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                                  ____                   ___
 ___                             |    |                 |   |
|   |   __                      _|  __| ______  __    _ |   |__
|   |  |  |   __   __   ____   |    __||  __  ||  |  | ||   ___|
|   |  |  |  |  | |  | |  _ \  |   |   | |  | ||  |  | ||  |___  
|    \_|   \_|  | |  | | |_| \ |   |__ | |__| ||  |__| ||      |
 \              | |  | |      | \     | \     | \      | \     |
  \_____|\______| |__| |    __|  \____|  \____|  \_____|  \____|
                       |___| ___  __   _  ____    __  ___   ___
                            /   ||  | | || ___|_ |  ||  _ ||   \
                           |  __||  |_| ||___   ||  || |_||| __ \
                           | |__  \     |    |  ||  | \   |||  | |
                           |  __|  \____| ___| / |__|  \__|||  |_|
                           |_|           |____/

                        W i p E o u t  f u s i o n  F A Q
                        WipEout fusion (Aus PAL Version)
                                Version 1.00
                            Current size: 135kb
                         Date Started: 13th of January 2002
                   Current Version Date: 25th of January 2002
                      Written By: Steven Hughes (impulse75)
                         E-mail: [email protected]
                                ICQ: 53632071
                         msn: [email protected]
i. Before Reading...                                                   WF_001

This FAQ is strictly for personal use only. This FAQ may not be copied,
altered, sold or reproduced in any other form. Please abide by these rules
and if you wish to use this FAQ for any other use please contact the writer
before doing so for permission and details (information can be found above).

This FAQ is the first WipEout: Fusion FAQ to be submitted (at version 1.00)
to GameFAQ's. It outlines the entire game in substantial detail (or at least
when completely finished).

WipEout: Fusion, ship names, characters and other aspects of the series are
copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment.

ii. Version History                                                    WF_002

- Version: [1.00]
Additions: *This FAQ
           *Sections: Before Reading, Version History, Contents, Game info,
            Teams Pilots and Crafts, Weaponry, Ag League Walkthrough,
            Challenge mode walkthrough, Zone Mode and Time Trial, Extras and
           *Title, contact information and copyright information.

Removals:  *Nothing To Remove.

Changes:   *Nothing To Change.

iii. Using This FAQ                                                    WF_003

This FAQ is designed so that any section can be obtained by using the search
function of your browser.

How to Search:

To find a particular section perform the following steps.

* Locate the contents, and locate the section desired.
* Memorize the code located to the right of the section title.
* Either: 
1.	Click edit in the toolbar -> Click 'Find on this page'
2.	Press Alt+F on your keyboard
* In this window type W_XXX. XXX being the three digit code you memorized.
* Depending on your position within the text, chose search up or down (if one
  does not work, select the other)       
* The search will then lead you to the title of that section.

Example: To find this section when in the FAQ...

Hit Alt+F showing this window: 

| FIND        ___________   _________   |
| Find What: |___________| |Find Next|  |
|       ___direction____    _________   |
|      |                |  |_Cancel__|  |
|      |* up    * down  |               |
|      |________________|               |

Type in the 'Find What' section the code with WF_ before it, which is

Click the 'up' or 'down' button in relation to your position in the FAQ.

Then click 'Find Next' and you will then find yourself at the beginning of
this section.

All codes are in a order containing two digits except for the contents which
will be using the code C instead of a three digit number - making it easier
to access codes for other sections.

[Note: I take no responsibility for creating this system, it has been used 
before in previous FAQ's and in no way have I intended to take credit for its 

iv. Table Of Contents                                                    WF_C

[Section Title]                                                        [Code]

i.     Before Reading ...                                                 001
ii.    Version History                                                    002
iii.   Using this FAQ                                                     003
iv.    Table of Contents                                                    C

1.0    Game Information                                          
     [1.1]  A small Review of WipEout: Fusion                             004
     [1.2]  Introduction                                                  005
     [1.3]  WipEout: Fusion Specs                                         006
     [1.4]  Story                                                         007
     [1.5]  Options and Game Settings                                     008
     [1.6]  Game Sections and Modes                                       009
     [1.7]  The Soundtrack                                                010
     [1.8]  The controls                                                  011
     [1.9]  Seeing your craft                                             012

2.0    Teams, Pilots and Crafts.
     [2.1]  AG Teams and Pilots                                           013
     [2.2]  Unlocking and using the different Teams                       014
     [2.3]  Upgrade costs and information                                 015

3.0    Weaponry
     [3.1]  Using Weapons                                                 016
     [3.2]  Basic and Multiplayer Weapons                                 017
     [3.3]  Super Weapons                                                 018 
     [3.4]  Submitted Weapon Strategies                                   019

4.0    Strategy Guide By Track
     [4.1]  The Basics of Flight                                          020
     [4.2]  Florion Height 1, 2, 3                                        021
     [4.3]  Florion Height 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                022
     [4.4]  Mandrashee 1, 2, 3                                            023
     [4.5]  Mandrashee 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                    024
     [4.6]  Cubiss Float 1, 2, 3                                          025 
     [4.7]  Cubiss Float 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                  026
     [4.8]  Alca Vexus 1, 2, 3                                            027
     [4.9]  Alca Vexus 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                    028
     [4.10] Vohl Square 1, 2, 3                                           029
     [4.11] Vohl Square 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                   030
     [4.12] Temtesh Bay 1, 2, 3                                           031
     [4.13] Temtesh Bay 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                   032
     [4.14] Katmoda 12 1, 2, 3                                            033
     [4.15] Katmoda 12 1, 2, 3 Reverse                                    034

5.0    Ag League Walkthrough
     [5.1]  Overview - Leagues, these guides                              035
     [5.2]  Chronos League                                                036
     [5.3]  Rhea League                                                   037
     [5.4]  Oceanus League                                                038
     [5.5]  Tethys League                                                 039
     [5.6]  Hyperion League                                               040
     [5.7]  Themis League                                                 041
     [5.8]  Lapetus League                                                042
     [5.9]  Crius League                                                  043
     [5.10] Thea League                                                   044
     [5.11] Metis League                                                  045
     [5.12] Custom League                                                 046
     [5.13] Ag league Challenges                                          047

6.0    Challenge Mode Walkthrough
     [6.1]  Challenges Overview                                           048
     [6.2]  Feisar Challenges                                             049
     [6.3]  Van-Uber Challenges                                           050
     [6.4]  G-Tech Challenges                                             051
     [6.5]  Auricom Challenges                                            052
     [6.6]  Eg-R Challenges                                               053
     [6.7]  Tigron Challenges                                             054
     [6.8]  Xios Challenges                                               055
     [6.9]  Piranha Challenges                                            056

7.0    Zone Mode and Time Trial
     [7.1]  Zone Mode Overview - Basics of Zone Mode                      057
     [7.2]  Zone Mode Walkthrough                                         058
     [7.3]  Time Trial Overview - The basics of time trial mode           059

8.0     Extras                                                     
     [8.1]  The Gallery                                                   060
     [8.2]  Cheats                                                        061
     [8.3]  Rankings                                                      062

9.0     FAQ's                                                             063

10.0    Message from the author                                           064

1.0 Game Information                                                   

1.1 A small Review of WipEout: Fusion                                  WF_004

   WipEout: Fusion is the Playstation 2 sequel (fourth in the series) to the
popular WipEout games on the Playstation One. Not only is this a graphical
improvement but also a leap forward in gameplay, fun, sound and of course 
speed! While the old formula remains here, the tweaks and improvements have
made it seem much different indeed. New money system, pilot system, masses
of ships and tracks have been included which open up new realms in gameplay.

   The graphics in this sequel are by far some of the most impressive on the
system, with incredible dust, light and explosion effects - just to say a few
that are sure to impress. The tracks are incredibly detailed but wait until 
you see the amount of detail on the ships! The only graphical problem with 
this game is the presentation of the menus. Which are very bland and boring,
not to mention in a font which is nearly impossible to read.

   The sound is incredible however, the soundtrack will blow you away. With
an incredible set of songs each of which get your racing heart pumping, this
selection cannot be beat. Sound effects are also good, with cool weapon and
engine noises as well as some impressive ambience effects. The only problem
with the sound is the use of voice - which are inappropriate and hard to hear
during a race. But otherwise the sound is perfect.

   Gameplay is an entirely different story - the impact of these changes is
amazing while keeping the traditional game intact. With new modes including
the ever heart-racing zone mode this game is by far the best in the series.
However, if you want a real look at how this game is played - read on in this


Graphics - 9.5
Sounds - 8.0
Music - 10
Gameplay - 9.0

Overall - 9.5

1.2 Introduction                                                       WF_005

   WipEout: Fusion was released late 2001, but probably not in your neck of
the woods. Rather in Australia - where I live. The reasons behind this are
not completely clear, most sources said that it was released here as a 'test'
to sort out bugs and problems before releases in the UK and US.

   Nevertheless I took this opportunity to pick up a copy and give it a good
play. Obviously, I was satisfied because I have decided to perform a FAQ on
it. Not just any FAQ, but my _First_Ever_FAQ_. So, beware! A newbie wrote
this! Well, don't be wary actually, you should read it and use it first.

   Anyhow with this FAQ available it should help Australian players who are
stuck and also UK and US players who become troubled in the near future.
Please enjoy my FAQ.

- impulse75

1.3 WipEout: Fusion Specs                                              WF_006

Title: 'WipEout: Fusion'
Developed by: Studio Liverpool
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Players: 1 or 2
Memory Card: Yes, 170kb minimum.
Analogue: Yes, all buttons.
Vibration: Yes.
Format: Single DVD Rom

1.4 Story                                                              WF_007
   While the stories for racing games are usually lacking, the WipEout
Series manages to place some character into its races. While still being
far from a compelling tale - it does manage to contain much background
story and information.

   This background information is extremely plentiful - in a future version
I may attach the complete history of AG racing explained at the website:
http://www.wipeoutfusion.com . Check the 'Evolution' section to get a good
description of the story.

   However, here is my short attempt of explaining the WipEout World.

   The AG (anti-gravity) racing has become a world wide sensation of the last
century. As the contestants grow more skilled, ships become more powerful,
locations more exotic and terrifying and the audience more glued to their
screens the league continues to grow and grow. With the recent close of the
AG Systems team and advancement in other teams the amount of weaponry
available and the money poured into the AG Leages becomes greater and

   While to you - this may be a whole new experience, for the other fifteen
contestants, you are just target practice. Welcome to the AG League where 
victory and brutality go hand-in-hand and only the most cunning, devious and
above all insane contestants can compete. Don't fight for your life - fight
for your success.

1.5 Options and Game Settings                                          WF_008

Navigating the odd looking menus of WipEout: Fusion might actually be a
Challenge. Thus this is here to explain the functions of the options menu
and how to tweak your game.

Options Menu: 

                                Load and Save
                               Screen Alignment
                               Set Default Name
                              Set Music Playlist

Controller: Choose from six different control styles. Each of these is
explained in the control section. Code : 011.

Load and Save: As the name suggests. Three options are available.
   *Load - loads a current player.
   *Save - Saves current status of player.
   *Delete - Delete any player on your memory card.

Screen Alignment: Allows you to reposition the screen. Use the d-pad to
move it around then hit x to accept the position.

Set Default Name: Sets the name that will be used as your character and
save-game name. You can use any letter of the alphabet and numbers. The
name length is limited to 12 characters.

Set Music Playlist: Chose any 12 from the 19 available songs in whatever
order you please to be played while racing.

Prefrences: This contains many other options :

                                Sound Volume
                                Music Volume
                               Sound Quality
                                Music Track
                             Damage Simulator
                               Default View
                             Enemy Energy Bar
                            Dolby Digital Intro

Sound Volume: Ranges from a 0 to 10 scale of Volume.

Music Volume: Also ranges on a scale from 0 to 10. 10 being the loudest
0 being mute.

Sound Quality: Surround, Mono, Stereo - you should know the difference.

Music Track: Chooses how the tracks are played. Choices are:
   *Random - Random order.
   *Playlist - As specified in your playlist.
   *1-19 - Plays all songs in order.

Weapons: Toggles weapons on or off. Arcade and Multiplayer Mode only.

