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World Series Baseball 2K2 by PooponyourDog
[email protected]
Version 4.0

As with all of the other FAQS on this site, you can't copy this FAQ, 
plagiarize it, or post it on a site without my permission. This FAQ is 
copyrighted by me, so don't rip it off.

World Series Baseball 2K2 is the sequel to the amazingly terrible 
WSB2K1. Last years version was a port of the Japanese arcade game, but 
marketed as a straight baseball simulation, like High Heat Baseball. 
World Series Baseball 2K2 is a sim, with loads of bugs that might turn 
away some people. For the people who aren't, I have wrote this FAQ just 
for you. In this FAQ, I will list the top players in each position and 
their strengths, pitching strategies, and game bugs that can give you a 
serious advantage.

FAQ Updates:
Version 2.0 August 23rd: Added American League Team strengths and 
weaknesses, strike out guide, and stadium hints.

Version 3.0 August 29th : Added National League Team strengths and 
weaknesses, N.L 10 toughest hitters, master trades list.

Version 4.0 October 9th: Added FAQ.

Top players
Starting Pitchers:

Pedro Martinez: The WSB2K2 cover boy is probably the best player in the 
game. He has 4 excellent pitches, a dominating fastball, the best 
changeup in baseball, a killer curve and a devious slider. all four of 
these pitches can make a hitter look goofy. His fastball and changeup 
ratings are maxed out, and the slider and curve ratings are just about 
full also. Martinez plays for the Boston Red Sox, just in case you 
didn't know that. Martinez is very capable of pitching well into games, 
so don't worry about him fatiguing too much. Pedro has pinpoint 
even when his stamina is lacking. Basically, Martinez is the cream of 
the crop. 


Randy "Big Unit" Johnson: The Big Unit is a left handers nightmare. His 
6"11 frame makes his awesome slider unhittable by lefties. It starts at 
the head, and can break down to the ankles. Randy Johnson also has a 
maxed out fastball that can dominate any hitter. Johnson other two 
pitches, a curveball and a sinker, can also be used to punch out 


Greg Maddux: A control master. You won't walk very many batters with 
Maddux. It would be SURPRISING if Maddux had 20 BB's after a season, 
he's that good. He doesn't have overpowering stuff, but he knows how to 
pitch. That doesn't help you in this game unless YOU know how to pitch 
though. Maddux doesn't have one great pitch, but a repertoire of four 
great pitches.


Kevin Brown: A workhorse starter. Kevin Brown is capable of pitching a 
complete game every time he steps out on the mound. He is a good strike 
out pitcher, with above average control. Beware though, don't try to 
pitch back to back CG's with Brown, because fatigue could light him up, 
as with every other pitcher. Brown has a nice sinker that is great low 
and in against right handed hitters.


Curt Schilling: Another live arm guy. Schilling can go the distance 
of the time, and with the stuff he's got, not to many people can 
him on the mound. Curt has an awesome splitter, that should be his main 
strikeout pitch. 



Mariano Rivera: Probably the biggest reason why the Yankees have won 
three straight fall classics. When Rivera takes the mound in the ninth, 
you can kiss your victory hopes good-bye. Rivera will dominate you with 
3 pitches, a great fastball, the best slider in baseball, and a pretty 
good sinker. Only use Rivera for one inning, because he tires easily.


Rob Nen: You're typical fireballer closer. Nen is the best closer in 
N.L when on top of his game. He has a very average slider, so I would 
suggest using it sparingly. Instead, use blazing fastballs and a great 
changeup to baffle hitters.


Kazuhiro Sasaki: The Japanese closer who has lead the dominate Mariners 
bullpen this year. He has two wonderful pitches, a fastball and a 
devastating forkball. His curveball should be used only after throwing 
couple fastballs in a row.


Armando Benitez: Wow, this guy can throw. His fastball has often been 
clocked in triple digits. But he isn't a one-trick pony. He also has a 
pretty good slider and a splitter. 


1st basemen:

Todd Helton: He is one of the few guys who had a good chance to hit 
in a season. He came up short last year, but he is good enough to make 
another try on that record in the game. He has great power, good speed, 
and is a gold glove caliber fielder.

Jason Giambi: Last years A.L MVP puts fear into the hearts of most 
pitchers. He has 50 homer power, and is an RBI machine. His speed 
something to be desired, so don't go trying to break the steals record 
with him. He is so good, he can carry a team through a playoff race.

Carlos Delgado: Can you say "Triple Crown." Delgado was on great pace 
do it last year, but couldn't be the first guy since Carl Yastremski to 
do it. Delgado has huge power, a huge batting cursor, and is a pretty 
decent fielder.

2nd basemen:

Jeff Kent: Hitting behind Barry Bonds does have its advantages. Kent is 
one of the best in the league with runners in scoring position. He is 
above average in the power department, and is an above average fielder 
with good range. He isn't as fast as most second basemen, but can still 
motor around the bases.

Robbie Alomar: Alomar is a future first ballot hall of famer. He is the 
best defensive second baseman in the history of the game, and is the 
best contact hitter of any second baseman in baseball. He is a great 
bunter, with excellent speed. His power number will probably max out at 
25 homers, and possibly 120 RBI's.

Edgardo Alfonzo: Very solid. Alfonzo is a good fielder, and a great 
clutch hitter. He won't blaze the basepaths, but he won't look like a 
complete fool trying to steal either. He can hit for power, and his 
batting cursor is big enough for Mr. Mcgoo to see.

3rd basemen:

Chipper Jones: The best switch hitter in baseball. Larry "Chipper" 
can hit in any of the first five spots in your lineup, and crank out 45 
homers and 130 RBI's. Oh, and he is a gold glove calibur fielder too. 

Troy Glaus: You know a player is good when the only person who has more 
dingers than him is Sammy Sosa. Glaus won the A.L home run title, and 
has a great chance to do it again in his career. Glaus won't hit over 
.310 or so, but his 50 homer and 140 RBI power more than makes up for 

Jeff Cirillo: Cirillo gets helped out a lot by playing in the thin air 
at Coors Field in Denver. He won't put up Glaus-like numbers, but he 
will play a very good defensive 3rd base. Cirillo isn't a pushover at 
the plate, and is very capable of hitting over .300 with some good 


Mike Piazza: Piazza is the best offensive catcher ever, but his D 
a lot to be desired. His throws are often bouncers to the bag, and he 
isn't very skilled at picking balls out of the dirt. But who cares 
defense when you can hit 40 homers and drive in 140 RBI's? 

