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Frequently Asked Questions

Final Fantasy X
Platform: PS2
Publisher: Square Electronic Arts

01  Is it possilbe for every character in the game to obtain every skill on the Sphere Grid?
          Theoretically, it is possible to have every one of your character's learn every Ability, Skill, Special, and
          attribute on the Sphere Grid, but this process could literally take months, maybe even longer. Though the
          Sphere Grid system does allow for better customization of characters, Square was careful to design it so
          that characters must undergo massive leveling-up to reach certain abilities. The average player seems
          to reach a level where every character completes two sections of the Sphere Grid. The recommended
          path to have your characters take is as follows: (naturally, you chould complete each characters personal
          section first)
               TIDUS: Take Auron's path to allow Tidus to grow stronger.
               AURON: Take Tidus' path to allow Auron to gain speed.
               WAKKA: Take Auron's path to allow Wakka to obtain Specials such as the Break Abilities.
               KIMAHRI: Take Rikku's path to allow Kimahri to learn the way of a thief.
               YUNA: Use a Transport Sphere to take Lulu's path and learn Black Magic.
               LULU: Use a Transport Sphere to take Yuna's path and learn White Magic.
               RIKKU: Take either Lulu's or Yuna's path, depending on your personal preference.

02  Can you remove abilities from weapons?
          Though the Weapon Customization system puts previous Final Fantasy armament methodologies to shame,
          it is not flawless. One problem is that you cannot remove an ability from a weapon. Therefore, you must
          choose wisely when assigning abilities to weapons.

03  Does each character have an ultimate weapon?
          In Final Fantasy X, each character has a Celestial Weapon, which, though difficult to acquire, will be the
          strongest weapon for that character. To locate the Celestial Weapons, you must first obtain the Cloudy
          Mirror item, and then upgrade that to the Celestial Mirror item, which will allow you to open the chests
          containing Celestial Weapons. Furthermore, each weapon when first obtained is equipped only with the
          NO AP ability, which prevents the character from earning Ability Points in post-battle reports. You must
          obtain two (2) powerup items for each weapon and perform rituals in order to remove the NO AP hindrance
          and access the weapon's true form and potential. Refer to the Helps and Hints section below to learn how to
          accomplish these tasks.

04  How do you obtain everyone's complete Overdrive Abilities?
          The following is a complete list of each character's Overdrives and how they are obtained:
               TIDUS - Swordplay
                    Spiral Cut (Damages One Enemy) - You Start With This
                    Slice & Dice (Randomly Targets Multiple Enemies) - Successfully Perform 10 Overdrives
                    Energy Rain (Damages All Enmies) - Successfully Perform 30 Overdirves
                    Blitz Ace (Damages All Enemies) - Successfully Perform 80 Overdrives
                         *To Successfully Complete an Overdrive, press the X button when the cursor is in the highlighted area
               AURON - Bushido
                    Dragon Fang (Damages and Delays All Enemies) - You Start With This
                    Shooting Star (Damages and may Eject One Enemy) - Obtain the Jecht Sphere Item
                    Banishing Blade (Damages and Breaks One Enemy) - Obtain at least 3 Jecht Spheres
                    Tornado (Damages All Enemies) - Obtain all Jecht Spheres, plus Auron's Sphere and Braska's Sphere
               YUNA - Grand Summon
               KIMAHRI - Ronso Rage
                    Use the Lancet Ability to learn the following Rages:
                         Jump (Default Ability)
                         Fire Breath
                         Seed Cannon
                         Thrust Kick
                         Stone Breath
                         Aqua Breath
                         White Wind
                         Bad Breath
                         Mighty Guard
                         NOVA (Can only be obtained from Omega Weapon in the Omega Ruins)
               WAKKA - Slots
                    All of Wakka's Overdrives must be won as prizes in Blitzball Tourneys
                         Element Reels (Attack Random Enemies With One Elemental Property)
                         Attack Reels (Attack Random Enemies With a Barage of Physical Strikes)
                         Status Reels (Attack Random Enemies With a Series of Status Inflictions)
                         Aurochs Reels (Unleash the Aurochs Power on Multiple Random Enemies)
                              *To dictate the attack pattern of the reels, attempt to match up 3 or 2 items in the slots
               LULU - Fury
                    Rotate the Right Analog Stick as repaidly as possible in a clockwise fashion to increase castings
               RIKKU - Mix
                    There are at least 60 different combinations of items to mix. Try expermineting on your own.

05  What abilities are worth learning on the Sphere Grid?
          Naturally, a character should learn everyone of his or her abilities. However, here is a list of the very
          valuable abilities, many of which require Key Spheres to access.
               Quick Hit (A great tactical yet powerful attack the greatly increases the charcters recovery time)
               Hastega (Hasten all characters in your current party)
               Slowga (Slow all enemies)
               Entrust (Donate one character's Overdrive Guage to another characters)
               Sentinel (Have your most durable character take damage for everyone with a heightened state of defense)
               Zombie Attack (Attack and Zombify the enemy)
               Triple Foul (Inflict Silence, Darkness, and Sleep on the target all at once)
               Doublecast (Cast two consecutive Black Magic spells)
               Ulitma (The ultimate Black Magic spell)
               Flare (A powerful nonelemental Black Magic spell)
               Bribe (Pay enemies to run away and leave rare items)
               Copycat (Repeat any non-Summoning action performed by the character before you)
               Full-Life (Revive a character with a complete restoration of HP)
               Auto-Life (Inflict a character such that they revive automatically after dying once in battle)
               Holy (The ulitmate, and only, White Magic attack spell)
               Mug (Attack and steal from an enemy)

See Part 2 for further FAQs, strategies, and hints into the secrets of Final Fantasy X

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