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ZZZZZZZZZZZZ             000          I	          DD
          Z             0   0	      I	          D D
	 Z	       0     0        I           D  D
	Z             0       0       I           D   D
       Z             0         0      I           D    D
      Z             0           0     I           D     D
     Z               0         0      I           D     D
    Z                 0       0       I           D    D
   Z                   0     0        I           D   D
  Z                     0   0         I           D  D
 Z                       000          I           D D
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ                          I           DD

FAQ By: crazieaznkid

The Beginning
Talk to the guy on the lower floor walking around the entrance of the 
room on the left. Talk to the guy on the left of the lowest floor next 
to the table. Talk to the old man on the upper right room. You should
get a sequence of events. You now get to choose your very first zoid
in the game.

Red Tiger 	A tiger with a double barreled cannon.
Blue Liger	A Liger with a double barreled cannon.
Green Raynos	A Raynos with no extra equipment.

After you choose your zoid, follow the path and get any chests you find
along the way. You'll automatically examine the zoid to get the plans 
for the Trinity Liger which you can't build for most of the game. 

You should end up outsidewith a conversation. Talk to the old man
sitting in the chair on the second floor of the barTalk to the guy on 
the  top left area of the zoid store. You should spend some time 
earning  money, zoid cores, and maybe zoid blueprints if your  lucky. 
Stock up on some healing items. I suggest you replace some of your 
other team's zoids with better ones before the boss fight.

Wild Zoids
Small Red Dino		Small White Dino	Robot Slug
Small Purple Dino	Black Lizard		White Raptor

Blueprints Found
Small White Dino	Robot Slug		Purple Flying Dino
White Raptor		Small Red Dino		Small Purple Dino

Cores Found

Old Territory
Enter the blue building to the left. Go to the left and enter the
underground area. Continue underground and examine the door. Look on
the back area and they should examine the podium. You should get in a
fight against 2 wolf zoids. Continue along the way and get any of the
chests along the way. your most dangerous enemies are the purple flying
dinosaurs. Heal all your zoids when you enter a area with one path to
the right since there is going to be a boss fight.

Wild Zoids 
Small Red Dino		White Raptor		Robot Slugs
Small Purple Dino	Small White Dino	Brown Scorpion
Black Lizard

Blueprints Found
Black Ape		Red Tiger		Pink Cat
Liger Mark 2		Upgraded Wolf		NEW Brontasaurus
Raynos			Brown Scorpion		


Blue Genosaurus
Difficulty: Hard
HP: 350 
Keep everyone's HP above half. Use your most powerful weapons first. If
it attack your whole party, you should heal your whole entire party
during that turn or the next turn.

Desert Caves
After the conversation go to the left and talk to the old man with a
cane in his hand. Go in the bar and talk to the guy on the right with a 
red bandana. Leave and talk to everyone in town. Head north and get in
a fight against a scorpion and a wolf. Go west and into the town. Talk
to the old man on the left and the rest of the town. Leave and head
into a cave to the north of town. Go through the cave.

Purple Flyer w/Gun Mounted
Red Triceratops
Difficulty: Moderate
HP: Triceratops		188
    Purple Flyer 	125

Head to the bridge northwest of town.

Northwest Bridge
Enter the cave in the Northwest part of the area. Progress through the
area until you reach the other side of the cave and the bridge. Go down
until you automatically reach the other side.

Red Tiger
Difficulty: Hard
HP: 500
Strategy: HEAL LIKE MAD!!! Have 2 people attack and the other 2 heal.
If you are very desperate, use one of the items you get to use between
turns. Use your most powerful weapons. Ignore your EP and use any of
the EP you have access to. He hould go down in a couple of turns.

After the fight you get a conversation. Followed by....

Red Flyer
Difficulty: Varies(Easy to Moderate)
HP: 300
Strategy: This battle isnt very hard. You should mainly focus on
attacking the boss. Heal if your HP is below half. It is not really
that hard if your level is high enough. There is no way you can beat it
in speed. SO DON'T TRY!

Back to Town
Talk to the old man walking back and forth in the bar to get another
item. Visit the shops to restock, equip, and upgrade. You might want to
fight to earn some blueprints and cores right now. You'll need them for
the next scenerio. When you are ready go to the top right part of the
world map and enter the building. Go to the silver orb.

Desert Town
Go to town and talk to everyone. The scientist on the top right gives
you an item. Leave town and you'll get into a fight with a few worms.

The Base
Go to the right after the fight. Go around the desert and south. Go
until you see a mountain like place. Enter it. There is a chest in the
shop. On the second floor talk to the scientist on the eight side. Go 
to the top floor and go into the top middle area. Now leave and head to
the west and into the ruins.

The Ruins
Go in and grab all the treasures. Go back to base and talk to everyone
on the third floor.

The Desert
Go there and keep fighting zoids for a while. After the conversation,
go back to the desert and destroy the towers around the area. Destroy
the four towers around the desert and enter the area in the center of
the desert. 

