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Aliens Vs. Predator 2

Fighting Guide, FAQ, and Walkthrough

Version 2.0       01/28/2002
Oni5115           [email protected]


This FAQ is copyright 2001/2002 Oni5115.  Any unauthorized reproduction of this
guide is strictly prohibited.  Its use must remain private, unless otherwise
authorized by Oni5115.  The Marine Walkthrough is Copyright 2001/2002 VileZero,
any unauthorized reproduction for non personal usage is strictly prohibited
without his conscent.

Webmasters wishing to post this guide on their pages must e-mail me before
posting the FAQ.  After being e-mailed I will give you permission and add you
to the list of verified users in the FAQ's next version.

Rules for posting on a website:

1.  It MUST be left comepletely unchanged, with full copyright information

2.  Must be e-mail notification before you post the FAQ.

          News / Plans

2.0 News

Marine walkthrough completed.  Now you have all the walkthroughs in one place.
Expect some more maps in the future, I have a lot of homework to do so probably
this next coming week or so.  I'll try to make updates weekly, if not faster. 

1.9 News

You now have not just a full Alien Walkthrough, but a full Predator walkthrough
as well.  Next on the list is either the MP Maps, or the Marine SP walkthroughs.

 1.   About this Guide
 2.   Version History
 3.   Game Overview
 4.   Game Review   **
 5.   Terminology

 6.   Controls Guide/Summary
 6.A  Standard Controls
 6.B  Controls Information
 6.C  My Control Configuration

 7.   Boot Camp Basics

 8.A  Weapon Guide Human
 8.B  Weapon Guide Predators
 8.C  Weapon Guide Aliens

 9.   Subclass Guide

10.A  General Human Strategies
10.B  Humans Vs. Predators
10.C  Humans Vs. Aliens

11.A  General Predator Strategies
11.B  Predators Vs. Humans
11.C  Predators Vs. Aliens

12.A  General Aliens Strategies
12.B  Aliens Vs. Humans
12.C  Aliens Vs. Predators

13.   Level Strategies and Maps
13.A  DMDemo "A Lesser Fate"
13.B  A Lesser Fate  ***
13.C  Auriga          **
13.D  Bunker          **
13.E  Colony          **
13.F  Compound        **
13.G  Depot           **
13.H  Leadworks       **
13.I  Lucifer's Fate  **
13.J  Outpost 4       **
13.K  Quarantine      **
13.L  Resevior        **
13.M  Verloc          **

Map Pack 1 Levels
13.N  alley           **
13.O  fury151         **
13.P  hanger          **
13.Q  stronghold      **

         Single Player
14.   Single Player Strategies
14.A  Human
14.B  Predator
14.C  Alien 

15.   Predator Walkthrough
15.A  The Hunt
15.B  Trap  *
15.C  Interloper
15.D  Unexpected Allies
15.E  Old Debts
15.F  New Target
15.G  Trophy

16.   Marine Walkthrough
16.A  Unwelcome Guests  *
16.B  Collateral Damage
16.C  Betrayal
16.D  A Long Detour
16.E  Price of Admission  
16.F  Loose Ends
16.G  Savior

17.   Alien Walkthrough
17.A  Birth
17.B  Surprise
17.C  Escape  *
17.D  Vengeance
17.E  Abduction
17.F  Pursuit
17.G  Freedom

18.   Cheats
19.   This FAQ is Posted at:
10.   Legal Information Reiterated
21.   Credits

Note:  *   SP Demo Levels
       **  Not Started
       *** Unfinished


 1.   About this Guide.

Contained within this guide is a complete walkthrough for each race, many
tactics and strategies for multiplayer, and multiplayer maps.

More Maps Coming soon!

There is also some minor foul language.  Most cuss words in here are from
a direct quote within the game.  So if you play the game, you hear the quotes

This is also my first ever FAQ, so please bear with me.  

Most of the strategies are also designed for TeamDM as that is what I play 
most, however, some of it should work in DM as well.  I will be adding new 
strategies/tactics and info as I gather it.

Please note as well that their may be some spelling errors.  I have not yet
used any form of spellchecking on this FAQ, other than some proof reading
on my own behalf.  So their could spelling errors.  Right now, I would rather
focus on adding more content to the guide.  I will spellcheck it once the
walkthroughs are complete.


 2.   Version History

2.0 - 5 Marine Walkthroughs, All Marine levels Completed.
      Fixed some spelling errors.  Fixed POC definition.

1.9 - Finished Predator Walkthrough.  A lot more SP strategy info.

1.8 - More Preatorian information.  More basic info for aliens and preds.
      Fixed reiteration of Alien Tail strike attack, oops.
      Added Single Player Strategy section.
      4 new walkthroughs, 1 Marine, 1 Pred, and 2 Alien.

1.71- Fixed misinformation about not having alien level abduction completed.
      also fixed some spelling errors. 

1.7 - New Logo.  More walkthroughs, 2 alien and 1 pred.
      Fixed info on Preatorians.  Fixed some spelling errors.

1.6 - Added more alien level walkthroughs.  More weapons info.  A few more
      definitions and abbreviations.  More web sites added.
      Made a better copyright clause.

1.5 - Added a little more strategy info.  Finally started the SP Walkthorugh.
      Made the game overview section.  Added the subclass section.

1.4 - Added more strategy info.  More Sites posted.  Weapons Guide finsihed.
      More definitions.  Updated Class Strategies.  Added Cheats Section.

1.3 - Added more aliens information.  Added more terms.  Added new 
      hosting sites.  Added new contents section.  Got sick of rewriting
      the numbers everytime I added something, so I added everything.
      Added My Controls section.

1.2 - Added a terminology section.  Added new aliens info.  Added new
      strategies.  Added a map!  Fixed the date from 00 to 01, oops.

1.1 - Added the control guide as I realized many people do not know the 
      controls.  Added Boot Camp Basics.  Added more human weapons.
      Updated the Predators Vs. Humans section thanks to some info. 

1.0 - Well I wrote the whole thing all at once so far.
      Included every strategy I could think of for MP demo games.
      Most, if not all, can be applied to any game not just the demo.


 3.   Game Overview 

Aliens Vs. Predator 2 is First Person Shooter in which you can play as one of
four classes.  Aliens, Predators, Marines, and Corporates.  Having these
multiple classes greatly increases the replay value and the games intensity.
Not to mention it takes much longer to master becuse each class is VERY
different.  These classes aren't just the same guy with a few different
weapons.  They are totally different.  You must not only change your tactics,
but your entire venue of thought to survive this game.

For those new to the Aliens Saga, they are very nasty creatures.  Aliens are
well known for their gargantuan hostility towards other races.  They kill
anything and everything in their path, except for their own of course.

Their only drawback is that they rely on other races to procreate themselves
and they only use melee attacks.

Their Life cycle Starts as a lowly Facehugger, a small spider like creature
with a tail, that latches onto its prey and inserts an embryo.  This embryo
grows in a Chestburster, which, as the name implies, breaks out the chest
of its victims.

After the Chestburster eats it will grow into one of three things.
If the Facehugger latched onto a standard human, it becomes a Drone.
A drone is fast and powerful.  A very balanced enemy.  They are the
backbone of the alien hive.

If the Facehugger latched onto a predator, then the alien will evolve into
a Predalien.  The most powerful creature in the game.  These critters can kill
a person in one hit.  But they are slower than Drones, and they can not
regain their life.

Normally, if the Facehugger attached to a dog, it would become a Runner.
Since there are no dogs in AvP 2, they made it so that when you attach to the
Corporates you become a runner.

The last two forms are only acheived by an alien under certain circumstances.
If there is no psychic link from a Queen alien present.  Then the alien will
curl up and mutate into a queen.  Then she will lay a whole new colony of
aliens.  Thus making them extremely difficult to destroy.

The last form is the Preatorian.  When a Drone or Runner is exposed to the
right pheromone conditions, they start to evolve into a Praetorian, and they
emit a different pheromone. This new pheromone enrages the Hive,
and most of the time the aliens will kill the Praetorian before it has a
chance to completely evolve. But if it manages to escape the Hive, 
it will continue to evolve until it's armored skin hardens. 
Then they return to the hive and "assert" themselves.

For more info on the Alien Class abilites look in the subclass section.

Predator was an interesting movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I have no
clue if I spelled that right or not.  In it, Arnold played "Dutch" a poor
marine suckered onto the battlefields of Vietnam.

He was used by his old friend, who went along with him on a "Reconnaissance"
mission.  What Ducth did not know was that the people were already dead.
He was sent to find out what the **** killed the marines.

Throughout the movie the marines are hunted down by this sinister, invisible
creature.  This is the Predator.

The predator is "One ugly mother ******" who wears a mask that allows it to
see in different vision modes.  In the movie I know he used heat vision and
infrared vision.  His normal vision seems to be infrared.

In the game, a pred can see in four modes.  Infared, heat, normal, and tech.
Heat vision see's humans, infrared displays aliens, tech shows predators, and
normal view is just normal.

In addition to being able to view different modes of vision, the predator can
zoom in.  This makes them an incredible sniper.

To make them even more dangerous, they can cloak themselves and become
invisible.  Effectively making them one of the best hunters in the game.

These technological hunters have a great arsenal of weaponry as well.
Plasmacasters can wipe out entire marine squads who aren't weary enough
to see the targeting laser.  The claws can shred a man in seconds.

There are several variations to the Predators as well.  I'll discuss the
different classes and weaponry in the subclass section.

Marines / Corporates
Well, what can I say?  They are humans.  Obviously, some poor race in the
universe has to be the hunted right?  That would be the humans.

Both the Marines and Corporates seem to emanate from the Aliens universe.
Marines being the military fighters that keep Predators and Aliens at bay.
The Corporates, working for Weiland-Yutani Corp., are often the morons that
cause the outbreaks that the marines have to deal with.

The game plot seems very true to the movie plot as far as I can tell.
Some dumb corporate tries to make money exploiting the power of the other
races.  Something happens and then the marines have to come on in and fix
what the corporates screwed up.

I stop there because I do not want to ruin the plot line.

I'll discuss the different human class sub divisions in the subclass section.

Game Types
The single player game takes a nice twist instead of the standard keep
playing until you win and you are done forever.  There are three single
player missions that are all unique yet tied together nicely.

In addition to the single player game, their is excellent multiplayer gaming.
Multiplayer has always been my favorite for FPS games, and AvP 2 certainly
delivers.  Not only does this game offer several classes and subclasses, 
but it also has multiple online gaming modes.

Death Match
Grab a gun, spear, claws or what ever you like and "get ready to rumble."
It's a "No holds barred" fight to the death.  Kill or be killed.
If it moves, shoot it!

Team Death Match
Kill everything that moves, that is not helping you kill everything that moves.
Kill the enemy teams get a point.  Kill your team minus a point.
Not much else to say.  This is my favorite mode though.  Team tactics can
either save or slaughter you.

This is an interesting variation of team play.  Only the hunters can score
points.  When the prey kills the hunter, after they respawn, they themself
become the hunter.  The previous hunter then becomes the prey.
The server sets up the Hunter and Prey races to what they want.
The ratio of hunters to prey is also a server option.

A survivor game consists of survivors and mutants.  Initially all players
are survivors.  When someone commits suicide, kills a survivor, or is the
first person in the round to die, they become a mutant.
Mutants get 10 points per kill.  Survivors get one point per second that
they stay alive.

In an overrun game, the defenders must stay alive until the round is over.
The attackers must kill all of the defenders in the alloted time to win.

Evac is similair to overrun, except that the defenders need only get to an
evac point and stay there for 10 seconds.  Attackers just need to defend the
evac point, or kill every defender.


 4.   Game Review   (Not Started)


 5.   Terminology

Ping - A networking term for sending a message and waiting for a return.  
       The higher the ping, the greater the time to get info back.  Higher ping, 
       therefore, equals higher lag.

Lag  - Lag is the term for a game that is slowing down.  Lag is particularly
       nasty in a FPS because it can cause you to get killed.  The data from
       the other character is lagging behind yours...  What this does is
       makes them appear where they are actually not.  You'll be shooting
       at thin air.  his is very bad when you are a predator and are Melee.

Melee- Hand to hand combat.

Sniper- A person who sits in one spot and shoots people.

Camper- A sniper.

Splash- Splash Damage.  Damage caused by the blast radius of a weapon.

Match - Multiplayer games.  There are Team and Normal Death Matches.
        A Team Death Match, a.k.a TeamDM, consists of teams hunting
        eachother down.  A normal Death Match, DM, is an everyone for
        themselves slaughter fest.      

Frag -  A frag is another name for a kill.  When ever you kill someone
        you acccumulate a frag.  However, your total number of frags is
        effected by your suicides.  +1 for a kill -1 for a suicide.

        Frags = # Kills - # Suicides

Server- A server hosts the game and routes data between all the 
        players in the game.
Server-  A dedicated server is a server that is dedicated to 
         being a server and usually nothing else.  It makes the 
         games a lot less laggy if the host is using a dedicated
         server.  These will be marked with a [D] by thier name.

Life  - A very fun and annoying way to set up a server.
Cycle   This option forces aliens to follow the alien life cycle.
        They start as a face hugger, then pop out as a chest buster.
        Then evolve into a Drone, Predalien, or Runner.
        They cannot become Preatorians though.

Weaponry - A rather interesting server setting for MP.
           This makes each character have a class and you can only
           carry weapons/ammo for that class.  Makes game play 
           similiar to Half Life.

           The only nasty drawback that I have found with this
           is that the levels are poorly designed for this,
           at least in my opinion.  Spending a game searching for
           ammo for your character class is NOT fun.
           I prefer making people use what is available on the
           level anyways.

Kill     - A kill made while somone is in the middle of respawning
           into the level.  Extremely cheap, but effective.
           Too often people seem to abuse this factor in MP.

Kill     - The alien attack dubbed "the flying blender."
           Occurs when you sucessfully get a direct hit with
           your pounce and shred them to peices.

Proxim - Proximinty Mines
Shotty - Shot Gun
Pred   - Predator
invis  - Cloak
TeamDM - Team Death Match

POC - Primary Operations Complex
APC - Armored Personel Carrier

PC - Personal Computer, or PlasmaCaster.  
     I use SC for the Plasmacaster
SP - Single Player
MP - Multi Player
DM - Death Match
TDM- Team Death Match
ROF- Rate Of Fire, used to describe a gun.
PFM- Primary Fire Mode.
AFM- Alternate Fire Mode.
SFM- Secondary Fire Mode.  Same as AFM.
SK - Spawn Kill

PR - Pulse Rifle
SG - Smart Gun
SR - Sniper Rifle
PM - Proximity Mines
FT - Flame Thrower
RL - Rocket Launcher
SHG- Shot Gun
MG - Mini Gun
MD - Motion Detector
GR - Grenade Rounds, for the PR
GL - Grenade Launcher/gun
GG - Grenade Launcher/gun
GGR- Grenade Launcher Rounds

SC - Shoulder Cannon (Plasmacaster)
CS - Combo Stick
NG - Net Gun
SPG- Spear Gun
RB - Remote Bomb

HB - Head Bite
TS - Tail Strike/Sting
CTS- Charged Tail Strike.  Hold down SFM to charge tail.
PK - Pounce Kill
ALC- Alien Life Cycle
LC - Life Cycle...  See also ALC


 6.   Controls Guide/Summary

 6.A  Standard controls

Shared Controls:
          Forward:  W
             Back:  S
        Turn Left:  Left Arrow
       Turn Right:  Right Arrow
      Strafe Left:  A
     Strafe Right:  D
              Run:  K
       Run Toggle:  M
             Jump:  Space
             Fire:  Mouse 0
         Alt-Fire:  Mouse 1
      Vision Mode:  V
          Look Up:  Home
        Look Down:  End
      Center View:  Delete
       Mouse Look:  Insert
Objectives/Scores:  Tab
     Send Message:  Enter
     Team Message:  \
            Taunt:  Backspace
 Crosshair Toggle:  .

(MP) Change Characters:  F1
(MP)          Fly Mode:  F2

Alien Specific Controls:
         Pounce:  E
       Wallwalk:  Left Shift
Wallwalk Toggle:  G
         Crouch:  Left Control
  Crouch Toggle:  /

Headbite:  Fire while teeth are visible
 Facehug:  Pounce on implant victim (Face Hugger only) 
    Tear:  Slash while claws are visible

Marine Specific Controls:
              Crouch:  Left Shift
       Crouch Toggle:  /
                 Use:  E
         Next Weapon:  Q, Mouse Wheel Down
         Prev Weapon:  Z, Mouse Wheel Up
              Reload:  R
       Shoulder Lamp:  G
               Flare:  F
      Hacking Device:  H
       Welding Torch:  T
  Knife/Exosuit Left:  1
Pistol/Exosuit Right:  2
             Shotgun:  3
         Pulse Rifle:  4
    Grenade Launcher:  5
        Flamethrower:  6
           Smart Gun:  7
     Rocket Launcher:  8
             Minigun:  9
        Sniper Rifle:  0
         Last Weapon:  X

Predator Specific Controls:
              Crouch:  Left Shift
       Crouch Toggle:  /
                 Use:  E
         Next Weapon:  Q
         Prev Weapon:  Z
              Reload:  R
             Zoom In:  PgUp, Mouse Wheel Up
            Zoom Out:  PdDn, Mouse Wheel Down
      Charge Emitter:  H
               Cloak:  C
        Disk Retrive:  F
        Wrist Blades:  1
         Combo Stick:  2
              Pistol:  3
            Speargun:  4
        Plasmacaster:  5
                Disc:  6
              Netgun:  7
         Remote Bomb:  8
         Last Weapon:  X
         Energy Sift:  T
            Medicomp:  G
Previous Vision Mode:  B

Leap:  Crouch + Jump


 6.B  Controls Information 

Aliens:  You need Wallcrawl and Pounce/Lunge.  I only use Wallcrawl toggle 
¯¯¯¯¯¯   myself, but it is your call.  It can be useful to just let go of the 
         button and stop scaling the walls.  Crouch can help for sneaking up on 

Marines: Here is what you MUST have:
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Forwards, Backwards, Strafe Left, Strafe Right, and Reload.
         You'll need to use your mouse to aim.  Use mouse wheel to change weap.
         The rest you can set to any convenient location.  Whatever works for
         you.  Just make sure you can access the important stuff over the rest.

  Preds: MUST haves include:
  ¯¯¯¯¯  Forwards, Backwards, Strafe Left, Strafe Right, and Reload.
         Mouse aiming as well.  Here is a key diference, by default
         the preds wheel actions zoom NOT change weapon.  You must
         either set a change weapon button, or use the alternate methods.
         I suggest setting it to Mouse 2, just press down on your mouse wheel.
         Other MUST haves:
         Invisiblility, Medicomp, and Energy Sift.

         The rest can be placed in the most convenient locations after the
         important things.


