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This complete Zone of the Enders FAQ/Walkthrough features:

*A complete strategy guide to aid you      *General hints and tips from a
 during gameplay.                           gamer to a gamer.
*Easy-to-use Rescue Mission guides         *Soundtrack List
*Controls (in case you lost your manual)   *"ZOE 2" Wishlist
*How to get Programs and Sub-weapons       *A miniture review of the game



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00. Introduction
 ___About this FAQ
 ___About the Game
 ___Premium Package
01. Game Basics
 ___Basic Controls
 ___Special Moves
 ___Command Menu
 ___Versus Mode
02. Walkthrough
 ___General Playing Tips
03. Miscellaneous
 ___Orbital Frames
 ___Rescue Missions
04. Soundtrack List
05. Contact Information
 ___To Webmasters PLEASE READ!!!
06. Legal Stuff
07. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
08. What We Want in ZOE 2
09. Mini-Review
10. Outro
 ___Version History
 ___FAQ Contributions
 ___Final Words

-=[]---------------------=(-- 00. Introduction  --)=---------------------[]=-

                            ---About this FAQ---

This guide is no different from other guides, as I am here to provide you
with a comprehensive resource for the most astounding release on the
Playstation 2: Zone of the Enders (hereafter, referred to as: ZOE). In this
guide, you will find a full-detailed walkthrough and additional in-depth
information on other aspects of the game. Each event written in this guide
does contain story spoilers. So if you don't want to know, don't read more
than you need to! As with all other guides, the intent is to act as a
reference for when you get stuck, or you just want to pick up items you've
missed on a second playthrough.

Needless to say, I'd have to remind you of one more thing before we move onto
the rest of the guide: There will be tons and tons of story spoilers. Please
read at your own risk! I did not do this intentionally, but this proves that
humans are fallible and of course, I am only human. Reading spoilers against
your will result in severe depression, a loss of excitement from this awesome
game, and brain damage. I shall not be held responsible.

                           ---About the Game---

All I can say for this game is: WOW. It's simply amazing! This is definitely
one of the best PS2 releases yet. Mech gamers and shooter fans alike will be
proned love this game! They may have been satisfied by Armored Core 2, but
obviously they haven't experienced the greatness of ZOE. To be honest, I'm
not much of a mech gamer. It's not like I don't like mech games, it's usually
because none of them really absorbed me into the game. But when I got my
sticky hands on this game, I couldn't bear to part with it. It was too good
to be true.

Its story telling is incredible, to begin with. ZOE takes place in the future
where humanity had relocated in outer space such as Mars and Jupiter for the
sole reason to obtain new natural resources. The remaining humans on Earth
were know as "Enders," whom still struggle to survive on the now barren land.
The story revolves around a young boy who has accidentally stumbled onto
Jehuty, the sole reason for the cause of the war on the colony of Jupiter.
Now he is forced to defend his homeland. Ok, that's all I can tell you! You
have your instruction booklet don't you? Bah, use it. Okay! Let's just get on
with the game.

                            ---Premium Package---

Steph said let there be anime, and there will be a ZOE anime, from the boys
who brought you Gundam Wing and Escaflowne, Sunrise. Konami announced a
limited edition ZOE disc in Japan, as well as a Silent Hill 2 preview. It is
said to be released March of 2001; the same time the "normal" version of ZOE
comes out. But sadly enough, a release for overseas has not been confirmed
yet. It is very possible that the US and European countries may not see it
coming at all.

The ZOE premium package will include a 150-page coffee table artbook, a CD
single of "Heart of Air (Kiss Me Sunlights)," and a special DVD edition of
the upcoming ZOE anime. The ZOE anime, which is called _Zone of the Enders
2167 Idolo_, is loosely based on the game. For those who just want the movie,
Konami has decided to make a separate package for the people who already own
the game. Oddly enough, there are rumors that this special edition package
will not come with the MGS2 demo. The horror! But the game itself will
definitely be included. The suggested retail for this awesome package is
about 13,800¥, which is about 123 US dollars. Although, it may seem an awful
lot to pay for a game, but all the goodies will make it worthwhile. Friends
will be begging to watch the movie and groping the precious box until there
are fingerprints all over it.

-=[]----------------------=(-- 01. Game Basics --)=----------------------[]=-

                            ---Basic Controls---

Initializing ZOE database>>>>>>>


                        _____                 ______
                       | L1,2|               | R1,2 |
                       -------               --------
                      /   _    \____________/        \
                     |  _| |_    ___    ___     /\  _ |
                     | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []    (_)|
                     |   |_|    __   __   __    ><    |
                     |         /  \ |  | /  \         |
                      \       | AL |----| AR |       /
                       \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                        \___/                  \___/

 |  Controls:                             Action:                          |
 |                                                                         |
 | Left Analog Stick.....................Controls Movement of the Jehuty   |
 | Right Analog Stick....................Change camera view                |
 | Triangle Button.......................Acend/Rise                        |
 | Cross Button..........................Descend/Cancel selection          |
 | Square Button.........................Basic attacks/Shots/Blade attack  |
 | Circle Button.........................Sub-weapon/Grab/Throw/Confirm     |
 | L1 Button.............................Cancels lock-on/Shrinks radar     |
 | L2 Button.............................Lock-on/Change lock-on            |
 | R1 Button.............................Guard/Defend                      |
 | R2 Button.............................Dash during movement/Burst        |
 | Start Button..........................Opens and closes command menu     |
 | Direction Buttons.....................Selects sub-weapon                |
 |                                                                         |

                             ---Special Moves---

Jehuty speeds up his movement. With Burst, Jehuty concentrates his energy
into an attack.

To dash or burst, simple press the Squ. Button. This is an essential move if
you plan on surviving. To dash, press the Squ. Button while moving in any one
direction. And to burst, stay still and press the Squ. Button.

Jehuty rushes towards opponent and slashes at him. It is more effective than
regular saber attacks. Or, Jehuty releases a serge of energy on the opponent.
It is also more effective than the regular salvo of bullets. Go figure.

First, get acquainted with the dash technique, which can be done by holding
the R2 button and moving in any direction. While dashing, press the Squ.
Button to unleash a "Dash attack." The type of dash attack depends on whether
Jehuty is far away or near the locked-on target. If it the enemy is out of
range, then it will release a string of laser beams (or something). If Jehuty
is in close range, Jehuty will hurtly toward the opponent and deliver a nasty

Jehuty charges up, forms an energy ball above his head, and chucks it at his
enemy. Really cool and useful! In close range, Jehuty does a 360 degree turn
swiping his saber at his enemies in the process. Cool again!

To do these attacks, remain at a stationary position (make sure you are free
from any danger). Then press the R2 button, and press the Squ. Button. This
attack takes a while to execute, so you may give your enemies a chance to
attack you. If they do, it will interrupt your attack and you will have to do
it again.

Jehuty gets a hold of your opponent and depending on where you want to throw
it, Jehuty will slam it sending him flying.

To grab and throw an opponent, you'll have to be in front of him and time it
well. Otherwise, he will counter and beat you around before you can blink an
eye. The best time is to do it while he is defending. So press the Cir.
button to grab on to him, and hold it! While holding down the Cir. button,
use the left analog stick to determine where you are going to send him. When
that is done, release the button and watch him go! It does more damage to
throw him into a building or another enemy. You will lose your grip if you
get hit by a nearby enemy.

It obviously means what it says. Jehuty escapes from battle.

To do this, cancel the lock-on command and fly to the off-screen direction.
There will be a counter, and once it reaches 0 you will have successfully
escaped. But if you get hit by that time before the counter reaches 0, then
you will not be able to escape. Pretty simple no?

Jehuty can freely explore the area without having to focus on one area or

Cancel the lock-on mode by pressing L1. Then use the right analog stick to
rotate Jehuty's camera angles. Or you can use the left analog stick. In order
to do that, have Jehuty face the desired direction, and let go. The camera
angel will automatically adjust itself.

Jehuty can flip upwards or downwards to avoid enemy attacks depending on the
directional button pressed.

This is an unidentified ZOE move which has been brought to my attention by a
reader (thanks to [email protected]). To perform this move properly, while
dashing press the ascend button (Triangle) to flip upwards, and the descend
button (Cross) to flip downwards. Actually, you must press both buttons
(R2+Tri/Cro) to do it correctly. This is a very good move to use on bosses.

Throughout the game, Jehuty's AI (Artificial Intelligence) will guide you
through your missions and objectives. She will provide hints, training
courses, detect enemy activity, and insinuate on how to pound them baddies to
the ground. But above all, she will fill you in on your mission and what not.
Pay attention to what she says.

                            ---Command Menu---

Press the Start button to open the menu. It will become available to you when
you leave the hanger at the very beginning of the game. It displays the
machine's current status and inventory. Pressing the Start button once again
will return to the battle screen. Use the Cir. Button to confirm selections,
and the Squ. Button to cancel selections.

Here, you can choose to equip your sub-weapon. A list will be displayed with
the weapons you have found. It also shows the number of remaining ammunition
of that weapon. Choose to equip, re-equip, or remove a sub-weapon.

A list appears that indicates the programs that have been obtained. Programs
are needed in this game to learn new abilities or be able use sub-weapons.
Programs can be usually found at local servers, in which you will need a
passcode to unlock (See below).

A list appears that shows the passcodes you have collected and used.
Previously used passcodes will not be displayed. Passcodes are needed to open
Local servers containing essential programs needed to complete the game or
for stupid fun with enemies. Passcodes are usually found among the squad
leader in an area.

Exits current area allowing you to move onto the next or a different area. If
Jehuty cannot leave current area, AREA CHANGE will not be available to you.
This usually occurs during boss battles and important events. Remember
leaving, the area will reset everything there (i.e. enemies will return and
treasure boxes will be replaced).

Jehuty's next mission is displayed here. The text in purple gives you a hint
on how to proceed with the mission. You may refer to this when you are stuck.
It usually provides helpful hints.

Change various game settings with this menu including toggle Vibration,
subtitles, etc. This is available to you on the title screen and on the
command menu.

Save your current game status. You will be able to continue from the last
save file. This option becomes available to you only on the "colony map."

On the right of the Command Menu, you will see a rough layout of the area you
are in. The light blue triangle is you and the point of the triangle
indicates the direction you are facing. Your marker will not be the only
thing shown on the map. There will be various symbols and letters to signify
that something (like a passcode) is there. The three symbols are:

    [M] This symbol indicates that enemy party has a Metatron Ore in its
    [P] This indicates that enemy squad has a passcode.
    [B] This indicates that the enemy possesses sub-weapon ammunition.

Now, aside from using symbols and such, there are colored shapes that give
good indications on what the item is. If it is a:

    [Green Pyramid] This indicates that this item is a local server.
    [Red Cube]      This indicates that the item contains sub-weapon
    [Blue Cube]     This indicates that the item contains a Metatron Ore.
    [Red Dots]      This indicates that the object is a Porter.


The items you will find in this game are limited. There are two standard
items you will find: Metatron Ore and a sub-weapon or sub-weapon ammunition.
You can find these items through enemies and item boxes.

If you destroy an enemy squad with an item labeled next to their marker on
the map, then chances are you will get the item. If it's a Metatron Ore,
Gaunlet ammunition, or whatever, you will get it. As long, as the whole squad
is destroyed, Jehuty will surely claim the prize.

