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Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire FAQ/Walkthru
By Sac
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.sachw.cjb.net
Version 2.7

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Version History
16/10/2000 v1.0 - First started the guide, and got the contents and character guide done.  

20/10/2000 v1.1 - Began and completed the item list and started work on the walkthru, getting up 
                  to day 1.

23/10/2000 v1.2 - Added day two to the walkthru, as well as the sources and credits sections. I 
                  also had to work on the layout a little bit, because this file got too large 
                  for Notepad.

06/11/2000 v1.3 - Added days three to seven to the walkthru.

14/05/2001 v1.4 - After a LOOOOONG absence of updating, I'm back and ready to go. In the time 
                  since I last updated, I've changed both websites and e-mail addresses. Anybody 
                  who has sent me an e-mail, and never got a  response, sorry, but I stopped 
                  checking my old Sacinc.net e-mail address not long after my last update. (I 
                  did e-mail one guy from an old dbzmail address, which had all the sacinc.net 
                  mails sent to it) Now, this update only sees a small addition, that of the 
                  monster list, but I'll resume work on the walkthru soon.

14/05/2001 v1.6 - Another update today. I fixed a number of spelling and grammar errors, as well 
                  as fixing up the name of the Saurus Rex (Which I called a Terrorsaurus in the 
                  last version) And finally I added another day to the walkthru, day 8. The 
                  other major change was fixing up the format because I now use a 800x600 
                  resolution. (UNRELEASED)

13/06/2001 v2.0 - Walkthru completed up to day 27. I'm almost done! I also decided to added 2 
                  new sections to the FAQ. The first is the "Silly Clowns" sections, and I'll 
                  talk about that section more when I start work on it. The second section is 
                  the "Cheats" section and, obviously, it contains cheats you can use to help 
                  you in the game. And yes, it IS complete. But if you know of any other cheats,
                  feel free to e-mail me ([email protected])

18/06/2001 v2.5 - I finally completed the walkthru! But you should keep in mind that there are 
                  a few places for Fighters that I'm not 100% sure are correct, so I'll be 
                  playing through as a Fighter again, just to be on the safe side. I also did a 
                  complete proof read, so most (If not all) of my spelling errors and typos 
                  should have been dealth with now. I'll now start work on the paladin guide, 
                  the complete points lists and the silly clowns list, so expect to see them 

09/08/2001 v2.7 - I started work on the full points list today. So far I have the points that 
                  all character classes can get, as well as the points only fighters can get. 
                  The others will be coming soon.

Feel free to download this FAQ onto your hardrive, but you may not post this on your web site 
(Unless you ask me first), or sell it. Also, this FAQ may not be used in any form of magazine 
walkthru (And that includes fanzines and online gaming mags!)

This document is copyright (C)2001 by Sac

1. Intro

2. Story

3. NPC List

4. Complete Item List

5. Complete Spell List

6. The monsters of Shapier

7. Walkthru (All character types) 

8. Complete Points List (NOT COMPLETE)

9. Becoming a Paladin (NOT COMPLETE)

10. Silly Clowns (NOT COMPLETE)

11. Cheats

12. Sources

13. Credits

1: Intro
Quest for Glory 2 was the first adventure game I ever played, and it also happens to be one of 
the best. The combination of fighting and adventure puzzle solving, along with RPG stat 
building means this game is FUN! But QFG2 is also one of the harder Adventure games out there, 
and it's very easy to get stuck. Please keep in mind taht this FAQ has been designed on PC with 
an 800x600 display, so if you are using a 640x480 display, you'll find it difficult to read with 
using word wrap. So without further ado, here's my guide...

2: Story
After becoming the hero of Speilburg, you and your friends Abdulla Doo, Shameen and Shema board 
Abdulla's magic carpet, and head for the land of Shapier.

It is a busy day in the Gate Plaza. Ali Chica is trying to talk someone into buying something, 
and the small katta is playing his flute. Suddenly a large flying carpet lands in the middle of 
the plaza! Two humans and two katta scramble up off the carpet. "No no! that costume just will 
not do" says Shema. Shameen points at the hero, and magically, his costume changes.  "Now you 
look like a hero, shapier style!" Shameen says, smiling.

Welcome to the land of Djinn, genies and deserts. Welcome hero...to Shapier!

3: NPC List
This is a list of all the imporantant NPC (Non player characters) that you will encounter in 
QFG2, and where they can be found. Note that sometimes a character may pop in different 
locations (eg: Rakeesh) so I'm only going to list the place you first encounter them.


Abdulla Doo
Location: Katta's Tail Inn
Notes: Abdulla is a friend of yours. You met in in Speilburg during QFG1, where he had been 
robbed of his good by the brigands. Now that he has returned to his homeland of Shapier, the 
Sultan made him very rich by purchasing his magic carpet. He likes to spend his time in the 
Katta'a Tail Inn, and is always telling you about how good Shema's tea is.

Location: Katta's Tail Inn
Notes: Shameen is the innkeeper of the Katta's Tail Inn, and he is a very good friend of yours, 
and is also Shema's husband. You met him in QFG1, when he was trapped in Speilburg, and had 
opened an inn there.

Location: Katta's Tail Inn
Notes: Shema is the wife of Shameen is a very good friend of yours. She acts as the cook and the 
waitress of the Katta's Tail Inn, and seems to be related to most of the merchants in the city 
of Shapier. On some nights, Shema will perform a dance in the Inn.

Ali Chica
Location: Gate Plaza
Notes: This guy has the feel of a greezy second hand car salesman, and most of what he sells you 
can't buy. He DOES have some items you might find interesting though...

Location: Gate Plaza
Notes: Sitar is a shy Musician that plays his music in the Gate Plaza. Sometimes he performs in 
the inn.

Location: Gate Plaza
Notes: Lishar is a young female katta that sells flowers in the gate Plaza.

Ali Fakir
Location: The Saurus stables
Notes: Doesn't this guy seem familiar? Be carefull when dealing with him, because he won't think 
twice about ripping you off.

Location: Southern end of the Fountain Plaza
Notes: Toshur sell pots.

Scoree and Sloree
Location: Southern end of the Fountain Plaza
Notes: This husband and wife pair sell food from their two stands. You can purchase rations from 
them, or you can buy something to eat while your there. (Note: Scoree and Sloree...or Corey and 
Lori? hmmmm....lol :)

Harik Attar
Location: The Apothecary
Notes: Harrik makes many pills and potions that can aid you on your quest, and his knowledge of 
the elements is also very helpfull.

Location: Northern end of the Fountain Plaza
Notes: Lasham sells many kind of plants from his stall, as well as other plant related 

Location: Northern end of the Fountain Plaza
Notes: Saba weaves baskets of all shapes and sizes.

Location: Northern end of the Fountain Plaza
Notes: Tashtari makes many items from brass, lamps among them.

Keapon Laffin
Location: The Magic Shop
Notes: This funny little Gnome rides a cloud, and he has a warped sense of humor (NEVER mention 
to the word "fish" to him). While he can sell you many spells, his own area of expertise is wind
magic. He is also the newphew of Aziza.

Location: The Money changer's alley (Dinar tarrick)
Notes: Dinarzad will exchange any foreign coins for the Dinar and Centimes used is Shapier. 
Thieves will find her to be very interesting...

Location: Eastern end of the Plaza of the Fighter
Notes: Kiram sells clothes and other cloth items.

Location: Eastern end of the Plaza of the Fighter
Notes: Mirak sells leather goods, such as belts and waterskins.

Location: The Weapons shop
Notes: Issur is a surly muscleman. His shop sells many kinds of weapons and armor. In his spare 
time, Issur likes to arm wrestle, and he has actually won many trophies becuase of his strength 
and skill at arm wrestling. He might even be willing to Arm wrestler you, if you ask him...

Location: Western end of the Plaza of the Fighter
Notes: Rakeesh the Liontaur was once a king of the far away land of Tarna, But gave up his 
kingdome to become a mighty Paladin. But this all changed when his leg was injured a firce 
battle against an evil demon wizard that threatened his conutry, and was also the reason he
became a paladin in the first place.
(Author's note: You can find out more about Rakeesh, and the land of Tarna, in Quest for Glory 
3: Wages of War)

The Challenger
Location: Western end of the Plaza of the Fighter
Notes: If your a theif, or have the ability to climb, then this guy will appear. You can bet
money on weather you can cross the tightrope he has set up as easily as he can. Thieves will 
probably find this to be more interesting than Fighters' and Magic Users'.

Location: The Adventurer's guild
Notes: This brave warrior woman is only too happy too help you hone your skills by sparring with
you in the guild's combat area. She's all not as stuck up as the Weapons Master from QFG1. Also, 
like Rakeesh, she also comes from Tarna.