Ivan Rodriguez: This guy can play D with the best of em'. Baserunners 
will rarely try to pick off a base against I-Rod, and when they do, 
get toasted faster than a marshmallow. I-Rod is an excellent hitter 
also, with great power and a keen eye at the plate. Another first 
hall of famer.

Jason Kendall: When his career is over, Kendall will be playing a 
different position. The Pirates want to save his legs, so they have 
using him more and more in the outfield. Kendall has great speed for a 
catcher, and is a good leadoff hitter. Kendall, as a catcher, is very 
good behind the plate. He can throw guys out, and block balls at the 
plate. Kendall won't smash the ball out of the park, but he will come 
with a lot of hits.


Alex Rodriguez: The 252 million dollar man is worth every penny. His 
is capable of winning him a triple crown, and his defense will be a 
featured on highlight films for years to come. A-Rod's batting cursor 
as big as the state of Texas, where his Rangers get pummeled on a 
nightly basis. A-Rod would probably be the first person most people 
would choose in a fantasy draft, he's that darn good.

Nomar Garciaparra: Nomar is the best shortstop in the A.L East, and 
that's saying something with Derek Jeter playing for the hated Yankees. 
Garciaparra will hit in the high .360's to possibly .400. Yeah, .400. 
Nomar's rating in this game makes him a HUGE offensive force. 

Derek Jeter: The poster boy for the Yankees dynasty of the 90's, Jeter 
will give you awesome defense, a strong bat, and a guy in the clubhouse 
who ladies swoon over. Jeter isn't the best slugger at the position, 
he has been known to come up with some clutch dingers. 

Left Fielders:

Barry Bonds: If you don't know about Barry Bonds recent home run 
escapade, then you aren't a baseball fan. Bonds is the biggest slugger 
in the game, and is a pretty good defensive player. He is one of few 
40 guys in baseball, and is a bat that will be pitched around more than 
pitches against.

Gary Sheffield: His bat and his wallet are both very big. "Shef" can 
knock the ball around in any park, has decent speed, and can cover some 
ground out in left. Gary Sheffield's batting cursor is one of the 
biggest in the game.

Luis Gonzalez: "Gonzo" can hit the ball a LONG way. He has 60 home run 
power, and can lead the league in RBI's any year he wants. He has been 
seen scaling walls to rob home run balls, and his arm is stronger than 
most fielders.

Center Fielders:

Ken Griffey Jr.: The most popular baseball player in the 90's is still 
putting up big numbers in the new millennium. His defense is top notch, 
and he is very quick on the basepaths. He can hit the long ball with 
best of em'.

Bernie Williams: Bernie is always getting on base. His bat will give 
some good numbers, and his defense will save you plenty of runs. Bernie 
Williams is a run scoring machine, so you can count on being an 
offensive force with him on your team. 

Andruw Jones: When Andruw isn't hanging out at the Gold Club, he is 
patrolling center field for the Braves. His defense is awesome, with a 
cannon for an arm. Andruw is always getting on base for Chipper Jones, 
and can slam the ball for about 30-40 homers.

Right Fielders:

Vladimir Guerrero: The only thing keeping Vlad Guerrero from being a 
mega-star is playing in Montreal in front of 8,000 people. He has the 
best arm in baseball, and he is one of only 3 players to hit 30 home 
runs, drive in 100 plus RBI's and hit over .300 in his first 3 seasons. 
The only other players to do so are all in Cooperstown. Enough said.

Manny Ramirez: Possibly the most intimidating hitter in baseball. Manny 
is not a good defensive player, and should be a DH every day. What he 
lacks in defense, he makes up for in mammoth offense. He can hit tape 
measure home runs, and is an RBI threat any time he is up with runners 
on base.

Sammy Sosa: Slammin Sammy plays in homer friendly Wrigley Field, where 
he loves nothing more than to thrill the crowd with his amazing power. 
People don't park their cars on Waveland Avenue, because Sosa regularly 
hits homers out of Wrigley and onto the famed street. The only knock 
with Sosa is that he is so aggressive, he K's alot. But if you are a 
good player, that won't happen. Sammy is a phenom, and should win the 
N.L MVP this year if the Cubbies make it to the playoffs.

Based on the rankings in this game, this would be the ideal team for 
to have:

SP: Pedro(of course)
CL: Mariano Rivera
1B: Todd Helton
2B: Jeff Kent
SS: A-Rod
3B: Chipper Jones
LF: Barry Bonds
CF: Ken Griffey Jr.
RF: Vladimir Guerrero

Pitching strategies

Pitching in WSB2K2 can be very tough, especially on the All Star 
difficulty. Even the worst teams can smack around the best pitchers. 
That is why I have made this easy to use guide on how to get by without 
getting your ass handed to you. Remember, these strategies won't 
completely shut down a team, but they WILL give you an advantage over 
the computer, and the online player who keeps knocking you around. 

Placing your infielders:

First thing, I highly suggest that you move your infielders to "Infield 
Back" for every batter. The balls come off the bat very fast in this 
game, and having your infielders back will help you field the ball a 
easier. Even with a runner on base and less than 2 outs, you don't need 
to move your infielders to double play depth. The infielders will cover 
the bases quickly, so you don't even need to worry about not having 
infielders in place.

When you're Hot, you're Hot!

World Series Baseball 2K2 features hot and cold zones, which represent 
where certain hitters can and can't hit the ball. You want to stay away 
from the hot zones, especially against big hitters like McGwire and 
Bonds. But that doesn't mean that you should always pitch in the cold 
zones. If you do that, the computer will know where your pitches are 
going to be. Every third pitch to a hitter should be your pitchers best 
pitch, around a zone where you haven't thrown to yet. I have struck out 
many a batter with a pitch in a hot zone, because they weren't 
it. The cold zones are very useful when you are trying to strike out a 
guy. If a batter has multiple cold zones in the same area, go right 
after them. For example, Daryle Ward of the Astros has the top 3 zones 
as cold zones. So, I usually throw my best pitches right up at those 
cold zones, then mix him up on a 2 count pitch with something in his 
zone. In World Series Baseball 2K2, pitching is more strategy than 
and power. 