Typically, there will be either one, or two at the most, item box in each
area. Usually, it would contain a Metatron Ore to replenish Jehuty's energy
level to its fullest. There are two color coded boxes: a red and blue one.
The blue ones always contain the Metatron Ore and the red ones contain sub-
weapon ammo. Remember, they will return once you leave the area, so you can
stock up all you want.

You will find this in certain stages. The Porter's purpose is to hide an
existing item box, which cannot be seen until you destroy all the Porters.
This is called a "vector trap." The item box will only appear when _all_ the
Porters have been destroyed. To locate all the Porters, whip out your map and
point out the the smaller red dots. Those should be your Porters. Vector
traps usually hide important or useful items. I really suggest you take the
time to hunt them down.

There are typically two types of recovery items: the Metatron Ore you can
find from enemies and item boxes and the "Repair" item some enemies sometimes
drop. As you probably already know, the Metatron Ore fully recovers Jehuty's
energy level, while the Repair item only restores about a third of Jehuty's
health. Though, Repairs don't fully restore Jehuty's health, it can really
save your butt from a near-death battle against tough enemies (I battled 10
enemies at once the other day).

By obtaining programs, Jehuty can learn new abilities or obtain newer and
better weapons to use against your foes. I'd say 75% of the programs are
optional, while the other 25% is absolutely necessary in completing the game.

All programs (well 99.9% of them) are to be received from Local Servers,
which are kept locked up until you find the correct passcode for it. The
light surrounding the local server give good indications whether the server
is unlocked or not. If the light is red, then that means it's locked. If
the is green, then it is unlocked and ready for your taking.

The squad leader of the enemy squad carries the passcodes. Other times, you
can find them in item boxes. You must have a passcode to unlock a local
server. You will know if you've found the right passcode for that certain
server when the light is green.

Sub-weapons is an additional attack method. Depending on the sub-weapon used,
the attack varies in range and power. Most sub-weapons are long-range based.
to be able to use sub-weapons, you must first obtain the program which allows
Jehuty to attain the ability to use it (i.e. javelin.drvr-- Jehuty can use
sub-weapon Javelin).

                              ---Versus Mode---

Versus mode can be played with either the COM. Or another human player. In
order to unlock this option, you must have first completed the game once.
Save your completion data and you will be able to choose "Versus" Mode from
the title screen. Select the character you want to use and set the level
(Lv. 1-8) for your Orbital Frame. Next, choose your COM's character and do
the same (or if you're playing against someone else, let them choose). Last,
select a level (i.e. Mountains). See FAQ on how to unlock the remaining
Orbital Frames and levels.

* See FAQ section for details on how to unlock the two remaining Orbital
Frames and levels.

-=[]----------------------=(-- 02. Walkthrough --)=----------------------[]=-

Ok, first things first! Pop in your ZOE disc and don't you dare touch the
controller! I said no touch! Watch the awesome intro movie before the title
screen. Super cool. After that, watch another one by dawdling again on the
title screen, or you could just start a new game and watch the same one; up
to you. But anyway, start a new game to begin the endless fun!


***MENTAL NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Normal mode*** Is there a
difference by the way? =/

After the lengthy, but amazing cut-scene, you will be able to control Jehuty
(the giant robot you are in) in your first battle. It doesn't matter whether
you know the controls or not. Just mash the Squ. Button and you will get
through. It's also ok if you've received some damage. You can heal later.

Once the raptor is dead, you will be introduced to Jehuty's AI, ADA. After
some dialogue, she will take you to an on-screen training course. I suggest
you go through it to understand the controls a little better. Take some time
to master the Dash tenchnique, Burst attacks, and what not. Remember, the
game doesn't have a set time limit on when you have to finish, so take your

When you've feel you have gotten the hang of the controls, proceed forward to
receive your first Metatron Ore. Metatron Ores replenish Jehuty's health to
maximum. So don't use these unless you are about to die. Next, like ADA said,
go in the direction the green spiral is pointing, and ascend through the

Once outside, you will fight in a series of battles. Get used to it, as
you'll be doing that throughout the game (duh). I hope you spent enough time
training like I told you to. Here is when those new abilities come into play.
Slash and hack (or shoot) away at the enemies while using the dash technique
to dodge their attacks. When that is that, Viola will appear and give you a
beating of your life. That is, if you don't retaliate. She is simple, just
use dash attacks continuously. When enough damage is dealt, she will retreat.

Small sequence here. Afterwards, proceed to the Local Server to acquire the
ability to monitor Jehuty's menu screen (which is really your command screen
if you're confused). Plus, you now have the ability to lock-on to enemies.

---= Mission 1 =---
Location: FACTORY.1
Objective: Obtain the flight mode module and move to another area using "AREA
CHANGE" in the Command Menu.

Dispose of the 4 squads in the area. One of them has the pass_global which
you will need to leave the area. Once you have the passcode, look for the
server. Open up your map and look for a green dot on the map. Hook up with
the local server to receive the global.fcmd program which enables you to move
to other areas in the colony. Kill off the remaining squads and head out via
AREA CHANGE on the Command Screen.

***Head to TOWN.1***

---= Mission 2 =---
Location: TOWN.1
Objective: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in TOWN.1

Upon entering a series of cinemas will take place. Leo will then fly off to
face the spawn of Satan who burned down his home. Holy mother of...! Here,
you encounter your first boss battle against...
\   TEMPEST   \
He isn't hard assuming you've gotten pretty good with the Dash Technique. For
now, circle and stay a good distance away from him. When he's not throwing
any fireballs at you, take this time to use a Burst Attack while he is using
the flamethrower. Do this until you've done about 50% damage. Now, he will
strip down to his second form. He can send a myriad of fireballs at you, so I
recommend you defend until he stops. Also, now he jumps into the air and
tries to squash you flat while shooting some missiles (?). Just keep a move
on and don't stop. To pull this off, immediately prepare a Burst attack from
a distance right after he lands. Then let him have it the second his head
comes out again. Defend other times. It may take a while if you're having
trouble with the buttons.

Tempest malfunctions and ADA suggests you destroy him. Leo, of course,
refuses (since he is a wimp) and ADA questions his motives. Well, you can see
the rest of the dialogue yourself. >_<

Afterwards, the town will be swarming with enemies. So get a move on and kill
them. Find and destroy the squad with pass_javelin to attain your first sub-
weapon which can be equipped using the Command Menu. Continue your violent
assault against the army of Orbital Frames until they are all dead. Now, whip
out your map and locate the local server. You will obtain javelin.drvr which
allows you to use Javelins as a sub-weapon. There isn't anything else to do,
so head out.

---= Mission 3 =---
Location: TOWN.1
Objective: Avoid any unnecessary battles and move to another area.

You don't necessarily avoid battles here. One of the squads possesses the
pass_javelin. So do away with them first. Finish off the remaining squads and
you may level up. Once that's done, pull out your map and locate the server.
Head into the trenches and hook it up with your first sub-weapon: JAVELIN.
Equip it if you'd like and head out.

***RESCUE MISSION in TOWN.2*** See Rescue Mission for details.

If you choose to skip the Rescue Mission, you should head to FACTORY.1

---= Mission 4 =---
Location: FACTORY.1
Objective: Obtain the info necessary for mission completion from the local
server in FACTORY.1

Upon entering, ADA will give you a few tips and direct you to the squad that
possesses the passcode: pass_antilia. They are a Lv. 3 Frame party so it
wouldn't be surprising if the battle were tougher. Once vanquished, take your
passcode to the local server stationed in the warehouse, near a Metatron Ore.
From that server, you will receive antilia.info. Once obtained, exit area.
Take out all the squads if you are in the mood. If not, leave the area and be
on your way.

When back on the Antillia (global screen), ADA will go in-depth on your
ultimate mission. Your mission is to deliver Jehuty to the transportaion
ship, the Atlantis. From there, Jehuty will be transported to Mars for a
major war. Again, watch the dialogue yourself to understand it better.

***RESCUE MISSION in TOWN.1*** See Rescue Missions for details.

If you've chosen to skip the rescue mission, you should head to CITY.1

---= Mission 5 =---
Location: CITY.1
Objective: Move to CITY.1 where the colony shaft is located and destroy the
EPS relay block.

On your arrival, you will notice a greenish energy shield along the center of
the area. You can't go through the energy field, so space is limited. Now,
ADA informs you that you don't have the proper weapon to destroy the colony
shaft with. If you want, you can fight whatever enemy squads you can attract
with your lock-on mode. The enemies here tend to be tougher. Other than that,
there's nothing else to do. Check your MISSION on the Command Menu to find
your new objective: Find long-distance bullet weapon necessary to destroy the
relay block. The weapon isn't lying around anywhere nearby, so head out.

***HEAD TO TOWN.2***

---= Mission 6 =---
Location: TOWN.2
Objective: Destroy the Porters in TOWN.2 and obtain the hidden item.

In TOWN.2, you'll find that the enemies have returned and are in greater
numbers. You'll also receive a message from ADA stating that there is a
"vector trap" in the area and in order to disclose the item, you must destroy
all the Porters in TOWN.2, like said in the mission's objective. Before that,
however, kill off all the enemy squads. If you haven't received the Phalanx
in the last rescue mission, this is a good time to do so. Anyhoo, seek out
and destroy the 6 Porters strewned throughout the area. If you are having
trouble hitting them, use the right analog stick. When that is done, the
hidden item will no longer be hidden. Head to the slope where the two downed
Frames are, to pick up the Sniper from the red item box. Now that you've
found what you've been looking for (SNIPER), you may exit the area, or kill
off the remaining enemy squads if you wish.

***HEAD TO CITY.1***

---= Mission 7 =---
Location: CITY.1
Objective: Use the newly obtained SNIPER and destroy the EPS relay block in

Now that you have the right weapon to the destroy the EPS relay block with,
hover to the revolving platform in the middle of the tower. Watch as the
white dots go by and read the pattern. Start blowing them up, one by one,
until they have all been destroyed. The green energy field should disappear
then. Annihilate the squads and the squad leader holding pass_geyser. With
that, go on over to local server to obtain the geyser.drvr program! Mission
accomplished! Move out to the Global Stage.

***HEAD TO EPS.1***

---= Mission 8 =---
Location: EPS.1
Objective: Destroy the power supply facility of EPS.1 and EPS.2

If you'd like you can go to EPS.2 first to receive a few passcodes and an
Item, but you can't get any further than that. So it is better off starting
at EPS.1.

Upon entering, notice the huge satelite dish at the top of the steppes. Make
your way over there by battling the baddies around the area. Once you get to
the satelite, you find out that you cannot destroy it in this situation. ADA
tells you to look for an underground passageway leading to the emergency
back-up EPS supply. Proceed to sweep the enemy squads of the area and destroy
all the Porters to receive pass_halberd. Pick up the halberd.drvr program
from the server and pull out your map to find an underground passage. On your
map, look for white arrows. That usually indicates there is an underground
passage somewhere. Go there.

Underground, just follow the corridor. Keep moving in the same direction. You
will have fights in almost every room, so be vigilant. Once you reach the
generator room, hover in front of the generator and blow up the core with a
Burst attack. Once done, backtrack and head back out.

On the global stage, you will notice a question mark (?) next to CITY.1. At
this point, your curiosity should get the best of you. So fly to and enter
CITY.1. Here you will find a new sub-weapon (without using any programs), the
Mummy. Mummy revitalizes Jehuty's health slowly, while depleting its "ammo."
DO NOT use the Mummy unless you really need to.

