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Worms Armageddon - Color Game Boy FAQ v1.0
  By: The Spam Man ([email protected])
         Last Updated: 4/12/00


1 - What's New
2 - Controls
3 - Items/Weapons
4 - Options/Team Entry
5 - Hints and Tricks
6 - Terrains
7 - Credits

1 - What's New

1.0:  4/12/00
-FAQ Release
-More updates expected

2 - Controls

Control Pad:
Scroll screen(during scroll mode)
Up and Down move target cursor(during game play)
Left and Right move worm(during game play)

Pause(during game play)
Accept selection

Access weapon/scroll mode(during game play)
Return to game(during game play)
Scroll options
Scroll option choices
Confirm an options screen
Create a new team
Previous menu

A button:
Press once for small jump(during game play)
Tap twice for back somersault(during game play)
Scroll weapon list right(during scroll mode)

B button:
Hold for weapon firepower(during game play)
Scroll weapon list left(during scroll mode)

3 - Items/Weapons


Weapon crates:
	During game play, a wooden crate will fall out of the sky periodically.  
Contained therein is a weapon.  Sometimes a secret is in it.  These are 
immensely useful, letting you refill stock when low, and sometimes obtaining 
a rather "unfair" weapon!

First Aid Kits:
	Also during game play, a white box with the red cross on it falls.  Each 
kit will replenish 15 points to the worm who grabs it.  They aren't terribly 
useful, but come in handy during sudden death.  (Note:  Your worm's energy 
can never exceed 100 points.)

*Default settings are asterisked*

   Possible Settings: *ON*
	This is the basis of all worms weapons.  It is the most common and almost 
the most useful weapon.  A direct hit takes 50 points.  Don't worry about 
running out, the supply is infinite.  However, when firing, be sure to look 
at wind speed and direction before firing.  (Note:  The more arrows there 
are on the wind meter, the faster the wind is going.)  The bazooka is 
greatly affected by wind, so try not to kill yourself.  This weapon is nice 
for long range.  To fire, hold B until the desired power is reached.  (Note: 
A full power meter means full power.)  Don't use close-up, for it will 
probably hit you.  The computer players LOVE this weapon and are very good 
at it, so don't underestimate.

   Possible Settings: *ON*
	The good thing about this grenade is that you don't have to pull a pin 
first!  This is a very useful tool for getting people in caverns with holes 
in the top.  A direct hit takes 50 points.  This weapon is also infinite, so 
don't fret over stock.  Careful though, it bounces if you launch it really 
high.  Also beware of its incredible ability to roll.  It doesn't matter how 
low the slope is, it will roll to the bottom.  The grenade will explode 5 
seconds after you throw it, so if you are shooting close-range, get out 
fast!  Grenades are not affected by wind.  The computer players are fairly 
good with these.

Fire Punch:
   Possible Settings: *ON*, OFF
	The power of martial arts has leaked into worms with this weapon.  You 
don't have to hold B, just press it.  Your worm will jump straight up a 
little ways taking out any dirt it hits.  This punch can be used to knock an 
opponent into the water if they are near the edge.  A worm using a punch 
will hit all worms directly in front of him.  Every hit takes 30 points, and 
the victim gets knocked around a little bit.  It is not affected by wind, 
obviously.  The computer rarely uses this, but when it does, you are 
probably near an edge, hence death approaches.  It is very useful to hit 
someone directly above you if they are on a different ledge.  The supply is 

   Possible Settings: 1, *2*, 3, INFINITE, OFF
	One of the most powerful weapons in the game, this one packs a punch 
(unlike the one listed above.)  Simply walk near an opponent, drop the 
dynamite and run.  You better run fast, too, because the explosion is pretty 
darn big.  After it is dropped, you have 5 seconds to run.  Not a lot of 
time, so try to drop them off ledges or into holes with worms in them.  A 
perfect hit takes up to 75 damage, so they are pretty harmful.  (Note:  Be 
sure you can get away before you start dropping dynamite on someone.  
Sometimes, you will bounce off of terrain right onto the deadly stick, and 
no one needs that too badly.)  The computer uses these up very quickly, and 
you might too, so try to conserve.  Also, they are very good for knocking 
someone in the water.  A dynamite explosion has a huge bias so you can knock 
worms over obstacles and into the water if you need to.  You might want to 
set the stock to INFINITE, just because it is such a great weapon!

