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Genma Onimusha
For Microsoft Xbox

Full Game Strategy Guide

by savior
[email protected]


1.  Version History
2.  Character Data
3.  Magic
  A. Thunder Orb
  B. Fire Orb
  C. Wind Orb
  D. Leveling Up
  E. Other Uses For Magic
  F. Magic Absorbing
4.  Enhancing
  A. Where to Enhance
  B. Enhancing Orbs
  C. Enhancing Weapons
  D. Enhancing Herbs
  E. Enhancing Arrows
  F. Enhancing Bullets
5.  Souls
  A. Where Do I Get Them?
  B. What Do Souls Do?
  C. Yellow Souls
  D. Blue Souls
  E. Pink Souls
  F. Green Souls
6.  Items
7.  Weapons
  A. Samonosuke's Weapons
  B. Kaede's Weapons
8.  Battling
9.  Walkthrough
  A. Nanamagari
  B. Underground Temple
  C. South Area
  D. West Area
  E. Back to the South
  F. The Keep
10.  Clear Data
11. Secrets Revealed
12. Fluorite Locations
13. Trick Treasure Boxes
14. Puzzle Treasure Boxes
15. Author's Comments


version 0.01
began gathering data

version 0.02
set up sections with limited data

version 0.05
added many sections and a portion of walkthrough


Samonosuke Akechi: Samurai Warrior
Samonosuke is a formidable samurai warrior. He is skilled with a sword, 
bow or rifle. With the assistance of an Ogre Gauntlet, he can use magic 
based attacks and consume the souls of freshly killed enemies for various 
uses. Samonosuke is the main playable character for the game. You'll be 
in control of him for about 70% of the time.

Kaede: Ninja Cutie
Behind every great man is a great woman. Samonosuke is the great 
protagonist of Onimusha, and Kaede is his great female assistant. As a 
controllable character, her ninja training offers greater quickness and 
the ability to pick broken locks. When you're not controlling her, you 
can count on her to assist you in your quest any way she can. Oh yeah, 
she's also not too tough on the eyes. You'll get to control her for the 
few scenarios that you're not controlling Samonosuke.

Princess Yuki: Damsel In Distress
Though she is not playable, Yuki is an integral part of the overall 
story. She has lived her entire life sheltered by her noble status. When 
she finds herself and her family in great danger, she turns to the only 
person she trusts, Samonosuke. Saving Princess Yuki is the focus of 
Samonosuke's quest, and as the intrigue and danger of her situation 
escalates, so does Samonosuke's role in the game.

Yumemaru: Confused Teen
Yuki has taken this orphaned farm boy under her wing. His bravery and 
love for Yuki leads him on his own journey to rescue her, but the evil 
samurai of the enemy Oda Clan have other plans for him. His refusal to 
allow you to help him will annoy you, but Yuki considers him to be her 
brother, and thus you must protect and rescue him as you do Yuki.

Tokichiro Kinoshita: Simian Fool
This little monkey will keep popping up throughout your quest. He is 
quite vocal about the evil plans his master has, and attempts to recruit 
Samonosuke into the evil Oda Clan. You'll also spot him chasing young 
boys (Yumemaru) and peeping on Kaede. Okay, I'm making up the peeping 

Nobunaga Oda: Resurrected Slave
Heading up the evil Oda Clan is the recently deceased samurai, Nobunaga. 
Though you see him killed in the game's opening cinema, a demon witch 
doctor has operated on and resurrected him. All it cost him was a 
promise to serve the demons as their slave. Not too shabby.


Magic can be used to unlock doors, deal big damage, give you breathing 
room in battles and more. Utilizing this power requires an Ogre Gauntlet 
fitted with a Thunder Orb, Fire Orb or Wind Orb. This section will cover 
the different ways magic can be used and how to use your Orbs efficiently. 

*** Thunder Orb ***

This gives you a very quick weapon, which deals a small amount of damage. 
It can be leveled up quickly and works great against nearly every enemy 
in the game.

*** Fire Orb ***

For strictly dealing damage, the Fire Orb is the weapon to use. Though 
slower than the other orbs, its attacks deal around double the Thunder 
Orb. When its been leveled up, a magic attack can take out the game's 
toughest enemies in just one or two hits as well as helping to cut boss 
battles nearly in half. The Fire Orb also has a wider attack range than 
the other weapons, allowing you to keep a little more distance between 
you and the enemy.

*** Wind Orb ***

Although this is the coolest looking weapon of the bunch, it's probably 
the worst choice for straight up battling. It blends speed and power, 
but doesn't have enough of either to make it dangerous. It also has a 
small attack range. The Wind Orb should be equipped strictly for its 
magic attacks. Once it's been leveled up, it can be a lifesaver in 
multiple enemy situations, especially versus ninjas. When you're 
surrounded by bad guys, a simple wind attack can give you a healthy 
amount of breathing room and possibly kill a few of your attackers in
the process.