Baby Simba
Location: The Adventurer's guild
Notes: This baby is smarter than he looks!! Seriously though, he is the young son of Uhura. His 
father is never mentioned in this game at all. 

Location: Palace Plaza
Notes: Sashanan sells jewerly. His wares are beyond your meagre budget.

Location: Palace Plaza
Notes: Tiran sells carpets. Unfortunetly, only the normal, non magic kind.

Abu al-Njun
Location: The Astrologer's (Tarrick of the stars)
Notes: Abu studies to stars so that he can learn of the future. What he can tell you might come 
in handy.

Location: Her own house (Sitt Tarrick, a side street from Shamali Tarrick) 
Notes: A mysterious enchantress. She specialises in water magic. But she won't just see anybody. 
Only those who are intelligent and polite.

Magister Erasmus of Zauberberg
Location: WIT
Notes: Erasmus is an old wizard you met in Speilburg (Although, unless your character was a 
magic user, you probably didn't have much to do with him) Despite appearing incompetent, Erasmus 
is a VERY powerful wizard, probably among the most wizards in Gloriana.
(Author's note: While this fact isn't mentioned until Quest for Glory 5, the name of the world 
where your hero lives and adventure sin is called "Gloriana")

Location: W.I.T.
Notes: Fenrus is the familiar of Eramus. Although you never actually see him in this game, he is 
a talking rat. That wears a small wizards hat. And he loves cheese ;)

Elemental Wizards(Air, Earth, Water and Fire)
Location: W.I.T.
Notes: These old wizards of Air, Earth, Water and Fire administer your proper test, after you 
have passed the pre-test with Erasmus at the W.I.T.

The Beggar
Location: Southern end of the Fountain Plaza
Notes: Sometimes it pays to be kind...

Location: Katta's Tail Inn
Notes: The constant travel companion, friend and translator of the Poet Omar.

The Poet Omar
Location: Katta's Tail Inn
Notes: Omar writes alot of poetry and is always accompanied by his friend and translator, Ja'Afar.

Sultan Harun Al-rasid
Location: The Palace
Notes: The ruler of Shapier, he is so good and kind to his subjects that they can't speak his 
praises enough.


Location: The Oasis
Notes: While this old man may seem like he's crazy, he's actually very wise.

Al Scurva
Location: Cage in the desert
Notes: This apprentice sorcerer was transformed into a beast by his former master, Ad Avis. He 
doesn't seem very grateful for having been rescued, but at least he thanks you for the food 
and water you gave him.


Location: Gate Plaza
Notes: This guy is the captain for the Rasierian guards, and he DOESN'T like you. Be carefull 
around him.

Signor Ferrari
Location: Blue Parrot Inn
Notes: A strange man wearing a fez and carrying a small whip. For some reason, he seems to want 
to help you. But can he be trusted?

Location Blue Parrot Inn
Notes: The bartender at the blue parrot Inn, he reminds you of Bruno (A tough thief)from 

Location: Blue Parrot Inn
Notes: A friend of Signor Ferrari's. He sells water cheaper than you can buy it from the Emir's

Location: Zayishah's room
Notes: While looking around in Rasier, you are asked to follow a woman. When you do, Zayishah 
tells you that Khaveen plans to force her to marry him, and asks you for your clothes and your 
visa. Should you help her?

Location: Zayishah's room
Notes: Mayzun is the servant of Zayishah, and will help you if you help Zayishah.

Former Emir Arus Al-din
Location: Unknown
Notes: The former Emir was highly respected by those he rules, but he disappeared the previous 

Emir Ali Hasan
Location: Hiding in his room, Rasier Palace
Notes: While Ali, the brother of Arus, is the current Emir, his is nothing but a puppet ruler, 
and those that speak of him have nothing but curses to say.

Location: The Rasier jail
Notes: You first meet this Katta in the jails of Rasier. If you can gain his trust, he may prove 
to be a valuable ally. And yes, he's related to Shema :)

Ad Avis
Location: Streets of Rasier
Notes: After escaping from the jail, you encounter Ad Avis. At first your wary, but then...Gee, 
he's not such a bad fellow, is he? But still...

Location: Tomb of Iblis
Notes: This crazy Djinni lives in the ring you found in the Forbidden city. While he his magic
may not always work, you can depend on his three wishes.

Location: Tomb of Iblis
Notes: Why does Ad Avis seek this being called Iblis, and what are his powers?

4. Complete Item List
The following is a list of every item in the game your character can posses
in his inventory.

Leather Armor:
If your a magic user or a thief, you'll start with this armor. It's not possible to purchase 

Chain Mail:
This is the armor that the fighter starts with, and while it is better, it's also much heavier. 
You can find no better armors, nor can you replace your chain mail armor if you lose it (i.e. 
drop it).

Once again, only the fighter starts with a shield, and it cannot be replaced if lost.

Lock Picks:
If you give a fighter or magic user the ability to pick locks, they'll start with these. These 
slender tools are used for trying to opned locked door. (Note: Unlike other games, your lock 
picks will never break in QFG2).

Thieves tool kit:
Only thieves can gain this item, and they also start the game with it. This tool kit contains 
many different lock picks and other thieving tools that will be invaluable in when acquiring 

Thieve's guild license:
Thieves start with this. Gained from the chief thief of Speilburg during Quest for Glory 1.

Gold Coins:
All heroes start with these. Imported heroes will start with either more or less coins, 
depending on how well you did in QFG1. The gold coin is the currency used in Speilburg, and 
most of what you have is a reward from the baron for your heroic deeds.

Brass Centime:
Shapiers version of a 1 cent coin. Basically useless, although all of the merchants in Shapier 
will accept them.

Golden Dinar:
The Shapiern dollar coin, you will want to collect as many of these as you can!

Magical Map of Shapier:
Can it be! Ali Chica actually sells you something...and it works! This map allowed you to 
instantly revisit any important location in the city of Shapier, instantly. But it will only 
work in the streets and plazas of Shapier, no where else.

Magical Compass:
Once again Ali Chica surprises you by also selling you this useful compass.

Food Rations:
Sloree and Scoree will sell theses food rations to you. When adventuring for prolonger periods 
in the desert, even the best heroes need to eat. And rations are easy to carry around than a 
roast saurus!

Fighters start the game with this large, but cumbersome, weapon.

Fine Sword:
Ah! This is better! Issur makes a good weapon...and he makes you pay a good price for it too.

You can never have too many daggers, so buy a few from Issur. Thieves should always have at 
least two or three.

Hey, that sure is an interesting looking bellows above Issur's sign, isn't it?

Small rocks:
These can be picked up in the desert...but only if there are no larger rocks on the screen.

Whirls of beards:
The dervish has such a large beard, I'm sure he won't miss a few hairs.

Worthless X ray glass: 
These glasses are useless! They don't do anything! Or do they...

Magic Rope:
If you can climb, be sure to buy this off Keapon. If your a theif, then you'd be a fool not too!

Pouches of Incense:
Pooh! This stuff stinks! Seems to burn easily though.

Containers of oil:
You wouldn't wanna put this stuff on your bar-be-que. Useful for when you wanna quiet some 
squeaky hinges.

Power of Burning:
Only the thief will need to buy these, and even then, they are only usefull for a certain task. 
Don't worry, you'll know when the time comes...

Healing Pills:
These pills of Harrick's patch you up better than the potions the Healer sold back in Speilburg. 
Just the thing to take after a hard fought battle with a Saurus Rex

Vigor Pill:
Feeling tired? Just had your energy sapped by a Ghoul? Then you'll want one of these.

Mana pills:
When you just can't cast spells anymore, of of these fill top up your mana. Useless to fighters 
and thieves (Unless you gave them magic at the start of the game)

Poison Cure Pills:
Take one of these and you'll be safe from poison. At least, until you've been poisoned, when 
you'll need to take another.

Dispel Potion:
You've had quite a bit of experience with these, although there are no baron's daughters turned 
in invincible brigand leaders in this game, so what could you need the dispel potion for...
(No, not the tree)

Flower Bouquets:
This flowers sure do wilt quickly in the desert heat.

Sapphire Pin:
You can't buy this token of katta trust. It has to be given to you.

Griffen feather:
If your brave enough, you might be able to find a feather near the griffon's nest. Just make 
sure you don't wake the Griffon up in the process!

Scorpion tails:
Kill a scorpion before you try and acquire one of these.

Ghoul claws:
Y'know, it'd be easier to get some of these if you killed the ghoul first.

Soulforge (Rakeesh's sword):
When the times comes, Rakeesh will lend his sword to a fighter. If your a mage or a thief, you 
won't be able to use it, thus, he won't offer to let you borrow it.

Pots of dirt:
Now what would a hero want with one of these?

Brass lamps:
It's always handy to have a lamp. Even if the one you buy doesn't seem to work.