***HEAD TO EPS.2***

---= Mission 9 =---
Location: EPS.2
Objective: Destroy the emergency EPS generator of ESP.2

Likewise, this area is very similar to EPS.1. Take out the squads and look
for the underground passage. In the tunnel, you will find that you cannot
go any further since there is an energy field blocking the way. ADA informs
you that you will have to find another way. Turn around and leave. As you
leave, 3 higher level Cyclops will come and greet you. Take them out to
receive the passcode: pass_control1. Now leave the area.

***HEAD TO TOWN.1***

---= Mission 10 =---
Location: TOWN.1
Objective: Find the necessary module to get past the EPS.2 energy field.

In TOWN.1, you will find the second of the "control" passcodes to unlock your
next server. Most the enemies in the area will be tough, if you are at lower
levels. Find the squad with the passcode and pulverize them to receive
pass_control2. The Mummyheads in the area are especially annoying, since they
have a new beam cannon attack. It can't be blocked, it will pierce through
your shields like a knife in butter. To keep them from using that attack,
keep firing at them while you rush toward them to deliver a few nasty pokes
in the stomach (cue Pilsbery DoughBoy). When you've obtained the passcode,
leave the area.

***HEAD TO EPS.1***

The squads are back! Arggh! You can choose to kill them or not. Either way,
head back to the underground passage and go all the way until you hit the
intersection. Make a right, and access the local server to receive
rap_ctrl.drvr. With this baby, you can now control uncontrolled Raptors.
Backtrack, and leave the area.

***HEAD TO TOWN.2***

The Raptor you are looking for is on the downhill slant, where you found the
Sniper. You can find more Sniper ammo at the same place. Next to the Sniper
box is the Raptor you want. Approach it to trigger ADA's AI system. She will
then send it to EPS.2 on auto-pilot. Once it arrives, you will get to
experience being the bad guy!

---= Mission 11 =---
Location: EPS.2
Objective: Destroy the emergency EPS generator of EPS.2

You are now playing as a common Raptor. Face it, your Frame sucks. So try to
avoid any battles. Period. Unless you happen to be highly skilled at using
a Raptor. You may be good with Jehuty, but Jehuty and Raptors are two
completely different types of Frames. Anyhoo, avoid the enemies and make your
way to the tunnel in one piece.

Again, you will encounter battles in some rooms. Take the fork in the tunnel,
to obtain Detector from the local server. Destroy all the former invisible
Porters to disclose a Metatron Ore. Don't use it if you don't need it. Now,
continue your journey deeper into the tunnel until you reach a dead end. Use
a Burst attack to blast a hole in the wall and go on. You will reach another
generator room. Do the same thing to it as you did with the other one. After,
you will lose control of the Raptor and you will switch back to Jehuty.


---= Mission 12 =---
Starting Location: TOWN.2
Objective: Move to MOUNTAIN.1 and meet up with the Atlantis.

As you make your way to Mountain.1 a sudden cannon shot blasts you out of the
sky. What the?! That wasn't very nice at all...

***RESCUE MISSION in TOWN.3*** See Rescue Mission for details.

---= Mission 13 =---
Location: PARK.2
Objective: Avoid battle with large Orbital Frame located ahead and move to
another area.

A boss fight?? No! Just a friendly, neighborly welcome just to let you know
he's here. Obviously, there is no way in hell you can beat that thing. Not
now anyway. No matter how hard you try you will die every time. Think I'm
BSing? Fine go ahead and try. Anyhoo, for the people who believe me, leave
the area if you know what's good for you.

***RESCUE MISSION in CITY.2*** See Rescue Mission for details.

If you choose to skip the rescue misison, head to FACTORY.2

A virus of somesort has somehow sneaked into Jehuty's AI system and has
incapacitated Jehuty of it's health. Oh the horror! What to do?? Don't bother
using Metatron Ores, as they won't work. Just head to the factory and you
will find out soon enough.

---= Mission 14 =---
Location: FACTORY.2
Objective: Find the program in FACTORY.2 necessary for the repair of ADA.

When you enter, take a look at Jehuty's health bar. You'll notice that his
life meter is nearly depleted. One hit and you'll die. Plus, to make
matters worse, the area is swarming with enemies. So a good idea is to stay
low and avoid them.

The Metatron Ore won't work at the this point, so ignore that for now. Pull
out your map and look for an underground passage. Remember to stay low as
you make your way the tunnel entrance. Once underground, just follow the
corridor and you will eventually reach a circular room. In the center of the
room is a local server, but there is an enemy there to welcome you. Make sure
you don't get hurt. It's not difficult, as the enemy Frame is a Lv.1 Raptor.
Afterwards, the enemy Frame will drop pass_vaccine. Now you can get the
vaccine from the local server below. Service Jehuty and ADA and all functions
will return to normal. Now you're ready to kick some butt! Leave and go back

Note: The other local server will need two passcodes for it to unlock. Until
      you find those passcodes, ignore it.

You can choose to, or not to, fight the enemy squads here. Either way, leave

***RESCUE MISSION in CITY.1*** See Rescue Missions for details.

EPS.1 has a question mark (?) next to its marker. So stop by to pick up some
Mummy and Sniper ammo.

When done with everything, fly to CITY.2

---= Mission 15 =---
Location: CITY.2
Objective: Find the module necessary to avoid the laser attacks of the large
Orbital Frame in PARK.1

In the city, destroy each of the squads to gain experience (if you have the
time, or if you are already at a Lv. 8, then you don't need to.), or simply
look for the squad with one of the two passcodes you will need. You will
receive pass_decoy1. If you are ambitious, destroy all the Porters to receive
pass_comet and pick up the Comet driver from the local server. You know the
routine. Job finished here, so leave the area.

***HEAD TO TOWN.3***

---= Mission 16 =---
Location: TOWN.3
Objective: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in

When you first enter the town, you will notice that there aren't any enemies
around. Well, think again! As you roam around, thinking you can explore the
area freely, you are able to get into several battles with...what? Nothing's
there! So it seems the enemies are invisible. Although, you can probably see
the contour of their Frames, you can't lock-on to them or hurt them. So how
the hell do we get out of this predicament? Start by retreating and leaving
the area. It's sad, but yes, you have to.

On the Global Stage, ADA will explain that the enemies in TOWN.3 are under
Stealth mode, which basically means they cannot be seen or touched. What you
will need is an anti-stealth module to reverse the effects, allowing you to
defeat the enemy squads. To find that, go back to your Raptor friend.

***HEAD TO ESP.2***

---= Mission 17 =---
Location: ESP.2
Objective: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in

Retrace the steps the previously controlled Raptor had taken, and head into
underground tunnel again. Keep going until you meet up with the Raptor. You
guys will now enter battle. The Raptor will be pretty tough (Lv.6), but it's
not too much for you to handle. Once you shut him down, Jehuty will receive
the detector.fcmd from him and ADA will install it into Jehuty's system. Ok,
backtrack and leave.

Once outside again, you will now be able to see Porters. Eliminate all the
Porters to receive pass_gauntlet. Then go to the local server to receive the
Gaunlet driver. Equip sub-weapon Gauntlet, as it is very effective and
useful. Now, switch areas.

***HEAD TO TOWN.3***

---= Mission 18 =---
Location: TOWN.3
Objective: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in

This time, you can kinda see the enemies buzzing around. Enter battle with
them and you will find that Jehuty can now lock-on to the enemy. To waste
less time, quickly dispose of the squad that has the pass_decoy2 and leave


In FACTORY.2, return to the tunnel and claim your prize from the formerly
locked local server. Now you should have decoy.drvr in your possession. You
have now found what you need to destroy the Orbital Frame in PARK.1. Before
heading there, seek and destroy the previously invisible Porters in the
factory to pick up some Decoy ammo, 5 to be exact. Five should suffice. Now
change area and fly to PARK.1 to face your next boss.

***HEAD TO PARK.1***

*Before entering, equip Decoy to your sub-weapon slot.

---= Mission 19 =---
Location: PARK.1
Objective: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in PARK.1

I hope you've equipped Decoy as your sub-weapon prior to this. If not, do it
now! After the dialogue, prepare to face...
 \   TYRANT   \
He's got to be the biggest boss you'd have to face in this game. But size
does not matter here; survival does! Waste no time in delivering your first
blow to the big guy with a Burst attack. Avoid his lasers and aim for the
head. When you see a red CAUTION! beacon, quickly summon a Decoy so Tyrant
will focus on that while you recover. If not otherwise, you will DIE! While,
he tries to register what has just happened, quickly give him a Burst attack
or two. The least number of Decoys you will have to use is 2, if you don't
dawdle behind. Once you've dealed about 50% damage, he will transform into
a second form: a small battleship. He is now deadlier, so be very careful.
Plus, do away with your Decoy and equip Gauntlet instead. Focus your
attention on avoiding his charges and do not attempt to hurt him with any
attacks just yet. Once he stops to send out some missiles or whatever, let
him have it with a Burst attack (two if you have the knack). Continue this
method until he dies. This is a time-consuming battle; be patient and you
will win.

Yay! You won (I hope)! Leo will ask ADA if she will destroy this Frame. ADA
will say if she did, would Leo let her, but Leo refuses again. This time,
she understands, but will continue to say his actions are illogical. Blah.

After the dialogue, change area and head out.

Notice that PARK.1 has a question marker (?) next to it. Return to PARK.1
and in the center of the area is a Mummy. I really hope you haven't used up
any Mummy's yet, because the going is about to get fairly rough. You will
need every Mummy you can get.


On your way to MOUNTAIN.1, Elena will contact you and revise your mission.
The whole story will be unveiled here. Well, most of it anyway. So I will let
you see for yourself, but your new goal now is to meet up with ThunderHeart
in the Warehouse and to get there, you must go through the mountains. Watch
the cutscene and enter.

---= Mission 20 =---
Location: MOUNTAIN.1
Objective: Fly through the gully on the mountain slope and get from the dam
to the warehouse area.

In his area, there will be multiple unexpected enemy encounters, so be very
aware of your surroundings. Since it is an enclosed area, it is a good time
to put the Geysers into use. Remember you cannot escape from these battles,
so sack up and face it.

At the first fork, ignore the side road and continue upstream along the
river. You will battle along the way. Not to worry, as there are surplus
Metatron Ores strewned throughout the mountain region. Go all the way, and
pick up the pass_bounder from one of the squads you will encounter. When
you reach the dam area, access the local server to receive bounder.drvr.
Woohoo! Equip that if you want to. Go back to the first fork and this time,
take the side road.

Eliminate the enemies that are in your way. Pick up some ammo while you're
at it. At the end, go through the already damaged wall, and blow another
hole on the opposite wall. Proceed upstream and snag the ammo from the item
box there. Look for the weak point on the wall, using either your map, or
until ADA notifies you. Either way, blast it away and press on.

In the new area, take a look at your map and choose the route where you can
pick up several treasures. Either path is fine, and they both connect to the
same path. At the end of the path, you should have a surplus supply of sub-
weapon ammunition. When you're ready, go through the entrance to the
warehouse. You will be prompted an option to save or not. I recommend you
save because there is a boss ahead.