*** Leveling Up ***

You will come across doors fitted with crystals. Some doors will have 
one crystal, others two and still others three. Each of your Orbs begins 
at level 1, and can be enhanced to level 2 and 3. If a door is fitted 
with one wind crystal, you will have to just have the Wind Orb to unlock 
it. If a door is fitted with two wind crystals, you will have to have 
enhanced your Wind Orb to level 2 to unlock it. A door fitted with three 
thunder crystals requires your Thunder Orb be at level 3 to open it.
Besides enhancing the Orbs to unlock new doors, you will also want to 
enhance them to take advantage of stronger magic attacks. A level one 
magic attack will be limited in its range and attack power. Conversely, 
level three attacks will cover a larger area and deal much more damage. 
The damage a magic attack deals also depends on the level of the Orb's 
weapon. See the Enhancing section for more detail on leveling up your 
Orbs efficiently.

*** Other Uses For Magic ***

You'll find a few spots in the game where a fire attack can affect the 
interactive backgrounds. Where a standard attack can cut through wooden 
boards and wall scrolls, sometimes you can't get close enough for a 
standard attack. The range of the fire attack allows you to damage items 
out of your standard attack range. Other items need to be set on fire. 
One spot in the game requires you find a way to illuminate an area. A 
table full of unlit candles is just waiting for a fire attack.In other 
spots magic can be a great way to preserve projectiles like arrows and 
bullets. When enemies are above you, either on a ledge or roof, a wind 
attack can take care of them without forcing you to use up ammo. Magic 
can also be used to regain health and make you invincible. Absorbing 
Green Souls will fill up a meter in the top left corner of the screen. 
When all of the slots are full, pressing the White button will release 
your Gauntlet's magic, which will slowly raise your health and make you 
completely invulnerable to enemy attacks. This effect will last as long 
as the meter has Green Souls in it. Absorbing Green Souls during this 
time period will prolong the effect.

*** Magic Absorbing ***

Each time you use a magic attack, your magic meter will empty out a 
little. If it drops too low, you won't be able to use any magic 'til 
you refill it. There are no items in the game that can be used to refill 
your magic meter. Instead, you must absorb blue souls to get more magic.
One way to absorb blue souls is to release them from demons. Killing a 
demon will release some sort of soul (either yellow, pink or blue, see 
the Souls section for more info). When you kill a demon and see the soul 
fragments release from them, activate the soul absorber on your gauntlet 
and suck them up.The other way to get some blue souls is to find a Magic 
Regen Point. At several spots in the game you will come across a 
never-ending supply of blue souls. If your magic meter is less than full, 
you will see the souls flowing from the regen point. They'll stop flowing 
once you've filled up, but if you use up some magic, it'll start flowing 
again.Green Souls are released from enemies when attacked, but unlike 
other souls, the enemies can absorb the Green ones to make themselves 
stronger. If an enemy is vying for the same Green Soul you are, tap on 
the A button rapidly to win the tug of war match.


Enhancing your Orbs is necessary for opening doors and continuing your 
journey. In order to make your boss battles (especially those late in 
the game) as easy as possible, you'll have to enhance other items. Taking 
part in the Dark Realm Mini-Game will require some extra enhancing, still. 
This section will show you how and what to enhance, and when to do it.

*** Where To Enhance ***

You will be able to upgrade your Orbs, weapons and a few select items at 
the Magic Mirrors scattered throughout the game. When you access a Magic 
Mirror, you'll be given the option to Save or Enhance. If you choose the 
Enhance option you'll bring up a menu displaying the items you can boost.

*** Enhancing Orbs ***

Enhancing Orbs is not an option, as you will have to level them up in 
order to advance through doors. The key to enhancing Orbs is in when you 
do so. Since there is only one door that requires a level three Wind Orb, 
and this door appears late in the game, boosting it to level three as 
soon as you get it is a great waste of your Experience Souls. Since 
thunder crystals are the first to appear in a pair, you'll want to boost 
the Thunder Orb to level two before any of the others. A good rule of 
thumb is to boost them up in the order you got them. Bring the Thunder 
Orb to level two first, then the Fire Orb followed by the Wind Orb. Then 
repeat this order when going up to level three. Another way to figure out 
when to boost what is to use the walkthrough. Jump ahead a section and 
see what levels of Orbs is required to clear the section (see the top of 
each page). This way you know that before you complete the section you're 
in, you should level up the required Orbs before doing any other enhancing.

*** Enhancing Weapons ***

The best way to enhance weapons is to find out which one you're most 
comfortable with, and then sink all of your extra Experience Souls into 
boosting it. Some players will prefer the speed of the Thunder weapon, 
while others (including me) like the brute force of the Fire weapon. I 
don't recommend using the Wind weapon, as it lacks the speed and power 
to be very effective for battling. The Thunder weapon is the first you 
will acquire, so you may grow accustomed to it and not want to switch 
to the Fire weapon when you get it. Just a few battles with the Fire 
weapon, though, and you should be able to tell if it's right for you. 
You probably won't have a substantial amount of Experience Souls to sink 
into enhancing a weapon until you've acquired the Fire Orb, anyway. 
So once you get it, give it a few battles and see which weapon you'll 
be using mostly. Any extra Experience Souls you have after leveling up 
the required Orbs, put towards leveling up your weapon of choice. If 
you're using the Thunder weapon for all of your battles, it's much better 
to have it at level three than to have all of your weapons at level two.