Using the right pitches at the right time

For most hitters, you should try to throw a first pitch strike. If you 
have thrown a fastball to a hitter to lead him off three times in a 
then you should definitely mix it up. Don't throw a first pitch 
to every hitter, or else someone will eventually slam one. I suggest 
mixing up the first pitch you throw. But it should always be in a cold 
zone. The fastball is very smart to use after throwing a lot of junk 
pitches (curves, knuckle balls, splitters). Fastballs are great when 
want to challenge a hitter high and tight, or get him to chase him with 
a heater down and away. After the batter has seen plenty of fastballs, 
throwing a changeup can really confuse the batter. It looks the same as 
a fastball, but doesn't have as much speed on it. Throwing a first 
changeup isn't very wise, unless you are Pedro. Curveballs can make any 
hitter look like a foolish minor leaguer. The hook is a great strike 
pitch, especially if you got him to 2 strikes with plenty of smoke. 
you line up your pitching cursor for a curveball, remember that the 
won't hit that mark, because of the break of the ball. So if you want 
throw a curve up high, aim the cursor out of the pitching box. Use the 
curve to get hitters to chase the ball out of the zone. This pitch is a 
killer for online players, who tend to swing at everything. Sliders can 
be a smart pitch, if you know how to use them. Only throw sliders if 
have decent stamina, and if they are around the corners.   Most hitters 
have cold zones in the top and bottom corners. Aim the pitching cursor 
little outside the box, and the slider will break into the strike zone. 
A pitcher with a good slider will be able to rack up strike outs 
bat hitters. Then junk pitches (Screw, Knuckle, Splitter, Sinker) can 
used to kill online players. The combination of a pitch with big 
movement and the bits of lag can help you rack up strike outs. The 
computer players hit all of the "secondary" pitches pretty well, unless 
you use them sparingly. Use a lot of fastballs and changeups, then mess 
with the batters by throwing a knuckle ball or something.

Creating the next Cy Young

The create a player mode in WSB2K2 isn't very good. You can't determine 
whether your pitcher is a reliever, a starter, or a "lights out" 
But if that doesn't turn you off to this mode, then you just might like 
the create a player mode. The game gives a lot of points to distribute 
between your pitches, and you can also adjust how good your pitcher 
hits. I put my pitchers hitting points down to zero, and use the 
to bolster my pitching arsenal. You can have four 99 point pitches, 
which is what I prefer. I would have a maxed out fastball and changeup, 
and probably a curveball. Then you can decide which of the remaining 
pitches you want to be great. The knuckle ball is pretty useless 
the computer hitters, the location of the screwball is a mystery 
whenever you throw it, and the sinker is only good if you are a good 
ground ball fielder. I would use the points to have a great splitter. 
This pitch, when thrown by a lefty, can be mayhem against left handed 
batters. Creating a lefty is a good idea, because that would force a 
of teams to take out some powerful right handed bats. The big knock on 
WSB2K2 is that it seems that the created pitchers pitch one game, then 
there stamina never builds back up. I haven't had this problem, but a 
lot of people have. If this happens to you, then just find a real 
you like, and just try to dominate with them.

Game Bugs

This game is full of bugs that a lot of hardcore baseball fans just 
hate. None of them are big enough to ruin a season for you, like 
saves and huge gameplay bugs, but they are annoying none the less. 
is a weird bug that allows you to steal around the bases and score. You 
just need to attempt to steal second while the pitcher still has the 
ball. The pitcher will throw it to second, but it will get past the 2nd 
baseman, and into center field. Nobody goes to get the ball though! All 
of the fielders just freeze, and you could crab walk around the bases 
you wanted to. If you are a stickler for realism, you could just stay 
first, but this bug shouldn't have gotten by the play testers. Another 
bug allows you to score any time you get a runner on base. All you need 
to do is get into a rundown, and get the fielder to chase you back to 
the bag you occupied. Then, when you go into the slide animation, 
advance to the next base. The fielder holds the ball, until you get to 
the next base. Repeat the steps to score. If you do this after you get 
base hit, and don't stop at first, you get credit for a home run. If 
are already on base and do this, you get stolen base credit. This 
problem is more of an A.I glitch than a bug. Another bug lets you 
increase the size of your batting cursor. Just hold the R trigger 
button, then as soon as the pitcher releases the ball, you will see 
batting cursor, now REALLY BIG. The cursor appears late, but it is a 
great help for mediocre players. Have you ever wanted to change the 
result of computer played games? Well, now you can eliminate computer 
pitched shutouts! Go to your schedule screen, then press "X" to get to 
the list of games and start times. Simulate games played by the 
by pressing A, and if a team throws a shutout, press A again and the 
score will change! It will keep changing until BOTH teams score at 
one run.

Team Strengths and Weaknesses:

American League Teams

Seattle Mariners
Strengths: Bullpen, Starting pitchers, Hitting, Speed
Weaknesses: Power
Top 3: Ichiro Suzuki(RF)
           Bret Boone(2B)
           Aaron Sele(SP)

The Mariners are probably the best team in this game. There are only 4 
easy outs in the lineup(Guillen, Wilson, Martin, Bell), but the leadoff 
hitter Ichiro is almost always getting hits off me. It is very 
to keep runners off the bases against the M's, because Boone, Olerud 
Cameron are good enough to drive them in. Seattle has 3 good starters, 
with Sele, Garcia and Moyer. You really should get to these guys early, 
because you don't want to be trailing when the Mariners send in the 
bullpen. Sasaki, Rhodes, Nelson and Paniagua are all capable of 
you down. 

Anaheim Angels
Strengths: Power, Fielding
Weaknesses: Starters, Bullpen
Top 3: Troy Glaus(3B)
           Darin Erstad(CF)
           Garret Anderson(RF)

Pitching to the Angels lineup can be very difficult. Glaus can go deep 
on ANY pitch, Garret Anderson is very fast and can shoot the gaps, and 
Darin Erstad is an excellent leadoff man. There starters are not very 
highly rated, and their bullpen is sluggable.