   Possible Settings: 1, *2*, 3, INFINITE, OFF
	This isn't really a weapon, but a very good elusion tool nonetheless.  At 
any time during your turn, you can use a teleport to transfer your worms to 
anywhere on the screen.  When you select it, an arrow will appear.  Use the 
control pad to guide the arrow and press B when finished.  Your worm will 
then use his Star Trek-esque communicator and move to the desired position.  
The downside, however, is that once, you teleport, your turn is over.  The 
computer uses these quite often, but if you chase them enough, they will run 
out and you can go in for the kill!

Baseball Bat:
   Possible Settings: *1*, 3, 5, INFINITE, OFF
	Ah, the Great American sport, personified in a move.  This weapon is one of 
the most useful (and embarrassing) weapons.  Simply guide the crosshairs in 
the direction you want to swing and let 'er rip!  Each hit takes 30 points, 
so they're not extremely powerful, but they sure as heck can launch someone. 
  If there is a tall object in your way, just launch your opponent over it.  
If anyone is within 1/4 screen length from the water, there is a good chance 
you can get them there.  If possible, try to hit multiple worms.  Test the 
reach of the bat and see how many homers you can get in one hit!

   Possible Settings: 1, *3*, 5, INFINITE, OFF
	This is more useful than the teleport in most cases, simply because it can 
take you almost anywhere the teleport can.  You have 20 fuel points to use, 
but watch out, they go pretty fast.  If you run out of fuel, your turn is 
over.  Otherwise, use it to get where you want AND use a weapon.  This of 
course isn't affected by wind and obviously doesn't take damage.  The 
computer NEVER uses these, so don't worry about them getting you if you are 
a long ways away.  Be sure to keep an eye on your fuel counter, because if 
it hits 0, you're in trouble.  Remember also that you can use it twice if 
necessary, but it takes two jetpacks.

   Possible Settings: 1, *3*, 5, INFINITE, OFF
	A weapon better used for professionals.  This gun carries 2 shots.  You can 
move around between shots, so you can hit someone and then move to adjust 
for the next one.  Each shot can take up to 25 points, but don't depend on 
it.  (Note:  You cannot use the jetpack or teleport between shots.)  Very 
simple to use, but hard to take a lot of damage.  Best used against 
low-energy worms.  Be careful shooting close-range, this weapon does alter 
terrain.  The computer uses these fairly often, but don't consider them a 
serious threat.

   Possible Settings: *1*, 2, 3, INFINITE, OFF
	One of the most versatile, yet difficult weapons in the game.  When 
selected, you will be asked who you want struck.  Simply move the arrow to 
the target and press B.  A jet will then fly overhead 3 times, each time 
dropping a bomb.  (Note:  The bombs aren't dropped in the same place.  Each 
time, the jet waits a little longer before dropping so you have a spread-out 
strike.)  Put the arrow a little off to the right of the target and try to 
hit him 3 times.  This is very difficult to be useful, and is only usable on 
open levels.  The bombs take up to 50 points each, but are hard to place.  
Usage is recommended only if the worm if in a VERY wide open are.  The 
terrain can get in the way very easily.  The computer hardly ever if at all 
uses these, but watch out if they do.  A general hint would be to just stay 
below ground.

Battle Axe:
   Possible Settings: *1*, 3, 5, INFINITE, OFF
	The Viking way of life is implanted into the game with this move.  This axe 
takes exactly 1/2 of the life of the victim.  This is very useful at the 
start of the game when everyone has high energy.  The only way to actually 
kill someone with it is if they only have 1 hit point left.  This could be 
used in a sudden death match, but be warned: when the person blows up from 
dying, you will die too.  This weapon is not very useful, and usually just 
sits in the inventory untouched.  But if you want to instantly take 50 
points from a worm, get him at the beginning of the match.  The computer 
rarely uses this move for all the right reasons.  It takes only half of the 
hit points(very bad towards the end of a match), it's a close range weapon, 
and you can't run after you use it.  I wouldn't worry about setting the 
stock INFINITE if you're not going to use it.