Empty pot:
When your out of dirt, your left with one of these.

Fruit of compassion:
To say anything about this here would be a spoiler. Read the walkthru for details.

The more the better. The desert sun can be brutal in Shapier.

Cloth bags:
Well, I guess you might need to buy one of these sometime.

EOF Secret Membership Badge:
This shows your membership of the Eternal Order of Fighters.

Rasierian Visa:
Khaveen gives you this when you first enter Rasier. You'll need it to get in and out of the 

Essence of Water elemental:
No spoilers here. For details, see the walkthru.

Djinni Ring:
You can find this in the Tomb of Iblis.

Hand Mirror:
A reward for helping Zayishah.

Black Bird:
Signor Ferrari wants you (If your a thief) to steal this from Khaveen's room. 
(NOTE: I've been told that this is a reference to an old movie, but what that 
movie is I don't know.)

Change of clothing:
Given to you by Shema when you join the caravan travelling to Rasier.

On Day 2, you can buy this saurus from a funny little man standing in front of the saurus 
stables. I wonder why yours looks so different from the others? (Notes: Even though your riding 
your saurus, and not carrying it around, it's still listed in your inventory)

Bag of Sand:
If you pick up sand while carrying a cloth bag, you'll get one of these. Useless and a waste of 
a bag.

Essence of Earth Elemental:
See the walkthru for deatils

Silver Tea Service:
Thieves can steal this.

Emerald Bowl:
Another item that can be stolen.

Silver Dagger:
In the same place that you stole the two items above, you can find (And steal) this. It can't be 
used as a regular dagger though.

Omar's leather purse:
Oh dear. It seems that after reading poetry in the fountain plaza, Omar dropped his purse. 
Should you keep it, or return it?

Rusty Nail:
Thieves can find this if they have nothing else after being captured and jailed is Rasier.

5. Complete Spell List
Here is a list of every spell in the game, it's mp cost, a short description of it's use and 
where you aquire the spell. Non Magic users can posses every spell except for Zap.

Open, 2MP
Location: The Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: A simple spell that can be used to spring simple locks and open doors. When a door 
has been barred, however, it is useless.

Detect Magic, 2MP
Location: The Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: Used to detect spells cast by others, such as magical signs or traps. Detect Magic
can also let the caster know if any magic is present in an area. Useful if you want to know if 
something you are looking at is magical.

Zap, 3MP
Location: Magic Users start with it.
Description: Zap charges the magic users weapon will a small amount of magical energy. When you 
attack a foe, they will be caused addition damage because of the charged energy. Zap is only 
good for one attack though, so it must be recast before attacking your foe each time.

Trigger, 3MP
Location: The Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: Trigger is used to do just that. Trigger things. To be more precise, it's used to 
trigger other magical spells. So, for example, a wizard could create a magical exploded trap, 
then move away and TRIGGER it when his prey is close enough. You won't find much use for it, 
but practise it all the same.

Dazzle, 3MP
Location: The Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: Dazzle, or to use it's full name Erasmus' Razzle Dazzle, creates a very bright 
light in front of the caster, blinding (for a short while) anyone (or anything) that looks at it.

Calm, 4MP
Location: The Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: The spell, creates an intense feeling of calm to surround the area the cast is in. 
Any monsters or people will suddenly calm down, and just stand where they are, feeling calm. 
Best used to escape before combat happens as, if cast DURING combat, the monster will just 
calmly eat you.

Flame Dart, 5MP
Location: he Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: The first of the ranged offensive spells available to you, Flame Dart creates a 
small dart of fire, that you can send towards your opponent to damage them.

Fetch, 5MP
Location: The Magic shop (magic users start with it)
Description: Creates a ring of magic "fetch" whatever item the magic users wishes to have brought
to him or her.

Force Bolt, 6MP
Location: The Magic shop
Description: The second of the ranged offensive spells. Force bolt creates a bolt of pure 
magical force, that the caster may send to strike his or her enemies. Unlike Flame Dart though, 
Force Bolt will not dissipate upon contact, but will continue to bounce around for a short while.

Levitate, 7MP
Location: The Magic shop
Description: Levitate is used to rise the caster up off the ground. While under the effects of 
this spell, you can move your arms, and look around, but not much else.

Reversal, 8MP
Location: W.I.T.
Description: AH! Your first defensive spell! Reversal surrounds the caster will a shield of 
magic that repels ranged offensive spells such as Flame Dart and Force Bolt. Players of Quest 
for Glory 1 will recognise this as being the spell the kobold used against them.

6. Complete Monster List
There are three types of monster in Quest for Glory two. First, there is the day time monster. 
These guys are pretty weak and only come out during the day. Next you have your night time 
monster. A bit stronger, but still nothing to worry about. And then you have the other monsters, 
who you might encounter at ANY time. These guys are the toughest of the tough. Finally, keep in 
mind that I only list the MONSTERS that you fight normally, not the people or animals you might 
face during your adventure.

A bearded man wearing a turban. They carry a simple sword, and pose no threat at all, not even 
at the start of the game, despite Uhura tells you.

These undead guys can be a problem, as their attacks drain your stamina instead of your health.
But if your careful, their are nothing to worry about.

The number of these guy you will encounter varies, but generally you'll encounter a group of 
them instead of just one or two. Like the goblins in Quest for Glory 1, you must fight each 
Jackalman one at a time, without time to rest in between battle. But fear not, as their almost 
as weak as brigands, if not more so.

Unless you have a poison cure pill, avoid these beasts at all costs, for if it grabs you with 
it's claws, it will kill you instantly. But if you have a stock of poison cure pills (make sure 
you take one BEFORE fighting a scorpion) Then the scorpions aren't too hard to beat.

Saurus Rex- 
And I net you thought saurus's were either weak and purple monsters, or friendly green animals. 
When you first start the game, don't go near these guys, as they're fast and can easily tear you 
to pieces, even later on in the game when you are more skilled. The most dangerous desert 
monster in the game.

7. Walkthru
This walkthru will go day by day, containing instructions for how to solve each puzzle, as well
as tips for other things that each character class might want to do. keep in mind that there are
always a few differant ways to solve each puzzle. Also, I'm going to assume that your not mixing 
character classes.(eg: Giving a thief magic, or a magic user the skills to a parry)

One last thing, I'm not going to be telling when to check your rations or fill your waterskins 
(Unless your required to either to solve a puzzle). Keep an eye on your inventory, and buy 
rations or fill your waterskin when needed. The game will let you know when your character has 
no water.

Day 1
You start off sitting in the Katta's Tail Inn, talking with Abdulla. Stand up and exit the inn. 
Ignore Ali Chica and head through the walkway in the top of your screen. Walk along the street 
until you come to the fountain plaza. head towards the bottom of the screen, and then walk into 
the archway to the left. Now follow "Dinar Tarrick" (Type "Look at sign" each time you some to
the end of a street.) until you come to the money changer. Now change your golden Speilburg 
coins. The money changer will take a percentage of your money, and I've found that the best way 
to maximise your money is to change yours 5 at a time.

Now that you have some money, there's something you should know. Whenever you buy something from 
a merchant in Shapier, always "BARGAIN" for it. Not only will this raise your communication 
skill (Newly added in QFG2, it was not present in QFG1), but there's a chance you could get the 
item cheaper. Thieves should "MAKE THEIF SIGN".

Return the way you came, and go back to the fountain plaza. Now it's time to start shopping! 
First, buy a lamp from the brass stand. Next, visit the apothecary. All classes should buy 
healing and vigor pills. Thieves should buy oil, Magic users mana pills and fighters poison cure 
pills. Now head for the magic shop. Fighters will find nothing much of use here, so they can 
leave right away. Magic Users should purchase whichever of the spells they want (And can afford) 
while thieves should buy the magic rope. Don't worry if you don't have enough money for all the 
spells or the rope. You'll have plenty of money soon enough. Next, return to the gate plaza. 
Purchase the map and compass from Ali Chica.

The map: Now that you have the magic map, you'll only have to explore the streets of Shapier 
when first travelling somewhere important, or if you want to, because once you've visited a 
place, it show sup on your map, and clicking on will allow you to travel there instantly. At 
this stage, all four plazas, the palace, the Katta's Tail Inn, the money changer, the apothecary and the 
magic shop will all be on your map. Also, where you click on the map determines which half of 
the fountain(or fighters) plaza you will end up in.

Travel to the Fighters Plaza, and purchase a waterskin from the leather merchant. Now enter the 
weapons store. Magic Users should leave right away, as they will want nothing in here. Fighters 
should (if they have at least 100 dinars) bargain for the fine sword. Thieves and Fighters 
should both purchase some daggers (Don't bother bargaining for these, Issur will make no deals 
concerning his daggers). Head to the other end of the Fighters Plaza, and speak with Rakeesh. 
Ask him about Paladins if you want to, then enter the adventurers guild. Speak with Uhura, then 
read and sign the guest book, and read the notice board. walk to the door at the top right of 
the screen, and enter it to spar with Uhura. Fighters should heal with pills and spar with Uhura 
a few more times, while Magic Users and Thieves can leave at this point.