Hard Mode
Level 1 -> Level 2          5,000 Souls
Level 2 -> Level 3         14,000 Souls

*** Enhancing Herbs ***

An Herb only gives you a little bit of your health back, while an 
enhanced Herb becomes a Medicine, and a Medicine refills your health 
bar entirely. Since both Herbs and Medicines are limited, you don't 
want to waste them. You don't EVER want to consume an Herb if you don't 
have to, as it can easily be enhanced to a Medicine and provide more 
than twice the health refill. If you are very low on health and must 
heal, use a Medicine before you use an Herb. If you notice that you have 
a few Herbs but no Medicines, find a Magic Mirror and enhance a few of 
them so you don't waste them. If you don't have sufficient Experience 
Souls to enhance a few, take a little time to battle and collect someƉ 
it's worth it.

*** Enhancing Arrows ***

You aren't going to be using a ton of arrows, so don't start enhancing 
them until you've got an overabundance of Experience Souls. Fire Arrows 
are much more powerful than standard Arrows, and they don't cost a lot 
of souls to enhance. So if you find that you're using them, or you're 
planning on using them in a boss battle, go ahead and enhance a quiver 

*** Enhancing Bullets ***

I've found enhancing Bullets to be a waste of souls and Bullets. 
Standard Bullets are a powerful weapon against tough enemies and can be 
very useful in certain boss battles. Enhancing them to Burst Bullets 
gives them a wider attack range but lowers they're effectiveness. A 
simple sweep of the Fire weapon or Wind magic attack serves virtually 
the same purpose, without forcing you to waste a Bullet in the process.


The key to surviving the harsh world of Onimusha Warlords lies in the 
collecting of souls. At the game's onset, you'll be without a means of 
absorbing them. You find that in this state, you're just no match for 
the demons lurking about. A clan of Ogres with their own agenda deems 
you worthy of their magic gauntlet, and thus you are granted the ability 
to absorb souls. This section will cover what exactly souls do and how 
to use them effectively.

*** Where Do I Get Them? ***

Souls are release from demons upon their demise. As the demon corpse 
falls to the ground, fragments of their tormented souls rise from their 
carcass. Your job is to suck them into your gauntlet before they drift 
off or dissipate.

*** What Do Souls Do? ***

Souls come in three different flavors, and thus serve three different 

*** Yellow/Vitality Souls ***

Vitality Souls serve to keep you alive. Absorbing one of these will 
boost your health meter and help you live to fight another day.

*** Blue/Magic Souls ***

What Vitality Souls are to your health meter, Magic Souls are to your 
magic meter. Each time you use magic based attacks your meter will 
drop. Absorbing Magic Souls is the only way to get it full again. 
Aside from being released from demons, there are Magic Regen Points 
in several locations where these flow in never-ending supply.

*** Pink/Experience Souls ***

In order to advance through Onimusha's quest, you'll need to enhance 
your Magic Orbs. The only way to do this is to find a Magic Mirror and 
use experience points to boost them. The only way to accumulate 
experience points is to absorb Pink Souls. See the Enhancing Section 
for more detail. Aside from being released from demons, there are a 
few locations in the game where you can absorb Pink Souls from 
gauntlets that are on display.

*** Green/Invincibility Souls ***

These can be released from enemies when they're attacked, or, if 
you're carrying some, released from you when you're attacked. Green 
Souls will be very important in your quest, as using them gives you a 
window of invincibility to attack with complete disregard for defense. 
Your health meter will also refill during this time. See the Magic 
section for more information.


