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     By undergoing a series of arduous side-quests, you can obtain each character's ultimate weapon, known as Celestial Weapons.

STEP 1: Obtaining the Cloudy Mirror
     Before you are able to open the chests containing Celestial Weapons, you must first obtain a sign of your strength, the Celestail Mirror. 
     However, the Celestial Mirror has been ruined over the ages, and you must perform a sacred ritual to restore it. First, head to Remiem Templ. 
     To get there, earn the right to ride a chocobo in the Calm Lands by successfully completely at least one of the Chocobo Trainer mini-games. 
     (The Chocobo Trainer can be found in the Northwest portion of the Calm Lands.) Ride the chocobo to the Southeast of the Calm Lands, just to 
     the right of the entrance from Bevelle. Examine the Chocobo Feather to jump the gap, then proceed forward to Remiem Temple. By entering the 
     temple, you could challenge Belgemine to a Contest of Aeons. For now however, run around the right side of the temple and speak with the      
     chocobo there. This will intiate the Chocobo Race mini-game. For now, avoid all the chests and poles. Just continue around the course, ever 
     heading down and towards the center. If you win, regardless of the stats you accumulate, you will receive the Cloudy Mirror, the antiquated 
     manifestation of the Celestial Mirror.

STEP 2: Restoring the Celestial Mirror
     Return to Macalania Woods via the airship. This is where the ancient mystical spheres will allow to perform the restoration ritual. First, proceed to 
     the Save Sphere in Macalania Woods-South. There should now be 4 branches off this area, one to the Northwest, another to the Northeast, and 
     two to the South. Near the Save Sphere, speak with the lone mother and son several times, untill each has nothing more to say. You must aide 
     these two by locating the missing father. Head to Macalania Woods-Campsite, where you will find the missing man. Tell him where his family is, 
     then return to the Save Sphere. Speak with the father and mother several times until you learn of the now missing boy. Head out through the 
     newly formed Southeast passage to reach the Celestial Path. Proceed along the path until you reach the first and only intersection. Take the 
     northern branch (straight up), which was previously blocked by a traveller. There, you will find the missing boy, as well as the mystical sphere. 
     Talk to the boy, then approach the sphere and use the Cloudy Mirror. It will transform into its true form, the Celestial Mirror!

STEP 3: Obtaining Tidus' Celestial Weapon: Caladbolg
     Now that you have the Celestial Mirror, you can finally locate the Celestial Weapons. Tidus' awesome sword weapon, which, when fully powered, 
     includes the awesome Break Damage Limit and Evade & Counter abilities, is located in the Calm Lands, and should be your first goal. You must 
     complete all 4 of the Chocobo Trainer mini-games. After defeating the Chocobo Trainer in a race (regardless of your time), immediately ride to 
     the Northwest corner of the Calm Lands, and head down the small gorge that is there (the man that was previously blocking your way is gone). 
     Use the Celestial Mirror on the glyph there to receive the chest containing the Caladbolg! However, the only equipped ability is the horrible No AP 
     hindrance. Thus, do not equip the weapon quite yet. There is one more task you must undergo after acquiring all the Celestial Weapons.

STEP 4: Obtaining Yuna's Celestial Weapon: Nirvana
     To acquire the Nirvana, which will one day possess the amazing One MP Cost and Break Damage Limit abilities, head across the Calm Lands to 
     the Monster Arena. If you have not yet began this side-quest, agree to help the Arena Master and purchase Catcher weapons from him for at 
     least 3 characters, preferably Tidus' Taming Sword, Wakka's Catcher, and Auron's Beastmaster. Equip these weapons and head out into the 
     Calm Lands. Explore the entire region until you have successfully captured at least one of the nine different species of monsters in the Calm 
     Lands. The species you must catch are: Skoll, Nebiros, Flame Flan, Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Coeurl, Chimera Brain, and the tough Malboro. 
     After catching all nine species (to catch a species, you MUST deliver the killing blow with a normal physical attack with a Catcher weapon), return 
     to the Arena. After completely any of the so-called Conquests (by either catching all the species of an area or by catching all the species of a   
     specific breed, such as dragons), the Arena Master will present you with a valuable prize. For your work in the Calm Lands, you will receive 
     Yuna's Nirvana. Once again, do not equip it yet, since it bears the No AP ability.

