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Age of Empires III

Full FAQ/Guide
Written by Michael Ye (Yeasty)
[email protected]
Version 0.3


Welcome to my pride and joy, something that I personally have spent 
multiple weeks to make, something that I hope will be the ultimate 
Age of Empires 3 guide. Now, this is the first FAQ that I am writing, 
so don't hurt me. 



This list is copyrighted by me, and I don't care who uses it, as long 
as someone doesn't profit from it. Contact me if plan to use it, as I 
want to keep track of who has one.

Gamers like games, and like a lot of people, they run to someone else 
when they have a problem, now that's where I come in. I help people 
through those difficult spots as well as entertain those people who 
simply likes to read. 


Feel free tell me anything that I may have missed on my countless 
playthroughs of the game (though not likely) but also inform me of 
any suggestions. 
A) Be polite and make your point clearly, and I might just take your 
suggestions seriously. 
B) I'm a busy person, and you should fell lucky that I took time to 
write this, so don't send anything which might offend me. 

This is next anticipated game from the Age of Empires series, Age of 
Empires III places players in the time period of roughly 1500-1850, 
picking up roughly where Age of Empires II left off. In this game, 
players take on the role of a European empire which seeks to colonize 
and conquer the new world. 

Age of Empires III introduces exciting new system of home cities. 
Players have all new civilizations to play as, random maps to play 
on, and a single-player
campaign which is much improved. Players will also find that graphics 
is also much improved. 

All Campaign levels in this FAQ are based on the Medium difficulty. I 
only give brief outlines about what you need to do to complete the 
objectives to allow you to experience to game for yourself, you wont 
learn unless you try things for yourself. 



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Defend the Fort Command Post

This is the first level of the game and already they are throwing you 
in the deep end, but don't worry since all you have to do is defend 
colony against seemingly endless waves of janissaries, and later 
bombards. Your colony should already be established, so all you need 
to concentrate on is military micromanagement. First thing to do is 
to upgrade your outposts into frontier outposts and produce lots of 
crossbowmen and since you need a lot of them, you should also upgrade 
them to veteran status. The janissaries should fall pretty quickly, 
but soon the Ottomans should be sending up cavalry, you could train 
pikemen to counter them, but if you're like me, simply focus all 
crossbowmen on single targets until they are all dead. Once the 
cavalry are dead, the ottomans will send up great bombards and you 
will receive your next mission. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Use Settlers to gather the wood on the hill to 
light the signal fire

Alright, the great bombards are demolishing your colony and you have 
no hope of defeating them with crossbowmen so you must run to 
superior officer for reinforcements. To call Alain, you must send 
settlers to gather wood on top of a hill, since you don't have a town 
center to train settlers with, you will have to send those settlers 
gathering from the mill since you probably already have enough food 
to last you the rest of the game. The Ottomans sees this coming and 
sends up 4 janissaries to stop you, counter them however you wish, 
just make sure that all the wood is collected. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy all the Great Bombards

This objective pretty much explains itself, all you have to do is to 
send to new cavalry you just got to the bombard and let them do what 
they are good at, nothing hard about this at all. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Collect all the Treasures on the map (300 XP)

Very simple, send someone around to collect any treasure that you 
see, use a settler for this, Morgan's combat skills are too valuable. 



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Defend the base from the Ottoman attack

This is the second level and at the start your colony is under attack 
from janissaries, this is a very simple objective and simply requires 
you to kill all those janissaries. Move the great bombard forward and 
bombard those janissaries while backing up your crossbowmen with 
Alain and Morgan as well as anything else that is able to fight, as 
soon as all the janissaries are dead, this objective is complete. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy all the Ottoman Weapon caches

This objective will have you attempting to drive the Ottoman out of 
Malta, they will leave once you destroy their precious weapons. You 
will need to destroy 8 weapon caches, 1 outside and 7 inside the 
cave, but to get inside, you will need to go through their base and 
the only way that can happen is if its completely destroyed.  First 
you will need to do what you need to do to build your base, once you 
get your economy stabilized, build an artillery foundry and train 
lots of hoop throwers because they are very effective. Once you have 
a reasonable army, rush their base with everything you got, their 
base will fall very quickly, leaving the entrance to the cave clear 
to send your men through. After this part, it will be a simple matter 
of moving whatever you have through the cave and destroying 
everything that belongs to the Ottomans along the way. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Claim the nearby Treasure (300 XP)

You will receive this objective when you discover the treasure just 
north of your base.  This is a very simple objective, probably the 
easiest objective there is in this game. This simply requires that 
you take Morgan up to the treasure to the north of your base, kill 
the guardians and claim the treasure, very easy experience to be 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Find a Shipwreck and gather any supplies near it 
(300 XP)

You will receive this objective when you discover the shipwreck. This 
sounds easy enough but I can't seem to get it to work. I took some 
settlers, collected all the supplies near it but cant seem to be able 
to complete the objective. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Build an Artillery Foundry and train at least 10 
Hoop Throwers (500 XP)

You should have completing this objective along the mission anyway so 
you should have no trouble. You should be doing this even if this 
wasn't an actual objective that you need to complete. 