Damage Simulator: Toggled between on or off. I have no idea what it does.

Autosave: Makes the game save automatically after each race - takes a few
seconds each time. Recommended OFF for impatient gamers. Recommended ON for
forgetful gamers.

Default View: Sets the default view when beginning a race. Choose from:
ship, pilot, nose and cockpit. Views explained in the Seeing Your Craft
section Code: 012. 

Enemy Energy Bar: Displays a bar above an enemy craft's head when racing.
This outlines the shield energy remaining. Arcade and Multiplayer Mode only.

Dolby Digital Intro: On or Off. Toggles display of the Dolby Digital
introduction when Starting the game.

1.6 Game sections and Modes                                            WF_009

This explains the sections of the main menu and what they do. Note that some
modes are unlocked to begin with - and become available after certain parts
or amounts of the game are complete.

Main Menu:

                          Ag League
                          Time Trial
                        Game Statistics

Arcade: Your basic ready, set, race. Chose a craft, pilot, track and get
going. Your aim is to gain gold on each track. 

Ag League: The main section of the game - compete in leagues and gain money
spending it on upgrades. Every few leagues you challenge a fellow racer to
win access to their team. This is the main way to get more powerful craft
and gain new tracks, weapons and craft. See the in-depth walkthrough in
the Ag League Section, Code: 035.

Challenge: Compete in 5 challenges for each team, which involve time trails,
one on one races, elimination races and other tasks. Get at least bronze in
the first four challenges to unlock a teams super weapon. The fifth
challenge can only be accessed by receiving gold in each of the other four
challenges. Challenge Strategies and explanations in the Challenges Section,
Code : 048.

Zone: The zone mode is new to this WipEout title. It involves a craft that
constantly gains speed and has a low shield energy. Your aim is to remain
alive for as long as possible. Further explanations are in the Zone Mode
Section, Code: 057.

Time Trial: As you can probably already tell - a mode made directly for your
attempts at getting the greatest times.

Multiplayer: Brings up another set of menus:

Arcade league: 2 player arcade mode race
Ag League: 2 player league race
Custom League: Locked to begin with - choose a set of tracks to race.
Options: Includes more menus:
   *Weapons: Enable or Disable the different weapons used.
   *Player One Controller Set Up: Self explanatory
   *Player Two Controller Set Up: See controller section, Code: 011 for more
   *Preferences: Set laps, Shield energy for player or enemy ships, number of
      computer ships, upgrade level, pit lane, respawn, catch up and split
      screen style.

Game Statistics: Look at your Best lap times, zone high scores and
   game progression

Extras: Unlockable extras including a gallery of pictures, credits and
   the cheat entry section.

Options: See options section, Code: 008.

1.7 The Soundtrack                                                     WF_010

The soundtrack of WipEout: Fusion is great, so much that it deserves its own
section! Well, at the very least a list of what is on the soundtrack.

[Track number] [Artist]                [Song Title]                     

      1    Future Sound Of London  - Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Mix)
      2    Braniac                 - Neuro
      3    Blades & Naughty G      - Beats Defective
      4    BT                      - SmartBomb (Plump DJs remix)
      5    Cut La Roc              - Bassheads
      6    JDS                     - Punk Funk
      7    Elite Force             - Krushyn
      8    Elite Force & Nick Ryan - Switchback
      9    Amethyst                - Blue Funk
     10    Utah Saints             - Sick
     11    Plump DJs               - Big Groovy Funker [actually F**ker]
     12    Humanoid                - Stakker Humanoid 2001 (Plump 
                                                  DJs 2001 retouch)
     13    Timo Maas               - Old School Vibes
     14    Luke Slater             - Bolt Up
     15    Orbital                 - Funny Break (One is Enough)
                                                 (Plump DJs remix)
     16    Bob Brazil              - Big Ten
     17    Intuative               - Wav Seeker
     18    Hong Kong Trash         - Down The River (Torrential 
                                                       Rapids mix)
     19    MKL                     - Synthaesia

1.8 The controls                                                       WF_011

   The controls for WipEout: Fusion can be altered to one of six different
types in the options -> controller menu. Here is the button lay-out for each:

     ______      //         _______
   / ____  \     ||        /  ____ \
  / /_L2_/  \____||_______/  \_R2_\ \
  | /_L1_/                   \_R1_\ |
  |     _                           |
  |  _ |_| _               _ /_\    |
  | |_| _ |_|   [ ] [ ]   |_|   ( ) |
  |    |_|                    X     |
 /       __(    )____(    )__       |
/       /                    \      \
|______/                      \______\

     ______      //         _______
   / ____  \     ||        /  ____ \
  / /_L2_/  \____||_______/  \_R2_\ \
  | /_L1_/                   \_R1_\ |
  |                                 |
  |    up                   triangle      
  |left  right     start  square   circle
  |    down   select           X    |
 /       __( L3 )____( R3 )__       |
/       /                    \      \
|______/                      \______\

Menu Controls:

-Layout 1 - Default-:

L2 - Left airbrake                         R2 - Right Airbrake
L1 - Rear Cam                              R1 - Fire Weapon

L3 Stick - Steering                        R3 Stick - Not Used

Select - Music Player                      Start - Pause

Square - Ditch Weapon                      Triangle: Change View
X - Thrust                                 Circle: Not Used

-Layout 2-:

L2 - Left airbrake                         R2 - Right Airbrake
L1 - Fire Weapon                           R1 - Ditch Weapon

L3 Stick - Steering                        R3 Stick - Not Used

Select - Music Player                      Start - Pause

Square - Fire Weapon                       Triangle: Change View
X - Thrust                                 Circle: Rear Cam

-Layout 3-:

L2 - Left airbrake                         R2 - Right Airbrake
L1 - Ditch Weapon                          R1 - Fire Weapon

L3 Stick - Steering                        R3 Stick - Not Used

Select - Music Player                      Start - Pause

Square - Rear Cam                          Triangle: Not Used
X - Thrust                                 Circle: Change View

-Layout 4-:

L2 - Left airbrake                         R2 - Right Airbrake
L1 - Fire                                  R1 - Rear Cam

L3 Stick - Steering                        R3 Stick - Not Used

Select - Music Player                      Start - Pause

Square - View Change                       Triangle: Fire Weapon
X - Ditch Weapon                           Circle: Thrust

-Layout 5-:

L2 - Thrust                                R2 - Rear Cam
L1 - Not Used                              R1 - View Change

L3 Stick - Steering                        R3 Stick - Not Used

Select - Music Player                      Start - Pause

Square - Left Airbrake                     Triangle: Fire Weapon
X - Ditch Weapon                           Circle: Right Airbrake

-Layout 6-:

L2 - Thrust                                R2 - Ditch Weapon
L1 - Not Used                              R1 - Fire Weapon

L3 Stick - Steering                        R3 Stick - Not Used

Select - Music Player                      Start - Pause

Square - Left Airbrake                     Triangle: Change View
X - Rear Cam                               Circle: Right Airbrake

1.9 Seeing Your Craft                                                  WF_012

   During a race pressing the [triangle button] (by default) will switch the
current views of the craft. These views are:

*ship: Basic view, positioned slightly above and behind the craft, raised in
the air.

*pilot: View moves down and pans across the pilots cockpit, allowing you to
see just over their head.

*nose: View zooms forward to the nose of the craft, quite stylish as you can
see it rotate as you race.

*cockpit: Straight into the cockpit - the view will move with the rotation of
your ship - somewhat bowel churning, but probably the most fun.

Note that during a race you can look behind you using the [L1 button] (by
default) but this is always like the 'cockpit' mode and is shaded in green.
Sometimes making it harder to see, but the main reason for this backwards
view is to fire weapons backwards - which is explained in the weaponry
section Code: 015.

2.0 Teams, Pilots and Crafts.                                         

The available teams in the AG league are split up into 8 vaired pairs of
pilots. These pilots use the same craft, but have a different level of

Beginning teams are:

G-Tech Systems

Unlockable teams are:


To unlock a pilot and team - you will have to win one on one challenges. 
These challenges become available after beating leagues in AG league mode.
Win the race to enable the craft. To receive the lead pilot - upgrade your
craft. One it reaches a certain amount of upgrade percentage (80%) - 
the lead pilot becomes available for use.

2.1 Ag Teams and Pilots                                                WF_013

Note: For each pilots stats, [o] means an upgradable stat, while [/]
represents an non-upgradeable stat.

                                                       |   ___     |
Feisar:                                                |  | __|_   |
                                                       |  ||| __|  | 
                                                       |  ||||___| |
                                                       |  FEISAR   |

Team Slogan: Feisar is on the verge of its most successful season yet.

-Lead Pilot: Daniel Johnson-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/] 

-Second Pilot: Carlos Beneto-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Feisar Craft Info-
Engine Technology: RamJet Special
Surface Stabiliser: V100 Levitron Technology Corp
Braking System: Air-flow 44 by Air-flow research
Weapons Control: Armacall VII Control System
Shield Control: Garrett VR-7 Cloaking System.

Van-Uber Raching Development:                           v a n - u b e r
                                                          _  _  _   _
                                                         | |/ || | / |
                                                         |   / | |/ /
                                                          \_/  |___/

Team Slogan: Rest in Pieces

-Lead Pilot: Songen Grey-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][/][/][/]

-Second Pilot: Nami Mishima-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][/][/][/]

-Van-Uber Craft Info-
Engine Technology: ZE-7 Infinite-Ion Harnesser
Surface Stabiliser: Q-Dimension V3.2 by Q-Systems
Braking System: R-Drive-3 by Airflow Systems
Weapons Control: Sirius IV by A-Com weapon control
Shield Control: Inverse Polarity Generator V1.2 by Simplex GmbH

 G-Tech Systems:                                       |    ___    |
                                                       |  _| __|   |
                                                       | | |  _    | 
                                                       | |_|_| |   |
                                                       |    |_|    |
                                                       |   G TECH  |

Team Slogan: If it floats, it's G-Tech

-Lead Pilot: Roberto Sergio-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Second Pilot: Naomi Turner-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][/][/]

-G-Tech Craft Info-
Engine Technology: 4D intergrated Attractor Drive
Surface Stabiliser: G-Vibro III by AG Systems Ltd
Braking System: HX-32 Echo thrust by G-Tech UK
Weapons Control: Xenith Firemaster Control Systems
Shield Control: Xenith ArmaMaster v1.4

Auricom research industries                                    __
                                                              /_ \
                                                             /  \ \
                                                            /____\ \
                                                         a u r i c o m       

Team Slogan: You're never alone with a clone

-Lead Pilot: Pascale Rouser-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Second Pilot: Franco Gonzalez-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][/][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Auricom Craft Info-
Engine Technology: Pulse Thrustmaster VII
Surface Stabiliser: Tractor-4 by Tractor Science Group (UK)
Braking System: Xion Reverse-shunt Braking by Airflow Systems
Weapons Control: Cygnus VII by A-Come Weapon Control
Shield Control: SureGuard by Sure Sytems (USA)

EG-R Technologies                                          _     ___
                                                  \\ ||   /_|   / __|      _
                                                  _\\||  /___| / /_||     /_|
                                                 |____| /____||____ | [] //

Team Slogan: Creating a new age of civilisation

-Lead Pilot: Paul Cheung-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Second Pilot: Alex Reece-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-EG-R Craft Info-
Engine Technology: ElectroGravitron-7 by EG-R 
Surface Stabiliser: IonShield Drive V1.4 by IonShield Technology
Braking System: Esprit AirLicker Pro
Weapons Control: Absolute-7 Controller by VTRSI Ltd (UK)
Shield Control: UltraWeb Localiser with X200 Recharger

Tigron Enterprises                                            |\/|
                                                            |\|| |/|
                                                            |      |
                                                          T I G R O N

Team Slogan: Burn baby burn

-Lead Pilot: Omarr Khumala-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][o]

-Second Pilot: Sveta Kirovoski-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Tigron Craft Info-
Engine Technology: 320 Inverted Pulse RamJet
Surface Stabiliser: PowerLev V5.2a by Stabilising Systems inc.
Braking System: ShadowTorque technology by Tigron
Weapons Control: Talon 9000 with J-Type Enhanced Selector
Shield Control: VanGuard by Sure Systems (USA)

Xios International                                                      __
                                                                     __/ /
                                                                     \ \ \
                                                                     / \_\
                                                                    X I O S

Team Slogan: We think so you don't have to

-Lead Pilot: Natasha Belmondo-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Second Pilot: Zala Wollf-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][/][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][/][/]

-Xios Craft Info-
Engine Technology: EonGenerator Series 900 with Dual Thrust Reheater
Surface Stabiliser: Inverse-SuperConducter Magno-shielder V1.0 by Xios
Braking System: Tx6 HyperSlam Anchor by HyperDrive Braking Co.
Weapons Control: Cyclone 2.0 by Cyclone Technology
Shield Control: HLD3K Molecular Vibrator by MV Research Lab

Piranha Advancements                                         |/\    |
                                                              |\\/\ |
                                                              | \/\\|

Team Slogan: Just when you thought it was safe... the hungriest anti-grav
Racing team around.