---= Mission 21 =---
Location: MOUNTAIN.1
Objective: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in MOUNTAIN.1

Get ready 'cause things are about to get down!
 \   NEBULA   \
This boss is tough. This boss fight is going to take a little longer than the
previous one because there aren't as many opportunities to attack Nebula than
there were with Tyrant. Give it your all, while he is still in his first
form. Nebula tends to fly behind the mountain tops and then surprise you with
his beams and missiles. To avoid this, a good idea is to dance around him
until he pauses for a moment. When this happens, let him have it with your
good 'ol Burst attacks. Repeat this pattern until he shifts to his second
form. Not good. Dodge all this attacks. Keep a move on and you won't suffer
as much damage. Avoid and defend his every attack, until he ceases all
attacks and hovers around. Take this opportunity, to Burst attack him. Slash,
hack, whatever, just hurt him. When he starts moving again, return to the
defensive until he stops again. Repeat this method. It's slow, but it works.

Seeing that he is the toughest boss in the whole game. I've accepted multiple
strategies to whoop his ass.

Here they are:

Phalanx:  For the 3rd big boss you can use the phalanx to do a lot of damage
when the boss sits there and exposes his tail to fire.  It makes the fight
much faster.

Thanks to Thad

When fighting Nebula, wait for him to yell "Die!" and send the barrage of
discs toward you. If you sit directly, and I mean directly, facing him you
won't get hit. You have a good ten to fifteen seconds to equip Mummy and
regain around half your life.

Thanks to lthial

In the Boss fight with Nebula, after he transforms if you "Burst" him in
the face right after he lands, but before he attacks, you will usually
cause him to fall or tip over and expose his tail, so you can cause
major damage. This strategy is what helped me beat him. Hope this helps!

Thanks to Jeff Fox


Whew! Wipe the sweat off your forehead and controller. Don't stop now, there
are more to come. Jehuty will automatically go into the warehouse. A save
prompt will appear. SAVE. A boss fight ahead...well, don't if you feel

---= Mission 22 =---
Location: WAREHOUSE.1
Objective: Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.

Guess who came to visit you? Definitely not Santa...
 \   NEITH   \
She is fast! Viola has a tendency to destroy the pillars around you using her
own Burst attack. Fortunately, this fight isn't too difficult. Just keep
shooting at her while rushing toward her, then slash her a couple times with
the saber. "Gauntlet" her if she starts to rush at you, or just keep using
Gauntlet on her to beat her the easy way. Don't bother switching to Decoy
when the CAUTION! beacon appears. A small sequence will ensue here.
Afterwards, continue your battle. Just remember to slash and bash her to her
death. To dodge her attacks, simply dash wildly around her and counter with
an attack of your own.

A lengthy cinema will ensue following the battle. This is the time, to take a
restroom break (if you want), or just kick back and sip some coffee (or hot
choclate, whichever you prefer), and watch the long cinema. Do I need to
spoil it for you? Nahh...

---= Mission 23 =---
Location: HUB.1
Objective: Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.

Sadly, the hub is your last area of the game (have some kleenex ready). Your
task here is to find and deactivate the several bombs planted in the hub. ADA
will search for the bombs, while you fly around. While she is searching, kill
_all_ the enemies before she finds one, or before the timer runs out when she
does find one. To find it quicker, just tap the lock-on button (L2)
repeatedly until you lock-on to the bomb. If you happen to get hit while you
are deactivating the bomb, the bomb will explode, inflicting major damage to
you. So be careful! When all the bombs have been deactivated, Viola will
return with her new Frame, Zombie Neith. It's pretty much the same, except it
has a pile of rocks (??) as arms. Last legitimate boss fight (!!!)!

Note- I probably forgot to mention this, but to deactivate the bombs, press
the Circle button on your controller, like when you want to grab and throw an
enemy. Do this to a bomb, but do NOT let go of the button until the timer
counts down to Zer0. Otherwise, the bomb will explode on you dealing mega
damage. You'll need dozens of band-aids then. Ouch.

Ok, she's back and meaner than your last encounter with her. But she is still
not too difficult. Her long-range attacks have become varied and more lethal.
Viola likes to use Bounder and several of her Burst attacks, which have
become quite a pain. To pull this off, go head-to-head with her. Close and
personal. Then HACK AWAY! There's no use trying to use your long-range Burst
attack, as she can counter it quickly with her rapid shots. The best strategy
is to just rush in and slash her with your multiple sword attack. Stay on the
move at _all_ times and you should have no problems. Eventually, her energy
will be wasted and she will finally die.

Here is an alternate strategy(s) submitted by a reader(s).

1. Use Phalanx as sub-weapon
2. When the battle starts, dash toward him.
3. When Neith is in phalanx's range, tap the O to burst some phalanx while
still moving toward him. (Neith will guard)
4. Then once near, instead of bursting Phalanx, it will grab Zombie Neith and
just throw it. Once thrown repeat procedure 3 and 4 till it dies.

Thanks to Yungyung

I found it easier to simply stay far back and fling comets at her I took
almost no damage and had her beat in about 2 minutes

Thanks to [email protected]


Watch as a bomb explodes nearby and blasts her through the viewing window. A
long, long dialogue will take place. You can watch it yourself and find out
all you want to know about Viola, as she confides with Leo.

After the long cut-scene, ADA will detect an unknown presence behind Jehuty.
Jehuty turns around and...*gasps* it's another Orbital Frame. ADA tells you
that this is Anubis, another "type" of Jehuty. She also says that you two
are not destined to meet yet (whatever that means). So get ready, as this is
your LAST, LAST boss battle!
 \  ANUBIS   \
Ok, this battle is IMPOSSIBLE to win. However, that is the purpose of this
battle. You are not supposed to win, but DO NOT die. Anubis can teleport all
over the place and it is impossible to even lay a finger on him. If you do,
you can't hurt him. He will just teleport in front of you and attempt to grab
you. Dash out of the way before he can do anything damaging! Continue this
until Elena finally contacts you. Afterwards, you will be back in the battle.
For the remainder of the battle, just avoid his threatening attacks. After a
while, the game will completely take over.

Ok, this is the end. The ending and credits will follow. Yes, that's it. Live
with it. =P

The Atlantis blows a hole in the hub, allowing Jehuty to escape. Jehuty flies
over to the Atlantis and arrives safely in the hanger. Elena confirms that
Celvice is safe and that your mission is complete. Hooray! Leo and ADA will
have a conversation. Leo will ask ADA what she will do after Atlantis sends
Jehuty to Mars. ADA responds that she will participate in a war against the
Frames on Mars. She will send Jehuty deep into enemy territory and self-
destruct. Upon knowing this, Leo immediately forbids ADA to do this and he
tries to disuade her. But ADA will tell him that she was created for this
purpose and how can she feel anything when she has no life (sounds kinda
funny here, but that's what she said). This ending may not be entirely
accurate, but it's a quick and dirty paragraph I've slapped together so don't

Well, enjoy the ending theme and goooodbyye!


Yeah, I know I should put this section before the walkthrough, but this is
my FAQ and I can do whatever I want. So that will change in this
revolutionary document where sections get to be anywhere! Ha! XP Ahem.
Anyway, here is the cast of the characters you will meet (or in this case
already met) and learn to love as your game progresses...

  Age: 14
  Height: 5'4"
  Weight: 120 lbs

Leo is obviously the main character of the game and also the reluctant pilot
of Jehuty. He is a resident on the Jupiter-orbiting space colony: the
Antillia. Leo had been relentlessly dragged into the war after he had been
trying to escape the horrors of the battle. Jehuty and he have met
"accidentally." Leo stumbled onto Jehuty's cockpit by accident, trying to run
away from everything. Surprisingly, Leo was able to control Jehuty and win
his first battle with the giant machine. Now he finds out that he is the only
one who can save his home from the ZOE's...

  Age: N/A
  Height: N/A
  Weight: N/A

ADA is an advanced computerized system installed into Jehuty's frame. ADA can
speak her mind (if she has one) and offer helpful suggestions in defeating
the enemy. Without ADA, Jehuty cannot function properly, as proven later on
in the game. She and Leo constantly debate whether or not, ADA should destroy
the downed Orbital Frames. Although, she cannot feel any human emotions, she
grows to understand Leo as they continue their mission together.

Celvice KLEIN
  Age: 14
  Height: 5'0"
  Weight: 90 lbs

Celvice is Leo's neighborly friend. She works as a volunteer for the church;
caring for and looking after orphans. She's a very kind-hearted and a devoted
girl. Her parents had both died while trying to emigrate to the Antillia,
leaving her alone to care for herself. Celvice plays the role of the heroine
of the game. While trying to escape from an air raid in her town, Leo comes
to her aid and offers his hand. Celvice climbs aboard Jehuty and realizes
that she has now been dragged into the conflict. She helps whenever she can
to help Leo bring Jehuty to the civilian cargo ship, the Atlantis. Although,
it doesn't say that she and Leo like each other, the game gives good
indications that they do.

  Age: 22
  Height: 5'9"
  Weight: 140 lbs

Viola is the female fiend of the game. She may not look it, but she is one
nasty person. Cross her bad side, and you will get smacked! Viola, cynical
and perpetuous, meets Leo for the first time during a patrolling routine.
Immediately, Viola officially proclaims Leo as her ultimate rival after Leo
kicked her butt. She is a pilot of the ZOE military and rides the Orbital
Frame, Neith. Reckless and daring, Viola constantly seeks her grave on the
Battlefield, where she belongs.

  Age: ???
  Height: ???
  Weight: ???

First pilot of the civilian transport vessel, Atlantis. Rock won't let
anything get in his way while he tries to capture the ultimate Orbital Frame,
Jehuty. Rock seeks help from Leo, who seems to be the only one able to
control the monster. He often thirsts for adventure and his task to obtain
Jehuty seems to be the only exciting anecdote that will ever happen to him.

  Age: ???
  Height: ???
  Weight: ???

Second pilot of the civilian transport vessel. Like Rock, she too would like
to capture Jehuty. Elena persuades Leo to help them transport Jehuty to them.
Leo refuses at first, but eventually gives in on the account of his home
Being at the verge of destruction. Elena is a kind person and tends to think
things through more rationally than Rock does.

  \                        \

For the Basic Gamer...

 #1: When fighting enemies, take out the lower or equal levels of enemies
     first before moving on to more competitive enemies.

 #2: Level up as much as you can! Although the max level you can reach is a
     level 8, make sure you are proficient enough alongside the enemies, or
     you will get squashed!

 #3: Use Metatron Ores sparingly. You cannot use any recovery items during
     combat (besides the Mummy), unless the enemy drops a Repair or you've
     destroyed the whole squad to obtain a Metatron Ore. Otherwise, save it
     until you _really_ need it.

 #4: Learn to master dash attacks and burst attacks. Learn when to use it and
     how to use it effectively. Enemies with at a lv. 4 or higher tend to be
     evasive, so you have to be quick to get around their defense and pummel

 #5: Whenever there is a question mark next to an area's name while
     patrolling the Antilia (Area outside), be sure to head to that area. You
     will find the rare Mummy sub-weapon.

 #6: When in combat, move around like a spoiled little kid. Being agile in
     this game is the point here. This is a fast-paced game, so don't just
     stand there and shoot. Rush in if you have to.

 #7: As said above, move around! There's no reason to just stand there.
     Especially, against bosses and tougher enemes. You'd get sooo whooped!

 #8: Cyclops are the most deadliest of the 3 enemy Frames. A good thing to
     remember is to seclude the Cyclops from the rest of the squad by killing
     the other quickly.

 #9: Try not to get surrounded by 10 enemy Frames, yeah? It really gives you
     headaches afterwards. =/ Just a friendly warning from a fellow gamer.