 6.C  My Control Configuration

Shared Controls:
          Forward:  ,
             Back:  N
        Turn Left:  M
     Strafe Right:  .
       Run Toggle:  /
             Jump:  Space
             Fire:  Mouse 0
         Alt-Fire:  Mouse 1
      Vision Mode:  B
Objectives/Scores:  Tab
     Send Message:  Enter
     Team Message:  \

Alien Specific Controls:
         Pounce:  Mouse Wheel Up, Mouse Wheel Down, L
       Wallwalk:  Left Shift (Don't really use, prefer toggle)
Wallwalk Toggle:  K
  Crouch Toggle:  Right Alt

Marine Specific Controls:
       Crouch Toggle:  Right Alt
                 Use:  H
         Next Weapon:  Q, Mouse Wheel Down
         Prev Weapon:  Z, Mouse Wheel Up
              Reload:  Mouse 2 (Press down Mouse Wheel)
       Shoulder Lamp:  L
               Flare:  K
      Hacking Device:  :
       Welding Torch:  J

Predator Specific Controls:
              Crouch:  Right Alt (Use one or the other)
       Crouch Toggle:  Right Alt
                 Use:  J
         Next Weapon:  Mouse 2 (Press Mouse Wheel)
              Reload:  :
             Zoom In:  PgUp, Mouse Wheel Up
            Zoom Out:  PdDn, Mouse Wheel Down
      Charge Emitter:  H
               Cloak:  V
        Disk Retrive:  G
         Energy Sift:  L
            Medicomp:  K

This strategy basically requires either a lot more buttons, or a mouse with a
wheel.  I like to use all the functionality of that wheel I can, every action
I can keep off the keyboard means more fingers I have to be moving and 

I dislike usind the WSAD for movement because I dislike limiting my movement.
What I mean by that is with WSAD I can only hover over 3 of 4 movement keys.
I also limit myself on optional buttons that I can easily reach.

With my configuration, you use all of your fingers to their full extent.
My middle finger moves forwards, ring finger strafes left, pinky backpedals,
and my forefinger strafes right.  This allows me full acces of movement at
all times both easily and comfortably.

Another great bonus with this is that you can reach any other required buttons
fairly comfortably, and still be on the move in at least two directions.

Using the mouse for aiming, weapon changing, and turning, massively reduces
then number of keys needed on the keyboard.  Notice that I completely removed
the 1-9 weapon shortcuts keys.  I leave them there, but rarely if ever 
use/need them.

The only two things I would really change is predator vision modes and weapon
switching.  They work well where they are, but could be improved a little.
If you find yourself constanly needing to change views and not really zooming
in or out, then change Mouse Wheel Up/Down to change view modes.  I can see
this saving you a lot of times in battle against humans and aliens.
Weapon switching via Pressing down the mouse wheel is not bad, but is slower
than wheeling through them.  This can kill you if you need to change fast.

The only other control note I have is about Micro Soft Intellipoint mouses.
These nifty items have two extra buttons on the sides of them.  The only
bad thing about them is that they are limited to only being set to windows
functions.  Well guess what, if you set one of them to Copy, Paste, or Cut
you can use them in video games instead of your CTRL key(s).  I've done this
before for a game, just not in AvP 2.  Thought it was worth mentioning for
those of us that bought the mouse for those extra buttons and never really
used them yet.

There may be other commands that you can do like that as well.
Just DO NOT use Minimize and Maximize, that can nuke a game.


 7.   Boot Camp Basics

Things you should NOT do!

Stand still during a fire fight.
Camp in a highly visible location.
Never use a different weapon.
Never use the wall crawling ability.
Make a lot of noise everywhere you go.
Spend five minutes typing a taunt.
Taunt your enemies every 5 seconds.

Things you should do!

Look around while running.  Up, down, left, right, everywhere.
Constantly be aware of surroundings.
Learn the level.  Powerup locations, sniper spots, ect.
Listen to/for gunfire and location.
Know you primary and secondary fire types and use the right one.
Use the rigth weapon/tool for the job.
Learn as many enemy tactics as possible so you can learn to counter them.
DUCK in front of windows, beware the sniper.


 8.A   Weapon Guide Human

Combat Knife - A nice polished blade to hack through your foes.

               Has limited uses in the game.  It's most important function
               is to cut through predator nets.  Other uses include dueling
               between bored humans.

M-4A4 Pistol - The handgun of doom.  All fear the power of ye wielder.

               Now seriously.  This weapon can be pretty lethal, if used
               properly.  The alternate fire is great.  Armor Priercing.
               Right click to load the AP bullets.  I killed a Preatorian
               with this baby once.

Shotgun      - Some Marines prefer to carry the shotgun as a standard side
               arm instead of the pistol.  Although against regulation,
               many people do it anyways. (Just like the movies)

               What would a FPS be without the standard Shotty?
               Make sure you reload after every fire fight.
               The secondary mode switches the shotgun to make one 
               concentrated blast.  Use this against Preatorians.

Pulse Rifle  - The M-41A Pulse Rifle.
               A Machine/Grenade gun that can be lethal close and far away.

               One of my favorites.  This gun is definitely worth carrying.
               Not only can you shoot a ton of bullets, but you can grenade 
               them as well.
               Grenades are excellent for lunging aliens, or any predators.

Smart Gun    - Grade "A" quality butt kicking machine with auto aiming capacity.

               Well, there is only a few reasons to not use this.
               Only a few though.  It eats up ammo at a ludicrous rate.  
               300 ammo can fly out the window with one enemy.  
               It can trash just about anything though.  Definitely a nice 
               weapon to have.

Flame Thrower- Barbeque time anyone?  A flamethrower.

               Works exceedingly well against Runners and Drones.
               Not as well against Predators or Preatorians.
               Not sure how well against Predaliens.

RocketLauncher- The Rocket Launcher.  Really I think you know what this is.

               A very nice weapon.  You can lock onto even cloaked Preds!
               The downsides are long loading time, few rounds, and the
               incredible suicide potential in close quarter combat.
               Not a bad sniper weapon, if you wait for the lock on.

Sniper Rifle - A sniper rifle.

               Very good for sniping enemies out.  Works well in MP
               but has limited use in SP.  Also hurts Preatorians.
               If you have good aim you can kill stuff very fast.
Grenade Gun  - Launches explosive grenades.  Has several alternate rounds.

                Prox Grenade - detonates upon detecting motion.
               Timed Grenade - detonate upon hitting target,
                               or after a short time.
                 EMP Grenade - Fires EMP blasts.  Works well against
                               armed targets.
               Smart Grenade - Tracks enemy movement and follows them.

Mini Gun     - Massively powerful machine gun.

               Alt fire keeps gun spinning.  Great for having this gun
               ready to fire immediately.  Bad if you want to be quiet.
               Also beware the guns kick back.  Always keep aiming.

Motion Detector- This lovely device tracks motion and alerts the bearer

                It only works for moving objects, and what is in front
                of you.  Beware of your back side.

Hacking Device- A device to hack electrical equipment.

                An absolute must for SP.  Not really used in MP though.

Welding Torch - Again, a tool for SP.

                I wonder if this can be used as a weapon instead
                of the knife?  Seems to break barrels and stuff.

Flares        - The wonderful emergency flares.

                It is definitely an emergency, when aliens could be hiding
                anywhere.  These can help you spot them, as well as


 8.B   Weapon Guide Predators

Wrist Baldes - The nifty claw rig the predators wear in the movies.

               Not as effective as the combostick, but not bad.  
               You can trash humans.  For enhanced fun hold down
               the alternate fire button to charge up your strike.

Combostick   - The nice double bladed staff of the predator.

               One of my favorites.
               Sneak behind human, stand up, and decapitato!
               The alt fire is a vertical slash.  Use this to
               Decapitate.  Also, if you leap and use this,
               you might split their bodies in half.

Net Launcher - Shoots a net at the enemy.

               Very slow projectile.  Launches enemies back a bit too.
               Can kill humans by knocking them off ledges, as well as
               rendering them very vulnerable to attack.

Shoulder Cannon- Shoulder cannon that trashes anything.

               Works almost too well at times.  Though it is a must against 
               aliens in TeamDM.  Very effective.
               AFM charges weapon.

Spear Gun    - A gun that launches out spears.

               Aim for their heads if you can.  Even if you do not hit
               them in the head it is very damaging, usually lethal.
               AFM is triple shot.

Balde Disc   - A disc you can throw.  Kills anything so long as you hit.

               Very hard to miss with, since you track lock onto an opponent.

Remote Bomb - A remote control bomb.

              Hard to aim from a long distance.  But you don't become visible.
              You can throw a several of them and then detonate them.
              AFM detonates all thrown bombs.

              For US people like myself, aim 3 inches to the right if you are
              fully zoomed in on your target.  That is about 7.5 CM for
              everyone on the metric system.

Plasma Pistol- Interesting weapon.  Makes you visible and drains your energy.

              PFM shoots direct large blasts
              AFM shoots multiple weaker stunning shots.
              A direct hit from the PFM is instat death.  The SFM can help
              to set someone up for the PFM or another weapon.

Invisibility - You turn invisible.

               This works great.  If your not running they barely see you.
               If you sit still, they won't see you at all.

Vision Mode  - Changes your vision modes just like in the movies...  Sort of.

               You get four vision modes: Normal, Human, Alien, and Predator.
               Very cool and annoying at times, but true to the story.
               The only thing I found odd, was that I am pretty sure Predators
               have heat vision when not wearing the mask.  
               That is not true for the game.

Medicomp     - Your healing computer.

               Use it, and massive energy, to restore all of your health.
               I do not think many people realize they have this in the Demo.
               It renders you helpless for a few seconds though.

Energy Sift  - Restores your weapon energy to full power.

               It renders you helpless for a few seconds.  Very effective when 
               used with medicomp in a quiet area.


 8.C   Weapon Guide Aliens

Claws        - Sharp claws to gut your enemies with.  Need I say more?

               Use them to gut your opponents.  You can slaughter their bodies 
               when they are on the ground too.  It's great mindless 

Tail Strike  - You can use your tail to sting your opponent.

               This attack disorients and stuns your opponent long enough to
               disembowel them.  Very effective, doesn't really deal much 
               damage, but doesn't have too.

               If you hold down the SFM you charge your tail.  A CTS (Charged
               Tail Strike) can be very lethal.  I suggest using this often.

Head Bite    - That extra head in your mouth pops out to damage your nemesis.

               Just aim for their heads and if you see the teeth on the screen
               you can do this.  This technique heals you so use it as much as

Pounce       - Jump really far really fast.

               Fly high, fly far, and may you land upon the poor hapless fool 
               you aimed for.  You MUST master this to be any good as an alien.

Wall Crawl   - Crawling on walls.  Need I say more?

               Just in case you needed further explanations of crawling on the
               walls.  It is when the aliens walks on the walls.  
               Running on walls is also included.
               Did I forget to mention this is when you are clinging to the 
               walls.  ... ... ...  Ok enough...
               maybe not, Spiderman Spiderman....  alright.  Offically done.


 9.   Subclass Guide

Note:  Subclasses are only available in MP while sub classes are on.

Corporate Subclasses

Note:  All classes carry knifes and pistols

Heavy Weapons  - The Heavy Weapons guy...
                 Pulse Rifle
                 Grenade Launcher

AT Officer     - A soldier...

Specialist     - Toasty!
                 Grenade Launcher
Trooper       -  Toasty Sniper
                 Sniper Rifle

Marine Subclasses

Sniper         - Mine Laying Sniper.
                 Grenade Launcher
                 Sniper Rifle

Demolitions    - Grenades or Flamethrowers... Nice.
                 Pulse Rifle
                 Flame Thrower

Heavy Weapons  - Rocket Man!
                 Rocket Launcher

Specialist     - "Got more balls than brains?"  You need a smart gun.
                 Smart Gun

Predator Subclasses

Predator         - The standard predator.

                   Wrist Blades
                   Plasma Pistol

Assault Predator - A good range of distaced weaponry.

                   Wrist Blades
                   Plasma Pistol
                   Plasmacaster (Shoulder Cannon)
                   Remote Bomb

Heavy Predator   - A melee nightmare.

                   Wrist Blades

Light Predator   - A good sniper pred.

                   Wrist Blades
                   Remote Bomb

Alien Subclasses

Face Hugger - Small spider like creature that latches onto its victims faces
              and implants an embryo into them.

              They are extremely fast and very fragile.  But they are also
              one hit killers.  Just lunge on them and poof, one more frag.

Chest Buster- Very small, very very weak.  Can not climb walls, is not all
              that fast, and does little/no damage.  Fortunately, in MP
              you are only this form just long enough for everyone to
              kill you.  Make sure what ever you latch on is ALONE!

Drone       - If you attach to a marine you become the standard Drone.
              Not much to say about them.  They are fast, Strong, deadly.

Runner      - Latch onto a Corporate to become a Runner.

              Very Fast
              Deal Less Damage
              Weaker than Drones

Predalien   - You become one by latching onto a Predator.

              Very Powerful
              Excellent Lunge
              No Head Bite.

Preatorian  - Evolved Drone or runner.  Can NOT get in SP or with ALC on.

              Powerul, but not as strong as Predaliens.  
              Can Head Bite.
              Can NOT climb walls.
              Can NOT lunge.
              Absorb normal rounds and takes less damage.
              Does not get lit on fire, though does take flamethrower damage.


10.A  General Human Strategies

Well there a few strategies to use as humans in MP.  One is the Nomad and the 
other is the sniper.

Nomads are pack hunters, they travel in groups of at least two and hopefully
more.  Their strength comes from unity and they are a force to be reckoned 
with.  As a predator I rarely kill a marine when there several more around.

I would suggest using the Smart Gun or the Pulse Rifle the most.  The
Shotgun is excellent when facing aliens but can be dumbed down when
facing predators.  The PR or SG works better on Predators.

Travel in groups of 2 or more when possible.  This helps you get return frags 
as well as protect each other.

Have the 2 travelers have different weapons.  One with the smart gun, the other
with machine/grenade gun.  This way it's kind of like a spotter/sniper set-up.  
Alternatively Machinegun/Shotgun would work alright as well.


Snipers tend to hide where they can not be seen and then kill people from long
range.  They can be effective but are harder to play as.  You must know what
you're doing in order to play as a good sniper.

A good sniper will hide and use his Motion Detector to find enemies, then
pop out and shoot them.  Be careful though, MD's only detect what is in FRONT 
of you.  If someone sneaks behind you, you're dead.

I know this for a fact, I love to sneak behind an unwary sniper.  They rarely
if ever look behind themselves.  The demo level lets you easily sneak up on 

Another good strategy for a sniper is to encase themsleves with traps.
By far the best trap a human can get is the Proximity Mine.  Lay a few of
them bad boys around you, but not too close to you.  The when that dastardly 
pred tries to sneak up on you, BOOM!  TOASTY!  Then go lay some more for the
next victim.  Beware though, you are cutting off you only route to more ammo,
health, armor, ect.  Keep that in mind if you're low on bullets.

Another good sniping strategy is the good old Spotter/Sniper.  Use one Marine
with a SG and have him CYA (cover your ***) while you pick people off.
As an added bonus he can help you sniper see predators easier by making them
bleed a little bit.

Both classes need to know:
Learn the location/function of your ammo boxes.  
This is a must for any human as different ammo boxes provide differing items.
It becomes very profitable to know this once you find your weapon of choice.  
Especially when your out of grenade rounds.

Also learn the locales of health and armor powerups.  
Make sure to watch out for enemies when getting ammo/health/armor.

When moving try to carry light weaponry so that you do not move so slowly.
Guns that slow you down include the SG, MG, and RL. Good weapons to carry
would include the PM, PR, SHG.

Use lighting effects to your advantage.  Flares, Shoulder Lamps, ect. can
help you spot aliens and predators.

Use Flame Throwers to your advantage as well.
"When in doubt flame the area," Sinistar
The fire can make preds much easier to see.  Not to mention toasting aliens.

My own saying when it comes to fighting in AvP 2.
"When in doubt fire about, hear a roar shoot some more!"


10.B  Humans Vs. Predators

I do not usually complain about something, unless it becomes a nasty balance 
issue.  It really isn't fair that a predator can use his cannon, 
zoom in from 30 million miles away, and cap you off before you even knew what 
happened.  Then become invisible again just to strike another person down 

If a predator is getting far too annoying I personally hunt them down.  
Not that the shoulder cannon doesn't have its uses, 5 marines with smart 
guns vs 1 pred, but it can be over powerful.  I think this issue will be fixed
when I get the full version of the game as humans have a larger arsenal of 
weapons.  This should balance out that disadvantage.

Note:  The game is more balanced in the full version.  Human arsenals do help
       balance them a lot.

How to nutralize Cannoneer Preds:
Many people do not seem to realize/look for the red sniper dot.  
You can actually see it plain as day.  Very nice target.  
I usually spend a lot of time hunting down those dots if there is a cannoneer.

One game I made around 8-10 kills, had the highest score in the game, and we 4 
marines beat 4 predators!

The moral is to look for red dots and fire like crazy!

P.S.  If they shoot the cannon jump, strafe, move...  
I dodged about 10 cannon shots before fragging the standing still pred.

If the preds are hunting and not sniping, I suggest grenade rounds or shotgun
and groups of 3 or more.  Then you can really strike them down as soon as they
are spotted.  Also if I didn't state it before don't stand still.  
A predator can net several people then hack them to pieces.

Also when facing a hunter pred, be ready to switch to the knife and cut out
of the nets.  It is one of you're few hopes.  Be wary too, if a pred shoots
the net directly at you, you can shoot them.  I have racked up over a dozen
kills on preds because they don't expect to be shot.  
PR's with GR (grenade rounds) works great.

You can really peave off a predator too, by commiting suicide.  I love to 
do this, I just bust out PR and launch a GR under me and die.  Then the 
pred can't kill me.  Very annoying to a pred trying to collect trophies.
I had two preds hunting me because I kept doing this to them.  Made the
game very difficult but still fun.

Think like a predator when fighting them.  How many predators stand right
in the middle of a corridor screaming,
"Hit me with the flame thrower!  PLEASE!!!  You know I want to be burned 
alive really badly."

My point being this.  Flaming an area is not a bad idea.  But shoot where
a predator would more likely be.  Crouching on the ground!
I will admit one game a whole team of humans kept flaming the corridors.
Most of them lost their heads.  I just sat their and spear gunned them 
after they turned the corner.  It was really bad.  I must have capped
off five or more of them.

Other good locations to flame include:
Inside boxes
On top of Boxes
Behind boxes
Just kill those darn boxes!
Also any too nicely placed corner.


10.C  Humans Vs. Aliens

Again never stand still.  A sitting target is extremely easy to lunge upon.  
A moving target is much much harder.  Smart guns are great, if you do not have 
it then pulse rifle or shotguns.  The shotguns reload can be a killer though.  
You have to be very accurate if you use it.  Utilize the reload button
with the shotty.

Also while on the move, never look only forwards always look all around you.  
Mostly I developed this while playing against predators, but it helps keep 
you from being trashed by aliens as well.

Use the proper weapon for the job!

Preatorians do not take asmuch damage from traditional munitions.
You MUST use one of the following:
Shotgun AFM (PFM may work)
Mini Gun
Sniper Rifle
Flame Thrower

Runners are very fast, Suggestions include:
Smart Gun
Flame Thrower
Shot Gun PFM

Predaliens...  Not quite too sure about em.  Current Suggestions:
Grenades  (Predaliens are rather slow moving.)
Sniper Rifle


11.A  General Predator Strategies

Basically you have four strategies out there for Predators: a hunter, 
sniper/cannoneer, melee, or the Gun Slinger.