Travel back to the gate plaza and walk outside to visit the Saurus Stables. Speak with the 
guard, and look at the saurus. You can visit the desert if you wish, but I wouldn't advise 
doing so yet. Now you can either explore the city, or return to the inn. Either way, sleep or 
explore until night time. Now sit down at the table and order your dinner (Type "ORDER"). 
Thank Shema, eat and then stand up and sleep until Dawn.

Day 2
Once you've woken up, sit down, order your food, then thank Shema and eat it. Next go to the 
adventurer's guild and practice with Uhuru. When you exit the guild, thieves (And character who 
can climb) should take up the challenger's offer. Don't worry if you fall off a few times, as 
the challenger will continue to show up again a few times. After this, use your map to go to the 
saurus stables. When you arrive, you spot that there is a sign on the gates of the stable, and a 
funny little man, named Ali Fakir, will try and sell his last saurus to you. Now you will want 
this saurus, but rather than typing "Bargain for Saurus", type "Buy Saurus". Ali Fakir will 
start telling you about all this extra stuff he's going to throw in and for only 50 dinars. Tell 
him "NO". Say no to each of his offers until he comes down to 5 dinars. Ali Fakir will not go 
any lower than this. Now, buying the saurus using this method will not raise your communication 
skill (because your not bargaining)but it's better because you can save your cash for other 
NOTE: If you don't want to buy the saurus right away, you don't have to. But, if you 
continue to not buy it, the game will end eventually.

The Saurus: Now that you own a saurus, you can freely wander the desert. Go anywhere you want, 
and don't bother to make a map(The desert is -WAAAAAAY- to large to map every screen.) When your 
sick of the desert, just type "GO HOME" and, provided your saurus has a clear path to the edge 
of the screen, you will leave that screen and end up overlooking the city.

After Ali Fakir has left, you should ride your saurus. Head towards the bottom of the screen. 
This will take you to the city overlook. As I said in the above paragraph, this is where you 
will end up when you tell your saurus to go home. Now that we're in the desert, there is a few 
things we can do. First, we'll visit the Dervish's Oasis. to get there head south for five 
screens (At one point, the "camera" angle will change. Don't worry about this as you will still 
be heading south.) You can tell when your at the right screen, because one of the rocks there 
will look sorta of like a dinosaur's head (At least, it does to me). From here, head east for 
three screens. Your now at the Oasis.

Oasis: Besides the obvious things to do here, such as talk to the dervish and drink water 
(Typing drink water will also cause your hero to check his waterskins, and fill them if needed), 
you can also rest and sleep here. Typing "REST" will cause your hero to nap for an hour. But if 
you type sleep, you sleep until the end of the day/night. (That is, if't night, you'll sleep 
until dawn. If it's day, you'll sleep until night time). And lastly, you can't ride your saurus 
while he's having a drink. Don'[t worry though, as he only takes a few seconds.

After talking to the dervish and getting some water, take a piece of his beard. (Remember Keapon 
Laffin's poster at the adventure's guild?) Thieves and magic user's return to the overlook, and 
practice throwing (thieves) or their spells (Magic Users). Fighters should just wander aimlessly
around the desert, killing any monsters they come across.(See the monsters section for deatils 
on how to fight each creature).

Your done fighting or practising (or both), return to the Katta's Tail Inn. (Sleep until 
evening if it's still daytime.) Come out and watch Shema dance, Order your dinner, then return 
to your room and sleep until dawn.

Day Three
Do the standard morning activities (Breakfast, practice with Uhuru). Use your map to travel to 
the palace plaza, and from there go into the doorway to the left. Follow "Tarik of the Stars" 
until you reach the astrologer. Tell him your name, and then "ASK ABOUT FUTURE"  and then "TELL 
ABOUT PAST". Leave the Astrologer, go to the southern end of the fountain plaza and give a coin 
to the beggar (doesn't matter which sort). Now head for the northern end of the fountain plaza 
and enter the magic shop. Sell the whirl of beard to Keapon. (Magic users should bargain for any 
spells that they haven't bought yet, while thieves should purchase the rope if they haven't 
already). Leave the magic shop, and exit at the top of the screen. Follow "Shmali Tarik". When 
you come to the intersection of Schmali and Sitt, turn left into "Sitt Tarik". You'll find 
yourself looking at a door with an eye in the center of it. Knock on the door. You'll be asked 
the following questions:

Q:"Who is it that seeks to enter?"
A: Your name

Q:"Who is it that sent you here?"
A: Keapon Laffin

Q:"What element is most appropriate to the owner of the magic shop?"
A: Air

Q:"My first is the first, my second is the last, next comes myself, Then back to the end, and 
beginning again. Who am I?"
A: Aziza

If you make a mistake, exit the screen and try again. After you've supplied the right answers, 
the door will open, and Aziza the enchantrees will admit you. (from now on, you'll be able to 
return here using the map. Also, you won't have to answer the questions to gain entrance 
any more. Just knock to get in) Aziza will ask you to sit down. (typing "SIT" will not work 
here. Instead, just walk over to the table and you'll sit down automatically). When Aziza offers you
tea, say yes. For now, there is nothing you need to ask Aziza, so say "GOODBYE". Your character 
will now stand up and leave automatically.

magic users or mixed characters might have noticed something when walking the streets. If you 
cast "DETECT MAGIC", you'll see a magic arrow appear. Follow these arrows to their source. (If 
you don't want to do that, then, after talking to Aziza, return to "Schmali Tarik" and head 
north (use your compass if unsure of which direction is north) and continue until you come to 
"Kalsa Darb". Turn left and proceed until you come to "Kudra Darb", turning right. When you come to 
"Sahir Tarik", turn right. Now cast detect magic. This will cause a door to appear at the end of 
the alley. cast open and it will, surprise surprise, open. Enter it. Your now in the beautiful 
Wizard's Institue of Technology. You'll begin to hear a number of voices, and they will ask you 
some questions. Failing them them will result in your being kicked out. First, the voices will 
ask yoru name. (just type your characters name), then your purpose ("To become a wizard") and 
finally, you'll be asked for a sponsor. You can choose any of the wizards whose portraits you 
can see, although only Erasmus will agree to be your sponsor. The voices will carry on for a 
bit, then they will contact Erasmus. He will begin your pre-test. You'll find yourself in a 
strange area, unable to move. There will be three bells and a small stand in front of you. To 
solve this puzzle, cast "DETECT MAGIC". A bell will flash. Cast "FETCH" on that one, and you 
will move it to the small stand. cast "TRIGGER" on the bell on the stand, and it will ring, 
letting you know that you have passed the pre-test. Erasmus will congratulate you, as well as 
give you a few clues. You'll exit back to the main hall of the W.I.T. The voices will ask if 
your ready. If you have a few mana pills, say yes. If you have none, say no, buy some, then 
return and say yes. You'll find yourself walking along an endless pathway in what appears to be 
space. The Air Wizard will appear, and begin his test. To pass, cast "FETCH" on the staff, so 
that it moves towards you. Now cast "LEVITATE" and move up until the staff has gone. You'll 
continue along the path until the Earth wizard appears and issues his test. To continue, first 
cast "TRIGGER", then "CALM". Now climb over the wall. When it comes to life again, cast 
"TRIGGER" for a second time. you'll walk to the end of the path and continue. Now it's time for 
the Water Wizard's challenge. Cast "FLAME DART" at the iceberg, then "FORCE BOLT", aiming the 
bolts for the center of the iceberg. Continue casting until both halves of the iceberg fall of 
the screen. You'll now face the final test, that of the Fire Wizard. When the door appears, cast 
"OPEN" on it. Now cast "CALM", to make the flames die down. They'll disappear, but your left 
with a hole in the path. Cast "FETCH" and aim it at  the door to close it, and then cast "FORCE 
BOLT", aiming it for the top of the door. It will fall over, allowing you to continue.

Now that you've passed the tests, you will be returned to the W.I.T. where the elemental wizards 
will offer to let you join them. Say no. Erasmus will congratulate you on passing the tests, and 
inform you that your now a wizard, not just a magic user. He'll then give you the reversal 
spell, and transport you back to the alley. From now on, you can't enter the W.I.T any more.

Now explore or sleep until evening (Fighters' should spend the day fighting monsters. Fighters 
should defeat at least one of each type of monsters. See the monsters section for details of how 
to find monsters and when then can be found.). Return top the inn at night, and sit down and 
listen to Omar the poet, then order your dinner, eat it and go to sleep.

