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Breath of Fire 5:
Dragon Quarter

Full Walkthrough and Guide

By: Cyril
[email protected]

Table Of Contents:

2:Version Information
4:Frequently Asked Questions
8:Skills List
Section 1:  Ranger HQ
Section 2:  Lift to Bi-Corp
Section 3:  Genic Processor
Section 4:  Old Waste Shaft
Section 4:  Dragon and Lift-Low Sector
11:Weapons List
12:Armor and Shield List
13:Items List

I have played all of the BoF games before, so I had 
extremely high expectations of this game.  It did not 
let me down.  Breath of Fire has always been the story 
of the dragon boy, Ryu, and his friends.  While the 
characters may change, there is always the familiar 
faces of Ryu, as well as Nina to look upon.  For those 
new to the BoF series, think of this as your first step 
into magnificence.  
This game is completely different then any other RPG 
I have ever played.  And because of that, I decided to 
make a full guide, not just a boss walkthrough like I 
did before.  While the transition from the normal turn 
based to this, may be hard for some people, I personally 
find it a breath of fresh air. 
Lastly note, that while I try to keep the spoilers at 
minimum with the guide, any normal walkthrough has 
spoilers.  So unless you want to be spoiled, don't look 
past where you are supposed to be. 

And so, without further ado:
Cyril's Breath of Fire 5 Guide

Note: Some of this information may be a bit off, as I 
noticed some things change each time you go 
through...such as what items where, and enemy 
locations.  Also the SoL ads many different things to 
the game.  This is based off the first game.  I hope 
to, in the future, have a SoL changes area...

Version Information:
Version .17:  February 25th 2003: Added Weapon, Items, 
and Armor and Sheilds list, as well as ACCURATE box 
numbers, at least until Lift to Bi-Corp 4.  Also did 
the first Bosch strategy.  That is all for now, but I 
am not done updating it today.  Just have a lot to type 
Verson .15: February 24th 2003:  I made the whole thing 
more separated.  Also added a few new SoL's, Skills, 
FAQ Section, and I am doing some updates. Finishing Old 
Waste Shaft, and starting on the later ones. Sorry I 
am taking so long people! NOTE:  Since I decided to die 
again(I wanted to see if you get SoLs for dying farther 
in the game, and you do) I am not going to put some of 
the exact box totals in it just yet, at least until I 
write them all down and am positive on them.   
Version .11: February 22, 2003: Character info.  Also 
more skills.  I have like 10 pages of full walkthrough 
written down on paper from my own game.  Perhaps I will 
start to type that up soon as well.  Depending on how 
much I get done, I may submit it sooner then I thought 
I would.     
Version .10: February 21, 2003: Decided to start this 
guide.  I start it on Word, and make sure the basic 
spelling is good.  I am not too far in the game itself, 
but I do know that I am getting a lot better at the 
battles then I was originally.  Starting battle info, 
skills info, and skills list.  It is too late to do much 
more then that at this point. I am not submitting it 


This is a section devoted to each character.  It tells 
strengths and weaknesses, and my personal strategies 
with them.
This is the layout:

Character: The characters name.
Starting level: The level the character starts at
Weapon: The characters weapon
Personal Skill: The characters personal Skill
Profile: About the character
Strengths: What the character is good at
Weaknesses: What the character lacks at.

Starting level: 1
Weapon: Sword
Personal Skill: Dash
Ryu, your main character, is a low ranking Ranger who 
probably wont get far in the world.  He is still devoted 
though, and will do what he must for people he cares 
for.  He is good friends with Bosc.

Ryu is definitely your main attacker throughout the 
game.  All of his skills are for attacking, and damaging 
enemies.  While he starts the game off rather weak, he 
gets stronger very quickly.  Ryu can equip the 
strongest armors, and he has high defense.  

Well...normally one would consider it a strength, but 
I say it is a weakness.  Ryu's transformation.  It ads 
the D-Counter at the top, and limits your game play time.  
It makes me very stressed.  Another of Ryu's weaknesses 
is the fact that he is so damned slow.  He just doesn't 
attack enough for me.  And early on, his skills just 
don't cut it. Plus, his Personal Skill ups the D-ratio.


Starting Level: 1
Weapon: Rapier
Personal Skill: Kick
Bosch has a high D-Ratio, making him a natural choice 
for a leader.  He was born into an aristocratic family, 
and has high hopes for his own future.  

For the short while you have Bosch, he is great.  He 
has very strong physical attacks, and his skills do a 
lot of damage.  In the beginning, he can use PoisonBite 
maybe 6 times in a row if he doesn't have to walk.  His 
second level 2 Skill is also great. He is fast, compared 
to Ryu.  

You do not get to keep Bosch for long.  You may have 
accidentally use party EXP on him.  But his personal 
skill makes starting battles with him harder, as it 
does not reach far.


Starting level: 1
Weapon: Rod
Personal Skill: Draw Items
Not much is known about Nina.  She is a young girl of 
twelve, who does not speak, but seems to want to protect 
Ryu.  She looks up to him, and seems to love him.  With 
little wings on her back, she is a mystery to our 

Nina is the fastest character in the game.  No doubt.  
She also has the longest range of movement in the game.  
Her skills are very helpful, as they hinder an enemy, 
and she works good as a support character. 

Nina is weak physically.  She takes a lot of damage, 
can not physical attack, and has low HP.  She can not 
equip the strongest armors, and shields.  She will get 
hurt easily, and early on, maybe killed in two hits from 
a foe.  What makes her even worse is that she starts 
at level one.  


Starting level: 10  
Weapon: Gun
Personal Skills: Shoot, Blast 
Lin is a member of the Trinity.  They are known as 
outlaws, and are hunted by the rangers.  She and Ryu 
get off to a very bad start.  She seems to be looking 
for Nina, and wants to protect her. 

Lin is a great character to have lead the party. Her 
Personal Skill attack enemies from far away, and push 
them away so you can get by them.  She is rather strong, 
and her skills usually cause harmful status effects to 
enemies.  She is able to equip strong armors, and her 
weapons reach in battle is the longest in the game.  If 
you want to finish a battle before it starts, she is 
the one you are looking for.

Her strengths are her weaknesses.  To do a whole lot 
of damage with her, you have to combo, and that takes 
a lot of AP.  Otherwise, her attacks just are not as 
strong as they could be.  Nor are her skills.  Not to 
downgrade her, she can do a lot of damage, she just 
doesn't do as much as she should.  She is rather slow, 
and her Personal Action takes a while to shoot, leaving 
you vulnerable to attack in the meantime.        

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to lower the D-Ratio?:

I do not think so at this point.  Though I have noticed 
that if you are running around aimlessly, and havnt 
gotten in a lot of encounters recently, then it will 
go up faster.  Some other things, even though it is 
common sense, that make it rise faster:
Using Ryu's Dash skill
Transforming Ryu
Using strong, and frequent, attacks when you are forced 
to have Ryu in Dragon form.

And a hint to keeping it low (I had like 8% and I when 
I died, and the guide iteself had like 13%):
During the Bosch battle, Ryu will usually attack last.  
At this point, Lin will attack before him, and if she 
has steal equipeed she can so the stealing(see 
battle)and have Nina use multiple Jolt attacks(if she 
doesnt move, she should be able to do around 120+ damage 
with them, and have Lin finish the first one off that 
same turn.  Dont have Ryu Attack.  Do the same thing, 
and then have Ryu kill Bosch with Twister.  I ended this 
battle with 5%.  The normal is around 6-8% though... 

How do I activate SoL?:

You have to have either died before, or have beaten the 
game and saved after.  The farther you are into the game, 
the more SoL movies you will see.  To know if a movie 
is SoL or not, you will see a small marking in the bottom 
right corner that says SoL.  The more you beat the game, 
the more movies as well.

SoL also gives you all of your weapons you had equipeed 
when you died, and you retain all of your skills.  You 
get half your money, and half your  party EXP (or all 
on the latter I am not positive.)