Sniper - Use invisibility and the shoulder cannon to snipe out the poor humans.  
¯¯¯¯¯¯   *Cough* Cheap *Cough* Lame.  All right enough trashing this, 
         the strategy has its uses and can be a little too effective at times.
         None the less, I have used it when necessary.

         Can be very effective with Remote Bombs as well.

Hunter - They favor netting and gutting strategies.  Can also be very cheap and
¯¯¯¯¯¯   effective.  I do not dislike this as much as snipers, but it can be 
         just as annoying.  I hate it when predators use this one-on-one.  
         It's fine if your outnumbered, but one-on-one it can be very cheap.

Melee  - A true predator.  These sneaky hunters use absolute stealth and 
¯¯¯¯¯    hand-to-hand combat as their primary tools only using other methods
         out of absolute desperation.  My very own personal favorite.

GunSlinger - The SC using preds running all over the place trashing everything.
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   They can also use the Plasma Pistol or the Speargun.
             Spear guns can be really evil.  One hit decapitation and your not
             visible.  Also the AFM of the speargun shoots 3 bolts.
             A nice bonus if several people are around.

             Gunslinger's must enjoy the Olympics, I see a number of them
             actively training for the Discus throw.  Man they are good too.
             Line up a few saps inside of a small corridor and good night!

More important information.  Two things the pred can do.  Zoom in, and change 
vision modes.  They are great tools when used properly.

Remeber ealier when I said, "Use the right weapon/tool for the job,"  Way back in
the boot camp basics.
Well this means using the right Predator Vision mode (PVM) as well.

Red  - Aliens
Blue - Humans (Also Combat Synths in SP, though the synths can not be locked onto)
White- Predators
Norm - Normal

To lock onto an enemy you must use the correct vision mode.  Otherwise you will
just fire straight ahead.

Also, remember that all energy weapons make you decloak.  So be careful.
Incase you not sure which are energy weapons here is a list:

Plasma Pistol
Plasma Caster

Remember that during combat...


11.B  Predators Vs. Humans

Well contrary to predators being cheap, Humans can be just as bad with the 
smart guns.  Those can be very annoying especially if you're like me and try
to be a fair predator.  E.g. No shoulder cannon, no smart guns.  
(BTW - I think that's a fun and fair variant rule)

If they start using all smart guns, there are two ways to deal with this:
Skill and no skill.  Melee or cannoneer.  Cannoneer's can shoot down people
easily but are very cheap.  Melee preds have got to stand still.
If you do not move at all, they can not spot you.

If you are a snipe pred, here's a suggestion:  Do not stand still while marines
fire at you.  They can see you because of your brilliant red dot.

I have found many preds get lazy when it comes to this.  
Of course jumping won't save you from a smart gun.  
If they have the SG then run away as fast as you can.


11.C  Predators Vs. Aliens

Shoulder cannon Barbeque anyone?  In the demo this is your only hope.  
They can see you whilst invisible and they are even more deadly than you are in

Melee is possible, but not recomended.  If you must, then use the combostick
and a ton of strafing/jumping.  I have managed to kill a few aliens like this.
It is just very difficult.

In the full version of the game I suggest spear guns or maybe even remote bombs
to erradicate the aliens.  The plasma pistol can come in handy as well.


12.A  General Aliens Strategies

Learn to lunge.  The higher up you aim the farther you fly.  
Aim where they will be, not where they are.

Learn to wall crawl.  I actually just use toggle for simplicity, 
so I press the button and crawl away.  This and lunging are your best friends.

Destroy weapons.  Yes you can attack weapons on the ground and destroy them.
This can save you a lot of trouble in both DM and TDM.  

There are two main alien strategies as well.  Hunter and Runner.

Hunter - Works well against humans bercause you will sit still and lung on
¯¯¯¯¯¯   them.  A good alien can hide and strike then hide again.

Runner - An alien that is constantly on the run.  I think this strategy
¯¯¯¯¯¯   works far better in DM than Hunter and is effectice in TDM
         as well.  You basically run like mad and never stop moving, flaying
         any creature you can.  Works well when in packs too.  One pack of
         good aliens can run a board.


12.B  Aliens Vs. Predators

They can see you, you can see them.  Fair enough.  
You can fly 3 million feet, they can zoom in 3 million feet and snipe you.

I suggest learning your lunging...  
Honestly, if there are aliens in the game I am all about cannon fire.  
The combo stick is very difficult and claws are just as bad.  In the demo
all you have is the cannon to fight the aliens.

So for aliens, you better hit the preds instantly or else suffer the 

As a runner you can out run those pesky SC blasts.
A very nice skill indeed.

Actually, if you lunge to the left or right you can escape them as well.
In open levels a Predalien is damn near impossible to keep tabs on.
I would just lunge a million feet away and then come back later and
kill them all.


12.C  Aliens Vs. Humans

Same as before.  Except Use stealth to your advantage.
Remember the Alien movies?  Wait for them to come to you and trash them.

They cannot detect you if you stand still.  The only way they can is if your
in broad daylight.  If you really get good at lunging you can catch
many marines off guard by hanging on the sides of bridges and lunging off them.
Climb in vents ect.  Anything to hide in and fly out of.

Also make good use of the tail strike.  Just tap the secondary attack and you
can stun them.  Then use the Head Bite to regain some health.  You can do this
after you kill them as well, but you may not get as much health for it.

A few new notes about the aliens...  Runners are red, Preatorians are a nearly
black blue, so let's make sure you know how to turn marines into goo.
Be forwarned, that runners can not hide like Drones and Preatorians can.
Also, if your a facehugger, you stand out like a light bulb.  Unless you know
they will not see you where you are, then keep on moving.


13.   Level Strategies and Maps

13.A. DMDemo A Lesser Fate

Note:  SG is for the Shotgun on this map, not the Smart Gun.
       The smart gun's only location is in the sewers anyways.


T - Tower                 CS - Combo Stick
B - Tower Bridge          NG - Net gun
S - Sewer Entrances       SG - Shot Gun
C - Catwalk               AB - Ammo Box
R - Ramp                  Ar - Armor
L - Ladder                Hp - Health Pack
Sh- Shelf      
Bp - Blocks Path

                         /                    \     
                        /          Sh          \    
                       /     ____|     |____    \   
                       |    |    | CS  |   |    |
                       |    |     ¯¯AB¯    |    |
                       |    |              |    |
                       |    |       NG     |    |
                       |    |            Ar|    |
                       |    |______________|    |
                       |       C                |
    ___________________|    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    |__________________
   /                    SG /__             /                       \  
  /                       /    \    |S|   /CS/\                     \ 
 /     /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|\ Sh  \ __|_|_ /C /  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \
| CS  |          ________| \__  /Ar        /                     |    |
|     |AB             R        | _Ab Ab_  /                   AB |    |
|     |        __________      ||T|=B=|T||                    SG | NG | 
| SG  |            R   Ar|    /  ¯  _he¯ /                 Hp  L |    |
 \     \______________   |   /NG/¯¯|S|¯¯¯       ________________/    /
  \                       \ /C /    ¯         /                     /
   \                          /              / SG                  /
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|     /              /   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                       |    |______________|    |
                       |       C                |
                       |    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    |
                       |    |      NG      |    |
                       |    |      AB      |    |
                       |    |     _____    |    |
                       |    |    | CS  |   |    |
                       \     ¯¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯     /   
                        \        | Sh  |       /    
                         \       | Bp  |      /     

This level has two towers in it that are great for sniping.  Under the towers
is a passage that you can walk through to get to the other side of the board.
There is a sewer underneath the towers as well.  That sewer is where to find
the Smart Gun.

The catwalk along the upper sides goes almost all the way around.  The only
pinched spot being where the shelf is on the bottom of the map.

Everything else is pretty self explanatory with the map.


There are two ways for humans to rule this level.  Above and below.

I would suggest marines take over 1 wing of the board and have two marines on
both sides of the shelves.  Then two on point near the corners.  Not at
the corners though!  Near them.  If they are at the corners preds can kill 
them easily.  If there are more Marines, they can scour the bottom floor.

This sets up the cornermen as bait.  When the pred comes around the corner...
death.  Also if the pred does manage to get by the corner, I doubt he will 
kill anyone since he will be noticed then.

This also works against aliens, as they have far less chance of killing a
horde of humans as one lonely straggler.

When you need ammo travel in groups.  That is the bst strategy for this level.

For a sniper, good luck.  You can try to hide on the sides of the shelves
but I am going to sneak behind you as a pred and decapitate you.

The other strategy is pretty much the same, except instead of the majority
of troops being above you have  more on the ground and a few support people
on the top.  This way you can get ammo and health faster, but preds can
get the high ground.


Run like mad, there are very few places you can easily hide here.

The best hiding places, the two slots by the towers.  Just outside the
tunnel area, it is pretty dark and people don't see you as well.

The best strategy I have found is to lunge onto the towers and lunge off
of them.  You can fly almost anywhere in the stage.  Though it takes a little
practice to aim your jumps.

Aliens hunting in packs are very lethal here.  All 3 jump at 1 poor target.


I like to scour the top levels hunting those foolish enough to walk into me.

I also like to drop down to the lower level and hover over an ammo box ect.
This often results in a person running right into your combo stick, for 
instant decapitation.  I prefer standing still, and being full out melee.
If I need to heal I either drop into the small niché in the sewers or
go on top of the tallest tower, duck and heal.

Another good place to hunt is the center island with the towers, many 
people go there to get ammo and health.  Especially since that box
gives grenade rounds.

If humans are clustering together, sometimes I use the SC to even things
a bit.  I try not too, but you aren't given a large arsenal.  I usually
net them and then gut them, before I resort to the SC though.

If humans are working in teams then preds should work in teams too.
One netter, one gutter.  Or two netters and a gutter.  This works well
as long as the preds use the pred vision mode.

If nothing else works and you want to be evil, go up on top of the higher 
tower and then SC them to death.  You will get targeted very swiftly, but 
it does work well.

Lastly what works very well is just running around SC everything to death.
I really hate preds that do that.  They might get a high score but they ruin
the hunt, not to mention peave off everyone in the game.  In the full version
this should not be as bad, since weapons will be more even between humans and
preds.  But I still suggest against it.

The best sniping place in this board besides the towers is by far the sewers.
You can duck then jump and you can get up on the pipes on the side.
The you turn invisible and bust out the cannon, charge it up, and boom.
As soon as someone runs in to get the SG they are dead.  I like to do
this every once in a while, just to keep them out of there.


13.D  A Lesser Fate

For the main map of this level check out the demo level map.

If you found yourself at home in the demo level, then your already ready for
this level.  There are a few minor differences though so take note.

Differing weapon locations:

Spear gun:  Now located on the shelves to the top and bottom of the map.
Pistol:  In the drop down area under neath the towers.
Remote Bombs:  On the ledge just before the sewer entrance.
Ammo Boxes:  On the shelves.  There is more, I'll add them later.

Rocket Launcher:  Underneath the tower bridge in the map.
Minigun:  Underneath the bridge, across from the pred pistol.
Smart Gun:  Still in the sewers...



14.   Single Player Strategies

There are a lot of differences between single and multiplayer gaming.
Don't think for a second, that just because you can toast everyone in
MP that you can beat SP without any trouble.
Conversely, you can be great in SP and totally get wasted in MP.

One major difference is the Combat Synths.  These are some really
nasty mechanical humans that can hit you from far away and are
really hard to kill.  They have a lot more life than humans do.
My suggestion is to hit them in the head whenever you encounter
one of them.

Another difference is character health.  I beleive it is a preatorian
you fight against in one of the predator levels.  I hit that SOB with
10-20 Spears and it did not die!!!  In MP, as  preatorian, I was hit
by three and died.  A very big difference if you play as a pred.

Also, you fight some preds as an alien.  They are much harder than
when you fight in MP.  You can NOT use the Tail Strike.  I never
seemed to be able to get the Head Bite working either!?!?!?
Not only that, but they seem to have about five times the health
of the average predator in MP.

14.A  Human

In my opinion the game for the human is the most changed between SP
and MP gaming.  I can kick some butt in MP with the Marines.
But when it comes to the SP game...  Ha ha ha ha, I suck at it.

That is why VileZero volunteered to do the Walkthroughs for Marine.

The main difference is that, due to my massive playing of SP
Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament, I was always used to running.
Non stop running.  Running, strafing, jumping, and firing.
That is what makes me good in MP as a Marine.

Try hitting someone stadning still... Very easy.
Now try hitting something randomly jumping and stafing all over
the place...  Much harder isn't it?

But that is the difference.  In MP the levels are designed so
that you can do that.  SP has a lot more corridors.
This restricts your movement a lot.  No more random jumping.
You have to strafe, jump, and backpedal.

Another thing to learn: Walk, Walk, Walk!  Except when you need to run.
If you have read VileZero's guide then you know you can kill about
4 or 5 aliens just in the first level alone by walking.

Did Batman ever leave home without his utility belt?
I don't think so, now don't forget yours!

Remember that you do have several tools that you MUST use throughout the
SP game.  Welding Torch, Hacking Device, Lamps, Flares you know the drill.
Oh and did I forget to mention the `Use` button.  Yes, that too comes
in handy serveral times.


14.B  Predator

One of the major additions to SP that effects the predators is Combat Synths.

There is no vision mode specifically for Combat Synths,
thus you can not lock onto them.  However, you can see a combat synth in human
vision mode.  They show up as a light blue, not the same as a human.
At least they do in the Predator level Trap anyway.

Some other things to note that can be helpful.

Bots have better eye sight than humans.  If you are in front of them and are
at all moving you will be shot.  Unless your crouching and moving.  Even then
I warn you against getting too close.  If at all possible flank them, or even
stab them in the back.  That way you don't die.

Healing and Reenergizing are vital skills.  But they must be done in a good
location.  In the heat of battle, is not the best place to need energy.
I suggest going somewhere quiet, or after a room is cleared quick save it.
After the quick save you can recharge and heal.  If you get rushed you can
always use the quick load feature.


14.C  Alien

Tearing things is a great plan.  This allows you to break open grates,
cut electrical cords, and yes you can even destroy their cpu's.
Oh yeah and some doors too!  You can break them, not all of them though.

That would obey the laws of physics of a 100 lb or more creature moving
at a velocity of 50 Mph and smashing into a thin metal door...
Of course, then you would also be nothing more than an acid splat melting
through the doorway.

Once again Combat Synths are a pain in the alien rump.  Especially on the
level you have to face them!  It is dark and they are very hard to see.
Unlike humans they don't glow.  Your alternate vision mode does not help that
much either.

Save a lot on the level you face them.  And try not to get killed.

Other things to note.  When you run without ducking you make a lot of noise.
Either use wallcrawl toggle, or crouch toggle to counteract this.
This helps you hide in the shadows a lot more.
Also walking can make a difference sometimes.


15.   Predator Walkthrough

15.A  The Hunt

There are 3 Scientists, you can either kill them or move through the tunnel.
The tunnel is up across the other side above the trees.  Just tree hop to get

Go through the tunnel and you should see some poor marine.  Kill him, take his
head for a trophy.  Then spear the guy up top.  I suggest not hiting his head,
we are limited on ammo and want to recollect that spear.  There is one more
guard if you want to kill.  Otherwise, you can just take the tunnel to the
right of the guy you just killed.

After going through this tunnel kill the two nearest guards.  You can watch
other predators slaughter the other guys if you like.

Continue up the trail and head left up the incline.  You should see another
predator standing up there.  Walk into him and you get the spear (Combostick)

Move through the tunnel and jump through the trees to reach the next tunnel.
Be careful here.  The water shorts out your cloaking.
In this area there are 3 guards. One left, one right, and one center.
Kill them.  Now go into the tunnel on your left.

When you come through here four guards will come around the corner.
Just wait for all four and spear each one.  Then collect your spears again.

In the next area you'll see another pred kills some guards.
Grab the spears and the disc from the ground in front of the rock he is
sitting on.  You might be able to grab his spears from the guys he kills
as well.  Not sure on that though.  I know I ended up with 30 Spears.

Head up and to the left to the large cave mouth.  If you can't see it in
Blue Vision then switch to the normal vision mode.  Three more guards will
come around to be slaughtered.  Then go through the cave mouth.

Listen to the radio and you'll hear them talking a bit.  Go up the sloping
spiral.  There are two more guards to dispose of.  Do what you will to them.

Go through the cave, 4 more guards.  Kill them all and  head over to the left.
There is another cave mouth there.  Go through it.

Now there is a lot of water.  I suggest waiting a minute.  Capping off the two
guards with the spear and then switching to Red Vision mode.  It's alien time.

All you must do is kill this alien without dying to get to the next level.
This is no easy task.  You could use the disc and trash it instantly though.
Or if you want to save the disc for later, you can opt to spear it.  Spearing
also wastes a lot of precious ammo.  (I am not sure if you lose the disc or
if you still retrive it for the next level.)
The final method is to use the combostick.  This requires great skill.
It can be done though.


15.B  Trap

Head left following the ledge you are on.  Go through ther tunnel.
Once through the tunnel head right to the trees.  There are three guards down

If you need more Speargun ammo head left and follow th trail to the dead end
with two trees.  There are some spears on the fround there.

If you don't need the ammo then proceed left.  When you see a couple of boxes
appraoch them.  There are two guards by the boxes.  Kills them.

After killing them, jump up on the boxes, and then into the tree.  Once in the
tree jump up onto the second level and head right.  You should end up on a
mountain ridge.

Follow the ridge staying to the right side of the forks.  If you did it right
you should end up looking at a door to a complex.  There is one guard down
there.  Kill him.

If you follow the trees here you can go to the next area through a small
cave mouth.  You just went around a number of guards and sentry guns.
If you want to kill the guards and guns, then kill the previous guard.
Go down by the door.  If you look back by the mountain area you came from
you can see there is two sentry guns smash them.  Then continue forward,
not left.  There is another sentry gun here to smash.
Now you can hunt the guard freely.  No more Guns to worry about.
There are six guards in the area.  Have fun if you like, or let them
alone.  Your choice.

Now head through those trees.  One more guard will pop out.  Kill him.
Then head through the pass.  Once through here there is a number of guards.
I beleive five or six.  Not sure exactly.  They are easy to kill.

After killing them or leaving them, make like Tarzan through the trees
and find the next cave entrance.  If you go to the wrong one don't worry.
You'll know it is the wrong one if you see a gun on the ground.

It is the right one if you exit and see a long ledge veering off to the right.
Follow the ridge and move on.  You should see a jet fly by you.
Turn right at the entrance and go on through.

Kill the guy standing in the corridor.  BEWARE you face your first combat
synthetic here.  I suggest that you Use your Spear Gun on him, and  get a head
shot right away or else...  Remember you cannot lock on to them at all.
So Spear gun is the best against them.  Especially since they can see you
even when you are cloacked.  Pick him off while your in a tree and he does
no damage to you.

Then kill the other marines around here.  Or kill them first, however you want
too I guess.  I just suggest nailing him.  Zoom in really far and pow.
Headshot city.

After clearing these guys out it is time for more Tarzan acts.  Climb the
trees to get to the cavern way the heck up there.  Go through there.

That's all Folks.  You're done with this level.


15.C  Interloper

You can see a large military base.  To get inside the perimater fence just
head straight and left.  What you need to look for is the broken sentry gun.

