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                    Who Wants to be a Millionaire? FAQ (GBC)
                    Version 0.7 - Last Revised on 03/15/2001
                        By Dallas ([email protected])

             http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net


Legal Disclaimer

 This document is Copyright 2000-2001, Dallas ([email protected]) and may
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 from  the author.  It may not be altered, edited, sold, given as an incentive
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 any company.


Table of Contents

  i.  Introduction and Revision History
  I.  Game Overview
 II.  Answer Listing
III.  Information

                    i.  Introduction and Revision History

Despite what you may be thinking, this game can actually be quite challenging
if you get stuck on one of the questions.  If you're stuck on a question, use
the "Find" feature (Ctrl + F; Apple + F) and search for keywords in the
question to find the answer in this guide.  If you find a question or anything
else I don't have listed in this guide, feel free to send it to me.

Revision History
version 0.7 - March 15, 2001
            - Changed the top and bottom of the guide.

version 0.6 - February 23, 2001
            - Reformatted the guide and added an Introduction.

version 0.5 - December 27, 2000
            - Added three more answers thanks to Brian Rowe
            - Centered section titles and changed the Table of Contents

version 0.4 - October 14, 2000
            - Reformatted FAQ slightly
            - Final version unless anyone e-mails me any answers that I may
              have missed while playing

version 0.3 - September 27, 2000
            - A couple more answers added

version 0.2 - September 25, 2000
            - Many more answers added
            - Added a line under the ToC header
            - Spell-checked the document

version 0.1 - September 24, 2000
            - Overview section finished
            - A bunch of answers are up, not all of them, but a lot
            - More answers coming with next update

                             I.  Game Overview

The game itself is pretty self-explanatory. You have 15 trivia questions you
must answer, and the prize value goes up with each question. The goal of the
game is to answer as many questions as possible and win as much money as
possible, simple, eh? The title screen shows Regis mouthing the words "Who
wants to be a Millionaire?" (no voice) and holding a hand of bills. You can
then choose how many players you want, and set the sound options. Type in your
name, and you will start the game. Here are the prize values for each of the 15

15 - $1 MILLION  <-- Grand Prize
14 - $500,000
13 - $250,000
12 - $125,000
11 - $64,000
10 - $32,000  <-- Marker
 9 - $16,000
 8 - $8,000
 7 - $4,000
 6 - $2,000
 5 - $1,000  <-- Marker
 4 - $500
 3 - $300
 2 - $200
 1 - $100

Every 5 questions is your "marker" meaning, if you get any of the next 5
questions wrong, you will walk away with at least that much money.  Of course,
when you answer the 15th question correctly, you win the grand prize of
$1,000,000. If you answer a question incorrectly, you get Game Over, and have
to start again from Question #1. If you are stumped by one of the questions,
you have 3 lifelines to help you out. The "50/50" lifeline, the "Phone a
Friend" Lifeline, and a "Poll the Audience" lifeline.  The "50/50" lifeline
will eliminate 2 of the wrong answers, leaving you with the correct answer and
a wrong answer.

The "Phone a Friend" lifeline will call a random friend, and will give you that
"friend's" opinion on what the answer is. Sometimes they may be right,
sometimes they may be wrong. The final lifeline is the "Poll the Audience"
lifeline (my personal favorite) which will Poll the studio audience and get
their votes for which answer they think is right. Most of the time, they will
be right, but there are times when they can be wrong. You may only use each
lifeline 1 time per game, and you can use multiple lifelines on 1 question (if
you wish.) Those are pretty much the basics of the game, and that's all you
should need to know.

                             II.  Answer Listing

Below you will find the answers to (currently) most of the questions in the
game. To make life easier, I've listed them sort of chronologically, from the
lower valued questions to the higher valued questions, otherwise they are in no
specific order. To find a question quickly, use CTRL + F on your keyboard to
type in a keyword (Apple + F for Mac users.)