Battles in this game will remind you a lot more of 
Grandia then they do normal Breath of Fire.  Capcom 
decided to completely ditch the entire old combat 
system, and go for a more technical fighting system.  
I am not going to explain all of the functions of the 
battle system(yet), but these few basic tips should 
help you begin.

Battle Basics:

Battles can be fought in many different ways.  But the 
most important part is when, and how, you actually 
begin a battle.  It is like Grandia.  Either the enemy 
touches you first, or you touch it first.  If you touch 
it first, then whatever character you have set as 
leader will get an extra attack, making the battle 
easier for you in the long run. 

A good strategy when starting a fight, is to throw some 
Dried Meat at an enemy, and let it rush for it.  The 
enemy will ignore you completely, and go for the food.  
With this advantage, run up to the enemy, and press 
either X, or Triangle to attack him first.  You will 
get an extra turn at the beginning of the battle with 
the character you are currently controlling, and when 
you win the battle, you will end up some extra 
experience called tactical experience.  So all in all, 
this tactic is very helpful as it will allow you to 
finish battles faster.  But be warned, if you come 
rushing at the monster, he can look up and notice you 
from a distance, and you might accidentally run into 
him, giving HIM the advantage in battle.  It is a double 
edged sword, and you will have to hone the point to 
master this game.  

In battle, a character is totally reliant on AP.  Ap 
allows a character to move, use magic, and use skills.  
Using items does not cost AP.  You gain AP as you level 
up, or through an AP enhancing item. See the skills 
section for more information.

Items are absolutely invaluable in this game.  To use 
them, you have to press R2, and then O.  Choose the item 
from a list and then the character/enemy to use it on.  
See the Items section for more information.     


Each character has certain skills they can learn from 
different enemies, and different skills they 
automatically come with when the character joins.  
Skills are the main attacks a character uses in battle.  

A character can learn skills three different ways:

The first way is by coming with the Skill.  Ryu himself 
comes with the Skills, Slice, Deathbringer, and Vert 
Slash when he starts the game.

Another way a character can learn a skill is through 
getting attacked with it.  When a character gets hit 
by a certain skill (Such as Ryu with Wild Swing) they 
have a chance to learn the skill through an item they 
will automatically receive.  To make the chance greater 
that an enemy will actually use the skill you want, I 
suggest you have the character you want to learn the 
skill lead the party, as they seem to be attacked most.  
So if you are going to attack a Duke, and you want Ryu 
to learn Wild Swing, have Ryu at the head of the party, 
and have him go on the main offensive.  That will 
maximize your chances of learning the skill. You have 
to have the steal ability quipped to get the item from 
the enemy you want the skill from, and the character 
with steal must be hit withe the skill.

The last way a character can learn skills is through 
getting a treasure key through a boss, or stronger then 
normal monster, and opening a chest.  These chests 
usually contain stronger skills then the ones you get 
from enemies. 


Combos are done by having a lot of AP, and by using 
multiple skills to link attacks together. 
You will notice, after you get one attack done, that 
in the lower right hand corner, a minature menu will 
say COMBO: And you will see a letter with a button. 
Usually a O. If you want to get the combo stronger, and 
use more AP, pres, and hold R2 and you will see the level 
2 Skills. Currently, on my Ryu(I prefer Lin), I have 
Vert Slash, and Fang. So if I were to do a combo of just 
about 3 hits, I wouls press the buttons oike this: 
O, O(for an extra Slash hit), R2-O(for Vert Slash) , 
X. Also, R2 will keeo you on the level you were on with 
the last combo, so I could use Fang without having to 
press R2 again. This combo would be a Slash, Vert Slash, 
Fang Combo.
Also, the longer the combo, the more damage each 
successive attack will do. 
This may not be EXACTLY right. But it should help you 
get the basics down. If you have played Xenogears, it 
is rather like that system, with the combo's. It takes 
a long time to completely understand. But if you decide 
to play with Lin(when you get her) you will be forced 
to learn it, as she is completely reliant on combos. 

Skills List:

This is a list of the Skills I have found so far in this 
game.  This is how it will look:

Character Name: The name of the character that can use 
the skill.

Level: I only do this at the beginning of the each level 
type, so three times per character.  Also has the AP 
cost by it.

Skill: The name of the Skill

Type: The type of damage the Skill does.  If an enemy 
defends against a certain type of power,(such as 
physical) then the skill of that same type will do lower 

Location: Where you get the Skill  

Description: The description and effect(s) of the 
On the paragraph after I have the direct definition 
from the game.


Level 1: 10 AP:

Skill: Slice
Type: Physical
Location: Ryu starts the game with this Skill
Slice is the equivalent of a normal physical attack. 
Weak, but for a O attack, it is quite strong.  Lately, 
I have been using it more with Combo's.
Normal Physical Attack

Skill: Side Slash
Type: Physical
Location: get this skill after beating the Death Cow 
or the Goo element in Lift to Bi-Corp 2.
Side Slash hits a rather large range of enemies in the 
area in front of Ryu.  Though it only does an extremely 
small amount of damage to them. 

Skill: Ogre Slice
Type: Physical
Location: Ryu must learn this skill from the Duke, or 
Duke Leaders in the Lift's to Bi-Corp levels. 
Don't really use it, as to risky, but if you are willing 
to risk it....ouch...
Accuracy -50% and, if hits, causes a critical attack 
of 75%. 

Skill: Kick
Type: Physical
Location: After defeating the Magma Nugget in the first 
Danger Room, you get a Treasure key.  Use the key in 
the chest in the same room to get this skill.
Very, very useful.  I find myself using this more and 
more.   When paired with Nina and G-Flare etc, this 
Skill can obliterate all in its path.  It pushes an 
enemy away from Ryu.  Don't use it if you plan to combo 
though, as you wont be able to do anymore consecutive 
attacks after this.  This is more of a finishing move.
Attack Power 75% and Hit-Back power of 2.5 m.     

Level 2: 20 AP: 

Skill: Vert Slash
Type: Physical
Location: Ryu starts the game with this Skill
Very useful in the beginning of the game. A stronger 
normal attack.  
Attack Power 130%, and accuracy -20% 

Skill: Wild Swing
Type: Physical
Location: Ryu must get this skill from a Duke, or Duke 
leader in the Lift to Bi-Corp levels.  
Like any other Wild Swing from BoF, I don't really use 
it too much.  It can do a lot of damage if you get lucky 
though.  I personally think that it is too much of a 
Random Damage between 50% and 200%.

Skill: Fang 
Type: Physical
Location: You must learn this from Bosch during the 
battle in EndSector Borough. (See EndSector Borough)
The same as Bosch's skill.  Is it worth it to waste D 
points on?  Probably not, but if you want to get all 
the items, then go for this one.  But when you get it, 
it is one of the better skills for Ryu.
Attack Power 40% (regardless of enemy Defense Power.)   

Level 3: 30 AP:

Skill: Deathbringer
Type: Physical
Location: Ryu starts the game with this Skill.
While strong, it takes a lot of AP, and so it is not 
worth it.  I am a cheap wad. But against stronger 
enemies, this works wonders. 
Attack Power 125%(If it hits, Critical Attack is 100%)

Skill: Roundsabre
Type:  Physical
Loction:  Locked treasure chest in CorpLab 3F
I havn't had time to use it, or else I would tell, I 
DO have it.  I will try it out ASAP.  
Attack Power 150%


Level 1: 10 AP:

Skill: Thrust
Type: Physical
Location: Bosch starts the game with this Skill
I personally overlook this skill for the second of 
Bosch's skills.  I use that one far more frequently, 
as it is capable of doing more damage in the long run.
Attack Power 25%(regardless of enemy defense.)