Normal Armor You start the game with this armor. It's your average 
run of the mill armor. Look to upgrade soon. Ninja Suit This has a 
greater defense rating than the Normal Armor and an added bonus. It 
keeps Gyaran from locking onto your gauntlet and stealing souls.
Metal Armor This has a higher defensive rating than the Normal 
Armor and Ninja Suit, but it lacks the ability to fend off hungry 
Gyaran.Ogre ArmorThe best armor in the game, the Great Armor will 
help you endure attacks from tougher enemies and late bosses. Get 
this by completing all 30 levels of the Ogre Tower.Herb The Herb is 
a low-level healing item. This will restore a small amount of 
vitality, but it can be enhanced to a Medicine.Medicine Medicine is a 
high-level healing item, refilling your vitality bar completely. These 
can be found throughout the game or acquired by enhancing Herbs. Power 
Jewel The Power Jewel increases Samonosuke's maximum vitality. These 
can be found in various locations and must be used from the inventory 
to take effect.Magic Jewel The Magic Jewel increases Samonosuke's 
maximum magic. These can be found in various locations and must be 
used from the inventory to take effect.Soul Absorber Though 
technically an item, the Soul Absorber can be one of the best weapons 
around. Throw this item down and it emits a blue ring. Anything that 
steps within this ring can be absorbed without fighting them.Talisman 
A Talisman is the best healing item you can carry. It will automatically 
activate itself when you die, resurrecting you and refilling your 
vitality bar completely. These can be found in the Dark Realm and behind 
a wall scroll in the East Area.Usage ItemsBishamon Ocarina This item is 
supposed to be played in the Dark Realm Save Point room near the very 
end of the game. It will open up a doorway that leads to the Bishamon 
Sword. It can be found on the last level of the Dark Realm Mini-Game 
(Level 20 via the well entrance).Red Key A simple key used to open a 
door marked with red ink. Find this item in the Keep when you take 
control of Kaede. Blue Key A simple key used to open a door marked with 
blue ink. Find this item in the Keep Underground.Green Key A simple key 
used to open a door marked with green ink. Find this item in the East 
Area as Kaede.Decorated Arrow The Decorated Arrow is used to replace the 
Great Arrow, Indiana Jones style. Find this item in the East Area as Kaede.
Great Arrow Used in conjunction with the Great Bow, this is used to open 
the gate to the Dark Realm. Find it in the East Area as Kaede.Great Bow Use 
this in conjunction with the Great Arrow to open the gate to the Dark Realm. 
Find it in the East Area on the turret as Samonosuke.Crest Piece L.This is 
half of the key needed to unlock a door in the Keep. Find it in the Keep. 
Crest Piece R.This is half of the key needed to unlock a door in the Keep. 
Find it in the Keep. Decorated Sword Use this item to open the gate that 
leads to the West Area. Find it in the West Area during the Mini-Boss 
battle versus Baguwassha. Evil Plate Use this item to open the door leading 
to the entrance to the Dark Realm. Find it in the Keep Underground after 
the Stylado boss battle.Purifier Bell Take this bell out and ring it to 
release the suffering souls that surround a door in the Keep Underground. 
Find it in the Keep Underground.Rope Ladder Use this item to climb down 
through a crack in the wall in the South Area. Gear This is used in a trick 
bookcase to reveal a hidden room.Silver Plate This item unlocks half of the 
lock to get to the Prison in the West Area.Gold Plate This item unlocks 
half of the lock to get to the Prison in the West Area.Shinobi Kit Only 
Kaede can use this item to unlock doors with broken locks.Wood Ladder Use 
this item to climb out of the Keep Underground and back to the Keep. Find 
it just before the Keep Underground exit point.Extra Items Fluorite This 
item serves no purpose in the game. Collect these to earn rewards at the 
end of your quest (see the Secrets section for more detail).Statue Head Use 
this item in a statue in the West Area to open a gate leading to the Matchlock.  
Vision Staff Use this item to make any Fluorite in an area flash like other 
items do. The Vision Staff works automatically. Rosary of Com.Use this item 
to communicate with the dead soldiers scattered throughout the game. Find it 
by completing the water weight puzzle in the Keep Underground.


*** Samonosuke's Weapons ***

Normal Sword 
You'll begin the game equipped with this item. It's very 
weak, but you won't be fighting with it for very long. 

Thunder Orb 
Your first taste of magic will be by way of the Thunder 
Orb. This sword is very quick, as is it's magic attack.

Fire Orb 
This is the most powerful of the hand-to-hand weapons, 
and also the slowest. Players should pick either this 
weapon or the Thunder Orb to battle with, depending on 
whether they favor speed or strength.

Wind Orb 
This is the coolest looking weapon, but ultimately 
mediocre. It's a mix of the power of the Fire Orb and the 
speed of the Thunder Orb, but a watered down version of 
both. Its magic spell is fantastic, however, for taking out 
enemies around and above you.

Bishamon Sword 
The ultimate weapon of destruction, the Bishamon Sword is 
only available once you've reached (and are locked in) the 
Demon World... or is it? Check the Secrets section to find 
out how you can get yourself equipped with this sword at the 
beginning of the game. This weapon is by far the most powerful, 
killing off nearly every type of demon in one shot. It also 
unlocks all three types of crystal doors and uses no magic for 
its magic attacks.

Bow and Arrow
This is great weapon for picking off low-level demons on 
higher levels than you. You can also enhance Normal Arrows 
to make them Fire Arrows, which are more powerful and can 
be a great weapon in late boss battles.

Matchlock and Bullets
This ancient rifle packs quite a punch. When enhanced, 
Bullets become Blast Bullets and fire like shotgun shells, 
covering a wide range. Though the blade is a samurai's 
weapon of choice, the Matchlock shouldn't be kept holstered 
during tough boss battles.

Soul Absorber 
Though technically an item, the Soul Absorber can be one 
of the best weapons around. Throw this item down and it 
emits a blue ring. Anything that steps within this ring 
can be absorbed without fighting them.