-Lead Pilot: Myima Tsarong-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][o]

-Second Pilot: Jann Shlaudecker-

Craft Stats:

Top Speed:           [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Thrust:              [o][o][o][o][o][o]
Brake Force:         [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Lateral Stability:   [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Weapon Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]
Shield Power:        [o][o][o][o][o][/]

-Piranha Craft Info-
Engine Technology: QuadDrive using Overhead Thrust Refractors
Surface Stabiliser: HFS-T Push-Pull stabiliser
Braking System: G9 Air-Excluder with Retro-G Balancer
Weapons Control: Viper WC-001 by Viper Military Controls
Shield Control: Viper SC-003 with Quanverse Factoriser by Viper

2.2 Unlocking and using the different teams                            WF_014

Feisar: Unlocked at the beginning of the game - this craft is the most basic
craft, highly recommended for beginners and probably the best available at
the start. Its main attractor is its lateral stability, which is quite
supreme - resulting in superb handling. So as you get used to the speed, this
ship will keep you from crashing and burning. Good shields but very poor
weapon power.

Van-Uber: Unlocked at the beginning of the game. Very poor shields and
less lateral stability than the feisar - But greater thrust and break
force. Thus, if you are skilled with airbrakes - this is a good starting

G-Tech: Unlocked at the beginning of the game. Fails to beat the other two
available ships for thrust and breaking power. Luckily, it has the greatest
top speed available and a generous amount of shield compared to the others.

Auricom: Unlocked by beating the challenge Franco Gonzales challenge. 
Greater speed but worse thrust and break force. Not much of an
improvement compared to the other ships unless you want a slightly  faster
ship with slightly better weapons.

EG-R: Unlocked by beating the Alex Reece Challenge.
Excellent shields and weapons, but very poor brake force. Although, in 
opposition to their stats their brakes seem to act very odd, causing the ship 
to slide quite easily - this is a good thing though, allowing you to take 
corners with greater ease. Also these pilots have high upgrade levels -
making this ship good in the long run.

Tigron: Unlocked after beating the Sveta Kirovoski Challenge.

A well rounded ship, much like the Feisar but with more grunt. It has
generally high shield power while maintaining top speed and thrust.

Xios: Unlocked by beating the Zala Wollf challenge.

Practically a superior Tigron. Being the second best ship - it should be your 
main weapon for the final leagues as Piranha cannot be unlocked until after
the final league. Big improvement in lateral stability, weapons and shields.

Piranha: Unlocked after beating the Jann Shlaudecker Challenge.

This is the perfect ship ... nearly. It is perhaps too perfect! It is 
number one in most areas except for shields and break force creating a lethal
combination when coping with its superior speed. However - it contains the
only pilot which can upgrade to maximum statistics - making it perfect after
lots of funding has been poured into it.

2.3 Upgrade Costs and Information                                      WF_015

                 -This section is yet to be completed-

3.0 Weaponry

3.1 Using Weapons                                                      WF_016

   Weapons are a very integral part of WipEout, they are used throughout the
race to hinder your opponents or provide advantages to yourself.

   *To acquire a weapon: fly across a weapon pad. A weapon will be randomly
selected from those that you have unlocked.

*Note that if you have unlocked super weapons, they will be available for
every other competitor. However, if you have not, no other competitors will
have access to them.

*Weapons are unlocked when certain percentages of the game are completed.

*Super weapons are unlocked by beating challenges - see challenges section
Code: 048.

*To fire a weapon backwards hold the L1 button (by default) to bring up the
backwards view. Then hit fire.

*The following normal weapons can be fired backwards:
   Quake Disruptor

3.2 Basic and Unlockable Weapons                                       WF_017

Not all of these 'weapons' attack other craft but actually protect you or
assist you. All the items below are things gained from weapon pads. These are
the basic functions of each weapon.

Weapons that are available and don't have to be unlocked:

*Missile: Fires a single missile at a target for medium damage. Most useful
aspect of the missile is its ability to lock onto a target, it can also lock
onto a target behind you by holding L1 and getting a lock. As soon as you see
the crosshairs appearing you can fire the missile at the target for
guaranteed damage.

Damage: 6/10 Effectiveness: 7/10

*Grenades: Fires three bouncy grenades at a target. These bounce in a 
straight line from your firing point. The explode upon contact with a wall
or a craft. A good way to use them is to get very close to a enemy craft and
firing, making all three hit at once. These can also be fired backwards.

Damage: 7/10 Effectiveness: 5/10

*Proton Cannon: A weak cannon with 25 rounds. A very poor weapon on its own
its main benefit is causing the craft to lose control. Remember - the more
force you apply to the firing button - the faster the rounds deploy. Thus, if
you keep a light force on the trigger - about 2 rounds per second will be
fired. However, if you apply heavy force, all the rounds will be depleted
within 2 or so seconds.

Damage: 3/10 Effectiveness: 4/10

*Shield: A shield. Duh. It protects you from harm for several seconds, during
this time you are free to bounce into walls or be shot and receive no damage.
More useful than what you may think.

Damage: 0/10 Effectiveness: 8/10

*Turbo: Gives a boost of speed much like a turbo pad will - these are handy
when used coming out of a corner or after being slowed down.

Damage: 0/10 Effectiveness: 7/10

*Gravity Stinger: Drops a gravity mine behind you. Appears as a bright light
almost looking like a gas. If anyone travels directly across it - a large
amount of gravity is forced upon them and they are drawn to the ground and
completely stopped. Easily evaded, best placed before a craft that is
directly behind you or at a common chokepoint.

Damage: 0/10 Effectiveness: 4/10

-Weapons that must be unlocked-

*Quake Disruptor: Unlocked after completing 1% of the game.

This weapon is a extremely devastating attack which will always hit its 
target. It creates a ripple in the track, which will move along, flipping all 
craft into the air. Use it against a pack for the most entertainment. Note
that you can also send this backwards using the L1 button. Also, when you 
feel your controller rumbling more and more ... brace yourself!

Damage: 9/10 Effectiveness: 9/10

*Rockets: Unlocked after completing 3% of the game.

Quickly fires three rockets in quick succession forward. Much like a hybrid 
of the missile and grenades, these cannot be locked on but make for lots of
damage if they all hit. Again, using up close to avoid missing is a welcome 

Damage: 7/10 Effectiveness: 6/10

*Mines: Unlocked after completing 6% of the game.

Gives you five mines, which can be laid one at a time behind your craft.
Damage is relatively small, unless you string them at a chokepoint. However
the more useful feature is that mines attract craft, lock on weapons or
detonate other weapons, making them a better as a defence or a distraction.

Damage: 3/10 Effectiveness: 5/10

*Plasma bolt: Unlocked after completing 7% of the game.

The plasma bolt is an instant kill weapon, or at least causes high damage. It
fires a single bolt which is incredibly hard to aim and takes a few seconds
to charge. But if you hit - you usually have an instant kill. Using your
airbrakes to aim or taking a close range shot usually helps your chances.

Damage: 10/10 Effectiveness 4/10

*Gravity bomb: Unlocked after completing 9% of the game.

The gravity bomb is a tactical weapon, which does not do any damage at all.
Similar to the gravity stinger, it forces opponents to the ground and stops
them. However, this bomb has an incredibly wide radius and is projected
forward. A very devastating weapon on a pack, leaving you to zoom past
all who were affected by it.

Damage: 0/10 Effectiveness: 10/10

*Autopilot: Unlocked after completing 11% of the game.

The autopilot is exactly as the name suggests. It takes control of your
craft and guides it for several seconds. The bad thing is that the auto
pilot is just plain horrible. Upon using this you'll find your ship being
knocked around more often then when you were at the helm. In some situations
where you usually cant make it through very well the autopilot might help
but most of the time your better off doing it your own way.

Damage: 0/10 Effectiveness: 5/10

*Flamer: Unlocked after completing 13% of the game.

A flamethrower, obviously. Does moderate damage and if your right behind
someone you can burn away quite a lot of shields (excuse the pun). Although
its range is rather limited, making it useless most of the time. Also,
explain to me how a flamethrower can destroy metal crafts and function when
travelling at 1000 km/h, upside down on the moon?

-Multiplayer Weapons

Of course, this weapons set is limited to multiplayer only - thus containing
some really strange variants of normal weapons. These are:

*Control Jammer: One of the oldest tricks in the book - this causes the
other human players direction controls to reverse. Eg. If he turns left
the craft turns right etc. Good for a laugh as your friend smacks himself
into a wall.

Damage: Varies Effectiveness: 5/10

*Turbo Enforcer: Shoots a missile that gives an enemy ship a incredible
amount of boost - too damn much! This will often push them out of control
and smacking into walls. Best used at corners or other areas - so that you
don't end up helping your opponent by accident.

Damage: 4/10 Effectiveness: 5/10

*Hunter Missile: This missile is a projectile slightly more damaging than
your regular missile. The shot heads straight for the leader - causing
damage and considerable slow down. It follows the track, so no need for a 
lock on.

Damage: 6/10 Effectiveness: 9/10

*Global Drain: This is one mean weapon - completely drains the shields of all
your competitors to the red - so a few little knocks and they are out of
there. However, it also affects you, so use it near a pit lane unless you
want to take yourself down with it! 

Damage: 10/10 Effectiveness: 9/10

*Stealth: Makes your craft not only invisible, but invincible and impervious
to weapon lock ons! The best in the way of defence, good for surviving a
dangerous situation.

Damage: 0/10 Effectiveness: 10/10

3.3 Super Weapons                                                      WF_018

Feisar Super Weapon - Super Missiles

   Fires three highly powerful missiles, the benefit of these is you can
   lock them all onto one craft, causing up to 30-40 Shield damage or lock
   these onto multiple targets, spreading the damage.

 Damage 10/10 Effectiveness 9/10

Van-Uber Super Weapon - Seismic Field

   This launches a 'black hole' entity which goes in a straight line, causing
   massive damage when it lands a hit. Hard to aim, but very destructive.

Damage 10/10 Effectiveness 6/10

G-Tech Super Weapon - Bio Snare

   Fires a green beam in a straight line - if it hits the wall, a patch of
   green substance appears. Any ship foolish enough to fly through it is 
   injured. You can also fire this at an enemy craft, while they take no
   damage, their handling goes insane and any ships that bump into them
   are damaged severely. 

Damage 7/10 Effectiveness 6/10

Auricom Super Weapon - Orbital Laser

   Locks onto a target and fires a laser down, spinning the craft out in a
   cloud of smoke. Your usual high damage weapon, does not work in covered
   areas (due to weapon being fired straight down from the sky).

Damage 8/10 Effectiveness 7/10

EG-R Super Weapon - Power Swarm

   A very devastating weapon, the power swarm releases a pack of robotic
   wasps that orbit an enemy craft and shoot at it until they are
   out of ammo or the target is eliminated. Due to the enemy craft being
   unable to block this onslaught (unless using a shield) this weapon is
   quite valuable. 

