Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy

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FULL Guide on How to beat the game! (Includes Character Mode)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy


Ch 1: Game Basics
Ch 2: Characters and Character Stats
Ch 3: Story Mode
-Part 1: To Challenge the Sun
-Part 2: The Man with the Mechanical Arm
-Part 3: Fullmetal Vs. Flame
-Part 4: The Truth Behind Truths
-Part 5: Theory of Avarice
-Part 6: The Isbal Mazzacre
-Part 7: Words of Farewell
-Part 8: Beyond the Gate
Ch 4: Character Mode
Ch 5: Mini-Game Mode
Ch 6: Fun little things to do that don't include playing the game.

Ch 1: Game Basics

Welcome to Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy! This is probably the only FMA 
Game that actually goes along with the Anime's storyline. Anyways, here are the 
controls for the game!
(Note: These are the default settings, to change these settings, go to the 
options and then go to button settings and you should see two choices. Pick the 
one that you fancy)

A/Y- Attack
B/X- Jump
Up on the control pad- Move up
Down on the control pad- Move down
Left/Right on the control pad- Move forwards/backwards
START- Pause the Game
SELECT- Has no use.
Left Transmutation circle on touch screen- Use Attack Based alchemy.
Right Transmutation circle on touce screen- Create a wall for bocking/getting 
over traps.

Ch 2 Characters and Character Stats

This entire chapter is about the six characters you can play as and what I 
think their stats are.
(Each stat is based off of five stars)

Teammate- Alphonse
Alchemy (Attack)-****
Alchemy (Wall)-**
Full Power Alchemy Attack- Giant Golden Cannon
Over All: Despite his weak wall (which is exactly like Al's), Ed makes up for 
it with his strong Cannon. He is a little slow compared to other characters, 
but he is a good starting character for new players.

Teammate- Edward
Alchemy (Attack)-**
Alchemy (Wall)-**
Full Power Alchemy Attack: Giant Kitty Heads
Over All: What Al lacks in offence, he makes up for in defence. His alchemic 
attack is rather funny (or so I think. I laugh at it and call it a "Kitty 
Cannon"), but his wall is exacty like Ed's. Al is also a good starting 
character for new players.

Teammate- Edward
Alchemy (Attack)-****
Alchemy (Wall)-***
Full Power Alchemy Attack- A Bunch of Wires come out of nowhere...
Over All: Izumi is a good choice for average players. Her wall is better than 
the Elric's because it is wider, and allows you more space to walk on. Her 
alchic attack is wierd, because it doesn't seem to do immediate damage.

Teammate- Alphonse
Alchemy (Attack)-*****
Alchemy (Wall)-***
Full Power Alchemy Attack- A Giant Spike Trap
Over All: Scar is one of the stronger characters you can play as. His finishing 
normal attack results in a powerful alchemy attack, that is sure to harm your 
enemies. His wall is closly related to the Elrics', but it is just a little 
wider. I enjoy using Scar's Alchemy attack, just for the fun of it.

Teammate- Riza Hawkeye
Attack- *****
Alchemy (Attack)-*****
Alchemy (Wall)-***
Full Power Alchemy Attack- Pillars of Fire
Over All: Mustang is the hardest character to play as. ALL of his attacks are 
alchemy-based, which slows him down. His wall is almost exactly like the 
Elric's. He is a character only experts should play as.

Teammate- Hughes Mayes
Alchemy (Attack)-*****
Alchemy (Wall)-****
Full Power Alchemy Attack- Stone Spike Storm
Over All: Armstrong is actually an easy character to play as. His brute 
strength and strong alchemy make him a force to be reconed with. His wall is 
the largest of the characters, and extremely useful when getting across traps. 
He is, amazingly, a good character for beginning players.

Ch 3 Story Mode:

Part 1: To Challenge the Sun

Cutscene 1:
Alchemy, the science of n
Cutscene 2:
 Ed: I hate deserts. It's nothing but sand. If there was some grass I could 
turn it into bread. I'm starving. ...Huh? Hey, Al, where'd you go?
 Al: Down here!
 Ed: ... ... ...You got buried AGAIN?
 Al: Hahaha...
 Al: Huh? Um... Hahaha...
 Ed: Get back here!
 Al: What are you going to do?
 Al: Then why are you chasing me?
 Ed: Stop and you'll find out!
 Al: I promise I won't get buried again!
Cutscene 3:
Searching for the Philospher's Stone, we finally came to Liore. The people 
there were living happily, thanks in part to the miracles performed by their 
priest, Cornello. We didn't think these miracles were fake, exactly...
 Ed: So... If you pray and polish the altar enough times, someone who's dead 
will be brought back to life?
 Rose: Something like that.
 Ed: Humph... Water, 35 liters... Carbon, 20 kilograms... Ammonia, 4 liters...
 Rose: What's that?
 Ed: It's the ingredients of the average adult human body. And even though 
science has given us the entire physical breakdown, there has never been a 
successful attempt at bringing a human to life. There's still something 
missing, something scientists haven't been able to find in centuries of 
research. So what makes you think that hack-job priest with his parlor tricks 
is going to be able to?
 Rose: ... ...
 Ed: And all those ingredients can be bought on a child's allowance. Humans can 
be built on the cheap. There's no magic to it.
 Rose: Well if there's no magic... Then you bring someone back to life.
 Ed: Just a matter of time. Science is the ansewer. I'd drop the scriptures and 
pick up an alchemy book. We're the closest thing to gods there are.
 Rose: You're not a god. You're nothing close to it.
 Ed: And neither is the sun. It's just a mass of Hydrogen. Get close to it like 
Cornello claims, and all you'll do is burn up.
 Rose: ... ...
 Al: Great, Ed. Push your total cynicism onto someone else. ...Huh?
 Rose: Cray! What are you doing?
 Cray: This is His will, not mine!
 Al: I don't think so, Mister...
 Cray: Wh-What?!
 Rose: H-He doesn't have a head!
 Ed: Yeah! That's Al!
 Al: I don't have a body. But I'm here. This is my punishment for setting foot 
on Holy Ground, where mortals are forbidden.
 Al: Rose!
 Ed: Al! Follow her!
End of Cutscene...

Now you finally get into some real gameplay. In the first section of the stage, 
you have to defeat 13 enemies. Push A to attack (or B if you changed the 
control settings) when you get close to an enemy or a group of enemies. 
Everytime you defeat an enemy, a small orb-ish thing will appear. Grab it, 
you'll need it later in the stage.

Mini-Mode 1: Touch the Dots in Order
Simple as it sounds. Don't mess up or else you'll wind up starting all over 

In Game Cutscene 1:
 Ed: A secret passage, huh? Al, are you too big to get through?
 Al: !!!!!!!! Brother... I'll wait for you...
In Game Cutscene 2: 
 Cornello: Telling such lies to my precious children... Really.
 Ed: Wow. That sounded pretty good for a crook running a fake religion.
 Cornello: I think I will take my leave of our guest.
 Ed: What?!
 Cornello: Hahaha... How rude...
 Ed: I can't belive this guy. I'll need to transmute a wall to get over this 
End of Cutscene...

Now, in order to cross the second section, you'll need to transmute a wall. 
There are three traps, so use the walls often. Also, if you're running low on 
health, break the barrels. You might find the healing item called "Meat". Grab 
it and cross the traps. As soon as you reach section 3, there will be 12 
enemies to fight against. Use the same tactic that you used in section 1, and 
you should be fine. Section 4 has no enemies, just falling rocks and barrels. 
If you need more orbs, or some meat, break the barrels. Otherwise, just move on 
and break the barrels in your way. In section 5, you will have to fight against 
8 more enemies. You will also see the first of two separate cow statues. If you 
need some extra orbs, attack the cow and drain it of it's prize. Then move on 
to the mini boss.

In Game Cutscene 2:
 Cornello: State Alchemists. Brutal enforcers... I had a feeling one of you 
would show up someday.
 Ed: Let's not chalk that up to pios premonitions. You knew we'd come for the 
 Cornello: Yes. The mythical gem. The legendary amplifier--the Philosopher's 
Stone! If you want it, you'll have to take it from me!
 Ed: What?!

Rose, you need to see what happens

Mini boss: Cornello's Chimera
This mini boss isn't a very hard challenge. Just use the tactics you used 
during your fights with the regular enemies, and you should be okay. If you 
want to, you can charge up your Alchemy attack to its full potential and take 
out a good portion of the boss' health.

In Game Cutscene 3:
 Cornello: You are damned, State Alchemist. May the wrath of God fall upon your 
 Ed: Stop hiding behind that crap. Get down here and I'll show you some wrath.
 Cornello: Very well... Will you entertain me until you die...?
End of cutscene.