*** Kaede's Weapons ***

Standard ninja issue, the Normal Knife does little damage. 
It's light, and thus very quick, however, allowing Kaede 
to smack her opponents silly.

Sacred Knife 
This is the same as the Normal knife, just much more powerful.


In order to successfully traverse the dangerous lands of Onimusha 
Warlords, you must learn effective battle techniques. This section 
will give you some tips for making Demon slaying both easy and fun.

Basic Attacks
Both Samonosuke's and Kaede's standard attacks are a swipe with 
their blade. Tap the attack button and you'll string four 
of these swipes together. The first two attacks go side to side, 
the last two from top to bottom, bottom to top. This is important 
to keep in mind, as some enemies like Gyaran hover above the ground 
and force you to use the third and fourth attacks in a sequence to 
hit them. The first and second one's go below them.

Both characters can also drop weaker opponents with a swift kick to 
the mid-section. When in range, press down and attack and watch 
your enemy drop.

Move Samonosuke right above an enemy who's floored and press attack. 
He'll plunge his sword into the demon and kill him with one shot. 
Stronger beasts may get up after a sword plunge, but they won't have 
much health left.

Quick Attack 
Using Samonosuke, hold down R1 and move just out of attack range from 
a demon. Press up and attack at the same time (while still holding R1) 
and you'll lunge forward and stab the enemy.

Sneak-Attack Again using Samonosuke, hold R1 but this time move 
close to the opponent. Pressing up and attack now will make him slash 
the demon from the floor up to his head.

Blood Necklace 
When controlling Kaede, engage a demon in a battle. When in close 
range press up and attack. She will do a flip with a twist, putting 
her behind the enemy and facing his back. If the enemy hasn't turned 
with her, she'll flip her knife and slit his throat in a very slick 

Getting Un-Caught 
Long-Arm Demons will be the first enemy that can grab you with a 
fist and pick you up. They will not be the last. Any time you find 
yourself in this situation tap on the attack button while pressing 
up and down on the D-pad as quickly as possible.

Locking Blades Occasionally you'll lock blades with a high level 
demon (like an Oowassha or Dark Armor Demon). Tap the attack button 
while pressing up, down on the D-pad. If you do it quick enough, 
you'll toss the enemy over your shoulder and have a chance to drop 
a sword in him while he's on the ground. If you're a little slower, 
you'll end up causing a draw, where you'll unlock blades and both 
take a step back. If you're really slow, or don't use this technique, 
the enemy will be the one knocking you on the ground.

Active Projectile Blocking 
Believe it or not, you can actually block projectiles like kunai and 
arrows by slashing them with your blade. The timing is tough to get 
down, but if you have something flying at your head and have to react 
quickly, try hitting the attack button. You may be able to slap it away.

Power Slashes
When using a sword, Samonosuke can power up the blade to do more damage 
and have added effects. Press and hole the X button and watch as the 
sword powers up three times. After the third power up, hitting an enemy 
and who has absorbed a Green Soul will knock the Green Soul loose and 
turn the enemy back to normal.


Opening scene
                           *** NANAMAGARI ***

[1]  Door
[M]  Magic Mirror
                             |                 |
                             |                \|/
                  /\         |                 v
                 /  \        |              |[5]----|
              /-  [6]\       |              |       |
           /-        /       |              |       |
         /          /        |              |       |
        /        /-          |              |       |
        |     /-             |              |       |
       /     /               |              |----[4]|
      |     |                |                |     |
     /       \               |                |     |
    |        |               |                |     |
     \       /               |                |     |
      \     /                |                |     |
       |   |                 |       |--------|--[3]|
       |   |                 |       |              |
       |   |                 |       |              |
       |   |                 |       |              |
       |   |                 |       |              |
       |   |                 |       |              |
       |   |                 |       |     |--------|
       |   \                 |       |     |
       \    \                |       |     |
        \    \               |       |     |
         \    \              |       |     |
          \    \-------      |       |     |
           \          |      |       |     |
            \--|      |      |       |     |-------|
               |      |      |       |             |
               |---[5]|      |       |----------[2]|---|
                    ^        |               |         \
                   /|\       |               |[M]       \
                    |        |               |          |
                    |--------|               /          |
                                            |           /
                                            |          /
                                            |         /
                                            \         \
                                             \        /
                                              \      /
                                               \     |
                                               |     |
                                               \     |
                                                \    \
                                                 \    \
                                                  \    \
                                                   -\   -\
                                                     \    \
                                                  |--|     \
                                                  |         \
                                                  |          \
                                            |-----|          |
                                            |                |


Beat on the Three-Eyes and they'll back off. You don't have to kill 
them, just do a good amount of damage.Cut-sceneYou'll now be equipped 
with a special gauntlet. Move ahead to the door and save your game. 
Go through door 2. 

Continue ahead, crossing a bridge and kill the enemies near the door. 
Suck up their souls and go through door 3.