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Build a Town Center

After that brief cut scene, you now have to go to America to find the 
lake of the moon, you met some pirates on the way and now you're your 
ship is damaged so you have to land and build a base to kill some 
pirates. Yes, someone is going to die today, but first you must build 
your base, the first part is that you get a covered wagon, you may or 
may not have seen these before, but they build town centers, so use 
it to build a town center wherever you see a clear piece of land. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Build a Barracks and a Dock

Now that you got your town center you need troops if you want to kill 
some pirates. Before you do this however, you need to get your 
economy going, get some settlers on food, wood and gold while at the 
same time to use your troops to explore the rest of the island and 
kill any pirates or natives that you come across. Once you feel that 
your economy can support an army, then build one, but to complete 
this objective just build a barracks and a dock. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Find and collect three Navigation Charts

This is the part of the mission that you have to kill a lot of 
pirates, before you take on the main pirate base to get their piece 
of the map, you may want to collect the other two pieces first, so 
that this mission is easier and also you get the help of any treasure 
you collect along the way. Start with the island just to the south of 
the one you start on, then move to the one on the bottom of the map, 
eventually coming around to the large island in the middle of the 
map. By doing it this way, you can rush to the pieces of the map and 
finish the mission instead of having to completely demolish the 
pirate base, I find this mission quite annoying. 

SECONARY OBJECTIVE: Build a second Town Center (200 XP)

You will receive this objective when you when you find a covered 
wagon, the covered wagon is in the form of treasure on the island 
just to the south of the island you start on, try to build this town 
center somewhere useful like the pirate island where you can have 
easy access to troops for when you have to tear their base down. 



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Build a Town Center 

You got past the pirates and landed on land in America chasing the 
Turks and going to find the lake, the Turks have beaten you here and 
constructed a fort. You will worry about them later, but first you 
must get your colony started. You started with a covered wagon along 
with some settlers, get the wagon to build a town center. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Go to the Home City and send a Shipment

This is the first mission that you get the advantage of being able to 
use the home city, but because you cant do anything to your home city 
at the end of earlier levels, you wont have any good card, but for 
this mission it doesn't really matter. Go to your home city and 
select the settler shipment since you need to get your economy going 
and your base started really fast, once the shipment arrives, you 
will receive your next objective. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Find and ally with at least two local Natives

This mission certainly teaches you a lot of things about how this 
game works but you should already know how to ally with the natives. 
There are three native villages on this map, but you only have to 
ally with two. I suggest the village right next to your base and the 
one to the north west of your base because it will be easier to 
defend them if you position your troops carefully, your enemies also 
wants to ally with the natives so get to them before they do and 
don't let them take more than one village.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Find and destroy the Ottoman Command Post and Town 

So you have completed the prior objective to establish a stable 
colony and now you can take on a fort. I wont give too much detail, 
(I let you make most decisions) but it involves taking a lot of unit 
and rushing the fort over and over again until every inside in dead. 
This is the kind of objective that you would and done over and over 
again in just about every game. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy the ottoman Fishing Dock (500 XP)

You will receive this objective when you discover the dock. 
Destroying this building will stop the Turks from getting extra food 
from fishing and also it would stop any annoying galleys that they 
send to harass you with. The best time to destroy this dock is very 
early when the mission just started so that you wont have any galleys 
to worry about. There wont be anything to protect it unless you leave 
this until late game when they have built galleys.     



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Build a Trading Post at the Aztec village

Now you have to find the map to the lake of the moon, you know it is 
inside the Aztec city so you must help them if you want to have a 
look at it. From the location you start, take a few steps in the only 
direction you can and you will see some natives mining gold for the 
Spanish, since the Ottomans are defeated, the Spanish are your new 
enemies. Kill the Spanish guards and the natives will show you the 
way to the Aztec city, make your way to the Aztec city and build a 
trading post in it. 

PRIMARY OBJECTVE: Build a Town Center

When you have built a trading post, a caravel will come and unload a 
covered wagon and some settlers, build a town center at that location 
and use your settlers to gather resources, you will need a lot of it 
for the next part. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: AT least one Aztec Temple must remain standing

Just as you get your base started, the Spanish launch an all out 
assault on the Aztec city, a large Aztec army is on the way but you 
will have to defend this city until they arrive. This is what the 
main mission is about, the hardest part about this is getting enough 
resources to support your army. Your home city could be quite a lot 
of help here, until you run out of unit shipments, then you will need 
the help of the natives, there are some native prisoners around the 
place, and when you rescue them, they become warriors that joins your 
cause, using them to supplement your army could help a lot. Once you 
got your units and resources problems sorted out, this objective 
becomes quite easy, the temples that you have to protect are under 
your control so you can repair them if they get damaged, it also 
takes quite a lot to destroy one, giving you enough time to move your 
army from one temple to another to defend them all. 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Find and destroy the Spanish Town Center

