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       /                                                 \
      /                 W I Z A R D R Y                   \
     /                                                     \
     \  T A L E   O F   T H E   F O R S A K E N   L A N D  /
      \                                                   /
                  BY JERROLD NG ([email protected])
                          VERSION 2.0

/                       INTRODUCTION                            \

Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land brings back a long-gone
genre which was one of my favorites back then - not really a 
name to it, but I just like to call 'em "block movement 
dungeon crawls". Despite being quite old-school, the game 
arrives onto PS2 with some impressive graphics, impressive 
combat system, and altogether great game play. The storyline 
deserves mentioning as well :- while I expected a simple, 
bland storyline (it's like that at the start), at the middle 
part the plot starts thickening a fair bit, and by the end 
there are a few major plot twists that would surprise even a 
seasoned RPG gamer.

The dungeon design is fairly impressive - no two floors
look alike (except the labyrinth floors). In a nice 
evolution of the old block movement of old, you've got 
slopes, multiple floors within a floor, curving paths and 
such that gives the game a fresh, yet old school appeal. 
And the combat system is superb - the use of Allied 
Actions make sure your battles are never dull. And battles 
never last long enough to be boring, which is a good thing 
since there's so much of it. All in all an excellent game, 
and despite the little hype it has, it's well deserved to 
be in anyone's RPG collection.

Okay, enough with the reviews, let's get on with the good

/                     CHARACTER CREATION                        \

Upon starting the game, you will be asked to create your 
character. No, don't panic just yet, you will be given a 
chance of creating the rest of your party later. The 
character you are about to create is basically the hero
of the story, and the entire plot will revolve around
him, basically. And yes, it's a him, not a her (unless 
there are some serious lesbian overtones here...). First 
you should give your hero a name, then choose his race :-

Quite balanced. Other than having low faith (thus not
making a good priest, at least at the start) they can
be just about any class without any real penalties.

Their high wisdom and faith makes them ideal candidates
for being priests and sorcerers. They've got poor 
physical skills so making them warriors will give them 
a disadvantage. They aren't too bad as thieves though.

The usual big, strong and scruffy race make excellent 
warriors. But they've got good faith as well, so they
can be pretty good priests as well. If you want to 
make yourself a knight, a dwarf is your best choice.

Really high faith makes them excellent priests, and
they are really agile so they make good thieves as
well. But they aren't all that impressive otherwise,
so unless you really want a good priest you should
skip this one.

Excellent agility makes them a good thief, and best 
choice for turning into a ninja later. They've got 
average stats otherwise, so they aren't all that
useful either. 

Upon picking your race, you now pick your "attribute"
(more savvy RPG gamers would call it alignment). This
is important as a team with a constant attribute will
go up faster in trust and learn allied actions faster 
(see below for more info on that). If you are "Good"
you should not be attacking friendly monsters, and
should only choose the positive option when talking 
to other people. If you are "Evil" you should go 
around slaying even friendly monsters and pick the 
negative option when talking to other people. "Neutral"
means it really doesn't matter either way. Be sure to
act your attribute or it will change.

If you've already gone through the first area and are
creating the rest of your party members, be sure to
take a note of their Personality. Acting positively 
towards his/her personality increases their trust,
and vice versa. It's an important trick to ensure a 
steady growth in trust, which becomes very vital in
the game later on.

Alignment also determines one other important factor 
of the game - the NPCs that join you. Different 
characters will join your party depending on your 
leader's and your party's alignment. Being "Neutral"
is the big advantage here since more characters will
join your party than if you were of any other alignment.

Once you are done, the next step is to pick your class
from Warrior, Sorcerer, Priest or Thief (Thief only 
appears if you pick "Evil" as your attribute). There's
four other classes, but they aren't available from the
get go so I'll skip them for now. You can change the 
bonus points to distribute among your stats by going 
back one screen then forward again. You usually get
7-12 points, but in rare instances you may get 13-30
points (very rare instances, I might add). So if you
really want to start out better, you can try re-rolling
your bonus points over and over, but it's not going to
effect the game terribly (you'll just be better off at 
the start).

As you might expect, the beef of the party. Uses just 
about every weapon and armor available, and thus the 
best in the front row. If you are making a warrior dump
most of your points to Power, then to Life and 
Agility (all that brute Power isn't going to matter 
if you can't hit straight).

Your boy for attack magic. Weak as a puppy otherwise, 
and can't really equip much of anything, so best kept 
in the back. Dump points to his Wisdom and Life so that 
he has at least some decent HP.

Your boy for healing magic. He's not all that bad as 
the sorcerer, and can equip some fairly decent weapons 
and armor. It's still not recommended for him to be put 
up front, however. Note that you MUST have a priest in 
your party or you will not survive - they have the 
ability to turn undead, which becomes very important on 
a certain floor. And without a strong healer in your 
party, you will not last long at lower floors, where 
monsters can just lop off massive chunks of HP per 
blow. Dump points to his Faith and Life.

In my opinion the thief is the weakest class in this 
game. He can cast up to level 3 priest and sorcerer 
spells, but then again spells in those circles are 
generally crap anyway. He's weak physically, and is a
little poorer in armor use compared to the priest. He 
can wield decent weapons though, but you will want him
at the back row because of his weak defence. His only
use is that he can pick locks easier. If you really 
want to use a thief, I suggest upgrading him to ninja
later. When you make a thief, dump points to Agility,
Power and Life.

Next it's time to distribute the bonus points to your
stats. IMPORTANT NOTE : Be sure to distribute those
points properly - when your level goes up the new 
points distributed will be in ratio to the points you 
distributed here, as well as to your class. If you toss
a lot of points to Power, for example, expect to gain
just as much, if not more, points into that stat per 
level, especially if you're the fighter-type. You have
to plan ahead if you're making an advanced class, or 
else you will never get the right stats.

Now that you're done, you are ready to start the game!
The section below gives you some tips on more advanced
stuff, but it's nothing you can't discover by yourself,
so you can skip it if you want.

/                       ADVANCED INFO                           \

Rows and Ranks
Your party consists of six members, three in the front and 
three at the back. The ones in the front are the only ones 
that can attack with short-range weapons. Of course, they 
are also the ones who will get his by short-range attacks. 
The back row can only attack with ranged weapons, but don't 
worry, there are plenty of ranged weapons to be found in this 
game. When any of your front row members get killed, the 
person behind him/her will move forward to the front row. 
Obviously, fighter-types like the samurai, warrior and
knight should be in the front, and the thief, priest and
sorcerer at the back. Ninjas can go either way, but they 
are better at the back.

When you get attacked from the behind (i.e. a monster walks
up behind you) your rows switch, putting your weaker members
up in the front. And it will take a full round to swap back
to the original position, meaning the monsters get two free
rounds of attacks on you. Therefore, DON'T get attacked from
the back. It's bad. Trust me.

Trust and Allied Actions
Allied actions are team-based attacks that involve two or more
of your party teaming up to perform a special attack/defence.
The number of these actions you have is directly based on the
overall trust in your party (represented by the circle with 
all those Japanese characters in the lower left corner of the
screen). The overall trust is the average of your five party
member's trust (your party leader doesn't contribute). It's 
important to keep raising your member's trust and thus raise
the overall party trust and gain new and more powerful allied
actions. In the later sections of the game, the monsters will
become near unkillable without the right allied actions.

Allied actions contribute a lot to the game. After a floor or
so, you will probably not even think about using individual
attacks. It's that important. So trust building is important.
Everybody's trust go up after a battle. If you leave friendly
monsters, those with Evil attribute will have their trust 
lowered, and those with Good attribute will have their trust
go up. The opposite occurs if you attack a friendly monster.
Also, trust can be raised by building towards your member's
personality. For instance, a Neutral Hobbit hates insect 
monsters. So if you kill tons of insect monsters his trust 
will sky-rocket (or at least go up faster than everyone else).
And finally, conversations with NPCs you meet will affect 
trust as well. Positive responses raises trust of Good and 
Neutral members, while lowering the trust of Evil members.
The reverse is true if you reply with a negative response

You can thus tell that it's easier to raise trust if your
party members have the same attributes. It's suicide to 
go with a party of mixed attributes, so don't even try 
unless you are REALLY up for a challenge. In later bits,
you can find items that can change your member's alignment,
so don't worry too much if you did the wrong stuff to cause
an attribute change.

