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Tsugunai: Atonement
Playstation 2
Date: 12/09/01
Version 0.7
Hai Nguyen a.k.a. Big Boss
E-mail address: [email protected] 

This document Copyright 2001 Hai Nguyen

This Document contains many spoilers!!! Read at your own risk of knowing!!

==== Table of Contents ==================================================

I.	Revision history
II.	Legal Notes
III.	Introduction
IV.	Playing the Game
-(A.)-Basic Controls
V.	Battles
-(A.)-Battle commands
---(C.)-Strage Attack
VI.	Possessing
-(A.)-FAQ`s about possessing
VII.	Characters
VIII.	Items
-(A.)-Magic stones
----(D.)-Main Items
IX.	Walkthrough
X.	FAQ`s/secrets
XI.	Credits
*Note: Some of these are under construction. I plan to add more. And 
the order of these may get re-arranged.

==== I. Revision History ================================================

-Version 0.5
Started on: 12/03/01
Began making the FAQ/Walkthrough, still needs many revisions.

-Version 0.6
Date: 12/06/01
Made changes to the walkthrough. Separated parts of it for an easier read.
Added the possessing section
Added more to the walkthrough part
Added more to the items section

-Version 0.7
Date: 12/9/01
Added more to walkthrough
Added more to items section

==== II. Legal Notes ====================================================

This document Copyright 2001 Hai Nguyen
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and receive my consent first. Otherwise, It will be a FERDERAL OFFENSE. Any 
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This document cannot and should not be altered or Plagiaries by anyone else 
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off this document and putting your name on it. If this document is found 
altered or Plagiaries and used by anyone else but me, Hai Nguyen, please 
report it. If you wish to use this document in any way except reading it, 
please ask for my consent first. And ONLY if I reply and give you my consent, 
may you use it in any other manner besides reading it.
My E-mail address is [email protected]

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==== III. Introduction ==================================================

Tsugunai is the story of Reise, a warrior who has inadvertently angered the 
Goddess of Light by stealing the mystical Treasure orb.As punishment, the 
Goddess of Light forever seperates his soul from his body unless he atones 
for his sins by helping the people of Walondia. Without a physical body of 
his own, The only way to change the fates of the people is to possess them.

==== IV. Playing the Game ===============================================

Here, you will learn about the gameplay, and how to play the game.

==== (A.) Basic Controls ====
The following is an explanation of the controller buttons.

(For Menus)
X= Decide
O= Cancel

(In The Field)
X= Talk/Action
Triangle= Command Screen
Square= Possess

(During battle)
To select battle commands, the controls are the same as menus.
X, O, Triangle, Square= Guard
X= Strage attack

*Hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, Then press start to reset the game.

==== (B.) Actions ====

Using the left analog stick, you can move the character. Depending on which 
direction the stick is pressed, the character will move in that direction. If 
you press the left analog stick lightly in a certain direction, the character 
will walk. If you hold R2 while moving, you will make the character walk.

When the main character finds out that a certain person has sadness in their 
heart, pushing the "square" button next to that person will allow him to 
possess that body. Your abilities after possessing are limited to those of 
that body, but your items, money, and experience are carried over.

By pressing the "X" button in the field, you may perform various actions that 
vary according to the characters current state.

You can talk to someone by pressing "X" while next to them. As a soul, you 
can only talk to those who can see souls. However, even though you cannot 
converse, you can still listen to what the other people are saying.

-Open a door-
Pressing the "X" button in front of a door makes the character open the door 
and move to the other side of it. You need a key to open locked doors. In 
ghost form, you cannot open doors, but you can slip through wooden doors and 
certain walls.

-Open treasure chests/ pick up item-
Pressing the "X" button next to treasure chests and dropped items will allow 
you to open the chest or pick up items. As a ghost, you cannot interact with 
chests or items.

========================== V. Battles ===================================

During battle, choose the Battle Commands to decide your actions. When you 
select from "Fight", "Magic", "Summon", or "Item", you will immediately take 
action. Agility decides the order in which your character and enemies take 

== (A.) Battle Commands ==

Attack the enemy with the currently equipped weapon

When you are equipped with an amulet with a rune embedded, you can cast the 
magic corresponding to that rune. In order to cast magic, you need MP.

If you have an amulet that is completely filled with runes, you can summon 
the beast corresponding to that amulet. The beast you summoned will move on 
its own, and will use MP accordingly to its action. If you do not have MP, 
the beast will not take action. Summon beasts do not have a certain 
Property (such as fire), but will become stronger as the main character`s 
levels rise. Once summoned, the beasts will continue to fight until you 
return them. If the battle ends while they are still active, they will appear 
in the next battle as well. Under "Summon" there are the following commands. 
Unlike the other commands, Summoning a beast does not consume your turn.
Call= Call a Summon a Beast
Return= Return a Summon Beast
Change= Switch Summon Beasts during battle

You can use an item you have

On the Battle Command menu, holding on the left analog stick and pressing the 
"X" button will cause your character to flee. There are times when you cannot 

===== (B.) Guards ======

By pressing a button timed with the enemy`s attack, you can reduce the amount 
of damage you take. If you succeed in guarding (excluding back stepping), you 
will gain Strage Points (SP). The 4 guards are as follows

-Normal Guard-
The most basic guard. The timing is easy, and it reduces damage greatly.

-Strage Guard-
You will gain more Strage points then Normal guard, but it does not reduce 
much damage.

-Counter Guard-
An offensive guard where you guard the enemy`s attack and return a blow. 
It is the hardest of all guards to time. It also does not reduce much damage.

