Blazing Dragons

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Full Walkthrew

The game will start with a convo of Sir.Geroge and his weird wizard guy. After that 
you wake up in flicker's room and trivert will tell you to go see king Alfire but 
before we go let's get the TAILWARMER on his bed, the JAR and his invention BOOK.  
Head out the door and grab the CANDELHOLDER now go down the hall. (Remember where 
the other door is because we'll be going back there later) You'll end up in the 
square table room after talking to the king you will have to wash the dishes pick 
up the MOP and put it on the green cup things at the top of the screen Flame will 
then arrive and talk to you after that use the CANDELHOLDER on the kettle then use 
the TAILWARMER on the CANDELHOLDER. The chacler will walk in and talk to you, we 
are now allowed to leve the castle go back to the square table head down the hall 
with a crown on it and go into the door without a poster now grab the PIPECLEANERS 
and MAGSIZE. Now go over to the other door with the poster and get the blue BOTTLE 
we are now ready to leave to the castle go back to the square table room and down 
the remaining Hall and talk to the lady in the info booth and say "I need your 
help" she will then give you a Semi-enchanted map then head out back door. You 
should go over to the village and head up the path use the PIPECLENERS on the ant 
hill then go to the map head to the giant beanstalk outside you see a girl use the 
BOTTLE on her and pick up her hair then talk to her to get the CLIPPERS. Go inside 
and use the ANT-COVERED PIPECLEANER on the piper to free the dragon he'll give you 
a RIBBON now go back outside and grab a magic bean then leave. go to the knight 
near the castle and use the bean on the ground and where’re done here leave here 
and go back to the castle and head to princess’s flame’s room talk to her and say 
do you  have any advice on being a night after she kisses you use the jar on her 
this will put the kiss in the jar go back to the giant beans stock and use the 
jarred KISS on the naked guy he will turn into a frog pick him up and then go back 
to the map go to the knight up at the top of the screen and use the FROG on the 
yellow frog and the knight will give you a MIRROR now go back to the village and go 
up the path then go to down the next path and use the catapult after this mini-game 
you'll get a CAT go to the map and head over to the remaining knight and go up the 
path use the CAT on the dog and watch what happens. Go back down and grab the 
PITCHFORK talk to the knight and say "you were chain mail on a mission like this" 
he will then take you on as a squire he then gives you SOAP. After a convo you will 
be in flame’s room use the HAIR on the window and flame will try to run away but is 
caught by Sir.Geroge. Then the chancellor come in and takes your bag  so go get it 
his room is the door in the hall with the info booth after getting it back grab the 
CRACKERS and the STAMPS also look at the book on his desk. With this go to flame’s 
room and get the SUITECASE and the SHEETS. Now go to the library and talk to trivet 
say: “what are you doing”, “ok” and “yes make me a princess” you’ll now be tricked 
into thinking you’re Flame after talked to king alfire return to the library and 
use the MIRROR on trivet you will trick himself into thinking he’s  flame. Use the 
SUITECASE on him then a large convo happens after that go to the map and head to 
where the dodo is but he’s trapped my a hunter go back to the castle’s library and 
use the dodo STAMP on the sign and the dodo is free head to where you saw the black 
dragon and get the BONE now go to the map and head to the place where the dodo is 
now. Use the coal on the villagers burning the sir George thing then get the wooden 
PADLE and the HEAD use the HEAD on the poop near the bottom to get the POOPY HEAD 
go into the bar and say “I’ll accept the job” now go back outside and use the 
CRACKERS on the guy there now go back in side and garb the PRUNES in front of the 
monks and the COMICS now say “what’s the big deal” now you must dace him for them 
after winning them  use them on the PRUNES and the RIBBON on this now go to the 
castle. Ring the bell and say can “I get in the castle” then “I’m sorry” now ring 
it again and say “I’ve got a delivery” now give him the package and go into the 
back door head up the steps and use the POOPY HEAD  on the guy too get the RUST-BE-
GONE. Now go down the steps and threw the other door you’ll see the Black Dragon 2 
go down the steps and get the PAPER on the desk go back upstairs and grab the 0 
thing then use the PAPER on the guy near the Dragon. Now go back down and use the 
bone on the cell holding Flame. Now go to the village and use the PITCHFORK in 
front of the statue to get the MOLE. Use the DUSTER on the pizza cook and get his 
PIZZA PADLE head to the caturpult rang but stop to use the MOLE on the bottom of 
the sing and try to get the STILS say “Eddie ember sent me” and he’ll give you the 
STILS go to the lake with a lady in it (home of the lady of the lake) and use the 
STILS on the little stream and grab the ORE. Use your hand on the top of the dryer 
then put the CORN in it. Note: sorry get the corn by using the SHEETS on the stick 
thing by the corn. Go to the mines and use the MAGASIZE on the bird to rid this 
pace of humans garb the PICKAXE, the CANTASTER, and some DUST. Head back to the 
dragon trap and go down the trap door. Walk into the spinning thing then try to 
grab the PIN at the top then use the PIXAXE on the PIN. Now pick it up and go back 
to the bar. Use the PIN on the baseball player to get the OLD BAT. Head over to the 
dragon trap and use the OLD BAT/ORE/PIZZA PADLE/WOODEN PADLE on the knights. Go to 
castle grim and use the THONGS on the EEL go back to the lake and use the EEL on 
the fisherman. Then say “what do you know about the Cave of Delima” down Head to 
the waterfall and keep going to talk to Al you have do 4 trials here they are:

Dexterity: use the CLIPPERS on one of the porcupines the try to grab each one 

Strength: use the WHISTLE (from using the RUST-BE-GONE on the bear trap in the 
woods where the dodo was) on the rock 

Eye-hand cotation : watch the good rabbit and only blink when they aren’t moving 
then pick the hat with the good rabbit in it.

Wee-bit scary: use the SOAP on the thing and the DUST on the puff of smoke

Now go to the tournament and give the thing that Al  gave you to the king. The 
torment is easy just  bent the guy in thump wrestling by using the D-pad to move 
your thump and x to pin. When you’re pinned or pinning keep press L1,L1,R1,R2  to 
get out /win after you win the black dragon 3 arrives. Go to the catrupult  and put 
the DRIED CORN in the CANSTER put it in the catrupult wine up and throw at the 
Black Dragon. You’ll get eaten now get ready. 
1.	grab the lever 
2.	use the clicker on the lever (2x)
3.	use the CLIPPERS on the string he’s pulling 
4.	scream and be happy 
5.	watch the ending scenes  there’re funny 

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