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Hello, this faq is for the game Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, Now I understand that 
you may be a beginner, and you may be having some difficulty getting started 
correctly, well let me rephrase, there really isn't a perfect way to start, but, 
there is a way to start off on a good foot!

<>first day, 5:00a.m.<>

once you first start the cutscene seems to drag on for a good ten or twelve min., 
but don't let that fool ya, I have played/beaten this game many times.  Once you 
name you, your dog, your farm, your cow, you start out in your home.  it is 
5:00a.m., before you do anything, like leave the house, hit start, or x, this will 
show what items you have in your rucksack-(backpack, that holds your items).  then 
exit that, and walk outside, you will then entr this dawn setting, you should first 
walk over to your shed next to the barn, go in it and get the watering can, sickle, 
hoe, etc., then walk into the barn and go over to the fodder bin, it is close to the 
chalk board, you can't miss it.  Press action button(a button, take one thing of 
fodder and put it in the fedding bin for the cow, then do that same thing twice, and 
put it in the fedding bin, there are two slots for a reason.  But now you only have 
one thing of fodder left, you start out with three pieces.  So go outside, and on 
your left there is a red button, press it, this executes your cow going outside, 
then take you sickle and get ready to chop grass.  Now this is very important, 
everytime you chop a patch of grass, it counts for 1 thing of fodder,  Now at the 
beging of the first year the field is a bit uneven, and messed up, so don't worry.  
the actionbutton at the top will say, "cut," when you can cut, eventually this will 
get easier and better.  Now you also start off with 3,000 bucks, i think, you can 
either save it or go spend it on miricle potion, or a duck pond, new annimal, etc. 
the choice is up to you, personly I always buy a duck pond, you can purshase these 
items at the ordering building, next to takakura's house.  

<>first step to marrage<>

Now once you have done all that you want to get ready to pick a girl, don't pick one 
then change your mind, because if you don't get married by the first year, your 
screwed-your game will end.  Your potential brides are, Muffy, Celia, and Nami.  
Muffy: likes to get down and have fun, the hottest one of the bunch, she is easay to 
tame, and a good potential bride.  Celia: likes plants alot, I mean alot, it's 
pretty stupid, but she probably is the best mom though, she really is, she is the 
real stay at home mom, so choose her if you really want to do less work.  Nami: this 
one is the lest sexy, most mean, and un fun, but she is relly smart, not a good 
paryer, or mom, but good in other fields, she has funny cutscenes, and is sorrta 
funny when it comes to farm work.  So pick one and then decide wheather you are 
satisfied with her, if it muffy, she like flowers, flowers, flowers, and some goods 
from the digsite, if it is Celia, she likes flower's, but ores from digsite work 
best, if it is Nami, she is the hardest she likes statues, skelitons, and some 
sertain flowers from fall.

<>rest of day<>

well you've made it this far, I got to hand it to ya, but also i had no help so.  
Anyway you might want to start getting ready to tuck in for the night, first go to 
the barn, go inside, then go to the red button on the wall to the top right of the 
barn.  This executes the cow comming inside.  Now go inside your house and go to 
your diary, hit sleep, save*-optional, and play as many days as you would like.  
good luck!!!

This faq war written buy Thomas, my E-mail is at, [email protected]!, e-mail me 
please, if you have any questions! (Remember I will kick your a$$ if you plagerise 
my work)   


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