-Back step-
You dodge the attack by stepping back. You completely avoid the attack. So 
the damage is 0, but it requires Strage Points. If you do not have about 1/4
Of the gauge, the gauge will be red and you cannot perform a back step.

=== (C.) Strage Attack===

When your strage gauge fills up, you can do an attack called a Strage Attack; 
a powerful move that varies per character. In order to select the Strage 
Attack, move the cursor to "Fight" and press the "X" button while holding 
right on "Strage Attack".
When you begin your Strage Attack, a power gauge will be displayed at the 
bottom of the screen. Pressing the "X" button will start your attack. You 
want to aim for the red area on the right of the bar. The closer to the right 
the gauge is, the stronger your Strage Attack will be. If you miss the red 
area, your character will perform a weaker Strage Attack. After a Strage 
Attack, your gauge will be returned to 0.

========================= VI. Possessing ================================

When the main character finds out that a certain person has sadness in their 
heart, pushing the "square" button next to that person will allow him to 
possess that body. Your abilities after possessing are limited to those of 
that body, but your items, money, and experience are carried over.

==== (A.) FAQ`s ====

What is possessing?
-Possessing is a means of taking action as a soul.
In order to take or move things, you first gave to possess someone.

What can you possess?
-In general, you can possess those that have sadness, pain, or anger in their 
hearts. But you can`t possess people if they are sleeping or unconscious, 
even if they meet those conditions.

How to do you and out of the body?
-Possessing is easy. Just go up to someone and channel into their body.
But once you possess someone, be warned: it is hard to get out. To get out of 
a body, you have to heal that person`s heart. If you heal that person, your 
spirit will leave their body. The body of that person will reject your 
existence and should push you out.

What should you watch out for?
-The body you possess will follow your thoughts, but your skills do not carry 
over. For example, even if you can fight, trying to possess someone who can`t 
won`t do you any good. No matter how strong you are, if the person you 
possess cant fight, neither can you. If the person you possess dies, you will 
die with them, so be careful.
-Also, be careful not to stray too far from your body as a soul. If you stray 
too far from your body, you wont be able to return to it. 400 years ago, 
there was a man who strayed too far from his body, and now he must roam the 
world for all eternity. So be careful, too. Its easier to think of the town 
as your limit.

========================== VII. Characters ===============================

These are the characters in the game.

Main character
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Raven
Weapon: Sword
A skillful Raven with both experience and a reputation, he always gets the 
job done. He is very quiet, and rarely shows emotion. Just as he was getting 
tired being Raven, he received a high-paying job from the Lord of walondia.

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Fisherman
Weapon: Spear
Since losing her mother at a young age, she lives with her father, the chief 
fisherman. Because of the environment in which she grew up in, she is a bit 
tomboyish. She hates her father, who went fishing on the day her mother died.

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Gnome
He is the a type of fairy, Domovoi. For some reason, he did not return to the 
land of the fairies, but instead lives in Walondia.

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Occupation: Former Chief, Commander
Weapon: Axe
A hero who speaks violently and rough, overpowering others. He was the was 
the Chief Commander of the Castle, but now he is a fugative. While escaping, 
he was injured and lost his memory, forgetting how he became a fugative.

Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: Apprentice, Monk
Weapon: Club
He looks very reliable, but in fact he is a klutz and a coward, messing up at 
anything that he does. Although the Head Monk thinks highly of his potential 
power, his colleagues still think he is a nuisance.

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Raven
Weapon: Bow
Living with his ill mother after his father died and left a giant debt, he 
makes his living as a raven. In order to pay back the debt, he takes rash 
jobs that are too much for him.

============================ VIII. Items =================================

Here is a list of some of the items. I will update this list as I find more.

==== (A.) Magic Stones ====

Magic stones are stones with mystical powers inside. Because the power inside 
is not that great, they cannot exhibit magical powers on their own. Magic 
Stones come in the following types:
-Red magic stone
-Blue magic stone
-Yellow magic stone
-Dark magic stone
-Green magic stone
-White magic stone

==== (B.) Runes =====

Runes, made from magic stones, are the source of all magic. You can make 
Runes at the Rune Shop. In general, the more magic Stones it takes to make a 
Rune, the more powerful it is.
The shapes of the Runes are 3 sizes of triangles, square, and a 
parallelogram. When you embed them into an amulet, you need to thing about 
their shapes.

Flame- Inflict a small ammount of fire damage on 1 enemy

Tundra- Inflict a small amount of ice damage on 1 enemy

Plasma- Inflict a small amount of lighting damage on 1 enemy

Cure- Recover a small amount of HP

Venom- Poisons 1 enemy

Naster- Recover from any affliction

==== (C.) Amulets ====

Amulets are charms that have a spirit seal within them. It is said that the 
ancients made them, but no one know the details. In each amulet, there is a 
unique groove, and you can embed Runes in there. When you embed a Rune into 
an Amulet, the Rune`s powers are unleashed, and you can cast it as magic. 
Aslo, if you fill the amulet completely with runes, the sealed guardian will 
revive it. They are called Summon Beasts.
Some amulets include:

Each Uisge- Amulet with a water demon sealed within

Vivian- Amulet with a guardian spirit sealed within

Golem- Amulet with an earth monster sealed within

Raum Lugh- Amulet with a demon sealed within

Balrog- Amulet with a fire genie sealed wihin

Mumakeem- Amulet with an ancient creature sealed within

======= (D.) Main Items =========

These are some of the items in the game.