Oakland Atheltics
Strengths: Starters, Power
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Tim Hudson(SP)
           Jason Giambi(1B)
           Mark Mulder(SP)

If Roger Clemens wasn't playing in the A.L this year, Tim Hudson and 
Mark Mulder would be competing for the Cy Young. They are that good. 
number 3 guy, Barry Zito, isn't a pushover either. The A's lineup has a 
couple guys that are very dangerous, A.L MVP Jason Giambi, Miguel 
and Eric Chavez. If you want to beat the Athletics, keep Johhny Damon 
off the bases, and hope that you don't have to face Mulder or Hudson. 
The A's closer, Jason Isringhausen throws a lot of heat, which makes 
easy to hit.

Texas Ranger
Strengths: Power
Weaknesses: Starters, Bullpen, Speed
Top 3:A-Rod(SS)
          Rafael Palmeiro(1B)

The Texas Rangers have been the biggest bust of the 2001 baseball 
season. They have a power packed lineup, but there pitching staff is 
of the worst in baseball. There top 2 guys, Rick Helling and Kenny 
Rogers, are B- pitchers, and their bullpen is full of slappys. Alex 
Rodriguez and Ivan Rodriguez love to deposit baseballs into spectators 
gloves, so you MUST be careful against this lineup.

Cleveland Indians
Strenghts: Power, Starters, Defense
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Juan Gonzalez(RF)
           Bartolo Colon(SP)
           Robbie Alomar(2B)

Cleveland lost Manny Ramirez this year to the Red Sox, but they 
him with Juan Gone and Ellis Burks. Both of these guys can kill a 
pitching staff, and the first baseman Jim Thome is also as dangerous as 
an irritated housewife. The Tribe lineup doesn't feature and easy out, 
so you can't just pitch around certain hitters. The Indians starters 
have inflated ratings, which makes Dave Burba look like Wild Thing 
Vaughn. Bartolo Colon is an ace, but as soon as he leaves, look to beat 
John Rocker and the other bullpen cowards.

Detroit Tigers
Strengths: Speed
Weaknesses: Power, Pitching
Top 3: Bobby Higginson(LF)
           Roger Cedeno(CF)
           Todd Jones(SU)

In the Motor City, Tigers fans haven't seen a winner since the early 
ninties, when guys like Cecil Fielder and Alan Trammel beat up on A.L 
West opponents. The Tigers don't have an intimidating lineup, but you 
should pitch with caution against Higginson, Clark, Cedeno, Palmer and 
Fick. These guys won't pund you into submission, but they can get the 
job done. Detroit's starters are weak, but knuckle baller Steve Sparks 
can mess you up with his junk pitches. The Tigers bullpen has two very 
good stoppers, Todd Jones, and fireballer Matt Anderson.

Minnesota Twins
Strenghts: Starters, Speed, Defense
Weaknesses: Power, Bullpen
Top 3: Joe Mays(SP)
          Eric Milton(SP)
          Brad Radke(SP)

Minnesota has 3 excellent starters, but the bullpen will give up a lot 
of runs. Latroy Hawkins is the worst closer in baseball, aside from 
Esteban Yan in Tampa. The Twins lineup only has 3 dangerous hitters, 
Doug Mientkiewicz, Corey Koskie and David Ortiz. Don't worry about the 
other Twins hitters homering, but be careful when guys like Cristian 
Guzman and Luis Rivas slaps balls into the gap.

Kansas City Royals
Strenghts: Hitting
Weaknesses: Starters, Bullpen
Top 3: Mike Sweeney(1B)
           Carlos Beltran(CF)
           Jermaine Dye(RF)

I was really stretching to find a strength for this team. If you have 
made all of the trade deadline moves, then you don't have to worry 
Dye or Rey Sanchez. If you didn't, than you have to be careful when 
pitching to the meat of their lineup. Sweeney, Dye and Beltran are the 
only home run threats on this team. Everyone else is a walkover. Kansas 
City has a wealth of awful pitchers, including Jeff Suppan, Chad Durbin 
and Roberto Hernandez.

Chicago White Sox
Strengths: Power, Starters
Weaknesses: Defense, Speed
Top 3: David Wells(SP)
           Frank Thomas(DH)
           Magglio Ordonez(RF)

The Chi Sox have a tough lineup, with power hitters like Thomas, 
Ordonez, Lee, Conseco and Konerko. They also have 3 good starters, and 
decent bullpen. The Sox had the best record in the A.L last year, and 
their player ratings show it. This team is dangerous, even with the 
worst defensive player in baseball, Jose Valentin.

Toronto Blue Jays
Strenghts: Power, Bullpen
Weaknesses: Contact hitting
Top 3: Carlos Delgado(1B)
           Mike Sirotka(SP)
           Shannon Stewart(LF)

Toronto had 5, 30 homer guys last year, in Delgado, Mondesi, Cruz, 
Fulmer and Baltimore Oriole Tony Bautista. There lineup is packed with 
punch, but Alex Gonzalez, Darrin Fletcher and there rotating 3rd 
are all easy outs. The Jays have a couple solid relievers, and a great 
closer, Billy Koch. There are 4 guys on the Blue Jays that strike out 
alot, so that's a good sign.

Boston Red Sox
Strenghts: Starters, Power
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Pedro Martinez(SP)
           Nomar Garciaparra(SS)
           Manny Ramirez(LF/DH)

Boston is the home of baseballs second most dominate pitcher, Pedro. He 
only needs to go by one name, because everyone knows who he is. He can 
make the best hitters look like minor leaguers, and has 4 top notch 
pitches. Also in the starting rotartion is Hideo Nomo, one of the most 
underrated players in baseball. Some players will get waxed by the Sox 
awesome lineup, that includes Nomar Garciaparra, an EXCELLENT contact 
hitter, and Manny Ramirez, who could hit a homer with a marshmallow 

New York Yankees
Strenghts: Starters, Bullpen
Weaknesses: None
Top 3: Roger Clemens(SP)
           Mariano Rivera(CL)
           Mike Mussina(SP)

The Yankees are going to win another World Series this year, believe 
There rotation has 4 number 1 starters, with Clemens, Mussina, Pettite 
and Hernandez. Their bullpen is home to Mariano Rivera, the most 
dominant closer in baseball. And their isn't an easy out in the lineup, 
which includes pretty boys Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams. In order to 
beat the Yanks, you must take an early lead, and make sure to keep 
runners off the bases.