Blow Torch:
   Possible Settings: 1, *3*, 5, INFINITE, OFF
	If you want to aimlessly remodel your landscape, this is the weapon for 
you.  The blowtorch can blast for a few seconds through almost anything.  It 
is very useful for digging holes and\or getting through walls to get a 
crate.  It doesn't last very long, though, so don't try to dig through too 
much dirt.  The computer never uses this weapon, so don't worry about having 
to dig him out.  If you are in a cavern level, it would be nice to have this 
set to 5 or INFINITE so you can get a lot of tunnels made.  It doesn't just 
make holes, though.  This sucker causes 15 points damage, so you can plow 
through a wall AND burn a hole in a worm's shorts!


   Possible Settings: *ON*, OFF
	This is the greatest weapon ever devised by anyone.  The sheer stupidity of 
an exploding sheep in battle greatly increases the fun factor in this game.  
The problem is, this and the other two secret weapons HAVE to be obtained in 
a crate.  Out of the three, this is the most common that you will recieve.  
When you launch it, it begins to hop away(like a sheep).  If you press B 
again, it will explode, or it will explode on its own after so long.  
Careful when you launch it, it could hit a wall and turn around on you!  
Make sure you are in a fairly open area prior to realeasing one.  The sheep 
has a HUGE explosion bias, and can do 75 damage.  Now that's what I call a 
barnyard animal!  Don't worry about the computer using one...he won't.

Banana Bomb:
   Possible Settings: *ON*, OFF
	The second most common secret weapon in the game is the banana bomb.  This 
bomb is by far the most destructive weapon in the game.  When launched, it 
begins to bounce.  And when I say bounce, I mean BOUNCE.  This thing never 
loses kinetic energy.  After a few seconds, it will explode, releasing 
another banana.  There are 4 bananas total.  You read right.  Each banana 
can cause 70 points of damage!  I've heard of lethal fruit, but this is 
insane!  Entire teams can literally be eliminated.  The computer will never 
use it so don't worry about getting "babana-ed."  Feel privileged if you get 
one, because you will probably win if you use it right.  It is not affected 
by wind, and you only get one (per crate).  A great finisher!

   Possible Settings: *ON*, OFF
	The rarest weapon in all of wormdom.  Armageddon is exactly what it sounds 
like.  Everybody dies.  But not instantly.  In fact, some worms are hurt 
more than others.  When armageddon is released, don't count on the round 
going more than a minute or two more.  After EVERY turn, a message is 
displayed on the screen such as "Fallout" or "Poisonous Gas."  Each turn 
every worm will lose at least 2 hit points.  Sometimes, some worms lose all 
their life!  This weapon is one to be careful with, because you can very 
well kill yourself.  It is best used if the other team has a lot more worms 
than you.  The computer will never get and absolutely NEVER use this because 
he's stupid.  It's a two-sided weapon.  Both teams are hurt no matter what.  
It's like a nuke went off in a nearby city and all you get is the radiation 
and disease.  If you have never mutated, prepare because this item is 
literally a world killer!

   Possible Settings: *ON*
	If you want to save your weapons for another turn or you can't shoot at 
all, this is good for you.  No one gets hurt, and nothing is wasted, but it 
sure as heck is boring!  The computer uses this quite a bit so prepare for a 
long game.

4 - Options/Team Entry


	W.A. has quite a few options for you to choose from.  This section tells 
you what they do and how to change them.

Starting Energy
   Possible Settings: 50, 75, *100*
	This is just how much energy your worms start with.  It is best to have 
100, because 50 is just too short of a game!

Number of Worms
   Possible Settings: 1, 2, 3, *4*
	This is the number of worms on each team, not total.  4 is the best simply 
because it makes for better games.  The game runs faster and smoother, 
however, with less worms.

Turn Time
   Possible Settings: 15(sec), 30(sec), *45*(sec), 60(sec), INFINITE
	This is probably the most altered option in the game.  If you want to test 
skill, choose a low number.  If you are a slow thinker or want to just play 
around, you probably ought to choose INFINITE.