Claymore Sword- Sword commonly used by warriors

Sting Bow- A bow used for hunting

Heavy Tomahawk- A normal wood chopping weapon

Trident- A fisherman`s halberd modified to be a weapon

Battle Mace- A weapon made of steel

Ox tongue- Given its name due to its shape

Bardiche- A long weapon with an axe-like end

Mash Hammer- A weapon made to crush the enemy`s armor

Hawk String- A bow known for its high accuracy


Leather Armor- Armor made of leather

Cloth Armor- Armor made of cloth

Bandit Mail- Armor favored by thieves

Fisherman`s Clothes- Clothes to protect fishermen

Apprentice Monk robe- Robe worn by apprentice monks

Hunter coat- Clothes favored by hunters

Cuirboil- Armor made of leather banded with wax

Dress Armor- Light armor made for women

Metal Bustier- Steel armor made for women


Ear Plugs- Protects wearer from sonic attacks

Golden ring- Increase the amount of money gained in battle

Magician`s Glasses- Wearing these, you can guard magic attacks

====Recover Items====

Antidote- Recover from poison

Eyedrop- Recover from darkness

Fruit of Life- Increases MAX HP by a little

Holy Water- Recover a small amount of MP

Medicine- Recover a small amount of HP

Mental Mushroom- Increases Mind by 1

Refined Holy Water- Recover a large amount of HP

Special Medicine- Recover a medium amount of HP

Troll`s Powder- Slowly regain health for a limited time

Walnut of Power- Increases Strength by 1

Water of Exorcism- Recover from silence

Wonder Drug- Recover from any affliction

====Battle Items====

Charm of Seal- Seals 1 enemy`s magic

Diamond Dust- Small ice damage on 1 enemy

Electric Catfish- Small lightning damage on 1 enemy

Golem Fist- Inflicts a medium amount of meteor damage on all enemies

Lightning Dragon- Medium lightning damage on 1 enemy

Mythril Cloth- Physical defense up for a limited time

Poison Snake Fang- Poisons 1 enemy

Quartz Cloth- Magic defense up for a limited time

Sacrificial Doll- When used in battle, you will be resurrected

Salamander Scale- Inflicts a small amount of fire damage on 1 enemy

Shuttlecock- Doubles agility for a limited amount of time

Sleeping Grass- Puts 1 enemy to sleep

Smoke Screen- Escape from battle

Snake Fang- Poisons 1 enemy

====Spell Books====

Old Spell Book- Book explaining the process of Rune-making

Clean Spell Book- Book explaining the process of Rune-making

======================== IX. Walkthrough ==============================


=============== Quest 1: The start of the ordeal ========================
====== Why have your body and soul split? Recollect your memory... ======
======== Look for the "Treasure Orb" as requested by lord cole...========

--In the very first scene of the game, you are lying on a bed and your soul 
is standing. The head monk Rui then asks you to to tell him what happened in 
order for your body and soul to have split.

--There is a sort of flashback, then there is a scene where you and two 
knights are standing on a ship. One of the knights explains to the other that 
the island near them is where the treasure orb is. And that their job is to 
retrieve it for lord cole. He then talks to you about some things and then 
you get to set a name for the main character. His default name is Reise. But 
you can set it as whatever you like.

--You all then get off the ship and head toward the three towers. Once you 
can move your character, go into the menu and equip him with the raum lugh 
amulet. It contains cure, which will restore you with some HP.
Head over to the other side of the dock and get the medicine in the chest.
Then, make your way on up to the towers. Take the medicine that you find on 
the stairway. And then save the game. 

--Keep on going up and you will reach the sacred forest, there will fight 
your first enemy, a vodianoi. Just attack it until its dead. Guard whenever 
it gets near you and puts up its head. That means its about to bite you. Or 
whenever it gets about half-way toward you and is facing in a slant. That 
means its about to hit you with its tail. It should be dead in about 2-3 
hits. Keep making your way to the towers after that. 

--Once inside the first tower, there will be some enemies. I suggest that you 
fight most of them to get used to the battles. Get the treasure chest 
directly on the other side of the entrance. Then go on up the stairs and head 
on over to the other tower. 

--Once in the next tower, defeat the enemy that is there. Then go up the 
small flight of stairs, then up the ladder to the top of the tower. Go to the 
pedestal in front of the nymph statue and get the oak tiara. Then go back 
down into the tower and head left to the next one. 

--Once your in the last tower, head down the stairs. You will meet the young 
knight, he will give you a flame rune. Once he leaves, go into the menu and 
equip it on your amulet. Then go over and take the small lithograph. Once you 
get it, go on back to the middle tower. 

--Once you are there, put the small lithograph into the pedestal with the 3 
towers engraved into it. A set of stairs will come up after you do. Go down 
the stairs, at the very bottom will be a manticore waiting for you. 

--Make sure you have at least 400HP before fighting it. Once in battle with 
it, guard whenever it lands right in front of you and puts its head up. That 
means its gonna bite. Also guard whenever you see it jump off the ground and 
flap its wings to start flying. That means its about to dart at you with its 
feet, which will cause you to be poisoned. The manticore will have another 
attack, where it will dart at you while its in the air. This is a tough 
attack to guard. But you can always try! 

--Once you defeat the manticore, go down into the next room, where there will 
be another manticore. Defeat this one and get the blue chest, which contains 
a coltana blade. Equip the coltana blade and head down to the nymph statue. 
Put the oak tiara onto the pedestal, and a bridge will appear outside.

--After the scene with the bridge, head over to the save and save your game. 
Go outside and cross the bridge once your done. Once you enter the building 
on the other side, go and get the treasure orb. Once you select take when the 
option appears. There will be a caption in red. 