Baltimore Orioles
Strenghts: Speed
Weaknesses: Starters, Power
Top 3: Tony Bautista(3B)
           Jason Johnson(SP)
           David Segui(1B)

Starting pitching and power hitting are two things that the O's don't 
have. Pat Rapp, Jose Mercedes and Pat Hentgen are terrible, and the 
lineup only has 2 dangerous hitters, Bautista and Segui. The lineup 
have a lot of speed, which could make it hard to keep doubles from 
triples. The Orioles are pretty much a pushover, unless you are 

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Strenghts: Power
Weaknesses: Everything else
Top 3: Fred McGriff(1B)
           Greg Vaughn(LF)
           Ben Grieve(RF)

The D'Rays are the worst team in baseball, so beating them isn't a 
task. They do have 2 guys that can hit the long ball, Fred McGriff and 
Greg Vaughn. Even though these guys are way past there prime, they can 
still hit the ball around. Everyone else in their lineup is weak. I 
can't even begin to describe how bad the pitching staff is, with goons 
like Wilson Alvarez and now Arizona Diamondback Albie Lopez. Yikes.

National League teams:

New York Mets
Strengths: Power, Bullpen
Weaknesses: Starters
Top 3: Mike Piazza(C)
           Armando Benitez(CL)
           Al Leiter(SP)

Last year, the Mets went all the way to the World Series, where they 
were easily defeated by the powerhouse Yankees. So after the season, 
Mets management said "How can we make this team worse?" Well, getting 
rid of Bobby Jones, Mike Hampton, and Melvin Mora is a start. Then 
replace Jones and Hampton with Kevin Appier and Steve Trachsel, 2 below 
average starters. That's a sure fire recipe for failure. And the recipe 
was a success. The Mets are this years biggest bust, because they have 
mediocre offense, and only 2 real stoppers in the starting rotation. Al 
Leiter is a tough lefty, and the only good pitcher in the staff. Rick 
Reed(A.K.A Greg Thomas), Appier, Trachsel and Glendon Rusch are all 
if you are playing with a competent team. There bullpen is full of 
talent though, but not talented at all if you make the trade deadline 
moves and give Wendell and Cook to the Phillies. The Mets lineup has 2 
very tough outs, Mike "Mullet" Piazza, and Robin "Beat up old man Ryan" 
Ventura. Todd Zeile and Edgardo Alfonso are pushovers in my opinion, 
there isn't anyone else on this team who can do much damage.

Atlanta Braves
Strengths: Starters, Power, Bullpen
Weaknesses: None
Top 3: Greg Maddux(SP)
           Tom Glavine(SP)
           Chipper Jones(3B)

The Hillbillies of baseball, the Atlanta Braves have been a playoff 
for the last decade. There extremely talented starters, Greg Maddux, 
Glavine and Kevin Millwood, can shut down teams for entire series. The 
Braves also have a couple lethal offensive weapons, mainly Chipper 
Jones. He is the best switch hitter in baseball, so you can't just 
in a specific pitcher to go up against him. Andruw Jones, the Gold Club 
Kid, is also a potent offensive force. The Braves are strong in all 
aspects of this game, and to beat them, you will just have to bring 
"A" game.

Philadelphia Phillies
Strengths: Hitting
Weaknesses: Starters, Bullpen
Top 3: Scott Rolen(3B)
           Bobby Abreu(RF)
           Jimmy Rollins(SS)

Last year, the Philadelphia Phillies had the worst record in baseball. 
Omar Daal lost something like 19 games last year, and that was typical 
of most of there starters. This year, the Phillies have done a complete 
180. Daal is a top tier starter, Robert Person and Randy Wolf are up 
comers, and the Phillies young talent at the plate is starting to 
Scott Rolen just might be the best defensive third baseman in baseball, 
and his bat is very dangerous as well. Bobby Abreu is full of talent, 
and is capable of hitting 40 homers one day. And Pat Burrel, although 
strikes out a ton, has a lot of untapped power. The Phillies also have 
Mike Lierberthal, one of the most underrated players in baseball. You 
can beat the Phillies just by pounding on there weak starters.

Florida Marlins
Strengths: Hitting, Starters
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Cliff Floyd(RF)
           Ryan Dempster(SP)
           Charles Johnson(C)

Florida bought a World Series in 1997, then dismantled there team a 
later. The Marlins have struggled ever since, but they have finally 
matured into a contender this year. They have 3 excellent young 
starters, with Ryan Dempster, Brad Penny, and A.J Burnett, who threw 
of the sloppiest no hitters in history against San Diego. They also 
the best defensive catcher in the N.L, in Charles Johnson. And Cliff 
Floyd is one of baseball best young hitters. There bullpen isn't as 
strong as the rest of there team though, with mediocre closer Antonio 
Alfonseca blowing games for them. Beating the Marlins is done by 
speedy Luis Castillo off the bases, getting good starting pitching, and 
containing Floyd, Johnson, and Preston Wilson.

Montreal Expos
Strenghts: Power
Weaknesse: Starters, Bullpen
Top 3: Vlad Guerrero(RF)
             Jose Vidro(2B)
            Ugueth Urbina(CL)

Montreal plays in front of about 8,000 french canadiens a night, which 
is condusive to how they play. Guerrero and Vidro are the only tough 
outs in the lineup, and their entire pitching staff is a laughing 

Pittsburgh Pirates
Strengths: Power
Weaknesses: Starters, Bullpen
Top 3: Brian Giles(LF)
            Jason Kendall(C)
           Aramis Ramirez(3B)

If the Pirates can keep Giles, Ramirez and Kendall around, they might 
a pennant contender in the years to come. But they stink this year. 
There lineup has a bunch of solid hitters, but there overall pitching, 
just like the Spo's, is below average.

Cincinnati Reds
Strenghts: Power, Starters
Weaknesses: Speed
Top 3: Ken Griffey Jr.(CF)
            Danny Graves(CL)
            Pete Harnisch(SP)

The Reds have a good team. There outfield is above average, Reese, 
Larkin and Casey are all solid batters, and their pitching is good. 
have a bunch of overrated players though, in Harnisch, Williamson and 
Dessens, all starters. There bullpen has a couple great relief 
with Wholers, Sullivan, and Danny Graves.