#10: When you are about to do a risky attack (i.e. when Jehuty's health is
     extremely low). Always remember to use long-ranged attacks. If not, you
     must have a biiiiig head. =P

-=[]----------------------=(-- 03. Miscellaneous --)=--------------------[]=-


   |  Program:        Location:      Description:                        |
   |                                                                     |
   | montior.fcmd     Factory.1      Enables the Command Screen and lock |
   |   -----            -----           on ability.                      |
   | global.fcmd      Factory.1      Area Change becomes available.      |
   | antilia.info     Factory.1      EPS system data. Contains info.     |
   |*decoy.drvr       Factory.2      Enables Jehuty to summon a replica  |
   |   -----            -----           of himself.                      |
   |*javelin.drvr      Town.1        Enables Jehuty to use Javelins.     |
   |*sniper.drvr       Town.2        Enables Jehuty to use Sniper.       |
   |*phalanx.drvr      Town.2        Enables Jehuty to use Phalanxs.     |
   |*geyser.drvr       City.1        Enables Jehuty to use Geysers.      |
   |*comet.drvr        City.2        Enables Jehuty to use Comets.       |
   |*halberd.drvr      EPS.1         Enables Jehuty to use Halberds.     |
   | rap_ctrl.fcmd     EPS.1         Enables Jehuty to control a Raptor. |
   |*gauntlet.drvr     EPS.2         Enables Jehuty to use Gauntlets.    |
   | detector.fcmd     EPS.2         Enables Jehuty to detect invisible  |
   |   -----            -----           objects.                         |
   |*bounder.drvr     Mountain.1     Enables Jehuty to use Bounders.     |
   |*mummy.drvr       (Varied)       Enables Jehuty to use Mummys.       |
   |                                                                     |

   * = Signifies that program is a sub-weapon module.


 This program allows the player to activate Jehuty's Command Menu, which is
 really the player's menu. With the Command Menu available, Jehuty can also
 use his lock-on ability to target enemies. The player may switch between the

 This program activates Jehuty's transportation ability. Jehuty can leave
 area to head off to a different one via AREA CHANGE on Command Menu.

 This program contains power supply facility info., which ADA uses to locate
 the EPS energy sources with.

 This program enables Jehuty to make a temperary replica of himself to trick
 the enemy into attacking his clone instead of the real thing. You must have
 this sub-weapon in order to continue with the game. It is vital against one
 of the bosses.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Javelins. Jehuty can throw
 Javelins at the enemy provided he has enough ammunition. This is Jehuty's
 first obtainable sub-weapons.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Sniper. Based on the Earth's
 model, it's a swell long-ranged weapon. This weapon is needed to continue
 with the game. It is not recommended that you use this as a sub-weapon
 during combat.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Phalanx. The Phalanx can pump
 out consecutive shots, much like a machine gun. Of course, you would need
 enough ammunition to do so. It does fair damage and again is not recommended
 for usage against Lv.3 or higher enemies.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Geyser. The Geyser is like a
 trap of a sort where lasers go off everywhere damaging the nearby enemies.
 Works best in small areas.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Comet. Comets are huge energy
 balls that home in on enemies for a time. Has a curvy flight so it's fairly
 easy for opponents to dodge.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Halberd. The Halberd is a long
 energy sword. You cannot move around while the Halberd is out. Press O again
 to retract it.

 This program enables Jehuty to control one functionable Raptor. This program
 is needed to continue with the game. The player will play as the Raptor when
 controlled; using all of its abilities and attacks.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Gauntlet. This is one of the
 most effective sub-weapons. Controllable and powerful. This is useful
 against tougher enemies and bosses.

 This program enables Jehuty to detect previously invisible objects. This
 program is essential in completing the game.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Bounder. The Bounder is
 probably the most powerful sub-weapon. It's aim is not as good as the
 gauntlet, making it inferior to it. It's most effective in small areas.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Mummy. This is a one-of-a-kind
 healer sort of thing. It's also the rarest sub-weapon. Mummy can repair any
 damages, provided you have enough to do so. When Jehuty is using Mummy, fast
 movement is impossible. If you get damaged, the process will be interrupted.
 Use this when you really need it.


              |     Passcode:             Program:           |
              |                                              |
              |     pass_global           global.fcmd        |
              |     pass_javelin          javelin.drvr       |
              |     pass_phalanx          phalanx.drvr       |
              |     pass_antilia          antilia.info       |
              |     pass_geyser           geyser.drvr        |
              |     pass_halberd          halberd.drvr       |
              |     pass_control1         rap_ctrl.fcmd      |
              |     pass_control2         rap_ctrl.fcmd      |
              |     pass_vaccine          vaccine.fcmd       |
              |     pass_decoy1           decoy.drvr         |
              |     pass_decoy2           decoy.drvr         |
              |     pass_comet            comet.drvr         |
              |     pass_gauntlet         gauntlet.drvr      |
              |     pass_bounder          bounder.drvr       |
              |                                              |

                              ---Orbital Frames---

In ZOE, the giant mech robots are called Orbital Frames. Throughout the game,
you will encounter 3 different types of enemy frames excluding the bosses.


JEHUTY (you)
  Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx (shoots 3 shots a go)
  Dash Weapon:  -Long-  String of energy Shots
                -Short- Quick Saber swipe
  Burst Weapon: -Long-  Huge energy ball
                -Short- Powerful 360 degree sword swipe

Jehuty is the Orbital Frame you control. It's technology and AI is advanced.
When it gets to the higher levels, namely Lv.8, Jehuty can be a mean-blue
killing machine, provided the player knows how to use him well. It's mobility
is highly notable.

   Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx (shoots 3 shots a go)
   Dash Weapon:  -Long-  String of energy Shots
                 -Short- Quick Saber swipe
   Burst Weapon: -Long-  Huge energy ball
                 -Short- Powerful 360 degree sword swipe

Neith is Viola's Orbital Frame. It's one of the most powerful existing
Orbital Frames. It's power and mobility is equivalent to those of Jehuty's.
Neith can get very dangerous when at maximum level. She will be pratically
impossible to lay a finger on.

  Range Weapon: Shoots waves of fireballs at you
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Tempest is one of the tougher enemy Orbital Frames you will have to face.
Although, not too great in mobility, it's power can be devastating.
Epsecially, if you are too close. To beat him, you would have to take long-
ranged shots.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Tyrant is another boss you'd have to face and probably one of the toughest.
As his first form, he is extremely slow-moving and only does long-range, but
damaging attacks. You would need a certain sub-weapon to be able to get by
him. Whereas, his second form, he is quite active. Transformed into a shape
of a small ship, Tyrant can knock you around if you don't dodge.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Nebula is just like every other advanced Orbital Frame you meet in the game.
Except he has a tendency to hide behind hills and surprise you with a few
shots from the back. He can be pretty tough if you're not careful. Other than
that he looks ridiculously stodgy.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

**SPOILER** Anubis is basically another "Jehuty." ADA says you two are not
"destined" to meet yet. A great setup for the sequel. From the way I see it,
Anubis is way more advanced than Jehuty. He looks cooler too. No fair. The
battle with Anubis is a real joke; you can't hit him and he can teleport all
over the place making him practically impossible to touch.

LEVEL: Leveling up, as we all know, is an RPG element. If you've played an
RPG, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Levels usually insinuate the
level of difficulty for the enemy, and how powerful Jehuty is for yourself.
In ZOE, the maximum level is 8. And as you might suspect, the higher the
Level, the more powerful you or your foe becomes. Bosses, however, level up
with you.

Here's a scale on how badass your opponents can become when they are at a
certain level:

  Level 1-2: Basic attacks. Bad AI. Enemies at this level usually let you
             play with them. =D
  Level 3-4: Intermediate attacks. Moderate AI. Enemies at this level tend
             to get more serious.
  Level 5+:  Advanced attacks. Better AI. Enemies at this level get nasty!
             Watch out!

SPECIAL CLASS (S)- Enemy squads marked with "S" indicates that this unit is
no pushover. Belonging to the "special" class, these elite groups can pummel
you if you're not careful. They generally carry the passcodes. So you will
have to deal with them at one point of another.

TEAM LEADER (*)- Enemy squads marked with "*" indicates that this unit is no
afternoon playtime. They are usually known as the "leader" and are generally
harder to take out than the regular encounters. They usually carry valuable
items or passcodes.

  Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx
  Dash Weapon:  -Long-  Javelin, Geyser at higher levels
                -Short- Quick Saber swipe
  Burst Weapon: -Long-  energy ball that aims at an arc, bounder

These are the most common Frames you will have to face. They are generally
the easiest of the three types of Frames. At higher levels, they tend to go
on the defensive 90% of the time. The trick is to get in there and grab and
throw these puppies into something to kill them much quicker.

  Range Weapon: N/A
  Burst Weapon: 4-hit punch combo, punch
  Dash Weapon: -Long- Charging punch, Haymaker
               -Short- Uppercut

This Frame is probably the toughest to kill. They are comparable to a boxer.
They get exceptionally difficult to attack at higher levels. Try not to get
surrounded by these guys. You'd be in deep yogurt otherwise.

  Range Weapon: Phalanx
  Burst Weapon: retractable Beam cannon
  Dash Weapon: energy ball

While the slowest of the three, it's attack range and power is devastating.
They are extremely annoying when you are focused on something other than
them. Opposite of the Cyclops, make sure Jehuty stays far away as possible
from these guys when they start their beam cannon. It cannot be blocked, and
it does some major damage.

                             ---Rescue Missions---

Rescue Missions are completely optional and not needed to complete the game.
It merely tests how sagacious you are as a player. Plus, if you actually do
do the missions, it will look good on your completion data. =D

There are five possible grades:
  "A" – occurs when you have 100% population and less than 10% of colony
        building damage.
  "B" – occurs when you have 100% population and more than 10% of colony
        building damage.
  "C" – occurs when you have less than 100% of the population saved.
  "D" – occurs when you have less than 50% of the population saved.
  "E" – No one survived; everything destroyed.

Tip- I would undoubtedly avoid killing everything in sight. Don't think that
just because you are not in battle, the enemies aren't shooting everything.
Just a thought to get you started. =D Oh, and remember, once the buildings
have been destroyed, they _will_ remain destroyed.

Here is a game tip submitted by a reader, he says:

"Fly High!!!
That's right,  The mummy heads all have projectiles that move on a continious
path, and flying high will ensure that thier missed shots will end up in the
skyline as apposed to buildings."

Thanks to [email protected]

Another tip submitted by a reader:

Sniper:  use to shoot at far away enemy squads causing an encounter.  They
will head for you and stop shooting buildings

Thanks to Thad

--= Rescue Mission 1 =---
Location: TOWN.2

Being your first rescue mission, this should be fairly simple. To keep the
town safe and intact, draw all the enemy units to an area where there aren't
any survivors and not as many buildings. When you've done that, focus on
taking out the Mummyheads first, as they seem to be keen with shooting wildly
everywhere. Next, take out the Raptors, as they also tend to love throwing
those Javelins. Save the Cyclops for last sicne they can't do any damage to
buildings. Refrain from using any long-range attacks, and just rush them head

---= Rescue Mission 2 =---
Location: TOWN.1

They are repetitive aren't they! Unfortunately, your battle with Tempest
counts toward your grade here on this rescue mission. In other words, if the
buildings went BOOM with Tempest, this will hinder your rescue mission. It
will add up quickly. So if you'd like, you can start over and be cautious
with Tempest.