--After that, Balrog will appear. Once in battle, Guard whenever he lands in 
front of you and his hands start to move back. That means he`s about to slash 
you with his claws. He`ll also blow fire at you, but I found that guarding 
doesn't really help. The least amount of damage he`s done to me is 86HP. Make 
sure you heal whenever you have less than 200HP, or your probably going to 
die. And make good use of your SP gauge. Try to use your highland brave 
attack as much as possible. But make sure you don't have under 200HP when you 
do it.

--After you finish the battle, Reise will pick up the treasure orb. Then the 
two knights will come in. after they talk to you, leave the tower. There will 
be a few scenes to watch afterwards. 
Once the scenes are over, your will be back with the monk who is talking to 
your soul. Once he`s done, you`ll be able to move around, but only with your 
soul. Go outside and go down to where the monks and knights are standing. 
They will talk to each other. 

--After they are done, go back into the place where your body is. One of the 
knights will be in there. He will take the treasure orb and leave. The monk 
will talk to you for a bit. 

--After he`s done, follow him outside. Do as he says and try to go through 
the wall and the steel door. You wont be able to do it, the only door you can 
only go through are wooden ones. After he opens up the steel door to the 
monastery, go in, and go into the door that's located at the upper right of 
the screen.

--Once your in the head monk`s room, go to the painting and look at the the 
plate in the center. The monk will talk to you about it, then read his book 
about Ezal and Anu, and tell you that you are undergoing the ordeal of god 
for taking the treasure orb. He then tells you to seek the Domovoi, which is 
a fairy, or a gnome which lives in the town. And that it could probably help 
you with your ordeal.  

======================== Quest 2: Cooperator ============================
========= In order for you to return to your body, you must =============
===== find the gnome Domovoi to help you with "The Ordeal of God". ======

--After the monk finishes talking to you, your task is to find the gnome 
Domovoi. Go near the table by the door, there is a save point next to it. 
Save your game. After you are done, leave the head monk`s room and go into 
the wooden door on the right side of the monastery. 

--This is the kitchen, go around the table and head out the door to the 
right. Once outside, there will be an apprentice monk who just got finished 
boarding up a hole in the wall. Leave there by going through the wooden 
boards. Once outside head down the road to the sandbank, then go to the left 
just a little bit and then go up to the town square. 

--Once in the town square, head over to the fountain, and go down to the 
harbor. And once in the harbor, go to the right and then go up the wooden 
stairs to where there is a boy peeking into a house. There will be a scene 
where the boy is talking. After he finishes, go inside of the house. 

--Here, you will meet a Domovi, and find out that Domovi is the name of a 
race, not a name. The default name of the Domovi is Navi, but you can set it 
as whatever you like. He tells you to find a fairy mushroom before he helps 
you. But before you have to go get it, he`ll teach you about possessing.

--So go on outside and talk to Navi, who is standing on the crates to the 
south of his house. Talk to him and he`ll go steal someone`s wallet, then 
he`ll tell you to possess the person who he stole the wallet from. So go on 
over and push square, then choose to possess the person with the missing 
wallet. Navi then tells you that you can only possess people who have sadness 
in they`re hearts, and not to get any funny ideas. 

--After that, he`ll tell you to go get him a fairy mushroom using the body of 
the person who has the stolen wallet. So your task now is to find Navi a 
fairy mushroom. If you want to, go around and get used to the area. Talk to 
people, search around, explore the region. But if you want to get the fairy 
mushroom, just head back to the town square.

--Once you get to the town square, you should be at a small road. There 
should be a dog sitting on that road, and 2 women standing in front of The 
Sun and Harbor Item Shop. Go into the shop and there should be a scene where 
the merchant cant sell anything to a girl. Go through to small blue gate and 
talk to him while behind the counter. He will tell you that he had a book 
about fairy mushrooms somewhere. Go up the stairs and search right in between 
the 2 glass containers. You cannot reach the treasure chest yet. So don't 
even try it. If you searched correctly, you should find the book on how to 
make special medicine. Inside, it will tell you that fairy mushrooms can be 
found at the quarry. Now make your way to the quarry and get a fairy 

--The quarry is right outside of town. From the town square`s fountain, go 
toward the right past the painter and through the gate. You should be at the 
town gate now. Keep on going up until you reach the big gate. There should be 
a guard standing there. Talk to him and go to the quarry.

--Once you reach the quarry, just keep heading on the sand until you reach a 
quarrier who is looking for his lunch bag. Once you talk to him, go south 
from where those crates are. The spot is hard to see, just search right under 
that area. 

--You should reach a little place with 3 stumps. Get the lunch bag. And go 
right behind the largest stump. There should be something shining there. Get 
it, it is a black mushroom, which is actually the fairy mushroom. Bring the 
lunch bag back to the quarrier. And then bring the black mushroom back to 
Navi and give it to him.

--Once you give the mushroom to Navi, he will explain some details to you on 
how to get your body back. He`ll tell you that you have to help people with 
sadness in their hearts in order to get your body back. So now your job is to 
go help those people!

*********After this, you may do the quests in any order you want.********
**************But I`ve put them all in the order "I" did them.***********

---------------------- Quest 3: Runaway Girl ----------------------------
---------- Worried about the Chief Fisherman`s daughter who ran ---------
----- away from home, her caretaker wallace has gone to look for her.----

--To start this quest, simply go into the Fisherman`s house. There should be 
a scene where the head fisherman and a person named wallace are talking. 
After they finish talking, just possess wallace to start.

