Fishin For Beginners - Guide for Reel Fishing

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                                 Chapter 1: Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is enter your name on the board when you start the 
game. The second thing you need to do is select the book laying on the table inside 
the aquaroom. When the book opens you will see a picture of a little creek/stream 
thing. Select the picture, when it loads you will be at the place the picture showed.

                                  Chapter 2: Trout

Trout are easy to catch. You will do good with any lures when catching Trout. All 
you have to do is cast your lure near one of the fish shaped shadows in the water. 
If the fish bite your bobber will move up and down. After that happens  you should 
be underwater. Try to keep above the rocks but below the surface. After a while you 
will see a fish. Aim the lure for the fishes mouth. They should take it. After they 
take it set the hook. The trout will swim fast until they get tired. When they get 
tired they will slow down. Reel them in as far as you can. When the trout starts 
flopping stop reeling. This process may have to be repeated a few times.

                                   Chapter 3: Back to the Aqua Room 

After you catch the Trout you are satisfied with you can go to the aqua room and put 
it in one of the fish tanks. Select the tank on the left and select put in fish. It 
will go through the process of naming the fish and blah Blah. Be sure to feed and 
take care of your fish. 

                                   Chapter 4: Char

Char are sort of hard to catch. They Struggle a lot and are very strong.
When catching char (be sure to make a mental note on this) let the lure set in the 
mouth of the fish before reeling the Char in. Char like trout are caught on any 
lures. They seem to struggle more than trout. When the fish starts flopping stop 
reeling. If you don't stop reeling the fish will take your bait and sometimes your 

                                     Chapter 5: coming soon 

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