Modern computer microchips are primarily composed of what element?
Answer: Silicon 

Which of the following candies is traditionally fruit-flavored?
Answer: Skittles 

How do you express 3/4 as a decimal?
Answer: .75 

What color is a ruby?
Answer: Red

Which of these is another name for a golf course? 
Answer: Links 

Huffy, Schwinn and Raleigh are all brands of what?
Answer: Bicycles

According to legend, in what country are you most likely to meet a leprechaun?
Answer: Ireland

What colors are the two circles in the MasterCard logo?
Answer: Red and yellow

Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson have both recorded duets with which 
former Beatle?
Answer: Paul McCartney 

How many ships did Columbus set sail with on his initial voyage to the New 
Answer: Three 

On the TV show "CHiPs" what was Officer Frank Poncherello's nickname?
Answer: Ponch 

What do you call a young cow?
Answer: Calf 

If a business "files under Chapter 11" what is it doing?
Answer: Declaring Bankruptcy 

What does an animal produce when it lactates?
Answer: Milk 

A pita is a type of what?
Answer: Flat bread 

What was the name of Huey Lewis' band?
Answer: The News 

What internet company goes by the acronym AOL?
Answer: America Online 

To create a tapestry, one must traditionally engage in what activity?
Answer: Weaving 

What famous radio personality was also the voice of Shaggy on the cartoon
Answer: Casey Kasem 

What important food crop is grown in fields called paddies?
Answer: Rice 

Where is the Louvre museum?
Answer: Paris 

In cooking, the term "au gratin" is sometimes used to describe a dish with
what topping? 
Answer: Cheese 

What fictional character claims to be "smarter than the average bear?"
Answer: Yogi Bear

Which of these rivers flows through France?
Answer: Seine

According to the proverb, necessity is the mother of what?
Answer: Invention 

What is the colored part of the eye called?
Answer: Iris 

Which of these is not found in a Snickers candy bar?
Answer: Almonds 

When daylight-saving time arrives in the spring, how do most Americans turn
their clocks?
Answer: One hour forward 

What term describes someone who does not believe in the existence of God?
Answer: Atheist 

If you dial "411" on a telephone, who are you calling?
Answer: Directory assistance

Which of these animals shares its name with a luxury car?
Answer: Jaguar 

Which of these organizations is not part of the U.S. government?
Answer: NAACP

In what country are police officers referred to as "boobies?"
Answer: England 

What kind of item is a ginsu?
Answer: Knife 

What kind of worker uses a "paddy wagon?"
Answer: Police Officer 

If someone has cataracts, what part of their body might need an operation?
Answer: Eye 

For what purpose would you use an awl?
Answer: To make holes 

Which of the following is not a TV cartoon duo?
Answer: Simon and Garfunkel  

According to legend, if you give someone the "evil eye" what are you doing?
Answer: Cursing them  

Which of these is a government agency established to protect investors?
Answer: SEC 

According to the American Kennel Club, what is the most popular breed of dog
in the U.S. as of 1999?
Answer: Laborador retriever

Where would you typically find a bailiff?
Answer: Courtroom

Which of these is not a position on an American football team?
Answer: Striker 

Which of these movies does not star Jim Carrey?
Answer: Patch Adams

Elephant tusks are made of what material?
Answer: Ivory 

Which of these painting tools has bristles on it?
Answer: Brush 

By what collective name do Christians refer to God the Father, God the Son
and the Holy Ghost?
Answer: The Trinity

Which of these is not one of the three branches of the U.S. government?
Answer: Parliamentary

What term describes a tribe that has no set homeland and wanders from place to
Answer: Nomadic

In the television network abbreviation "ABC" what does the "A" stand for? 
Answer: American 

What French city is home to a famous international film festival each 
Answer: Cannes

In what country did Pokemon originate?
Answer: Japan 

What are the dimensions of a "letter size" piece of paper?
Answer: 8 1/2 x 11 inches 

Which of these countries is not in Europe?
Answer: Israel 

In a game with no wild cards, what is the highest, possible poker hand?
Answer: Royal flush

In American football, how many points is a touchdown worth?
Answer: Six 

In computer terminology, what does the acronym "ISP" stand for?
Answer: Internet Service Provider 

Which of the following is a sports award?
Answer: Espy 

What term is used to describe a group of fish?
Answer: School 

The common term for someone who has difficulty seeing objects in the 
distance is what?
Answer: Nearsighted 

