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Cyber Tiger Strategy Guide

Title: Cyber Tiger
Platform: Playstation
Rating: E for Everyone


1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Controls
4. Game Modes 
5. Power-Up Balls
6. Skills
7. Hints and Cheats
8. Extra Stuff

1. Introduction

Cyber Tiger for the Playstation game console is an arcade style golf game. There are 
fictional type characters with the exception of Tiger Woods.  There are also certain 
things to enhance your shot and shave off strokes to your final score.

2. Legal Stuff

Do not try to copy or reproduce this strategy guide without my consent. Do not post 
this strategy guide on any website without my consent. The only websites that can 
post this strategy guide without consent are the following:

 Cheat Codes
 Cheat Code Central
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 Super Cheats 
 Game Faqs

3. Controls

X- swing
Square- selects the type of shot (Full, Chip, and Pitch)
Triangle- to read the green
Circle- to zoom and aim your shot
L1 + L2- change clubs
R1 + R2- change camera angle
Start- pause the game
Select- view your inventory 

4. Game Modes

 Stroke- stroke is a regular round of golf for one to four players; each player 
wants to finish the round with the least amount of strokes, no mulligan.
 Tournament- in a tournament you can choose to compete in an 18, 36, or 72 hole 
contest. The golfer with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the tournament 
will be declared the winner. One to four players can enter in a tournament, tap-ins 
is allowed.
 Practice- after you unlock the courses, you can test your skills on any hole on 
any course at any time. Here are the controls:

Square- selects the hole to practice
R1- Play the front 9
R2- Play the back 9
L1- Play all 18 holes
L2- Go Back

 Range- work on your swing skills at the range. You can also practice your putting 
and shipping skills as well. You can win power-ups and skills at the range if you 
are playing in career mode.
 Foursome- A round of golf for 4 players in a 2 on 2 match-up. Each team plays with 
one ball,  (players on the team alternate strokes) You win the game by having the 
lowest combined score.
 Four Ball- this is also a 2 on 2 match-up, but this times everyone hits their own 
ball. The team who scores lowest on a hole starts the next hole. The team who wins 
more holes is the winner.
 Shootout- This is where 4 players battle sudden death style, in a 3-hole shootout. 
After each hole the player with the highest score is eliminated from the shootout. 
The last player remaining is the winner.
 Skins- the skin game is for 2-4 players to compete for a type of money called 
skin. If players tie all skin for that round is carried over to the next. The amount 
of skin gets higher after each hole.

5. Power-Up Balls

Power-Up Balls can only be obtained in career mode. There are 8 different types of 
Power-up balls. Here they are:

 Super Ball- this ball will bounce on any type of ground except sand traps like it 
has bounced on concrete.
 Eye Ball- this ball goes straight in the air
 Mulligan Ball- this allows you to re-hit a ball without taking a stroke
 Power Ball- gives you more distance
 Ghost Ball- goes through any obstacle on the course (trees, bushes)
 Mystery Ball- will pick any of the 7 balls randomly
 Spin Ball- you get extra spin control
 Gumball- this ball will not bounce

6. Skills- 

In career mode at the driving range between courses you can try to better your short 
game by shooting close to the hole in different situations. The 5 skills are

 Putting
 Sand
 Rough
 Deep Rough
 Buried

7. Hints and Cheats

Password screen:
Press circle at the course selection menu

Unlock courses

Enter the following passwords at the password screen:

Course 			Password
Cyber Sawgrass		SECARE
Cyber Canyons		NAMOPI
Cyber Bad Lands	HARNESO
All Courses		POQAKI

Rubber Insert Putter:

Get a birdie on the consecutive holes

Forged Irons:
Get an eagle on any hole

All clubs forged
Get a hole in one on any hole

8. Extra Stuff

If you want to see more of the strategy guides done by me go to 
www.geocities.com/codeworld1 and click on the strategy guides page. Don’t forget to 
vote for your favorite video game system while you are there as well.


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