Skill: PoisonBite
Type: Physical
Location: Bosch starts the game with this Skill
Good for wittling down enemies with high HP, I find it 
very useful.  If you have a lot of AP, you can use this 
attack, maybe six times in a row, making it Bosch's 
greatest damage dealer. 
Attack Power 80%, Poisons enemy

Level 2: 20 AP:

Skill: Fang
Type: Physical
Location: Bosch starts the game with this Skill
I also tend to use the second skill more then I use this 
one. But if the enemy is hard to damage, it helps.  It 
hits a small area.   
Attack Power 40% (regardless of enemy Defense Power.)

Skill: Lion Smash
Type: Physical
Location: Bosch starts the game with this Skill
This is my main attack with Bosch, as it is very 
damaging, and works well.  
Attack Power 110%, Accuracy -20% 


Level 1: 10 AP:

Skill: G-Flare 
Type: Trap
Location: Nina starts the game with this skill
Description: Nina makes a rather large area of the 
battlefield go up in flames, and stay there until an 
enemy hits it.  When an enemy DOES hit it, it will take 
a large amount of damage.  When an enemy runs into the 
flame, then the flame will extinguish.
Magic that Blocks the movement of some enemies. 

Skill: Jolt
Type: Magic
Location: You get the Jolt item randomly from the enemy 
Hermits in the later levels of the Old Waste Shaft.
I love this skill...very useful early in the game.  Nina 
seems to accumulate AP faster, and because of this, she 
can use this skill a lot.  Thank god for no MP!  If Nina 
is at max AP, she can attack with this baby at least 
8 times!  Great for damage dealing.  
Electric Magic Attack

Skill: Flare
Type: Magic
Location: You have to win this item from the Ruby Goop 
in the Corp Lab.  
Description:  Same as Jolt, but it takes you a LOT 
longer to get it.  This is fire elemental, and seems 
to be abit more powerful the Jolt, as more enemies are 
weak versus fire.
Fire Magic Attack

Skill: Frost
Type: Magic
Location:  You must win, or steal this spell from the 
Sapphire Goo's in Corp lab 3F and up.  
Description:  By the time you get this, you will 
probably already have Flare and Jolt, making it almost 
useless.  But it does quite a bit of damage to enemiees 
weak against ice. 
Ice Magic Attack

Skill: Joltball
Type:  Trap
Loaction: The  locked treasure chest in Lift 
Lowersector 1.  
Even more useful the G-Flare, Jolt ball not only seems 
to do more damage, but it paralyzes whatever enemy hits 
it for a turn.  Maening that whoever hits it looses 
his(or her) attack for a turn.  Use it like G-Flare, 
and you are in the money. 
Magic Trap that Stuns enemies that come into contact 
with it


Level 1: 10 AP:

Skill: Hey! Hey!
Type: Shot
Location: Lin starts the game with this Skill
This will be one of the main attacks you start your 
combos with, at least until you get another Skill.  It 
doesn't do much damage, but it makes your other attacks 
a bit stronger.  Almost required to ad status effects 
to enemies  
Adds Effect to Successive Attacks

Skill: There!
Type: Shot
Location: In Old Waste 6F, you have to do the danger 
room near the end of the level.  If you turn left, and 
search then monster, you will enter a danger room event, 
and when you kill all of the Roaches, you get a key.  
Head north from this room and open the treasure chest 
with your new key.  The skill will be in it.
Another of Lin's Primary combo starters, this enhances 
the effect of the next attack in the combo.  So if you 
use Stay Here!  It will cast Bind instead of just 
lowering their movement.  Doesn't up damage too much 
though.  Useful, and in the hands of a trained warrior, 
Attack Power 70% and Increases Critical Chances

Level 2: 20 AP: 

Skill: Stay Here!
Type: Shot
Location: Lin starts the game with this Skill
This skill lowers the distance an enemy can move.  
Useful, as Lin is able to stay far away from her enemies 
and attack, making her invulnerable at times.  
Attack Power 110% Reduces Enemy Movement

Skill: Outta My Way
Type: Shot
Location: Lin starts the game with this Skill 
Very useful when used with Ryu's kick, and any of Nina's 
Ground spells.  This attack forces an enemy backwards, 
and even if it doesn't take extra damage from hitting 
a wall, then the enemy still has to expend more AP to 
attack you again.  If you kick them into a Ground spell, 
the enemy will take damage.  Only use this attack at 
the end of a combo, as you can not continue your combo 
after you use it.
Hit-Back Effect

Level 3:  30 AP:

Skill: Blow Up!
Type: Shot
Location:  Lin can learn this skill in Lift Sector 2.  
After one room with a fight with Dukes, you get the 
treasure chest key, and this will be the prize.
Very strong, and very useful.  This attack hits a large 
area in front of Lin, and does quite a bit of damage.  
When you first get it, it does about 50 damage, but the 
damage quikly rises.  As this is Lin's first level three 
Skill, you will use it a lot.
Attack Power 150%  


I follow the same basic formatting for every area of 
the game.  I will give you exact directions on where 
to go, sometimes comment on enemies, and give guides 
for Bosses and Sub-Bosses.
My format will look like this:

Loaction:  Where you will be
Shops:  If there is any, I will have the list of 
equipment you can buy
Enemies:  A list of enemies you will fight in the area
Boss:  The Boss, or Sub-Boss(es) in the area.  
Boxes:  This is the number of boxes in the area Yellow, 
and White, as well as sometimes Red or Orange, but they 
go into the Yellow section..  I am still working on the 
items you get from them.

Note: At the beginning of the game, you are allowed to 
choose the name for your main character.  Usually it 
is Ryu, and so that is what I will refer to him as in 
this guide.  Feel free to name him whatever you want.

Section 1:

Ranger HQ 1F:

You start the game in a locker room on the first floor 
of Ranger HQ. Exit through the door above you, and walk 
into the hallway.  To the North of you, you will notice 
a man standing by the window, and a doorway across from 
him.  If you need some tips, go through the doorway to 
the right, and talk to the man in there.  Usually 
talking to people will give you tips about battles, or 
the story. 
When you are done asking him questions, leave the room 
the same way you entered, and head up and to the left 
in the Main hallway.  On the side of the screen, after 
the left turn, there is stairs.  Go up them.

Ranger HQ 2F:

From the top of the stairs, go to Ryu's left, toward 
the screen. You will notice that to Ryu's right, right 
when you enter there is a guard.  Remember that location, 
as you will need it in a few minutes. Head down this 
hall, and to the right when you have to. Talk to the 
rangers around here for hints.  Go through the door at 
the end of this hallway.  There are four Rangers in this 
next room, down the little set of stairs.  Talk to then 
if you wish, and then go to the far right of the screen, 
and talk to Bosch, who is standing by the door to the 
Captains office.  Talk to him, and you will both enter 
the office.  You will watch a cut scene, and are then 
asked if you have any questions.  If this is your first 
time through, I suggest you ask all of the questions.  
When you are done, and exited, head back out to the 
hallway and head to that door the ranger was guarding 
when you first entered Ranger HQ 2F.  Go through it.     

Lower Sector Junction:

Walk down the stairs.  You can talk to the mom and kid 
if you want.  It may make you feel good if you say that 
the kid can become a ranger.  Head to the far left side, 
on Ryu's left.  There are two Rangers over here, and 
two Telecorders (save points), as well as a door.  I 
do not suggest you save your game just yet, as you will 
need all the Save Tokens you can get later.  Go through 
the door on the left wall. 

