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Final Fantasy Legend 2 FAQ
By: Fox White

Table of Contents
A. Increasing Your Stats
B. Weapons
C. The Seven Sword
D. Sound Test

A. Increasing Your Stats
	Part two of the Final Fantasy Legend series, in this game, you must fight 
monsters in order to increase your stats. The stronger the monster that you are 
fighting, the better chance of a stat increasing.

B. Weapons
	I forgot to mention weapons on my Final Fantasy Legend FAQ, but I'll 
mention it here and then go back and edit that FAQ and mention it there. Weapons on 
Final Fantasy Legend 2 have a set amount of durability before it breaks. Most 
weapons have a set amount of 50. When this reaches 0, it will break and you will 
have to buy a new weapon. Since weapons are seriously overpriced in this game, it 
would be a good idea to buy yourself a few long swords and train for a while in the 
first area before you move on. Not only will you get stronger, but you'll also have 
more money to use in the next few areas.

C. The Seven Sword
	The Seven Sword can be found from Haniwas in the Central Shrine so fight 
them over and over again until you get as many as you want or need. The Seven Sword 
hits 7 times and with 99 strength does about 25,000+ damage to monsters in the 
first area of the game.

D. Sound Test
	To activate the sound test for Final Fantasy Legend 2, you must press 
Select + Start + B at the title screen. Going from the first song to the last, I 
think you push right, will allow you a hidden 19th song which is the final battle 

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