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***************** XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS - FAQ/WALKTHRU ******************

           Playstation Action/Adventure Game released 1999 UK (PAL)

                    FAQ/WALKTHRU (Final Version) 03/10/2001

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at [email protected]

Copyright stuff; If you wish to use this FAQ on your website, feel free to do
so under the following conditions. a) You email me first and let me know where
it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the content in anyway (if you need
to change the formatting slightly for display purposes that's OK).

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************



a) Road to Oebalus
b) Trouble in Oebalus
c) The Pirate King
d) Isle of Kronos
e) Trail of Gabrielle
f) Valaran's Castle
g) Valaran's Secret
h) The Labyrinth
i) Renegade Village
j) Rivers of Blood
k) Lost Temple
l) Dyzan's Lair
m) Road to Hades
n) Traps of Charon
o) Hade's Castle
p) T'ir Na
q) Rescue the Seer
r) Lyre of Orpheus
s) The Three Sisters
t) The Challenge
u) The Temple

******************************** REVISIONS ******************************

Final Version (01/10/01) - This is the first and last version of this
walkthrough.  The game is pretty easy and quite old now, so I have got all the
info available for this game contained here.  It's not the best game I've ever
played, but there isn't a guide on gamefaqs for it so I thought I'd provide

In my opinion this game will appeal most to Xena: Warrior Princess Fans and
younger gamers.  It blends a linear plot with simplistic fighting and
exploring. Graphically it is quite nice and plays OK.  Hopefully if you are
having any trouble with the game, this guide will help you out.

As well as my own playing of the game, I found the following magazine to be
helpful in writing this guide.  Play UK, issue 58

*************************** CHEATS and TIPS *****************************
CHEAT CODES - To enter code, highlight New game on the Main Menu screen and put
in code.

FULL SHIELD AND ATTACK - Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Up, Up, Up

INVINCIBILITY - Up, Up, Up, Circle, Square, Up, Right, Left

LEVEL SELECT - Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Up, Up, Up

DEITY RANKING AND EXTRA ENDING - Collect all 42 Scrolls in the game

SECRET DEVELOPERS ROOM - Just before you fight the Minotaur at the end of the
Labyrinth Level and rescue Gabrielle, instead of going left to enter the room,
go right. Follow the path until you reach the dead end with a torch on the wall
and a Health Potion. Walk through the wall, and you will be inside an office. 
There are posters on the wall from the TV show, a PC and some fizzy drinks.

VALARIAN COWS - Kill all the soldiers in the clearing in the Valerian castle
Level. Continue to dodge the fireballs.  After a while a couple of cows will be
thrown at you. They'll moo, before disappearing. Arf!

GAME TIPS - Use your Chakram a lot. You can attack from a safe distance and it
does more damage than the sword.  Also once Xena has struck a target with it,
let go of the R1 button.  Xena will catch the Chakram automatically, while you
concentrate on fighting.

USE POWER UPS WISELY - There are many power ups in the game.  Don't hoard them
as they can only be used on the level you discovered them on.  Here are the
most useful.

HEALTH REGAIN - Health potions will automatically activate if Xena runs very
low on energy, so make sure you have plenty stored.

FROST BITER - Keep this for facing multiple enemies in cramped conditions.  You
can freeze enemies and pick them off easily.

PROMETHEAN FIREBLADE - good for taking on lots of enemies at once.  As they
catch fire they will die, leaving you free to attack the next, and the next

HAND OF ZEUS - A nice concentrated lightening charge, which is good for Boss
encounters and mass attacks.

INVULNERABILITY - Save for those tricky times when you overwhelmed by hordes,
facing a particular nasty boss or running the gauntlet of traps.

********************************* WALKTHRU ******************************

LEVEL 1 - Road to Oebalus

This is a nice easy level to get you started.  There are a few enemies, but
mainly you should be using this level to practice exploring the scenery for
Health Potions and Power-Ups.  Look in bushes or behind trees.  There are also
two scrolls on this level to collect.  Each level has two scrolls to find. 
Collecting them gives you advice on finishing the level.

