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Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced

Version: 1.0
Last Updated:  6/23/05
Strategy Guide by dougboy
E-mail:  [email protected]

1. Intro
2. Version History
3. Humans
4. Bangaa
5. Nu Mou
6. Viera
7. Moogle
8. Walkthrough
9. FAQ

1. Introduction

I thought to myself, “Self, who really needs to know all the tactical information 
on every item?”  So I made this guide to help.  But if you really need to check all 
the tactical information on most items check my other guide.  I hope this answers 
some of your questions about Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.  Enjoy!!

2. Version History

V 1.0
~Started a new guide
~Finished Humans
~Finished Bangaa
~Finished Nu Mou
~Finished Viera
~Finished Moogle

3. Humans

Humans are a well rounded race.  They can use magic and conventional weapons both 
which can have short and long ranges.  It is important to become familiar with them 
because the main character is one.

The soldier is a typical medieval knight which carries a sword or Greatsword and 
has some sort of heavy armor and of course a shield.  His abilities are all close 

After a soldier masters two moves he can choose to be a paladin.  Paladins are like 
soldiers but they also can heal.  Paladins carry knightswords or Greatsword and 
heavy armor.

The fighter is someone that has mastered two moves of a soldier.  Fighters are 
stronger than a soldier, carry blades, but lack the heavy armor of a soldier.  Most 
of his abilities are close range but a few are can attack further.

The thief, as the name implies, steals things.  A great thief can steal anything.  
Thieves use knives as their weapon of choice.

Once a thief masters the art of stealing two different types of things he can 
become a ninja.  Ninjas use katana for fighting.  Ninjas can learn the secret art 
of Doublesword, the ability to use two weapons for fighting.

Black Mage
Black Mages use fire, ice, and lightning mage to bring their foes to their knees.  
Black Mages use rods in close combat with only robes to protect themselves.  But 
away from their foes they use the terrifying Black Magic.

White Mage
White Mages are the healers.  They heal HP, recover status effects, cast 
protections, and bring back KOed friends. They use staffs and are protected by 

Blue Mage
A Blue Mage learns all his moves from monsters.  One can become a Blue Mage after 
learning one white and one black magic.  Once a Blue Mage acquires the move 
Learning he can learn some monster moves.  Blue Mages carry sabers to ward off 

To become an Illusionist one must learn five black magic spells and three white 
magic spells.  Illusionist Phantom Skills strike every opponent but are not very 
strong.  Like Black Mages they use rods in close combat and are protected by robes.

Archers of course use bows to strike their opponents.  Archers can fire their 
missiles in different ways to bring about different effects, like immobilizing.

An Archer that masters two moves can become a Hunter.  A Hunter tracks down and 
captures monsters to keep in the Monster Bank.  Hunters use Great Bows to bring 
down their prey.

4. Bangaa

“You’re a…a lizard!”

Bangaa are large lizards, but you better not say that to their face as they are 
know to have short tempers.  Bangaa are big fighters and don’t use much magic.  You 
want to have some Bangaa if you like to stage big assaults.

Warriors are exactly like soldiers only they are Bangaa.  They use swords or 
Broadswords and heavy armor.

Dragoons are the dragon slayers of old.  Dragoons use special spears or normal 
swords to bring down their foes.  Dragoons have learned to breathe fire, ice, and 
lightning like their dragon foes but have also learned to jump very high and land 
on their unsuspecting foes with their spears.

After a Warrior masters two sword techniques he can become a Dragoon, a Defender, 
or a Gladiator.  A Defender focuses on defense more than attack.  But they use 
Knightswords and Broadswords to strike when the need arises.

Gladiators are warriors hardened from fighting in arenas.  A great Gladiator can 
make magic go into their blades to have a fire, ice, or lightning strike.

White Monk
A bangaa with some healing powers are White Monks.  White Monks use little healing 
and have some good attack strength.  The use knuckles for close combat.

White Monks that have learned two moves can become Bishops.  Bishops rely on magic 
to fight unlike all other Bangaa using their strength.  Bishops protect themselves 
with rods.

Palace guards are more likely to be Templars.  Templars, like Dragoons, use spears 
for fighting.  Templars use some magical attacks.

5. Nu Mou

Nu Mou are a quite race very skilled in magic.  When they do attack with weapons 
they use weak weapons.  Magic is their main form of attack.

White Mage
The same as Human White Mages.  They heal and use staves to attack.

Black Mage
Same as Human Black Mages.  They use Black Magic and use rods.

Same as Human Illusionist.  They use Phantom Skills and rods.

Time Mage
A Black Mage that masters five spells can become a Time Mage.  Time Mages can slow, 
stop, or speed-up time.  Time Mages, like White Mages use staffs.

