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Fortress World Walkthrough
When the dropship, well, drops you, focus your attention on the large door. An Elite 
and a couple of Grunts will run out of the large, diamond-shaped door here. Drop the 
Elite first, then run to the gun turret and polish off the little guys. 
Once inside the fortress, follow the arrows on the ground. Throughout the complex, 
they will point you where you need to go. The path you're on is similar to many 
you'll come across in this fortress. It leads to a circular path that surrounds a 
central room. Most of these center rooms are inconsequential--they're just where the 
enemies come from. Wht you'll want to do is move around the circular paths until you 
reach another door, and exit through there. As always, follow the enemies to find 
your next objective. 
At the end of this first path, you'll have the opportunity to sneak up on an Elite. 
Toss a Plasma Grenade on his back and let him cook. Move around the circular path to 
the left, taking down Grunts and Jackals all the way. Make sure you look on the 
walkways above for ambushing aliens. 
Move through the diamond door when you get to it. You'll exit back into the world. 
There are two gun turrets here. Hop on one and mow down the sleeping Grunts. You'll 
see a dropship full of marines landing off to the right. You'll be joining them 
shortly. The idea is to battle all the way across the bridge you're on, taking down 
the hordes of enemies camped out on both levels. There is plenty of cover, but 
you'll have to be wary of shots from below. The glass sections of the bridge can and 
will be shot out, making you vulnerable from many angles. The real threat is an 
Elite that is on the lower deck near the door. Use the Pistol to drop him, then pick 
up a Plasma Rifle for the Jackals you'll face later. 
Battle your way to the far door and go through. In this tunnel, you'll meet another 
laser sword Elite. Chuck a Plasma Grenade at him and be done with it. Go to the end 
of the passage to find another circular pathway area. Handle it the same way you did 
the last one. Battle to the left, taking down the mess of Grunts you encounter. 
Since ammo is limited here, the Plasma Rifle will probably be your weapon of choice. 
Midway down the passage, you'll get a health pack, some Frag Grenades and an Assault 
Rifle, if you wish to have it. Near the exit, you'll encounter a cloaked Elite. A 
Plasma Grenade will do him in. Move through the diamond door and down the path until 
you reach an elevator. Take it down to the basement. In the next hallway, you'll 
encounter a huge group of Grunts. Toss a grenade and watch them fly. Then go to the 
end of this hall and clear the room as much as possible from this position. Then 
follow the circular path around, battling through Grunts, Jackals and a couple Elite 
to get to the next door. 
Follow the path until it exits out into a snowy field. Kill the Grunt in the gun 
turret to the left, then run to the Warthog tipped over in the snow (also to the 
left). You'll have to be on your toes here, because there are a lot of Covenant 
tanks afoot, and one hit from them will send you to cyborg heaven. There is a Rocket 
Launcher and a few health packs in this area. Grab the Launcher and head to the 
grove of trees nearby. It will give you cover as you focus your fire on the tank. 
You'll want to aim lower than you think to get at the tank. Once you explode it, 
take out the turret to the left. Then head back to the Warthog and flip it. Load up 
on marines on head toward the gap in the gorge ahead. Grunts and Jackals will swarm 
you. Run them over or let the gunners take care of them, then move ahead. In the 
next clearing, you'll find the mother of all vehicles... the tank. 
Before you get in it, take a look at the crashed Pelican to the left. The area 
around the Pelican is littered with guns and health. Grab what you want, then 
saunter over to the tank. Get in the driver's side and feel the power. Move toward 
the cave in the ice cliff. A couple of enemy craft will come at you. Drop them with 
the cannon (Right Trigger). 
Drive through the ice tunnel, and pause at the opposite end. In the next clearing, 
you'll see several Covenant Ghosts buzzing around. Take them down with the 
Scorpion's cannon. Move toward the far tunnel. Let your guys take care of the ground 
troops. You concentrate on eliminating Covenant craft and laser turrets. When you 
arrive in the distant corridor, you'll meet two Hunters. Quickly drop them with 
cannon blasts, before they decimate your crew. When they die, drive the tank to the 
large, steel doors. Get out momentarily and use the control panel (X) to open the 
door, then hop back in your ride of death and roll. Roll. Roll. 
Move inside the door and start blasting. There are several Elite prowling here. Use 
the big gun to take them down, then pull the tank into the large bay ahead. Make 
sure you target the laser turrets and Elite here first, then work on the piddly 
stuff. When everything has been whittled down, drive your tank to one end of the 
right bridge and get out of the tank. Head all the way to the right to find a health 
pack and some Frag Grenades. Return to the tank and take it across one of the 
bridges. Use the Scorpion's weapons to take down the enemy forces here. There are a 
couple of Hunters over the bridge that need some deadly attention, and plenty of 
Elite to keep you busy. If you arrive with even one guy alive on your tank, give 
yourself a hand. 
On the other side of the gap is a tank-sized door. Of course, you'll need to get out 
and use the control panel to open it. 

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