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Note:For now this Faq Should only appear at if you see this 
anywhere else Email me at [email protected]

Last Update: 4/27/2002- I first made the faq today I put in how to find Zero by 
going through the Weapon Center and how to defeat him I will add in how to get to 
him in the other Stages soon.

Well this is my first ever faq. A lot of hard-core Zero fans have been wondering if 
there is a way to get Zero without upgrading X. Yes there is a way and I will tell 

In the Weapons center: I suggest using The Falcon Armor for this. Fight through the 
beginning and destroy Illumina by destroying its 2 cables. After you defeat Illumina 
you'll notice a big blue Diamond shaped portal just above you, jump in it and you 
will be transported to another part of the weapon center. When you start go to the 
left and you will find Dr. Light's capsule. Once you get the part in the Capsule go 
to the right like you normally would and grab the ropes make sure you stay in the 
upper part of the stage when you come to a platform jump on to it and walk along 
you'll notice the usual lock that opens when you touch it and closes behind you Zero 
is just ahead.

Fighting and defeating The Fake: After X and the fake Zero finish talking they will 
start fighting. Zero uses his attacks he had in X5. Attack him with the Z Saber it 
seriously hurts him and he will then freeze and fade out. Keep attacking him with 
the saber and you should eventually kill him. After you defeat the Fake a scene will 
start and the real Zero will appear X and Zero will then talk a little bit and Zero 
will become playable.

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