Go through this room, through door 4.


Take out the Soldier Demons, and then go through the door the soldiers 
shut 5.


Move along the forest path towards the Keep. You'll come to a cave. 
Watch out for the enemies lurking in the trees. Before you enter, 
take the Herb from the right of the opening. Move ahead to the hole 
in the ground that you'll have no choice but to enter [6].


Follow the path around to the entrance of the temple and pick up the 
map from the box to the left of the stairs. Go up the stairs and 
examine the mummified monk. Take the Sougen's Note from the display. 
Go through the door that is now visible.Take the hallway to the right 
and grab the Seiryu from the wall closet. Follow the hallway now to 
the door at the other end and go through.You can smash these vases to 
reveal a hidden box and a piece of Fluorite.Pull the Journal #1 from 
the box. Move ahead to the blue, glowing display and take the Thunder 
Orb from it.Move through the hallway to the left of the display, 
stopping at the trick treasure box along the way.


This will get you the Bow.

Go to the right and ascend the stairs.

*** SOUTH AREA ***

There is a box directly in front of you, which is partially hidden. 
Get the Arrows from inside of it, and then head down the path. You'll 
come to a door with a Magic Mirror and a Puzzle Treasure Box on the 
left.Puzzle Treasure Box #1: Chant the name of a clan that has been 
subverted by the demons.

Book: 		Seiryu
Answer: 	The clan of Ogres
Item: 		Power Jewel 

---------             ---------             --------- 
|       |             |   |   |             |       | 
|   o   |             |   |   |             |       | 
|       |             ---------             |   o   | 
|       |             |   |   |             |       | 
|       |             |   |   |             |       | 
                      ---------             --------- 
|   |   | 
|   |   |                                   --------- 
|   |   |                                   |   |   | 
|   |   |                                   |   |   | 
---------                                   |   |   | 
|       |                                   |   |   | 
|       | 
|       | 
|       | 
   / | \ 
  /  |  \ 
 /   |   \

Make sure that your Thunder Orb is equipped and try to go through 
the door.Cut-sceneGo through the door. This area is full of 
enemies, but you don't have to fight them if you don't want to. 
The South Area Map is in a partially hidden box here, too. Cut 
down one of the standing wooden boards to reveal it. When you're 
done here, go through the door opposite from where you entered.

This large area has four doors. You just came through the first 
door. The second is to your right, but it is sealed for now. The 
third is directly opposite from where you entered and is sealed 
by a Fire Seal. The fourth is just to the left of the Fire Seal 
door. Go through this door.There is a door straight ahead and a 
hole in the wall on your left. Go through the door for now.

*** WEST AREA ***

If you can kill all of the enemies here before they kill the 
soldier, he'll give you a Magic Jewel as a thank you. Go through 
this area and through the door at the end. Continuing along the 
path you will come to a door sealed by Fire Seals. Go past it and 
keep looking to the left for a well. When you spot it, go down 
into it. Find the box in the bottom of the well and take the Rope 
Ladder from it. Return to the South Area.


Go over to the hole in the wall. Go into your inventory and use 
the Rope Ladder. Now climb down the Rope Ladder. Go into the cave 
to find a Magic Mirror and the second Puzzle Treasure Box.

Puzzle Treasure Box #2: 
Find this box just inside of the cave on the lower level of the 
South Area, just before the Osric boss battle.

Which is the equipment that was created by the clan of ogres in 
order to defeat the demons?

Book:             Suzaka
Answer:           the Gauntlet of Ogres
Item:             Power Jewel

---------         ---------         ---------
|   |   |         |   |   |         |       |
|   |   |         |   |   |         |       |
|   |   |         ---------         |   o   |
|   |   |         |   |   |         |       |
---------         |   |   |         |       |
                  ---------         ---------
|   |                               ---------
---------                           |   |   |
|   |                               |   |   |
---------                           ---------
    |   |                           |   |   |
                                    |   |   |

After doing your business here, go inside the large door next 
to the Magic Mirror.

---> Boss Battle: Osric <---
Osric has four types of attacks. 
1. Double Swing: he swings his club like a tennis racket on his 
forehand, and then follows with a backhand.
2. Ground Smash: he swings his club straight down, trying to 
smash you into the ground.
3. Charge: he runs straight at you trying to drive you into a 
4. Uppercut: he swings his club from low to high, trying to 
knock your head off.Face him and allow him to approach you. 
Just like the Mini-Bosses before, he'll start to move his 
weapon just as he's about to attack. Again, jump back when he 
does this. If he attacks with a Ground Smash or an Uppercut, 
you can move right in and take a few slashes at him after the 
swing. If he uses a forehand swing, wait 'til he follows with 
the backhand before you move in and cut him up. This is a good 
time to use your lightning attack, too. After you slash him up 
a bit he'll get angry and raise his arms. This is your cue to 
get some distance, as he's about to use a Charge. As soon as 
he begins a Charge, run either left or right to avoid it, or 
face him, hold R1 and strafe left or right (see the Battling 
section for more details). He'll Charge a few times, then get 
tired and open himself up to an attack. Take this opportunity 
to do some damage and collect some soul pieces, and then begin 
the cycle over again. Repeat these steps 'til he's dead.