Cheese is a necessary ingredient in which of these dishes?
Answer: Veal parmigiano 

What is an alternative name for the food dish "Beijing duck?"
Answer: Peking duck 

How many stars are on the American flag?
Answer: 50 

The process of drilling holes in the skull is called what?
Answer: Trepanation

What animated character has a crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl?
Answer: Charlie Brown 

Which of these is a member of the cucumber family?
Answer: Watermelon

Who or what was Big Bertha?
Answer: A World War I gun 

To ward off bad luck, what do many people do to wood?
Answer: Knock on it 

What is the final word of the Pledge of Allegiance?
Answer: All 

The disco band ABBA comes from what country?
Answer: Sweden

Which fast food chain used the advertising slogan, "Where's the beef?"
Answer: Wendy's 

What is another way of writing "six feet?"
Answer: 6' 

What is the name of the baby who appears in cartoons and comic strips with
Popeye the Sailor?
Answer: Swee'pea 

According to the popular saying, what should you do "when in Rome?"
Answer: as the Romans do 

Which of these foods is not traditionally considered kosher?
Answer: Shellfish

What disease is characterized by a body's inability to properly metabolize
Answer: Diabetes 

People are supposed to drive on the left-hand side of the road in which 
Answer: England 

If a piece of music is in "common time" how many quarter notes are there 
per measure?
Answer: Four 

What is the 7-Eleven company's trademarked name for its super-large sodas? 
Answer: Big Gulp 

A portrait that comically exaggerates a person's physical traits is called 
a what?
Answer: Caricature 

What are the names of Donald Duck's three nephews?
Answer: Huey, Dewey, Louie 

What Greek poet wrote "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey?"
Answer: Homer 

Which of these is a commonly-known investment account?
Answer: IRA 

What condition is caused by malfunctioning sebaceous glands?
Answer: Acne

Which of the following beverages is brewed from the leaves of a plant?
Answer: Tea 

What part of the human body does a gastroenterologist examine?
Answer: Stomach 

Which of these is a slang term for "police?"
Answer: Fuzz

Which of these is typically not used as a spice?
Answer: Hemlock 

What color is Uncle Sam's goatee?
Answer: White 

What is the name of the StarKist tuna mascot?
Answer: Charlie 

In horse racing, what is the term for a wager on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
finishers in a specific race?
Answer: Trifecta

What sporting event is held anually on Memorial Day weekend?
Answer: Indianapolis 500

What type of meat is on a traditional Reuben sandwich?
Answer: Corned Beef 

Which of these is not the name of one of rock musician Frank Zappa's children?
Answer: Lumpy Gravy

Which of the following is most commonly kept in a terrarium?
Answer: Plants 

In soccer, which player is allowed to use his or her hands in the field of 
Answer: Goalkeeper 

Which of the following breakfast cereals is shaped like the letter O?
Answer: Cheerios 

What day of the week is sometimes called "hump day?"
Answer: Wednesday 

What disease does a carcinogen cause?
Answer: Cancer 

A flashing red traffic light signifies that a driver should do what? 
Answer: Stop 

Which of these countries does not participate in NAFTA?
Answer: Guatemala

Who is the career hit leader among players never elected to Baseball's Hall
of Fame?
Answer: Pete Rose

What's the popular name of the breakfast meat consisting of sausages 
wrapped in pancakes?
Answer: Pigs in a blanket 

What singer appeared in the 1992 baseball film "A League of Their Own?"
Answer: Madonna 

In America, what is the main ingredient in pepperoni?
Answer: Meat 

What country is famous for making wooden shoes?
Answer: The Netherlands 

What does a pH level measure?
Answer: Acidity 

Which of these months has 31 days?
Answer: March 

The phrase "hospital corners" refers to what?
Answer: Bed sheets 

In Mister Rogers' theme song, what does he ask you to be? 
Answer: His neighbor 

From whom does the Lutheran Church get its name? 
Answer: Martin Luther 

What is the art of elegant handwriting called? 
Answer: Calligraphy

What city's airport uses the code ORD?
Answer: Chicago

From what language does the term "R.S.V.P." originate?
Answer: French

Who wrote "A Tale of Two Cities?"
Answer: Charles Dickens 

Someone would most likely contract salmonella poisoning from eating which of
the following? 
Answer: Chicken 