Walk along the path towards the village gate.  There are pirates who will
attack you, but they aren't much of a threat.  Once you arrive at the gate four
pirates will attack you.  It's easier to run away and pick them off one at a
time from afar than try and fight them all at once.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is on the road in front of you. The second
Scroll is in the bushes, immediately after you pass the "This way to Oebalus"


LEVEL 2 - Trouble in Oebalus

Now you're in Oebalus you have four hostages to save. There are more than four
hostages around the level, so don't be too bummed out if one gets killed.  Use
your Chakram to kill the pirates from a far before they can execute the

Make your way up the hill to the village (collecting a scroll on the way). 
You'll soon reach the first hostage in front of a burning building.  Save him
them carry on to the right of that building.  Another hostage is being held
behind a hut next to the edge of the water.

Go back past the burning building, on the other side you'll find a third
hostage and a Super Chakram power-up.  Now go up the path from this area and to
the docks.  Move quickly to avoid the arrows from the ship.  The building on
the left contains an Invulnerability power-up behind it.  Activate it to avoid
the arrows.  Save any hostages you find here and then go up the steep path from
the docks area.  There is a hostage on the right and a Key and the exit on the

SCROLL LOCATIONS - First Scroll is in front of you on the left. The second
Scroll is next to the Super Chakram. Power-up to the left of the first burning


LEVEL 3 - The Pirate King

You'll find yourself at a T-Junction, so go left and you'll see a gate on fire.
 There is a scroll there to. Now go back the way you came until you reach the
fisherman's wharf area.  There is a crate suspended by a rope so use your sword
to cut it down and carry on over the crates.  Then go up the boxes on the other
side until you reached a raised area.

On your left is a Shield (collect it), to your right a hay cart.  Hit the hay
cart twice to get it moving.  This will ram into a water tower and put the
flames out. This clears your path to continue.

Now go to the square, killing any annoying pirates you encounter on the way. 
You will soon encounter Pactolus.  This fight can be over quickly if you make
constant use of the knee attack.  Try to finish the fight quickly as two
henchmen will run on at intervals to help him out.

Once that's over collect the scroll and the resurrection jewel.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - Next to the burning gate and the second is in the area you
fight Pactolus.  Look under the bell next to the resurrection jewel and golden
shield pick-up.


LEVEL 4 - Isle of Kronos

Large boulders will be chucked at you as you explore the beach.  You can use
this to get rid of the blocks that stand in your path.  Simply stand in front
of the rock that's in your way and wait for a boulder to come flying towards
you.  Remember to leap out of the way at the last minute and the boulder will
shatter the rocks and allow you to continue.

Hunt around the beach for the first scroll, once you find it, the two rocks
behind it will have some goodies for you. Carry on up the mountain running and
jumping over the boulders rolling toward you. Your gaol is to reach the
waterfall.  At the waterfall, listen to Ares' riddle, and collect the scroll

Now carry on around the bend and prepare to encounter a Cyclops!. Retreat to a
safe distance and use your Chakram on his eye, then run forward to quickly use
your sword on his fingers as they cling to the edge. BE CAREFUL, he can knock
you over the edge. Once you've timed it right and done enough damage he will
fall and you can carry on up the path.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - First is to the right of the "To Valarian's Castle" sign. 
The second is the water where you talked to Ares.


LEVEL 5 - Trail of Gabrielle

Make your way through the valley.  There are archers above you and soldiers in
front.  Take out the archers with your Chakram.  When you reach the end of the
valley climb up the ledges.  There is a scroll at the top of the hill. 
Continue up the path opposite you and fight off the soldiers as you go.

You'll soon reach a T-junction where you should turn right.  Follow the sign to
the beehive and kill the two archers there.  Now BEFORE you hit the beehive
with your Charam, be ready to run back through the T-junction very quickly. 
OK, now hit the beehive with your Chakram, turn and run.  Carry on straight
through the T-junction and you'll reach a bridge with a large Ogre guarding it.
  If you run right up next to him the bees will attack him and kill him.

