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                         Franchise mode walkthrough   

     Table of contents
     1 getting started
     2 FANTASY draft
     3 preseason
     4 regular season
     5 playoffs
     6 super bowl and pro bowl
     7 the offseason 
     8 the 2nd year
     9 repeat
     10 copyright 

1.	This part is optional.  If you want to, you can create a team for the 
franchise mode.  Go to Features then create a team. After you create a team, go to 
franchise mode.  If you created a team, load it hear.  It asks you to replace a 
team.  U get that team’s location and coaches. Then enable the fantasy draft.
2.	At this point it is basically the NFL draft.  Make sure you stay under the 
salary cap.  Pick whoever U want for your team, and make sure U meet the minimum 
requirements for your roster.
3.	Play the 1st  preseason to test out your team.
4.	As you play the regular season, make sure you do good enough to keep your 
fans and players happy so you can make money and keep up a good morale for your team.
5.	If you lose in the Playoffs your done, so go undefeated from here on out.
6.	Make sure you win the super bowl, and just simulate the pro bowl.
7.	Here’s the good part.  You start of with your list of retiring players. Then 
U go through 3
steps of rookie scouting.  Then do the NFL draft again.  Pick only from your rookie
targets, or U wont know what your getting into.  
8.	This preseason U get to pick your 4 game schedule. Just simulate this one.
9.	After this it is completely repetitive. Just repeat this over and over again
and have fun with it!
10. I give permission to to publish this walkthrough.

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