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WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It

1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Controls	
4. Modes
5. Match Types
6. Wrestlers
7. Secret Characters
8. Extra Stuff

1. Introduction

The Smackdown™ series of video games has made its way to the Playstation 2 game 
console kicking off its debut with the hottest wrestlers new match scenerio’s and 
much more!

2. Legal Stuff

Do not attempt to copy or reproduce this walkthrough in part or whole. Also, this 
walkthrough is not to be to anyone for any cost, without permission from the author. 
This walkthrough may appear on certain internet addresses but only with consent from 

3. Controls

d-pad- moves player
X – striking attack (kick, punch)
Circle + d-pad – grappling attack
Circle- irish whip
Square- block
Square + d-pad – counter attack
Square- throws weapons
Triangle – runs
Triangle + circle – runs through opponents legs
Triangle + circle + X- dives through ropes
L2- Taunt
R1- picks up weapons
R1- kick out of a pinfall
R1 + D-pad – climbs the turnbuckle
R2- focus on different opponent
Hold R2- focus on closest opponent
Start- pauses the game
L1 or L1 + d-pad- do a finshing move
R1- pick up and set up ladder
R1 + d-pad- climb up ladder
Circle – take the belt

4. Modes

Exhibition mode is where you can have a match with a friend or just play a match by 
yourself. Exhibition matches are  “just for fun” they don’t count against you if you 
lose or anything like that, and titles cannot be defended in this mode.

Story Mode- 
Story Mode is a single player season type of gameplay mode. Here you try to unlock 
secret things and win or defend titles. 

Create Mode- 
	When you select this mode you will arrive at another menu giving you the 
following options:

 Create A Superstar
 Create A Stable
 Create A Taunt

 Create A Superstar- Here you can create your own WWF Superstar! (This is a very 
good way of keeping your game up to date if you watch WWF TV) You can choose the way 
he looks, his personality, what types of matches he specializes in,  his entrance 
music, and even the signs in the crowd for this superstar.
 Create A Stable- Here you can create a group of people, like if  certain 
characters are friends you can group them together in a stable, you can name the 
stable, and pick what the members do on their way to the ring.
 Create A Taunt- You can crate your own celebration move and teach it to a superstar

Theater- Theater is just a collection of movies and little promo’s and stuff like 
that. The theater mode movies are as follows:

 Most Recent Smackdown moments
 Smackdown Commercial
 Smackdown commercial behind the scenes
 Smackdown 2 commercial 
 Smackdown 2 Commercial behind the scenes
 Dark Summit Trailer

5. Match Types

This is a list of the matches you can play in WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It.

 Single 
 Tag
 6-man Tag
 Handicap
 Royal Rumble
 King Of The Ring
 Hardcore
 Falls Count Anywhere
 Survival
 Cage
 I Quit
 Table
 Ladder
 Guest Referee
 Hell in a Cell
 Ironman
 3 stages of hell
 slobberknocker
 *Street Fight
 *Last Man Standing
 *Submission Match

 *Must unlock through story mode

6. Wrestlers

Here is a list of the playable wrestlers and their finisher moves.

Albert- Baldo Bomb, Spinning Rack Pancake
Big Show- Final Cut, Alleyoop
Billy Gunn- One and Only, Fameasser
Bradshaw- Clothesline From Hell, Jackknife Powerbomb
Bubba Ray Dudley- Bubba Cutter, Super Powerbomb
Chris Beniot- Crossface, flying head-butt
Chris Jericho- Lionsalt, Walls of Jericho
Christian- unprettier, reverse tornado DDT
Crash- Crash Bulldog, DDT
Dean Malenko- fliot texas cloverleaf, Texas Cloverleaf
D-Von Dudley- Strong Reverse DDT, Piledriver
Eddie Guerrero- frogsplash, el paso
Edge- Buzz killer, downward spiral
Farooq- Dominator, super spinebuster
Fred Durst- swanton bomb, cross back-breaker
Hardcore Holly- Alabamaslam, Falcon Arrow
Ivory- Samoan Driver, womens special slap
Jeff Hardy- swanton bomb, Jeff Twist Of Fate
Jerry Lynn- Tornado DDT, jumping tornado DDT
Kane- Kane Chokeslam, kane powerbomb pin
Kurt Angle- Angle Slam, Anklelock
Lita- Lita Diving Moonsauult, Matt Twist Of Fate
Matt Hardy- Matt Twist Of Fate
Mick Foley- Double arm suplex, pulling piledriver
Molly Holly- Molly Go Round, double wrist suplex
Perry Saturn- 3 Handled Credanza, Death Valley Driver
Raven- Raven Effect, complete shot
Rhyno- Gore, Jackknife Powerbomb
Rikishi- Banzai Drop, Rikishi Driver
The Rock- peoples elbow, Rock Bottom
Shane McMahon- Shane Combination, Diving Elbow Drop pin
Spike Dudley- Dudley Dog, jumping Tornado DDT
Stephanie McMahon- womens special slap, low blow
Steve Austin-Stone Cold Stunner, Stone Cold Stunner
Steve Blackman-Guillitine Choke, Martial Arts kick
Steven Richards- Steven Kick, Falling Powerbomb pin
Tajiri- Karate Kick, octopus stretch
Tazz- ground tazzmission, back tazzmission
Test- Big Boot, Diving Powerbomb
Triple H- Pedigree Pedigree
Trisj Stratus- Low Blow, Kick to groin
Undertaker- Last Ride, Undertaker chokeslam
Vince McMahon- Finishing Punch, Stunner
William Regal- Regal Cutter, Regal Stretch

7. Secret Characters

There are eight (8) secret characters total in the game. They are:

Fred Durst
Mick Foley
Spike Dudley
Jerry Lynn
Shane McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

8. Extra Stuff

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game system, and to view all strategy guides, and FAQ’s authored by me! 


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