When Osric falls to his death, he'll knock open a secret hallway.

Go into it and pick up the Journal #2 immediately on your left. 
Continue ahead through the door.Walk forward, break the vases 
and pick up the Fluorite from behind them. Continue ahead through 
the hall of skeletons and through the door.


Mini-Boss Battle: Reynaldo
Reynaldo can be a tough cookie if you don't fight aggressively. 
What you need to do is immediately get in his face and knock him 
down, either with several slashes or with a kick. Once he's down, 
get over him and plunge your sword into him. He'll split into two 
pieces and reform into two Reynaldo. Continue attacking them 
vigorously and using the Sword Plunge when you knock them down. 
Each Renaldo will split at least one more time before it dies so 
don't stop attacking.After defeating Reynaldo, walk up to the 
stone alter. You won't be able to read what's inscribed in it, 
but grab the Fire Orb just to the left of it. Leave the room the 
same way you came in. Move through the hall of skeletons, through 
both stone halls and back into the room where you fought Osric.

There will be a few Gyaran here now. As you enter the room Osric 
will release his soul fragments and the Gyaran will suck them up. 
What you have to do is take them out one at a time. When one dies, 
they'll transfer their soul to another one. Upon defeating the 
last one, it will unleash a mass of soul pieces it's gathered for 
you to collect. Move over to the door with the Flame Crystal. 
You'll use your gauntlet to unlock the door and return to the 
hallway with the Save Point.Turn left at the save point and 
continue through the hall to leave the tomb. Go back up by way 
of the Rope Ladder.Go back through the door to the right. The 
door just ahead on your left has a Fire Seal on it. Now that you 
have the Flame Orb, you can unlock this door. Do so, and go 
through it.
                          *** THE KEEP ***
                          -<[ FLOOR ONE ]>-
[1]   Door
[M]   Magic Mirror
[S]   Blue Soul Well
>>>   Stairs
F     Fluorite Piece
    -----------|                             |---------------
    |          |                                     [11]   |
    |          |                                       |    |
    |          |    |----------------------------------|    |
    |          |    |                    |             |    |
    |          |    |                    |             |    |
    |          |   [9]                   |             |    |
    |          |    |                    |             |    |
    |[6]-------|----|                    |             |    |
    |               |---------[8]--------|             |    |
    |               |                    |             |    |
    |               |                    |             |    |
  |-----|           |                    |------       |    |
  |    [5]          |                   [7]            |    |
  |     |           |                    |             |    |
  |     |           |                    |-------------|    |
  |     |           |                    |F                 |
  |     |           |                    |                  |
  |     |-----------|---------[3]--------|    >>>>>>>       |
  |     | [M][S]   [4]                   |--------------[12]|
  |     |           |                     |    |            |
  |     |           |                     |    |            |
  |     |           |                     |    |            |
  |     |           |                     |    |            |
  |     |           |                     |    |            |
  |     |           |                     |    |            |
  |     |-----------|                     |    |            |
  |                [2]                    |    |            |
  |                 |                     |    |            |
  |-----------------|---------[1]---------|    |------------|

This room you're in has four doors:
1. You just entered through
2. Immediately on your left
3. Directly in front of you
4. Ahead and on the left

Go through door 2 and continue ahead and through door 5. 

More Coming Soon...


I'm keeping track of all of my Clear Data to help try and 
figure out what unlocks what. If anyone has Clear Data they 
would like to send in, please do so It'll help with the Secrets 
section. Just remember to include all of the data you see below 
as well as what you've already unlocked. Thanks. Email can be 
sent to [email protected]

Normal Mode
Play Time:                       5:00
Fluorite:                        23/30
Absorbed:                        93970
Defeated:                        1049
Dark Realm Floor(s) Accessed:    10/20
Ogre Tower Floor(s) Accessed:    18/30
Ranking:                         Master
Unlocked:                        Oni-Spirits Mini-Game


Normal/Ultimate Mode
Play Time:                       2:00
Fluorite:                        16/30
Absorbed:                        66620
Defeated:                        546
Dark Realm Floor(s) Accessed:    10/20
Ogre Tower Floor(s) Accessed:    30/30
Ranking:                         A
Unlocked:                        Hard Mode


Normal/Ultimate Mode
Play Time:                       2:10
Fluorite:                        20/30
Absorbed:                        79670
Defeated:                        706
Dark Realm Floor(s) Accessed:    20/20
Ogre Tower Floor(s) Accessed:    30/30
Ranking:                         A
Unlocked:                        Nothing


Normal/Ultimate Mode
Play Time:                       2:29
Fluorite:                        20/30
Absorbed:                        103130
Defeated:                        1017
Dark Realm Floor(s) Accessed:    20/20
Ogre Tower Floor(s) Accessed:    30/30
Ranking:                         A
Unlocked:                        Nothing


Unlock Ultimate Mode (Normal and Easy)
Clear all 12 levels of the Oni-Spirits Mini-Game

Unlock Ultimate Mode (Hard)
Unlock Ultimate Mode for Normal and Easy, then beat 
the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

Acquire Secret Key
Clear all 10 levels of the Dark Realm Mini-Game by 
way of the entrance in the Keep. Open the chest on 
the final level before you exit the Dark Realm.