Round Time
   Possible Settings: 5(min), *10*(min), 15(min), INFINITE
	Ten is the ideal worms time, because most matches don't last that long, and 
if they do, sudden death takes care of it.  But if you want a full, even 
match, with no interference from outside forces(i.e. Sudden Death) then 
choose INFINITE.

Number of Rounds
   Possible Settings: 1, *3*, 5
	If you are a serious Worms player such as I, you might want to go with 5 
rounds, so even if you lose one (not likely) you still have a chance to win. 
  If you just want a quick 10 minute game for fun, just do 1 round.

   Possible Settings: *ON*, OFF
	The wind is not a huge factor in worms except for the bazooka. I swear it's 
made of paper because all it does is fly around in the wind.  But if you 
want extra challenge or if you want to build extra skill, keep it on.

   Possible Settings: *ON*, OFF
	This toggles the music on oand off.  I don't know if you want it on, 
though.  The music isn't that great.

Note: After you select your options, you will taken to the weapon screens 
where you can decide how many or what weapons you will have.

-Team Entry

	If you choose "Create a Game" at the start-up screen, you will have to 
decide how many players and what their names are.  Here are instructions in 
this section.


	If you want to play against the computer, select one-player.
	If you want to play against a friend (on the same gameboy), select 

*Team Names

	You will now be asked if you want custom teams or pre-made ones.

	You will be taken to a screen and be asked to enter a team name, a captain, 
and three other worms' names.  Move the cursor and press A to select a 
letter.  Press the back arrow to erase a letter.  When finished with each 
name, select end.
	After each name is done, you will begin play.

	There are 4 selections:
Team 1: Captain, Worm 2, Worm 3, and Worm 4
Armadillos: Yoyo, Noel, Vince, and Angel
Townies: Rupert, Brian, Kwissy, and Fifi
Cowards: Scrounge, Kitsch, Rover, and Squirm

Press start to select one.

You will now begin game play.  Below are some hints and tricks to the game.

5 - Hints/Tricks

   The water is your friend.  Use it whenever possible.  If there is a worm 
near the edge, use something to send hom off.  Water is an instant kill no 
matter what, so use it often.  If there is a worm sitting close to the 
bottom with only a little bit of land below him, blast a hole in the dirt 
where he is and kill him.  If you use dynamite, remember that it has to fall 
EXACTLY on top of him if you want it to work or else he will be blown to the 
sides.  You can easily embarrass someone if you blowtorch them off of a 
ledge into the water!

   This is one of the toughest features to adjust to.  A bazooka will fly 
around in the wind so very easily.  Use it to your advantage.  If there is a 
worm under a ledge, use wind to curve a bazooka around the ledge to get him. 
  Also be careful of the wind when firing.  Even a good shot can be sent 
right back into your face.

   One of the inaccurate parts of the physics of this game is that a direct 
hit doesn't actually constitute a direct hit.  If a bazooka hits a worm 
square in the nose, it will take 20-35 damage.  If you hit the ground 
directly NEXT to a worm, however, your chances of taking 50 points increase. 
  If necessary, use items that always take a specified amount of damage, 
like the Fire Punch or Baseball Bat.  Also, a weapon that you need to very 
carefully place is the airstrike.  Remember that the 2nd and 3rd missiles 
will hit to the right of the first.  Try to get the worm a direct hit on the 
second shot.  This way, you can get partial damage from 2, and full damage 
from 1.  Another thing, don't try to kill someone with the axe.  If they 
only have 1 hit point left, chances are it's sudden death so when he blows 
up from dying, he'll take you with him!

   One of the funnest parts of this game is making worms fly.  A Dynamite, 
Sheep or especially a Baseball Bat can launch someone easily off of the 
edge, which makes for an easy kill.  Again, use the water.  Use the 
explosion bias to your advantage.  If there is an obstruction keeping the 
opponent from falling in the water, shoot him over it!  Also don't forget 
that you get damage by falling too far, anywhere from 2-14, so hit them off 
a cliff.  A well placed dynamite can result in death even if they have full 
energy.  75 points from the dynamite and 25 from falling put that person out 
of the running.