--Once you can take control of wallace, head to the blacksmith and talk to 
the boss while behind the counter. He will tell you that the chief`s daughter 
recently bought a trident and could be at the training caves.

--So head to the castle, once you get there, ask the guard about the chief`s 
daughter. He will tell you that she didn't go to the training caves today 
since she said she had to go visit her mother at the graveyard. So head over 
to the graveyard.

--To get to the graveyard, just go to the town gate and tell the guard. Once 
you reach the graveyard. Head up the stairs to the tombstones on the very 
top, and go examine the one with the white flower. After you examine it, 
there should be a scene and the missing girl should come talk to you. Once 
she finishes, take her back to the town. Once you reach the town, there 
should be another scene, and your soul will leave wallace`s body. Then there 
should be a scene with you and Navi.

----------------- Quest 4: A Shopkeeper`s Depression----------------------
-- Worried about his poor sales and losing confidence in his buisiness, --
--- the shopkeeper, Keith, is trying to find a way to save his store.-----

--To start this quest, simply enter The Sun and Harbor item shop located at 
the town square. But enter through the door sealed by wood that is located to 
the side of the store. It`s right next to where the painter is. Enter the 
store and there should be a scene. You find out that he is looking for the 
twig of ent. Once the scene is done. Possess the shopkeeper.

--Once you possess the shopkeeper, head over to the pub and talk to the man 
sitting at the table, who is wearing a blue shirt. He will tell you to hire a 
raven. After you talk to him, head over to the innkeeper and ask her about 
the raven. There will be a small scene and you will meet the raven named 
Ifem. After the scene is over, go upstairs and talk to the raven. He will be 
in the middle room. Ask him about the twig of ent, and he will tell you about 
the ruins hillock. After you talk to Ifem, go to the ruins hillock by talking 
to the guard at the town entrance.

--Once you reach the ruins hillock. Head on through the first part of it, 
getting all the chests that are along the way. Once you get to the second 
part of it, keep on heading through, getting all the chests along the way. 
But once you reach a pillar with a small triangle stone in it, stop and take 
it. Then, keep heading through, make sure you go down the small flight of 
stairs that is behind the big monster, it's a bit tough to see since a pillar 
is in the way. Do not go into the cave, since that is the wrong way. Then 
keep heading through again until you until you reach a pillar with a pentagon 
in it. Again, take the stone. Then continue going through until you reach the 
next part.

--Once you reach a place with a stone engraved with words, stop and read it. 
It should stand halfway to a stone that's hollowed in. After you read it, 
there will be a scene and Ifem will show up. He will take you back to town. 
Once you reach the town and Ifem finishes talking to you. Your soul will 
leave the shopkeepers body.

=================== Quest 5: The Long-Eared Cat =========================
======= Bullied by his friend and called a liar, Bild is looking ========
=========== for a "Long-eared cat to prove that he isn`t lying ==========

--To start this quest, go down to the sandbanks and there will be a scene 
where bild is crying. After he finishes talking, possess him. Bild is looking 
for a long-eared cat. So your task is to find it!

--After you have possession of bild, head on over to the harbor. Once you 
reach the harbor, talk to the long haired fisherman. He`s the one that you 
possessed earlier in the game. He`ll tell you how to catch a cat, and will 
also give you permission to take the basket full of fish. Take the fish and 
head over to where the lighthouse gate is. If you look at it carefully, you 
will see that the metal bars at the bottom of the gate are broken off. 
Examine that area and crawl through. Then make your way to the lighthouse. 
Once you reach the lighthouse, head up the first flight of stairs and go up 
using the tree roots. Then go into the cave underneath the tree.

--Once you are in the cave, the long-haired cat will be there. This is the 
method I used to catch it. I chased it around to see the places it runs each 
time I try to catch it. Here is a little chart I made.
The cat goes in the order of A, B, C, D, and then repeats this process. 
    !     !
    !     !
    C     D

"A, B, C, D"= The order in which the cat goes.
"-", and "!"= Represent the branches used as a bridge.

So all I did was chase the cat until it sat at "A".
Then I put a fish at "B".
And then chased the cat from "A" and made it go to "B", where the fish is.
Then all I had to do is go to "B" and catch it!

--After you catch the cat, leave the lighthouse. And there should be a scene 
where bild arrives at the castle entrance and shows the other children the 
long-haired cat. After that scene, your soul will leave bild`s body.

========================= Quest 6: Aquamarine ===========================
=== The fisherman`s daughter is attempting to look for "Aquamarine" to ==
==== give to wallace for all the trouble she caused him, but she cant ===
================== get permission to go to the Seashore =================

--To start this quest, go down to the sandbanks. Fisela should be there. 
Once you arrive, there will be a scene where she is talking to a monk.
After she talks to the monk, possess her.

--Once you gain possession of her, go into the rune shop. Walk over and talk 
to the monk who is walking around the store. Say the following things, and he 
will give you permission to go to the seashore.
2.)"Bend the rules a little!"

--After you talk to him, get the key from the shelf on the right. Then go 
down to the seashore now that you have the key. The aquamarine is in between 
the tree trunks that are in the small valley. Dig up the aquamarine, and dig 
up the shining objects if you like. But be careful, some of them may be jewel 

--After you get the aquamarine, take it to wallace and show it to him. 
Your soul will leave Fisela`s body. But after that, Navi will tell you that 
her heart has only changed. And that you will need to keep helping her.

