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                             ____    __    _______
                             \ \ \  /  \  / _____/
                              \ \ \/ /\ \/ /____
                               \ \  /  \  / ___/
                                \ \/ /\ \/ /
                                 \__/  \__/
                   ____    __     _   ___     _____ ___
                   \   \  /  \   //  \   \    |   | \  \
                    \   \ \   \ // // \   \   |   | / _/
                     \   \ \   \  // __\   \  |   | \  \
                      \__/  \__/_//     /___\ /___\  |__\
                     _______   __ __   ___   __ ____ __
                    /___   /  / | | \  |  \  || |  | \_|
                       /  /  |  | |  | ||  \ || |  |
                      /  /   |  | |  | ||\  \\| |  |=||
                     /  /__/||  | |  | || \  \  |  |  _
                    |_______| \_| |_/ /__\ \__| |__| /_|

                        A C C L A I M    S P O R T S
                            * NINTENDO GAMEBOY *

                             Text FAQ Written By
                                The IceMaster
                            [email protected]

                                Revision: 1.2
                             Updated on 08.23.98


           WWF War Zone, the World Wrestling Federation, its logos,
             its characters, and their likenesses, are registered
                       trademarks of TitanSports Inc.

                     Copyright (C) 1998 TitanSports Inc.

                    Licensed to Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
              WWF War Zone video game developed by Iguana West,
                  a subsidiary of Acclaim Entertainment Inc.

         The IceMaster, author of this FAQ, is in no way associated
           with TitanSports, Acclaim Entertainment, nor any other
               company involved in the licensing, development,
               marketing, and/or distribution of WWF War Zone.

                         ||  R A W  I S  W A R  ||

++ Introduction ++

     Welcome to the WWF War Zone Text FAQ for Nintendo GameBoy.  The latest
revision of this FAQ can be found at WWF War Zone Web Coverage located at
http://warzone.sports-gaming.com -- since July 6th 1997, the leading source
of WWF War Zone news and information on the internet.
     The information contained in this document may be freely used so long as
proper credit is given to its author, The IceMaster.  You may not distribute
this document in printed or electronic form for any profit, unless you have
received The IceMaster's full consent to do so.

Why are British Bulldog, and Ahmed Johnson in the game?
 WWF War Zone's development began between late 1996 and early 1997, long
 before any of these two wrestlers left the World Wrestling Federation.

Why is Dustin Runnels still Goldust?
 By the time Goldust became Dustin Runnels by burning the Goldust outfit and
 doing a "shoot" segment, WWF War Zone was already in the process of being
 finalized.  It was way too late to change the name text all through the
 game, re-film the movies of Goldust making challenges and comments, etc.

++ Controls ++

     Fans of fighting games as well as wrestling games will need a little
practice before they can get used to the control system in the GameBoy
version of WWF War Zone.  The moves system is based on fixed directions (ie.
left is ALWAYS left, no matter which way you're facing, it's NOT like a
fighting game).

Default Configuration:
                  __                                   __
               __|  |__                Start     __   |__|
         Left |__    __| Right         ====     |__| Attack (A)
                 |__|           ====           Interact (B)
                 Down         Special

++ The Moves ++

     Most of the moves, besides the few basic ones, are done by holding a
button and pressing a direction.  The direction is what triggers the move,
not the button.  For example, you hold Attack and press Up to do a frog
splash when you're standing on the top turnbuckle.  This is awkward at first
and takes some getting used to.
     The following moves can be done by anyone, and are listed in the game's
manual.  There are a few minor errors in the way the moves are named in the
manual, so here's a list for your reference:

Opponent Standing
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Normal Punch                  Standing                      Attack
 Swinging Stomp Punch          Walking                       Attack
 Grapple into Tie-Up      Standing or Walking               Interact
 Running Clothesline           Running                       Attack
 Running Dropkick              Running                      Interact

Opponent is down
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Elbow Drop               Standing or Walking                Attack
 Leg Drop                 Standing or Walking               Interact
 Body Splash                   Running                  Attack or Interact
 Latteral Press Pin       Standing or Walking             Special + Down