Thieving time
While fighters' and wizards should sleep after Omar has finished, thieves should exit the inn. 
Return to the money changer, and she will give you a job and some directions. Follow them until 
you come to an alleyway with a blue lamp above a door. Start sneaking (Type "STEALTH" to sneak 
around.) and wait until midnight. Once it's the correct time, approach the door and pick the 
lock. If, at any time, you make a noise in this house, stop and wait for a few seconds before 
continuing. Now sneak over the shelves, and take the teapot that's there. Sneak over to the 
wardrobe, and use the oil on the hinges. Search the wardrobe and get the bowl that you find 
there. Now sneak over to the large carpet on the floor, and look under it. At this point a man 
enter the house and look right at you! Luckily, Hasan is blind and he doesn't you. Whew! Now 
return to where you rolled up the carpet, and open the trapdoor you revealed. At this point, 
you'll hear a noise outside. Hide the trapdoor (Type "UNROLL CARPET") and then hide in the 
wardrobe. When Ahmak has gone, exit the wardrobe, and roll up the carpet again. Pick the lock 
on the chest inside the opened trapdoor. Once again you'll hear a noise again, so unroll the 
carpet and go back to the wardrobe. When Jabir has gone, exit the wardrobe and return to the 
trapdoor. Get the dinars out of the chest and then serach it. You'll find a false bottom 
counting a jewel encrusted dagger. Now that you've finished looting these poor people (Hey, a 
thiefs gotta make a living somehow), sneak out, return to the and go to sleep.

(NOTE: Non thieves that have the skills of stealth and lock picking can enter this place, but 
you won't get as much out of it as a thief will.)

Day Four
Do your usual morning thing, with everyone eating breakfast and fighting once with Uhura, the 
fighter fighting a couple more times, and the thief walking the challenger's tightrope. When you 
leave the inn this morning, Shameen will warn you about  a strange fire, and upon entering the 
gate plaza, all the merchant, save Ali Chica will be gone. Ali's stall will be nothing but a 
pile of burned wood, so I hope you bought the map and compass already. Despite his claims of 
selling you burnt wood, Ali Chica won't sell any to you. Despite the report of the strange fire, day 4 
will prove to be pretty uninteresting. The thief should report to Dinarzaad that he was 
successful, and bargain with for a good price for the stolen items. Don't forget to ask about 
the safe! Fighters should visit the weapons shop, and ask Issur about arm wrestling, then 
challenge him. (Make sure you lose to Issur. If you will now, a bug will mean that he will 
refuse to take up your challenge again) If you remembered to speak with the astrologer 
yesterday, then go and see him now and "ASK ABOUT FORTUNE".  Now that you've done that, spend 
the day honing your skills. Wizards and Fighters should travel into the desert (Wizards should 
stay in the city overview and just practice their spells), while thieves should practice their 
sneaking and locking in the street of Shapier. When night approaches, return to the inn, eat 
your dinner and go to sleep.

Day Five
When you sit down this morning, Abdulla will tell you that you will soon be called upon to save 
the city(Shapier) from being awash in flames. So much for your holiday after saving Spielburg 
from Baba Yaga and the brigands. When you leave the inn, you can see the elemental dancing around
the now empty gate plaza. Don't go near it, as you cannot fight it, and it can hurt you simply by
touching you. (If the elemental touches the inn's sign, it will burn and won't be fixed for the 
rest of the game). So, avoid the fire elemental, and then proceed with your usual morning 
activities. Once your done with them, it's time to pay Azziz a visit.(Remember to be polite and 
mind your manner. Just because Aziza has let you in, it doesn't mean she won't kick you out!) 
Thank her and leave. Using your map, go top the Apothecary. After getting Harik's attention 
(Notice how he talks about the fire elemental?) ask him about "FIRE". Once his demonstration is 
over, bargain for some incense (Only purchase/bargain for 1. If you get more than that, you will 
be unable to defeat the fire elemental because of a bug.) leave, and fill your water skins. NOW 
your ready to tackle that fire elemental! Travel back to the gate plaza, and "USE INCENSE". Walk 
up into the street leading to the fountain plaza. Continue walking up the screen until your 
incense runs out. Now "USE LAMP" and wait until the fire elemental approaches you. When it's 
close enough, "USE WATER" (If your unsure of  when it's close enough, just keep typing "USE 
WATER" every few seconds.) Now weakened, and trapped, the fire elemental has nowhere to go but 
into your lamp! Congratulations, you've defeated the first of the elementals! Now get your lamp, 
and kill time until evening.

(NOTE: If you messed up your timing, and the elemental escaped, don't worry. Just get another 
pouch of incense, and try again. Also, you have until day 6 to defeat the fire elemental. If you 
don't do it then, the city will be destroyed at the start of day 7, ending your game.)

Day Six
Follow your standard morning Activities (Fighters should, for now, continue to challenge and 
lose to Issur at arm wrestling. While you lose money, you gain strength.) Thieves should 
purchase a few more daggers from Issur. Now just explore and train your character for the rest 
of the day. At night time, thieves should exit the inn, and head to the fighters plaza, and 
break into Issurs' shop. Use oil on his anvil, and push it away from the trap door it hiden. 
Open the trapdoor, and take the money you find there. (If your thief isn't strong enough, then 
move everything back as it was, and try again tomorrow). Now return to the inn and sleep.

Day Seven
Another uneventful day. Do the normal morning things, but make sure you visit Omar an Ja'afar in
the southern end of the fountain plaza, Stand still and listen to their poetry until Omar has 
finished. (You'll know he's finished when the fountain starts running again) Leave, and return a 
bit later. You'll notice that Omar left something behind, and it turns out to be his purse. It's 
up to you weather you keep it or return it. Continue to explore and/or train your hero, then 
return to the inn and go to sleep.

Day Eight
(The air elemental appears in the palace plaza today. You MUST defeat before day 11, or your 
game will end.)

Once you've woken up, and train at the guild hall (With thieves also working on their skill in 
the streets as well as with the challenger, and magic users practising their spells in the 
desert). Now FIGHTERS should go to the  weapons store (And if you haven't already done so, 
bargain with Issur for the Fine Sword). Now ASK ABOUT AIR ELEMENTAL then BET. You'll now be 
taken to a mini game where your character must defeat Issur at arm wrestling. As long as you 
have a good strength rating, you should have no problems. If you can't beat him, then first, 
make sure your at full health and stamina. If you still can't beat him, fight with Aziza and in 
the desert to raise your strength. (If you can't beat him now, keep coming back each day until 
you do.) Issur will then "give" you his bellows.  Wizards and thieves have others means of 
acquiring the bellows, which I'll discuss later. 

(NOTE: In some versions of the game, if you arm wrestle and beat Issur before the air elemental 
appears, he'll refuse to arm wrestle you again, even when asked about the air elemental. There's 
nothing you can do about this, it's a bug) 

Now, all characters should visit Aziza, and ASK ABOUT AIR ELEMENTAL. 
After that, go to the the magic shop to ASK ABOUT AIR ELEMENTAL and to ASK ABOUT AIR. Next, pay 
a visit to Keapon Laffin at the magic shop, and ASK ABOUT AIR, ASK ABOUT AIR ELEMENTAL. Keapon 
will mention a cryptic clue to defeating the air elemental, but the jey word he mentions is 
"mud". So ASK ABOUT MUD (or earth). Keapon will then mention "fooler's earth" so...ASK ABOUT 
FOOLERS EARTH, and you'll be given some dirt. (NOTE: You can also buy some dirt from the plant 
seller.) Now your done for the day, so you can either train, explore, fight monsters or just go 
to the inn and sleep or go to the desert until night time. Also, you can visit the place plaza 
if you want to have a look at the air elemental, but (for now) you can't do anything about it.

Thieves and Magic Users only:
Before going to sleep for the night, pay a visit to the fighters plaza east. Now thieves should 
sneak over (magic users won't have this skill, unless you chose to give it to your magic user, 
so just walk.) to the weapons store. Thieves should USE ROPE while magic users should CAST 
LEVITATE. Now just TAKE BELLOWS and return to the inn. (NOTE: If you take too long, a guard will
come out and catch you. I can't remember if you get chucked in jail if he catches you too much 

Day Nine
After doing the usual morning activities, head over to the Palace plaza, for we're now going to 
defeat the air elemental. Each character has different approach this time and they are as 

FIGHTER - Walk up to the air elemental and force your way up to it, then DROP EARTH.

THEIF - THROW DIRT, aiming for the center of the air elemental.

MAGIC USER - CAST LEVITATE then wait until the air elemental is beneath you, then DROP EARTH.

Now all characters should USE BELLOWS to capture the air elemental, and save the city from 
it's wrath. Now there's not much else to do, so amuse yourself by doing the usual stuff.