Lower Sector Borough:



Armas Lower Sector:

Ranger Edge +2
Buster Sword +1
Glacier +3
Pistol +3
Ranger Shell +1
Solid Ring +3
Ranger Suit +2
Slave Clothes +3
Wild Chaps +3


Fresh Meat
Heal Kit
Wake Up

You see another Telecorder toward the bottom of the 
screen, to Ryu's left.  I still follow the no save plan.  
A rule to follow in this game: Don't save unless you 
are absolutely positive you need to.  Such as clearing 
a whole area, or fighting a few Bosses and Sub-Bosses.  
Continue to the right of the screen, straight ahead for 
Ryu, and down.  Go down the stairs to the right, and 
enter the main town of Borough.  Go a bit to Ryu's right 
and straight ahead, and you will see a girl in the 
corner of a building.  This girl is the appraiser.  She 
also stores items for you, so use her often, you need 
all the inventory space you can get at all times.  Head 
a little north of her, and you will see a man with a 
red shield, this is the arms merchant.  You shouldn't 
buy weapons at this point, and you probably don't have 
the money anyway.  A bit to the north of him, and to 
the left, are two people talking to each other.  The 
younger one is the Item merchant.  I suggest you spend 
all of your 300 Zenny on Heal Kits, as you will 
defiantly need them for what is coming up.  
After buying what you want, or need, go back around the 
junk in the middle, and go back up the stairs and 
through the door you originally entered to get here. 

Lower Sector Junction:

Head directly across the screen and enter the second 
door.  The door exactly opposite of the door you just 
exited, near the little boy and his mom.  Go through 

Lower Sector Air Lift:

Head straight down the stars in front of you, and 
continue in that direction until you trigger a cut 
scene.  At this point Bosch joins your party.  He will 
currently be leading your party.  If you want to get 
Ryu back as leader press R1.  I suggest having Bosch 
lead though, as he is a greater person in battle.  Yes, 
battles ARE coming up soon.  Head down the small set 
of stairs to your right, and through the long dark 

Section 2:

Lift To Bi-Corp 1:

Enemies: Duke, Duke Leader, Nugget
Yellow: 2
White: 8

Head straight foward, and kick the two white boxes for 
some Fresh Meat. (To smash boxes, use either of your 
characters Personal Skills).  A little ahead, after a 
short tutorial, break the next white box, and slowly 
proceed.  You should see an enemy called a Duke.  The 
best way to get rid of this foe, is to throw out your 
newly acquired Fresh Meat(only one mind you) when you 
are close enough, to taunt him.  He will head to the 
meat, and  completely ignore you, giving you an 
advantage for a first attack.  To actually begin the 
fight, go run up to the feading monster and use a 
Personal Action when in the right range.  It takes a 
while to perfect the exact ranges, but Ryu's is the 
longest at this point, but Bosch's attacks do more 
damage, so once you get good enough with Ryu's range, 
I suggest having Bosch lead if he is not already.  When 
you are in battle, I find the best combos to be:

O, X, X,( X is continued depending on the number of AP 
you have.  If you have a lot, you can do it six times 
or more!) or X, X, X.  They are the easiest to pull off, 
and will do significant damage to the enmy.  

He will keep this one for a while.
X, O, O.  That will do the most damage to enemies.  
Also, the X-Blade combo is supposed to be good, which 
is Slash, Side Slash and Vert Slash. (O, O, X, R2X) 

When you defeat the Duke, head up the hall, and up the 
stairs to the right.  Enter the door here, and follow 
the hallway to another room, where a yellow box awaits.  
Yellow boxes always hold better items then white boxes 
do.  head back out of the room, and head to the first 
intersection again, around where you fought the Duke. 
head over the small bridge to the right, but be warned 
of the enemies that are around here.  Throw some meat 
out, and hope they go for it, instead of you.  Head to 
the left, and you will see some boxes.  After getting 
the boxes (I suggest killing the enemies before), head 
all the way to the right of the small bridge.  Go through 
the doorway at the end. In this next room, you will 
notice a middle platform with 3 enemies on it.  Throw 
some Fresh meat out, and attack them.  If you kill them 
all, you get a treaure key.  PICK THIS UP NOW!  You will 
need it very soon.  Continue heading straight across 
the bridge, and enter the next room, where evn more 
encounters await you.  You will notice, straight ahead 
of you, a treasure chest.  Before you go to open it, 
I suggest you kill all the enemies (4-5 sets depending 
on if you get more then one in an encounter).  if you 
dont, they can get a sneak attack on you, and that is 
NEVER a good thing.  When you have obliterated the 
threat, go back to the treasure chest across from the 
enterance, and you will get your first skill:  "Steal".  
Very useful.  I suggest you equip it on Ryu right away. 
From the chest, head right, and over another small 
bridge.  And then head to Ryu's left.  Head throught 
the large door, and back through one of the rooms you 
just went through (the one with the treasure key...This 
is the other side  of the room) and go all the way to 
the end, and through the door.  here, you will find a 
yellow Box, and it most likely contains a very useful, 
and ever so rare, Save Token.  
Head back through the doors, and go up the stairs 
slightly to the right of you.  if you didnt kill the 
before, there may be some Dukes and Duke Leaders wating 
for you.  When it is clear, go break the boxes, and head 
over to the right.  You will see some boxes hidden 
behind the metal, unbreakable boxes.  You can get some 
awesome items from these boxes.  Namely, party 
experience and a good amount of Zenny.   

TIP:  Do not use any party EXP on your party just yet.  
And do not use any at all on Bosch, if you do decide 
to use some, as it will be wasted.  
Also, if Ryu is hit by the Skills: Wild Swing, or Ogre 
Slice from the Dukes, and Duke leaders, and has the 
steal Skill equipped, then he can learn them as well.  

After you finish breaking the boxes, head to the left, 
and through the door on the far wall.  The only one you 
have not entered yet.  In this room, you will see a lift, 
and a girl behind it.  Go talk to the girl (whom you 
just may recognize) and she will answer some questions, 
and give you tips about the game.  You will see her quite 
a bit early on.  To enter the lift, press X near the 
front.  This will lead you to the next area.

Lift to Bi-Corp 2:

Enemies: None
Boss: Death Cow, Goo Element
Yellow: 0
White: 6

Note:  At any time during this dungeon, you can go back 
to Lower Sector Borough to get items, weapons, and 
anything else you may need.  I suggest having at least 
5 Heal Kits on you at all times, even if you have a lot 
of HP currently. 

After exiting the lift, go to the next room and there 
will be a Death Cow enemy.  There is more of a chance 
you will get the Death Cow, but you can also get a Goo 
Element. This is a Sub-Boss who is very strong.  Though 
you do get a good item for killing it, as well as a new 
Skill.  I suggest you go for it, but it is your choice.  
it is best to initiate combat as Bosch, and you should 
try to get an extra turn by using a Fresh Meat before 
the battle.  


Death Cow

LVL: 22
HP: 530
EXP: 88
Items: ??????? equipment, or a stat upping item.  

The Death Cow is one tough customer.  He is VERY strong, 
and has a lot of HP.  If you have not fought all the 
enemies, and do not have a large supply of healing items 
on hand, then this boss could be almost impossible to 
beat.  His normal attack the Skill "Wild Swing"(Which 
Ryu can learn if he has Steal equipped) does about 80 
damage to a single character.  His other skill, an ice 
spell, does about 25 damage to a range, but he ALWAYS 
gets an extra attack after, doing over 40 damage.  So 
the damage can pile up very quickly.  You will probably 
need to revive one character at least in this battle, 
so I hope you still have that Tonic you started with.  
For the offensive, I suggest you have Bosch use 
PoisonBite until Death Cow is poisoned, and then use 
LionSmash(or Poison if you think it will do more damage 
in the long run as two attacks for the price of one.)  
Try to LionSlash Death Cow until he has the lowest 
defense possible, and then attach with PoisonBite.  Ryu 
should use Vert Slash as much as possible, as that is 
definately his strongest attack at this point.  heal 
your characters if their HP gets below 90.  You may want 
to have Ryu run to the corner, and use Bosch as bait 
while Ryu gains AP and unleashes a HUGE combo.  This 
is a hard battle but when you win, you get the second 
treasure chest key.

Goo Element
LVL: 10
HP: 150
EXP: 50

You are lucky if you get the Goo Element instead of the 
Death Cow.  Each of the Goo Elements attacks do around 
30 damage, and he has a range attack that can hit both 
characters for 30.  He attacks twice a round, usually 
before both characters.  He has high defense versus 
physical attacks and combo's and Skills that cast 
status effects dont work on him.  He will take a lot 
of pounding.  Attack with your strongest combo's, and 
try to end Ryu's with Deathbringer, as that will do the 
most damage.     