The majority of calcium in the human body if found where?
Answer: Bones 

In what state is the 1999 movie "Magnolia" set?
Answer: California

What is the name of the Swedish company that specializes in affordable
Answer: IKEA 

Which of these candy bars was named for a baseball player?
Answer: Reggie Bar

What mathematical term is used to describe the average of a series of numbers?
Answer: Mean

In the movie "Star Wars" what kind of creature is Chewbacca?
Answer: Wookiee 

Who is considered the owner of a "publicly held" company?
Answer: The stockholders 

Which of the following sounds is commonly associated with owls?
Answer: Hoot

The British dish "bangers and mash" is made up of sausage and what?
Answer: Potatoes

What professional sports team plays its home games in the Alamodome?
Answer: San Antonio Spurs 

How many periods are there in an ice hockey game?
Answer: Three 

In the movie "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" what is the name of Dr.
Evil's diminitive clone?
Answer: Mini-Me

When it first appeared on the internet, amazon.com sold only what?
Answer: Books

Which of these vitamins was the first to be named?
Answer: Vitamin A

How many $100 bills does it take to equal one million dollars?
Answer: Ten thousand

Backgammon is a how many-player game?
Answer: Two 

In what restaurant can you order a Grand Slam breakfast?
Answer: Denny's

What is actor Antonio Banderas' native language?
Answer: Spanish 

What is the name of Mario's brother in the "Super Mario" video games?
Answer: Luigi 

A second-year college student is usually called a what?
Answer: Sophomore

What does the acronym "REM" stand for?
Answer: Rapid Eye Movement

What is the medical term for a doctor's identification of a disease?
Answer: Diagnosis

Which of the following is a natural sugar found in most fruits?
Answer: Fructose

Where did Exxon Valdez run aground in March of 1989?
Answer: Prince William Sound 

In traditional English puppet shows, who is married to the character Punch?
Answer: Judy

What is the name of Howard Stern's female on-air sidekick?
Answer: Robin Quivers 

Who was the first U.S. president to resign from that office?
Answer: Richard Nixon 

What character did Woody replace on the TV show "Cheers?"
Answer: Coach 

What term is used to describe a group of geese?
Answer: Gaggle 

How long is Hanukkah? 
Answer: Eight days 

What is the most popular month for weddings in America?
Answer: August

Which character on the TV show "Friends" is a chef?
Answer: Monica 

In what decade was the Hula-Hoop invented? 
Answer: 1950s 

What high school does the gang from the "Archie" comic strip attend?
Answer: Riverdale High  

In the Jimmy Buffet song "Magaritaville" what is the singer searching for?
Answer: A shaker of salt 

On what continent can you find tigers in the wild?
Answer: Asia 

According to the children's nursery rhyme, what type of ocean did Columbus
sail in 1492?
Answer: Blue

What is the capital of North Dakota?
Answer: Bismarck

In the famous baseball poem "Casey at the Bat" Casey plays for the team from
what town?
Answer: Mudville 

What letters are on the "3" button of a touch-tone telephone?
Answer: DEF 

Which of these television programs did not feature characters introduced
on "Happy Days?"
Answer: Perfect Strangers 

What was Richard Nixon's middle name?
Answer: Milhous 

What is produced during photosynthesis?
Answer: Oxygen 

Which of these is not a spice?
Answer: Cucumber 

In computer terminology, what does the acronym "FTP" stand for?
Answer: File Transfer Protocol

The dance known as the "fandango" is of what origin?
Answer: Spanish  

What exercise apparatus is used during a "Spinning" class?
Answer: Stationary bicycle

What term describes the passing of genetic traits from one generation to
the next?
Answer: Heredity 

What kind of animal is cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo?
Answer: Penguin 

Which of these companies is not an online stock brokerage? 
Answer: EDigital 

How is the word "ambulance" normally written on the front of American 
Answer: In reverse

