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                              NFL Street Fields and Opponents
                              Guide written by Covenant killa

                              Table of Contents

                              1. Legal Mumbo Jumbo

                              2. Introduction

                              3. Fields
                              3.1- EA Field
                              3.2- West Coast
                              3.3- City Limits
                              3.4- Legends Park
                              3.5- Da Roof
                              3.6- Warehouse
                              3.7- The Pit
                              3.8- The Courtyard

                              4. Awards

                              5. Contact
1. Legal Mumbo Jumbo- This guide may not be printed and sold beause this is not a 
real document and you can go to jail for doing that to someone. It's stupid, but 
some people in the world do stupid stuff like that. Also, this guide may not be 
published on websites without my FULL credit and permission. Any website wishing to 
have this guide on there website can ask me at this address: [email protected] and 
then I will read your request and respond A.S.A.P.
2. Introduction- This FAQ was written to inform you on what I think are good rating 
of teams and overall parks. I added up all of the totals for team ratings to a total 
of 40.0. These are my opinions, so do not get mad. Let's get started with the Fields 
and Oppenents!

3.1- Field: EA Field
Location:San Francisco, CA
Division: NFC West

      This will be the first field you play on, but don't fear it. This is the 
easiest field to complete and is similar to a regular NFL field. The teams you will 
face are the Cardinals(Rating:3.5), 49ers(6.25), Rams(5.5), and the Seahawks(6.0). 
Overall Rating:21.25 out of 40.0
3.2- Field: West Coast
Location: San Diego, CA
Division: AFC West

      A very hard field, but you will eventually figure it out. If you have any 
developement points, use them to make your players better and you should beat it. It 
is a beach field, and there are beach balls(2) on the field as distractions and 
obstacles. The opponents will be the Broncos(7.5), Chargers(5.75), Chiefs(7.75), and 
the Raiders(9.0). Overall Rating:30.0 out of 40.0
3.3- Field: City Limits
Location: Detroit, MI
Division: NFC North

      At the beginning of the game, this field will be unavailable to play on. The 
field is dark and there are cans of filth. This is a fairly easy field. The 
opponents are the Bears(3.5), Lions(1.5), Packers(6.25), and the Vikings(4.75). 
Overall Rating: 15.0 out of 40.0
3.4- Field: Legends Park
Location: Cleveland, OH
Division: AFC North

      An easy way to win a couple of games, this division uses defense over offense. 
Both of which they lack greatness. This field is bright and fun to play at. The 
opponents are the Bengals(2.0), Browns(1.25), Ravens(4.25), and the Steelers(5.75). 
Overall Rating: 13.25 out of 40.0
3.5- Field: Da Roof
Location: Miami, FL
Division: NFC South

       This is the most brilliant field in the whole game. Being located on the top 
of a building in Atlanta,, this is a very colorful field. The lights surrounding the 
field make it great fun and excitement. The opponents are the Buccaneers(8.5), 
Falcons (6.5), Panthers(4.75), and the Saints(6.0). Overall Rating: 25.75 out of40.0 
3.6- Field: Warehouse
Location: Miami, FL
Division: AFC East

       Probebly the hardest field to complete, the opponents actually aren't too 
hard. It is confusing because some parts are dark and others are light. The 
opponents are the Bills(6.75), Dolphins(9.25), Jets(3.75), and the Patriots(7.5). 
Overall Rating: 27.25 out of 40.0
3.7- Field: The Pit
Location: New York, NY
Division: NFC East

       This is the only field in which snow will appear. The field is not wide at 
all. Since the field is in NY, you'll hear cars crashing into each other and honks 
honking very often. The opponents are the Cowboys(2.5), Eagles(8.5), Giants(6.25), 
and the Redskins(2.25). Overall Rating: 19.5 out of 40.0
3.8- Field: The Courtyard
Location: Houston, TX
Division: AFC South

        If you played this game in order of fields, this is the last field to play. 
It is very bright and the field, like The Pit, is not wide. The opponents are the 
Colts(7.5), Jaguars(2.5), Texans(1.0), and the Titans(7.25). Overall Rating: 18.25 
out of 40.0
4. Awards:

1. Best NFC Team: (tie) Buccaneers and Eagles
2. Best AFC Team: Dolphins
3. Best NFC Field: Da Roof
4. Best AFC Field: West Coast
5. Best team: Dolphins
6.Best division: AFC
5. Contact:

In order to reach me, IM me: Tmac6700 or Email me: [email protected]   If you liked 
my guide for NFL Street, that's how you would go about telling me.

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