STOP! Don't run away. If you can't find a door...make your own!

In Game Cutscene 4:
 Ed: Ahh! What is this!? I can't get any closer. I guess that means I'll have 
to use alchemy then...

In section 6, you will encounter some electric barriers. These barriers 
represent exactly who's alchemy MUST be used to get through. In this case, just 
use Ed's alchemy. After getting past the barriers, you'll have to fight against 
8 more enemies. These enemies are just like the other 33 enemies, there's no 
need to waste your alchemy on these guys. In section 7, you'll have to run 
(push the control pad twice and hold after the second push) across the room to 
the other side. After that, you'll start the fight against this stage's boss.

BOSS: Cornello
Cornello is one of the bosses that you cannot hit. But everytime he attacks, 
some of his health is drained. He attacks with two different attacks. He'll 
summon a chimera to attack you (which is just like the mini boss, so don't 
sweat it), then he'll use some gattling guns to attack you. Avoid the guns by 
jumping on them, and walking across them. Keep up with this plan, and you 
should be fine.

 Ed: An imitation? After all the trouble you put me through... Stop jerking me 
AROUND!!! ... Just another wild goose chase... Nothing left to do, but start to 
search again.
 Rose: You should have never come here. Father Cornello gave us hope.  What 
right did you have to take that away?
 Ed: ... ...
 Rose: What do I have to live for, now that I know Cain won't come back? You 
tell me that, Ed!
 Ed: You'll have to decide for yourself. Walk on your own. Move forward.
 Rose: ... ...
 Ed: You've got a good, strong pair of legs. Get up and use them.
 Rose: ... ...
 Al: Brother was trying to help. He doesn't always handing things well.
 Rose: Just go away, would you?
 Al: Rose, my brother and I have seen all sorts of thing over our years of

My bother hates milk, but he always loved the stew that our mother made... Mom 
was so gentle. She was always, always taking good care of us. Our father was 
always absorbed in alchemy and left home, but he still loved all of us. Then 
our mother passes away. My brother and I knew that gain required sacrifice. But 
something that been taken from us, and we thought there was nothing more we 
could lose. We were wrong. That light that should've brought her back from the 
other side... It took my entire body and stole my brother's leg... My body and 
his leg... The thing we got in excange was not our mother. No... It was not 
human. My brother sacrificed his arm to call me back to this world. My brother 
had to replace his arm and leg with auto-mail. We only want to restore our 
bodies, and for that we need the Philosopher's Stone. To seek it, we decided to 
leave our village. And on the day we set off... We burned out hose.
October, 1910
Resembool Village
Edward (11), Alphonse (10)
One day, on the way to Central, where my brother would take the State Alchemist 
Exam, we were contacted by Colonel Mustang. That's how we became involved in an 
End of Part 1...

Part 2: The Man with the Mechanical Arm

Cutscene 1
 Mustang: This is Mustang.
 Ed: Yes, hello... Uh... Lt. Colonel Mustang? This is Edward Elric, reporting 
at the station, sir. We're boarding the 9:20 train for Central.
 Mustang: Roger that... Hey, wait a minute. There's one leaving before that, 
isn't there? Get on it.
 Ed: But why does it matter?
 Mustang: Take it or go home!
 Ed: Hey AL! Boarding time!
 Al: Now?
 Ed: Come on!
 Al: Wait!
 Mustang: Let's test their luck.
 Bald: Good morning...General Hakuro.
 Terrorist 1: Everybody shut up and get your hands over your heads!
End of Cutscene.

In Game Cutscene 1:
 Ed: Oh man... Looks like we got caught up in something.
 Al: Brother, "Alchemists exist for the sake of the people!" Right?
 Ed: Yeah. We better get started, Al.

In Section 1, you'll have to fight 12 enemies. They're just like the ones from 
Part 1, so don't worry about wasing alchemic energy (even though you don't have 
any!). But with the 12, you'll meet the first enemy with long range attacks. 
Make sure they're your first priority to defeat. Anything else is an added 

Mini game: Untie the Rope
It's pretty basic, just follow the directions, and you should be fine.

Cutscene 2:
 Falman: How embarrassing... Who are you guys?
 Ed: Just two old-fashionrd alchemists.
 Falman: What...?! You don't say... Well I'm Falman, State Warrant Officer.
 Ed: A soldier? You don't look like one.
 Falman: HAHAHA! Yes, well, there's reason for that. We've got a passenger 
onboard. The front car kind.
 Ed: So that's why these thugs are here, isn't it? And they decided to drag us 
down with 'em. Al, you go with him from below.
 Al: Uhm... Yeah, okay.