Day Ten
Nothing happens today, so just spend the day toughening up. Keep in mind that the beggar 
appears in the gate plaza today.

Day Eleven
Once again, nothing special happens today, but make sure you return to the inn at night, because
the Poet Omar appears there to read some of his poetry. You can return his purse to him now. 
Don't forget to thank him after he rewards you.

Day Twelve
(Today the Earth Elemental will appear. If you don't kick his stony behind before day 14, it's 

When you wake up this morning, do the usual morning thing. Before leaving, make sure you ask 
Rakeesh about nature (ASK ABOUT NATURE). If your a fighter, you should also ASK ABOUT SWORD. 
Rakeesh will than loan you his paladin sword "Soulforge". (Thieves and Magic Users can ask about 
the sword, but Rakeesh will not offer his sword to them, as they cannot use it) Now go to the
Apothecary, and ASK ABOUT EARTH, and TELL ABOUT EARTH ELEMENTAL. (Harrick will only offer his 
power of burning to thieves. Fighters and Magic Users do not need it.) Now leave the apothecary, 
and return to the fighter's plaza. Here, you should purchase a cloth bag from the cloth vendor. 
Now leave the plaza and wander about the streets. Eventually you will encounter the Earth 

FIGHTERS: Just FIGHT the Earth Elemental. Instead of your fine sword, you will use Soulforge 
(It will flame by itself) Make the most of it, as you can only use Soulforge when facing the 
Earth Elemental.

THIEVES: Just THROW POWDER at Earth Elemental.

Magic Users: If you couldn't figure this out, I'd be surprised. But just in case, you should 

Now that you've defeated the Earth Elemental, it will be nothing but a pile of dirt on the 
ground. But it's not defeated completely yet, because if you leave, it will just regenerate and 
continue its rampage. So to stop this just "GET ELEMENTAL". If you didn't buy a cloth bag like I
said you should, do so now, then defeat the Earth Elemental again. Now just explore or train for 
the rest of the day. (NOTE: If you go to the Saurus Lot, the guard will tell you that the 
Dervish of the Oasis has sent for you. If you wish to go there right away, please see Day 13)

Day Thirteen
Do your usual morning stuff. While working out at the guild hall, fighters should "GIVE SWORD" 
to Uhura. (While you can keep it, you won't be able to use it in battle, as your not a Paladin). 
Now make sure your waterskins are topped up, then go to the stables and mount your saurus and go 
to the Oasis. ASK ABOUT PUZZEL and then your ready to GO HOME. (Although you should also GET 
BEARD while your here. This is the "whirling part of the dervish" that you'll remember from the 
quests board at the adventurers guild.)

Now head west for five screens, then just go south until you come to a screen with a scary 
looking monster trapped in a cage. If you get to close, it will try and attack you, and your 
hero (No matter what his class or stats) will get scared. But you CAN approach the front of the
cage, and you should. When your can get any closer, GIVE WATER and GIVE FOOD. Your done for now, 
(NOTE: If you leave without giving the monster anything, it will cry out for water as you leave) 
Before we re-enter the city though, there are two other desert locations you might have come 
across. Of course, you have will have seen the griffen's nest on your way to the caged beast 
(four west of the overlook), but unless you explored the desert ALOT, you might not have come 
across the tree (Seven east of the overlook). Go and check these location out now. When your 
done looking at the tree and the griffen. (NOTE: If you want to fight the griffen, just throw 
rocks, daggers or cast spells at it. It will then fly off. Now whenever you move to a differant 
screen in the desert, the griffen will fly across the screen, then attack you.)

Once your back in the city, go to Aziza's place. Make sure you use your manner before you try to 
ask her anything. Once those are out of the way ASK ABOUT BEAST. When she's done talking say 
THANKS and GOODBYE. Now go to the Apothecary. ASK ABOUT DISPEL POTION(As with each time you 
visit, Harrick isn't paying attention when you first enter, so you will have to ASK ABOUT DISPEL 
return to Aziza. Once you've done all the manner stuff, ASK ABOUT TREE. Then say THANKS and 
GOODBYE again. Now we know what we need for the dispel potion, and where to get it from. First, 
the Griffen's feather. From the Shapier overlook, go four screen west.

not strong enough, just train then come back)


MAGIC USERS: Basically do the same thing as Thieves, except they CAST LEVITATE instead of using 
a magic rope. Now LOOK IN NEST, GET FEATHER.

Once you've obtained a griffen feather, GO HOME. Now go 7 screens to the east to arrive at the 
tree(A.k.a The Plant Woman). To get three to bloom and give you a fruit of compassion you 
(Note: For the last step, just type the plant woman's name. There is no need to type "TELL 
ABOUT" or anything like that). 
Julanar will have her soul restored, and as thanks, she will give you a fruit of compassion. Now 
GO HOME and visit Harrick in the Apothecary again. Once you have Harrick's attention, GIVE 
FEATHER and GIVE FRUIT. Harrick will then mix you three portions of Dispel Potion. Go back to 
the monster. Give it food and water to distract it, then walk around to its tail, and GET HAIR. 
You will automatically mix the hair in one of the dispel potions. Quickly (Before it finishes 
eating and drinking) and GIVE POTION. After spazzing for abit, then monster will turn into a 
man. He'll talk to you for a bit, then disappear.(Note: if you gave him food and water, he'll 
reappear and thank you for it, then leave again). Now GO HOME and do whatever you want.

Day 14
When you sit down to eat breakfast this morning, Abdulla will inform you that the Water 
Elemental has appeared in the fountain plaza.(It must be defeated before Day 16) So go to the 
fountain plaza. When you arrive, be carefull, so if the Water Elemental catches you, it's game 
over. To defeat the Water Elemental DROP WATERSKIN then use BELLOWS. Then GET WATERSKIN. That's 
it, you've just defeated the last of the elementals! But the game isn't over yet, leave and do 
whatever you feel like doing for the rest of the day. (NOTE: The waterskin containing the Water 
Elemental can't be used to hold your water supply, so you must buy a new once to replace.)

Day 15
Nothing much happens today.

FIGHTERS: Before going to sleep for the night, go to the fighter's plaza west. Now go north 
until you come to an intersection labelled "Askari Darb".Go left now, and continue until you 
come to a plain wooden door. If you managed to find this door earlier in the game, it would have 
been closed, but now it's open. You'll be told to enter. Do so. When you can see again, you will 
be chained up. Your weapon and shield will be far away on the other side of the room. To break 
the chains, type ESCAPE. Now your free. Problem is, there's a tough looking guy with a sword 
coming towards you. To get past him, just dodge (If you dodge skill isn't good enough, load an 
older save game and build it up). When you've dodged past him, your character will automatically 
grab his sword and shield. Now fight the tough guy just like you would a normal fight. When the 
tough guy collapses, you will be told to finish him. Do so.

Day 16
Do the normal morning stuff. (Fighters will now find an EOF membership card in their inventory). 
At the adventurer's guild, fighters can PRACTICE WITH RAKEESH. Thieves should beat the tightrope 
challenge if they haven't already. Now go to the palace plaza and walk up to the jewellery 
stand. The katta guy there will give you a pin, so say THANKS. Now just explore and train for 
the rest of the day. (Note: make sure you are stocked up on pills and rations before you go to 
bed. Also, you should buy a few extra waterskins, so that you have around 5. You'll need them 
trust me.)

Days 17-26
You won't actually have control of your character during these days, as he joins a caravan bound 
for Rasier. (If you sleep at the Oasis on day 16, you can still catch up to the caravan. But if 
you sleep there again, it's game over.) During the cutscene that follows, there are allot of 
amusing messages if you click on stuff with the right mouse button, so go crazy doing so!
(Note: As far as I know, it's not possible to go to Rasier without waiting for the caravan on 
Day 17.)

Day 27
After Khaveen "greets" you, (He will give you a Visa) go into the Blue Parrot Inn. When Signor 
Ferrair invites you to join him SIT. When he asks you which drink you want, say COFFEE. When 
your coffee arrives, DRINK it. Ferrari will dismiss you now, so you cna explore the city, or go 
into the desert and fight monsters.

THIEVES: Make the Theif sign, and Ferrari will identify himself as the thieve's guild of Rasier.
This also lets him know that you are a thief.

This section of the game can be very boring, as there's nothing to do in Rasier when just 
exploring, and the game doesn't allow you to go to bed until night time. When it's sunset return 
to the inn. Ferrair will invite you over again, and introduce you to Ugarte. You can purchase 
water from Ugarte (but be sure to ASK ABOUT WATER first) as well as ask a few other questions. 
When your done talking to him, just leave Ugarte alone. Now you can ask Ferrari a few more 
questions or stand up and leave. Now kill time until night approaches, then go back to the inn.