Switching Classes and Advanced Classes
All characters, NPCs or created ones, can change class. Created
characters can change class by going to the guild, but there are
requirements involved. You can skip those requirements if you 
locate items that immediately change class upon use (the orbs 
sold in B5 work fine). NPC characters can only change class 
using items. 

Guild class changes can also be done only once per level of 
experience. Also, when you switch class, you lose the abilities 
of your previous class. That means, if you switch from sorcerer 
to warrior, you lose all spellcasting skills, no exceptions. 
Your experience level will be recalculated for your new class, 
which may result in you going up or down a level or two.

Samurais, Ninjas, Bishops and Knights are "advanced" classes,
meaning your created members will require a bit of training
in order to switch to them in the guild. The requirements for 
changing to them are listed below, though you can just go to 
the guild to check them as well.

These guys can cast up to level 6 sorcerer spells, and fight
just as well as most warriors. There are a few weapons and
armor that warriors can equip, but they cannot. But they are
otherwise pure killing machines - they have an ability to 
instantly kill an opponent (random, not quite as often as 
that of a ninja, but often enough to be useful). And the 
biggest advantage is their ability to equip katanas that no 
other class can equip. Katanas are one of the strongest
weapons in the game. Requires Level 8, Non-Evil Attribute, 
23 Power, 20 Life and 20 Agility. 

They can use up to level 2 priest and sorcerer spells (i.e.
forget about using them for spells). They have the ability 
to instantly kill an opponent with their physical attacks,
and at higher levels the frequency of this occurring is quite
high (around once every two battles or so). They also have
supernatural evade abilities, meaning they are exceptionally
hard to hit. But if they are hit they suffer higher damage 
that everyone else, which is a fair trade-off. They are suited
to be in the front (since not much monsters can actually hit
them right) but once you find shurikens, put them at the back
and laugh as they kill huge monsters with one shuriken. And
finally, they also have better lock-picking skills (not quite
as good as that of a thief, but with practice it's manageable).
So it's really nice to have one around. Requires Level 12,
Evil Attribute, 25 Power, 25 Life, 25 Agility and 25 Luck.

Like the samurai, but has up to level 6 priest spells instead.
You can use them as backup healers, and they can turn undead,
but other than that they aren't all that useful. In a direct
opposite of a ninja, a knight will have a drastic drop in 
evade (i.e. they don't evade) but they do have more HP that 
everyone else, including warriors. Requires Level 8, Good 
Attribute, 20 for all stats except Luck.

Can cast both priest and sorcerer spells (but not as well as
a pure priest or sorcerer). They also can wear better armor
than sorcerers, but not as well as priests. They can dispel,
but pure priests do it better. And they have a useful, but 
not really important skill of appraising unknown items. But 
on the downside they go up levels the slowest - it's not as 
bad as you think though; they will be at most two levels 
below your party average. Requires Level 5, Non-Neutral 
Attribute, 23 Wisdom and 23 Faith.

Some stats may be hard to obtain, but thankfully around 
halfway through the game you can buy items that immediately 
changes your class no matter your level, stats or attribute.

NPCs vs. Created Characters
Here's something debatable - should you party consist of 
created characters or NPCs? Well, I suggest a little mix
of both myself. First of all, created characters can be
renamed and can change class easily. But they will remain 
totally mute throughout the game. However, NPCs do 
contribute to conversation, so you can gain a little more 
insight into the plot (though it's not terribly important 
to know what they think, really). Spellcasting NPCs also 
have a big disadvantage - though they know all the spells, 
their spells start at level 1. So if you plan to replace
your current spellcaster with an NPC spellcaster, be 
prepared to spend a lot of time and money to build them 
up to respectable standards. I myself would suggest 
keeping some of the early ones you find and ignore all 
but the fighter types. Or just put them in to loot their 
good stuff. 

And remember your overall trust is an average of your 
member's trust. If you drop a fella his trust doesn't
change, but your overall trust might. You can however
raise trust levels by dropping ones with low trust
and adding ones with high trust.

You will pick up plenty of the monster's grisly bits
as you hack through mounds and mounds of them. These 
bits can be brought to Vigger's shop, where his wife 
will combine them for you to turn them into stones. 
Using these stones give you spells. You can use a stone
repeatedly on the same person to power up your spells,
and the effect of powering up is fairly drastic. In fact
most spells at level 1 are nearly useless, so powering
up spells are pretty important. 

A little into the game, a material shop will open on
the first basement. You can sell a monster material here,
and henceforth buy that material infinitely. In fact,
that's where almost all your money will go later in the 
game, since dungeon shops sell stuff you can find 
elsewhere (and probably have a lot of already), and 
Vigger's shop is more of an expensive storeroom than a 

Here's the complete listing of all the materials in the
game and what common monsters drop them...

   Rotten Meat (Zombie, Undead Kobold, Rotting Corpse)
   Skull (Skull, Ghost)
   Devil's Horn (Lesser Demon, Greater Demon, Malefic)
   Vampire's Claw (Vampire, Vampire Lord)
   Undead Dragon Wing (Zombie Dragon)
   Pied Piper's Flute (Pied Piper)
   Giant's Tooth (Giants)
   Giant's Guts (Giants)
   Giant's Blood (Giants)
   Dragon Heart (Dragons)
   Dragon Scale (Dragons)
   Dragon Tail (White Dragon)
   Bogey Cat's Fur (Bogey Cat)
   Bogey Bird's Claw (Harpy)
   Frog Tongue (Giant Frog)
   Wyvern's Eyeball (Wyvern)
   Hound's Ear (Gaze Hound)
   Chimera's Head (Chimera)
   Slime's Goo (Bubbly Slime)
   Pixie's Wing (Pixie)
   Demon Egg (Dragon Fly)
   Cocoon (Spiders)
   Slime Jelly (Red Slime, Silver Slime)
   Fairy's Wing (Fairy)
   Broken Sword (Warriors, Orcs, Kobold)
   Thief's Blood (Thieves)
   Ninja's Hood (Ninjas)
   Priest Hair (Priests)
   Sorcerer's Earring (Sorcerers)
   Samurai's Beard (Samurais)
   Bishop's Bracelet (Bishops)

It's fairly self-explanatory as to which monsters drop
which materials, really.

There are three boss materials which cannot be obtained
anywhere else (i.e. there's only one of them in the game)
- they are Incubus Wing, Golem's Flesh and Sword Fragment.
Though they act like materials, they cannot be sold at
the material shop thus cannot be re-bought. They are also
materials required for the best spells (non-vellum type)
of the game, so use them wisely.

Be careful when the moon is red (check the circle where
you also see your overall trust). When making or separating
stones during this time, random things will occur. Might
be good, might be bad, just quite unpredictable. This also
occurs, in a lesser degree, during a yellow moon. It is
great for getting the rare materials of the game, though.

Vellum is another sort of spell. These are more powerful
spells that Vigger's wife does not have recipe for, so 
you have to find them. They are the most useful spells in
the game, so it's a good idea to hunt high and low for 
them. Unlike normal spells which require two monster 
materials, these require three, often rare ones. The list 
as it stands right now is as follows :-
  Hypnosis Vellum
  Guiding Vellum
  Sculpture Vellum
  Silence Vellum
  Healing Vellum
  Antidote Vellum
  Light-Up Vellum
  Resurrect Vellum
  Mutation Vellum
  Recovering Vellum
  Transfer Vellum
  Conversion Vellum
  Blazing Vellum
  Revival Vellum

While I can't remember for the life of me where they are 
all found, most are in easy-to-locate positions, usually 
right where you need to pass through anyway. I didn't have 
any trouble locating them (except for the healing vellum,
but that's because I missed the reaper door trick early
on) - you shouldn't either.

At most floors, death will sometimes appear and chase you
down. Since he can move levels (within that floor), go 
through walls and move faster that you walk, it's pretty 
hard to avoid him. To avoid him, leave the floor or use a 
transfer potion to head back to town.

Or just get nailed by him. It's actually not as deadly 
as it's made out to be. Your possessed character becomes
a little stronger, but a little weaker in defence, but
that's not really all that noticeable. As long as you keep 
him alive, it's only going to cost you a couple of thousand
bucks to restore him in town (and you really don't have 
that much use for money anyway). Just make sure he's alive
(use restrict shot or spell cancel AA). However, if he 
does die, it's time to hit the reset button - the character
will be gone forever i.e. erased clear out of the game so
that's generally a bad thing. Unless you plan to kick him
out or something. And if that happens to your leader the 
game ends immediately. So it's not all that dangerous if 
you are careful. In fact, I explored two whole floors 
with a possessed leader and came out unscathed.