In this mission, there will be four squads patrolling the area and wrecking
havoc. To effectively engage in combat with the enemies without having them
throw any attacks at you, stay at a distance, but close enough to lock-on,
and lock-on to the enemy. When locked-on, lure the enemy unit to the trenches
and mercilessly bash them to oblivion. Apply this method to the remaining
squads. If all goes well, you should receive a fairly high grade. Good job.

If things go differently than what you wanted them to, stop and try again.
These rescue missions are difficult I know, but it takes perserverance and
the right attitude. Don't complain to me. =P

---= Rescue Mission 3 =---
Location: TOWN.3

Quote CjayC: "TOWN.3 is another insanely difficult mission until you figure
out the secret: Only one squad is actually causing damage in the beginning;
all others remain still until you wake them up."

You heard the man. Eliminate the moving squad first, then make your way to
the river. From there, use your Sniper to attract their attention and they
will start to fly towards you. Deal with one squad at a time, so you won't be
forced to stray too far from the river. Do this to all the squads you can get
from the river until you are left with only one squad to take care of. Now,
go and trash the last surviving squad. Muaha! Evvviiilll.

---= Rescue Mission 4 =---
Location: CITY.2

When you do this mission, Jehuty should be infected with the virus. Gah, not
good. Remember, one hit and you die. So how in the world are you going to be
able to pull this off? There is no universal way to get through this. Make up
your own strategy on how to avoid the enemy attacks if you want. But luckily
for you, the enemy squads here are all at a measly Lv. 1. So it's not problem

Well anyhoo, the Metatron Ore won't help, so don't bother. Start off by
destroying the nearby squad on your right. Once in combat, start dashing
backwards to avoid getting hurt. While doing that, shoot wildly at the
Mummyheads, as they are the major threat to you now. If you are far enough,
Burst attack them. Do the same for the Raptors and Cyclops. It's too risky
to attack them in close combat. Repeat this pattern until all the squads have
been confirmed dead. Stay safe and you can't go wrong. ;D

---= Rescue Mission 5 =---
Location: CITY.1

Whew, last one! There is a total of five squads. Go for the ones with the
Raptors, as they tend to like attacking the tower instead of you. There are
civilians in the tower, so be careful! The Raptors and Mummyheads post the
biggest threats, so focus on taking them out first. After the temperary act
of genocide, kill off the remaining Cyclops, which shouldn't be too much of a
problem for you.

Congradulations! You've done all five rescue missions! Pat yourself on the
back for being such a good samaritan. No, you don't get anything other than
the items you receive while saving the peoples. Expect a nice completion

-=[]--------------------=(-- 04. Soundtrack List --)=--------------------[]=-

Yay! This section is finally up! I promised you it would be. I thought this
section would belong to the Miscellaneous, but I thought--Nahhhh, it's ZOE
man! It should have it's own section.--Sorry to say, but I'm still hunting
down those lyrics. Sorry! Anyhoo, you should be glad I even have this up!
Uh-huh, I'd like to give a thousand thanks to ChangeV for generously listing
the songs (C&Ped from a website, but whatever!). If ANYONE knows where I can
find the lyrics, or just happen to know them, to "Kiss Me Sunlights", please,
please send them to me and I'll give you tons and tons of credit! I probably
alrady said "thanks to ChangeV" 10 million times in here already. You're name
could be here too! =) Read the FAQ section if you want to know a little-teeny
more about the soundtrack. =) Enjoy!

       Original Soundtrack (KMCA98)

001: Title (The Origin)
002: introduction
003: Leo Stenbuck (break out)
004: Factory (Vivid Transparency)
005: VR (The Fourth Dimension)
006: flowing destiny (piano arrange)
007: Global 1 (Forever And Ever)
008: Are you alright, Celvice ?
009: Boss (neves)
010: Celvice! This way, quickly !
011: Residential Block (S02)
012: A Light with a name of HOPE (piano arrange)
013: Radar (pandemonium)
014: Global 2 (virus)
016: Mountain (Who Can Read The Future? )
017: Rock Thunderheart (function)
018: A Light with a name of HOPE (protect me)
019: You need this done to you.
020: flowing destiny (resolution)
021: Ada (promise)
022: flowing destiny (memories)
023: Neith (Risky)
024: Viola (silent death)
025: Anubis (impossible)
026: Jehuty will self-destruct ?
027: flowing destiny -- Ending Theme 1
028: KISS ME SUNLIGHTS -- Opening Theme
029: A Light with a name of HOPE -- Ending Theme 2 / Celvice's Theme

Thanks and more thanks to ChangeV. =D This message is directed to ChangeV: If
by some chance, you are reading this, I couldn't e-mail you about it mostly
because you're e-mail was not listed. But if you want me to take your name or
whatever off, I'd be glad to. Thanks a bunch.

(Lyrics coming soon!)

-=[]------------------=(-- 05. Contact Information --)=------------------[]=-

                          ---Simple E-mail Policy---

If you have any further questions concerning the game, or as to why stealing
is bad contact me via e-mail. I will accept any type of mail including
criticism, add-ons, corrections, tips, suggestions, weird comments, etc. I
will NOT accept threats of any kind and never, never send any perverted
comments you perverts! And as always, you will be credited for your
delightful opinions and such. Please subject your mail so I know what the
deal is. If not, it will be DELETED. Also please use proper English with
correct grammar and such. It annoys me when people tYpE lIkE dIs. That's a
no-no. If your English is just horrible and I can't understand a thing you
said, then it'll have to be deleted sorry. If you have AIM, feel free to drop
me a line if I happen to be online. I also have ICQ, but I rarely use it.

If, however, you have e-mailed me and you have NOT gotten a reply for a few
days now and you don't know what the hell you did wrong, there may be several
logical reasons for this. It will most likely be one of the reasons listed

1. Your e-mail was probably ignored due to the irrelevant content and/or
ambiguity. In other words, be more specific. Don't give vague information
(ex: "How do I get the thingie on the wall?") That's a big no-no. Use this
  -Name of the game
  -Site you found this FAQ on
  -Blah blah 
  -Add a thanks
2. If you've asked a question that has already been covered in the guide, but
you are too damn lazy to look. Your e-mail has most likely been ignored.
3. I'm probably not able to get online and check my mail for the following
reasons: 1.) My computer is broken 2.) I have been grounded 3.) I don't feel
like it.
4. You've sent an e-mail in another language. It's annoying. I've gotten
quite a few of those.
5. You've probably asked a question for an entirely different game that I've
never heard the likes of, or have ever written a FAQ for. How on earth did
you get me e-mail address anyway?!
6. You have probably been rude. Actually, if you were extremely rude, I would
probably reply to your e-mail swearing you off the planet. Not really, but it
7. My responses to e-mails have gotten extremely limited. Please don't nag
about it if you don't get a reply.
8. I have a social life too. Please be patient. Thank you very much! ^_^

But, however, you have not recieved a reply back for weeks and weeks to come,
and it did not land on anything listed above, then send the e-mail again
(provided it was a question not answered in the guide.). I probably did not
recieve it.

                             ---Contact Clients---

                         GameFAQs board: Adrenaline
                    E-mail address(s): [email protected]
                     MSN Messanger: same as e-mail address
                                AIM: globaLX eniGma
                                 ICQ: 70967247

This is getting ridiculous. I am constantly being IMed, but that's not what
bothers me. What bothers me is that certain ignorant people (quite a large
number at that) keep IMing me for no apparent reason and end up asking me how
the hell I got on their buddy list. This is getting stupid. If you're going
to add me to your list, please note it so it would save you and me the
trouble of clearing up this misunderstanding. Don't mistaken me for someone
else. The AIM, MSN Messanger, and ICQ names have been created for the sole
purpose of welcoming readers of my FAQs. There is no possible way you could
have gotten this anywhere else.

                             ---To Webmasters---

I don't think some webmasters even bother to read this, read it well before
e-mailing me. I also have a new rule: if you decide to take any future FAQs
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that you can take all my FAQs just because I've given you permission to use
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Period. Let my usual paragraphs continue...=P

I've already received some e-mails from webmasters asking for permission to
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and give the URL of your website. Your website must be "real." By this, I
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domain. Keep the URL simple, so it'd be easier to remember.

If I'm happy with it, then you are granted the permission to use my FAQ, but
don't assume, I will notify you through e-mail. Anything from this FAQ and
the FAQ itself MUST be fully credited to me! If not, otherwise, I will be
forced to take legal action. This guide may not be stolen under penalty of
...uh...death, or something.

The FAQ must remain updated! I also ask that if I ever e-mail you requesting
that you remove my FAQ, you will comply with my request. The only site that
has the privilege of not having to ask me for permission is GameFAQs.com.
Thanks for your attention.

-=[]----------------------=(-- 06. Legal Stuff --)=----------------------[]=-

This document is (c) 2001 AdrenalineSL

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in part
in any form. Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks
of Sony, Inc. Zone of the Enders is registered trademark of Konami.

You may download the file through a web browser onto a single computer for
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Do not remove any copyrights.

Information on this document is copyrighted to proprietary material to S. Lee
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Stephanie Lee is in no way related to Sony Entertainment of America or any of
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If you have any errors or inaccuracies to report, contact the author.

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    ATTENTION: I will not allow any more sites to post this FAQ. Thank you.

-=[]---------------=(-- 07. Frequently Asked Questions --)=--------------[]=-

Yep, if you haven't guessed already this is where all the questions my fellow
viewers have been asking me over and over again. More commonly known as
Frequently Asked Questions. After hoarding numerous questions of the same
thing; I've decided to put here- the most frequently asked questions! I have
rounded up all the hints, suggestions, questions, you name 'em I've received
and added them here! Therefore, you could refer to this section before
turning to your last resort; emailing me. There is a high chance that your
question may be listed and answered here. If not, and only then, you can e-
mail me. If you want to add anything give me a holler and I'll be happy to
put it here! Let's get started!

 Q: What the hell is that logo thingie at the bottom of this page?

 A: The hell that thingie at the bottom of this page is the album cover of
    the Deftone's CD: Adrenaline. That was the name of their first album
    and my alias just happens to be named after it. So I thought it would
    be nice to make a logo for myself and to "brand" my FAQ. Ok, if you
    can't really tell what it is, it's a sea shell of some sort. That's
    pretty much it. The other reason for adding the thing is to take up a
    little space. Mwaha!

 Q: What is the name of the song called at the beginning of the game?

 A: If you mean, the opening movie with the song (duh...), then it is called
    "Heart of Air (Kiss Me Sunlights)." Not sure who sang the song though,
    but I will have you updated at a moment's notice!

 Q: Where can I find extra Decoy Ammo?

 A: You can't except from the ones you get. You don't need that much anyway,
    since you'll really need it only once in the game.

 Q: Where can I find the driver for the "unknown" item?

 A: Unfortunately, this question can't be answered. An unknown item can be
    _any_ type of sub-weapon. Usually, this occurs when you have received
    ammunition for the weapon, but you have not yet obtained the proper .drvr
    program to put it to use. Until you find the .drvr program for that
    unknown, it will remain as an unknown. I cannot tell you where to "find"
    it. You'd have to look through the program list and scout out which you
    haven't found yet. Phooey.

 Q: Why can't I get higher than a level 8???

 A: That's the way it is. Live with it.

 Q: I'm getting beaten up baaaaad! Any advice?

 A: Yes, go to someone who cares. This is a guide to help you get through the
    game, not the national game tip hotline.

 Q: How do I unlock the two remaining Orbital Frames and levels?