Opponent is pinning you
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Kick Out                    Being pinned                Rapid Left/Right
 Break the Pin               Being pinned                 Interact + Up

Opponent in any position
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Climb the Cage          Next to the Cage Wall            Interact + Up

Opponent is down
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Elbow Drop off Cage     Climbed on Cage Wall                Attack

Opponent standing
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Elbow Lariat off Cage   Climbed on Cage Wall                Attack

Opponent in any position
     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Climb the Corner        Next to the Turnbuckle        Interact + Diagonal
 Frog Splash*          Standing on Top Turnbuckle          Attack + Up
 Flying Elbow Drop*    Standing on Top Turnbuckle         Attack + Left
 Flying Leg Drop*      Standing on Top Turnbuckle         Attack + Right
  * These moves can be used to knock down an opponent if he's standing.

Opponent is inside the ring
     To Climb out: Stand next to the ropes and tap the direction toward them
     and press Interact.
     To Climb back In: Stand next to the apron, hold Interact + Up.
Opponent is outside already
     To Climb out: Stand next to the ropes, hold Interact + Down.
     To Climb back In: Stand next to the apron, hold Interact + Up.
 Note: You can throw an opponent out with some moves such as suplexes.

     MOVE                   YOUR SITUATION                  BUTTON(s)
 Elbow Drop                Outside the Ring               Attack + Down
 Elbow Lariat              Outside the Ring              Interact + Down

     When you have control of your opponent in a grapple, it's considered a
"tie-up".  Once you have him in a tie-up, the following moves can be done:
                 Break Tie-Up         Rapid Left/Right
                 Kick to Stomach               Up
                 Headbutt                      Left
                 Eye Rake                      Right
                 Vertical Suplex      Attack + Up
                 Body Slam            Attack + Left
                 Power Slam           Attack + Right
                 Irish Whip         Interact + Left or Right

     You can also grapple from behind.  The following moves can be done:
                 Atomic Drop                   Left, Right, or Up
                 Back Suplex          Attack + Left, Right, or Up

     In order to tag your partner, press Interact.

     Every wrestler has his finisher in War Zone GameBoy.  All of them are
their real ones except for Owen Hart (he uses a Spinning Heel Kick instead of
the Sharpshooter).  Finishers are done by holding Special and pressing THREE
directions in sequence.  All of them are done in a Tie-Up except for
Mankind's Mandible Claw (which is done over a fallen opponent).

++ The SuperStars ++

     The finishers are NOT listed in the manual, I've found each of them
myself and listed them in each of the wrestlers' own sections below.  Again,
the directions are NOT relative to your position.  Left is ALWAYS left, and
right is ALWAYS right, it doesn't matter which way you're facing.
     If you would like to use these finishers in your own list of any kind,
please give credit to "The IceMaster" at .

----------------------["Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels]---------------------
                 "The Showstoppa'! The Main Event! The ICON!"
 From: San Antonio, Texas.
 Height: 6'1"   Weight: 227lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Sweet Chin Music: Hold Special, Left, Right, Up.

                      "Through Hellfire and Brimstone!"
 From: Unknown
 Height: 7'0"   Weight: 325lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Right, Up, Down.

------------------------------[Ken Shamrock]--------------------------------
                     "The World's Most Dangerous Man"
 From: Sacramento, California.
 Height: 6'1"   Weight: 235lbs.
 Personality: Fan Favorite (face)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Ankle Lock Submission: Hold Special, Left, Up, Right.

------------------------["Stone Cold" Steve Austin]-------------------------
                 "Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!"
 From: Victoria, Texas.
 Height: 6'2"   Weight: 252lbs.
 Personality: Fan Favorite (face)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Stone Cold Stunner: Hold Special, Down, Left, Right.


 From: Warner-Robins, Georgia.
 Height: 6'2"   Weight: 270lbs.
 Personality: Fan Favorite (face)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 The Dominator: Hold Special, Down, Up, Left.

                     "Remember the name of... Goldust."
 From: Hollywood, California.
 Height: 6'6"   Weight: 260lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Curtain Call: Hold Special, Right, Down, Right.