Getting nailed by him also gives you one additional ability
- you will be able to see reaper doors. If you are walking
around and suddenly feel your controller shake, and no 
reaper is chasing you, you're near a reaper door. It can 
only be seen and opened if one or more of your members are 
possessed by the reaper.

Not having a bishop early in the game isn't that big a 
deal if you use a trick I commonly use in the game. When
you find ? Items, do not use them yet; wait till you return
to town. Once you do, save the game. Then start equipping
all the items. Make a note of the items that are cursed, 
then re-load the game. Equip all the items again except
skip those that you know are cursed (and no, they don't
change if you re-load). Then go to Vigger's and sell off
what you don't need. Appraise the cursed items there and 
then sell them off as well - despite being cursed, they 
fetch a good price - at least a few times more that the 
amount you put in to appraise them. Easy cash.

Party Suggestions
My party? In case you're curious, I started of with a 
human fighter as my leader. Then I kept Kyo and Sara,
and added the already-made hobbit thief, made a 
dwarf warrior and an elf sorcerer (actually I just 
took the already-made elf priest and turned him into
a sorcerer). My two warriors in the front with Kyo.
Sara, the thief and the sorcerer behind. This party 
worked fairly well for the first four floors or so.

Later I replaced my hobbit thief with Rui (better 
trust, better stats, better skills). I eventually
changed my party leader to a samurai, my dwarf to a 
knight, and my sorcerer to bishop (more healing spells, 
besides I needed more priest spells that sorcerer 
spells by then). Then near the 8th floor down, I found 
my first shuriken, and promptly tossed Rui out, gave 
Kyo the shuriken and put him to the back, then got Hina 
(female Samurai) to do her quest. Once I found Kulgan
I replaced Kyo with him. I found this team to be such 
an ass-kicker that I kept it till the end of the game. 
What's nasty here is plentiful healing spells (you will
need them) and THREE characters with instant kill 
attacks. And you can also do a quest to get an instant 
kill two-handed sword (Garcia's Second Quest), which I 
gave to my dwarf. That's FOUR characters with instant 
kills. Quite deadly.

If I were to start again (I will) I'd drop the thief
completely and keep a ninja (Kyo or otherwise) at the
back row. And have two samurais in front, plus one
knight or warrior to eat damage for them. Add one 
priest, and one bishop. Well yeah, like what I had 
before. Thieves aren't all that useful since, with 
practice, a ninja can unlock just about anything a 
thief can. A pure sorcerer isn't quite that useful 
either since you don't really need that much sorcerer 
spells - at least not as much as priest spells. On 
forethought, knights are somewhat overrated since 
their dispel ability is quite crap, and they have 
minimal healing spells. And dwarves are overrated 
as well because it's tough to raise their trust.
And they're slow as hell. If you have a knight or 
samurai, don't bother giving them spells - they suck 
at using them anyway, so just use them strictly for 
hacking purposes.

Playing Hints
First and foremost, do not rush this game. Blindly 
running through levels get you killed quick. You must
take your time with every new level, killing everything
you see to build experience, and exploring everywhere 
to maximize stuff you have. You will need to have your
party go up 2-3 levels in experience before you should
even think of going down a new level. And trust, as I 
have mentioned countless times before, is an integral
part of the game. Going down to the lower levels without
sufficient new AAs will get you killed really quickly. 
Even the monsters use AAs, so you should too. Explore 
every floor until you fill up all of it's map if 
possible. Go back to town to level-up and sell off/make 
spells of the junk you've collected a few times per 
floor. And find shortcuts! They are fairly easy to 
locate, and save you plenty of time and patience. And 
one final small point that might seem rather dumb, but 
people do miss this and regret it later - ALWAYS have 
at least one transfer potion handy. Early in the game 
you can find plenty, and even find a shop that sells 
'em cheap. But once you start finding shortcuts, you 
will miss them, and you WILL regret it later in the 
game when you just HAVE to make a hasty retreat just 
to find out that you're out of transfer potions.

If you are in need of combat hints, check the section

/                       ALLIED ACTIONS                          \

Since Allied Actions (or AAs for short) are such an integral 
part of the game, I'll dedicate this section on proper usage 
of them. They are split into four categories. Most are learned
the moment you gain a new level in overall party trust (eight
levels in all), buy them at guilds or gain a new party member
that has a unique AA (these appear regardless of whether you
have that new member in the party or not).

Offensive AA

Converge Attack (Trust Lv. 6)
All three of your front characters team up on one hapless
monster. Each character's damage go up slightly. Strange 
that this one is actually an advanced AA, but is actually
WEAKER than Double Slash, one of the first AAs in the game.
I don't actually use it at all.

Sweep Attack (Trust Lv. 5)
All three front attackers sweep across the front row of
enemy ranks, doing damage to all of them. This one is 
only useful if you've got a long row of weak monsters in
front of you, since the damage done isn't all that good. 
And it can miss as well, so don't try it on ninjas or 
other fast monsters.

Rush (Trust Lv. 3) (Bought from Guild)
All six members rush forward, hitting everything in sight
for minor damage. I find this useful only when I'm 
traversing through early areas of the game again, and 
forced to fight large groups of wimpy monsters again and 
again. You might also want to use it to finish off
weakened monsters. One nice point is that it ALWAYS 
hit, so it's nice to clear off ninjas and other such 
fast moving monsters. The big disadvantage is that it 
uses up all your member's turn so if there are any 
survivors they will hurt you bad. Just so you know, 
the damage done by Rush is based on your member's levels,
not their weapons. And as long as even one is equipped 
with a weapon that can't hit undeads, Rush will not harm

Ninja Attack (Trust Lv. 8) (Bought from Guild)
Yes, you only get this at the highest trust level, and
it's not really worth the effort, though it's powerful 
just the same. You basically need a ninja upfront with 
two fighters. The ninja jumps up and the two fighters 
attack, and finally the ninja comes down for a big strike. 
While it only targets a single monster, a great advantage
is that fact that you can target ANY monster, even those
hiding in the back row. And another advantage is the fact
that the ninja's final attack has a ridiculously high 
chance of causing an instant kill - in fact, if you are
fighting normal monsters you will almost always get 
instant kills.

Double Slash (Trust Lv. 3)
You earn this after your training section at the start,
and I dare say that it will be the one you use the most.
Two members will gang up to attack one opponent. Not 
only does the accuracy increases a fair bit (still can
miss though), the damage nearly doubles that of ordinary
attacks, making it very deadly at the right hands, and
especially when either or both members have multiple hit
weapons. By the time you gain Converge Attack, Double
Slash will do equivalent damage, not including the fact
you have one more free front attacker.

Stun Attack (Trust Lv. 4)
With a spellcaster of any sort at the back, you cast a
spell on the character in front, which gives the weapon
the ability to stun an opponent. When you hit the 
opponent, he will either stumble a little (no stun) or
get electrified. Getting stunned means neglecting armor
defence, so that translates to bigger damage. Stun does
not work on all monsters, but if it does it's quite 
effective, especially teamed with Double Slash. Good for
those really big monsters that attack by themselves (the
Giants and Gaze Hounds of B5 are good examples).

Fake Attack (Trust Lv. 6) (Bought from Guild)
One front attacker does a fake attack while the other 
goes and hits him from the side. Near useless as far 
as I can tell. Neither the front nor the fake attack
does any decent damage whatsoever, and the attack still
can miss (so don't try it on high-agility monsters).

Hold Attack (Trust Lv. 4)
Pretty much the same as Stun Attack, but misses more
often. However, those who are immune to stun attack
might be weak against hold attacks. But it misses 
often enough until I rarely use it. 

Jump Attack (Trust Lv. 5)
A back caster of any sort will levitate his front 
attacker, and the attacker can thus hit any opponent
in any rank while opponents cannot hit him. Doesn't
really do big damage, so it's useful if you just do 
not want that character to be hit. You can do a 
flawless defence combining this with restrict shot,
thus rendering your entire front rank un-hittable.
A disadvantage is of course, he only attacks after
everyone else (including monsters) have taken their
turns - and the low damage makes it only useful 
against spellcasters at the back row... after they
already did the damage.