Chicago Cubs
Strengths: Power, Starters
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Sammy Sosa(RF)
            Kerry Wood(SP)
            John Lieber(SP)

If you actually update the Cubs roster, you will have the best team in 
the National League. Wood and Lieber are aces, Sosa is a beast, and 
additions like McGriff and Tucker make them even more powerful. The 
bullpen is good in real life, but in this game, Gordon, Duncan and 
Farnsworth are easy pitchers to hit.

Houston Astros
Strenghts: POWER, Pitching
Weaknesses: Speed
Top 3: Jeff Bagwell(1B)
            Wade Miller(SP)
            Billy Wagner(CL)

Houston plays in the most homer friendly park in baseball, Enron Field. 
Maybe that is why the Astros could have four 40 home run guys this 
There lineup is bursting with power. Bagwell, Alou, Hidalgo, Ward, 
Castilla and Berkman are all heavy hitters, and there pitching rotation 
is excellent as well. With the Astros, you get a team that WILL be in 
the World Series this year.

St.Louis Cardinals
Strengths: Power, Starters
Weaknesses: Closer
Top 3: Matt Morris(SP)
            Darryle Kile(SP)
            J.D Drew(RF)

St.Louis is another power packed team, with 5 home run happy starters. 
McGwire and Pujols are very dangerous, as are Drew, Edmonds and 
surprisingly Ray Lankford. The Cards also have 2 top pitchers, Kile and 
Morris. Most of the time though, you can beat the Cardinals by keeping 
close, then hammering Dave Veres when he comes in.

Milwaukee Brewers
Strengths: Power
Weaknesses: Pitching
Top 3: Richie Sexson(1B)
            Geoff Jenkins(LF)
            Jeromy Burnitz(RF)

In Milwaukee, fans have been treated to 2 nice things: a new ballpark, 
and a team that can hit the long ball. Unfortunately, the Brewers can 
GIVE UP the long ball too. Jeff D'Amico is the only pitcher on this 
that is any good, with maybe Chad Fox being in that company too. 
Milwaukke takes good pitching and power hitting.

Colorado Rockies
Strengths: Power
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Todd Helton(1B)
            Larry Walker(RF)
            Jeff Cirillo(3B)

The Rockies still haven't found the formula for winning in Coors Field. 
They did win 82 games last year, so things were going in the right 
direction. But this year, they have taken a big nose dive. They still 
have a lot of talent, with power hitters Todd Helton and Larry Walker, 
and talented southpaw Mike Hampton. But they got rid of Pedro Astacio, 
and there bullpen isn't very good at all. Surprisingly, the Rockies 
lineup is fairly tame, as I myself pitched a 9 hit shutout against them 
with Jose Lima, on All Star.

LA Dodger
Strengths: Power, Starters
Weaknesses: Bullpen
Top 3: Kevin Brown(SP)
            Gary Sheffield(LF)
            Shawn Green(RF)

Los Angeles has the highest payroll in baseball, and this year there 
players are playing good enough to earn that money. Shawn Green is 
awesome, and so is Gary Sheffield. They also have a quartet of good 
starters: Brown, Park, Ashby and Dreifort.

San Francisco Giants
Strengths: Starters
Weaknesses: Speed
Top 3: Barry Bonds(LF)
            Rich Aurillia(SS)
            Rob Nen(CL)

I don't think I have to even mention what kind of season Barry Bonds is 
having. Bonds, Kent, and Aurillia are great hitters, and they have an 
excellent starting staff to help the hitters out. The Giants, like the 
Cubs, are an excellent team if you update the roster.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Strenghts: Starters, Bullpen
Weaknesses: None
Top 3: Randy Johnson(SP)
            Curt Schilling(SP)
            Luis Gonzalez(LF)

The Big Unit and Curt Schilling are the best 2 pitchers in the National 
League, and they happen to play on the same team. Both Johnson and 
Schilling can shut you down, but Schilling IS home run prone. The 
D'Backs also have a great bullpen, and a couple great hitters(Gonzo, 

San Diego Padres
Strengths: Power
Weaknesses: Pitching
Top 3: Ryan Klesko(1B)
            Phil Nevin(3B)
            Trevor Hoffman(CL)

San Diego is a team that has enough hitting to make game close, but 
the pitches end up blowing the game. Nevin and Klesko are power bats, 
but nobody else on the team is very capable of hitting one deep. There 
starters are diseased, and except for Hoffman, the pen is weak.

Strike Out guide

If you are like me, you love the challenge of playing WSB2K2 on All 
difficulty. The hitters and pitchers are a lot tougher, and the base 
running and fielding is smarter as well. Computer hitters have a great 
eye at the plate, and most hitters are capable of hitting the long 
even some PITCHERS! Striking out batters actually takes some skill, and 
forces you to think about what pitches you have thrown to certain 
hitters, and the pitch locations. You also have to use the hot and cold 
zones effectively and keep the ball on the corners of the plate. Here 
is a guide on how I would pitch hitters, depending on their hot and 
cold zones: The "C" stands for Cold, the "H" stands for Hot, and the 
"N" means Neutral, where the is no color in the area.

Example 1:   C   N  C
             H   H  H
             C   H  C

 A lot of the big power hitters have this kind of Hot Box. Start the 
hitter off with a definite strike, something like a fastball or slider 
on the inside part of the plate. If you are a right hander, throwing a 
sinker to the top right of the upper right hand corner of the box would 
drop the pitch on the corner for a strike. A slider that starts out of 
the zone, then brakes back in is a good bet for a first or second 
pitch. NEVER throw a fastball into a hot zone, it will almost always 
lead to trouble. A curve ball with 2 strikes on the lower outside 
corner will strike out most batters, only if you haven't thrown that 
pitch in that spot before.
Example 2:  C  C  C
            C  H  H
            H  H  H

Most left handed power hitters will feature this box. Work them high 
and in with the fastball and changeup, or a slider on the upper left 
hand side of the box. Don't bother going down in the zone, because that 
would result in a hard hit ball. If you haven't thrown a curveball in 
the at bat, throw one that starts high out of the zone, then breaksback 
in, with 2 strikes. 