After beating the enemy(if you decided to skip it, just 
skip to the next paragraph) go pick up the treasure 
chest key, and get the chest which will be to your left.  
By opening this chest, you recieve a "Side Slash" Skill 
for Ryu. I also suggest going back to Borough now and 
getting more items to replenish any you may have used 
in battle.  

Head back to the right, and go all the way to the end, 
getting the boxes, and through the door.   Continue 
heading foward, and you will see the girl again, next 
to the door.  this time she will teach you about Skills.  
Go through the door, and break the box(es) for an item.  
You can not get through the door at the end of the hall, 
by the 3 boxes, so head up the short stairs to the side, 
and go through the door to the right.  In this next room 
are two boxes.  Head to the right, and go through the 
next door to the next lift going down.  Press X to go 
down it, just like before.

Lift To Bi-Corp 3 [North]:

Enemies: Lil Lantern Bat, Lantern Bat, Hychee, Duke, 
Duke Leader
Boss: Magma Nugget
Yellow: 0
White: 0

Head straight out of the room with the lift and make 
sure your trap is set to meat.  In this next room, you 
will see a LOT of bats.  You have to be strategic here, 
or they will easily make life far more difficult then 
it should be.  The bats will either be on the lower level 
or the higher level.  When they are on the higher level 
it is easier.  Here is a good strategy:
Start by throwing out a meat.  The bats will swarm after 
you the second you enter the room if they are on the 
top level, so you have to be really fast. Here is a good 
Strategy to kill them off before they can completely 
overpower you.  And they will if you dont kill them off 
quickly.  Strategy:
After you throw the meat out, you must close in a few 
seconds after.  Make sure a few of them have swarmed 
the meat, as you need to make every hit count.  Quickly 
change your Trap/Bait to Dynamite, a Bomb, or the Prox 
kit, if you have one. Use all of your Dynamite's and 
Bomb's against them, and then use the Prox bomb.  That 
bombardment should weaken them enough to fight them 
easier.  When you do initiate battle with them, you need 
to kill them swiftly, as while alone, they are not 
strong, in this large of group they can literally 
obliterate you.  Their Flare does about 25 damage and 
their physical attacks do about  30.  They have low 
defense, so you dont need too strong of attacks to kill 
them, especially after the onslaught you may have done 
before the actualy battle.  If you didnt damage them 
before the battle at all, this battle WILL take a lot 
out of you.  

After killing the bats, kill any stragglers that you 
may not have fought, get the boxes, and head to the 
right, and through the door at the end.  In the next 
room, head straight, at the intersection, and kill the 
Hychee's (You do not even have to do battle with them, 
if you slash them before the battle begins, you can kill 
them off without a scratch).  Try and kill a many of 
them as you can, as they drop valuable Heal Kits. Open 
the yellow box a bit to the right.  Head back to the 
first intersection, and fight the Hychee's  that drop 
from the ceiling here.  Be warned that it is really easy 
for them to get the drop on you here.  Head left, killing 
the enemies you come to, and get the three white boxes 
you find at the dead end.  Turn back around, and head 
straight down the hall, and go through the door.  Head 
foward, and through the next door, head right.  Go 
straight at the first intersection, and tak the two 
white boxes(you will most likely have to fight for 
them.).  Head through the door to the left, and get the 
yellow box at the end of the short platform.  head back 
to the intersection, and take the right path.  There 
is  a Duke leader directly behind that door, and he will 
most likely get the jump on you if you are not prepared.  
Even if you are prepared it is hard to get the jump on 
him.  Actually, this battle may take a few tries to beat, 
as the Duke runs almost the entire time.  be patient, 
and you will eventually kill him.  Before you enter the 
next room, try and be healed as much as you can without 
being waseful with items. Preapare your skills, and get 
ready.  When you are ready, enter the door at the end 
of the long platform. 

This room is what is called a danger room.  There are 
quite a bit of these rooms in this game.  The basic 
aspect of a danger room is this:  Kill all the enemies, 
or you cant get out.  So your goal is to kill all enemies, 
by whatever means necissary.  There are a lot of enemies 
in here.   Work from the first room using all the tactics 
and skills you have.  Any type or Lure(fresh meat etc.) 
is extremely helpful in a danger room.  When you have 
killed almost all of the enemies in the room, head over 
to the second side of the room and you will see the 
biggest Nugget you will ever see.  approach him to 
initiate battle to get out of the room.

Magma Nugget

LVL: 18
HP: 400
EXP: 75
Items: Juju

This sub boss is definately easier then the Death Cow.  
To best kill this boss, have Bosch use PosionBite.  
Build up Bosch's AP, to almost max, and use a HUGE combo 
of O, X, X, X, X, X (continued).  Each X should do around 
30 damage, and that is the fastest way to kill him.  But 
just because this boss is easier then the death cow, 
does not mean that it is less deadly.  It can cast Jolt, 
to hit a character(or two!) for 30 damage, and he uses 
two physical attacks a round for 30 damage each. Magma 
Nuggets super attack, Lightning, does about 75 damage 
to a single character. Ryu should use Vert Slash.  And 
for max damage, have Bosch use LionSlash before the big 
combos to allow not only him, but Ryu to do more damage 
for the AP price.  Try to keep yourself over 70 HP at 
all times.

After you win the Magma Nugget, you get an item (or two) 
and thr key to the treasure chest which was located 
behind him.  The treasure chest holds the Skill: "Kick" 
a very useful skill.  You should put it on Ryu's level 
one skills right away.  Break the white box nearby.  
After finishing with this room go up the small set of 
stairs to the side, and enter the door.  Go foward, and 
enter te next door to get to the next area.

Lift to Bi-Corp 3 [South]

Enemies:  Magma Nugget
Yellow: 2
White: 5

The girl is here again, and this time she is going to 
teach you about the controls.(as if you need to know 
them...you already have been playing them game for a 
while now)

Exit through the door to the left of the one you entered.  
After going through a few sets of doors that open 
automatically, you will fight a raging Magma Nugget. 
It is hard to get the jump over this one as he will see 
you before you see him.  Kill him the exact same way 
you killed the other one.  I actually found this one 
easier, though some may find him harder. 

After beating the Nugget, go to the next room, and go 
up the lift.  Congrats!  You have beat your first full 
dungeon!  Now go pause the game and give yourslef a pat 
on the back.  You totally deserve it.       

Section 3:

Approach South:

Head straight through the first door.  

Genic Processor:

Watch the cut-scene, and then re-enter the room.  Go 
up the small set of stairs to the left and through the 

Approach West:

Go straight, and turn right when needed.  Near the end, 
you will see the tutorial girl again.  This time she 
will teach you about escaping from battles.  In the next 
room, go up he lift.

Genetic Accumulater:

Enemies: Hychee, Odd Hychee, Nugget
Yellow: 3
White: 5

Go through the door and save at the telecorder, if you 
want to.  I suggest you do, but you may want to wait 
just a tad bit longer.  Continue following the hallway, 
after it turns left, continued down it usntil you reach 
two doors.  (I dont remember what is in the straight 
one, but...go through it if you want).  The door to the 
left is where you want to go.  

When you enter the room, break the white box directly 
to the left of you.  Explore more of the room by heading 
foward.  When you go foward, you will notice enemies.  
They Nuggets etc. can not get to you, as they are in 
cages, so don't worry about them.  As you turn right 
in this room, you will notice enemies to the side above 
you.  Go and kill the Hychee's and the Odd Hychee for 
Heal Kits.  Again, if you have the first attack on the 
Hychee's, you wont actually need to fight them, they 
will die without battle.  You will have to fight the 
Odd Hychee though.  If you HAVE to fight them, use 
SnakeBite, and any other strategy you might prefer.  In 
this short side area is a white box slightly around to 
the right, where you get a Mega-Aid Kit.    Go back to 
the larger area, and head to the left, and through the 
door.  Head straight foward, and enter the room on the 
right.  Throughout the room, there are a lot of boxes, 
both Yellow and White.  Most are in the corner after 
the first left.  Go foward, and when you take a direct 
left, head left here, through the little crevices near 
the cages to the White box.  Search around by going 
foward.  This place is full of cages, and things to mar 
your way, but keep looking and get all the boxes that 
are in open view. 

