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Requirements:30 Fishing
Items You Will Need:10gp, Garlic, a spade (shovel), and a fishing rod.
Start Point: Either side of White Wolf Mountain, East or West.

1. Talk to the dwarf in one of the shacks on either side of the White Wolf Mountain, it doesn't matter 
which side. Tell him you want to use the secret to across the White Wolf Mountain and you want to 
become his friend. He will ask you to win a trophy at a fishing contest in Hemenster. He will give you a 
pass to get in.

2. Before going to Hemenster, go to McGrubors Wood, which is north of Hemenster and bring your 
NOTE: You can not go in the front, ou must go in the back and find a loose fence and squeeze through 
it. You don't need an agility level to do this. Also, beware of level 44 guard dogs.

3. Go to the far west of McGrubor's Wood and you will find a red vine. Use "Check Vine" and you will dig 
your spade into the vine. Get about 3-5 worms and head to Hemenster.

4. Try to open the gate to Hemenster, a man will say, "Pass Please?" and you will automatically show it 
to him. And he will let you in.

5. Talk to the Sinister Stranger, he will say he doesn't like sun. Tell him he's a vampire, and he will say 
something like no im not a vampire, but he is.

6. Talk to Bonzo, he will want you to start the competition. Pay him 5gp to enter. He will say that your 
fishing spot is next to the willow tree. But use the garlic with the wall pipes next to the Sinister 
Stranger. He will say what an awful smell or something like that. Than he will tell you to fish next to the 

7. You will catch a giant carp. Talk to Bonzo and you will ask if it's big enough to win. He will say wait 
till the competion is over. You will stand there fr like 5 seconds. Then it will say you win.

8. Go back to the dwarf that you talked to and show him the trophy. Quest complete.

Reward: 1 quest point, 2,437 fishing xp.

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