 A: When you beat the game for the first time, you will notice that there are
    two additional spaces for the Orbital Frames and levels in the Versus
    mode. To fill in those holes, beat the game a second time either by
    beating Zombie Neith again from a saved file, or starting the game all
    over again. Save the second completion data and Voila! The holes are
    filled by the Single-Sword Raptor and Zombie Neith. The two extra levels
    are the Warehouse and the Hub.

 Q: I've been hearing rumors that there IS a second ending. Not just a
    Different ending theme, but a completely different ending! Is this true?

 A: I have not confirmed this myself, but I have been brought to the
    attention of a reader who have tested this and say that this is true.

    Thanks to [email protected], he says:

   "In order to do this, you must destroy everything, EVERYTHING. Cars,
    buildings, signs, highways, survivors, everything must be destroyed by
    Jehuty.  The game will be much shorter, destory everything and after
    defeating Tempest (the Park boss), ADA will say that there is no reason
    to fight anymore for some reason.  Proof is also in the forums of

    Author's Note- Now about the Park's boss...his name is Tyrant. Just
    thought I'd say something so you people won't get confused.

 Q: How long does this game usually take to beat?

 A: I've seen this question numerous times on the message boards. Depending
    on the player, it can take up to 6-7 hours, 8 hours at the most, and 4-5
    hours at the very least. Honestly people, this isn't a 40+ hour RPG. It's
    a mech game for crying out loud.

 Q: Is this game difficult?

 A: You actually get to choose the level of difficulty when starting a new
    game. So you might want to take that into consideration. It also really
    depends on the player's proficiency. If you can learn fast, then this is
    a pushover for you (unless you're on Very Hard mode).

 Q: What are "Enders"?

 A: I would think they are the last remaining survivers on Earth. Floundering
    and stuff, ya know? ;P -- I have just been corrected by a reader. Let him
    tell you what it is. =P

    Thanks to [email protected], he says:

   "The proper description for these are the humans living at the very end
    of civilisation. I quote from the manual of the game: "This term refers
    to persons living in the farthest reaches of space. It has the
    connotation of "country bumpkin". From Eart's point of view this is
    everyone living beyond Mars. For those on Mars, this term refers to
    anyone living in the Jupiter block."

 Q: Is there ANY way to beat that Anubis dude??

 A: Apparantly, there isn't. You'd probably have to wait for the sequel to be
    able to kick his butt.

 Q: On the back of the box, it says Missions Change when you replay the game.
    Is this true?

 A: Hm, I think that for the most part, there will be a different number of
    enemies. But when it comes to complete mission changes, then no. The back
    of the box is lying. =P

 Q: Can I play as Anubis? He really kicks hard!

 A: No.

 Q: IS there any way I can use Anubis as a player?

 A: No, probably not unless you use a GameShark Code.

 Q: Are you sure??

 A: YES!!!!!

 Q: Where can I find the ZOE Original Soundtrack? Ahhhh!

 A: On the net obviously. Try gamemusic.com, animenation.net, or e-bay.com or
    your local import store.

 Q: What's this I hear about this ZOE special edition package? Where can I
    find it and how much would it be?

 A: Please read my Premium Package section.

 Q: I can't find the ZOE OST anywhere!!! Help!

 A: Of course you can't, it's not even out yet.

 Q: Please fill me in on the details then!!

 A: It seems that there are many people who loves the intro song, and the in-
    game music. So I would suggest buying the Soundtrack, which has a retail
    price of 2,427¥. Roughly $20 US. However, the soundtrack won't be out
    until April 25th, so we still have a long while to go. In the meantime,
    stop asking. =P Specific details are unknown.

 Q: This game sucks!! It's too short!!

 A: Ah yes, cruelty at its best. =P

 Q: How old are you?

 A: For some reason, I get this question a lot. I really don't want to answer
    this question specifically, as there are a some total nuts out there. Let
    us just say I'm still young and growing. ;) hint*- high school. Ohhhhhhh.
    I don't want to hear this question anymore. It bothers me.

 Q: I heard there's a rumor that there's an extra mission on Mars. Is this

 A: Not unless you re-programmed the game to have this extra mission, then
    no, it is far from the truth. I saw your eyes light up. =P

 Q: Do you know the lyrics to "Kiss Me Sunlights"?

 A: Yes, I keep it in my head all the time! I don't want to share it with any
    of you! Muahaha! But seriously, if it's not here, then I don't know. I'm
    as curious and clueless as you are. But it'd be quite helpful if _you_
    knew the lyrics. No point in keeping it pent-up inside. I know you want
    your 15 minutes of fame. >=)


C'mon people ask questions! Be a man! Be a woman! Be a gamer! There is no
purpose for this if you don't ask questions. No matter how dumb you feel when
you ask it, I won't laugh at you (actually depends on the question). You know
there won't be a Frequently Asked Question section any longer if this keeps
up! Get on with it! Ask away! Stop complaining and start asking INTELLIGENT
questions and questions that are not covered in the guide.

-=[]----------------=(-- 08. What We Want in ZOE 2 --)=------------------[]=-

If you haven't seen the ending yet, you wouldn't know that the ending was a
great setup for a sequel. For those of you who have seen it, you'd know what
I'm talking about. Konami would have to be crazy not to make a sequel because
then the ending would be meaningless and incomplete. There have been no such
information on a sequel yet, but we can only hope. For all I know the game
could be called ZOB, Zone of the Beginners (just a joke), who knows. But we
ZOE fans have been clamoring for new features and longer game play! Here, we
can discuss what we would want in ZOE 2.

New additional features:

- How about being able to create your own Orbital Frame on the Versus Mode.
but not in Story mode, that will just kill the main purpose of the story. In
creating your own OF, we can choose the type of Frame, color, head, arms,
weapons, and we can adjust its ability. Like the Armored Core 2 mech creation
engine, but not too much like it.
- Maybe a longer game overall. A standard 8-9 hours is good. That way,
certain punks won't be able to find something to complain about (god, that is
- A free exploration kind of thing, where Jehuty can leave the colony
completely and explore outer space. In one event in the game, Jehuty should
be sucked into a black hole and get teleported to a completely different
universe. Way cool.
- More varied and diverse enemies! Fighting the same 3 types of Frames just
isn't appealing. Not that it was boring, but it'd be nice to see newer types
of Frames every now and then.
- More _useful_  sub-weapons. Keep the Gauntlet! That thing rocks ass. New
weapons like a grenade launcher, or beam cannons of some sort.
- New Jehuty moves! Like add a Berserk feature where Jehuty can use special
moves powerful enough to wipe out an entire squad.
- As Jehuty levels up, his abilities improve as well. Possibly even be able
to level up to 50, or even 20 at the very least.
- There are shops where the player can upgrade Jehuty's current equipment
such as the jet pack or something. Or we could just bring it to maintenance
to get it a new paint job. =D
- Tag-teams on the Versus mode! Much like DOA2. That would just be the thing.
- More boss battles! Three bosses were just not enough. More like 7-10 should
do it.
- More diverse environments!
- Online play like PSO! That would attract thousands of online gamers and
give internet service providers a thousand more headaches! =P
- New supporting characters! Celvice, Elena, and Rock were not enough for the
story to evolve properly.
- Perhaps a MGS3 demo. =)

Here are some "wants" in the sequel from some ZOE fans...

From [email protected]:

How about having allies or wing men to boss around, like in Episode one star
fighter but more involved (Celvice could get her own rig? Or you could fight
along side Thunderheart!)

Also an all out war, getting involved in that mars thing would be cool.

Able to carry items, like Metatron ore or cures for different types of
viruses your rig can get. (virus that stops you using secondary weapons,
virus that removes the boost technique etc.) - okay maybe no viruses but it
would be helpful to be able to carry Meatron ore (Mummy just isn't good

Upgrades like giving Jehuty two swords, or just making the original
stronger. Must work for them though, a bit like the heart pieces in Zelda
for the N64.

From [email protected]:

About the next Z.O.E., I think it should be an online game. Make your own
O.F. and your own runner. A lot of the skill should do with the dexterity,
cunning and speed of the runner. I know it sounds lame, but I think it would
be better that way. thanx.

From [email protected]:

His/her response was directed to the online game play...

"However, to implement online multiplayer Konami would have to add some
things that would give it more depth, for longer play.  Like co-op or maybe
different weapons that would be more sutible to a multiplayer environment.
Things like co-op might be hard to implement in to Z.O.E. though.  The only
reason I even though to mention it though, was because the multiplayer was
fun, but flawed in the fact that you had a significant advantage if you were
able to keep the forescreen.  I just though that if you could make a local
area network game or internet game then both people could have the
foreground and the inherent depth perception leading to a more level playing
field.  I have to admit, it's very annoying if you get into the background
and the other player keeps backing up."

Viewers, if you have anything you'd like to add feel free to e-mail me and
share your suggestions. This has nothing to do with the game itself, but it
is merely what I call a "fan corner." Send practically _anything_, but it has
to do with the desired sequel and it must be logical and reasonable! =/

-=[]------------------=(-- 09. Mini-Review for ZOE --)=------------------[]=-

I have been receiving e-mails asking questions regarding the "goodness" of
ZOE and is it worth buying? If you really want my opinion, then pull up a
damn chair and read my short opinionated review. If not, go read some other
review on GameFAQs or other sources.

Where shall I start? Hm, well, needless to say, ZOE was the second PS2 game I
have ever owned. Why do I own so few games? First of all, it's quite hard for
me to save my lunch money, and ration lunch and dinner to come up with $50.
This way, I try to buy the best game available and ZOE was what I had been
waiting for. I instantly fell head over heels for this game. From its awesome
in-game music, fast-paced gameplay, powerful story, to its great mech design.

The game play, first of all, is just as good as it has been hyped (did that
make sense?). I expected no less and no more. In fact, I was so surprised by
the subtle controls and elaborate game play, that I couldn't bare to think
negative thoughts about this game. Being able to freely control your Frame
was what really hit it off. I was playing for hours and hours. The fast-paced
action was also what made this game exciting and kept your eyes glued to the
screen, except for some loooong cinemas, which you can leave for your needed
restroom break. But when we are talking difficulty-wise, it doesn't even come
close to being even considered a difficult game. Although, the game does not
give you hints on where your next destination is, I'm sure any gamer could
find their way within minutes (with the help of this guide ^_^). However, the
most challenging aspect of this game is the rescue missions. If you want a
good score, you'd have to be extremely cautious. But other than that, this is
like a walk in the park. If you, however, happen to select "Very Hard" mode,
I'm sure you will have your hands busy for the next few days.

About the sound; it's absolutely top-notch. Other than the facetious English
voice acting, it's near perfect. There are sound effects for about everything
you can think of. I mean, it's Konami we're talking about here for god's
sake. They wouldn't leave everything on "mute" like good ol' Square (this was
not intended to initiate a flame war). The music is just...I can't find the
words to describe, but it's just so addictive, you've got to hear the intro
song at least 20 times a day!

Do I really need to go into the graphics? It's the PS2 we're talking about
here! Sure, it's not as impressive as we have all expected it to be, but it's
sure as hell better than PSX. Can we give them credit?

Now, let's get to the nub of the game: the story. Not much to say about it,
other than the fact that it gets sentimental. It is very possible that you
may cry at least some point in the game. Yes, it's that powerful. It's pretty
bland, but it's nothing like you've never seen before. It may remind you of
Neon Genesis Evanglion. The main character of ZOE and Evanglion are both akin
in their thoughts and emotions, which makes them a bunch of whining babies.
Err, anyway...