When you have all of the items in this room, head ut 
of the door to the far left.  In this next hallway, you 
will see an Appraiser.  She will appraise any ??????? 
items you have, and will store Items for you.  I know 
my inventory was busting it's seams at this point, so 
use her as much as possible.  You need all the space 
you can get! Go through the next door and.....

Section 4:

Bi-Corp Lift:

Heal Kit
Aid Kit
Wake Up
After a cut scene or two, you will end up here.  To the 
right of you, is a woman, and the tutorial girl.  Talk 
to the woman, and she will sell you items.  I suggest 
stocking up on as many Heal Kits as you can, as Ryu is 
alone now.  Some other equipment you might want to buy, 
is maybe one or two Footlooses, but it is not necissary, 
a the enemies that cause the statuses here drop them.  
But that is the main status here that is caused.  You 
also may want to have a tonic, if you dont have one 
already.  If you didnt save in the Genic Processor, I 
suggest you do so now, as it will be a while until your 
next save.  And those save Tokens are so damned scarce.     
Head to the right of the woman, and you will enter the 
next area.

Old Waste Shaft 1:

Head through the first room, and in the second, you see 
a box.  You can not open it just yet, as you do not have 
the key, so ignore it.  Head through the second door, 
and make sure you have a lot of HP.

Old Waste Shaft 2:

Enemies:  Worker Ant, Bind Spider
Boss: Cyclops

After an event, you will be forced directly into a boss 
fight with th Cyclops.

LVL: 17
HP: 440
EXP: 70
Items: Treasure Key

The Cyclops has very strong attacks, so try and keep 
your HP up.  His normal attacks do 60+ damage, and he 
can use them twice.  The best, and easiest way to beat 
the Cyclops is to run.  That may sound odd, but you have 
a LOT longer range then he does, so if you run, you have 
an advantage.  If you run your max distance, he will 
follow you, but he wont be able to reach you, as he does 
not have a lot of range.  The best direction to run is 
toward the door, counter clockwise.  When you get 
halfway done, ytou will notice a small area with a VERY 
small hole.  Only you can get through that, the Cyclops 
can not, so he will start heading back the opposite 
direction.  When you have max AP(you should at this 
point if you have not attacked him).  When he gets close 
to you, go up and attack him with about 80 AP, and then 
run behind the small area(it is a small area in between 
some junk.)  If you attack him, then run there, he cant 
hurt you, and will head to the opposite direction.  On 
the next run, move SLIGHTLY in his direction, and he 
will turn around, and if you did it right, he wont be 
able to reach you.  The next turn, you should attack 
him again, and then do the same thing over and over, 
until he dies.
If you Choose to fight him like a man, then build up 
your AP by running away a few turns, and then let it 
all out on him.  Heal on every turn, as you never know 
how much damage he can do.  This tactic is rather 
wasteful, but if you want a faster fight, you may want 
to go this way.

From RUDD, DAVE, (and another person, but this one is 

You do not need to run away all the time; nor do you need to have 
more than one hit point. All you need to do is get the Kick skill 
and equip it in the level one slot before entering this room. 
One your first attack, Cyclops charges up, so you have no fear 
of any hits. Just walk toward him until the second he lights up, 
telling you he is in range. Use your level three attack, 
Death-whatever, and then give him a kick. That will knock him 
back to the place he started advancing from, and with your 
remaining points, turn around and move back from Cyclops until 
you are at zero points and still have a greem area halo. You will 
then be back out of his range again on the next turn. If you keep 
doing EXACTLY that (in other words, don't get cocky, 
grasshopper), the battle will end with you having taken exactly 
no damage whatsoever. 
As it turns out, this is a fairly good strategy over all, and 
can be used in a lot of fights both prior to this and after. Just 
remember to equip your skills after you learn them!

After the battle, and a scene, Nina joins your party. 
You also get Ryu's Personal Action, D-Dash.  Use it as 
much as you want now, as later it wont be so cheap. 
Lastly, Nina starts at level 1.  You may want to use 
some Party EXP to get her to at least level 7. Your 

From where the cut-scene ends, go foward and up the ramp 
to the left.  Follow the ramp right, and go through the 
left door.  In this next room, a  Bind Spider will drop 
down from the ceiling, he is rather strong, so finish 
him as fast as possible.  This is also a good battle 
to test out the wonders of Nina's trap skills.  G-Flare 
does a hell of a lot of damage for this point of the 
game, and can be used to protect characters. But the 
farther away you cast it, the more AP it takes to cast, 
so use it wisely.  After this battle, head a bit foward, 
and destroy the Army Ant's.  They will try to run, but 
you have to kill them all if you want the treasure key.  
After killing them,  pick up the treasure key, and head 
back to the room where you fought the boss.  Retrace 
your steps, and head back into the first room where you 
saw the chest (Old Waste 1) , and use the key on the 
chest for an ?????? item, which, when you get it 
appraised, will become an armor for Ryu.  Head back to 
the same room you got the key in (foward, left, up the 
stairs, and right through the door), go straight at the 
intercetion.  In this room there are a lot of enemies, 
but if you fight them all off, you can get some really 
good items from the boxes.  I suggest you do it.  After 
getting what you want from the room (or not) head out 
the door, and go directly to to your right, and enter 
the door here.  In this room, there are more enemies, 
and a few more boxes.  Get what you want from this room, 
and head out the door to the top right.  Head straight 
from the doorway, turning right when needed.  Beware 
of the spider that will drop down from the ceiling on 
you.  Continue to follow the hallway to the end.  Go 
through the door, and up the ladder to reach the next 

Old Waste Shaft 3F:

Enemies: Goo Element, Hermit

Go through the door in front of you.  Head straight, 
then turn right through the next hallway.  Go through 
the door at the end. In this room are 3 Yellow boxes 
and two doors.  Head through the far door. (the one to 
the far left) and you will get $600.  Go nack to the 
room with the two door, and head to the left, the other 
door that you didnt go through originally.  Approach 
it and a cut scene kicks in.  Lin now joins your party.  

Put Lin at the head of the party so that she can start 
battles with the jump on the enemy.  She attacks both 
in, and out of battle, at a long range, making her very 
useful.  Also note, that when Lin joins, you have an 
extra five item slots to hold items in.  

Head through the door straight ahead of you.  The next 
battle will be against a Goo Element. He is rather 
strong, but not too much to worry about.  The best way 
to kill him is to have Nina cast G-Flare and have Ryu 
and Lin knock him into it with Kick and Out of the Way.  
After you kill him, head out the door to the left, and 
through the hallway to the next room.

The boxes in this room are actually enemies.  Approach 
them and they will get up and try to attack you.  Make 
sure you attack them first, as they can be strong.  The 
only way to kill the Hermits is to have Nina use G-Flare, 
and having Ryu or Lin push him into it (with Kick or 
Out of the Way).  other then that he is invulnerable.  
Also, try to get an item called a Jolt from them.  They 
drop it after battle.  This item allows Nina to learn 
her first attack skill, Jolt.  Very useful.    When you 
are done with the Hermits, head through the far door.  
Go up the ladder to the next area.


Old Waste Shaft 4F:

Enemies: Worker Ant, Bind Spider, Baby Rustphage

Head through the door in front of you.  The next room 
is a danger room, so heal up.