Hint:  It has a big RED flashing light instead of a GREEN one.

Kill the guard and then jump the fence.  Or jump first if it your peragative
to go melee on him.  Once in the perimeter remove the guards at your leisure.

Head towards the hude lift...  The one that connect the large base waaaaay
up in the sky.  To get there undetected, jump on the truck in the water.
This allows you to keep from decloaking yourself.  Take out the guards and
get on the lift.   That's it, part 1 was quick.

Part 2

As soon as the level starts, Cloak and switch to your spear gun.
There are two guards in the balconies one in front of you and one to the
right of you.  Pick them off quickly ASAP.  Then kill the other two
guards on the ground level.

Use the boxes near the shut down crane to jump uo to the upper level.
Swiftly kill the two guards that come out of the door as you go around the

Then do some more box hoping to get up to the next level.  Go left up here.
Kill the two guards.  Go around the circle and destroy the sentry gun.
Then sneak up and kill the two guards.

Use the 'use' button on the panel in the lift, to activate a crane that lifts
a box.  Get on the box, this will take you up to the top.

Head left, around the corner there is a sentry gun a ways to the left.
I shot it just to make sure it didn't come back and bite me in the ass.
Kill the guard that's behind the box.  I actually blew his head right off
with the spear gun.  Never even had to get near him.

Use the boxes on the right to get up onto the catwalk above you.  Then go in
the middle of that and once again use the 'use' button to open the goor on
the ground.

Drop on down into the elevator.  Go out the front when you get to the bottom.
The front being the side that does not have a box by it.  Then head right.

Go left down the corridor and kill the two guards.  Then destroy the two
sentry guns.  Aren't you glad you went the right way now?  You got to go
behind the sentry guns.

Go up the lift near where the guns where.  Once up here there are to guards
appraching you from the left.  One has a Smart gun.  To the right is a Combat
Synth and another guard.  Be careful.

After killing them head left.  You will find another area like the one that
got you here.  Open the small door and drop down.

To the left is a guard witha  smart gun.  Staright ahead is a guard with a 
PR.  To the right is a Synth with a smart gun.  Good luck.

If you head right, and then right again you can find the next lift without
combat.  If you go the other way there is one easily disposed of guard.

If you head left, two guards come out of a door.  It may take a few seconds.
Kill them.  Go through the door, it will open again.  Then head on up.
End of Part 2.

Part 3

Head on up the stairs.  There is a guard to the right as soon as you go
up the steps.  Kill him quickly.  There is another two guards up the stairs
a ways.

Evetually a door will open. There is two guards, on outside and to the left.
The other is on a catwalk to the right.

If you go left, then right.  There is another guard to kill.  From there
get on the lift.  Use the little lift, bottom right side is the button.
There will be an elevator in front of you... It doesn't work though.

Head left and there is a small ledge.  Jump on the ledge.  Then onto the
square blocky walkway.  From here jump up onto the small ledge.
Head left on this ledge and make it to the back corner.

There is another blocky object you can jump on, then the big catwalk.
There is a combat Synth up there.  Do not worry about wasting spears
and not being able to retreive them.  You won't be needing them
where you're going.  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

As soon as you exit the small cleft you are in, there is two sniping
Combat Synths!  One on the left, and one right.  They can and will
see you.  Take them out as best you can.  My suggestion here is to
use the small circles next to the walls to you left and right.
Get on that, then slowly move out aiming up where the Synth is.
With luck, you can cap him in the head before he kills you.
Then move back in the cleft, go to the other side and repeat.

There are three guards up here, not clustered though.  They are in separate
areas.  One of them has a third Synth watching over him so becareful.

Well i found another dam synthetic!  That brings the count to four.
Spear guns and headshots are all I can recommend against them.
If you go around the circle on of the offshoots has a ladder up.

Once up the ladder head left.  Go up the ladder to the evactuate door that
is open.

You get ambushed and the level is now complete.  Finally!

15.D  Unexpected Allies

Now you have succefully been mugged.  No more cool weapons, no mask.
All that's left is your claws.

How nice of your pals the aliens to save your butt from the chryogenic
freezer.  Now it's time to find a freinds mask and  get your stuff back.

Head left, there is a switch... 'use' it.  Then use youe charge emitter
to shock the circuit.  After it blows up, the elevator next to it will open.
'Use' the elevator.

Go down the hallway.  To the left, some people will go through the door.
Kill them.  Then enter the room.  To the right is just a locked door and
a guard.  To the left is an unlocked door.

Open the door and go down the ladder to your left.  'Use' the switches on the
way down to open up the different shutters in the shaft.

At the bottom there is one soldier.  After killing him, another will come
after you.  Kill them, and then head left down the hall.  Go left
around the corner and open the door.

Once in here, turn left.  You should see a catwalk above a room with a large
window.  Jump onto the catwalk and turn right.  you should see a bunch of
pipes.  Jump by the pipes.  There is niche you need to get into.

Once you are in the niche, attack the electrical box.  This, not so
surprisingly, cause electrical wires to be revealed.  Shock the wires
until they explode.  This causes unlocks the door underneath the niche.

Go open the door.  then go left, duck while walking past the door.  There is
two guards in there that may come out.  I don't know because I didn't test
my luck.

After you pass the door, run down the hallway and kill the two guards there.
Then open the door.  There is a scientist in here.  On the push cart next to
the scientist are some remote bombs.

Use, then hack, the switch by the Wayland-Yutani logo to open the door on the
right side of you, after you turn around.  Go through the door.

To the right are two guards to kill.  Open the door they were guarding and
proceed through it.  There is scientist in here too.  Beside her is a beloved
mask and the netgun.  Grab them both.

Then go back out, and down the hall to your left.  There is a guard down there
it is easy to net and gut him though.  Move on ahead to the laddered room.
Climb the ladder.

Up it, is a large red tube.  Fall on down the end and part one is complete.

Part 2

Turn left and the first intersection.  Drop down, there is two guards there.
If you throw a remote bomb while they talk you can kill them both at once.

If you listen to them, they talk about what happens if you use both levers.
Boom!  So go to your left and forward. Use both levers.  He he he.
Then go duck behind the crate just to make sure you do not take damage.

Move on through the wreckage, everyone in the lab is dead.  Just keep going
forward to the door.  Go through it.

Do not worry about the broken crate in the ceiling by the intersection.
Instead worry about the two guards to the left at the intersection.
Once again, your remote bombs come in handy here, 1 should kill them both.

Go in the lab on your right.  Grab the cloak generator and combostick from
the desk.  Ahhh, Much better.  Now go down the hall where the guards were.
Go down the hall and open the door at the end.  Kill the lone guard and enter
the room.

Then open the door on the left.  Once inside the lab, close the door behind 
you.  Then go left and grab all your weapons.  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Now that you have your weapons, turn around and go to the cpu area.
Open the door to get in and then open the next door.

Go down the hall and kill the two guards that come around the corner.
Go down the hallway to your left.  At the end of the hallway is a small
niche. Jump up in there and head right.  There is another niche on you right.

Shatter the electrical box cover, then charge emitter the electrical wires.
A guard will come out, just turn invisible and you can walk right above him.
Then drop down out of the niche, and go kill him.  Then proceed through the
newly opened door.  There is also 2 scientists with the guard.  I just killed
all three with a remote bomb.

There are some cpu's in the lab behind where the guard and scientists were.
Go down the hall a ways, the lab that was locked is now open.  Grab your
spear gun.

Now two more guards appear in the hallway, kill them.
Head right down the hallway, this time the door that was closed on the left
is now open.  Go on trhough it.

Kill the guard to the left.  I ripped his head off with the spear gun.
Mwa ha ha ha ha.   He he he.  Enter the red room.  End of this part.

Part 3

What is with the long dang Predator levels?  Anyway, time to finish escaping.
Head forward and get of the top of the elevator here.

Directly below you is two guards and a sentry gun.  Kill/destroy them.
A Combat Synth comes out of the darkness directly in front of the elevator.
Wait for him there and then spear his head off.

There is two Synths with Rocket launcher at the bottom.  To kill them,
head left from the elvator.  There is a little spot on the left of the
floor that you can drop down.  Zoom in with the spear gun and decapitate
them as fast as possible.  You better have 100% accuracy or your dead.

After that, kill the sentry gun in front of you.  Now change to your SC.
Charge that bad boy up.  When you head torward the cannon on your left,
there is two guards down and to the right.  Pick them off before you
go destroy the sentry gun.  Then keep heading left and you can destroy
the second gun.

Now go by the ladder.  Drop down behind the ladder, and you can destroy two
more sentry guns.  A combat Synth with a minigun comes after you from the
door between the two sentry guns.  Be ready for him.

You can now drop down to the second level and reclaim your spears from the
Synths heads.  Blow up the barrels by the APC.

When the dropship comes fire at it a few times then jump on it.
Another level finished.


15.E  Old Debts

Well we survived the crash, lucky us.  Now we get to go try to signal our
clan mates and get the heck out of here.

Head on over to your right.  There is a small fence there. Open it.
Drop down the hole.  Then follow the cavern.

Since you'll be dealing with xenomorphs in this level, I suggest using
your red vision mode.

I just kept on heading through every right tunnel.  Eventually I got
to one room, where I was ambushed by a good 20 Aliens.  Just use the
shoulder cannon and you can fry all of them.  Yoy may need to reload
ot once or twice, Recharge that is, but you should be fine.

Once again I just kept on heading right.  Then I got to a big room with
a ledge around on the top.  Do some jumping on the small islands to get
to the top.

Another nine or so aliens come after you.  Shoulder cannon barbeque.
Grill them all and take no prisoners.

After having fun with your hosts, go into the cave to your right.
After getting through this tunnel you do battle once more.
Another 10 or so aliens come after you from the right.

Then go left.  You fall down into some water.
Go up the trail and head left.  You should find a cave entrance there.
Go on through it.

You should see a pipeline.  Head right and follow the pipes.  Near the shore,
there is a ladder to get on top of the pipes.  Get on the pipes and head right.

Two predaliens jump you halfway to the other side.  One from each side.
It takes about five or six SC shots to kill them.

After killing them, proceed on.  Once you get off the pipe another four aliens
come after you.  I killed three with one charged shot from the SC.

I went up on the tower instinctively, and I found out that after those weired
wires comeing out of the ground, actually they are wells od sorts, there is a
small area with some alien eggs.  I sugget capping them off from the tower to
save yourself one terrible fight.  If you have trouble spotting the eggs, the
pred tech, white, vision mode spots them quite easily.

After making some omlets out of the eggs, proceed down the tunnel.
Remember that there is four or five eggs.  Then go on.
Another half dozen aliens jump you again as you apprach the tunnel.
Charged SC blasts are great!  You can kill three right off the bat.

After scrambling their brains, go onhrough it.  Eventually you will need to
go into the tunnel on your right.  Then head right again, remeber you are
supposed to reach high ground, thus we keep on miving up.

Once here go on to your left to the elevator.  To the left of the lift there
is a small cleft.  Flip the "Emergency back up power" swicth in there.
Behind you and to your right there was a power box.  It is now opened.
Go use your charge emitter on the box.  Then go in the elevator and use it.

Head on down the ladder to your left.  Once down here move forward.
On the left is a doorway.  go on in and hit the switch for the antenna.

Now we need to get to high ground.  Exit this small area and go back to the
lift.  Move on straight ahead through this area.  Go and hit the switch.
Then hack it.  Right after it blows up, switch weapons fast!  It is about to
become a 30 man Royal Rumble!  More aliens to fry.

The last alien is a Preatorian.  Whatch out that sucker is very tough.
I am not sure what works best against it.  So long as you backpedal the
whole battle though, he rarely touches you.

After killing them a dropship comes. Get away from those doors at the end of
the hallway.  Fire at the ship a bunch of times and it crashes.  Also you see
your freinds fly by you as well.

Go through where the doors once were.  Then head forward and right.  To help
you know whre to go.  Turn on Pred tech visoion...  The white one.
You'll see a predator by a doorway.  He gives you a disc, how nice of him.

Use the door next to the pred and go through it.  Go on down...
Woohoo end of this level.


15.F  New Target

Turn right and jump into the elevator doorway.  Move on forward.
Hop down and use the ladder in the floor.

Drop down... there is a guard and a scientist.  Do what you will.
Then open the gate to the right of where they were.

Go on down.  Move straight ahead...  use the switch then hack it.
Then head back to where you dropped down. A door has opened for you.
Jump on up in there and kill the two guards.

After killing them, head right.  To the left is two guards with Sg's looking
in the wrong direction.  Kill them.  Then head right.

Use the switch by the door.  Through here is two guards.  Also, watch out
for the sentry gun on the far left area.  It will shoot you if you try to
melee the two guards.  There is also a guard up and to the right.

There are several sentry guns in this room.  I suggest you either disc, or SC
them all.  Then go down the hall to your left.  Use the lift to go up.

Get off the lift head left, then right.  Go into the lab and press the
emergency cargo release button.  A bunch of aliens get on in.

Go back down.  as soon as you trun right around the corner their is another
alien.  I don't even know what kind he is because I had alien vision on and I
just let loose with my Oplympic Discus Throw.  I killed him instatly.  Then
ran back around the corner to retrive my disc.

Go down into the put area and you'll see a small tunel.  Go on down there.
Move forward a bit and end part 2.

Part 2

Time to get our mask back.  We must hunt down Rykov.

Turn on alien vision...  As soon as you turn the corner 3 aliens go after you.
Once in the tunnel, head left on the catwalks.

Drop down and left off of the catwalk...  More barbeque time.
Then keep on moving.  Around the corner to the right, there is some guards
way in the distance. I picked them off with the SC way before they knew I
was even coming.

Once you turn the corner, a bunch more aliens come after you.  If I hadn't
picked off the humans before, they might have seen me fighting...

After killing everything, move on.  You see that hall to the right?
Well turn on alien vision and zoom all the way in...  You see an alien
sitting far in the distance...   I picked him off too.

There is another alien to your left, behind the gib area the catwalks go to.
Kill it, and then head down the path leading right...  3 more aliens come
after you.

Find the small hallway, should be straight ahead, and enter it.
Once you exit this hallway, another 3 aliens jump you.

Drop down to the first ledge on the left.  Then turn around and jump across
and to the next ledge.  Then down and right to the next ledge, and again
down and right to the next ledge.  Then down to the bottom.

Once down, roast some aliens in the corridor.  Then move down it.
Go right, then left, then right again.
Be invisible when you get here.  Jump up on the boxes and enjoy the show.
Some humans will kill some aliens.  Then promptly kill them as well.

Then kill the two aliens that they didn't kill?!?!?  They sure shot them a
whole bunch though.  Then go drop down into the large chasm in the floor.
My guess is that the aliens would have ambushed you in here...

Head left to the large tunel.  If you don't know by now, vision modes
are very crucial for you.  I found myslef switching vision more that fighting.
It helps you see everything around you, not to metion spot enemies.

Go on into the vent...  Drop down, turn around and drop down again.
The end of this level.


15.G  Trophy

Congratulations, it's the last level.  Time for the final showdown against
that mask stealing punk General Rykov.

Follow Rykov down the tunnel.  Go right, then left.
Then go down into the small tunnel to your left.
Once in the tunnel go down and turn right.

You will reacha crossroads, go left.  I think they both lead to the same
place anyways, but I had no trouble going left.

Once out head left...  There will be a face hugger that drops down.  I just
used the plasma pistol on it and nailed it right away...  and I was using
human vision too!

Then go through the other small tunnel...  That was just an ammo room.
Head right, right, then left.  FACEHUGGER! at 12 o'clock.
This one run right into you, watch out!  Dispose of the little bugger
and move on into the room.

You probably saw that air vent in here earlier...  now it's open to the
public.  Go on in it, turn rigth, and then blow up the crate at the end.
Go ont through it...  That suit right there is not Rykov.

Head over to the right a little bit and there is a switch to push, go ahead
and push it in.  Then hack the thing.  This opens the big door behind you.
Go on through it.  Then go on through the tunnel into the hive.

As soon as you start to turn the corner... More aliens.  Just pistol them
to death.  It works very well.  Two come from behind you.  Kill them, then
worry about the five or six more from in front.

After killing them, enter the room.  Go around the 'U' shape.
In the corridor to the left is an alien.  Get rid of him, then move on
around the 'u' and go down where the drill is.  If there is not a large
hole behind the drill then read on.

Then go down the corridor the alien was in.  There are two Combat Synths to
the right.  They are deadly, kill them as best you can.

Then go back and reuse the drill button.  (I am not sure if going down that
previous corridor is a total waste or not...)

Ok.  Now there should be a large hole behind the drill.  If so, then go down
the hole.  It looks just like most of the other tunnels look like.

As soon as you enter a bunch of aliens jump you.  Slaughter then, and move
on.  Around the next corner it is predalien time.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I just sued the pistol against it, use the SFM.  It will paralyze the punk.
Then just blast away at your leisure.

Once you kill him, carry on.  Move through all the tunnels...  End of part 1.

Part 2

May the battle comence...  Finally!
After three levels of build up, you finally get to fight him.

Ok.  This first part of the level has got to be by far the worst jungle gym in
history.  Oh yeah, don't fall either because there is acid below you.

I beleive you can figure out a jumping maze by yourself.  It takes a few
tries, but is not that bad.  At least there is no enemies.  Once you get to
the top, go on through the corridor.

Hey wow, Rykov, wasn't bluffing...  You have to fight some more aliens.
After killing them, go on through.

At the end of the tunnel you reach an openning...  more aliens will attack you
here.  Just slowly fight off the droves.  There are a couple of them.
Kill a few, then head by the entrance, kill a few more...  until no more
come after you.

Then go to that entrance...  This is a big nest.  Just pick off the eggs with
the pistol.  Isn't this weapon great?  Infinite ammo, good damage, and you can
stun people with it.

After destroying the eggs, head for the tunnel that is straight from where you
entered.  Two more aliens will pop right out in your face.  Kill them.

After killing them move on.  To the left is another nest area, go wipe them
out.  After trashing all the eggs there is another corridor in here.

Once you hit the crossroads in here, head left. Trash three aliens and follow
this corridor to its end.  This takes you to were two bridges connect and
lead to some weird looking thing.  It look very different that the standard
hive material, so you'll know when you get there.

If you had gone right there was another hatchery, it was probably the half of
the fork to the bridge...

While on the bridge look at the structure ahead.  The left side has an
infested side.  The right is normal.  Go in the left side.
Be forwarned though that a bunch of runners will attack you here.
They come from the top of the place.  Blast them to bits and move on.

Proceed through the tunnel and drop down.  Time for some extra tasty cripsy
aliens.  Kill some more after moving to the front of the tunnel.
Then go on through.

Proceed straight ahead to the next tunnel...  Turn the first few corners
and an aliens will attack...  You know this level is very lame.
By this time you have either gotten totally slaughtered, or are bored to
death.  If the battle with Rykov does not start soon I might quite due to
sheer boredom.

After that corner with the one alien.  Take some mines.  Throw them down the
corridor to where the next turn is...  there is another four aliens waiting
right as you turn the corner.  Blow them up before they ever even see you.

Eventually you reach a tunnel that at the end has a weaird looking room.
It has a large rock in the middle and something dripping down.  That is all
you can see upon first inspectiond form the cave mouth.