Damage 9/10 Effectiveness 10/10

Tigron Super Weapon - Nitro Rocket

    Fires a rocket that upon impact will cause the craft to 'crystalise'.
    Well that's not important, the ships affected by this not only take
    initial damage but receive heavy damage when colliding with ships or
    walls. It can be cured by going through the pit lane or waiting a few

Damage: 8/10 Effectiveness: 7/10 

Xios Super Weapon - Shield Drain

   One of the greatest Super Weapons. Once locking onto target, this weapon
   steals large amounts of shield energy and transfers it to your craft!
   As it destroys the enemy, it heals you and is thus a incredibly useful

Damage 10/10 Effectiveness 10/10

Piranha Super Weapon - Penetrator

   Literally turns the ship into a rocket and fires itself directly into an
   enemy craft for very nice damage. Just be careful to get a lock on first
   and to be close enough, firing this without a lock on will propel you
   directly forward and you will be unable to steer. A great boost on
   straights if you have nobody to target, however.

Damage 9/10 Effectiveness 10/10

3.4 Submitted Weapon Strategies                                        WF_019

This area lists all strategies for weapons in the game - submitted by you. To
Submit a strategy either:

*E-Mail me at: [email protected] with 'Weapon Strategy' in the subject 

*Contact me through other means such as icq or msn, details are found at the
beginning of this FAQ.

Include your name and outline what weapon - then explain your strategy. If it
is a good strategy then it will be posted below with each new version. I will
also add strategies of my own over time.

But please, make sure your strategy is not already listed below before

No submitted strategies Yet.

4.0 Strategy Guide By Track

4.1 The Basics of Flight                                               WF_020

   Before you become truly skilled at WipEout: Fusion you must learn how to
combine the various aspects of the game. This section gives pointers of how
to beat the competition and get record times.

*Firstly, when starting a race you will be faced with a 'READY' sign for
several seconds until it changes into 'GO'. If you want to have the most
speedy start do not hit accelerate until 'GO' appears. Pushing down on the
accelerator as soon as it turns to go will give you a fast lift-off, if you
hit it pre-maturely however, you will be dropped to the ground and everyone
else will get a short head start.

*Airbrakes: Airbrakes are essential in completing races in Wipeout. An
airbrake slows your craft on one side. Eg. If you hit the left airbrake
the left side will be slowed, causing your ship to move slightly to the
right and your nose pivoting in that direction. To use airbrakes effectively:

    / b__  \
   /  /  \  \
 a/  /    \  \
 |  |      |  |
 |  |      | c|
 |  |      |  |
approach   destination

At point [a] start to apply right airbrake and turn into the corner. This
causes your ship to pivot around. When you reach [b] you should be very
slowed but lined up with [c]. Accelerate out of [b] and out of the corner.

Note: if you wish to stop, apply both brakes.

-About this section-

The WipEout: Fusion walkthrough is separated into different types. This is a
guide to each track - pointers of how to shave off your times etc.

Tracks in WipEout: Fusion are set out in this fashion:

There are 7 tracks in total.

Each track has 3 variations

Each track, including variations can be raced backwards

Thus making 42 Different Tracks that can be raced.

To unlock new tracks - either get golds on already unlocked tracks in Arcade
mode or alternately beat leagues in AG League mode that contain them, making
tracks included in the new leagues available.

Submitting track tips/strategies: 

To submit a tip related to a track (eg. a shortcut etc.) send an email to
[email protected] with 'Track Strategy' in the subject line. Alternately
contact me through icq or msn - details found at the beginning of this FAQ.

If satisfactory the strategy will be posted in the corresponding track

But please, make sure your strategy is not already listed below before

4.1 to 4.15

                  -This section is yet to be completed-

5.0 Ag League Walkthrough                                                 

5.1 Overview - Leagues, these guides                                   WF_035

   The Ag League mode of wipEout: fusion requires you to race within set
leagues to gain points and medals. This is where you gain money and upgrade
your craft as well as complete challenges unlocking the other teams.

-Scoring points-

Points are awarded after each race

1st place receives 12 points
2nd place receives 10
3rd place receives 8
4th place receives 6
5th place receives 4
6th place receives 2
7 - 16th place receive 1 point for finishing

For each elimination you receive 2 bonus points

If you are eliminated - you gain 0 points

Points are tallied after all races and whoever has the most points wins.

-Receiving money-

Money is received after each race which can be spent on upgrading your craft.
The amount received is based on several areas, the amount you receive varies
with your performance in this area.

Race: Has a certain amount for each league for first place - scales down by
a specific amount for every spot under that.

Skill: Has a base amount of money that you receive just for finishing. To
Increase the amount you receive in this area - perform perfect laps. If you
perform perfect laps the amount you receive increases significantly (almost
tripling the base amount in some leagues).

Time: As you can tell - the better your lap times, the more you receive from
this area.

Damage: Based on how much damage you do. Like skill - has a base amount you
receive for finishing. However - if you manage to eliminate an opponent then
the amount scales up but an incredible amount.

The base amounts of money increase however, depending on your current
progression through the leagues. Meaning you can go back to an easier league
and make the same amount of money.

Thus, the only real changes in leagues are the tracks and the AI level. As
AI craft become more powerful as you do and the cash amounts are fixed. 

-Your competition-

You will be part of a grid with 16 craft - 2 from each team. The power and
upgrade level of the ships is equal to your upgrade level.

For example, if you upgrade your feisar to 90% making it look much different
and more powerful - the other craft's upgrade levels will ascend to your
upgrade level.

-This Guide-

These following guides will outline the tracks, info on money, the AI 
difficulty and any tips to winning.

If you are having problems with the tracks - refer to the track section that
you need help with.

-Getting started-

Firstly you will need to choose a ship, you have three available:

Feisar: A _definite_ choice for the beginner. Perfect handling and no real
need for airbrake experience. While weak with weapons, it should get you
through the first few leagues easily.

Van-Uber: For the pilot looking for a bit more power. This thing has good
thrust and is more well equipped to take out opponents. It's speed isn't much
of an improvement. But it is great in the weapons area.

G-Tech: The most powerful speed wise of all the ships, yet the hardest to
control. If you are experienced with the game and are good with airbrakes
etc. then you cant go past this. Average with weapons and shields.

5.2 Chronos League                                                     WF_036

Track one: Florion Height 1
Track two: Mandrashee 1
Track three: Cubiss Float 1

   This is your first league, so it's quite easy. Just try and race and don't
bother about the other craft. Don't go for eliminations, your weapons will
most likely be limited and your weapon power low.

   Due to your shields you might have to pit once from your basic damage
received when hitting the walls. But otherwise you should be able to get
first place easily.

   Because the AI is quite basic at this point - coming first in each race
isn't necessary. The winners are often varied, meaning you can place second
or third in the races and still have the most points by the end.

League Difficulty: 1/5

   The AI for this section acts rather odd. The thing is - they hardly ever
aim for you. The will constantly attack each other but usually they wont even
bother with you unless you're the only craft around. They don't put up much
of a fight when attacked and are overtaken very easily.

   But beware - if you unlock many weapons before starting here, due to the
computers constantly attacking each other, getting caught in the crossfire
is a very dumb thing to do. Just get ahead of them early and leave them to
fight with themselves.

AI Difficulty: 1/5

5.3 Rhea League                                                        WF_037

Track one: Alca Vexus 1
Track two: Florion height 1 reverse
Track three: Mandrashee 1 reverse

   Moving on to the second league now, you should still be in good shape
to compete here. Make sure you spend your winnings on some upgrades -
especially shields. If you are new to the game you'll probably need some
shields in case you don't know your way around the tracks.

   You will be on a new track to start off with, then racing 2 of the
previous ones in reverse. Note that these will now be available in arcade
even if you didn't go to arcade previously.

   Now, this time the grid will be more balanced. If you want to win you
will have to place high each round. While the winners wont remain too
constant about four or five will always remain at the top of the scoreboard.
Make good use of your weapons to pick up elimination points if you want to
secure your win. But, overall, this is still the beginning and it's quite
easy, the hard stuff is yet to come.

League Difficulty: 1/5

   The AI has increased a bit now; they will aim for you, but not purposely.
They will still attack each other often though and you should be able to
overtake them and not have them on your back. 
   Don't be surprised if you're not in the lead by the start of the last lap,
you will find yourself fighting between one or two other crafts to get into
pole position near the end. Remember, coming first is not necessary to win
the league.

   AI will now make better use of weapons, especially grav stingers, which
will start appearing in some very annoying positions. While slightly harder,
with your new upgrades these aren't anything you cant handle and if you cant
handle them (for whatever reason) you can go back to the chronos league and
race it again - picking up some more funds and further enhancing your ship.

AI Difficulty: 1/5

*After this league the Auricom Challenge is unlocked*

The auricom isn't a big improvement over the other ships, if you are
satisfied with what you have right now don't bother but if you want to move
onto something a little bit more fast then downgrade your machine and put 
your funds into this. But otherwise there is no real reason to change.

Oceanus League                                                         WF_038

Track one: Cubiss Float 1 reverse
Track two: Alca Vexus 1 reverse
Track three: Vohl Square 1

   Things will now start to heat up. Expect with the new weapons being 
unlocked to see some more aggressive battles. The track selection is a group 
(besides the first one), which will test your skills as well as your shields.

   You will now have to aim for first place to really secure a win, don't be
surprised if you find a single ship jumping further ahead in first place.
You'll most likely battle for points with this ship as you go along.

   If your shields are upgraded enough - it's time you considered unlocking
some super weapons. These will help you get some points from the elimination
bonuses. Of course, if your shields are too low then you'll just end up
getting hammered. It's your decision.

   This is definitely a step up from the other leagues - it may be a good
idea to go back to the chronos and rhea leagues to get some more money and
upgrade your craft a little bit more.

League difficulty : 2/5

   The AI is now much more balanced, expect them to bump you around often
and to fire at you when you overtake them. The grid will split up much
sooner now, and you will be looking at a one on one race with the leader
towards the end.

   Weapon use is much more intelligent, be careful of mines and stingers at
Chokepoints and watch out for retaliation from attacking another craft.
Especially the guy in first place.

   A tip is to save your big weapons (super weapons, gravity bombs, plasma
bolts) for the guy in the lead, making sure he doesn't stay on your trail
until the end trying to eliminate you. If you jump ahead of him, make sure
you gain as much length as possible.

AI Difficulty: 2/5

5.5 Tethys League                                                      WF_039

Track one: Vohl Square 1 reverse
Track two: Florion height 2
Track three: Mandrashee 2

   This league is a great step up in difficulty from the last league, I find
sometimes I can go from getting easy 1st place winnings to coming in under
5th place when reaching here. The tracks are new, but the last two are
relatively easy and short. The track that will give you the most trouble is
Vohl Square 1 reverse. This track is quite hard to navigate in comparison and
the computer will most likely blow you away.

   If you can't get good a placing in these races, go for eliminations. Go
fetch your super weapons then try and take out as many competitors as
possible, as well as trying to get a good place. Remember, eliminations are 2
more points to your total so try and pick up a few.

   You can always go back to the previous leagues to grab some cash too, in
fact it's a good thing to do. The more powerful your ship is the better
equipped you'll be to navigate the tracks. Try and pour some money into
shield also - the less you pit the better.

   If you cant get a good place on the first track, don't worry as the
following tracks are a little easier to navigate. Try and keep your score 
high with eliminations and you should pull through.

League Difficulty: 3/5

   The enemy grid is now much more skilled, the whole group will be generally
skilful and branch out to leave a few in pole positions.  There will most
definitely be a craft taking the lead each race, if you have problems with
this try and eliminate them. Not only can you grab up first - but as a result
they gain no points. The AI has made it time to get dirty.

   The other AI wont be much more aggressive than before, although more
eliminations are bound to occur because the pack is now much closer.

AI Difficulty: 3/5

*After this league the Eg-R challenge is unlocked*

The Eg-R is a recommended ship for those who want a better handling craft.
Its stats suggest otherwise, but this ship slides around corners quite easily
and can also be heavily upgraded. Definitely worth a look.

5.6 Hyperion League                                                    WF_040

Track one: Tetmesh bay 1
Track two: Florion Height 2 reverse
Track three: Cubiss float 2
Track four: Alca Vexus 2
Track five: Vohl Square 2

   The first thing you'll notice about this league is now that it contains
five tracks. This can be both beneficial and a hindrance due to the
fact you have more chances to gain points, and even more chances to lose

   I recommend you withdraw all your funds from the other ships you have
and put them into an EG-R ship. You might want to go back and gain some
more cash also. Be sure to upgrade shields, top speed and thrust.