The bottom line is: If you like mech games, luck has smiled upon you. ZOE is
what you die-hard mech fans want to add to your collection. If not otherwise,
this game should still make the 50 bucks worth while. But if you still feel
some sense of doubt, why not just head to the nearest Blockbuster (or any
other game rental store) and rent it to get a feel of what it's like. The
MGS2 demo is a must have! Get up, and go out to get, or rent, the damn game!!

Thus ends my not so mini-review. =/

Game Play- 9/10
Sound/Music- 9.5/10
Story- 8/10
Graphics- 10/10
Overall Value- 9/10


This review has been brought to you by M3 productions. No farm animals were
hurt during the process of typing this.

-=[]------------------------=(-- 10. Outro --)=--------------------------[]=-

                           ---Version History---

Version 1.7 May 5, 2001
Happy Cinco De Maya (Sorry, if I spelled it wrong ^_^)!! Anyway, this is one
of the updates I've been eager to report. Ahem, I've finally found the
soundtrack list for the almighty Zone of the Enders OST! Wee! Now that's
something proud to report, thanks to ChangeV. Anyway, I'm still working on
those lyrics for "Kiss Me Sunlights" since I know many of you have been
pestering me to e-mail you the lyrics or something, I'm sorry but I don't
know 'em! *cries* But I will find them! *strikes a pose* Anyway, an update to
be proud of nonetheless. The guide is almost near completion. Well, I had
better get back to lyric-hunting. See ya'll 'till I find those suckas! Bye!

Version 1.6 May 2, 2001
Been a long time since I last updated. I've finally plucked up the time and
stuff to update this thing. Thanks to the several people who have offered
their advice and stuff. I've honored them with my renown FAQ Contributions
section. xP Anyway, I still haven't found any information on the soundtrack
yet. But I'll be sure to update on it once I do. Until that time comes, I'm
off to...somewhere. =P

Version 1.52 April 22, 2001
Haven't updated this in a while. =) Well this update has nothing to do with
the game, but rather, "contact matters." I added that big note thing up at
the beginning of this guide, as you can see. That's about it for the update.
See ya.

Version 1.5 April 14, 2001
Not a significant update. I added my own little review of ZOE. Check it out!
Plus, added some more contributions. I forgot to mention how to deactivate
the bombs in the Hub, so I added that. After this update, I hope it will be
the last. At least until I find some info on the soundtrack. But until then,
I'm off! Ciao.

Version 1.42 April 11, 2001
Again, not a big update. Just added some contributions and contributors to my
list. Thanks you guys. I'm in and out! Cya until the next update, which I
hope should be a bigger and better update than this. =/

Version 1.38 April 10, 2001
Not a big update, but why not get through the sections. Anyways, I added a
few numbers to the FAQ contributor list and added more questions to the FAQ.
Other than that, it's a small, small update.

Version 1.3 April 8, 2001
Added new section: Premium Package which talks about the special edition
package of ZOE. Read to find out more about it. Added some more Q&A's on the
FAQ section. One contributer added to the list. Thanks a lot. One more
Section added: What We Want in ZOE 2. It's basically where fans of the first
ZOE tell what they want in the sequel. It's all in good fun. Until I am
needed again, I think I should get some rest. =P <11:30PM>

Version 1.2 April 6, 2001
Corrected many grammar mistakes. Still haven't caught all of them yet. Also
finished the Rescue Missions and worked on some of the Orbital Frames. I
added new sections: Character. I also added the mini note up at the top. Tell
me what you think.

Version 1.0 April 5, 2001
Initial release. First version of the FAQ. There may be many spelling and
grammar errors. This version will definitely need proofreading. The
Walkthrough and above is done. Other sections will remain unfinished until
further updates. I wanted to release this FAQ as soon as possible, so there
will be lots of empty sections and the guide is in its early stages. Just
wait a little, that's all I guess.


Thanks to Stephanie Lee for taking the time to type this thing and send it
out to you people. It was a lot of hard work, but in the end, it was fun and
worth doing. Can we all give thanks and worship her for her time and effort.
Be thankful that one of her friends were nice enough to spot her some money
to get this game. ^_~

Thanks to Carolyn for just being a friend and lending me money! Yay! Lots of
hugs and kisses!

Thanks to Konami for making this amazingly cool game! Let's see some more!
Give the fans what they want!

Thanks to ATadeo for helping me get my FAQs onto GameFAQs. He is such a sweet
pea. ^_~ He makes good FAQs such as his kick ass Chrono Cross FAQ. Go read it
now if you haven't!

Thanks to CJayC for accepting and hosting my FAQs and for maintaining one of
the best websites on the net! Down with GameFAQs.com ripoffs!

Thanks to the other webmasters who have been so kind to also host my FAQs on
their sites. Although, they've continued to take my newer FAQs without asking

I would like to thank CJayC's ZOE guide for helping me with rescue missions.
I have taken one quote from his guide and noted that it was his. I also used
his grade scale on the rescue missions. Thank you and I hope you don't mind!

And last, but not least, mom. Thank you for doing the best you can to get me
games. If it weren't for her, who knows what will happen to me. Loves, hugs,
kisses, whatever.

                           ---FAQ Contributions---

This is for the people who have given up a substantial amount of their time
to help me with my FAQ, or just made simple contributions that are really
helpful! Don't complain if your name is not here. If it's not here, then that
either means your contribution was least helpful, or it has already been
covered in the guide.

Author's Note- Contributors: please tell me if you don't want your "real"
name on here, and tell me if I spelled your name wrong. I will correct it.
My apologies in advance. xD

- Lotsa thanks to ChangeV from the ZOE Message Board
OMG! I've been looking all over the net for the ZOE soundtrack list, but I
just couldn't find one gosh darn thing. I can't buy the soundtrack either;
it's just too out of my way. But thanks and thanks to ChangeV, I can now list
the entire soundtrack. Still working on the lyrics though...=( Anyway, I'm
happy to see that my guide is near completion, all thanks to ChangeV!!!! Woo
hoo! I love you buddy! =D

- Special thanks to Tim ([email protected])
For those people who have been constantly whining and running to the nearest
grown up for answers, Tim has been kind enough to share and confirm a second
ending. Word to your momma. Thanks Tim. =D

- Special thanks to [email protected]
My boss strategies may not always work and Yungyung here provided possibly an
easier and alternative strategy for Zombie Neith. Thanks a mill Yungyung. =D

- Special thanks to Kalle Beneus ([email protected])
Not all guides are perfect, especially mine and this point has just been
proven. Boo hoo. My mistake on the true meaning of the word "Enders." Kalle
Beneus corrected this. Thanks Kalle. =D

- Special thanks to [email protected]
Submitted a good tip for the rescue missions. It could have possibly helped
players more than I could ever. =P This just goes to show how um, people like
to help people...=D

- Special thanks to Jace ([email protected])
If Konami ever happens to run by this FAQ for some very bizarre reason (which
is a _very_ small chance), I hope they read our list for the making of ZOE 2!
We have some outstanding ideas from Jace to enhance the already awesome game.
Thanks Jace. =D

- Special thanks to [email protected]
Again, more ideas for the making of ZOE 2 from JFFBoben. We can only pray
Konami doesn't change it too much, and maybe consider adding the extra JFF
request features. Thanks for your ideas JFF. =D

- Special thanks to Thad ([email protected])
More helpful tips from fellow gamers such as cordial gentlemen. =P Thad gave
you guys more info on uses of the Sniper sub-weapon and probably made life
easier for you on beating Nebula by providing a simple semi-strategy. Thanks
a bunch Thad. Here's a cookie. =P

- Special thanks to lthial ([email protected])
I've been receiving so much e-mail starting along the lines of "How do I beat
that son of cookie, Nebula?!" Thanks to lthial, you have yet another strategy
to look at before coming to whine and complain to me. Patience is a virtue. I
beat Nebula on my first try, although, I've been leaning more towards the I'm
gonna-die sort of attitude. Anyway, thanks a bunch lthial. =D

- Special thanks to [email protected]
Please, oh please Konami, read our ZOE 2 wishlist. We have a great, great
online idea thanks to this individual here. Look at it and make us happy! XD
Thanks a bucnh StoweD. =D

- Special thanks to Jeff Fox ([email protected])
More Nebula strategies to take a pick off. For those of you who have e-mailed
me about it, I hope by now, you've beaten him. Thanks to Jeff we have one
more strategy to add to my growing collection. =) Hey, Nebula is a tough boss
and it sure as hell needs a few thousand alternate ways to beat him. Thanks a
lot Jeff. =D

- Special thanks to [email protected]
As you all know, I'm not a perfecteer. With the help of you people, I can be
one of the greatest!  Anyway, thanks to Rasslinfan5, I've
added yet, another great strategy to Zombie Neith, I suppose. Try all the
listed strategies and tell me how bad you beat her. >=P Thanks a lot Rass. =D

If I missed anyone, don't be afraid to drop me a line. And sorry, to those of
you that have contributed, but I did not reply. I greatly appreciate your
effort and time. Thanks very much!

                             ---Final Words---

I'm having one heck of a time typing this thing. If you'll be so kind to
please respect my intellectual property and investment of time! If you don't
like how I write – then go write your own FAQ or something. This is my first
big FAQ/Walkthrough sort of thing; and some of you may know me as an in-depth
writer, but like everyone else, I work my way up eventually. Now here I am
writing you this walkthrough.

Let me say that I really appreciate those of you who have read, helped or
simply respected this FAQ. Any FAQ author can share an equal amount of
satisfaction with me, as I worked very hard on this and I still do. If you
have any questions or information that I've missed please don't be shy about
e-mailing me. ^_~ I don't bite. It goes without saying, but only FAQ or game
related questions or requesting permission to use this FAQ, please! Only
relevant tidbits! Don't want your life story or how downtrodden you are! Who
cares? Not me. If you want to hold a friendly discussion with me, feel free
to do so. You can contact me via any of the contact clients: AIM, AOL, ICQ,
MSN, whatever, or the traditional e-mail way.

And remember, any RUDE comments will get your name on my hitlist. I will take
your e-mail address and sign you up for an infinite number of annoying junk
mail! In addition to you being such a jerk, I will add you to the "Butt-
munching, idiotic, perverted, who-can't-get-none but harrass-little-girls
losers" list if I ever make one. Aside from that, I would love to hear from


                              MUCHO GRACIAS!!!

                                        /^  ^^    ///
                     / // ^  ^       /O%G%/t(   /////
                     O(@@ [email protected]    /RG(t////~t%K^/ //^/
                      DeFtones   @#(((^  ^//~6K%^^^^
                                [email protected]%/~     //([email protected]
                               @@B6((~/ ^^^~/~t%@
                               @@R6((~((/%/~(/[email protected]   /
                               @@GC%GtC~/~(([email protected]@^
                              /@QGCCtCCt%[email protected]@/^^/
                              RBC%tCCGGC/[email protected]@@/////
                             (#O((%%CGG#[email protected]@et/~//
                             et(/tt([email protected]@#K#eGGOQet////
                        ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%~// /
                      / ^(t/~%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%///////
                    ^  ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(~// //^//~//
                       C/%[email protected](t(/^        ^^   / / ///
                   ^/^(t#@(((/^  !~AdrenALiNe~!
                   ^%%@@(~/~/^          ^    ^//^// /
                    /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                     // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                     /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///

                       _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995
           The Unofficial Zone of the Enders Strategy Guide
                      Copyright © 2001 Stephanie Lee
                                April 2001

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