Back Attack (Trust Lv. 4) (When Rui joins)
One front attacker acts as decoy while the other two
attacks from the back. Decent damage as long as your
decoy has plenty of life (he will not dodge any 
attacks, so don't act hero and put your ninja as a 
decoy). Another useful feature is that the two 
attackers will repeatedly back attack as long as 
someone is hitting the decoy, so you can indirectly
have them attack more than once per round. But the
disadvantage is that the monsters aren't guaranteed
to hit the decoy, so you'll waste all three front
attacker's actions if monsters hit your non-decoys
instead. Useful if you mix in Back Attack with Restrict
Shot on your two non-decoys so you'll guarantee that
attacking monsters will always get countered one way
or another.

Sacred Cross (Trust Lv. 8) (Bought from Guild)
You will need a knight up front with either a priest
or bishop right behind him. Basically a souped-up 
version of Dispel attacks, it targets "Immortals"
(i.e. undeads). Doesn't seem to be that much of
an upgrade from your basic Dispel Attack, since my 
priest can dispel just as much undeads that the Sacred
Cross does. So all the effort to actually get this AA
(Trust Lv.8, exorbitant price) seems to be quite a 
waste, unless I'm missing out on something here...

End Lash (Trust Lv. 5) (Bought from Guild)
Two front attacks will attack all enemies on the extreme
ends of their rows. This move looks pathetic, but with 
careful use it will become your most valuable AA. The 
point of the attack is that you will give a physical hit
to the back row, which becomes invaluable when you start
meeting spellcasters that just love to hide behind big 
strong warriors or some such. Combine it with shots from 
your rear group and you can pretty much guarantee the 
spellcasters will be dead before they can even cast one
spell (and that's good since their spells will hurt much
more than any of the warrior's physical attacks). And 
other advantage occurs when one of the rows only has one 
monster standing in the center - this means he gets hit 
by two end lashes, one from each side. The damage is 
fairly low, but then again your target here are 
spellcasters, which don't have that much life in the 
first place.

Crisscross (Trust Lv. 7) (Bought from Guild)
Your center front attacker knocks your opponent into the
air, then the two side front attackers fly up and hits
him hard. This one is really a hit or miss AA, literally.
If it misses (and it does quite often) you will do
pathetic damage, but if it hits, it usually does enough
damage to kill whatever monster it's targeting. Unless 
he's a boss, in which case it will almost always miss.
And it uses up the action of all three front attackers.
So it's really your choice whether you want to take the
risk or not.

Defensive AA

Front Guard (Trust Lv. 1)
Your three front attackers guard everyone from some 
status changes or enemy rush attacks. You will want to
use this if you eye three or more like monsters in 
two rows, since that means they are capable of using
rush attacks. And rush attacks by monsters are BAD.
Alternatively you can Front Guard while your back row
attacks or cast spells for maximum protection.

Deploy (Trust Lv. 6) (Bought from Guild)
Your entire party will scatter when attacked by breath
attacks, effectively blocking or halving damage for
each member. Obviously, you'd want to keep this handy
when fighting monsters with breath weapons (and there 
are plenty, especially near the end). A good thing 
about deploy is that it doesn't use up actions of your
members, so that can still freely attack (and perform
one other AA).

Spell Shell (Trust Lv. 6) (When Michelle joins)
Your rear three members erect a spell shield that 
absorbs half the damage of attack spells and negate
effect spells. This one is vital if there is a large
group of enemy spellcasters in the battle - at least
those you can't kill before they cast spells. Of 
course, this also renders your front attackers 
totally unprotected from physical attacks. 

Warp Attack (Trust Lv. 8) (When ??? joins)
The back row casts a spell that turns the entire 
front row invisible and immune to any attacks - all
the attacks in the front row goes to the back row.
All physical attacks on the front row will miss,
but all arrow or spell attacks meant for the front 
row will hit the back row instead. I've only read 
about this one in Pei Pei's journal so I'm not 
really sure about this one, or how one actually 
gets this AA. Or even if it is in the right 

Spell AA

Assisted Spell (Trust Lv. 6)
One other back member will assist a spellcaster, 
which causes his spell to double in level. This 
generally means a huge improvement in damage (you
can't cast effect spells using this option). I've 
seen damages TRIPLE using spell assist. In fact,
my favorite tactic is to use Assisted Spell with
a level 10 or higher Zakreta or Megadeth - it will 
kill nearly everything on the screen! Just don't 
try this on bosses since most bosses have barriers
against these things.

Sweep Spell (Trust Lv. 7) (Bought from Guild)
Sweep spell uses up the turns of all your back 
members, but it extends the range of an attack
spell. A spell that targets one monster will 
target one row instead, and a spell that targets
one row will target everyone instead. The damage 
doesn't change however - only useful if you get 
very high strength but low level spells. (I would
just spend some money upgrading your stronger
spells instead).

Silence Breaker (Trust Lv. 7)
Three back members will cure a front member of 
silence. But... why? You don't use front members
to cast spells anyway so who cares if they're 
silenced or not? And it's way too cumbersome to
swap silenced spellcasters to the front (and too 
dangerous too). And despite what it says, it does
not cure death possession, so don't bother.

Spell Sword (Trust Lv. 5) (Bought from Guild)
Overpowers an enemy curse if successful. I've never
seen a monster that uses a curse attack yet, so I
have no idea what this one is for.

Assisted AA

Assisted Shot (Trust Lv. 4) (Bought from Guild)
When one shooter shoots, the other two join in to 
increase damage and accuracy. This attack can be 
done twice by two different shooters, and 
specifically targets the same monsters your front
attackers are currently targeting. In effect, 
this is letting your back row attack twice each,
which is good if you have a strong shooter (thief
or ninja) behind. But that also negates any rear
protection they can offer.

Restrict Shot (Trust Lv. 3)
This is definitely your bread-and-butter AA - you
will not survive this game without this AA! 
Basically, two of your rear members will guard 
two of your front attackers. Any physical attacks
done on them will automatically be blocked, and 
the attacking monster also gets a face-full of
arrows/knives/shurikens. I've noticed that damage
done by a Restrict Shot is also higher than usual.
Also, you don't need to have a rear member armed 
with a ranged weapon - if he doesn't have one he'll 
just fling a rock instead. The protection lasts the 
entire round, you can have two of your rear shooters 
counter multiple times for nice damage.

Spell Cancel (Trust Lv. 3)
Yet another bread-and-butter AA - this ability lets 
you cancel one spell an enemy is casting. The 
nightmare of spell-casting monsters everywhere, 
this AA is vital when you are fighting bosses that 
use spells fairly often (and there are a few). It's 
also useful to kill off spellcasters hiding in the 
back row. Like the restrict shot, if the shots hit 
they do higher than usual damage. At the highest 
trust level (Lv. 8) you can cancel two spells 
instead of one.

I think that getting Grace teaches you one of the 
above AAs, but for the life of me I can't remember 
which one...

Combat Hints
Upon raising your trust levels some, you will 
eventually learn how to perform two Allied Actions.
From then on combat will consist of mixing together
these two AAs for maximum effort. AA combinations 
I have found useful are :- 
- Double Slash + Restrict Shot - You'll do this is
  nearly every other combat.
- Double Slash + Spell Cancel - Great if there's a
  single spellcaster (or two at higher trust levels).
- End Lash + Restrict Shot - You'll kill spellcasters
  and guard your party from physical attacks at the
  same time.
- End Lash + Spell Cancel - If you meet a group of
  4 or more spellcasters this will end their misery.
- Stun Attack + Double Slash - Great for monsters 
  that fight alone. While it doesn't work all the 
  time, the combination will produce damages nearly
  four times the usual.
- Restrict Shot + Jump Attack - Renders your entire
  front row un-hittable by physical attacks.
- Restrict Shot + Back Attack - Ensures physical 
  attacks will always get countered one way or
- Double Slash + Assisted Shot - The best combo if 
  maximum damage is what you want; but there's no 
  defence in this one.
- Crisscross + Assisted Shot - More of the maximum
  damage category; use on single monsters.
- Double Slash + Spell Shell - Great for battles 
  against spell-happy bosses like the Vampire Lord.
- Double Slash + Deploy - This one is really for 
  monsters with breath weapons; you can have your
  rear members cast spells for more damage.
- Front Guard + Spell Assist - Use Jakreta or 
  Megadeth to cause untold havoc; at least to those
  who don't have spell resistance.
- Double Slash + Spell Assist - Great with bosses,
  the Spell Assist clears out his sidekicks while
  the double slash hurts him bad. No defence though.