The Desert Ruins
Search the area. Enter the red top building. Go through the area and
search for any chests. The enemy zoids are weak. When you reach another
of the towers on the lower level, destroy it. 

Behind the Base
Go to the back of the base and enter it. Search the area for chests and
then head underground. Open the chest on the top right corner of the
bottom floor. After the conversation, head for the volcano. When you
reach the top, you should see a zoid.

Go through the volcano to the top. Try to grab all of the chests along 
the way.

Energy Cannon Mounted Tortise	HP: 250
3 Cannon Tortises		HP: 80 each
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Take out the cannon tortises first. Then concentrate 
everything on the boss. Just heal if you get hit. He is very poor in
both speed and defense.

Town.... Again
Talk to the old man downstairs for another item. Leave town and head
northeast into the building. Go into the silver orb.

Rocky World
Go into the building. Go back into the city you just came out of. Go 
into the building. Go downstairs and talk to the girl there. When you
are out, go southwest into the building.

The Base
When you are inside the area, talk to the scientist to the south to get
an item. Get the chest next to the exit. Go to the city in the south
and go into the bar. Talk to the scientist in the item shop for another
item. Talk to the old man in there for an item. Go to the southeast 
ruins if you want to. The ruins has very good zoid parts by the way. Go
into the city nall the way on the west. Go to the top and talk to the
blue liger there. He should join you. Now go back to the bar and a talk
should start. Now head to the top left base.

HP: 400
Difficulty: Very Easy
Strategy: Its not hard at all. If you have the best weapons you can buy
at that point, it should be no problem. 

After the fight go into the only open building. Get through the area. 
The officer in the right room has an item. Check all of the rooms. They
all have items. After a long conversation....

White Tiger
HP: 400
Difficulty: Moderate
Strategy: Heal often. The zoid has a lot of firepower. Don't take him
too lightly. It should take several turns to destroy it. 

Town Again
The old man has another item for you. Head northeast and into the same
place again when you are ready.

Bit's World
Three members of the Blitz Team should join you. Get the boxes on the 
way out. Challenge the brontasaurus on the top right corner if you need
extra levels. Just answer no two both of his questions. If you 
challenge him....

HP: 1200
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: It nearly all depends on luck. Try to keep your people in the
back. Just constantly attack him. Heal if he attacks your entire front
line. Just keep trying and you'll get it.

Your goal is to beat the three collesiums. Go into the ruins if you want
lots of good zoid blueprints and zoid cores. One ruin is to the north 
of the silver orb. The other one is on the southwest corner of the area 
you are in. East of the silver orb is  one of the collesiums. 

The first collesium has snow in it. The old man on the top left has an

1st Battle: Any Combination Vs 6 Cats
2nd Battle: Any Combination Vs 5 Various
3rd Battle: Any 4 Zoids VS 3 Dinos & 1 Bat
4th Battle: Three S or M Type Zoids VS 3 Taurus
5th Battle: Any 3 Zoids VS Champ Team
The Champ Team Joins Afterwards

The second collesium has an old man to the top right who will give you
an item. It is to the left of the first one.

1st Battle: Any Zoids VS 6 Worms
2nd Battle: Any Zoids VS 5 Apes
3rd Battle: Any 4 Zoids VS 4 Black Tigers
4th Battle: Any 3 Flying Zoids VS 2 Black and 1 Purple Flyer
5th Battle: Any 3 S Zoids VS Naomi & Gun Snipers

The third collesium is to the north of the second collesium. You need
to complete the other two collesiums before you can enter the third.
When you register for the first match, Brad and Bit joins.

1st Battle: Any Zoids VS 3 Gold Tigers
2nd Battle: Any 3 Wolf, Liger or Tigers VS 3 Black Ligers
3rd Battle: Any 3 Zoids VS Gray Liger, Green Tiger, Mounted Wolf
4th Battle: Any 2 Zoids VS 2 Elephanters
5th Battle: Any 3 Zoids VS Black Ape, Big Gray Dino, Blue Boss Dino 

After the battle you get the Trinity Liger Core!!! 

Town Again...
The old man has another item. Upgrade all of your equipment before the
next scenario. Purchase the Trinity Liger when you have the money. The
next scenario is extremely hard without good stuff. Max out your stock
of healing items. The battles outside are worth a huge amount of money
up to 120,000G per battle against those apes. 

The Next World
Go north and into the town. Go to the back of the town. Go to the back
of the mansion. You might want to check out the ruins in the desert. If
you are ready to continue, go notrh to the town right above the giant
castle town. Go into the bar. Go to the right and up. 

2 Red Tigers		HP: 182
2 Scorpions		HP: 115
1 Red Scorpion Boss	HP: 500
Difficulty: Moderate
Strategy: Heal often. Take out the other zoids first. The other ones
make the battle harder.