THIEVES: As you enter your bedroom, Ferrari will mention that he wishes to speak with you 
tomorrow evening. If he does not, then you forgot the make the theives sign to him earlier. 
While this won't stop you from completing the game, Ferrari won't give you the details of the 
"job" he has for you. (As he won't know your a thief) 

Day 28
When you wake up, Wilmer will inform you that Signor Ferrari had some business to attend to, and
that he will be back this evening. But for now, head over to the fountain plaza, and move to the 
second screen of the fountain plaza. You will see Ugarte get arrested, then dragged off. You can
try and follow him, but the guards will stop you. As you return to the gate plaza, a woman will 
poke her head from out of a doorway and ask you to follow her. Do so.(NOTE: If you ignore the 
woman, you will get arrested by the guards. This is basically the game's way of telling you to 
follow the woman) You find yourself in an alleyway, facing an open door, so go in. (Note: 
If you have the X-Ray specs, put them on now, heh ;) You will now be in the house of of Zayishah. 
After she has finished talking GIVE CLOTHES to her, and you will hand her the spare set of 
clothes you were given by Shema. After she has changed, GIVE VISA. You will be given a mirror by 
Mayzun, and sent on your way. (Note: You now cannot leave the city, as you don't have your visa 
You should now kill time until the end of the day.

THIEVES: When you return to the inn, Signor Ferrari will invite you to sit with him. 
So SIT with him. He will talk for a bit, then ask if you are willing to do him a favour. Answer 
YES. At this point, if you don't have at least 1 pot of oil, don't even bother trying. But for 
now, we'll assume that you do. Ferrair will tell you that your to steal a statue of a black bird 
from the room a window you see when you first enter the fountain plaza. He'll also mention that 
you should make the thief sign to the guards outside the inn, but they won't react even if you 
don't. SNEAK and proceed towards the fountain plaza. When you arrive, wait until the guard 
leaves, then USE ROPE. Now that your in Khaveen's room, SNEAK and proceed towards the cabinet. 
If you make a noise, just stop and await for a few seconds. When you arrive at the cabinet, OIL 
HINGES, PICK LOCK, GET BIRD then leave. If you get caught, just restore your game and try again.
Now sneak back over to the Blue Parrot Inn. When you arrive, answer YES to Ferrari's question, 
then GIVE BIRD. After the small scene, STAND and walk to the sleeping area.

Day 29
After you wake up, leave the inn. You will be arrested by the guards. There is nothing you can 
do to avoid this. You will now be in a cell in the Rasier dunegon. All of your inventory has 
been striped away (Except for the katta pin, if you got it) and is visible piled up outside your 
cell. There is a katta sitting in the cell lookin at you. Now, if you have the pin given to you 
in Shapier, SHOW PIN to the katta, and he will then answer your questions and will also help 
you to escape. Otherwise, he will ignore you.



THIEVES: If you have the katta pin, then just USE PIN. If you don't have it however, don't 
worry as you can find a nail. to find it, first SEARCH HEY, then GET NAIL. Then just USE NAIL to 

Now if you have the katta's help, he will tell you about the secret passage. But if you don't 
have the pin, you will have to SEARCH ROOM to find it. Before leaving the dungeon, make sure you 
Now that you've escaped, just wander around. Eventually you will encounter a man. This is Ad 
A cut scene will follow, and you fill find yourself at the Forbidden City. When prompted to do 
something by Ad Avis, USE MIRROR. When you enter the Forbidden City, you won't be able to see so 
USE LAMP. Exit the screen to the left.
You will now find yourself blocked off from this room's exit by a large river. To get across 
the river, move to the moss covered area towards the top of the screen (Light green). Now you 
have to JUMP onto a log. But wait until a log is in front of you before jumping, because 
otherwise you will die. If you aren't sure about when to jump, save your game and jump in a few 
times to see where the hero lands in the river. Then JUMP when a log is in that area of the 
river. Wait until the log you are on gets near a small lip on the other side of the river then 
JUMP off. 
You will have noticed the pile of rocks that's on the other side of the river. If you try 
to walk past this pile of rocks, the air being sucked in will pull you towards the rocks. To 
stop this from happening:


MAGIC USERS: CAST FORCE BOLT and aim just above the rocks.


Now that the sucking air has been dealt with, walk up behind the waterfall, and exit to the exit 
of the screen.
Now just exit the screen to the right once again, but be careful because if you fall of the 
ledge, you'll have to cross the river again, which is very annoying.
You'll find yourself in a room full of lava next. If you have any water USE WATER to pour 
some of the water on yourself. Otherwise just follow the path and try and avoid stepping on the 
The next room ends with in a cliff, with a big drop to the floor.




Now that you've managed to reach the floor, approach the large door and type in SULEIMAN. Exit 
the room.
This room is easy. Just ignore the treasures and exit the room at the top of the screen. BUT 
before you do, save your game and try grabbing some of the treasure at various places for some 
interesting ways to die.
Now you've FINALLY reached the end of the Forbidden City, and your in the Tomb of Iblis. After 
the cutscene, walk down and towards the door. Something will flash at the bottom of the screen, 
so walk towards and it LOOK AT FLASH. This will reveal the flash to be a ting, so GET RING. A 
Djinni will appear. First you should ASK ABOUT WISHES. Then WISH FOR HEALING.




And for your third wish, wish for TELEPORT.

Day 30
You will be teleported to the Palace Plaza in Rasier, and it will now be evening on day 30. If 
you showed him the katta pin, Sharaf will show up and talk to you for a bit. Exit at the bottom 
of the screen when he has left.

FIGHTERS: Walk up to the guards and fight them (Ignore the yelling eunuch). When the guards have 
been defeated OPEN GATE (You may have to do this a few times, depending on your stats)

MAGIC USERS: CAST DAZZLE then CAST OPEN and aim the spell at the gate.

THIEVES: Type SNEAK and walk up to the palace, making sure to stay in the shadows on the left 
hand side of the palace. Wait until a Eunuch has appeared on the screen and exits to the right. 
USE ROPE and exit to the left.

Now Fighters and Magic Users will end up in the Antechamber, will Thieves will end up in the 
harem. But I'm going to deal with the antechamer first.
You will find yourself on a balcony, looking at Khaveen and a guard. Wait until the guard 

FIGHTERS: JUMP and then fight Khaveen. When he manages to knock your sword away, type GET SWORD.
When Khaveen himself loses his sword, just finish him off. Now take a healing and a vigor pill, 
then walk up to the door and type FORCE DOOR. Then enter it. You find yourself in the Ritual 
Chamber. A large statue will try and stop you. To get away, type ESCAPE. Now quickly knock over 
an unlit candle. Type RUN, and quickly run towards the left of the screen, then run towards Ad 
Avis, moving through the fire. You'll knock him out of the window. Congratulations, you've just 
completed the game!

MAGIC USER: Wait until the guard leaves, then CAST CALM. When Khaveen has left the room, CAST 
LEVITATE to get to the ground. Now walk up to the door. But beefer opening it, CAST REVERSAL. 
Now CAST OPEN and aim for the door. Enter the door. As soon as you enter, you'll be knocked over 
by the statue. To deal with him CAST TRIGER and aim at the statue. Now CAST FETCH and aim at an 
unlit candle. Ad Avis will noticed you and try to hit you with a spell, but you will be 
protected by your reversal spell. Now move to the middle of the bottom of the screen and CAST 
FORCE BOLT. Aim it towards the left so that the bolt will reflect off the wall and hit the 
brazier. This will knock Ad Avis out of the window. Congratulations, you've just completed the 

Now Like I said before, Thieves won't actually go into the antechamber, because they enter the 
palace from above. Anyway, when you first enter the Harem, you won't actually be able to do 
anything, so just sit back and watch. When your told to leave, exit at the left of the screen. 
You now in the Eunuch room. Make sure you are sneaking (Type SNEAK) then sneak below the 
fountain. Wait until the sitting Eunuch walks over to talk to the harm girl, then sneak over to 
the table. Now wait until the patrolling guard exits the screen to the right, and sneak over to 
the balcony exit in the upper left corner of the screen. Now that you at the balcony USE ROPE to 
create a tightrope. To cross it, just do the same thing you did when crossing the 
challengers tightrope. This will put you outside the ritual chamber that Fighters and Magic 
Users above encountered. Now throw a dagger or a rock at one of the unlit candles. Now DUCK 
whenever Ad Avis casts a spell at you, while moving towards the next pillar. While you do this, 
continue to THROW DAGGER or THROW ROCK at Ad Avis. Eventually he'll tumble out through the 
window, and you will have finished the game! 