	Also associated with launching is gravity.  A lot of the glitches in this 
games rae involved with gravity.  For example: Often times when you launch a 
grenade very high, instead of bouncing as soon as it hits the ground, it 
will wait a little bit first.  Try to use this to your advantage.  Another 
thing is that the banana bomb doesn't obey the law of gravity.  It will 
bounce for a few seconds in any random direction at full speed.
	I have noticed that you can increase the damage you take from a worm A LOT 
if you combine the inital weapon with falling.  Below is a chart of how much 
damage weapons can REALLY take if you knock them off a cliff.

WEAPON		Reg. Damage		Fall Damage

Bazooka		50			70
Grenade		50			70
Fire Punch		30			50
Dynamite		75			100
Teleport		0			20
Baseball Bat	30			55
Jet Pack		0			0*
Shotgun(per shot)	25			45
Airstrike		150			175
Blow Torch		15			35
Sheep			75			100
Banana Bomb		280			300

*Note that when you have on the jetpack, you can fall from any height and 
not get hurt(unless you land on water).  Also note that if you land on 
another worm from great heights, you probably won't get hurt!  These are 
very useful for "cheating" to get around.  Please know that the values above 
aren't just estimated...I've done it before.  The values above 100 are those 
that you would get if the energy exceeded 100.

	There aren't too many glitches in this game, but they are present.  Once I 
noticed that after a match, it said that I took 500 damage in 1 shot, but 
that wasn't true considering it was a cavern level.
	Another glitch (that I have only seen once) happened when the computer used 
a teleport.  He teleported to the VERY top of the screen and stuck there.  
He didn't last long because he was right in plain easy sight, but he got 
there nonetheless.
	As mentioned before, bouncing the grenades can be very unpredictable.  Try 
to place grenades in holes, where they are most likely to stay put.
	One of the most annoying things in this game is that you can't walk up more 
than a 10 degree angle slope.  One way to remedy this is to get right up to 
the slope you can't climb or jump to and make sure it's about 45-50 degrees 
or less.  Get right up to the slope and do a normal jump.  The worm should 
hop right up about 1\2 a worm length.  You can keep doing this until you 
reach the top or until you can jump again.  This technique is very useful in 
cavern levels.

   Use the terrain for your own benefit.  If you really want to kill the 
computer easily, go to a cavern level.  The computer is more likely to kill 
himself than to kill you.  Although it's hard to get to an opponent, when 
you do, he will have a hard time killing you.  But be careful in caves.  
It's much harder to escape from a dynamite in a cave than in an open area.  
One sure-fire way to make the computer mad would be to go to a cavern level 
with teleports turned off.  The computer uses teleport very often in 
caverns, making for long matches.  If they don't have any, they have to 
stand their ground instead of run.  And they don't exactly do a good job of 
playing defense.  A good strategy is to dig a diagonally downward hole.  
This way, you can get shots out easy, but you are very difficult to hit.

   The key to this game is timing, and that comes with practice.  When you 
can shoot bazookas around corners, you have become a worm master!  Also, 
learn the terrains.  Below is a list of terrain codes.

6 - Terrains

At the terrain selection screen, press A and enter these codes:

1-Worm Skeleton
2-Pink Worm
4-Red Worm
5-Banana Bomb
6-Drowning Worm

-Default levels (no code required)

2512 - Jungle
2563 - Cheese
1655 - Medical
4216 - Desert

Secret Levels

5226 - Tools
1245 - Egypt
2643 - Hell
4136 - Treehut
5413 - Garden
3266 - Snow
2255 - Construction
3631 - Pirate
1451 - Fruit
3644 - Alien
4333 - Circuit
6316 - Medieval

7 - Credits

Special Thanks to:

Partial Terrain Codes - Jarmo Niinisalo
Infogrames for the Production
Team17/Microprose for the Original Idea
All wormy fans who read this FAQ

If you would like to submit information or have comments or questions, 
please contact me at:

[email protected]

(It would be nice for you to ask me some questions so I can add an FAQ 
section to this FAQ!)

Happy Worming!

(c) 2000 The Spam Man.  This FAQ may NOT be published sold, copied, etc. 
without my consent.

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