Now he is dead collect the Scroll and run quickly across the bridge.  It will
collapse behind you so be fast.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first is one the Hill, left of the T-Junction, the
second is behind a tree where the Ogre is guarding the bridge.


LEVEL 6 - Valaran's Castle

First off all, turn right around and collect the Invulnerability power up
behind you.  Now go across the bridge and kill the guard.  Collect the first
scroll from the other side of the bridge on the left.  The castle ahead will
begin to fire catapults at you.  To get to the castle quickly, fire up the
Invulnerability and run through the camp in front of the castle.  Ignore the
guards, they can't hurt you when you're Invulnerable.

(If you want to find the second scroll, there is a detour, check details

When you reach the moat take up a position of the far right and use your
Chakram to break the chain links holding up the drawbridge.  Do the same on the
other side and now you can enter the castle.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is across the bridge to the left. The
second requires some extra effort. First stand between the building and the
"This way to army recruiting office" sign. Wait for the flaming catapults to
destroy the side of the building (make sure you dodge, or you'll get hurt).
Now, climb up to find an archer, Resurrection Jewel, Armour Upgrade, and the
second Scroll.


LEVEL 7 - Valaran's Secret

Use your trusty Chakram to kill the archers on the roofs. When they are dead,
collect the Scroll in the Courtyard and keep killing the guards who appear and
attack you. The second scroll is hidden on the battlements.  Push the catapult
around and line it up with the corner of the courtyard next to the cart.  Hit
the rope to release the catapult and the wall will crumble; now you can jump up
and collect the scroll.

When all the guards are dead, three bodyguards will come out of a door at the
far end of the courtyard.  The best tactic against these thugs is to hold back
and block until the pause, then kick them.  Your lovely legs will do more
damage than your sword.  Work it girl!

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is in the Courtyard to the left, front of a
small building. The second needs the Catapult.  Aim the Catapult at the
building in the upper-right corner, then cut the rope to send the fireball into
the building. Climb up to get the second Scroll.


LEVEL 8 - The Labyrinth

As you enter the Labyrinth, go left then turn left again to find a Scroll. 
Carry on following the corridor and jump across the gaps in the floor.  Spiders
will come after you, but they are better avoided as they are quite hard to
attack.  Although this is supposed to be a maze, there is actually only one
route you can take.  Soon you'll reach a corridor full of spider's webs.  Kill
the spiders and make your way though to the end to find a switch.

You'll need to use your Chakram to know the mummified corpse onto the switch. 
Now that's done retrace your steps back to the start of the level.

Now head to the right, the route which was previously blocked by a gate is now
clear. Keep following the corridors.  Be on your toes as a Minotaur will appear
a charge you before running off. At the end of the corridor you'll reach the
room with Gabrielle in it.  When you enter the door locks behind you and the
Minotaur with attack.  Pick up the Resurrection Jewel and Scroll in the centre
of the room before you take him one.  He isn't too hard.  Keep your distance
and avoid his charges, two hits with the Chakram should be enough to kill him.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - Go forward, left, and left again to find the first Scroll
and a Health Potion. The second Scroll is located in the room where you fight
the Minotaur and save Gabrielle


LEVEL 9 - Renegade Village

Now you've got Gabrielle with you.  You need to keep her alive to succeed in
this level.  You will be beset by Amazonians who are a right pain to beat.  Try
not to get into close combat, use the Chakram as much as possible.  Try to jump
their rolling attacks and keep Gabrielle safe!

When you begin the level the first scroll is in front of you, the second is in
the centre of the village next to a cooking pot. Keep working your way around
the village collecting power - ups, you'll find the Gate Key in a vase at the
edge of the level. Once you have it, unlock the locked gates to finish the

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is in front of you. Follow the stone path
until you reach the "This way to Village Gate" sign, follow the path to the
left until it starts to go between two walls. Then, turn right to see the
second Scroll next to a pot.


