there are some 
really great missions. You can be a plane, helicopter, car, and a lot of other 
stuff. A mission for example would be: Take the Plane and blow up the gate. Find 
the truck and bring the truck pass the gate to steal the bomb. Blow up the bomb 
on the bridge. You have to beat at least 4 of the missions (in each level type 
of thing) faster than the boss does. The game is so fun it will take you at 
least 40 hours to beat it. 

Graphics - 10/10 - The graphics in this game are so cool. They may not be 
polished as much as some games, but they are really nice. The graphics in the 
kitchen are so cool. If you fly over something you can tell exactly what it is. 
The only thing that gets kind of confusing is when you are driving on the side 
of the walls. It gets a bit weird, but once you get use to it, it's fine. 

Sound - 10/10 - The sound is great. You can tell the different sounds for the 
gun to the bomb. The explosions sound nice. You don't really recognize the sound 
witht he great graphics and gameplay. 

Replay Value - 10/10 - This game takes at least 40 hours to beat. But after you 
beat it, you can play all the multiplayer you want. For the one player mode, I 
don't think I would want to play the same missions again. But for multiplayer 
mode, this will be one of the greats. One to four players can play. The graphics 
are smooth and there is no slowdown. This could be a great multiplayer game by 

Overall - 10/10 - This game is everything you could want. This is a must buy for 
everyone. You should have this game in your collection with Sonic Adventure, 
Soul Calibur, and NFL 2K. What a good game! 

Please send in any reviews you have for this game to me at [email protected]

8. Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Should I buy or rent Toy Commander?
Answer  : You should buy Toy Commander because it is one of the best games ever 

Question: This game seems like its for little kids is it?
Answer  : Not at all.  It is extremely fun for all ages.

Question: How old are you?
Answer  : I am 15.

Question: Is there anything wrong with this game?
Answer  : Nope.

Question: How much is this game?
Answer  : Around $50.00.

Question: Do you own Toy Commander?
Answer  : Yes, I got it the second day it came out.

Question: Is this game easy to beat?
Answer  : I heard it's suppose to take 50 hours to beat.  I beat it a little 
sooner than that though.

Question: Are there any bosses?
Answer  : Yes there are many bosses.

Question: Where do you live?
Answer  : In California.

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer  : By e-mail, my e-mail address is [email protected]

That should answer all of your questions.  If you have anymore questions feel 
free to contact me.

9. Credits
This FAQ is made 99% by me.  I would like to thank:

Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com) for supplying the codes.
GameFAQs (www.GameFAQs.com) for hosting all my reviews and FAQs.

10. Legal Information
This FAQ is for private use only.  It may not be sold nor used in anyway to earn 
a profit.  You may not use this on 
your website without my written permission. Copright 1999.

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