   You might find this league quite easy at first, at least during the first
two tracks, which are quite easy. But the last three tracks are a selection
which are very hard to race, especially if you are racing them for the first
time. Make sure you have enough shield, don't be afraid to pit however, as
its better to be alive and get some points then to die and lose them all.

   To make sure you gain a good position each time be sure to exploit the
shortcuts on the available tracks (there are shortcuts on Tetmesh bay,
cubiss float and vohl square available). 

League Difficulty: 3/5

   The AI will not have changed much compared to the last league, except for
the leader ship, which might be harder to catch up to.

   Beware the enemy crafts at the start of tracks, especially those like alca
vexus where the course is narrow - they will bump you around very 
aggressively and cause big damage to your shields.

   But overall, if you use the same tactics you have used last league you
shouldn't have many problems.

AI Difficulty: 3/5

5.7 Themis League                                                      WF_041

Track one: Tetmesh bay 1 reverse
Track two: Mandrashee 2 reverse
Track three: Cubiss float 2 reverse
Track four: Alca Vexus 2 reverse
Track five: Florion Height 3

   The tracks here are basically reverses of those you raced recently. Thus
the difficulty comes mostly from the AI and not the tracks themselves. Note
that there aren't many shortcuts to exploit this time, so it will come down
to skill in most parts.

   There isn't much to say about these, you should know your way around them
by now, if not go to arcade and practice.

   Also, be sure to put some more money in shields, because the AI will be
much more aggressive and you'll need to withstand their attacks.

League difficulty: 3/5

   Now the AI will start to become quite a pain. While it may seem that you
can jump to higher places quite easily, if you slow down or you are hit
expect to see many, many ships fly past you.

   The aggressiveness and strategy of their attacks have become very painful
for you. Don't be surprised to be hit with a gravity bomb, and then whacked 
with quakes and plasma bolts. They will start to combine their weapons much
more effectively and due to this you must concentrate on your shields and pit
when needed.

   Also, don't expect to be seeing too much of the craft in first place and
sometimes second, they will jump far ahead of the pack. Also you might find
yourself spending the whole race just trying to catch up to the pack at the
back of the race.

   Usually the first few tracks you can pick up gold, so make these count,
also try and pick up eliminations as much as you can. The last few tracks
will be quite different and you might have trouble placing highly, so
try and eliminate those who are important to the scoreboard.

   The most vital thing here to beat the AI is to become skilled at the
tracks. If you bugger up or take the wrong turn, then you will be
overtaken with extreme prejudice. Make sure you know your way, and the best
way to ward off aggressive attackers is to be aggressive yourself. Hell,
you pick up points for it so be mean.

AI Difficulty: 4/5

*After this league the Tirgon challenge is unlocked*

The tigron is a ship much like the first few selections, but has a lot more
power and upgrade ability. It makes up with speed and shield what it lacks
in handling. If you want something a little more hostile then you should
start focusing on this ship.

5.8 Lapetus League                                                     WF_042

Track one: Katmoda 12 1
Track two: Tetmesh bay 2
Track three: Vohl Square 2 reverse
Track four: Mandrashee 3
Track five: Cubiss Float 3

   This leagues selection of tracks are mainly ones that are made for speed.
With the exception of the first track and possibly the second track, these
require a high speed ship to race efficiently. Thus you must make a decision
to upgrade to the tigron or not. The tigron is a fast ship, but lacks the
handling finesse of the other ships. Personally I stick with the EG-R but if
you find yourself too slow or underpowered, swap to the tigron.

   The first track should give you no problems; it's relatively easy and also
simple to claim the gold. However the second track is (in my opinion)
incredibly hard. The following tracks are those that are optimised for ships
with good top speed and not much handling. Thus, if you are using another
ship besides the tigron, withdraw your funds from other areas and build up
your top speed.

   The score board will most likely lead with the 2 piranha ships, due to the
fact their speed will accelerate them in front of the pack. Again, try and
hurt them or eliminate them early on if you cant catch up - creating an
imbalance in the scores and letting you get up on top. 

League Difficulty: 3/5

   AI ships will most definitely be optimised for speed here, making them
hard to catch up to at times. They also get much more aggravated when
overtaken. It's not uncommon for them to keep a gravity bomb handy for when
you get in front of them.

   So, do the same. When you overtake them, make sure to use a super weapon
or a gravity bomb to slow them down making it harder to catch up. As before
damaging the leaders and causing them to pit or crash later is a welcomed
strategy. If you can slow them down enough, then they wont have a chance on
these fast tracks.

AI Difficulty: 4/5

5.9 Crius League                                                       WF_043

Track one: Katmoda 12 1 reverse
Track two: Tetmesh bay 2 reverse
Track three: Alca Vexus 3
Track four: Vohl Square 3
Track five: Florion height 3 reverse

   The tracks don't differ much from the last few leagues you encountered.
Your main problem in this league is the increased skill of the enemy crafts.
Make sure to exploit the shortcut on Alca Vexus as well as hone your skills
on the other tracks. Again, speed is required. Make sure your top speed is
well upgraded before venturing in here.

   The AI will give you a good challenge this time around, if you could
easily claim first place before, then you might have problems now.

League Difficulty: 4/5

   The grid will most definitely be lead by xios and piranha crafts which 
will no doubt be hard to catch up to within three laps. The points will be
definitely harder to grab, make sure you eliminate everyone you can.

   Try and save your gravity bombs and plasma bolts for either slowing down
the leaders or eliminating them for points. You will have to have a good
idea of the tracks, especially those like alca vexus and tetmesh bay before
you try this league, due to the fact the AI has a near perfect racing line.

   Use the weapons to tilt the scoreboard in your favour, this may be the
first league you have trouble finishing. It would be a good idea to backtrack
and get some more money for top speed and weapons upgrades.

AI difficulty: 4/5

*After this league the Xios challenge is unlocked*

The Xios ship, in my opinion, is the best in the game. Unlike the Piranha it
isn't too powerful. But it is well rounded and is the best ship available to
use in the final leagues. Get this ship, put all your money into it and grab
its super weapon which is incredibly helpful. Without this ship you'll find
the final few leagues nearly impossible.

5.10 Thea league                                                       WF_044

Track one: Katmoda 12 2
Track two: Florion Height 2
Track three: Tetmesh bay 3
Track four: Mandrashee 3 reverse
Track five: Cubiss float 3 reverse
Track six: Alca Vexus 3 reverse
Track seven: Mandrashee 3

   This selection of tracks is a mix of new tracks and old tracks. The new
ones are some of the most challenging tracks available and the old ones are
made hard by the increased speed and increased AI difficulty of this league.
In my opinion, this is by far the hardest league. You must go and get
yourself a Xios ship, upgrade it, get shield drain and practice these tracks
if you want a chance at winning.

   At first you may be able to grab a couple of first place points and seem
to hold yourself well, but by the last half you wont have much of a chance of
seeing first place. The piranha and other Xios ships will no doubt be too far
ahead of you. I've usually finish this league by a small amount of points or
on a tie.

   Keep trying, keep upgrading, and go for those eliminations. Those 2 points
might just be enough to put you over the edge. Good luck.

League Difficulty: 5/5

   AI is incredibly difficult this time around. They will attack you and
concentrate some powerful attacks on you. Combined with the track selection
your shield will take an incredible beating. Try not to pit, as not to waste
time and make sure you know your tracks.

   Enemies will make optimal use of all weaponry here, if you stuff up on a
section you will no doubt be pounded back into last place. Remember, in the
last few tracks a placing above 5 is actually quite an achievement.

   If you aren't in the top 8 or so by the last lap, don't worry, as most of
the pack will start to get eliminated or slow down by that time allowing you
to overtake them. However you probably wont see much of first and second
place in the last few tracks.

   Go to arcade mode and practice these and find the shortest routes and get
the best times. You have little chance of eliminating the leaders, you must
make up for it with pure skills. Also try and take out some of the crafts
trailing behind for extra points, if you pick up no elimination points this
league then you probably wont win.

AI Difficulty 5/5

5.11 Metis League                                                      WF_045

Track one: Katmoda 12 2 reverse
Track two: Mandrashee 2
Track three: Katmoda 12 3
Track four: Vohl Square 3 reverse
Track five: Tetmesh Bay 3 reverse
Track six: Katmoda 12 3 reverse
Track seven: Cubiss Float 3

   Now, this is very hard. Without a doubt, but probably not as bad as the
last selection. Regardless you must upgrade your xios ship to nearly full
upgrades. Concentrate heavily on top speed and shield more than anything.

   Due to the fact many of the tracks are Katmoda 12 (which is a very fast
track) having top speed maxed out will be quite essential. Other tracks
like vohl square, tetmesh bay and cubiss float will also benefit from these

   You _Must_ eliminate ships. Regardless of what position they are in or who
they are, the points are needed. Unless you upgrade your Xios ship fully you
probably wont even get a first place the whole league - thus eliminations
will boost your points far enough. Super weapons, plasma bolts and quakes are
your friends, use them wisely.

   You will have trouble with this league, but you will now get lots of cash
if you backtrack and do the easier leagues. Thus, you can get more then
enough money for your xios ship. Upgrade this, and you should be able to just
claim the gold.

League Difficulty: 5/5

   The AI is incredibly difficult, they are unsurpassed in their
aggressiveness in this league. You will be catching up to a piranha ship
points wise, which, unless you claim many elimination bonuses - will beat

   The only problem with the AI is that at times they are too aggressive. So
much that they will only make it easier for you. Of course, most of their
attacks will drain your shields like crazy, and they will go for you above
all else. But when they are attacking each other - they are just allowing you
to get ahead.

   If your shield power is maxed, you might be able to get by with only one
pit or perhaps no pitting at all. But don't take any risks, you need as many
points as you can get your hands on.

   This is the last league, so put all your money into it, go back and
practice as much as you can before trying out. Zone mode is a good way to
test out these tracks and improve your racing line. Once you have the gold
its all over.

AI Difficulty: 5/5

*The Piranha challenge and Custom league is now unlocked*

   The piranha is basically a crazy sensation of speed, used for the time
trials mostly its so powerful its stupid. Pretty much a gimmick, but fun

5.12 Custom League                                                     WF_046

   This is a way to gain extra money after receiving your piranha craft or
just for having a bit of fun later on. You can customise a league which
can contain from 1 to 7 tracks of your choice. Money is at maximum and is
easily obtained.

   This is also enabled for multiplayer, where it would probably get more

5.13 Ag League Challenges                                              WF_047

   After completing two leagues, a challenge will be opened up against the
secondary pilot of a team. This is a one on one race on a separate track,
come first to unlock that team and pilot for use in all modes.


*This track is built for speed, so you could remove money from other areas on
your ship and put the money into top speed for more help.

*Be dirty and make use of weapons: The easiest way to win one of these
challenges? Prey for a plasma bolt. Then just wait until one of the more
narrow sections of the track, line em' up and fire. Then just cross the
finish line when you feel like it.

6.0 Challenge Mode Walkthrough

6.1 Challenges Overview                                                WF_047

   The challenge mode of WipEout: Fusion is a set of races involving you to
perform various tasks. The main point of this mode is to unlock the Super
Weapons for each team. The challenge mode is made up of 5 basic challenges
and one Gold Challenge for each team. You cannot perform a team's set of
challenges unless you have already unlocked them in Ag League mode. Basic
challenges are made up of these different tasks:

*Race: Basically just like an arcade race, come in a pre-determined place
to win a medal.

*Elimination: Destroy a pre-determined amount of enemy craft, weapons are
usually limited in selection.

*Survival: Remain intact for a certain number of laps, eliminate the
competitors or play it safe to win.

*Chase: A one on one race, to win you just have to get some part of your
ship ahead of your opponent. Usually your opponent is quite powerful in
comparison and this is not as easy as it may seem.

*Time: A time trial, beat the set time on the chosen track.

   The gold challenge is unlocked when you claim gold in all five challenges.
Gold challenges usually consist of a one on one race on a track with one lap.

   However, to receive your super weapon, you can claim bronze, silver or
gold in the five challenges. Once you have done so, the super weapon will
be available for use.