==================== Quest 7: The Twig of Ent ===========================
====== A young Raven who is has a large debt is looking for jobs ========
===================== in order to pay it back ===========================

--To start this quest, go to the pub, and enter through the right side of the 
door, which has graffiti on it. Once inside, head up to Ifem`s room. When you 
enter, there will be a scene between mills and Ifem. After that scene is 
done, possess Ifem`s body.

--After you have possession of Ifem, go to the item shop owned by keith. 
Once you enter the shop, talk to keith and take the job of getting the 
twig of ent. After you finish talking, go to the town gate and talk to the 
guard. Tell him that you are going to to the ruins hillock.

--Once you reach the ruins hillock, go through the first part. I found that 
an easy way to defeat the garum`s is by counter-attacking them. I use the 
counter guard right when they jump on me. A counter does higher damage than 
just a normal attack.

--Once you reach the second part, you will have to begin seeing an enemy 
called Torngarsuk, which resembles a large ape. Again, I found that 
countering worked great on it. Counter guard whenever you see it take its arm 
out and is about to swing at you. Defeat the enemies in your way, and once 
you reach a pillar with a triangular stone in it. Stop and take that stone 
out. Then go down and then go straight across and down a small flight of 
stairs to a pillar with a square stone in it. Again, take the stone out, then 
go back up and go across until you reach another small flight of stairs. Go 
down and get the blue chest which contains a simple spell book. Then go back 
and put the triangle stone back on its pillar, then take it back out. Now go 
down and take out the pentagon stone. After that, make your way down and 
fight another Torngarsuk that's in the way. After you defeat, just keep 

--Once you reach the top, go over to the hollowed out stone and place the 
square stone into it. Then go up and place the triangle stone into the next 
one. And then finally, place the pentagon stone on the pedestal located on 
the upper left of the rocks. A flight of stairs should appear, go down.

--Once you go in, you will be in the underground ruins. Go down the stairs 
and take the twig of ent that is in the holy grail. After you take the twig 
of ent, go down the stairs that are located there, then go outside.

--Once you are outside, fight the Torngarsuk and head back to the town.
After you get back, take the twig to keith and get the reward money. Once you 
leave his shop, mill will take the money since you`ve been paid. Navi will 
tell you that Ifem`s heart has not been healed. So you will have to help him 

==================== Quest 8: The Stranded Vessel ========================
===== The fisherman`s daughter is trying to go to the ship that ran ======
= ashore to look for survivors, but it may be too much for her to handle =

--To begin this quest, go to Fisela`s house. Once you enter, there should a 
small scene. After it is finished, go into Fisela`s room and possess her.
After you have possession of her, go outside using the window. Once you get 
outside, go over to the boat at the bottom of the harbor and use it to get to 
the shipwreck.

--Once you reach the shipwreck, run into the tall blue box a few times and 
move it into the square hole. That will make it fall down, allowing you to go 
through. After you move the first box, move the second one, and then go 
through the door. After you go through the door, you may check the rooms if 
you want. Go down the hall and enter the room on the right, that is closest 
to the stairs. Once inside, get the empty lamp and leave. Now go up the 

--When you get to the upper level, go to the first room to your left. Enter 
it if you need to save your game. Otherwise head to the end of the hall and 
go out the door. Once you are on the deck, head to the right and up the 
stairs, go to the other end of the ship and hoist up the sail. Now go down 
and enter the door to the captain`s quarters.

--Once you are in the captain`s quarters, read the log. After you read the 
log, the spriggan lord will appear and battle you. Once in battle, use the 
counter-guard to your advantage. Guard right before he hits you, and you will 
strike back at him so he cannot strike you more than once. Remember to heal 
whenever you have under 200HP though. Once you defeat the spriggan lord. Get 
the key that is lying on the ground. Then go outside and head to the other 
side of the ship. Once you are on the other side, get the crank. Then head 
back down the stairs and go into the door.

--Once you are back in the hallway, go to the first room to to the left, its 
cabin 6. Put the crank into the hole and lower the ladder. Then climb up and 
get the oil pot that is in the attic. After you get the pot, go back down and 
exit cabin 6. Once you are in the hallway, go back onto the deck.

--Now go to your right and go down the ladder. Fisela will use the oil lamp.
Go through to cargo hold 2. After you reach cargo hold 2, make your way to 
cargo hold 3. After you reach cargo hold 3, use the hold key to enter the 

--Once you enter the hold, you will find a sailor, and after you talk to him, 
the spriggan lord will appear. Kill him the using the same method as before. 
Counter-attack him so he cant strike you more than once, but this time, heal 
when your under 300HP.

--After you defeat the spriggan lord, take the sailor and lead him out.
There will be a scene after you take him up from the ladder. Later, when you 
talk to Navi, he will tell you that the pain in Fisela`s heart still hasn't 
been healed yet, and that you will still need to help her.

=================== Quest 9: Disaster Of The Graveyard ==================
===== A young raven who has a large debt is looking to pay it back ======

--To start this quest, go to the pub/inn and possess Ifem. After you possess 
him, go downstairs and look at the pub`s bulletin for jobs. You can also talk 
to the innkeeper about it. She will tell you to go to the graveyard. So make 
your way to the graveyard.

--Once you reach the graveyard, talk to the monk near the small stone 
building. He will tell you to go downstairs. So go on down, and you will see 
a scene where 2 monks are talking. Talk to the one in charge, and he will 
tell you why you are needed and that you need to put the flames back up.

--After you talk to the monk, light the torch that he gives you and make your 
way downstairs. Once you get downstairs, light the first flambeau, and make 
your way down. Don`t open the coffin`s unless you want to fight the zombies 
that are in it. Once you go down the flight of stairs next to the coffins, go 
to the left and light the flambeau that is there. Then go back and go down 
the flight of stairs next to the flight of stairs you already went down.