If you want you can replace Double Slash with 
Converge Attack, though I'm warning you it's not 
as good damage-wise. Another option is to replace 
it with Ninja Attack, if you are able to get it.

/                        WALKTHROUGH                            \

I'll try to provide a spoiler-free walkthrough (if you 
haven't already been spoiled by what I wrote up there).
This is only for the main quest - the side quests (the
ones you get at the tavern) will be covered in the 
next section.

Path to Allied Actions
A big training stage if anything. You must have Kyo and
Ricardo to start this off (or else Kasta won't let you
in). Nothing too hard. You should immediately go back
and level up after your first fight with Kobolds to 
have a better chance. Early on you'll reach a square room 
with exits in four directions. Take the one going right
to get Sara, a capable priestess. You'll want to be around 
level 4 by the time you reach the clear canyon floor area.
Just a little further up you'll meet a threesome that
you will see a lot of for a while for more training on
items and such. Past that there's fork in the path. Go 
right to help the poisoned man to put yourself in the 
good books. Then go back and take the other path. You'll
meet the swordsman who will teach you your first Allied
Actions - Restrict Shot, Front Shield and Double Slash
which will quickly become your staple AAs for the rest 
of the game. You'll meet your first boss, Virgo, here.
Just double slash like crazy and she'll go down in due 
time. Once you have done all that, you can head upstairs.
Ignore the first exit up the stairs (that goes to the 
exit, and another nasty fight). Instead, go further up
the stairs. At the top, drop down the hole. After the
brief chat with the thief, hit the switch to open an
important short cut. Now get your butt back to town, 
'cuz you're now able to create other party members! At
the guild you can also learn Rush, which is fairly 
useful later.

B1 (Old Fort)
Back here again. You'll be given another brief tutorial
about vellums, then you get your first vellum. Go back
to where you recruited Sara, and you'll meet Queen 
Otelier and Le'Dua. After all that, return to the area
with the spiral stairs. Be careful now, your first meeting 
with death is near. If you're quick, you can dodge pass 
it and go over to the first exit (the one you skipped
before) and cross the bridge there (you can also jump
down to the canyon below if you want). You'll meet Rui
for the first time here, who will give you some training
with fighting undeads. Basically, all you can do now is
dispel and cast spells (you DO have a priest and a 
sorcerer, right?) since you don't have any magic weapons 
yet. Nevertheless, you will fight two undead kobolds,
which shouldn't be too hard if you're careful.

B2 (Old Jail)
Upon descending, you will feel your controller shake a
little. No, there's no reaper nearby, rather a reaper 
door. You can only see and use reaper doors if one of 
your members are possessed by the reaper. Inside is a 
small room with the healing vellum (Parazkea).

You'll meet plenty of NPCs to chat with around here. 
Basically, the area consists of three circular floors 
with an open central area, and cells on the walls. 
You'll also find an elevator; it's not powered up 
yet, but that's the main aim of this floor. You'll
bump into the soldiers Le'Dua requested you to find
eventually. After talking to them (and getting yet
another quest) you should go back to Le'Dua for big
EXP and a nice item. Anyway, to clear this floor, first
descend down to the third floor. You'll find the lift
straight away. In the lift room there's a cracked wall
- run into it to break it. Ignore the path it opens up
since it's basically a dead end for now. Now go over
the other red-colored room (on the map, that is). You
will need to pass a one-way door to do that. You'll
find another elevator here, but that's for later. Once
you reach the red room, you'll be in a battle for your
life against... three pixies? You can kill 'em with
your eyes closed. Watch the scene, then pull the switch.
The center lift will go up, forming a bridge to a new
area. Break the crack that is also in this room, then
follow the path back to the third floor first elevator.
Now go back to the bridge. Be careful now... your first
tough boss is just a step before the bridge. 

The reaper looks hard as nails, but he isn't actually 
that bad if you have been doing some training around 
here. His spells hurt, so use spell cancel. Double slash 
like crazy until he falls. Your priest should heal your 
front character after they get nailed by his attacks. 
You can ignore the zombies beside him - they are weak 
enough to be a non-issue.

After a battle like that, I suggest going back to rest.
Granted, you have to do that elevator raising bit all
over again, but better that that going down and getting
killed before you can save, right? Anyway, pass the 
new bridge is a hole. Drop down until you reach the 
fourth floor of the jail. Death lurks around here too,
so be careful. At the end is a little room where you 
can power up the elevator. Now that it's done, head 
through the one-way door to the fourth floor elevator. 
The decent to B3 is here. Also, you should flip the 
switch right behind to activate the other elevator you
saw. From now on, you can simply ride the elevator 1 
down to here and skip all of B2 completely.

B3 - Labyrinth
Don't even try to map this place since it's totally
random every time you enter. You'll bump into a priest
pretty soon after you enter - he'll read your fortune.
You'll get good or bad stuff happen to you as per his
reading. For some reason, mostly bad stuff happen to
me - it's really not much of a big deal even if it
is good stuff, so just ignore him. First of all, finding
the staircase down is fairly easy - it's always on the
outer corridors (i.e. don't go into any doors) so after
running around a bit you should find it. But don't go
down so soon! Look around this floor to find magic 
stones, kill more monsters to gain experience. Because 
you will need it when you go down a floor into what
is arguably the most annoying floor of the game.

B4 - Old Graveyard
This place is a nightmare. It consists of two layers, 
one upper area you start in, and the tunnels underneath.
Not only do you meet hordes upon hordes of undead, you 
are stuck on paths filled with pits that drop you down
to the tunnels below... over and over again until you 
find the right path. The lower floors aren't all that
bad (unless you drop on a monster falling down) but the 
upper floor is nasty. You only have single paths to 
walk on so monster battles are inescapable. And while 
pits can't be crossed by you, they can be crossed by 
monsters so you'll have to watch your back - rear 
ambushes occur all the time here.

You'll eventually meet Matsuri, and complete the quest
given to you by the solders from B2. You'll also meet
the same party from B1, Anmarie, Rune and Oscar. Your
conversation can lead you to fighting Rune and Oscar,
but they really can't do much if you put up restrict
shot. You'll also meet Kulgan the Agile here for the 
first time, and for the first time the plot thickens.

Anyway, to clear this floor, you have to locate
red-colored pits on the map (all other pits are pink in 
color). From your starting position, go up a little, then 
right (you'll be on an elevated bridge which you will 
appear on often when you take the teleporter in the 
tunnels below). Now go further right a bit, then down all 
the way. Then right all the way, and up a little. From 
here locate a special pink pit you can step on without 
falling (you'll activate a pit trap, just hit the right 
sequence to pass it). Just to the west of that pit on 
the map is the first red pit. Drop down, follow along and 
you'll be in the upper right area of the map. Locate the 
large gravestone on the ground and push it to open a new 
path. By the way, if you're doing Gustav's quest, the pit
where his shield is located is near here. From the stone, 
go left a bit, then down, then up to another elevated 
bridge. From here you can go up, then a off to right. 
There are two pits next to each other; one of them is 
another pit-trap that you can step over. Go up from there 
and you'll reach a gate. Here a mini-boss battle will 
occur where you fight thieves. They suck, so don't worry 
too much. Loot the stuff in the little room behind the
gate, then follow the thief down the next red pit.

You will pass a locked door and a teleporter. Heed good 
Odom's advice and ignore the teleporter. Once you 
emerge, go south and search around and you will 
eventually find a sack with a key near the graves at the 
upper center area of the map. This opens the locked
door you have passed earlier. That door leads back up to
B2, second elevator - another shortcut.

Back to B4, proceed to the upper left area of the 
graveyard, then back south, and locate another movable 
gravestone. Descend, then follow the path. From there go 
down until you reach a third pit trap. Past that is the 
stairs down to B5. Phew!

B5 (Waterfall)
This "floor" (and I use that very roughly) is basically 
a giant spiral path down the waterfall, with stops at
interconnecting caves. There are a few shops at the start,
some weird orc activity, and yet another encounter with 
the cute elf girl.

