Finding the 8 Dragons - Guide for Final Fantasy VI Advance

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Finding The 8 Dragons

Dragon 1 is the ice dragon he is on the path to valigramanda the esper

Dragon 2 is the storm dragon he is on the pathway to Cyan there will be a 
switch you'll step on making a chest appear open the chest

Dragon 3 is the earth dragon he's in the opera house i suggest using float 
before this battle because his elmental attacks are devastating also equip your 
party with gaia gear

Dragon 4 is the blue dragon hes beneath Figaro Castle there will be a point 
where it says the stratum is unusually rough go through the cave take 5 steps 
in front of the queens chair press A and the pathway leading to him will be in 
the queens private quarters

Dragon 5 is the fire dragon hes in the diamond shaped hole in the mountain 
range where you need to go to get Locke to rejoin your party and recieve 
Phoneix Magicite

Dragon 6 is the holy dragon who is near the top  of the cult of Keffkas tower 
for this one I suggest you buy a lot of ethers since you’ll only be able to 
attack him with magic.

Dragon 7 Is waiting for battle In
Keffkas Tower

Dragon 8 Is also waiting for battle in Keffkas tower

once you've defeated them the magicite will appear before you and you'll 
recieve a stone tablet saying i shall await you at the dragons horn which is 
sligthly north of the colloseum also on the floor beneath the queens private 
quarters if you have the Odin Magicite it can be turned into Raiden Magicite 
with the stone queens tears   

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