After the fight, go back to the bar. After the conversation, head to
the upper right area of the map. Go inside the mansion. Get through the
area. When you reach the bottom 2 people you met earlier will join you
temporarily. Try to leave the area and a event will start. Head into
the nearby town afterwards. Talk to everyone and then leave. Head to
the area south of town. Go underground and head to the part with the 
broken glass tube. Go back to the town next to the desert and enter the
zoid shop. Head underground. Go to the back of the underground area. It
happens to be a siver haired man you are going to fight.

Red Dinosaur
HP: 600
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: Use the strategy like the others. Heal after every attack if
your zoids are weak. Hopfully you'll have very powerful zoids with high
level characters. 

White Dinosaur
HP: 700
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: Repeat the one before. But keep it up longer.

Town Again..
Its just the same as the last time. There is just different wild zoids
instead. You'll also get new cores too.

New World
Enter the building on the left. Head southwest into the base. Go inside
the building in front of you. Go further south and into the cave that
you see. Get through the destroyed area.  

Green Triceratops	HP: 279
Giant Ape		HP: 285
Berserk Fury		HP: 550
Difficulty: Moderate
Strategy: Just use your weapons that hit multiple targets. It shouldn't
be a problem.

Head back to town. After the conversation you get the three Liger Zero

Same as last time.

War World
Go into town. Talk to everyone and then try to leave. There is a ruin
to the northwest. Head southwest to continue. Head to the pit thing to
continue. Afterwards, head north torward the scorpion.

Scorpion Boss
HP: 1050
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: Follow the other ones. If your lucky, you'll live.

Go back to the pit. You can now go on water from shores. Either go to
the northwest cave or the southeast ruins and collect the special
items. Afterwards, leave and go to the island you got your water
transport from. 

Blue Genosaurus
HP: 950
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: None. Not much strategy but heal after taking a big hit.

Talk to everyone on your way out. They all do different tasks. Keep
fighting the zoids on the island for a while. After the victory, head
to the city ruins on the left. 

4 Genosaurus
HP: 383 each
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Fight like you would in any other fight.

Black Dino
HP: 2000(Estimate)
Difficulty: Very Hard
Strategy: None that I know of.

Try to head to the silver orb. 

Black Scorpion
HP: 1050
Difficulty: Moderate
Strategy: Attack it with your most powerful weapons. Its attacks are
pretty weak. Just hope you have enough EP. 

Blue Destiny
Go talk to the girl right next to the stairs. Leave town and head to
the left and enter the building. Remember, almost every floor is
another boss with a few helpers. 

Red Dragon Boss			HP: 450
2 White Flying Dinosaur 	HP: 250
Difficulty: Easy
Strategy: Just pretend this was a normal battle against high speed

White Dino Boss		HP: 950
2 Liger Panzers		HP: 300 each
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: The boss has high HP. The panzers are strong. Take out the
panzers before you do anything else. They will be very annoying if you
don't kill them first. The boss has a pretty high attack also. Heal
when you need to. Don't waste too much EP. 

Black Scorpion Boss	HP: 1150
Heavy Triceratops	HP: 507
Difficulty: Moderate
Strategy: Use attacks that hit rows. Heal whoever got hit that turn.

Gun Mounted Dino	HP: 460
Heavy Armored Dino	HP: 460
Red Dino Boss		HP: 950
Difficulty: Hard
Strategy: Don't Know Any. All about luck and strength. The boss 
sometimes doesn't seem to attack much for some reason. Make sure you
keep your health up. You will have no time to heal before the next big

Bright Blue Dino  	HP: 1200
Fully Armed Genosaurus	HP: 950
Heavy Armored Dino	HP: 700 
Red Winged Dino		HP: 550
Difficulty: Very Hard
Strategy: Try to take tem out one at a time. Go after the weaker ones 
first. If you can hit multiple targets, go for it. There is no time to
heal inbetween battles. 

YOU HAVE NOW BEAT THE GAME!!! Enjoy the ending(If you can read it).

After Final Battle
The item shop now sells some of the parts required to build the boss
zoids. They cost 100,000G each. talk to the scientist under the place
with the blue building for various zoid blueprints. You can go to the
silver orb to reach the final world. There are very powerful zoids so
you have to be very careful. There are ruins to each corner of the
following northwest, southwest, and southeast. Go underground and to
the top left of the southeast temple to fight the Berserk Fury.

Berserk Fury
HP: 800
Difficulty: Moderate
Strategy: Bombard as much as you can. Heal when you are hit. Use your
EP sparingly. It has a very powerful attack. 

If you win...

Zoids get stat bonuses after several fights.
Everyone has to be in a zoid in order to be able to leave a zoid shop.
You need to fight in order to get zoid cores and blueprints.
Flying zoids are only good with speed and not power.
Only some people get extra power from leveling up.
Don't Spend too much money on other party members.
You get random party members at the end.
Extra party members don't share stat bonuses.
The max stat bonus is 200%.
You can get blueprints for all the zoids you fight. 

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