6.2 Feisar Challenges                                                  WF_048

Challenge one: Race                                     Track: Cubiss Float 1
Contenders: Five                 Laps: 2                         Weapons: All
Gold: 1st                        Silver: 3rd                      Bronze: 5th 

   This being the first challenge is very easy, just race this as you
normally would, having the quake weapon unlocked will help you here. Due to
the race being short you shouldn't worry about shield energy and just go for
first place. You should be in the lead by the end of the first lap, just
cross the line to claim the gold.

Challenge two: Time                                       Track: Mardrashee 1
Contenders: One                   Laps 1                    Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 37 seconds                Silver: 39 Seconds         Bronze: 41 seconds

   You may have to race this several times before you claim the gold. From
the starting grid be sure to hit the initial turbo pads, then veer to the
Right to hit the next two, then veer back to the left to hit the following
two. Maintain your speed and once you reach the corkscrew stay on the right
side and hit the triple boosters. Then keep a straight racing line down the
middle of the track, when you get to the final s-bend stay to the inside so 
you can hit the pair of turbo's just before the finish line. You should make
it with at least half a second to spare.

Challenge three: Race                         Track: Florion height 1 reverse
Contenders: Six                   Laps: 4                   Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 1st                       Silver: 2nd                       Bronze: 5th 

    This race challenge is a step up from your previous one. Once leaving
the grid be sure to hit all the boosters you can leading to the dirt area.
Once you reach this area turn right so that you hit the boosters behind the
rocks and take the turn very sharply so you fly through the rocks and exit
the area. If you want to take out the gold, you _must_ hit the boosters
before the loop (especially the set of 4). That way you gain enough speed
to cross the finish line. You'll most likely end up battling with one
other craft, but as long as you hit those final boosters the gold is yours.

Challenge four: Elimination                               Track: Mandrashee 2
Contenders: 10                  Laps: 5         Weapons: Missiles and Rockets
Gold: 3 eliminations     Silver: 2 eliminations         Bronze: 1 elimination

   Elimnation challenges usually follow a basic set of rules if you want to
win. Be fast, because if you take your time there will be nobody left to
eliminate. Always find a target, turn around, park, do whatever it takes
to find something to kill and lastly always make your shots count. You can
either fly ahead with the pack and take some damage hoping for some kills,
or stay behind picking off ships after they have taken lots of damage. The
latter is probably the better choice due to the Feisar craft's lack of
good shields. Also, make sure to fire rockets at point blank to rack up
some kills.

Challenge five: Time                            Track: Cubiss Float 1 reverse
Contenders: 1                   Laps: 1                     Weapons: disabled
Gold: 52 seconds            Silver: 55 seconds             Bronze: 58 seconds

   This is pretty simple, if you know the track well you can easily make it
in time due to the fact all the turbo pads are easy to make out and are in
the middle of the track. Possibly the only way to shave your time off is
making a decision between going left or right once leaving the first tunnel.
The right branch is probably shorter but be prepared to brake heavily upon
leaving. The other choice is slightly longer but has several turbo pads and
doesn't leave you to bump into the walls. Your choice really, but either way
you can make it in time.

Gold Challenge                                            Track: Alca Vexus 2
Contenders: 2                   Laps: 1                     Weapons: Disabled
Gold: Come First.

   You will find yourself going one on one with a van uber craft. This is
not a particularly hard challenge. Although, you must be a good pilot due
to the fact your shield power is at 8. If you know the track and manage
to hit the right amount of turbo pads you shouldn't have any problems.
But if you are having trouble you can use the switch in the temple area
to trick the computer. If you are just behind him, make sure you hit the
switch in the middle just after he flies past causing him to smack into
the wall and become stuck (they wont turn around). However, if you are
ahead of him and hit the switch he will hit the switch on you causing
you to crash. So be careful.

6.3 Van Uber Challenges                                                WF_049

Challenge one: Time                               Track: Mandrashee 1 reverse
Contenders: 1                   Laps: 1                     Weapons: disabled
Gold: 38 seconds              Silver: 41 seconds           Bronze: 44 seconds

   This will be a close call to get the gold. You must hit as many boosters
as possible or you wont have a chance. Don't use your airbrakes in the first
s-bend and just turn normally, then maintain a straight line down the middle
so you hit each booster. When you get past the corkscrew make sure veer right
then left and back to the right to hit all boosters. At the end make sure to
be near the right wall to hit the twin boosters that should carry you across
the finishing line in time.

Challenge two: Elimination                            Track: Florion Height 1
Contenders: 8                   Laps: 4         Weapons: Missiles and Rockets
Gold: 3 Eliminations    Silver: 2 Eliminations          Bronze: 1 Elimination

   The secret here is to play it safe for the first one or two laps, then
start hunting down the injured. Due to the weapon restrictions, it wont be so
easy to hurt each other, so by about that time you should be able to pick off
a few. Make sure to stay behind the pack, your shields aren't very strong and
if you go all out you might get eliminated yourself.

Challenge three: Race                           Track: Cubiss Float 1 reverse
Contenders: 8                    Laps: 4        Weapons: Turbos, missiles and  
Gold: 1st                      Silver: 2nd                        Bronze: 4th 

   Now this can be very hard depending on how you act early on during this
challenge. You are up against a wide range of competitors, the majority of
which are much, much more powerful than you (you will notice this after they
overtake you constantly). The only way to get gold in this is to slow them
down as much as possible on the first lap. Make sure to hit them with
everything you got. Even though they will still jump far ahead of you, this
should cause them to pit in during the 3rd or 4th lap allowing you to gain a
few seconds. If you're not within the top 3 by the second last lap then you
probably wont have a chance. Remember to slow them down as much as possible
during lap one and keep trying.

Challenge four: Survival                                  Track: Alca Vexus 1
Contenders: 8                   Laps: 3          Weapons: Flamers and Shields
Gold: 3 laps                  Silver: 2 laps                    Bronze: 1 lap

   Okay now this a joke, especially compared to the last challenge. In fact,
all survival challenges are jokes because all you need to do is stick well
behind everyone else and you'll live. Now this one having shields available
makes it even easier to win. If you want to make this slightly challenging
you should try and win this in first place without using shields. But
in the end, you shouldn't need to seek help from a walkthrough for this one.

Challenge five: Time                                  Track: Florion height 2
Contenders: 1                  Laps: 1                      Weapons: disabled
Gold: 62 seconds         Silver: 66 seconds                Bronze: 70 seconds

   This shouldn't be too hard, again make sure you hit those turbos. Firstly,
there is no need to use your airbrakes until near the end, make sure you hit
as many boosters as you can up until the dirt section. Once leaving the dirt
section make sure to hit the twin boosters on the right, and it will be
helpful to brake sharply in the following tunnel to hit the next set of twin
boosters. You should also maintain a straight racing line on the drop so you
pick up the most speed for the following climb. Hit the final two boosters
on the left near the finish line and you should make this without too many

Gold Challenge                                           Track: Vohl Square 3
Contenders: 2                  Laps: 1                      Weapons: disabled
Gold: Come first

   The biggest problem here will be that you might not have seen this track
yet. Of course, your shields are drained and your opponent is faster than
you. But, his weakness is that he will not hit many turbo pads. So be sure
to hit as many as you can just to keep up with him. You'll probably hold
the lead right until the end of the sewer section when he will jump ahead
of you. But as long as you hit the pads you should just get in front. Now,
to win you must take the last corner very sharply, as there are three
boosters to the very left of the track, if you don't hit at least one of 
these he will gain speed and beat you. Also, be sure to have a good racing 
line or he might bump you until you are eliminated.

6.4 G-Tech Challenges                                                  WF_050

Challenge one: Elimination                               Track: Vohl Square 3
Contenders: 10                     Laps: 5       Weapons: Grenades and Plasma
Gold: 5 Eliminations        Silver: 3 Eliminations      Bronze: 1 Elimination

   Here you are faced with a slight dilemma. Due to the weapons restrictions,
the pack of 10 craft will most likely be little over 0 by the end of the
first lap. You can either head in with the pack and try and take out as many
as possible - risking your own life in the process. Or stay back taking shots
which usually doesn't get you far. Learn how to aim with the plasma bolt,
it's your main weapon of choice here. Also use both weapons together
effectively: Hit them with the grenades to slow them down, making it easier
to aim at them with the plasma bolt and clean them up.

Challenge two: Race                               Track: Alca Vexus 1 reverse
Contenders: 10                     Laps: 4                       Weapons: All
Gold: 1st                        Silver: 3rd                      Bronze: 5th

   This is your basic race, nothing else to it. Just keep in mind that your
craft lacks a good amount of shield power, and on a race longer than usual
on this track you'll have to pit at least once. Just concentrate on getting
to first and keeping there - and if you have any problems just practice in
arcade mode. Simple.

Challenge three: Elimination                      Track: Mandrashee 2 reverse
Contenders: 14                 Laps: 5      Weapons: Photon Cannons, Grenades
                                                           Rockets and Quakes
Gold: 5 eliminations         Silver: 3 eliminations     Bronze: 1 elimination

   Grabbing the gold in this challenge is far from easy. With this grid of 14
craft, expect it to be completely empty by the end of the first lap. The main
challenge of this race is to get kills as fast as possible, as the other
craft will drop like flies shortly after you begin. Your weapons are photon
cannons (which should be discarded), rockets (which aren't particularly
helpful). However, the other weapons, grenades and the very rare quake
pickups should help you. Make use of the grenades and close range and the
quakes here are what will grab you all your kills. If you're only damaging
someone - your only making them a kill for the next pilot who picks up a 
quake. Make your shots count - and pray for quakes. You'll get the gold in
this by luck, if anything.

Challenge four: Time                                  Track: Florion Height 3
Contenders: 1                       Laps: 1                 Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 60 seconds               Silver: 65 seconds          Bronze: 70 seconds

   Of course, you gotta hit those boosters, but you should know this track
well enough by now to know where they are - and there aren't many of them
so you should be able to take care of that. You'll probably find yourself
hard pressed to get under the minute mark - this comes down to how you handle
the final drop. I've experimented and they both usually come out the same way
but if you hold your nose down you'll gain speed, but when you hit the ground
you'll lose more. Hold it up and you will float and not lose speed when you
land. Make sure you land on the track - or you can kiss that medal good bye.

Challenge five: Survival                                 Track: Vohl Square 2
Contenders: 10                    Laps: n/a                  Weapons: Rockets
Gold: 3 laps                   Silver: 2 laps                   Bronze: 1 lap

   Survival challenges are usually a walk in the park, so you shouldn't have
any problems. Hell, if you want to have some fun park yourself on a weapon
pad and keep hitting the trigger while pointing at another craft. Anyway,
you get a shiny super weapon now so be happy.

Gold Challenge                                            Track: Mandrashee 3
Contenders: 2                     Laps: 1                   Weapons: disabled
Gold: Come first

   If you have played this track before, you will know its made for speed.
Thus, use this to your advantage, your competitor will usually keep up with
you, if not surpass you. Try and keep him off the boosters and always go for
the area with the most boosters (no need to go for weapon pads, because they
are off, so just go for the big stretches of turbo boosts). Make sure you
are at least just behind him by the final s-bend. He takes the corners very
widely, allowing you to jump ahead if you take the corners very sharply and
hit those helpful two boosters at the far left on the last stretch.

6.5 Auricom Challenges                                                 WF_051

Challenge one: Chase                              Track: Alca Vexus 1 reverse
Contenders: 2                     Laps:n/a                  Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 50 seconds             Silver: 60 seconds            Bronze: 70 seconds
   From your first few tries at this - it might seem nearly impossible to get
ahead of your enemy. It has a weakness which you must exploit, it takes
corners very widely. While this may make little time difference, it means you
can pre-empt him on the corners and go very tightly, getting your nose in
front for just a split second and claiming the gold. Of course, you gotta
hit all those boosters, especially those on the left at the end of the dirt
section and the ones after taking the last hairpin sharply, as well as the
booster on the left near the pit lane. That last booster near the pits should
help you, after hitting it swerve to the right in anticipation of the next
turn, which should put you ahead for simply being on the inner part of the
corner. Done and done.