You should explore all the caves for treasure and such. 
Early on you will find a pixie guarding a door - it's
related to Geese' Quest (no.20 on the list below). She 
will disappear after that quest is done, but before that
you can get some nice treasure if you give her a Carcass
or Cathedral stone. When you eventually find a cave that 
has a broken wall, bust it open but don't go through it 
yet, just make a mental note of it's location. You can go 
another few levels down to find the music shop and spring 
room (both of them are related to quests you can do). 
Okay, now you can head back to the broken wall area. Pass 
it, then locate the pit you can jump down on, and proceed. 
If you follow the caves a little, you will find another 
broken wall which you can destroy. This leads back to a 
few levels above the spring and music shop, so you can go
back up if you want (the wall can't be broken from the
other side, less you get any bright ideas). Anyway, 
pass the break in the path, you will meet Virgo again,
this time with two Gaze Hounds as backup. Concentrate
on Virgo entirely; if you've done your training, you
should be able to beat her within a round or so. Then 
you can concentrate to fighting the Gaze Hounds. 

If you've got at least some neutral or evil members in
your party, you might bump into the hobbit thief Daniel
again. Save his arse from the orcs and he'll be 
registered as a member. Never did get him myself since
my party consisted of all Good members at the time, but
I am told he is here somewhere.

Further down you'll find a really nice shortcut in one
of the caves - it leads all the way back up to the 
snowy alter in B1, so that's going to save you a lot 
of walking. But before you head back to town, go down
a little more to reach a dead end and a gondola. Ride
the gondola up, get off but don't send the gondola 
back down. Use a transfer potion to get back to town
(Kasta's Shop nearby sells 'em if you're out). Take 
the new shortcut back to where the gondola was. Then
hop down the now open shaft. A long cut scene occurs
culminating in a new NPC for your addition - Michele,
the elf sorceress. Ignore the pit there, and descend
down to B6.

B6 (Moldy Fort)
Hopefully you have both Resurrect (Carcass) and 
Poison Cure (Poizkea) - both are found near stairs 
to B6. You will need them both now. B6 is one of the 
larger floors, and will take a fair bit of exploring. 
First order of business (besides building levels) is 
to locate a path to the rightmost long room - you'll
need to go to the uppermost room, go right, then 
down and then drop down from there. You'll meet Orphe 
and Aoba here, and if you are evil (or neutral) they
might just join you. Down the long room you'll find 
two doors. One going back left is a one-way door, so 
unless you're really itching to get out, don't use it. 
The door opposite will lead you to Kaza's room, where 
he will chat with you a little bit. Hey, is that your 
controller vibrating? Another reaper door is nearby. 
Further down and to the left you will notice a pink 
area if you used Maps. You can't use maps here (not 
even the spell) so plan your path carefully before 

Here's the most straightforward path - Once through 
the door, hug the right wall until you reach a 
T-junction. Side-step left, then go straight - there 
should be a staircase to your right. Go up those 
stairs. At the top, go right, then left, then left 
again. Now go straight and you'll reach a door. Pass 
that room and go straight ahead to a green room. 
Green room means safety, right? Not a chance. After 
a brief chat, it's boss time.

Incubus is nasty since both his spells and his 
physical attacks hurt. But what also hurts are 
the two ghosts by his side - you should try to 
take them out with a spell ASAP (ole' Horseface
himself is pretty much immune to spells you cast).
You should be able to survive his physical attacks
(make sure your priest is always free and casting
Fiealds, Safeal or Lafeal) so use spell cancel.
You probably have converge attack by now. It looks
powerful, but it's not - using double slash and
your third frontman attack actually does more

Once Incubus is down you can take a breather, then 
continue. You'll soon reach a room with puddles of 
ooze - stepping on them gets you poisoned. There's 
two passages going left. The one furthest from you 
is a dead end leading to some treasure and a vellum, 
so take it if you want. You can bypass the ooze by 
breaking the walls to your right. 

The left passage nearest to you is what you want to
take. Follow it along until you reach a room with 
what looks like two drains on the floor. The one 
nearer to you just drops you down to the dead end
mentioned above, so skip that and take the drain 
further from you. 

Keep going, and don't jump down any pit you see
(they all lead to the afore-mentioned dead end).
There's a room where the door is blocked by oozes
on the floor. No choice there; you've gotta step
on them to proceed. That's why you should have 
Poizkea. At the very end you'll reach what looks
like a bridge - there's a bag on the opposite 
side (I've yet to figure out how to get that).
Now drop down. You'll be in the room with a 
skeleton chained to the wall. If you have Hina
her quest will begin here. Otherwise, go forward 
to locate the stairs down to B7. The other passage
leads to a one-way door back to the area before 
the mapless room - so ignore it.

B7 (Labyrinth)
Another randomly changing floor. Don't actually
bother exploring this floor until you get down to 
B8 since that will immediately open a short cut
from B1 to B8. Just run around, locate the stairs
going down, then HEAL YOURSELF because a boss 
fight (two, actually) is up next.

B8 (Sham Sanctuary)
You'll be hit by not one but two boss fights on 
the get go here. First one consists of a battle
with master ninjas. Like all other ninjas, physical
attacks will most likely miss, so slap 'em sideways
with spells or guaranteed-hit-attacks like End Lash.
Don't use Rush - you'll want your front to be 
guarded with restrict shot. And don't let them hit 
you - the odds of them killing you instantly is 
fairly high. And focus on one ninja - if you keep
them all alive long enough they'll do a converge
attack which cannot be restricted, and will pretty
much guarantee their victim gets insta-killed.

The next boss fight is actually HARDER. The flesh 
golem is your primary concern (wipe his flunkies 
out with one strong Zakreta). He hits hard. Very 
hard. If he connects all his hits he can kill 
just about any of your warriors almost immediately.
So use restrict shot. Keep your priest free for 
Lafeal and Fiealds. Spells don't work much so don't
bother. His spells do hurt, but it won't kill you
as long as you keep healing. As always, double 
slash, with Zaiba for good measure.

Once he's defeated, pick up some of his flesh and
get out on the double. You're no match for any 
of the monsters here, not yet. Do your town stuff,
use the new portal that will appear, then go back
up to B7 and train there (and grab those magic 
stones). Once you're confident enough, go back to

The first area of B8 consist of tons of corridors,
teleporters, doors and one-way doors. Again, there
are the relatively useless pink teleporters, and 
the important red teleporters. The first red one
you can reach is at the middle right of the map.
You should be able to get there without using any
teleporters. Once you use it, you will appear at
the opposite end of the map, the middle left. Use
maps to locate a green square room just above the 
FIRST red teleporter. You'll have to cross the 
entire span of the map rightwards until you reach
the green room. A long series of flashbacks occur

Once you've seen all that, go out through the 
other door. Go straight forward (ignore the door 
to the left for now). and you'll end up in the 
right half of the largest room on this map. You 
will see red step on the floor - search it to 
activate it - notice the waters around you stop
flowing. You might not realize it, but you've
just drained the lake at the bottom of B5. It's
another shortcut.

If you've done side-quest no.12 (Garcia's quest)
when you go back to town and head to the tavern 
Garcia will mention that Grace and Wolfe are
down at B5. Use the snowy alter shortcut, then 
go down to the lowest level (jump down the pit
near the staircase to B6). A new path here will
lead you to a Grace, Wolfe and a boss.

This particular nasty, the Raver Lord, is not 
all that tough, at least compared to the Vampire 
Lord. He's got nasty attacks so use restrict shot, 
daiba, double slash to end his misery real quick. 
After this, both Grace and Wolfe become available 
as members in the tavern.

Now then, take the teleporter here and you'll 
be back to B8, where you hit the switch. Go back
a room, and now take the door here to another 
red teleporter. From here you have to go up to
reach the next green room. There's more stuff,
mainly concerning your hero's memory, then after
that you can proceed to the third and final

Past the third crystal is the rather annoying
twisting-turning room. Looks just like any 
ordinary big room, but some of the squares here
turn you around for a bit - what's dangerous is
the fact that there are plenty of monsters 
wandering about, and you don't want to walk 
towards a monster just to have you back turned 
to him when he attacks. There's a bag in the 
center of the room - it holds a key to the door 
just south. That's another shortcut - from the 
first room of B8 it's just one teleport and a 
quick walk to this door (you should have passed 
by it before). And this also immediately renders 
the B5 shortcut useless.

Past the twisting room is another long corridor
with more twists, and is a death hotspot; a rather 
nasty combo. At the very end, an emotional scene 
occurs, and Kulgan joins after that (he's good, 
quite a fair bit better than Kyo or any ninja you 
might have - I mean, 90 Agility?). Then it's down 
to B9.

