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                    The Simpsons Hit and Run
                       I proudly Present......
                          FUN THINGS!!!

                Hello. I just think that you could get bored doing   
                missions over and over huh? Well,it's time for a
                bit of fun. All these fun things are made up by me.
                I organized all of them by level. I hope you enjoy!

          1.Level 1
          2.Level 2
          3.Level 3
          4.Level 4
          5.Level 5
          6.Level 6
          7.Level 7

      =========================LEVEL 1======================== 

      Get in your car and drive like a maniac. Hit people, crash cars,
      Anything reckless.(Popularity Level=*)

      Go to the gold mansion and take the rocket car. It's very fragile,
      so i suggest using the "invinsible cars" cheat(YAYA)(Popularity

      Act like you're being chased by cops. Drive and don't stop
      (Popularity Level=*).
     Go out for a walk in the streets. Do a doulble jump attack above a 
     person who walks by. If you're lucky, he or she will fly like 50 feet
     in the air(Popularity Level=**).

     In the street races, stay where you are and let the other racers go.
     When they come back around, try to smash and blow their cars up. 
     (Popularity Level=***)

        ========================Level 2========================= 

        Level 2? Not right now. I'll be continuing this very soon.
        P.S.: I'm putting the ultimate fun activity in Level!! 


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