Challenge two: Race                                      Track: Vohl Square 1
Contenders: 7                       Laps: 5                      Weapons: All
Gold: 1st                         Silver: 3rd                     Bronze: 5th 

   This is not your standard race, but yet another competetion against much
superior craft. The secret here, as with other challenges like this is to be
aggressive right off the bat and do as much damage as you can before they 
speed off ahead of you. Causing them to crash and burn, or more likely pit
in within the last few laps. Be sure to hit them boosters, especially the
3 to the very left after the last turn. Also, when you reach the roundabout
don't get off on the first leg, but keep circling around and go off on the
next exit. This path seems slightly shorter and most of the other crafts go
down here - giving you another chance to slow them down. If you grab the lead
don't let go.

Challenge three: Elimination                              Track: Katmoda 12 2
Contenders: 7                       Laps: 4      Weapons: Missiles and Photon  
Gold: 3 Eliminations       Silver: 2 Eliminations      Bronze: 1 Eliminations

    Your main problem here is your selection of weapons, basically, they are
as weak as hell. If you are going to get enough kills you'll have to use them
wisely. Photon cannons are good for little besides making a craft lose
control - hopefully in a position easily followed up by a few missiles. Jump
ahead of the pack on the first lap after hurting them a little, then wait for
them to come back to you and they should still be all together, use this time
to fire a few missiles and spray your photon cannons at the pack. Make sure
you can keep up with the leaders as there aren't enough laps to catch up to
them later. Oh, and if you don't have any good weapons to use, a good ram 
will do some satisfying damage. Just fly headfirst into damaged ships and
they should explode.

Challenge four: Time                                    Track: Cubiss Float 2
Contenders: 1                        Laps: 1                Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 73                           Silver: 78                      Bronze: 83

   The thing you need to know about this is the secrets of the track - if you
don't know the best way through here you'll be hard pressed to get even the
bronze. Just hit the boosters as you normally do - the first place to cut
down your time is the ice cave. In the cave first go down the middle, apply
your brakes and slide through the tunnel to the right, straighten yourself
up and go for the exit then apply your right brake to slide back into line.
Keep going as usual until you exit the tunnel, now here is the point where
you save the most time, after the first corner after the tunnel go to the
right inlet and hit the _switch_. Then quickly get back on track and go
straight ahead. If you didn't know about this before - the wall there will be
gone and you can continue through. Keep going down this short cut path until
you get back outside - follow the track to the end. This might take several
tries to get a good time. Go back and try and take the corners with more
speed and try not to rely on airbrakes too much to shave off a few seconds.
Good luck.

Challenge five: Survival                          Track: Mandrashee 3 reverse
Contenders: 11                   Laps: n/a                   Weapons: Rockets
Gold: 3 laps                   Silver: 2 laps                   Bronze: 1 lap

   Survival challenges ... really quite a contradicting phrase. There aint
nothing challenging about these. Just play it safe and try not to scrape the
walls and then you get a super weapon. Wow, that was hard!

Gold Challenge                                          Track: Cubiss float 3
Contenders: 2                      Laps: 1                   Weapons: 
Gold: Come first

   This should be simple enough, of course this track's main problem area is
also of the greatest concern here - the field of trees. Just make sure to hit
all the boosters you can on the way and in the spiral make sure you stay to
the inside. Once you reach the field try and make it down the middle to get
a little closer then once you reach the loop, stay to the left and give it
hell. With all the forward momentum from the loop and the long drop when you
hit those last two boosters - you'll probably just jump ahead with only
milliseconds to spare, but you should make it anyway.

6.6 Eg-r challenges                                                    WF_052

Challenge one: Survival                          Track: Vohl Square 2 reverse
Contenders: 16                     Laps: n/a                Weapons: Grenades
Gold: 6 laps                     Silver: 4 laps                Bronze: 2 laps

   Hey this survival challenge can actually be kind of hard if you're a bad
pilot, but chances are if you have made it this far you'll know your stuff.
So scratch that. The thing that makes this even slightly challenging is the
length of the race. Due to this those little bumps and scratches will
definitely build up over time - meaning you'll need to drive carefully. Also
by the last lap or so expect the leaders to overtake you, unless you have
been effectively keeping up the whole time. So you're not completely free
from the other pilots. But, who am I kidding? This is still as easy as hell.

Challenge two: Chase                            Track: Cubiss float 3 reverse
Contenders: 2                       Laps: n/a               Weapons: disabled
Gold: 60 seconds               Silver: 85 seconds         Bronze: 110 seconds

   Again, the trees, its always about the trees. How do you win? Make it
through the damn trees!! Well, its true. From the start hit all those
boosters around the loop and when you reach the trees try and make it
through without getting hit then keep going. Take the spiral very tightly and
keep moving. Now at this bit the guy will probably be very far ahead, and
you'll think about starting again - don't. It seems for some reason this guy
has a mortal fear of turbo pads, in a short while you'll catch up to him and
he will be eating your dust (provided you hit the turbo's he missed of

Challenge three: Elimination                             Track: Vohl square 3
Contenders: 12                      Laps: 4    Weapons: Missiles and Grenades
Gold: 3 Eliminations        Silver: 2 eliminations      Bronze: 1 elimination

    This may take a few tries to get gold, due to the track design most of
the pack will get split up, meaning that you'll have some problems finding
a target. In this case it may be good to keep ahead of the grid and slow 
down when you need a target, so that you don't have to catch up to anyone.
Also, use your weapons wisely - missiles are for long range and slow the
opponent down for you ... in time for you to come up and use your close 
range weapon: grenades and blow them away.

Challenge four: Time                                      Track: Alca Vexus 2
Contenders: 1                       Laps 1                  Weapons: disabled
Gold: 92                         Silver: 96                       Bronze: 100

   The secret to getting a good time here is making use of the Eg-r crafts
unique handling style. Due to the way it slides when using the brakes, use
this to your advantage. When you get to a turn, brake heavily early then
slide around and use the high thrust of the Eg-r to accelerate out of the
turn. While you may lose time for using the brakes, due to the narrow roads
on this track, you wont suffer from scraping along the walls if you slide
correctly. You shouldn't have too many problems picking up the gold here.   

Challenge five: Race                                      Track: Katmoda 12 3
Contenders: 16                      Laps: 1                      Weapons: All
Gold: 2nd                         Silver: 4th                     Bronze: 6th

  Take note of how many laps left, take note of how much shield you have.
With these now in mind, go in there and be aggressive. Make sure you 
concentrate on getting ahead. Also, be sure to hit the incredibly long line 
of boosters to the side of the flip pad when the opportunity comes up. Once
you reach the big power core section you should be at least in third place.
Remember you only have to place 2nd to get the gold, so there isn't that much 


Gold Challenge                                Track: Florion Height 3 reverse
Contenders: 2                       Laps: 1                 Weapons: disabled 
Gold: Come first

   It seems to be no matter what you do, this is going to be a very close
race. As always, hit them boosters and take the corners sharply. It is
imperative you hit as many as you can, especially those before the loop.
The craft you verse will have a slow start, so use the rear cam to predict
where he is coming from and block him off, giving you a slight advantage.
While this is not necessary, it's helpful. This will come down to the very
line, but if you have picked up enough speed from the loop you should win and
claim the gold.
6.7 Tigron Challenges                                                  WF_053

Challenge one: Race                                       Track: Alca Vexus 3
Contenders: 5                         Laps: 3                 Weapons: Turbos
Gold: 1st                           Silver: 2nd                   Bronze: 3rd

     Due to the weapons being nothing but turbo power-ups you'll find the
first parts of this race to be nothing but the enemy ships overtaking you.
Simply put, they put the turbos to much better use than what you do. So, do
you have any hope? Well, yes of course. They wont use the shortcuts, and
seeing as there are two rather helpful ones here, then you should be able
to win fine. The first one comes after the big waterfall, head straight
after the turn and use a turbo to jump to the other side. The second and
more important short cut follows this - look for the group of waterfalls
with the Auricom symbol above them. When you see this, dive off the left
side of the track and into the water - and you'll land in an underground
tunnel which will put you in the lead. Exploit this every lap and you'll get
the gold without too much trouble.

Challenge two: Chase                             Track: Vohl Square 2 reverse 
Contenders: 2                      Laps: n/a              Weapons: One flamer
Gold: 70 seconds                Silver: 90 seconds        Bronze: 110 Seconds

   It's beyond me why you get a flamer ... but anyway. Ditch your flamer and
get a good racing line and hit those turbo's as usual. This is pretty easy
because at the start of the second lap he seems to lose speed, allowing you
to overtake him by hugging the corners. I think that flamer must be there to
try and distract you, who knows?

Challenge three: Time                           Track: Cubiss float 2 reverse
Contenders: 1                       Laps: 1                 Weapons: disabled
Gold: 70 seconds               Silver: 74 seconds          Bronze: 78 seconds

   Back here again, but in the other direction. Your main points for gaining
and losing time are the first fork in the road and of course the big old ice
cavern. Just make sure to take the route showered in red light when you get
to past the initial areas. When in the cavern take the right route, then
swerve back out to the middle and use the brakes to line up with the exit.
This shouldn't be too hard, nothing that cant be beat with a bit of practice.

Challenge four: Survival                              Track: Florion height 2
Contenders: 16                      Laps: 5                      Weapons: All
Gold: 5 laps                     Silver: 3 laps                 Bronze: 1 lap

   You should be able to survive - this is quite an interesting race actually
because due to the length you'll probably be the last craft left on the track
by the time your done. Oh yeah, and its freaking easy!

Challenge five: Elimination                              Track: Temtesh bay 1
Contenders: 16                       Laps: 4   Weapons: Missiles and Grenades
Gold: 3 Eliminations          Silver: 2 Eliminations    Bronze: 1 Elimination

   This shouldn't be too tough, due to the length and the balanced weapons
you shouldn't find yourself running out of targets. Just use them grenades
at close range and the gold should be firmly in your pocket. Also take care
not to open the underground path - it only makes the race shorter, no point
in doing that so don't bother. Mmmm, super weapon goodness!

Gold Challenge                                            Track: Katmoda 12 1
Contenders: 2                        Laps: 1                Weapons: disabled
Gold: Come first

    The trick to this is to learn the opponents racing layout. He will
always perform the same racing line each time, so block him at each corner
and make sure to try and block the 180 flip pad as he always uses it. If you
can make it out of the upside down section before him, make sure to hit all
the boosters and take those corners very tightly, if you know where he's
gonna come from - get in his way. Then just get over the line for your gold.

6.8 Xios Challenges                                                    WF_054

Challenge one: Time                              Track: Vohl Square 1 reverse
Contenders: 1                     Laps: 1                   Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 35 Seconds              Silver: 38 Seconds           Bronze: 41 Seconds

   This is very simple. Just take the corners nice and easy, the Xios ship is
easy to control and can get out of those corners quite easily. I personally
take the upper route just after the start, but either way doesn't have too
much difference in distance. Hardly 'challenging' at all really.

Challenge two: Elimination                              Track: Cubiss Float 1
Contenders: 16                   Laps: 5      Weapons: Missiles, Grenades and
                                                                 Plasma bolts
Gold: 5 eliminations       Silver: 3 eliminations       Bronze: 1 elimination

   From the weapons, you might think this could be one of those elimination
rounds where you just cant find anyone to eliminate. Well, lucky for you the
computer is a terrible shot with plasma bolts and the grid is quite big,
making it easy for you to pick them off. Remember your missile is long
distance damage, grenades are close range and plasma bolts are close to
medium instant kill. Use your airbrakes to steady the ship as the bolt
charges and just keep the target straight ahead. You should be able to find
five targets and pick them all off before the race is over without much
problems if you use the plasma bolts effectively.

Challenge three: Race                                 Track: Florion height 2
Contenders: 4                      Laps: 4                  Weapons: disabled
Gold: 1st                       Silver: 2nd                       Bronze: 3rd

    Due to the fact weapons have been turned off for this race, you are going
to have to rely on skill to slow your opponents down. You will be eating the
trail of dust left by a piranha for the first 2 or so laps, but you can catch
up to him. Just keep at it and don't slow down, if you mess up on the track
then you have probably missed your chance - you should be pulling off perfect
laps. If you can keep it cool to the end, you'll just have your nose in front
when you cross the finish line (he will pick up speed on the final stretch, 
so try and get in his way).	