In Game Cutscene 2:
 Ed: Jeez... They're comign out in droves... A mole sticking its head out of 
the train...? I think I'll transmute a weight to keep them from getting out...

In section 2, you'll have to transmute a weight on the spots where the cow pops 
up (walk up to the places where the guy is popping out of. It should count as 
one defeated enemy. You'll face off 11 enemies (three come out of the train) 
Then you move on to section 3, where you must fight 16 enemies. 3 of them come 
out of the train, the other 13 will fight you. After that, you'll move on to a 
part where you play as Al. You have 11 enemies to defeat, and there are boxes 
that block your way. If you've beaten the game, use Armstrong's alchemy to 
destroy the boxes and defeat the enemies. If not, you'll have to use Al's 
alchemy to destroy the boxes. It takes longer, but it is still effective. 
You'll move on to Section 5, where you'll see a fire trap. Make walls to get 
over the fire, and defeat the 10 enemies there. Try to throw them into the fire 
for added enjoyment.

Mini-Game 2: Touch the dots in order
It's the same thing as part 1. Just touch the dots in order.

In section 6, you'll take control of Ed again, and you'll have 9 enemies to 
defeat. None of them come out of the train, so you won't have to worry about 
any weights.

Mini-Game 3: Draw Transmutation Circle.
Just trace over the transmutation circle and you should be fine.

Cutscene 3:
 Terrorist 2: AHHHH!!!
 Hughes: That was smooth...
 Conductor: Hey you! Don't mess with that tender! It's the life of this train!
 Ed: Right! Sorry! Box of tender... Hmm... Heheh...
 Terrorist 2: You can't go up ther, Bald! There's something crazy up top!
 Bald: Control yourself!
 Ed: Attention, gun-toting extremists. You hear me alright?
 Terrorist 1: What the hell is that?
 Ed: Let the hostages go! You've no right to drag these travelers into your 
personal politics!
 Bald: You're one or Mustang's secret agents, aren't you? Interfere, and I'll 
kill these hostages one by one!
 Ed: You're just itching to draw blood, aren't you? All right...
 Terrorist 2: Looks like a pipe?
 Ed: Okay, passengers, please hold on to your seats, and get ready for 
 Bald: What?!
 Terrorist 1: AAAAAGH!!!
 Al: Welcome to the brig!
 Terrorist 1 and Bald: *sounds of pain*
 Bald: Huh?!

BOSS: Bald
Bald isn't a hard boss. He'll go down just as easily as any other enemy, it'll 
just take longer. Fully charged alchemy attacks should prove to be useful. Keep 
fighting until you win!

Cutscene 4:
 Bald: Wha?!
 Mustang: Don't take any lives... That's all I asked you, Bald. And, as it 
turns out, it seems you did just as you were told.
 Bald: So, I take it you're Mustang. HRAAAA! Guh Grugh GAAAAHHH!
 Mustang: I controlled myself. The damage to your 
 Ed: Hey! You knew... That's why you made us take this train!
 Mustang: Come on, Ed, you think I've got the whole world on strings? Anyway, 
you should focus on the good news here. The General heard about your exploits 
saving the train, and agreed to make a special exception. He's letting you take 
the State Alchemy Exam.
 Ed: And exception, but you said

When brother and I got to Central for the State Alchemist Exam, we passed the 
time staying at the home if Shou Tucker, the Sewing Life Alchemist who Mustang 
introduced to us. While we stayed there, Nina and Alexander welcomed us very 
warmly... Along with Nina, we were invited to Major Hughes' House for a 
birthday party for brother. That day was the birth of a new life, and we were 
all the more determined to return our bodies to normal. I couldn't take the 
exam because of my armored body... And no one expected my brother to pass the 
examination... But brother obtained the silver watch that is proof of a State 
Alchemist. But while brother gained something, Tucker lost his daughter Nina... 
It was madness. He turned his own daughter into a chimera. My brother saw the 
chimera Nina run away. The next thing we saw of her was...a deconstructed 
silhouette shaped like Nina... Our own powerlessness... The weight of the 
silver watch... The pain of being a dog of the military... Memories of so many 
people... Thinking of all this we swore to follow our own path.
End of Part 2...

More to come! *pieces are missing because they were parts that scrolled on 
their own*

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