--Once you go down the flight of stairs, go to the back of it and go to the 
right, light the flambeau that is there. Then keep going to the right until 
you reach the end. There will be a flight of stairs there. Go down the stairs 
and run all the way to the left, the go down and light the flambeau that is 
there. Then, run all the way back and go down the stairs that are near the 
stairs you had already gone down. Then go to the left and light the flambeau. 
After you light it, go down the next flight of stairs and light the flambeau 
that is there. After you light this one, all of the evil presence should 
disappear and there will be a scene with a monk.

--After the monk finishes talking to you, leave the graveyard and then head 
back to town. Once you arrive, mill will be there to take your money. After 
she takes it, your soul will leave Ifem`s body.

=================== Quest 10: Father`s Rare Disease ======================
===== The chief fisherman, while preparing to set sail, has collapsed ====
========== with a high fever, Red rashes have covered his body. ==========
================= What can possibly cure this disease...? ================

--To begin this quest, go to the bottom of the harbor. There will be a scene 
where the chief fisherman has fallen. But if you`ve already seen this, then 
just go to the castle gate and you will be a scene where wallace is talking 
to fisela. After the scene is finished, possess fisela.

--Once you have possession of fisela, head to the monastery. On you way, you 
may see a scene where ashgo is walking to his brother. But anyways, just keep 
making your way to the monastery.

--When you reach the monastery, head to the room of healing. Once you get 
there, a scene where wallace and a monk are talking will appear. After they 
finish talking, talk to the monk and ask him about the gamma goblin horn. 
Then leave and talk to one of the fishermen waiting outside. He will say that 
keith had some sort of horn that he sold for money. So head over the keith`s 

--When you get to keith`s shop, talk to him and he will tell you that he sold 
his last gamma goblin horn to mills. So now you have to go to mills house. 
Once you get there, ask her about the gamma goblin horn. She will want to 
sell it to you for 100,000,000 gold. You probably don't have enough money, 
but say you`ll buy it, she`ll yell at you a bit, but afterwards, just make 
your way to the door. Before you get to the door though, she will stop you 
and give you the horn on one condition. That you get her a fairy stone from 
the quay caverns. Accept the mission and head to the quay caverns.

--Once you reach the caverns, enter using the cave on the right. You may go 
into the cave using the other side and get the chests if you want, but all 
your going to be able to do is get 2 chests. So once you enter through the 
right cave, head on through and reach the next part.

--The next part here has a bunch of vodianoi`s, the enemy you first fight in 
this game. Defeat the ones that you want and go up the ladder on the left 
side of the screen.  After you cross the bridge, go to the left to reach the 
next part.

--Once you reach the next part of the caves. Just run down to the other side 
and then go up and to the right. You will see a few ghoulwock`s trying to eat 
a fairy stone. Defeat them and get the fairy stone. After you get the stone, 
take it back to mills and give it to her. In exchange, she will give you the 
gamma goblin horn. After you get the horn, take it to the monastery and give 
it to the monk in the room of healing. The monk will treat the chief 
fisherman and your soul will leave fisela`s body.

====================== Quest 11: Beer Thief =============================
==== The sole survivor of the shipwreck, Amor is saddened that he is ====
========= called a beer thief just because he is a foreigner. ===========
================== How can he prove his innocence...? ===================

--To start this quest, go into the pub and go to the counter. There will be a 
scene where the innkeeper is not there, and faus is there with amor. If you 
have already seen this, then just do the following.

--Go upstairs and go out to the balcony, here`s a small chart of where the 
balcony door is if you forget.

  room->I    I
  room->I    I<-balcony door
  room->I    I

--Once you are on the balcony, amor will depressed that people believe he is 
a beer thief. Once he finishes talking, possess him and go downstairs. Once 
you get downstairs, and talk to the innkeeper. The innkeeper and faus will 
ask you to prove that your not the beer thief, say that you`ll do it and go 
down to the cellar.

--Once you are in the cellar, go and find Cluracan the gnome. He`ll run away 
after he talks to you. To catch him, go to the roots on the upper right of 
the room and search in between the roots and the keg to the right. You will 
find a key. Once you get the key, go to the gray keg on the opposite side of 
the room. When you get there, use the key and unlock it. Then go and chase 
the gnome. He should run to the gray keg that you unlocked and drink from it. 
Once you get there, he will start to feel sleepy and pass out.

--After he passes out, go back upstairs and tell the innkeeper, then go back 
down to where cluracan is. There will be a scene and faus will apologize. 
After that, your soul will leave amor`s body.

=============== Quest 12: The Monsters of the Sanctuary =================
====== An apprentice monk, who is known to be a klutz, confidently ======
============== accepts a request to "seal the monsters". ================
==================== But how does he really feel...? ====================

--To start this quest, go possess Ashgo, who should be near the monastery.
Once you have possession of Ashgo, go to the rune shop and go to the last 
room inside. Get the holy mirror and go to the sanctuary. Once you are there, 
talk to the quarrier outside and he will let you enter.

--Once you enter the sanctuary, go into the basement and talk to mason. He 
will tell you what to do. Once he finishes talking, head inside. Once you are 
at the beginning of the basement. Go through the door on the top, then head 
on through until you reach a room with 2 doors. Go through the door on the 
bottom and go down the flight of stairs and through the door.