More ledge jumping... yay.  After you reach the top you are in a big tunnel.
Go through the tunnel.

At the end, drop down into the middle.  Be prepared to fight though!
Once down there, the Queen will jump down and fight you!

She's no biggie.  Just pelt her with SFM from the pistol.  You just keep on
stunning her and you can waste her.  If you need to refill, hit her with the
stun from far away and then recharge.  Once your weapon is back up fire at her
again.  She was not too tough.

What's tough is the 10 aliens you have to fight right after killing her.
The only timw you have is to switch weapons.  I hope you don't need to reload
your pistol.  If you do, you better switch.

Wipe out the remnants of the hive and then proceed down the tunnel that is
down where you are.  I really hope this is the end of the alien fighting.
I am seriously getting bored with it.  That and I just want to fight Rykov.
Three levels and I still haven't made it!  Grrrr...

Anyway, proceed down the tunnel.  I used pred tech mode to see.
I stocked up mu ammo, ran in the room and ran back out a little.
So I stood at the tunnel entrance.  I was invisible.  Rykov walked three
feet from me, and the I pelted him with pistol SFM shots.  I hit him once,
then ran behind him and kept nailing him.  In a few seconds the battle was

All that just beat the shit out of the wuss in 30 seconds!
I am severely dissapointed with that one.  What kind of final boss was he?

Well anyways...

     T                       E                       !
          H                       N                       !
                E                      D                       !


16.   Marine Walkthrough

Notes:  Huge hurrah goes out to VileZero for writing the Marine walkthrugh.
        He will probably be the writer for most if not all of the Marine
        levels as I am not the greatest at SP.  Thanks a ton!

16.A  Unwelcome Guests

Scenario 1

Here we go, the first scenario of the game.  I wouldn't recommend you switching
to a fire-arm weapon (you only have the handgun and PR for now, limited 
munitions), you don't have anything to worry about...yet.  Okay, walk forward, 
and follow the marines-make sure NEVER to kill marines if it says so in the 
objectives)-to the doors.  When you get there, use the keypad underneath the 
little green screen to the right of the door, then use your hacking device on 
the wires there.  

Once you do, go through the door.  You won't be coming back this way again, 
will you.  Oh well, only one way to go now.  Hehe.  Walk through the corridor, 
hang a right and walk a small bit, then turn left and proceed through that door 
(using the keypad).  Oh God, OH GOD!  WHAT IS THAT?!  You'll find out sometime.  
Proceed to your left after watching the scene play out.  You'll have to wait a 
little bit, because the door will be shut.  Open it, feel free to panic, 
but don't shoot anything.  You won't be hurt unless you go walking into the 
steam vent that's spraying out of the container.  

Okay, walk to the opposing end of the door you came through.  See that metal
panel in the floor?  Use it and drop down through.  You'll land on a jeep.
Turn left, jump onto the small concrete ledge, and use the keypad to the right
of the large doors.  It'll open, you'll see some more fun, and then, nothing.

When you walk out, you've got three ways to go.  Left, Straight, and Right.
Straight is where you want to go, but you can go left for a bullet pack near
the ammo boxes.  Nothing more, so head for the bridge.

Walk to the edge of it and stop to wait a few seconds (about a count of thirty,
maximum).  You'll see why in a few moments.  After things have calmed down 
again, carefully proceed across what's left.  

The door won't open, and there's no way to go to your left, except off the 
cliff.  And you don't want that.  So head right, past the tower, and then 
turn left, walking torwards the opening between the two cliffs.  
Ooooh, that's gotta hurt, doesn't it buddy.  Hehe.  Stay to your right as you 
near the opening.  You'll get another surprise, which you need to dodge, 
or you die from it.  Boy, I thought it flew better than the marine!

Back to business.  Walk into between the mountains, circling to your left, 
then head straight for the building.  Bravo, you just boosted up your 
munitions.  Switch to your PR now, but I still don't suggest it.  
You'll need all the ammo you can scrape together.  

Proceed to the door, and turn to your right. Read the note on the wall 
(by using it) if you want, open the keypad and hack the wires, then proceed
through the door.  You've completed Scenario 1.

Scenario 2

Boy, your buddies sure have confidence in you.  Well, time for you to put
up or shut up.  Here goes.  Walk straight, going around the boxes,
and keep going until you reach a long, rectangular pit.  

Go down the ladder; Don't jump, your not an alien and will take damage if
falling from too far a height.  Better safe than sorry.
Head away from said ladder, to a low tunnel.  Duck and proceed inside.
Oh crap, what's that flapping sound?!  Just a cockroach.  A big, harmless,
butt-ugly, HUMAN bleeding cockroach.  Keep cool soldier, the real thing
hasn't even shown up...or has it? Either way, you gotta keep moving.

Continue following the path, walking down the stairs, and head into the tunnel
straight ahead.  In that tunnel, proceed forward, turning to your left, 
then right, then left again.  You should see a control panel of sorts up ahead.
Use the level, and it'll turn on the generators;  they'll work, except one, 
which blows up on you.  Wait until it does, then go back.
Oh yea, watch out for the hot, white steam too.
Touch it, and you'll take damage, so avoid it by ducking and walking beneath
the steam, until your out of the way.  Then, stand back up, and trace your
steps back to the rectangular pit and climb out of it.  

Walk forward in a straight line, and turn to your left when you see a door.
Open it, walk through, and turn left again-the other door won't open-to a dead
end, and a broken door.  You can walk through it, and I suggest you do so.
Check the shelf at the right of the room for PR bullets, open the trunk for
some flares, then hit the panel to call the elevator down for you.
Oh yea, try the alarm if you want;  it doesn't work.  Hehe.

Note:  The alarm does work...  It shuts the lights off...  not a good thing.

Hit the switch by the windows.  This is the landing beacon you were sent to
look for in the first place.  Turn it on and you should see your
comrades fly into the large sqaure.

Backtrack your way down the elevator, through the broken door, and out to
your comrades.  So much for not making it, huh?  But enough cockiness, you've
got more work to do marine!  Speak to your commander, grab the new toy in the
box next to him, and then turn around.  See where that APC is?
Walk straight to it.  You've completed scenario 2.

Scenario 3

A marines job is never done.  Near the APC, you have two choices.
Straight, or right up a ramp.  Go up the ramp, open the door, and head
through.  Grab the box, then turn to your left to see a partially opened
door.  Open it fully (using the keypad), and walk through.  You've got
two choices.

Going right will lead you to a dead end and a keypad you can read.
Left will cause you to drop down a ramp, seemingly unable to get the ammo box.
NOT SO!  Leap up on the box at the wall, then jump onto the upper level.
After that, jump once more onto the boxes, and grab the box
(NOTE: you can open boxes by clicking on them with your use key).

After that, drop back down, and head through the new corridor.  Just a little
bit after walking in, turn to your right, open the door, and walk through.
Recommend using your shoulder lamp in here.  It's pretty dark.
There's a health bag in here, and also, flares if you need them to the
left of that.  Either way, once your finished in here (stop looking at
that magazine on the floor soldier!), open and walk through the door.

Doing so, you'll enter another corridor.  There's nothing here, so walk through
and turn to your right, then walk a small ways and go through the door on
your left.  You'll find an armor recharge here.  USE IT.

Now, you'll need to jump down a hole.  Do so CAREFULLY.
If you fall the entire way, you've jsut wasted that entire armor recharge.
So fall down, strafing to the left.  If you did it right, you'll land on 
the next level.  There are flares here, recharge them, if you need to.
After that, finish falling down the hall.  Nothing in this room, so make
your way around the boxes to find the door, and walk through it.

You've got two ways now, the left going through steam and gas, the right free.
Going right leads to a dead end, but some bullets for your pistol.
I suggest taking them, then returning and walking left.
Keep as far to the left as you can, and you'll avoid being burned by the steam.
Don't enter the door yet.  Instead, continue left until you reach the dead end,
and you'll be rewarded with a shotgun.  Okay, walk back to the door you past,
closest to the burst pipes.  Walk through it.  There is PR ammunition to your
right, if you need it, but if you've been following this, and using no
fire-arms, you should be maxed out.

Hopefully, you've come to this room with full PR bullets/grenades,
max armor and max health.  If not, you'll have a bit more of a difficult time.

Alright, now, on the far wall from the door, you'll see a panel labeled local
nexus.  Walk up to it and use it.  It shall extend a panel with a circuit board.
Hack that panel, then QUICKLY select your PR, and run to the corner of the room.
My favorite place back at the door you entered, in the left-hand corner.
Or you can choose to keep against the wall where you hacked the device,
back in the corner, gun at the ready.; Welcome to purgatory Marine, 
how do you like your xenomorph. Angry or royally irked?

This will be your first encounter.  The alien drops through the ceiling,
but he needs to walk around the wall (near the section where I said the PR
munitions were).  If your ready for him, you can gun him down before he even
gets a chance to ready his pounce.  Walk where you find the PR muntions 
(or did, if you picked them up) and watch the grating.
Not the one being pounded upward, but the one directly in front of you.

Slowly walk torwards it, and as soon as it shatters, fire a grenade.  
Doing it right means a dead alien.  Doing it wrong, and  you'll find out 
that you'll want to do it right.  Grab the PR rounds, and go through the
grating the alien just broke, after it's body has vanished.

These things have that acid blood, and let me tell you, it hurts you pretty 
bad.  If it doesn't, then quickly run over it, get it over with.
Your now in the vent system, one of the places I truelly HATE.

It's cramped, you can't manuver well, and well, the blood spray of the bugs
is right on target.  Okay, forward, and turn down the corridor there.
Keep going, and kill the alien who drops down.  Then, as quickly as you can,
spin around, and shoot the bugger coming up behind you.  Blasted pincher traps.

Okay, continue down the way mentioned earlier.  You'll make a right, a right,
and then a left.  Now, I suggest you walk a litte ways past the path upward
(you can't get through), and turn around, dropping a proximity grenade a little
beneath it.  You'll see why as you go further.  Make the right, and quickly
turn around.  If the grenade worked, nothing should be coming.
If not, you've got two aliens you need to gun down.

Turn back and continue on your way, making rights, shooting up the alien who
leaps through the grating.   Drop down through that grating it just broke.

Continue along, going right, then left until you reach a corridor going left
and right.  Right will bring you to some flares, but you'll want to walk
backwards into them, because an alien drops down to attack.
Left takes you to a health pack and a ladder out.  You'll need to crouch
to get out, but don't walk out yet.  Instead, look in the upper right hand
corner of the room, against the wall.  I think you see what your meant to see.
Blast it if you want, I recommend it.  Then walk out and stand up.

After walking out (and fighting with the alien if you didn't paint the wall
with his innards-grenades make wonderful brushes), refill your bullets,
then look at the lockers.  Step over to them,and find the one you can't open.
Use your hacking device on it's handle, and you'll open it.
Refill your armor if needed. 

Now, walk around the corridor slowly-I do so in a crouch, and without my
shoulder lamp on-torwards the wall.  You'll have a choice, straight and to
the right.  To the right brings you nowhere but a locked door.
To the left, you'll find a small box of shotgun shells.  However, before you 
get them, turn to the right, facing the locked door, and strafe against the
wall which is now to your left.  If you did it right, the alien is sitting
right there, unmoving.

Plug him, pick up your shotgun shells, and then proceed through the door there.
Now you need to walk up the stairs.  Take note, there's a health pack on third
level.  Go up to the second level, around to your left and pick up the
shotgun shells.  Open the door;  You face your first swarm.

One from the right, two from the left, another from the right.
Take them out, getting undamaged as best you can.  The left is a dead end,
so you need to head right.  Be on your guard, more xenomorphs will charge
around the corner and down the corridor.

They can appear suddenly, so be careful.  Walk around the corner,
shooting the xenomorphs who appear to attack, and continue past the unpassable
door.  Again, you'll round another corner to your left, and an alien will
knock down a large metal panel.

Don't open the door, but go through where the panel was knocked down,
killing aliens that will appear behind you.  If you needed an armor repair,
you could have gone through the door that I said don't go through, but you'll
end up fighting an alien.  Quickly walk up the ramp, and proceed back to the
APC.  You've completed Scenario 3.

Scenario 4

This is torture.  Pure and simple, TORTURE.  I'm not going to tell you where
the aliens will come from, they will be coming from EVERYWHERE, so always watch
your butt, sides, top and bottom.  Yes, there will be that many in this level.

Also, MEMORIZE the level and how you get back to the APC as best you can.

Okay, now the steps.  Walk straight, going around to your right.
There are aliens there, coming from multiple sides.  Going straight nets you
more alien encounters, but some PR bullets.  If you don't need them,
turn to your left.  Walk along, and round the corner to your right.

Some aliens will attack you here, one from behind, and one to your right.
I think you can jump the one to the right, but I suggest more so moving
and firing, to try and stay alive.

After this fight, proceed down the pathway here, to the large doors,
killing the alien who ambushes you on the way.  Down to your right,
you'll find an armor refill and shotgun shells, but two aliens guarding.

The choice is yours.  Open the doors with the switch just to the right
of them, then walk through and do the same with the next set of doors.
Make sure to also close the first door, but leave the second open.

Okay, now that your past the massive cargo doors, walk around to your right.
Continue down the ramp, and turn to your left.
Yep, into the mini-colony you go.

Now, in this place, you will find people chained to the wall with some sort
of ooze.  There are three things that can happen: One, they explode and a 
chest buster pops out, which you wil need to kill; Two: you get an item;
Three, the trapped moan and wiggle, but nothing happens after that.

There are too many to name what does what, so you can find out for yourself
where they are, and what they cause.  It's not difficult to see them.

Now, after seeing the first person, turn to your right, and walk through that
corridor, making another right.  Be careful here, three aliens attack.

Going down this corridor, you find an area with reddish light.
There's a box there with PR ammo and grenades, get it if you'd like.
Continue down this corridor, making another right, and go down.

There's a health pack at the end, use it if you need to.  Backtrack a bit,
 and turn, looking into the red light.  Crouch to get into this new area.

Proceed through the door and make a left.  Three aliens shall attack you,
so be ready.  There's a health pack here also, if you need it.  Okay,
through the small corridor, you'll find a pit and an elevator.

Use the elevator; the pit is one heck of a drop.  Going down the elevator,
take great care when you exit.  There are egg sacks here, if they open,
you'll have to deal with face huggers.  And your instantly dead if they latch
onto you.  I suggest destroying the egg sacks, but it's your call.

Once you make it out of the elevator, there are PR rounds to your right.
Get them if you need to, then walk straight through the corridor before you.

BE WARNED.  This is where those egg sacks are, and you're in deep trouble if
one wakes up and face hugs you.  Insta-death.  Continue through,
torwards the light.

There are PR rounds to your left, if you need them.   When you reach the one
your supposed to rescue, she has some PR rounds, a PR and also an armor refill
near her.

Okay, now the fun part;  Talk to the gal by using your use button,
then...RUN LIKE HELL!  Don't even let her finish.
You can if you want, but you'll regret it later.

Quickly, run back to the elevator and go back up it; three aliens will attack
you on your way to it.  Now you've ticked them off, the aliens are out for
your head and other organs.

Once off the elevator, RUN!  DO NOT STOP FOR ANY REASON AT ALL!

You'll see why in a moment.  The turns you make will be 
I believe, back to the doors.

Quickly run back to the large double doors, and close the second one as fast
as you can once inside.  Now you see why I said leave it open.

Alright, take a breather, and try to remember how you got to the APC.
I cannot remember exactly, but it may be Right-Right-Left.

Note:  Good spot to quick save...  then if you get lost just reload.

When your ready, open the other one, and run straight, then follow the
directions.  It's also pretty easy to figure out where to go.

If you hit a dead end, you're going to end up in a death trap you need to try
and fight out of.  It is possible, but you'll be hurting.

If you feel that aliens are getting too close for comfort, turn and try to
fight some off, but they'll keep coming.  Once you get back to the APC,
keep running for it.  Eventually, the game will take over, and you'll be safe.
You have just beaten the first mission.


16.B  Collateral Damage 

Note:  No Scenarios

Wow, that was a weird glitch OH!  Sorry, you want to know how to get through
this mission next, eh?  Okay, works okay on this end.  Alright, by now,
I anticipate that many of you know how to operate the basic controls,
how to use your hacking device and how to operate switches and so forth.
If not, you need to go back and practice, because it’s simply no excuse.

You start the mission with a new toy-night vision.  I rarely make a use of it,
but it’s there if you want it.  Just remember, it drains your battery rather

Now then, time to move.  Turn to your left and walk towards the pipe.
It’s large and brown.  Walk down your stairs and proceed through the two doors
there, using the switches to open them.  You’ll come to a locked door and
ladder.   I think you can figure out where to go.  If not, get up the ladder.

You’ve got two doors, in front and behind.  The one behind you is locked.
The one in front is the one you want.  Walk through it, then proceed straight
and enter into the control room.

Pull the switch, watch the scene, then go through the newly opened door.
It’s near the APC, and you see it open, to your right.  Head through it,
and turn to your left.  Open and proceed through that door.

You might want to turn around and wait until your buddy pops through the door.
After he’s amongst the rubble, hack the console.  You should know where to
hack it.  Then pull the switch.  That’ll open and close the bomb-bay doors,
and let your buddies through.

Now, turn to your left and go through the door there.  Walk through, and don’t
worry about the broken grating.  There’s nothing inside it, but be careful
when you walk towards the switch.  Pull it, you’ll let your friends through,
and then you yourself have to do a little shooting.  Three bugs here,
one drone, two runners.  Be ready, because they come from behind.  

Now then, head through the door on your right.  You’ll see a dead body ahead,
and then you’ll need to turn right again around a corner.  Be careful here,
you’re going to have an infestation, all of the runner variety.

Your buddies in the APC will help out, by trying to shoot, but by the time
they get the guns locked, you could be dead.  So fight for yourself,
and accept the help-provided they don’t end up shooting you as well-with
a grain of salt.

There’s a small door to your left, and a control booth beyond it.
As you go through the door by usage of the switch, shut it behind you.
You’ll see why.  Now as you enter, you’ll see two cabinets.
They’re going to fall, and you’ll have two more runners to go through.
It can take some time for them to show, but be ready.  In here, you’ll find
munitions, a health pack, and an SGUN.  After getting all that, pull your
switch, to open the doors.

You’ll open it, but also cause more aliens to appear. That’s no problem,
but if you left the door open, you would be fighting aliens now.
But with the door shut, they can’t reach you.  Here’s the cool thing.
Their heads poke through the doors.  Just simply pop them off.

After they’re dead, out the door, and cross back to your right, up the stairs,
and hang a right, to go through the door you now see.
Memorize that steel panel in the ground, and continue past it through the door.
Grab the torch; nothing more here, so backtrack to the steel panel.
Select your torch (Default key: T) and use it (by using your fire button)
on the two little blackish-gray locks.

You’ll cut them off, and the panel shall open.  Be careful, you’ve got a bug
right in your face down.  Walk down the hallway before you.
Where you see the machine spouting steam, you can proceed down the small
opening to it’s right.  Turn left at the first turn, so you can grab PR bullets
and the flare belt to the left.  But be careful if you go further right.