B9 (Labyrinth)
Yes, another Labyrinth. Once again, don't bother
to stick around; just look for the exit and head 
straight down. Unlike the previous Labyrinths, 
the exit in this one might be in a lower floor;
use Maps to locate large rooms that have 
staircases going down. The monsters here aren't 
that bad, so fight some if you have to.

Once you get down to exploring B9 proper, you 
might bump into a mysterious wizard/god/demon 
named Gimrey. He's quite hard to find since he 
only appears on one specific square (I've only 
encountered him once myself). Upon meeting him
he will ask you to sacrifice one of your members
in order to gain a powerful item (the higher 
that member's trust, the better the item). That's
the evil choice. If you refuse, he sics two Flame
Dragons on you. As long as you have Deploy AA 
you shouldn't have any problems. Once you defeat
the dragons he will reward you by raising all 
your member's Max HP by 20.

B10 (Testament)
Yep, like before, the moment you step foot into
B10 you face a boss - yeah, it's her again. This
time Virgo has the services of two giants. Not a
tough boss - take out both the giants while using
spell cancel to prevent Virgo from actually doing
anything. Once both giants are dead, Virgo will
be a pushover.

And like before, get your butt outta here on the 
double. Back in B1 a portal will conveniently 
open that takes you back to B10 - go back to B9
and do some more training.

All done? Here's how to properly clear B10. B10 
is basically small rooms all connected by 
teleporters. It's not all that big, and with 
some trial and error you should figure out most 
of it fairly easily. First off, you need to 
reach a red square seen on the Maps spell. To get
there, from the first room, take the warp in
the southeast. Then take the northeast warp (not
like there's much of a choice). Now you'll be 
in a four-warp room, in the northeast. Take the 
northwest warp. You'll be in another four-warp
room, this time with a plate (red square) nearby.
Switch on the plate to open the main door. Now 
take the warp nearest to the plate (northeast).
Then take the southwest warp. You'll be back
at the entrance room.

To make it to the open door, back at the entrance,
take the northwest warp. You'll be in a small
rectangular room with four warps. Take the one
right next to the one you're standing on 
(southwest). Then the northeast, then southeast. 
You'll be in a square, four-warp room again. 
Take the warp furthest from you (northwest). You
are now facing the door. There are two fragile
walls on either side, so break them to claim the
treasures within (don't take the warps unless you
want to trek through all those warps again) - you
will find a new vellum (Blazing aka Megadeth) and 
a katana (Kikuichimonji, the one Hina has). Now 
take the door. You'll bump into Virgo again, a 
little depressed. You can meet her again in B7
and then in Kasta's shop in B5, where she can 
then join your party. Back to the floor at hand, 
after a few cut scenes, it's time for a boss.

Surprise... the second boss of the game is also the
second-to-last boss of the game. Don't be scared if
you're only doing single points of damage to the 
Reaper, he's just got overly high defence. He has
preference to casting spells, so use Spell Cancel
(it's alright this time since he's always the first
monster to attack). First thing you need to do is
to get rid of the four annoying ghosts tagging along
with him - it's a long battle, and while their 
damages are weak, it adds up after a while. Use Daiba
to ensure that your entire party can hit them (this
also lets you do at least some damage to the Reaper
himself). Kill all the ghosts, then concentrate on
hitting the Reaper (you should be doing at least 
double digit damages with Daiba, if not you're too
weak). He's got a lot of HP so you'll need to be 
patient. Make sure Spell Cancel is done every round.
He sometimes does physical attacks, and you'll need
either Carcass or Cathedral (prefebly Cathedral) here 
- like a ninja, his attacks can cause instant kills. 
He's also got an unblockable attack called "Underworld
Cry" which might cause fear to your party members.
With patience, the Reaper should not be a problem to 
you. Incidentally, if you haven't explored all the 
reaper doors, then it's too late for you - upon 
killing the reaper, his possessing form will never 
appear again...

Once you're done, go over and pick up the sword 
fragment, then chat a little bit more. Kaza makes a 
brief appearance here, and might just join your party 
(I don't know what's the exact condition to get him 
to join, but I believe it's probably a neutral or evil 
alignment). Then proceed and grab the best (?) weapon 
of the game, the Queen's Guard Sword. You might want 
to return to town here, because the final stage is almost 
upon you.

Dimension World
You will discover a startling truth just as you enter,
and then it's insane battles all the way. If you can't
tell by now, all the game's toughest monsters are here,
and boy they can pack a wallop. The main idea here is 
to drop down floors until you reach the lowest one, 
which just consists of four teleporters. Doesn't matter
which one you drop on, since they all bring you to the 
topmost floor. From there you can drop off the edges to 
teleporters you see by the sides of the floor when you
first entered. From here, the one teleporter you want
to drop onto is at the eastern drop. There's two 
squares to drop off from, you'd want the south drop.
Walk up to the large platform. You NPC members will 
give you a final pep talk, then a scene will occur, 
culminating in the battle to end all battles. Your 
battle with Bu'Shin begins...

He/She/It is quite cheap since restrict shot is disabled, 
so your only choice is Spell Cancel for defence. Use 
priests or bishops for healing. Daiba is a must to do 
decent damage. When he is using his "Male" face attack 
Bu'Shin himself, he's considered a front row attacker. 
When he switches to his "Female" face, attack the Otelier 
on his body instead - she's considered a back row attacker, 
so if you have Ninja Attack AA that's a big bonus. He's 
got some cheap unblockable attacks, but if you've got a 
good priest it shouldn't be a problem. It's a long fight, 
but surprisingly quite easy if you know the trick.

Once you've taken care of Bu'Shin, pat yourself in the 
back, because you've just finished Wizardry - Tales of 
The Forsaken Lands! You'll get to save the game, which
lets you go back to Town and explore to see if you've
missed anything. You can't do missed side quests however;
that option is disabled in the tavern as is your Quest 
Confirmation option in your party menu. But if you head
back to the Labyrinth, a new shortcut would have opened 
up - go back to Gotz's (the trap-making orc) room, and
you'll notice the boulder is missing. Go down and then...

Max Floors (The Abyss)
This is the game's bonus dungeon - basically a collection
of random floors filled to the brim with the all the 
monsters of the game (their color shade indicates how 
powerful they are). There's a few undead-run shops here,
and you can also meet the monster shop owner every now
and then. I've yet to survive long enough to see bottom, 
but there might be something of interest there...

If you need more help, fellow Wizardry fan Forsetti has made 
some maps of few of the floors in the game. Check those out
here :-


/                        SIDE-QUESTS                            \

You get these from the tavern - the harder ones appear as you 
go down floors. Don't worry if you seem to be missing some :-
the quest list isn't listed chronologically. I'm listing them
as they appear in the quest list; again, you will not be doing
them in the order as I have listed below.

1) Kyo - Help me conquer my fear
   This one is done at the very start. First, you must go to
   the place he was nearly killed in - locate the square room
   where exits go up, down, left and right. If you enter the
   room Kyo will tell you where to go from there. Go there
   and walk up to the altar. Then just finish the floor and 
   you would have cleared this one. 
   Reward - Get Kyo as a member

2) Ricardo - Tell me what trust is
   Just like the above quest. At the square room, go left 
   instead and you will enter a small room. Head to the 
   skeleton in the corner and search and you will be ambushed.
   Defeat both thieves. Then just finish the floor and that's
   Reward - Get Ricardo as a member

3) Lisa - Charm to fulfill a love
   Easy one, just go back to the tavern with a pixie wing in
   hand. Pixies are found all over the first floor.
   Reward - 300 EXP, Hair Ornament

4) Lydia - Help my boyfriend
   Another easy one. Just go back to the square room and watch
   the scene that unfolds, then go off to the room where you
   did Ricardo's quest.
   Reward - 350 EXP, Magic Stone

5) Lydia - Change my boyfriend
   Not so easy. To make him tired of his shop, sell him every 
   sellable material there is in the game (until his inventory
   list is complete). Check the "Advanced Info" section for 
   a complete listing of the materials you need to sell, and 
   what monsters drop them.
   Reward - 50,000 EXP, Shield

6) Maria - Train me to be a priest
   Upon meeting undeads, let them hit you until one gets 
   gets you paralyzed, then go back to the tavern. No problem.
   Reward - 400 EXP, Magic Stone

7) Maria - Train me to be a bishop 
   You'll need a Carcass spell first. Once one of your member
   dies, cast the spell at him. Sometimes he will turn to ash
   (a big gray cross replaces the red one). Once that occurs, 
   go back to the tavern.
   Reward - 1000 EXP, Cloak