Acquire Ogre Armor
Clear all 30 levels of Ogre Tower and defeat the 
final warrior. The Ogre Armor will fall on the floor. 
Pick it up and it's yours.

Acquire Bishamon Ocarina
Clear all 20 levels of the Dark Realm Mini-Game by 
way of the well entrance in the West Area. Open the 
chest on the final level before you exit the Dark 

Acquire Bishamon Sword
Play the Bishamon Ocarina near the strange wall in 
the room just after defeating Marcellus (not 
Prototype Marcellus). Go inside the opening and take 
the Bishamon Sword from the wall decoration.

There is still much work to be done on this section. 
I will not post how many Fluorites are in a section 
until I am positive that I've found them all.

Dark Realm - Keep Entrance (1)

Dark Realm - Well Entrance (3)

Ogre Tower:
Section 1 (1)
Section 3 (1)
Section 4 (1)


Underground Temple (Bow)

Keep (Ninja Suit)

Keep Underground (Blue Key)

West Area as Kaede (Sacred Knife)

West Area (Vision Staff)

Under Waterfall (Matchlock)

East Area, Upstairs (Decorated Arrow)


Puzzle Treasure Box #1: 
Chant the name of a clan that has been subverted by the demons.
Book: 		Seiryu
Answer: 	The clan of Ogres
Item: 		Power Jewel

 ---------             ---------             ---------
 |       |             |   |   |             |       |
 |   o   |             |   |   |             |       |
 |       |             ---------             |   o   |
 |       |             |   |   |             |       |
 |       |             |   |   |             |       |
                       ---------             ---------
 |   |   |
 |   |   |                                   ---------
 |   |   |                                   |   |   |
 |   |   |                                   |   |   |
 ---------                                   |   |   |
 |       |                                   |   |   |
 |       |
 |       |
 |       |
   / | \
  /  |  \
 /   |   \

Puzzle Treasure Box #2: 
Find this box just inside of the cave on the lower level 
of the South Area, just before the Osric boss battle.

Which is the equipment that was created by the clan of ogres 
in order to defeat the demons?

Book:             Suzaka
Answer:           the Gauntlet of Ogres
Item:             Power Jewel
---------         ---------         ---------
|   |   |         |   |   |         |       |
|   |   |         |   |   |         |       |
|   |   |         ---------         |   o   |
|   |   |         |   |   |         |       |
---------         |   |   |         |       |
                  ---------         ---------
    |   |                           ---------
---------                           |   |   |
|   |                               |   |   |
---------                           ---------
    |   |                           |   |   |
                                    |   |   |

Puzzle Box #3: 
This box can be found deep in the West Area, just past 
a door with a broken lock. You'll have to open this box 
while controlling Kaede, as she'll have to use the Shinobi 
Kit to get to it.

Which is a mysterious place where the Clan of Ogres meet?

Book: Byakko
Answer: The Chasm of Dimensions
Item: Magic Jewel

    /\             ---------            ---------
 --------          |   |   |            |       |
  /    \           |   |   |            |       |
 /      \          ---------            ---------
<-------->         |   |   |            |       |
                   |   |   |            |       |
    |              ---------
---------                                   |
|   |   |                               ---------
|   |   |                                   |   |
|   |   |                               ---------
|   |   |                               |   |
  /----\                                    |   |
 /      \                              _         _
(--------)                              \/     \/
 \   |  /                               / \_ _/ \
  \----/                               <   _X_   >
                                        \_/   \_/
                                       _/\     /\_

Puzzle Box #4: 
The final box is located near the end of Samonosuke's 
quest through the East Area, in a room with a Magic 
Fountain, Save Point and another box containing Medicine.

Which is a container that can be used to fill the 
gauntlet with souls?

Book: Genbu
Answer: Dragon Orb
Item: Magic Jewel

    |                 |
---------         ---------
|   |   |         |   |   |
|   |   |         |   |   |
|   |   |         |   |   |
|   |   |         |   |   |

    /\            ---------			
 --------         |   |   |			      
  /    \          |   |   |			
 /      \         ---------			
<-------->        |       |			
                  |       |
    /\            ---------
   /  \
  /  o \               |
 /      \             /|\
<-------->           / | \
                    /  |  \
                   /   |   \


This strategy guide is far from finished. Check back 
often, as updates will be coming frequently. You will 
also be able to view an HTML version of this guide 
at GameShark.com very shortly.

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