Two bugs eagerly await you.  Return back to where the steam is being spouted
upward, and finish going through the hallway, to your left. Head up the ladder,
use the ammo box and health pack, and then round the corner, to go through the
door you see.

It’s a long way down, so don’t fall off the catwalk.  Be careful too,
you’ll have some fights ahead.  Now then, you’ll need to drop down the hole
the alien newly created, as the door doesn’t work.  When you drop,
turn to your right, and drop down once again.

You have two more drops, then an alien will attack.  Plug him, then proceed
dead straight.  You’re in the right area if you can’t make your way back up.

Anyhow, you’ll be in the right place upon reaching a ladder up.  Climb up,
and you’ll find yourself in a hangar-like local.  Check the doors keypad
behind you.  It’s destroyed, so turn back around and proceed up the second

Aliens may attack you here, so be on guard.  Climbing up, you need to turn
around and jump on the grating; don’t touch the fans, less you wish to be
marinishi.  8p  

Okay, climbing up, walk straight.  A runner shall attack you from behind,
so be prepared.  Afterwards, drop down-there’s a door near your position
before you do, I am unsure if I can be opened-into the control room.

Packs, thank heavens.  Pull the handle, fight some runners, and then,
head out the door.  Check the plague on the wall (You have to get very close
to it).  Creepy, no?

Once you exit out the door, proceed straight and around the long bend that
looms up in front of you.  You’ll find the APC-a word of advice,
never be near it, it can kill you if it moves and squashes you-and an open
door to it’s right.  Head through marine.  Take a left at the dead body,
proceed straight, and look to your right.

That’s the door you want to go through.  Up the ladder and to your left are
some flares, but I use my light more so than flares, so I didn’t need them.
Walk through the prior mentioned door, down the stairs, and check beneath them
for some SGUN munitions.

Be careful of going out the door too quickly, you’ll find the APC rolling
through, and getting hit is guaranteed to kill you if your not careful.  

You’ll see an open door; Go through, and say good-bye to your buddy.
Mwahaha.  However, the station is broken.  You’ve gotta go down the ladder.
Before you do, you’ll find some armor and ammo refills on the other side of it.

Grab them if you want and climb down.  Now, head to your right, and right
once more.  Taking another right, you’ll find a new tunnel,
with a branch off to it’s left.

There’s nothing down there save a swarm, so gun em, and climb the ladder.
It gets tricky up here.  See those canisters all the way across the street?
Blow them up to open the door to the new control room.

After you blow it, head through;  The switch doesn’t work, so turn around and
head through the far wall.  Hack the card reader (it’ll read LOCKED in big,
red letters), then watch your comrades bust their way through the door.

Follow them-don’t get hit while the APC rumbles through-then walk towards the
door it’s near.  Mission two completed.


16.C  Betrayal

	Okay people, by this time, you should know three things.

1. You should know how to use your hacking device, shoulder lamp, night vision
     torch, flares, and selection of weapons.  If you don’t, please go back 
     and read your manual. 
2.  You should know how to read the cursors; yellow for hacking,
      blue for torch, green for use.  You should also know how to activate 
      your "USE" button.  If you cannot figure this out, please stop playing
      this game now.
3.  You should know how to move, jump, and duck by now.  If you cannot
     figure this out, uninstall your game, and go back to playing pacman.

Scenario 1

There, that said, lets begin.  Your in a PC room, don't kill the scientist.
Also, don't get too attached to your guns; you won't have them soon.  Turn
to your right and head through the door, then through that door on your right.
You'll be in a hallway now.

Head to the Y-intersection and turn down to your left,
proceeding through the door there-look around to make your use cursor
appear. Once it does, open the door and enter the room.

Now you see a scene.  Congratulations number sixteen,
you've just been thrust into the conspiracy. 
As soon as your convict buddy gets shot, hurry up and grab his knife,
then kill the guard as quickly as you can.  Grab his pistol,
and head out the door.

Walk all the way to the back wall, and the elevator should take you up.  
After which, a guy will appear to try and shoot you; QUICKLY move out of
his way, and plug him when he runs into the room.   Take his gun, open
the box, then walk out and turn to your right in the darkened corridor.

There's a door there, open it, and walk forward to the ladder.  You'll be
blocked off by a door;  look to your right to find a control panel.  Open it.
Continue climbing until you hit another barrier-be careful, when you open
it, you'll have a guy shooting up at you, kill him if you want-and open 
that barrier now.

Continue climbing, then when you reach the dead end, look to your left.
There's a keypad there;  activate it, and crouch to get
inside of the round hole.  Turn to your left, and continue that way.

Continue in that direction.  Upon opening the final barrier, you'll see an
elevator going up.  DON'T MOVE.  You'll want to wait inside that corridor
until another elevator comes down.  Crouch-walk onto the small grating 
and wait until the elevator goes up.

Once it reaches it's destination,-take care not to be crushed by it,
or you'll be dead- turnaround and open the barrier there, then walk through.
Hang a right at the doorway, and watch the poor sucker become lunch.

Better him than you, aye? Anyways, be wary of its acid and head through the
door to your left.  It's locked, but you'll pick up the torch sitting there.
Return to the room you came from, and use the torch on the lock.

It'll drop the metal panel, which you can climb up and into the vent there.
Follow that vent along, ducking to get through the more narrow areas,
and drop down the grating at the end.  You've completed scenario 1

Scenario 2

First thing to do, is use your torch on the locks in front of you,
underthe quarantine sign.  That'll open you back out into civilization,
or whatever this technological nightmare could be called.

Put your gun on, you'll likely need it.  The door is broken,
the ladder doesn't lead anywhere, so head through the only open door.

Walk through it, and proceed through the broken door.
Up the ladder is a health pack, use it if you need to.  
The open door with the blood trail marking it leads to where you want to go.

Head down the left-hand corridor to the slightly open door, and open it.
Poor guy, but sucks to be him!  Heha!  Climb down the ladder, and open the 
door to your right.

Walk through that door and immediately turn to your right.  See that lock?
Torch it off, and drop down.  Going forward will get you nothing more than a
very angry pred-alien dropping down, so fight it if you want.

Note:  Oni511 accidentally fought the Predalien since he played before reading
       this.  Just use AP bullets and cap it in the head while backpedaling.
       Is it just me, or do the alien bots not realize they can lunge?

After dropping down, crouch and climb onto the ladder.  Then,
head downward and open the barrier there.  Walk down, then look to your right.
There's a barrier there, open and move into it, turning to your right.
Keep walking, and you'll have completed scenario 2.

Scenario 3

Continue your walk forward.  You'll drop down through a grate, and
land on a capsule holding a predator.  After you do so, head to your right and
use the control panel on the wall to your left.

That will set the capsule upright.  Walk behind it, and drop down through
the hole there.  You may have to crouch-walk to do it.

Once you drop down, move through the door before you and circle around to the
cart with the containers on it.  You can wait until the guards open the door,
and kill them for some muntions and a box around the corner,
or shoot out the grating, then make your way into it by jumping onto the canisters
and head in.

Once inside, make your way up the ladder, walk straight and then turn slightly
to your right, going down the left-hand corridor.
There's a lock you have to torch off there, so do so.

Drop down-you can be spotted, but it's possible to avoid it-after you torch
off the lock you find.  Kill the guards if there are any, then walk up the left
hand side and then turn left and proceed up the ladder.

There will be a segment where you receive a new mission, and then you can walk
forward and open the box.  Check the panels to your right for bullets, then,
hit the containment switch along with the belt switch.  FACE-HUGGERS!

Now, why the heck did I make you hit it?  Two reasons;  One, you'll see later
on.  The other is that you can get some flame-throwers now if you kill the two
guys holding them.  Just don't get frenched.  Afterwards, climb onto the belt
and enjoy the ride.

Be careful of the steam here;  It does hurt.  Ride the belt through to
an egg pit, then walk jump down, quickly run to the left-hand corner and 
get ready to take a swim.  Two guys will appear, but they won't shoot
at you.

I don't suggest going to try and attack them.  Now, before you jump
in and begin swimming by using your directional keys, equip your torch.  
You shall need it.  Now, jump in, and quickly swim along the underwater 

You come to a locked door, so use your torch on the lock and burn it off.
Head through, then head to your right and up the ladder to refill your
oxygen bar.  Keep climbing till you reach the top, then turn the switch off
you find there.

That'll turn off the stasis pods, so now, you gotta run like heck when you
go back.  Go back down the ladder with your torch equipped, turn to your right
and torch that doors lock, then quickly swim through and out the opening at
the end.

Climb out, and run very quickly.  You'll have some guys to kill,
but to your right, your doorway out of here.  Walk down that corridor
a bit-the door at the end leads you back to a previous room,
so turn to your left and walk to ladder there.

Climb up, then jump over and head through the door there.  Open it,
and walk around; it may take a long while, but eventually,
you'll see an elevator open, and a special scene if you turned off
the containment earlier on (in the room with the flame-thrower schmucks).

In either case, ride that elevator.  Scenario 3 is DONE!

Scenario 4

You're in the elevator now, so open the door and head out in the corridor.
Turn left, head through the door there, and proceed down the ladder.  Walk 
around the corner and proceed through the door there;  take heed, there's
a guard sitting right there.

Now you see a long corridor in front of you.  The door to your left is the
one you want to go through;  However, keep in mind that down the hall,
you'll find a panel with the words "Pod" on its screen.

Remember it, you'll need to come back once you have your hacking device.
Also, there is a room down that way on the left-hand side, the only
unlocked door;

There are lockers inside you can open for items.  Anyhow,
go to the crew quarters-you'll know you're in the right place if you see
a lit table-and go through the door marked "Core Access".

The door across from you leads out the other corridor.  Remember it,
because you'll be going back to that door later on.  Also in this room,
there is a cabinet that has a health pack in it.

Anyway, enter the Core Access.  Walk through all the doors until you come
to a four-way intersection.  The way right is locked;
The way forward is where you will go.  So go left, walk through the door,
and climb the ladder.

Be careful, some guys will attack you after opening the door themselves.
Head through that door, and continue to an unlocked side door on your right.
Open it, walk to the back, and pick up your hacking device.

You should make your way back to the recreation room/crews quarters,
going back through the Core Access door.  Hang a left once you
emerge and open the door there, then walk right until you reach the end.

There's a panel on the left-hand wall that has "Pod 2" on it's screen.
Use the keypad to expose the circuit board, and hack it, then enter the room 
directly to the panels left.  There's a box and a keycard in there; get both.
You can hack some lockers to get more items, and return to the other corridor
to hack the panel at the locked door at the end.  

When your done hacking, return through core access and go directly through the
door in front of you.  To your right, an elevator will open up if you have the
security card.  Go down it.  Walk around left to pick up the CD, then return 
back to the elevator and go up.  Head back through Core Access, make
two rights, and head up the ladder.

Go through the only door you can open, then walk forward a bit and turn right.
Enter and ride the elevator.  Once something goes very wrong, hack the panel,
open the barrier, and crawl through.  You've completed scenario 4.

Scenario 5

Long mission, isn't it.  Open the door, turn to your right, and head
through that door.  In this room, you can pull the handle to open the shutters,
but you don't need to.  Instead, look for a giant control panel a little ways 
inside and open it to walk inside.

By the way, there is ammo in the little cabinets against the right-hand wall;
That's also where you'll find the circuit panel, on the other side.

Anyways, open it, and proceed inside. There's a health pack across a gap,
but drop down the gap after you use it.

Turn around and walk to the sentry gun control, open the keypad, hack the 
circuit board.  A gun will drop down, so follow it, and open the door directly
near your position.

Proceed through the hallway, out the door, and hang a right.
Walk through the two doors there.  Open the center door .
Walk to the end of the corridor and double-back to the door you just came from.

Turn right, and climb the ladder.  Now, walk back across the top of the corridor, 
and walk to your right;  there's a very narrow catwalk, so get onto it
and follow it around to the right and a new corridor.

Oh yeah go ahead and fall off if you want.  It makes a nice death scene.
Either way, you see a panel open, so drop down, and operate the door to go

Turn to your left and open the door at the end, then turn right and open the
door you see.   After this, turn to your left.  You can operate a panel and
open a door.  So go through and operate the lift; you'll be in a multi-tiered
cargo hold, so climb down the ladders to the bottom floor.

Your equipment is down there.  On this floor, your going to find a
rocket launcher, an armor pack, and have the opportunity to get back some pulse
rifles once you kill their users.

You'll find out what to use the rocket launcher for soon enough.
I'm not saying what's up, but make sure you use cover, and never give anyone
a clean shot.  Walk onto the lift when your done.  Finally, you've completed
this mission


16.D  A Long Detour

Scenario 1

And a long detour you shall be taking.  Also, this mission has cacooned bodies,
so keep that in mind.  Your first objective is to turn to your left and get the
box and equipment from the corpse.  Then, walk forward until you end up having
some fights to deal with;  Drop down through the grating they break through,
using the ladder, there-after.

Dark down there, isn't it.  Well, after getting off the ladder, turn to your
right and open the door.  Directly in front of you is a box with munitions,
and to your right an open corridor.

Walk through it; Be wary, you will be attacked in this place from both sides.
Now then, walk forward and around a corner to your left.
There's nothing here worth mentioning, but climb the left-hand ladder
and go into the corridor.  Be very wary, more attacks happen here.

It's gonna be crazy from here on-out.  After you walk through the corridor,
you'll have two ways to go.  Left or right.  Right will bring you to a 
dead end, but down the corridor to your left upon reaching it, you'll find a
box with health, armor, and munitions.  Very helpful.

Now, return out of this corridor and walk all the way down to a locked door.
Watch your motion tracker too.  Burn the locks off (there are four of them)
and head through the door after it opens. 

Now your in a room.  The ladder ahead has another ammo box for you,
and the door to your left is the door which you want to go through.
Once going through, you'll be in for a big shock;  this is an egg pit.
I think you know the consequences of a face-hugger by now, but if not, then
let yourself open an egg and be kissed.

Quickly dash through and climb the ladder to your left, then get the ammo box
directly ahead of you.  Okay, from here on out, you will be in a constant state
of battle, so I hope you have the ammo ready.

After getting the box, walk around the pit and head down an incline into a
corridor.  Follow the corridor until you reach a power box, and open it.

You'll find a switch, so pull it.  Lights are on now, and bugs ticked,
so grab the ammo box and quickly run back to the incline and up.

Walk around the pit, and proceed to the door directly in front of you.
You've completed scenario 1.

Scenario 2

Oh, I LOVE this scenario.  You'll see why.  Hehe.  Now then, walk around
the corner to your right, head down the hallway, and then make another right-
oh yea, there is ammo and health to your left, you'll see it-down that

Open the door and head through.  Look familiar yet?  It should.  Now then,
you'll need to get some sentry guns online.  Head down the incline and jump 
the gap.  After that, make two lefts along the catwalk to the only door you
can open, and head through.

Your first objective in this room is to burn the lock off the gate and operate
the box/switch to your right to turn on the generator. Now then,
walk all the way to the other side of the room where you find a 
raised part of the floor.

Now to jump.  Jump onto the yellow grating, then walk across it to boxes.
Jump up those, and then, onto the yellow grating to your right.

Your ultimate goal is to make it to the crane controls and turn them on.
There are lockers up here, three to open, but only one, the right-most one,
is hackable for armor.

Either way, walk to the ammo box and open it, then operate the crane,
watching if you want, but you'll likely be fighting.  After the crane is done
moving the boxes, go through the door there.

Now, proceed through the corridors until you reach a locked door.
Tomiko will open it for you, but you'll have some fights, so watch your back.

After she opens the door, turn to your right, and walk up the stairs to operate
the control panel there.  After which, you'll be walking back down and 
operating the now-usable switch you saw upon entrance into this
control room.

Backtrack to the room and platform with the crane controls.
You'll find the door you couldn't enter earlier now bashed in, and you know
you weren't the one who did it.

Walk through back to the three-tiered area, and drop down using the different
levels to make it to the now open door at the bottom.
Walk through said open door.  The panel to your left is the one you work,
but upon operation, it breaks-so then, hack the circuit panel that appears.

But be careful; you're going to be prey again from here on out.
Once you open the door, run through the next door as quickly as possible.
You'll see the reason if you turn around.  Upon going through, you'll have to
open a grate by torching the lock off, but do it fast.  Otherwise, Mr. Big is 
going to be paying you a visit.  You've completed the mission.


16.E  Price of Admission  

Dark, spooky, creepy.  Just like an alien game should be.  Now then,
walk straight, climb the ladder and then get onto and operate the elevator.  
Be prepared-as soon as the elevator stops, get off it by jumping onto the
small box at the front, then onto the small ledge.

Now then, walk along it to your left so you can reach the ladder,
and quickly go up.  Once you have climbed it, walk around to your right and
proceed through the open door there.

Be very careful marine, you've got pred problems.  One shall shoot at you as
soon as you turn the corner outside, so be sure to dodge or duck the shots;
Yes, that is the PC, yes, the shocks are tracking, yes, they hurt as much 
as they do in a multi-player game.  Now, walk to where you saw the pred 
shooting at you, and open up the door.

Look familiar yet, especially when you round the corner to your left.
Yea, you have pred problems, indeed.  To your left will be a health pack,
but to your right is the doorway you want to go through.

Once you make your way through, to your left, you'll find a small
doorway;  Go through it.  Inside, you'll find much needed items, and a 
check station you'll want to operate.  So then, operate it, and head back out,
going to your left down the red-lighted corridor.

Tomiko tells you up the stairs to the right, so climb then and hang a right
upon reaching an opening.  The console is busted, so you'll have to find
another way.

Walk back out after operating the power drain station.  The direction you wish
to go is right.  Down the incline and through the door, you'll find the landing 
bay;  Don’t' drop off, or you'll be in deep water.  So then, quickly turn to
and go through the door to your right there, but do so quickly.  A pred
will be trying to put some plasma in your butt.  

Through the door, you'll find a long drop, so turn the corner and climb down
the ladder to your left.  Round the right corner and go to the locked door
to restock your munitions, then backtrack to the ladder.

Turn to your right to see some boxes, then walk out and turn left.
QUICKLY dash across the compound to the double-doors, open them, then walk
through the double doors directly across from you.

Be very careful here, it's your first fight with a pred; show him how it's
done soldier.  There is no real strategy to beating the pred;
Just take cover, and shoot him after dodging his shot.

That's all you can really do, but be careful.  That splash damage will getcha.
I recommend the rocket launcher, but it takes quite a few rockets.  Either way, 
you kill it, proceed along the pathway until you manage to find the door.
Mission five is DONE!


16.F  Loose Ends

Get ready for fun!  Walk through the door, turn right, kill bugs, and go down
the stairs.  You've got a lot of work ahead of you soldier!  Head forward after
coming down the stairs and hang around the corner to your left.

You'll see some stairs, so let the alien kill the marine-hey, if they do it,
it doesn't matter-, and climb the stairs.  If you have the SGUN, I recommend
it.  It'll track the aliens, lessening your chance of hitting a marine.  Up
the stairs, you'll find two ways.

Left is the way you want.  Walk through the door, and then climb down the
ladder.  Help the marines if you want, but it takes a lot of effort for all
of them to survive.

After climbing down the ladder, walk to your left, then right, watch the marine
die, then go right again.  Go down the corridor and proceed through the door on
the left hand side.