This danger room has a lot of Bind Spiders.  Normally, 
that wouldnt be too much of a problem, but the thing 
is, in the first part of the room alone, thereis about 
7 spiders, so if you attack one, you get into an 
encounter with them all.  The best way to go about this 
danger room is to have Nina constantly G-Flare the 
Spider's way, so they will be harmed if they hit you.  
Make sure you try and have three out at all times.  If 
you got Nina's  attack Skill, Jolt, that will help a 
lot as well.  The Spiders will cast Shadow Stitch on 
your party members, making them bound to one spot for 
3 turns (they will not be able to move).  I hope you 
have some footlooses.  Luckily, the Spiders usually 
drop Footlooses, giving you an advantage from them.  If 
you can block that doorway in the middle of the room, 
the enemies wont try and escape, and you can kill them 
off, and they will be screwed.

NOTE:  After this, I suggest you go back to the Item 
shop and restock on healing items.  You should do this 
a lot, most likely every two floors.  There are usually 
item shops at the beginning of every dungeon, so you 
should restock often.    

After winning go through the door to the side (the one 
you were blocking with G-Flare) head straight, turn 
left, and follow the hall going through the door at the 
end.  Beware, in this room there are more monsters. Head 
straight through the room, past the door on the right, 
and go through the door at the end.  Head straight, and 
left through the hall, killing the roaches as you 
encounter them.  Go through the door at the end.  Head 
right, killing even more enemies.  Get the three yellow 
boxes, and head through the door on the right.  

Go straight through this hallway and through the next 
room.  In the third room, there are enemies.  Kill them, 
and and break the red box for a ?????? weapon/armor.  
Head through the door on the right.  Go down the hall, 
and go through the door to get to an open area.  Head 
straight and get the red box slightly to the right.  
Ignore the enemies for now, as you can not fight them 
yet.  Go through the door on the far side stright ahead 
of you.  In this next room, talk to the girl, and go 
up the ladder.

Old Waste Shaft 5F:

Enemies:  Hychee, Odd Hychee 
Sub-Boss: Devolve

Head stright into the next room and kill the Hychees.  
Hope that they drop the Heal Kits.  Now, killing Hychees 
is easier then ever, as with Lin you can slay them from 
a distance not risking anything.  Break the box to the 
right and head left.  Notice a large enemy in the middle 
of the hall.  Attack him.

LVL: 26
HP: 600
EXP: 145

Devolve can be a rather hard enemy if your party does 
not have a lot of healing items.  His attacks usually 
do 80+ damage, so keep your HP above that number.  The 
first thing you do is cast G-Flare in front of your 
characters to damage Devolve and protect your 
characters a bit.  Devolve has a huge move range.  Nina 
will be busy the entire battle with G-Flare, so Jolt 
won't be too much help here.  Try to have 3 traps out 
at ALL times.  Attack with your naormal strategy and 
combos.  One of my faves at this point was with Lin.  
Have her use Hey! Hey! then use Stay Here!, and lastly 
use Out of the Way!.  It does quite a bit of damage, 
and is useful for pushing him back.  Have Ryu build up 
his AP bar and use X-Slash, or whatever other combos 
you decide to use with him.  I personally prefer Slice, 
Vert Slash, Vert Slash, Vert Slash, Kick.  

This room is big. The doors at the very end, to the side, 
hold red boxes, and good items, so get them.  When you 
get them, go through the door on the right.  Follow the 
hallway, and head through the door at the end.  In this 
next room, you cant get through the first door, so head 
right.  Head through the area, get the box on the right, 
and head left.  Through the next door, go straight 
across the yard, as there is nothing there, and through 
the next door.  Climb up the ladder to the next, and 
last area of this dungeon.  

Old Waste Shaft 6F:

Enemies: Devolve, Hermit, Baby Rustphage, Worker Ant, 
Sub-Boss: Boss Ant

Head straight and kill the Hermits.  You now reach a 
four way intersection.  On the right is another Devolve, 
and a few treasures.  You can go get them, but it is 
optional.  Start by heading west (to the left).  In this 
room, head to the left, and search the body of the dead 
Devolve.  Enemies will jump out of it, and this room 
will become a danger room.  It is not a hard danger room, 
as the enemies dont do too much damage.  There will be 
about 9 enemies. 

After finishing the danger room off, get the Treasure 
Chest key, and head to the north room (right of the door 
you entered).  In the treasure chest this time is Lin's 
Skill:  There!.  Very useful, especially paired with 
Stay There!  Head back to the main intersection, and 
head north.

Sub-Boss: Boss Ant
LVL: 24
HP: 520
EXP: 132

If you kill all of the eneimes in this room (there are 
two main sets, one to each side of the junk), then you 
will trigger a harder battle with a Boss Ant.  The 
battle is not really worth it, but if you want the EXP, 
go for it.  Besides, who doesnt like a good challenge?
*hears silence*
uh... never mind...
If you do decide to fight the Boss Ant, you can snatch 
a Fire Bomb from him.  Ant does not like any type of 
close range combat, so get as close to him as you can, 
and he will have to waste a LOT of AP running away.  Also, 
his close range attacks do not do a huge amount of 
damage (around 40), and they do not hit often.  Use your 
main attacks, and you should win easily.  

Go through the northern door, and notice the Devolves.  
Dont worry, they wont attack you unless you attack them.  
And you do not want to in this room as they will 
overwhelm you.  head to the left and get the Save Token 
(you will need this) go back to where you entered, and 
head through the door straight ahead of the other one 
you came from (it is on the left if you   are coming 
from the Save Token's direction.)  

EndSector Borough:


Strong Sword +3
Buster Sword +1
Ranger Edge +2
Pyromaina +2
Glacier +2
Thor Hammer +2
Magic Wand 
Pistol +1
Auto Rifle +2
Hangun +1


Fresh Meat
Heal Kit
Aid Kit
Wake Up

Head up the path, and on the left you will see a 
Telecorder.  I suggest you save your game now.  This 
is a town, so there is an appraiser, an Item Shop and 
a Weapon Shop.  I suggest your first stop be the 
Appraiser and have her appraise all the ????? items you 
have.  I had about 7. The Appraiser is to the left. But 
whatever of the items you want, but IMO, Lin's 
Victorious weapon is not that good, and you get more 
money from it if you sell it.  You will get a better 
weapon soon.  If you have Any JuJu's from the Magma 
Nuggts, then make sure you use them on Nina, so she will 
be better at magic.  Store items.  After getting your 
items appraised, go over to the right area, and sell 
whatever ones you dont need at the weapons shop (the 
person on the right).  At the item shop, I suggest you 
buy 10 minimum Heal Kits.  Maybe even a few Aid Kits, 
so you can survive better (Soon you will have to begin 
relying on those totally!).  I suggest waiting on 
buying any weapons or armor until you have enough 
healing items.  If you are going to buy any at all, I 
suggest going for Nina's Thor Hammer +2, as she will 
be able to use better Skills.  When you are done, heal 
up to as much as you need, and go through the door on 
the far left.      

Boss:  Bosch, Battler Sgt, and Gunner Sgt.
LVL: Bosch: 18, Gunner Sgt: 13, Battler Sgt: 12
HP: Bosch: 360, Gunner Sgt: 160, Battler Sgt: 160
EXP: Bosch: 300 Gunner and Battler Sgt: 160 each

This is a really easy battle normally, but the real 
challenge lies within stealing items, and getting 
through with the lowest D-Ration percentage possible.  
Each enemy in this battle has two sets of useful items.  
Before the battle, put LIn at the head of the party, 
and have her equipped with Steal.  At the very beginning 
of this battle Ryu wioll transform into a dragon, and 
he is locked into that form. Lucky for you, the enemies 
will usually attack Lin, most likely giving you items 
on the first time they do.  Both the Gunner and the 
Battler will drop a weapon and some money.  Lin will 
almost always get the items.  Have Nina use Jolt on them 
unstoppably, she should be able to do it about 6 to 7 
times.  That should get the first one REALLY close to 
death.  Have Lin finish him off.  Try to move Lin into 
the middle of the screen.  Ryu will go last.  Have him 
move over to the far side of the screen between Lin, 
and Bosch.  Make sure he is out of Bosch's range. To 
get the lowest D-Ratio, dont have Ryu attack yet.  On 
the next turn, Bosch will attack Lin, most of the time 
giving her the one time Skill, Fang, available nowhere 
else!  He also has 6000 zenny on him if you want to steal 
that as well.  Have Nina and Lin Kill the second Sgt 
the same way you did the first.  If you have ANY spare 
AP with Lin after killing him, use it to attack Bosch.  
On this turn, Have Ryu fly up to Bosch and kill him with 
Twister.  If you did this battle right, you should 
finish with 5%, about the lowest you can get for this 



The SoL(Scenario Overlay) System is a system of where 
you play through the game multiple times, and see 
different movies, and more plot elements each time 
through.  This is a list of changes you will notice.  
There are of course, spoilers in this section.  Also, 
when I am done I plan to make this more in order....

