Final Weapon Locations (Everyone) - Guide for The Legend Of Dragoon

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Ultimate Weapon Locations

Albert (Halberd) – You will receive the Halberd in Mayfil on disc 4 after you 
deafeat Zackwell and watch Lavitz die….again…

Dart (Soul Eater) – You find Darts final weapon on discs 3 or 4 (whichever time you 
want to get it). You will find it in the snow fields if you fall down the snow 
slide. You fall down to the bottom and see a little sequence then go to the place 
where Dart asked rose if it was Zenbatos. You go through there until you get to the 
bottom and a platform the you see another sequince on the platform and then you 
will fight a goast with three parts. Destroy the sword first then the armor then 
the helm. you will win a soul eater, equip a therapy ring cuz the sword will decay 
hp but if you have a therapy ring it will have no effect.

Rose (Dragon Buster) – when you make it to the last boss you will recieve the 
Divine dragon's dragoon spirit and the dragon buster.

Kongol (Indora’s Axe) –You will recieve his weapon in the moon that never sets when 
you beat his brother Indora.

Shana/Miranda (Detonate Arrow) – After fighting the super virage on the moon that 
never sets you will have a short convo then head north into the next place, when 
you are there you should see a save point and a chest that will contain the 
detonate arrow. 

Meru (Basher) – You will find the Basher on the moon that never sets in a weapon 
shop after Miranda fights in her solo battle.

Haschel (Destroyer Mace) –You will find the Destroyer Mace in the same weapon shop 
that Meru’s Basher is in.

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