Once you open the doors, walk down the stairs, go to your right, and then hang
a left once you reach the end.  Head to the wall, and circle around into the
corridor there, then proceed up the ladder.

Follow the marines and watch them open the door.  Once going through,
ride the elevator down.  Someones ticked.  So let the elevator doors open and go
out to your right.

Make a left now, and go through the door there, then up the stairs.
Once you grab the mini-gun and activate the guidance systems, say hello
to your first preatorian.  Whoo, these missions are getting doomy now!

Drop down the hole the preatorian makes, turn around, and quickly head back
through the open door there.  You should recognize this area, so down the
stairs, make a right, to the end, make a left, then circle around and quickly 
climb the ladder.

There's a preatorian on the landing field, so be ready with your mini-gun.
Blow that sucker up, get on the dropship after it lands,  you've completed the\
sixth mission!


16.G  Savior

Scenario 1

NOW this is a weapon.  You're in the exo-suit now, but your not invincible;
So take care.  Go into the pit and circle around it to your right,
take care not to fall.  If you do, your dead.

Once you reach the bridge, follow it to the elevator.  Walk behind the 
elevator and turn the switch on beneath the words "System Charge",
and then get on and operate the elevator.

Once the elevator reaches the bottom, kill anything who attacks you,
then turn to your right and go through the tunnel you see.  You'll see a long,
tall pillar, so kill the aliens and look up.  See those vine-like extensions?  
Blast them, and be sure you destroy them all.  You'll know you did when the 
pillar spins and explodes.  Don't worry, you did the right thing.

Exit back through the tunnel, then circle the pit to the other open tunnel,
and do the same thing you did in this one.  Now, return and find the open door, 
the tunnel, and trying to cross the alien contaminant.  You'll fall, and
complete scenario one. 

Scenario 2
Okay, no guns for you, so you need to find some.  Go through the
open tunnel before you.  Now then, follow it, and you'll emerge into a room.

Walk into the steam, then look left.  You'll find a ramp that leads up into a
tunnel, so go into it.  Follow the tunnel.  BOSS TIME!  Kill that sucker, but
don't kill marines.  If you do, you'll fail the mission, so take care how you

Once you kill the preatorian, the rocks blocking the exit tunnel-
make sure you choose the right tunnel, you'll know it if it leads you to
three cases of SGUN ammo-and continue running through it.

You will have aliens chasing you, so you can run backwards and shoot them
while your buddies retreat.  Once you get to the end, you finally find the
sniper rifle; useless now, because as soon as you reach the ledge,
the airship will begin to open it's platform.

Kill aliens until it's safe enough to enter, because it takes a while for
it to open.  You may have to fight preatorians times two,
but if you’re a risk taker, try to jump into the airship when it 
gets close.  Congrats!  These marine missions are DONE!!

     T                       E                       !
          H                       N                       !
                E                      D                       !


17.   Alien Walkthrough

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all direction are from the ground.
      If you are on the cieling invert them.

17.A  Birth

Note: All directions in Facehugger section are from the cieling.

Turn around and climb the yellow ladder.

Once up the ladder get on the ceiling.  Go left trhough the fences.
Head left again and you should see a large pipe.  Follow the pipe.
Watch out for the steam, it can damage you.

Go down the wall and follow the next pipe, heading right.  You will
probably need to use your navigation vision in these dark places.

Keep moving past the second pipe.  You will come to a small downward
downward movement which will lead you to a small corridor with red
lights.  At the end of this corridor is a drop with a large fan.
DO NOT fall into the fan!  Use wall crawling to scale the walls.
Just above the fan on the opposite side you'll find another vent.

A little ways down the vent there is an opening on the right.
More pipes are in here.  Listen to the humans talk for a second.
Head left into the next ventilation shaft.  Head down a little.

There is another vent over a fan like before. Jump in it and go
straight.  Turn right at the next ventilation shaft.  Listen to
the humans and then go through the hacked up fencing.
Just move straight and you will go through a door.  Once through
the door head straight right into the next ventilation shaft.

Follow the ladder down and into the next vent.  Once you exit this
vetilation shaft you should be in a small room with some more piping
on the right.  On the left are some combustible containers.

Head right.  Take another right at the corner and proceed to crawl
through through the curiously placed hole in the fencing.  Then
head left down the corridor and take another left.  Then take a 
right.  Listen to some more human speeches.  Continue down this

Upon exiting the previous corridor, you should find yourself in a
small room with some arcing electricity.  DO NOT touch the 
electricity.  Go to the left and around the fence.  Head right
and you will see that you just circled around the bug zapper and 
found your exit from this room.

At the end of the previous vent head left and then down.  Then
turn right and finally go left.

You should hear some scientists talking now.  Use the hole in the
ceiling to get into the lab room.  DO NOT latch onto one of them.
You die immediately.

Head out the dorrway, should be to your right.  Down the hallway
and to the left there should be another vent entrance.
Once inside you should see another vent entrance.  Go in there
and follow it until it ends.

This should lead you to a corridor with some pipes and doors.
Head straight to the door you see.  Drop to the ground and go to
the left side of the door.  You should see a small open vent
in the wall that you can climb into.  Head up, over, and down
this small wall.  Then head right.

Head torwards the entrance.  When you hear the people start talk
move back and hide.  Just wait a while.  If you go in too early,
then you will get spotted and shot at.  After they are finished
talking about the hot auditor, "The one with the nice ass."
It is safe to move on.

Crawl out of the vent and onto the ceiling.  Run left through
the partially opened door.  You can just squeeze through it.

Go down the corridor and head left at the intersection.
Then go left into the small room with sleeping beauty.
He's ready for his kiss.

Time to much on out of your yummy morsel.  No you can not chew
out of him backwards.  I tried that already.

There is a nice window to your left.  Hop on out of it and land on
the ledge. The go straight ahead until you reach the wall.
Fall down to the left and land on another ledge.  At the end of
this ledge drop down and head right.  There are a lot of shadows
on that side.

It's time for Tenchu: Stealth Alien.

Note:  You can pass the scientist on your left, so long as
       you hide in the shadows.  Someone mailed me about this.
       He doesn't bother you, so long as you just pass him.

Go straight all the way to the farthest right corner.  Wait here
until the first guard comes back past you and to the left.
Then he'll turn around.  You can sit here an watch him pass a few
times if you want to.  When you are ready wait for him to start
heading away from you.  Follow right behind him until you pass
the door on the right side.  After that strafe and head forwards
until you rach the shadows.  The second guard should be looking
away from you long enough to get around him and go around the 
right side corner.  Find the barrels slightly on the left and
hide in the nook in the center beneath them.  They never see
you here.  A good spot to rest and save your game.

When the guard passes you and heads left, then you turn right and
run like heck.  Stay in the shadows and avoid the guards light.
I beleive there is only two more guards before the next pitstop.
They aren't to hard to avoid.  Even if they do see you keep moving.

When you see a truck pull up next to a bunch of boxes this is that
next stop I talked about earlier.  Crouch and jump allows you to
do a high jump.  Do this to get on the boxes.  Keep jumping up
the boxes and you reach another cat walk.

Head straight down the catwalk and then turn left.  If you get
disoriented here like I did, then listen for the engine noise.
It will get louder as you approache the truck you saw earlier.

Head stright down to the end of the catwalk, passing the truck.
At the end of the catwalk jump off to the left side and move left.
Follow the left wall. When you get close to the corner the guards
will start talking.  While they talk run right under the guards
light and to the left side of the barrels.  Keep heading straight
and you'll see boxes and humans to your left.  DO NOT stop moving
here or you will die.  After you get past the barrels and boxes
turn left and then turn right and enter the warehouse entrance.

Once in here do not stop.  Go straight to the back.  You do not
know how many guards attention you caught or how many might be
chasing you.  If you get all the way to the back you are safe.

Once all the way back there turn around.  You should see a big box
to your right and left with a huge column in the center.
Left of the boxes you should see a large fence.  On the other side
it would appear that there are some pet carriers.

Use your crouch jump to get on top of the left box.  Then use it 
again to jump into pet central.  All this just to eat some kitty.
At least the mission is complete.


17.B  Surprise

Surprise!  No it is not your birthday.  It is a nice drone ready to tear out
your guts and have a nice breakfast.  I think I saw some brown spots on those
soldiers pants in that intro.

There are five poeple in the first open area.  Three soldiers and the two
unlucky scientists that spot you.  Save the scientists until after you kill
the soldiers.  That way you can restore any lost health.

After dispacthing all of the soldiers, head down the door to the left.
The far door opens and there are two guards and a scientist.  Dispose of them
and move on.

Head stright out of the door and some more guards will approach you head on.
Take them down.  If you need health there are two scientists by the boxes on
the left.  Head down the corridor the humans came from.

Turn right at the end of the corridor and you should see two more people by
the bar.  The one on the right is a soldier the left is a scientist.

Once you kill them, two guards come out of the door behind you.  The another
guard comes from near the bar.  Two more swiftly follow him.

Then you are free to head down the corridor.  You should see a drop ship in
the distance with a person by it.  He is a scientist.  The rest of the room
is now empty since we killed the guards already.

Head to the left and go to the building with the broken down truck.  Go down
the corridor and then head right.  The guard will so kindly open the door for
you.  Repay him with a swift death.  Walk on the ceiling going down the next
hallway.  If you do not you will set off the laser trip wires.  Of course, if
you were paying close enough attention you would have read the sign in front
of the door that says "Warning, Area protected by laser tripwires, use extreme

Head through the corridor and to the left.  There is a guard on the right
and a scientist further ahead.  After disposing of the guard go into the
room on the left. 

Once in here kill or spare the scientist.  Then hop on up to the higher level.
Head down the only corridor there is up here.  You will heare some dialogue
when you apprpach the final turn.  Stop and wait a few seconds.  The soldier
will be straight out of the corridor.  Beware, he is carrying a Smart Gun.
Take him down pronto.  There are two more scientists for lunch in the room.
After getting enough health head through the vent in the ceiling.
Use navigation vision to find the ventilation shaft.  End of part one.

Now you are standing in a room with a scientist on your right and another one
that moves around.  There is also a soldier around the corner that comes after
you when you are heard.

If you wish to avoid them use the ventilation shaft to the right side.
To get there head right along the ceiling tiles, then turn left.  You will
see the entrance then.  Go to it.  You will hear more speech about the lab
being torn up.

There are two sceintists and a guard in the room.  Two more guards rush in
after the people see you.  Head through the door on the left.
Keep going and then turn around the corner and lunge.  Kill the people there.
Then tear through the small vent and go up it.  Then you will turn right
and then upwards again.  You should now see some pipes and an outdoor catwalk.

Run through the catwalk and appraoch the vent.  You will here them talk about
your escape.  Swiftly drop down, tailstrike one and slash the other.  Then get
the one you tail striked.  More guards rush in from ahead.  Kill them.
Another guard comes from around one of the corners.  Kill him as well.

Down the hall to the right of the vent is a scientist.  Go there for health.
Down the other corridor is another guard.  Kill him.  Go down this hall and
then turn right.  Go down, another scientist.  Press on and turn left.

Head torward the doorway.  Listen to the guards talk.  Go around and pounce
kill one of them adn then slash the other to death.  Destroy the computers.
You have now unleashed you comrads.

Exit the room you are in, by turning right at the first door.  Then left.
Now you should see the Maintencance Access shaft is open for you to enter.
Head down the ladder and it is time for part 3.

Move on ahead on the gorund.  Make sure you are ducking so he does not hear
you moving.  Then slash the acid spot in the grate on the floor.  Get out and
kill the guard as fast as possible.

Go staight down the hallway and turn left.  Kill the two guards.
Go throuh the door that was just in front of the previous guards.
A another guard will come by.  Watch out, this one has a flamethrower!.

Destroy the cpu's and exit the room.  Two more guards come out of the room.
How the heck did they get in there and not get killed by us!?
Oh well, kill them now.  Then we can press on.

Beware the electric fences on the top of the walls.  Head torwards the far
door.  Tear right through it.  Go down the short hall and turn left.
Then turn right and then left again.  There are two scientists down this 
hall.  There is a door on the left of the corridor, go down there.

This hall leads to another outside area.  There are three marines here.
Kill them all.  Your freinds try to help you as well.  One of them has
a smart gun.  One of them has a shotgun.

Go under the hydralic lift that is holding up the truck.  Climb in the small
vent shaft down there and head straight.  Tear through the vent shaft in
front of you.  Then follow it until you reach its end.

It will take you to some small room.  There is two ways out of here.  The
small staircase in front of you, or the open area by the hydraulics.
I used the open are, then pounced on the guard with the minigun.  He is at
the top of the stairs.  Then I pounced on the next guard down a little ways.
By now, if you are not good at pouncing you will die a lot.  I usually get
the one hit kill.  If you need health though, do not be afraid to slash them.
You can eat their head once they are dead to gain life.

Once you kill the two guards head stright above the first guard you killed.
There is a small vent that needs to be torn through.  After that you have
finally conquered this beast.


17.C  Escape

Yay!  The demo level.  I have beaten this three times.

Move straight ahead.  You will see a guy working on a sentry gun.  Kill him.
Then get ready for the two guards who will come around the corner.  Kil them.
Head through the door the guards came from and head straight.  Go into the
vent shaft above the door.  Go past the fan on the floor and to the far wall.
Here you will find a wire bundle that you can cut.  This stops the fan from
moving.  DO NOT jump through the fan until after you cut the wires.

Actually look at the fan, but DO NOT jump down it yet.  Head left after you
cut the wires.  There is another vent shaft to go through.

Once through here you are ina  room with two fans.  You here humans talk about
you being in the ducts and setting up guns.  Once again, destroy the wires to
the fans.  By the left side fan there is a guard.  By the right is a scientist.

I usually head by the fan near the scientist and do some clawing.  This makes
the guard look the other way.  Then I hop down the other side and pounce kill
him.  Two more guards will come in the room.  I just hide in the shadows left
of the doorway and when they are about the enter I PK the first and TS
(Tail Strike) the other.

Then move down that hallway.  You should end up in the room you saw earlier.
The one with the fan in the ceiling.  Run to the left of the boxes and destroy
the sentry gun.  Then run straight over and destroy the other sentry gun.
Go to the left wall.  Go all the way forword.  You should see another sentry
gun there.  Destroy it as well.  Then look at the right corner.  There is
another vent there.  Go there.

If you cross that doorway to get to the vent, be careful.  There are two 
guards up there.  I snuck past the doorway without them noticing me though.

Follow the vent until you hit the first blockage, then go up.  Then go right.
You should end up ina  large vertical circular tunnel with a fan at the top.
Head into the duct on the left near the top.  Go to the end and tear the vent.

Wait for speech to end, then head out onto the black railing.  Head right.
It is a dead end.  Now, crawl up on the ceiling and onto the other side.
From here you can watch the guards.  When he is not looking at you drop
into the closest area of the water down below.  Then head straight past a 
couple of the nooks and look to the left side.  I think the third nook has
a vent you need to get in.  It is there, not sure the exact number, I was
in a rush.

Once in the vent turn right.  Then head up, just continue upwards at the turn.
When you reach the gate blow thru it then jut back into the vent.  Then come
out when you are ready for a good fight.

Out side this vent there are two guards.  This was much easier now than I
remeber it being.  Must have gotten better.  Just TS the first one and tear
him a new one.  Then PK the next one.  They are directly in a line so very
easy to kill.  Then head to the large fan shaft in front of you.
There is a snack waiting down there for you...  another scientist.

Go into the vent, near the scientist, on the right.  Just head straight
through the tunnel.  You'll reach another fan room.  Just pass it an go into
the next vent.  Keep going until you reach the drop off.  Then crawl down, and
head to the right.

This should land you in a small room that has some power boxes to tear up.
Hint:  The boxes are to the left and right of the vent you came in.

After smashing those bad boys go on back through the vents to the fan room.
The one where the scientist was.  From there exit the fan room and go left.
You should see a downward sloping walkway that goes through a door.
Upon closer inspection you will notice something sitting in there.
It is another sentry gun.  Pounce it and tear it up.  If you are fast enough
you should walk away unscathed.

Go left out the doorway where the gun was.  Takea right in that room and go
up the ladder.  There is a guy setting up a sentry gun up here.  Show him
who's boss.  Then go cut the wire by the fan.  After cutting the fan wire,
look for the vent up here.  It is a little bit in front of and to the right
of the ladder you came in on.  Go through the vent.

After this vent you come to a room that looks just like the room earlier.
two fans witha some people down below.  To the left of the vent you enter
from, there is another ventilation shaft.  Smash it and move through.
That's all for the first section.  Time for the intermission break.

Part 2

Crawl out slowly.  There is a man by the lift on your right.  Kill him.
Then crawl down the elvator shaft.  There is a guard and a scientist on the
second platform heading down.  Kill them.  When the two guards on the lift
go by hide in the slot for the other lift to go down.  This will make them
not be able to see you.

At the bottom take out the one guard and then wipe out the not finsihed
sentry gun.  Then head through the door where the scientist ran away.
This leads you to another declining hallway.  Kill the guard on the right.

CYA, more guards come from behind you.  After disposing of them go down the
hall where the first guard was.  You'll hear some speech.  Kill the two
soldiers and do what you would with the scientist.  Then break the glass

Appraoch the large door witha Charges TS ready to go.  ther are 2 guards to
kill here.  Go into the room and they lock you in.  Um...  Why do they seem
to think that this is a good idea?

Well there is only one place to go now.  Head through the door way to obtain
your next objectives.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it; is to 
kill the predator down below and survive with your head intact.  As always
if you are captured we really do not give a damn...  Back to the game.

"Kill the Predator" does not sound like an easy task.  Curiosity killed
the cat, and in every aliens movie about 50 humans.  Let us see if it kills
us as well.

To get to the predator just go out the door that you get your new objectives
from.  Just walk until you reach the edge of the ledge.  You will see the
predator and his Shoulder Cannon.  Let him fire at you then drop down
and kick his punk butt.  While he is switching to the Combostick just keep
clawing him.  While fighting him, circle strafe him and slash.  I wish the TS
would stun him though.  Do not rely on stunninng him with your tail since it
does not seem to work at all.

After fighting with him and doing enough damage it is Predator all over again.
Beep   Beep   Beep  Beep  beep beep beep beep beepbeep  BOOOOOOOM!!!!!

If you have time, I suggest going back to the entrance where you came from.
Keep tabs on its location throughout your battle.  If you lose your position,
make sure you can find it fast.

If your having trouble making it to the entrance move like a monkey through a 
forest.  Lunge from wall to wall at high angles to quickly gain altitude.
This should allow you to get to the door within the 10 seconds.  Good luck.

If all goes well you will survive the blast and come back down.  Who is 
sadistically laughing now huh?!?!

When you go back to the blast site there is a large hole in the ground.  Hey
thanks pred baby, you just gave me the exit I was looking for.  Go on into the
crater left  by our dearest crispy freind the predator.

Head down the only tunnel down there.  At the first intersection turn left.
At the end of this is another large room.  To your right and up a little bit
is another tunnel.  This leads out.   Congratulations.  On to the next mission.


17.D  Vengeance

Go up the vent shaft and out the mouth.  You are now under the walkways.  I am
not sure if they can see you so long as you crawl.  You can wait for them to
turn around too if you want.  Not sure if it matters.