Example 3:  C  N  N
            N  H  N
            N  N  C

Some of the weaker position players will have this box, where it can be 
difficult to continuosly get the hitter out. A fastball up and in for 
strike one, then a changeup or curve down and away for strike two is a 
good bet. Try to stay away from the outside part of the plate, in the 
neutral zones. A forkball from a righty, that breaks to the left can be 
wise if you throw it up and in, and you have been working the bottom 
left part of the plate.

Example 4:   H  C  C
             H  H  C
             H  C  C

Right handed power hitters have this type of box. Keep the ball low and 
away, and use 2 strike curveballs or sinkers will give you K's more 
times than not. Stay away from the inside part of the plate, unless you 
have a great slider that can buckle their knees down and in.

Example 5: N  N  N
           N  H  N
           N  C  N

Weak power hitters and bad contact hitters are easy to pitch to with 
this box. Mix up your pitches, and keep them down, away from the middle 
of the plate. Once you have 2 strikes, you can go to your pitchers best 
pitch, and go anywhere but in the hot zone with it. Anyone who has this 
box should be struck out on 3 pitches.

Example 6:  C  H  C
            H  H  H
            C  H  H

Only the best hitters in baseball have this type of box. These guys 
must be pitched on the corners, or else you could surrender runs in a 
hurry. Start the hitter off with a breaking ball that starts out of the 
zone, and breaks back in. A fastball, then a changeup in the same spot 
is also a great choice. On a 2 strike count, try a curveball or a 
forkball to the lower outside corner. Pitching against these types of 
very difficult, so I suggest mixing up your piches, and sticking to 
your pitchers best pitch.

Example 7: N  N  N
           N  N  N
           N  N  N

Most pitchers have this box, which is a bad thing, since they should 
really have all cold boxes. Keep pitches on the corners, and breaking 
balls will be effective.

These are just 7 of the hundreds of Hot Boxes in the game. Any hitter 
can be struck out, you just need to keep an eye on these 5 important 

1. Pitch location-The most important aspect of pitching. You should 
NEVER throw in a Hot zone, unless you have high stamina, or are 
throwing a breaking pitch. Some very good hitters will hit a homer if 
you always throw the same pitch in the same cold zone. So mix up the 
cold zones.

2. Pitcher stamina-Tired pitchers will miss their spots, leaving a 
slider outside, or throwing a fastball that should have been inside 
over the heart of the plate. The pitch speeds will also be reduced, and 
breaking balls will be very worthless. Even when pitching in Cold 
zones, the worst hitters can smack singles if your pitcher is tired.

3. Pitch types-Be careful with the breaking balls that are in your 
pitching arsenal. Remember which directions your pitches break, because 
if you forget, you might aim a curveball in a cold zone, but it breaks 
into a hot zone.

4. Pitchers best pitches-You don't want to throw an excessive amount of 
curveballs, if that is your pitchers worst pitch. Look at your pitchers 
pitch graph, and see what there best pitch is. Try to throw that pitch 
as much as possible, and mix it up with a fastball to keep hitters off 

5. Pitching deliveries- Some pitchers who have sidearm releases will 
throw breaking balls that move differently than other pitchers breaking 
balls. Keep in mind how your pitcher delivers the ball. A normal 
pitching delivery will make a curveball break from 12 to 6, or from 
bottom to top. A sidearm pitcher's curve ball will break from 2 to 7, 
like a slurve ball. 

Stadium hints

Every MLB stadium is different. Some stadiums will have more foul 
ground, bigger walls, or larger power alleys. Here is a list of some of 
the hitter and pitcher parks.

Hitter parks:

Fenway Park-Right field in Fenway is very short, so left handed hitters 
will have lot of fun in Fenway. However, right handed pull hitters will 
have a fit trying to hit it over the green monster. The home run balls 
aren't very high, which means home runs in most parks will be singles 
doubles in Fenway. center and right field is easy to conquer, but the 
Green Monster can be tough.

Metrodome-An extremely easy park to hit homers. In real life, the right 
field wall keep out home runs, but not in this game. The gaps are not 
that big, and center field is shorter than in most parks. 
Enron Field-HomeRon field is the easiest gopher ball park in baseball. 
The right and left field power alleys are terribly short, but center 
field is very deep. 

Wrigley Field-Home to Slammin Sammy, Wrigely Field is a hitters park on 
any day. Left and right field are short, and so is center.

Edison Internation Field-Hitting home runs into the rocks at Edison is 
routine for the hometeam Angels. Right field is shorter than usual as 

Pitchers parks:

Safeco Field-A bigger than usual field, where most balls hit to center 
will either be doubles, or tracked down by Mike Cameron. 

Pac Bell Park-Right and left field are bigger than normal, and the gaps 
are huge.

Comerica Park-Jose Lima's dream. Comerica's power alleys can give 
hitters inside the park home runs, it's that big. Right center field is 
a long ways away, which is a turn off to left handed hitters.

Jacobs field-The picnic area in left can take away line drive homers, 
and center field isn't as short as most parks.

Olympic Stadium-Anything in the gaps in this park will be an easy 
triple. The right and left field power alleys are also pretty short.

There aren't very many parks in this game that will steal away home 
runs, or give you an excessive amount of homers. That is why I didn't 
feel like going in depth with this part of the FAQ. Most players 
probably have a favorite park they like to play in, so they probably 
won't pay attention to this part of the FAQ anyway.

Toughest Hitters

Here are just some of the Nation League's toughest hitters. Not all of 
these guys are the best hitters in real life, but in this game, they 
tough. I would consider myself an excellent pitcher in this game, but 
for some reason, I can't get these guys out on a consistent basis.

Steve Finley
Center Fielder
Arizona Diamondbacks
Hot Box:   C   H   C
                 H   H   H
                 C   H   H 

I have always had a tough time pitching to Steve Finley. He only has 3 
cold zones, so it is very difficult to mix up your pitch locations. Try 
not to throw consecutive fastballs, or any pitch in the same location 
twice. Finley is VERY fast, and always hits the ball pretty sharply, so 
keep a look out for that. 