Which of these people was buried in the Valley of the Kings?
Answer: King Tut

What disease is sometimes referred to as the "royal disease?"
Answer: Hemophilia 

In what city would you find people studying art and design at the Fashion
Institute of Technology?
Answer: New York 

What is the name of the POW camp where "Hogan's Heroes" are held?
Answer: Stalag 13 

What is the approximate speed of light?
Answer: 186,000 miles per second 

The term "chili con carne" refers to chili with what?
Answer: Meat  

Which of these dishes is made from pig intestines?
Answer: Chitins

Who is the twin sister of "Dear Abby" columnist Abigail Van Buren?
Answer: Ann Landers

What is the name of the female character played by comedian Flip Wilson on
his 1970s show?
Answer: Geraldine Jones 

What native empire controlled large areas of South African territory during
the 19th century?
Answer: Zulu

Which of the following is not in Nevada?
Answer: Pikes Peak 

What were the first names of the early American explorers Lewis and Clark?
Answer: Meriwether and William

Which of these stores is not owned by Gap, Inc.?
Answer: J. Crew 

What kind of animal is a peregrine?
Answer: Bird

Which of these is an Italian design firm?
Answer: Fendi

Which of these is not a type of rock?
Answer: Deciduous 

Which one of these world leaders was assassinated?
Answer: Indira Gandhi

Which one of these World War II leaders was not at the Yalta Conference?
Answer: Mussolini

Which of these items is useful for removing ink stains? 
Answer: Hair Spray 

Which city's residents are known as "Knickerbockers?"
Answer: New York City 

On TV's "Seinfeld" what type of doctor did Mr. Costanza go to when he sat
on "fusilli Jerry?"
Answer: Proctologist

The Apple iMac computer is available in all of the following colors except
Answer: Kiwi

How is the Arabic numeral for "2" written?
Answer: 2 

Who sang lead vocals for the band Big Brother and the Holding Company?
Answer: Janis Joplin 

Which of these fashion designers was born in the United States?
Answer: Donna Karan 

What former "Today" show personality played a neighbor on the TV sitcom "The
Hogan Family?"
Answer: Willard Scott

John D. Rockefeller made his fortune in what industry?
Answer: Oil

Which of these is not a breed of cat?
Answer: Bichon Frise 

What place is named the title of the 1979 live album by rock legends Cheap 
Answer: Budokan

What sport is known as "The Sport of Kings?"
Answer: Horse Racing 

Which of these is not one of the official languages of the United Nations?
Answer: Japanese

What is a balalaika?
Answer: Musical Instrument 

Which of these college football programs has produced the most Heisman Trophy

What people ruled the Andes Mountains until they were conquered by the Spanish
in 1532?
Answer: Inca

If you are truly afraid of the dark, what do you suffer from?
Answer: Nyctophobia

What corporation was founded by a candle maker and a soapmaker?
Answer: Procter & Gamble

In the comic strip "Peanuts" what is Schroeder known for doing?
Answer: Playing the piano

What liqueur is used to make a Pink Lady cocktail pink?
Answer: Grenadine

How many years is an official term of the US Senate?
Answer: 6

Which of these is a fish?
Answer: Sea Horse

Which form of knitting requires at least 2 needles?
Answer: Hand Knitting

                              III.  Information

Credits and Sources
Brian Rowe - [email protected]
  Gave me the last three answers in the "Answers" section.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - http://www.gamefaqs.com
  For hosting this FAQ on his site.

Contact Information
Have any comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, contributions, praise,
constructive criticism, or anything else about this FAQ (or any of my others?)
Please contact me via one of the following, and I'll get back to you as soon
as I can.  All questions asked that have already been answered in the guide
will be ignored:

E-mail Address:  [email protected]
ICQ Number:      100893080

Want to host this FAQ on your website?  Please contact me via one of the above
methods and send me the URL of your site, and I'll give you the terms I have
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guide on your site without asking first, your host and/or ISP will be contacted
and notified of your illegal actions.


          The latest version of this document can always be found at:

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                      DS-99 - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net


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