LEVEL 10 - Rivers of Blood

A scroll awaits right in front of you as you begin this level.  So pick it up! 
Behind it is a new weapon, a Staff.  Practise using it, it will come in handy
for swatting annoying Amazons.  When you are ready carry on across the bridges,
and remember to keep Gabrielle free from harm. You'll come across the second
scroll as you go.  Turn right just before the third bridge and you'll find a
hidden area with plenty of power up goodies!

Make your way towards a big suspension bridge.  As you cross, boomerangs will
be chucked at you from both sides, they can knock you off so be careful.  On
the other side is another secret area.  Drop down onto a ledge next to the
waterfall and jump in front of the waterfall for some more stuff.  Back up to
the path and follow to the end to finish the level.  Where dear little
Gabrielle gets kidnapped *again* >_<

SCROLL LOCATIONS - Turn right straightaway to see the first Scroll in front of
two jars and a Staff. The second Scroll lies across the first bridge.


LEVEL 11 - Lost Temple

There's a Staff and a Health Potion by the door, Collect them then go up the
path in front of you to the Arena.  It's there you will fight the Amazon Queen.
Before you take her on it's time to collect some useful items.  Pick up the
scroll in the centre then go up to the path at the side of the waterfall and
jump across to get the second scroll.

Now attack all the Amazons.  You must defeat them all before the Queen arrives.
 You must use your Staff on them, if it's gets lost, find another.  You'll have
a very hard time without it.  Once the Amazons are defeated the Queen will
appear.  You can't defeat her, but you need to whack he about a bit with your
Staff until she invokes the evil Goddess Kalibrax and sends you down to Hades!

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is to the left of the waterfall. To the
right of the waterfall is a path. Follow it and jump past the waterfall to the
second Scroll.


LEVEL 12 - Dyzan's Lair

Now you're in Hell, bummer.  There are two scrolls, which give you tips on
defeating Dyzan.  Pick them up then get ready to move fast!

Dyzan is only vulnerable to attack when he is in the lava pools.  Above each
pool is a stalactite.  Use your Chakram on the stalactites to drop them on
Dyzan's head.  The best tactic is to run as far as possible and make sure there
is one lava pool between you and Dyzan.  As he flies towards you shoot the
ceiling as he nears the pool, time it right and the stalactite will drop on his
head.  Three stalactites to the head will finish the big guy off.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - They are either side of you when you start the level.


LEVEL 13 - Road to Hades

Go round the first corner and kill the two zombies who'll rise out of the
ground.  Pick up the first scroll and then make your way carefully across the
platforms.  Try and move quickly as bats will attack you and they are almost
impossible to hit.  At the end of the platforms the path splits left and right.
 Take the right path.

Go past the fire breathing gargoyles until you get to some sinking platforms. 
Jump across these to find a skull switch.  Activate this to release a Golem at
the end of the level.  Now retrace your steps back and take the left route and
carry on down.  You'll find the second scroll.  At the end is a Golem on a
platform.  To defeat him, you must knock him into the lava.  Use your rolling
attack to push him towards the edge and don't fall in yourself!

Once he's dead, go back to the switch and activate it again to exit the level.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is to the your right, in front of the lava.
The second Scroll is next to a Resurrection Jewel just before Golem


LEVEL 14 - Traps of Charon

Go down the steps and collect the first scroll.  Ahead you can see two switches
on either side of a "lavafall". Use your Chakram to knock down the stalactite
hanging to the right and then head towards that switch.   Once activated you
can reach the switch on the left.  Hot that switch to halt the lavafall and
carry on through.

In the room you are now in head towards the Archway, moving quickly across the
collapsing bridge.  Cross two more bridges and you'll end up next to the second
scroll.  Now jump onto the long platform ahead of you and use your Chakram on
the switch ahead.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is directly in front of you when you begin.
The second Scroll is directly in front of a Resurrection Jewel near the end of
the level.


