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                        Forget-Me-Not valley guide
  Hi!  I'm Thomas Torres and this guide is for new harvest moon players, don't worry 
I have played the game alot/and beaten it quite a bit.  

---town folk---
 Well, you live in a small town called forget-me-not valley, after your dad died 
Takakura(your dads old friend)finds you and teaches you to farm.  There are so many 
people in town, well, not really, you have the choice of three potental brides, Muffy
(my most fav.)Celia, and Nami(my least fav.)There are 26 people, but some of them 
turn into the game at chaptre two.  Hint, meet everyone in the first year, because 
it sounde really creapy when they say "nice to meet you" in the the years ahead.  
There is a hotel, thats where Nami lives temperrarly, a bar, where Muffy 
works/lives, a fire work factory, a food/seed all around harvest miterial shop, 
where Cilia lives, and there is your farm and some houses.  But I'm not going to 
tell you about everyone becouse it will take a while, I'll let you meet them 

---your farm---
So, as I said you live on a farm, you start out with a cow and a dog of your pick.  
But don't think that it's all fun in games, gosh all the work, you have to cut the 
grass in the feild with the sickle, that you find in  the shed with all the other 
tools.  you can order different animals like other cows, chickens, and sheep, tools 
medicine, a pond for ducks, and a miricle potion that will make your first cow 
pregnant.  sorry but there is this useless black shed, USELESS! It looks like it was 
burned.  now I know how weird those pcthes of squares, are but there the place where 
you plant all your seeds.  So I hope you know how to let your dang animals out, you 
use the red button to let them out and in, although the one to let them in is inside 
the barn.  The animals will eat you out of house and home, so be careful, don't do 
what I did and buy thousands of animals.  Also to let you know Darel(the guy that 
lives in the creapy look'in science loko house)will walk on the farm introding, he 
is the guy that looks like something blew up in his face, and I'm sorry but the only 
way to make him leave is to be friends with him, but if you really, really diss like 
him like I do, it's hard to be friends with him, also whoever you will become 
friends with will depend on your kids future.  Well, I will see you lata, hpefully 
you will like my faq, also check out my other guides, witch I still have to make 
more, but still I will have toask you not to plagerize cause The proper authority 
will be after you! so be cool, and yo dude peace out!   

                                p.s.If you have any questions for me or my guide 
just e-mail me at [email protected]!

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