To truly understand the story of BoF5, you have to play 
it through mulitiple times, to get more story each time.  
The first time you die, you also get more story. 
Basically it goes like this:
You die once, and choose to restart at the beginning.  
You get a few extra scenes that fill out more of the 
story.  If you beat the game, you get even more scenes.  
The more times you beat the game the more parts of the 
story you get filled out for you.  This is a list of 
the movies that you get for doing each thing.      

One Death and Restart( from dying early on):

The first new scene you see is the one that was eating 
at my curiosity for a while.  You see this scene close 
to the beginning of the game, where Bosch asks to talk 
to the Captian alone, and Ryu is asked to wait outside.

The second new scene is when you first enter Lower 
Sector Junction.  You will be given a better view of 
the area.

The third new scene is after the train crashes, and Ryu 
gets a vision of a dragon.

The fourth new scene is after the second danger room 
in the game.  On Old Waste Shaft 4F, you will see this 

The fifth new scene is after you fight the Rangers in 
Low Sector Borough.  After getting the ID card and 
entering the right door on the way to Corp Lab.  Lin 
and Ryu talk about Nina.

The sixth new scene is at Corp Lab 3F South in the room 
with the scientist. Nina goes and looks through the 
glass, and you see some of her memories.

The seventh new scene is after you die (you have to be 
after Corp Lab 3F South) and in the very beginning, when 
you restart, you will see a movie with Nina and the 
scientist.  Very depressing actually. 

The eighth new scene is after you go through the first 
area of Lift to BiCorp, and are heading down to Lift 
to BiCorp 2.  You see a movie about the enviroment, the 
air, and the madness of the scientist.  

Weapons List:

This is a weapons list, with the attack power, and speed 
of each weapon.  You want a weapon with high attack, 
and low weight.

Weapon:  The weapon name
Character: The character(s) that can equip the weapon
Strength:  The strength of the weapon, the higher the 
strength, the more damage
Weight:  How much a weapon weighs, the heavier it is, 
the slower your character will move
Cost: How much the weapon costs


Weapon: Ranger Edge
Character: Ryu
Strength: 22
Weight: 6


Weapon: Mandau Blade
Character: Ryu
Strength: 28
Weight: 12
Cost: 8,000


Weapon: Buster Sword
Character: Ryu
Strength: 20
Weight: 12


Weapon: Beast Blade
Character:  Bosch
Strength: 28
Weight: 8

Armor and Shield List:

This is the Armor list.  The higher the defense, the 
less damage you take, and the higher the move, the more 
you will be able to move.  You want an armor with High 
defense and high move.  

Armor (or Shield):  The name of the armor, or shield
Character:  The character that can equip the piece of 
Defense:  The defense power of the armor
Move:  The armor's move
Cost:  How much the armor costs


Armor: Ranger Suit +2
Character: Ryu
Defense: 16
Move: 12 


Armor: Heavy Suit
Character: Ryu
Defense: 24
Move: 2


Armor: HiRanger
Character:  Bosch
Defense: 18
Move: 13


Sheild: Ranger Guard
Character: Bosch
Defense: 15
Move: 3


Sheild:  Ranger Shell +1
Character:  Ryu
Defense: 5
Move: 3


Item List:

This is a list of the items in the game.

Item:  What the item is
Description: Description, and effect of the item
Cost:  How much it costs


Item:  Fresh Meat
Description: Bait for enemies.  If used during battle, 
restores 10 HP.
Cost: 8


Item: Dynamite
Description: A Fire Element mini-bomb used by throwing 
at an enemy.  Explodes at once, but is also useable in 
Cost: 40


Item: Bomb 
Description: A normal Bomb.  When used on the 
battlefield, casues great fire elemental damage.
Cost: 80


Item: Heal Kit
Description: Restores 50 HP
Cost: 60


Item: Aid Kit
Description: Restores 100 HP
Cost: 120


Item: Antidote 
Description: Cures Poison status
Cost: 20


Item: Wake Up
Description: Cures Confusion and Sleep status 
Cost: 20


Item: Multimeds
Description: Cures all status abnormalties except 
Cost: 100


Item: Tonic
Description: Restores unit from unconcious status.  
Restores half of max HP.
Cost: 500


Item: Escape
Description: Allows you to retreat, even when a door 
can not be reached.  Can not be used in boss battles.
Cost: 320


Item: Save Token
Description: Required for saving on the Telecorder.  
Save data created with a Save Token will not be deleted 
when it is loaded.  
Cost: N/A


Item: JuJu
Description: Increases Magic by 1
Cost: N/A


EMailing me: 
[email protected] (also my MSN Messenger adress.) 
You can feel free to Email me about anything.  But if 
you want help with this game, make sure to put Breath 
of Fire on the EMail title.  I am rather lenient with 
my EMails, and am willing to respond to any question.  
Evn if you find it stupid, I will try and help as best 
I can.  Any Suggestions, ideas, and corrections you 
have can be sent to my EMail as well.  You can also IM 
me.  If you dont have MSN, and want personal help, EMail 
me asking for it, and I will give it to you, if you have 
a legit question along with the request.  Any help is 
welcome.  Note though, that I have not currently beat 
the game.  I am playing everday more and more, but I 
haven't beaten it yet.  So if you are farthe in the game, 
I may not be able to help you. If that is so, I will 
tell you what the Official Guide says to do.     

Places this  guide can be found:

If you want to use my guide on your site, please EMail 
me frst.  I want to be able to see where my guide is 
being posted.  Email me the same way you would normally, 
and give me a full site URL to your site. 

What's left?:
All of it.  Everything. Literally. Hell, I have yet to 
FINISH the game.     

Contributors, and Special Thanks:
Me:  For getting off my lazy ass once again and doing 
a guide, even when I am still updating my SoA one every 
few days.  And of course for wasting many hours of my 
life *cough*3 AM *cough* playing, writing, and typing 
up this guide.  All the stress is worth it though.
The Official Guide:  For some of the HP and stats.... 
And two people, RUDD DAVE ([email protected]), and 
Devon Gunter ([email protected]) for the kick 
tips on beating Cyclops.  
Jesus Christ ([email protected]):  For the 
X-Blade Combo
And my friends that helped support me, and encouraged 
me to make another guide.  CreepEme, and Hiei, as well 
as the people who didnt, my fellow Sporkians, and the 
people who find it their lifes job to torment me, 
Cybershell(he did encourage me), Ant P, Squall, EX, FLS, 
BA, and what the hell, IB.  Even Chippy, whom I have 
completely made to hate me.  Webster, Mariodood, and 
Hatre.  Heh, it has been fun people!
Lastly, Mikal, for being Mikal.  Thanks for being 
yourslef, and accepting me for who I am (those of you 
that know me may find it hard to do that, but Mikal did 
it best.)  And besides.  If I didnt thank my "husband", 
then he would be furious at me!    

Copyright 2003 Stephanie Nutter  AKA: Cyril Baldevar    

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