---------------------["Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley]--------------------
                                 "Suck It!"
 From: Greenwich, Connecticut.
 Height: 6'4"   Weight: 246lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 The Pedigree: Hold Special, Up, Left, Down.

                            "Have a nice day!"
 From: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
 Height: 6'2"   Weight: 287lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done over a Fallen Opponent)
 Mandible Claw: Hold Special, Up, Right, Left.

------------------------["The Black Hart" Owen Hart]------------------------
              "Enough is enough, and it's time for a change!"
 From: Calgary, Alberta. Canada.
 Height: 5'11"  Weight: 227lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Spinning Heel Kick: Hold Special, Down, Right, Left.

--------------------------["The Rock" Rocky Maivia]-------------------------
                    "You smell what The Rock is cookin'?"
 From: South Pacific.
 Height: 6'5"   Weight: 275lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 The Rock Bottom: Hold Special, Left, Down, Up.

----------------------------[The British Bulldog]---------------------------

 From: Manchester, England.
 Height: 6'0"   Weight: 253lbs.
 Personality: Rule Breaker (heel)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Running Powerslam: Hold Special, Right, Left, Down.

------------------------------[Ahmed Johnson]-------------------------------
                        "The Pearl River Powerhouse"
 From: Pearl River, Mississippi.
 Height: 6'2"   Weight: 305lbs.
 Personality: Fan Favorite (face)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Pearl River Plunge: Hold Special, Up, Down, Left.

-----------------------------[The Undertaker]-------------------------------
                               "The Phenom"
 From: Death Valley
 Height: 6'10"  Weight: 328lbs.
 Personality: Fan Favorite (face)

Finisher (Done in Tie-Up)
 Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Left, Down, Right.

++ Game Secrets ++
     None known as of this FAQ revision.

++ WWF Attitude ++

WWF Raw is War
     Catch Raw and War Zone (the half of the show from which this game's
     title came), Monday Nights at 8:57PM Eastern on the USA Network.
     Seen on TSN in Canada, check local listings.

 Check local listings for other weekly World Wrestling Federation programs,
 including Shotgun Saturday Night (or WWF New York), SuperStars, Challenge,
                              and Live Wire.

Pay-Per-View        Time of Year   Description
------------        ------------   -----------
Royal Rumble        Late January   Features the 30-man Royal Rumble matchup
                                   in which two participants start off, and
                                   a new one enters the ring every 2 minutes.
                                   Participants are eliminated by being
                                   thrown over the top rope and onto the
                                   arena floor.  Once all 30 have entered,
                                   the last man remaining is declared the
                                   winner of the Royal Rumble.
WrestleMania        Late March     One of, if not the, most recognized
                                   events in the world.  The WWF's biggest
                                   card of the year, showcasing its biggest
                                   stars and usually including appearances
                                   by celebrities.
King of the Ring    Mid/Late June  Features the elimination tournament that
                                   determines the year's World Wrestling
                                   Federation King of the Ring.  Such names
                                   as Bret "Hitman" Hart and "Stone Cold"
                                   Steve Austin have acquired this crown in
                                   the past.
SummerSlam          August         The World Wrestling Federation's major
                                   card in the sizzling summer season.
                                   Similar to a WrestleMania, but with no
                                   celebrities and lots of heat.
Survivor Series     Late November  Features four-on-four elimination matches
                                   in which teams take part in tag team
                                   action.  Members of the teams are
                                   individually eliminated, the first team
                                   to lose all of its members loses the

  For the months of February, April, May, July, September, October, and
    December, the World Wrestling Federation presents "In Your House"
     Pay-Per-View cards with a subtitle oriented to its storylines.
       All Pay-Per-View cards are now approximately 3 hours long.

++ Credits ++

FAQ Written By Frank Chan (The IceMaster) ............ [email protected]

Special Thanks: Michael Meyers, Acclaim Representative .... [email protected]
                Mike Archer, Acclaim Representative ....... MAr[email protected]
                Vince Bracken, Project Manager ..... [email protected]

                       Copyright (C)1998 The IceMaster

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