--Once you go through the door, go down and through the door to the left.
Then, make you way down the stairs, but before you actually go down, there 
will be a scene where one of the quarriers are being attacked by monsters.
After the quarrier runs away, run after him into the next room. Once you 
reach the next room, the quarrier will still being chased by the monsters and 
after he tries to run away, you will automatically go into battle and fight 
the monsters. Defeat them, and the quarrier will leave.

--After he leaves, take what is in the chest and head back to the room with 3 
doorways, go straight to the right and through that door. Once you go 
through, head down and go to the right, next to where the door is, there will 
be a flight of stairs. Go down and get the chest on the side of the stairs, 
and then go back and head through the door. Once you go through, you will 
find another quarrier being chased by monsters, defeat the monsters and the 
quarrier will leave.

--After he leaves, go down the stairs that are in that room. After you go 
down, head to the left and through the doorway. Then go down the stairs and 
head to the right, through the doorway. Once you reach the next room, there 
will be a save point. Save your game progress.

--Then, go through the door on the upper right of the room. Once you enter, 
there will be a scene where a quarrier is talking to a monster. The monster 
will try to attack him. Just go down and defeat the monster. I just used one 
flare attack on it, and it died.

--Once you defeat the monster, the quarier will leave. After he leaves, get 
the blue chest, which will contain a fighting robe. Equip it, then head to 
the right and go through the doorway. Once you get into the next room, go 
through the door straight to your right. Once you are in the room, go down 
the stairs that are there. After you go down the stairs, go straight down and 
then go left and through the door.

--Once you go through the door, you will be at the sanctuary bottom. Go up 
and replace the holy mirror with the one you got at the rune shop. But before 
you can replace it, a monster will appear and you will go into battle. I just 
used the magic big bang first, to kill the two mandra helm`s. And then I used 
a flame attack, which killed the mandra vine.

--After you defeat the monster, go up and replace the mirror. After you do, 
you will be back up on the surface. Mason will talk to you, after he 
finishes, your soul will leave Ashgo`s body.

=================== Quest 13: In Search of a Master =====================
===== Depressed by the fact that he is the only dog in town, the dog ====
================== searches for a master to believe in. =================

--To start this quest, go up to the entrance of the sanctuary, you should see 
2 quarriers and a dog. Go up to the dog and there should be a scene where the 
quarriers talk about dogs. Once they finish talking, possess the dog.

--Once you have the dog, you can run around and have some fun using it. 
I found that if you go to the harbor and talk to the long haired fisherman 
that sells fish, he will give you a seed of speed.

--But to finish this quest, just head up to the town gate. There will be a 
guard in blue there. Talk to him and say "woof", he will then tell you to go 
find him. Say "woof" again, and he will go hide.

--Yaq is hiding near the monastery, right after you cross the wooden bridge, 
he will be trying to hide behind the rock to your left. Talk to him and he 
will make the dog his partner. After that, your body will leave the dog`s 

================ Quest 14: Rekindling the Lighthouse ====================
=========== The fire of the haunted lighthouse has gone out. ============
=== The fisherman`s daughter is attempting to rekindle it, but it may ===
==================== be too much for her to handle. =====================

--To start this quest, go to the bottom of the harbor, there should be a 
scene where 2 fishermen are talking about the light in the haunted 
lighthouse. If you`ve already seen this, then just go to Fisela`s house. 
After you get to Fisela`s house, enter her room, there will be a scene where 
the fishermen convince Fisela to go to the lighthouse and fix the light.

--After the fishermen leave, possess Fisela`s body. Now head to the 
lighthouse gate. Once you get there, a fisherman will be standing in front of 
the gate. Talk to him and he`ll give you the key to the lighthouse.

--Open up the gate and go up to the lighthouse. Once you get up there, go all 
the way to the right, then up to the lighthouse. Use the key to open the door 
and go inside.

--Once you are inside, you will see a little room and something shining on a 
desk. Go over and get it, it's the key to the oil room. After you take the 
key, take the oil urn that is on the other desk right next to you, and take 
the kindling coal that is right next to the candle. Then, go up the ladder 
and keep going up on the other ladder. When you reach the top, head over to 
the giant lamp winch and lower the lamp. Then, head over and check the lamp, 
it will be out of everlasting oil. So head back down and go back outside and 
head towards the blue wooden door that is at the bottom of the area.

--Once you get to the door, use the oil room key and go inside. There is a 
save point there, save your game progress.

--To make the everlasting oil, you must mix 3 oils together. Those oils are 
red, blue, and transparent. And to make every oil, you must mix other oils        
together. Here`s an explanation of what to do...

RED oil: Go up and mix oils "A" and "C" together. That will make red oil. Go 
back down and pour the oil into the urn.

BLUE oil: Go up and mix oils "B" and "D" together. That will make blue oil. 
Go back down and pour the oil into the urn.

TRANSPARENT oil: Go up and mix oils "E" and "D" together. That will        
make transparent oil. Go back down and pour it into the urn.

--You will then have everlasting oil. Now head back up to the top of the 
lighthouse, where the lamp is. Once you get to the lamp, pour the oil into 
it. But before you can, a griffon will appear and you will go into battle. 
Defeat it and pour the oil into the lamp. Then use the kindling coal to light 
it. After you light it, go over to the winch and raise the lamp.

--After you raise the lamp, the evil presence will disappear. Go back down 
the ladder and head back to town. Once you reach the town. The fisherman will 
talk to you, and then your soul will leave Fisela`s body. And then Navi will 
tell you that the pain in her heart has lifted.

That's it for this revision. More updates to come!!

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If any other sites have this guide, please notify me.
Also, if you have any secrets or questions, e-mail me.
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