LEVEL 15 - Hades' Castle

Right at the start of the level, use your Chakram to strike the bell on the
other side of the room.  This summons Death.  He will rather helpfully ferry
you across the lava.

Now carry on past some fire breathing gargoyles and run past a Golem.  Dodge
past him to collect the first scroll.  You find some plates on the floor. 
Stand on the first and the plates ahead will light up briefly showing the safe
way across.  Step off the path and you'll be fatally electrocuted.

Collect the second scroll from in front of the Well of Souls.  You'll see some
pillars with green flames on top.  Use your Chakram to put the flames out. 
Take out the ones on the right first, as Spirits will appear forcing you to
retreat and you'll lose the line of sight ot the right hand ones.  One touch
from the spirits means death, so watch it.  Once the flames are out the Spirits
will be gone and you can exit the level.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is in front of the "This way to Hades'
Castle" sign. The second is in front of the "Welcome to the Well of Condemned
Souls" sign.


LEVEL 16 - T'ir Na

There is a scroll in front of you right at the start.  Then head rightwards
down the hill and look for a switch hidden in one of the buildings.  Activate
it in order to open a bridge at the top of the town.

Retrace your steps back to the start and take the other path up the hill.  Look
out for the second scroll on your left.  When you reach the Toll Bridge use a
long jump to get to it.  Grab the sword to the left and jump down the steep
slope on the right to leave the level.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is in front of you at the start of the
level.  The second is on the way up the hill to the left.


LEVEL 17 - Rescue the Seer

You need to be a bit sneaky in this level.  Use you Chakram for quick long
range kills.  You want to avoid the alarm being raised about your presence.  Go
along the cliff top, collect both scrolls on the way.  Soon you'll reach a
bridge going into town.

Make your way to the town centre and rescue Fei (the Seer) from his captor.  He
will now lead you to the levels exit.  Keep him safe until the level ends.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is on to the right at the end of the cliff
top path.  Now, follow the snow path until you reach a canyon. The second
Scroll is on the other side.


LEVEL 18 - Lyre of Orpheus

Take the left path in front of you and collect the first scroll.  You'll reach
three pillars.  Jump up on these to collect an Invulnerability (save this for a
Boss encounter at the end of this level).  Continue onwards and collect the
second scroll from the cliff face on the right. Carry on up the hill and
shortly the Sorcerer will appear.

You can start attacking him, but beware his Ice and Fire attacks.  Avoid these
with cartwheels or jumps.  Once you have depleted his energy he will fly off. 
Be careful, each time you land a damaging blow he will disappear and reappear
next to you.

Watch carefully where he flies off to.  He goes into a door in the top corner
of the arena. Follow him to that door, then turn and face the furthest corner
of the arena.  Aim and fire the Chakram at an Ice Switch there.  This will open
the door and you can finish the sorcerer off.

Now look carefully around the room you are in, and activate your
Invulnerability.  There are symbols all around the room and around the central
pillar on which he is standing.  Run around the room avoiding his attacks and
hit the symbols on the central pillar until they match the ones on the wall
behind.  Use your Chakram or run up and hit them with a sword or something.  
This will finish off the sorcerer.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is just past the "This way to the Great
Temple" sign. Then follow the path until you see the second Scroll on your


LEVEL 19 - The Three Sisters

Pick up the scroll in front of you as you begin.  Now jump across the platforms
until you reach a raised area.  Here you'll confront the first sister.  Avoid
the green gaze; this will turn you to stone.  The tail attacks can knock you
off your feet too.  There are plenty of power ups and health potions to be
found by smashing the pots lying about the place, so it shouldn't be too hard.

When you have killed the first sister go through the gates that open up and
pick up the second scroll.  Carry on along the ledge and watch out for the
Harpies who try and knock you off.  You can avoid or kill them.