Now that the large Aztec army has arrived, it is time to make the 
Spanish pay for what they just made you go through. The Spanish will 
no longer assault squads to harass you so you can send all your units 
to their base and burn it down. You should have done this type of 
objective many times before so I'll let you do it yourself. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Save more than one Temple

The primary objective is that you must save at least one temple, this 
secondary objective requires that you save at least two temple. Since 
this objective is also very easy, if you can save one, you might as 
well save them all. It says that you receive reward in the form of 
experience or every additional temple that you save, but it didn't 
specify exactly how much experience you receive.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue more Aztec prisoners

You will receive this objective when you rescue your first group of 
native prisoners excluding the ones that you first come across. When 
you receive this objective, all the native prisoners will 
automatically light up on your screen, so finding them wont be a 
problem. Rescuing native prisoners will also greatly help in your 
efforts with defending the Aztec city, just leave a few units behind 
when the Spanish attack when you're elsewhere rescuing prisoners.



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Earn 8,000 Experience before Lizzie sets sail for 
Florida. (500 XP)

In your haste to find the lake of the moon, you became careless and 
sailed into a storm, you survived but your ship won't be sailing for 
a long, long time but you still want to get to Florida as soon as 
possible. So what do you do now? You ask the very person that you 
were trying to kill a few days before. But even though that you sank 
her useless ships to the bottom of the sea, she still needs you to 
prove yourself worthy, now you have to wander on this island looking 
for work. What you have to do exactly is stated in the secondary 
objectives section, also you will receive not shipment from your home 
city for the duration of the level due to you being so far off 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Bring Morgan to Lizzie before she sets sail.
You will receive this objective when you have obtained the 8,000 
experience points that you needed. Lizzie stands in the same spot 
throughout the whole mission so you should have no trouble finding 
her, just get there before the timer runs out.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Stop the raiding Native Americans from attacking 
the settlers of Havana (350 XP)

You will immediately receive this objective when you start the 
mission, you will hear settlers crying for your help, you should then 
help them as fast as you can because not only do you receive 
experience as the reward, you will also receive half of the building 
in that town as well as all the settlers that have not been killed, 
that's why you should save them as fast as you can. After the 
completion of this objective, you can finally get a base started, you 
will need a lot of troops, Carib blowgunners are strong little 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Build the first Stable in Havana (500 XP)

You will receive this objective when you receive your base. Morgan 
will make a comment on how cavalry are good against blowgunners, 
though I find this not entirely true, you should still build a stable 
even if it is only for the experience. What I do find good against 
blowgunners are hoop throwers, so build a couple of them if you can 
afford them.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Reopen trade with the rest of Cuba by building a 
second Trading Post (850 XP)

You will also receive this objective when you receive control of your 
base. You should complete this objective because of two reasons, one 
being that you receive the rather large amount of experience on offer 
as the reward and two being that once the trading post is up, you 
will continuously receive experience from the trading post. The only 
problem that you may come across while completing this objective are 
those two groups of Carib blowgunners protecting the trade site, when 
there are such large amounts of enemies grouped together, it is 
always good to use an attack with an large area on damage, Morgan's 
special ability works amazingly effectively and also hoop throwers 
also work well. Once the trading post is up, go up the hill just to 
the right to receive another easy objective.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Find and gather the stolen gold (900 XP)

You will receive this objective when you discover the stolen gold 
just up the hill to the right of the trading post that you had to 
build. This is another of those objectives that I just cant seem to 
be able to complete when I should have completed it, but at least it 
includes free resources, and if you can get it to work, that's 
another 900 experience to add toward the total of 8,000.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Return the lost herd to Havana's Livestock Pen 
(750 XP)

You will receive this objective when you discover the lost herd of 
cows to the bottom of the map. To complete this objective, just 
select the cows and send them to the livestock pen, don't worry about 
them since nothing can kill them, the worst that can happen is that 
the natives recapture them. There is also another way to benefit from 
this objective, once the cows are at the livestock pen, you complete 
the objective and also can kill them and get fast food. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Take Lizzie's Native friend to his family on the 
nearby Island (1000 XP)

Lizzie you give you this objective herself once you built the trading 
post so you probably have to do this if you want to ride her ship. 
There a canoe to the edge of the map that you will need to get across 
the water, but the Carib will start attacking the canoe as soon as 
you get close to it, so that them out before they see the canoe. Once 
the canoe is in your control, use it cross the river with the native 
by and a large army. Once you arrive at the village, you completed 
the objective. 

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the stolen Artifact (1500 XP)

You will receive this objective from one of the natives after 
returning to boy. There's some pirates just to the south of the 
island and they got cannon but this is the most rewarding objective 
in the completely pointless mission, you get 1500 XP for completing 
this plus another 500 because of the artifact itself. After 
completing this objective you are guaranteed to have more that 8,000 
points of experience so you can hurry back to Lizzie and get a ride 
on her ship.


Missions 7 and 8 coming soon.


Acts 2 and 3 Coming soon. 

End of document. 

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