A Nu Mou that learns five black magic spells and three white mage spells can become 
an Alchemist.  Alchemist use magic spells like poison and toad to slow down their 
opponents.  Alchemist use maces in close combat.

Beastmaster use different instruments to put monsters under their control.  
Beastmasters are a must if you like to turn your foes against each other.

Once a Beastmaster learns to control five different types of monsters he can become 
a Morpher.  Morphers use the souls of monsters that have been caught by Hunters as 
weapons.  They also use the souls to transform themselves into monsters.

To become a sage one must learn to control two different monsters and learn to cast 
three black magic spells.  Sages are similar to Alchemist but they don’t use as 
much status afflicting spells as they do attacking spells.  Like Alchemist they 
also use maces to attack.

6. Viera

The Viera race is one of all women.  Though I really don’t know how the keep their 
race going.  Vieras are the fastest and have the highest evasion skill of all the 
other races.

White Mage
Same as Human and Nu Mou White Mage.  Use staffs and heal.

Vieras that fight with light swords, rapiers, are fencers.  Fencers have some 
skills that are long range and others that are not.

Red Mage
A fencer that has learned one skill can become a Red Mage.  Red Mages are sort-of 
like Black Mages except that they only use the lower level magic attacks.  But they 
make up for that by being able learn Double Cast, sort-of the Doublesword for 
Vieras only it cast two magic spells in quick succession.  Vieras use the same 
rapiers as Fencers.

Elementists are Vieras that have learned one white magic spell and one fencing 
skill.  Elementists use element based magic attacks to inflict damage and status 
effects.  Elementist use rapiers like Red Mages

An Elementist that has learned two elemental magic spell and two white magic spells 
can become a Summoner.  Summoners can summon spirits like Shiva.  Summoners use 
staves in close combat.

Same as Human Archers.  Use bows and inflict status effects.

Snipers are Archer that have master two different bow techniques.  Snipers use 
Greatbows and are able to destroy their opponents weapons.

Assassins have learned two elemental magic spells and one Sniper skill.  Assassins 
are the only characters in the game that have the power to One-hit-KO their 
opponents.  Assassins use a Katana or Greatbow to assassinate their foes.

7. Moogle

“And to make matters worse I’m talking to a stuffed animal!”

Moogles are short little guys with a puffball type thing sticking out of their 
heads.  Moogles are slow and don’t have a very long move range but they make up for 
it with their long rage attacks.  Montblanc, your sidekick, is a Moogle so you 
might want to become familiarized with them, though you should be familiar with all 

Black Mage
Same as Human and Nu Mou Black Mage.  Use black magic and rods.

Time Mage
Same as Nu Mou Time Mage.  Five black magic spells.  Alter time and use staves.

Same as Human Thief.  Steals stuff and use knives.

Thieves that learn to steal two types of items can become Jugglers.  Jugglers throw 
things like torches and daggers at their foes.  Jugglers use knives like Thieves.

A Thief can become a Gadgeteer by learning to steal two different types of items.  
Gadgeteers pull things out of boxes that have a 50% chance of happening to all your 
characters and a 50% chance of happening to all your enemies.  These boxes can hold 
things like healing powers or poisons.  Gadgeteers use knuckles to fight.

An Animist is a Moogle that uses animal based attacks, like 100% Wool which boosts 
defense and magic resistance.  Animist use instruments for weapons.

Mog Knight
A Moogle can become a Mog Knight after he learns one Animist technique.  Mog 
Knights are like Human Fighters except their attacks all start with Mog.  Like 
Fighters Mog Knights use Blades.

In addition to becoming a Mog Knight after learning one Animist technique a Moogle 
can become a Gunner.  Gunners have the longest ranged weapons of anyone else in the 
game.  Gunners can also infuse magic into their deadly missles.  Gunners of course 
use guns.

8. Walkthrough

9. FAQ

“In the beginning I really didn’t know what was going on.  But to be honest I still 
don’t know what’s going on.”

Please send me your questions.  But I cannot guaranty that I will have the answer.  
Please don’t send questions that would be already stated in this guide.  I don’t 
guaranty same day delivery (sorry I may not get to you for a wile).  My e-mail is 
[email protected]  Hope to answer your questions!

10. Credits

The credit for this game is to me, dougboy, Nintendo for publishing this game, 
Square Enix for developing it, and you for reading this.  

Don’t take any info from this strategy guide just put a link to this.

This is not to be put on any site but
Don’t put this strategy guide on you site only put a link to this on it.

I am the only one to change this.

Thanks for reading this and enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced!!!

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