8. Complete Points List
First, I'll list the points that can be earned by characters of all classes:

The city of Shapier-
Change money at the money changer(7)
Buy Comapss from Alichica(5)
Buy Map from Alichica(5)
Sign book in adventuers guild(3)
Give money to the Beggar(3)
Locate the Astrologer(5)
Ask about your future(5)
Buy the saurus from Ali Fakir at the Gate Plaza(7)
Ask Harik about Earth(3)
Ask Harick about Fire(3)
Buy Incense from Harick(7)
Get Dispel Potion from Harick(7)
Buy a lamp from Tashtari at the Fountain Plaza(7)
Capture the Fire Elemental(20)
Get the fire reward from Rakeesh(3)
Ask Keapon Laffin about Air(5)
Get bellows from Weapon shop(7)
Capture Air Elemental(20)
Get air reward from Omar(3)
Buy Cloth bag from Kiram at the Fighters' Plaza(7)
Capture Earth Elemental(20)
Solve Aziza's riddles(7)
Ask Aziza about Tree/plant(7)
Visit Aziza with your Saurus on day 16(7)
Capture Water Elemental(20)
Get Earth & Water Reward(6)
Listen to Omar's Poetry(3)
Recieve the katta pin from Sashanan(5)

Desert of Shapier-
Find the Griffen(3)
Get Griffen Feather(7)
Water the Tree(7)
Tell the Tree about yourself(5)
Give the Earth Elementals remains to Tree(7)
Tell the Tree about the Earth Elemental(5)
Hug the Tree(5)
Tell the Tree her name(5)
Get the Fruit of Compassion from the Tree(7)
Get a piece of the Dervish's beard(5)
Ask Dervish about Beast(5)
Find the Caged Beast(5)
Feed the Caged beast(5)
Use Dispel Potion on Caged beast(15)

Rasier/The Forbidden City/Endgame-
Give Spares clothes to Zayishah(5)
Give visa to Zayishah(5)
Win Sharaf's Trust with in the Rasier Jail(7)
Escape fom the Jail(7)
Use the Hand Mirror to open the Forbidden City(5)
Block Airflow(7)
Surive the Water Room(7)
Survive the Fire Room(7)
Surive the Earth Room(7)
Pass Suleiman's door(7)
Survive the Treasure Room(5)
Get Djinni Ring(7)
Ask Djniini about wishes(7)
Complete the game(20)

The next few lists show the points that can only be earned by each class. So, for example, only 
Fighters earn points when buying Poison Cure Pills, but only Magic Users gain points for pass 
the W.I.T tests.

Buy Poison Cure Pill(3)
Defeat a Brigan(3)
Defeat a group of Jackalmen(3)
Defeat a Ghoul(3)
Get some Ghoul Claws(5)
Defeat a Giant Scoprion(3)
get a Scorpion Tail(5)
Defeat a Terror Saurus(3)
Ask Uhura about monsters(3)
Practice with Uhura(5)
Ask Rakeesh about Paladins(3)
Borrow Rakeesh's sword, Soulforge(7)
Practice with Rakeesh on day 16(5)
Defeat Issur at Arm Wrestling(7)
Join the Eternal Order of Fighters(7)
Enter Emir's Palace(5)
Defeat Khaven(15)
Defeat Ad Avis(15)

Magic Users-

9. How to become a Paladin
Coming Soon!

10. Silly Clowns
Coming Soon!

11. Cheats
To raise your Lockpick skill, just type PICK NOSE. However, this may kill you if your lockpick 
skill is low. (And, of course, it only works if you have the lockpick skill and a lockpick)

After collecting the beard from the Dervish, you can sell it to Keapon Laffin as many times as 
you like, and he'll continue to pay you 15 dinars every time.

When watching Shema dance, you can actually cause your character to appear on the screen, and 
walk around. This will not affect your game, but it -IS- neat ;)

Apparently, after you have gotten heaps of Dinars, go to the weapons shop and buy 99
daggers. After you have done this 4 or 5 times, you will not only have a negative encumbrance, 
but your Dinars will go up. If you do it a couple more times, your encumbrance will go back to 
normal, but do it a few more times and it will go negative again. (I haven't tested this cheat 

Type "suck blue frog" while playing, then hold down ALT and type in one of the letters listed 
below to get the activate it's listed cheat.  

W- Feature Writer (I have no idea)  
B- Edit money and communication skill
K- Edit one skill (See below for the skill codes)
H- Edit all skills (That is, set all skills to one set value)
I- Edit inventory items (The codes for each item are below)
T- Teleport to certain place or time. (Location codes are listed below)
S- List of sprites on current screen
E- Ego status (No idea what this does either)
P- Makes the colors on the screen go funny.
F- Displays the memory
G- Path Maker (Don't ask me!)
Z- Kicks you out to DOS
X- Kicks you out to DOS
C- Shows you where you can move
V- Turns the effects of ALT-C and ALT-P off
N- ?????

I don't recommend using N, G or W. Do so at your own risk. Also, please don't ask me what W, E, 
G or N do, because I don't know!

Skill Codes:
5-Weapon Use
9-Pick Locks
16-Hit Points
17-Stamina Points
18-Magic Points

Use the following numbers to modify the skill of your spells (If you have spells that is)

25-Flame Dart
27-Force Bolt

Inventory Codes:
6-Leather Armor
10-Lock Pick
11-Thieves Tools
12-Thief License
16-Magic Rope
17-Gold Coin
18-Healing Pill
19-Mana Pill
20-Vigor Pill
21-Dispel Potion
24-Fine Sword
27-Saphire Pin
28-Griffin Feather
29-Scorpion Tail
30-Ghoul Claw
32-Pot o' dirt
33-Brass lamp
35-Empty Pot
36-Fruit of Compassion
38-Cloth sack
39-Powder of Burning
40-EOF Badge
41-Raseirian Visa
43-Water Elemental
44-Djinn Ring
45-Silk Scarf
47-Black Bird
48-Poison Cure Pill
49-Change of Clothes
51-Bag of Sand
52-Earth Elemental
53-Silver Tea Service
54-X-Ray Glasses
55-Leather purse
56-Silver Dagger
57-Emerald Bowl
58-Rusty Nail

Locations Codes:
Using the codes below, you can teleport your character to any location you wish. However, be 
careful, as it's possible to teleport your character to a location he isn't meant to be in at 
that time...or at all.

100-Katta's Tail Inn (Shapier)
120-Money Changer (Shapier)
130-Apothecary (Shapier)
140-Weapon Shop (Shapier)
150-Arm Wrestling
160-Guild Hall (Shapier)
170-Fighting Uhura
190-Talking w/Aziza 
199-Aziza's Door (Shapier)
200-Astrologer (Shapier)
220-WIT Path
240-Palace (Shapier)
250-Magic Shop (Shapier)
260-Thief House (Shapier)
270-EOF Room (Shapier)
290-Saurus Stables (Shapier)
300-Gate Plaza (Shapier)
310-Fountain Plaza North (Shapier)
320-Fighters Plaza West (Shapier)
330-Fighters Plaza East (Shapier)
340-Fire Elemental Death
360-Blue Parrot Inn (Rasier)
370-Signor Ferrari
380-Gates Plaza Rasier
400-Palace Plaza Rasier
410-Khaveen's House (Rasier)
420-Ad Avis (Rasier)
430-Zayisha (Rasier)
440-Rasier Jail 
450-Rasier Fountain Plaza (South)
460-Rasier Fountain Plaza (North)
470-Antechamber (Rasier Palace)
480-Harem (Rasier Palace)
490-Ad Avis (Balcony)
500-Ad Avis (Chamber)
530-Eunuch Room (Rasier)
550-Forbidden City
560-Fire Room (Forbidden City)
570-Water Room (Forbidden City)
580-Bottom Air Room (Forbidden City)
600-Treasure Room (Forbidden City)
610-Iblis Chamber (Forbidden City)
620-The Dervish at the Oasis (Shapier Desert))
630-Caged Beast (Shapier Desert)
640-The Tree/Julanar (Shapier Desert)
650-Griffin (Shapier Desert)
770-Intro II
780-Outside Shapier
790-Death by Iblis
800-Character Selection
810-Character Sheet
820-End Game I
840-End Game II
850-End Game III
880-Outside Rasier

12. Sources
The Quest for Glory 2 hint book: Item and points lists and little bit of info for my 

Cheat ver 21.5 by Mike Zier: The "Suck Blue Frog" cheat and it's codes. (I already knew about
Suck Blue Frog, but couldn't remember all the codes for it)

13. Credits
My little sister, Interloper2058. She helped me allot before we got our hands on the official 
Sierra QFG2 hint book. Like the manuals say, there's always something someone else will see 
that you miss.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be working on the FAQ/Walkthru some more though, so expect to see 
more of the walkthru up soon. If you have any suggestions or questions concerning Quest for 
Glory 2, then e-mail me ([email protected]) and I'll be happy to help. But as with most 
FAQ authors, be sure your question ISN'T covered in the FAQ first.

So until the next update...happy adventuring!!

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