8) Helga - I'm opening a magic stone shop!
   You will want the Labyrinth stone - you'll get it when you 
   find the trap-making orc Gotz on the first floor. Give it 
   to Helga at the tavern. Oh, you should also go to her room
   on B1 and see what happens.
   Reward - 800 EXP, Magic Stone

9) Helga - I'm opening a weapons shop
   To get a Hound's Ear, go down a fight a Glare Hound on the 
   fifth floor onwards and you'll get one. Go back to the 
   tavern to get your reward. Also, after a while, when in town
   an announcement of Helgamart will be opened. bring a dragon
   heart and go back to Helgamart. Refuse to let her go and 
   see what happens.
   Reward - 5000 EXP, Mace

10) Helga - I'll sell special swords
    Nothing to it. After you get the Houndsword (it's a special 
    item, not a weapon), fight 30 battles or more then return to
    town (you don't have to do it all in one sitting) and a 
    warrior will remark that he wants the weapon. Go back to the
    tavern. Also, after a while, when in town an announcement of 
    Helgamart opening will occur. Now go there. Oh, and you might
    want to bring a Dragon Heart too.
    Reward - 8000 EXP, Vellum

11) Garcia - Find a girl named Rui
    Get down to B2 (Old Jail) and look for Rui - she's on the
    second floor, in one of the cells. Help her out, and that's 
    that. Back to the tavern you go.
    Reward - 400 EXP

12) Garcia - Deliver an axe
    This one's tough. Go down to B8 (Sham Sanctuary) and go to 
    the big room in the lower left corner of the map (use Maps 
    spell if necessary). A really tough battle with a Vampire 
    Lord will occur here. To defeat him, you must kill the two 
    front vampires within one or two rounds or the Vampire Lord 
    will decimate you with Zakuld. And no, you can't use Spell 
    Cancel because the other two vampires will cast spells first
    (really worthless ones, to piss you off further). Try Daiba 
    and a strong Zakreta (Zakreta should kill at least one of the
    vampires). Once both vampires are dead, old Vampire Lord 
    himself is a pushover - Spell Cancel non-stop (his physical 
    attacks are pathetic) - and he'll be down in no time. Watch 
    what enfolds, then go back to Garcia at the tavern.
    Reward - 38,000 EXP, Two-handed Sword

13) Lorenzo - Check if he's dead or alive
    Head down to the fourth floor of B2 (Old Jail) and go into 
    one of the cells there, then search the skeleton. Then head 
    back to the tavern.
    Reward - 1500 EXP, Dagger

14) Anonym - Tell me who I am
    Head back down to the fourth floor of B2 (where you did 
    Lorenzo's quest) - you'll meet a fairy there. After that 
    talk, head back to the tavern.
    Reward - 2000 EXP, Staff

15) Merrick - I want to make a wonder drug
    Get him two Dragon Hearts. Dragons first appear in B3.
    Reward - 4500 EXP, Cloak

16) Palo - I want to sleep soundly
    This is a rather disturbing quest. Head to B4 (Graveyard) and 
    drop down to the tunnels located in the lower right of the map, 
    then go to the furthest right room. Be prepared to fight a 
    rotting corpse (he's quite pushover when you use spells).
    Reward - 11,000 EXP, Charm

17) Rose - Find out about my husband
    Yet another disturbing quest. Head down to B4 (Graveyard) then 
    walk around the upper area and you'll bump into Giorgio 
    eventually. Ooh... spooky.
    Reward - 10,000 EXP, Hair Ornament

18) Gustav - Recover our party's shield
    Similarly themed to the above two quests. Back to B4 and drop 
    down into the tunnel located mid-right of the map. There 
    should be a bag on the ground - get it.
    Reward - 11,000 EXP, Shield

19) Paul - I wanna do the right thing
    Head down to B5 (waterfall) and locate the Fairy's Spring - 
    head down the outside path, all the way until you reach the 
    break in the path. It's in a room nearby. Check the spring. 
    Dang, don't you wish there were more of these in the game?
    Reward - 12,000 EXP, Wrist

20) Geese - Please find Hannah
    Back down to B5. Somewhere above the Fairy's Spring is a 
    room guarded by a fairy. If you accept this quest a little 
    scene will occur and you will end up fighting a Lesser Demon. 
    He's not tough. Use Restrict Shot (he doesn't cast spells all 
    that often) and double slash repeatedly and he'll go down 
    like a ton of screaming bricks.
    Reward - 21,000 EXP, Wrist

21) Fawn - Please bring back our music
    Back down to B5. Nearby the Fairy's Spring, find the music
    shop. Then watch the scene, and head back to the tavern. 
    Listen to the rather nice song, and pick up your reward.
    Reward - 12,000 EXP, Hair Ornament

22) Walter - Find a certain book
    Walter's Book of Festivals is located in the unmappable 
    region of B6 (Moldy Fort) - it's quite hard to locate 
    since there isn't a map, and it consists of multiple 
    floors up and down as well. Keep wandering the area and 
    you should find it eventually.
    Reward - 30,000 EXP, Ring

23) Hina - Help my brother
    This quest can only be done with Hina in your party. You 
    should have reached B8 (Sham Sanctuary) since only then 
    will you be powerful enough to kill the boss here. Get 
    Hina, then use the teleport to B8. Then go up, pass the 
    Labyrinth, then up again. Now you're in the tail end of 
    B6, where you should have passed a skeleton chained to a 
    wall. A Greater Demon will appear, and you're in for a 
    tough fight. His physical attacks hurt more than his 
    spells (though both hurt a lot) so use restrict attack. 
    Daiba or Zaiba to power up your front crew, then double 
    slash repeatedly. Don't use converge attack since it won't 
    do as much damage. Leave your free back row member to heal.
    Reward - Nothing... except now Hina is happier

24) Elizabeth - I want to go to the labyrinth
    This final quest only appears when you've cleared nearly
    all the side-quests of the game. It's not hard... just 
    quite tedious. You are supposed to take two old folks down
    the labyrinth (all the way to B6), stopping at what they
    call "sight-seeing spots" on each floor. Nothing too hard
    if you know your way around well. Here are the stops :-
    B1) Spring of Fortune - The pool just by the exit
    B2) Prison of Evil - Where you did Lorenzo's quest
    B3) Labyrinth - Go down to B4, then go back up to B3
    B4) Grave of the Gorgeous Couple - After falling down the
        first red pit, once you are back to ground level head
        east then south a little. In a dead-end surrounded by
        pits you'll find the grave
    B5) Sage's Spring - Where you did Paul's quest
    B6) Hell of Mold - This is the unmappable area. Just walk
        right through it like you normally do
    They will leave and transfer back to town after you leave
    the "Hell of Mold". Go back with them and claim the reward
    at the tavern.
    Reward - 40,000 EXP, Robe

/                           UNSOLVED                            \

In this section I'll list down things that I am unable to find
or otherwise solve, and I asking for anyone who has solved 
them for help - you will be acknowledged for your contribution.
My e-mail is [email protected]

- Item in B6 - There's an item across a broken bridge at the
  end of B6 (Moldy Fort) that I've never been able to reach.
  What's in it? How do you get there in the first place?
  (Contributor's Note : Probably just something meant for 
  greedy fellows - attracting them to drop down below).
- Missing NPCs - I'm probably missing a few NPCs. The ones 
  I have are : Kulgan, Michelle, Rui, Wolfe, Grace, Hina,
  Ricardo, Kyo, Sara, Virgo. Anybody else? And how do you get 
  them? (Contributor's Notes : Kaza, Daniel, Aoba and Orphe 
  can also join your team, depending on your alignment).
- Last AA - Pei Pei's notes on Allied Actions mentioned the
  AA called Warp Attack, but I can't seem to find it anywhere?
- Max Dungeon Help - Anybody cleared the Abyss dungeons? 
  Anything worth going through all of it for?

/                       ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                        \

- RACJIN, for making such a masterpiece of an RPG
- Atlus, for publishing said masterpiece
- Http://www.gamefaqs.com/ for hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough
- All the helpful members of Gamefaqs board - Lachrymite,
  Kotonk, hectorm71, kamikaze62, synbios1978, Shni23 and 
  all the others who contributed!
- Forsetti, who made some great maps

/                   COPYRIGHT ATLUS/RACJIN                      \

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