First 2 gold bolts on Planet Kerwan - Guide for Ratchet And Clank

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    The first one to get, you have to get the heli-pack, then you go to your ship,
and go to the center of that balcony, climb over rail, walk off slowly!!! Glide down,
and you will see a tunnel. Glide into the tunnel. There is your gold bolt. The second
one is at the top of the map of Kerwan. There is a place that a lot of missle
shooters will appear. Well, don't go to the left. Go to the right. Climb up, but
don't jump down yet. If you look to the right, go over there, turn to the left, glide
to the next pillar thingy, jump up, turn to the left, and there is another gold bolt.
I hope this helps you a lot. 

 R    R    A     A      T       C          C     H       H      E                T
 R    R    A     A      T       C                H       H      E                T
 RRRRR     AAAAAAA      T       C                H       H      E                T
 R R       A     A      T       C                HHHHHHHHH      EEEEEEEE         T
 R  R      A     A      T       C                H       H      E                T
 R    R    A     A      T       C          C     H       H      E                T
 R     R   A     A      T        CCCCCCCCC       H       H      EEEEEEEEEEE      T



 CCCCCCCCC     L          AAAAAAA     N     N      K   K
C              L          A     A     NN    N      K  K
C              L          A     A     N N   N      K K
C              L          AAAAAAA     N  N  N      KK
C              L          A     A     N   N N      KK
C              L          A     A     N    NN      K  K
 CCCCCCCCC     LLLLLLL    A     A     N     N      K   K

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