Now you'll meet the second sister at the end of the ledge, kill her and carry
on through another gate.    Look behind the rock for a Resurrection Jewel. The
third sisters will appear when you collect a second Resurrection Jewel from the
doorway in the next area.  Make mincemeat of her and then find the teleport
which will take you to the next level.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - First is in front of you when you start.  The second can be
found after killing the first sister.


LEVEL 20 - The Challenge

There is a scroll in front of you and to the right of it an Ogre.  You will
meet several Ogres on this level. The way to defeat them is to knock them over
the edge.   Do this by standing as near to the edge as you can and let them run
at you.  Then dodge around the back of them and kick them off the edge.  Stay
close to the Ogres and they can't use their clubs on you.

Deal with the first Ogre and you'll see a gold cylinder rise out of a pillar on
a different part of the level.  As you progress though the level, more
cylinders will rise up.  Memorise the order they appear as it is important for
later on.

Now go down to the central hub and pillar and you'll see three paths leading
off.  Go up the right hand path and kill the next Ogre there.  Return and take
the left path and kill the third Ogre.  The go back and up the middle path. 
Kill the fourth Ogre and when he's gone you'll see a sign pointing into space
from the area he was in.

Jump along the platforms the sign points to until you reach a Key and
Resurrection Jewel.  Collect them and return to the central hub.  Take the left
path again and use the Key on the gates.  There is a fifth Ogre.  He is a
little trickier as harpies will swoop down and attack you.

Once he is dead make your way back right to the start of the level and you'll
see a sign pointing towards the level exit and an organ.  Follow the sign and
kill any Harpies that attack you.  Collect the second scroll.  Now knock down
the cylinders in the same order they appeared.  Basically you are playing five
notes on a giant Organ, the notes must be played in the order you killed the
Ogres.  Try to get it right first time as a bunch of nasty Harpies will attack
you with each wrong note.

When you get it right they stay knocked down.  Once they are all down jump up
to find a gate.  Stand in front of it and talk to Ares then collect the second
scroll.  Press Select then X to play the Lyre.  The gate will open and you'll
warp to the last level.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - The first Scroll is directly in front of you. The second
Scroll can be found after you talk to Ares in front of the Harmonic Gate.


LEVEL 21 - The Temple

The second you arrive in the arena a big wall of flames jumps up around
Kalabrax.  Two bodyguards armed with scythes rush out and attack you. Don't try
the Chakram on them, they are too fast, use plenty of slash attacks and your
rolling attack.  There are two scrolls either side of the Altar.  You can try
and collect them when one Bodyguard has been killed.

Once both are dead the flame wall around Kalabrax will subside.  She will then
rush and attack you.  Now the flames are gone you can pick up a Resurrection
Jewel and Invulnerability power - up.  But keep them in reserve as the battle
will get harder.

Stay close to Kalabrax and avoid her Firebolts and Rolling Attacks.  Use
careful timing of blocks and attacks to exploit pauses in her attack pattern. 
You should finish her off without too much hassle.

Now when she dies a Demon appears.  Time for some Invulnerability! You can go
behind the altar to avoid his attacks.  You can't hurt him from here either,
but you can take a breather and heal if you need to.  TO kill him, run out and
stand in front of a pillar.  He will rush you.  Cartwheel out of the way at the
last moment and he will knock the pillar down.  The goal here is to get him to
knock all the pillars down so the roof collapses.

A good tactic is to have him knock down the pillars at the far end of the room
first so when the place caves in you won't have so far to run.  Once enough
pillars have been destroyed the roof will cave in and flatten the foul fiend. 
Make sure you reach the altar or you'll be squished as well.  The statue above
the altar protects you.

SCROLL LOCATIONS - Either side of the Altar.

Well done, you rescued Gabrielle, conquered evil and finished the game.  The
end cut scene will play and you will be ranked on how well you did. A different
clip will play depending on your ranking.

Try and see them all!

Feel fee to email me about any aspect of this guide. Please inform me of any
errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
My email is [email protected]

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***************************** THE END *********************************

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