Geoff Jenkins
Milwaukee Brewers
Hot Box:   C  N  C
                 N  H  H
                 C  H  H

Jenkins has always hit my pitching extremely well, and very hard. He 
a lot of power, and he has gone yard on me a couple times. If you have 
enough skill, you can bean Genkins, and face Jeromy Burnitz, a guy who 
is pretty easy in my opinion. If you are brave, and want to pitch to 
him, use a mix of fastballs and breaking pitches low and away, to get 
Jenkins to possibly line out to the left side of the infield. Pitch him 
on the corners of the plate, and use changeups and sliders.

Brian Giles
Pittsburgh Pirates
Hot Box:  C  H  C
                N  H  H
                C  H  H

Giles is a tough power hitter, and I usually just bean him, and then 
pitch to Aramis Ramirez. Giles and Jenkins are basically the same, so 
pitch them on the corners and with your best pitches.

John Vander Wal
Pittsburgh Pirates
Hot Box:  C  H  C
                N  H  N
                C  N  H

Vander Wal is almost as difficult to get it than Giles. He is capable 
hitting home runs, so be careful against him. Don't throw the same 
in the same area twice, and try to mix up the pitch locations.

Paul LoDuca
Los Angeles Dodgers
Hot Box:  C  H  N
                N  H  N
                N  C  N

LoDuca only has two cold zones, which makes him a tough out. LoDuca has 
more neutral zones than most hitters, and that also makes him a hard to 
pitch two. Like with most hitters, get a 0-2 count by mixing up 
fastballs and changeups, in the different cold zones, then go with the 
curveball low and away.

Robin Ventura
New York Mets
Hot Box:  C  H  C
                H  H  N
                C  H  H

Ventura is a switch hitter(I think), so you can't just bring in a left 
handed pitcher to face him. Throw fastballs high and in, and then some 
changeups or sinkers, then put him down with a breaking pitch or hard 
fastball low and away.

Jim Edmonds
St.Louis Cardinals
Hot Box:  N  H  C
                N  H  C
                C  H  H

Jim Edmonds is known more for his glove than his bat, which is odd 
he hit over 40 home runs last year. Edmonds can't hit anything up and 
in, so work that area, then go with an unexpected pitch low and away.

Jose Vidro
Montreal Expos
Hot Box:  C  H  C
                N  H  H
                C  N  H

Vidro had a breakout year last year, that earned him a trip to the All 
Star game. So it is only fitting that his rating in this game be very 
high. He is terribly good at the plate, and is a switch hitter to boot. 
Vidro has the same hot box as most good hitters, so use the same 
strategy as you use for Jenkins and Finley. 

Sean Casey
Cincinnati Reds
Hot Box:  C  H  C
                N  H  H
                C  N  H

Sean Casey is a big guy who concentrates on contact more than power. 
That is a rarity in this age, when 170 pound shortstops are trying to 
hit homers? Why is Casey such a good contact hitter? Well, it's because 
he extends his arms, and can go get a pitch over the plate. Pitch Casey 
like you would Vander Wal and Jenkins.

Mark McGwire
St.Louis Cardinals
Hot Box:  C  H  C
                N  H  H
                C  H  C

Big Mac has hit more home runs off me than any other player. His 
swinging bat motion before the pitch really pisses me off too. I 
just go right after McGwire with hard cheese inside, then cross him up 
with "Uncle Charlie" low and away.

World Series Baseball 2K2 was released on August 14th, 14 days AFTER 
the MLB trade deadline. Visual Concepts delayed the game until August 
because of network and gameplay bugs, not to update the rosters. This 
is evident by the fact that all of the trades executed on the last 3 
weeks of July are NOT represented in this game. This could be good for 
some game players, and bad for some. I like it, because I don't want a 
team to have a player that they traded for in July on the team for the 
entire year. World Series Baseball 2K2's CPU GM A.I is very tough, 
rejecting ANY trade that doesn't seem fair. And since WSB2K2's players 
are not rated by number, rather than by a bar, it is very hard to 
distinguish player comparisons. Trying to update the rosters in 
franchise mode is impossible, because you only have control of one 
team. On Season mode 
though, you can control every team, therefore completing all of the 
trades. You won't be able to COMPLETELY update the rosters, because a 
lot of the minor leaguers are not in the game, and some players have 
"No Trade" clauses. Well, let's get on with the trades:

Jermaine Dye to Rockies/Neifi Perez to Royals
Jermaine Dye to Oakland/Jose Ortiz,Mario Encarnacion, and Todd 
Belitz to Rockies.
Matt Lawton to Mets/Greg Thomas to Twins 
Mike Trombley to Dodgers/ Kris Foster, Adrian Burnside to Orioles
Terry Mullholland to Dodgers/ Mike Fetters to Pirates
Todd Jones to Twins/ Mark Redman to Tigers
Brad Voyles, Alejandro Machado to Royals/ Rey Sanchez to Braves
Tomo Ohka, Rich Rundles to Expos/ Ugueth Urbina to Red Sox
Pedro Astacio to Astros/ Scott Elarton to Rockies
Mike Williams to Astros/ Tony McKnight to Pirates
Milton Bradley to Indians/ Zach Day to Expos.
Nick Bierbrodt, Jason Conti to Devil Rays/Albie Lopez, Mike DiFelice to 
Andres Galaragga to Giants for ?
Jason Schmidt, John Vander Wal to Giants/Ryan Vogelsong, Armando Rios 
Sterling Hitchcock to Yankees/Minor Leaguer to Padres

Those are just some of the trade deadline moves. I am sure that I left 
couple out. And don't forget to put Fred McGriff and Michael Tucker 
the Cubs. Here are some other waiver moves:

Pirates get Gary Matthews Jr. off waivers from the Cubs
Padres trade Woody Williams to the Cardinals for Ray Lankford

These are just some of the moves that were made in late July, early 


I have received a ton of e-mail asking me the same question, "I have created a 
player, but 
I can't figure out how to put him on a team." Well, here is how you do it. Make 
sure you 
don't have a VMU in the VMU slot, or a current franchise or season going. Now, 
your player. Then, start a new season or franchise. The created players are now 
in the free 
agent pool. This one question is the only reason I released version 4.0 with such 
a small 
addition. Version 5 will include A.L Tough hitters.

CONTRIBUTE, E-MAIL ME AT [email protected]

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