Take a left right away.  At the intersection make a right.  One more right and
then a left.  You should be able to get into the ceiling here.

Move forward and then take a left.  Then go left again.  There is a grate you
can destroy here.  Then drop down and kill the guard.  Two more guards come
after you.  Kill them too.

Now move forward.  At the intersection head left.  Go up the latter.
Go down the corridor on the left.  At the end of the corridor there is
a grate you can shatter in the cieling.  Break that and go up it.

Head to the left up here.  Pass the grates and listen to the speeches.
Once again go left.

At the upcoming intersection head left once again, then right.  There is
another grate to destroy.  Kill this.  Make some more noise.

Three guards will gather round.  Drop out and sluaghter them all.  One more
will come around.  Kill him.  Then enther the lab behind you.  There is a
small room in the lab with an acid hole burned in the ground.  Drop in there.

Go left.  There is a small elvator looking shaft.  Go in there and head left.
This leads to a very large elvator shaft.

Go up above the scientist that is on the bridge directly in front of you.
Enter the door way there and kill the guard.  Then go up the ladder.

There is a lab right in front of you.  Stand up and look through the glass.
You're friend the predalien is standing in a cage all locked up.  Why don't
we be nice and free him.  He he he.  Smash the CPU by the window.

There is a grate in the cieling of this room.  Shatter it, and enter.
This leads to a small observation spot.  Go out of here and head left.
There are two shattered doors.  Go in the one on the right side.

Follow this corridor until you reach a large room with two stairways.
There is one guard on your way there.  I just PK'ed him and moved on.

Pounce into the left side window.  There is a grate in there.  If there is
a fan in there you went in the wrong side.  Go in the other.
Once in the correct tunnel, move ahead and turn left at the intersection.
Head right, then straight and then right again into the small nook.

There is a grate you can crash through here.  Go through the doorway...
end of part 1.

Part 2

Exit the small doorway.  To your left is a scientist that will get scared.
Never mind him, two guards will be coming after you in a few second because
of him.  Kill the guards first, then have your snack later.
Go through the doorway to your left.

Then go through the door on your right.  Look right and there is a stairway.
Go up the stairs.  There is another set of stairs.  You'll hear people talk.
Kill the first guard you see, PK hopefully.  Then claw the other to death or
CTS him.

After you dispose of them, go through the grate in the cieling.  Walk by a
grate and you here them talking about their plan to take the queen alien.
Bad idea for them, we'll make sure of it later.  For now we must escape.

Continue down the vent until the end.  Drop down, kill the scientist if you
so choose.  Then go into the small vent.  Head right down here.  Then take
another right and head down the long elvator shaft.

In this little nook you should see two fans, one on the left and right.
In the middle is some weird looking object moving ina  circle.  Next to
this and to the left is another vent shaft to into.

Follow this and it takes you to some small room.  This room connects to a
horseshoe hallway.  When you see the scientist, take a left and go up
into the cieling.  Follow the vent shaft from there.
If you had finished going through the u-turn, you would have faced two guards.

Follow this shaft until its end and go left into the vertical shaft.
Head on down to the bottom.  Some scientists will talk.  On the left of the
end of the tunnel you came from is a small piece of grate you can tear away
top get down into the room.

Go left into the lab and then take a right.  In the lab on the left, you see
some more pals locked up.  Go straight until you reach the area that turns
to the right and has a catwalk.  Get up on the catwalk.  There is a guard on
the other side, that with some skill you can kill undamaged.

After killing that guard two more will come out.  Go back on the railing
and damage the CPU up there.  This dumps some acid on the floor on your right.
You can watch it happen.  Drop down there.

Be ready right here.  Blow up the Cpu and rush to the right, kill the guard.
Then turn around and kill the guard that comes from the left.
Go on to the right and you come to another lab.

Go through the lab and on the left is another small nook with a ladder heading
down.  Go down the ladder.  Once down here wait for your freinds to go by.
They get shot up by sentry guns, but they absorb all the ammo.  He he he,
suckers.  Come on out and head left.  Then head left again.

Keep going straight and you will see two scientists.  Destroy the power switch
by them.  Kill them if you feel like it, or save them for a snack later.

Go back and you'll see a door has opened for you just outside of the area
with the scientists.  Go in there.

Jump down and to the left quickly.  Go under the catwalk you were on.
There is a small trap door in the floor.  Slash it and drop in.  If you
are quick enough, you probably will not have to deal with the two guards
that appear to come in the room behind you.

Once down here, take a right then head straight untul you reach another
elevator shaft.  There is a guard above and below you.

Beware, the guards in here can shoot through the floor.  He shot at me a few
times before I realized he could do that.

RUN LIKE HELL up the wall and out through where the fan is missing.
DO NOT run into the fans...

That is it!   Woohoo!  End of this level.


17.E  Abduction

Let me begin by saying this level can be very tough.  The overall construction
of the hive is very confusing and not being able to see your enemies does not
help us at all.

Begin by pouncing ahead until you find the hive entrance.  Do not worry, you
can't miss it.  Just think of it as a big black ant hill.  Do be careful,
the plant life can be dangerous.

Drop down there.

Follow the horde.  Once you see Sentry guns pounce over them.  Kill the two
Combat Synth that are here then destroy the bomb.  Kill Scientist to regain
health and move on as fast as possible.

Note:  There is also a tunnel somewhere behind you that allows you to sneak
       up behind the guards and destroy the bomb.  At least I think so.
       Not sure of the guards see you or not.  I always rush in, but if the
       sentry guns are slaughtering you, then find the tunnel and use it.

continue in the same direction.  There is a combat synth in the middle of a 
bridge that starts running from all of you.  Kill him and lunge to the far
wall where you see some red light, and a scientist.  There is another synth
here so kill the synth.  Then go after the bomb.

Go on ahead once again.  In this last chamber there are only Sentry guns to
deal with in normal mode.  In hard there is probably another bomb in here.

Now go all the way to the dead end.  Beware, there are two sentry guns there.
Once standing here, turn around.  You should see three alien comrads.
One on the right and two on the left.  One on the left is on the cieling,
the other is on a small ledge.  Go to the one on the ledge.
This little alien is our guide.

Just keep following him and you will end up in a room with three more curled
up aliens.  Go up one of the two tunnels, they both head to the queens former
chamber.  The smaller hole will probably put you in a better position to kill
the two guards up here.

After diposing of the humans, move on through the large tunnel.  It's not
like you really have a choice here or anything.  Going up here there
is a combat synth, a bomb and then another combat synth.

Just keep on following the pathway from here and you'll see a big hallway.
enter there.  Follow a little ways and you are done.  Finally.


17.F  Pursuit

It's time for some hot pursuit.  No it's not the police this time either.
You've got one severely determined, pissed off alien who wants his mommy back.
You better "Run Like Hell!"

Head straight out the tunnel, creep slowly though.  You'll see a marine on a
ledge.  Under the ledge what you do not see are two sentry guns.

Pounce onto the large pipe, wait a few seconds then pounce they guard.
You should be able to nail him without too much damage.  Then wall crawl down
and into the doorway, thend estroy the guns after you are behind them.

Head through the doorway.  Keep going until you can turn left.  There is one
guard witha handgun here.  Kill him.  Behind him there is a vent you can break.

This has got to be one of the hardest damn parts.  There is an area where
the grate is all crashed down.  When you drop down there, There is 1 guard
right there with a pulse rifle.  The problem is getting out of the damn crack!
You have to wall crawl out.

Once you kill him, two more guards approach you.  Kill them as well.  Then go
back to where the first guard was.  See that big switch by the door?
Tear it up and you can get through.

Through the door is two guards.  The front one has a Smart Gun so PK him FAST!
Once they are dead, look to the right.  There are two more guards on the ground
level by the door.  They are spead out a bit, so you need to be fast.
You can actually get on a ledge above them and drop or crawl down.

After killing the guards head towards that big APC.  Behind that through the
doorway is a switch to kill.  After hitting that head back the previous guard

Behind where the guards were you can kill another switch to open a door.
This door leads to a corridor.  Again, at the left had turn there is two

I lured them out by letting one see me, then hid behind the boxes.  I CTS'ed
the first and then PK the second.  Easily handled.
Now go back by the door you entered and smash the shit out of the switch.
The one labled "WARNING area protected by sentry guns"

Then go back around the corner where the guards came from.
Do not go straight ahead, all that happens is you turn a corner to a dead
end and a guard rushed you from behind.  Not worth it.

Instead go right, crawl up the wall and tear open the one vent.  Enter it.
Going up is just a fan.  Go down the vent to the left.  Head right, then left.
Smash the vent and drop down.

After you get down here there is a big fan to your left, and another dead end
to your right.

Go up the shaft.  Up a little ways you will see three boxes by three lights.
they are aranged in ina  triangle...   Destroy those boxes...  Only took me
half an hour to realize you need to smash those things.  Unlike most breakable
stuff there is no claws when you look at them.  Break them and the fan will
stop moving.  Proceed up the vent to where the fan is.

Make sure you are facing the side that is torward the vent you made it to
this hallway in.  Basically get to the dead end where the fan tunnel is and
turn around.  That is where the guards will be when you get up there.

Save it just in case you face the wrong direction.  There are two marines up
there.  After killeing them a Combat Synth with a Smart Gun comes after you!!!
Kill him any way you can.

Get into the hall and run like heck to the left.  You may be able to escape
dueling the Combat Synth if you run and book left into the small cleft.

There will be two guards fown the hall way, if you run on the cieling you may
make it without being shot.  If you go on the cieling it will be left.

There is a crate on the floor to smash and fall through.  Follow this tunnel.
This leads you to the boiler room.

Directly to your left when you get up, there is a guard with a handgun.
There is also one on the lower balcony and one on the upper balcony with

After disposing of the waste, go to the top center and tear the box next to
the switch labled "System Charge."  This causes a huge explsion.  Go through
the hole created by the explosion.

Head right.  At the intersection head right again, you should see a soldier
before you even enter the room.  Take him out right away.

Then go left.  You should see a guy working there.  Go past him and kill
the two guards on the right, before they notice you.  Then kill the ever
so scary pistol branding moron.

Then go up top where the walkways is.  Head left and there is another switch
to shred to peices.  Break it and go on through.

There is one guard straight ahead, and two that come around the corner after
you kill him.  Should not be too horrible to dispose of.
There is also another guard down the corridor, this one has a smart gun.

After killing them all, smash yet another switch.  Imediately kill the two
guards by the door.  BEWARE the combat Synth with the Minigun coming up.
He comes after you when you kill the guards.

Go down the hall and turn right.  Then head out the doors.  There is two
more guards out here.  Head through the open door and done with this level!


17.G  Freedom

Right off that bat, a guard with a smart gun comes after you.  PK him fast.
After killing him head forward into the hall.  Destroy the switch.
Go back into the previous room.  Go up the elvator shaft, or climb the walls.

There is two guards up there so beware.  The second comes after you kill the
first.  After killing them go to where the second guard came from.

Go in the vent in the ceiling .  The one section leads to an open upward
shaft.  Don't waste your time.  It is the sam as the last level with the fan
at the top.

Instead go to the side where you can abruptly make a right turn.  Take a right
at that turn and go down the corridor.  You'll come to floor vent, move around
it to its far side before dropping down.  This will land you behind the one of
the two guards.  Claw him down, turn around and kill the other.  Then go kill
the sentry gun switch on the wall for good measure.

You can't open the half opened door, so move ahead in the other direction.
Go down the corridor then turn right.  Then go right into the room with
the powerloader.

Head straight into the room and go down the ladder marked as "Power Generator"
once down here drop down the ledge to your left.  In fact, just drop down it
backwards.  There is a Combat Synth waiting to ambush you.

If you need health kill the scientist.  Then go blow up the cpu by where the
scientist was.

After that go back into the large room with the power loader.  Turn right.
You can see the large catwalks to the right and straight ahead.
Straight ahead is one guard, to the right is two more.

After killing them, head out the open door.  Take a right.
Around the next corner to the left is a Combat Synth.
To the right is a switch for a sentry gun.  Take them both out.

Go after the switch first, then hide... then take out the Synth.
After taking him out drop on down and head for the large room.

To the left is two scientists.  Once they spot you two guards will come
after you from straight ahead.  Kill them, then move on ahead.
Now if you go to the end and turn left you hear just what you wanted
to hear.  NOT!

It's time for another predator duel!

Once you enter the big room he is on the upper level to the right.  You'll
see him run away.

Once your up there head right, at the next hall turn right and kill the two
guards, then head left.  Then head right and go into another big room.
In here on the right balcony there is two guards.  On the left there is no
guards.  You probably can get on the left side without causing a disturbance.
When I went back in I noticed a sentry gun switch in the middle of the
far wall in the center.  That may be important later.

The left and right both lead to a long tunnel anyways, so choose your destiny.
Once you find the tunnel go down it.  At the end of the tunnel go left.

Now all your patient waiting has amounted to something.  It is finally time
for that coward to fight you.  I suggest you jump him if you can.

You know I always thought that steam damaged you?

You see that big steaming pipe to the left?  Go on in it quickly.
If your fast enough you can completely escape damage from the predator
Well anyways, now that your in the pipe, move on ahead.  Upon exiting the
pipe, to your right is a guard.  Dispose of him, and then head left.
End of part 1, woohoo.

Part 2

Tear through the fencing on your left.

If you look up you will see a small spot in the upper area that has no
guard rail.  Fly on up there and kill the two guards.  The left guard has a 
smart gun and the right guard has a shotgun.

Again look for the spot missing the guard rail.  There is two sentry guns
to blow up there.  They won't even shoot at you if you jump right.

Directly across from where you jumped up to destroy the Sentry Guns up
in the cieling there is a ventilation shaft for you to break.  Jump on
up there and break it.  Go ahead and enter it.

Go through this tunnel, there is some more speech.  Then smash the vent and
exit.  Move straight through this room.  There is a grate in the floor of the
next room.  Fall down it and follow it to the end.

Shatter the grate.  There is one guard to the left and two scientists.
After having your way with the poulty go left.

Around the corner and to the right is two guards.  A third comes after
you from around the next corner as well, so you have to be one heck of
a blender.

Just run through all the corridor system killing all of the guards.  They
are very susceptable to the flying blender (PK) so just tun on through them
all.  At the end is the a switch you must tear up.

After wiping out the switch head left to the newly opened door.  Once in here,
head right and destory the Landing Hydraulics switch.

Go back out of this room. through the way you came in.  Take a right,
then another right.  This leads you to Hydralic room number 2.
Smash the switch.

Head back out the entrance you came from.  Once again go right.  There is
two poeople here.  They look like a guards, but didn't fire at me.
Lunch if you need health.

After having your happy meal, go through the hallway that they are near.
Watch for steam, it is dangerous.  Get past the three steam bellows and
goa round the corner.  You should see a box and a corner heading left.

Remember this corner?  Earlier there was three guards here.  Well guess what?
This time after that corner there is, two combat Synths waiting for you.
Dispose of them and go through the door.

Go down the corridor and around the corner.  You should see a small vent
shaft to break through on the ground.  Break it and climb on up.  Head
left and eat the scientist.  Then smash the "Flight Telemitry Relay."

Then go back down.  At the bottom there is a guard waiting for you.  But he
is looking the wrong way.  he he he.  Head bite anyone?
After killing the poor fool, head right.

Go straight at the triple cross roads.  This leads up a large ramp.
End part 2.

Part 3

It is time fore the mega Predator fight.  If you jump up on the ledge to your
right.  You can see the predator and he won't attack you.

Jump at him and claw like crazy.  As far as I can tell the only attack that
works on them is clawing!?!?!?  Your Tail Strike, Pounce Kill, and Charged
Tail Strike do nothing against him!

Did I say him?  Opps, I meant them.  Yes, after you kill the first one another
appears behind you to fight you.  After finally killing him a marine
comes out from that ledge you were on earlier and start to fire at you!

After disposing of all the riff raff, go through the doors.  On the right,
there is a another vent shaft.  Break it, go up, then head left.
There is two guards on the left, so be careful.  After killing them
proceed to destroy their cpu's.  Thi is the landing beacon.  You just made
the drop ship crash back down.

Go back out to where you killed the predators.  Dr. Eisenburg is out there.
Go ahead kill him.  Then you get to see the end of the game.  Alien Style.

     T                       E                       !
          H                       N                       !
                E                      D                       !


18.   Cheats

Credit for all Cheat codes goes to,,
and their respective contributors.

Note:  For all cheats you must hit enter (Chat) button.
       Then you type in  x
       Remember to keep the space in there too.
       If you do it right then you will hear a growling sound.

    mpbunker - Full weapons/ammo and infinite ammo.
mpcanthurtme - God mode on/off 
  mpschuckit - Add weapons and ammo 
    mpsmithy - Full armor 
    mpkohler - Full ammo 
 mpstockpile - Full ammo (maybe with differences?) 
    mpbeamme - Beam player to level start with initial conditions 
mpsixthsense - No clip on/off 
       mpicu - 3rd person mode on/off (HUD doesn't visible in this mode) 
mptachometer - Show speed info on/off 
    mpsizeme - Show size info on/off 
       mpgrs - Show rotation info on/off 
       mpgps - Show position info on/off 
       mpfov - Edit (with keys) FOV value 
mpvertextint - Edit (with keys) vertext tint 
  mplightadd - Edit (with keys) light amplification 
mplightscale - Edit (with keys) light scale 
    mpbreach - Edit (with keys) weapon breach 
    mpwmpos - Edit (with keys) weapon offset 1 
     mpwpos - Edit (with keys) weapon offset 2

    mpmorphX - Morph into the folloowing creature.
               Change X to name of creature.

List of morph values:

marine duke


19.   This FAQ is Posted at:

If you see it on any other sites please e-mail me.  
Again, If you would like to post it on your site, please just e-mail me.


20.   Legal Information Reiterated

This FAQ is copyright 2001/2002 Oni5115.  Any unauthorized reproduction of this
guide is strictly prohibited.  Its use must remain private, unless otherwise
authorized by Oni5115.  The Marine Walkthrough is Copyright 2001/2002 VileZero,
any unauthorized reproduction for non personal usage is strictly prohibited
without his conscent.

Webmasters wishing to post this guide on their pages must e-mail me before
posting the FAQ.  After being e-mailed I will give you permission and add you
to the list of verified users in the FAQ's next version.

Rules for posting on a website:

1.  It MUST be left comepletely unchanged, with full copyright information

2.  Must be e-mail notification before you post the FAQ.


21.   Credits

Well my thanks goes out to Sierra, Monolith, and Lithtec for making a great

Other credits:

VileZero   - Several Strategies for human and alien.  Thanks a ton!
VileZero   - Writing the Marine walkthrough so far.
VileZero   - Thanks again, and again, and one more time for good measure.

DeAdLy Spy - For telling preds can not be seen if they stand still.  
             Not even by smart guns.  I did not know that one.
HaifanK    - Info on aliens HB attack.
Sinistar   - More great tactics and info.  Also a nice quote.
DrgnMech   - Info on Preatorian evolution.
blood_s3m  - More Preatorian info about non burning.
             Some other good info I forgot to mention.
Happyguy   - Correction on POC definition. and for the codes.

Please send info to me at [email protected]

The End...

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