STEP 5: Obtaining Auron's Celestial Weapon: Masamune
     Auron's Masamune, which will surely make him your strongest character, is fairly well concealed. Firsy, you must travel to the Cavern of the 
     Stolen Fayth. If you have not yet visited this place, where you can also obtain the Aeon-for-hire, Yojimbo, you can locate it by taking the 
     Northern exit out of the Calm Lands. In the area where you fought Defender X, descend the gorge on the right side underneath the bridge. To 
     your left is the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. For now, proceed to the right, along a long and enemy-filled path, until you reach a training ground 
     where some Crusaders maybe practicing their swordsmanship. Take the Rusty Sword from between the two rocks. This sword was once the 
     weapon weilded by Lord Mi'ihen; now, it is the quintessence of decay. With the Rusty Sword, return to Mushroom Rock Road. If you airship does 
     not allow you direct access to Mushroom Rock, you can reach it via the Mi'ihen Highroad. At Mushroom Rock, proceed North, past the 
     intersection, into the region that Clasko blocked the last time you were here. Ride the transporter up to a small outcropping with a statue of Lord 
     Mi'ihen riding a horse. Use the Rusty Sword to reveal a glyph. Touch the glyph to obtain the presently useless Masamune.

STEP 6: Obtaining Wakka's Celestial Weapon: World Champion
     Wakka's legendary weapon, the World Champion, is the easiest to obtain, but only if you have been playing Blitzball. After playing between 25 
     and 50 Blitzball Matches, return to Luca and visit the Cafe located just North of the Central Square (below the stairs leading to the Mi'ihen 
     Highroad). Show the bartender the Celestial Mirror, and she will hand over the weapon, which is still barred by the No AP ability.

STEP 7: Obtaining Kimahri's Celestial Weapon: Spirit Lance
     To acquire Kimahri's Spirit Lance, you will need to have a party member equipped with Peaceful Armor (or any other armor that bears the No 
     Encounters ability). Otherwise, this process may be quite arduous. Return to the annoying Thunder Plains and examine the two Qactaur Stones 
     that lie in repose on opposite sides of the Thunder Plains-South. You should notice a blue emission eminating from the stones. Press the square 
     button to offer the prayer to each stone, releasing the imprisoned Qactaur spirit. Now, head to the Thunder Plains-North. Examine any one of the 
     three Qactaur Stones here and pray before it, using the square button. You may have to wait and watch, as the blue emission shifts from stone 
     to stone. Pray only when the stone emits the blus light. This releases a third and final Qactaur spirit. Now, return to the south and look for a 
     ghostly apparition of a Qactaur hovering above the ground. He is very faint and the fog is hindering, so you may need to search for a long time. 
     Follow and/or lead the Qactaur spirit to the only broken Lightning Tower about midway on the right side. Press the square button to attract a 
     lightning bolt, which, when it strikes the run-down tower, will produce the well-deserved yet currently plagued Spirit Lance.

STEP 8: Obtaining Lulu's Celestial Weapon: Onion Knight.
     To obtain the hilarilous yet valuable Onion Knight, return to Baaj Temple. This is a hidden, unmarked destination on the world map. To locate it, 
     search around the coordinates 15:60:00 (that is, X-coordinate 15, Y-coordinate 60, and Z-coordinate 0 or default). Keep clicking around this 
     area until it is marked. Travel to it, and run up the familiar path (this is where Tidus first awoke in Spira). Jump in the water at the end, and 
     Tidus will explain to the others. It is playback time! Swim towards the northern doors, and engage in a battle with the doomed Geosgaeno. You 
     can easily defeat by using curative items and magic, since it is an undead with innate Zombie Status. After defeating it, you can enter the 
     temple, where you could begin the long side-quest that bestows upon you the awesome Aeon of Death, Anima, but for now, simply examine the 
     weeds underwater directly across from the Temple entrance to discover a partially hidden chest containing the Onion Knight.

STEP 9: Obtaining Rikku's Celestial Weapon: Godhand
     Rikku's Godhand is fairly easy to obtain. Simply input the password GODHAND (case-sensitive) into the airship to access an secret location at     
     Mushroom Rock. Traverse through the ravines until you reach the lone chest, containing Rikku's Godhand. You must use the Celestial Mirror on 
     the engraved symbol at the end to discover the chest.

STEP 10: Realizing the Full Potential of Celestial Weapons
     To finally remove the virulent No AP ability and power up the Celestial Weapons to their full capacity, you must perform a series of rituals before 
     the mystical sphere in Macalania Woods. First, however, you must acquire two key items, a sigil and a crest, for each of the characters. See Part 
     III for information regarding these items.

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