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Final Level(The Maw) Walkthrough/ written by Kyle A.K.A. Draco Cepheus.
Alright, you made it to the final level, don't get cocky now.
This level may not be the hardest if you follow the walkthrough  I made.
Beginning:You saw the video where "Master Chief" crashed the Banshee into the ship, 
now make a left when you go through the tunnel.Then make a right.There should be a 
maintenance access way. Go in it. There should be a ladder and little "Flood 
Infections" (The little green looking things) should pour out.
Once your down with them, throw a grenade down the ladder. It should kill whats left 
in there. Go down the ladder. There are sentinals there. Destroy them. Next, there 
should be a door and Flood monsters will break through it. Smoke them with some well 
thrown grenades and really well aimed shots. After doing so, Head that away till you 
reach the Cryo-B. Go to the left side of the room (just forget the flood and 
sentinals that are fighting on the floor, go up the ladder and kill the flood 
monsters and the sentinals on the 2nd floor of the Cryo-B. Head to the left passage. 
Now this will take some serious skill to beat this if you have first played this 
level. You need plenty of ammo, grenades, grenades,grenades, and skill. The key 
words there were GRENADES and SKILL. Throw grenades everywhere down that hall. After 
your through blowing the flood monsters to a bunch of smoldering goo, go down that 
hallway and enter another maintenance access way. Soon you will hear gun shots, 
slamming crashing and basically put, death.DO NOT GO OUT OF THE MAINTANENCE ACCESS 
WAY. WAIT UNTIL THE NOISE DIES DOWN, then pick off the last of the stragglers. Now 
head into the other rooms till you come to a sign on the floor that says ARMORY. Go 
that way. Get loaded with rocketlaunchers, "GRENADES" and guns. Now head to the sign 
on the floor that says "engineering" and go that way. You will come to a room where 
you will see that ships fusion reacters. go to the sides of that rooms, you will see 
a ramp, go up it......go to each side and go to the 3rd floor. Next, press "X" whe 
nyo go to the black looking computer things, that should open up a fusion reacter. 
Go down and throw a grenade or use a rocket to disable a reactor. After going to 
each reactor and messing each one up. get out of the "engineering" room immediatly. 
Next, go to the area where a door will open and some elites and grunts will come 
out, kill them. Go on the platform they were on.It's an elevator. Wait till your on 
it. Get in a WARTHOG(CAR) NOW!!!!! Drive out of there. Don't stop to kill enemies. 
Just run over them. You only have 5 minutes! Now you need to drive like you stole 
it. If you flip over, quickly get it flipped back over and get in.DRIVE!!!!There 
will be a bridge where cortana will say stop, don' stop! Cause the air support gets 
destryed by banshees. Keep driving. You will get to a bunch of can things. Get out 
and run to the ramp ahead of you. You should have a video come up of you flying away.

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