Challenge four: Chase                                     Track: Mandrashee 2
Contenders: 2                     Laps: 3             Weapons: One 'grenades'
Gold: 60 seconds            Silver: 75 seconds             Bronze: 90 seconds

   This may be a bug, but this is just too damn easy. From the start try and
keep up as best you can, then hit the switch to raise the bridge. He will be
too far ahead and would have just gotten off the raising part. Just fly up
and hold your nose up - the game will see it as you being in front - and then
you get a gold medal. Tough huh?

Challenge five: Survival                                  Track: Alca vexus 3
Contenders: 12                   Laps: n/a                   Weapons: Shields
Gold: 5 laps                   Silver: 3 laps                   Bronze: 1 lap

   And the award for most incorrect use of the word 'challenge' goes to...
This is so stupid it's a joke. All you have to do is cruise around the track
taking no damage because you pick up nothing but shields. The challenging bit
is sitting through the whole thing without going into a coma.

Gold Challenge                                        Track: Florion Height 3 
Contenders: 2                   Laps: 1                     Weapons: disabled
Gold: Come first

   Your on an easy track, your shields aren't drained and your ship upgraded.
So, of course it's easy. All I can say is bend your nose down on the jump and
hit the last two turbo boosts. If you can't beat this then you should
seriously consider psychiatric help.

6.9 Piranha Challenges                                                 WF_055

Challenge one: Chase                             Track: Tetmesh bay 3 reverse
Contenders: 2                    Laps: n/a                 Weapons: One turbo
Gold: 60 seconds              Silver: 80 seconds          Bronze: 100 seconds

   This may seem hard at first, but if you go all out right off the bat, you
can pick up the gold easily. From the starting position go for the weapon pad
and pick up your single turbo. Use it instantly to catch up a little bit.
Hit as many turbos as humanly possible and follow his route through the rocky
area. Once you reach the branch, immediately head left, he will head
straight. On the first jump lift your nose up to clear both the gaps, then
quickly circle around and make it to the end. If you are fast enough, when
the two branches meet back up your nose will just be in front (due to the
fact your route comes out on a straight). This way you should pick up the
gold. Note that if you can't grab the gold, after about one full lap the
other ship will slow down a little and allow you to catch up, allowing you to
easily settle for bronze. Knowing the track layout helps also.

Challenge two: Race                              Track: Vohl Square 3 Reverse
Contenders: 6                    Laps: 5                    Weapons: disabled
Gold: 1st                      Silver: 2nd                        Bronze: 3rd 

   Due to the incredible speed of the craft in this challenge, you'll find
yourself crashing constantly. The only way to really win this race is to
memorise the track - so that you know what comes up before you can see it,
because there is no way you can make decisions at this speed. Also, expect
your airbrakes to get a workout because you cannot pit. You must make the
whole five laps on your starting shield energy if you want a guaranteed gold.
If your having problems with this the best thing to do is to go to arcade 
mode and learn the track layout. Oh, and if you hear 'shield energy low' just 
bite your lip and hope for the best.

Challenge three: Time                                   Track: Cubiss Float 3
Contenders: 1                     Laps: 1                   Weapons: Disabled
Gold: 82 seconds              Silver: 87 seconds           Bronze: 92 seconds

   You should know the deal by now, hit all the boosters you can. Don't be
afraid to use your airbrakes here, a short speed loss is much better than
smacking into a wall. As long as you hit all the boosters you should be okay
up until you reach the tree area. If you hit any trees, you can kiss the
gold goodbye. When you reach it, head slightly right, then in the middle turn
left again so that your lined up with the loop. If you can make it out of
there in once piece you should make it with a second or two spare.

Challenge four: Survival                                  Track: Katmoda 12 3
Contenders: 5                    Laps: 3        Weapons: Missiles and Rockets
Gold: 3 laps                 Silver: 2 laps                     Bronze: 1 lap

   Of course this one's a no-brainer. Although a little more challenging
considering your so fast that you'll probably catch up un-intentionally. Due
to the length of the track you'll probably find yourself the only craft left
at the end of lap three. Just make sure you know how to handle the piranha
and go add another gold to your collection.

Challenge five: Chase                         Track: Florion Height 3 Reverse
Contenders: 2                    Laps: 3                 Weapons: One missile
Gold: 35 Seconds            Silver: 50 Seconds             Bronze: 70 Seconds
   There is one little fact that explains how to clear this easily. A missile
doesn't need a lock on to be helpful. From the start quickly move over to the
left and pick up your missile from the pad, as soon as possible line it up
with the other craft and fire. If you hit him, it will slow him down enough
to overtake him. The super weapon is yours!

Gold challenge                                   Track: Tetmesh bay 3 Reverse
Contenders: 2                     Laps: 1                   Weapons: disabled
Gold: Come first

   Now this is simple, due to the fact you did this exact track in challenge
one. As long as you use the same strategies here you should be able to win.
Just make sure you hit those boosters, oh and try not to hit the walls
because you got almost no shield available - and for the piranha that isn't a
good thing.

7.0 Zone mode and Time Trial                                       

7.1 Zone mode overview - the basics of zone mode                       WF_056

   Zone mode is the new addition to the WipEout series: this mode can be most
simply described as being in a ship with a brick on the accelerator pedal,
that brick being one that keeps getting heavier and heavier.

Note: Zone mode cannot be played until it is unlocked when you have
progressed through 30% of the game.

   In zone mode your ship purposely starts at a moderate speed, and
constantly accelerates. Ever so slightly getting faster and more harder to
control. All you have to do is survive.

   You reach a new level, or 'zone' every ten seconds. To receive the gold
all you have to do is reach zone 30 or above.

   The craft will start from 0 then reach about 800-850 kmph then continue to
climb from there.

   Note you can use airbrakes, but cant stop the ship (by holding both).

   Your shield points will be at 35, meaning that's 35 bumps and scratches
before you are outta there.

Points are awarded from the following areas:

*Acceleration score - constantly goes up as you stay alive, starts to
increase by greater amounts the faster you get. 

*Zone Bonuses - Awarded whenever you reach a new zone, that being 10 more
seconds where you haven't died.

*Lap Bonuses - Survive a lap to receive a hefty points bonus.

*Turbo pad bonuses - whenever you hit a turbo pad, you'll gain both a small
increase in speed and a large sum of points. These points are based on your
progression. They will start off in the 1000's when you are going slow and
will be worth millions if you make it far enough. So basically, the bigger
the risk you take - the more points you receive.

The HUD for zone mode reads (from left to right) your current zone level,
your points score and your current speed. Represented as a multiplication of
the initial speed.

If you want to get anywhere in this mode, you must use your airbrakes, there
is no way you'll make the corners (especially in the higher zones) by just
steering alone.

Tips for scoring:

*Hit the right turbo boosts - ones that you can afford to risk. Those on long
straights where the effect will wear off before the next turn. Get the
points, but don't risk your life.

*Stay alive - quite simply, don't go out of your way to hit any turbos or
anything, the best way to get points is to merely keep yourself in one piece.

7.2 Zone mode walkthrough                                              WF_057

                  -This section is yet to be completed-

7.3 Time Trial Overview - The basics of time trial mode                WF_058

   Note: Time Trial mode is unlocked after completing 60% of the game.

   The time trial mode of wipEout fusion may be a different to what you are
expecting. The times are already set out, and you have to beat them to claim
gold, silver or bronze. Much like a GT3 licence test if you ask me.

*You get a boosted start to maximise starting speed

*You will be given one turbo to use where you see fit

*With each completed lap the ghost of your best lap appears to race against

*You can keep doing laps until you are satisfied with your times

   Due to this set up you can keep racing until you beat the gold, which is
quite handy. No real tips can be given except to go for those boosters and
be persistent. Exploit short cuts and use your turbo at the points where you
are slowed down the greatest. Unless you have a very powerful craft (like a
highly upgraded piranha or xios) you might find yourself struggling to get
even half decent times.

8.0 Extras

8.1 The gallery                                                        WF_059

   WipEout fusion includes a gallery of pictures for your viewing. There is
much more to this extra feature than what you may think. Within this
collection of ship designs, concept art and character models are cheat codes.

   One picture is unlocked for every percent of the game that is completed.
If you want to earn the cheats yourself, then check the new pictures and
see if you can find any.

   The cheat codes are found in random pictures in the top left corner of the
screen. The cheat locations are:

Picture 47 Paul Cheung Drawing: Mini Ships Cheat

Picture 54 Carlos Beneto Drawing: Infinite Weapons

Picture 63 Omarr Khumala Drawing: Retro Planes

Picture 69 Songen Grey Drawing: Infinite Shield

Picture 80 Roberto Segerio Art: Animal Ships

Picture 86 Tigron Frame Art: Infinite Cannon

Picture 95 Piranha vs. Feisar Art: Super Fast Ship 

8.2 Cheats                                                             WF_060

   Of course, if you cant be bothered finding the cheats on your own you can
always steal them from me.

Mini Ships: Circle, Square, Square, X, Circle

Infinite Weapons: Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Square

Retro Planes: X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X

Infinite Shields: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square

Animal Ships: Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X

Infinite Cannon: Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Super Fast Ship: Square, X, X, X, Triangle 

8.3 Rankings                                                           WF_061

   Upon completion of certain percentages of the game, you are given a
different rank or name. To check these go to game progression and have a
look. Here is a list of ranks and the percentage required to attain them:

0%  - Rookie
7%  - Junior Cadet
16% - Senior Cadet
24% - Pilot
30% - Junior Aviator
37% - Senior Aviator
55% - Senior Airman
67% - Elite Airman
76% - Ace


100% - Galaxy Champion 

   Oh, and these ranks do absolutely nothing by the way!

9.0 FAQ's                                                              WF_062

   If you have an enquiry about WipEout: Fusion, this guide or the writer
please send an e-mail to: [email protected] 

   But please, before you send that e-mail check below, the question you want
answered may be here.

Q: I think my copy of WipEout: fusion is faulty, it slows down quite often
   and sometimes my craft falls through the floor and walls! What's wrong?

A: The deal with this is, the copies that were released in Australia could be
   inferior, meaning that they weren't 100% complete when they were shipped.
   Apparently the UK and US (if there is a US release) will be much more bug
   free and carefully refined. So, you just took in what is the worlds
   biggest beta test. Sorry, you can't fix those problems.

Q: Why the hell did Australia get the game first? I want my WipEout!

A: It's beyond me why my country was blessed with this game first, read the
   above question for some explanation. It seems Australia was given a second
   rate copy to test it before it got released in the UK and elsewhere. So,
   at least you wont get the bugs - I hope.

Q: When does this come out in the US?

A: Its not even known if it _will_ come out in the US yet. Which is a shame
   because this is one of the greatest ps2 games ever made. I don't see why
   it wont be released. If any date is announced, ill be sure to update it

Q: How do I turn off the vibration in this game?

A: You cant. But at least the vibration is good, and helpful. Maybe something
   else to be fixed up for the UK version?


More questions and answers will be posted here with further version updates.

9.0 Message from the author                                            WF_063

[Version 1.0]

Thank you for reading, I took lots of time away from school commitments and
my personal time to write this FAQ. I know there are still very large
sections to be completed. It came down to a choice: I could either complete
the challenges and AG league, or just have the tracks. I decided to do the

I will update the track section in the next update, as well as include
some other things that I may have missed. The next update might not be for a
while as I have some important commitments coming up - but I will try and add
to this when I can then upload it when I am satisfied. Ill look forward to
the next version!

Please e-mail any errors, requests, complaints, praise (please?) to 
[email protected] and to make it easier for me specify in the subject line
what it is the email concerns. Until next time!

 - impulse75

If you enjoyed this FAQ and want to see more of my work, please visit a
gaming website I work for called Pcubed which can be found at 
http://www.gmga.net/pcubed. I write reviews here, if you are interested in
the site there are always positions available.

If you want to chat I lurk around the Pal PS2 board on the IGN boards, look 
for the user '-Auron-.' The board can be found here: 


WipEout: Fusion Walkthrough/FAQ
Created 13th of January 2002
By impulse75 copyright and all that mumbo jumbo 2002

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